Jodi Arias Trial – Day 22

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A new week, and day 2 of Jodi’s cross examination begins.

As I said yesterdaybefore you can convince anyone of anything, you have to be 100% convinced of it yourself… and this is where Martinez struggles. He knows this wasn’t pre-meditated murder… as much as he’d like it to be… so he has to put on an act and pretend it was. This is precisely why he’s continually losing the plot and (in turn) losing the case.

So let the little guy carry on with his aerobic styled pissing match antics, and Jodi can continue to knock him flat and stamp “dickhead” on his forehead multiple times.

I can’t really see either of them changing their approach this week – and why would they?

Leave your comments below on Day 22…

Team Jodi


  1. Martinez won’t change his tactics but Jodi has an idea of what the cross will be like now. Hopefully she was able to recharge herself this weekend.

    I wonder how many days the cross will last?

    • I agree, I watched a show last night on the ID channel and Juan Martinez was the prosecutor. He was the very same guy then that he is now and the accused got a lesser charge of 2nd degree murder. He was yelling and flailing in his whole cross examination of the defendant so it goes to show that Martinez is “one trick pony” and only knows one thing to say or do. Jodi has handled herself perfectly and it may be that noty only is there little to no premeditation evidence but Martinez will be so unlikeable that the jurors will end up liking the defense team more. She is being overcharged and the aggressive tactics portrayed by Martinez will nullify the attempts he will try to make. Go Nurmi!

    • Hey Jaz, I would assume were 2-3 days in cross. He still hasn’t gotten into any facts yet. He started with an attack on her family, her sister in fact, to try and rattle her. It didn’t work, not in my eyes anyway. He hasn’t even got onto the facts of the case, like the bullet casing that was in the blood, but it only had blood on the bottom, as if it had been fired after he had been stabbed. However, she isn’t an expert, so all she has to do is say I dont know.
      This smurf guy has got to be turning the jury off. It only takes one jury to be in the same situation that she was in for them to know what she was feeling. I am not a woman, but I know many girls who have been treated badly. Heck, probably by me in my younger days, so I am not surprised at all by his actions, nor hers.
      I would assume after the long weekend, he has done alot of work, and will come at her in a different way, and more prepared, rather than all over the place. Also, if she was the one who wrote in that magazine, why didn’t he ask her if she was the one that wrote in it? Maybe someone else wrote in it? I doubt it, but he didn’t actually say it was her writing.

      • I do think a few facts came out, but they might have been somewhat obscure. Who knows if Martinez will try to point them out more succinctly in closing or before he finishes cross.

        In Jodi’s direct testimony on day 16, when she is describing Jan 22 and the attack that broke her finger, she says that Travis wanted to borrow $200 from her and got angry that she didn’t have it to give him. But in cross yesterday, the texts messages said..and Jodi testified to…Travis having loaned her money. (amount not specified)

        I am still somewhat unsettled by this myself so I hope it is revisited. Its the argument over her not lending, in part, that she said caused the violence. But now it turns out he loaned her money that day. I’m confused. Any thoughts on this?

        • I’m not too worried about the check. He worked every other system he was invovled in. Why not the banking system. She loaned him over $900 in 15 days. Maybe she needed a few dollars back for gas.

          M is very loopy in his cross I can’t begin to guess if we’ll get to see where anything he says is going.

        • I think they helped each other out financially at different times, depending on who had more disposable income at a given moment. Like if Travis had a good week with PPL or Jodi with her job, they could loan the other money if needed.

          • @Kira, oh they both loaned money, and that’s not the point of the matter as it relates specifically to Jan 22. I’ve read this in more than one forum so if they noticed, perhaps the jury did too? I hope it gets resolved.

        • Yes AnonyGee, I thought I had heard the same thing in direct but I did not take time to go back to direct testimony. Are you absolutely positive she said on 1/22 that him wanting to borrow money was part of the reason for the violence?

    • My prayers are with you Jody,I just want to give you a big hug ,I have been abused for years emotionally,mentally and physically in the worst way,its ruined my life.I sooooo understand where you were at and I believe you did what you had to do to save your life,your so smart and beautiful I dont know how anyone would ever want to hurt you,makes me angry.I have twin daughters born 1985 they look so much like you its crazy,so its like looking at one of my twins up there being abused by that prosecuter,keep it together he is trying to get you to slip up like when he said do you remember placing him in the shower stall and you said yes,i know it gets confusing and thats what he is trying to do,good luck Jody…..I am praying for you! Rhonda M.

    • good luck jodi! no death penalty. i despise people who want the death penalty. martinez yells to much, i hope the jury sees that,cuz if i were a juror he would of gotten on my nerves by now. -Rio lorena-

  2. What does everyone think about the motion that was filed on Friday regarding Flores lieing about the doctors report? He perjered himself, and he is the lead detective! I mean cmon, if he lied about something that is so minor as the order of wounds, what else did he lie about?
    I mean really, no jury is going to say ok, she did this first, therefore she is totally innocent. I dont think she will get off on self defense, just because of all the stories she told. Plus, self defense really is about doing just enough to defend yoruself, not going overboard. This might have been a crime of passion, which doesnt constitute the death penalty, but we will probably never know what really happened.
    I have too much to say about this case, and I dont like the media reports, nor lieing cops!
    Good luck today JAA!

    • My thoughts on Flores having a different version of wounds than the ME? I think it was a HUGE mistake on his part and maybe even career suicide. However, because he claims after the fact that he misunderstood the ME and wasn’t quoting him directly, the judge so far has ruled it to be a non-issue.

      I’m not sure I see how it makes much difference in terms of her self defense theory anyhow. I don’t think it prejudices her case at all and in fact, I think it actually helps her case. It may help muddy the water of which wounds came first and thus lend itself to reasonable doubt.

      • The order of wounds seems really important. I still keep going back to the fact that she was 115 lbs. and him 190. The *only* way she could have pulled this off would be if she shot him first. She says she shot him first; ME swears up and down shooting had to be last; Flores doesn’t just says whatever. Just saying whatever is pretty huge.

    • I’m not impressed by Flores’ detective work and I have no idea why he feels the need to park his ass in court each day. Juan’s the lawyer.

        • OMG! Ok, I am reading the flores detective report that was posted on the court docs here recently I guess. On page 4 of the report, he talked about Travis and his knew (new) girlfriend having the tires slashed. What he says though is, “his knew girlfriend”. OMG, I know its minor, but if your doing a report, and your going to push for the death penalty, shouldnt you know the difference between new, and knew?

          • lol, you’d think new/knew. But if we’re going to be fair, Jodi’s lawyers have filed court docs with misspellings and typos. I always expect perfection in court docs, was kind of surprised.

        • It is common practice for the lead investigator to sit along side the pros not only in high profile cases. The reason the lead detective sits next to them, they are the person who directly investigated the crime and assist the pros with the facts of the case and specific details. This not just something Mr. Martinez decided to do. It is common practice for many cases!

    • Well also, was it an accident, or was it self defense? She said the gun went off accidentally.

      I understood her to testify that she ran away knowing she was in a life and death struggle, had just enough time to grab the gun and shoot him in self defense. Did she explain why it went off accidentally, and not with the full intention of defending herself?

  3. Sorry for posting twice, but I just have to see what you guys think,!

    Maggie says:
    February 25, 2013 at 9:13 am
    Okay, here’s my theory after looking at the whole picture, and a lot of the details:

    Jody IS covering for one or more others. She is scared for her family because she was threatened that if she didn’t take the fall, they (Mormon mafia) would come after them. Travis was no poster boy for his fellow Mormons, and that fact was becoming more and more obvious. He was out of control and had to be stopped. Was he a pedophile? Maybe. Is there a group of Mormon pedophiles like there was and is a group of Catholic pedophiles? I still can’t completely buy her Herculean strength which supports there was at least one or more others present. I”m suspect of Zachary and Chris Hughes, as I know a lot of you are. I see Jodi taking the fall, scared senseless and determined to protect her family who has been threatened. TA was a threat, so he was done away with. And now Jodi has to be silenced. If this is true at all, I can only hope Nurmi or someone can get her to crack and can provide a way for her and her family to be protected. Her stories and some details have some holes because she is trying to hard to be believable but maybe giving a hint there is more to the story. And the prosecution has had their sites on the target, Jodi, since day one. They won’t even look at anything that does not support their goal. Hence, Gus Searcy’s info and others has been ignored. Thoughts?

    Maggie says:
    February 25, 2013 at 9:47 am
    Oh,and add Dustin Thompson to the mix. Ashley, his now deceased wife or ex-wife, had a really strange feeling about the way he was acting. She appeared very afraid. And he went RIGHT over once he found out. TA’s whole “circle of friends” were foaming at the mouth to throw Jodi under the bus – even the 911 call seems odd with the immediate jump and just the tone of directing cops to Jodi. Every one, especially Chris Hughes, is portraying her as some kind of devil, and that chorus got louder and louder. It became a perfect opportunity to get rid of Travis, who was a potential threat because of his increasing recklessness with women (and only a matter of time if one found out if the pedophilia or other was true), to set Jodi up for the fall.

    Whether it’s a pedophile ring or some money scam, or all together, Dustin seems to have no conscience. We must find out what happened to Ashley.

    • Maggie, in your theory, what time does Jodi leave his house and the ‘others’ subsequently come in and take pictures of and kill him? Or, are you suggesting that while she was taking pictures, one or more persons came in and killed him but just let her go? If they’re going to commit murder, why wouldn’t they have just killed the witness to the crime instead of sweating it out for the past 4+ years?

      I believe Jodi when she says she acted alone.

    • I also had a thought about that ,not to accuse every Mormon of being a Pedophile more Parents molest kids then any other group., Pedophiles exist in all areas, Since the whole story is coming out, I do not see how this would benefit her & of course the Forensic evidence points to her I do not believe she could drag his body. The Prosecutor is trying to get a death penalty so he is going to try a build a case on pre-meditation. The defense must use the evidence to support this was self defense and as Flores even stated Domestic Violence Crime,

    • Maggie,

      The tires were slashed on two different nights, Dec. 7 and Dec. 8, while Travis was visiting Lisa Andrews. The very next night, Dec. 9, Lisa received that threatening e-mail. It seems logical that whoever slashed the tires also sent the e-mail. When Lisa was interviewed by Flores, she still had the e-mail, and she forwarded it to him. An e-mail can easily be traced by the police. If that e-mail had come from Jodi, the prosecutor certainly would have brought it up in the opening statements. Lisa’s ex-boyfriend was a recent ex and he has a police record. That’s Steve Bell. I think Steve Bell sent the e-mail and I think he slashed the tires also.

      If Steve Bell slashed the tires, that would mean that Travis had two different people who did violence to him within a six month period. If Dustin Thompson also meant harm, that’s one more. Dustin and his wife Ashley were getting divorced and they separated two weeks before Travis was murdered. Ashley was good friends with Travis and she wanted to room at his house. They decided against it because it wouldn’t look right. But she moved out of her house with Dustin and got her own apt. two weeks before the murder. She told police Dustin wasn’t acting right around the time of June 4. (I’m very interested to know what happened to Ashley.)

      It just seems unusual that one guy would have a number of people who are stalking/threatening/doing violence to him within a six month period.

      Travis also had a falling out with a roommate, John Hepworth, during December. In Lisa’s statement to Det. Flores, she said that John Hepworth moved out in December without any notice to Travis. Jodi also said Travis and Hepworth had problems. I believe John Hepworth is the roommate who told Lisa that Travis was cheating on her, and when Jodi walked in on Travis and Lisa in the kitchen, it was because she was bringing John Hepworth honey chicken, and John Hepworth had told her Travis wasn’t home. I think he set her up to come over and see Lisa there.

      Regarding Travis financial problems during that 6 month period, whether we disregard what Jodi said because he loaned her money, there is also Lisa Andrews testimony that one of the times she and Travis broke up it was because Travis was having financial problems. Also in one of the early TV interviews, Sky Hughes said that after Travis started seeing Jodi his business/work started to suffer, and he wasn’t making as much money.

      Sometimes I go back to the two intruder story too. I’m just trying to figure out if it could have happened. It’s true, if there were two intruders, they left no evidence at all in the bathroom or the hallway. But I still question how Jodi could have done all that violence and dragging and stuffing by herself.

      • Dead bodies are harder to drag than live ones. Ever try and pick up a two year old who doesn’t want to be picked up? Their bodies don’t become stiff, they become limp, “dead weight”, very hard to pick up/move. Pretty smart for little kids… comes from the core. Anyhow, I wonder if they are factoring adrenaline into this. If it was an all out fight to the death, her adrenaline would be pumping and increasing her abilities. I’d like to know to what degree this would affect strength, etc.

      • I apologize for commenting again, I just can’t believe Jodi could drag him down the hall, and all the other stuff she’s accused of. He was quite a bit larger than her. Also, he’d been working out for the Cancun trip, right? So, he couldn’t stop her??

      • TryingtoFigureThisOut:

        I have had the same thought that Jodi’s story of the two intruders may have been true. It’s just an intuitive hunch that is based on the supposition that she went into some kind of dissociated state on the day of the murder. I don’t know how this might have played out, but a lot of things don’t add up, as has been noted many times on this site. This hunch was supported this morning when I saw the newly released video of her initial interrogation. When the investigator left the room, the video camera recorded her doing a head stand against the wall, singing, talking to herself, saying something to the effect of “You should have put on your makeup, Jodi,” and going through the trash basket. This is all rather childlike behavior that suggests to me that she was still dissociated during the interview. People in court and elsewhere are discussing the putative diagnosis of PTSD. Nothing has been said, however, about a dissociated reaction to extreme trauma, especially in a person who has a history of abuse.

    • Maggie, I agree she did not do this alone. 115 lbs is what the police report said she weighed. I think autopsy puts him in around 190. TA had been working out–the punching bag is in the living room–there are muscles on his arms. He was a wrestler in high school. I have been in some tussles with men–all larger than me–TA would have had a knife away from her in 1 sec. flat—any wrestlers out there???

      Thus, the order of events is important.

      In light of the religion, TA’s behavior was along the lines of Jimmy Swaggert. If not already there, that was just a matter of time. Maybe not a pedophile, but from his words, both written and spoken, for sure an interest in all possible taboo sex acts. And, an elder in the church who baptizes his alleged stalker.

      I always do that 🙂

      Agreed: the 911 call alleging the stalking sounded really, really *eager*—-it didn’t sound like concern. It sounded more like an eagerness to profess a theory and get in on some limelight with the police.

      Not sure the roommates were all in on this though. I think he was just dissing her to them all the time—who knows why. Very clear, however, he was dissing her. Where are the receipts for the 3 new sets of tires? I have heard no evidence substantiating this, but the tires are talked about like fact. I have not heard anything about tires in testimony, but maybe I missed something.

      Mafia???? Y-E-S—those are the people who slit throats. College boys don’t do that; Mormon boys don’t do that; Women don’t do that. Attractive, articulate, intelligent women in a rage don’t do that. Prison inmates, gangs, and mafia do that.

