Jodi Arias Trial – Day 23

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“Yes, we’re having problems communicating.”

Ain’t that the truth.

Jodi 2 – 0 Martinez.

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  1. Honestly, I am getting bored by Martinez and his lines of questioning. He is turning me off from watching – I wonder what the jury is thinking…

    • I have to admit that I am also turned off listening to Martinez. Almost even dreading listening to him today. He literally ives me a headache. I’d like to consider myself pretty open-minded regarding the trial – his style and mannerisms is beyond reproach for me.

      • My boyfriend walked in last night while I was watching and he was just appalled at JM. He knows very little about the case, but said right away “How much is that poor girl going to have to go through? That guy is an asshole.”

    • Nicole, I was going to say the exact same thing; if Martinez is just gonna do a repeat performance of the past 2 days of cross, then I’ll probably save myself the headache today. If anything good happens, I know I’ll DEFINITELY hear about it on here afterwards (LOL!) and I can go watch that part on my own.

      I feel sooooo sorry for the jury being forced to listen to Martinez’s bullshit every day, though.

    • I am confused by the questions. The prosecutor is running in circles trying to confuse JODI and he is getting pissy bcuz she won’t let him. I keep laughing when she puts a stop to it and he loses his noodle. At the same time I want to cry bcz this is her life and he doesn’t seam to care about Travis being dishonest and a fake person but wants her to be convicted on her behavior when she was 17. I go through my husbands wallet & car occasionally just to “keep him on his toes.” and we have been married for 15 years.
      I need a drink, this guy is making me nervous!!!!

    • People who don’t understand her state of mind is because they have never been abused, or because they love to judge others instead of looking at their own selves. I am pretty sure that many of those people that criticize her for her bad behavior, specially the sexual acts, have done the same things or worse than that. I pray to God that he will give her strength and wisdom.

    • I wonder if the defense has or will hone in on the fact that Travis had a new roommate of only 2.5 weeks?? How would Jodi be able to predict the pattern of the new roommate had she ‘premeditated’ this entire thing? It is likely she knew nothing about the new roommate. This was clearly something that happened in the moment.

      Also – Travis’s pal is going to testify that Travis did not own a gun bc he always went shooting with Travis and Travis always borrowed his gun (appears to be an assault automatic weapon). However – did this pal know that Travis was so sexually aggressive, among his other issues? So many of these ‘friends’ claim to know Travis – yet – the evidence shows he lived a life that very few people knew about.

      Today when JA said “you’re talking in circles” to Juan – was too funny. I wish she would say “Tell me how you want me to answer so you will quit yelling at me.” I do not understand why he is so hostile – if his case is so solid, why is he so angry? He makes my heart beat so fast – he is out of line.

      • I think JM is so aggressive beacause he knows that everything and anything he tries to use against Jodi; BACKFIRES! I’m sure he wasn’t expecting her to answer his every question with a VALID response and it threw off his “game”. In his eyes; it’s premeditated murder and she has been dishonest in the past. He’s trying to approach topics that are irrelevant to the case in hopes of “catching” her offguard, but is not successful at such. The thing is, is that he hasnt been able to prove anything NEW. We’ve already known she had been dishonest in the past with interviews and being interrogated by police, so its not shocking when evidence is played in court. She is trying to regain her credibility by openly talking about her feelings and emotional state of mind. He’s trying to be a hero when if anything he’s making himself look like a douchebag. Winner’s WIN…team JODI 🙂

    • I just can’t stand watching this poor girl go though this torturous national lynching much longer. Although everyone can see her testimony on the stand is credible and respectful to the court. What evidence do they really have? So what her story changed a few times. She is obviously speaking the truth now when it matters most. Big deal the same caliber gun was stolen from her grandfather ten days earlier. C’mon people, it’s called a coincidence. I also can’t see why people say her story does not make sense. Just bc someone gets a bullet lodged in their brain does not mean they can’t make threats and physically attack her afterwards. Further, the fact that he said she heard Travis chasing right behind her does not mean she did not have time to climb up to the top shelf of the closet to grab the gun nd come back down and point it at him. She looks like she is quick as lightning. And did you hear the tone in her voice in the voicemail she left Travis after he died. She has the voice of an angel. I am sick of everyone picking on this delicate flower. Just hang in there Jodi you poor thing. But just like you boasted to 48 hours years ago. You will not be convicted by a jury. No way no how.

    • Battered women survivor/witnesses identify w/ Jodi’s behavior and personality. Not speaking up
      to him, biggest behavior from seeing/being battered. How you act when you’re hit or screamed at as a child. Long term we become clueless about real partnership emotions and behaviors, don’t expect or identify respect….seek attention and are nourished by a sexual bond.. Attention is the need and a sexual bond is nourishing. TA is responsible everytime he opened the door and let her in, or didn’t show her the door. He was a predator, evil and obsessed with sex because it was taboo for him. Sad.

  2. It’s so irritating watching Martinez “make his points.” He asked her yesterday about how she didn’t document TA’s abuse but she CLEARLY was in denial because there is evidence corroborating the psychological abuse, and yet, she didn’t document that in her journal. It’s sooooo stupid because Travis used her. I hope th defense drives that point. Jodi did you write about TA calling you a 3 whole wonder, etc? Just so stupid….

    • Generally, men do not keep journals – Women do. this is why Martinez doesn’t “get it”. There are women on the jury. I would think that at least one of those ladies would go, “gee, when I had a journal I didn’t write EVERYTHING in it either! that doesn’t mean those parts of my life didn’t happen!”.

      • I wrote everything in my journals – the things that were significant and the things that weren’t important – I didn’t write about them. I wrote about all those things until I found out my sister was reading everyhing I wrote and pages were missing and then I stopped wrting journals. Journals are like a best friend you share secrets with. You write in a journal you wouldn’t say to anyone else.

        • I think anyone who writes a journal/diary should assume that at some point in time someone IS going to read it, whether its a sibling, a parent, a boy or girl friend, spouse… or lawyer in a criminal case.

        • Jodi didn’t write the negative things Travis did because she only wanted to remember the good times. So Jodi’s reason for having a journal are much different than simply having a best friend to tell everything to. Plus she believed in the law of attraction, and Travis often told her not to say anything negative plus he read her journal. There’s no reason to believe she should put Travis’ abusive episodes in her journals.

          • My first husband abused me both physically and emotionally from time to time…and all the other times inbetween we got along and enjoyed the sexuality of our relationship…I never called the police and reported the abuse….I never told my mom or dad…I never told my best friend…because deep down I always wished he would love me all of those other times…and it was during those loving times and the fun that we had that I would write about in my journals…even if he loved me in the morning and we had a fun day together and at night he would hit me or whatever…I still loved him and wanted to be with him…I didn’t understand it at the time why I felt that way…divorced….then years later…and back at college… in my psychology classes did I learn that it was not normal for him to be that way…

            Being physically and emotionally abused affect each and every one of us different in many ways…there are no pattern for each of us to follow…if we say it happened… it more than likely did happen…and for Jodi to finally be able to talk about it is a big accomplishment…for it took me almost a decade before I could talk about mine and another decade to come with the terms of what he did to me…

            A person can be physically or emotionally abused a few times or a hundred times by an abuser and it can leave the same type of emotional and physical scars for a lifetime…

      • You are so right Frannie…I too kept a journal when I was younger and I would never have written down every little thing either…but with a few words here and a few sentences there…it would take my mind back to that day and I would remember the rest from my memory…not from the written words and sentences…

        • Exactly … Particular events written in a journal act as a bookmark to the full day’s events without necessarily having to write every detail of the day .. especially events one wouldn’t want prying eyes to read .. details left to memory.

      • Did Jodi write the contents of all of those recorded phone conversations in the journal too? Under Martinez’s reasoning, that voice recording didn’t happen becuase it was not in the journal, right?

        Even the most dedicated journal keeper does not include EVERY DETAIL of EVERY MOMENT in their entire life time. I wish Jodi could just just him down once and for all with that.

  3. I think when Nurmi comes in for rehabilitation he should ask Jodi about some things negative that happened in her life which she did not record in her journal. It should be a few things that had nothing to do with TA. That way she can drive home the point that she only wrote things in her journal that she wanted to remember.

    • I agree. This line of questioning is really bad anyway. M calls her a liar, then says if she didn’t write it in her journal, it didn’t happen. Seriously, M? You can’t have it both ways. Same with the 48 hours video. We already know she was lying. Why does he try to take excerpts of this and act like it is truth. Again, can’t have it both ways. You can’t say that she is a liar, yet some of what she says is concrete truth. Pick an opinion, little man, because you make no sense, you are boring and manic and disrespectful.

      Then again, do go ahead and ramble– it is like you are working for the defense.

      • Martinez is desperately trying to prove motive and premeditation, and he simply can’t do it. That’s because he took at face value what Travis’s friends and acquaintances had to say about Jodi and Travis. They didn’t even truly KNOW Travis–and neither did his family–yet Martinez and Flores went with this half-baked, wildly improbably scenario, which some people on this board can’t seem to remember as they keep trying to tell me “premeditation” can be a “snap judgment” although Martinez has NEVER made the claim when he sought the death penalty. It’s the scenario that the HLN lynch mob have run with, and it began with the original 48 Hours episode on the case. The scenario, which I had mentioned in an earlier thread, goes like this: Jodi Arias was this obsessive stalker, who, in a fit of rage, stole her grandfather’s gun, drove 1,000 miles from Yreka to Mesa, to kill or to at least confront Travis Alexander about his seeing other women, in particular, taking Mimi Hall to Cancun. When he declined to do so, according to the theory, Jodi viciously killed him by shooting him and stabbing him, or stabbing him and shooting him, or whichever order the prosecution is trying to claim at the moment. THAT is the theory, and that is what Martinez is trying to prove.

        The problem is it didn’t happen that way. It couldn’t have happened that way. The sex tape all but destroyed Martinez’s theories of premeditation and motive. There is NO evidence of either in this case.

        • Tonysam I love this post! The idea that she killed him because of a Cancun trip is absurd. He had done a lot worse to her before that. She already moved out of Mesa to get away from him. I guess that was part of her premeditation too.

          • Seriously if we were going on motive written that way alone the prosecution would not have ANY chance. So just to clarify mr martinez, you think that she killed him because he would not take her to cancun instead of a girl he was not even dating but she continued right on loaning him money, letting him have all kinds of sex with her and keeping physical abuse under wraps while she knows he has a full on girlfriend that he apparently was talking about marrying? Seems Legit.

  4. I have no dog in this fight but I find the prosecutor much too harsh in his approach. I also find Nancy Grace, Vinnie Politan and the rest of the blood thirsty pundit crowd to be more despicable than anyone they cover.

    • *social network*

      That’s what happens when you air things live like this. I’m surprised to see a trial being broadcast like this actually, only in America. But it gets the crowds riled up, divides people/families/friends, gives these airhead tv personalities an audience to blow their hot air to… how can anyone have a fair trial with all the chaos the live broadcasting causes???

      • They are playing to the mob. That’s their market and that’s how they get their money from advertisers thru the ratings. Money! Money! Money! It’s the producers. They are the ones that decide which side they will be for. Now Nancy Grace … that’s a story unto itself. They are all disgusting.

        • I don’t wish bad things, but man O man wouldn’t it be fun to watch that witch with a B Nancy Grace find out her hubby was cheating and watch her flip the fug out. I bet she has checked his emails or messages at least once since this began.

      • I agree, it is sickening…I would like to also comment on the ones whom are stating that Jodi was feighning a migraine headache…Maricopa County Jail is know for abusing inmates, it is not suprise that they have not provided her with the peanut butter sack lunch…afterall, Joe Arpaio is in charge…you would think he would treat his jail “American Idol” much better. He was certainly there with the press when Jodi won the contest…Let’s see if she gets food tomorrow. Nobody should be treated like that. She is going through enough stess, I cant imagine not being fed for hours!

        • I am a former jailer and inmates that go to court obviously miss out on the meal prepared in the dining hall. They get a sack lunch which more often than not if the court runs beyond the lunch schedule then the inmate has to wait until they return to their cell in the evening to get their late lunch. Interestingly the sack lunch provided is called by staff and inmates a “Sack Nasty”.

    • I am so disgusted with Nancy Grace, Vinnie, Jane Velez Mitchell and Dr. Drew! Utterly disgusted that they FAIL to UNDERSTAND basic concepts of HUMAN NATURE!

          • ss &Virginia you are right they are not interested in the truth only in hate mongering. as the Attorney Gerry Spence states Hate sells, meet its prime time peddler Nancy Grace in his Book Blood Thirsty Bitches & Pius Pimps of Power, Spence has argued about this for sometime and also said it really does harm to our justice system. Dr. Drew actually advertised a friend of Travis & Jodie’s would be on his program, she was on for maybe 30 second and it was absurd this woman , she calls herself a psychic reader and had a bad feeling. This was her 30 seconds of fame she made up some preposterous story about sitting between them at a dinner & her body reacted she asked Travis to go to the ladies room with her and proceeded to give him a reading about having a dark cloud over him but, being surrounded by Angels they cried. Dr.Drew is a jerk & they only hate Nancy Grace is a fraud & she does these monologues with this ere dark music to accompany her narrative which is the same just filler. Then she proceeds to have Mormons come on her show chanting that same lame mantra Travis was so great. We know why Jodi said this, to cover for him and yes the pathetic cult. It really is not interesting and calling a person a
            psychopath is beyond irresponsible since they never interviewed her. The body language experts are real Kooks. Its better not to watch them i did to hear a friend of Jodi’s who provided a much more insightful picture then any experts. Of course she was given very little air time.

    • Thank you Valmon Anthony for your honesty regarding NG…VP…and might I add JVM…Dr..Drew…you do know it is all about tv ratings…the more outlandish idiotic statements they can twist from the truth the better their ratings will be…and what they hope for happens…more people tune into the network…and the more money they will make…hmmm…

  5. I am really digusted with this judge. she has completely disregarded the outright misconduct of this prosecutor, allowed evidence to be presented into evidence that is “tainted”, yet will not allow other evidence that is crucial to jodi’s case, and now even the supreme court in AZ joins in and denies a motion for the death penalty to be taken off the table?
    is this how the state of Arizona treats battered women? what a vile justice system they have there, im so glad none of my loved ones live there!

    • Omg Mel, thank you!!! Iv been on this judge Stephens for a while now!!! Shes been doing this and in no way I think shes doing her job of a “judge” right!!! Sometimes she seems lost, sometimes she seems one sides (well alot of the time). Even on one of the request Nurmi wrote up, he stated that the judge wouldnt know n she was taking the whole Flores thing way to lightly (something along those lines). But shes been out for a while to me, in my eyes. Idk what her deal is. I think she wants to be the judge for this case or iv even mention, maybe SHES Mormon, herself.

