Jodi Arias Trial – Day 24

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Yesterday, Jodi once again successfully derailed the Martinez 3-ring circus and accompanying sideshow.

Here’s one of the more pertinent questions he asked…

“So what exactly happened at the time, if nothing happened before you knew nothing was going to happen? Yes or no? Right?

Jodi 3 – 0 Martinez.

Let’s get ready for a repeat of that today, as Jodi takes one step closer to victory with day 4 of her cross examination. Hopefully, lunch will be included.

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  1. Good morning All. Does anyone think today will be the last day of cross examination by JM? I’m thinking he’ll finish today, but who knows for sure. Just curious what everyone is predicting. I’m so tired of listening to him, I’ve almost tuned out.

    • He has been spinning his wheels for days and hasn’t been able to make progress, at least in my view.

      Of course the jury could see it differently, provided they don’t even look at the evidence which doesn’t point to Jodi being an obsessed stalker who premeditated the murder of Travis Alexander because of jealousy over other women, but the jury wouldn’t be doing their collective job.

      It’s all rather painful to watch. Martinez and Flores got duped by Travis’s friends, who were in turn duped by Travis.

      • I think he’s going to string it out one more day and wrap up tomorrow. Since there’s no court on Friday’s and leave the jurors hanging for Nurmi’s ‘rehab’.

      • With so much physical evidence why does the DA have to encourage the ME and the lead detective to change their original positions to back his theory that the gun was last through a dead brain when the facts indicate gun first and Travis was still very much alive to stand over the sink and aspire blood from his mouth and nose as the results of the wound to his sinus cavity.

    • I think he’s going to drag it out more, hoping the jury will forget the direct. Prosecution has nothing – and even the talking-heads on mainstream have to admit that. When you have nothing, you throw every piece of s&#t at the wall and hope something sticks.

    • If Jodi actually planned this murder, I would think she would make journal entries about abuse to actually help her with self defense rather than hurt her. She did not make entries because she told no one, not even her journal.

      • I think Jodi could prove that it wasn’t premeditated–at least as far as the gun is concerned–if she could produce the gun. She should offer to get hypnotized and mentally retrace her route through the desert to the point where she remembers approximately where she tossed the gun. Then gather thousands of volunteers from her group of supporters with metal detectors and high tech equipment, and find the gun. And voila: the ballistics will match the gun, and then the grandparents can testify that it is not their gun!

    • /Travis Alexander’s ROOMMATE LIED!!!!!!!!!! He said he washed clothes on Saturday June 7th 2008 in Travis Alexanders washing machine. Which means he would have found the evidence and indications of the crime, and should have informed authorities. Once he had facts about what the investigators knew regarding the crime, he “clarified” according to Detective Flores that he actually washed clothes on Wednesday the alleged day of the murder. How does one confuse Saturday , a non work day, a day we all look forward to, with a Wednesday. The Date and Time on cameras can be changed to any time and date that the user chooses. According to Zack the front door was never locked , so I don’t believe one would have to crawl in through a Doggy door to get into the house.
      The Detective asked Zack “what he did over the weekend” and conveniently he gives an account of his activities from Thursday thru Monday, when the deceased was discovered. If, and I say again “if”, Travis died on Wednesday then why not ask Zack what he did the entire week and not just the weekend?????? Poor detective work. The investigators got tunnel vision when all of Travis’ friends accused her of the killing. Jodi Arias admitted to shooting Travis but as to who cut him “Brigham Young” style it may never be known.

        • GREAT ok thanks I have a lot more reading to do on that report but it sure looks like a bunch of liars lived in that house to me just from the little I have read. IF EVERYONE LOOKS at the TOP of the JODI PAGE they have it added on now to go there an COMMENT about the REPORT.

      • When I read the report, I almost came away with that impression, but upon rereading it, I came to a different conclusion. Originally, he said he “thought” that he did it on that day. Then the detective, hearing the uncertainty, brought it up a few minutes later. He then clarified, and realized he mixed up two cleaning routines, one of which was cleaning his clothes. I don’t see it the way you do, but I confirm your suspicions.

    • Prosecutor’s theory sucks Sure she brought her grand dad’s gun to kill Travis only to use a knife already in Travis’ home then after using the knife and obviously by the injuries inflicted there with he was for all intense and purposes dead, after words she decides to make sure knowing that the gun evidence would be linking her and the gun back to her family. get real she would win the oscar for the world dumbest criminal and you know it.

    • At this point prosecutor is keeping Jodi on the stand in cross exam purposely to overload the jury’s plate with trivial BS in hopes that in deliberation they will be so consumed with the trivial issues that they will never thoroughly evaluate the real material evidence of timing on the photos and blood evidence at the scene that all speaks in Jodi’s favor.

      • He is trying to show the jury as much as he can about all of the lies and the constant changing of her story all of these years. He is going for the premeditaion angle and hoping he can sway the jury.

        I noticed that he is sowewhat calmer today. Maybe someone talked to him?

        Here is a question I have. Why was she recording so many phone calls? The calls they are playing in court about her E- burg trip are hurting her case. Especially when she said that she felt bad after words, like she was used or felt like a prostitute. Yet she is talking to Travis about what they did on the trip she seems excited and happy about their sexual exploits?

        This is the kind of thing that might sway the jury.

        • starting out he was on his own wave link as he is most of the time but his definition of romance verses sex is quite strange from the norm which is meant by Jodi to mean emotion and concern for the other person and not just for what you can get physically to gratify a biological need as with a prostitute. Jodi just used the wrong terminology and couldn’t relate to DA as asked. Again DA is in his own world judging by his own prejudices most of the time which is quite obvious by the way he operates.

    • I doubt Martinez will ever get press from this trial, such as new clients, where is his smoking gun, where is his “big win” , I turn back to “making it in America” ( awful show, bias host vinnie another snivel) after 2 hours and he still has not made one point, Jodi lied, she already admitted that, duh…this is a lawyer who badgers his own witnesses, I don’t get it, his questioning is almost illogical.

      • Since she was the only live witness to tell the story there can’t be a smoking gun.

        If the police could find the gun used to kill TA and prove that it was her grandparents weapon, then that would have proven the premeditation charge.

        Without the gun, no gas chamber. Period.

        Unless the jury is not to bright that is. And you never know what the jury will rule in the end in some cases..


    • He was finish before he got started… same old majoring on minors… he sure could not lead a symphony also still trying to over load the record and ware the jury so that when they deliberate they will be so sick and tired they will call for a vote just so they can go home. If he continues frustrating himself the way he has I’m afraid he might have a heart attack. How in the world did this man ever make DA. starting out he was on his own wave link as he is most of the time but his definition of romance verses sex is quite strange from the norm which is meant by Jodi to mean emotion and concern for the other person and not just for what you can get physically to gratify a biological need as with a prostitute. Jodi just used the wrong terminology and couldn’t relate to DA as asked. Again DA is in his own world judging by his own prejudices most of the time which is quite obvious by the way he operates.



        he had been cleaning his house umm so i could’nt i was’nt sitting on the couch usally i’d just chill on the couch down stairs u know if no one was home ummm but he had like chairs and all that stuff all over the couch he was cleaning the floors or something uhhh a friend “can not make out the word after that” i don’t know if he made phone calls or not or what he was doing on the internet but when he was going to go up and take a shower and uhh it took a lot of convicing prior when he was shaving i was like i got some idea’s and they did not turn out good at all not like i wanted to and umm but i thought i could get some cool pictures of him shaving cause he does the whole old fashion thing with like this little i dont know how it works um he liked it though apparently cause he used it for his proflie picture on myspace um soo those “i can not make out these words very well” she says something then I can make out later but i ask him could take pictures of him in the shower and he was like no and i was like i just have an idea i have a couple ideals he was like well what do you mean and i was like i said i have this ie saw this thing in a calvin klein ad once that looked really good and um your’re right he was’nt very comfortable at first he goes hes standing there and hes i feel gay …………. Now that’s what was on the tape


    • This is no joke people, if you truly care about this girl, if you genuinly care about her life, you need to pray with me. If we can pray, together, many people, and send the genuine intention to her, we can help her to stay alive. Meditate on Pure goodness, and send it to her, right now. Send this intention to the jury, so that they may show her mercy. We have the power to do this, we can do it now.

    • Go Jodi, I am so sick of that pigeon head screwing with you. My prayers are with you. Keep strong and the little boy molester got what was coming to him. Remember to screw the news and keep your head up, you have nothing to be sorry for. God Bless

  2. Did anyone notice the ridiculous comment JM made yesterday when asking Jodi about her first sexual encounter with Travis (ex: oral intercourse). He was talking about whether or not she “enjoyed” herself and how anyone was suppose to determine whether she was being truthful in her response since theres no other evidence to document the event. He then went on to ask her if there was a video displaying this sexual act in order to monitor the expression of enjoyment…. ARE YOU KIDDING ME, RIGHT?!? Was he actually asking for visual footage of this activity in order to watch her “get off” to prove whether she truly enjoyed it or not? Jodi’s facial reaction to his statement/comment was priceless, as I too had to take a moment and pause at this request. I think I am still dumbfounded…. Yes or No, Right? 😉

    • I did see it, matter of fact, I watched the trial twice yesterday. He thinks he is the know all, when in fact, he’s just a man with the short man syndrome, and hes no better than TA when it comes to treating people with respect.

        • You said it! Thay’s why he idn’t making any sense. He wanted to cross examine and throw all of the sex he could in there and that’s what it’s all about. Not Travis’s jacking off, but Martiniez. I wonder how many times he’s jacked off during this trial. AND to say he really beliees Travis NEVER jacked off before meeting Jodi?? Jodi’s right, she knows better.

          Martinez is a sick man. Jodi or anyone wouldn’t want their sex live, no metter how it was all over the world. What dos it have to do with so much of the sex, other than Martinez is the pervert.

  3. What if?

    What if after she shot him, he came at her like a linebacker? If he was rushing her, that would count for the stab wounds to the back, right?
    Also, I’m wondering with the wound to the neck, did she do that just to put him out of his misery? Could he have been in so much pain and suffering that she thought she could help by doing that? If you have ever seen anyone get wounded in such a manner, there is alot of suffering, and body sounds, twitches etc… Not from my own doing of course, but you know there is some crazy stuff that the body does.
    Its bad that this has happened, and the little man has totally taken TA out of the case. Its not even about TA any longer, its about the short man trying to prove her wrong on every little detail, which makes him look cheap.

    • Did she ever admit to the stabbing?…after reading the police report I feel more like someone else did the stabbing…there were two roommates that lived in the house during this time…and they were in the home during those days that Travis lay deceased in his bedroom…read the police report…it is very telling…and when the police came to the house they said that the house smelled of decomposition…I asked myself why didn’t the roommates smell it…they were in the house…

      Just curious…did the police ever really investigate that someone else could have come in and did the stabbing after he was found shot???

      In our area there has been several murders of people…money was a motivating factor in several of the killings…money owed to someone…or someone stole someone else’s money to get their ownselves out of debt..times are desperate and the economy is depressed…money is lacking for lots of folks…

      • She says she shot him first. This goes against the medical examiner who says he would have dropped. Yet there is no 100% evidence that the bullet went through the brain. Even if it did, he could be wrong.

        Of she could have shot him last, perhaps seeing what she did and putting him out of his misery. If that is the case she lied and I’d hoped she is done lying.

        • There is evidence that the bullet went through his brain, Jeff. The ME knows the trajectory of the bullet, and that it went through the right frontal lobe. What isn’t conclusive, is whether he would be able to move after that insult to his brain. For differing opinions on the gunshot wound, see this:

          “Of she could have shot him last, perhaps seeing what she did and putting him out of his misery. If that is the case she lied and I’d hoped she is done lying.”

          Me, too.

          • I don’t think after the throat slashing that he would still be alive. I believe the gunshot came first, a couple of stabs in the bathroom maybe, a struggle, either he runs or she runs down the hall, stab stab stab a few times in the hall, he falls on the carpet in the bedroom, stab stab stab a few more, throat slash, drag back to bathroom (explains blood all over hallway floor and walls), lift him in to the shower, thats that.

          • I have a problem with this theory of the bullet going into the brain, They dug the bullet out of his cheek did they not? How did it go through the brain and land in his cheek?

          • I agree with Debbie. The gun appears to have been shot at an angel, probably due to the struggle JA is explaining. There is no way the bullet would hit the brain and end up in the opposite cheek. The ME is completely wrong in believing what he is saying occurred. Map it out it just isn’t possible it hits the brain.

          • I had at first thought it was the cheek/mouth portion of the cheek. That it was in the mouth, next to the teeth, in what I always refer to as the cheek. So, I had thought the angle could have missed the brain. However, I’ve now found out that it was above that, not the mouth/cheek, but in the cheek bone, just below the eye. I redrew the angle and I guess the ME was closer than I thought.

          • Yep, the five days of decomp really screwed things up as far as determining the order in which certain events happened. I still can’t believe that it took five days for someone to check on/find Travis. Usually you only hear about things like that happening to people who were loners in life.

          • That I think will always be the unanswered question to this case, Kira. How in the world could anybody have NOT checked on the obvious odor in the house sooner? It simply doesn’t make sense.

