Jodi Arias Trial Day 19

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Jodi continues her testimony for the 7th consecutive day.

I gotta say… in addition to Jodi staying strong, focused and resilient under very difficult circumstances, Kirk Nurmi has done a truly outstanding job over the past 2 weeks for Team Jodi with his Baez-eque questioning — and despite the ongoing & amateurish objections from Pickle-faces’ poodle… nearly all of which were rightly overruled.

Forget about there being no winners here too… and forget about the twisted media and the delusional Travistown Pedo-Idol-Huggers.


Make no mistake.

Leave your comments below on Day 19…
Team Jodi


  1. I will miss the live testimony today. I’m happy to be able to check in here to keep up on what is happening. Praying for Jodi today. We are getting to the worst part.

  2. If you want to see more of the trial, look at the video on this site or check utube. What In Sessions airs is so edited, they cut to commercial or censor lots of material that is not favorable to Travis.

  3. Yeah I swear Martinez one of these days will jump out of his days and instead of yelling objection will yell ‘erection’. He clearly suffers from small man syndrome so he abuses his position of power to make up for what he lacks in height and perhaps length….I honestly think the guy looks like a squirrel and the Judge is the tree he climbs over all day. Oh on a side note does anyone think Jennifer (lawyer) looks like Sarah Palin? Good luck Jodi. x

    • I have always thought Martinez looks like a mole that needs to crawl back in his hole. I love her squirrel/judge tree thing, good call.
      There is a guy in the courtroom that looks at Jodi in such a way that it makes me think he wants a piece of her, a similar piece as to what Travis had enjoyed for almost 2 years.
      I have my doubts that they will get to June 4th today. I hope I am wrong.

    • LOL you are So funny, Hayley!!!! The Judge as a tree and Martinez shouting erection, hahaha I almost fell off my chair, holding my stomach here !!!

      Do I think Jennifer looks like Sarah Palin? What a person to be reminded of! lol

      Yes, good luck from me, Jodi x Thinking of you, stay strong, you’re marvellous.

  4. I can’t wait til she gets to night she had to kill Travis. The night it was kill or be killed She has nothing to worry about. It will be hard for her though.

  5. Here’s why I think Jodi will be found not guilty on at least 2 of the three counts. Just as in the Casey Anthony trial, the prosecution’s lead attorney will be seen as badgering the witness and as an obnoxious, overbaring personality. Martinez”s alley cat style will turn off the jury. This dynamic in the courtroom, I feel, affects the jury more than many people realize and will be a huge factor in the outcome just as it was in the Anthony trial. I can’t wait to see Vinnie Politan’s, Mike Brooks’, and especially pudgy Nancy Grace’s jaws drop again !!

    • Ohhh isn’t Nancy Grace disgusting, on all counts. I have only seen her since this trial–I’m in the UK– and once is definitely enough!

      • Yes, Nancy is disgusting! I reserve speaking this way about only those I despise, but Dis-Grace is definitely at the top of that list. That stupid clip she has been wearing in her bangs at least draws my attention from the ugly scowl on her face.

        • Last week Nancy Grace was using her favorite phrase…let’s weigh in….and Nancy directed her statement to the blonde haired news lady…the blonde was making a comment about Jodi wearing the little girl barrette in her hair…and I noticed that Nancy Grace didn’t make a sarcastic comment about that because after all Nancy Grace has been wearing her own little girl barrette’s in her own hair for a while now…Nancy Grace just ignored that comment and went on weighing in with another of her news people…and a few minutes later…Nancy went to Jean…Nancy Grace made some negative comments and gestures about Jodi’s long dark hair and Nancy even tossed her own head around mimicking Jodi…and I noticed Jean’s eyebrows go up somewhat…she looked surprised at Nancy’s obvious disgust…Honestly, Jodi’s hair and her barrette had nothing to do with the issue of the testimony that day in court…Nancy looks more and more like she herself has some inner emotional issues that keeps coming to surface…

    • I hate Nancy Grace. The only reason I watch her ridiculous excuse for a show is to get highlights of the trial. I pity the guests on her show if they don’t agree with her. She talks over them and tries to make them look like idiots. Her show has always been pro prosecution. It is so one sided.

      • Does NG ever go after men the way she goes after women? The only one I can think of was Scott Peterson and that was 10 yrs ago (already!) She is venomous towards women.

  6. I’m so nervous for Jodi this morning. In the event that this is the day that she tells of the events which occurred that day, I can’t even imagine how difficult this will be for her.
    I also just HAVE to make one last comment about Sky Hughes. First I can not WAIT for her to be called by the defense.
    I watched the 48 hour video for the first time this morning. Sky and Chris made me absolutely SICK to my stomach. First, I thought It was awfully convenient for those two to leave out the fact that it was SKYS BROTHER, Zion, who set Jodi up with Ryan. Especially after all of the dramatic talk about how they just KNEW she was so evil. So evil, they did not want her in their home, around their kids. The same kids they loved to watch Pedo. Travis play with. Sky, goes on to talk about how Jodi whined to her that Travis was not as “into her as she was into him” she also conveniently failed to mention that Jodi confided in her that she found proof that Travis was having an affair with a fellow Mormon MARRIED church member. I love how they describe the evil in Jodi’s eyes after she found them gossiping about her as they thought she slept as a guest in their home. I guess I’m way more psycho than Jodi, because that little gossip incident would have driven me to do far worse things than shooting them a dirty look. And furthermore, WHO is SKY to say someone else looks evil, that lady looks like a dirty witch at first glance.
    UUUGGGHHHH! Please, Nurmi, get them and get them good!! These two are manipulative rats. I bet Jodi wishes she busted that bitches big ass front teeth out when she had the chance!

    • Her brother (Sky) gave me the willys when I saw him in that n interview before I knew he was her brother. He had a smug fake smile that I percieved as evil. There is something wrong with those people~~

      • Definitely something wrong. Yes, he is a creepy lil character. Everyone of those people were weird. Travis sister said she thought of Jodi immediately, that’s funny, she never met her. So how, did she come to such a conclusion? probably the same way Flores did, these gossips!

    • great post! I agree with you, what type of person talks horribly about a guest in their home, especially while they are IN the home?!?! A true follower of Christ would take more shame in slandering, or saying harmful words against another person. What hypocrites.
      I had a guest in my first home talk horrible about me AND my small 1950’s home (that I was so proud of!). Needless to say, her B**** ass was OUT by the end of that day. i gave her more than a dirty look, I tore her ass apart (verbally!) for being shallow and ungrateful.
      These people saw Jodi as meek and different, and instead of embracing her and missioning to her, they chose to put her down. SHAME ON THEM.

      • You know usually when people talk sh!t its because they are jealous. Your guest was probably jealous of you in some way, she was either jealous of your looks, success, or the home she put down. Sky, and the other women in this group were obviously jealous of Jodi. Sky was probably so jealous she was on the verge of convulsions! She was probably scared to death her hubby was wishing he had a girl like Jodi instead of her trifling ass!

    • The brother’s name is ‘Zion’? Is that just a Mormon reference, or is it in relation to a variety of religions? I truly don’t know because I have “Humanist’ views/beliefs. I’ve heard ‘Zion’ a lot in regard to the LDS religion though.

  7. Can you please post the link to the live stream? The “click here” is not clicking for me 🙂 does it start in mountain time or pacific time? Thanks!

    PRAYING for Jodi on this sure-to-be difficult day.


  8. Boy, I have worked in the courts, (and will be again as soon as I complete my post-grad program)… I have never seen a court with such lax hours and so many “days off”!

  9. I once worked with a guy who was successful, very good looking and single, and he would voice his “displeasure” that he was single and lonely. But then when any available woman would suggest maybe getting together for coffee, he would start playing games with them and so then it would appear that all these women were chasing him. It is a manipulation tactic that is not so new.

    When I saw that PPL video where Travis talks about being single, successful and lonely, I thought of my former co-worker. The difference is that Travis is not so good looking and his success depends on how many people he can scam. And I wonder if he believed in plural marriages. There are still some Fundamentalist Mormons who practice polygamy.

    • I don’t think Travis really wanted to find a wife or he would have dated women who were more appropriate for marriage. There was that girl who was 19 when they started dating and he was 29. There’s no way a girl that age is ready for marriage. He wanted to continue to play around with women and gave his friends the excuse that he can’t find the right woman.

      • BUT… in the LDS religion (especially here in UT) many of the women and even men marry rather young. There’s HUGE pressure to do so. A large majority of men marry very shortly after their mission.

        I agree though- I think he wanted to continue to ‘mess around’ and that it didn’t really affect him to not be married.

    • He believed in surrounding himself with women to do his work for him. He liked exploiting female associates at that lame company. Lisa was lucky to figure his number and I am sure that upset him He was a jerk he did not deserve death but he brought on events in this life by HIS choices

  10. I am really getting nervous.
    I am beginning to think that maybe the gas cans were probalby going to be used for som sort of a mormon ritual.
    They probably had sex and they argued that they should split up but had agree to do the blood atonement ritual for which he probably forced Jodi to do to clean him from his sins.
    The gas cans were probably going to be used to set a fire and destroy any evidance. When the ritual went bad, she knew she had to fininsh the ritual and therefore shot and killed him

    • you know, we lived in Nevada for many years, took many road trips between there, Utah and AZ. I can tell you, we ALWAYS took extra gas with us, just because you can go for many many miles where there are NO gas stations, especially if your driving late at night. I don’t see the big deal with it, other than the prosecution is trying to make it look like she was doing it hide where she was. Thats so irrelevant because she used her card many times during that trip. Unless I missed something, I’m still watching the first 14 days of the trial so maybe I did. So far, nothing.

