Jodi Arias Trial – Day 21 (+ my thoughts)

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The guilty/DP verdict the media (and many others) are hoping for just ain’t gonna happen.

Get used to it already.

I said that back in one of my first ever posts on December 28th last year — long before anyone even knew this site existed — and the same still applies. Even more so having heard Jodi testifying for 8 days.

I mean… girl meets boy. Girl gets verbally & physically abused by her outwardly “perfect” boyfriend for way too long. One day he threatens to kill her. She snaps and kills him in self-defense. It happens… and it happened here. Why is that so hard to grasp? Maybe it’s because it’s not “girl meets boy” at all. Instead it’s “Cute girl meets the perfect motivational Mormon speaker” — and any mention of abuse gets swiftly swept under the carpet like it doesn’t exist.

Roll all that together, and you have the ratings & profit driven mass-media produced “Jodi Arias Reality TV Show.”

But here’s the bottom line folks:

Pre-meditated murder left the building a long time ago – that’s assuming it was even there in the first place… and no amount of smirking, laughing, eye rolling or lynch-mob fuelled TV punditry is gonna change that.

Kudos again to Kirk Nurmi for the outstanding job he’s done over the past 2 weeks… and for all the probing questions he asked. I doubt there’ll be many questions Martinez raises that Kirk hasn’t previously asked. What Jodi did… why she did it… how she did it… when she did it… why the stories changed — and everything in-between. Those questions have already been answered.

Armed with very little aside assumption, speculation, hearsay, hot air, a gas can (and a few photographs), it’s ultimately gonna come down to Jodi’s word against Martinez’. And despite the valiant efforts of the little guy to turn this into a pissing match — there’s just no way all 12 jurors are gonna be convinced beyond and to the exclusion of all reasonable doubt. He knows that already. He’s known it for a long while. So has everyone else.

So let’s not stress too much over the verdict. Why? Because it’s already been decided. It’s just gonna be several more weeks before it’s “officially” announced.

Mr Martinez… you may proceed…

Team Jodi


  1. The more I think about it, I really don’t think she acted alone. I’m not even 100% convinced she even did it. I think someone has threatened her that they will kill her family or Travis’s family if she turns them in. I think she is so scared and just feels like at this point she is at the point of no return and is just protecting him again by saying she did it. Or, even if she shot him, I’m not convinced she did everything else. I am just not convinced that she dragged him into the shower, sliced his neck all the way to his spinal cord etc. It just doesn’t make sense. I think someone was maybe trying to set Jodi up and that’s why the pictures were taken of him. It also raises many red flags about the roommates not noticing anything or trying to check on him.. I’m sure he wouldn’t just leave for 5 days and not tell anyone or ask someone to take care of his dog. I don’t know… I know I’m rambling but I just don’t think she did it alone or even did it at all.

      • His roommates car WAS there and at some point even had to jump start the car, im with you, scappydoo, someone else did this n shes scared of these people n scared of coming out with it and be called out on this (she did ut in SD) lie too.

          • Agreed. How does a 5’6″ woman weighing 115 or 120 lbs win in mortal combat against a 5’9″ man weighing around 190 who had recently been obsessed with fitness, had punching bag, scales, etc. and the biceps that were photographed–115 lb female “wins” against former high school wrestler.

            Combat took place outside the shower-clear from the horrible blood on the carpet. Photographs show wet shower shoes.

            She says she shot first — that is the ONLY way this could have happened. Autopsy does not confirm that at all.

            So, if prosecution wants to continue down this line, defense should get identical-sized male and female just to show differential.

            No 115 lb female would “win” against this male if knife was used first. NO WAY — shower or no shower – he would have had that knife away from her SO fast.

            115 lb female cannot overpower 190 male this way.

            115 lb female does not emerge from fight of her life — fight to save her life with just a couple of wounds on the hand — NO WAY.

            Blood EVERYWHERE – she would have been covered from head to toe in a fight like that.

            Bright, articulate women don’t typically slash throats.

            Bright, articulate, potentially scheming women can come up with a better way to make someone disappear or make some effort toward that.

            Intelligent female sociopaths don’t leave fingerprint and palm print at scene of crime and leave with no effort to clean up.

            I don’t see compelling evidence for jealousy hypothesis. He expressed jealous thoughts every bit as much as her or more in texts. 3 weeks before death, he sent text that she was one of the prettiest girls on the planet. When you tell woman something like that, no, she is not “stalker.” Don’t think tire-slashing is fact – just something TA alleged to roommates/friends–if tires slashed, TWICE — no receipts for replacement tires???

            No prior history of similar behavior in other relationships? Do not believe this stalker aspect.

            There was a relationship — odd and secret as it was. Yes, sure she enjoyed it but definitely not all of it.

            Whatever it was, it was more than just dropping a camera.

            Could prosecution have totally missed the mark on motive?

            Does the evidence indicate she could have done this alone?

            That is really the bottom line.


            • Read, ” The God Makers,” for the preferred method of blood oath, blood atonement, eternal, soul saving, mercy killing…and, the sacred self sacrifice, ritual… then, the thousand person wake, was as much a soul saving, ultimate martyrdom, of, a celebration, for, Travis’s ascension to planet playboy, and, all those, virgin angels… as, a sobfest; concealed by, the quasireligious tone, as feigned… Read, about the precise parallel, between, Anderson, praying on the side of his grave, while, out of love, of course, he was being, atoned, by submitting to his blood oath, blood atonement, heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, ascension to planet playboy and, all, those virgin angels; the reward for his demise, for, fornicating his step daughter of course, translated, that, he gets to do, there, with emphasis on virgin angels, what, got him ritualized for here on planet, evil… Does, this actually, compute, for you ??? Read, Brighamist Youngs,” admonitions, and, revealments; “we would not kill a man, except out of love, to, save his eternal soul… ” Read the book, and, the ritual; heart plunge, bleed out, down into the grave or, shower… body washed, clothes or bedding washed… Alexander, and, Anderson… ritual sacrifices; not, a murder, at all; as in no differently than a nurse, pulling the plug, or, and, the state, executing people as if, they, are above the law; but, the religions are not equally entitled to their, authority, as well; whatwith, separation between, church and state; either being equal, under the law, except that the state is motivated by delusions of grandeur, while the church, is just demented; preaching an afterlife full of virgins, to dupe their miscreants, out of this life… Read all the early LSD/LDS books for how much the marauding, quasireligious bandits, knocked off the settlers, wagon trains,, AND, KILLED ALL BUT THE WOMEN THEY WANTED TO TURN OVER TO THE SOCALLED PROPHET, who stayed home and, “married,” their wives and daughters, behind their backs, while they fought and some died, so the lechers in chief, bastardized, the children , from such, bastardry… and, these lizards were actually, worshipped… All, in the books, some, written, long ago, by those who were there… So, was, Travis, a self sacrifice, on the alteration ritual, or, was he murdered ??? Depends upon who you ask, that won’t hide behind religious privilege… as to, who, ratted, Travis, out to the Bishop… which, Travis, likely thought was, Jodi… and, hiding the camera in the bedding, would have fired Travis up; if we’re to believe that a mouse could actually derail a freight train… Why hasn’t the Bishop, come forward, to name the suspect that ratted Travis and, his perversions, all documented, out,..??? Why, have none of these issues been put to the jury, as at least, for, the reasonable doubts, that they are, if not, because these lizards at law, have political careers, and, there are, all those Mormon voters… Five years, of these comments, and, not one put to the jury… What then, did they decide, about, with such ignorance of reasonable doubts, galloping in this soap opera…??? Edgar… read the books… Suicide, is the murder of, ones, self… Trading Jodi in on a planet full of virgins, all for yourself, is reasonable, if, you’re simpleminded enough to believe that your religion, owns the imaginary, afterlife… and, your religion sees fit to kill you, for doing what all those celestial virgins are waiting to let you do to them, what got you, iced for, here… Two hundred year old, virgins, are, punishment, enough for anyone; Travis, should have counted his blessings…

    • I’d have to agree with scrappydoo regarding Travis not leaving the dog unattended. I also find it curious why his roommates did not notice his car still at home for all those days. Great observation! What I feel about yesterday’s testimony has more to do with personal experience, which as many of us have already stated, is due to domestic abuse we have experienced. When Jodi started talking about what she could and couldn’t recall happening that day, I experienced vivid memories of being in the same situation. Before she even said she couldn’t remember this or that, I sensed she was leading up to that. Anyone who has been thru as traumatic event as she was, knows that feeling of complete memory loss which occurs during the events most traumatic moments. Yesterday brought back some horrific memories for me as I sat there listening and recanted in my head having sat thru a trial being hounded by the prosecutor for answers to questions I did not have any recollection of. That is NOT unusual, an excuse, or something so out of the ordinary. I know first hand that your memory can easily shut down because the memories are too horrific for reality. I haven’t changed my mind at all about whether or not she should receive the DP over Travis’ death. I still stand in support of Jodi and have said some prayers in her favor. What made me mad yesterday is the realization that nobody was there to defend Jodi on the premise that this can and does happen. I understand this would not be the time in the trial to introduce additional expert testimony on such things as loss of memory during a traumatic event, but it should have already been done if they were going to try and make it believable to the jury. How many of them have ever experienced this or have any knowledge of this mental state in a traumatic situation? What a shame because I believe this is highly pertinent in her defense. As for the media mocking her yesterday and probably ongoing regarding her “sudden memory loss” as they put it, when all along she has vivid recollection of current and past events, right down to the very last details of dates and other things…that just makes me sick. They need to lay off. She has been thru the most horrific of horrific events and any expert would tell you this is perfectly normal in this situation. It doesn’t mean she is crazy or anything like that. It doesn’t mean she did or didn’t do anything in particular, but it does mean that she does not remember the moments which her memory shut down from being faced with an event more traumatic than her mind could handle. She said something else which made perfect sense to me. Jodi made the statement that memories would come back to her over time in the past several years, little bits at a time, and how it’s more like seeing a picture and something sparked a memory…or was the idea placed in her head to force her recollection? Again, I have to say I also experienced this. It has been many years since I was traumatically attacked, but even today, some little something will spark a memory inside my head and suddenly I will remember a little bit more that I did not remember during the trial. In my case, I could not provide enough details to prove his guilt…what a shame. Jodi isn’t lying when she claims this is happening to her, it is very real. It makes me sick to listen to her being called a liar day after day and now the media is having fun with her calling her a liar just because she cannot remember something. It doesn’t make you a liar. It only means you cannot recall. What is wrong with her attorney not covering his bases and getting a professional in there who could refute any doubt about her memory lapses and showing the jury it is a very real state of mind that can occur. Will the unskilled jury who has never experienced something like this believe she is telling the truth when she states she cannot recall??? Is that important to the trial? Yes, I believe it is. How many guilty people have used that on the stand? That is what we are hearing from the media right now. They claim she “conveniently” cannot recall certain things, and they keep calling her a liar. They bank on her memory being so bright throughout the trial until now, as their proof she is lying. I hope the jury is smarter than that. I think Jodi has been honest thru the entire trial and feel her spiritual beliefs are guiding her conscience to recall that day as honestly as she recalls. I’m sure there are a lot of us out here who listened to Jodi’s testimony yesterday and knew she was telling the truth about not remembering thru our personal experiences. As they panned the courtroom and showed those present, I could see it in the faces of many of them that whether they first believed she should be given the DP or not, she had captivated the attention of everyone with her claims and I believe for the first time many of them actually felt for her and are beginning to see Travis as the person he truly was. Jodi was been injured by Travis’ abuse and the final straw was the moment of her most horrific fear. PTSD. Fight or Flight. Plain and clear.