            The ME’s testimony could go either way, and he wasn’t definitive because of the decomposition. It can’t prove premeditation at all.

          • That’s not my understanding, tonysam. The brain was soft from decomposition, but it’s understood where the brain is located inside the human skull, and where his brain was is where the bullet went. I don’t think there could be reasonable doubt about where the brain is located, or about the path of that bullet. It would be a matter of drawing a line from point A to point B.

            The doubt comes in where the injury itself is concerned. That is, whether Travis would’ve been capable of meaningful activity (e.g., defensive wounds) after the bullet penetrated his brain.

        • This is why I’ve been posting links about people who have been shot in the head but were still able to move around. There was a story about a burglar that got shot five times in the face by a higher caliber bullet; he still managed to get out of the house and drive away. It’s not unconcievable that when the gun went off, the bullet lodged in Travis’ face and he was still able to attack her. The frontal lobe of the brain governs decision making and he may have really hulked out the gunshot. I’m not a doctor, but it’s the only theory that makes sense to me.

          • Yes I went an read that police report above your post there……….so much to read tho but it did say the BULLET went in the ABOVE RIGHT EYEBROW an lodged in the LEFT CHEEK area. So I think it was possible for him to be alive an stumble to the sink to look an then the stabbing started some how. I still am not sure one person did all this tho.

            He may have come at her after seeing himself in the mirror an somehow she had the knife an started stabbing him when he fell on top of her struggling would make sense of stabs to the back an neck area. Then the front when she pushed him off an cut his neck then to finish him off. An it was not a decapitation almost like talking heads keep saying either if you read the report.

            But if it were me an I had a GUN I would have shot him more than once? I wonder why she only shot once? tells me she was freaking out she actually shot him an he was still coming at her?

      • The biggest question I have is if Travis Alexander was killed on Wednesday June 4, 2008, how then did his roommate see him on Thursday which would have been June 5, 2008 as he told the detective, indicated in the Flores Investigation Report. When the detective initially questioned Zack Billings he claimed that he hadn’t seen Travis in “4 or 5” days. Zack Billings was interviewed by Nancy Grace Live on her TV show and when questioned of the last day Zack saw Travis alive he change his answer to “Sunday”. He also looked very nervous. In addition he is a photographer as Jodi Arias. Zack Billings suggested the Sony camera when Travis inquired about what kind of camera he should buy. If Zach is suggesting this Sony camera then would it be safe to assume that he owns the same, and is the camera found in the washer actually Travis’.


          • She says she did it, and in fear you would be shocked at what you can do. But that dang Juan trying to tie up her words kills me, I know it’s hard for her but she has got to not let him mess her mind up. Not today.. Goodness I am screaming inside.

        • I agree there is more to this than we know. Something is not right with the roommates at all in my opinion How can you not smell a dead body for 5 days. They are full of it..

      • Truthseeker,

        They have her palm print in blood. That places her at the scene when he was killed. That is pretty good evidence. She admitted shooting him.

        Even if they don’t convict her for murder, they will get her on assault and a myriad of other charges that will put her away for a very long time.

        • yeah I agree, I just really think she did it out of fear and if she dont slow down today they could give her 1st. I pray that the jury is paying attention to all the small crap, he keeps on and on about her lies we know she lied already a lot of victims lie. I am just hoping her team put in the action that they can question her again, and they can clear up that tape crap and all this crap he is throwing in there that makes no sense for him to be adding in. Why case he had no case.

    • The wounds on the back to me are most indicative of her doing that while he is facing her. She is reaching over his shoulders because he has his arms around her. This is supported by the medical examiners report that the back wounds were not deep and not fatal. If she was doing them with him facing the other way it would seem they would be deeper, like the wound in the front.

      So I envision a charge, she grabs the knife to protect herself and rapidly stabs him the back until he lets go. Then she is hysterical and stabs more from the front resulting in his defensive wounds and the deep cut to the chest. Finally I can see a mad swipe with the knife that cut his throat. Having then seen what she had done in her hysterics, she tried to wash him off and get out of there.

      • Jeff, I agree that she was facing him when she stabbed him in the back and I think that she had more injuries than what she said. I think he ripped some hair out of her head because of the hair found with a root on it. Only hair that is forceably removed will have roots on it. Also I think it is possible when he body slammed her, she could have hit her head on the floor, because she says she thinks she passed out. So my question is would it help or hurt if she actually had more injuries than claimed?

        • I think she said she ‘blacked out”, not passed out, which means she was still conscious and fighting, she just doesn’t remember it.

        • I don’t think the passing out should be emphasized … that adds precious seconds to an altercation that already people are having trouble fitting into a minute and a half. And if she’s passed out, he would continue to beat her and really have her at a disadvantage. And then it would take her time to come out of the mental state of being passed out, gather herself, break free from him, run to the closet. That’s a lot more time.

      • I never thought of that, that’s clever. If she were facing his back, the wounds would have been deeper. Lots of insight on this site, I always learn another perspective.

      • I would think that Travis would have to already be weakened from the stabs to the front, and on his knees grabbing on to her, and from that vantage point was able to reach over and stab his back.

    • Your post implies that she murdered him. If she shot him , at that point he would have been the one fighting FOR his life and she would have been the attacker…

      • If hill is referencing my scenario I disagree. My scenario has her responding to an attack. She went into hysterics evidenced by the mad rapid stabbing. Once the events were started they went out of control. I suppose you could argue that once he went to a defense (the defensive stab wounds) she is attacking him. Well its too late. He passed the point of no return.

        If you go with the idea that self defense is only good until you are out of danger, then at worst its manslaughter. This case is overcharged.

    • I could see 1 or 2 or at most 3 stab wounds to the back if he charged her like a linebacker: falling backwards, off balance, trying to stab him, etc. So maybe some back stab wounds came at that time, and other back stab wounds later?? (there were more than 10 on the back I think) But then I have to think about the two distinct groupings of back stabs, so that makes me believe each group was done each at the same time.

  4. I believe JM will be dragging it out again today, tomorrow, next day and on and on…until Jodi Arias says the exact word or words that he wants to hear her say to the question that he is asking her…with his continuing changing-up of the same question asked in so many different ways…he hopes to hear her eventually say what he wants her to say so it can be court recorded…he hasn’t won any ground with that type of questioning her…and you can see and feel that it upset him…

    With his words and mannerism he continues to emanate much prejudice, hatred and badgering toward Jodi Arias…and it has been felt through the airways via the television…I am sensitive myself and he is making my head hurt and causing me some dizziness…and I have never been one to suffer with headaches…and he is affecting me like this and I am in my own house…

    I am surprised that the judge is allowing him to continue questioning her like that…It is not a fair trial…

  5. I’m curious to see if or what her defense team is going to do regarding the lack of food to sustain her during this trial. This along with interrupted sleep is detrimental to her memory and clarity of mind. I’m impressed at how well she’s done since learning of this but concerned about how much she’s been affected especially in the last few days. I was really confused and concerned yesterday but it makes perfect sense now. Kermit has hammered her memory issues so I want her attorney’s to do something to protect her so it doesn’t have a negative impact during deliberations. This is just plan wrong and needs to be addressed immediately.

    • If you live in Maricopa County please sign the recall Sheriff Arpaio petition. While I’m disgusted that Jodi doesn’t get lunch, we must have this disgust for all defendants. Arpaio is an evil showman and must go.

      • Yes, Jeff! I was hammering away at this point many times yesterday. This is about ALL people standing trial, the innocent and the guilty, including the lowest criminals. Civilized countries do not deliberately cause defendants to experience physical pain.

        • I truly wish I could sign the petition!!!!

          I do feel it is about more than Jodi.

          In fact I told a friend of mine last night who actually LIKES that sheriff..I don’t think they knew about his full on treatment of people…

      • Are we still on that topic??

        She has missed a sandwich only twice since the trial started!

        Stop trying to imply abuse where there is none.

        It only serves to diminish the real abuse that went on , perpetrated by TA.

        • Mabhe, you missed the clarifications in yesterday’s discussion. It wasn’t twice that she missed lunch, but the entire trial. The word “two” was misheard; Nurmi had actually said “to.”

      • Oh Jeff, I absolutely agree that it needs to be addressed for ALL but it only came to my attention (since I do not live in AZ) through this trial while Jodi is fighting for her life undernorished and sleep deprived.


      • I live in Arizona. It won’t help to sign a petition. The voting public loves this guy for some reason. He is a rock star in Phoenix. I have talked to people that work for him, and most can’t stand him, it’s the public that adores him.

    • I think this trial is like 48 days old. And Juan (with all her memory problems) has only had her on cross for 1/8 of that time, about 6 days. And it seemed like her memory was good for 42 days. If I was having sleep troubles and hunger issues, that would have affected me around day 14, or 21, or 30. I don’t understand your belief.

    • Have they talked about the idea of no food allowed in court? I don’t mean munching on a sandwich while testifying, I mean, Nurmi meets her at the door she walks through–she gets there 60 seconds before court begin, he gives her half a sandwich, she shovels it down and walks up to the stand. Is that not allowed?

  6. SJ – Does the trial start at 10:15am today? I thought that’s what the Judge said at end of court yesterday??? Just checking…….

    • It may do – yes. She wanted the jury there for 10.15, but as usual, it’s anyone’s guess as to the actual start time.
      Team Jodi

    • The trial does start at 10:15 today and was asked by the defense attorney to end promptly at 4:30 in the afternoon to allow Jodi to relax and help with the migraines she has been suffering from lack of food given during the lunch recess. Totally unethical treatment….

  7. Martinez line of questioning that Jodi was the aggressor because she introduced KY is absurd. On the same tape that they discuss the KY she tells him about all the creative stuff HE comes up with that they play out. The defense needs to play that back to remind the jury. It is obvious to me he had the kinky fetish stuff. While I think there is nothing wrong with it between consenting adults, the jury needs to understand that he was the mastermind, not her.

    • As far as the KY goes…I thought that was kinda like a girl thing to know about those kind of items for the girls to share with the guys they are intimate with…I see the girls not the guys in that section of the Walmart store that I shop in buying those items…the guy that I am with would never go into Walmart and purchase KY…and the girls know at a young age that KY is recommended by their gynecologist as a lubricant…

      • I was also thinking that maybe she introduced the KY into the relatinship bc of all of the “not-so-enjoyable” sexual acts in hopes of making it less “painful” for her to deal with since she feels she sometimes needed to participate in those activites regardless of her own desires, just to gain TA attention and approval? Just a thought…

          • I’m sorry I should have been more specific, I don’t remember her saying she introduced KY because of pain…I wish that had been pointed out. Do you remember if pain was brought up Jaz?

          • Well, she never said it was to help with the “pain” of anal sex, but she DID say she needed it to make anal sex “more comfortable” for her. With Jodi still being somewhat protective of Travis (glossing over things, minimizing problems, etc.), I am almost certain that when Jodi says “make it more comfortable”, she means “so it wouldn’t hurt so much”. Just my 2 cents. =)

      • He was a Mormon–he wasn’t supposed to have sex outside of marriage. Neither was Jodi, but Travis had a lot more to lose because of being a church elder. Travis didn’t DARE go to the store to get KY jelly for fear of being seen by his friends in the church. People here keep forgetting the important Mormon angle and why Travis kept Jodi a secret from his friends and family and trashed her as a stalker.

        • This is the biggest part of this story and the most disgusting to me. It should be clear what he was and what he was doing with Jodi. He was a hypocrite and a narcissist.. Religion and it’s cults corrupts everything.

          • Plus he had been a Mormon for a long time. Some that just come into a new thing like that seem to take it more seriously, like that’s why Jodi became Mormon. Those that say she became Morman just for Travis, people do things like that all of the time. Maybe he didn’t really want her to become Mormon, then she wouldn’t be doing anything wrong in the Mormon faith. She wanted to try.

            It broke up her and Brewer’s relationship because she said no more sex.
            Then she was baptised and that very day Travis did the usual.
            He being an elder and still assuming that was ok, sent mixed signals.

        • Yes I agree an it makes me SICK ! a stalker does not move back to her home town. An you do not call A STALKER an have phone sex because you miss them either. You do not beg a STALKER to please come an visit you when you go on your trip. Travis was addicted to Jodi but used her only for SEX but promised other things an in the end I think he said Oh I have lied I would never marry a woman like you Jodi. An I am sure he called her some horrible names an pushed her too the brink. Some people can walk away we know that some people SNAP ! that is a fact she is not the first woman in the whole world to just have enough of all the bull crap manipulation an lies over an over again mental abuse an physical abuse is evident to me I just hope ONE JUROR see’s what I do.

          • Rhonda I think she is in denial about Travis herself their relationship seemed so twisted, and the prosecutor is trying to say that she was the one who pursued him sexually, I think this might backfire but she does seem to need help. Her behavior is very cultish with regard to Travis. Subconsciously there had to be anger there. I think she shot him he fell on her she thought he attacked her stabbed him in the back then front and was out of control. The sliting of the throat ear to ear is very strange. We all talked about the Mormon Blood Atonement which slits the throat ear to ear heart etc. Unless she did this in some wacky way to save his soul. It makes no sense. But premeditation is out. Nobody stabs a person 27 times in premeditation.