      • This isn’t the Dana Chandler trial where the two gas cans were pivotal to the case as she left NO paper trail from the time she left Denver to Topeka, KS and back after she killed her ex-husband and his fiancee. Jodi has a paper trail everywhere on her trip. The gas cans aren’t anything suspicious here.

    • That is a radical and ridiculous comment. If the “Mormon” faith had a ritual where they used gas to “cleanse” the dirty Provo and Mesa would be aglow every night

      • Rebecca-
        ‘Dirty Provo’? LOL! I can’t stand Provo because of the ‘Zoobies’ AKA Brigham Young University folk, but I’m curious as to why you’d say it’s dirty? I had to drive to Provo today as a matter of fact. 😀 I’m not offended BTW, so don’t think that.

  11. When Martinez begins cross, he will not be able to control himself. Like I have said before, as representation for Travis, he is dead on. Neither one of them can/could control their emotions. We won’t need to wonder how it was when Travis would yell and berate Jody, Martinez will show us.

  12. Wow- his personality is truly shining through in these text messages. What a jerk. Jodi was so well composed in these texts, and he was just being flat-out hurtful. Arrogant narcissist ?

    • yeah, TA was harsh to her. THEN would have sex with her… he prob. felt tough and raised his self esteem.

      getting ahead of things, but, if i am jodi, when she’s under cross from DA when HE gets really tough on her, i do the “chi. shakes” that she’s mentioned she’d get! it’d help her prove another point AND bet it makes him tone it down.

      her being on the stand so long, will prob. mean DAYS of grilling from DA. will NOT b easy for jodi.

  13. Sidebars, sidebars, sidebars… People keep b*tching that Jodi’s testimony is taking so long; if Martinez would quit Objecting to every tiny detail (and being overruled!), it would go a lot faster! Sheesh…

  14. If anyone has a problem with how long this testimony from Jodi and the defense is taking they should contact the prosecutors office and tell this dope Martinez to stop objecting every goddamn 2 mins for every dumb thing he can think of….It’s way past annoying now and i think Nurmi is going to punch him soon

    • I would love that! LOL…punch that midget square in the kisser! I just don’t get it, the prosecution had 4 years to protest any evidence the defense was going to present, they obviously didn’t, so why is he doing it now? If anyone is holding up the testimony, its the prosecution.
      I’m still pissed that the judge would not allow the computer expert to show what he recovered off Travis’s computer. Thats all I hear from the Nasty G woman, how if travis was a pedo, it would be on his computer, blah blah blah…well the effin judge wouldn’t let them show was on it, so how would she know?

      • The defense had to fight so hard to even get hold of the texts, computers, phones etc. I believe they only got the texts this past October.

      • I agree!! I dont understand why there is such an imbalance of what has been allowed in and what has not been allowed in. Its stupid.

  15. Martinez is such a annoying idiot with his constant objections …….I really hope this trial doesn’t drag on forever till she is completely vindicated and released from jail…..Jodi has been in jail long enough for killing this pedophile creep and the sooner she is out the better

    • I once told a narcissistic boyfriend that the brand of beer her bought wasn’t my favourite. His whole face changed. I quickly apologized, and started to explain that it was still OK, that I would drink it. It’s amazing, a true wonder, the small things that will set them off.

  16. All that abusive texting to her, berating her, threatening her… Then he just randomly calls and apologized to her. He’s nucking futs!

    • I know!!! Lol I just read a comment from the haters, it said, “I don’t get why he’s so upset that shes talking to another man n why he keeps calling her! Crazy!” Thats what the person wrote, lol WOW JUST WOW!

      • Yup!!! I loved that he couldn’t keep them out. And the camera that im watching from, kept focusing on the two dimwit sisters! I bet they tried there hardest to keep these text out!!!! HHAAA

      • Martinez’s objections (to me anyway) make TA seem all the more guilty of abuse. Wonder how the jury perceives it… Does anyone else see it that way? That it makes it seem there is ‘bad stuff that needs to be hidden’?

  17. A Facebook page for his dog? Seriously? GEEZ, let’s stop the presses! Jodi, your work isn’t important! You better get me those pics of Napoleon PRONTO, whore, or you’ll feel the wrath of Travis!


    • Yes, I noticed that too. If he needed something, it was her job to drop everything and rush to cater to him. But the moment she had a problem or needed some support, she was “ruining his life with her constant problems” and supposedly driving him crazy. Yeah right!

    • Speaking of his dog, Napoleon-

      JVM made some stupid comment in regard to it taking a while before Napoleon even noticed Jodi was standing in TA’s doorway. JVM said something to the effect of “MY (JVM’s) chihuahua knows before I even walk into a room. MY dog would’ve barked… ” etc. Hmm. Well, from what I’ve read Napoleon is blind and has trouble hearing! Is it possible that factored in to Napoleon not noticing Jodi right away!? I realize animals can sense things in other ways regardless of being deaf or blind. I just wish JVM and others would do some freakin research before they start blabbing about “what a liar Jodi is”!

  18. I love this site!! Thank God for it, I seriously lurk on here all the time, but this is my first time posting, I have a question it might be silly, but is there anywhere where I can go and just read the text messages that Jodi is reading right now? God, my heart just cringed as she read “you’re getting more and more like your mother everyday” ;/

    • Yes, DDN, wasn’t that especially cruel? You could tell that Jodi needed to really cry, not just let one tear slip out. I wish she was able to let it flow naturally; it might help ease her stress. Her tears seem stuck, blocked.

      • I am a bit concerned though when the full context of these texts come out during cross w/ Kermit. Other sites have already started posting more of the context behind some of the text conversations Nurmi has been using and there is stuff on there that is not so flattering to Jodi. It still shows what an asshole Travis was and his threats, manipulation fear tactics, but it also makes Jodi sound manipulative as well and playing games with Travis to make him a bit crazy. I will copy and post here if you want.

        • Thanks for the info, Daniel.

          I wouldn’t be the least surprised if Jodi became passive aggressive or played some games in those text messages. Goodness knows she couldn’t speak her mind directly to him, her hands were tied so to speak, so she had to fight back in some way.

          But, I understand your concern. If she verbally pushed back, even a little, it will be used against her.

          • Yes Pique, that is my concern and if they show that it was Jodi actually the one initiating some of the continued conversations “after” her desire to get away from him that will also not bode well for her. I did notice that Nurmi has asked questions today like “And did you talk with Travis after that”? She said yes. I wondered why he did not say “Did Travis call/text/contact you again after that”? I hope they don’t show that it was her doing the majority of the contacting after she left Mesa.

            I always enjoy your thoughtful posts. And like others have said, am so glad you are back. I appreciate your

        • Daniel-

          I was worried they seemed a little too one-sided. TA was definitely threatening. I just have to wonder how much more there is to the texts, especially on Jodi’s part. If there is more…

          Question- (sorry if this is mentioned elsewhere already) Does someone know what the date was that TA was sending Jodi those threatening texts? Just wondering how close they were in correlation to him being killed.

  19. Wow, what a controlling asshole. Here he wasn’t even dating her, but still trying to control who she emailed or spoke with.

    You know what? It is becoming clearer to me why she went off on him during the killing. She must have had so much pent up rage!

    It’s too bad she wasn’t strong enough to just walk away from him. She wouldn’t be in this position now.

    I sure hope the jury gets all this. I think Martinez is looking like an idiot objecting to everything.

    I hope the jury sees there was a REASON why Martinez didn’t want these texts in evidence. It paints his “client” in a very bad light.

    • Nicole-

      Agreed! I wish she saw through Travis’s false charm in the first place.
      I guess if she didn’t end up with him some other unlucky lady would have. Gag!

  20. They spend more time taking breaks and long lunches than any other courtroom I’ve ever seen. Also, starting late and ending early… and all those damn sidebars! Literally half the day is wasted.

  21. I think the abuse pattern is now crystal clear. Travis would say mean things until Jodi would hit rock bottom, then he’d say something sweet or nice to lure her back in. It’s a very typical patter. I sure hope the jury is seeing it as clear as I am!

    • Yes: the alternating cruel/sweet. Kept her off-balance. He preferred her broken; in fact, I’d even say that he had a perverse affection for her when she hit bottom: predators like their prey properly tenderized.

  22. I have also been lurking on this site since Jodi started her testimony and this is my first post. I had not heard about this case until a few weeks ago. It is clear to me that TA was a control freak and master manipulator. There is too much evidence to substantiate that fact. He just kept jerking around with her emotions and she finally snapped. I think the Death Penalty shouldn’t be considered at this point and IMO, Manslaughter with time already served would be more appropriate. This was a tragedy for all involved but I think it should be clear to everyone that TA was one can short of a six-pack when it came to emotional responsibility. He totally jerked Jodi around.

    BTW the two in-bred Wenches on TA’s side are BUTT UGLY!!! That is all.

  23. My heart is aching for her, there was never any doubt in my mind that Jodi was telling the truth about Travis and his hot cold abuse ways, but hearing her read those texts you can see it in her face how it puts her back like as if it just had happened, the pain is still there, I don’t see how Kermit the Frog (Beth) on Insession can say “maybe he was just fed up with her” I mean REALLY can she not hear? It is beyond obvious that Travis was doing this hot-cold type of relationship with her I KNOW all too well why Jodi acted the way she did, why she stayed. Because in those moments when the person like Travis is being nice to you it feels like the nicest nice, and you want it to last so you do everything to make the niceness last, you do things regardless if it makes you happy or not to just KEEP that other person happy, and each day you lose who you are a little more. Blah sorry for my rant, it just hurts my heart.