      • I agree with all of you. Jodi is a tiny lady and Travis was a Big Boy. What I am saying is I find it hard to believe that she moved him alone. Somedays I have trouble picking up my 9 year old when we are playing and she is little like 60 pounds. Travis would of been sorry for this phrase but he would of been dead weight at that time andwould of been even harder to move. Sorry but I do not think that she would of been able to move him alone. Also he had all these roommates and she would of been fearful that they would come home and “catch” her….so she would of been in a rush thus she wouldnt of been able to slowly move him. I dont know who but I do think that someone either heard what was going on after she fired the gun and came in and stabbed him in the back with the knife to get him off of Jodi. TA could of had his hands around Jodis neck choaking her, because if I recall correctly she said she thinks she passed out at some point, an the person grabbed the knife off of the counter in the bathroom, the one used to cut the rope, and began stabbing TA in the back.
        Another point is that she never was violent before that day or after that day. Many are saying that TA could not of done the things Jodi says he did because he was not violent with anyone else. Well JODI couldnt of done the things they say she did because she wasn’t violent with anyone else. JODI is a victim of domestic violence! It is common when a woman finally defends herself that she does not remember every move she makes because it happens SO FAST!!! I feel like we are still in the dark ages watching this trial because of how they are treating her the victim of a violent man!!! Look at the massive amounts of emails between them and the way he talked to her in them…..does a man typically call someone he loves his WHORE or a DIRTY SLUT??? Isnt the fact that he told family and friends that it was over with her and then was still communiating withher and sleeping with her a sign that HE WAS THE LIER?? He lied to his family, he lied to his friends, he lied to his church but he was the good one in all this?? Jodi conformed to what TA wanted to his religion, to his sexual practices (with the exception of his pedifile ways), she conformed to his thoughts, his interests, THIS IS CLEARLY a woman that was doing everything to make TA happy and for there not to be a remote chance they would disagree on ANYTHING!!! She saw TA as a great man and that if he got upset it WAS HER FAULT not his that he acted that way. She shows the typical if ONLYS that all ictims of domestic violence tell themselves. If only I am a better person, if only I wear my hair this color he will be more attracted to me, if I pretend to be a little boy he will leave the real little boys alone, HER whole testimony shows this HOW STUPID are the talking media heads. You would think they would have better grasp on reality after they had to eat their words after the Casey Anthony verdict. They made her the most hated women in America and they are doing the same thing to Jodi. I pray when she is vindicated on the day of the verdict that she doesnt have to live in Hiding likeCasey Anthony does. Sorry I kinda carred on but my fiance believs she is guilty so this is my one place to discuss this case with SMART PEOPLE!! Thank you for this site.

        • Also, that was a fairly small shower and it seems someone of her size wouldn’t be able to place him in the shower like that. I can see Jennifer’s theory that someone else came in and stabbed him in the back. Maybe someone else brought the gun as well. I don’t know if I’m buying the part where she found something to stand on to get his gun off the top shelf when he is charging after her. A gun which happened to be a loaded gun but no other ammunition in the house.

          Have all of the roommates been questioned? Called to the stand?

          She is covering for someone. Or maybe she was there but is so traumatized that she thinks maybe she did do it.

          • If only, some of you, obviously with reasoning capability, were on the jury… Let’s not forget that, somebody is getting away with this killing; my vote, is, that, the quasireligious, duct taped praying hands, is the clue. Why wasn’t the duct tape, fingerprinted, or, like Jon Benet, the duct tape, disappeared…???

      • I agree with you100%. I realised this, about having something traumatic happen to a person and having memory loss as a result of it being too horrific to recall, I thought it was common knowledege and have been wondering why there’s been no expert in court for the defense; is it really too late?. It makes me sick when I’ve seen posts of so many that think she’s lying, when I know Jodi has been truthful throughout and is innocent and it stands out a mile. I have been defending her but realise that its futile as I feel they want to believe it, I’m truly horrified, and the vitriol I get back is disgusting. I worry too about her safety. I would love her to get away when she can and come to the UK, away from that vile family of Travis’ and be safe, as there’s no telling what they would do, I would love her to come to me, she needs love and tender care. I’m sadly of the opinion that the more truthful and pure someone is, the more the public are against them. I hadn’t thought about someone else being involved but what you put forth does make sense and I agree that someone in the place would have seen TA’s car parked there..

        • Yes, Heather; his car, and, her car, where, her license plate was turned upside down… which, with such premeditation she, wouldn’t have done, to avoid detection as the claim about the cans of gasoline… which, she could have used to smoke the crime scene…

      • The experts for the defense will likely testify after JA does…will work better for defense team, as experts can speak to the things JA has already stated or displayed. It seems as if you are under the impression that JA is the last witness to testify for the defense and this is not the case.

    • I agree. My issue with the testimony yesterday was that if she can’t remember how does she know for sure she did it?

      Now I know the most likely explanation will be trauma induced amnesia and that’s very plausible, but when I factor in everything I know, things you mentioned, I’m not SOLD about her doing all that.

      If I were in her spot, and I couldn’t remember, Id be wondering what I did or if I did what they say I did. That’s just the way my mind works. I would have to know what happened eventually even if that took chancing hypnosis and other psychological approaches to help me remember.

        • The mind has a way of blocking out traumatic events. Hers is by no means the first case to have this happen.

          She doesn’t deny killing him even if she can’t remember everything.

          The prosecution simply cannot prove premeditation. They don’t have to prove guilt because she’s admitted to it. They simply can’t prove it was murder one.

          • I bet its good too Tonysam that she cant remember. He cannot cross her on stuff she can’t remember.

            I agree trauma will do this. I understand that. I was commenting that with me, I would be wanting to know if I didnt remember because I wouldn’t trust that I was being told the truth about what i did. I would wonder if someone else did come in etc. 🙂

          • I would want to know too JC. But we have to remember that Jodi is a littke different n she’ll take the blame n shes very gullible so she’ll believe almost everything they tell her.

          • But they can explain this kind of trauma is common with PTSD and similar disorders.

            She’s already admitted to killing Travis. That’s the bottom line.

      • oops, meant to spell ‘suggesting’.

        Additionally, I’m not sure it is in Jodi’s favor for people to continue to paint her to still be a liar. On the one hand, she is being attacked by some, especially in the media…for having lied before (the cover up). But if we are to believe in her now..and find her credible now… as regards the abuse, etc., then we have to believe her in whole. So to say she is still lying on the stand, does her no favors. If the state can convince the jury that she’s lied about any part of her testimony, I think the state is then allowed to say that if any part of her testimony is a lie, they can consider all of it a lie? Something like that.

    • scrappydoo,you are certainly not rambling.I’m with you and the questions you raised have been raised just doesnt make any sense…there are so many odd or ”off” things in this case,so many unanswered questions.

    • I just thought of something. The roommates said the doggie gate was in front of the stairs blocking the dogs access to upstairs. This had never been done before. There is only one set of stairs in the house. The doggie gate was still in place when the police arrived? So the roommates hopped the doggie gate for 5 days, never moving it out of their way while coming and going out of the house?

      • Omg EXACTLY Trixels!! And the vacuum! ! They never moved the damn thing out of the way? ? The were just going around and jumping through stuff all over the house? ?? No. They were up to something, they were covering up until someone else came to look for TA and then pretend they THOUGHT he was already in Mexico! Yea, great excuse!

    • If there was someone that helped her, we will never know. She is taking the blame and has already admited to the murder. She was involved some way or another and he did not deserve to die that way. I understand he was mean to her. I also understnad if she finally snapped. I also believe it may not have been pre-meditation. I do feel bad for her to a point. I can understand why she kept going back. And I knew she knew deep down that it was wrong but she kept going back. She loved him,
      About the stench int he house….remember thsi si a almost 5,000 sq foot house. So there is a possiblity they didnt smell anything. He was found dead in the shower for petes sake.

      • Extorted compliance, is not a confession; try living for five years on Freddy Kruger sandwiches, and, see how rational, you’ll be…

    • I admit that she has does appear to show the signs of Borderline Personality Disorder but that doesn’t make her a killer. After all, people with BPD are all around us and many of them are high functioning.

    • I like what scrappydoo had said about the doubts. I totally feel the same way….first I want to point out the shoe prints of blood on the floor why wasnt this evidence to prove her not guilty by the defence bcuz if she says she was having sex with him and all that and basically theres pictures of her totally nude why would she be wearing boots. Thats my point second I have a cousin her size theres no way she could lift even a 50lb box let alone a 180lb man who is listless. There was someone there her first interview with police I dont think she lied I think she was telling the truth there isnt even the murder weapons available if she was gunna 100% fess up dont u think she would provide them with those weapons but I think she cant bcuz she didnt do it. I think she is just the easiest target for the police bcuz her hair and her hand prints …..another point they dont mention is the blood in the closet I think she was in there hiding as the intruders did this henious crime but for some reason this isnt a point the lawyers of Jodi want to mention to keep her even out of jail. I feel really bad for her bcuz I think if the jury does decide the death penalty then they are murderers themselves.

  2. SJ
    good post, u made me chuckle a FEW times.
    the DA wants death for HIS NAME. as many here feel, this is NOT a dp case.

    jodi should be getting PAID for all the $ she’s generating for the media. that may be a lil crass considering the circumstances, but im sure ppl here kno what i mean.

  3. Some of us are wondering about gaps in her testimony and the story in general, like what about the camera, why no drag marks, the stench, his dog unattended, the laundry…..Nurmi did a great job on covering as many bases as possible. The questions left in our minds will hopefully be answered by the experts or maybe they were left open for the jury to ponder also.