    • Right, ten letters from Travis cannot be admitted. But, they are trying to use her journal against her.

      At the end of the day, what should be obvious is that this incident happened in such a manner that Jodi may as well have scrawled her name all over Travis’ house. So, almost everything else she did afterwards to try to avoid the trouble has backfired. But, this ought to raise some questions:

      If a person intentionally planned to murder someone, then why would the person have a camera rolling, in a photography shoot, in the middle of the alleged attack??? And, why would a person leave the camera, and the memory stick, behind? Was this planned, too???

      Also, if this was intentionally planned, then why should a smaller weaker person try to fight a larger stronger ex-wrester, with a knife, and not bring a high powered gun??? If we say that there is a fifty percent chance that the smaller person might be successful, while there is a fifty percent chance that the smaller person might get hurt, then for what logical reason would a person opt for a highly dangerous knife fight, over a single shot from a high powered gun??? Is this how people “plan” murders – by voluntarily introducing extreme personal danger, into the method? This is a “plan”? It fails the basic logic test.

      Also, by engaging the larger person in a knife fight, in his own house, there is a very high chance that even if the fight is successful, incriminating evidence, such as blood, hair, and DNA, would be left everywhere. Was that also part of the “plan” – to leave incriminating blood, and genetic, evidence, right along with a camera full of photos??? Again, this fails the logic test.

      Also, by attempting to kill the larger person while he is conscious, and standing in an upright position, there is a very high chance that the larger person could use his arms – or even legs (drop kick) – to stop the assailant, whereas if the larger person had been asleep, then an attack could have been far more effective – especially if it had been with a gun. Again, how can such a method be the result of a “plan”, while it unnecessarily introduces even further personal danger? The idea defies logic?

      Also, if a knife fight was “planned” then why would the alleged assailant not have worn gloves??? Why risk leaving bloody incriminating prints everywhere? Is this a way to plan a murder?

      So, intelligent people are expected to believe that elfish Jodi drove 1500 miles, in order to take on goliath Travis in a knife fight (while forgoing the use of a gun), in the middle of a PHOTO SHOOT – with a camera running – and without gloves, in order to leave bloody hand prints everywhere, which basically guarantees that there is no way out, so that afterwards the defendant can attempt to lie against all of the undeniable physical evidence that she created?? If she “planned” the event, then we would have to conclude that she also “planned” to lie against all of the physical evidence that she created, too. But, the fact that she created all of the physical evidence precludes the possibility of lying against the physical evidence. There is no way to say that she planned all of this without being forced to admit that it is synonmous with saying that she planned to create all of the incriminating evidence, too. This should raise a question: Was this actually planned? Or, as a “plan”, does it defy the logic test? If all of this was planned, then why lie? Why not just write a signature on the wall of Travis’ house, which is essentially what happened? Why would Jodi plan to create all of the physical evidence on one hand, and then attempt to lie against the physical evidence on the other hand? Is that how murders plan their murders? Murderers who plan their murders leave photographic evidence behind, along with bloody hand prints? Again, we are down to a twelve year old’s level. People who say that Jodi “planned’ this are saying that she created the physical evidence, in order to lie against the physical evidence, while consciously knowing that she could not succeed in lying against the physical evidence, because she created the physical evidence. Otherwise, she would have employed a real plan, like meeting Travis at a second location, taking a single shot, or two, and then driving off. That would be more like a real plan.

      As far as I can tell, the evidence shows two things. A. No matter what Jodi says, she was there, and she did it. B. There was zero plan involved, and she is probably lucky that she survived. From these two deductions, what might one conclude? It must have been unplanned self defense. I do not see any other logical way to explain what transpired, except for unplanned self defense. Also, I watched the last two sections of the taping last night. And, I cannot help but to wonder whether El Kermito knows this, too.

        • Agree, completely, except I don’t think weighing in at 115 she could win a knife fight with a former wrestler with a punching bag in his living room weighing in at 190.

          Former wrestlers? What do you think???

          5’9″ men weighing 190—can a 115 lb female beat you in a knife fight?

          Someone said something about TA looking like he was looking beyond the camera in the photo. There is something very weird about that picture.

      • For those of you who are not in Maricopa County, the person who ultimately decides to go after the death penalty is the County Attorney. In 2008 this was Andrew Thomas. Check out his history. He has since been disbarred for his unethical behavior. His replacement is also a hack.

        Speaks volumes I think.

      • I love all of your posts Ben…Please give me your wisdom on a few things that have been bothering me about the roommates living in the home…were the roommates every looked at as being suspect in the stabbing part…after reading that police report something doesn’t seem right….
        1. Zachary says that he doesn’t know Enrique very well
        2. ZB said that they all keep to themselves
        3. ZB said that they didn’t hang out with each other at all
        4. ZB said that they haven’t had dinner together
        5. ZB said that he spends most of his time with his girlfriend, Amanda
        6. ZB said that TA always leaves on business trips and never tells them
        7. ZB said that TA doesn’t lock the door
        8. ZB said that TA normally drives out of town but since he was going to Cancun he didn’t think it was out of the ordinary that TA car still in garage
        9. ZB said he sent TA a text message on Saturday and Sunday and TA never responded

        Notice while reading this same report that Zachary Billings seems to remember too many details about TA and TA bedroom for someone who told the detective that they all keep to themselves and don’t hang out much and etc.

        I listed a few of the things that ZB said:
        1. ZB noticed the bannister felt sticky
        2. ZB noticed furniture moved downstairs
        3. ZB talks about the home security
        4. ZB said that he goes into TA room to get something he needs or to gets medication out of the medicine cabinet
        5. ZB said that TA had 4-5 brown pillowcases on his bed
        6. ZB said that TA had a brown comforter with light sheets on his bed
        7. ZB SAID THAT HE HIMSELF WAS A PHOTOGRAPHER TOO (this seems important)
        8. ZB described TA camera in exact details
        10. ZB said that TA had purchased a floor cleaner (this seemed odd for him to say)

      • We have a winner here. Premeditation can’t be proven, and neither can motive.

        Those have been fatal to this overcharged case. I keep reading posts from people trying to play devil’s advocate about how Jodi should do “this” or do “that,” but she’s damned if she does “this” or “that.” In the end, it’s going to come to the evidence. There is NONE showing murder one.

    • I live in AZ. I am sorry to whom ever this may offend, but AZ is one of the most A$$-backward states in the union. There are a lot of great things about this state, but politics and education are not among them.
      So the judge and the courts decision did not surprise me in the least.
      I moved here from NY due to a medical condition that required me to live in an arid climate for better quality of life. The first thing I noticed after 2 weeks here is that the people very are friendly, but they are not the most motivated bunch (possibly the good weather most of the year) and they are way back in time in more ways than one.

  6. She’s driving him kraaazy! lol He’s trying hard to confuse her, trip her up, pound her down, and control her. But Jodi’s good: too smart, and too quick a thinker. She know Martinez’s style and rhythm now — and she can go toe-to-toe with him. SO thrown-off by Jodi not answering with a simple “yes” or “no.” And when she asks him to repeat the question, his brain about busts a cap.

    Truth is, Martinez is NOT the clearest communicator. Some of his sentences are too long, convoluted, and lawyerly. Because he often changes the subject trying to trip Jodi, he leaves off phrases that would clarify exactly which guy/incident/day he’s asking about.

    Twice, I noticed he was so hopped-up, his arms were literally twirling in the air — like hummingbird!! — but no words were coming out. I could have laughed out loud, this looked so strange.

    • “But Jodi’s good: too smart, and too quick a thinker. “…. I agree, but that can also come across as arrogant and calculating if she’s not careful.

    • “Truth is, Martinez is NOT the clearest communicator. Some of his sentences are too long, convoluted, and lawyerly. Because he often changes the subject trying to trip Jodi, he leaves off phrases that would clarify exactly which guy/incident/day he’s asking about.”

      This is true, Ms. I know a lot of people say that this is deliberate, and I agree that the rapid-fire and topic-switching stuff is deliberate, meant to trip her up. But, I also think that, in addition to that, those long and convoluted sentences are just the way he is. There are so long that, for instance, the pronouns are too far away from their antecedents to really know who the heck he’s talking about half the time. Or, there are too many parenthetical phrases inserted into his questions, so that it’s difficult for the beginning of the question to be remembered by the time he gets to the question mark. If this is confusing hyper-literal Jodi, it must be confusing some jurors as well.

      I’ll bet the essays he wrote in law school were marked up in red-ink arrows! His greater strength, despite all the yelling and bouncing, appears be listening. Nothing escapes him. He can change the topic quickly if he hears something–the smallest thing–he can pounce on. Then he goes to town, and when he’s done, returns to where he left off.

      • Great analysis @ Pique! You and I are hearing Martinez the same way Jodi does. I’ll bet a couple of jurists are, too — and disliking how he communicates.

        People on other sites, etc. are frustrated that Jodi won’t simply answer yes or not. Or that she keeps asking him to repeat the question. Well, Martinez doesn’t even recall his own questions: he has to have the court reporter remind her/him of what he’d asked!

        IMO, the man sucked today. I’m heard pressed to recall any major points he made, although her used PLENTY of words. What I remember the best was that ridiculous “Who’s On First” exchange he insisted on having with Jodi.

        Martinez made it personal today, inserted himself in the center of the testimony. Did he think he’s make Jodi lose her cool, make her head start spinning like the kid on “The Exorcist?” If so he FAILED, every way you look at it.

        If there was a head spinning, it was HIS — and possibly the jury’s. And that would totally defeat his goal.

        • MsCharlieChan…I saw the same thing that you saw too…He gave me a headache and I got dizzy somewhat just listening to him rearranging his questions to suit himself…I honestly don’t understand how he can get by with BADGERING her on the witness stand…It was deliberate and forthright cunningly evil…You can feel JM hatred for JA coming through the television…it is EVIL…

  7. Did anyone else notice yesterday that Jodi said she contacted Gus Searcy in the early morning of the day she got “official word” that Travis had been killed?

    As I wrote before, I think Gus Searcy had his dates mixed up. I don’t believe Jodi called him the morning after the murder at all.

    If he had that kind of evidence, the prosecution would have called him. I’m certain they looked at her phone records and contacted anyone she called the night / morning of the murder.

    • I noticed. You would think that Gus would have at least double-checked his own phone records before he went on TV and said it was the the early morning right after the killing. Unless he knows something none of us do at the moment.

    • I did not notice that ..Wow, agreed, why wouldn’t you have checked your receipts??? But the weird thing is I was watching him on some interview and he specifically said phone records will confirm she called him around 330am on 6/5/13. If he really is just inserting himself here this is beyond lame.

    • i noticed that Nicole,meant to write it yesterday but there was so much going on that i forgot!I think Jodi is the one who´s right and Gus got confused somehow.the bad thing is that he has already been to evry show,sharing how Jodi called him right after the murder which just added another reason for the haters to make scenarios.If he was that important a witness i bet they wouldnt have let him walk,he would have been interrogated abut that incident.

    • Yes, it seems that Gus gave everyone the wrong impression, possibly on purpose. He made it sound like Jodi called him shortly after leaving Travis’s home. But that’s not when she called him. She apparently called Gus days later, once she’d “gotten the news” from Daniel Freeman.

      Too bad that Gus did this cheap stunt. Doing so makes his critics seem 100% right. They think he’s kind of obsessed with making himself seem VERY important to this case, and that he’s just out for media attention. Him being tricky about when exactly Jodi called him puts a big CHECK MARK in BOTH those boxes.

    • Deb, is he not on the defense list to testify, I though he was going to….. he’s in this case way to much. Im surprised Martinez didnt call him up after the magazine thing but he might be waiting until Nurmi puts him up. Idk

      • didnt Matt write here that he wants to protect his family/job etc by not speaking publicly about the finbger incident.I doubt he will be able to do that now,since his name is already mentioned by Jodi.Honestly,i hope he testifies about everything although we all know Martinez will try to debunk everything he sys based on credibility issues.He already talked so derogatively yesterday.

      • I read somewhere that Matt may have had some involvement in Jodi’s letters from Travis. I think the (allegedly forged and inadmissible) letters included Travis’ apology for hitting her, and maybe something about his seeking help for pedophilia.

        Sounds like quite a bit has been going on behind the scenes, not just the magazines. I suspect if we see Matt called to the witness stand, it’ll could be bad for Jodi… She said something yesterday about Matt and betrayal, something he had never done before but seemingly had done now.

        Similarly, yesterday Martinez tried to pin Jodi down as to when exactly Matt saw bruises on her neck. Maybe Martinez has proof it was impossible for Matt to have seen her bruises around the day she said they occurred.

  8. I’m interested in some honest objective opinions on how people think the jurors can rationalize the big sticky issue of “The Gun”. From a jurors perspective how does this happen? The asinine focus on Poprocks and Tootsie Rolls, irrelevant discussion on “non journal entries” aside, I think the three big ticket points that the jurors are going to have first and foremost in their contemplations are:

    1. The lies. Easily rationalized, all things being equal. Not hard to imagine a young frightened girl straying down this path given the trauma of that event.

    2. The abuse – not even a question. Emotional and sexual abuse is clearly evident. The physical abuse is so far uncorroborated, however, if the jurors view her as “honest and sincere” then not a problem to believe that her physical abuse testimony will be accepted.

    3. The Gun – This is where I feel she may be in serious trouble. The jury has been presented with the fact that the same calibre of weapon stolen from he grandparents property, was the calibre used to shoot Travis. If the Jury cannot resolve this point in Jodi’s favour then my faith in points one and two above taking place, may be misplaced. Without resolution here, it is not inconceivable to think that on points 1&2 above, the jury will not believe her.

    Personally I have been able to realistically conclude/rationalize an acceptance of Jodi’s testimony for the “lies” right after the killing as well as the physical abuse. I am however unable, thus far, to rationalize a reason for “The Gun”.

    So? Any ideas? Any theories on how the Jury will be able to discount point #3 which would then allow for their acceptance of #’s 1&2?

    • This is where I have the most difficulty also. I can believe or rationalize and understand most every other point the pros has toward their pre-med theory, except I seem to come back to the gun. I can believe the story of TA having a gun in his closet, but the exact same caliber is the sticking point. It’s the caliber of the gun, not the gun itself. But, that is just my way of thinking. I would still have enough reasonable doubt that I would go for a lesser charge, preferably manslaughter.