    • Please don’t be sorry. You see it all clearly. The absence of abuse, whether it lasted for minutes or days, felt like love to her. Love, and more important, safety. People give up happiness for security all the time when they are under stress. Survival mode. It’s well-understood in hostage and war and terrorism situations. It’s interesting that in family/dating violence situations, these very same well-understood human tendencies are suddenly as difficult to grasp as a long and complicated mathematical equation. Not that the people who hate Jodi are trying to understand. Hating is easier, I guess.

      • well said. I myself had dated a guy that was almost exactly like TA, i took it for year. He would constantly screw with my emotions, one day talk about moving in and settling down, how beautiful I was, shower me with attention, then next min. how he was going to spend the weekend with someone else. Then tell me he was just kidding, and he loved me, but oh wait, he’s not sure if he can commit after what his ex did to him….ugh….and exactly like Travis, as soon as I said enough, and would try to move on, he would “need” me for something, or say how I was too good for him, he didn’t deserve me, blah blah. Its a sick cycle of abuse, and I’m so sorry that Jodi had to endure that. I was much older than her, being only in your 20’s, no wonder she was in a “fog”.

          • Hi Mel. Yeah, it can happen at any age–there are plenty of middle-age single or divorced women who are vulnerable to these crazy-making men– but it’s particularly difficult to get OUT of the fog when you’re just in your twenties

            I know, Kira, I know. You can get over it, but a nausea will make an appearance when you’re reminded. Hearing Travis’s text messages, for instance, made my stomach flutter in the most unpleasant way …

      • Hi Pique,

        I have a question for you that my girlfriend and I have been discussing. Can you tell me why it is you think that Jodi was so susceptible to this hot/cold/I love you/I hate you/ abuse that Travis dished out when we know that she had at least two other seemingly relatively healthy love relationships with Matt McCartney and Darryl Brewer? I know Matt cheated on her but he never treated her like Travis did. What do you think it was about this relationship that made Jodi stay with him and accept this treatment from Travis? I understand that it is not easy to leave in many abusive relationships, especially when that is all a woman has ever known. But she had known relatively healthy ones too. So..Any thoughts?

        • Hi Daniel,

          It seems that Darryl and Matt appreciated Jodi’s vulnerability (vulnerability often comes with lovely qualities such as artistic sensitivity, warmth, generosity, ability to bond, etc.) and didn’t exploit it in perverse ways. I don’t know these men of course, and I don’t know if those relationships were ideal and healthy, but it would seem they weren’t predatory like Travis.

          Emotional/verbal abuse, which was Travis’ primary technique to gain control, is so damned insidious. By the time you figure out something is going wrong, it’s already begun its work on your mind. You forget that you have your own thoughts, strengths, talents, needs, desires, rights. It’s like a highjacking. Someone else is in control, but they’re holding you responsible for conflict in the relationship. It gets you focussed, hyper-vigilant, tip-toeing, watching your own behaviour and his, just to keep things on an even keel. Victims get tired, drained; they make mistakes, bad decisions, and just the thought of making a small change feels like climbing a mountain.

          Then, when there’s no conflict, no abuse, it feels like warm, fuzzy, loving affection. You stay for that. Even if deep inside you hate his guts for erasing your identity, you stay where it feels safest. Confrontation, speaking your mind (if you even know your own thoughts) is just too scary, too risky. The threat doesn’t even have to be “real”–i.e., real enough for other people to see and validate your perceptions. Most people won’t do that, unless you have a bruise to show them. They’ll just blame you for not leaving or they’ll minimize what he’s doing. THAT also keeps victims stuck in abusive relationships. They feel so alone, so isolated.

          But, that can’t go on forever. The victim’s discontent will squeak through. That’s why the abuse eventually escalates. Jodi did get to that point. She DID leave. I would say that she didn’t have the support she needed. It was like trying to leave a cult. Many of the people who eventually left Jonestown, for example, went back to the commune or committed suicide because nobody understood what they’d been through.

          This is long, Daniel. I could go on and on. And, my bad relationships, with narcissistic abusers were MINOR (and shorter in duration) compared to other stories I’ve read and heard … if you’re vulnerable (family of origin dysfunction has a role, here–hence Jodi’s testimony about her childhood) , if the abuser is smart and charming, it doesn’t take long before your feet are no longer firmly planted on the ground …

          • Pique! I’ve only read the first 2 paragraphs so far of your response to Daniel and I already feel the need to tell you “SPOT ON”! I would’ve found it so difficult to try to explain, but you’ve described it perfectly.

            It is so well-hidden especially in the beginning, and it can take some time before you even notice the abuse that is going on. By the time you do notice, your whole self-concept & self-worth revolves around the abuser and their actions at that moment. I think the physical abuse can be easier to escape than the psychological/emotional abuse in many cases. (not all, but many) Some people are more resilient than others. Jodi already seemed to not value herself enough to begin with (likely due to past relationships with her family & men growing up) when she met Travis. This made her all the more vulnerable to not be able to get out of the relationship.

          • Damn Pique! Bravo on your post. Seriously. I wish the defense had YOU on the stand! Pssh. Forget the experts… You’ve managed to cover so many aspects of ‘the cycle of abuse’ and have broken it down in a way that should be more easily understood by those who haven’t experienced something similar.

          • Dear Jamie,

            Yes, you just don’t notice it in the beginning. It’s like a slow-leaking toxic gas with only the faintest odour. You feel that something isn’t right, and while you’re looking around trying to figure out where’s it’s coming from, the emotional abuser is telling you it’s all in your mind. All the while, you’re breathing it in.

            You make an excellent point: “Some people are more resilient than others.” This is important and should never be overlooked, or turned into a way to BLAME the person who’s struggling to escape. In fact, the less resilience you have (whether that be from a natural, highly sensitive temperament, problems in childhood/early adult years, or a combination of both) the more inner resources you need to use up in order to get out of the FOG. That is, less resilient people have to work HARDER to protect themselves. Blame is especially damaging to them.

            And, I agree with you that there’s a certain “advantage”–though I think I’m using the wrong word!–when the abuse is physical because physical abuse is so obvious, so unmasked, and society in general does condemn that kind of behaviour. Then again, physical always includes, by default, emotional violence.

            A book that really helped me understand some of the relationships I’ve been in, and why I just couldn’t SEE it while it was happening, is called “Stalking the Soul.” It was originally written in French, so the English translation can be odd at times. But, it helped me to form words for my own experiences, and to make them more solid and real. Because there’s a certain “unreal” quality to emotional abuse, especially if the abuser is subtle and really good at it.

        • Good to hear from you, too, M! I’ve been busy trying to catch up on Jodi’s testimony and on the comments. I’m finding the latter almost impossible: this place is hopping with information and observations and analyses and personal experiences.

          We’ll talk again soon, I’m sure!

    • I completely understand how you feel I was with my ex for five years, a man who mentally abused me and cheated on me. I moved over 1,000 miles TWICE to be near him (left once and was talked into coming back). When I gained weight he would tell people he was no longer with me. And then when I lost the weight and was looking “hot”, all of the sudden I was the object of his love and affection. He would leave to go on tour (he was a band manager), and the whole time he’d be cheating on me, or attempting to. But then he’d always tell me how much he needs me, loves me, etc. It was a horrible, wicked game.

      In those five years I went from a bubbly, full-of-life, intelligent girl to a sad person with no self-esteem, who thought she was not only ugly, but stupid. I attempted suicide twice, both times nearly losing my life. After the second attempt, in the midst of having my stomach pumped (I was still unconscious), I had a dream or realization that I was worth so much more. I finally got help, got out of the relationship, focused on myself and had great female friends to support me. I still can’t believe what that relationship sunk my life into. When I see and hear Jodi , I feel like I am looking upon the same girl I once was. I wish Jodi understood that she was worth so much more than how he was treating her.

      These TV pundants must have never been manipulated or sucked into a relationship like this. They can’t seem to comprehend why she didn’t get away, why she was so nice to him, why she went out of her way to appease him. I don’t think there is a good answer, other than it stems from having a low self-esteem, brought down even lower by a person who is likely a narcissist. This is nothing new, millions of women are in relationships like this right now. I am seriously appalled by these ‘experts’ who are dismissing ALL of us by belittling Jodi’s abuse.

      • Not only are they belittling abuse victims; they are trying to pretend that anyone who recognizes abusive behavior is just “projecting” their own issues onto them. Yeah right! Any sane, reasonable person can see the behavior for what it is. To say that abuse victims’ experiences is just “baggage”, is just so disturbing. As if there’s not enough misconceptions, self blame, and lack of support; the media is now brushing off their experiences as meaning nothing. You’d think after decades of research and awareness we would be more progressive than that!

    • Yeah, he was SO fed up with her that he was still having sex with her! I don’t know how ANY of the pro-pros people can STILL be playing the “Travis was trying to get away from Jodi!!” card. Did they listen to that phone call just a month before he died???

    • Oooh don’t apologize! A lot of us unload here to cope with the avalanche of bullshit the media thrusts upon the public. I used to think Beth Karras was a decent person, but now it’s clear she is in the pro-prossie camp. At this point, Jodi had moved away, was trying so hard to reclaim who she was before Travis. He knew that, and was doing everything he could to make her feel shitty about it. It’s just a shame that he guilted her into seeing him that awful night.