    • Re: the dog unattended…. I’m presuming Travis traveled often for his “job” (sorry, I don’t consider pyramid scams an actual job) so he may have had prior arrangements with a dog sitter for example that came in daily to feed/water the dog. He installed a doggy door from what I hear so the dog could go in and out on its own. When the roommate(s) were home they may have just assumed a dog sitter was taking care of the dog.

      But as for the stench… that’s a whole different story and not at all believable that Zachary and his girlfriend did not smell anything at all.

      And drag marks… anyone that has ever done a finger painting knows, you have paint on a canvas and drag your fingers through it, its going to leave trails. Same, you have blood all over the floor and drag someones heels through it, its going to leave a trail. Even the section on carpet, if there was that much blood and a body was dragged across it, it would have left a noticeable trail as the carpet matting lay down from the weight of the body.

      • I had the same questions about the drag marks but then I saw the water marks on the boxes. I think the shower was left on when he went chasing Jodi and water got all over the floor so maybe the drag marks would of notbeen there because of all the water. Also WHO TURNED OFF THE SHOWER??
        Another question regarding TAs car that was still in the driveway. Did he typically leave it at home when he left to go out of town to scam people…..ooppss I mean to work? Also the smell of decomposition would of been all through the house it was summer for gosh sakes!! I have left meat in my trash can in my airconditioned home for two days in the summer and it smells I think these roommates would of smelled something.

      • Dog,

        And what about the dog going crazy with the smell of decomp? now I believe Deanna took care of the dog but Im not sure if she did that at her home or his. I do know she has the dog now because he willed her the dog.

        But dogs smell decomp and it drives them nuts. I picture him scratching where he was gated off, whining and acting like a dog who wants get to the smell!

        • point about Deanna was if she took care of the dog at her home normally, then wouldn’t the roommates know the dog was not being taken care of?

          I sware I heard Jodi say the dog was cared by Deanna and that Deanna used to take the dog.

          ( Correct me if I’m wrong.)

          • But we all know that the dog was there the day that TA died because Jodi testified that she was playing with the dog in his office. So he had to be there unless Deanna had a schedule where she just wentinto his empty house and took the dog on certain days

      • During the first days of testimony the girl who found him says she smelled the stench as soon as she walked in the front door. That’s downstairs. The room mates had rooms across from Travis’ dead rotting body. No way in hell they didn’t smell that.

        Would seem to me that the only reason a person would not investigate the fetid rotting odor coming from behind Travis’ locked bedroom door, would be if said person……already knew what was there.

        • Yup, and they were probably praying waiting and wanting someone to hurry n come look for TA. Theres so many things… everything u guys mentioned above and what about the blood stain on the Wshing machine, they never saw that? And TA ring on the counter that he never took off?!

        • Guys, I believe the roomates u are talking about went to mexico the day b4 he was murdered. I dnt believe they were in the house until they got back…im pretty sure they said they were away

          • Please read the investigative report made by Flores. Its posted on this site under “court documents”. Its brain numbing….

  4. Is it possible Jodi could be aquitted and be allowed to go free? I won’t be happy with any other verdict. Jodi IS innocent. My heart goes out to her. I WISH I was a member of that jury, I’m so sad for all that Jodi has gone through and is still having to go through, it makes me weep, her innocence stands out a mile, why, just WHY won’t others see this? I feel so angry about it. I spend my days defending her, everything else in my life is secondary.

    • It is possible. If everyone on the jury agrees that it was self-defense, she’ll be acquitted.

      Great post, SJ! I love that you always keep the faith :).

      • Kira 😉

        I think an acquittal would be great! Nevertheless, I think a more realistic outcome would be manslaughter plus time served, out in 1/3 of the time on good behavior. She could get about four to seven years at the most. For example If they gave her 25 years, she’d be eligible in 8.3 years but with time served, she would be out in four or less.

        Why i think she will serve some time is because the jury is conservative, and there are more men than women. Conservatives tend to think that if someone takes a life regardless of the reason, that there has to be some kind of punishment. I think there are enough potential hold outs on the jury that manslaughter is more conceivable.

        Your thoughts?

        • I agree JC. Sadly.
          You hit the nail on the head as far as the jury thinking, if you kill someone – you have to do some time, regardless of the reason.

          Wish she would be acquitted – but just don’t see the entire jury not feeling that she should serve time for killing Travis.

        • Agreed JC, and I think that she will serve some time too. I should have said that it’s possible but not probable that she’ll be acquitted.

      • Thanks Kira, I do, I’m desperately worried about her and she’s only a few years younger than my daughter. You have made me laugh more than once, Kira, you’ve a great sense of humour! 🙂 Its just so lovely to have this site where there is so much love for her. it really is. Can things we have said here be passed to Kirk Nurmi, such as having a trauma expert in the court and other things here that we can’t make sense of? I can’t think of her not being aquitted, there’s got to be no stone left unturned.

          • Thanks, Kira, you’re a love 🙂 You know, I should be asleep, its 3am, well its 5am now, slept for 4 hours and have woken up wide awake. Its because I missed the trial yesterday, dreading watching it on the one hand, but not on the other. I’m not a violent woman but I could sock Martinez right between the eyes, he’s so hateful, words aren’t strong enough.. I want to say it–he’s a total bastard. I thought I might feel somewhat better getting that out, but it doesn’t scratch the surface. Maybe its just as well I’m not in that courtroom.. I’m sure I’d be turned out or worse!

    • Unfortunately, even if she was acquitted, she will never be able to live a normal life. There are too many headhunters out there, and these mormon friends and family of Travis’ – whoa, crazy bunch of fanatical cult members.

  5. I want to put Martinez in jail, along with Flores and Chris and Sky Hughes. Something seriously wrong with these people. I can’t stand the sight of Martinez, he’s simply vile.

    • Martinez, Flores, the Hugheses, and Travis’s other creepy friends make my skin crawl. Guess what? Chris Hughes is still watching the trial, which means that Sky most definitely is too.

      The victim’s best friend, Chris Hughes, is watching Arias’ graphic testimony online from his home in Utah.
      “I’m just over it, you know. I’m done with the lies. She’s already admitted to killing him and she’s doing it again with character assassination and all of these ridiculous lies that are unsubstantiated, by the way,” said Hughes.

      Hughes realized their stay is expensive and wanted to help them.
      “We’ve had people reach out to us and say ‘Hey,’ I mean total strangers, people that don’t know us or the Alexanders. They said “Look my heart is sick for what this family is going through and they must be financially strapped’ and they said ‘Look what can I do to help?'” said Hughes.
      Hughes has set up a Facebook page in Travis Alexander’s honor.…192139821.html


      Martinez doesn’t care about justice for Travis like the hater sites claim. He wants all of the glory of a DP conviction for himself. That’s why he’s never reasonable about plea bargaining in cases that are clearly not murder 1.

      • Yeh, nice site. I like how Chris wrote that an unemployed single mom was giving money too. I noticed the mormon crew didn’t say – no don’t support yourself and child. It’s one thing to raise money for the family to be there to support a defendant but for them just to be there to eye roll?? When they could be watching it on television is a joke. Denial is a strong thing. If they admit Travis wasn’t who they thought he was- then they were all duped. They don’t want to admit that.

        • I thought that Mormons take care of their own – I’ve heard that etc. As long as one tithes, they pay rent or house payments for months,

          So I find it odd that the church is not helping the family of Travis. His sister was married in the temple after he died so she is temple worthy ( assuming).

          For example, the night of the killing, the roommates were put up with families immediately and lived there for months!

          I find it odd they need to take donations when part of a church who is very generous in helping their own.

          But maybe I’m wrong and if there are any LDS members on the site, I would like their feedback!

      • Hughes can insult all he wants. These two are the BIGGEST hypocrites I have EVER seen. Chris is the vice president on some school board, and Sky works with abused children. WTF? Did they know before all of this TA liked little boys? Did they continue to let him spend the night and play with their kids if they had even the SLIGHTEST suspicion? Would they let him over TODAY after what Jodi has said, to spend the night and wrestle around with their little boys? Really? Sky and Chris tell the little kids whom you are supposed to be guiding, when you tell, we will listen, we will believe you, UNLESS your abuser is friendly, attractive, successful, then obviously they could not be bad, right?
        The most elementary of lessons of abuse is this: What does a bad guy look like? Don’t we teach our kids that bad people can come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, status. If either of these two worked for my child’s school, or if my child were in an any sort of program where SKY was supposed to be an advocate for ANYTHING I would get my kids FAR away from them.

        • Many have pointed out, probably correctly, Chris’s true motive for doing what he is doing, and that has to do with his bottom line. He is supposedly this very rich, very successful individual whose videos on YouTube I have looked at. It’s all about how to get rich quick.

          It’s again about the image although not about the Mormon church’s image.

          • One of my biggest peeves is rich people setting up donation jars so that the lower income people can give away their money to help others. If people like Chris Hughes are so well to do, they should put the money out of their pocket – period. Open up that safe behind the picture on the wall and give Travis’ family a wad of cash if you really believe they are that hard up. Don’t take money from people that need it to feed their children and give to people so they can eat at classy restaurants. This Hughes character strikes me as the kind of cocky a-hole I’d punch square in the face if I had to listen to him ramble for more than two minutes.

          • Chris Hughes built up Travis and I’m sure took credit for his success. Travis was not truly successful. He went through the motions; traveled all over the country, owned a home and had an impressive title. Meanwhile in reality, he had terrible money problems; he had to have roommates to afford the mortgage and asked friends for loans. He could not even manage to have a lasting dating relationship and did not speak to several family members.

            When Chris Hughes defends Travis, he is defending himself. He is invested in maintaining the image of the rags to riches Mormon superstar.

          • Where do Sky and Chris Hughes live?

            Chris and Sky Hughes lived in Murreitta and Temecula. Both are in Riverside County. I can’t find Riverside County records indicating they bought or sold properties there.

            I think they live in Heber City which is in Wasatch County, Utah – same story, no real estate in their names.

            My not having found county records of home ownership doesn’t mean very much. I just know I haven’t found real estate in their names for two counties in which I believe they’ve lived.

            Does anyone know where they own real estate?

            We can’t say they’re just putting up a sham like Travis apparently was, but we can say that they’re pretty good at hiding real estate assets in Riverside and Wasatch Counties, or they were renters.


      • He’s a total rat and Hughes isn’t far behind him, I find myself yelling at my computer screen. To watch him in court (I caught only a bit of the trial yesterday when he was interrogating Jodi, as my laptop decided to play up!, yes I was mad at it and called it a few choice words!) and its sickening watching him get all excited. I wonder if he talks fast to unnerve her and try to stop her from having time to collect her thoughts, Kirk speaks slowly so everyone has a chance to listen properly. I’m going to watch it all, I can’t miss a thing. The daily trials reach London between 5 and 6 pm. I’m full of praise for Kirk, he has been brilliant and pre-empting many questions that he knows Martinez will be cross examining her about, plus has enormous patience; now its Martinez’s turn to get some of his own medicine, I so detest that total apology of what is meant to be a human being.

