Jodi Arias Trial – Day 19 (Cancelled)

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With the trial resuming again next Tuesday… 5 days from now… click on the links below if you missed any of Jodi’s last 6 days of testimony:

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  1. I like how it’s looking for Jodi. Sending her lots of happy thoughts and prayers. It makes me sad that on a day dedicated to lovers she will be testifying about possibly the worst day of her life.

  2. I have been watching the trial and I started getting curious about TA, so I found two youtube videos to kind of get a reading on him. One was of him doing the Eddie Snell thing, and the first thought that came to mind is, He looks kind of feminine. I found him to be a real turn-off and I couldn’t figure out why Jodi found him to be the Cat’s Meow. But he really had her mezmorized. And then I saw his PPL thing, some motivational talk, and I thought, What a jerk.

    Before watching these videos, I knew I had to discount any preconceived ideas I had about him and just go with my gut. He tries to project this image of a well-sought-after bachelor, but in reality, he is a fraud. And his background is telling. He comes from a drug-addicted home and most likely was subjected to unbelieve humilation and degradation, and so that is how he treated Jodi.

    And his relationship with Lisa and Mimi tells a story. If he was such a fantastic “catch,” why is it that neither one of these women were interested in him? I am glad that the tape recording was played because I think it showed how he used Jodi and played her like a fiddle. She was desperate for his attention and he used her in the most despicable way. It is just a shame that a young, beautiful, smart, articulate woman’s life has been diminshed in even the slightest way because of Travis.

    • Agree completely; if he had worked for a legitimate company, they like their men married w/children.
      Marriott is one that looks at if they completed their mission,got married, have kids and are clean cut.

    • i have not seen ta vids, but u make good points. yeah, he could not believe when mimi didnt like him! he KEPT trying tho. what ppl on hln miss is, ta pursued jodi right from the start. and they r bought in to ta friends repeating what ta told them.
      imo, moti. talkers ARE frauds. they espouse bull to those who need fed.

    • Yep, I think Mimi especially had him pegged. She was his age and still single, and despite the pressure she must have felt to settle down and get married, she knew that Travis was NOT the one whom she wanted to do that with.

      • Thanks Justine, I really dont find him humorous. It’s not because I dont like him, his just not funny to me. And on his 2nd video they really rub it in that his single, idk I think his corney!!

    • I found the similar videos on his own my space page, posted them a couple days ago on here. he was very much a narcissist and his friends did not know the real Travis at all. I feel badly for them, but to sit there on all the nightly news programs and still protect and validate what he did to this poor girl is beyond disgusting. This seems to be a reoccurring theme within the Mormon religion, men treating women like dirt. Warren Jeffs seems to come to mind, but there are many more. Our own media isn’t helping the situation, with shows like Sister Wives and Big Love. Disgusting displays of mental and emotional abuse and manipulation.

    • Hi Justine, I know what you mean by going with your gut. As soon as HLN started reporting on this case, I knew something was wrong. I’m an “eyes are the window to the soul” kinda person, and I find it ridiculous that Travis would ever say that someone else’s has a soulless look to their eyes. Has he seen himself? Even pictures of him as a little kid – you can tell there is something seriously wrong with him. It could be from childhood abuse – but at this point the mountain of lies spread around about who Travis was, it’s hard for me to believe anything anymore. There are people who constantly said that Travis is dead and can’t defend himself – but then so are his parents and they can’t speak for themselves either. And let’s face it – we live in the “eminem” culture where people can now create entire careers by hating their mother – and that’s certainly what Travis was doing.

      • When I heard him on he sex tape saying these people have no soul, I thought, YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT YOURSELF. And did you notice Jodi NEVER says anything bad about anyone, while Travis just goes on how this person has no soul, et cetera. You would think he was God Almighty himself. Oh, yeah, that’s right, that is how he sees himself.

        • Oh, totally agree on all your points. Do you notice how the Travistown cult constantly says the same thing about Jodi – that she has no soul and her eyes are empty? I’m like… are you people BLIND? Look at your demigod over there, the man is clearly Not Right.

          I agree, Jodi doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She’d rather defend people than say anything bad about them.

          • I noticed that too!!!! Travis is the one who started the soulless crap! HE probably told his friends she was soulless. And they has saturated the media with it.

            I did notice that Jodi actually seemed to defend them.

      • The way I see it, Travis had to control Jodi. If he didn’t, she would have figured out what a jerk he was and left him by the wayside. It is so sad that she had to get involved with him. She could have done so much better than him. And Abe A. was right, she didn’t deserve the treatment she received from Travis.
        She is beautiful, articulate, smart and he is just a lying sack of garbage, and deep down he knew that. And I have dated a guy or two in my day that would call crazy. I figured it out real fast what their game was, and they were gone.

        It is just unbelievable to see him act like he is God’s gift to women, and honestly, he was good at fooling a lot of people. And to think he made a living out of selling people some bogus service.

        HE IS A PARASITE. Instead of getting a real job, he just manipulated anyone he could. Kind of funny how he knew how to do that.
        I kind of get why she lied in the beginning. I mean, what else was she going to do? At that point, I am sure telling the truth was not an option for her. He got what he deserved, it’s just too bad Jodi has to pay for it.

  3. I’m sooo glad I found this site! After watching Jodi on the stand I can’t believe how much her and I have in common. It’s impossible to think she’ll get convicted. My boyfriend sounds like he and Travis could be brothers, the very same selfishness. All his friends keep telling me to break it off with him but it just seems so unfair after I’ve given him everything. I wish I had Jodi’s courage to confront him and actually watching her makes me feel stronger that I should stand up for myself. I just can’t figure out what it will take for him to realize no one will love him the way I do and sometimes I know in my heart he can see it.

    I wish I knew how Jodi handled it when she found out Travis was going to start dating other women? Jake has said he wants us to see other people and I could hardly respond…I thought my heart would pound through my chest. I keep thinking once he finds out what they’re really like, he come back because he always does.

    This trial means so much; I can’t stop thinking about it!!! Keep up the good work here, Jodi should go free for all of us! Men need to know we’re not going to take it anymore!!

    • I have to say, I am sorry for the situation you are in, but I don’t think you should look to Jodi for inspiration, no judgement, but she didn’t exactly handle her “Emancipation” in the most graceful and ideal way. What happened, happened because Jodi let it go too far, didn’t respect herself and kept focusing on how to make him love her back, instead of loving herself enough to walk away from someone who didn’t already love her the way that she deserved. It’s something I see a lot in both men and women, this relentless need to feed their own narcissism. The falling in love with someone, and refusing to let them go, because they can’t have them. The need to win that person, just to validate themselves, instead of finding someone who know how to love them in the first place. In fact, many of this type turn away from ANYONE who treats them right from the beginning, they get bored, and if that person loves them as is, they see them as desperate, and with low standards… not worth their time. Jodi shouldn’t go free for all of us, we should all free ourselves. If you want men to know that we’re not going to take it anymore, the way to show them is by not taking it anymore. Walk away. Love yourself, instead of begging someone else for their love. Don’t let it get to the point where someone ends up in jail.

      Good luck to you with everything. Jake will never be what you need. I hope that someday soon, you can find the strength to leave him behind and never look back.

    • Sorry to hear about your boyfriend. Also, I am not sure that trying to confront Travis in a shower stall, with a knife, is much of a plan. If she wanted to confront him, she could have shown up on his door step with a real gun that has lethal firepower, rather than using a .25 caliber Micky Mouse gun.

      Also, given that the use of the gun came at the end, it is hard to believe that she would have planned to go after Travis with a knife, instead. From what I have read, Jodi is 4 ft 11 inches tall, and weighs 110 lbs. Also, her arms are probably alot shorter than Travis’. If Travis caught sight of her trying to brandish a knife, he probably would have disarmed her really quickly. And, if his back was turned, chances are that a single knife blow to the back would have caused him to go into “fight” mode. The idea of “pre-meditated” murder by knife fight, from a 4 ft. 11 inch 100 lbs female, seems ludicrous. There would have been much smarter ways, that would have been more successful, and involved less blood, than a knife fight. Also, it does look like they had a fight, given the trail of blood all over the house. Naturally, once the fight started, it would have been a fight for life. If Jodi had planned to kill Travis via a lengthy knife fight, I think that the odds would not have been in her favor. Given Travis’ size, and strength, I certainly wouldn’t want to try it. And, I am alot bigger, and stronger, than Jodi.

      I used to work for an individual who has a knife scar on his arm. On one occasion, a street person pulled a knife on him, in an urban city, and tried to mug him. It led to a conflict. Immediately after getting cut on the arm, the my employer removed the knife, snapped the assailant’s arm, threw him on the ground, and almost broke his neck with his foot. My employer was an ex-football player, and he had quite a temper.

      I just cannot believe that 100 lbs. Jodi would drive three thousand miles to try to kill massive ex-wrestler Alexander by knife fight, while leaving a bloody mess all over the house. It makes no sense. If Jodi wanted, she could have lured Travis away from his home, maybe to a hotel parking lot, and then used some real fire power to get rid of him. Then, she could have fled. If this had happened, there would have been far less evidence, against her.

      • yes, same could said for women AND men. should i stay in a long marriage when my spouse offers many more negative comments to me about me? yes, theres vested interests, but that gets tired and tends to run its course. sooner or later we have to realize we r INDIVIDUALS first. another person to validate you is bs, IMO. i/u was someone before them, i/u will be someone after. we die alone.
        it is the deconstructing of another i truly dont like.
        TA did that to jodi. she should have stayed away from him. BET he woulda come running back to her sooner or later. maybe by then she would have found a better love.
        just my opinions…

      • Yes, or in the forest where he wanted to tie her to a tree been premeditated murder. would be have ?

        Or like Gus Searcy said, shoot him while he’s asleep.

    • “I wish I knew how Jodi handled it when she found out Travis was going to start dating other women?”

      Probably the most important question you asked.

      In answer, Jodi would have handled it with a tremendous amount of class. If there is one thing you will learn about Jodi while watching her testify, it is that she is a total realist, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. That is why she is friends with her exes.

      Unlike Travis, she really has no problems “moving on”. If he hadn’t hounded her continually and kept her on a string leading her on, none of this would have happened.

      By reading your post I think this is maybe where you stumble. You really need to reconcile that. Jodi knew Travis was not good for her and took steps to start distancing herself from him.

      You should probably do the same.


    • I am obsessed with hearing Jodi’s trial. Emotional abuse and family abuse is a baggage we do not recognize until us girls fall in love. It happens to the sweetest, smartest, and prettiest of us. It feels good to hear other responses on this web site and it is good therapy. I wish other single or married ladies could follow this case. There is such a lesson to learn.. The trial is helping so many of us see our very ownselves and the many predicaments we had experienced in our younger years. I am 69 and have been married 47 years. It has been a long hard journey to realize who I was portraying so many years ago and how that early baggage guided me to some wrong choices.

    • I have to say I am team Jodi all the way. My thoughts and prayers are with you girl. God knows what you have endured and its all going to be ok. I am not sure if you are able to read our comments but there are a lot of people routing for you. We love to hear from you.

  4. jodi and ta had a very bumpy relationship. that may b n understatement… but they continued to go back to each other, etc. and in different ways. this is actually a conection that if they got past this part may have reignited later in life. and… that jodi pic in pigtails naked… seems to back jodi up. she done up like a lil girl and does NOT look happy nor provocative.