    • Yeah, Jodi really forced Travis to have a relationship with her. That sex tape sure proved it–NOT.

      Martinez can NEVER recover from the sex tape revelations, as they blew the entire obsessed stalker theory out of the water.

      The jury would simply be negligent in its duty if Jodi is convicted of murder one.

    • Thought for the day… does using or buying KY prove pre-meditated murder? Nurmi should now use the journal to show that Jodi didn’t include events that were discussed on the tapes or in text messages either.

  8. I am confused…I have subscribed to the site and posted several messages, but none of my messages seem to get posted. Am I doing something wrong??? Thank you

    We are TEAM JODI… and WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS. Make no mistake.

    • It could be that due to all the replies and comments, you would have to scroll way up to find your post.

      And welcome to the site 🙂

  9. “So what exactly happened at the time, if nothing happened before you knew nothing was going to happen? Yes or no? Right?

    LOL, SJ!

  10. Bottomline to date, State hasn’t proved premeditation. I still can’t figure out how is it possible for all of this to have happened from start to in the shower in approximately 2 minutes.

    • My guess is that Jodi ran from the bathroom, went through the closet, came out into the other room, and ended up going back to the bathroom, at which point Travis died. It is just a guess. I need to see more information. But, if he chased her back to the bathroom, then she would have been cornered, and had to fight even harder, while the previous bullet wound to the head could have been steadily taking effect. Also, Jodi would have needed to fight like mad, if she was cornered. If a person is attacked by a shark, how does one fight? With carefully measured blows, or in an adrenaline fueled frenzy? My guess is that Jodi, out of sheer panic, would have kept stabbing, until Travis stopped moving.

  11. I just went back and listened to the first day of the trial where the girl that found him / called 911 was on the stand. She said when she got to the house she pounded on the door. She then went home, got a friend and went back with her friend and her friends boyfriend. They again pounded on the door, dog was barking like crazy, etc. They called TA’s best friend who told them to go through the garage. They went in, went upstairs, banged on TA’s bedroom door and then knocked on the roommates door and the roommate came out and they got a key and went in TA’s bedroom where they found him.

    She also said there was a horrible smell throughout the house. It just sounds so fishy that these people banged on the door repeatedly, the dog was barking and going crazy, they went upstairs and banged on the bedroom door across the hall and he never came out of his room until they knocked on his door. Just has red flags all over it.

    • I agree with all of the above. WHY didnt he answer the door? Why was he in such a stinky house without questioning it, or going into the room it was originating from? If my home started to smell I would investigate. If I couldnt find the source in all other rooms, I would, without a doubt break into the locked room, and explain why later…. mostly because what if it was something serious that could lead to an insurance claim or uncessary damages?

      I mean was the guy mentally slow?
      Just didnt care?
      Had something huge to hide? – I like that one.

      • Good point re: possible damage to the house…insurance…have always found Zach’s story a bit weird, in that he says he didn’t notice anything, dog or odor!

      • I think the roommates are idiots and pigs. But when I try to cast suspicion on them, my logic can’t get there. If the roommates killed or helped kill, why would they not get rid of the body, use bleach, get alibis straight. Why would they just continue to live in the house and hope that no one ever came over and found out what they’d been living with. I can’t get there.

        • Overall, I think they’re just highly oblivious. But I couldn’t imagine living in a house with a rotting smell and doing nothing about it. Maybe they weren’t very hygenic themselves?

        • Have they been asked ALL of these questions by the LE and detectives?
          Do they only have one detective?
          I’m shocked at what I hear about the roommates.
          AND the dog???
          Just doesn’t make sense.
          Also Jodi said she threw the gun out in th dessert, left the knife at the house and the camera in the washer.

          Does anyone know what kind of knife was used and how deep were the wounds?

  12. ooooh,okey!Now I get it!Travis told her that he had sex with other women but since people tend to ”lie and embellish” he was a virgin,just showing off!!!!! Are you kidding us Martinez?????

    • Yes, Maria, that was the stupidest kind of illogical banter I have ever heard! Martinez must be some kind of pervert himself, going on and on and on and on…..about all these sex acts. I can’t believe the jury is not disgusted by now.

  13. Hopefully during the afternoon after she has not been fed, Jodi tells Nurmi she cannot assist in her own defense for the balance of the day and Nurmi goes on record again.

    Does JM not realize that it helps the defense playing calls with TA…..and of course he still hasn’t shown premeditation as the State is supposed to prove.

  14. The tapes also help show that TA lived a double life…

    Really…..”He didn’t masterbate before he met you”….what the hell.

  15. Wait, didn’t Travis tell Jodi she was the best girl he ever tasted? So that would mean he has had relations with other women. Oh I get it, so some of the tape is true and some isn’t.

    • Yes I remember that too he said she was the BEST ONE he ever tasted …………..oh but he was a VIRGIN really ? and never JACKED OFF BEFORE until JODI ! Really? someone that sexual has been beating off since 12 years old ! an he may have some Bi Sexual tendencies since he liked up the BUTT so much more. You can do that with a MALE. No offence to gay people but I always thought if a GUY wanted that all the time HE had a problem I do not LIKE IT can count how many times I even tried it. It is not comfortable does not feel good an mine says EXIT ONLY on it. AN why is it GUYS do not like it when the doctor has to examine that area but they think WOMAN ENJOY it ? I do not like a doctor to do that either it hurts ! but I guess to some it hurts so good just not for me.

    • Pretty much what I heard in all that.
      “You are the best girl I ever tasted.”
      That indicates to me that he has something to reference.

      I think Mr. Alexander had MUCH to reference, because for all intents and purposes, he was a bigger WHORE than JM is making Jodi out to be.

    • Prosecutors and TV heads get to have it both ways. Like with JA saying Travis was so great on the TV tapes, then lying about other things during the same taped conversation. Unbelievable!

      • Right Maggie,
        They NEVER talk about all of his lies.
        Guess they say don’t talk about him or trash he’s dead. Oh, Really?
        He can’t defend himself.
        BS! He just lied all over the place and that’s ok because he’s dead.
        Also, Martinez made such a deal out of who had the tape.
        Travis didn’t want it or she would have just given it to him.
        Besides Travis and Jodi wanted to make a movie.
        Where would that have been. I assume at Travis’s house.
        AND BTW, I’m sure Travis has many tapes of Jodi and many other of his girl.

  16. She seems much better. I can tell she had something to eat today. I hope they give her lunch so that she can make it through the afternoon with out getting sick.

  17. I do not understand JM when he mentions Jodi´s behave at 17 yo, or what she wrote or not in her diary etc. I have a hard time following him and what are the points he wants to be proven.
    I watched few trials and interviews and in brief:
    – TA meets JA, mutual attraction and sex between them and he introduced her to his best mormon friends and business asociate, where TA worked as an PPL executive and motivational speaker (I had no idea that crap and nonsens would pay so well). In order to succed in this area of field he had to team up with his friend and vice versa.
    – Everything is nice and wonderful until the friend and his wife decides that Jodi is not good enough for Travis- for reasons unclear to me. It looks like TA´s relation with Jodi would impair with his friends business earnings since Travis was often presented at meetings in public as succesful and single- like an attraction for single women.
    – Jodi becomes a mormon very fast, so she will match TA religion.
    – Jodi looks like a very young girl despite her age and in a sexual matter TA finds her sexual noices like a 12 yo girl- hot.
    – TA has a blog where he describes his other clothes line business as a modest trendline- yet he attached a photo avatar that is far away from modesty.
    – JA is deeply in love with him and accepts all of his naughty and kinky sexual desires. In return she gets bad words. TA is influenced by his friend to end his relation with JA. He ends it and not. He keeps her as a sexual toy and is not hidding this thing- only JA did not get it in time. She keeps blinders on and hopes for a change in better with her relationship with TA.
    – It goes op for JA that TA is rude and has no respect for her and she was used as a sex toy. She snapped.

    If no one would have had bad influence of this relation, TA and JA would be together today or at least both alive and well.

  18. Oh jeez. I turned it on this morning, only to see that JM is still trying to imply that Travis was some little choir boy before Jodi came along. Really? REALLY?! This is much ado about nothing – no one with an ounce of common sense thinks this has anything to do with Jodi killing Travis. You’d have to be a moron to think Travis was some kind of innocent before Jodi, or that they were both anything other than willing participants in their sex life. Which was, by all accounts, pretty freaking normal for most people their age (except for Travis’s crazy Mormon/PPL friends who think everyone should be a virgin until they are married). This is ridiculous and a huge waste of time and taxpayer money.

    Someone let me know when the cross is over.

    • No, anybody that likes Little Red Riding Hood, French maid, and schoolgirl outfits, and has the idea of the pop rocks and tootsie pops… I am sorry…. is NOT a virgin.

      • And by the same token, I don’t think it’s “deviant” that he liked those things, or that she was willing to go along with them. Walk into any “adult novelty shop” and you will see all of those things there – so there must be a market for them. Travis’s “kinks” were pretty mainstream, for the most part. He wasn’t exactly thinking outside the box in any area of his life, and in these areas he was just imitating what he had seen and heard elsewhere. Not an original thinker.

        This trial is not supposed to be about sex – it’s supposed to be about murder. Travis’s supporters and the prosecution have made it about sex because they want to paint Travis as a saint. It wasn’t true – it’s been proven. Travis and Jodi both lied – let’s move on already, fer Pete’s sake.

      • Just to play devil’s advocate here … he *could* be a virgin … but he’d have to be one who watched/read a lot of porn to have those kinds of fantasies.

        But if he watched a lot of porn, then surely he masturbated while watching it. So …

    • Yeah, the only thing that wasn’t normal about their sex life together were the lies, encouraged by religious doctrine and peer pressure, and Jodi’s slavish devotion to a man who was, in so many ways, her inferior.

      Do you think that the jury can HEAR in that phone call that she’s trying to PLEASE him with every word and sound she makes?

      I have the sound turned off right now; don’t want to hear that tape again. It’s prurient, and serves very little purpose.

      • Yeah, she is the total “pleaser” on the phone. It seems to be a part of her personality but again it’s following that whole abusive pattern.

      • Let’s not get out of hand she was a high school drop out with very few marketable skills.

        I think it is sad that people need to trash TA to try and justify Jodi’s actions.
        I think she is innocent and that does not require me to hate TA.

        • It upsets me also. As I dropped out in 11th grade but I was working an moved out of my parents home also at 17 an in with my bf so I guess Jodi is not the only one that did that. I did go on an have many jobs I was never a dead beat like people make drop outs too be.

          There are some that drop out much earlier tho an never do anything but get in trouble. When you make it too 11th grade an drop out there is a reason not because you are lazy your almost done.

        • “Let’s not get out of hand she was a high school drop out with very few marketable skills.”
          ???? What do you mean by this, hill? I dont know what to think of this or what your saying???

          I also dont think anyone is saying they hate Travis. Some of us are only pointing out that he was full of crap, pretending he was a virgin. And throwing it in everyone’s face at that.

          • I don’t know if HILL is quoting someone or is saying that above. But I am sorry it is very hard for me to feel sorry for a self righteous domineering egotistical male of any kind I do not like my own BROTHER for he has those traits have not talked too him in many years. I seen an heard how he treated a very loving wife an I did not condone it or be on his side because he was my BROTHER.

            I do have discontent an hatred really for disgusting MEN OR WOMEN in life I just can’t help it. Maybe HATE or DISLIKE is too strong for some people but I sure will not condone it an say oh poor Travis. I would not say that if this was my own brother even as I would know why it happened. You can’t treat people like door mats forever somebody some day is going to BREAK. It is quite odd this GREAT YOUNG MAN never held a long relationship with anyone ? His intentions were seen by some they just will not FESS UP ! an tarnish their life with the TRUTH.

        • I really don’t need to trash anyone, but there’s one kind pf person that
          I really have a hard time being friends with and those are hypocrites.

  19. Hey guys–we were talking about Jodi donations and stuff, so me and SJ got it all worked out–don’t forget to visit the new support link. LET’S DO THIS!!! 🙂

  20. I don’t think it helps JM’s cause either when she says on the tape that she’s talking about they will both marry other people….doesn’t that shoot down the jealousy theory?

    • Yes, except it could be argued that she was also saying she was lamenting how she would ever find someone as kinky as TA. The haters leap to the conclusion that if she couldn’t have him no one could. I roll my eyes each time I hear that simplistic explanation.

    • Of course. There is nothing in Jodi’s writings that reflects jealousy. It looks to me like Jodi simply wanted Travis to be happy, even if it involved him being with other women. For a woman who was totally committed, that is pretty unselfish, I’d say.

  21. Why is Martinez focusing on the sex tape!!! Whats the point? If I was on the jury I would be totally turned off by this approach.

    • I think he wants Jodi to correct him on that term, so he can say some shit like, “oh, you would know. Are you teaching me like you taught Travis?”

    • Well, if she didn’t say “no”…. Besides, we all know she was a promiscuous, kinky slut and wouldn’t have minded anyway. Poor Travis couldn’t help himself, lying there beside her. It was probably her fault for sleeping that way.

      (/Sarcasm off)

      Oy vey.