      • Well, the gun is a big one, but it doesnt really prove pre meditation. She could have taken her gpas gun and taken it for protection, but she could have also bought a gun. Bad luck for her if she really didn’t take it. Why would she take the gun with her after the fact if it was his?
        You can bet your last dollar that Smurf has people scouring the desert for a gun

      • Guys, you need to watch the old classic “12 Angry Men” and you will understand the value of reasonable doubt “”

        • I’m not talking about what is “proven”. We all know the gun was not found. I’m talking about being realistic in regards to what that jury is going to conclude on that weapon from Jodi’s grandparents house and the murder weapon being the same calibre.

          I’m not sticking my head in the sand on this. This is a real issue and whether we ignore it here or not, you can bet your life the jury will NOT do the same.

          I’m asking on whether or not anyone has any idea as to how the jury can rationalize that evidence and still be on Jodi’s “side”?

          • How many households in the U.S. have .25 caliber guns? I hear it’s a very popular gun for home protection. If MANY households have them, the defense should bring some gun expert in to say so. Also, if Travis said he didn’t have a gun to his friend who invited him to shoot in the desert, maybe what he meant was he didn’t have one of THOSE types of guns. In the video, those guys were shooting what looked like assault weapons. Big rifle, military looking type guns.

          • A key question – any bullets of that caliber found in the home? if yes, I makes sense that TA owned that gun. If no, then I doubt the jury will believe he owned the gun.

          • Grandpa’s stolen gun — combined with its bullet caliber matching the crime scene — is strong circumstantial evidence. This does not bode well for Jodi.

            Add *just a little weight* to the above re: Jodi’s interview statements that Travis didn’t own a gun. But note: For some jurors, these statements could be “a wash”…

            Everyone knows those interviews were filled with CYA lies. So at some point, a juror or two might disregard EVERYTHING she previously said. It’s easy to see why she might have lied and said he didn’t have a gun, when he actually did. So ultimately, her having told Det. Flores, et al that he owned no gun probably isn’t a huge factor.

            How she says she got “his” gun isn’t totally plausible. Escaping from him in the bathroom and not running out of the house is a BIG problem. This decision can be interpreted as premeditation. Even if it wasn’t Grandpa’s gun, some jurors will get stuck here and hold it against Jodi. (We’ll see if her domestic violence expert can create some unseen logic in this.)

            Rather than exit the house, she runs where she knows there’s a gun: inside the closet. She says she leaps up — action hero style (?) — and retrieves the gun off the armoire. Hard to imagine the man would keep his gun way up and over there. I imagine most jurors who are gun owners won’t buy this. Seems more customary to keep a weapon near your bed.

            The new evidence that may come in — the video of Travis at the firing range shooting an automatic… . But his friend is prepared to testify that Travis always borrowed HIS gun at the range. IMO, this 1) echoes what she about him not owning a gun, but also 2) could bolster Jodi’s stance that Travis had a violent streak.

            My prediction: Jodi has a VERY steep climb regarding the gun and premeditation. Yet, I think she could get lucky. Martinez is so unlikable to some people, he could be pushing a few much-needed sympathy buttons in Jodi’s favor.

    • It depends on the gun culture they believe is plausible. I’ve lived in AZ, for short periods of time, and the gun cultur there is very open. I believe it’s plausible and reasonable to believe Travis owned a gun he bought from a friend for home defense or for when he travelled and he left in the closet. I had a friend while I lived in AZ that would leave her gun on her nig stand in plain sight on top of her books.

      • I agree with FLNJANG, someone else had stated that the gun culture was very well open in that area and I think since TA traveled, it gives more of a reason why he could’ve owned a gun. If someone wants a gun for home protection I blv a small .25 caliber would be one of the best to chose from. That also bring us to the friend saying that he knew TA didn’t own one because he never took it to the shooting range. Well we all know how cocky TA was n how silly would he feel walking in with a small .25 when his friends are shooting a more powerful weapon?

        I also agree with Deb, who knows if his friends or family took the rest of the ammo. Also if this gun was nit registered n was bought off the street, he most likely did not have additional ammo, just what was in already.

    • I agree with you Travis about the gun and the fact that there was no ammuniton found but the friends were trapsing around in that closet before police arrived could ammunition been removed?

      • Deb…two other roommates lived in the home and were all over the home during the days that TA was deceased in his locked bedroom…one of the roommates knows where the key is…he admitted to getting the key when he needed to go into TA bedroom…Did anyone investigate those two roommates thoroughly…

    • The prosecution can’t put the gun in her hand. That is the problem. You can’t say A=B in absence of evidence.

      Barring Jodi confiding in some other witness or a jailhouse snitch, Martinez can’t prove squat.

      • You are correct. The problem is that people on the other side say this is “circumstantial evidence.” AND circumstantial evidence is evidence. So Martinez’s point is that the jury should infer she stole her grandparents weapon to kill Travis.

        • Well, here are some thoughts that I have in regard to the grandparents’ gun being stolen. Let’s go with the prosecution’s theory that Jodi planned this murder and drove to Mesa with the express purpose of shooting Travis. Now obviously, she’d want to get away with this murder and wouldn’t want any weapons traced back to her, so that leaves out buying her own gun. Wouldn’t that ALSO leave out stealing a gun from family members due to the fact that it was reported to police and could easily be linked to Jodi? She’s a smart girl; I think she’d understand that committing a murder on June 4th with a gun that was reported stolen on May 28th isn’t the brightest idea.

          If Jodi planned this murder, you’d think that she’d get an unregistered gun. Honestly, if I were to believe the prosecution’s theory, I’d think that Jodi was the worst premeditated murderer on the planet with all of the evidence left behind. My cats could plan a better murder.

      • If that were true, how did (some guy, link was put up yesterday) get convicted of killing his girlfriend with no body and no murder weapon? I think you have to include what is the most probable scenario… if 1 + 2 + ? equals 7 its not hard to figure out what the most probably solution is.

        • I think that guy may have gotten off if he didn’t make the mistake of getting on the stand. The jury could easily see that something was “off” about him when he testified.

    • The burden of proof is not on the defense. It is on the prosecution. The defense can say Travis owned a gun, can say anything because the prosecution can’t prove Jodi stole her grandfather’s gun three weeks before the murder and drove from Yreka to Mesa specifically to kill or confront Travis.

      The stalking/jealousy theory was blown apart by the sex tape.

      • And if there was any truth to the stalking/tire slashing incidents, where are Travis’ police reports to verify that??? Martinez goes on and on about the lack of credibility of specific incidents because Jodi didn’t call the police or go to the hospital…. so where are Travis’ reports.

        • Exactly, if someone was stalking and slashing tires wouldn’t you call police? Even my Jui Jitsu boyfriend says he would call the police if a woman was lashing his tires.

        • How about receipts for new tires??? How about photos of new tires?? As I understand it, these were things he was just *telling* the roommates.

          • Yeah, that and the “crawling through the doggie door” business. The pro-pros boards repeat that tidbit like it’s gospel yet there’s no verification for it.

      • The state cannot prove she stole the gun, but given the rest of the story, what are they (jury) likely to believe happened..that it was all a colossal bad coincidence for Jodi? Juries do not always require absolute verification to convict Tonysam. That is the prblem.

        On another note, Matt McCartney. Did Martinez say yesterday that Matt McCartney DENIES that he had a conversation with Jodi about the abuse she says she told him about? Is this why Jodi also yesterday said that she “hoped” Matt was still an “ally”?

    • I feel she explained the gun well. It made sense to me. It was also believable. What I worry about is the throat slashing. It just doesn’t make sense.

    • The gun is my major sticking point, too. I mean, it is just an incredible coincidence that the same caliber gun used in the killing was stolen from the killer’s home shortly before the killing. What are the chances that a .25 caliber gun disappeared from her home, and then WEEKS later she shot someone with a .25 caliber gun, but it was a different gun? When you add in the fact that the police considered the robbery to be a bit suspicious – other items of value were ignored, etc – , the fact that the ME said there was no way Travis could have lived through the gunshot wound, and the fact there is no evidence that Travis had a gun in his home, and I think some serious red flags are raised.

      I said yesterday that I don’t think she’s telling the WHOLE truth. And this is a big part of that. I don’t want to speculate on why she might have taken the gun, but this aspect of her story really doesn’t ring true to me.

      • The source of the gun gets lost when Medical Examiner definitively says “shot last,” she says “shot first,” and Flores says whatever. Source of gun doesn’t matter when there was the knife fight she could not have possibly won unless she had shot first, which does not match up with ME report.

        Throat-slashing is just totally inconsistent with all of this. Totally.

        • Virginia–I think I understand most what you’re saying, but not all of it. I’m hearing:

          The source of the gun has no bearing on the matter of whether she shot him first or didn’t shoot him first. OK, that makes sense; it could’ve been either gun.

          The sequence of the wounds is a matter of medical opinion, even if it contradicts Jodi’s version of events. But, in your opinion, she MUST have shot him first, because she could not have successfully subdued Travis with a knife. Is this what you’re saying? I can see that supporting the shot-him-first theory, in conjunction with another expert testifying that he could’ve still defended himself with his hands after being shot.

          But, I don’t know that it’s so unbelievable, regarding her size/strength, that she might’ve stabbed him first, especially when it’s put together with the medical evidence that (so far) shows that she probably did not shoot him first.

          Lastly: “Throat-slashing is just totally inconsistent with all of this. Totally.” I’m not sure what you mean by this, but I’m very interested to hear more about what you’re thinking! The throat-slashing is not discussed as much as the stabbing/gunshot wounds, though it was the most significant and fatal wound.

          • Pique…I researched about throat slashing and the mormon religion…because so much earlier evidence kept referring to their beliefs…if you google…penalty (mormonism)
            TA injuries are consistent with the Endowment ritual Stage 1…and Stage 3…and in the police report you can read that one of the two roommates goes to the same church as TA…two roommates were living in the home and were in the home during the days that TA was deceased in his bedroom…

            I do not believe that Jodi slashed his throat or cut him…

        • The slit throat is possibly related to the Mormon doctrine called “blood atonement.” This is how the worst sinners were dealt with in the olden days. LDS no longer practices this throat-slitting, and hasn’t for a very long time. But it is a part of their past.

          I saw this page of photos that shows images of Travis’ throat and back wounds, as well as other explicit photos of Jodi from that day. These are EXTREMELY graphic, so be ye warned:

    • I hear you Travis!If I were a member of the jury I wouldnt be able to conclude BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT that the gun was the one stolen since it hasnt been found(nor has the knife).Which ,to itself,leads to no actual evidence of premeditation imo.

      • There is plenty of evidence of premeditation but there is nothing 100 percent conclusive that she planned to murder him. I mean, how many lies has she been caught in?

        She will get murder #2 or manslaughter. The prosecutors know this already but they felt they needed to go for the death penalty conviction due to the public outcry of this case and good ole’fashion politics.

        My own take is that Jody just lost it for whatever reason that we will never truly know, and just snapped. I don’t think she will ever tell the whole truth and even if she did, how could she be taken seriously?

        Travis was no angel either like his friends tried to portray him to be.

    • The problem with the gun. First, at her grandparents home, the burglar also left prints on the television, and it had been moved. The police were not able to get prints, because they were not clear enough. But, the prints were there. So, would Jodi – or even a friend – have left prints on her grandparent’s television, if she had staged the burglary? In the crime scene photos, the prints are quite visible. Second, a used .25 caliber can be bought for about $50 dollars. So, would Jodi have staged such a burglary, and called in the police, in order to obtain a $50 dollar gun? Third, the quarters that were left were scattered all over a countertop, or cabinet top. Why not just ask to “borrow” some of the quarters, and buy a used .25? Fourth, no one has ever said that Jodi stole anything from them. In fact, she even lent money to Travis. So, why would she stage a burglary, leave fingerprints, in order to get a $50 dollar gun from her grandparents? And, if she did this, and then left all of the other physical evidence at the scene (i.e. photos, bloody prints, gun shell casing), then wouldn’t the police not only catch her, but even track the gun back to her grandparents home? If she had stolen the gun, and carried out the knife fight, while leaving a .25 bullet, or casing, then wouldn’t it be even more risky? It would make far more sense to buy a .25 from a stranger, for $50 bucks. The staged burglary theory involves major overkill, for many reasons. Fifth, if she did plan to use a good, then wouldn’t she get a real gun, with real firepower, and not the weakest BB gun-like pistol on the market? Sixth, if she did plan to use a gun, then why was there only one gunshot in the middle of the fight? And, why create a plan that involves killing Travis in his shower, in the middle of a photography shoot? Are there not more practical ways to use guns? Shoot him in a parking lot? Shoot him while he is asleep? Etc. Seven, while we know that only one gun was stolen, and the quarters were left, we also know that the DVD play was stolen, too. Is it not reasonable that the other guns may have been larger guns that the burglar did not want to carry out of the house, thus drawing attention? And, is it not possible that the burglar grabbed the DVD player, rather than a 100 quarters, “stuck” to the flat surface of the countertop? Also, is it not possible that the burglar did not want the quarters to start falling on the floor, thus making alot of racket?

      Personally, I think that the burglary was real. It involved multiple items. It also involved visible fingerprints, created when the burglar moved the television. I think that the burglar dashed in, took what he could grab, and dashed out, while not making much noise. I do not think that Jodi staged a burlgary, at her grandparents home, in order to obtain a $50 gun (that is severely underpowered), while leaving fingerprints on the television. Given all the facts, I think it was a real burglary. Plus, if she had stolen the gun from her grandparents, via an elaborate burglary, then she would have known that it could easily be traced back to her family, due to the POLICE REPORT, which was filed.

      • I absolutey agree. You have stated those things much clearer than I have been able to.

        I believe the guns that were left WERE long guns, not very easy to conceal.

        I think the burglary was not done by Jodi. Now, whether or not it was someone who knew her.,,

  9. So its your fault! What do you mean by fault? Well, you tell me what the definition of fault is?
    When she told him what it meant, he started stuttering. Why doesnt he understand he can’t beat her because she is telling the truth, or at least as far as she knows.

  10. SJ, lol did you pick the pick with Martinez knowing that Nurmi is in the backround smiling at him??? Nurmis face in this picture= PRICELESS

    Quick n fun trivia question: Nurmi is smiling at:
    A) Mrs Wilmott is cracking up jokes
    B) Martinez’s underwaer are wedged up in between his buttocks giving him a major wedgie
    C) Martinez has no idea how big a fool he looks and Nurmis KNOWS he KNOWS he’s lost this case
    D) Martinez haircut

    Anyway great job yesterday, Jodi!!! Lets have an even better today!!!

    Team Jodi★

  11. I’m sure I can find the answer with a little research, but does anyone know off the top of their head?
    When Did Nurmi become Jodi’s Lawyer? I just can’t figure out for the life of me what attorney would allow their client to go on national TV once, much less, at least 3 times and discuss their case. Isn’t the number one rule, “don’t discuss your case with ANYONE”?
    The interviews are really bizarre to me.