  5. There will be people who will try to “ruffle our feathers “but we have to remember that we need to stay united and stay strong with our prayers and I thoughts for Jodi. Unfortunately, there are people out there like Nancy Grace, and her counterparts including Dr. Drew, who should not be taking a biased perspective, who are so quick to pass judgment upon others and not have any idea about what REALLY occurred. The best thing for us to do is let them ramble all they want. After all we live in a country that allows us to have our own opinions and even verbalize them. When we engage in it, we are merely allowing them to get under our skin. We are not that type of people. Let’s remain positive and continue to pray and give support to Jodi. Happy Valentine’s Day Jodi… You are the sweetheart to many! Stay strong!

    • Absolutely! I think ALL the female TV commentators are really just deep down jealous of Jodi and the males…we know what they think in private. After how Travis treated her, what do they –or did he- expect??? They remind me of Travis even MY boyfriend, who can say the most awful, judgmental things and then turn around and BE the exact opposite in their actions, killing small pieces of us at a time. Jodi deserve to go on to a wonderful and happy life with someone who truly loves her.

      • You also deserve a happy life Janie. I hope you will really listen to what Woman posted above. that ws excellent advice. Good luck…

      • “After how Travis treated her, what do they –or did he- expect??? ”

        THIS!!! SO MUCH THIS!!

        I do not believe that he deserved to die, obviously. He was a messed up person, but when you kill someone, you end not only their life, but you kill a part of yourself. This is why victims should just walk away instead of sacrificing yet another bit of their innocence for their abuser, they’re not worth it. If you kill your abuser, they still kind of win.

        With that being said, although I don’t think murder is the logical step in ending an abusive relationship, it should be noted that, shit happens, and people break. Simple as that. Abusers do what they do because they know their victims are highly unlikely to break the rules the way they do. They know that the odds of actually suffering consequences for their actions are very low. The issue with that, is that… well… you never know when you’re going to mess with the wrong one. If you’re going to abuse and bully someone, you should know that there is always a possibility that you will push too far, and they will snap. If that happens… you have no one to blame but yourself. #sorrynotsorry

        If you’re an abuser, you don’t deserve to die for it, but it’s a very real possibility that you could. If you don’t like the odds, stop abusing people.

        • Hey Woman,

          Are you Dena but slightly altering your words? 🙂 Just like sounds the same message. As a victim of abuse, I can assure you that (well I can’t speak for others) that I would never want my father dead/kill him. Sure, when I was little or when I was teen I would think I wish he was dead but if you lived in my shoes you would have to understand the emotion. It is very different to even think of the actual act or then carrying it out.

          What I will tell you now is the enormous pain you go through as a abuse victim day in day out. You know how much it hurts to be violated. The last thing your going to do is harm another person and yes that even includes your abuser. In a weird way I still love him; you only get one dad.

          I hate it how people just think because you were abused you are going to turn out all abusive and violent. This is exactly why people that have been and are being abused won’t speak out.

          Anyone that takes another persons life or seriously harms them is never ever be able to live with themselves. When you or Dena spoke about proportion, I don’t know what you/they meant? Now that I am older, there has been a couple of times (when older) that I have been choked by him, of course when younger. Is it okay that I pull his wrists kinda hard off me and then run or am I assaulting someone?

          My second eldest sister is violent like my dad. She always hit me when I was younger but a couple Christmas ago, she went crazy because she has now got into drugs. To victims out there, using methods like to control your pain, please don’t do this shit. I don’t. I use my studies and aim- success as someone mentioned is the best revenge. Yeah sure your going have shit days. My sister though-her stuff is all guilt. Anyway, I pushed quiet him hard off me. Unfortunately people only saw that part and all went crazy and yelled at me.

          My extended fam don’t know about it all, only immediate which is the catholic denial haven and my second eldest never got it from my dad. My extended-fam basically paint me as a black sheep and make it hard for Mum because they always criticism me to her.

          I always think of the one time I pushed my sister and think what do I do when your painted as the bad person. I don’t see the world as good and bad or don’t want someone to be seen as bad and I think good is boring. However, I always been the parent, the protector, taken the crap yet thrown off as the evil child.

          I hate it how my dad is very verbally abusive to my mum yet my mum will forever stand my Dad. No matter how times he belted mainly me, sometimes my younger sister and on occasion my elder sister it was always our fault. Now if I or my younger sister bring it up, it didn’t happen. As for leaving its not, its not that easy. I explained on a much earlier post somewhere. My boring life story. Under Hayley. However, not be smart, if victims were to start killing off their abusers, their be a lot of dead people out there; murder stats hit the roof. Just saying that so many people through the world are abused; the stats are so far off.

          • Hey Hayley,

            No, I am not Dena. I actually don’t know who Dena is, lol. 🙂

            I didn’t say that victims SHOULD kill their abusers, I said that abusers should be aware that their actions may have consequences, and that those consequences COULD include death at the hand of their victim.

            As far as walking away, well, I didn’t say it was easy. It’s hard. It’s about strength. It’s about breaking a cycle, and making the choice for your own survival and self preservation. Some people never get there, but I really wish more people would.

            It’s interesting that Jodi had “The Four Agreements” up as one of her favorite books, because I read that book, years ago, when I was in the middle of a not highly abusive situation with my father, but a highly unhealthy one. It just wasn’t working, and yes, there was quite a bit of intimidation, instability and pressure at home sometimes, and I knew something wasn’t right, but I wouldn’t call it abuse, per se. I felt stuck, like this was just the way it was. Anyway, although I remember the agreements, there was ONE line that stuck with me for all these years, and has had a HUGE part in the changes I have made in myself and my life and it was this “People only let others treat them as badly as they would treat themselves.”, it made me realize that if I wanted to be treated well, and be able to walk away from mistreatment, I had to start valuing myself, and stop being mean to myself first. I had to stop needing others to validate me and love me. It worked. I still meet plenty of manipulators and game players, but I find it SO easy to walk away from them from the start. It’s a wonderful feeling. My father helped, too, without knowing it, he game me one of the keys to emotional independence, even from himself. I had just gotten my heart broken, and was telling him, crying, and he said “Don’t be a beggar for anyone’s love, there is no need for that”, it hurt to hear at the time, but when I really thought about it, and internalized that message, it helped to free me from the need to chase a certain type of love, and accept the real love that I was given everyday, in its many different forms, by many different people. Has it been easy, or quick to get here? No, certainly not. It took even walking away from him for a while, but now I know, if I can walk away from my parent for my own preservation, and survive, why in the world would I put up with anything less than loving treatment from anyone else, including myself?

            Lastly, I don’t think that all victims become abusers, themselves. I think that 45% do, 45% seek out abusers and stay victims, and 10% get away, heal, grow, put the past behind them and go on to live full, wonderful, untormented lives. Those numbers are based on no real statistics, just my own opinion.

          • Hayley, reading you post reminds me of my past with my dad. So much pain that he caused me n my younger btother. My older sister experienced some, but not as often or as bad as my brother n I. Like y I u, I still love my dad. Im not as close to him though, there us something still missing, the fathercn daughter relationship, and till this day, it saddens me so much. My mom is also still with my dad after 34 years. She always stood by him no matter what. Anyway Im not going to get into my past, but if u want its somewhere in the ” about us” column. Someone here gave me a title of a book that ill be picking up, I thought maybe ud want to look into it.

            “The Unavailable Father” by Sarah Simmons Rosenthal. It sounds like a good read

    • You are right Suzanne. Nicely put. I am going to avoid watching HLN and stick to cartoons!! They should take off the “N” because its not news, its biased opinion.

  6. I agree with Justine. In life, a person can do all kinds of damage control. If one is abused early and abused enough, one learns to effectively camouflage tendencies and habits that might warrant punishment.

    After death, the tell-tale signs of character flaws are unprotected. Corrosive inconsistencies are quickly revealed.

    While I feel badly for his family, either I missed Travis’ family’s testimony about what a great brother Travis was, how he helped his siblings financially, emotionally etc, or he didn’t and they’re just in court for reasons about which I won’t speculate.

    Pre-Paid Legal participants are quick to compose website text about how much money they make or made, but they’re very good at hiding properties owned or sold. I can’t find blogs, online magazine/newspaper articles about the wonderful things they did with the money they made. Maybe they’re all telling the truth about philanthropy – esp Chris and Sky Hughes. I can’t find anything outside their own writings to confirm it.

    I do know that Travis had liens on his house. Maricopa County records show the liens. The liens were released before his death, so he managed to either pay ’em or make it so expensive for his creditors to collect they just let it go… we’re talking hundreds, not thousands of dollars. This is small change for many businesses. Even if one disagrees that a business could afford just to “write a few hundred dollars off as a loss,” it should have been small change for Travis who managed to leverage his home, managed to borrow $100,000+ more against it…. maybe 35% or 40% more than what his original mortgage. A moral man – I think – would pay it rather than allow a lien to besmirch his credit rating.

    Maybe Lisa and Mimi saw how he didn’t pick up the tab as often as someone “successful,” someone who’d be a good provider should. Maybe they saw he valued the trappings of a nice car, nice clothes, lots of friends and polished image, frequent travel, the title of “Executive Director,” more than he valued being great marriage material. Maybe he pushed ’em a bit too hard to bend LDS rules.

    Of course, none of this “deserves” wrongful death…. my observations just hint at inconsistencies of character which might help explain why he’d go nuts if Jodi threatened a (possible) carefully guarded public persona.

    • “Of course, none of this “deserves” wrongful death…. my observations just hint at inconsistencies of character which might help explain why he’d go nuts if Jodi threatened a (possible) carefully guarded public persona.”

      You know, he wrote on his blog that one must become the type of person one wants to be with, and, specifically, that he knew that the type of person he would want, would never want him back. He wrote all of this while he was still sleeping with Jodi, but keeping her his DLS… He knew Jodi would read that, and he knew how hurtful, and humiliating it must have been for her. He basically put her down as trash publicly. However sly he was about it, I see that as a small window into the conversations he probably had with her directly. If he is willing to post something like that on his blog, knowing the implication… knowing she would see it, and knowing how hurtful that is… I have no doubt that he directly berated Jodi in private.

      So, to be clear, any woman that wanted him as he was… was trash. Now isn’t that just a catch 22? I am trash, therefore, if you want me, you are trash. Sounds like a mindset that would keep him a bachelor forever. He was never going to treat any woman right, because any woman who would want him, wasn’t worthy of his respect. This guy had issues, and I do believe he was a predator. Not on purpose, but he was. The mere fact of Jodi accepting him as he was, was what made him see her as worthless, and not wife material.

      It seems Jodi was on a completely different wavelength when it came to love, and I think that after such a long time being jerked around and mistreated, something happened, and she just snapped.

      • “You know, he wrote on his blog that one must become the type of person one wants to be with, and, specifically, that he knew that the type of person he would want, would never want him back”

        Good observation.

        Reminds me of something I heard – and just looked up on – about Groucho Marx:

        Telegram to the Friar’s Club of Beverly Hills to which he belonged, as recounted in Groucho and Me (1959), p. 321


      • Everyone who’s been where Jodi was knows exactly what it feels like. I agree that the only way to deal with a bully is to bully back…only 100 times harder. Heck, violence seems to work just fine if you’re a man, the same now applies for women.
        Travis was an a$$ so…

        • ” I agree that the only way to deal with a bully is to bully back…only 100 times harder. Heck, violence seems to work just fine if you’re a man, the same now applies for women.”