    • DDN-
      Don’t apologize for your ‘rant’. I think this has been a rather therapeutic place for many of us. It’s refreshing to hear from those who can relate/understand the cycle of abuse after having to listen to all the news reporters gloat about Travis while they blame Jodi for everything. It sucks that it’s under these circumstances though. :/

      You said “but hearing her read those texts you can see it in her face how it puts her back like as if it just had happened, the pain is still there”. I noticed & thought the same thing! I keep wondering if anyone else notices the same things I do… and they do! Great observation. Perhaps “takes one to know one” rings true in this case. 🙂

  24. If this does not show the result of a master manipulator resulting in a traumatic bond. He knew exactly what he was doing!! She may have done things to make him jealous in the past but if she really wanted to stalk him she would have stayed in Mesa.

  25. I actually do not think the gas cans had ANYTHING to do with this, and I am sick of those asses continuing to bring it up, if they cared to remember and use what little brain cells they had left, they would recall Jodi even baking cookies to go with her on her trip (when Deanne came to Travis house) I believe she just had the gas cans to be safe she was driving a long distance, etc. On a side note I really again am happy for all you posters on here, since the trial I have read many of your comments and it is so wonderful to realize some people are seeing what I see.

    • Exactly DDN….living in that area myself, we NEVER drove without extra gas especially late at night. Many many miles without gas stations, especially in NV and AZ

    • That’s just how weak the state’s case is for premeditation. They harp on the gas cans because they have nothing of substance to argue with. Jodi did NOT go to AZ intending to kill Travis and I have faith that the jury will see that. Like a post upthread said, Martinez’s attitude will not help matters for the state. Casey’s jury did not like Jeff Ashton’s antics and Martinez is even worse than he is.

    • I agree, gas cans are no proof for premeditation at all. JC posted some links back that show there was a gas shortage at around the time Travis died. I don’t understand why Travistown insists she was going to burn the body or get rid of evidence. If she wanted to burn the body, why didn’t she do it that night? And why would she lug gas cans around, since there are smaller, more portable accelerants that are easier to manage?

      I grew up on the west coast, and it’s a lot less densely populated than the east coast. You could drive for hours and not hit civilization, depending on what state and route you are taking. Its only sensible for Jodi to keep back up, especially since she mentioned she has a tendency to get lost.

  26. All of you should watch that Eddie Snell video above. He talks about beating a woman dead. I am sure the experts saw this video.. The truest things are said in jest. Travis knew all about this character because that character was partly his own!! Or IMO who he really wanted to be. He was very confused.

    • I tried to watch the video but was completely digusted within seconds. I don’t understand why the people watching thought it was so funny.

      • Jaz skip to the part where hejokes about picking up a female associate and then brags how he gets women to do all the work and then he jabs a t a female in the audience and threatens her kid and then jokes about beating women once in a while. It is all as a joke but given what theses texts are showing I would think his family would not be advertising this skit. This guy LIKED role playing it must have been an outlet as his real lifeas a Mormon was an act not who he really was.

        • WOW! Very telling IMO.

          Another thought came to me while watching….Where are his garments? They make it seem like a big deal that he was a garment wearing Mormon. I guess only when it suited him.

          • Haha! I made the stupid mistake of dating a guy that was very similar to Travis. In fact, he was a garment-wearing Mormon who was only a few years off his mission. One of the only positive things he gave me was another term for garments— “Jesus Jammies”! LOL I was only familiar with the “Magic Underwear” term before that. 😀

    • deb–I just commented on the video up-thread. That costume freed him. Not to be somebody else, but to be himself.

      What’s really grotesque is the audience! Really, they’re the crux of the matter. Travis was an image, a surface, not a person of any depth. His personality was too flimsy to survive without the reflection he found in others. That’s why he lost it when Jodi didn’t hold up the right mirror.

        • Hi Trixels. I like yours, too. If only the many thoughtful, insightful and humane conversations found on this website would find their way to television–where they are needed!

      • I agree!! I am sure Travis is not the only Mormon to be pent up!! But his problems were much deeper due to where he came from. It is sad he was very messed up and I am sure he is not the only member of his family to be messed up!!

      • Yuck. People like them hate to question any of their previous/current beliefs. They’re terrified to think for themselves. THAT is what’s frightening to me.

  27. In a way I think all of this brought Jodi and her mom closer, it seems regardless of their rocky past I think her mom has been a wonderful support system for Jodi.

  28. As I watch this trial and Jodi’s testimony it really makes me uneasy and uncomfortable as they finally get more into Travis’ behavior and words towards Jodi. I know exactly how she felt in that relationship as I have been in a similar volatile rollercoaster situation. The way he lashes out at her, blames her for the upheaval in their interactions without even trying to see what all he has done that led her to “create” such drama and stress. I see a young woman who was in love with a man who strung her along, used her and gave her just enough (just barely enough) to make her feel like he was worth the effort at trying to build something stronger. He belittled her, degraded her and was flat out ashamed to be with her in some situations yet he still lured her back in when HE wanted her. He just wanted sex from her, dirty kinky sex and she did everything to try and please him. That’s what MANY women do to try and impress, earn and maintain a place in a man’s life. I have done sexual things that I absolutely hated but I pretended to like it because that is what it took to hold onto the guy. I wish I had stronger self esteem to NOT pursue guys like Travis because at the end of the day they are disgusting opportunists who will take advantage of a woman’s love to get what they want. I will be honest, even though the law does not cut anyone slack for emotional abuse the way they may do for physical abuse survivors but do not kid yourselves .. what he put her through was emotional abuse to an exten that can build up to a rage so intense that it leaves the abuser dead in a shower with gun shot wounds, stab wounds and a near-decapitated head. That is the intensity of which the emotional rollercoaster can do to someone. And from the texts they read out today, Travis was expressing threats of revenge upon Jodi .. things were getting downright dangerous between them but alas he still let her in his home and had sex with her (strung her along) the very day he died. Jodi did NOT deserve to be treated the way Travis did to her for MONTHS and he did not deserve to die .. but the heart is a very powerful and yet sensitive thing. When you hurt someone bad enough, the heart can influence one to go rage mode on the very person that hurt you for so long. It’s a sad situation and I wish Jodi was smart enough and strong enough to walk away early on when it was clear that Travis mainly wanted sex. Cannot change what happened now but this is a very strong cautionary tale. When you use someone for sex, pushing and pulling, treating them like a shameful secret .. you just might end up paying the ultimate price for it.

    • Marie–you’re right that physical abuse is perceived as a better defense than emotional. But did you notice that Jodi testified that she was more afraid of him during a long-distance phone call than in person? She is brave to be honest about that because, the truth is, she’d have a better chance of eliciting the public’s sympathy if she reported that she was most afraid of his fists, not of his voice.

      Our ignorant culture really enables the likes of Travis. And I think abusers like Travis know on some level that they have the tacit approval of their society, that some of their strength comes from this lack of social criticism and condemnation. That’s why I like this website; so many people here are saying No! No! No!

    • Marie- Such an honest post and greatly appreciated.

      Why is it that in general, society seems to be able to ‘look down’ upon a person that objectifies another, yet doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge that this is what Travis was doing all along? Jodi was just an object to be literally f*cked with. That’s all she was to him.

      • I wish we could all be sitting in the courtroom showing our support for Jodi when she gets ready to testify about the day of the murder.

  29. Forensic experts have to cooberate the defendents statements. These text messages cooberate bigtime!! The prosecution tried to keep these out????

  30. did anybody catch the major eye-rolling his sister did when she heard her brother had called Jodi a sociopath in his msg? Jeez…cant they control themselves?

  31. Oh, Jodi… I wish you’d had the self-esteem to tell that psychotic, egomaniacal douchenozzle to kiss your ass and leave you alone! I wish you’d been able to let him go, sweetheart, and let the authorities handle his pedophilia “issues”. I’m so sorry.

    • when lucky, people learn from a relation like this. even if it messes u up for a while in a few ways. but, unfortunately, the ultimate happened here.

      • Oh, I was engaged to a ‘man’ like this for 2 1/2 years; called the wedding off the night before. I dodged a bullet (no pun intended).

        That’s why I just wish she’d known how much more she was worth than how TA treated her. ='(

      • I was in a physical, emotional and mental abused relationship for over 12 years. I became very insecure and could not see any way around or out of the relationship, I didn’t want it to end, I thought being dead rather than being without his love was better.We broke up so many times, but he would call me while we were not together and still stipulate to me who I better not go out with and how I had better be by the phone in case he called cause if I wasn’t then he would punish me by not calling me for a long time. Course I was very young when we started dating, I was 17 he was 28, now that I am 36 ofcourse I see thru all his bs just to control me. I loved that man so much and I would not allow myself to be in a good mood or a bad mood until he let me know what kind of mood he was in. there is a lot more of the story that is so much like Jodi’s, I was scared of him but more scared that he would not love me anymore and it was very obsessive. In the end I left him and he had a complete nervous breakdown, and to this day, I have heard from several of people that he still blames me for how messed up his life is now. I met a wonderful man 7 years ago, one who is my age, and we got married and have two sons now. I wanted to leave my hometown due to everywhere I looked I was reminded of how awful my life used to be, my husband enlisted into the Air Force and I have lived a wonderful life. When we go home to visit, I still get anxious and sick thinking that I might run into him and I wonder if I would lose it and beat the crap out of him for ruining so many years of my life. But I did see him 2 years ago, with my husband and my 4 yr old and newborn baby and he had been watching us for awhile before I saw him and the only thing that came to mind was how pathetic he was and how lucky I was that I moved on and married someone who loves me and respects me. it wasn’t a easy road at all, lots of time in therapy and self destructive behavior and I am really hard on my husband and question him about everything that seems odd. If he comes up behind me and puts his arms around me, I jump and have defensive reflexes. Course my hubby knows the hell I went thru with that man and he is very understanding. I still have dreams of being beaten and told I deserved it cause I burnt dinner. It is a very sick cycle and I have so much empathy for Jodi cause this could have been me at any time during that very sick relationship. It angers me that so many people accuse her of things when they really just don’t get it. I wish Jodi would have and could have moved on, cause life got so much better, but I will always carry around the wounds of that past relationship. thoughts and prayers to her and her family.