      • I recently read (in the AZfamily, I think?) that Jodi wanted to represent herself and was granted a petition to do so in August 2011 but Jodi changed her mind. In December, another attorney (Victoria Washington) requested to be removed from the case. Then in January 2012, Wilmott was assigned to the case so I’m guessing Nurmi was with Wilmott at that time… but no certain.

    • Kmiller I dont know the exact dates but from my understanding it was AFTER she appeared on tv. She probably appeared on tv at the time that she was representing herself.

    • I’m not sure when Nurmi came on board. However, Jodi did have a former lawyer who recused herself from the case. I think these interviews were done when she was the lawyer.
      But, I think Jodi did say that she was told not to do interviews by this lawyer.

    • She went on National TV before she was his Client I believe, and also wanted to defend herself be her own Lawyer but this is not an easy case But they should get an expert in ,My belief and others I have spoke with, that are knowledgeable about cult control etc. Because in the interview she speaks about Travis in a way that is consistent with being brainwashed by a cult. The fact that he was in a position of authority in the LDS, Her manner of speech in those interviews resembles those Mormon Girls that testified and appeared on Nancy Grace etc. All Chanting the same Mantra Travis is great.

  12. When Jodi was testifying about her Grandparents gun being stolen in a robbery, it seemed as though she was limited as to how much detail she was able to share. It seemed she was saying something about being with her sister somewhere. I hope more detail of her alibi comes out concerning the robbery.

  13. Im really tired of Martinez pointing out how her thoughts make no sense. Unless someone has been in an abusive relationship they wouldnt understand how she could one moment fear T.A. and the next concerned about his well being. The defense really needs to focus on the unrational mindsets of both parties involved in abusive relationships. Their actions and thoughts arent normal, and its why many times the relationships end tragically. 4 women are murdered everyday by their abusers… where are those trials? Wheres the media to condemn those killers? Is it only news worthy when the male abuser is the one who is killed? Its still a very much male dominated society and its cases like these that prove it. I don’t believe J.A. is an angel, she obviously suffers from mental illness as did T.A. and thats my point you can not compare their relationship to a normal one it was far from it.

    • Everything you said–yes.

      A case like this exposes all that lies beneath it: the status quo. But the status quo still remains largely invisible, because all eyes are focussed on the beautiful, crazy killer–the witch, the Jezebel.

      Dead women, women killed by their partners, aren’t as interesting; they’re too common.

      • Agreed. And because of the status quo, and how hard it has been to get any real recognition on this widespread issue shouldn’t the large Domestic Violence organization’s take advantage of all this press to educate and promote an issue that is usually swept under the rug? They should be helping the defense with invaluable information that would better explain her seemingly irrational actions and thoughts. Which would also show how she was indeed a victim. Where are they on this?

  14. Hey, we should all love Martinez and HLN… when I first saw this case I thought Jodi was nuts. As I watched, I started thinking no, way overkill, something happened. When I first saw Martinez in action, I got very suspicious then someone on HLN mentioned that “there are people who actually believe she’s innocent!” which led me here. And so glad because there are actually voices of reason here along with honest scrutiny, open mindedness and people looking for a real conversation on this! So much better than the blood-thirsty hounds trolling the other sites!

    • Welcome, Cindy! Glad you’re here.

      The best thing about this site is that we all have honest questions and it provides a forum to ask them without being “pounced” on. I have found the members of this site to be VERY intelligent. They actually WATCH the trial – not the blowhards on HLN.

      Also, you will find that many people on this site, including me, believe in Jodi because we have been in the same kind of relationships.

      • Hi Nicole, and thank you! I actually have been on this site for a couple weeks and am very happy I found it. I was in a relationship with a sex/porn addict (also add substance abuse addict). I recognize Jodi’s conversation and know that what she is saying cannot be made up. In addition, I recently posted a story of mine where my daughters went to a Mormon church girls’ group. And I no longer believe the Mormons to be a church after what we experienced. (Sorry to any true believers but that was my honest experience and opinion.)

        And I soooo agree – It IS refreshing to come to a conversation where people watch the trial! I just wish HLN would differentiate between reporting and outright opinions they are trying to pass off as truth. This is what makes people blood-thirsty and crazy with the mob mentality. I just hope that more people will be curious and look for alternatives to the mainstream garbage.

  15. Hi friends,

    We were talking last week about getting moneyorders for Jodi and her family. I mentioned to you before that I had purchased several of her pictures and wound up in contact with her friend assisting her with ebay. Anyway, I was able to obtain the address through the friend. If you want the info please Email me at

    You can also send cards, children’s art (some of you wanted to do that), and I do believe letters to the family.

    And yes, the money is going directly to the family; I am merely the vessel for the address and I can’t post it online.

  16. I missed that part right at the beginning of yesterdays trial about someone from HLN having video of Travis shooting guns which Nurmi requested be submitted to the court. Does anyone have any more info on what thats all about?

    • Yes, it’s one of TA’s friends, I do believe he may testify about the guns belonging to him and not TA–if he doesn’t testify, they may just show the video in court. There seems to be an argument if TA owned a gun or not… but remember if TA did have a .22 I doubt he’d use that to shoot with his friends….Seriously I’d borrow a better gun.

      • ugh premature ‘reply….

        It could be used to show that he had access to guns via his friend therefore it is not completely irrational that he would have a gun in the house.

        • Yeah, that’s what he means; all it proves is that day, he used someone else’s guns. I agree with you. Doesn’t prove he didn’t have one; he may simply not have told anybody.

        • He had access to guns and i’m sure knew where to buy one. Why would he tell his friends about such a “puny” gun when they had bigger and much better.

        • I agree. I live in AZ and its been my experience that someone who has friends that are interested in guns and going shooting, they themselves usually own at least one gun themselves for protection. But why bring a .22 to go shooting if your friends have AR’s? Most would not. AZ stance on guns is very lax. U can carry a gun strapped on as if u were in the old west gun slinger style, so most people here do have them. And because of that going shooting via indoor or outdoor ranges is a common activity here.

          • Another Zonie here. You are correct…. it would be unlikely someone would bring a .25 pistol out shooting while the rest of the group has high-powered rifles. It would probably be embarrassing.. at least a laughing point.

            It’s like bringing a bicycle on a trip while the rest of the group is riding ATV’s.

  17. A friend of TA’s has video of him in the desert shooting what looks to be some type of assault rifle. This friend claims that TA regularly went shooting with him and TA had to borrow guns because he didn’t own one. So the judge ordered him to provide this tape with both defense and prosecution then to stop watching media because he will now be a witness. (Now he will be forced to tell the truth about TA owning a gun.) Prosecution, apparently, did not want this admitted. The recording shows a very happy Mormon shooting like he knows exactly what he’s doing.

  18. This was not pre meditated … This young lady snapped .. She was humiliated, disgusted & tired of the way Travis treated her ( or should I say used her ). I believe she panicked when he charged / came running towards her .. I feel she thought that he was going to end her life ( or come close ) so she did whatever she had to to protect herself. I think she just snapped & could not stop herself because she had been abused & treated so awfully from him.

    • That is what I believe too this is not a cold blooded murder like IN SESSION an HLN people an followers keep saying an it is pissing me OFF! if they can’t hear that ARROGANT CONDESCENDING SELF RIGHTEOUS VOICE of TRAVIS in that tape they are all DEAF ! an DUMB!

  19. (ok,this is stupid what im gonna gossip but it gets on my nerves how Martinez pronounces ”Juarez” with a spanish pronunciation but doesnt do the same when pronouncing ”Mesa” which happens to be a spanish word too.)

  20. I’m watching on break…OMG, kermit still has nothing better…

    He is all over the place.

    She has to make him specify because he twists things.

    • I agree like yesterday when HE was confused about her meeting with Matt on her way to Yreka. He heard “phone call” and jumped all over it but what Jodi was talking about was a face to face meeting. He misheard and tired to make it into her lying. Ended up being 10-15 minutes of him arguing with himself because he refused to LISTEN!

  21. I’ve heard that some people think Martinez is doing all of this to “tie it all together at the end”.
    I’m sorry, but I just don’t see how he could possibly tie of all this confusion together to make some amazing point.

    You can’t polish a turd.

    • Right, especially since putting a spin on Jodi’s testimony is not proof beyond a reasonable doubt. He’s relying on character assassination to win his case, and I think the jury knows this and isn’t going to play ball with that.

  22. I understand why she’s making sure Martinez isn’t twisting her words… But it’s the first time I feel that she is projecting arrogance (in a way). And I know I want to cheer for her when she gets a little jab in like, “I’m having difficulty understanding because you talk in circles.”, but it honestly doesn’t look good. I HATE to say that about Jodi, but it’s just the vibe I’ve been getting since questioning started this morning.

    Just “Yes.”, “No.”, or “I don’t know.” Jodi Girl! I don’t want the jury to form ANY negative opinions of you!!!

    OT: Is the feed really really choppy for anyone else this morning? I’ve been to 4 completely different sites that are live-streaming, and on all of them the feed is crappy. =-/

    • I don’t sense arrogance….I think she looks mentally tired and she is trying very hard to tell the truth by the way she thinks back to the situation before she answers. He is so all over the place that I sometimes can’t keep up with what situation he is talking about.

      I have been with someone who twists things and goes in circles like Kermit and it is incredibly draining.

      ewwww, who is that hater man with the mean look on his face sitting behind Travis’ brother?

      The sad part is that jodi would probably be safer staying behind bars.

      • Okay, she managed to get in some Battered Women Syndrome/PTSD issues because of the anger and hostility he’s directing towards her! Good job!!!

      • I’m on Chrome and AZ Central… I’m in SC so maybe it’s the storms? I have cable wi-fi and I didn’t think weather affected that type, just DSL. Oh well. Thanks, friends!

  23. Why does he have to bring up the anal sex again ? I do not think most people would be that honest on relaying that private info to each new relationship.

    I think Jodi is doing fine if the jury is normal every day people they see that she is being badgered over the same things over an over again.

  24. Martinez need to get laid……a lot of his questions are irrelevant to the case at hand and too personal and in the past…I think he may be “getting off” on this “sex talk….

    • Again in my opinion Martinez is all over the place, did you look at his my space ,phone, Please how many Jurors have been suspicious of their partners behavior or not been tempted to check their email my space, ok its wrong she did it. But the circumstances of this enormous Deviant Hypocrite. Now The Sex its against the Mormon Teaching so Jodi is the only Mormon girl who had sex with Travis. She already stated that they were very ambiguous with regard to Sex and Travis told her what was permissible wasn;t he an elder or something of that sort, according to her last testimony which she even stated was like Clinton’s idea of Sex. Travis the DEVOUT Mormon who took his faith Oh sooo seriously according to his Mormon Friends who appear nightly on Dr.Drew Grace Velez etc. They all saw evil in her eyes but Travis he was such a MONK WOW!!! She is a whore & how dare she even tempt Travis! He is so annoying needs to compensate for his lack of HEIGHT!!

    • I feel like she is doing good. He is trying to get her to say that because he is aggressive she has a problem telling the truth. What she is having a problem with is understanding his questions while trying to deal with his antics.

      Though the line of questioning IS annoying.

    • I have to disagree IMO. JM is all over the place. Jodi has to make sure she is answering what JM’s true intent is within each question…..otherwise we would hear something like “So you just lied under oath”.

  25. If I was on this jury I would probably scream out to leave her the hell alone. If he is trying to be the worlds biggest ass he is winning. I would have sympathy for anyone that had to testify with him as the prosecutor. so keep it up JM cause you only look like a fool now.

    • Yeah, I think he’s shooting himself in the foot. You don’t even have to be on Jodi’s side to see that this a dirty, dishonest argument.

  26. His argument, which is pretty much “YOU can’t tell the TRUTH unless you’re asked in a certain way” is not working, not convincing. No way.

  27. What about she just needs to think about the question instead of just answering yes to the words he is trying to put into her mouth.

    • Yes, he’s putting words in her mouth, getting her to say yes to something other than what she thinks he’s asking and hoping to confuse the jury about what she is actually saying yes to. When he says “in this case” I’m not sure myself if he’s asking in general about this entire case, which he could be asking in reference to her telling the truth, or is he asking specifically about the question at hand because he does go in circles. How can anyone on the jury be sure what the question is referring to? So the jurors come to a conclusion that isn’t true. He’s playing such dirty pool.

  28. what kind of RIDICULOUS performance was that with him standing on that thing the way Nurmi does?????????Making fun of another laywer,no respect to the court!!

  29. Is Martinez actually trying to prove anything or just argue with Jodi?
    This is ridiculous.

    And I’m not saying he’s supposed to be nice Jodi, so hope no one thinks that’s what I’m implying.
    However, I do think he should be making points – not talking in circles and trying to find reason to argue.
    At what point is enough, enough?

    I would be more comfortable if you stood in the parking lot Martinez.
    Is that what you wanted to hear?

  30. Martinez has to be frustrating and boring the jury. His cross is so confusing and all over the place and that doesn’t even take into account his badgering. I also don’t see how he’s going to “tie it all together at the end.” It’s obvious that Jodi is very intelligent which also makes it all the more implausible that she premeditated this. If she planned this she certainly wouldn’t have left evidence that she was there. I can’t see jealousy, motive or premeditation.

  31. This might not make a post. But since I have been on a lot of juries, I can tell you she is in trouble with the jury. What I have seen is a witness that is hedging answering the questions and yet with her attorney she was answering all questions with no questions on what does he mean. The jury is not stupid and her actions are going to have the opposite effect on them. They are weighting everything she is saying and right now it’s not looking good. She is coming across as someone who is hiding something. I have watched this trial with an open mind, but if I was on that jury I would probably think she is hiding something. Sorry this is just my opinion.

    • Kris, I totally agree with you. I have been on a jury twice, and this doesn’t bode well for her. It looks like she is stalling, and the jury will not forget it. You are correct, when her atty had her on the stand we saw a totally different way of answering. The fact that she is trying to correct M or even accuse him of badgering, (in so many words) can backfire with the jury. They will wonder why she can’t answer a basic yes or no and thats problematic. Even when he asks a basic yes or no, she answers with more than that, trying to over explain or add to her answer. The jury will very likely think she is either hiding things, or trying to figure out where he is going so she knows how to answer. Either way, it isn’t good.

      • I can see what you are saying but if she doesn’t take the time to figure out what he is “actually” asking then she could answer in a way that hurts her. He wants to trip her up and doesn’t hide it.

      • AnneRyan
        You are right, having been on murder trials how she is acting is speaking volumes to the jury. Sorry to say but she is looking guilty and the jury is picking up on this. They don’t think its cute to go tit for tat with the pros attorney. In fact they are really getting quite tired of all her games. I’m just saying that this isn’t looking good for her right now.