          Uhhhhhh, no? This only applies if you are trying to keep said bully in your life. It’s pretty simple, as an adult, you have a choice to simply leave said bully behind. THAT is the best way to deal with a bully, to leave them behind, and move on with being happy and free… not by investing time into feeding into the cycle. It’s a waste of YOUR time to spend a single second responding to a bully in any way, shape or form.

          Travis wrote on his blog about wanting a woman to love him for what he COULD be, not for what he was. For his potential, “Speak to the king inside the man and the man will become a king” or some crap like that. I think that he knew he was a monster, and he thought that marrying a “Great” and “Moral” woman who loved him for who she thought he could be, would cure him of his demons. He wanted someone else to save him, maybe not realizing that in order for THAT to happen, her greatness would be sacrificed in the process, and he didn’t seem to have any desire to save himself.

          Also, his friend was on one of those HLN shows talking about how they all kept encouraging Travis to dump Jodi because they saw the changes in him when he started dating Jodi, and how they knew it was her fault. How she would dress very provocatively at ALL TIMES… “The way you see in her pictures was how she always dressed. She had a very curvy body and all of her clothes were very form fitting and she showed off those parts, her breasts and her butt, it was very sexualized.”… so.. to be clear…. his friends judged her and labeled her a Jezebel because she happened to have a great body and had the gall (HOWDARESHE?!) to wear clothes that actually fit her? I’ve seen her MySpace pics and she really is not dressed provocatively at all in ANY of those pictures. In fact, the only scandalous looking picture I have seen of her, are the naked ones that Travis took. What a bunch of meddling, judgemental jerks.

          I think that he couldn’t accept who he was because he desperately wanted to be in this world where he simply didn’t belong. There was too much disparity between what he liked and wanted and who he wanted to be, and he was a narcissist to boot. That is a dangerous combination, he blamed and resented Jodi, because he wanted her, was told he shouldn’t want her, made it her fault he had these desires because, she MUST be a temptress and a slut if he can’t stay away from her, and abused her as a result.

          It’s a conundrum, people who won’t stick around if you don’t give them what they want,but lose respect for you when you do. It’s bullshit.

          • At this point I wouldn’t give much credence to ANYTHING his so-called friends say about the relationship between Travis and Jodi. Considering Travis was a player and a liar all along, I take anything these ‘friends” say with a giant grain of salt. It’s like they are in coverup mode now.

          • Well, I fully believe that his friends were a bunch of judgemental bootyholes (As NG would say). And I believe that they expressed disgust in his dating Jodi. The point is that their opinions mattered to HIM… and their opinions were stupid. This guy is on this show, trying to smear Jodi and paint her as a loose temptress by claiming that she dressed provocatively… yet, in every single picture, she’s dressed like every other normal woman I know. She just happens to be a sexy woman. So, really, it was THEIR issue, not hers, and he STILL thinks that it is a valid argument that she was temptress. He’s an idiot, is my point.

          • I was pretty mad at idiot saying Jodi dressed provocative!!! Like you said, in all the pictures they’ve showed, the ones that shes naked are the only provocative ones!!! Of course the idiot must be a Mormon!I think that if Travis would’ve said, the hell with this BS n dumped HIS FRIENDS instead of Jodi. If he would’ve looked a little bit harder at the religion he was in, researched (there not allowed to either), maybe he would’ve opened his eyes, moved on, moved away from that town, n those people, he would’ve been a happier person. He wouldn’t have had to hide or be ashamed of anyone, or himself. He could’ve gotten help for his pedophile issues somewhere else with someone that already knew n accepted him with his issues n was willing to work with him on that. But I think the life of money n vacations were too good for him to walk away from.

      • Hey Woman,

        Sorry you will see my post twice but I didn’t put it in the right spot!

        Are you Dena but slightly altering your words? 🙂 Just like sounds the same message. As a victim of abuse, I can assure you that (well I can’t speak for others) that I would never want my father dead/kill him. Sure, when I was little or when I was teen I would think I wish he was dead but if you lived in my shoes you would have to understand the emotion. It is very different to even think of the actual act or then carrying it out.

        What I will tell you now is the enormous pain you go through as a abuse victim day in day out. You know how much it hurts to be violated. The last thing your going to do is harm another person and yes that even includes your abuser. In a weird way I still love him; you only get one dad.

        I hate it how people just think because you were abused you are going to turn out all abusive and violent. This is exactly why people that have been and are being abused won’t speak out.

        Anyone that takes another persons life or seriously harms them is never ever be able to live with themselves. When you or Dena spoke about proportion, I don’t know what you/they meant? Now that I am older, there has been a couple of times (when older) that I have been choked by him, of course when younger. Is it okay that I pull his wrists kinda hard off me and then run or am I assaulting someone?

        My second eldest sister is violent like my dad. She always hit me when I was younger but a couple Christmas ago, she went crazy because she has now got into drugs. To victims out there, using methods like to control your pain, please don’t do this shit. I don’t. I use my studies and aim- success as someone mentioned is the best revenge. Yeah sure your going have shit days. My sister though-her stuff is all guilt. Anyway, I pushed quiet him hard off me. Unfortunately people only saw that part and all went crazy and yelled at me.

        My extended fam don’t know about it all, only immediate which is the catholic denial haven and my second eldest never got it from my dad. My extended-fam basically paint me as a black sheep and make it hard for Mum because they always criticism me to her.

        I always think of the one time I pushed my sister and think what do I do when your painted as the bad person. I don’t see the world as good and bad or don’t want someone to be seen as bad and I think good is boring. However, I always been the parent, the protector, taken the crap yet thrown off as the evil child.

        I hate it how my dad is very verbally abusive to my mum yet my mum will forever stand my Dad. No matter how times he belted mainly me, sometimes my younger sister and on occasion my elder sister it was always our fault. Now if I or my younger sister bring it up, it didn’t happen. As for leaving its not, its not that easy. I explained on a much earlier post somewhere. My boring life story. Under Hayley. However, not be smart, if victims were to start killing off their abusers, their be a lot of dead people out there; murder stats hit the roof. Just saying that so many people through the world are abused; the stats are so far off.

          • I think you guys are missing a major point here: People who make mistakes don’t deserve to be put to death, if that were the case, Jodi would deserve death, because she made one heck of a mistake in killing him. I know she did it in self defense, but even so, It was a mistake, that now she is suffering for by having her life and sex life paraded in front of this pompous court, TA’s AHole family, and her own parents.

            He didn’t deserve to die, No one is allowed to pass judgment but god on who may life and who will die, but she did what she had to do to save herself.

          • COULD b she didnt start out to kill him. stabbed him once, he gets REALLY angry, it escalates. just a theory. the shame is that the 1st stab was gonna kill him in minutes anyway.
            but ta really WAS an azz. writing a book “how to be a good person and live a better life” ??!!
            or something like that. REALLY?!
            AND, gives credit to another girl for the intro, BUT NONE for jodi who edit, typed 1st chapter?! u kno cos his friends would say something to him…
            geez, he should have been READING more books not writing one.

          • Lol I know frank, that was really fucked up! I think ANYONE would be pissed about that! All because his FRIENDS, wouldnt like it!! WOW

          • Oh my God yes….ALL of those HLN morons did! All of a sudden, MJ was a saint and Conrad Murray was the devil. I literally screamed at the TV one day, “YOU IDIOTS HATED MJ JUST A FEW YEARS AGO!!!!!” Such hypocrites!

      • Nobody knows how they will react in the situation she found herself in… I think I came close to having to decide one afternoon three years ago….. When a brick came through my window, because I wouldn’t answer my door… I ran out the front door and into a neighbours house… Had i stayed inside my abuser may have slashed me with the knife… instead of just my dinning chairs and smashing my home to pieces… I am so glad I ran… but what if i couldn’t… Would i have fought… yes i would have… would i have protected myself… Yes…. Would i have kept stabbing with the adrenaline i had racing through my body?? I don’t know…. Do you??? I didn’t want to die so I hotfooted it… I’m not a fighter, but i wouldn’t go down without a fight… And don’t forget, you make this decision in a matter of seconds, and in order to kill to protect yourself… who knows what has to be released into your body to do it?? No body knows what they would do… you would be a totally altered self in that situation…

        • Thanks for sharing! You’re right, nobody really knows what they would do when they are in that kind of situation. I’m glad you made it out alive!

          • Thanx MB, I don’t know if it would have went there… But that’s the point, you just don’t know and I don’t think anybody knows what they would do in that situation… Nobody knows what really happened except for Jodi…. Now she is being crucified for being alive…It all just makes me feel very sad..

    • Hi Jon . His family has not testified yet. The only way they will testifiy is if Jodi gets the death penalty and they give victim impact statements. Other than that, they are kept out of everything because they really have nothing to say on what happened. None of them were there at the time.

  7. I can’t wait to see the look on TA’s sister’s face when they read the verdict. I heard she told someone that Jodi keeps smiling at her and she looks like she could shoot arrows with her eyes.

  8. Hey Woman,

    Are you Dena but slightly altering your words? 🙂 Just like sounds the same message. As a victim of abuse, I can assure you that (well I can’t speak for others) that I would never want my father dead/kill him. Sure, when I was little or when I was teen I would think I wish he was dead but if you lived in my shoes you would have to understand the emotion. It is very different to even think of the actual act or then carrying it out.

    What I will tell you now is the enormous pain you go through as a abuse victim day in day out. You know how much it hurts to be violated. The last thing your going to do is harm another person and yes that even includes your abuser. In a weird way I still love him; you only get one dad.

    I hate it how people just think because you were abused you are going to turn out all abusive and violent. This is exactly why people that have been and are being abused won’t speak out.

    Anyone that takes another persons life or seriously harms them is never ever be able to live with themselves. When you or Dena spoke about proportion, I don’t know what you/they meant? Now that I am older, there has been a couple of times (when older) that I have been choked by him, of course when younger. Is it okay that I pull his wrists kinda hard off me and then run or am I assaulting someone?

    My second eldest sister is violent like my dad. She always hit me when I was younger but a couple Christmas ago, she went crazy because she has now got into drugs. To victims out there, using methods like to control your pain, please don’t do this shit. I don’t. I use my studies and aim- success as someone mentioned is the best revenge. Yeah sure your going have shit days. My sister though-her stuff is all guilt. Anyway, I pushed quiet him hard off me. Unfortunately people only saw that part and all went crazy and yelled at me.

    My extended fam don’t know about it all, only immediate which is the catholic denial haven and my second eldest never got it from my dad. My extended-fam basically paint me as a black sheep and make it hard for Mum because they always criticism me to her.

    I always think of the one time I pushed my sister and think what do I do when your painted as the bad person. I don’t see the world as good and bad or don’t want someone to be seen as bad and I think good is boring. However, I always been the parent, the protector, taken the crap yet thrown off as the evil child.

    I hate it how my dad is very verbally abusive to my mum yet my mum will forever stand my Dad. No matter how times he belted mainly me, sometimes my younger sister and on occasion my elder sister it was always our fault. Now if I or my younger sister bring it up, it didn’t happen. As for leaving its not, its not that easy. I explained on a much earlier post somewhere. My boring life story. Under Hayley. However, not be smart, if victims were to start killing off their abusers, their be a lot of dead people out there; murder stats hit the roof. Just saying that so many people through the world are abused; the stats are so far off.