  32. I think TA’s eye-roll sister is reflective of the dynamics in their family. If my brother was TA, I’d feel ashamed of him and for my family. Her behavior is a win for the defense.

      • What I find amusing is that people on the ‘hater’ site AKA TA support page still want to believe that he was a virgin or blame Jodi for ‘stealing his virginity’! Ignorant-much?

    • Yep, which is why the judge told the gallery to remain stoic while the sex tape was played. Sounds like she needs to issue another reminder.

  33. Jodi was far from obsessed from TA; she is the one who moved away from the “relationship”. It’s obvious the problems stemmed from TA.

      • And he text something to her saying, “the punishment will be better then ____________” I forgot what he said but it was something along those lines….. he was THREATENING her!!!!

    • Team Jodi, You guys Rock!!!! She is so lucky to have your support. Jodi is doing an awesome job staying strong and when this is all said and done and she is found NOT guilty, her relief will go with out saying and although she may be tired and weak from all the emotional exertion, she can feel comfort to know how many are here to hold her hand, keep her standing and strong. Hang tight JODI, I believe in your reasoning behind everything that happened and praying for the Jury to understand this too!!!!

      I was once in a highly toxic psychologically abusive relationship and didn’t know how to rid this guy from my life….It was so flippen scary and dangerous for me which I was unable to realize at the time, that what i was feeling at the time, was fear and i was reacting to it unconsciously. Considering how my situation panned out, I can see why you were not able to sustain anymore psychological abuse. It totally keeps one from a healthy state of mind due to the ‘fight or flight’ mechanism in our brain that goes into action when we fear for our safety (emotionally and physically). I can say that towards the end of the relationship I was in, my actions and behaviors became so out of touch with who I really was, causing many problems that i could not understand. It took years of therapy and personal research and recovery to understand that I was in complete survival mode w/ ptsd. In my situation, when my brain wasnt functioning properly, I ended up in jail and had to go before the judge defending myself even though I was the victim.

      It is so nice to see your family in the court room supporting you. For me, my abuser had convinced my family that I was the problem/ abuser so when I was in court before the judge, my abuser sat with my family and was making comments and jokes where I could see them laughing and conversing together while i sat behind a caged in area with hand cuffs connecting me with another inmate from the jail. it was such a humiliating, re-victimizing and traumatic experience, just like the psychologically, physically traumatic relationship that I didnt know how t escape from.

      It took a very long time for my family to come around and begin to understand the depth. It hurt so bad to know that my family refused to try and understand or even bail me out of jail. I did find a bail bonds lady that listened to me, understood and believed me, she bailed me out of jail with out any money and actually talked with my mom to help her understand what was happening to me. I am forever grateful for this woman, she gave me hope and since then, I have worked tirelessly to heal and overcome (not sure if I ever really overcome). It has been 4 years since I became free from his abuse and legal victimization. Since then, I was diagnosed with c-ptsd and to this day I continue to work on my recovery from the years of abuse.
      What I am sharing here is something that I keep inside because of the lack of understanding from others.

      This trial is all so real for me and I think people are in such denial and ready to judge when they really have no room to make any judgements at all, especially when they have not experienced abuse such as Jodi has. I am so disappointed in those who are quick to judge and blame, they just dont get it!.

      Jodi, you are an amazing woman and I only pray that you know this and will be able to heal and recover from such victimization that is not your fault!

      • Tracey-
        Thanks for sharing all of that 🙂 It’s too bad the idiot reporters at HLN want to deny that this kind of abuse goes on.
        Btw, I’m not sure how many comments you’ve read on this site, but there are SO many other people on this site that understand and can relate to your story. A lot of us have shared our own stories of abuse we’ve experienced at the hands of someone else. Everything you said rings true. This site has been such a great place to not only support Jodi, but to support all victims of abuse.

        What I don’t understand is how in the world some people are so willing to accept ‘murdering someone’ if done during a depression psychosis, but aren’t willing to see how PTSD/Trauma/Abuse can have similar effects and/or result in similar consequences! (Maybe I’m the only one that sees it that way?)

        Anyways, I’m glad your family was able to come to their senses. Best of luck in your recovery.

    • so much for premeditated… she was on her way to meet other people… if she was going to do TA in, why bother meeting other people ahead of time???

  34. She had waty too much going on to be bothered w/TA’s rants about her. Obviously, she was done with him. His family can keep their blinders on about TA…

  35. Something bugs me. Does anyone see how in the hell Jodi took Travis’s picture one last time, stabbed him 27 (29?) times, chased him down the hall, slit his throat, dragged his (heavy) dead body back down the hall to the bathroom, put him in the shower, and shot him in the head… in 109 seconds? I know she admitted to killing him in self-defense, but I can’t wrap my head around the fact that anyone (ESPECIALLY such a small woman!) could possibly physically even DO SO MUCH in such a SHORT AMOUNT of time!

    Help, please?

    • She’ll be explaining shortly.
      As far as I can tell she’ll be telling her story concerning the night of killing Travis today.
      I could be wrong though – she does still have to talk about the entire day before the killing.

      I can’t honestly answer any of these questions, am just looking forward to letting Jodi do that herself.
      I have a hard time understanding it too Ashley – but as you said – she admitted to it, so that’s what I’ve been trying to focus on.

    • Ashley,thats sth thats been bugging many of’s just doesnt make sense,i guess thats why there are a lot of theories on this site that have come forward by many of us here.I hope we’ll get our answers while Jodi keeps down the road of her narration or maybe not even then.

    • I still cant see her doing it either, even if she admitted to it.

      I think, she’ll say he went after her n she blacked out, then all she remembers is TA dead in the shower, mshe took her stuff n left. If she says this, ill be almost convinced that there was someone else n her 2nd story of the intruders is what really happened.

    • Ashley- I cannot quite grasp it either. I did find some testimony that is leading me to believe there will be a twist when she explains it tomorrow. When she testified today regarding Travis bending her over the desk, two interesting details came out. 1- He lost weight, but on that day he still weighed over 200 lbs. and 2- when he had her bent over the desk, she could not get away from him because she could not get out from under his body weight. I can’t help but think this will come into play with tomorrow’s testimony.

  36. I question the whole incident. Something tells me, there was someone else who did damage after she left, especially the “atonement” injury….

    • u bring up something interesting…
      just think they pop THAT scenario out!
      like jodi saying, “i did this but not THAT, etc.”

    • There was no “Atonement” injury.

      Once again, the blood atonement was used in the church in the 1800’s, was VOLUNTARY, and hasn’t been done since 1818. There were SEVERAL other injuries caused in the Blood atonement, including having one’s chest ripped open and other gruesome things. Even then, in the 1800’s, the church didn’t actually commit said atrocities, the voluntary person simply prayed that his enemies would do such things to him if he revealed the sacred ordinances given in the temple.

      As for the talk of Travis and jodi agreeing to do said atonement (or travis demanding it), he wouldn’t have done so, because honestly, he wasn’t smart enough or well versed in the church’s history to even know it existed way back when.

  37. Her reason for the gas cans makes total sense and I had honestly never thought of that reason.
    Did I understand correctly?
    She wanted to fill up the gas cans with cheaper gas, rather than paying more money in cities with more expensive gas?

    Jodi is doing great so far.

    • m,
      it definitely makes sense and to tell you the truth I had thought of that because here in Greece people do it all the time,it’s common practice especially the past 3 years due to the economic crisis we either drive to the cheapest possible gas station or worse,people who live in the northern part of the country and intend to travel they even prefer to cross the Bulgarian borders(which is really close),purchase cheap gas and set off for their trip,imagine that!So yeah Jodi’s reason is absolutely understandable.

    • I frequently travel from the Bay Area to Butte County and I always get my gas where I know it is cheaper, outside of where I live and definitely outside of the Bay Area where gas prices are always higher. I guess after the fact it looks sinister. I do remember gas was extremely high at that time. I remember that summer very well as we had a few major fires up here at that time.

    • When people go camping they fill up gas cans in town for all the toys – the boat, quads, etc where its cheaper rather than out in the ‘burbs where gas price is usually much higher. Makes perfect sense to fill up gas cans where the price is cheaper. Also someone mentioned a substantial distance between gas stations out in the desert, its smart thinking to be prepared (especially for females) so you don’t get stranded “out of gas” in the middle of nowhere.

    • Hi I am watching from Switzerland It started it out that I was interested in the Anthony Graves story and one day I was googling the Casey Antony trial popped up. I started following this trial and was so shocked that in my opion the media tried her guilty and how this infrluenced a lot of people into letting out so many hatefull paroles and what kind of dynamics result from this. The JA I started out watching for the same reason but as the CA trial but has becomming to have greater impact on my personal life, bc it has giving me a chance to heal some aspects of my personal abuse story. Interessting enough seen others here on this page who go through this too but have not noticed this on other pages talking about JA trial

  38. poor Jodi,she just said she didnt sleep at all last night.Of course Kermitt objected to that(but honestly who cares?).All Im concerned right now,is that this thing is taking quite a toll on her…

    • Maria, I’m curious as to how so many other countries have become aware of this trial. Did you first hear about it on TV or on the internet? (Anyone else outside of the U.S. can feel free to answer as well)

  39. I think he raped her on their last time together. He had to get her back, for all the turmoil he thought she was going to cause him, if she told the Mormons about him.