      PPL sounds like a cult. I still don’t see motive for a killing though.

      • That’s what I’ve been pondering. How Jodi could have done this alone when she weighed 115 and T weighed 190 lbs of dead weight that someone dragged all the way down that hall, and honestly, I don’t believe she did that.

  4. Does anyone else find it odd that this financially successful guy with the big house did not have a computer/laptop of his own? Everyone has a laptop or pc, Travis was all over social media, do we really believe he was borrowing a friends laptop because he didn’t have one of his own? The laptop seized and searched by police belonged to his friend (name?) Deeanna. Leaves me to wonder if he did have a laptop, where was it, who’s hiding it, what was on it? It could have easily been removed from the home prior to the police arriving.

    • It is odd that he would spend so much money on his beautiful office furniture and not have his own PC or Laptop to go with said office. Someone could have grabbed it if they were protecting him or maybe he was so cash hurt that he pawned it?

      • Jaz i didn’t know that they the defense should look more closely at Chris Hughes and others because there is definitely a cover up where is his computer he must have had one.

      • We know darn well that Travis had a computer and that one, or more of his buddies stashed it real good so it could not be used in this trial. It makes me wonder why the pros keeps bringing up his computer and her computer. His computer or anything that may have been on it has never been entered as evidence. Why? My theory is there’s no evidence it ever existed, even though I know for a fact it did! If it was accessable, the defense would have had it since discovery. They are really trying to screw Jodi over bad. Live and let live. No matter WTF happened, two wrongs don’t make a right and killing Jodi is NOT the answer. They will go to hell if the put that girl through any more torture.

    • The way I understood the testimony of the forensic guy, whose name I forget, was that the password to the computer was DeAnna. Where are you all getting that it belonged to her or was borrowed from someone? From that or other testimony?

      • AnonyGee, I would have to watch again, my understanding was that the “profile” on the computer was in Deanna’s name. I didn’t understand that it was the password. That would be a BIG difference.

        I totally could have misunderstood too.

      • The account name on the laptop was Deeanna (if that is her name, im not positive). Regardless of the name, it was not Travis’ name. A witness (Martinez maybe?) explained that usually when someone purchases a new computer or laptop, the initial setup phase requests you to set up a user account. That account was Deeanna, not Travis. Many people have two, three or more accounts on their pc – one for parents, one for the kids, whatever. If Travis had a laptop of his own he likely would have made the account name ‘Travis’ or ‘T-dogg’, not ‘Deeanna’. Just strikes me as odd that a rich guy borrows a friends laptop, that’s all.

    • Indeed. Do we know that for a fact no computer of Travis’ was ever found, Dog? A computer would hold many, many secrets and it would make absolute sense that it was taken, especially if the theory he was killed by one or more who had an interest that could cause others financial or moral or both ruin is true.

      So much that is fact and is known is being left out by the prosecution. And though Nurmi is doing a great job to show that she was abused, I think he has to throw some of this out there sometime, or has he?

      I don’t know if Jodi was contacted by someone who encouraged her to see TA, knowing that anything bad that happened to him while she was there would be attributed to her. I don’t believe for one minute she planned it all. I get a sense that the last picture of TA staring into the camera , that he is looking behind the photographer. Not sure why. But if so, that could be the stabber.

      • I believe they would have seized every computer in the house in a case like this where emails, text, allegations of child porn etc are involved. There has only been mention of that one laptop and Jodi’s laptop.

        • But she didn’t allege the pedo stuff until later. I think Martinez crew wiped the porn off or travis never used it in the first place given it was deanna’s pc and she was all in his business.

          • But usually if there is a murder in the home they will seize all computers and laptops as those can provide the most clues to finding a suspect. Again, I just found it funny that Travis, being a business man and all, traveling often, didn’t have a laptop of his own (that I’m aware of). I have one in nearly every room in the house and I’m not wealthy by any means… lol

          • Is there any proof that This Deanna person was accused of Stalking Travis. Did anyone else come forward. Can the defense some how investigate this particular Mormon Group with regard to anyone else experiencing an abusive relationship with Travis. I also think that there is something strange about the company he worked for. This whole Mormon group seems very obsessed with money. The whole pedophile thing could be true I don’t see the advantage of making this up. According to experts Some pedophiles might act out their fantasies in legal ways by simply talking to or watching children and later masturbating. Some pedophiles might act out their fantasies in legal ways by engaging in sexual activity with adults who look (small stature, flat-chested, NO BODY HAIR, dress (children’s underwear, school uniform), or act (immature, baby talk) like young children. I thought his behavior was consistent with a deviant and that he was acting out his Child Molesting Fantasies with Jodi The Braids School 12 year old girl. By a normal person this will be noticed the Tape where he talks about Rape is very telling put the whole picture together he is an abuser.

        • You would think they’d seize everything, but they can’t do that without a warrant which would mean the person would have to be a suspect.

      • Maggie, that makes so much sense. TA had a look of dread on his face when that last photo was taken in the shower, and he certainly seemed to be looking beyond the photographer!

    • OF COURSE HE HAD HIS OWN COMPUTER!!!!! Where is it? Most likely a laptop, just pick it up and walk out the door with it. Social media has to be created with e-mail addresses. E-mail addresses can be traced ALL OVER THE PLACE (as in to this site). You get an e-mail address, Google, yahoo, whatever can then be traced directly to an IP address—to the exact computer where the e-mail came from. All you need to know is the internet service provider. I know all this for a fact: someone I know was being cyberbullied. It took a little time, but all the police needed was the e-mail address to trace it back to the exact computer. For Google to investigate, a court order is required. I’m sure a judge would grant that in this case. Pretty shoddy detective work. Jodi’s accounts would probably have more than one e-mail address for him.

    • I’m curious about this, as well. I don’t think it’s remotely possible that she can be convicted of 1st degree, pre-meditated murder. But does AZ law allow for the jury to find her guilty of a lesser charge? I know this has been discussed here before, but I have yet to hear a definitive answer from someone who is knowledgeable about the laws in AZ.

      • It depends on whether they feel it’s more like second degree murder, which is somewhere along the lines of a crime of passion, or manslaughter; self defense does sometimes result in an aquittal but it seems that there is almost always some kind of penalty, like criminally negligant homicide, etc.

        • “self defense does sometimes result in an aquittal but it seems that there is almost always some kind of penalty, like criminally negligant homicide, etc.”

          This is interesting, Kira. Do you know if, when it does NOT result in acquittal, it’s because the self-defense in question seems unreasonable? I.e., based on a mistake if some kind?

          • That was me, Kris, LOL. You know, it really depends on what the jury decides. There is almost no way to predict it. I don’t know if you remember the Chris Koons case–his g/f died of a drug overdose while he was with her; of course there was a sex tape from the night before she died and he was a doctor, so they assumed he was injecting her/giving her the drugs, but there was no proof anywhere. However, because he was with her when she died and then they said it was criminally negligent homicide and not manslaughter. I don’t know if he did inject her or didn’t, nobody does, all I know is that there was no proof of him doing it and he was present when she died. I personally know of a situation where somebody I knew ODed and nobody present was ever convicted of anything. So it is totally, totally up to the detectives, the jury–there is no mitigating factor, basically, that I would say could help predict whether she would do time or not if the jury agrees it is self defense. It can be something as simple as “Well, she didn’t call 911, so there is negligence.” I’m not saying I’m agreeing with that (and Koons did call 911 and was doing CPR when they showed up). I wish I could give you a better answer, but it is all up to the jury.

        • This might help:

          First degree: killing with the intent to kill. Usually requires premeditation. Also includes felony murder – an unplanned murder that occurs during the commission of a felony (example is defendant burglarizes a house and during the burglary kills the homeowner – no premeditation but committed during a felony).

          Second degree: killing with the intent to do harm but not the intent to kill. Example – shooting someone in the leg with the intent to wound but not kill, and the victim bleeds to death.

          Third degree: killing that resulted from indifference or negligence. Usually there must be a legal duty (parent – child), but can also include crimes like driving drunk and causing a fatal accident.

          Fourth degree: felony murder committed by an accomplice. Same as felony murder, but instead of one burglar there are two. Burglar A kills the homeowner and that is first degree murder. Burglar B did not take part in the killing but did take part in the burglary and that is fourth degree

          I found that here:

        • I thought jurors can only decide on what charges the defendant is charged with and they can’t make up their own charges? Like if Jodi is only charged with 1st degree murder, they can only find her guilty of 1st degree murder or acquit her. No?

          • Thanks, Kris.

            joseph–I believe, in all capital cases, the judge must instruct the jury (if it’s undecided?) to consider “lesser included charges.” In this case, I believe that is second degree murder, but not third. But, I haven’t seen this documented anywhere.

          • Yes, Pique, that is correct. Martinez wants to get first degree murder–that is why he took it to trial. However, it really seems like the worst she could get is second degree murder. If they do feel it’s self defense there may still be manslaughter charges involved–but usually somebody gets time served with that; she’s already done five years.

  5. SJ – Thanks for the link on the Doug Grant trial. Everyone here should absolutely take the time to read that. Not being a resident of AZ, I had not heard of this trial. While I think the info on the actual linked website has to be taken with a grain of salt (the writer admits to being biased, as well as to being an employee of the defendent), the links in that article to outside news sources are very eye-opening, to say the least. When the local news media – usually biased towards the prosecution – is openly condemning of Martinez’s behavior and questionable tactics, it should give everyone pause to think.


    “The defense also showed items from Alexander’s Internet search history from the early morning hours before he was killed, showing that he watched YouTube videos of scantily-clad women dancing to pop music and visited a proxy server, which covers one’s IP address while surfing the Internet. The defense will try to prove that Alexander was obsessed with looking at sexual content on his computer.”

  7. goodmorning all….. just started watching, what video is nurmi asking mr hall for??????

    Prayed lastnight for Jodi, hope she has a great day!!

    Team Jodi

        • That video was played on the Jane Valez-Mitchell show, and Travis and his friends were all shooting these rifles that looked like AR-15s. Can you imagine Travis showing up with a little .25 pistol? I suppose there are people who have .25s who don’t consider them guns at all so they might say they don’t own a gun.

          • Gun footage did not help prosecution at all. He is firing the rifle and his body absorbs all the kickback—can you imagine Jodi firing that thing? I keep going back to her probable inability to do all of that herself.

            Footage suggests he knows what he’s doing with all kinds of guns, thus potential gun owner, regardless of what his friends think. Based on their testimony vs. the evidence, his “friends” didn’t know much about him.

          • Virginia,

            It sounds like you are talking about the kickback from the rifle needing to be absorbed by a big person. You know she didn’t shoot the rifle in the bedroom/bathroom/hall, right? She grabbed a .25 caliber out of Travis’ closet. In many other places on this site, there is a lot of talk about how small and weak and ineffectual a .25 caliber is. And there’s no way Jodi would be shortsighted enough to bring such a weak weapon if she planned to kill him … because after multiple shots from such a weapon, it still might not stop him. I guess I’m not sure what you’re saying.

        • Is this the guy that is the firearms traininer and said that if Travis had a gun he would have known because Travis would have showed it to him? Seems like there are a lot of detais about Travis’ life most people didnt’ know!

          • Kris,

            Can you imagine Martinez’ kids: “Dad, you said you’d take us to the park, right?” “Dad, you said I could have the car tonight, right?” “Dad, you told me to turn left, right?” “Dad, you told me that becoming a defense attorney was wrong, right?” “Dad, you said you wouldn’t use the word ‘right’ anymore, right?”

  8. Mormon doctrines promote sex-abuse, period! Mormonism’s entire core philosophy is that Mormons are expected to provide more earthly bodies for waiting spirits in a lower heaven, to enable them to earn a higher celestial state. This heresy is as bizarre as it is unbiblical. So if a little girl is taught from the time she’s born that heaven is counting on her to be sexual active… well, you get the picture. One of the dirty little secrets that the newsmedia doesn’t tell the public in Mormon sex abuse cases, is that the molested children are often happy to be victimized, because they’ve been brainwashed to think they are serving the Mormon god. Literally, many Mormon children have been brainwashed by their Mormon parents to look forward to being sexually molested, which is why public photos have been released of Mormon leader, Warren Jeffs, kissing and fondling his 12-year old WIVES! The Difference Between The Catholic Religion lets say and Mormonism is that Its Doctrine is against Child Molestation and considered intrinsically evil. As I stated earlier Catholicism does not Justify Child Molestation in their doctrine like The Mormons do. The media has never really addressed the epidemic in this CULT!

        • Hey Oliviero,

          I think you are referring to a different type of Mormonism. Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS Church) is Warren Jeffs is a part of. This is a much more extreme religion, and is not the same as the type of Mormonism that Travis and all his friends are.

          • I agree with you here lindsay, the LDS church doesn’t believe in sex until marriage, and in fact excommunicates members for doing so, so why would they promote children to do so? My wife and I were almost excommunicated a year after we were married, because we were applying to become temple worthy (where my wife and I could be sealed forever((like a marriage that lasts even in heaven))), and I had to inform the bishop we had had premarital sex. Instead, he gave us a ways to repent (talk to those who knew, let them know we are aware it was a sin) and to pray for forgiveness.

            FLDS members have broken values and may do such things as olivero suggests, but I couldn’t testify to this, because I’ve never learned their ways. I have no interest to.

          • PYROMIE Not true enormous Law Suits with LDS The more someone tries to look perfect on the outside it usually is the opposite if you research LDS you will see. To me LDS is a Cult.
            And all these perfect people appearing on Valez Grace etc. Stating how sincere he was about his religion then in the next breath a guys says Jodi was just a booty call to him. The contradicted himself. I am sorry I do not buy it most Normal people find LDS WEIRD!!!! You can research it on your own. LOTS OF MONEY!!

        • You are correct, but when the church made major alterations, (including denouncing polygamy) the FLDS broke off as wanting to maintain their “Fundamentals”, hence the name.

          We do not practice polygamy, and in fact excommunicate those who would even try to.

          There are no beds in our temples, we don’t condone underage sex, or even Unwed sex. We don’t condone getting married under 18, and we don’t condone ANY kind of drug use. That article he claims is all about the “LDS cult” as he so put it, is really a jumble of hate speech with no actual sources other than equally ridiculous webpages created by those who wish to spread hate.

          The only factual parts of the website refer to the FLDS church, which our church (the LDS church) has NOTHING to do with, and in fact, speaks out against.

          Hate mongering ignorance needs to stop, seriously.

          His website should go into the practices of other christian based religions back in the 1800’s and before, and see what “dirty little secrets” come up.

          • Its not hate mongering that LDS, maybe not everyone, is recognized as a cult. But one glance at the Friends of Travis shows that they definitely act as if they are part of a cult The covering of Travis Alexanders deep seeded problems has to make you wonder. I believe LDS is a cult and they are very obsessed with money their Doctrine is very strange. Does it mean every individual is bad absolutely not, but the fact that Travis Alexander would decide who Jodi Arias marries and it must be from his cult., He only had sex with Jodi? Then we have protection from all the members of his group actually lying. He was a virgin, Don’t marry outside the group? Other people in his cult, decide who he should marry date? and lets not leave out that scam business that has multiple complaints. How about Law suits against LDS.