  9. Here’s something to make all of you want to puke….

    Some posters on the Travistown sites are describing Martinez’s questioning of Jodi yesterday as “panty-dropping” and “sexy.” Yes folks, people out there think that Martinez is sexy. *shudders* LOL!

    • I guess they really like amphibians. I don’t know what they see in him. “Panty-dropping” wow!! That is pretty a sad way. I think he sounds whiny.

    • Yuk!! And I read one that said Nurmi is an attorney that he should behave like one! !! REALLY??!! These people, I dont know wtf they’re problem is!

    • Kira,

      People are so blood thirsty. The day Jodi was missing trial because she was too upset and everyone thinking a plea deal was in the making – well comments were about how Jodi better face cross examination because THEY want to see her get torn up. It’s as if they don’t understand HOW a trial works!

      • Yes – I am dumbfounded by their *need* to see her destroyed. For people who say they respect the justice system so much, they certainly fight against every principle that distinguishes it from a lynch mob or kangaroo court.

        Gotta love NG with her melodramatic sayings like “Lady justice is CRYING tonight.” Oh brother!

      • JC,
        I didn’t realize Jodi missed trial. Was that one of the days court started late? Trial didn’t go on without her, did it?

    • plus,i also get the feeling that all these Nancy Disgrace/Jodi haters (even NG herself)are nothing more than voyeurs!they just dont seem to get that it’s a real trial,NOT a show!

  10. Here is why I support Jodi. I am JUST like Jodi. And, I now know that I am not alone. It has been cathartic to read all of your stories.

    I want to share my story with all of you. Perhaps this will give you all an insight into Jodi’s behavior.

    While watching this case, it has brought up a lot of emotions for me. I was physically, mentally, and emotional abused by both my parents. You were only “acceptable” if you were a “human doing,” not a “human being.” I always felt like I had to be a performing circus bear to get any real attention and love from my parents. My father was very abusive and NEVER had any time for me. He never said he loved me until I was 24 yrs old!!

    This transitioned to me trying to please not only men in my life, but anyone. I so craved affection and approval. I would let people walk all over me to get the attention I craved.

    When I was 15, I was raped. I thought it was my fault for more than 20 years. This led to me being a sex addict. It was NOT about the sex – it was about control. I figured if it was “going to happen,” I was going to decide the who, what, where, and when. I became the aggressor with men. You will see where this plays in later in my story.

    I went from one bad relationship to another.

    But there was one relationship in particular that stands out to me as EXACTLY what happened with Jodi.

    I was in a mentally / emotionally abusive relationship with this one man. At that start, he was SO attentive. He knew exactly how to manipulate me. Then, it got worse.

    I did JUST what Jodi did – I kept going back – no matter what he said or did to me. This man made me feel crazy, unworthy, and like trash one minute and then the next, the best thing on the planet.

    He was all “lovey” to me in private, but rarely had me out with his friends. If he did, I was his “friend.”. He even kept me from meeting his parents.

    WHY? Because he was cheating on me with 5 other women!! Sound like Travis??

    AND, I am not an uneducated or poor woman. The reason I bring this up is because this can happen to anyone – there are no socioeconomic boundaries to abuse.

    He fooled everyone. He was such a “great guy” to all his friends. He was a master manipulator. He also became a stalker after I finally left him. Scared the crap out of me.

    One night, I was particularly distraught after losing a baby with a different boyfriend. I was going to end my life.

    NOW, it had been more than 2 yrs since I had been with the crazy ex-BF. BUT, the first thing I had in mind was that if I was going to take myself out, I was going to take the ex-BF with me. I hated him for ALL the hell he put me through.

    Thankfully, I snapped out of it by thinking that I could not commit suicide because of my son. I could not have him growing up without a mom.

    I realized that I needed help. I went to The Meadows in Wickenburg, AZ for treatment. I had NO self esteem, I was depressed, and I was totally messed up in the head.

    However, that treatment was the BEST 5 weeks of my life. I am a totally different person now then I was then. I have a healthy self esteem, I love myself for who I am, I have boundaries, and I won’t EVER put up with crap like that again.

    I just wish Jodi had the benefit of what I did. I don’t think she would be where she is today.

    Thanks for reading this. It has helped me to write it out! 🙂

    • Nicole,thanx for sharing.I pray that you keep being strong and have a positive attitude towards your new life.One way or another many of us identify with Jodi and want to be objective when it comes to evidence and facts.But most importantly,I believe we are here because we realised that this case was so much more than just ”a crazy jealous girl killing her ex”. We all wish Jodi had handled this better,TA would still be alive and she would have a bright future ahead.

    • u should b a witness for the defense! best of continued luck to u.
      glad u didnt leave ur son and scar him too. u made the right choice.

    • Thank you for sharing and thank god for your son. Your story does sound like Jodis, I wish she would’ve had the strength you had to get help, but what helped you was your son n Jodi didnt have that. Hopefully she will get out of this mess n gets the help she needs to be happy n have a family of her own one day.

    • Thanks for sharing your story! I’m so glad you and your son are ok now! I think it can’t be overstated that abusers are manipulators, thank you for bringing that up because it is so important for people to understand that is how they keep their victim on the hook.

      I also appreciate you talking about going to treatment – self respect does not magically appear out of nowhere! Oooh, it frustrates me how people wag their finger at abuse vicims and tell them what morons they are for not loving themselves enough to leave. Oh sure, that’ll help! Really! As if they already don’t feel like shit for the way things are going with someone they love – someone who for all intents and purposes extorted that love under false pretenses. The constant vigilance against the victim’s behavior really takes away from the responsibility the abuser has NOT to abuse people.

      Judge Karen said something poignant on Dr Drew last night – she said that the law has only grasped domestic violence happening on the physical level, but has yet to work out anything against it on an emotional or psychological level. Will it take passing such laws for people to finally understand how destructive and corrosive abuse is on a psychological level? The demand for victims to “just leave” is shortsighted in so many ways – especially since leaving is the most dangerous time for a victim.

      • You’re right, “Just leaving” is not easy. But as it stands, that is really the safest option for victims. Yeah, it’s dangerous, but not as dangerous as staying. Or, they could kill their abuser, and end up on the stand fighting to not be put to death. Like Judge Karen said, the law has no grasp or protocol to deal with emotional or psychological abuse, which means that there is no way to punish the abuser at this point. There is very little one can do to reprimand or make an abuser suffer consequences and take responsibility to change. The victim can’t change the abuser, victims can only change themselves, and it is just as much their responsibility to take care of, and look out for themselves, as it is for an abuser to stop abusing. So, yeah, as much as it sucks… as hard as it is to accept, “Just leave” is the most logical recourse for a victim.

        • When I was in my relationship years ago, it took him being arrested for the fifth time for me to access help. I was on a waiting list for treatment though. But his arrest meant that he would go away for five years because in my state, on the third battery the perp has to do five years. It took the system five times to put him away but it worked. And by the time trial came around, I did testify and yes it did help to heal me ( testifying against him.)

          Once I was getting the counseling I needed, I felt FREE. It didn’t take long for me to regain my self esteem. I understand intellectually why I stayed but I still grapple with it emotionally. It’s as if my mind was stuck in a bell jar when I was with him and I made excuses all the time. It was very sick.

          • I’m sorry you had to go through that, and it sucks that that’s what it took for him to actually have to pay for it. The law really doesn’t protect against abuse as much as it should, unfortunately. I understand the psychology behind staying, and I am not judging victims, or blaming them. My point is that the victim is the only one that can make that choice to get out. Whatever the psychology, it doesn’t change what needs to happen for the victim’s safety. I hope that doesn’t sound too harsh.

        • “So, yeah, as much as it sucks… as hard as it is to accept, “Just leave” is the most logical recourse for a victim.”

          No, it’s not hard to accept at all. I’m not sure where you get that from my post. Of course leaving is the best solution – I just don’t think putting responsibility squarely and solely on victims is the only way to approach this. Abusers have a responsibility not to abuse – that is not “trying to make them change” it is holding them equally culpable for their part in the problem. Just like you can’t change somene’s mind if they are racist, you can take a stand against harassment, beatings, lynchings, bullying, ect.

          • Shit…just love it how you shoot from the hip (speak the truth). I know you don’t mean to be brutal, you just tell it how it is. I like that! Sometimes leaving can be more dangerous. It is not always possible. Abusers, especially ones that have partners with kids have a great hold over their victims. Lucky I am single. I have heard they threaten the victim’s children’s lives if they leave and there has been real life situations where this has happened; they have ended up dead.

            My dad says if I leave home again I will be cut off from the family forever, yet he always tells me to leave?! So when I make plans to get a flat etc he makes abusive threats I will never see my Mum and he will kill himself and herself and my sister that now lives at home and before she moved home it was I will take your mum with me. Now he will take both. He has pulled knifes on me, choked me, knocked me out so I don’t doubt him not to mention the constant emotional, mental and other physical beatings and gross stuff…. However, to the community etc ( as I already in a really long post somewhere) he is the perfect person so I can’t go the police, he knows a lot of the cops so I am in a loose situation. He has already done the whole spill that he will make me out to be a liar and cut me off forever if I go to cops and the world will hate so leaving so easy hey?

          • MB, I never put responsibility squarely and solely on the victim. I don’t want to get into an argument about it. Abusers have a responsibility not to abuse, I would love to hear your suggestions for how to make abusers stop abusing, seriously. In my opinion, breaking yourself out of the cycle of abuse, and leaving your abuser, is holding them culpable, but that’s just me. If I see abuse happening, of course I would intervene, but I can’t break the cycle of abuse. No one but the two people involved can. I’ve intervened for people before and they told me to just stay out of it. There are blind people in this world who just don’t want to see, that is their choice. That is their journey. I take responsibility for my life, and for my safety, that is my choice. Everyone else has their own choices to make.

            Hayley, again I say, I haven’t said it was easy. I’m sorry your dad is what he is, and you are going through what you’re going through, but please don’t project that onto me. My commentary is not personal toward you, and you shouldn’t take it that way. If it were me, I would tell my mother and my sister what he was threatening to do, and inform them that I plan to leave, they can come with me, or stay. I would make plans without telling him, and I would leave. If my mother and sister chose to stay, then that would be their decision.

    • I just saw that.

      I think this is a good thing. It gives the defense more time to prep Jodi and get their facts together. Maybe even find some new witnesses for her! 🙂

      • I am wondering if it was just a strategic play on the part of the judge. After all today was valentine’s day and Jodi is getting awfully close to telling what happened on that fateful night. Perhaps the judge just didn’t want to hear it today.

  11. It seems that the trial is going well for Jodi but whenever Nurmi requests a mistrial it makes me wonder. Does anyone know why he wants to have a mistrial instead of getting a decision now? It’s been 5 years.

    • Yes, it’s a strategic move in case Jodi should need to appeal her verdict. The appellate court will look at the initial trial proceedings and will note any requests for mistrial when considering if the first verdict was just. Nurmi likely knows that mistrials won’t be granted but it’s a good idea to get his motions on the record.

  12. I’m missing comments due to the large discussion group we have so forgive me, if this person has been discussed.

    What are your thoughts on this Deanna person? It sounds insane to me that a grown man was hiding a friend ( jodi) from another friend? It sounds like she was a major player in these triangles travis allowed.


    • Iv wonder if he still had something going on with Deanna??? I kniw the laptop used to be hers, but I also wonder if she was at TAs that night Jodi showed up. And why wouldnt they bring her up to the stand? They could probably ask he some of those Q they asked Lisa.