    • Oh you didn’t realize that if a man begins having sex with you while you’re asleep, you must have consented to him doing that? :snicker

    • I’ve heard this before, guys having sex while their partner was asleep, so this is not about the Jodi case per se. I could never figure out how this happens. Usually if someone touches me I would wake up, certainly moves my leg, spreads my legs, starts entering me … how do you not wake up? Does this only happen to women who are extreme sound sleepers? I know it’s happened before many times, I’ve heard about it from other abuse victims. I just don’t understand it.

      • I have had several boyfriends and husband wake me up at night/morning in the process of trying to have sex. If I was too tired, I would stop them, otherwise I participated. I don’t see how it is not consensual the way the incident was described. Defense should focus on a better example.

  22. FYI FYI get this…..Btw: Juan Martinez was before Judge Sherry Stephens yesterday before the Arias trial to contest allegations of misconduct in another case (via Twitter Michael Kiefer) He is a reporter in the courtroom

    • Those on Twitter saying she is “giggling” right now … well, it’s called nervous laughter, and it does not mean anything. I would be mortified to have something like that play with my mother in the courtroom. Embarrassing,

    • He is still babbling on about that!

      Grossing me out, I don’t talk like that and don’t want to hear about it either especially from Mr.M.

  23. ok,Martinez!we got it!She’s a freaking whore who deserves the DP for having enjoyed on occassions sex.Jesus….MOVE ON!This is a MURDER case!

  24. Now he is saying what people say during phone sex may not be true…..means it could be either direction. Why is it fantasy when TA says it but a lie if JA does…..ugh.

    Yawn….going to take a break from this. I’m bored with the fact the State can’t prove their case and the darn sex questions.

    • Of course it’s fantasy. Back in days of college I recall phone conversations of those type (buying phone cards for long distance calls with old girlfriends) and it’s all fantasy for the most part.

      Break time here too.

    • Good ! maybe the jury will feel the same way.

      If I was a juror I’d be so put off by this kind of talk that Mr.M seems to be obsessed with, and I’d want to get to evidence that actually matters!

      • I was listening to Dan Abrams and Nancy Disgrace on the ABC morning show. Dan said he thinks the jury will be put off by all this AND by Kermit Fartinez’s aggression and both of these facts will work against him with the jury. Nancy Disgrace, of course, disagreed and talked over him.

    • I think that speaks volumes. The fact that JM tried to say TA never masturbated until she met Jodi is reason alone enough for those jurors not to believe a word he has said since the beginning. AND he is an obvious sicko himself!

  25. What he just yelled at Jodie was absoutely disgusting!

    I’d be tempted to slap his face!

    Where is he going with all of this?? Really, I just don’t know what going over this repeatedly has to do with anything else in the trial.

  26. Anyone have any links to live tweets from the courtroom (are they allowed to do that?). I would love to hear how the jury is reacting to all of this bullshit.

  27. I can not state enough, Martinez is the worst trial lawyer I have ever seen. He does not make sense and makes no headway. If I were Nurmi, I would be objecting much more to badgering, and argumentative ness. Jodi is very confident and this unprofessional way of questioning does not phase her. After his questioning she deserves an all expense paid trip to Hawaii. Jail is better than this man, I even have a hard time calling him a man, he’s a sniveling reptilian version a Lawyer. I wish I could tell Jodi to be strong, but she doesn’t need it, she is strong, his negativity does not harm her or change her, she’s a bright life force, shinning in a dark place, that is only temporary.

  28. has anybody noticed how her voice and intonation changes on that tape?It feels like she’s putting on a show for him JUST to please him and make him pay attention to her,coz sex was they only way she could achieve that.She uses this low ”ho**y” voice and immediately switches back to her normal one.Coz you know why?That’s what you do with a NARCISSISTIC boyfriend,you just talk about and do what THEY want to listen to in order to be calm and happy! I hope sm(meaning the experts)point that out.He was the narcissist controller,she was the follower,the pleaser!Anyone failing to see that is blind,imho.

    • I completely agree with you Maria. This guy was very manipulative of her because he knew she had a slow self esteem and a lot of men JUMP all over weak women. They know they can control them and get them to do anything. Anything at all. There are women who watch their husband beat their own children, and even though they are horrified they STAY. Because they ‘need’ him. It’s horrible but it’s definitely not rare.

    • I hate to say it, but simply by making Travis feel good, she may have been making herself feel fulfilled. There are some women who are like this. They just want to make people feel happy. It makes them feel happy to see others feel happy. My wife is like this. Travis had a bad background. He probably lived with inner pain. And, whenever Jodi made him happy, she probably felt happy herself. To give an analogy, if Jodi did not personally like fishing, but Travis loved fishing, she would probably would always feel happy to go with him, if he asked her to, simply because she saw it made him happy. I hope that people can understand this. My wife has been like this since the day I met her. I just don’t know whether “El Kermito” understands this. What I am saying is that Jodi could have made sex sounds for Travis, and enjoyed it simply for the fact that she saw it made him happy, or made him laugh a bit. If that was the case, then it is totally unselfish. And, by the same token, if he asked her to go fishing, and she went with a smile (while disliking fishing), it would be the same thing. The important thing is determining what was the motive of the sex calls? Was it simply to give Travis a laugh, and brighten his day? It sounds like Martinez wants to strip an event out of its context, and put some horrible twist on it – even if it contradicts the known context. C’mon Martinez. Get real!

      • Ben very smart that is so true On the Tape she says or he does that she is a giver. But there is a truth to this woman do want to make men happy and that is part of the satisfaction. I think she mentions many times how she likes to cuddle also it is very clear how he is the instructor this is o the tape that he is a teacher so to speak the creative one. The issue at hand is she feared him that day and reacted. He is not the Perfect Little Mormon boy, and is not a likable victim not that he deserved to be killed but he was not a nice guy.Hypocrite deviant user mixed up in a very shady business he said bad things about so many people on that tape, they were Godless he came across as a mean arrogant person.

  29. so, if I call my current husband “honey” and I have referred to an old boyfriend the same, I didnt mean it back then? whatever. he is not a good attorney and he makes zero sense.

  30. Omg really???? She cant call them both, “hottie biscottie”?? Lol who cares, that doesnt mean she didnt mean it to either or!!! Is he now trying to prove that she did love TA?! She was trying to move on!!

  31. He is doing all this to prove she lied. Well, we already know she lied. It does nothing else to salvage his case. He should just get to the killing and then stop already.

    • True Nancy. This is what every expert was saying yesterday. That he would’ve had a better chance if he would’ve just went in, straight to the point n out. BUTTTT NOOOOO…… Martinez wants to catch her in all her lyes. On top of all the lies shes admitted to, he wants to find more.

      Who cares about this 48hrs anymore. We know she lied in it already. And EVERYONE lied n fucked up on that 48 hrs. FLORES fucked up, talking too much n CHRIS N SKY did too!

  32. Stupid Pro-Pros Board Comment of the Day:

    Question: CAN she walk? I thought this trial was to determine life or death since she’s confessed. So, how can she walk free?

    Hear that? She’s already been convicted of first-degree murder, the jury just needs to decide whether she lives or dies. *shakes head*

      • If she planned all this murder, she would’ve been smart enough to have someone else to rent the car.

        And I blv almost EVERYONE knows not to rent a red car. It calks more attention. So, thats not even an argument, idk why he’s making this a big deal, he shouldn’t even bring this up. Im sure the jury can take a guess why anyone would rather not rent a red car.

      • You need your credit card to rent a car, yes. Can you pay cash, yes. That way does not get debited on neither your bank account or credit card. I’ve done it many times.

  33. I disagree. Martinez is doing well today. He is playing back the tapes and reading her emails specifically to impeach her and show she was not the victim in this case but a willing participant. I do believe Travis abusive. I think Jodi is pretending to enjoy things she does not on the tape because she wanted to marry Travis and felt sex was her biggest hold on him. But I think Martinez could have saved the state a lot of money by just agreeing to the second degree plea she offered. I don’t think she will get death or first degree but second. Or a mistrial. Then he will probably agree to second before going thru expense of another trial.

    • It was outrageous of him NOT to agree to the plea bargain on this case, simply outrageous. For one thing, you NEVER look a gift horse in the mouth, and this never was an “open-shut” case.

      • Agreed, and my gut feeling has always been that this case will end with a 2nd degree verdict. If this happens, hopefully Jodi will be released from prison at a young enough age to still create a decent life for herself. Those who are hell-bent on 1st degree and the death penalty are going to be furious if anything less happens – oh well.

    • I agree Jerri. They should have taken the second degree plea. There’s NO way she is going to the death chamber. They way I see it, if Drew Peterson murdered his innocent, loving wives and only got 38 years, then a woman who kills her abusive, asshole boyfriend definitely shouldn’t fry for it. She has no priors, no past criminal behavior, no ex boyfriends saying was “crazy” or abusive. She does not fit the description of a serial offender. They went way overboard with this death penalty charge.

      Martinez seems like he has taken some advice today, less sarcastic and uppity.

      • I agree n wasnt this woman pregnant too??? I read somewhere in the documents that Nurmi filed that the jury will be given instructions n they will also give them example of what type of crimes fit the DP. I wish I could find that document, it read exactly what a DP case would fit n THIS is clearly NOT. Idk why or were Martinez thought he could gey away with. Maybe hes used to giving the DP to all his cases. His like the death reaper!!

    • The questioning today is regarding premeditation, as it was a couple a days ago.
      He wanted to discredit her with respect to the fuel cans because he wants to prove he used them to not leave a registered transaction when she went to TA’s city by refueling nearby.
      Now the same with the red car exchange to not to be spotted, also, near TA’s.
      Did he prove that? That comes to the jury but so far i don’t think he did .
      In the middle the “fireworks” all pointed to catch her in any lie. Defense lawyer knows that as well as she; we’ll see re-questioning later by her attorney with regard to.
      DP? I do not believe in. I think those who does just want the same, killing someone, than those charged with, the only difference is they don’t have the guts to do it by themselves so they preferred a third party -in this case the state- to do it instead. Hypocrisy.
      First Degree? hmmm, they do not have the gun,they can’t prove she stole a gun from her grandad; they do not have the knife consequently I don’t see how they can prove she brought it with her although I think DA will have a long way to go questioning yet.
      The big gap leftis that she does not recall the stabbing and I remember one expert testifying why had to be from the back, DA is expected to contradict that with some of his own experts I guess.

    • I am a man. I also think that Jodi did things, in order to make Travis happy, with the hope of marrying him. And, I think that she was forced to defend herself, in the bathroom, where the conflict broke out. I do not think there is any sign of her being a “murderer”. At best, she came out of the house alive, and not Travis. And, I think that if she had not found the gun, and pulled the trigger while trying to fend him off, he could have done extreme harm to her. Also, in looking at his personal photos, I think that there is a good possibility that Travis was not just “working out”. I think his body should be tested for steroid/banned substance use. And, if he tests positive, then it should be considered a factor in a case for self defense, because such substances can seriously affect a person’s behavior.

      • I wish they could test his body or any blood in evidence for steroids, I just don’t see the public defense as wanting to spend money on it, or that the family would allow his body to be tested.

        Sadly, if jodi had money she probably would not have been in jail this long before her trial.

    • Great Comment Jerri. I agree completely. JM will go through all of the evidence piece by piece and very methodically which all prosecutors would do. He is trying to get Jody to lose her temper.

      But I will give her credit. She has remained calm and cool.

  34. Wow! The car rental, the gas receipts, etc.

    He’s sticking to the theory that she planned to kill Travis from the very beginning of her trip … incredible.

    • Can’t watch. Has anyone actually looked at a bank/credit card statement yet instead of just receipts? Maybe the receipts don’t tell the whole story…

      • Which makes no sense….because if there had been a witness to Jodi leaving Travis’ house, they’d have told the police to be on the lookout for whatever color car she was driving. The police wouldn’t seek out a red car if they had a lead that her car was white.

        • Nothing about the car rental–location, payment, colour–is suspicious. So many people knew she rented that car. Before, during and after. It’s ridiculous.

  35. I rent cars for work all the time and will not take bright colored cars for the simple fact they receive more speeding violations especially red….

      • This is very common.This guy is a real piece of work. I don’t rent or own red cars anymore for the vey reasons she said. And she absolutely was right when she said CHIPS are not technically police. He is trying to create lies that don’t even exist. I don’t know why this is allowed to continue.

        • Everone knows this about bright cars, im sure the jury does too, so he’s looking worse. Really, Martinez bring this subject up, shows the jury that he really doesnt have anything better. And I know that the jury sees how petty he is bring up things like this n the petnames.

          And again, she respectfully correct him about the police. Shouldn’t Martinez knw this?! Lol jodi is way too smart, maybe she shouldve went to law school, met someone other then TA. I can see her doing so much better, I feel sad for her n what shes going through. Damn, the day she picked up that PPL cd!!

  36. OMG now she’s premeditate because she didn’t want the red car!? FFS I would never rent, lease or buy a red car either! Does that mean I’m ‘premeditating’ something illicit? LOL

    FWIW I’m Registered labor and delivery RN :/

    • Michelle K-
      I personally would not lease or purchase a red car, either. A few years ago, when I was looking for a new car, the dealer was trying to sell me this red vechicle he had in stock. It was nice looking, but I decided on the same make and model in blue because I’d read a study a few months earlier about red cars being involved in more accidents. That didn’t sound difficult to believe then, and so I can relate to Jodi’s preference for a different color car for a trip.