    • JC,

      I haven’t been watching yet today, so I’m not sure what your Miranda warning vs. rights is …

      The rights of an individual are given in the constitution, the 5th & 6th Amendments, not the Miranda. The Miranda is the warning telling you about those rights. So, even if Miranda didn’t exist, you have the right to counsel and to not incriminate yourself from the constitution.

      I think tv detective shows has used them interchangeably, and thus the confusion in the public.

      Interestingly enough, if police decline to offer a Miranda warning to an individual in their custody, they may interrogate that person and act upon the knowledge gained, but may not use that person’s statements to incriminate him or her in a criminal trial.

      Coincidentally, The case that brought about the eventual Miranda rights ruling, involved Ernesto Miranda was of Phoenix, Arizona.

      • Nevermind,

        Your right if you want to get technical. I prefer to think someone would refer to them as rights versus warnings. That argument is purely semantics.

        • So when someone is mirandized, they are being warned of their rights? Or are they being made aware of their rights as part of duty to communicate them?

          • Yeah that sounds right. Like there are no rights inherent in Miranda itself. Miranda is a vehicle to point out the rights you already have under the constitution. Miranda gives you no more or no less rights, nor does it inform of your Miranda rights. It informs you of your Constitutional rights.

            At least that’s the way I understand it. But point taken, you didn’t like the way he referred to it … and wen I watch Youtube tonight, I’ll probably see what you mean. Thanks for the discussion.

  9. How do you “un-sophisticate”?

    Holy hell, here we go again, right out the gate… Nurmi should be Objecting to almost every question with “Leading” or “Badgering”.

        • I’m just going to walk around all day tagging “right” onto the end of everything I say to confuse the hell out of my family and friends….

          • Kris,

            I’ve been meaning to ask you about a forensic test used called SARA. Its a tool used to see whether a person has a propensity toward violence. I looked it up and it was a questionnaire about one’s background, family history of violence and other indicators. Apparently, Jodi was given this test and the defense motioned to preclude the results. I don’t know how the state ruled though. The test was administered by a pro pros expert. My question is: do you know how valid this tool is? When I viewed the questions ( granted I do not have the book or training to understand the tool) I noticed that i have some violence and abuse in my background and I’m thinking the test would say that if a person did have these issues, they would be more prone to violence? What do you make of this forensic tool?

          • It’s one of those things that is about as valid as any other psychological test or say, a polygraphy machine. It provides interesting information, and people can use it for analysis reasons like therapy, say, but they can’t use it to “declare” a foregone conclusion. It’s like a tool used for analysis. Its usually the therapist/psychiatrist that uses the tool to make the final decision, but it would not be the based on the test alone; I mean, usually therapy is also involved in the diagnosis. So if they were trying to just use the test alone it wouldn’t work, I’m guessing. Again, think of it like the lie detector test–a useful tool for analysis but not always correct.

            I’m not sure they could use the test if the expert agreed with the results or not, though.

      • The judge should stop Martinez from testifying for her instead of just asking questions like he is supposed to. Martinez is mean, rude and completely out of line.

      • This where he is trying to confuse the jury as to what Jodie thinks, feels, or is admitting to. This is how he operates. He has to cheat. I’m surprised the judge doesn’t tell him to approach the bench.

        • If Martinez is cheating and out of line and not being stopped, that means the judge is doing something out of line too. If the judge is however ruling correctly, and allowing him to continue, then he’s not cheating or being out of line according to the ruling or absence of rulings.

          If however again, it is determined on appeal that the judge did not rule correctly or legally, well, at least we’ll find out then, or at the very least, find out what another judge believes about his behavior which may be in agreement with the current judge.

        • I don’t think much of the Judge, either. Yes Martinez is out of line, rude and abusive and the Judge should stop him from testifying for her, trying to sway the jury, but she doesn’t. This wouldn’t be allowed in the UK. This judge is a wet week, Nurmi objects and she allows it. Unreal. Once something has been said, its been said and it can’t be taken back.

          Keep thinking about Kira likening her to a tree!! lol

      • He is basically dehumanizing her by refusing to call her Ms. Arias. And Nurmi made a point of asking her on the stand how to pronounce her name.

          • Daniel i really enjoy your posts. They’re always fair insightful and open minded. I often scroll thru and check them out specifically. I like that you are looking at the evidence worth common sense. It’s hard to find a lot of places to do that…or someone to discuss with on some sites your admonished if you dare discuss mitigating evidence and vice versa. Thanks for your import i enjoy reading your thoughts

  10. Martinez is an ass! He is very confusing to follow and his question are not that clear. It is a turn off how he gets mad when Jodi asks him to repeat. His order is not logical also. If I was on the jury, I’d have trouble following this.

      • I agree. She has to stay focused and should keep asking him to clarify no matter how annoyed he gets! I am waiting for him to have a heart attack. If I am getting heart palpitations listening to him, I can’t imagine how Jodi feels. Good for her for keeping her cool and answering nicely.

          • Yes, it is an interrogation tactic to jump around on subjects and dates. I was recently reading a book on the Kennedy assassination, and the lead detective who interviewed Oswald said that he commonly did that in order to trip up a suspect. I’m sure JM was trained in this tactic, just as any detective would be.

    • i know but she is trying so hard. she keeps correcting Martinez. So she has to remember things, try not to say too much or say the wronbg thing & shes correcting martinez too. its alot! I feel so sad for her, i would be crying just for that!

  11. Travis was a PIG ! an no other woman will stand up an tell the truth about him
    because they do not want it out. I do not believe all those MORMON woman
    never gave into his persistence either they all are LYING at least one did. An that
    one woman that blonde Lisa I think was her name was the closest to saying he
    was a SEXUAL DEVIANT as far as always wanting an pushing for some sex.

    Jodi did not want to TELL all this very personal stuff in public but she was forced
    too to tell the actual TRUTH about Travis an why an how the murder happened?

    Everyone thinks she murdered him right off the bat I think it was she was protecting
    herself an it was a accident the gun went off. A 25 is a small gun you can walk around
    for awhile after being shot with one. A guy in Atlanta was shot 5 times in the face with
    one an drove away. Depends on the person. Now who did all that stabbing I am confused
    about that. AN the roommates are weirdos I think. 5 days an Travis is dead in his
    bathroom. Ya RIght? I just have a feeling there was another person there during or
    after this happened that day.

    • Rohonda there is a website about Mormonism and sexual abuse very interesting since the media seems so involved in covering up Mormon Sexual Abuse. The way he behaved with Jodi proves that he was a deviant & must have other victims and also must have viewed pornography on his computer. Since he had her send him pics, there must have been others. This behavior did not start with her.

      • I hate to say anything bad about MORMON’S but I have been reading up on that religion. An it is very odd too me for the FACT that a man created it right here in the USA? I never knew that I always thought it was a offspring religion like Lutheran an Methodist are off another religion. From the actual Bible not a made up version of a new BIBLE they made up from a man that was lazy an did not want to work hard as his own father said. He was some guy that went out an made money by cheating farmers to find treasures on their land an water stuff like that. I am so shocked PEOPLE followed such a man in the late 1800’s. It really bothers me. I too could go an say I have found tablets of gold an GOD talked to me. WOW what a bunch of SHEEP ! an this man was disgusting too as Brigham Young is too in my eyes.Oh we need to BREED an BREED. An they actually believe they become some kind of GOD after death if they do these things they have in their BIBLE? an they BELIEVE in some kind of strange PLANET too WTH?

        They are not far off from being MUSLIMS as far as the VIRGIN thing goes with women they have.

        TO each his own but that RELIGION is not right it is made up not all that long ago even. An they are weird about the RICH ones in that RELIGION also they are favored over the working class by far.

        I am glad I live in the country in Alabama an they do not knock on my door ! I would give them a piece of my mind.

        • its ridiculous isnt it?! lol it makes me laugh that people would actually blv this crap. This Joseph Smith guy send the man to missions so that he could then marry there wives and daughters. They believe that Christ’s church was restored through Joseph Smith,

          what about the research??? why are they told NOT to question or research the history of there belief?? i think this makes it obvious as to why, but there are people that dont get it.

        • You are right Mormonism is very much with Masonry Money is a big part of their Cult. Secrecy.
          They aren’t Christian in their belief system. Most Americans were aware of Mormonism being a Cult they have many people in Government. Contempt for poor. They use softening as a way of control. Rape Sexual Abuse is part of that. I don’t accuse all members. But why would Travis insist she Marry a Mormon. Isn’t that control.

    • I just don’t understand why no other woman would admit and say he was a sexual deviant? You would think they would want other women to know. My last boyfriend was an abuser and sexual deviant and when I dumped his butt like the trash he was, I made sure other men he was after knew the kind of person he was so they didn’t have to go through what I went through.

      • joseph–did those other men believe your warning, or did they accuse you of being “just bitter” or “just jealous” or dishonest about the abuse?

        I ask, because it’s been my experience, and the experience of other women who’ve left their abusers, that when you bad-mouth him, the result is largely disbelief and/or censure.

        • I do Oliviero I think it has a lot to do with that circle he was in. Something so strange about it all. An that atonement stuff has me creeped out. She don’t remember that part so what if something happened an she is scared to tell the whole truth for fear of some weirdo circle of people that carry the Old ways in secret still.

          • You have many people stating that LDS is different, not at all from what I see of Travis’s friends. If you can call them that the whole recruiting money hungry, only marry a LDS members, pretty sic,k all cults are like that exclusive not inclusive. The way they get people to join but leaving all that out. I was very disturbed by the testimony of these “Sexless” Mormon girls they seemed very much in a cult. Chris Hughes his wife and the way they attacked Gus for not going along with the group thought. Gus stated people would be afraid to come forward. All this spells CULT! There teachings are incredibly sick and the obsession with sex and money and the enormous hypocrisy surrounding their behavior. When Travis spoke on the tape he really downgraded a lot of people had this idea or delusion he was superior to others, They are Godless yet he is the one fantasizing about Rape 12 year old girls etc. Typical of cult members.

        • LC, I guess it is a strategy because if Martinez keeps saying it more, then that means the jury hears it more, even if whatever it is she is denying…Martinez gets to tell the story the way he wants to be, and the jury will keep hearing it even if it isn’t true.

    • Yes, I was very shocked the judge allowed him to do that, he definitely should have been stopped. The Judge is MEANT to be impartial.. the way I see it, is, there goes a flying pig!

  12. I notice the Prosecutor’s voice is a lot calmer today not as hyper. But he is trying
    so hard to TWIST it all up. We already know she told us it was BS before as she did
    not want to bring out all the bad things about TRAVIS an her relationship with him.

  13. what is so hart for him to understand that she was out of it!!! HER state of mind was not right!!! That can be normal when faced with something so traumatic. She keeps its hard to explain but he doesnt want that answer. oh thank god, he moved on. now he’ll creat another fight about this.

    • Right…. again here is the psychologist part of me kicking in…. Women that are abused and finally fight back and sometimes kill their abuser often think the abuser is STILL ALIVE for days… They will sometimes go through all the motions as if everything is normal for days and/or they will run away to “hide” from the abuser they think is still alive. I have studied women that killed spouses etc, that abused them for years and the woman finally fought back and killed the man and it is a theme OVER and OVER again. Wait for the experts to get up there.

      • didnt Nurmi object and said something about the expert?

        He’s still fighting about her memory!!! Theyre arguing back and forth, can they do that? i knoe hes questioning her but it gets to a point that they are arguing back and forth about her memory! aaagghhh I wish they would call an expert, why didnt Nurmi call the expert before having Jodi come up.

      • Kris,you know i wosh YOU were the expert on that stand!thank you for clarygying soooo many things for us.I hope the experts are as good in their job as you.

        • Thanks, Maria. I wish I was, too, and although I am a psych professor and I train therapists, I have done a lot of work and research with this type of issue. It is a really common thing. This is why sometimes people don’t catch the fact the murder happened for several days after it happens, like in Jodi’s case.

          • Kris, have you also had experience with women who lied about abuse? if so can you tell us what are some of the identifiers therapist can use to tell who is lying vs who is telling the truth?

      • He wants to make it seem as if she was fully cognizant because that will help with his premeditation BS.

        Kris, I will tell you that I know that has to be right. After my ex was arrested for trying to kill me and I got a civil order of protection and the criminal court issued a no contact order, which meant he couldn’t come near the house, I still believed he was in the house. I couldn’t go into the room he used as an office or the master bedroom where he slept. And when I walked by the office, I cringed. I slept downstairs on the sofa for an hour or two at a time, and woke up in the middle of the night in terror screaming, believing, that he was back in the house. I stayed in that house for 10 weeks and never really got beyond that point. Finally, when I moved away, I felt safer.

        • Yes, totally, totally dead on, Also Abused. That is a big part of it. There is a feeling–even when they are gone one way or the other–that they are still there. Psychologists can’t really explain why this happens but we are VERY aware that it happens. It is more common than not common. There was a case, and the name of the woman escapes me, where a physically abused woman finally snapped and stabbed her husband, killed him, buried him in the yard, and thought he was alive for over a week. She just went through the motions like nothing happened and really thought he was still alive and around.

          The other fact is that Jodi says she does not remember the stabbing (again blacking out during a traumitic episode is a coping mechanism and not that uncommon; we talked about that one before). The woman I described above did not remember it, either. If you do not remember killing the person, you aren’t going to think that person is dead. Plus, again, if it’s an abuse situation, the woman always seems to think/feel the guy is still around.

          • I believe that was Susan Wright, the woman who buried her abusive husband in the back yard. That case was TRAGIC.

            I also wanted to say that I remember — sort of — my husband trying to kill me. But I remember it as a sort of out-of-body experience. I went through the motions and did everything I’d rehearsed I would do if that were to happen. But I wasn’t really cognizant of my actions. I don’t know if that even makes sense. I really have very little memory of what happened after that. I vaguely remember a friend calling me and I picked up and she was crying and I couldn’t even focus or understand her words. I called a mutual friend of ours and asked her to call her. That friend remembers that I couldn’t catch my breath, was hyperventilating, and she had trouble understanding me but she got the part about him trying to kill me and that he’d been arrested. The rest of the night and the next few days, I was completely out of it. I’m sure that’s what Jodi went through and maybe worse. My trauma wasn’t even as bad as hers. Although, for some reason, it hits us on the same level and our minds compensate.

      • ustream is where i watch the trial from. We can comment on the sidebar. i guess they didnt like myy comments. i wasnt being rude or fighting with anyone but i cant comment anymore. im getting an “oops msg could not be sent” IDK why?! : ((

  14. Damn, who peed in Little Man’s corn flakes this morning??? Jesus Christ Bananas, he’s not a pitbull… He’s one of those expensive, pissy-ass, high-strung ankle-biters – all bark and annoying as Hell!

  15. Completely off topic, but this weekend I was looking at the pics again. Besides the defense bringing up one time that the shower walls were not tested for blood, how in the heck could she have stabbed him as Martinez says “while he was sitting in the shower” (his beliefs not mine) and there be no blood on the shower walls and were never tested?