    • I know this might sound a little far-fetched, but in a way Jodi was going up against the Mormon church, and many of these people will act like a bee hive and gang up together to protect the church. With many of these people, it’s all about the image.

      The problem with this whole case is these zombies got control of the narrative to begin with, starting with 48 Hours, and promoting the absurd idea Jodi was this “evil’ stalker who killed their beloved Travis because of jealousy. This despite the fact they never really knew him at all. They got control of the narrative with the HLN lynch mob and they’ve never let go, despite the fact there simply is NO evidence whatsoever of premeditation, despite the fact Travis continually contacted Jodi up until her death. There is also no evidence whatsoever anybody other than Jodi killed him, so while many speculate other alternatives, the defense wasn’t that silly to try and pin the murder onto somebody else.

      What is truly scary for anybody who cares about justice in this country is we have a media that is willing to whip up a lynch mob mentality, all for ratings. It’s scandalous.

      I don’t expect Shanna Hogan, in her upcoming book about the case, to divert from the ridiculous narrative the Mormon crowd has created despite all of the facts not supporting it.

      • Shanna Hogan goes in whatever direction she thinks will make her money. That’s why she hasn’t finished her book yet.

        Trust me, if Jodi gets off, her book will probably go in another direction.

        ALSO, Shanna dropped the possibility of writing a book about a man convicted of a crime that he very likely did not commit to “jump” on the Travis Alexander band wagon.

        I have no respect for these so-called “journalists.” They are NOT interested in the truth – only what will bring them ratings and / or money.

    • I can’t stand Chris and Sky Hughes. They are so fake. Chris has had several websites talking about how rich he is. I call BS on them whining about trip expenses. When it comes down to it, Chris and Sky are jokes. They made money through a screwed up MLM company. They aren’t movie or TV stars who work 12-18 hour days on film sets, they aren’t pro athletes who play through pain, they aren’t doctors or lawyers, and they aren’t respectable business people. It is joke that they have managed to get wealthy. I hope they lose their wealth someday because they never worked hard for it and they know it.

      • It shows how phony they are that they’re not offering to help Travis’ family with expenses. He was their best friend and apparently they’re super rich! No, they’ll just let strangers take care of it.

  6. I have followed this case since Jodi was arrested. Up until this point I always thought she had killed him (even though likely justified). I have to wonder now if maybe she didn’t. The gun could have come from Travis’s home (don’t tell me oh Travis was a saint he wouldn’t have had a gun because we all know what that means). It was not recovered. Why no drag marks? She is/was a small woman. I don’t see how she could have had the adrenaline to pull him across the room and slice him up so severely after he was already shot. Travis was big. I mean why not just leave him did or do stab wounds. The severing and slicing seems so much more like what a stronger person could do. Unless her blind rage was a result of still fearing for her life. There was NO evidence presented that she had ever been abusive to him and in all the texts we’ve heard so far he is the one with the temper!

    Events really could have gone done the way Jodi says they did. He could have threatened her- once she got the gun he may have had every intent to kill her.

    The roommate stories don’t make sense. 5 days and NO ONE noticed. She could have shot him and someone came in and finished him off. Who knows how many enemies Travis had with all his talk of punishment and revenge. What a hypocrite he was and his family is- portraying him as some sort of saint. He kept up appearances with his lavish lifestyle while drowning in debt and a joke of a job (ahem…a MLM salesman). He could have owed money all over town.

    I always thought Travis pushed her buttons too far- now I am 100% something happened there to make her fully believe her life was in danger.

    I hope she is freed.

    I am further disgusted by the media portraying her as a w**** and a s*** and particularly comments from men. This is a sad state of our society where women are subjected to such abuse- when the men are elevated and their behavior is dismissed as a personal transgression. She was a grown woman with a sex life and didn’t pretend otherwise. Big deal. Travis was a mormon elder who pretended to be a virgin- what’s worse??

  7. Good morning,

    Did Nurmi ask Jodie why she took the picture of the short and t-shirt (TA names on it) after the death? If so, can someone recap for me? I missed that part if it was covered.

  8. Why did Jodi admit to killing him when in her testimony she said she was pointing the gun at him to stop his advances but when it went off she 1) did not mean to shoot, she didn’t know the trigger was (cocked?), and 2) she did not know she had hit him. He continued to advance on her after that indicating he was NOT dead from the bullet, and then she has no recollection of stabbing him. Is she just assuming he died as a result of her actions?

  9. Good Mornin’, Team Jodi! Sorry if I was crabby yesterday; I’d only gotten about 3 1/2 hours of sleep the 2 prior nights, on top of the fact that I’ve caught the latest virus my daughter brought home from school.

    I got about 5 hours of sleep last night, which is still not GREAT, but I’ll take it, LOL! 🙂

    Yesterday, I felt very unsettled with Jodi’s testimony. I still have some very valid concerns, which I wrote about yesterday about the actual killing itself and some of the surrounding events, but looking back with a more clear and rested mind this morning, they don’t seem nearly as much of a blow to the Defense as they felt to me yesterday.

    I’m looking forward to Mini-Martinez’s cross of Jodi today… Not looking forward to Jodi being in the position of him questioning her (I’m sure we’ll hear a lot of “Objection, your Honor. He’s Badgering the witness!”, “Objection. Asked and answered.”, “Objection! Relevance?”, “Objection! He’s not letting Ms. Arias answer the question.” etc. from Nurmi!) , but I’m hoping that Teacup Pitbull (TP from now on) will question Jodi in his normal style: Pushy, Rude, Loud, ad nauseum; It can only demonstrate to the jury Jodi’s good qualities like being polite, humble, and *honest*, while also showing how delicate, fragile, and damaged her psyche is from the 2 years of abuse she suffered at the hands of another big-headed, degrading, hostile man… Travis. When TP badgers her to the point of her breaking down, yes, I’ll be pissed off at him, my heart will be breaking for Jodi, **BUT** I also think it’s the exact reaction that the jury may just need to see to cement exactly how abused Jodi was (even though Jodi is still trying to downplay it out of respect for Travis). I hope this all doesn’t sound cold of me! I honestly think it could be the pivotal “If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit!” moment in this trial, and could be the difference between Jodi being found guilty of 1st or 2nd Degree Murder and Jodi being found guilty of Manslaughter or even being outright acquitted.

    The Prosecution’s case is chock-full of reasonable doubt to begin with. TP (based on his history) is most likely going try to make the case seem stronger than it actually is by bullying Jodi, throwing any and all shit at the wall, just praying that something sticks… And the jury will see right through it, just as we do!

    Hugs to all of you on Team Jodi today… We’ll stand til the end!!!

    • She’s already shown she’s very polite, every time she was asked a question and began answering before TP ‘objected’ she would say “I’m sorry”. I had to laugh a few days ago Nurmi told her “You don’t have to apologize to him”… lol

      But on a less humorous note, apologizing like that can indicate two things; A person who was raised to be respectful of others, and a person who has been abused and has grown accustomed to instinctively apologize for “speaking out of turn” to avoid “the wrath” of their abuser.

      • I feel for what she is going to go through today….Martenez is not a NICE man at all!!! I have read other cases and he GOES AFTER the people the defense puts on the stand. I have been on the stand and know how scarey it is!!! Though I was only on the stand for a short time IT is torture. I wish that many of us could be in the cour room tody so she could at least look out and see some people who believe in her opposed to the eye rollers and lemon suckers!! Does anyone know who the bald man that sits between the two is??

  10. I think that Kurmi did a very good job being both the defense and prosecution attorney, now whatever question Martinez asks, Kurmi can object stating already asked and answered!

    • @Debbie, I think the Asked & Answered objection can only be used against the attorney who has already asked the question. Not the opposing attorney when its his or her turn. In other words, I think Martinez can ask a question that Nurmi asked, but the objection can arise from Nurmi if Martinez badgers Jodi by asking her the same question (repeating) that she has already answered. In this case, it would likely drive a sidebar where the state will claim she didn’t actually answer. (like say digressing into a story on a yes or no question) I also think each state has its own rules of evidence and some don’t have the Asked & Answered objection.

  11. Has anyone noticed all of the women Travis attempted to date figured him out really quick? It seems every one of them”friend zoned” him rather quickly. Did he ever have a long term girlfriend?

    • I’ve heard reference to this DeAnna (sp?) woman but I’m not sure the length or depth of their relationship. But Jodi has mentioned a few times that she (Deanna) was jealous of Jodi or even the mere mention of Jodi?

      • Who knows if it’s true that Deanna was jealous of Jodi. Travis always painted his exes as psycho stalkers. Right, because Travis was such a prize.

        • I doubt she was. Travis used the trash-talk line on ALL of his girlfriends, and ALL of his friends, with consistency. He was such a liar, it was second nature with him.

        • And, before Napoleon was exiled, why, was he not faced by all the suspects that a competent, investigation would reveal, so he could, react to the killer, if, the killer was in the group; yes, including, Jodi…??? It’s not likely that he had not, sensed, what was going on with, Travis… surely worth a try, including the demeanor of the suspects… Edgar…

    • Yes! Remember Mimi’s testimony? It sounded like Travis had to beg her to go to Cancun with him. She did NOT want to go. She even stated that she did not have romantic feelings. Even, the other gal…shoot, what was her name?? (help me out here friends 🙂 ). Anyway, even being so much younger than Travis it appeared she figured him out right quick too. I think that all of them being good members of the church, they don’t want to say what they really thought of him – that he was creepy! I mean really, in the big picture he would appear to be a real catch! Why didn’t they fall head over heels? Because their “spidey sence” went off. And if he was such a super guy, why didnt’ Martinez parade a bunch of old girlfriends into court to say what a wonderful guy Travis was? Maybe because they didn’t want to have to LIE under oath!

      • I think you mean Lisa Andrews. She was a teenager when she first started dating Travis but was wise enough to know that there was something wrong with him talking about marriage so soon.

      • Why didn’t the defense, defend, Jodi; couldn’t be the two million dollar bribe, they didn’t want her to know about; or, the jury, either, could it…??? Edgar…

        • Very interesting posts Edgar. What about the 2 million dollar bribe. I’m not familiar with it.?. Your pretty spot on everything:)

  12. re: jodi not killing TA or someone else helped, i dont think matters since the defense/jodi is not saying that.
    jodi should have added “I DID NOT DO…” but she said i dont remember, and admitted other things.
    so, idk. she resigned to the fact shell b back in jail. BUT, she has to hope for 2nd, or mansl. (think they can give that).
    the defense experts will be important.