      • As I lived in ARIZONA for awhile a WHITE car is the best as far as it does not get as hot to the touch nor the inside does not get as hot as any other color does. An it is a fact POLICE pull over RED more they did a test on that somewhere. I have never liked RED or BLACK myself unless you live in a snow state they are the best there. Easy to find in a blizzard an stay a few degrees warmer when parked.

  37. Now we are getting our math lesson for the day. 60mph – 50mph = 10mph over the speed limit. I think I will go smash my head into a wall now.

    • Speaking of math, why would a person be able to get the gas money together to drive 3000 miles round trip to see Travis, but not be able to get the money together to buy a used $50 dollar .25 caliber joke of a gun? Ha ha ha. A smart twelve year old ought to be able to figure out what is going on, or what transpired, simply from the facts alone. Fire Nancy Grace, and hire a smart twelve year old, now!

  38. OMG this is so annoying! 48 Hours is a TV show and she probably said stuff to make the story juicy. Who knows what the producers of that show do! And the rental car was rented online Nd everyone knows sometime you get better deals in different places. Shocker! She rented the car in a different city… With her damn credit card! Waste of time! This is how public servants waste tax dollars. Playing stupid sex tapes and impeaching people for not saying exactly what they want. This is our country.

  39. This guy is a real piece of work. I don’t rent or own red cars anymore for the very reasons she said. And she absolutely was right when she said CHIPS are not technically police. He is trying to create lies that don’t even exist. I don’t know why this is allowed to continue.

  40. Idiots are arguing with me that she rented the car in Redding so no one would recognize her renting a car in Yreka. OMGAH-regardless of where the car was rented, it would still be ON HER BANK OR CREDIT CARD STATEMENT. You cant hide from that.

    • If he keeps trying to say she premeditated from the very planning/beginning of the trip, he has lost. So far, he’s losing. Nothing at all wrong with car color choice or car rental location. He canNOT walk away from an argument, this guy, and she baits him, but not on purpose, just because of her “hyper literalness” that she said she practices. In this case, I think Martinez has brought a knife to a gunfight. So to speak.

      • Jodi is also hyper-factual. I have known a number of Germans who were hyper-factual. For example, Martinez asked over and over again whether she would conclude that a person hanging the phone up is a sign that the person is not interested in the topic. She said “No”. Martinez flipped out with disbelief. Then, Jodi proceeded to explain that simply because the phone cut off does not mean that the person is not interested in the conversation. And, she gave a couple of possible alternative possibilities, such as the phone was disconnected, the phone ran out of power, etc.

        This kind of thinking is common to a minority of people who are hyper-factual. They do not make an intuitive leap from an event, and what the event might mean, without concrete information. People who are hardwired to think logically oftentimes have difficulty in making such intuitive leaps. They simply either draw a blank, or come up with a list of theoretical possibilities. But, without concrete information they will not arrive at a conclusion as other people. Martinez absolutely could not understand this. Because of Jodi’s inner personality – being quite unexpected – the more she sticks to the facts, the more difficult it will be for Martinez, because he is attempting to read all sorts of stuff into her behavior. He probably had no idea the type of person he is dealing with, from the outset.

        I will say though that Jodi’s downfall, several years ago, was the lying. I think it is possible that she never thought anyone that would believe her – especially anyone in the Mesa police force. When she said to the detective, “So what you are telling me is that I am screwed.”, I think that she may have given up, and proceeded to take some other course, while not really understanding the extent of how the incident happened, actually set everything up against her.

        This is the inherent problem with ending up in an unplanned death, feeling unfairly trapped, and trying to lie out of it – while not realizing that the sheer lack of a plan makes any possibility of lying, doomed from the start. If she had carefully planned the event, she probably would have had a much better chance at getting away with everything. But, given the actual circumstances, I would have to conclude that it simply was not planned, at all. And, coupled with lying, it is easy to see how it compounded into what it is, today.

        • Thank you for this explanation – apparently I am one of those unfortunate, hyper-literal people. Up until now, I couldn’t figure out why people were accusing Jodi of being confrontational by asking questions when, to me, she was simply trying to clarify (an considering how JM is twisting her words, she needs to be careful). I hope they can get an expert to also speak to this so the jurors understand.

    • It is because they are starting out with the premise that she is guilty. There is no objectivity in this sort of thinking. It is pure bias. If they actually found out that Jodi was forced to defend herself, they would probably be disappointed. Alot of people want to hear the most horrible story possible. And, self defense is not that horrible – especially when a small woman is forced to battle a much stronger male. Also, many people are unhappy that she has a “fan club” in prison. But, when a reporter visited the prison, many convicted prisoners held up paper notes, saying that she is innocent, and that she should be freed. What is it that all of these prisoners were able to figure out, that Nancy Grace cannot figure out? Maybe they need to kick Grace off the air, and give the job to a convict, or an intelligent twelve year old.

  41. I’m not Jewish but OY VE….if I learn any thing from this it would be to tell the truth in the first place…when you tell the truth its the exact same story ALL THE TIME…I imagine that Jodi is kicking herself for going on 48 Hours…recording a phone conversation and lying to the Police…regardless that does not make her a cold blooded murder…and why was JM emphasizing that Travis was the only one having “fantasies” during phone sex…couldn’t what Jodi was saying be on the phone be ” fantasies” as well???? one commenter mentioned taking Ibu…not good enough for me ..I’m taking Xanax,,Jodi presents herself as being too intelligent to set herself up like this…keeping the recording….not taking the camera…not knowing the camera was taking pics when she is a photographer ..there’s definitely something missing here…..

  42. JW is trying SO hard not to smile when Jodi and JM was going toe to toe over ‘who had control’ of the recording … I think I would’ve lost it and busted out.

  43. All Jodi needs to say is she wasn’t under oath when talking to police or the media & that she is telling truth now as she is under oath. Who has never told a lie? I dated a Mormon male for 2+ years. I did many things to make him happy. Mainly sexual things. I am unhappy about doing those things but I did them. I understand how Jodi feels. Prosecutor is a real jerk & the reason why we don’t like being on juries!
    What Jodi needs to be saying is that she said and did these sexual things for Travis’ pleasure. That she is a pleaser. Many of us do things to please our partners. I hope she is given the chance to get this message across.
    Jodi really needs to say she did what she did to please Travis. Yes she enjoyed it, but it can still make you feel like a whore/slut afterware. A man wouldn’t understand those feelings.

    • My opinion: I think the 48 hours version may have been true. And that she is lying now to protect her family. She is smart, but sometimes that kind of smartness backfires and gets twisted as this has. There is way too much missing as some have said. That roommate. Ashley Reed (Dustin Thompson’s wife or ex-wife) died in 2010 after getting a restraining order against Dustin, who she said was acting weird during the time of the killing. References to pedophilia on myspace. The anal sex thing! Smacks of some kind of Mormon/Multi-level coverup of a bigger, more widespread problem within the church and the legal plan (a scam of its own).

      Or if she continues as she has with this version., it’s not hard for me to believe she did become fearful of her life, shot the gun, and her instinct to save herself took over. But then the overkill was based on all the control Travis had exerted over her, and now it was to the point he, in a sense, had caused her to have to kill him because of the fear his behaviors had instilled in her.

        • It just so happens that I dated a Mormon male who was a sex addict. I can’t help he was Mormon (or a sex addict). I am saying because of my experience, I can understand and relate to Jodi’s feelings. Mormons (in my experience) spend an awful lot of time talking to their members about not having sex if you are not married. I feel it makes it all the more tempting to try out what is forbidden. How many of us do something that someone has told us not to do – we tend to do it. When we are doing something that is forbidden – it makes it very exciting. Travis truly loved the sex he was having with Jodi.

          • A couple of comments.

            “It just so happens that I dated a Mormon male who was a sex addict. I can’t help he was Mormon (or a sex addict)”

            So because he was Mormon, he was a sex addict. Again, my first reply is why blame someone because they are Mormon. Your ex bf was a sex addict. Are all sex addicts just Mormon?

            “Mormons (in my experience) spend an awful lot of time talking to their members about not having sex if you are not married.”

            I agree. Jodi was a Mormon too, but claims she didn’t get any information about the chastity laws except from Travis. What then is her excuse, based on your statement?


            “Travis truly loved the sex he was having with Jodi.”

            and Jodi truly loved the sex she was having with Travis, yet Travis is the supposed bad person in this two-to-tango experience.

            Seems hypocritical to me.

          • Wow! I am not saying because he was a Mormon he was a sex addict. It just happens he was a sex addict Mormon. I am only stating the facts. Not all sex addicts are Mormons, etc. My ex’s brother was an elder & he told us constantly about not having sex. Again I am speaking about my experience – I went to many Mormon activities. Travis is the male who was using jodi for his sexual pleasure. She was trying to please him by doing what she did. Yes she enjoyed the sex. I also did many things to please my ex. Have you been in an abused relationship? It is not fun.

          • I went through therapy with my partner who is a “recovering” sex addict and porn addict. They do not enjoy the sex – it is more of an “outlet’ (as Jodi said, stress reliever) and it is “validation” of love they often did not receive as a child (as was stated, TA’s parents were drug addicts and he probably did not receive the love a child needs while growing up). Because the SA (sex addict) is using sex and not enjoying sex, they develop a love/hate aspect to their sex outlets. They claim to love them in order to get sex then hate them because the sex has brought about the feelings of self-hatred.

            I gather from what Jodi said that she enjoyed sex sometimes and other times she said she did want it. BUT it came out in prosecution questioning that she only wanted it because she preferred it over his emotional abuse. This is a VERY common scenario between SA’s and their partners.

          • Also, it’s not Jodi’s fault that Travis, his family and friends; pretended that he was a virgin and that Jodi was an evil witch with sexual powers that led him astray the righteous path he was never on.

            They opened THAT door all by themselves.

            He lied about it, lied about Jodi, and mistreated Jodi.

            THAT is what makes him the bad person here. Not the sex.

            And people cannot tell me on one hand, that it’s ok to tell women to please their boyfriends/husbands; and on the other make them feel ashamed about it without holding the male responsible for his part. Now THAT is hypocritical.

          • Charlene- Don’t take Wadoo’s bait. She/he is on here EVERY night, It NEVER fails stirring shit. Just move on to meaningful conversation with someone whom you can have an enjoyable exchange of ideas with.

        • As a Mormon, Jodi was just a tourist. The Mormon Church is based on having many under-aged wives, polygamy. Like Joseph Smith, Travis was con man. Both were into under-aged girls & both were killed.

          The purpose of the Church is:
          1. Survival of the Church.
          When getting couples or ANY counseling, the Bishop thinks:
          1. How will this affect the Church?
          2. Individual members can be sacrificed for the greater good of the Church.
          3. Men are always more worthy than women.
          Mormonism is nothing more than a large power hungry Cult, we really dodged the bullet by not voting for Mitt Romney!

          Jodi is innocent.

      • I don’t think so. The Jodi of that telecast is a shell of the woman who is on the stand. I think Jodi had PTSD, for she acted like a zombie throughout the telecast. The one on the witness stand, the one who is under oath, is the real Jodi, the Jodi who most likely existed BEFORE she met Travis and the Mormon church.

    • True I agree also. Was just explaining this to my husband an broke down crying an he asked why are you crying? an it is because I feel like everyone is trying so hard to make Jodi be a WHORE SLUT or whatever an Travis is some nice Mormon guy that never even jacked off before he met Jodi. AN it is so stupid an people are believing it I can look on the other pages for Travis an it feels like the majority is against Jodi an I can’t do anything to help her. I know how she feels. AN this is not right to make her out to be the whore that was jealous. When I can hear Travis speak to her all he wants to talk about is SEX she can’t even change the subject. I actually HATE HIM Now ! an I can see I could HURT a man like that myself especially if he said some very ugly things an I am sure TRAVIS did that night. No one just goes off an kills somebody like that without some past aggressive problems unless they are taunted an taunted an mentally abused till they can’t take one more word.

  44. Can someone help me out here? I was reading the police report that someone posted and I am confused. It says that TA was supposed to go on a trip to Mexico with that girl – she said he didn’t show so she called a couple friends and they went to check on him, which is when they found him… right? i thought they were supposed to go to mexico the day after TA was killed. But this girl (who he was supposed to go with) didn’t bother checking until four or five days later?

    • Ya what a bunch of LIARS the talking heads are they keep saying the trip was the next day? an the roommates thought he was already gone on the trip an why they were not concerned about him but then they said oh he must have been cleaning the house because a carpet cleaner was left in the middle of the room an his keys an laptop an wallet were on the counter. Ok so if they thought he was gone on a trip why would he leave those items at home. Bunch of crap I say somebody is LYING an it is not JODI !

    • Travis was killed on June 4th and the Cancun trip wasn’t scheduled until June 10th. But the haters have all convinced themselves that the Cancun trip was to take place on the 5th, and that’s why Jodi freaked out and killed Travis in a jealous rage. He was NOT leaving for Cancun the next day.