      • Very. You can tell they sprayed areas to look for traces of blood. Does anybody really believe they didn’t check the shower or could it be they did but nothing was found but it wouldn’t fit into their BS so instead we have oops….we didn’t think we needed to. Nurmi should have really addressed this further in questions like “would you normally check for blood on the walls in contact with where a body is laying?” “From the pictures that appear to show no blood on the walls, how is it that during the investigation you decided TA was stabbed in the shower?”

        Basically showing they didn’t do their job.

        Don’t even get me started on the crazy roommates not noticing anything out of order car in the driveway, keys and phone out, doggie door, and foul odors.

        I still don’t see how Martinez can ever turn this into premeditation….not if one goes by the law.

        • Has the State actually said that that’s their theory–that Travis was stabbed in the shower? I don’t remember hearing that, but I may have missed it …

          • I will have to go back and check but from what I recall, anybody can feel free to correct me, that was the reason Martinez was so hell bent on the last picture in the shower of TA saying he was him sitting (although one can ony assume that because you can only see his shoulders, top of the back and arms). The defense did show it could be him standing up (more than likely IMO) like the other photos in the shower.

    • Are they speaking about “invisible” blood traces in the shower that could only be detected by luminol and even with luminol they found no trace?

      Or were they talking about no visible blood in the shower.

      From my understanding, someone testified, maybe the ME, that wounds on TA’s body had been washed off … I don’t know if he also testified to the idea of blood being washed off the shower walls as well.

      I’ll have to go back an give a listen.

  16. Okay they just broke for afternoon recess, it is currently 2pm my time, what is the actual time there and what time there now and when do they come back?

  17. The ankle biting dog screws up his words again. Saying “after you killed her” when talking about sending the flowers….Nurmi did get a sustained on that objection.

    • Ya that was very unprofessional! Oh well, makes it look like he doesn’t even know what he’s talking about saying Jodi killed Travis’ grandmother.

    • That’s exactly why I posted on another forum this morning that Travis and his friends, these “men of god”, were involved in a MLM/pyramid scam in which their success depended entirely on the exploitation or “using” of others. He (Travis) used people for financial gain, he used women, he used Jodi. No respectable, ethical person gets involved in these get rich quick schemes, hence Travis was not a man of honor, he was a fraud and a con man who took advantage of people for his own personal gains.

      • ** Sorry I meant to say no respectable, ethical BUSINESS person gets involved in these get rich quick schemes. Plenty of respectable average joes get involved but only because they’re sucked in with the promise of monetary gain. They usually end up wasting money they don’t have on a system that doesn’t work.

        • Just be careful you are not confusing the Mormon LDS religion with the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS Church) which is a sect of extreme Mormons.

          • Yes I read about their offspring religion’s also. But I do believe some Mormon’s carry on in secret the old ways but it is secret. I do not know how the United States can have a religion like that here an complain about Muslim’s belief’s ? If they read the HISTORY on it they mirror on many things. I do not like it at all. I do not understand how people could even follow it if they read the WHOLE HISTORY.

  18. whew. People do not like to hear about how the Martinez is not making a point other than she lied. They just wanted to tell me that the Jury doesn’t know all that we know. Ummm, I don’t know much about this case other than what I have seen in court.

    • Right, you cannot get the death penalty for lying. If so, what would we do with all of the police, and politicians who lie? Ha ha ha.

    • Annie you are right! Lying is as old as creation itself. Everyone lies to get out of trouble, be accepted, there are multiple reasons for lying, embarrassed keep up appearances. How many people who have been given a black eye by husband boyfriend etc. Have been known to cover it up. There is an old Story of Actress Lana Turner her boyfriend beat her up molested her daughter, who knew?? and finally the daughter stabbed him. She heard him fighting with her Mother,She grabbed a knife and according to Turners daughter he, Johnny Stompanato walked right into the knife. No one was aware how afraid Lana Turner was of him. He promised that he would destroy her face if she ever left him .

  19. At some point, I think that every male juror is going to have to ask himself what if it had been his sister, his aunt, or his mother. In similar situations, should women just lay down and get pulverized by men like Travis? Or, should they fight for their lives? If a woman has to fight for her life, with a knife, then as far as I am concerned, the “way” in which an assailant is stopped is irrelevant. What is relevant is whether or not a woman has the right to protect herself from a potentially dangerous assault.

    Also, in looking at all of the photos of Travis, my opinion is that Travis may have been abusing either steriods, or HGH. Around the time of his death, his jaw muscles look much thicker than in other photos, where he is thinner. People can increase their body weight, by lifting weights. But, this does not necessarily translate into a direct increase in jaw muscles, and facial muscles. In some photos, where Travis looks much stronger, it also looks like his jaws developed into the widest feature on his face, whereas in earlier photos, his face appears more streamlined. If Travis was abusing hormonal boosters, then it could have directly contributed to his temper tantrums. I hope they looked for such things, in the autopsy.

    Here is an article that discusses the same subject:


    “We’re finding that steroid users are more likely to become violent, even above and beyond their prior levels of violence,” said Kevin Beaver of Florida State University’s College of Criminology and Criminal Justice, whose study appears in the American Journal of Public Health.

    “That would tend to suggest that there is something about steroid use that increases violence,” Beaver said in a telephone interview.”


    “A HOUSE maintenance engineer who raped a 23-year-old woman in her Worcester flat has been sentenced to six years jail.

    Scott Green, who took steroids, had consensual sex with the victim at first – but then turned violent.

    He stuck his fingers down her throat until she choked, strangled her until she had trouble breathing, slapped her face and spat at her, Worcester Crown Court was told.

    Green then carried on having sex despite her protests, put a hand over her mouth when she began screaming and, she told police, treated her “like a rag doll”, said prosecutor Paul Whitfield.

    He dragged her round the bed, held her by the hair and verbally abused her.

    In a bid to stop her calling for help, Green cut the wire to her landline phone and took her mobile with him when he left the flat at 1.15am.

    Luckily, a relative who lived nearby was disturbed by the noise and helped the terrified, sobbing woman into his flat. Police alerted to the crime arrested Green at his home.

    Green, aged 21, of Borrowdale Drive, Worcester, pleaded guilty to rape on the day he was due to face trial by jury.

    He and the victim met in McDonald’s restaurant in Worcester on February 14 at about midnight after contact between them by text and on Facebook, said Mr Whitfield.

    They took a taxi to the woman’s flat and intended to have sex. But after a few minutesg, Green’s behaviour turned “rough” and the woman “made it plain she didn’t want to have sex with him”.

    She ended up with marks on her neck, a cut lip and bruising on her arms, elbows and thighs.

    Green also took her driving licence and bank card and cut them up.

    Mr Whitfield said the defendant had attacked another woman after an argument at her aunt’s house. He squeezed her windpipe, kneed her in the stomach, pushed her face into mud and threatened to kill her.

    Ten years ago he was reprimanded by police for a robbery allegation.

    Defence barrister Adam Western said Green accepted his behaviour had been wrong and wanted treatment while in jail.

    He had identified steroids as the probable cause and was determined not to take them again.

    Judge Patrick Thomas QC said Green had treated the woman “like an object not a person” after his conduct became “extremely violent”.

    The judge passed an indefinite sexual offences prevention order forbidding Green from contacting the woman or entering her street. He must also sign the sex offenders’ register for the rest of his life.

    After the hearing, temporary Detective Inspector James Bayliss of Worcester CID said: “Green turned what started as a pleasant night out into a living nightmare for his victim.

    “He subjected her to a prolonged and sustained attack while his behaviour was vindictive and callous, so he not only violated her but also her home and her possessions.

    “It is important that everyone – victims and perpetrators – understands that no means no. If you have been forced to do something that you have not given your consent to, you have been a victim. Do not suffer in silence or think you are to blame in some way.”

    By the way, if I remember correctly, in Jodi and Travis’ waterfall photo, I think it looked like Jodi had her hands around his neck, as though she was simulating a chokehold, while laughing. Here is the photo:

    I wonder whether that was the result of some sort of inside joke, based on Travis’ sexual preferences. If so, it might corroborate the naked choke hold comment made by the other woman, years ago, on facebook.

    • Would steroids show up on a drug test??? I think I heard somewhere in that they did test TA body for alcohol and drugs. I think, Im not sure though.

      • My understanding is that they would have to do a specific test for banned hormonal boosters, such as steroids. Given all of these descriptions, I would not be as concerned about drugs, as I would about steroid abuse. Maybe a post-mortem autopsy needs to be done.


        The side effects from steroids can be very serious and even fatal. But from the information we gathered in the past few years, it seems to me the side effects are not as serious as the media makes them out to be. Because of the media over exaggerating the side effects, this has turned many people way from steroids. There will only be short descriptions for the side effects now, and in the future we will add more to the side effects when we have time.

        Water Retention:
        This is most common from using steroids. It is a “puffiness” or swelling in the neck and facial areas. It is rather notable mainly if you know the person is on steroids. For example, we know someone that took steroids but we did not know it at the time. After we found out, if we looked his face we would wonder how we couldn’t notice he was on roids before. It can be mild swelling or very serious, obvious swelling.

        Everyone knows about acne, and is one of the side effects we worry about the most for us. It is also a very common side effect, it can give acne to someone who has never had acne, and it can make acne worse for others. It can also appear in new places for a person, such as, the back and neck. There have been several users that have not received acne on the other hand.

        It may not sound familiar but most people have heard about it. It is the formation of breasts, or abnormally large glands. The first signs are lumps under the nipples, then will gradually grow to fatty tissue and increase in size.

        Aggression, also know as “roid rages”. Surprisingly, several athletes feel this is a positive effect. They often find they lift more, and are more intense during workouts. On the negative side, users find themselves fighting with family, friends, and co-workers with an uptight behavior.

    • Awesome post, thank you for sharing. It does make sense doesn’t it? I do know that hormones can change facial structure, I don’t know about steroids or HGH specifically.

      I wonder what his obsession was with body slamming, choke holds ect. I know he was into UFC but with the steroids on top of that it makes sense now.

    • Ben –
      I agree that Travis may have been usin steroids.
      I dont now about that powder stuff that some men put in their shakes to “bulk up” or what its side effects are, but he could have been using that?

      However, I dont agree that in the waterfall photo it looks like Jodi is grabbing Travis’ throat.
      I think it looks like she has her hand on his chin, I dont think it was intentional.
      Not that it matters.
      I’d just heard this before and didn’t agree.

      The other information was interesting.
      Thanks for sharing!

    • I tink if you post a link only, it does have to go through moderation.

      And the first time I posted it did…oh, and if I put two links in a post I think that gets moderated also…

      • Thanks BeeCee, it must be the links. I do not know whether it is visible to others. One link, from 2008, explains how men who use steroids are twice as likely to become violent. And, the other link gives an account of a violent rapist, who abused steroids. His sexual practices sound similar to what Travis may have liked – chokeholds, strangulation, etc.

    • Sometimes yes sometimes no Ben. I find sometimes my comments have to await moderation if I have a link in it. I had to await moderation the first couple of times I posted but that is to be expected especially when trying to weed out haters.

  20. I was only able to watch a portion of the trial this morning, but how many times did Martinez go back to Jodi’s “sexual dalliances”? He sure seems to like discussing that topic! I think the little guy needs to get laid.

    • it´s as if (the way he´s referring to that,his intonation and all)he’s trying to portray her as what she did was immoral,bad or mysogynistic,imo!

    • Right, he keeps pounding it home that she had sex with Travis, kissed another man even though they were not exclusive, ect. It’s like he can’t get over it already that this trial is about Real Life(tm) not some sitcom where people are predictably well behaved.

      Jodi lied. She admitted she lied, and said why she was lying. She was ashamed. She probably thought nobody would believe her. She already said that if she told Insp Flores what had happened, she would have to rehash all the aspects of her relationship with Travis that she did not want coming out. I wonder how things would have went if she had the opportunity to talk to a female cop instead.

      It’s like people just *don’t grasp* that the reasons Jodi lied had nothing to do with premeditation or covering up a crime to avoid culpability. She already knew her life was over. Sheesh.

      • Yes I agree with you exactly ! It is not that hard to understand but people want to harp on the LYING over an over again. I wish she had watched more tv to know she did not have to say a WORD to those cops that day tho. She was so trusting an naive at that time.

      • Yes MB and remember she sais one of the reasons she didnt talk the truth to Flores was because he’s Mormon. He face when she saud that was like, “no way in HELLLL” I would’ve talked to HIM about the truth.

  21. I have to say, it is starting to bug me that Jodi refuses to admit that she was lying for her own benefit. We know she lied, and while I think it is at least partially true that she was doing so to spare her own family and Travis’s family from embarrassment, we would have to be incredibly stupid to not realize she was also trying to protect herself. A child caught doing something wrong will lie for exactly the same reasons – it is an almost natural reaction. For her to say she wasn’t doing that is an obvious lie, and is kind of insulting to the intelligence of the jury. She would be much better off just admitting that she was lying – at least in part – in hopes that she would get out of this, at least long enough to follow through with her stated intention of killing herself, and also admitting that it was wrong of her to do so. I’m already inclined to believe her version of events, yet that fact alone makes me doubt her truthfulness.

    (I realize this is a support site, but I’m sorry to say that is my honest take on what I’ve heard so far during her time on the stand. I’m not trying to condemn her, only that I am afraid that it will have a negative effect on the jury.)

    • Didn’t she already cover all of that with Nurmi though? Martinez just keeps hammering “you lied…you lied…you lied….” over and over again. We KNOW she lied!

      • Yes she did she told us all IT WAS JUST ALL BS before. WHY? because she was ASHAMED. Not because she was trying to cover her ass. An I believe that an I believe she felt a THREAT that day an SHOT him. I am not convinced of all the stabbing an her dragging that fat ass around tho like they say. An she does not remember that either.

    • I believe that she said that she only tried to delay the inevitable. Also, when the detective picked her up, she was cooperative in the sense that she acted as though she was expecting to be picked up. Maybe, at that point, she realized that the inevitable had finally come.

    • I agree, Michael. She’s admitted to lying a million times over, but is resisting admitting that she lied to benefit herself. That’s part of being frightened: not wanting to be caught, which is natural. I wish she would just say “yes, that’s true.”

      • And, yeah, the jury would be open to this answer. It makes SENSE that she lied to protect herself. Her equivocating on the benefit to herself (even if it’s just a delay of the inevitable shame to herself and others) doesn’t have a clear purpose that I can see.

      • Pique…..just thinking that same thing! She is admitting to so many lies that are actually important in this case, and that is GREAT for the jury! it shows them that she is telling the truth, and being honest now in admitting all those lies. But when it comes to this one little piece, she keeps denying it. I agree, it makes total sense to say lie to protect yourself…and she should say that.. To not admit to just that one part is worrisome, she could have said yes to that and moved right on. By saying NO, now the DA can keep grilling her about it and remind her that if she wasn’t lying to benefit herself, then why didn’t she contact authorities right away. Not wanting to get caught fits in TOTALLY with her actions after the fact, so saying yes thats true, would be completely believable and make sense to the jury.