    • You’re right Frank. The defense has already stipulated that Jodi did kill TA, right from the opening statement. Also, Jodi admitted to dropping the knife and possibly putting the knife in the dishwasher. So its too late to claim that she fled after the gunshot struggle and then someone else came in, unbeknownst to her, and stabbed him to death. Or at least that is my take on it. She puts herself in the room with the knife.

      • The gunshot was four days after the precision kill… as proven by the brass ejected shell, which, landed upon dried blood. If the gunshot was first, it would have been smeared, with the blood, it landed upon, if, the blood at that time was wet… These were two crimes; not, one… as proven because dead bodies, don’t bleed… Edgrrr…

  13. Hi there, I’ve been following all of you for the last several days, you all bring up some good points. I’m not a believer that she’s innocent but I also agree there seems to be some BIG holes in this story…Anyways just wondering if anyone found a layout of the house Travis owned? I see all the photos and I guess I’m trying to get an understanding of the layout and how closed off the bedroom was to everything. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


  14. Another question,there was a picture of a shoe at the crime scene and I believe they lifted the print of a shoe also. If this was premeditated, would she kill him in her socks then put her shoes on and walk back through the crime scene?

    • Good thinking, Steve, and, why would she be wearing boots, way to big for her as evidenced by the sock foot, picture…???

  15. Also Just wondering if there was any mention as to where the roomates were at when this gun was shot? In the Police Report it was stated that Marie with two other friends knocked on the door with no answer, finally another friend let them into the hosue via the garage. Inside were both of his roomates and a roomates girlfriend…Why didn’t they open the door? Also where was the dog during this period after Travis was killed, On top of that….Didn’t Travis have a phone? If a friend was calling over and over like Marie claimed she did wouldn’t the roomates have heard his phone ringing in his bedroom? And the smell, wouldn’t his roomates have tried to discover the source of a smell like that? I mean obviously there was access to his room because the Friends how insisted on checking on him found a key to the bedroom, the roomates could have entered his bedroom I would assume they of all people would have known where a key was.

    Also I noticed everyone commenting on a possibility that the pants with the white stripe could be the shorts that were found in the clothes, and that maybe travis was pulling them down. However that picture would have had to be snapped at the exact right time before the shorts hit the ground, The way they are barely grazing the floor in the photo makes me think there is no way they are shorts, if shorts were falling down to someone’s ankles they would be bunched up..Especially if Jodi was wearing them, as she’s very small. …Just some thoughts. Like I said I’m not completely a believer that she’s innocent but there is way to many holes in this case to believe it like it’s being layed out…It’s very odd.

      • No my apologies I was refering to the photo’s on the camera of what looks like travis on the ground and a persons foot with a pant leg showing…In a previous thread everyone was talking about how it could have been the shorts that were found in the washer…I don’t believe so but I should have clarified

    • In the police report it says Marie how came to check on him saw the dog loose running around the downstairs through the window and no one would answer the door. Also in the police report his roomates stated they thought it was odd that a doggie gate was put up so the dog could not access the upper level of the house, because the dog has always been able to roam throughout the house without restriction..So someone wanted to keep that dog downstairs…Also what is wierd to me is that the police report says his phone was found in his office located downstairs in the house..The roomate says he tried texting a few times, Marie his friend tried calling multiple times…Wouldn’t one of his roomates have heard the phone ringing which was NOT locked in his bedroom? Wierd….

    • The dog was at the house. Jodi said she was playing with the dog while Travis was trying to load the pictures from the scratched CD.

  16. First, let me say that you all know I support Jodi. I know that what she did was in self defense.

    However, I was really hoping some light would be shed on the stabbings.

    Although I know that tragic events can cause memories to be unavailable, I just wish there were details. I hope this does not derail her defense.

    With that said, these people (even the ME) stating that he could not have been coherent with a gunshot wound are DEAD wrong. It would NOT have killed him in a few minutes.

    I have posted before that my younger brother was shot in the back of the head. He was not only able to TALK, but he was able to WALK to the truck to have his friend drive him to the hospital!

    It took about 10 minutes for him and his friend to walk back to the truck. Then it was at least another 15-20 minutes to get to the nearest hospital. He was coherent the WHOLE time.

    Once he got to the hospital, he lost consciousness and was life-flighted to a trauma center. He almost died on the helipad and a doctor cut into his skull and took a huge blood clot to save his life.

    He was in ICU for several days and almost died. His head was swollen up very large. He is fine now, although he is missing his short-term memory.

    My point?

    The bullet that hit Travis (from what the ME said) barely grazed his brain (if at all) and lodged in his cheek. I don’t think it could possibly have caused the damage that happened to my brother.

    I think Travis was very well able to attack Jodi, as people can do super human things with adrenaline pumping through their body.

  17. This trial is about protecting the Mormon church. If they don’t, then the masses might start questioning the church, thereby questioning authority in general (and that includes judicial system). They have to say Jodi is guilty; that way nobody in the church has to take responsibility for not doing anything about an abusive pedophile. Once the lid is off Pandora’s box, the entire system might be investigated. And about the church – here’s an interesting fact; “Cragun and Reuters estimate that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints brings in some $7 billion annually in tithes and other donations… It owns about $35 billion worth of temples and meeting houses around the world, and controls farms, ranches, shopping malls and other commercial ventures worth many billions more.” Don’t piss off the church or they might take their business elsewhere! (Sorry to the true believers of the faith as I mean no disrespect. It is just awful to see when people’s faiths are taken advantage of and become another big business.)

    Everybody here’s sees the stark reality of hypocrisy at work here; compare just the ‘look’ of the two families. Jodi’s looks like a normal, everyday family and it is admitted they have issues – just like any American family. TA’s family, on the other hand, looks like a pack of mafia and thugs with a background of drugs, neglect and abuse. (When my 15 year old daughter saw photos of TA & Jodi on the news, she asked why would a pretty girl be with that guy? He looks like a thug. I agree.)

    In addition to just the outside view of the families – look at the bald guy on “In Session,” who, apparently, was an investigator. This is one of the most outrageous hypocrisies. He, alone, proves that our judicial system does not look for “justice” at all, but is more in the business of choosing who you want to blame then spin all the facts to look like they point to your suspect of choice. I feel like the law enforcement agencies choose people like him to be in the higher rankings (such as investigator) because he’s simply not that smart, which makes him gullible. And he’s the type of personality they like since he makes up his mind to what he wants the outcome to be – then becomes blind to anyone or any evidence that does not agree with him. If he is an example of one of America’s “best” police investigators – we are all in trouble!

    • I seriously doubt writer Shanna Hogan, in her upcoming book on the case, will even look much at the Mormon angle, although it is pivotal in this case, and of its members’ need to preserve an image at all costs. I don’t know her religious bent, but I don’t look for any kind responsible reporting here which would divert from the zombies’/HLN’s narrative.

      Travis’s family is typical of some Mormons I have met. They engage in black-and-white thinking, and the need to exact vengeance is important for them. They are big on the death penalty.

        • Oh I so agree with you about wanting to shut down the truth. Chris Hughes lied and there’s only one reason why people do that. What I keep thinking, is how come some people, like us, know she is innocent and the others not only don’t, but the level of sheer hate that comes out of their mouths is so extreme? To me they aren’t human. Its as if they’re in the dark ages, its frightening.

          • A penny, each, from 15 million members of the LSD church, and, the thousands of opportunistic lizards at law, wolves in sheeples’ clothing, and, alleged believers, would have sprung her, long ago. Their complicity, is assured by their indolence… Edgrrr…

  18. Good afternoon ( 12:07) EST

    Have been reading some of the earlier comments and agree that the facts around the car, Zach being in the house, the pug, etc are troubling and raise a lot of questions!

    One thing I didn’t know is that Flores is Mormon, that scares me a lot for Jodi’s sake.

    Does anyone think Martinez will try to get a continuance, so he can keep Jodi on the stand with no weekend break in his cross?
    For the reason that he may be able to batter away at her for 5 full days….

  19. Judge just left the bench – they had to resolve some issue with the courtroom noise cameras. The Jury was complaining the noises bothered them.

  20. SJ – you should have a page where we can post “tips” for the defense when it comes to re-direct! lol I, for one, would like to see Nurmi call Martinez out on some his his dirty tricks!

  21. HAS anyone else noticed how affected she was by the presence of her brother in the courtroom last week…..

    do you think her brother could have helped either with the killing, protecting her, or after the fact.

    she is protecting someone!!!!!!!! she could not have done what the prosc charges her with.

    and/or what if travis did not die right away, could he have asked her to perform the atoment that has discussed? him knowing he was going to die… and knowing that he had lived the life of a sinner (in the mormans view of sin) and its obvious she loved him, good or bad, and would do anything for him

    • Good question about her brother. If he did help her in any way, she would never, ever tell of it. I feel so bad for her siblings- so many idiots have been threatening them I’m sure. They are so strong to be there for their sister even though they know it will cause them to be ridiculed and jeered at.

    • YEP! “I didn’t ask you if you called her stupid, mam”. What a douche. I hope the jury see’s he is being a royal Jack A**! i almost can’t watch!!!

      • She already admitted to that under direct examination and she said she didn’t know of all of the things her sister had gone through.

    • tonysam, its just what I thought his ploy was. Can’t she ask him to slow down? Oh I wish I could really let rip true american style, but you do it for me! lol

  22. Jodi is NOT afraid of him. This girl has been in JAIL for almost 5 years. She’s had prison guards talk to her like this plenty. She is doing GREAT!

    • That’s all he’s got. He’s acting like a complete asshole. He’s lost the case already, and he’s just digging himself deeper.

    • My brother and I call each other names all the time, but if anyone else called me the same thing, he’d come out swingin’ and vice versa.

  23. she is handling him very well….
    like said above, shes been in jail. in addition to guards talking to her like this, imagine what the other inmates try to do to intimidate her… they say woman in jail are worse than the men

  24. if i were her, i would say “you bastard, you wanna c premeditaion, i will show you and jump over and punch him in the fucking face

  25. you know she wants to laugh at him bc hes too funny……. its like when my 3 year old daughter throws a tantrum bc she cant have a piece of candy….. its so cute and i laugh

    seriously, im lol

  26. I am afradthat he is going to get under her skin!!! I was on the stand once and only once for a trial and I can tell you when the attorney comes at you like he is right now IT IS SO SO SO EASY to get defensive!!! I think he is starting to get under her skin!!! I pray that her attorney has prepaired her for this based on his reputation!!! He is trying to use what shesaid yesterday about going to get the social security card as if she was there stalking him!!! Oh please let the Lord be with Jodi today!!

  27. Martinez is already being a DICK!

    He has got to be pissing off the jury because I am already feeling anxiety from him.