      • OMG – thanks Kira and Rhonda! That IS why I thought the trip was the next day; the talking-heads said it was part of her jealous rage! LIARS. And did you read my post about the ex-gf on the report? Said she knew nothing about Jodi, then goes on to list at least (what sounds like TA’s) seven lies about her. Doesn’t make sense.

    • Maybe the talking heads are reading into Jodi’s behavior what they would have done if they were in her shoes. Ha ha ha. It probably drives them nuts that Jodi never acts like they would act – no signs of jealousy, minimal signs of resentment, still giving Travis the benefit of the doubt, etc.

  45. Everyone now knows about the foot picture that was found on the camera in the washer, right? The pic of Travis (allegedly) laying on the floor, head and shoulder showing with blood dripping and a pant let + foot above his head.

    I imagine there has already been a discussion about that pic on here but there are so many posts now its hard to find things. I’m curious to know your opinion of HOW you think that picture was taken. Digital cameras don’t typically have a timer setting to take pics every so many seconds indefinitely. You set the timer and it takes one photo, then you have to set the timer again. So from this photo it seems the camera is sitting on the floor, I can’t see Jodi reaching down and clicking the button to take a pic at that particular time, so how was that photo taken?

    • I read a few comments about that ………one said maybe she had the camera around her neck an it took the photo by accident when leaning down? another said maybe she dropped the camera an it took the photo when it hit the floor? I don’t know I think it is all fishy. How do we know that is Jodi in that photo even?

      • She said she dropped the camera, so it was likely never picked up again and was getting kicked around in the scuffle. So perhaps the button got clicked a few times as it was kicked, either from the button hitting against the floor or the person who kicked it?

      • Prosecutor asked her if that was her foot in the photo and she said yes. She must recognize the pants as being the ones she was wearing when it all went down.

      • I’d read somewhere that the camera was sitting upside down on the floor, but that is not true as the time stamp is right side up. Camera buttons are usually on top of the camera so it couldn’t have clicked from hitting the floor. She may have stepped on it, but not likely if that is her right foot in the photo and the camera is further off to her right. Its a very damning photograph and almost seems intentionally taken, I just can’t wrap my head around why or who would have taken it. Even dropping something on a camera button from up top won’t typically be enough to snap a photo, unless it was a brick. I’m just puzzled….

    • Ha! 🙂 Well I hope I am not scarred for life.

      My mother-in-law just came over, so I have to leave and watch it on my phone … right now I am following via Twitter. I learned the hard way of making a “pro-jodi” reply on a tweet and practically received death threats.

      Now my wife and MIL are talking about the case and I’m in the other room. “Anal” just came up in the conversation.

      I’m leaving!

  46. OK…so this Dr. Daniela Schreier is an expert…her body language is very revealing with her black color low top with her cross necklace…it’s like she wants attention to the fact that she is wearing the cross necklace so more people will believe what she is saying…

    But I do not believe in what she is saying at all…

    I wear a cross necklace myself sometimes…and it is usually when I need more reassurance about something…

    • I forgot to add…that she is making statements to JC that is supposedly proof that Jodi Arias is a psychological liar for yayayayay reasons….

      I just don’t believe in what she is saying at all…

    • LOL okay so did you see the talking-head lady on InSession wearing a black, sleeveless dress, she has long, straight black hair and a “dog collar” type “necklace?” She was going on and on about how “commanding” JM was when the others were saying he seemed to be over-excited and perhaps may be read as bullying Jodi… Body language expert, please

  47. I found the answer to my question.. he was supposed to go to Mexico on June 10 according to the police report. However… why is it that in the report it was “Maria” who noticed his dog was running around and not the roommates? The report claimed a stench was strong throughout the house… why is it the roommates did not report this? Friends came over to find him and then had to inform the roommates – who were upstairs at that point. Decomp with breakdown and smell starts on the second day. There was cleaner standing in the middle of the downstairs living room floor. Unlike the rest of the home which appeared spotless… so this cleaner – left alone in the middle of the floor along with stench – struck nobody as unusual? Too many unanswered questions that police are not bothering to investigate.

    • cindy…thanks for reading that police report…and when the other friends came over and asked the roommates about Travis…the one roommate says something about getting the key to his room…he then proceeded to get the key and” abracadabra”…he unlocked the door with the key and they all found him deceased…

      • yeah, Truthseeker – no smell until then? Pleeeeze… There is so much BS – I’m going to the dedicated page to post more inconsistencies! I hope to see you there!

  48. I would really like to be in the courtroom to see the reactions of the jurors. They must be getting as lost as the rest of us.

    • They met in Sept 2006. They started having oral sex within a couple of weeks. They were officially boyfriend-girlfriend from Feb 2007 to June 2007. But they continued to go on trips and have sex. I’m not sure when she moved to Mesa, AZ, but she moved back to CA in March or April 2008. They had the phone sex in May 2008. She traveled to Mesa arriving early morning June 4th (like 4AM). They slept, they had sex, and the event was about 5:30pm.

  49. Although I have read what was posted about the reasoning behind the self defense plea, Im still not understanding fully why a temporary insanity plea wasnt the way to go. I do get she would then be seen as the attacker but the circumstances for that attack I believe are warrented by his repetitve abuse.

    I liken it to a dog kept in a kennel. Its owner only paying attention to it to feed and water it or to abuse it. The dog takes the abuse because it has no choice this person also keeps it alive. How long will the dog take the abuse before it snaps and attacks its owner?

    Yes the dog did do the attacking but the attack was brought on by the abuse of the owner. Its clearly the fault of the owner for breaking the dog to the point of attacking for survival.

    Whether its an animal or a human, abuse is abuse and there will be a breaking point. How can the abused ever be condemned for doing what is instinctual? Surviving.

    • “I do get she would then be seen as the attacker but the circumstances for that attack I believe are warrented by his repetitve abuse.”

      If she did not attack him, there is no reason to make the claim that she did. It would actually be lying, if he was the one who attacked her, and she was forced to defend herself.

      • Ben I do understand your point. I was looking for the detailed version of the pleas. Could a temporary insanity plea have been filed even if he attacked her first?

    • Women, I have been saying that all along…IMHO, it would have been a much easier case to prove, and much easier to explain. The facts laid out by her atty absolutely show a case where temp. insanity would be warranted, meaning she “snapped”. That is much better than self defense, and would completely explain the “overkill” factor. Self defense claims have a stricter law attached, meaning that you ARE able to defend yourself if you feel your life is in danger or fear bodily harm. However, that defense also only allows for you to attack your aggressor enough to get away, or using the same force against them that they have used against you. (not legal terms of course, but still the law) This seems textbook to me, and it worries me that they didn’t go this route. The DA’s main point other than trying to prove premed, is that the killing itself was in excess of any type of self defense. I know the defense atty will have experts on domestic abuse, but even there, that would totally (IMO) fit in much better with temp. insanity. This defense, although I get the point, is a harder case to defend than an insanity plea.

      • Yes exactly Anna, I do agree. For everything she endured from this man she loved in my opinion is more than enough to drive any woman to the brink of insanity. Their whole disfuctional relationship was nothing but two emotionally wounded people acting out. I would like more background on them both to really get a sense of what made each of them the way they were.
        I know he was missing the father figure and that his grandmother raised him but why? Where was his mother I missed that.

      • With the changes in AZ’s laws (thanks to the ruling by the AZ Supreme Court) on where the burden of proof lies in self defense claims, and the justification AZ allows for using deadly force as long as it’s the only method you have to preserve your life , this may be a much “easier” defense than temporary insanity. Now, I’m speaking off the cuff as I haven’t looked up the statute on temporary insanity in AZ though, but typically, the burden lies with the defendant in other states. Juries of late (past 10 years or so) have not been easily buying into temporary insanity pleas. Also, her prior lies on camera would make temporary insanity — in this case — much more difficult to prove, in my opinion.

    • Me too ! I am trying to listen also but he gets me confused an the DID I ASK YOU TO THINK Really would piss me off big time !

    • Jodie,
      I believe what he is going to “try” to say/prove, is that she had her hair done at the salon…meaning she had her hair dyed. I think he kinda went there earlier, (insinuating) and will try that again. he is trying to show hour by hour her entire trip, this is what he has to do to (try) to prove premed. Its pretty basic questioning, but all the details are to prove a point. I also think he is going over her prior direct testimony, to try to have her say something different now. (my theory lol)

    • Oh yea an leave all my journals at home too so everyone can read them after I am caught. An the sex conversation also. An leave my camera at the scene an my hand print on an on an on she is not that dumb. If anything it was in the heat of the moment. But I do think it was a argument that went out of control as she stated really.

  50. I’m really over this sex tape. I’ve heard it hammered into the jury’s minds so much, I think I might be pregnant.

    I don’t see her demeanor today as being contradictory compared to when the sex tape was first played. We’ve all heard it many, many times and most everyone seems to be pretty immune to it at this point. Even my mother, who is a bona fide prude, just rolled her eyes when the sex tape began to play for the 1,000th time.

    The prosecutor asked her yesterday how she could write such a kind tribute about Travis in his book at the memorial service if she believed him to be a pedophile. Ask any parent how he/she could love his/her son/daughter after the child was convicted of a horrible crime. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a loved one say: “I loved that person for who he/she was, not for what he/she has done.”

    I also don’t see how playing the 48 Hours interview is helping the prosecution. She lied. She admitted she lied. She testified she lied. If I were Jodi’s attorney, then I would subpoena the editor responsible for her episode & ask him/her the many, many questions I have.

    My father also told me when I first began to drive to never, ever purchase a red car because not only does every teenager to twenty-something drive faster than the speed limit, but also that cops can spot a speeding red car from a mile away.

    While I do believe Jodi’s version of events is much more plausible than the State’s, I’m still waiting for the prosecutor to give me some type of evidence, other than she’s a lying whore bag sexual deviant in his eyes, to prove to the jury that she deserves to die. She offered to plea to second degree murder, which I think is a stretch. Voluntary manslaughter, in my opinion, seems to be the only reasonable charge to fit this crime.

  51. It’s sickening how it keeps going. She never said that Travis forced her with sec. The def was showing she wanted to PLEASE Travis and would crazy stuff to do this. Plus the crazy stuff Travis was doing that the other side seems to forget or edit. It’s crazy how he said oh it’s consensual even though he woke you. Sometimes women do accept stuff like that but that doesn’t mean that the man didn’t violate her space. Women sometimes just go along to avoid confrontation. She did whatever Travis wanted. I concede she was a naive stupid woman but that doesn’t make her a cold blooded murderer.

  52. SJ, will you be adding that page about the report to the menu on the right? I see so many inconsistencies in that report!

    Can anyone explain… the report claims Zach (roomy) did laundry on the 7th. So did HE wash TA’s sheets and camera that was found in the washer? Or did he move it to the side, do his, then put the bloody sheets and camera back into the washing machine when he was done?

  53. What the heck is JM barking about now?

    Right,right,right,right ?

    Arizona right?
    CA right?

    I’d like to punch him, he is such a bully!

  54. Please check out Travis MySpace page under his interest! Money women power………need I say more about his character ! This questioning over gas has gotten out of control ………next question please

    • I know I did go read his my space an Jodi’s too. It is obvious Travis is not the angel they want us to believe an I do not. You can read a few comments on Jodi’s photos also he left for her. He also left her as NUMBER ONE FRIEND as you can do on my space. Jodi has her sister. Kind of strange if she is the compulsive one they want to portray to the public. Glad I have my own opinion tho not the talking heads opinion.

      • Rhonda

        Notice on Travis MySpace that the majority of his friends are women! ? Did you read about his childhood abuse? Now he wants to be in control ! Also stated that he was making over 100k ! Why borrow money from Jodi who was a waitress?
        A lot of holes in this case that don’t add up!

  55. The premeditation argument.

    She stole her grandfathers gun. Not proven. Fail.

    She rented a car from a different city. So what. I always have gone out of my way for the best deal. Clearly she would know if she was a suspect they would check any rental cars in any location. Fail.

    She changed from red car. Huh? The red car argument I’ve heard forever, although I don’t think its valid. I’ve owned 3 red cars. I’ve had one speeding ticket – in a blue car. Regardless – this means nothing. Fail.

    She borrows gas cans. If premeditated, why would you borrow from a friend who would be able to testify to it. If she was really planning something, I’d buy them with cash from Walmart. This would be close to impossible to prove. Fail.

    She dyed her hair in the car. Pictures show the brown hair months before. Fail.

    • Just listening to the way he stumbles over his own questions and words is killing me! I cannot stop laughing at this dodo bird

  56. These are some things that I started listing…Feel free to correct or add to my list at any time…thanks…
    I posted the same over on the the Flores page that SJ posted earlier this am…

    The odd thing that I found was the interview with Zachary Billings in this police report…Zachary made these statements about Enrique’s, TA, and Zachary’s relationship with each other within the home the three of them shared
    1. Zachary says that he doesn’t know Enrique very well
    2. ZB said that they all keep to themselves
    3. ZB said that they didn’t hang out with each other at all
    4. ZB said that they haven’t had dinner together
    5. ZB said that he spends most of his time with his girlfriend, Amanda
    6. ZB said that TA always leaves on business trips and never tells them
    7. ZB said that TA doesn’t lock the door
    8. ZB said that TA normally drives out of town but since he was going to Cancun he didn’t think it was out of the ordinary that TA car still in garage
    9. ZB said he sent TA a text message on Saturday and Sunday and TA never responded

    Notice while reading this same report that Zachary Billings seems to remember too many details about TA for someone who told the detective that they all keep to themselves and don’t hang out much and etc.