    • no way that woman was crazy,stalker,persistent or whatever word TA used to describe her.I profoundly believe that he was a master manipulator and she served as the ”previous Jodi” so to speak.TA had obviously not come clean with her maybe thats why she kept running errands for him like petsitting his dog etc.She was as hopeful and as mezmerised as Jodi,IMO thats why she kept sticking around in T’s life.Travis would most certainly feed her feelings once in a while for fear he might lose HER interest IN him,so vital for his narcissitic needs.I dont blame the girl.i think she was given just half truths just like Jodi.I’ve been used exactly like that and thats what my gut feeling says.I wish she would take the stand,so that everybody could see she was no stalker just like Jodi wasnt.Just ordinary girls deceived by a man.

        • im guessing she was a single mormon girl when she and TA were together n the fisrt place(im having doubts if he ever cut it off with her)coz Jodi said that Travis(again HIS words,not so credible)that he didnt want the Bishop to learn about their having oral sex b/c he and Deanna had been reprimanded in the past for the same activity.Other than that,I dont know.

          • Interesting. So it’s not unreasonable to conclude that he may have been carrying on with her as well, at the same time.

            Gus Searcy just said that that more people would come forward if they werent so scared. he talked of the woman with him in the car and that she was scared of the Hughes specifically. And that he has received death threats since he testified.

    • The first thought that came to mind was that Deanna was the stalker. She may have been the one to slice his tires.

      Remember, the email was written by someone who had very good knowledge of the Mormon church and doctrine. Jodi was not that person.

  13. I hate how all the news channels covering this trial just presume she is guilty. . . I also love how they say she is a classis sociapath and has all the traits as one. (IE) pathalogical liar, leading a double life, ability to turn on the charm. . I want to call them up and just scream. . . WOW you just described Travis to a tee!!! Sure hope the defense drives this one home!!!

    I would have to believe that there is at least one sensible person on this jury that will stand up and say NOT GUILTY!!!!

    • That’s right. Everyone is now a psychiatrist and capable of diagnosing someone as a sociopath and pathological liar. No one bothers to ask themselves: what did Travis do that made Jodi attack him? No one wants to understand her; they just want to judge her.

    • “WOW you just described Travis to a tee!!!”

      Oh definitely. Everything they’ve ever said about Jodi has been a reversal of Travis’ behavior. They called Jodi a liar, it was Travis who lied. They called Jodi a slut, when it was Travis who was chasing other women. They called Jodi a manipulator, when it was Travis doing the manipulating. They accused Jodi of using sex as a weapon, when in fact Travis was.

      “I would have to believe that there is at least one sensible person on this jury that will stand up and say NOT GUILTY!!!!”

      Absolutely! No rational person is going to look at this and want to convict. It only takes one juror to make sure that doesn’t happen.

      • MB,i believe u’r reading my thoughts LOL about this reversal thing.Why is it that everything attributed to Jodi is the EXACT same thing that should be ”charged” to TA??what’s wrong?when did our society become so blindfolded???im utterly disappointed.

        • Maria,

          I think we are seeing a mob mentality and group think. It’s just hard for us to understand how someone could read or see a media video and jump on a bandwagon without researching the facts.

          Psychology is only useful for mob to characterize a person according to the media narrative. So, saying jodi is a sociopath works for them. It’s keeping HLN on the air. People don’t want to take the time to think things through and look at both parties behavior. Or heaven forbid, actually look at empirical research on the subject of DV before judging Jodi.

          • Yes, and we do not support Jodi because we have an image in our heads setting her up on a pedestal of perfection – no, we support Jodi because she is a human being with constitutional rights who has been railroaded by the media and social media. Most of us here can accept that Jodi made bad choices, to her own detriment, but give her the benefit of the doubt long enough to understand WHY she made those choices.

            The Travistown cult, on the other hand, literally worships the man like he’s always golden and never wrong. They have a picture in their mind of who Travis was, and no matter what evidence disputes it, it is never enough or it is always spun to mean nothing or something different entirely. Their first instinct is to protect Travis from any accountability, even if that means holding Jodi accountable for things she never even did!

            And yes, the domestic violence issue is so crucial here – and it’s never overstated that HLN commentary is doing a severe disservice to everyone in an abusive relationship. Trying to parse abuse by degrees of percieved severity is NOT going to encourage anyone to come forward anytime soon. The narrative seems to be this:

            “Women should come forward about being raped or abused and if they don’t it’s their own fault for not seeking justice; BUT we will do anything and everything in our power to cast doubt, draw suspicion, and elicit a social reaction that is hostile enough to silence and prevent women from coming forward in the future.”

            WTF. The mental gymnastics required to see how this is reasonable or helpful are impossible. They are royally fucking over victims on a national level with that kind of backbending doublespeak; and then they pretend to advocate for victims! No wonder they defend Travis so much – they are such fakes themselves!

          • Wow MB, I think this might be your best post ever.
            Granted, I haven’t read to the bottom of the page yet (am catching up, was busy today).

            It just doesn’t make sense, how this doesn’t make sense to Travis supporters.
            But I guess a closed mind will never make sense to me.

      • Speaking of potential verdicts, I don’t get it, she’s either totally innocent (self defense) or totally guilty (premeditated murder).

        Why would a jury convict her of Felony Murder, or Second Degree Murder. If they don’t think she pre-planned it, then it’s all the way to innocent, not 2nd degree or something else.

        I don’t get why those others would be on the table or even considered. It seems like all or nothing to me.

  14. I can’t for the life of me stand to watch one more minute of HLN and In Session. The prosecutor is trying to get a death sentence conviction and the defense has the job of trying to prevent that from happening. The prosecutor painted a picture of Jodi that all of the talking heads at HLN have bought into, yet they refuse to hear what the defense has shown about who the real Travis Alexander is. Instead they feign outrage over how the defense has put TA on trial. What in the hell did they think the defense was going to do? It’s their job to show the other side of the story to save the life of their client Jodi Arias. How would they have defended Jodi if they were the defense?

    I also think Martinez acting like a bully when he cross examines Jodi will end up biting him in the ass. It reminds me of when the prosecutor in the Casey Anthony trial laughed at Baez during his closing argument.

    • Tina
      I think you are soo right about Ashton and Martinez to me they both have been very arrogant and self indulged, as if they can get away with anything. I would not be surprised( and kind of hoping deep down) either if the jurors do not appreciate this kind of behavior,

        • Someone asked Beth Karas that question the other day, and she said that she would be surprised if there are any Mormons on the jury. I’m sure that the defense wanted to eliminate as many of them as possible from the jury pool given the amount of attention that Mormonism has gotten in this trial.

          • I agree Kira, hopefully the justice system is better than that (I have my doubts…but still hope). And since I don’t know much about the rules of court, I would think the defense too has somewhat of a say who gets put on that jury, again I don’t know this though.

          • Oh yes, both the prosecution and the defense get a certain number of “strikes” where they can excuse a potential juror on any grounds.

  15. I’m new to this site and it’s such a relief to find someplace where Jodi is being treated with respect. I’m dismayed by the sheer number of hateful people out there. It’s like they really want (and perhaps need) someone to hate and Jodi is the handiest target right now. (Even the media is crucifying her.) Those who have never been drawn into the mind games of a sociopath just don’t seem to have the ability to understand (or empathize with) the enormous emotional damage they do. And it seems that just the fact that Travis is dead gives him an automatic pass, that, by definition, he is a saint and Jodi is pure evil. Thank god for our judicial system that tries to weed out these type of people from the jury and, in turn, protects the sitting jury from exposure to these hateful people.

  16. Hi I’m new to this site but glad I found it. I need Jodi from the Palm Desert Branch she mentioned . I feel for her because I was once abused the same way by a Guy who pretended to be agood guy. Although I am LDS (I find all the ‘cult’ rants on here humorous) I am 100% backin g sweet Jodi. I hope there are people on the jury who understand the devastating effect Man can have on a woman after beingw toyed with. I

      • Jodi called him the morning of June 4th Gus said. That was the info that could help or hurt. Gus said that more people would come forward with info about travis if they weren’t so scared of the mob. he cited death threats he has received. Says his GF is SCARED to death. And Mrs X, who was in the car that day, she was scared of the Hughes specifically.

        • there’s sooo much more here left unsaid.The Hughes’ are a key factor to everything and yet they ”get away” just like that.Why was Gus’ testimony unnecessary yesterday?I think he could have help the Defence a lot.

        • It was the Hughes relatives that fixed Jodi up with Travis and with Ryan.They provided places to stay for TA and JA via their home and thier parents. I think the Hughes knew full well of TA deviancy and they are covering it up. Given they were business associates it has to be money

    • I watched Gus he was very good & fair. In my opinion this should be a search for the truth which is not in the main stream media since they always support prosecution. I really liked when Gus made fun of the Prosecutor. I don’t condone murder at all, but we have to see the circumstances that led up to this terrible event. I think Travis made a living due to the Mormon thing, so he was not going to give up that position he had with the Mormons. He was beyond a hypocrite but I think Jodi Arias has very deep seeded problems with her identity she does not know where she starts & someone else begins she will be found guilty but I don’t believe she will get the death penalty The fact that stood out for me in the Telephone conversations was how dull & boring he was in contrast to Jodi Arias. He was so emotionally vacant, that this is ,believe it or not, very common with abuse victims.She was very animated & he was so dead his tone that is why he really could be with nobody.

    • Will there be a video available of Gus on in Session? For the past week I have had some trouble finding video’s through google also the news coverage seem hard to found maybe a glitch ?

  17. Tina, I so agree with you about HLN and In Session. Normally I enjoy their commentaries and insights but it’s like they’ve all been hanging around Nancy Grace for too long (“Guilty — No matter what!”) Lately I’ve been turning them all off (and resorting instead to live feed on the computer), just because their vindictive and one-sided attacks are driving me mad. Even yesterday I heard Vinnie Politan (whom I deeply respect), in a rush to validate his own belief that she’s guilty, contradict his own reasoning. Here’s what I posted on “Vinnie — During one of your commentaries today you expressed considerable annoyance with Jodi, that when given an opportunity by her attorney to indicate a fear of Travis, she didn’t take advantage of it. It would seem to me, especially in a self-defense case (and especially if she is lying) that that would have been the perfect time to do so. So, which is it, Vinnie? You going to condemn her because you think she is lying, or because she didn’t?”

    • My pc keeps shutting off during the live feeds so I have to rely on them to watch some of this. I flip back and forth from the feed to insession to HLN. Jean C isnt so bad. I dont think she likes travis much. But all the others aside from a couple of defense attorneys are biased and pro pros.

    • In Sessions and HLN cut to commercial or their own personal commentary it seems when something in the trial is unfavorable to Travis. It is a shame they are putting their own spin on the trial. They should stick to reporting and reporting it all, not just their condensed version. I am so sick of all these TV lawyers who would normally be sticking up for abused women. If Jodi had not killed Travis and was just talking to them about the abuse, they would all certainly be on her side. Sad.

    • Vinnie kept on saying that Jodi smirked when the bleach blonde/black haired girl was saying she found out Travis was cheating on her with Jodi. Vinnie must be blind. I watched that part of the trial many times and there was no smirk. If anything the look Jodi had on her face when the girl on the stand said that was one of empathy. Jodi looked like she was thinking ” I know how you feel, he did that to me”. There was no smirk, none at all, not even close.