    And, this is what he starts with? What is his point??

  28. OMG – if I were on the jury I would be so stressed and just yell at Martinez, “can you just ask a freakin’ question without yelling, nonstop???” Honestly, he creates a lot of stress for no reason! Defense should tell Jodi, just pause before EVERY answer to calm down the room and either throw off Martinez or make his asshole-ishness stand out even more.

  29. I don’t watch a lot of trials. Is it normal for the prosecutor to act like an asshole? It clearly is his strategy. Seems to me it would turn off the jury. Thoughts?

  30. Bully. Bully. Bully.

    It’s so obvious, so unnecessary, that he’s playing word games with her for the sake of it. Not to prove anything important, just to be cruel, to embarrass her, to make her look stupid. Will the jury see this?

      • Well, it’s making me terribly uncomfortable. I think it was Trixels who predicted his cross-examination would be an encore performance of the Travis abuse. That’s what it is.

        So, I’m uncomfortable. But, I’m female, a feminist, a Canadian, anti death penalty, left-leaning, and non-religious. I still hope that, despite any major differences between us (i.e., the people on this website) and the jury, they do see that he’s indeed bullying her. I hope they see that, if she was guilty of 1st degree murder, all this bullying, yelling, and sarcasm wouldn’t be necessary.

  31. Why re the court rom rules changing NOW??? Other witnesses have been able to answer with more then yes or No and expand on their answers. Jodi has been on the stand for days the judge should of told her long ago to answer the question and only the question. How one sided is that courthouse?

      • Yes, it’d be her fault. They’d blame it on the powerful X-chromosome radio-active waves emanating from her vagina.

        Martinez should be wearing a protective vest and helmet.

  32. Mtz feathers are getting so ruffled it’s funny to see that he gets this reaction by cross examining her. It’s clear he can’t handle composing himself.

  33. Just starting watching the Trial and i’m loving so far how Jodi is answering Martinez’s questions and how she is holding up….Keep it up Jodi

  34. I’m sorry, but I can’t help but laugh at Martinez – he seems to be attacking for no reason at all. That puts in my mind that he really has nothing so he is trying to make it appear there is an issue when there is none.

  35. Martinez is going to have a break down and snap at some point if Jodi keeps doing the great job answering like she is now

  36. I’m watching the split screen with Jodi talking right now.
    Who’s the little guy on the right of the screen doing the aerobics? :mrgreen:

  37. OMG I woke up late did i miss alot???? I can see martinez is already being an ass!!! Im on the finger part. So what Dick Martinez that picture her hand is down and her hand is relaxed! lol she just told him!!lol oh shes going to do just fine with him. shes alomost smiling at him! i wish she would laugh at him.

  38. On my GOSH !!! I dont remember ever moment of my life either there re things people remember and those that they dont!! I wonde ifthe shrimp rembers what e ate for breakfast on JULY 16th 2008 or even where he was!!HE IS PISSING ME OFF!!!

  39. OMG that picture is so lame and CLEARLY shows a bent finger!!! They are all bent in a relaxed state. What an idiot. Jodi is WWWAAAYYYY too smart for him.

  40. i know it would hurt her, but i think it would be worth it to just laugh at him and smile

    i mean it wouldnt but …….

    in session talking heads not happy…. they lookk like they just ate SHIT SANDWICHES

  41. Hey SJ have you tried to call into the newsshow to defend Jodi? They always get callers who kiss up to them….
    This jerk is ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!

  42. Omg, when Jodi called her sister dumb she explained that and it is soo different when you say something about your own family thus someone outside of your family saying something so she had every right to be upset.

    I can NOT stand Martinez he is trying to ask questions so fast and just is being a cunt. He really is. I can not stand him! My heart is pounding so fast, poor Jodi she really needs our support today.

  43. I’m loving how Jodi is doing so far and her composure and triping up Martinez on his own questions is great and it will cause him to explode at some point and look like a bully and a jackass to the jury

  44. I think it is good for Jodi how he is coming at her!! IF even one member of the jury is seeing her as a victim of domestic violence he is going to look like a BULLY going at a woman who was attaced by her ex like she was by Travis

  45. lol shes lieing to dumb Flores! Shes already told us she lied to him, so what!!! SJ your so right, Martinez isnt going to ask anything that Nurmi hasnt already. hahahaha I love it, he”s an IDIOT!

  46. lmao, where’s the “like” button for these comments? I love the comment about getting defense a distemper shot! Now they are going on about her hand shaking – well, duh! I get shaken too when a rabid dog is barking at me!

  47. That cut could not have made her finger like that, could it?

    And, how did Ryan Burns not see that when she went there.

    That would have needed more than a small bandage!

    • He did see bandages for cuts on june 5th. He never mentioned a splint on a broken finger though. Jodi said she splinted it herself.

    • no,not really Nicole.i think it’s way better she’s comporting like a classy lady,not losing her temper like’s a nice contrasting image she’s getting across to the jury imho…

      • Maria, Nicole,

        Martinez is trying to get her to lose her temper so he can show the jury she does have a temper (IMO).

        I dont think crying would hurt her nor do i think her remaining composed and half way smiling will hurt her case either.

        But if she does cry, it will only piss off some of jury toward Martinez. If they perceive she is being bullied, they will punish Martinez with the verdict. That has actually happened before.

        • im afraid she’s bound to cry when he starts flashing autopsy photos,coz we know he’s gonna be heartless about that!so,i think it’s better for the time being that she’s dealing the way she does with his unreasonable outbursts

  48. ummm,ok a have a question.he’s 50 sth,RIGHT?he’s at a dangerous heart attach age,RIGHT?well I hope he has one any time soon!

  49. LMAO!! Go jodi go!! She’s making that Gremlin look like an old bully, and just giving it back to him. His line of questioning is so ridiculous, give me a break. Keep up the good work girl, don’t let him make you upset. BRAVO!!

    • hahaha…I hate to say it but I’m having a field day on HLN facebook…everyone was so pumped for this idiot to “tear her apart” and he’s just looking like a bad rehearsal for a reality tv show. She’s doing a great job, staying strong, answering just only what she absolutely has to. And man are the cheerleaders on HLN getting frustrated…lol

  50. Help me out.

    this finger nonsense – is he making a point or confusing things. Her referring to a cut finger is different than her saying the finger was broken. Now hes talking about other fingers. So confused.

      • I’m just getting to watch…so he didn’t have any evidence her finger was injured another way right? I thought maybe that’s what the journal was for, but my computer froze up for a minute.

  51. Yes, he is. You notice that in the original “48 Hours” report, it mentions nothing at all about her ring finger injury, only the cuts on her hands.

  52. Hi everyone. I haven’t posted here yet, but needed to today. I just want to reach through the screen and strangle that asshole martinez. What a creep. You can clearly see in the pic with her sister that the finger is bent. You should all also check our travis’s sisters page. Tanisha Sorensen on facebook. She talks about how travis would never baptize someone one and then do that to them afterward blah blah blah. Then they play the sex tape in court. I think that proves he would and what kind of person he really was. Also the texts show his temper and how angry he could get. I don’t condone murder but I know what its like to be verbally abused and physically and have no one believe the person could be like that. I think Travis hid how he really was very well. I always have wondered how she could do this alone and how there could be no drag marks down the hall. But then I wonder why there is so much blood spray on the walls of the hall. It doesn’t make sense. The roommate coming home only a half hour after the killing is also suspicious. How did he not see anything. Was she gone by then? I do sometimes think his sister Samantha feels sorry for Jodi just by her expressions and the way she got emotional over the testimony yesterday. Not once did I see Tanisha shed a tear. Her facebook is so telling and she says she became a better person and found the church after Travis died. I don’t think she is that nice of a person. Just my two cents for the day.

  53. His questions are so rapid fire that it’s hard to keep up with them and he is tripping himself up. My gawd he is acting like a fool. Survivors of abuse are not going to take kindly with his demeanor towards Jodi.

  54. Notice he had to use the same pics to try and bring up a comment about her sister, not that she DIDN’T have BLONDE hair at the time of the killing – lost that one for pre-mediation did’t you, Martinez!

  55. IS ANYONE listening to the talking heads on IN session??

    notice the tone of their voices… so calm and very serious….

    its really sad, when its all said and done>>> how do they think its not obvious

    and Joey Jackson, my god…. he’s wearing the exact pin stripe suit that TA is wearing in that pic wr he looks like a total TOOL

  56. Martinez his playing his “trick” where he says, “do you remember you said blah, blah, blah” yet she never said what he is trying to get her to say. She is smart for saying she doesn’t recall and it is funny that at that time he shows no transcripts from yesterday to say, “see, you did say this!” He moves on – because he is lying and attempting to fool everyone, including the jury. He used this same tactic with Searcy but Searcy was also too smart to fall for it.

      • It is but that is what prosecutors do when they have nothing and need the win. I like Nurmi but I have to say he should be taking notes and using these in re-direct so as to point out these tricks to the jury. He missed that opportunity the last times.

  57. I am so outraged over the In Session correspondents saying they can’t wait for Martinez to rip into Jodi. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Martinez being a bully will end up biting him in the ass. Right now he’s going on and on about her bent finger! What’s the point? What does that have to do with him trying to prove premeditation or her stating that Travis attacked her on June 4th and she defended herself. I can’t bear to watch the live feed anymore. Martinez comes across as a very angry and arrogant man and I think he will alienate some of the female jurors. If Martinez keeps up this ranting and raging he’ll end up giving himself a heart attack! Does this man have the ability to speak calmly instead of screaming all of the time? It took a lot of courage for Jodi to get on the stand and testify knowing that she would have to endure the wrath of Martinez in cross examination. If I was on the jury I would be shocked over the lack of professionalism Martinez displays with his over the top personality. If Martinez really thinks he has proved premeditation beyond a reasonable doubt then why is he screaming and yelling? The facts should speak for themselves. I’ll just end this post by saying “wow, what a major tool this guy is!”

    • Some of them just said Martinez cross is NOT good though. Disjointed and all over the place and ineffective. I know they will take sides of course but when they say things like that, we know he is doing a really bad job at this.

      We know anyway. LOL

  58. I have to say, I love how calm Jodi is. Part of the strategy is obviously to shake her and get her angry to make her look like this crazy b—- (you guys know what I mean) and she doesn’t appear that way at all, even with him coming at her.

    • Yes, Kris, That is exactly what he is doing. He isn’t going in sequential order because that would not work to his advantage. He’s trying to establish that she has always been this horribly jealous liar. He’s trying to break her down much like a “bad cop” interrogator would.

      He is pretty much failing at it… LOL

  59. Ok so she didnt write every single thing that happened in her journal. I believe her ex Matt knows about the finger and hopefully will testify to that.