        • Yes, Anna, she could’ve said, as before, “yes, that’s true” and moved right on to the next question. So, in addition to credibility, by quibbling, she opened the door to more “oh, really?” questions about it from Martinez.

          • And, it’s frustrating, too, because I think a lot of lying she did has to do with being afraid of, and protecting herself, from not being believed. To my mind, this must’ve been her central motivation in lying. Who would believe her, when Travis was apparently universally lauded as an all-round great guy? It bothers me that we have not heard anything like this yet, about this fear of not being believed, when we know that this is how it happens …

          • Pique,

            That’s an interesting aspect I hadn’t thought of. Just like in the Sandusky trial … here was this big powerful guy who everyone loved … “and I’m supposed to come forward and say I saw him doing what? My life would be over.” So, if Travis is this big lovable guy and has a support network of all the mormons and ppl on his side, “who’s gonna believe little ol’ me.”

            On another note Pique, what do you think of this, you always have something perceptive to say. At 52:40 of the trial day 22, I’m surprised Martinez didn’t jump all over Jodi for this one. Jodi was talking about being lost and pulled over at the side of the road on her way through the desert, and said “I didn’t have any recall of stabbing him at that point.” It felt to me like a slip. That’s a lot different than “I never remebered stabbing him. not then, not now, not ever.” I would have expected Martinez to say, “Oh, so not at that point, but at some other point you remember stabbing him” Anyhow, I’ll probably get some antipropro to lynch me on this theory.

          • I didn’t see this until today, DickyM:

            ‘Jodi was talking about being lost and pulled over at the side of the road on her way through the desert, and said “I didn’t have any recall of stabbing him at that point.” It felt to me like a slip. That’s a lot different than “I never remebered stabbing him. not then, not now, not ever.”’

            You know, I DID notice that–and I made I note to myself to go back and listen, but then I forgot to do that.

            Yes, I think it was a slip. “At that point” implies that there was another point.

    • She said she lied to protect her family, TA family, for TA and for her own embarrassment, shes admitted to lying because she was ashamed, and because she was scared, That to me sais that she liead to protect herself (shes already admitted to all of it). The thing is that Martinez asks her, you lied because if this, didnt you, right? And then she responds with no, NOT only because of that. So shes saying and admitting she lied because of all those reasons not just the one reason Martinez is implying.

      • That’s true, LC, she wanted to make it clear that she had more than one reason for lying, so she held her ground. But on the specific question of was there a benefit to herself by lying, she said something like “no, I wouldn’t say it was to benefit myself.”

        Michael is concerned, and so am I, that the jury will feel insulted by that answer, because the jury knows–as we do– that people naturally get scared of consequences and they lie, almost reflexively, simply to protect themselves from harm. That is a benefit, even if that benefit last only a few hours or days.

        Jodi easily answered “yes” on so many questions regarding her lies–which is the right thing to do–but on this minute point, she equivocates. Martinez can make it look as though she’s trying to characterize herself as someone who’s above this natural, reflexive lying that would be a benefit to her immediate situation. That she’s the kind of person would lie only to protect others, not herself. That’s why he sarcastically asked her if she was being a “good samaritan” when she lied. It’s worrisome.

    • I agree… sort of. I don’t think she was lying with the hopes of getting away with murder. She’s a smart girl, she knew it was only a matter of time. I don’t think she’s that cocky that she expected she would get away with it scott-free. She knew sooner or later they were going to be knocking on her door. I think she was prolonging the inevitable and trying to come to some sort of grips with what had happened and how it was about to effect everyone’s lives – her families, Travis’ families, friends. Everyone lies about something, especially when it comes to protecting someone you love. This is why I believe the murder was not pre-planned. This was a man she cared for, it was an in the moment occurrence, days afterwords she probably still could not comprehend what had happened, and it makes perfect sense why she is finding it difficult to explain that. It was probably all very surreal and the full impact hadn’t hit her until the day the police came knocking on her door.

      • There was a substantial string of evidence left all over the house, including her bloody handprint. Not even an imbecile would intentionally carry out such an act, and then expect to be able to hide from the evidence. If the death had been planned, then she could have lured him away from home, or even met him at the door, took a single shot (with a real gun), and fled. There would be far less evidence of the crime – maybe no evidence. And, it would have been much easier to lie, so long as zero trail was left in Arizona.

        As far as I am concerned, everything points to self defense, on virtually every level. And, no matter how many people complain, the bottom line is that if she was not forced to defend herself, then none of this would have happened. There would be no death. There would be no stabbing. There would be no reason to lie, etc.

        If I am driving my car, and someone bumps my car, and I in turn lose control and hit a pedestrian, then am I really at fault? People can argue all day that it was my car, and I was behind the wheel, and maybe I could have controlled my car better, ad infinitum. But, if the other person had not bumped my car – or deliberately rammed my car – then the out-of-control accident never would have happened.

        As far as I am concerned if Travis attacked an unarmed woman, and she took up arms and killed him in self defense, then I blame Travis 100% for the outcome. All of this mumbo jumbo from the prosecutor is an attempt to make Jodi look as though she willed this to happen, when in reality even a bright twelve year old ought to be able to look at the facts, and deduct that none of this was planned.

        Martinez, and all you people who claim to support “justice for Travis”, you people make a total mockery of common sense, and 2+2 = 4 logic. You women who support this, just remember it took over a hundred years before women were allowed to vote. And, saying things like Jodi is guilty of murder, because she lied, or because she had up-side-down license plates, brings disgrace upon the women of this country. Also, your children are going to have to live in this screwed up country that you are leaving behind. The next time you think that all of this is amusing, or “normal”, just remember that America was a former penal colony where TENS OF THOUSANDS of convicted criminals were dumped, and where criminal thinking, and mob behavior, still abounds. Not a single one of you has yet to explain how it can be shown that Jodi was not forced to defend herself. You fail to look at the facts. And, you behave as though the sun will or will not rise, based on the consensus of the “majority”. Sorry, throughout history the “majority” has been wrong, again, and again. And, the apparent smugness of the majority shows just how deeply ingrained the delusion is. The next time you wonder why your children are going to grow up in a former penal colony (America)that is worse than the former penal colony (America) that you grew up in, go look in the mirror and ask that person whether she can grasp concepts like “justice”, and “truth”. We should pray to God that your children will be better than those of you who make claims of “guilt”, for the most frivolous reasons.


        • Awesome post Ben! I usually don’t take the time to spell out my thoughts the way you do, and I am totally agreeing with your perspective.

        • But Ben, your entire post assumes that the jury has accepted the fact that jodi is now telling the truth 100% about what happened with travis leading up to the night she killed him. You are assuming that the jury has eliminated the possibilitt that she is lying on the stand in order to avoid being convicted of first degree premeditated murder. that is a big assumption

          • And you are making a big assumption as to how the jury will arrive at a verdict.

            You keep forgetting the burden of proof is on the prosecution. Jodi has never had to say a word about anything.

          • No, I am not assuming anything, just being realistic. If you don’t think they will be weighing whether they should take her testimony as the truth knowing there is up until now no corroborating evidence or whether she is simply lying again because she has a very big reason to need to lie now, than I think you are not looking at the trial very realistically.

            I am not forgetting the burden of proof is on the prosecution. What in my comment made you even think that? Yes, Jodi had the option to not say anything, but obviously she (and her defense) felt the need to present a defense. Why do you think that was? I think it was absolutely required if she was to stand a chance of getting acquitted. I think its imperative to keep in mind this jury did not come in to this trial as many on here did, with the conviction she was innocent and should be acquitted.

        • Ben, I will assume, because your comment is showing as a reply to my post, that you are responding to something I said. Please don’t get me wrong – I am not a Travis supporter. I believe Jodi’s version of events, more or less. I am not sure she is giving us the WHOLE truth, but I don’t think she premeditated this OR killed him out of jealousy as the prosecution contends. I am just concerned that, by equivocating (thanks for the great word choice, Pique!) on this particular subject – as well as on a few others – she will only manage to impeach herself in front of the jury.

          In most other respects I think she is doing a fantastic job in her testimony.

          • She could lie about EVERYTHING, and it wouldn’t matter if the prosecution hasn’t met its burden of proof.

            So far it hasn’t.

            Why is this so hard for everybody to understand?

          • No, sorry, it was simply an extension of my general thoughts. I do not even remember what it was I read, when I wrote it. I am simply appalled by so many comments made by pro-Travis supporters on other sites. The last paragraphs were a general response, as an extensions of my thoughts. Absolutely nothing personal, towards you, or anyone here.

        • Absolutely brilliant post! My jaw almost dropped to the floor when I read this… I agree so so much I can’t even find the words to really respond right now. You articulated in one post what so many of us have been feeling for weeks now. Thank you!

        • Well said Ben.
          I completely agree.

          And its quite sad, that people of both genders, are so blind to the truth.
          Its also a very scary world, knowing that the majority wins with mindless masses.

          • I agree. The burning question on my lips, is WHAT makes them so mindless, WHY don’t they see the whole thing like we all do? I can’t get my head around this, not if I live a million years. Is it really just a case of no intelligence?


          • Heather, if you truly want an explanation on some theories about what makes the haters hate, I will tell you. I don’t care if others on the site pick it apart, but hopefully you will be able to listen and understand that it’s being told sincerely.

    • Thing is, to remember what her state of mind was in at that point. I wish they’d hurry up with the expert witnesses. This would put a stop to Martinez keeping on about her memory. Its hard to expect anyone to be able to put themselves in Jodi’s situation seeing that no one has been in it, to even start to understand her state of mind, this is why the experts on trauma need to be in court asap. Also, have you noticed that Martinez asks many questions in one hit and demands that Jodi to return a yes, no, answer to all of it? Its then that I start calling him all the names under the sun.. which I do, very loudly.

  22. Okay, so what was the end of that about? I’m not able to watch it live so just reading the HLN blog which shows this:

    “1:45 p.m. ET: Arias said she kissed Alexander and but did not rub her genitalia against Ryan Burn’s genitalia a couple days after killing Alexander. Arias said Burns was full of crap, when he said his hand was near her vaginal area.”

    Is that “kissed Alexander” supposed to be “kissed Burns”? And did she actually say Burns was “full of crap”?

  23. I’m kinda worried for Jody…she looks like shes on the verge of “losing it”,,,hopefully the previous poster is right and the experts will explain what was in her head during the crime…if this Travis Alexander was leading a “choir boy” life I would see this as a no-brainery…he was a pig..ALSO A LIAR living in the guisef Momonism & master manipulator as I can see from the “facts” in this case..there are always two sides to ever story ..he messed with Jodi’s head BIG time…….lets hope that Jodi can stay composed and not totally fall apart…the compassion & remorse shown by her…to me a good indication that she is not the evil psychopath that she is accused of being
    I’m leery of the clown that was ordered out of the courtroom…just because the Judge orders you not to watch or read any of the court proceedings..DOES NOT MEAN..that he won’t..and that goes for the jury as well…things are NOT always as they appear…..the judge seems biased towards the Defense…

      • I know, Ashley, iv wonders that for a while know. My husband’s determined that she IS!!! Its like everyone involved IS a Mormon (all against her, huh). It would also explain all the denials and the one sided “feeling” I get from the judge.

        • That is what I am wondering. I did not know that many Mormons or the LDS or whatever groups they are that are MORMON but broke off LIVE In Arizona. I lived in Phoenix for a year an half in the early 90’s an I never met one but then I was not looking for one either. But then after watching all this they stay in their own little world those that belong to that religion really weird.

    • Yes and also consider that Sky and Chris Hughes were both watching the trial and carrying on with the media (Chris is butt buddies with Vinnie Politan on twitter); yet a motion for mistrial was still denied.

      David Hall has already spoken to the media; and the judge wants to parse his testimony like “Well he wasn’t under a subpeona, so…” and pretty much told Nurmi he’d have to deal with it at cross! Ridiculous.

        • to be fair this judge also allowed in a lot of things that benefit Jodi and tgey didn’t have anything to back that up except for Jodi. I think this judge has been extremely fair on both sides

          • I agree. And really, this guy testifying that Travis could shoot a gun may work in the defense’s favor. Travis apparently knew how to shoot. Yeah, the guy is saying that Travis didn’t own his own gun, but we know that Travis kept a lot from his friends.

          • After seeing the weapons those guys were shooting on that video, do you think TA’s ego would allow him to show up with a “tiny” 25?

  24. I don’t see how a person of Jody’s physical stature can move a person like Travis Alexander’s physical stature , I’m bigger than she is and I know I CAN’T move someone of his size , especially dead weight ! I know she admitted doing this horrific act but a person can blackout and not remember everything and she may be going on what they said she did and Law Officials are known for putting words in someone’s mouth and twist things around ! I have a sister-inlaw who I’ve seen being physically abused by my own brother and I told her if you don’t leave him he’s going to kill you and her response to me was if I try to leave him , he said he will track me down and kill me if I try and leave and I know for a fact he would’ve ! I haven’t had anything thing to do with him in 39 years because when I was younger he use to torture me when I was a teenager and he also abused our grandmother , I know this is an awful thing to say but he would be better off dead ! I have another brother that said if he ever saw him he would kill him only for the fact that he had him shot by one of his friends ! One of my uncles also said if he ever had seen mm y abusive brother that he would kill him , he never saw my brother again ! None of did , so he should consider himself very lucky ! When a person is being abused you have no idea what they are going through , what they’re thinking or their breaking point ! As of today I have no idea whereif either one of them are or if they’re alive

    • Is it possible that Travis chased Jodi through the closet and back to the bathroom? If so, then is it possible that Jodi was cornered in the bathroom, and had to fight with a knife that she grabbed while fleeing? I don’t know. I am just wondering this because she said she remembers dropping the knife in the bathroom, and screaming, with Travis lying next to her. If this had happened, then she would have been cornered in the bathroom, and forced to fight with a knife. It would also explain why there was a bloody trail through the house, and why the last photo was taken in the bathroom (?), just a few minutes later. It is just an idea, and it may be wrong.

      • Ben,

        I remember Jodi saying ” and screaming, with Travis lying next to her” in a previous interview (police, 48 hours, inside edition… one of them I think) did she also now say it in open court?

        I haven’t been watching yet, I have to wait for the YouTube video so I can go back and forth. Suspense is killing me.

      • Ben,
        I have a feeling that your scenario is pretty much or even exactly what the defense will say happened. Jodi has testified she has no memory of that part, but it still needs to be explained to the jury, it can’t be a big gap. IMO, her atty will bring this up and make this part of his closing argument, likey taking the jury thru your exact scenario, (or something very close) The point is to get the jury to picture this happening, and not what M will say he (thinks) happened. It might work, it is all up to the jury and who they believe. The last word though, goes to the State.

    • Thanks for sharing your story, how awful it is that you were tortured and your family has had to live in fear of your brother. 🙁

      I think the unofficial explanation for her being able to move the body was an adrenaline rush. Although even during an adrenaline rush you can still injure yourself doing normally-impossible things, so that brings up a whole other set of questions. There’s a lot of theories on the site about other people who may have been possibly involved, I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility.