  18. I thought the email to Travis was very powerful. Jodi prefaced her feelings so many times before she actually said what she was feeling. I could read the fear she had when talking about her thoughts with him. “take this in the spirit of friendship” she reminds him several times. Then has to ask him for credit in editing his darn book!

      • Okay. I am not sure if that is Matt or not. I thought I had read somewhere on this site that there was a MM that had been on the stand already. I could be mistaken. Thanks.

        • MM is Matt Macartney. Jodi has talked about him on the stand he is one of her ex boyfriends. He had written a few posts here before people jumped all over him for not testifying on her behalf because he saw her broken finger not long after it happened and also saw bruises around her neck. Look on the right side of the page for Matt Macartney REPOST.

  19. MB,

    Do you think Travis had his sisters fooled? I notice the eyerolling at every turn as if they do not believe travis ever even texted jodi or spoke an unkind word to her. I can’t imagine a family being fooled to such a a degree that they portray.

    Do you think his male friends really think he’s perfect? What is in it for them to be so vocal against Jodi. It doesnt look good. It comes off as darn right suspicious.

    • even if they dont wanna believe he ever even dated her,texted her,did it with her,loved her and what not they sure cannot keep denying it.there’s evidence corroborating Jodi’s every word so…You know,deep down I wish his sisters didnt know a thing but gw good and pious and virgin he was-it’s the only way they can spare just a tat of Jodi’s feelings and maybe even see she’s not that liar b***ch they think.

      • pretty sure they didnt know. easy to hide that behavior from family. but it IS the girl who killed their brother. when ur NOT a situation its easy to say what you WOULD HAVE done… like its that easy. when u arent there its so hard to really kno, imo.

        • I think it’s highly likely that his sisters had no idea of what was really going on. I have three sisters and a brother, and while I love them all, we aren’t joined at the hip. My brother in particular has always been quiet about his social life, so he could be doing any number of things and I’d have no clue even though we see each other once a week or so.

      • I think maybe their eyes are being opened to his behaviour… There is just loads of documentary evidence to support what Jodi is saying… The sister on the right, towards the end of day 18… has kind of stopped looking pissed off and I think some of what Jodi is actually saying is sinking in with her… They can’t deny the obvious here… he did the txt’s and it was his voice on the tape… would be hard for them i think….

        • I agree and noticed, too, that the other sister wasn’t rolling her eyes either this day. Even the brother, loosened his constant upward lip. I thought the same … Hearing their brother’s own voice showed proof of Jodi’s words.

          • Yes, I think they are doing less eye rolling because of the proof that their brother was clearly still interested in Jodi even though he kept telling everyone she was stalking him. Although, I admit it is possible they were told to not react so much. I know during the tape playing they were told not to react….but I am wondering about now.

    • what I learned from dating a Guy like Travis- they are that wayfor a reason. His famiy for one reason or another thought he was perfect to a fault often turning a blind eye or even lying so as not to obscure there perfect child/sibling. Narsassits are created, Imo.

    • Hey JC – yeah it’s hard to imagine a level of denial that deep that Travis’ sisters would honestly, without a shadow of a doubt, believe in Travis’ public image as being the only true one after all the evidence that shows otherwise. Plus they’ve had five years to process the loss, and the revelations about Travis’ double life. Now that I think about it, it seems unlikely they are still simply “fooled.” I get that they have experienced a loss, but all evidence considered that does not add up to the death penalty, not even close.

      My first impression is that the whole lot of Travis’ associates are bullies who have seen Jodi as an easy target for years. It’s hard for me not to draw the conclusion being that they are delighting in shitting on Jodi as much as Travis did and then some; but I agree it is also extremely suspicious! There is nothing to gain by being proven wrong on so many counts, so why do they do it? Why pretend?

      There’s so much strange things in this case, it’s had to know where to begin! For some reason my mind always goes back to Zach living, sleeping, and breathing in the scent of putrefaction for five days without saying a word. Flores says in his report he could smell it at the door, so there’s no way Zach was oblivious. I wonder if we’ll ever find out for sure what the heck is going on.

      • MB, im with you again, on this one. They’ve had about 5 years to process the loss of there brother n yes some people MAY need more (especially if the loss is of a great warrior kind)! By this time they should already be out of the denial stage and they’re not fools (those expressions dont show fools). They’ve also had all this time get all that anger out n seek help if need be. So, like you said, I think there done and over with the loss, sympathy and denial of who he really was. I think now they’re just deliberately bullying her because she’s up there for everyone to judge and this is there chance to do it.

        They’re real idiots to not see what alot of us see with this roommate thing!!! They just need n want someone to pay for TA death. I say, if at least one of thrm is smart enough (even after the trial) one of them would really take the loss of there beloved little Travis, n really look into what REALLY HAPPENED!

      • It is so weird to me also that Travis’ roommates were unable to smell the decomp. They REALLY must have just been roommates and not friends…there was no concern at all for the fact that they hadn’t heard from him in days.

        • Sometimes, I too wonder if others (friends & family) were in on this, or at least aware of Travis’ behaviours. But honestly, I don’t know that I think they knew the full extent of his sickness. I’m not saying that I think Jodi was the only that knew the full extent (maybe not even entirely – until she had to kill him), but I really don’t think these douches claming to be his besties or his delusion family knew the depths of the hole Travis was in.

          None of these people are any better than Travis, not now that they’ve proven their devotion to someone who was clearly very sick, very angry, pathological liar, and complete narcissist. What a poisionious concoction. And somehow he thought this was a good enough reason to treat Jodi as something more poisionous than himself.

          I’m not saying his friends or family should forget him. I’m just saying they are doing just as much of a disservice as they did for him when he was alive. Or maybe he was just so poisionous, that there was no help. I suppose we’ll never know. I digress.

          Maybe everyone knew little pieces to the puzzle, but could never complete the puzzle. Jodi couldn’t have been the first to figure/find out, right? Or at the least suspect something? And now, we’re learning Jodi went down with her own ship and is being held accountable for proving Travis to be the monster that he was. Denial is a strong thing, is an illusion created by a consious mind, scary right?

          Regardless, their (the friends, the family) actions, as these proofs of Travis’ character come out, will be held against them. At least I hope they do. They too, need to face the consequences.

  20. Ok, this is very long, but here is an email that I sent to Nancy Grace a few days ago:

    Dear Nancy Grace,

    I feel that you have been very irresponsible with your coverage of the Jodi Arias case. I agree that the method of Travis’ murder was disgusting and I do not believe murder is the answer to life’s problems, but I have several issues with your recent coverage.

    This summer I was assaulted and raped by an acquaintance. During and after the incident I was frozen. I was shocked and could not believe what was happening. I was silent. He even had me shower in front of him to add to the humiliation and likely to clean off evidence. I reached out to 3 friends, none of whom responded to me, so I felt maybe this wasn’t such a big deal. One friend did respond the next day and told me to move on and forget about what happened. I felt maybe I should just try to function normally. I took two more showers that night. This man wanted to see me on the weekend for brunch. I was so shocked and fearful that I was actually scared to cancel the plans. I wrote him an email that was very polite and non confrontational in order to cancel the plans. I was so polite to him just because I was so scared that if I did say what I was really thinking, he would do something else to me. I didn’t call the police. This man is a 4th year medical student in neurology at the same medical center where I work. I felt no one would believe me (a medical illustrator) vs. someone who is almost a medical doctor planning on going into a very difficult field. About a month later I randomly met a police officer in my apartment complex when I was walking my dog. We spoke for some time and I told him what happened to me and he encouraged me to report. The police filed a report, but dismissed my claim because of the time passed. I filed a complaint with one of the deans of the medical school and she did not take the complaint seriously and told me to report it to the office of equal opportunities. The man in equal opportunities said that he could pursue this even though it didn’t happen on campus and said it was ok that it was a month ago. He interviewed the rapist about a month or two after I told him what happened to me. The rapist admitted what he did. The person in equal opportunities called me a few months later and said he couldn’t do anything because crime didn’t occur on campus and report was too late. What a waste of my time. I feel terrible for the next girl.

    I find it very disturbing that today (Feb 12, 2013) on your show you made no mention that on the recorded tape that was played in court that Travis said, “You have been miserable, and I still raped you.” When I heard this, I stood up and walked away from my desk. I was shocked. That is evidence- he is admitting rape. Why was this not brought up on your show? This could correlate to Jodi testifying the day before about how she was sleeping and Travis has taken off her shorts, pulled up her shirt, and was raping her.

    I am also very offended about some of the guest on your show and other HLN shows. Many of Travis’ friends or Jodi’s x boyfriends call her names like “slut.” Commentators and experts who are guests on your shows are saying that behaviors that Jodi describes that Travis does are just basically boys being boys. Basically approving men using women for sex, men demeaning and degrading women, men treating women as objects. Lets say Jodi is not telling the truth on the stand—this is insignificant to my argument—regardless, behaviors she is describing a man doing should never be excused. In a sense you are giving men, young and old, permission to act so very disrespectfully.

    Next, I recall on the day that Jodi said he mother would hit her with a wooden spoon, that you said if she was your daughter, you would also hit her with a wooden spoon. You probably meant this as a joke, but it stuck with me. You don’t know how viewers may interpret this type of comment. It potentially condones child abuse. In relation to that, you and your guests mocked Jodi’s testimony on how she was abused when she was young. Everyone reacts differently to other’s actions. Maybe someone else was hit by wooden spoons by their mother and they didn’t care. In Jodi’s case this affected her in a negative way. I am sure if you heard that a friend of yours who you loved was hit with wooden spoons by their mother, you would feel bad for them and would not make light of their experience. Also, some callers made comments like, who cares if only one time her father pushed her and knocked unconscious—it was just once and that is not abuse. I find that to be such an ignorant comment. You did not even say that a father knocking a child unconscious was wrong. Even if Jodi is telling a lie (no one knows except her and her family), this is child abuse and unacceptable under ANY circumstance.

    I have very mixed feelings about this case. I disagree with Jodi’s decision to murder Travis. It is hard to say what I would do, as when I was raped I basically did nothing and froze out of fear and let the man get away with it. If Jodi was in danger she has the right to defend herself. As of right now though, before hearing her side of what happened that evening, I do agree her methods of self-defense was excessive and it would have been a good idea to call the police after the incident. At the same time I can relate to her state of mind and understand being scared, not knowing what to do, and trying to act normal. In summary, I feel as though your show and other HLN shows have been very biased. If I did not watch the trial online for myself, I would be very mislead like some of your other viewers. You have the right to your opinion, it is your show and of course it could have a twist to one side, but I feel this coverage has gone way out of control.

    On another note, you tend to call out a woman in your control room named Elizabeth quite often. I am sure this is humiliating for her to be yelled out on TV in front of millions of viewers. These types of communications can be held over commercial breaks or during meetings.

    I am sorry to have to send you this email. I have been a long time viewer of your show. I used to watch you on CNN when you covered for Larry King and did stories about psychic detectives, which I loved. I was very excited when you got your own show on HLN. However, I have decided that I will avoid watching HLN due to extreme bias, misinformation, and condoning rape, violence against women, and child abuse.