  40. He had her so “groomed”… It hurts my heart that now, 5 years later, she STILL refers to Travis in the present tense i.e “He is so…”, “Travis just has this cute way of…”, etc.

  41. Not sure if I can handle this. We’re getting to the actual surrounding events and THE killing part. I feel like crying and throwing up already…

    Poor Jodi; I want to give her a hug so badly!

    • ohhhh Ashley you just read my mind…im on the edge of my seat and yeah…i kinda feel nauseous too,really stressed.I really admire Jodi for composing herself so well right now,i know i couldnt do it.

      • I’m not kidding… I’m so anxious waiting for the afternoon testimony that I took a Valium. My heart’s pounding, I’m breathing fast, my hands are shaking, and I have an emesis basin on the end table beside me. My hubby just asked me if I felt okay because my face is “white as a sheet”.

        It’s going to be tough, so to all the other Jodi Supporters: I wish we were all together so we could support each other, but since we aren’t, I’m squeezing your hand in spirit.

    • My stomach has been in knots all day. I almost dont want to watch either. I feel for Jodi, I really do. This was not pleasurable for her at all. The blood thirsty Travistown cult members must be wetting their granny panties today. That is the difference between us and them. I do not take joy in any of this.

          • I know what you mean – so many comments – its crazy.

            I’m sure it was something stupid, considering what he was hiding.
            Sounds like he was just reaching for threats to continue his reign over Jodi.
            Sadly, she cared too much about Travis at that time to realize she wasn’t the guilty one.

          • HI! Travis threatened jodi that if she didnt tell him who told her that he was cheating with lisa D, that he would “tell her mother, father, the huhges, the daniels, and someone else i cant remember, “about all the crazy things she did”. (

            Whatever that means – he’s was such an abusive asshole.)

            Then he tells her she has until tomorrow before she faces his wratch etc. etc.

            and how she should be bowing down to him instead of covering for someone. ( I paraphrased that sentence.)

            He was just awful!

          • Sorry JC, saw your answer (up the page) after asking again.
            So hard to keep up.

            Thanks for the information, can’t pause or rewind for some reason.

            I just don’t understand how some people don’t find that terrifying and threatening.
            I would be afraid.

  42. After hearing her testimony, I can understand Jodi’s naked pictures. I remember the one with her in pigtails and her face looked blank. She didn’t seem happy at all. TA controlled her completely. Poor girl.

    • i agree re pigtail photo. loox REALLY unhappy. u do NOT usually take a photo like that and have THAT expression IF u wanted to take the pix… imo.
      im surprised TA let her get away with that look. unless he liked that, u kno like she was being forced to do it…

      • Agree with your perception on the pigtail pic; if she wasn’t looking the way he wanted, he would’ve waited till she was showing a better image. After all, TA was the one who was into the deranged fantasies. She looks apprehensive, intimidated, not at all into it.

  43. To all the people calling Jodi a whore or a slut… DID YOU HEAR THAT, MORONS?!? Travis was the ONLY person she’d been intimate with for TWO YEARS. NOT 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months…. 2 YEARS.

    • Exactly. If she was so loose, then why would she bother with TA? She would’ve dumped him the first time he said anything negative. These relatives and friends were judging her while TA was luring her, over and over.

    • Yeah, and she went back to him with a crooked finger. Can you imagine every time you look down you see one of your fingers bent? And, every time someone asks what in the world happened, you have to lie, and cover for Travis? And, everytime someone says something harsh about Travis, you defend him by saying that we all have our shortcomings? If this situation does not involve a crime, I am sure that it involves a genuine human tragedy, not just in death, but in life as well.

      • I see a not-properly-healed broken nose every time I look in the mirror… Ex-fiance put my face through a sheetrock wall in 2001. I was 17.

  44. Oh my, he was a monster in the worst way that day. You know he was thinking he had to et as much use of her as possible, because she had moved away, and he jnew she was moving on. He may have pushed himself into death by ex on purpose, like death by cop.

  45. Now we know why n hiw the $ got transferred/deposit. And how the license plate where upside down. So, there are some truth to some of the intruders story she told Flores.

    DIDNT tell TA that she was going to visit Bryan after???

    She’s getting close….God be with her!

  46. The eye roll sister has the most inappropriate behavior. I could understand a blank face- shock, or covering her face and crying, but the eye rolls and smirks tell me she is self-absorbed and just a female version of TA.

    • The sister who keep rolling her eyes is a cop,they should be a shame of their brother low down behavior,but i know they are in denial and so to them this didn’t happen at all.I know if Jodi walk they are going to faint the hell out and wonder why the jury believe Jodi over their creepy crawling under cover brother.What makes me mad is how he pretend to be the holier than thou Mormon in front of others and treat Jodi with such cruelty.I hope the devil is kicking his ugly ass in hell around like freaking soccer ball damn sheep in wolf clothing.He know that Jodi love him and so he set out to control her every move even when she choose to get away.His sister can’t look up at those graph pictures of their brother doing the nasty.I wonder if they are going to say Jodi doctor those pictures with photo shop soft ware,even though those pictures in the camera in the washing machine.But due to the fact that they can’t come to term with TA deceiving way of life it is easier to blame Jodi.

  47. So sad ….. I only wish she had the self-esteem to leave him… The abuse she endured is absolutely horrible. Some people do not realize how bad this can really destroy a human being.

  48. Nobody,NOBODY on the other side(the haters,Beth Carras etc)is commenting that the premeditated theory is out of the window!She had 2 opportunities so far to kill him if she had premeditated this:one the night she arrived,with him having his back turned at her and the 30 WHOLE minutes from the time she woke up to the time he did!!cold blooded murderers dont miss chances like those,right?But of course what they choose to say is that she was planning on how to kill him those 30 minutes she was lying on the bed.PLEASE!!!Oh and she went to the bathroom when she woke up to hide the knife and gun.Ummm hello?Dont THEY go to the bathroom to pee when they wake up in the morning??could they BE more stupid?

    • For any TV show with “legal professionals” to jump on the guilty wagon, proves they are just there to create sensationlism. JVM & NA are the worst.

      • She could’ve stayed awake and done him in and left before dawn. Obviously, she was there to engage in sex, nothing more. TA must’ve turned it into the fight of her life, literally.

        • Not only that, how did she know whether his roommates were home and whether or not they’d HEAR her murdering him?! Geez, the roommates could’ve heard/walked in on the murder at any time, or even see her leave the house all bloody and such. The premeditation theory DOES NOT ADD UP!!

    • I wish there was a “Like” button; I’d “Like” your comment 100 times, Maria!!!

      I came into this trial by accident, having heard ZERO media commentary/opinion regarding guilt or innocence. I’ve avoided it like the plague, and I promised myself that I’d only see what the jury sees.

  49. I have only seen fits and starts so far today due to work. My girlfriend says she thought the defense did not address the question with the rental guy claiming Jodi told him she was only using the rental for tooling around town (versus a road trip)…did anyone catch if that was addressed?

  50. I wish i could zap these people off my television,they are back with this premeditated crap.
    No matter what Jodi said they seem to find some thing to throw in the mix.
    If this was premeditate why didn’t she just shoot him while his back was turn and she standing behind him when he was in his office.For all i know the gun perhaps could have belong to TA,but his goody too shoe friends would rather crawl on broken glass before they would admit that TA has a gun.
    I can’t wait to hear what Sponge Bob will have to say aka the prosecutor i can bet he is just itching to crawl up there and attack her creditable.I this her lawyer is doing a fab job and i hope it will win Jodi her freedom.

  51. She’s naked tied up to the bed and Travis is standing over her still in his “Temple Clothing”… Seriously. y’all, WTF?!?!!!?

  52. why are his sisters allowed to sit there and smirk and roll their eyes during testimony? Especially that fat one, she’s done it everyday so far. I thought they were not allowed to make any gestures? I wish the camera would stay off them, both hideous!
    They should be ashamed of themselves, being christian as they so want everyone to believe right? This trial is not funny, nor should it be mocked as they have done. Shame on them!

      • Yes, at the very least one would expect a COP of all people to show kindness and compassion to someone who has been mistreated (I get that she doesn’t have to be happy to be there, but come on. Eye rolls? Smirks?). Cops are the first line of defense for domestic violence victims, and that behavior only reinforces the idea that rape victims and domestic violence victims can’t turn to the cops for lack of being believed. Thanks! Thanks sooo much. Protect and serve, but apparently only some victims and not all.

    • It must be hard to sit there and listen to what an asshole her brother was, so all she can do is smile. She is taking notes in a frenzy, is she writing her own book?

    • I think the jury will see her the same as the rest of us: immature, disrespectful to the Court and her brother’s memory, etc., even if she has disdain for Jodi.
      She is helping the defense to see a bigger picture of the poor values they were taught, and their lack of consideration for others….

  53. sh*t!she said she has meemory gaps regarding that day.I remember a lot of us had said that she might say sth like that,due to trauma!sh*t,we’ll never hear the end of it from the Traviscult now!they’sll say she does this on purpose…

    • Right. Doesn’t that speak to his roll eye sister? If she believed nothing else from the trial, that can’t be ignored. TA got what he wanted from Jodi, and his siter heard his own sick ideas on the audio tape. No way to get around it, he was twisted in the worst way.