      • The ability to move his body, (from what I have heard) is that she rolled him onto a sheet and dragged him that way. Adrenaline certainly came into play that day as well. Not to be negative, but I am the same height and weight as Jodi, and I was able to drag my 6 foot very heavy Christmas tree to my basement, by lying it on a blanket and pulling. This, Im sure will be brought up again, but she has already said she has no memory of that, so it shouldn’t really go anywhere.

    • MAINe I agree I have posted that on several sites no response. I have my doubts as to the stabbing I just don’t think she did it or acted alone I don’t know. Its very odd the whole case mix in LDS mind control documented.

  25. Wouldn’t it be great to find out Martinez is married and his wife was a stripper 20 years ago. How quick do you think he would be to lie to protect her at that point? Then he’d have a better understanding that hey, people like to protect their loved ones, its human nature. I suspect he already knows that, he’s just trying to break her down and make her cry because that’s what little bullies do.

    • * damnit, I swear this forum is intentionally misspelling my words.. lol . I meant “people LIE to protect their loved ones, its human nature.”

    • oh Dog,plz dont put this thought into my head.somehow I can picture the dialogue
      ”,M:Remember having a conversatyion yesterday about dinner?
      M:I asked for spaghetti,RIGHT?
      W:Yes.But I thought chicken might be good.
      M:Woman,did I ask you what you THINK might be good????No!”

  26. I boycotted HLN last week and wrote a brief note to their FB site expressing my displeasure of the Hosts behavior…the next day they changed their FB site!!!!…I also think that my comment is gone….coincidence?…maybe..I also wrote to HLN Headquarters as upsets me too much when those who WEREN’T THERE have Jodi tried and convicted….there are so many mindless sheep out there with no backbone and so much hate within them that they have to spew it to others just to make themselves feel better…DAAAAA-UM….

    • Me too!! I wrote Nancy Grace and email but it was too long to send thru HLN forums so I sent it through her website. Good for your for expressing yourself and letting them know! They need to know that they are being VERY irresponsible with their so called reporting.

      • its sweet what you all are doing but for every one of us, actually using our heads, thinking about due process and giving Jodi a chance, theres about 15 people who think that Nancy is right and that Jodi should just die. These lynch mob people will always keep things going. I certainly am not saying that we shouldnt try to change things but sadly I do not see much of a change happening. This has been going on for quite a while its just not as obvious to most people until they find that one case that makes them really think.

  27. Good God, those commentators are idiots! She has NO opportunity to start showing her fear in the questions Martinez is asking!!! That is ridiculous! When he asks about the time just before the murder, she will. Arghh…..these asshat HLN talking heads!

      • Oh, always. It never matters how she behaves, they will find something wrong with it. Anything and everything she does will be twisted around to “oh she’s a psychopath,” ect.

        As far as I can see, she’s human with human emotions and reacts reasonably to the situations she’s in. She’s very genuine, very credible. The way she interacts with the jury, it seems to me that they like her, she’s making a very good impression. The haters must be picking up on this too, because they seem to hate *even more* when they think she’s got any leverage in the courtroom. As far as I can tell, she’s got it all. Martinez is trying so desperately right now to fix his cerfuffle from last Thursday, all he’s doing is coming across as overbearing and compensatory. The jury already knows she lied, she admitted to it already; so it’s a matter of Martinez trying to save face. I don’t think he’ll succeed.

  28. Court TV sees Martinez as winning and that he is better then Nurmi I do not see it.
    This is from WIKI
    The LDS temple rituals formerly provided an example in which capital punishment is contemplated for violation of historical blood oaths in the Endowment ritual. The blood oaths in the ceremony related to protecting the ritual’s secrecy. In keeping with the idea that grievous crimes must be answered with bloodshed and that blood atonement should be voluntary, participants made an oath that rather than ever revealing the secret gestures of the ceremony, they would rather have “my throat … be cut from ear to ear, and my tongue torn out by its roots”; “our breasts … be torn open, our hearts and vitals torn out and given to the birds of the air and the beasts of the field”; “your body … be cut asunder and all your bowels gush out” showing an entire refusal to accept the promises made in the washing and anointing ordinances. The gory wording was removed early in the 20th century and changed to a less explicit reference to “different ways in which life may be taken.” Vestigial accompanying suggestive gestures were removed by the LDS Church in 1990 [22] However the temple ceremony still states that “under no condition, even at the peril of your life, will you ever divulge” information regarding the rituals.[23] There are no documented instances of a person who has been killed for violating these oaths of secrecy.
    Any Group steeped in secrecy is strange.

    • They THINK Martinez is winning, thats why when the jury read, NOT GUILTY! They will all be shocked and in disbelief! Like what happened in the CA trial, they swore up n down that she was guilty n when the jury read the verdict they couldn’t blv it. Dummies! Lol

    • Oliviero, I’ve been reading this site from about day 3, and this is a sham of a trial. I do enjoy all the remarks from everyone. Oliviero you seem to know a lot of the mormon “cult”. There is to large of a population of mormons out there for Jodi to get the fair trial she needs. Jodi’s first mistake was when she met TA the mormon “BIG MISTAKE” and then it happen he saw a lost young lady and then offered her the mormon way, so SAD. I’m very angry about the mormons I think its time for me to stop before I say to much. Thanks for letting me go on….

      • Donna you are right I was always told it was weird. Polygamy incest sexual abuse, But the more I see Jodi’s behavior Change in behavior Travis Friends cover ups Nobody had sex with him but her. Nurmi should find out about all the Gals Travis baptized. Her behavior is abuse and a cult lying is part of that she is not going to put anything negative in her diary about Travis with regard to hitting her etc. I have been researching this today. My Grandfather was a Criminal Lawyer so I have always had an interest in this. I see today a attack on certain people in the media. I really don’t know if she stabbed him. or what happened. But I do know she is not the only person he had sexual relations with.

    • Well if “winning” is defined as putting words in someone’s mouth rather than presenting evidence to support their own theory; then I suppose I can understand why they would think they are making an accurate statement.

      Martinez seems more concerned about his rhetorical skills than he does actually winning the case based on evidence. Everything he’s brought has been debunked. Today’s testimony came pre-debunked; there he is still trying to use it. How many times does Jodi have to admit she lied and say why she lied before he gets to anything substantial? Nevermind, he never had anything substantial in the first place.

  29. Martinez may not be perfect and is very aggressive in his tactics. Unfortunately, considering that he has everything he needs to win this case (evidence, Jodi’s own confession, Travis’ friends to help out in the courtroom as well as on television, etc.) Jodi’s lawyer is going to have a lot of damage control to do. I believe that he can do it, however, and having experts that can present professional expertise on battered woimens’ syndrome and the reality that dissociations and mental blackouts DO occur during traumatic events will help. I do think, however, that the media’s increasing exploitation of trials in certain states that are carried in minute detail and discussed with bias on national televsion raises significant issues about individual rights to a fair trial, etc. Also at issue is how much the jury could actually be influenced…after all, all it takes is, for example, are conversations with family members who have been following Nancy Grace or listening to interviews by Travis friends, etc. There have, and continue to be, many individuals all over the country charged with heinous crimes affecting not just one but several or more people and they do not have to go through their trials broadcast in minute-by-minute detail and on shows that reinforce and expand how “evil” they are, like Jodi has to experience. Murder is a terrible thing, no doubt, but a person’s trial is a serious event aimed at determining guilt and punishment or innocence. It should never be allowed to become a source of entertainment for the public and profit for the media.

    • Hi Mattie,

      Flying the flag for a fair trial is commendable. The media invariably turn every high profile case into a ratings-driven profit vehicle. They also have no real interest in the actual outcome of the trial… only an interest in prolonging their coverage of it for as long as possible.

      However… your statement about Martinez having “everything he needs to win this case” sounds to me like your not actually watching the case closely enough, and instead you’re being influenced by the media itself. Since when did he suddenly have everything he needs? In reality, he has very little to work with… and he certainly does not have enough to win this case.

      Team Jodi

      • I agree, SJ. As far as premeditated murder goes, Martinez does not have any solid evidence, and the one big thing he’s missing is MOTIVE. What would make Jodi decide one day in Yreka, “Hey, I’m going to drive down to Mesa and kill Travis?” Certainly not that Cancun trip that all of the haters go on about. She knew about that; it was on tape. The thought that Travis was cutting her out of his life? Nope, they were still in regular contact and he stated that visiting her in the future “was at the top of his list.” The thought of another girlfriend? Jodi was interested in dating Ryan herself. There’s no motive. Just like with Casey and Caylee…no motive.

        • Kira –
          Thank you for driving home that major issue of Martinez’s – MOTIVE.
          It was a very nice reminder that made me feel a bit easier.

          Its major.

    • Mattie,I honestly dont believe Travis’ friends helping out in the courtroom or TV can be considered sth to help Martinez win the case.What do you mean??I cant see how his friends parading all over the channels can help a prosecutor…

    • Thats one of the things that make my blood boil. Nancy grace knows how important it is to have a fair trial but she just wants to paint herself as a crusader for whats right. She is a fake and a phony. She truly is the reason that juries in high profile cases should be sequestered.

  30. OK, I’m watching HLN… don’t know why, maybe because I like throwing things at my TV.. but they just said that this stuff about Burns and the kissing may actually show Jodi was not obsessed with TA because she was, in fact, interested in another man. Hmmm…. Hope Nurmi jumps on that one.

    • Have you ever seen those plush bricks you can get to throw at your tv without doing any damage?

      Yeah, I’ve thought about investing in a hamperful of those. 🙂

      To your point – YES! Absolutely. I’ve mentioned that more than once myself. The ridiculous idea that Jodi was obsessed with Travis is a reversal when the timeline shows Jodi was the one taking steps to distance herself from Travis. I remember when Lisa testified, she sent him an email telling him to basically lose her number. He ended up apologizing and worming his way back into her life anyway. When Jodi was about to move away, he managed to convince her to stay two more days. Right, so even after all the evidence shows that Travis did everything to keep Jodi in his life, lying to his friends, pretending she was a stalker to explain her presence; we’re *still* supposed to believe that Jodi is a fatally attracted ex girlfriend? As if!

      • I agree MB, 100% with what you just wrote. Jodi, left AZ. She went on with her life (tried too). I too believe he was pulling HER back in. I think she wanted more respect from him and perhaps that is why she helped edit his book and I can imagine her filing her nails and faking the orgasma, I could even hear the pages of a book being turned lol, just to make him happy. I think she is the type of person who wants every one to like her, even him. Very well said MB, thank you for writing down my thoughts that I cannot put into words.

  31. Hi all! Waited all weekend for this to start, and so far, it is going EXACTLY like I said over the weekend. We are seeing a whole other Jodi compared to what we saw Thursday. (good) She is more subdued, not trying to “one up” Martinez, and no sign or hint of a smile. THIS is exactly what the jury needs to see and hear from her, if she can remain that way during cross, hopefully the jurors will not even think about Thursday. I am betting Nurmi told her to knock it off and she has. I really wish she would answer more questions with a simple yes or no, instead of being vague and trying to explain, but that shouldn’t hurt her unless she flat out refuses to answer something. Martinez is alot “easier” on her than Thursday, but he will not remain that way, he is holding it in until he thinks he has something big. (watch for the magazine info to come in to stir him up) He is again, going all over the place with his questions, as far as time and dates. This is strategic, he is hoping she will answer something differently than she already has during her trial. Believe it, one of his goals is to get her to commit perjury while on the stand so her testimony can be impeached. Her atty will have his chance to do some damage control after the DA is finished, and she can answer things to him. My worry is that the Prosecution has the last word, he wil have her on the stand to rebutt after Nurmi, so that is the last thing the jury will have in their minds. That is when he will go full on attack mode against her, not so much now. Just my opinion, but I’m very happy to see her demeanor today.

  32. I just noticed this article and would you believe, it’s on HLN??:

    I hope Martinez alienated ALL the jurors.

    “The beginning of the cross examination is not usually that time because you haven’t developed that chemistry inside the courtroom with the jury … I thought that the prosecution came out a little too heavy-handed — a little too aggressive.”

    “He came out just completely over-the-top aggressive — completely disorganized. I didn’t know where he was going at times … when I do [cross-examination] in court, it is completely marked out step-by-step.”

    • Yeah, I saw that on HLN on Thursday. I was really surprised since they are so pro prosecution that they didn’t really like Martinez’s approach.

    • I agree and I read somewhere that Martinez has taken easier on Jodi then he did last week. “I” didn’t see that at all today. I saw him as aggressive (he even made her cry) today. I think that because this is the way he’s won other cases, he thinks itll work with this one too.

  33. I am wondering how can the court be so sure the jurors are not looking into any media coverage? Are they checking on this and if yes how ?
    Can they expect to be protected in some way after the verdict?

    • The court can’t be sure. But honestly, most jurors, when interviewed later, say that they DID not watch any media coverage, did not discuss the case with anyone (not even their spouses) and took their civic duty very seriously.

  34. Hi everyone, i posted a reply above but did not want it getting lost in the shuffle. my question was.
    can Nurmi put in his closing arguments….”what if Jodi was your daughter or your sister”

    • Sure, he can. Fartinez might object to something like that, but it’s generally considered in poor taste to object during defense’s closing. But that may lead to Fartinez — who gets the last word — to say “What is Travis was your son or your brother?” So, it could be a double-edge sword.

    • ha they keep making fun ( on FB) of JA’S family but I am sorry TA’S family makes
      just as many horrible faces an the one sister keeps her lips in a prude
      manner that horrifies me. After all none of them have to be there it is
      their own choice no one is forcing them to be there.

  35. Now David Hall is going to be called as a witness. Right and like so many of the people who knew one side of Travis; people are taking his word as golden that he did not own a gun. As if!

    Yeah, we’ve heard this before. “Travis didn’t own a gun” is right up there with “Travis was a righteous and moral man before Jodi came along and led him astray the righteous path” as far as I’m concerned.

    Martinez has already started his sideshow, coming out swinging but with no relevant facts to support his theory. Time to break out the popcorn…

    • Right MB. All these people that came out of the woodwork proclaiming Travis was a virgin…when will they learn that they don’t know jack about their friend. He clearly had a secret life…

      And why would Travis admit to owning a cheap ass piece of shit gun to his friends when he wasn’t even admitting that he liked sex with jodi?

      If he was shooting an FN or some cool gun in the video, NO WAY would he cop to owning a crappy little .25.

  36. Man or woman, if you have a heart, have moral fiber, compassion, reason, a conscience; you could look at this case, on its merits, on its principals and use all of that to base your decision. I pray that the jury is comprised of people like this, like me. I can listen to defense, to prosecution and then utilize what I am being told to decide. I hope they can also.

    • He messed up there because when he said that and it made her cry all he showed was that she was sorry for what she had done and it wasn’t intentional.