          • Kris #2, Ashley, & Anna –
            Are you the type of people that sign on the dotted line without reading the fine print?
            I dont think Jodi is and I would be willing to bet that at least one of the jurors is smarter than that too.

            Its the same as agreeing to Martinez’s regurgitated and twisted ideas of what Jodi meant to say. Her agreeing to that shit storm in front her isn’t going to make it go away, isnt going to make it better. If my life were on the line, I’d make you repeat every fucking question until I knew, for sure, that we were on the same page.

            Cant you see why Martinez is getting mad? Because he’s losing. Because his only winning tool is spinning someone’s words into the worlds biggest ball of yarn. Jodi isn’t letting that happen, she’s slowing it down, clarifying, and answering. Pulling the string…

            If Martinez wants to talk in circles how you can hold it against Jodi for trying to clarify? Guess I’m just glad none of you are on the jury.

    • Well, this is what I was thinking before–that she has to stop parsing her responses so much, and stick to yes and no whenever possible.

      And, I still see the necessity of that. But, in my opinion today Martinez has taken his questioning into an absurd territory, and is using really dirty tricks. I haven’t been on a jury, but I can’t imagine that, as a juror, I wouldn’t be critical of Martinez at this point.

    • I agree and disagree. Her attorney was asking clear concise open ended questions. He allowed her to say more than yes or no. Sometimes the answer to the question he asks is not black or white and he knows this and is trying to force her to answer without benefit of explanation. I would be out of my mind confused if I were her. I am listening online and am getting lost. She is on trial for her life in front of millions of people with this jackass screaming in her face. If I were on the jury I would feel like the State was wasting my time asking questions that did not help clear up the questions I really had. He is beating a dead horse over stupid crap that does not prove murder much less premeditated murder. GET TO THE POINT ALREADY

    • I have been a juror on two seperate occasions. Putting aside that I don’t feel the State can prove their theory that Jodi’s entire purpose of her trip was to kill TA, I wouldn’t find Jodi’s wanting to be sure what she is answering and would have no issue, as a juror, that she it letting them know that she doesn’t feel like JM is letting her fully answer the questions. Which, IMO, is obvious.

      • You just never know how a jury is going to react. It’s hard to definitively say “The jury is hating this” because we don’t know. We have no idea of the personalities/thought processes of the 12 people who will be deliberating the case.

  32. I hope Jodie starts speaking in the third person. “I think the defendant feels bantered, because the prosecutor is an asshole.”

  33. Oh man……this is exactly what I was talking about yesterday. I was really hoping that Jodi would NOT do this little tit for tat with M. This might make her feel better to do this, and I know some folks will say that he is badgering her, BUT, (IMHO) the jury is going to be very unhappy with her trying to make M repeat things and stop and start questioning. I am speaking as a juror here….this is frustrating to the jury and they very likely will be upset with Jodi for not just answering yes and no. He isnt asking hardball questions at this point, so by doing this she can come off looking either arrogant, or like she is trying to stall him so she can think of a good answer. Either way, its not good. I know some will disagree, but this is just how I would feel if I were on the jury. Remember, they are just people, and they want to get to the “meat” of this, decide, and get back to their lives. This cat and mouse game is prolonging that, and although it might be entertaining as a viewer, it isn’t likely to be to them. I hope after lunch she stops doing this, we shall see if Nurmi tells her to change this behavior.

    • “This might make her feel better to do this”

      My perception is not that she is doing it to make her feel better. I don’t agree with you that it is tit for tat.

      If I were on the jury I would feel very differently than you.

      • I think she does ask questions that SEEM as if shes stalling. But when I really listen, shes asking for clarification! Hes twisting every single incident and she has to be careful as to how she answers.

      • BeeCee,
        Like I said, thats simply my opinion form having been on a jury. I guess it can be seen all types of ways depending on who you are. By feeling better, I mean it is obvious she can’t stand him, and thats fine. but like I said, she is highly intelligent, the jury knows this. So to answer things without certainty, or to say she doesnt know what he’s talking about, can come off as a ploy, as if she is faking with him when she was totally different under direct. Just my thought here.

        • Anna,

          I think there really is a communication problem. He wants to present things in a general way blanket statement … like she is a liar about everything. She is a literal person and has to be more specific about the truth. hopefully some on the jury can see that.

    • She is, from her own description, “hyper literal”. If she lets go of one question he asks with a yes or no that she is not certain of, it can open up a whole can of worms. She knows that. And that is why he slides in “judgement” type questions. Those types of questions do often require clarifying or more than a nanosecond to answer. She is fighting for her life. Being correct is very important for her. Interpreting it as being difficult is just that, an interpretation.

      • Maggie, what you said: ” If she lets go of one question he asks with a YES or NO that she is not certain of, it can open up a whole can of worms.” And it sure will, thats why he keeps asking these types of questions, he KNOWS it n shes too smart for it. He WILL come back ltr n say, well you did answer yes, didnt you?! Yeaaaa…. nit going to work Martinez.

    • Most of the Commentators state she won and this is on Court TV only one guy who despises her disagrees, But the commentary stated he is all over the place and she actually directed him back to the issue at hand. Martinez is bad. The only problem is the case is very hard for the defense attorney because of all the baggage that came with it. One never knows with Juries no matter how many they sat on. My Grandfather was a criminal Attorney and stated this but all they need is One Juror. He doesn’t ask direct questions so how can one answer. He gives a long BORING paragraph.

    • You can’t answer yes or no when the darn question makes no sense. It would help if he took a second to process what she is saying. Instead he is 3 steps ahead of himself and already ready to argue before she answers. Which causes confusion for me, Jodi and I would think at least some of the jury.

      • Yeah, Jaz, I think that is part of the problem, his brain is several steps ahead while trying to impeach her that HE can’t rember what he has already said sometimes.

        • Exactly. He is far ahead and trying to get his answer, and frustrated when it is’t coming as fast as he wants. I think this is going to be his undoing.

          I think she’s doing a great job. She is respectful, but not going to be forced into saying something she doesn’t mean. Good grief!

          And he IS badgering and being verbally aggressive and using his tactics to intimidate, not to get to the truth, which should be his job.

    • Annie, sometimes she is, others she is making him rephrase. Yes, she is bright, but the way she is answering him, and calling him out on things only makes her look aggressive and in this case, she SURELY doesnt want the jury to think she is that assertive. Believe me, when I was a juror, we ALL took into account the way the defendant came across both under direct as well as cross. She (IMHO) needs to make herself much more passive and more like she was under direct. M’s strategy is to make her look like a girl who can go toe to toe, and he is TRYING to bring that out. its typical pros behavior, and she is starting to fall for it. Im hopeful that Nurmi will speak to her at lunch.

      • Why should she give in to this guy and not get the clarifications that she needs? Clarifications to give truthful answers. It sounds like you’re saying she should cow down to this guy? From my viewpoint and I think it would be even more so in the courtroom, I see him as a bully, and her as fighting for her life, using her obviously advanced intelligence, and sensitivities to tell the complete truth. I don’t see her demeanor in any way as combative. She often backs off, I think, when it’s truthful, and gives him his points. He’s trying to win with whatever tactics it takes, she’s trying to save her life and has to bring herself up to him, even though that’s not her natural self at this extreme.

        • Maggie,
          Yes, in theory your point is correct. But, given the enormity of this trial, and yes, fighting for her life, are exactly my reasons for the comment I made. Remember, when all is said and done, she has admitted to this. I don’t see answering yes and no to (most) questions, as giving in. Someone else said ‘parsing her answers”, and I agree. Of course he is trying to win, he’s been preparing for years. But his main goal right now is to impeach her. Her answers that trail off and add to his questions are dangerous. Every word is recorded. Nothing wrong with adding something to her answer, but when he asks for just a yes or no, she should do it. This shows the jury she is being straightforward and that she respects the court. This correcting him, or calling him out on things, really CAN affect the jury and how they view her. The other reason I REALLY hope she stops these expanded answers is this: All of this is on the record now. M’s goal is to impeach and trip her up on her own words and answers. Yes or no leaves NO ROOM for him to do this. Remember, he will have her BACK up there for rebuttal. That is when he will TRY to use all of her expanded answers against her, remember, she will have to answer the same way on rebuttal. Yes and no when possible, gives him NO room to trip her.

          • Jurors will interpret things as they will. I imagine most have already made up their minds. JM’s questions are often “leading”, as a lawyer does, so if she is not sure or says it’s not a yes or no question, then he should rephrase it, but he wont’….and that is when the gnashing of teeth starts. He has a goal with his questions. Right, he is trying to impeach her. Which is exactly why she’d want to be sure of giving the most appropriate, fitting answer to a question. He is not a great communicator, on purpose or because of a deficit, or a combo, I’m not sure. She could just say, “I don’t know” and leave it at that, I suppose. But she is trying hard to give him an answer that is both satisfactory and truthful. I think she’s almost in the “fight or flight” at some point with him, which he likes on one level. It is his tone, his rate of words per minute which I’d guess is way beyond what a linguist would say is normal for comprehension of a question. Ahhh yes…comprehension. Also I wouldn’t doubt if JM has studied NLP, neuro linguistic programming. Just saying…

          • It is hard in this case though, because Martinez tends to use double negatives and asks complex questions. If Jodi didn’t ask for clarification, she could easily answer “yes” when she means “no” and vice versa. Then Martinez can use that on her later.

        • This is true, and Nurmi will try to convince the jury, (thru Jodi’s testimony and his own closing argument, that the gun in question WAS TA’s. This part of the trial (the gun being his) will be predictable and the jury will have to decide this part. Jodi saying it was his and in the closet, and the state saying it was the one missing from the grandparents a week prior. IMHO this can go either way, it just depends on how much the jury believes Jodi’s testimony. The friend that will testify that TA never had a gun should be easy to remedy, as he has no PROOF that TA never bought a handgun. This will be one of the things they (jury) will have to decide in determining pre-med or not. It really comes down to he-said she-said testimony. No one can say the gun wasn’t in the closet. Again, a jurors opinion in this matter.

      • Idk Anna, I dont think so… I dont think Martinez is being this way on purpose to get her to act the way she is (aggressive n assertive). I dont see her acting aggressive or assertive, I see she has no other choice then to stand up to herself and she’s trying doing it with as much respect that she can. Martinez isnt giving her much choice, he’s twisting and putting words in her mouth. If she doesnt correct him or ask him to be clear then he WILL get away with wrong information and the jury is listening, they need to know the truth, not what the prosecutor is TRYING to get away with. He n others may think that because he is the prosecutor the person on the stand has to bow down or be intimidated by him. She has every right to correct and speak up if she doesn’t understand him and I think shes doing it with as much respect as she can.

  34. Guys, just noticed there is another Kris on here posting about juries… that isn’t me, the one that posted about moneyorders and the one that bought the art… I just added an N to my name.

    I am the moneyorder/art buyer. LOL.

  35. Guys, just noticed there is another Kris on here posting about juries… that isn’t me, the one that posted about moneyorders and the one that bought the art…

    I am the moneyorder/art buyer. LOL.

    Not sure how to dinstinguish this.

  36. JM is trying to lay a foundation where Jodi overreacts to issues with boyfriends. It isn’t working. I don’t see anything unreasonable about her behavior. No one wants to find out their partner is cheating on them, and most of us would investigate suspicions.

    For some reason my comments are getting deleted. Odd since I am mostly commenting in support of the defendant.

      • Most people would check A Defense Attorney is stating on in Session that Martinez didn’t look good he was not effective since Travis did have Sexual Deviancy, he is too confrontational. They all say so Far on In Session Jodi Arias won that confrontation. I agree I think she did very well. Martinez does not ask yes or no questions

      • You should see what some of the posters on infidelity forums do to catch their partners! Some of them have private detective-type skills.

    • “I don’t see anything unreasonable about her behavior. No one wants to find out their partner is cheating on them, and most of us would investigate suspicions.”

      Agreed. And, even if Jodi is a bit of a snoop–which isn’t an unusual character flaw– it just isn’t pointing to something sinister.

      I understand he’s trying to show a pattern of behaviour, but this isn’t cutting it.

      • “Snooping” when we think a significant other may be cheating is NORMAL human behavior. Give me the DP, I’m guilty of multiple counts!

        • True–there comes a point, if you’re not getting honest answers, when snooping becomes about protecting oneself from (further) harm. I read a boyfriend’s journal once, and what an eye-opener it was. He liked to brag about, and remember, his sexual conquests.

          “Give me the DP, I’m guilty of multiple counts!”

          You know, watching this trial is making ME feel guilty. All the things I haven’t done right, all the poor choices I’ve made, and the weaknesses I struggle with … I just can’t imagine having each thing picked apart in front of a rapt audience. Especially, of course, the things that are quite irrelevant to the matter at hand. Much of what Martinez is doing seems to be more about showing her dirty laundry than making an important point about her character.

          And, as I wrote before, I don’t think you have to be on “her side” to see this.

    • Jodi had other boyfriends who cheated on her that she remained friends with, so I don’t think JM going back to past boyfriends and questions about talking to those they cheated with….without incident, was helpful to the prosecution but did help Jodi.

  37. I gotta’ be honest, if I saw a guy talking to a woman like this in public I’d punch him right square in the face. WTF is this assholes problem? I can’t remember questions he asked two minutes ago with all his rambling and circling and brainfucking bullshit. What a fucking moron…. (‘scuse the language, he’s got me pissed).

  38. **annieEP, Thank you, sweetheart, for the brightcove live-streaming link; t hasn’t so much as glitched even once since the feed started!!! You’re awesome! 😀

    • *it

      Also, it’s the only one I’ve ever found that doesn’t distort the pic quality when I blow it up to screen-size. Once again, you’re amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  39. i hope i dont get attacked for saying this, but i dont think jodi’s conduct is helping her at all today. let me just say that the way she is responding is exactly how i would WANT to respond, but i dont think it is putting her in a good light.. i say, let juan martinez look like the bully that he is, but im afraid that the jurry will feel that jodi is purposely egging on his inappropriate behavior.

      • I don’t think its out of the ordinary for jurors to expect a witness to be “real”, meaning they can’t just be complacent ‘yes men’ during this type of questioning. If we’re all getting riled by the prosecutions antics I’m sure the jurors are too. Its not really reasonable to expect that anyone should be able to be attacked like this without reacting to it in some way. Jodi has maintained her composure quite well considering, I’d of been cursing and swearing at the little dick if that were me up there.

    • To me and many commenters even on Court TV in Session who are always against her. Find him all over the place and too confrontational.

      • They are Oliviero !