    I listed a few of the things that ZB said:
    1. ZB noticed the bannister felt sticky
    2. ZB noticed furniture moved downstairs
    3. ZB talks about the home security
    4. ZB said that he goes into TA room to get something he needs or to gets medication out of the medicine cabinet
    5. ZB said that TA had 4-5 brown pillowcases on his bed
    6. ZB said that TA had a brown comforter with light sheets on his bed
    7. ZB SAID THAT HE HIMSELF WAS A PHOTOGRAPHER TOO (this seems important)
    8. ZB described TA camera in exact details
    10. ZB said that TA had purchased a floor cleaner (this seemed odd for him to say)
    11. ZB was the one who got the key and unlocked TA bedroom for the friends that came over and they all found him deceased (In other words…the key was a quick access to the roommate at all times)

  57. Omgosh. This guy HAS to be annoying the jury! He is playing this game for so long that HE looks like the one that isn’t too bright while he is trying to prove Jodi isn’t! He keeps trying to put words in her mouth!! Wtf!!! MISTRIAL!!!! I honestly don’t know if I can cont to watch much longer bc it’s getting so ridiculous and redundant! Ppl seem very polarized regarding Shorty. I don’t think I’d feel much different about him even if I was team TA. This guy is doing Jodi a BIG favor!!!

    • I know, I agree TL…tedious and annoying, but, putting on a jurors hat for a minute…They WANT to hear this part, and NEED to, that is if they are going to believe pre-med. This is a huge part of the states case against her, and M is trying to go step by step and minute by minute over her trip, hoping for either a “gotcha” moment, or just to try to get her to lie about any part of the trip. Believe me, the jury isn’t annoyed, in my humble opinion, they are listening to every answer and writing notes. This is one of the (supposed) sections of determining pre-med.Its long and tedious to a viewer, but to a jury, its important info. Personally, I wish that during this part, she would just answer quickly and easily, (not think too long or add a thing) so he is FORCED to move on. (taking off my juror hate, lol)

      • His theory regarding gas cans….that she didnt want to have any trail of buying gas in AZ, so she took gas cans and filled them up so she wouldn’t leave any record of herself in Mesa. I have always thought that this part of the case just didn’t make a whole helluva difference. I guess it might to some jurors, time will tell…

        • As somebody mentioned elsewhere, why would you borrow them from a friend when the friend could testify against you? Epic fail.

          This isn’t the Dana Chandler case where gas cans were pivotal to the case.

    • Couldn’t agree more….can somebody add a comment once the ankle biter changes subject from the gas can?….I can’t take it anymore….ugh

  58. Sorry, Martinez, but they are not equally yolked in their conflict between sex and religion. Jodi was a new convert, Travis was an elder of the church that was granted the capacity to “teach, expound, exhort, baptize, and watch over the church.”

    Let’s not forget who introduced her to the religion, and taught her that *some* sex acts were ok, and others were not. Let’s not forget who baptized her, and who had anal sex with her that same day.

    Pretending that is not relevant is ridiculous.

  59. I cannot take “SJ’s compassion and hard work enough. I posed once before. It was late and I had too much to drink and “rambled” too long. (after midnight.) I vowed not to post again unless totally sober.
    That is the case now, ie – sober as a “judge” – but I doubt if THIS judge is “sober.” LOL. However, I have to post again with a clear mind.

    I am addicted to this case and feel soooooooo sorry for her. WHY would he ask if the trunk of a car is the “rear” of the car 3 times! It is so out of control. I am NOT an auto engineer, but the last car with a trunk in the front was a VW bug in 1970. I have never seen a trunk on the side of a car.

    I just wish she could somehow ask this a-hole where his trunk is. In his head?? Why can’t she ask these things??? eg “Where is your trunk Martinez?” “Have you seen a trunk anywhere else besides the back of a car?” “OH Martinez if we discuss SUV’s, is that a “trunk” or a “rear area for loading things?” I HATE this guy. She is sleeping on a steel piece of sheet metal (for over 4+ years) and food deprived.
    What kind of maniac would do this to a lady???!!! This is sick.
    I have never seen anything like it, and have watched many trials from beginning to end.

    He needs to be asked if he “has ever had a relationship” with a woman or had a life period. I need some heart meds. He is driving me nuts.
    In summary, I would blurt out……………..”why are you Martinez wasting this jury’s time with these idiotic questions?” I would then look over at the jury and say “Aren’t you all tired and worn out with this “game” he is playing? Mr. Neri does not PLAY games with all respect to you ALL as the jury.”
    I have another migraine and need to go away. I would cut out daily with a migraine for 10 days in a row.

    I cannot

    • ps. I meant “posted” not “posed.” Important grammar in this case! This guy should be tossed out as the PA.

      I also cannot understand why during the past 2 days Jodie cannot find it in herself to mention over and over again whenever she can to say “He said he was going to KILL me as he charged me after punching his new punching bag on steriods.” Especially the words “I am going to KILL you while running at you” is TOTAL self defense. All law states “if you are in fear for your life you may respond appropriately to defend yourself and protect your well-being.”

      • She WILL be saying that very soon…but she cannot just blurt it out unless its in an answer to something that fits that type of response. Holding her own and answering his questions as he asks, is a much better way to go, and shows her in control and not lying.

    • wow. jmy typo’s are horrbile! my 3rd word should have been “THANK” NOT take! that could be taken entirely wrong. SJ really helped me out and was super nice with 2 personal emails! thanks!

  60. I am failing to understand the point of all this.

    If the cans were used to “hide” her trip, why would she be using her debit cards??? She would have used cash the whole time.

    I’m weird with money too- if I have cash, sometimes I’ll use my debit cards instead. In case I need cash elsewhere. And then sometimes I’ll use cash even if my debit has money on it. No real rhyme or reason… just whatever I grab first I guess. I’ve split cash and debit at the gas station before to save money in my bank account. She seems sort of flighty and disorganized, like I am. I do things that make little sense ALL the time!

    • I have a harder time handing over cash than I do swiping my card. I try to leave my card at home so I dont spend frivolously because that is easy to do when you swipe the card.

      • Didn’t she say she was moving money from one account to the other because she intended to claim part of the trip as a business expense? I’m assuming she meant as a deduction on her tax returns. If I’m correct, then, it would make sense that the Utah leg of the trip, where she did attend a PPL training, was a business expense. However, the Arizona detour to see travis would be personal. Therefore, she may have paid for some of the gas with her debit card from her business account and in order to have a receipt for the IRS (in case she was ever audited), and the other part of the gas with cash, since that gas would be used for a personal expense. That sounds like something I might have done when I had my own business.

    • Why is Martinez saying she never heard of Travis & guns? He MUST know that the video is coming into evidence! This is foolish on his part. But yes, he is a fool.

    • The state will likely show that, my guess is they will also use that along with that friend of his who said TA had no gun and always borrowed his at the shooting range. I personally never thought the video was helpful to her, (or hurt either) as it shows TA shooting a semi-auto, not a handgun. The video can be taken a couple ways. If I were a juror, I would not make much of the video. The friend who will testify that TA never had a gun, well, thats really speculation, as he has no idea really, if TA DID have a handgun, and just never mentioned it.

      • Anna…if I were a juror…I see that a lot of “Big Boys” have “Big Toys”…and when TA was referring that he didn’t have a gun…maybe he was implying the “BIG GUNS”…I wouldn’t make much of the video either…they probably never talked about the little hand guns…and a lot of people do not talk about their hand guns that they keep hidden for their own protection…

      • I agree, but I never once thought that Travis had anything to do with a gun period until Dave Hall shared his video. Martinez is asking Jodi if she knew of Travis having a gun and insinuating he didn’t but he knows this video will likely come into evidence placing a gun in his hands. I would then have to think he might have had his own.

    • I think the jury WILL blv TA did have gun. They will put 2 n 2 together. His friends had no idea he was having sex, he clearly WAS! His friends THINK he didnt own a gun…… yea… he had a gun. He was just too ashamed to talk about his wimpy gun, just like he was ashamed of admitting he was having sex.

      Something that iv been thinking about. Would Jodi ir anyone use the SAME gun after its been repoted stolen from your own home??? Was the gun reported AFTER TA was murdered? ?? It doesn’t make sense.

  61. I think by saying his 2 fists it was to set up the idea that he was strong and she couldn’t have done this. But why lie about him not having a gun?

    My guess is maybe she didn’t want the police to think she knew he had a gun and therefore could have gotten it and used it on him.

    Look she knew there was a gun used. But I suspect she was deflecting. He is strong so it couldn’t be me. I didn’t know about a gun or you might think I used it.

  62. I am not an attorney, but I would have coached “her up” how to drive M nuts. Just answer every “checking close” he uses eg-“RIGHT?!” I would answer either RIGHT or WRONG. she never says wrong.
    Sometimes he says “correct???” I would reply “correct” or if appropriate “Incorrect.” Mirror his “closing question.” (just a lowly MBA retired from a long sales careeer.) It would drive him NUTS with his Napolean compex from being what appears to be a male that is 5’1″ tall. He seems to delight in abusing her as much as TA did.

  63. Thanks for the police report link. I noticed the statements of one of the housemates that they were fighting because she was leaving. And again later. I think the defense should call this witness because it shows their hostile relationship. And it shows a conflict with the stalking idea. Why would he be mad because she is moving if she is a stalker? Makes no sense, and it backs up much of her testimony.

    • I had an explosive relationship years ago with someone who was living with me. We had a strong physical relationship that I sought out after she moved out. But on moving day, I did a happy dance that I had my house back.

      TA having an argument when she is in fact leaving if she were such a stalker does not add up.

    • Oh ya he would be mad his booty call would be far away an not in near reach for those moments he liked to call upon her just to come on her face an leave. He would like her across town maybe but not states away what a jerk. She probably hoped he would beg her too stay tho. Been there before it is not a fun day full of emotions an hate of wasted time is how I felt about it. When you finally realize you wasted YEARS on a MAN that had no intentions of EVER going any further than the BEDROOM it really does bring out some strong emotions. An the MONEY too of moving from state too state is not cheap been there too.

      • I agree 100% Rhonda. It too me until I was divorce, late 40’s, etc., to really learn more “about women.” I don’t ever think I will fully understand “them”, but what is “them??” We are all different, and so are men!
        I GENERALLY think ladies need more intimacy and caring versus men, who can have an orgasm while drunk and not even caring about the person. I know I can. I am not proud of that, it is just the way most men are “wired.” Now that I am too old to have learned all of this is was a lot of wasted time on many people!!! (I am 56 and “out of the bar/dating stuff)
        Travis is so easy for me to read. Too easy. I MAY EVEN be able to lower my voice on the phone to come across as “sexy” if I tried really really hard. It is very easy to be the “big guy” at your own home hosting “cage fighting parties” if you make sure all the guys you have over are tiny wimps. He made sure he had the control in all situations it seems very clear to me.
        He had a TREMENDOUS DISLIKE to someone named John Dixon, who he referred to as “dickhead.” I have NEVER SEEN John Dixon, but I (not being a betting person at all) would BET 10:1, Mr. John Dixon is either bigger, better looking, more successful financially or all 3 than TA. I would bet 20K on it. TA had to be the “big fish” in the little pond. I had never heard of PPL or whatever, prior to this case. How would TA feel at a party at my country club with my buddies who are VP’s at Morgan Stanley, or physicians, attorneys et. al.??? He was a lowlife abuser. IMO he found his “niche” in the Mormon church and made some quick cash. Having sex under water is OK? Oral or anal doesn’t count? Nuff said.

        • Joe M, I like your post!!! I can see right through TA too. N I would’ve loved to see him, like you said: TA at a party at your country club with ur buddies who are VP at MS or physicians, attorney’s ect. I can clearly see him kissin ass!!! Or pissed off in a corner grilling his date not to look that way! I can see it!!!

  64. Is JM trying to make the point that Jodi knew the gun wasn’t loaded? If she knew it wasn’t loaded, she wouldn’t have grabbed it to defend herself… in his mind… but for me, someone who isn’t around guns, I wouldn’t care if it was loaded or not – I would have grabbed it to make myself look more threatening.

    ((new here… hi! – met JM first during the Faylene Grant murder trial and was interested to see how he would handle this case))

    • Right, Martinez has years to tear apart an incident that happened, in two minutes. I guess he will be able to come up with alot of baloney, that most people would not be able to think of, during those two minutes. Maybe Travis should have held up a time out sign, and they could read a few volumes of legal work, before continuing with the two minutes. I think that all of the facts point to self defense, and not to “pre-meditation”. If Jodi is to be punished for self defense, then I guess every battered woman should be punished for self defense, since simply getting one’s fingers broken is not enough punishment.