    • god,this is too hard to watch today,especially after his comment on TA hurting when stabbed.he´s tryibng to break her really bad today

    • If she looks heartbroken over anything related to “El Traviso”, it is probably for the better. Cold blooded killers are never heartbroken. Manson is not heart broken. Bundy was not heart broken. People who are heart broken must have a heart to break. This is one of the reasons why I think it is helpful to see the change of expression whenever the subject of killing Travis comes up. It must be painful. When the autopsy photo was shown, I believe that she immediately hid her face, and fell apart. Along with blushing at times, I do not think that a person can “fake” all of this, at will – the grimacing, the facial twitching, the difficulty in answering, etc. It looks like genuine pain to me. And, most of the emotional difficulty is centered around Travis’s death. Other than that, she tends to exhibit excellent self control. I laugh at people who attempt to portray her as a “cold blooded” killer. Maybe they need to review some of the interviews with real cold blooded killers, who show zero grief, or remorse. Really, I am not longer sure that many Americans are any better than those who carried out the Inquisition, or dunked so-called “witches” to death, at Salem.

    • To prove she was lying in the interview regarding sending his family a letter, etc. He is attempting to show she was hiding things and still not coming forward and being truthful regarding the killing. He will likely do this type of thing throut.

      • i hope his point wont be the same,meaning you didnt write it in your journal so it didnt happen.Seriously it sounds more like children-talk that evidence!

        • Ok, since martinez is using her own journal against her…did they ever get Travis’ journals back from the hughes?

          I think it is crazy in this country that the prosecution has almost all the control about what the jury sees as evidence. Life is way more complicated than yes or no answers.

          • Beecee, I didn’t think of that….. I forgot that there was a journal from TA. I wonder why the defense didnt ask for it???? Why wouldn’t they?

          • I would be surprised if the defense had NOT had access to Travis’ journals-if they existed- at some point. And if they had contained any incriminating evidence- the defense would not have been prohibited from using that information in their case. I cannot see a judge disallowing proof of what Jodi has been saying all along. That would be a clear basis for a mistrial. I just don’t think there was anything there.

    • (must have bonfire tonight and burn remaining journals in which I do not write when I’m mad at people just in case someone reads it)

  37. I’m just tuning in for the day… wow they are just now seeing this journal? Arizona must have different evidence rules than any other state I’ve been in..

    • The journal was allowed into evidence, thats what the long sidebar was about, and why Nurmi went over to speak to Jodi before the jury came back. Journals are certainly not “evidence” of anything, but M. is trying to make a point that she wrote ALOT of things in there regarding her and TA, but nothing regarding the abuse she has testified to. She has already said she would never write that etc, but the DA is trying to convince the jury that it isn’t feasible. Its a strong point really, and I hate to say it, but with Nurmi going to sidebar often regarding this journal, it can make the jury feel like this must be something the defense doesn’t want in…..IMO, Nurmi should just relax and let this in, let Jodi explain it under cross.

      • I’m not watching live (unfortunately) but I suspect Nurmi is objecting for one thing, to preserve the record. He’s probably claiming that this is trivial and the prosecutor is attempting to impeach her using evidence (her journal) that would otherwise be inadmissable. They may be arguing over if this is allowed, how the judge will instruct the jury about it before they deliberate — as this type of evidence is difficult for jurors to understand. Nurmi is doing all he can.

        • Yes, very true….in a DP case an atty will object alot to certain questions and evidence, mainly for the possible appeals process. It just (imo) looks bad to the jury to see/hear him object to certain things and then see that they are allowed after all. But I agree, he has to, so its a double edged sword really. As I watch this, I can’t help but wish she had NOT had such a great memory about so many mundane things, because now she is going to have to go on the “lost memory” defense. Again, just my opinion, if she had told Nurmi when she testified that she couldn’t recall alot of things regarding her and Travis, it would look so much better now. M couldn’t grill her about certain things, she could say, “I already told my atty I can’t remember”….

          • That would’ve been a great idea if Nurmi would’ve had her admit that she DIDNT remember everything. But if she would’ve said to Martinez, “i already told my attorney I cant remember…” then that would’ve made her look like she was trying to be a smart a**. Its already looking like shes being a smarta** by just correcting his dates…

          • Anna Ryan –
            I think often times the jury isnt even in the courtroom when some of these disucussions are happening.

            And hopefully the jury know to convict on evidence and not dislike for the amount of objections and sidebars the lawyers take. Even though Martinez annoys the shit out of me with his objections…

            Correct if I’m wrong.

      • Hi, first time here, had to find a place where there is not so much of a lynch mob mentalilty, I think this is the place!! On the subject of the journal, I can assure you, as someone who has kept one on and off for most of my life that no one writes everything in these journals. I have been known to even go back and change entries in my journals because I felt that I was too bold in what I wrote. These prove nothing. Also my opinion on Martinez’s so called stellar performance, really?? IMO he is beating a dead horse, repeatedly beating a dead horse. The man grates……

      • I was thinking the exact same thing Anna Ryan…Nurmi, you are making it more of an issue. There won’t be anything he can do about it anyway.

      • Thanks VioletteR, I am hoping that the questions for the jury will give a little more insight as to what they are thinking and where they stand. I find it completely frustrating that very little investigation was giving to ANY other suspects and how JM can put so much credit into a diary that was written by someone who he is constantly reminding us, is a liar? Why is what she wrote in her jounal now the truth?

  38. I am reading through the posts and I keep seeing a common idea that premeditation has to be some PLANNED OUT event and that just is not the case. Premeditation can happen in an instant. The time it takes to pick up a gun and pull the trigger can qualify as premeditation. The pros does NOT have to prove it was her intent to kill TA when she left Arizona for premeditated charge. I am not saying I agree with it. In my opinion this was a crime of passion. I think the truth lies somewhere between the states premeditated case and JA self defense claim…somewhere in the area of murder 2.

    • The prosecutor’s position is that she planned it ahead as far back as the gun being stolen from her grandparents (prosecutor has no proof of that). Using the prosecutor’s theory, there is no premeditation.

        • I love how anytime someone posts anything on here that is anything other than a BLIND following of JODI IS TELLING THE TRUTH…somehow that means they are not following the case as closely. I was under the impression this was a discussion. You really cant complain about TA supporter if you behave EXACTLY the same. I come to this site, because it is my wish to have an open discussion about the FACTS not conjecture and NO ONE knows what the jury will believe. They could decide based on her habit of not being truthful to dismiss her testimony entirely and the jury could also believe there is no way a gun of the exact caliber was suddenly missing from the house she lives in and they may not believe the gas can were “just in case”. Reasonable doubt does not mean ANY DOUBT WHATSOEVER it means to the exclusion of all REASONABLE doubt. That is what makes a jury unpredictable.

          • McMelly, are you going to continue the conversation by responding to the people above, or are you just going to use this as a platform to spout your opinion without listening to anyone else?

            Conversation, right?

          • Ms. Melly,

            When you made this comment ABOUT THE GUN “They could decide based on her habit … and the jury could also believe there is no way a gun of the exact caliber was suddenly missing from the house she lives in”

            Was it in response to “Jodie Blog” above talking ABOUT THE GUN “The prosecutor’s position is that she planned it ahead as far back as the gun being stolen from her grandparents (prosecutor has no proof of that).”

            or was it in response to “MB – Team Jodi Blog” above talking ABOUT THE GUN “Yes, this. Oh, I know NG is constantly ranting on and on about how premeditation can be planned in an instant. … His case is that she specifically made her road trip to murder Travis Alexander; and there’s zero evidence to support that theory.

          • Dicky – it was in response to the blog.

            BeeCee I was continuing the convo: AS SHOWN BELOW I WAS RESPONDING TO TONY….BUT THANKS COACH!!!!!!!!!!!!

            tonysam says:
            February 25, 2013 at 4:37 pm
            Exactly. Some people aren’t paying attention to the case.

            BEECEE_ I don’t agree with many things you post on here, however, I respect your Ideas and opinions. Maybe YOU can afford other users the same courtesy, since I know I am not the only user who has requested this from you.

      • Yes, this. Oh, I know NG is constantly ranting on and on about how premeditation can be planned in an instant. But that’s not the prosecutor’s case is it? His case is that she specifically made her road trip to murder Travis Alexander; and there’s zero evidence to support that theory.

    • I have said all along, I wish that her atty had advised her to plead temp. insanity. It would have been much easier to prove. Had she done that right away, she would never had been charged with Murder 1 or even 2. Possibly manslaughter or even less. Especially since she has said on the stand that she has no memory of the stabbings, this would make total sense. Self defense is always hard to prove, especially if there are no witnesses. Insanity is easier as it allows for gaps and lapses in memory, as well as the “overkill” factor involved here. Just my 2 cents as a wanna be atty…:)

    • That is perhaps true according to statute, but you know good and well people are not going to get death unless it is something that was planned well in advanced. There is NO motive here, which complicates matters.

      There is no financial gain here. Jealousy has no been proved. This isn’t a contract killing. There is no motive. Zip. Nada. The jury would be falling down on the job to give her capital murder because of a “snap judgment” the prosecution cannot even prove.

      A “snap judgment” doesn’t cut it in my book as “premeditation.” And yes, the poster below you is correct that the whole prosecution theory has been she planned this way in advance because she was jealous of Travis seeing other women.

        • Instead of the jury announcing the verdict for me, I’d personally rather have them all just shoot me right then and there. Death penalty would be a gift for me vs. life in prison … or 5 years in prison for that matter. During one of Jodi’s interviews I think she said she’d rather have the dp than spend life in prison. So, based on that, I’m assuming she is aiming only towards a not guilty verdict.

    • Right, you can plan to kill somebody in an instant, but if the gun did go off on accident then…. that isn’t premeditation. Also a crime of passion is usually considered different than premeditation; I think worst case the jury may see it as a crime of passion, although again I’m not saying that’s how I see it. For instance, a man comes home and finds his wife in bed with another man, and kills the wife and lover. The jury would most likely not see that as murder one, even if the husband did plan in an instant to do the killing. Now if the husband knew his wife was having an affair and plotted to kill them over the course of a few weeks, clearly that is murder one. If somebody is attacking you and you grab a weapon to defend yourself and you threaten that person with the weapon first, that’s a whole different story.

    • Yes, but that IS what the prosecutor is trying to prove. It’s his whole case – that Jodi left Yreka and deliberately did things to cover her tracks on the way because she knew that she was going to kill Travis.

  39. Thanks Rhonda for posting the story about the man shot in the face and managing to drive away. I’m not sure I found the story you were talking about but I found this one:

    The gun was a .38; which is a bigger caliber. A .25 is a step above a pellet gun according to wikipedia.

    If a guy can survive long enough to be shot FIVE TIMES in the head with a heavier caliber bullet; then it’s not outside the realm of possibility that Travis survived a .25 bullet in the cheek long enough to continue attacking Jodi.

    • Yep that is the guy ! oh I thought it was a .25 someone on those FB pages have it wrong then. I can’t go over there as they make me very upset the majority on FB are SHEEP following whatever HLN an IN SESSION has to say an it makes me crazy.

      But I seen another man on some show was shot several times with a smaller gun also an he said it just felt HOT an he did not know he was even shot really an still attacked the guy that was shooting him. Can’t remember all the details but I was worried as I have a 22 an told my husband so my gun won’t stop a crazy person. An he said YES it will the bullet will do so much damage on the inside the person will die some kind of bullet that explodes an shreds he said ( can’t think of the name of the bullet ) . But I am a good shot so I would shoot a person several times if I feel threatened also not just once to make sure he or she was dead if they were a threat to me in my home or outside.

  40. Um is that a goof or what … she writes in her diary about Travis dating Mimi and it going really well, and she doesn’t say a word about being upset about it. But I thought Fartinez’s position is she was CRAZY jealous that he was taking Mimi to Mexico …. sure, cough cough.

  41. Jesus H, does this idiot not understand that people don’t write verbatim in their journals, that’s its a just a recap of pleasant or worthwhile events that took place throughout their day? I want to reach out and bitch smack this little facker…

    • Not to mention, she would have been terrified of him finding her journal and seeing what she wrote. Rule No. # 1 of abusers is “Maintain my perfect reputation at all costs, and NEVER tell about that crap you claim. It NEVER happened. It’s all in your head.”. Rule # 2 is “If I catch you telling anyone the truth, you’re dead, bitch.”

      • So if everyone else seems to know that, hopefully the jury realizes that too and gets soured by this a-ho’s constant badgering.

    • I think that many people aren’t completely honest in their journals because there’s always a fear that someone else will run across it. Isn’t that the plot of countless films/books?

      • My best friend and I were both extremely emotionally abused as teens. I asked her yesterday if she ever wrote the awful things her father would say in her journal. Her response was “OH, definitely not! What if he read it?” I also did not write a bulk of the bad in my journal. Who wants to revisit that? We already have the memories, being walked through it on paper would be horrible.

  42. Damn Nurmi!!! STOP asking for a sidebar……it looks BAD!! Jody is easily answering M’s questions, everytime he jumps up and does this, it makes the jury ponder and question why….Damn, I wish he would sit there and let her answer this flow, it would look so much better to the jury to see her continue to answer without struggling. Just answer yes or no Jodi…..he is trying to get you to trail off and over explain. This is typical, every time she adds to her answer, M is picking that up and making her explain…..yes or no answers gives him nowhere to go.

    • He’s doing his job. He doesn’t want to be accused later on of doing an incompetent job of representation if she should appeal it.

  43. omg, this is her Journal. This is what she wrote. She was allowed to write what she wanted. A Journal isn’t to write detail by detail, its a summary of what the day was like

    • i know, the haters keep commenting; “i write everythingin my journal, shes for of shit” REALLY???

      She keeps saying, thats the “GOAL” whats the goal, not to write bad about TA? And why??? Did TA read her journal???

      • Yeah, but the haters aren’t abused women. There is NO way an abused woman would dare write about the abuse in a diary UNLESS she was keeping it very well hidden and planning to use it against him in court (which is what I did at the end).

      • Wait and see what happens. The judge may well turn around and say that the jury is NOT to consider the journal entries because Fartinez was not successful in impeaching her by using them. The judge allowed them in, allowed Fartinez to attempt to impeach her with them, but she may have allowed them on a limited purpose basis only. And if Fartinez is not successful (and I don’t think he is), they may yet be stricken.

  44. My hubby is not watching trial but he can hear MR.M. saying RIGHT? all the time and just came to tell me it is annoying him! 🙂

    Maybe it is annoying the jurors too…

    • lol he’s going to come over to u with, RIGH RIGHT? lol Martinez wont let her even answer him! Im waiting for the “I ASK THE QUESTIONS HERE, NOT YOU, RIGHT?? lol

  45. Anyone notice how Martinez mocks Jodi when he repeats things she’s texted.
    He doesnt have to do that right, he can just read these texts using his own Kermit voice right?!

  46. “you’re the best” is a figure of speech. Wow, lets twist things up. Way to reach up in the stars and grab something Martinez.

  47. OMG how many times have any of you told somebody they are “the best” and maybe not fully meant it? And when women are in abusive relationships and “make up” which Jodi already explained, that lingual is still part of the relationship… CORRECT? RIGHT?