        Vinnie said he did not have one comment on Jodi’s side so I went there a gave them my point of view an told them why not many people are on that page due to all the SHEEP they have jump on them if the view is different from their own on IN SESSION an HLN both. They are so dumb saying the things they do bout her being a cold blooded murderer an serial killer REALLY? that makes no sense. If they can’t hear that snotty voice I heard on that tape of Travis even calls himself Mr. Alexander he is arrogant an self righteous an thought he was above everyone is what I heard an truly disgusted me. She was the pleaser wanting to please him make him happy an hoping he would change an marry her some day. Which I am sure now she knows you can’t change men like that ever.

        • Rhonda Vinnie is just a male version of Nancy Grace. or maybe a female version since its hard for me to think of this person as a Man.

    • I agree Cali, for many reason that I have posted. I felt much better about things yesterday than now. All afternoon I have been practically yelling at the tv for her to stop talking so much. It can possibly be her undoing…unless she is on the stand for a few more days, and corrects this, the jury (IMHO) will be left with an image of a woman who is smart as hell, but being coy. This is not the image Nurmi brought out under direct. Let him be a bully, badger etc, that is GOOD for her, but only if she remains calm and doesnt allow the jury to see her being defensive. trust me, they want to see a woman who has been bullied on the stand, and who is upset, not one who can fight back with him. The bottom line here is her life is on the line…and demeanor is a huge part, as is remorse. I know some will disagree with me, and thats ok, its just me trying to be a juror and remembering her prior demeanor and testimony on direct verses now.

      • i appreciate everyone’s feedback, but i agree with you, anna ryan.. like i said, i would want to react the EXACT same way.. i just feel its nuris job to direct jodi on how to respond.. let martinez get worked up.. let HIM be the one who looks like hes a bully, let HIM be the one who the jurrors dont like.. i think it works agaisnt her to come across as someone who is combative bc that doesnt paint the picture of the subdued, helpless victim that she needs to be portrayed as.. her life is on the line and if the jurry thinks “this girl has no problem defending herself or standing up for herself,” then it’s going to be extremely difficult to get the jurry to believe that she allowed travis to control her.. thats my honest opinion.. another thing in regards to her demeanor (which is EXTREMELY important in this trial).. she needs to look like she is not trying to manilpulate the conversation or control it.. i just dont want the jury to see her as a contriving lady who is used to getting her way and then snapped when she didnt.. believe me, jurrors want to see remorse, guilt, and i think they want to believe that she was controlled by him.. but her demeanor is not painting that image, no matter how much of a bully martinez seems to be.. they will compare him to travis, and if travis treated her the same way, it gives us a sneak peek into how jodi reacted to travis.. this is jodi on her BEST behavior, and im a bit afraid that while its funny to laugh at the way she is tripping him up, at the same time she isnt being portrayed in the best light as someone who is a victim of abuse..

        • Well I hope one juror is smart enough to know that is not the same Jodi on the stand from 2008? she has been in jail for almost 5 years now so I would assume you would become stronger an more opinionated also. An it is not a crime to check up on cheating boyfriends who would not be suspicious an check into things an not confront a boyfriend is the liar here. Why are all her previous boyfriends still alive if she was the serial killer or cold blooded killer people are putting out there it makes no sense. She just happen to get with men or boys that were not faithful to one an there are many out there? But Travis she fell into the mental abuse an taking his crap for too long till she finally protected herself. An that MORMON crap had a lot of influence as well in my opinion.

          • sorry, rhonda.. i hadnt read your response until after mine posted.. yes, i realized the same thing and i hope and pray that nurmi does bring this up to the jurry, in the case that there are jurrors who arent smart enough to conclude that on their own..

          • Rhonda you are very smart I remember a friend of mine complaining about a group her boyfriend belonged to.This is how the woman behave, smile look good, do not say anything derogatory about the group or anyone in the group this is how cults function. This happens in families, never go outside the family etc. Cult control is real & sex is used as binding someone, control and also what they call softening the person. Her behavior in the interviews is explainable if they also bring in an expert on Cults. This does exist as a defense. The fact that he was an Elder in this Mormon Group heightens his control. The reason many people fall for cults like this is due to the fact they look so perfect on the outside, but on the inside they are rotten just like Travis was. I wrote to Gerry Spence, I will see if he answers. He did many years ago.Jodi still seems to not want to criticize Travis.

        • with all of that being said, i think theres still a way for nurmi to turn this back around.. on redirect, i think he should directly questioin her about her demeanor and say something like “some might speculate that you were a little more aggressive with your cross exam, more combative.. have u always been this way?” then she can say that it wasnt until being out of the abusive situation for yrs that she found her inner strength again and found the ability to be assertive and defend herself..

          • Yes exactly I hope an pray that happens most people now a days it is a fact have no common sense an can’t put their self in the place of who is on trial. They have to think outside the box they are in. Everyone reacts differently in a situation they are in in life. It is obvious to me she loved him an would go to the end of the earth for him but he did not feel the same way he was using her an abusing her end of story.

          • i wish there were a way to conatct nurmi to make sure he doesnt leave this out on his redirect!! lol. its much too assumptive to think the jury will just “know” that she is stronger now than she was 5 yrs ago bc shes had time to reflect.. never underestimate the stupidity of people..

  40. I have a feeling the whole, “you didn’t ask the bishop” etc. about sex is going to bite Martinez. I think Jodi didn’t want to find out anything that might make Travis mad, which pointing out his bad Mormon behavior would. She tries to stay steps ahead of his disapproval and temper. I hope JM goes on and this comes out.

      • Not only was Travis her spiritual advisor, he was an elder of the church! So wagging his finger at Jodi, accusing Jodi of being a bad mormon is ridiculous compared to what Travis was doing.

        • Mormonism is not on Trial. Bishop Layton, Travis’s Mormon behavior, being a Priesthood Holder or any of the other items addressed has any bearing in the trial proceedings. Travis was not Jodi’s spiritual advisor. He was a member of the church, and her friend. But to say he was in any kind of position to advise her on gospel related areas is incorrect. Travis knew what he was doing was wrong. I have a strong feeling he was substantially conflicted in his desire of her and his wanting to be a “good “Mormon. Our rules are strict; many struggle under the confines of the rules. But please even though both Travis and Jodi were/are members of the church, remember we all are fallible. We all make mistakes, Mormons included, however the church is not on trial
          I have posted a few times. I was a friend of Travis. I am acquainted with Jodi. I am a Mormon. I have a basis for my opinions/feelings.

          • Bella- Thank you so much for the tone of your posts. Especially since you were friends with Travis. We don’t get a lot of those around here.

            You say he was in no position to advise her on gospel….. but as one of the people who baptised her doesn’t he have some responsibility to help make sure she stays on the path to Heaven?

          • Hello Jaz,
            Thank you, I try to be moderate. I can see Travis’s side and I can see her side. What she did is terrible; she will answer to Heavenly Father for it at the end of her life, whenever that is. I believe she has true remorse for her actions. I can pray for her as well as I can for anyone else. She is a human being, deserving of compassionate concern as well as kindness.

            Yes and No. Travis had a responsibility to be her friend, invite her to consult her own conscience, consult Heavenly Father, invite her to pray about her actions but he had no direct authority over her in matters gospel related. He performed an Ordinance for her, in the act of Baptism that is all. He had an obligation to lead by example, which he failed at, in my opinion. To say he had a guardianship over her since he baptized her is incorrect. He has a stewardship if you will an invested interest, or at least he should have had over anyone who he introduced to or baptized into the church.

          • I believe there was deep emotion at one time. I do not know if it was unconditional, as they both hid much of themselves from each other and from the rest of the world. I believe Travis knew he was behaving poorly and inappropriately and that is why he chose not to be open and public with their relationship. I believe Jodi had a far deeper emotion for him than he did for her.

          • MB I agree with your stance and response about religion in dealing with this case. Im offended by the pros using religion as way to make someone appear a better person. Just because someone attends church does not make them a good person. Society using religious beliefs or lack there of as a basis for judging someones charactor at any time and especially in a court case risks more than just a fair trial.

          • This is a public service announcement (posted here since it’s brought up in response to one of my comments):

            I am not Christian. I am an Agnostic. I have no stake in the denominational squabbles here on this site; in fact I resent any comments that try to drag me into them. I also resent any comments that imply that I am putting the mormon religion on trial. No, my distaste for Travis comes from his living a double life, charged with the spiritual well being of others while refusing to follow the tenets of his religion, and being a hypocritical, entitled, domineering personality that enjoyed intimidating people. I don’t care if he’s wearing white garments under his business suit, a turban, a red dot on his forehead, a Wiccan pentacle, or a cap on his head. He is who he is, mormonism has nothing to do with my opinion, it’s his behavior.

            I, too, have a reason for drawing the conclusions I have; and I would like for my right to my opinion be also respected. I reserve the right to make up my own mind, regardless of what ‘someone on the internet’ has to say about it.

            Thank you, now back to your regularly scheduled programming….

          • She stated that he was in a position of Authority He gave her very strange instructions regarding sex. He baptized and then had sexual relations with her. Which has been broadcast Many of his Mormon friends have come forward and are on the Trashiest programs spewing hatred. Not just one many. For instant one of his Mormon friends stated he took his faith and celibacy very seriously & in the same breath said Jodi was only a booty call, he would never marry a girl like that. He was disgusting and a deviant & i do believe he had pedophile tendencies. This guy was a hypocrite & was very abusive.

    • Here’s another thought, Maggie. Travis was “temple worthy” and a Priest holder. Why WOULD Jodi question him about sex? I’m sure she believed him (at least initially).

      BUT, it is a biblical standard that you don’t “covert your neighbor’s wife.” Travis should not have even been talking to this woman.

      • Yes, exactly, Nicole. She put her trust in Travis, except at times when he was so literally a whore, which interestingly he talks about on his myspace bio….

    • plus,would you ”snitch” a Mormon Elder to one of the Bishops???To my understanding,Jodi was nothing more than a simple follower of the religion,recently converted.TA was an Elder.Imagine going to your Bishop accusing a supposedly virgin Elder of trying to have the sexcapades with you.No way they would have believed her!!She would be called a temptress and a seductive whore right then and there!Oh wait…havent they already accused her of that??Lol…

      • A good friend of mine went with her husband to their Bishop after he confessed his cheating to her with the intent for her to divorce him…..The bishop advised her to be forgiving and to basically never talk of the adultery again. Because her husband had confessed she should be “a good mormon wife” and keep her family together. Her husband was an elder and they had a temple sealed marriage. We can’t know what Jodi’s bishop would’ve done but based on my friend’s issue I feel that the couseling they give isn’t always the best for both parties. Maybe Jodi’s Bishop would’ve given better advise than the advise my friend received from hers…..

        • And I’m sure the bishop wouldn’t have counseled about the domestic abuse that was occurring. I know a Mormon woman who went to her bishop about that and was told to pray, but keep the marriage together and maybe have another baby! She did, and it only made things worse.

          The most important counseling a domestic abuse victim needs is get away and cut off all contact.

          • Both of my parents cheated on each other. They had been married in the Mormon church for over 25 years. (My father even had a baby with another woman). My mom went in to “testify” with the Mormon Bishop, and long story short – she got excommunicated from the church and he got off scot-free!

  41. Martinez is driving me crazy! He gets off on tangents that are confusing to me – I can imagine how confusing they are to Jodi.

    Someone mentioned that Jodi might have ADHD. I think it is Martinez! LOL

    • Martinez is so soo insecure I have never seen a prosecutor like this, He is way to Petty emails did you look??? this is not enough to KILL HER?? What evidence is that he is way off track.

        • An phone messages too I would be in big trouble also. But he is trying to prove she stands up to men not that she is one to be over ruled by men. I would say yes now she is stronger at this time in the court room against a arrogant male but at the time she was confronting other boyfriends about cheating she would confront them an cry an would be so upset she could not even work. I have known women like that. It emotionally breaks them down so bad they can’t go to work. So what. I hope one juror see’s what I do tho just one.

        • Right! In this day and age it is easy to check a phone, text message, email, facebook, etc.
          Back in the day when I was a teen in the early 80’s we had none of this- we had to do a drive by and see if his car was at home or not, or call and hang up. Now with caller ID and all these other gadgets there is way too many ways to spy! My mom wont even use email she says its to easy to get hacked. She cant believe I do all my bills online. I don’t have a cell phone though, I cannot stand the telephone. I don’t want to be available ever LOL

          • Trixels– are you one of those freaks without a cell phone? Me too! I don’t want people to “get” me, I don’t want to be reachable. I even got rid of call-waiting on my home phone. This upsets people in ways I don’t quite understand.

          • Pique, yup, I am one of the freaks. I never thought i’d say I hate the phone after it having been glued to my ear as a teen. I have a land line with caller ID. If the phone rings I decide whether I feel like talking or not. My friends get mad at me and I remind them that I do not have my phone everywhere I go, so sometimes I cant answer. They leave messages like where are you, answer the phone, hello, hello? It cracks me up! I refuse to be a slave to the phone. I am however an internet addict. That is a whole ‘nother story!

  42. I don’t know why they have charged her with First Degree premeditated Murder…and I hope she can survive the charges…thinking they may have overcharged and that could be her deliverance. I am almost certain, however, there will be ONE person on that jury who is in love with Jodi. Isn’t that how these things go?

    • It seemed that Juan Martinez and Estaban Flores took at face value the nonsense Travis’s friends and acquaintances were spewing. The same is true with the media. When you analyze it, the theory of the obsessed stalker traveling hundreds of miles to kill the cheating boyfriend simply doesn’t make sense.

      As I mentioned earlier, Travis lied to all of his friends about his relationships with women, so the friends were just as manipulated as Jodi was. However, a lawyer a little less credulous would have taken the theory with a giant grain of salt.

      The end of this case being murder one–not that it ever was murder one–happened with the sex tape. It’s pretty hard for the prosecution to claim the defendant was an obsessed stalker when you have the victim “getting it on” with the defendant just three weeks before the murder. It kills the premeditation theory, and it kills the motive theory.

      • I wonder why, after evidence came out that Travis was hiding his relationship with Jodi, that the Prosecution kept up the same theory of her being a stalker/jealous ex? Surely that had to know that the phone/text/80,000 email evidence showed something totally different. Why take that chance and continue on with that theory?

  43. If you look at the history of this case Jodi has been dealing with JM for 5 years with countless hearings and although she may have not been directly questioned by him they have a long history and she has been the object of his wrath for a long time. She probably HATES him.