  65. All – just getting to my laptop. Been driving listening to the Afternoon session. What is going on with the gas can purchase from walmart and all the receipts. Any meat to all that? It didn’t sound so good, but I couldn’t follow too good without seeing the receipts. Any thoughts….

  66. The gas cans as suspicious behavior? Come on. I make the AZ to CA trip at least 2 times a year. There are certain long areas on that trip where there is nothing for many miles. I take extra gas, water, and food just to be safe. Is that really abnormal travel behavior?

    • NO he is just going round an round again. I really can’t stand his arrogance. I know he has to be that way but I am sure it brings up some feelings from Jodi of the way Travis would talk when grilling her about who she was seeing an why an where she had been bla bla bla.

    • Where does Ryan live? I thought that the purpose of the trip was to go see Ryan, and that going to see Travis was an ‘afterthought’ or a last minute side trip. Did she need this extra gas to make it to Ryan’s?

      Also, how many gas cans did she have, wasn’t it two 5 gallon cans and one lesser (receipts from gas station) all adding up to 700+ miles of additional driving, PLUS the availability in her car tank?

      I could see buying one gas can (300+ miles) to bridge the potential gap in gas stations along the desert route, but 2 or 3??? Maybe that’s what propels it into the realm of suspicious.

      • The gas cans hold 5 gal if they’re full. You aren’t going to get 300+ miles on one can unless you’re getting 60 miles per gallon.

        • Thanks, I was thinking of something else at the time. So maybe 120-140 miles.

          Anyhow, either there’s hundreds of thousands of people in AZ carrying gas cans in their car just so they can eek their way from one remote desert city to the next, or some capitalistic money monger is stupid enough not to open a gas station oasis in the middle of all these thousand mile stretches, so he could snatch up the money from all these runnin’ on fumes motorists’ who would otherwise be stranded without 3 full gas cans in their trunk..

          • I think that the population is so sparse in these areas that it’s not worth the overhead to operate full-time gas stations in the desert.

  67. So after all the slutshaming bullshit, we’re *finally* getting around to the trip itself.

    I wonder how long Martinez is going to take to rehash the sex between her and Travis that day.

    Good gravy, I just can’t wait for the cross to be over.

  68. Anyone know what happened to the live feed? I was watching it online and it just went down. Where else can I watch it? Ugh! I’ve missed most of the day so need to catch up.


    • He’s going to drag this out for as long as he possibly can. His goal is to score whatever little points he can — because he really knows that he HAS no case for premeditation. He thinks he scored in regards to her telling Det. Flores that Travis did not have a gun. He thinks he scored in regards to the gas cans she bought in CA. And, I suspect, he thinks he’s scoring every time he asks about her memory.

  70. She was just about to explain how Travis had a gun. And Martinez stopped her. And so he can believe some statements she gave to the detective, but others not. He likes to pick and choose, but I don’t think the jury will.

  71. I figured the cross would be excruciating to watch/listen to because it would be emotional and confrontational. I didn’t realize it would be excruciatingly tedious and boring. And more a little irrelevant, most of the time. Yeesh.

    • I think its because the prosecutor doesn’t have much to work with, so he drills down on what ridiculous things he has. This case is overcharged.

  72. I agree Michael, this is always the most tedious and boring part, but that is because we are viewers at home, and not on the jury. Boring as hell, but I believe the jurors are paying close attention and taking notes to see if this part even figures into the states case. I also believe it will become very emotional and likely confrontational when wee get to the actual issue at hand. M is just taking the long way around, every little detail. I believe the biggest testimony will come soon, (maybe tomorrow) as he knows he is taking forever and could have some jurors just tune out.

      • by your “username” I feel for you. sorry. I “verbally abused” my ex-wife twice over 15 yrs. sorry for you. it is very hurtful. I have to imagine that.
        However, when a male grabs or touches a female in ANY WAY aggressively without her “permission” he should be beaten by Mike Tyson slowly for an hour. I hate that crap. They are the weaker sex physically for many reasons. Ladies are also the “stronger gender” for other reasons. eg childbirth…………i fainted on a bloodtest once. women are tough and i respect them especially after seeing my 2 kids being delivered. TA is a horrible person who knew he had the upper hand and knew she would do nearly anything for him… a**l sex thru gritted teeth. that make me sick……….

        • Verbal abuse does not have a gender and it can be more devastating than hitting someone; I’ve known a person that committed suicide because of it.

  73. also on Travis MY Space Page the INTERESTED IN MEETING ? part he states ANYONE BUT WHORES….hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..sounds kinda hypocritical…ya think?????
    if Jody saw the license plate & the front one was ” missing” from her car why would she have to check the back one????…I would probably throw it in the car too especially at nite….just because your car doors are locked does not mean that u are safe..especially if someone puts a gun to your car window…duh..don’t see the relevance….. the car is not attached to the curb..easy to lean a plate against it…I wish one of those kids would owe up to doing that…a little worried the hair dresser may take the stand but it is quite obvious that Jodi dyed her hair….again relevance???

  74. even when he was guilting her she perceived it as ”flaterring”.How telling is that of the way she was treated and of the way she was behaving regarding this man?Oh,how I wish the psych expert that’s to be called really points out to all this.This is so typical of a woman doing whatever her abuser tells her to do,kinda like his puppet.

    • Maria, that is why Nurmi has 2 experts ready to testify,(I believe it is 2) the jury will then hear about how abuse victims can behave, etc. Then M will do his best at closing to discredit the theory. He won’t discredit their expertise, (looks bad to the jury) he will just say that Jodi doesn’t fit the profile. As with all of this testimony, other than black and white facts not in dispute, it will be up to the jurors to decide who they believe out of all the witnesses, and mainly, Jodi testimony.

  75. If I’m not mistaken, the hair dyeing part may come in because under direct, she stated that she didn’t dye her hair regarding the trip to Mesa. I kinda thought thats why M. was spending a bit of time at that nail salon, and remember he asked if they did hair there? She said she didnt think they did, but maybe. But she said she only had her nails done. If there is a hairdresser from that salon that is going to testify, (I didnt know about that) then that looks bad.

    • I paid quite a bit of attention to that. I thought he was trying to get around the fact that Nurmi pretty much wiped out his theory that she dyed her hair brown AFTER she killed Travis. (To be honest, I never really understood that theory anyway. Was it supposed to have occurred just in case anyone saw a blonde driving away from his house?) Her explanation made perfect sense to me … that since she’d been a platinum blonde for 5 years, which stripped out her natural colour, and had then gone back to a darker colour gradually, it would have completely damaged her hair, and not taken if she’d dyed it platinum again and then, back to a darker colour. But, that might be because I had light blonde highlights for many many years and then, dyed my hair medium brown (darker than my natural colour) so that my ex wouldn’t easily be able to find me. It took several tries before the brown really “took”. If there’s a woman on the jury who has been through this, that might be plausible to them.

    • plus ”you didnt mind lying to the police but you didnt want to cheat on your taxes” Good point Martinez!You won the case,not!

        • If you don’t make enough money, it doesn’t do any good to write off business expenses if they are not a certain amount. I was told this when I tried to write of mileage.

  76. Jodi did not dye her hair on this trip. Her hair was already dyed with blond streaks/highlights in front. The car rental dude was probably shown a pic of a blond Jodi and said yes that is her.

  77. Being hyper-literal. There are some people who think in a hyper-literal, and hyper-factual, manner. If a person has already been abused, and he or she thinks in a hyper-literal manner, than if the abuser says, “I am going to kill you!”, or “I am going to break your fucking neck!”, it really sounds totally real, as in death or spinal cord damage.

    I know that many people would take the statement with a grain of salt. But, hyper-literal thinkers really hear things literally. They don’t always look at the situation, and then make an assessment from the context that maybe the speaker did not actually mean it, in the most literal sense. This is especially true in a conflict. The key is perception. Not everyone perceives social contexts in the same manner.

    If Travis launched the attack, with a body slam, and said, “I am going to kill you bitch!”, then Jodi – or any other hyper-literal thinker – could have reacted to the verbalized literal death threat/pronouncement. And, this is actually what Jodi may have been refering to when she said, “He never ‘said’ that before”.

    Given the evidence, the only issue I can see here is whether Jodi – or any other person in her shoes – has a right to self defense, against a hostile, oversized attacker.

    • Yes, according to the AZ statute. And, even better, the burden of proof is on the prosecution to prove its case. It is NOT on the defendant.

      13-411. Justification; use of force in crime prevention; applicability

      A. A person is justified in threatening or using both physical force and deadly physical force against another if and to the extent the person reasonably believes that physical force or deadly physical force is immediately necessary to prevent the other’s commission of …, manslaughter under section 13-1103, second or first degree murder under section 13-1104 or … sexual assault under section 13-1406, … or aggravated assault under section 13-1204, subsection A, paragraphs 1 and 2.

      B. There is no duty to retreat before threatening or using physical force or deadly physical force justified by subsection A of this section.

      C. A person is presumed to be acting reasonably for the purposes of this section if the person is acting to prevent what the person reasonably believes is the imminent or actual commission of any of the offenses listed in subsection A of this section.

      D. This section includes the use or threatened use of physical force or deadly physical force in … any other place in this state where a person has a right to be.

  78. LOL! m SAYS “the rope was long right”
    poor Jodie
    my reply ” hey M, long as in 100 yards which is 300 feet or 30-50 feet?” also mr. M, what do YOU consider rope length you use with YOUR LOVERS?” YOU COULD mr M. tie you wife with 300 yards of rope going all the way across the street!”

        • But he’ll try just about anything to make the jury have a doubt here or there, it seems … and to keep her on the stand. He would make a good defense attorney … if that’s what he chooses after he fails at his run for DA. He has an amazing ability to cast reasonable doubt on just about ANY topic.

    • I know. If you want to murder someone, why have soooo much sex with him? Why not kill him while he’s fast asleep … especially an abusive person that you’re laying beside? (When I used to think about whether or not I could kill my ex-husband, I always imagined I would HAVE to work up the courage to do it while he was asleep.) Or, maybe, get him in the garage, or even outside the house looking at some make believe issue with the car? Or tell him to bring you to the woods and tie you to the tree and then, shoot him with the gun. So many other ways to do it that would not have left DNA in the house. Jodi isn’t stupid. If she was planning all this out as craftily as Kermit wants the jury to believe, surely she could have planned a whole lot better?

      Is his point one last screw for the road, then you die, Travis? Okay, but they had one last screw, and another, and another.

      • Yep on killing a husband or bf you would think it out way ahead of time planning every detail out so as not to come back on you. Unless you are like some women tho with the Rage they can’t control in the end. I do believe her story of the confrontation an her running for the gun tho the gun shot wound kind of matches someone running at you to grab your waist like a linebacker would? Only thing is I would have shot him more than once the gun had to fly out of her hands after the hit then the wrestling happened.

  79. as he’s getting closer to that day the look on her face is heartbreaking,I bet she dreads when he goes to grab the evidence photos…I so feel for her.have you guys noticed?

    • I believe when she first saw those photos she was in shock because she had blocked out the entire incident and the photos were proof positive of this nightmare. I am sure she will struggle seeing them again, and with his nasty disposition it won’t make it any easier. I think tomorrow will be a very tough day emotionally for Jodi.

  80. Puhleeze Kermit! Did you ever stop to think that maybe Travis was faaar too turned on to stop and take a photo when he had her tied up — his ultimate fantasy from the phone sex call?

    • M is trying to trip her up in a lie. She stated that the rope was easily slipped off her wrists, but she told Mr Samuels that he had to cut it off. Doesn’t seem very important, but what he is doing is trying to get her to place the knife somewhere specific. She told Samuels the nightstand, but now she is saying she can’t remember. Richard Samuels is one of the psychologists she spoke with.

      • As well, he is trying to prove there never was a rope, (therefore no need for a knife) He will show pics of no rope around the room. His goal is only to say there was never a rope at all.

        • He seemed to be trying to get her to say the ropes fell to the ground with gravity. Then he questions why we can’t see the rope in the photos. So I looked at the photos again. It does not show the ground, so we would not see the rope. What am I missing?

          Was any rope ever found or is it claimed she took it with her?

          • Jeff, no rope was ever found. She has testified that she took it with her and threw it in a dumpster. M is trying to say there never was a rope, saying that it isn’t seen in any of the sex pics they took. The pics show the bed clearly, thats why all this talk of “gravity”..he wants her to say it was there on the bed, but it isn’t. etc. The MAIN reason he is denying there was ever any rope, is that in that case, there would be no need for a knife to be anywhere in the bedroom or bath.

          • i thhink there were small bits of it found,there’s a photo of one bit,i remember Martinez asking her about the colour as being greenish

  81. There is so, so, so much that has occurred that even if she is given the death penalty, there is going to be appeal after appeal – trust me, she will never be put to death. There is so much strangeness going on here I don’t know where to begin or end.

    • Jake,

      Even is she is convicted on murder 1, it could easily get overturned.

      D. Milke, convicted of killing her child over twenty years ago, is still on death row in Arizona.

      Good point.

  82. Kermit is ding a bad job representing TA. If I was a member of his family I wold whoop his butt! He puts himself before the actual case.