    Sorry I’m back to tagging on dumb questions at the end of my statements.

    • If she does not remember the events after the shooting then no she does not remember all the facts of where he was laying an stabbed an all that crap. She is not lying period he will not trip her up.

    • when you are in an abusive relationship especially with a narcissistic(im gonna always emphasize on that coz it’s my most deep belief about TA) you learn to always compliment on whatever the do because it’s a good way to keep them calm.Period.It’s stupid how Martinez even tried to make a point out of her ”you’re the best!” sentence.

    • Yes, and it could be anyone. Boyfriend, girlfriend, acquaintance, boss, plumber, appliance repairer. It’s hard for me to believe Martinez’s rabbit hole goes down so far as to consider a statement like “you’re the best” to be evidence of whether or not abuse exists.

  48. When he’s asking if she’s lying about trying to make him (Travis) feel good she should just reply “thats what abused women do, make their abusers feel good so they stop hurting you”…

        • I think the point is that the finger looks worse now! Realisticlly it should look worse when the injury occured, and should look better, this long AFTER the injury. injuries tend to look better after the injury heals. M will probably add this at closing arguments. Jodi may be in trouble with no corroboration, the journal does not corroborate, the text messgs do not corroborate, picture of the nice looking finger does not corroborate, and no body else in the world can corroborate to the court that JA was violent. IDK, any thoughts, maybe I missed some corroboration. The same for the Pedo stuff. . . .Jodi seems to be frustrating M, making him jump through hoops to get an answer, but will the jury think the same or not. WDYAT?

          • “Realistically it should look worse when the injury occurred, and should look better, this long AFTER the injury.”

            Are you a medical professional in any way? You may be correct in that SOME injuries look worse when they occur, but you are incorrect in assuming that for all injuries and particularly this one.

            Scar tissues can build up later in an injury, especially in the fingers. Joint injuries without thysical therapy can also go downhill after a while. just try researching it.

          • I wonder if they’ll call Ryan Burns back to the stand. Maybe he noticed the broken finger. And had to be careful not to bump it, or that Jodi winced or cringed while they were making out.

          • DuckyM, I would think they could examine her fingers to see if there are scars. I don’t know that I would trust Burns’ memory on which finger/s was/were bandaged or not. If the joint is enlarged, most likely not a tendon cut…but really they need an orthopedic MD or someone to look at it.

          • I disagree with you grant on that the broken finger injury should look better now than then….my son broke his little finger several years ago and after it healed it had a slight not distinct crooked look…now 3 years later it looks like it has a really bad crook in it…the calcium built up on the broken bone over the past several years and caused the broken finger to take on this more crooked look…surgery will be required to try and repair it again…

    • lol yes, “I think it funny!” lol

      Shes not lying!! Its so obvious shes NOT! She remember everything n she answers him right away, she cant be lying!

  49. I really really really hope they have a good DV expert lined up. If I had a buck for all the times after a blow up with my ex (where I was physically hurt or not), I said things like “you’re the best” or called him some kind adjective … just because I didn’t want him to blow up at me again. And if I wanted something — like it seems Jodi wants to drive the BMW there — I HAD to suck up EXTRA hard. I was just saying to my fiance last night how nice it is to be able to ask for a favour without there being a huge price to pay.

    • Yes, she was sucking up to him! She calls it “making him feel better” but she was mollifying him, ingratiating herself, trying to keep him calm and appeased.

      I almost feel that the DV expert should’ve come before, to frame all of this, rather than later. But perhaps there’s a good reason to put Jodi on beforehand? To get the jury to view her testimony through a clearer lens, later on, when it counts more?

      • Maybe the upside to having the DV expert come later rather than before is that is will kind of erase what Martinz has confusingly tried to prove.

        It will be like a palate cleansing maybe.

        Hope this makes sense.

          • In no way did I think this was good for Nurmi to be laughing at Jodi’s comment to Martinez about communication. While I believe it was just another “hyper-literal” comment of Jodi’s- it could also have been taken as a smart ass comment. It comes across as Nurmi almost encouraging her to be disrespectful to the court. I believe the jury is going to expect both her and her attorneys to be incredibly humble given the brutality of how Travis died. They may take big offense to Martinez (although imo he has toned it way down), but they will expect her to be absolutely humble and above reproach. The contrast between her demeanor during her testimony in direct with Nurmi -who the jury knows is her ally and is all about helping her to tell the story she wants to tell..and her demeanor in testimony during cross examination has been really quite startling. I am very worried about how she is coming across to the jury.

  50. Okay, this is another HLN typo right:

    “Martinez asked, “So your prior statements indicate that this injury to your finger didn’t happen on January 21 of 2008 it happened on June 4th of 2008, right?”

    “Yes,” replied Arias”

    She did not just say that it happened on 6/4, did she?

    • No, she didn’t. This was another Martinez intentional word play. He was asking about the interview with Flores (cop) and after the fact and he asked her if she had told Flores (cop) that it happened on June 4th 2008, she replied “Yes”. She was just admitting that she lied to Flores that day during that interview.

  51. I thought this was the 1st time Travis had bodyslammed her? Or am I getting my dates mixed up? I can’t keep up with Martinez.

  52. I am going to watch the replay because I don’t want to spend my days watching the trial like I have been when not working…What little bit I have seen is the same old, same old. Martinez tries to trip Jodi up, fails, and then his voice gets louder and louder in frustration.

    It’s seems like another Epic Fail. He can’t get traction.

  53. omg…. Do you think he was going around telling people these things? ummm no. So why would SHE go around and tell these things or write them in her journal…

  54. Same old crap, no corroborating evidence. “You don’t have ENOUGH police reports, ma’am, you don’t have ENOUGH hospital records, ma’am.” Meanwhile, we’re terrified that if we went to the hospital or called the police, we wouldn’t live long enough to talk about the abuse. And don’t forget, Travis has a sister who’s a cop. If Jodi had called the cops, his sister might have intervened “One cop to another.” Ugh.

    • Exactly. You would think that IF Travis was being “stalked” by Jodi, or he believed Jodi slashed the tires on his car, he would either a) call the police and file a report, which he did not do; or b) at the very least call up your sister who’s a cop and ask for advice/help to deal with this crazy stalker chick, which also didn’t happen (as far as I know).

      • He never filed a report regarding the tires. Thats why this cannot come into evidence, there is no proof. Supposedly he told several friends, but that cannot come in either, as it is hearsay. Unless they call a friend to say they knew about it firsthand. However, I am betting that M. will play that 911 call where the woman on the phone specifically mentions slashed tires and Jodi by name. That will linger in the juries minds. I believe, (correct me if I’m wrong) that the 911 tape is already in evidence.

        • I think you’re right, he never filed a report. He claims to have called, waited around a few hours, no one showed, and so they left. You’d think that call would be recorded. Where is it?

    • shes already said she never told anyone, didnt take pictures and ofcourse NOT written about it. he’s trying to make it beleivable that none of it is true. And hes getting so frustrated with her. Did you see Martinez face when he walked back from the bench? HIs face and body showed frustration and exhaustion. This might be his harded case so far. He cant break Jodi!! Go Jodi!!

      • I thought it was funny when he asked if there were pictures of travis banging his head. Who goes and grabs the camera when someone is mad?

        • OMG that is insane! I can’t believe he asked that. “Oh yeah, Mr. Martinez, I took a dozen or more. I mean, I wasn’t even a little afraid. Would you like some video with audio too?”

    • Hell, my ex cut all the cords to the phone jacks; I couldn’t have called the police if I’d even had the courage to. Also, I was the only one working (in a big city 45 minutes away), taking care of all the bills, us, and his 2 children, but HE was the only one with a cell phone… Which he turned off and hid in a different place every day before I got home from work. (Keep in mind, I had just turned 18, he was 33, he’d moved us 3 hours away from all my family & friends, and we’d been together 2 years by this point)

      Young, in love, dumb, terrified, ashamed, & brainwashed… But who else was gonna feed and care for his 2 young girls every weekend? We didn’t have any kids (not that he didn’t try – sex 3-4 times/day EVERY DAY whether I wanted to or not (post-op IN MY HOSPITAL BED, resuming 2 hours after I came home from major abdominal surgery), flushing my birth control pills down the toilet every time he found my stash, etc.), but I pretty much raised those 2 innocent girls for 3 years. That ex-wife and I have stayed close friends the past 12 years, and I still spend more time with those girls than he EVER has!

    • Yes, and it’s soooo frustrating to see this theme brought up over and over and over again. As if abusers are dumb enough to hit and scream at their victim in public, or around friends. As if abusers always hit where the bruises are easily seen. As if abusers never apologize immediately after doing something awful. As if victims are always so self preserving that they always keep a record of every thing that ever happened to them. As if victims always feel that they can turn to their friends for help. Jodi said herself on the sex tape that Abe defriended her on myspace because he didn’t want to be part of the “drama” between her and Travis. Yeah, how can a victim tell their friends when it seems their friends want nothing to do with it?

      Last I checked it’s Martinez’s job to prove his case, not decide whether domestic violence happened or not. In fact I’d go as far to say he’s the last person who should determine that. Attacking her account of what happened in the relationship is not proving anything except that he’s an insensitive dolt that lacks a rudimentary understanding of the dynamics of abusive relationships.

  55. Has anyone looked up much of Fartinez’s background? Has he ever prosecuted an abuser? He’s probably considered too senior for that these days, but I wonder if he ever did in the past?

  56. This line of questioning, in my opinion, is failing badly. He is behaving like a bully, and she is behaving EXACTLY like a battered woman behaves when she is being bullied. His manic style, completely unorganized, and spastic attitude is going to turn off the jury.

    The journal stuff is ridiculous. Journals are not legally binding, on-oath documents. They are private thoughts. I would NEVER have discussed any abuse in mine; because if the person abusing me saw it, they would retaliate with extreme prejudice. Also- she carried this journal everywhere with her. Anyone may have saw it.

    The jury must be bored and annoyed by now.

    • Like I said, wait and see. He’s using the journal — which would otherwise be inadmissable — to impeach her on her testimony and call her credibility into question. But it’s failing miserably, so the journal may yet be thrown out.

      • I agree…they should throw out the journal…journals do not ever contain every word and sentence that a person is thinking when writing thoughts in them…most they contain is a few sentences that they can later read that will “jog” the memory of that day…and yes I was a journal writer a long time ago and I would never have put some things in there…but I did write something that would like I said “jog” my memory at a later date when I read it…just reading a sentence or two would take me back to that day or night…

        The journal is not a complete document so it should not used at it’s every word and sentence as being the gospel…

  57. I was just watching the trial and Jodi corrected Martinez on something and Nurmi smiled behind his fist he has up against his mouth. I howled. LOL

      • Exactly BECAUSE jodi corrected Nurmi too, is why I tend to think its not a smart ass comment but an example of her being “hyper literal” as she did mention. Either way, it is NOT good for Nurmi to laugh at things like that. The jury could see that as arrogant and makes it look like Jodi meant it in a smart ass way and it could end up hurting Jodi.

        • I agree with you…but on the other hand…everyone smiles when they are at a circus being entertained by a clown (JM)…

    • Yes, I saw that…and it is amusing to US, but believe me, the jury doesn’t like that. it can be interpreted as sarcasm and she needs to stay focused on JUST his questions. The jury takes this seriously,as well as all the little details, so her attitude is so very important. I hope her atty talks to her during the break, and tells her just to answer yes and no. No more correcting the DA’s language skills….:)

      • And it cuts both ways, Anna. The D.A. can come across as extremely unlikable, which can affect the jury.

        It seems like you find nothing but fault with the defendant, but no fault with the prosecutor.

        • Agreed tonysam.
          Its not like the jury is told to ignore Martinez, judge only the defense.

          Martinez is a joke.
          I couldnt help but sarcastically laugh at some of this shit.

          And its not during the closing or specific morbid talk, so I dont think it has as much of an impact as Jeff Ashton’s laugh did.

          • He hasn’t proven one stinking thing. He hasn’t proven at all Jodi was some obsessed stalker, who, in a fit of jealous rage, traveled 1,000 miles with her grandparents’ gun to kill Travis because he was seeing other women.

            THIS has been the narrative of the Travis cultists and the D.A. for going on FIVE years, aided and abetted by the media beginning with the original 48 Hours broadcast, and there is NO evidence ANY of that is true. The D.A. got conned by Travis’s friends early on, and the whole ridiculous theory has come apart at the seams.

            Martinez knows he has a flimsy murder one case, and it’s time to ditch it and enter a plea deal with the defense.

          • Oh I agree … time to start making deals El Senior Martinez. He had a plea offer from them years ago for 25 years … I doubt he’ll get close to that if at all. What a waste this whole thing has been and it dragged everyone through the mud. Hope Martinez thinks it was worth it.

      • I can’t watch the trial yet Anna. Is she really correcting his language skills or is she trying to make sure things are clear in order that she doesn’t answer his question incorrectly?

        He does have a way of asking questions that if one answers either way it could be used against her. I have seen this in the other videos of him where he uses double negative questions.

      • I don’t think we can speculate as to what is going to go over well with the jury or not. Just because the jury you were on was one way doesn’t mean all juries are going to act the same. That’s just my opinion though.

  58. The reason he is going on and on about her journal and texts between herself and TA, are because he is trying to drive home the point that there is no corroboration. he is using that term alot, and there is a reason for that. I said this before, the jury will get instructions when they go to deliberate regarding this. They can be told that they need to remember that her testimony was her words alone, and therefore uncorroborated. It’s a pretty big deal, but ulitmately up to the jury to believe or not, that she was credible on the stand. I still wish she would answer M more forthright and not try to challenge him on semantics. He is trying to get her angry to see if she breaks and gets agitated.

    • You are so right, no corroboration, texts , journal, finger looks worse now than when she says it occured, and JA was not know to be violent. Jodi is frustrating M, how the Jury sees that is very important. So important, will her stone walling back fire ? IDK,

    • I kind of disagree a little. I think he’s using the journals and texts in an effort to impeach her (which is the legal term for calling a witness’s credibility into question). In law school, we learned BICCc which were the bases for impeaching a witness (bias, inconsistent prior statements, character, competency, and contradiction). He seems to be using the basis of inconsistent prior statements and/or contradiction (her journal, 48 hours, letter to Travis’s grandparents). I suspect the journal has been allowed in under limited admissability rules since it’s really not relevant, but he has argued to the judge that he can use it to impeach her. What that would mean is that he’s been allowed to introduce it with the sole purpose of impeaching her.

      If I’m right, then the judge will determine (and I’m sure Nurmi will move for it) whether or not he has been successful in his attempts. If not, then, the judge may either strike those portions of questioning entirely, or she may allow Nurmi to assist with preparation of a specific jury instruction that tells the jury not to use the journals to determine ANY facts other than to determine if Jodi’s testimony is credible. And I suspect this is part of Nurmi’s constant objections because he’s making the point that the journal is extremely weak and the prosecution is trying to prop up their case with it.