  60. Re Diaries: “everyone knows that diaries are just full of crap… ” the movie Bridget Jones Diary … so the female jurors will know what this is … just emotions on paper that change with the wind or hormones sometimes.. that’s what a journal is, and why I don’t keep one 🙂

  61. Someone refresh my memory from yesterday when she talked about confronting Travis.

    She found him banging his head on the wall.

    BUT, did she calm him down?

    That could be why she said she loved him. Maybe he once again played with her emotions.

  62. When Nurmi crosses, he should ask her if she believes that a journal contains emotions and entries that can change, and therefore a journal doesn’t always cintain every aspect of every day or all of her feelings.

  63. Keep up the good work Martinez!!!!!!!! He’s making himself look so BAD!!! Awesome!! The jury is no doubt sympathizing with Jodi. His little plan is back-firing. Hah!

    • omg,i was thinkinf about that!can you imagine having to live with that person having him yelling at you like that?his behaviour is soooo unacceptable!

  64. you dont write EVERYTHING DOWN IN A JORNAL

    in session idiots are saying bc she didnt write it down it didnt happen n she lied

    WTF………… this is insane…. i literally feel like im getting dumber by the minute listening to this

    • I can honestly say that during the most stressful an terrible times in my life, I did in fact chronicle the events or feelings surrounding it.. However, the moment I was able to breathe and all was well.. I tore that shit out and ripped it up. No use in having bad memories to look back on.

  65. I hope he loses his voice and that it becomes a game of Charades. With Jodi sitting on the edge of her seat, trying hard to guess what he’s asking.

  66. Jodi just said she hadn’t read the journal entry (meaning she needed to review it since it had been so long) … didn’t her lawyers prep her for today? She should have had access to this material before hand, right?

  67. i wish we had a live feed!!! Im so sick of these haters on ustream! they think Martinez is eating her alive. I asked if they say a staight finger in that pic, they all saw “straight as an arrow”!!! WHATEVER!

  68. The journal is not as telling because if she said he was a pedo, prosecution would say hearsay or not proven, so inadmissalbe.
    More telling, are the actual texts to and from, because that is a one on one exchange.

    • As long as her journal entries were about her own thoughts and not what others said, they are not considered hearsay.

      Tying together the texts/emails/journal is critical for this case. One isn’t more telling than the other. They give a complete view of Jodi’s experience at the time.

      I think that the jury may take the journal entries very seriously.

      Thank god I found this site! I’ve needed to chat while watching for 3 weeks!

  69. Is there somewhere I can watch the testimony later that I am going to miss. I just got called into work!!!! AWWWWWGGGHHH!!!

      • Thank you. And I cant watch this at work because I am a Nanny for a child with Autism and we only watch the weather channel that is his thing right now LOL I only have to work for a couple hours hopefully I wont miss alot
        Oh MB where can I send a money order for Jodi? Someone gave it to me yesterday but not her inmate number or how I make out the money order.

  70. Basically Kermit can’t prove his case of premeditation and is going to find anyway possible to attack her ability to recall things?

    I won’t say what I wish upon him.

    • Thats right, BeeCee – he so lost it on his pre-meditation that he is trying to go for the “Look, I told you she was liar!!!” He is totally grasping here to try and deflect.

    • BeeCee,

      His cross is stupid too. Because she wrote, “nothing noteworthy to say” it has to mean she’s lying about her finger? How ridiculous. Travis read her journals!!! Remember? So why would she write anything bad him when he has read them in the past?

      It’s a stupid, stupid, desperate tactic.

      • Yes, JC it is a stupid tactic. I hope the jury is smart enough to see that. Surely there are a couple of people on there with brains like those of us here.

      • “Travis read her journals!!! Remember? So why would she write anything bad him when he has read them in the past?”

        Right exactly! I forgot about that, good point. Also she and Travis believed in the law of attraction and he would always tell her not to say negative things too.

        • MB

          Yes. I was skyping that point to someone else. Exactly what you said about the law of attraction. Her focus would be on the positive!

        • MB,

          This is a good moment to reinforce that BOTH Jodi AND Travis were “under the influence of “The Law of Attraction” as well as “The Secret.”

          Wikipedia or Google these “theories,” and you will discover further evidence of cult-like mind control.

          When things do not pan out as promised, the FOLLOWER is BLAMED for not working the program diligently enough, not working hard enough, etc.

          This is ABUSE. It messes with the individual’s self-confidence. It causes them NOT to dare to use critical thinking. They are mentally crippled.

          Both Jodi AND Travis went for this sort of “magical” thinking.

          It is a familiar “comfort zone” for each of them in that it fits right in with the BrainWashing of both PPL and Mormonism.

          (Hurting more and more for the “simple folks” of our world. May God love all of us.)

  71. OMG, can they get through ONE line of questioning without approaching?

    I don’t think this judge has a good handle on her court room.

    • I actually like that the Judge is having the arguments at the bench, outside of the ear of the jury. If you don’t want Martinez to plant his arguments in the juries ear before the judge rules, this is the best way. I mean, you can’t unring a bell.

  72. REALLY if you dont put it in the journal then it didnt happen??????WTF!!! Maybe she didnt put stuff in there that she thought TA might see. And wha is it with shoot I dont know her name on In Session when she says Martenezs name she says it with a spanish accent but nothing else!!! Gosh these talking heads are as nuts as they try to make Jodi!!!

  73. Is he seriously making her read an entire portion of the transcript?! REALLY?!?!?

    He asked for it, he shouldn’t be impatiently pacing around if he’s the one who asked her to read the whole damn thing!!!

      • Lisa,

        i think it will backfire. First, he has her flipping through pages while not allowing her to read it all for context. I think its a desperate attempt to try and impeach her.

  74. lol….he’s looking like a compete buffoon! Everyone was hoping for a “aha'” moment, and its not happening. I thought he was supposed to be revealing something big…the only thing he can reveal is that TA was a sado-masochist and he abused her, and he won’t do that, so lets talk about trival crap then. Her defense has done a great job prepping her, and this cross is going no where . Love it!

  75. Jodi isn’t a Wendi Andriano, who Martinez got the death penalty conviction for her having murdered her terminally-ill husband. Andriano got the death penalty for stupidity even more than the horrible crime. Jodi Arias is as far from an Andriano as you can get.

    • Oh I didn’t know he prosecuted that case; I remember seeing that story on ID. Yeah, but that was pure stupidity on Adriano’s part.

  76. The haters are saying jodi is aggressive back to Kermit…what i see is someone trying to please someone else again and trying hard to answer accurately and yet in the manner he desires.

    • Oh, yes, she’s trying very hard to be respectful and accurate.

      Signs of assertiveness are showing through, though. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. No matter which way Jodi handles his interrogation, it will be unmercifully criticized.

  77. I think Martinez just likes the sex talk – like a adolescent boy sneaking a Playboy to look at. He thinks he can embarrass Jodi with the sex talk, but after a week of taking about her sex life, I think it probably comes as natural as talking about coloring her hair.

    • Yeah, and, moreover, she’s not afraid to admit that she likes sex–WHEN she likes sex. Just like most people. That’s a brave admission under these pornographic circumstances.

  78. Martinez should have simply told the family the truth that there was no way he could get a first-degree murder conviction in this case and work out a plea deal with a defense.

    Of course he is dealing with a group of vengeful people who didn’t know their loved on at all, plus all of those zombies who put forward a bunch of ridiculous talking points to him and the media in the first place.

    • That’s what I was thinking. I have done that before in journals, just because you start on one date doesn’t mean another date isn’t in there.

  79. i swear i would love to be in her brain….

    insert.. she needs to just look at him.

    “you better back off…. you of all people know how i handle jackasses like you”

  80. Well, this trial is going to take forever.

    I think he is trying to get at the fact that she did not write anything about the broken finger??

  81. “Everyone knows diaries are full of crap” Bridget Jones Diary
    I guess Martinez didn’t have sisters.
    * The main thing is, she defended herself against a big strong sexual, emotional, and physical abuser, and he lost.

  82. i dont think anyone is going to blve that an ABSENCE of saying anything about abuse etc… is a LIE

    know lets compare apples to oragnes…….


    • Well if the logic is that if it isn’t in the diary then it didn’t happen, then I wonder if she wrote about premeditating his murder? Because if not…..well….then I guess she didn’t premeditated it!!!!!!

      Thanks Martinez!!

  83. Martinez is so stupid. He wants to say she is a liar, but then use things she said and did that he feels he can use against her (FAIL) as though they are VERY truthful. Which is it? Is she truthful or a liar?
    He is really reaching

    • I think it was the defense that kept asking for extensions in time for the trial to start.

      I think the judge is doing a great job. I have spent many years in a court room and she is doing great.

      • Yes because the State would not turn over evidence. Nurmi said IN COURT to the Judge. the reason this trial did not take place in 2010 is because the state insisted the TEXT messages did not EXIST. they later claimed there were too many of them to photo copy, so they only turned the over once the technology was discovered to extract them. THAT is why they needed more time.

  84. If and WHEN the jury realizes Martinez is playing dirty, its OVER for him!
    They are not stupid, they can tell what he is doing.

    • I know I don’t like to be force fed anything. Especially if it stinks of over dramatics and BS. I’m sure there are members of the jury who feel the same way.

      • yep….. and u bring up a good pnte, even if a juror has doubts, maybe doesnt like JA they dont want to feel ambused, and made to feel like they are in school being TAUGHT

      • If you have such a strong case built on facts, then why is there a need to bully, in fact yell, at the witnesses?? He is acreep who has the need to belittle people to make himself look good. Someone on the jury will NOT like his antics.

      • Me too Jaz. When it appears that someone is trying to manipulate me by distorting facts while using emotional rhetoric, I turn off immediately and their argument becomes ineffective.

        I over estimated Martinez not because I like him but because I thought he would be smarter than the crap we are seeing right now.

        I thought his temper MAY be part of act but its’ not. It’s his weakness. And he lacks understanding about human behavior just with the questions he’s asking ie. peeping in the window, questioning her about her asking Travis about the other woman and asserting she was being territorial while insinuating she was stalking by using the word “peep”!!!

        Didn’t she go there to get her soc and birth certificate? An argument could be made that he set her up to hurt her by allowing her to “catch” him.

        I’m sure some of the jurors are noticing this. Not everyone thinks in two shades – black and white.

    • Excellent point Kmiller…I think there will be more than one juror that see’s this. I truly hope this guy loses his job when he loses this case.