    • Excellent, I posted that same complaint with regard to Rape on the tape etc. If you want to know about Nancy Grace an excellent Attorney Gerry Spence wrote a Book about people such as her.
      Blood thirsty Bitches and Pious Pimps of Power
      Spence, is one of the most successful trial lawyers in the United States (he’s never lost a criminal case), is most famous for winning judgments on behalf of Karen Silkwood’s family and Randy Weaver of Ruby Ridge fame. You can read portions of it on Google Books Spence first Chapter Hate Sells Meet Its Prime time peddler Nancy Grace, I wrote to him many years ago and he personally responded, He is maybe 80 now but, he is very critical of these type of programs.

        • MB Gerry Spence is a very Honest person I used to seem him on some commentary a long time ago He talks about being interviewed by Nancy Grace, He is so right about her and others. He thinks shows that malign the defendant in a case are dangerous to our constitutional rights.

    • Lindsey I Really Love ur letter to Nancy Grace Eloquent Tasteful & very insightful I am truly sorry about what happened to you you are a very brave & unusual person. If I were you I would send that letter to Attorney Gerry Spence.

    • Beautiful letter, thank you for sharing with us – and sending it to Nancy Grace. I’m so sorry about what happened to you! You deserved so much more support and understanding than you got. I hope things get better for you.

      • Thanks you guys! I has been tough and I am still having some issues (alot of which were re-brought up bc of HLN commentary and how I can relate to some things Jodi has been saying…) but I have some positive things to look forward to. I was admitted to veterinary school and I will begin in August! This change of scenery and career will be great for me. Thanks for your support 🙂

        • thank u lindsay…..

          i have already shared ur letter and story with other women and blve it or not, a gesture as simple as sharing thoughts and experience can inspire others

          god bless

          • Hi Summer,
            I’m glad you can share my letter/story with others. This whole experience is new to me and I really learned during hard times is when you find out who your friends are. If I can ever be there for anyone else going thru something so difficult I will do my best to support them. People who I never would have expected stepped up for me and I want to pay it forward in some way.

    • Your letter is great!

      I am not sure which show it was on HLN , but, I thought it was awful when they mocked Jodi’s
      grandparents house. They were comparing where Jodi lived vs Travis’s house. Most of the people on HLN that cover the court cases are just bullies!

      • I find that disgusting too. There is nothing wrong with her grandparents’ home and those people do NOT deserve to be ridiculed. Yeah, Travis had a bigger place…that he apparently couldn’t afford on his own. Big freaking deal.

    • Great letter, Lindsay. I’m so sorry about what you’ve gone through. I hope that jerk is stopped before he hurts anyone else.

    • Thank you for sharing Lindsay, your post should be helpful and inspiring. I wish we could’ve all signed that letter you sent NG, so that she can see that so many people also agree with your regards. Keep you head up your a very strong woman!!

    • I agree. I am happy I found this site where people are objective and think for themselves. Its pretty sad that TV news is not news. Now that I think about it, when I did watch HLN if I could not watch the trial that day, I really learned nothing after watching 3 hours of shows!

  21. ”In Mesa, here is an LDS church every 3 miles There are neighborhoods in Mesa where you cannot be in your front yard, or taking a walk without constant assaults from white shirted, tie-wearing teenage boys on bicycles trying to preach the Mormon philosophy to you.”

    “It can be Really annoying. Come also if you are old & ready to retire, but if you are younger & want to have a hipper scene, just stay away, you will be better off”.

    My 1st question would be, how many Mormons are on the jury?

  22. Here’s an abridged excerpt from the book “Red Flags of Love Fraud”, by Donna Andersen ( I think it perfectly explains what Jodi was subjected to emotionally and why she kept going back.

    “There are three stages to love: attraction, pleasure, and bonding…During the pleasure phase you feel excited, your pulse races, you have butterflies in your stomach…Now suppose the person also wants you…he or she showers you with attention…The pleasure stage involves brain chemicals such as endorphins and dopamine…Dopamine is released by rewarding experiences such as food and sex. Cocaine increases dopamine, which is why the drug produces feelings of well-being and euphoria. Therefore, dopamine is closely associated with reward-seeking behavior, including addiction…In the bonding stage, another hormone becomes important. It’s called oxytocin (not to be confused with OxyContin, the pain relieving drug). This neurotransmitter has been called the “cuddle chemical” and the “love hormone”. When oxytocin is released in the brain, it increases feelings of trust, contentment and calmness, and reduces fear and anxiety…This hormone serves a normal and important function in the human bonding process — it makes us feel calm and trusting with our mates. Nature probably gave us oxytocin so that we want to stay with our partners to raise children, thus helping the survival of the species…sex is not required for oxytocin to be released…social interactions involving trust also cause oxytocin to enter the brain…The long and the short of it is that oxytocin produces a rewiring of the brain! Trust, love, intimacy and sex change your brain…These chemicals increase your pursuit of the reward — Mr. or Ms. Right…

    “Now, here’s the scary part: This information does not apply to sociopaths. Research suggests that the oxytocin system in sociopaths may be dysfunctional. Sociopaths do not trust and do not bond. But they are very good at pretending that they do…If you are attracted to Mr. or Ms. Right, and you feel the pleasure of having your interest reciprocated so that you form a love bond, you experience all the psychological and biological effects of attachment — even if the object of your affection is a sociopath who is toying with you…Sociopaths entice others to form attachments to them through deception and trickery. The problem is that our unconscious minds do not distinguish between attachments made through deception and those made legitimately…The experience is very real to you, you form a love bond, and your brain is rewired…Sociopaths pour on the charm…then, as you become more and more attached, they disappear. Or they ignore you. Or they pick a fight. What are they doing? They are intensifying your love bond…Just as sociopaths instinctively know to hook you with pleasure in the beginning of the relationship, they also know that they can make you even more attached by threatening the relationship. This seems counterintuitive. If someone is giving you a hard time, why would you want to continue your involvement? The answer comes from addiction research. Scientists have discovered that although pleasure is required to establish a behavior pattern, it is not required to maintain it. This is Nature’s way of keeping people together. If parents split up at the first sign of trouble, the survival of children would be in doubt.”

    • Id like to add something I heard. An insession lawyer talked about a persuasion class he took where they showed a video of a batterer. The batterer said he always beats his women up by the second or third date. If they leave him, no loss. But if they stay, they are his forever!!!

      Unbelievable! Well not really.

    • Its called traumatic bonding the result of a push pull relationship but I do not think TA was a sociopath he was just a confused troubled jerk mixed up in social circle and religion that was not in synch with his true self.

  23. Hey i just watched the interview on In session with Gus Searcy and i’m slightly concerned because he said in the interview that Jodi called him at 3:30am on June 5th and told him that Travis was dead and that’s like 4 or 5 days before his body was even found and anyone knew he was dead ……I hope the prosecution can’t figure out a way to use that against her or hurt her in any way

    • I’m thinking that they knew this and somehow figured out that it won’t help their case! He did try and contact them several times though.

      • It is so wierd that these people did not call the police to verify as Travis had not been discovered. Gus said he told a friend and the way those people gossip word would not have gotten out??? Maybe that is what Gus is talking about. The other strange thing is that his dog was there and he usually arranged for dog care when he traveled. I wonder why the roomates would not have wondered.

        • debI don’t understand the Room Mate being there in the house with that smell, So Strange The Dog also. The whole thing is weird

    • CJ I am unsure of how long it would take to get from Mesa AZ to Utah but perhaps she did go back to Cali? She didnt show up in Utah until 11 the next day I think it was. That is 16 and a half hours after TA was killed according to the time stamps.

  24. Pretty convenient, for the prosecution, that the Judge decides to recess until next week, just as Jodi reaches the tail end of the story leading up to June 4th. It would have been nice to have her story sit with the jurors over the long weekend prior to Martinez spinning his cross exam.

    Think the defense should change course to try and ensure a break between her testimony of that day and the cross exam. I’m not a lawyer but I am a strategic thinker and that just makes sense.

    If possible Nurmi should get Jodi off the stand quickly on Tuesday and allow Martinez to cross on what has been testified to thus far, which has been all bad for his side. After that get the abuse expert on the stand and burn the rest of the week with her, allow the cross, and then get Jodi up to complete the testimony just as the week ends, leaving Martinez no choice but to cross after the weekend and giving the jury time to mull , over a two or three day period, the abuse expert, Martinez’s failed cross on Jodi’s first run at testifying, and the final testimony by Jodi detailing the death.

    • Jodi’s story about that day may make more sense in the context of the injuries than the ME and the state’s evidence did.

      The testimony has to match the blood evidence though. The prosecutor will be sure to point out any discrepancies. I think that the defense needs to be prepared to counter act that. I could see martinez putting up pics and saying so your saying you did a b and c when this shows d e & f.

  25. I was looking forward to watch the hearing today in court and the judge cancelled…Boy you can really see Nurmi is getting more and more mad at Martinez yet I do not blame him. I could only imagine how annoying it can be having someone always objecting to what you say or do and the way he said to Jodi NO Jodi you don’t have to say sorry to him…I couldn’t help but laugh but he is so right though. That is like when your talking to someone and another person keeps cutting you off and interfearing that get’s on my nerves and it is very rude. I was so proud of Jodi when Martinez got in her face and she starred right at him and answered his questions with a more harsher voice way to go Jodi serves him right. I can’t wait to see Jodi make him make an ass out of himself I am so ready to see the trial next week and many more to come…but in the meantime my thoughts and prayers are with Jodi 100%.

    • I also believe Nurmi purposely told Jodi that she doesn’t have to say “SORRY” to him (Martinez) … like she always does do when he objects! … to bring this to the attention of the jurors and later show with experts on the stand her innate feelings of not wanting to displease others….

    • Bradley Gus explained he was just told he died and He Gus was going to Cancun the next day. He said he was not close to Travis offered help to Jodi she said she was OK . He thought he had a heart attack etc. He did not know he was murdered when he found out Jodi was arrested he called The DA since she called him that day he says Phone records would prove she called him. They were not interested in this information. He spoke well of her I liked him he seemed Honest.

  26. Is anyone else familiar with the songs Jodi talks about near the end of that long ? “Hurt,” and “You Outta Know.” These are very emotional songs about someone who has been badly USED, ABUSED, and callously, cold-heartedly, thrown away.

  27. hln, cnn, etc talking bout “jodi fatigue”… on stand too long. some jurors tuning out, narrative going on too long… im tending to agree. so maybe it WAS good court was cancelled (yeah, like that judge didnt want long weekend+ for V-Day!) … defense has got to step it up the pace, imo.
    some jurors MAY stop feeling sympathy and empathy for jodi, since her testimony is becoming sorta similar. u kno, like “ok, girl, we GET it! NEXT part please!”

    • I wouldn’t put stock in anything that HLN says; they are highly biased against Jodi. They’ve reported before that the jury was bored when others in the courtroom have said that it’s just the opposite.

      Believe me, the jury won’t be bored in the least next week when the events of June 4th, 2008 are discussed.

      • well, i CAN think for myself, etc. i brought up hln cos i think of ALL their jibberish (which is so hardto stomach) this one point i tend to agree, IF i was on the jury. im NOT remotely looking at it in “entertainment values”.

        to me, more and more of jodi testifying in this manner – which mostly ‘shows’ her fawning over TA – i dont like how this is coming across for her. (except that call DOES make TA sound loathesome). sometimes less is more. esp. if the Less is powerful. the More can seem to get watered down amd could lose its weight, IMO… looking it as objective as i can. (i usually 9 out of 10 believe more in Defense, as ive stated before; DA want to win, not justice)

        so, i hope defense can wrap this together rather quickly next week. and i’ll keep this to less so there is less the temptation for anyone to pounce on one or two of the words i use.