    • Right? But the part I don’t get is if Jodi was concerned about Travis’ inappropriate interest in children, why would she play into it? Help me understand.

      • Shelby –
        I think somehow Jodi thought she was helping Travis, not playing into it.
        She’d advised Travis many times to get help, which again, I think at times she thought he was.

        And as Mabhe said, she could possibly have been thinking if she distracted him by giving into his sick requests he wouldn’t act them out on an actual child.

        Or, with most things, she just gave into this sick fantasies because she didn’t want to make him mad. We all know what happens when Travis was mad. And we all know what made Travis feel better. So what was she going to beyond advising him to get help? She didnt want to hurt him, she didnt want him to hurt her – thus the conumdrum.

        • i totally agree with both M and Mabhe.Yet,I can almost hear Martinez cornering her with that question…”You wanted to help him,RIGHT?Isnt that what you said?So why did you play along?It was because none of this is true,RIGHT?”

  54. I dont know about anyone else but listening to Mr Nurmi’s style, I think he is a far better and more skilled attorney than Jose Baez.

  55. The smirking is out of control. Why can’t the sisters control themselves? Jodi’s family has had to hear terrible things without reacting. Keep writing notes for the prosecutor but stop with the facial expressions!

    • Her behavior is so wrong, for any trial, let alone her brother’s secret life being exposed.
      I feel sorry for anyone who has to work with her. Can you imagine? What a pain in …

        • no way!!!she’s a disgrace to the entire police force!out of all his family members she should be the one to respect the Court and the entire procedure,but instead she behaves like a 5 year-old.As sm very accurately pointed out here,we wouldnt object to them crying(after all he was their brother) but i havent seen a single tear in days and days.just plain SARCASM,irony,smirks and eye-rolling all over their faces.completely inappropriate,childish, and disrespectful(what the hell is that judge doing?just adminishing the day of the sex tape?c’mon lady,that was part of the show,right?where are you after that???)

  56. I really think it’s important to see all of the trial tapes, in their entirety, because they show the long and extensive time of mental, emotional, spiritual , sexual, and physical abuse from TA.
    The trial has become a way for her to get her story into the public. If she hadn’t testified, no one would know how bad TA was and how she had to move away to get on with her life.

    • One should watch the entire trial and not watch HLN or other outfits trying to put a spin on it. Then one can decide for themselves what this case is all about.

    • sisters furiously taking notes too…

      i cant believe in 2013 in the USA, that someone/anyone-in this case jodi- can sit in jail for 5 YEARS before getting to trial… idk, just seems very wrong.

      i can see how this can happen in an argument… it is the weapons being available that can escalate an argument into somone dying. u CAN. also die from hands, but…

      oh, THEN he wants sex again! i mean destressing… hmmm, AND when he is angry!

  57. It doesn’t seem Jodi has had therapy while she has been in jail. She still makes excuses for him and is not as angry at TA as I would expect.

  58. What is w/the woman on the defense team and her facial expressions? She needs to keep a serious attitude. I hope Nurmi talks to her about it.

  59. omg I’m going to slap that Gremlin Martinez! He’s interrupting to just hear his own voice! Whats he so afraid of? I mean if this is such a slam dunk, why doesn’t he just let her talk? Its because he knows they are beat! Piece of crap….I hope he loses his job after this

    • Notice how all of a sudden he’s getting all “objection” again?
      Whenever Nurmi is onto something Martinez furiously “objects”, is he hoping Nurmi isn’t smart enough to figure it out?

      So tired of him.

      • Martinez is looking scared to the jurors with everything he objected to today.

        I’m telling you, if I were a juror on this case, I would have some serious doubts about why the prosecution kept these texts out of evidence.

    • Its all making sense.
      Crazy how that happens – she’s slowly answering all the questions everyone’s been demanding answers to. All in time.

      Though I’m sure JVM and NG will still have plenty of finger pointing to do, it’ll surely leave them with less to work with and twist.

      • If I understand, I think its some type of device that keeps track of the calories you have burned and maybe taken in throghout the day.

        It helps so you can lose weight, counting calories and knowing how many you’ve burnt in the day.
        Does that make sense – not sure how else to explain?

  60. How can Travis’ cop sister see anything between all the eye fluttering?
    Maybe that’s how she still convinces herself that Travis wasn’t a monster…

    • Roll eyes sister is a benefit to the defense.
      She shows the arrogance of TA in real life, because she is acting as she would think he would approve of, given the situation. It’s very telling.
      * I know my family would want me to be the most respectable adult in that room.
      His family, not so much.

      • Not only eye rolling, but also smirking and head shaking. At this point, Nurmi really needs to make an objection to get this obvious behavior on the record. In the event there is a conviction, this could be an appellate issue- unduly influencing the jury.

        • If only Nurmi could turn around and yell, “Excuse yourselves and leave the court room already ladies. We’ve all had enough.”

    • oh and now here goes HLN idiots…. backpedaling….they are going to look so stupid when this is all over. Now they want to talk about domestic violence victims like they are experts…and both MEN. Whatever…so glad I have this site to see the truth! Thank you so much for providing an objective outlet!

      • I just watch them to see how much they lv out (A LOT)!! Did you guys notuce, Jodi ssud he only hit her ONCE!! WHAT??!!!! She doesbt count all the other times because it wasnt eith his hand and the slap on the face was nit on the face, to her it’s on the side of the face. Still defending her abuser, she makes me feel so sad.

        • yeah ,LC I caught that and up till Nurmi said what did you mean by once, i was holding my breath coz i was thinking what does she mean?if Nurmi doesnt ask for a clarification,Kermitt will twist her words around and say she lied.When she gave THAT explanation i was left can she still not fully understand the extent of the abuse she underwent?it’s beyond me,i so feel for sweet Jodi…

      • Mel-
        I get what you’re saying, but just to be fair- We’ve had some awesome feedback from men on this site including some of their own abuse histories. I want to make sure that the point is stressed that anyone, male or female, can be involved in a similarly abusive relationship.

        But I agree with you. I was so grateful when I found this site. I look forward to reading everyone’s comments and updates. It’s so nice to have a place to support Jodi and to be able to open others’ eyes to the kind of abuse she and others have experienced.

  61. I wondered if they would go into the details of the killing today.
    Seemed a bit odd to me since they had been off for so many days.

    I think its better that they didn’t, give the jury some substance and more time to hear Jodi out (since again its been 4 days).

    I’m sure there will be plenty of haters, bitching that she’ll be on the stand for another year.
    As if Jodi owe’s them something…

    • I am glad they stopped. It is a long day, they are all tired and we want them to think about what she said about this visit to TA so far.

      • But how long will it take tomorrow to recapture the attention and emotion built today by all the players (defendant, counsel, jurors)? I think there was an opportune time to launch into at least part of the nitty gritty today which would ensure everybody would be set and ready to go first thing tomorrow. Guess we’ll just keep plodding along. **sigh**

    • No doubt! And it would help if Martinez wasn’t interrupting every two seconds. If it takes her thirty seconds to answer ONE question, because Martinez can’t sit still long enough to hear her out, of course it’s going to make the trial last longer.

    • Probably “write” a (non-)#1 NY Times Best Selling novel. With the way they blatantly disrespect everybody and everything, it wouldn’t surprise me if they figure they deserve any blood money they can make off of Travis; I mean, he’s dead, so it’s not like he’s gonna care… No class.

      • Yea, that’s what I don’t get! When Jodi is acquitted, people are going to be screaming that Jodi might write a book or get a movie deal, or at least paid interviews and how awful it would be for her to make “blood money.” Well what does JVM, NG, and the rest of HLN think THEY are doing?

      • Anyone hear in the recording when Jodi tells Flores she tried to contact TA’s sister, She called her Tan-isha instead of Taneesha (spelling to describe pronunciation) She looked like her head was gonna explode! I liked it because it was almost a little jab from Jodi, telling her what a NONFACTOR she is to Jodi. LOL!

  62. Is court done for the day? How far did she get? Missed the coverage and can’t catch up until tomorrow. What do you think the more important points of the day were? Please and thank you.

    • Jodi described her trip from Yreka to Mesa, and her time at TA’s up until he wants pics in the shower.
      More tomorrow.
      * Before the pics in the shower… In his office downstairs: the sicko bent her arm behind her back, bent her over his desk, had sex, then left his relief on on her back, and told her to get cleaned up.
      Nice guy, huh?

      • What an ass!!!! She was scared to say no or stop him because she didnt want him to be mad!! She then went to the bathroom to clean up and they both go upstairs to take the shower pictures (her idea to make him feel better). He probably takes out the gun to show it to her n ask her to take pictures of him with it (wouldn’t surprise me since he wants to look like a big tough guy) and thats where the gun comes from.

        • LC – one of Travis’s “friends” is on JVM saying that Travis went gun shooting with him all the time. And, if TA DID have a gun, he would have borrowed it from him…….oh really?? The whole lot of these folks are questionable.

          • Wow GOOD TO KNOW!!! And thata BS, theres a lot if people with unregistered guns, especially homeowners. Why wouldn’t TA not have a gun?

          • Bystander-
            The thing that I found funny was that TA’s friend said a gun of that caliber wouldn’t even do any harm/kill (something to that effect). So why in the world would Jodi PREMEDITATE a murder with that gun?! His friend’s interview made him (the friend) sound like a complete idiot. Let’s humor him a bit and say ‘Jodi didn’t know a gun of that caliber wouldn’t do any harm/kill him’.. ok, but isn’t it amazing how well she SUPPOSEDLY planned every other detail in his murder but was too stupid to research whether or not a gun of that caliber would kill the guy?!
            And I thought I heard somewhere that a 9mm was found in the rental car or something?? If that’s the case, why wouldn’t Jodi have used THAT gun/THAT caliber to kill Travis if it was premeditated?