  44. DAY THREE of my “boycott-ization” of HLN…even though I am following the trial live I feel 100% better at nite NOT watching this channel….I;m particularly disappointed with Dr. Drew..a medical professional? who was waving a red tootsie pop last week on his show…call me crazy but a facing the DP is no laughing matter…shame on you Dr Drew and other HLN staff for being so harshly judgemental and MB-TEAM JODI thank you for providing those of us who are willing to look at BOTH sides the ability to comment w/o being lambasted by those who don’t have the same or similar opinion

  45. Ok let me see if I have this straight. According to Martinez and of course any cheating partner, it seems as though lying and cheating on a partner isn’t an issue. Apparently the real issue is the partner looking to confirm the cheating because that is sneaky and dishonest. Well that makes perfect sense because we all know that cheater’s are honest and always tells there partner of their cheating deeds. So there really is no need for the partner to ever look into a phone or an email. Yeah right.

    • Oooh good point! Martinez is conveniently leaving out the fact that Jodi’s suspicions are CONFIRMED more times than not. So why should that be a reflecting on HER behavior, when it was someone else’s behavior that precipitated the investigation in the first place?

      By the way, I love your posts. I hope you stay and keep commenting!

      • Exactly! Thanks 4 the feedback on this I was beginning to wonder if Martinez has gotten to us all 😉 he WAS cheating shouldnt that say something about him as a person? He’s not some upstanding church going innocent guy and this is something that proves that. I really hope the defense points these things out on redirect.

        And thanks! I like the posters here, great views, indepandent thinkers not afraid to go against the grain. Im not going anywhere but here 🙂
        It really says a lot about our society that popular opinion still rules be it by bullying and/or cencorship. Its been impossible to discuss the views I’ve shared here in other places.

  46. Jodi innocent, this guy is a bully using his education and wisedom to make her look like some liar that he actually playing mind games on this poor girl….ugh

  47. Hi All,

    I have been watching the trial since day 1 and do not think that Jodi should get the DP. With that said, I do think that she is hurting herself right now with the way she is handling cross. I work in legal and have seen M’s tactics a million times. I think that he is trying to get her ramped up as to prove that she has never had any problem standing up for herself, which has already been shown various times. This helps the Pro’s prove in a round about way that whatever abuse has been claimed is likely false. If she is willing to stand up for herself against M, why not Travis? At this point, there is no REAL evidence of abuse. They have proved that Travis was a jerk to her, but abuse is a strong word and thus far, no physical evidence, just her word.

    This in addition to her super sharp memory during direct and lack of memory during cross cannot bode well for her in the eyes of the jury. I do believe that M is too abrasive and is alking in circles, I too am confused, but Jodi is very smart and her inability to keep up and respond with direct yes or no answers leaves the jury to think the worst.

    I am a Jodi fan and truly believe that she is innocent of 1st degree murder. The evidence in this case seems like a lot but is really very skinny as far as 1st degree murder charges are concerned. If she is convicted of 1st degree it will be due to jury perception. They need to feel like they can trust her word and M is doing a really good job at destroying her credibility right now.

    • I dont see how Martinez is hurting her credibility. How? Jodi is making sure she answers the question correct, shes asking questions if she doesn’t understand and shes correcting Martinez on dates or events that happened. If “I” was in the jury I wouldn’t see anything that shes doing or saying is hurting her. In fact,”I” would see how Martinez is twisting n putting words into her mouth. Theresa a few of us that see this. There are 12 jurors, I really hope that some or at least one can see this.

    • Hi Afc, I agree with what you said about how JA could be coming across to the jury as not the abused gf due to her not being intimated by Martinez. But many times abuse victims are fully capable of standing up for themselves to people other than their abusers. And many times because they can not do so with their abuser they tend to take that out on anyone who does put them in the postion to defend themselves. Her attorneys should be reminding her to watch how she says things as much as what she says. As everyone else will.

  48. I can’t believe I missed this mornings session. I follow a very straightforward reporter on twitter that tells it like it is and is not biased. I read his tweets to see what I missed out on. WoW!! In a nutshell he said that the courtroom is out of control and that Jodi has succeeded in derailing Martinez. I was thinking last night that this entire trial seems like an out of control 3 ring circus. With the friends watching the trial and reporting things back to the prosecution, new friends on HLN every night that eventually are being subpenaed, Dave Hall sharing videos showing Travis with a gun, I never expected that!
    I guess he thought he was helping by showing that Travis borrowed a gun from him and here I am thinking ok, Travis DOES have experience with guns. Thanks Dave! Travis and gun never entered the equation before! Since Arizona has lax gun laws, there’s no trace of him buying a gun that leaves a huge question mark as to did he? Now it’s possible that yes he DID own a gun.

  49. I’ve been watching this too much. I’m starting to talk to my wife like JM is talking to JA. I just caught myself yelling “YES OR NO!” when she was trying to explain something to me. AHH!

  50. ughhh……my comments are not being posted…why is this? I have tried to post 2 more comments and they both are deleted (I think) or else its my computer acting goofy.

  51. Good gravy Martinez, how many times do you have to ask her if she has problems with her memory?

    She already said yes and she already said why – “because of men like you.”

    Badgering the point only proves her right.

  52. Shame on you, Martinez… The oldest trick in the book:

    Paint her as a whore so what she says doesn’t seem as important. Is this 1913 and 2013???

        • Absolutely! Proof of that…TA can date mutiple women, while obviously using at least one, JA for sex. Clearly emotionally abusing her. But its ok because shes a whore. And TA? Oh he’s a great guy.
          Thats sexism at its best but its typical happens everyday.

          • Yeah, the thinking being that a man can’t defile a woman who’s already been defiled. It’s about her character, not his.

            Also, Juan is talking about sex as if it were nuts and bolts, something from a technical manual. As if there weren’t people, moods, feelings, contexts and meanings involved, just mechanical parts.

          • He was just “being a guy” and taking what was “thrown at him” by “a whore” who enjoyed sex, vaginal, anal and oral, such a “whore” and who had sex with other guys before him, major whore.

    • oh no,no,no Mr Martinez!he just swayed from what he was trying to state because Jodi wouldnt barge! Using a lubricant is NOT the same as having sm coming at ur porch,ejaculating,leaving while throwing you a piece of candy!!No way!A woman suggesting to use a lubricant is such a bad thing to him,trying to portray her as the one in charge,so it’s kinda saying well ,mam you had it coming so why complaining for all the other shit he put u through.I’m offended as a woman,I really hope there will be female jurors that see it the same way.I’m indignant right now…

    • Yup. He’s definitely saying, in so many words, “come on, you liked it.” That fact that she enjoyed the sex that she did enjoy, means that she has to enjoy all sex all the time. That anything goes, because she’s been been a willing and happy participant in the past. The very same “act” should always feel the same for both participants. As if.

      And, on top of it all, none of this takes into consideration abuse dynamics.

  53. Guys (males)–there are plenty of you on here.

    Are any of you former wrestlers or know anyone who is? If so, can you ask them (yourself) if they (you) think a female they (you) outweigh by 75 lbs and is 3 inches shorter could whip them (you) in a knife fight?

    Seriously, how would a wrestler approach a woman in a rage holding a kitchen knife? Would she win?

    Then, 115 lb women, especially if you are in good shape, can you drag 190 lbs and get the 190 lbs into a space that is 2′ x 3′? I’d think the latter would require lifting the 190 lbs.

    That is what this all comes down to, if you ask me. It should be Medical Examiner vs. Arias.

    Ironically, her version that she shot first is the *only* explanation that could possibly make sense, but this contradicts medical examiner whose rationale for the order of injuries seems very logical (bullet wound didn’t bleed much because victim had already lost so much blood).

    Keep it simple. Keep it to this level and the plausibility that she could win a knife fight with TA—

    This issue is so fundamental and casts reasonable doubt on both prosecution and defense–nothing else really matters if she would not be physically able to win a knife fight with TA.

    Interesting that she doesn’t remember *anything* about the knife fight. Leaves it open for her to come back on appeal and admit someone else was there. Far, far more believable.

    Again, very bright, attractive, articulate women, even in a complete and total rage do not slit throats.

    • The problem with that theory though is this, that she DID use a knife and has never denied it, only said she can’t remember that part. This is where the experts will come in for her defense of a blackout. To try to make it look as though she couldn’t have done it, has never been part of her defense, and would make the jury suspicious. This case basically rides on the testimony of an expert(s) who will likely say that she did it under extreme duress and had a blackout experience due to the trauma involved and the nature of her relationship with TA, ie. abuse, secrets, prior attacks, etc. I do not believe she will come back to the stand after already being questioned and saying she has no memory, to saying she just remembered there were others involved. That would not be credible at all to a jury. Let the experts explain different actions, behaviors, and mindsets to the jurors.

    • I talked with my boyfriend about this because I tend to believe like you about someone her size not being capable of moving Travis’s body weight around. But my boyfriend made a good point in that under the circumstances she would have a lot of adrenalin going through her body which would make her super strong.

      • Yes, super strong, but after the fight of her life–exhausted for sure—she would have had to *lift* nearly 200lbs to get him in the shower like that. No room behind him to drag him in there.

    • This is a typical DA tactic….he is belaboring a point regarding the sexual dynamic, it is simply an effort to portray Jodi as the “leader” if that makes sense, in their sexual encounters.That she was more than willing to be “freaky” with him. It is all meant to disprove that TA was aggressive in any way, or talked her into doing things she didn’t want. basically he is saying, “You were a vixen”…etc.etc… could possibly work against her, BUT, at this point she is responding very well, speaking normally, (not aggressive or correcting) but the jury will likely tire of this. Unless he can show something where she was ALWAYS the sexual aggressor and he didnt want to participate,or that she suggested some of the more humiliating role playing, etc. this will soon fall flat.

    • I had this very discussion with a female friend who is 4’11” and 85 pounds. I’m 6’2″ and 220 pounds. If we were facing off, face to face, and she had a knife in her hand coming at me, I’m quite confident I could get control of the situation before I was too injured. BUT…. If I was in the shower, naked, and she came around the corner with her arm cocked ready to plunge a knife in to my chest, I don’t think I could react fast enough to dodge that. If she missed and cut my arm or something then ok, I still have a chance to fight back… but if she got me right in the heart, or the throat, in the stomach, in some organ that left me incapacitated then I think it would be game over. Same scenario and she had a gun, if the bullet went through my brain as the ME claimed it did, I may still be conscious but I don’t think I would have my wits about me enough to fend off a knife attack after that. I may be able to fight back somewhat but I think it would be as if I was really drunk with poor motor function. My opinion is this is the scenario Jodi went through with Travis which is why it all happened in less than 3 minutes.

      Another possible scenario is Travis was shot in the head, stumbled to the bathroom sink (indicated by quantity of blood there + where the knife was alleged to be sitting), grabbed the knife but fell to the floor, landing on the knife and driving it in to his own chest purely by accident. He could have even knocked the knife to the floor as he stumbled around the bathroom. It doesn’t account for the other 20+ stab wounds, but maybe at that point Travis was like a raging bull and Jodi did what she felt she needed to do to stop him.

      I tried to put myself in those shoes. If I was fighting for my life from a gf coming at me with a knife I’d still be trying to get at her if all I had left was a big toe to pull my body around the room.

      • What you say makes some sense, but with the photos having been taken *right then* with the impression it was dropped *during* the process, she was not sneaking up on him.

        He was a wrestler – read a little about this, and you’ll learn that step #1 in wrestling is to get the opponent off balance. They have all kinds of techniques for that.

        If she could reach him in the shower, even if stabbed in the back and in the chest, he could grab around her waist and down they go hard on that tile floor. Him on top of her.

        He’s a macho guy with that gun–absorbs the aftershock like it was nothing.

        I’m surprised she didn’t end up with her throat slit.

        Had to shoot first – contradicts with medical examiner who says shot last – didn’t bleed, not enough blood by then to bleed.

        Add this to improbability of getting him into the shower like that.

        I don’t think she did it alone.

      • Yes, but it would be so much easier to shoot someone from across the room, with a gun. If Jodi could muster up enough gas money to drive 3,000 miles to see Travis, during the gas crisis, then shouldn’t she have been able to purchase a real gun?

        Also, if she wanted to employ a knife, she could have first administered a heavy dose of mace straight to the face, in the bathroom. Travis would have been choking, gasping for air, and covering his burning eyes. Then, Jodi could have pulled out the knife, and used it much more effectively. But, this is nothing like what actually happened. There was a conflict that was carried out through the house. That speaks of a fight, not an intended murder.

    • “Guys (males)–there are plenty of you on here.

      Are any of you former wrestlers or know anyone who is? If so, can you ask them (yourself) if they (you) think a female they (you) outweigh by 75 lbs and is 3 inches shorter could whip them (you) in a knife fight?”

      I think that if Jodi had really, really, really long arms – longer than Travis’ – she might have had some advantage. But, with a wrestling background, Travis should have been able to grab her arm real fast. If Travis had been shot in the head first, then he could have become more sluggish in his attack. That might have given Jodi an edge in defending herself. But, if they are both in the right state of mind, then for Jodi to try to pull a knife on Travis, in the bathroom, would have been totally insane. If Travis even saw her holding the knife, in a threatening manner, he probably would have grabbed her arm so fast that she would not have seen it coming. Or, he could have kicked her legs out from under her, at close proximity. Jodi would have had a hard time blocking a blow from his foot, with the handheld knife. Travis probably could have broken her leg, with one hard kick. He never would have needed to get his hands close to the knife, if she had tried to pull a knife, in the bathroom. Trying to do this, to a person like Travis, in a bathroom, would probably be comparable to jumping in the mountain lion pen, at the local zoo, and trying to fight the mountain lion, with a handheld knife. Could it be done? Maybe. But, why not just stand near the edge of the pen, and shoot it with a gun? It would be a million times safer, and probably far more effective, right? I do not think that the idea that Jodi pulled a knife of Travis, in the bathroom, is even plausible.

      Also, the medical examiner is giving a professional opinion. I think that there is some possibility that the initial shot to the skull began to take its toll on Travis, while he continued to attack. So, by the time the knife was used, Travis was already becoming weaker, and/or less coherent, in his attacks. Of course, something like this cannot be gauged, in the middle of a fast paced “do or die” conflict. So, when Jodi did use the knife, she probably thought that she was fighting the same Travis, who had just body slammed her, while not realizing that she was fighting the Travis who had already been shot in the head. This could explain why she came out almost unscathed, while Travis ended up with so many wounds. As I said, I cannot see anything “planned” about any of this. It is more like an unintended car wreck. HIndsight is 20/20. It is easy to look back, and see how things went wrong. But, there is no way to take it back. All that is left are bitter regrets. Also, it is very unfortunate that we were not born with “adrenaline dials”, by which we could just dial down the adrenaline, at will.

  54. okey,I really want to see where he’s going with the breast implant photos..!!!everybody has to take photos prior and after the surgery,RIGHT??

      • He’s grasping at straws if he has to stoop to this level. Big deal, she has implants! So what! What a piece of work this guy is!