        • I was in no way pouncing in you Frank. I’m fairly certain you aren’t writing the script for the main stream spin on the trial.

          My grievance is against the audacity of them to presume that a jury member would in any way be getting “tired” of learning anything and everything possible about the person they ate going to deciding on whether or not to murder.

          Pure and simple, that spin just doesn’t hold any water. More than likely her testimony isn’t detailed enough and they will have a fair number of questions for her.

          • well i AM a writer on hln! lol. i wish $wise.
            the ‘tired’ part depends on one’s view, etc. i hear what ur saying, but i was sorta thinking the same thing re jodi testimony was getting similar even before others mentioned. i wont go into details since weve all heard it.
            people r people. they can/will react in certain ways. if i, or someone else is thinking something similar, one of the jurors MAY also. that was basically my main point. (being on an ipad writing can become circumvented).
            again, i hear what ur saying re life and death. the more one talks, u may like them more OR the opposite. u also give more ammunition to the DA for cross, more info to find an error. true or not, a DA can make it SEEM like a lie.

            anyway… thnx for the reply, its appreciated.

            PS: sorta off topic… saw a show this afternoon where the cops interogated this guy so hard he confessed after saying he did NOT do it. DA went ahead with trail…
            long story short his lawyer proved he didnt do it. the guy was aquitted of murder.
            end the show, one of the cops says jury got it wrong!
            cops, DA, etc. ALWAYS want the person convicted, damn the real story, truth.

    • Fortunately main stream media isn’t providing the Jury with these preconceptions. Or should I say “hopefully”?

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I would hope that any Jury member would want and appreciate as much information as possible about the person they are tasked with potentially EXECUTING.

      Seriously people, why even bring Main Stream Media commentary to these boards? You are basically transferring taint from a shallow, mindless medium onto this one which is centered on reality, not the fantasy world portrayed on Fox etc.

      Think about the post above for a moment. The information relayed from that new feed has nothing to do with the reality of being a Juror in a case where your decision will potentially end someone’s life.

      It is delivered from a perspective of “entertainment value”. The main stream, and a large portion of the population in general, suffers from what I can only describe as “RTVS” or “Reality TV Syndrome.

      The purpose of Jodi’s trial is not to provide entertainment value to the masses. It is not a reality TV show. It is a life or death situation. She is literally fighting for her life.

      It is nothing short of disgusting that it can be viewed in any other light.

        • Funny BeeCee- I had the same thought. People are watching this like a modern Gladiator fight. The blood-thirsty masses want to see death. extremely disgusting.

      • It is not FOX that is on the crucify Jodi bandwagon, it is CNN/HLN, Vinnie, Nancy DisGrace, Jane Velez Oh I have been sober 15 yrs Mitchell, Dr. Drew. *yawn*

        • Fox is quite objective. I also remember Sean Hannity having Jose Baez on after the not guilty verdict in the CA trial and praising Baez for his performance during the trial. He went as far as the say that Baez stopped the prosecution on the “goal line” so-to-speak.

          • LOL. I will strike FOX from my record and reserve my contempt for them based solely on them being a Murdoch owned neo-conservative mouthpiece.

  28. seeing a little cnn today, the person, not the norm people, pretty saying how jodi guilty, etc.
    i am surprised so many people would say that on tv before a decision.

    earlier today, one hefty lawyer was more a defense guy. said its only the 3rd inning… have towit until the end, etc.

    seems THAT’s the tact that should b used, imo.

  29. Since we have people here who think some of us should not focus on conspiracy theories..I say BAH!

    I realize Jodi said “The simple answer is that he attacked me and I defended myself.” You notice she said “simple”???? That means something to Jodi. She knows its more complicated than that and I would bet money her defense strongly recommended she work on a self defense version. I wonder if kermit will jump on that comment…or if it will be addressed during her testimony.

    The ME stated the gunshot was last. Jodi seemed surprised during her interrogation that he was shot…contrary to poplar belief, she does not CONSTANTLY LIE. She said she didn’t even know her grandparents had a gun and by her reaction , I believe her EVEN THOUGH she is NOW saying that was a lie. If we remove the burglary from the equation then the premeditation thing pretty much is legless (there are perfectly LOGICAL reasons for all the other things, I can debate anyone on those if you like ex: maybe she flipped the plates on the car because she has a leadfoot and wants to avoid tickets, had she gotten tickets before? It’s best not to admit to cops that you flip your plates to avoid tickets, they don’t take kindly to that. She was probably speeding to get to Ryan’s sooner.)

    She was framed. Someone stole the gun from her grandparents house and used it as the last shot to tie the murder to her. Someone tied in with the hughes and deanna, they had Travis’ journal. Rachel knew they were having sex of some kind and may have even gone to her own Bishop about it since she knew Jodi couldn’t. PEOPLE knew and won’t admit that they KNEW Travis’ had problems.

    Of course, none of this REALLY matter in the grand scheme of things since Jodi is under oath and telling her story of self defense. But people are ignorant if they think no one would ever claim self defense under duress…cops get confessions from innocent people more frequently than you realize.

    • I’m not sure i totally follow ur consp. theories…
      r u pretty much saying the defense told jodi to go w self def?
      to b honest i dont remember if she mentioned this during interrog., but I assume she did.

      i DO think there may have been other defenses to consider, but i guess this was considered the best and is the truth?

      i dont get flipping the lic. plate. thats a SURE way to get pulled over, imo. then again AZ has some odd ways of thinking vs. from where i reside on the east coast.

      ur so right about confessions from innocent people.

      • Yes, a removed/flipped plate is usually a cop magnet…except for the red light and speed cameras. Usually there are real people reviewing the images though, I would think it would not be that hard to look at the image and see what the actual plate number is. I can’t remember if they usually get the front plate or the back plate though.

        I think they are looking for the best way to get her out of the death penalty. Most people do not believe the intruder story, maybe her own lawyers didn’t either.

        We’ll see when she testifies about it. It will be hard to judge one way or another though because if there is a change in her demeanor it could be that it is very upsetting to her to think about what she did, or it could be that she is changing the story from intruders to herself. If she was not the last one there, then it also could be that she will not know one piece or two of evidence that the prosecution has, and they will attack her on it.

        • ohhh, didnt think of CAMERAS! not used much at all here.

          she pretty much HAS to go with self def. now. ALL that blood is a hurdle, but who knows whats coming.

          no matter what i think death penalty is absurd. over reaching, imo.

          • I agree that the death penalty is absurd. i think dumb Flores really thought he had more on the stalking, and dumber Martinez didn’t find out until they were going to have witnesses that didn’t actually see any stalking, Travis told them, so it must be true HA.

            People on the hate sites compare jodi to another woman on death row in Arizona, the MAJOR difference is that her husband was very ill/weak and in a wheelchair and she tried to claim self defense. To me that is WAY different.

          • I think it was Utah she was pulled over. We’ll have to wait and see her reason for the plates or if they really were messed with.

    • And BeeCee,

      She was trying to flee at the end and had purchased a 9mm. Now wasn’t that purchased for her to flee but she left it in the rental car ( the second rental car)? So we can assume she was fleeing to escape prosecution out of fear or that she was fleeing out of some other fear! You know what I mean?

      • Yes, JC. She have a 9mm, and appeared to be going to flee. and, it could have been either or both fears! LOL. I wonder who advised her they were looking at her. And, if she were fleeing from prosecution ONLY, there really wouldn’t be a reason to purchase a gun would there? I can’t see her trying to get into a shootout with the cops.

        • BeeCee,

          I think Flores called her right after the murder and she called him back asking questions ( thus the inference she was fishing for info about what happened) . Then she went in for prints and swabs.

          I’m betting she just knew it was coming. The police were watching her and were to arrest her if she fled. But what if she hadn’t fled? Why were they waiting?

        • When did she buy the gun that was found in the rental car and was there more than one rental car? If they found a gun in a rental car long after she rented it, how do they know it was her gun?

          • CuriousCourt, there is a lot…I can’t even stay caught up. In fact, I don’t know that I can say I have read this first hand:

            She had a second rental car later, I have heard it was packed with stuff to “flee”, maybe move? I don’t know. She had a 9mm gun, but the police didn’t find the gun (dumb Flores again missing evidence?) Jodi’s mom allegedly asked about the gun and then the car rental place found the gun in the car. The police MISSED it, is it any wonder if they missed other evidence? They couldn’t even find a gun in a rental car, even though they found the ammo and should have known to look for the gun it went to???

          • She bought a 9mm handgun some time after travis died. In fact, Detective Flores in the telephone interview advised her that she should have a gun if she was going on long trips all the time.

  30. Don’t you just love the jailhouse inmate that Nancy DisGrace interviewed that said Jodi told her she cut the body up and spread the pieces out in different areas. Talking about wanting your 15 minutes of fame. How idiotic to even air something so absurd on a television show. It was Nancy DisGrace that claims Jodi has a female lover in jail. Come on Nancy, can’t you do any better than that? All this crap is just for ratings. She is airing the sex tape and sex talk over and over and over and calling Jodi a stalker and claiming Jodi got into his bank account. Geeez. Like someone on here stated, you don’t invite your stalker to clean your house. You don’t invite your stalker into your bed and plan on visiting the stalker when you come back from Cancun vacation.

  31. Thanks BeeCee. I will assume she bought the gun and there is a record of the sale and that is how they can prove it was her gun.

    • Yes, I would assume they know exactly who purchased the 9mm, but we just haven’t seen it yet. A family member could have purchased it for her…even though people aren’t supposed to do that I guess we will maybe find out this week.

      • She did buy a 9mm handgun. If you watch the interview with Det. Flores she tells him she bought a gun and his reply is “we have probably found it already”.
        As for her fleeing the scene,she had a car packed full of stuff the night before they arrested her. The police were watching her. She went back into the house around 9pm after speaking with her mother. She did not come back out. The cops left and came back the next morning at 6am. If she was going to take off she could have done it then, after they left.

      • i never heard about a 9mm… nor did i hear it was found in a rental car. guess i missed some info…
        havent been watching much ms. Disgrace, so didnt hear the jail talker.
        DID hear about the lover! lol… theres that nancy “making a difference” again! (see her commercial? ARG!)

        • frank you won’t find it on nancy grace or any other hln garbage show. You actually have to watch the interviews and all the trial videos in order to really find anything out. Also reading all the court documentations and Detective flores investigation report. Count on hln garbage for nothing because that is what you get from them.

  32. Thanks Debbie, I must have missed that part. I saw what I guess was earlier in the interview with Flores where she said she didn’t think she had ever fired a gun.
    Did she ever confess to Flores that she did it? I am wondering when and to who she admitted it.

    • No she never confessed to anyone that she did it as far as I am aware. There are two Flores interviews, It is in the second one where she is in jail that she tells him she bought a gun and he tells her they have probably found it, He is still trying to get a confession out of her but she never ever says she did it. In fact she never confessed to doing it for more than two years when her lawyers put in a plea of self defense. Up until that time she maintained she did not do it.

      • Thanks for the info. I am hoping they have something up their sleeve with this self defense claim. From what the resident lawyer on this site says, there will be no pleading crime of passion. Once the defense is made, they have to stick with it. Such a shame, this is exactly what the prosecution claimed it was, a crime of passion which is manslaughter in Arizona.

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