  85. I have to applaud Jodi, she knows what she’s doing. I think she’s saying if you want to dwell on insignificant points Mr. Martinez, then lets dwell on them…

  86. oh now HLN is trying to back peddle, ” oh cross examinations aren’t sprints they are marathons” and ” it will go back and forth” trying to make excuses because they built this cross up to be something so exciting, and how this Gremlin was going to chew her up and spit her out. Now they are eating their words, and trying to dismiss it. They can’t even show excerpts from the cross except for a few because she’s doing so well.

  87. note to all criminals: write a diary detailing whatever you want, and if you want to write great stuff about all the prsecutors so they’ll think you like them, do it, because Martinez thinks a diary is 100% factual. lol

    • hahaaha,KDC better say note to all criminals:”write that you DID NOT commit a crime,list details of the place and people you were with that particular night and bam!you got urself an alibi since Martinez believes so wholeheartedly to the sanctity of the written word,even if it’sa journal for crying out loud” LMAO!!

    • hahaha “Dear Diary, In the event that I am a defendant in a criminal case… I really love everyone and would not hurt a soul. Life is all about happiness and rainbows, and if a man used me, abused me or cheated on me- well, no one gets effected by THAT stuff! Also, I love all prosecuting attorneys, especially short ones with an even shorter fuse.”

    • Exactly! He’s practically waving it around like it’s the holy bible. It’s a *diary* for heaven’s sakes.

      She didn’t write about 9-11 or the raid on Osama Bin Laden, I guess those things never happened either right? An event that big wouldn’t be left out! ZERMAGERD!

      • MB,

        And not only that, so what if she told different stories about how her finger was broken?? In the context of abuse, she would lie! It would not normal for her to run around and say, “travis broke my finger” LOL.

        Yet there is one outcry witness on this list we haven’t heard from: Matt M. His testimony, if given the chance, can substantiate the finger ordeal because the way I read his post on here, is that she confided in him about it thus making him an outcry witness.

        And if I had a quarter for every lie I told, for having a black eye back in the 90s? I’d be rich! An abuse victim doesn’t broadcast how they have been hurt.

  88. I wonder what the lunch breaks are like?
    I bet Martinez can’t eat because he’s so mad, teehee.

    I sure did like how Jodi calmly stated,, “I always ordered the same drink at Starbucks.”

      • Missy,i dont think these 2 are’s different to be in a courtroom whrn sm is clerly overreacting and bullying for his own show’s sake and being in n abusive relationship.

      • Missy –
        I disagree with this new revelation, that Jodi should be crying and shaking, any time she is “confronted”.

        Its been 5 years since she was in the abusive relationship with Travis.
        a. she’s had time to reflect on this
        b. she’s been in a prison, with guards, even that sounds scarier than Martinez
        c. Martinez has never hit her, or verbally abused her, why should she be afraid of him (other than the fact he’s trying to get her the DP)
        d. she’s been preparing for Martinez’s asshole ways – its a completely different situation than what she was in during her relationship with Travis

        I just dont even see how this can be compared. If she cried and shook everytime someone got aggressive wouldn’t that make it seem like she has a problem, in general, rather than with someone who abused her like Travis?

        • He never hurt her or hit her i will agree. But SHE compared him to Travis, so is the jury going to think this is how she felt or fells and how she treated and talked to Travis..

  89. Hey, all!! When does the trial resume? Oh and for those that can’t watch, go to youtube, search: “Jodi Arias Trial Day 21”, croakerqueen (or someone) puts it up pretty timely. But beware: as you watch the video, idiots/ haters are spewing their venom in the chat feed. I had multiple altercations with total morons last night…one even called me a slut….basically because I was trying to highlight the societal ramifications of domestic abuse. Of course the irony escaped them as they attempted to bully a “non-bulliable” chick. Bullying often predicates or leads to abuse. This case is a prime example of how systematic bullying escalated to abuse (sexual/ psychological/ emotional/ physical) and eventually turned the victim into a perpetrator. So sad for everyone involved 🙁 Jodi’s holding her own so far. Let’s see what the afternoon has in store for us….

      • I know, I should have. I just couldn’t help myself! And I wasn’t even defending Jodi…primarily bc I’ve got mixed emotions myself about this case. He clearly bullied her, mistreated her, abused her, even provoked her. Buuuuuut does that justify such a violent murder? I just don’t know. What I DO know is that if he weren’t such an asshole to her this wouldn’t have happened. Do you guys think the abuse justifies the murder? The self-defense story doesn’t add up to me. But then again, I wasn’t there so only Jodi knows what truly happened. Plus I have a hard time believing she could manuever him into the tub.

        • It’s not murder if a guy comes at you, even after you pint a gun his way.
          It’s self defense when you are in fear for your life….
          look at AZ law regarding SD
          I’ts pretty clear, murder would be killing someone for no reason.

      • Yup I saw them all curved. Martinez shouldve found a better picture if he was going to do that. And he left it up so the jury can take a really good look at all thd fingers (all slightly bent)! What a dumb ass. Im so sure the jury are all going to talk about this picture n agree the fingers were NOT straight. I wonder if Nurmi has had a dr look at that finger n if they’ll be called up to testify that the finger IS deformed.

        • Ya I saw someone on Beth from In Session’s feed saying, how can she draw and doodle with that finger? I had to explain I do medical artwork with a messed up wrist and thumb and you adapt. People pick apart nonsense! I have to stop looking at what the blood thirsty haters are saying and just stick to this chat.

          • Lindsay,

            What kind of medical artwork do you do? How interesting!! Do you have a website? Sorry to get off topic but if you don’t mind, msg me with more info on that. I’m in healthcare administration and could use some good material! Here’s my Linkedin profile with a little more about what I do: (Basically help people find doctors, home healthcare, medical equipment, and senior housing)
            Thanks, Lindsay!!
            (again, sorry for getting off topic, guys)

  90. I have been on 10 juries 6 of them criminal and I can tell you that the jury is listening to everything and weighting it in their minds. What usually happens that they will believe one person and not an expert. Jury members get really bored with the experts. I know when I was on the attempted murder trial when the expert came on all of us agreed that he was so boring we couldn’t even remember what he said. The unfortunate part is that the prosecution will get the last word and that is what the jury will remember. They will look and watch every move tha JA makes. I know we hated all the sidebars, because it really interrupts the testimony. Just saying sitting on the jury is not fun and when you have to make the decision about someone’s life especially a DP one, they are listening.

    • i would NOT want to be on this jury.

      you who forgot to mention that i ALSO HATE on hln? mike brooks, another holier than thou.
      again, i wonder WHO sets hln’s (trutv) agenda and WHY they r so biased?

      who writes TRUTH in a journal? aren’t they known for fantasy? dont many people other the writer read other poeple’s diary?

      one thing i gotta say, jodi talked too much and without being represented by n atty. WHAT was she thinking? i sorta know, but it IS murder.

      oh, gotta go beth karas talking bout THE FINGER!!

    • Kris,

      Thanks for sharing your experience as a juror. There were numerous sidebars today. Do you think the jurors are aware that the defense is having the sidebars because Martinez is presenting evedence that hasn’t been admitted yet, and defense has the right to examine it first? Or could they be clueless as to why defense is doing that?

      I see Jodie with a bent finger in all the photos. Martinez is trying to pull a fast one over on the jurors. These HLN reporters want to make us believe that bs too.

      Siblings say things about each other that don’t mean squat. He’s making a moutain out of a mole hill.

      If Martinez continues this way I don’t see him winning this case for death. I certainly hope that.

      I’m glad to have found this site on first page of Google search. Yeah!!! I was beginning to feel alone in my support for Jodie. We nall need to pray about this together.

      • The jury can’t really hear the sidebar. If the lawyers are getting loud they made make out some of the words. Usually they have to sit there and wait. It’s really boring. When it happen on the trials I was on we would talk about how long we had to sit there and wait for them. So in a way it kinda pisses off the jury. I know I would watch the lawyers to see what kind of reaction they were getting and then I would wonder why we couldn’t hear what they were fighting about. If it was important I felt that we weren’t hearing the whole story.

  91. JVM gave a shout out to Martinez advising him to chill out, that he looks like a jerk.
    Lets hope he doesnt listen.

    I want him to be seen as the giant dick head he is.

  92. They should bring in an expert witness from Loreal or Nice ‘n Easy with a big catalogue of hair colour swatches. Then, while she was there, she could also consult with Jodi about those “first greys” that are starting to show.

    I know Jodi is now in her thirties, and I had greys hairs then, too … but I do wonder if this ordeal is putting tremendous stress on her body. There has to be cost for that poise and composure.

    • nah Pique those are just small blonde streaks she put in while driving down the road one day on her way to Nevada with extra gas cans 😛

    • I am a year younger than Jodi, and just this year I got my first grey hairs. I wanted to cry! My husband is deployed, I’m in school full time, AND I have two little ones under 5… so yeah, I think it’s stress!!!! Jodi is amazing up there, I’m so proud of her. But I’m stressed out just watching this case!

  93. I understand that this site is for the support of Jodi, but the fact that you folks dont want to listen to ANY thing if its not what you want to hear makes no sense to me. I believe there is much more going on here, and she is not a cold blooded killer, however I unlike you folks welcome the other side to express opinions and welcome mature discussions on the issue, Just like the trial, there are two sides!! Everybody sitting around bashing the the prosecution does not support her, you need to welcome and debate our point with the other side and rally these folks to our side…… Thats how we support Her and make this Country believe!!! Just my thoughts, best wishes!!!!!

    • i TRY to be objective, but i hear ya. it’s just that the barrage of tv talk heads railing against someone for ratings, etc. THEY BARELY are objective. thats part of the railing against the ‘other side’.

      • I agree, its a shame that we have to listen to biased opinions (TruTV) while trying to hear the facts, but thats out of our control and meaningless in my opinion!

    • Its really very hard to rally close minded lame brains that are too lazy to hear the facts coming from Jodi’s side. These people clearly arent thinking for themselves, spewing water downed opinons that they heard on HLN or some Pro Travis website.

      I dont need to hear what Travisites have to say, I can form my own opinions based on the happenings in court and what is coming out of the mouths of the prosecutor, defense, and person on the stand. I can process the evidence and again form my own opinion.

      Call me one sided, but I dont need to hear what Pro Travis websites have to say (its all smut anyway), I’ve chosen my side and no one can make me feel wrong about that.

      Team Jodi.

    • Don’t just read this thread, Joe. Read the other threads on this site, where you will see plenty of debate and discussion and analysis.

      I, for one, am very interested in hearing the “other side” so I can understand why they think this was a premeditated murder. I was looking for that on the Travis support FaceBook page, and on Websleuths. Didn’t find it. I read hundreds of comments, and what I found was people making fun of the defense, calling for semen on Jodi’s face, and posting pictures of execution gurneys. Can you tell me where this reasonable discussion of Jodi’s guilt is taking place?