      • Yes he is enjoying shaming her in front of the family that is what the family wants they are full of hate. I have a brother that is not the best mate for anyone an if a woman kills him I am sorry in my mind seeing how he treats woman which I highly disagree with I would not feel sorry for him if he was killed due to I seen his actions an I heard his words an they disgusted me. Maybe I am a different breed of person but family is family but wrong is wrong he was not brought up that way but he is a PIG my own brother is. There is no way I condone WRONG ever family or friend I would not hold hate in my heart if I truly knew what my brother was all about.

        But maybe they truly do not know but I find it hard to believe you see it growing up together as they age an interact with girls/women in life.

        • Rhonda you are right, That’s why in France crimes of Passion are dealt with differently.Martinez will turn off the Jurors or maybe some.

  55. oh god… does he really have to send her pictures of her before her breast implants?? C-on if he shows them hes a real BIG DICKHOLE!!! uuuuhhhhggg

    • I hope for his sake there isn’t anyone on the jury that has implants or has a wife with them! What a baffoon! Was that one of the jury selection questions? “what do you think of breast implants?” LOL!!!

  56. Martinez, yes. Keep going down that road. You are only showing that Travis continued to have sex and spend time with Jodi when he claimed she was stalking him.

    • Yes that is right ! she was such a stalker that he called her text-ed her all the time even miles an miles away from him ! OH an he wanted to KNOW where she was going an why she was seeing so an so. Ha controlling ?? I say yes he was.

      • I think Martinez was trying to humiliate her sexually. He is unfortunately showing that he has deep seeded sexual problems. His Lack of Height??? I thought he drove up in a BIG RED CAR!

  57. Hey stupid. Maybe she brought the KY because it made things more “comfortable” for her. Oh wait! Maybe Martinez doesn’t know what KY does for a woman.

  58. does anyone know where to find the other 48 hours interview? i dont think i’ve ever seen that one before.. only the “picture perfect’ interview..

    • Well just one time at the desk the day of the fight. She said she let it continue to calm him down. I am sure it was not comfortable it was for his benefit that time for sure.

  59. OMG JM again screwed up saying that TA then texted back “Or we can just grind” and JA had to correct him saying “No, I sent that.”

    I thought JM was going to calm it down for a moment…..but the ankle biter just can’t help himself.

    I wish she could have said earlier, “Well, TA was a little taller than you but much stronger”…lol

  60. I put this on the wrong page.

    Geography????? The oral sex on the porch was a power trip. No talking, just him using her and no talking. No affection etc. This is not the same as oral sex in the bedroom. I fully understand the difference. The porch is much more of a fetish act.

    Am I the only one who gets that?

    • No I get it. She really did not like it but did it too please him. So nice of him to throw candy down also. I know she was in love with him but it truly bothers me women let men treat them in this fashion just to keep them. They have prostitutes for that.

      • Rhonda u r right but sadly she stated she felt like a prostitute, I think his position in the Mormon Church effected her reasoning. She had very low self esteem. The experts will shed light on this.
        Her upbringing has much to do with this. He is an abuser.

  61. Good lord, she acted like 90% of women in America! It’s that women equate sex more with love and expect and try for an emotional payoff. Travis was not giving her the payoff, so she felt like a prostitute. There is nothing that is not congruent with her former statements. And yes, she willingly participated in the physical part of sex. She never said he forced himself on her. But she felt forced, I think, emotionally. Because she was investing her emotions and Travis was not, so it felt unfair, and she felt used. End of discussion you freakin’ asshat, JM!

    • These people act like they have never had a love life or sex life. Give me a break! And they really don’t understand women like Jodi who put up with all kinds of shit because they love someone.

      • And sometimes, when you are in an abusive relationship giving him sex is the only time he makes you feel special and beautiful. Sometimes that’s the only time he’s engaged.
        I think Jodi liked it when Travis made her feel good about herself, and I think that was only when she was giving him something (phone sex, physical sex, oral sex, money?). He knew how to keep Jodi coming back, gotta make her feel special sometimes right and why not get a blowjob out of it!

        Notice in the taped phone call, when she wasn’t talking about sex it sounded like Travis wasn’t listening to her at all, he sounded bored to me. He wasn’t engaged in her everyday conversation. She probably should have said, “My SEX day SEX was SEX good. SEX” just to get him to listen.

    • She liked the attention she mistook Sex for love which is common with abused people. I have known so many people like this in my own family. Nobody is going to find that strange.

  62. Wow… just tuning in here- EVERYWHERE (even on the hater websites and TV networks…) People are saying that Martinez is BLOWING it today.

  63. I’ll have to catch today’s testimony later on. I have been taking a breather from it, but it sounds like Martinez is really stretching it. He can’t prove first-degree murder.

    C’mon, Juan. Just enter a plea deal with the defense.

    • He and his boss might be too stubborn to do the right thing. It would serve them right if they force a verdict and she gets acquitted for self defense when she was willing to plea to murder 2.

    • I couldn’t take any more, either. Martinez is doing his job, but his job, at the moment, seems to be to throw every piece of shit he can find at the wall and see what sticks. I can only take so much.

      I can’t even imagine what it must be like to go home at the end of the day, if your job is to be a confrontational ass-hole all day long. I would have gotten an ulcer by now.

  64. for those asking, i think my comment is lost in cybersapce, about why jodis demeanor is important, i just wanted to say this real quick- jurrors (and i know bc i was a jurror on a case that wasnt as high-profiled, but was a murder case) want to see remorse and want to see the behavior of the person responsible. .its human nature.. if the jury sympathizes with jodi, that can benefit her a great deal.. however, if they do not like her and find her to be unremorseful, smug, or combative, that can work against her.. the jury is reading into her every word and carefully examining how she presents herself, i guarantee it.

    • I hope they are because that is their job. But what you read from her actions and what they read from her actions can greatly differ based in personal life experience. Can being combative and smug hurt her? Definitely. But we all have different opinions on where that line is. Hopefully the jury will see that some if not all of her attitude with Martinez is warranted.

    • and with that, while the jurrors may not like or care for the prosecutor, they also know how invested they are in the case, so their demeanor plays little into the verdict.. they can think hes a jerk, but that wont change the verdict or the sentencing.. the same is not true for the defendant..

          • exactly.. but unfortunately, there was much less evidence against casey than jodi.. and even though they overcharged, the jury could have chose a lesser sentence.. same with jodi, they can find her guilty of 1st degree but also suggest she gets life and not the dp.. she will NOT get the dp, i am certain of that.

        • the jurrors have clearly stated that jeff ashton was NOT the reason she was found not guilty.. it was bc they did NOT prove their case..

          • caligirl –
            Can you list the all the evidence that Martinez has against Jodi?
            Other than the fact that she had admitted to killing Travis, because that’s not really evidence Martinez has, that’s Jodi admitting to self defense.

            I understand that in cases like this, when someone has killed someone, the jury is most likely going to want that person to get some kind of penalty – so that I am not disagreeing with.

            I’d just like to know what evidence you think Martinez has that proves it wasn’t self defense, but premeditated as Martinez is claiming.

          • m, i think u misunderstood what i was trying to say.. i do NOT think they will find her guilty of 1st degree murder.. i hope they dont, at least.. but i have a hard time rationally coming to the conclusion that they will just set her free without some type of penalty.. unlike casey anthony, they never proved she was responsible for caylees death.. it is established that jodi is responsible for travis’s death.. idk if that makes sense, but i think the jury will have a hard time just setting her free..i think the one thing that will haunt her and im sure she will forever regret, is the multiple interviews she gave with different stories..

          • My apologies. I did misunderstand.
            I thought you were implying that the jury will find her guilty of premeditated murder.

            I do agree with you, I think most people think there should be a penalty for killing someone in most cases.

      • Experts on trials would disagree with you. Dislike of an attorney can absolutely factor into a jury’s decision. And yes, Jeff Ashton’s demeanor was noted by several jurors in the Casey Anthony trial, who called him, among other terms, an “asshole.”

        • not disagreeing with u at all.. all jurors are different.. the ca jurors didnt like jeff ashton but have said that is not why they acquitted casey.. it was lack of evidence.. no one, hopefully, is going to acquit someone who is clearly guilty bc they dont like the prosecutor.. and vice versa.. no one should be found guilty just bc they love the prosecutor.. it might sting a little more to give that prosecutor a “win,” but that isnt the deciding factor. at least not in my experience.. the prosecutor on my case was a dbag, just like martinez.

    • But on that note, it is 4-5 years later. While I’m sure she is still remorseful it will not be as evident as it would have been if her trial had been say a year after his death. I’m sure everyone has heard the saying “time heals all wounds”, even in this case Jodi has had plenty of time to accept this and deal with it. She can’t force emotion on the stand, that would look too contrived.

      • dog, true.. that would also not work in her favor.. and we clearly see her still getting upset at times, i think thats what the jury wants to see.. even though its been 5 years, a lot of emotion should and has been brought to the surface again.. she did clearly love him.

        • This just got me to thinking, if I were in Jodi’s shoes and was in jail for the last 5 years I think I would have replayed the scenario from that day over and over a million times in my head. After 5 years you would think she would remember using the knife. Maybe not so after a few months or a year or two, but five years later? I don’t know, you have nothing but time to think when you’re in jail, I think it would have come back to me by now.

          • dog- yea, i agree.. i think she is saying she doesnt remember bc she doesnt want to be questioned about it.. she has to remember, even blocking it out of your memory only lasts for so long, especially with something so life changing like stabbing someone.. youre right, especially after 5 years!

          • Sorry to disagree, but traumatic events can be buried for life and may NEVER be remembered again at all. Or, they it can come back up — which often happens due to a trigger. For example, for me, smell is a big trigger and if I smell something, it has been known to trigger a memory my mind blocked out. But 5 years is definitely NOT a long time by any means. I remembered a traumatic incident from my childhood that happened 40 years ago, only 3 years ago, for the first time. That memory had been locked up in my mind for 37 years. I knew there was something there. In fact, I’d had some mini-triggers before about it. But I could never cross the line to remember more than just one or two mini-details … until 3 years ago.

          • im sorry for what youve been through, also abused.. its nice to have perspective from someone who has been there first hand. im sure you can sympathize deeply with jodi.

    • I agree. This is what scares me and I was on the Jury on a high profile case years ago. They are looking for remorse no matter how much time has passed.

  65. For some that think its best if Jodi sticks with just the Yes ir No answers. This was a good example of why she CANT n shouldn’t (imo). Martinez was trying to make it look like she lied about feeling like a prostitute because she text TA offering a bj and in return wanted a facial. Why didnt she feel like a prostitute then if the “gist” was still the same. She had to explain that even if the outcome was the same, it WASNT because of everything else OTHER then the jb n the “facual” he DIDNT throw candy at her or left without saying a word. I think she needed to make that known n I caught what she was saying, why IT WAS DIFFERENT. Idk if I made sense, but I know for example, its not always best for her to stick with just yes n no answers.

    • LC,I couldnt agree more and was thrilled when she actually uttered the word ”context” .You can’t just take a situation,strip it completely out of context and pretend you caught the defendant in a lie!No way this works like that.Yes,the sexual act is the same but the context was way off!I’m glad she clarified that and I think Martinez realised he had a thin argument thats why he chose to move on.

  66. i just want to say that this is the best forum i have come across and that i thank all of u for being so open minded about everything.. its very refreshing.. and while we are all on team jodi, its nice to see that we can all make valid points and respectfully discuss them.. thanks for all of the great converstation! i have found no other place to do this.. i got kicked off travis’s site within my first post lol. so thank u to everyone for being intelligent and open minded enough to converse about this case the way it should be.

  67. I think this short recess is so that Nurmi can discuss the upcoming evidence with Jodi. He is allowed to confer with her when there is new evidence brought in. In this case I believe it is texts between her and TA., some that show her initiating sexual encounters that may be considered ‘out of the norm”. What should she say about that? “Yes, that was me sending those texts, I was saying things that I believed Travis wanted to hear”. Short and sweet. (if Im right about the evidence and it is texts)

    • Hmmm….speculation abounds about this unexpected recess….someone sick? An objection that requires case law to explain….a PLEA DEAL? It could be, I guess when they come back and Jodi isnt with them, we will know. Thoughts?

    • This is inhumane !!! I thought she looked like she lost weight today on the stand and I associated it with stress. What in the heck??? What could the sheriff’s department be thinking by not feeding her. I would think this chould be grounds for dismissal and a great big fat law suit against the sheriff department! Jodi is being abused through our legal system as well. Unreal!!! Makes my heart pound to see her re victimized over and over.

    • Wow THIS IS SO UNREAL!!!!! Why, why is this happening? ?? Does anyone know? N did the judge KNOW this?! I can’t blv people, knowing that shes not eating, they all go stuff there faces with a nice big lunch, every single day n they ALL come back without feeling bad, anything???? WOW now, im in shock!!! And really, again, this falls on the judge, its her courtroom n she should know better! Im disgusted too, unbelievable!

      Yea n no wonder, HLN n everybody talking about Jodi looking like shes lost weight… REEAALLYY???!!!

  68. Sheriff Joe Arpaio (the worlds biggest asshole sheriff) wakes up the trial defendants between 3-4 AM for a 10:30 court time. They get breakfast when they are gotten up, then nothing until 6pm that day. I saw another case where the defense is filing against the sheriff because the defendants can’t concentrate without food.

  69. Wow all these days she does not get lunch? no wonder she does look weak to me also. That Sheriff did say they do not get lunch they get Breakfast an Dinner NO LUNCHES so all these Lawyers are out eating an stuffing their faces while she gets WATER ! disgusting.

  70. OMG they have been making Jodi go through this entire trial without any lunches? What kind of crock of shit shyster system is that?

    • That’s pisses me off so bad!!!! Above everything else that she should sue, when she gets out, she should also sue them for THIS!!!! And these assholes expect her to come back after they’ve had there lunches with the perfect attitude, BULLSHIT, she has every right to be aggregated, bothered n angry. Shes tired n week, she has a migraine from not eating n listening to someone yelling at her all morning!

  71. ok,glad i see that written because i thought i didnt understan,let me get this straight:this poor woman is on trial for her life,has to go through emotional hell reliving it every single day while starving???I dont know why but i burst out crying hearing that.

    • And?? Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? There is no way I could think straight without having lunch every day.

      I’m just disgusted with power hungry people like that sheriff, and you can bet no one on the prosecution team cares.

      Does the jury know she is without lunch? If I were on her jury that would make me have more sympathy for her.

        • That’s too bad because I know when I am hungry I get like “RARRRRR” I get cranky and it is not my normal self…definitely affects the brain.

      • Damn, she’s been keeping calm for being on an empty stomach.
        I’d either cry, be a total bitch, throw up, or pass out eventually.
        Or all of the above at once…