            One of the HLN reporters was bitchin about “How did she know her grandparents had rifles but claims to not have known if they had a pistol?” “How could she notice rifles but never saw a pistol?” (Something along those lines)

            Well I know for a fact that MY grandparents have rifles thanks to hunting pictures and the rifles being more visible than a pistol. I DO NOT know whether or not my grandparents have pistols though! The pistols (if they have any) have never been in plain sight. Shouldn’t common sense tell someone that pistols can be easily kept out of sight by being tucked away in a box, drawer, closet, etc. VS a freakin rifle which would be more difficult to hide??

            These HLN idiots drive me crazy!!

  63. The gun: I think he did have one in secret, and had some sicko fantasy with it, and it backfired, literally.
    The knife: I think that was another sicko tool, and she grabbed it to defend herself.
    I think the prosecution has the chain of events out of sequence.

    • She testified that the knife was in the bathroom after TA cut the rope right before sex. But, we heard the gun didn’t come from her grandparents and their is no gun as of end of today’s testimony. So, it must appear quickly before they get to the shower pics. I hope this isn’t going to be a blackout event. I’ve always said that she MUST be able to account for the gun. Maybe Travis got it out just before the shower pics, but that doesn’t seem plausible.

      Guess we’ll see tomorrow.

      • I know that I am probably being redundant. But, there are scores of accounts of people getting shot with a .25 caliber, and the bullet simply deflected off of the person’s head, because the gun is so weak. It is definitely not what a person would use to try to kill someone, because it probably would not be effective. Also, a few shots from a .25 caliber could send a person into an adrenaline fueled rage. In some cases, people have been shot with a .25 and then driven themselves to a hospital to get medical attention.

    • I think he may have had a gun because his sex fantasies were escalating too. I don’t know if anyone here watched “The Sopranos,” but on that show there was a character who let her fiance hold a gun to her head while they were having sex. It’s not unheard of.

      • What if there was no gun used? The ME stated that the gun was used last because there was no blood in his mouth. So what if it was not even used on the same day?Would they be able to tell if say the gun shot happened the next day? So far Jodi has not mentioned any sort of gun in any kind of role playing sex games they had.

  64. Are these sisters mormon as well? I am not religious, I don’t believe in god and know nothing about their religion. But I notice she (suck cheeks) has both arms sleeved with tattoos, I always thought marking the body was frowned upon in most religions.

    For the record though I find both of those sisters to be quite attractive women actually. Their behavior in court is ugly, but physically they’re not as unattractive as people are making them out to be.

    What an end to today’s trial…. Poor Jodi, all the loose ends seem to be falling right in to place, nothing sounds exaggerated or unbelievable. It will be very interesting to hear where the gun came from…

      • I was wondering that myself, if they’re making down what they believe to be inconsistencies in Jodi’s story to give to the prosecutor. I imagine they probably can share their thoughts with him though I’m not familiar with court proceedings.

      • They could give them to Martinez but I don’t see how any of the testimony Jodi gave today could lead to the sisters having anything valuable or pertinent to say about the case. They were not there that day, they clearly did not know their brother in the way they thought they did.. so…? What could they possibly have to help the state’s case? But I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if they THINK they have something to contribute. I think it is as someone said earlier. Notes for a book.

        • I wouldn’t think they wouldn’t have anything worth anything either, but I can imagine them trying there hardest to catch Jodi in a lye!

    • The one with the sucked-in cheeks (Tanisha) is Mormon. Someone on another board linked to her Mormom Temple wedding video on YouTube. I’m not sure about the other siblings but apparently the grandmother raised them in the Mormon faith.

    • Whisper,
      I read that Tanisha, the smaller of the two, found her way back to church after Travis died. She posted on one of the state sites that he would be proud of her, because he wanted her to find the church and really know the savior again. So I believe she returned to the mormon church after his death.

    • Hi Whisper. Like you, I’ve noticed that the sisters are both good-looking women. I don’t like to admit it about the one who’s a police officer, though! Her sarcastic eye-rolling is just so ugly and she touches her hair too much. Actually, something about her scares me. She looks as though she wouldn’t hesitate to hurt someone and then laugh at their pain. Brutal.

      The thin one with the hollow cheeks doesn’t disturb me as much. But, it’s still there–something fierce, a readiness to fight. If not for that quality, she’s on the verge of being strangely beautiful. Is she the one who says she wants Jodi to die? Well, no matter what one thinks about their physical attractiveness, they are a chilling presence in the court room. Jodi couldn’t be more different from the Alexander family and their friends. The whole lot of them give me the shivers.

    • As a female, the other sister doesn’t disgust me as far as her physical appearance. I can’t say I feel the same about “Sour Pucker-face” . That’s just me though…

      Not that physical attraction or appearance even matters in the case. Their attitudes ‘turn me off’ more than anything.

  65. I still am having doubts that Jodi did this, I know she admitted to it but I look at her, and then I look at the crime scene photos and it just does not make sense, I feel like there is so much more to this whole case then any of us know. I finally got around to watching the 48hrs special and Dumb and Dumber (Sky and Chris) just could not contain their smiles, I was thinking holy fuck if my friend was murdered I wouldn’t be smiling at all.

    Another thing is- I would like to learn/hear more about that Deanne girl, also I do not see how Jodi pulled ALL of that off within what was it, a minute and 38 seconds? How did Travis roommates NOT smell his decaying body? How did the camera end up in the shower?

    I think there is a lot of shady shady people and they know a lot more than they are letting on. Again, I still do not see Jodi regardless of the situation doing that…Idk ;/ I would love to hear more thoughts/theories on how the murder happened what caused it.

    And jeez everyone wants this trial to speed up on Insession, I for one do not. Well in a way I do but then I don’t, I can’t even imagine how Jodi is feeling right now

    • YEA they want it to speed up on in session because they dont believe her. Same with Nancy and Jane etc. They all want her to just hurry up because from the second they heard about it they thought she was guilty and nothing that Jodi says or does will ever change their mind.

      • i kno what i say doesn’t matter, BUT isnt there some kinda of professionalism hln should have?
        i mean they COULD play BOTH angles and hint what they feel. but they go full boar against the defendant almost EVERY time.
        throwing people like -top of my head- phil spector, casey anthony (tho im on the fence on her)’ and jodi in jail for MANY years… idk.

        • Frank-

          I don’t understand them (HLN) anymore. At least in the past JVM and Dr. Drew used to be fairly objective and made it a point to use the term “allegedly” and “these claims haven’t been/ can’t be substantiated”, “Remember _____ is presumed innocent until proven guilty”, etc…

          WTF happened?! Why such a change when it came to reporting on THIS case?!

    • The whole ‘photos in the shower’ scene just prior to his death has me wondering too. How is it possible she (Jodi) was holding a camera taking photos of him one second and then…. what, she puts the camera down, pics up the knife and stabs him without him seeing that coming???

      And true, in the police report the investigating officer states the smell of decomposing body was so strong it could be smelled as soon as you entered the front door, yet the roommate Zachary (name?) didn’t smell it over several days? I’ve had the (dis) pleasure of being in a home where a person had died and layed for several days before being found and I had to fight back not loosing my lunch.

      I had to leave for a few minutes during today’s trial, did they identify the guy that was with Jodi when she originally went to rent the car?

    • I am concerned about the length of time because in trials it CAN lead to jury boredom, whether we like it or not and the law of diminishing returns is very very real. I have enormous respect for Nurmi now, and I can see just how much of the testimony has been critical but there has also been plenty of mind numbingly unimportant things focused on as well. I wish he would curtail just some of the redundant testimony. I did not see the purpose of spending so much time for instance, again, on the youtube videos Travis was watching when Jodi first got there. He asked about it twice just today. They are a non-issue. They were dumb videos -and a dumb guy was watching them but they were nothing pertinent. Its that little stuff, that can actually make a jury frustrated if it takes up too much time and they can start to blame one or the other counsel and unfortunately that can get directed at the defendant. This is a fact. (I think it was partly what happened in Casey’s trial, the prosecutor spent way too much time on certain things and I think the jury held it against them.) Yes, Martinez has been annoyingly objecting, but overall I think the dragging has come primarily from some of the redundant unimportant questioning and testimony from the defense. Nurmi has masterfully elicited some very important information that has enabled us and the jury to get inside the heads of both of them. But its time to be only laser focused on the important stuff.

      That said..The only other reason I can think of that Nurmi may be extending some of these things is because maybe Jodi is terrified right now and he knows she is not ready for Martinez. He is helping her build up her courage?

        • i did NOT realize the jury was not sequested! in a death penalty case?! i CANNOT believe that. i just cannot believe ALL jury members can b trusted to avoid all news out there. just imagine one of them catch an earful of HLN!?
          call me cyncical, but…

      • I think Nurmi is recalling some previous details so that they will be noted again, for the jury to review.
        The details could be lost as the jury tries to sum it all up, so in a way, Nurmi is adding more importance to certain events.

      • IMO: They are opportunists. They knew that TA had serious issues, and now they want people to believe otherwise, so they can protect their image.

  66. I know some may not agree with this but Martinez reminds me of Claude Frollo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame,I get that the length may cause jury boredom, but this is life or death matter, and I truly believe every detail is important, even the smallest, I truly hope when Moron Martinez takes his turn he does not put Jodi into the mind set she was in with Travis, scared and nervous.

    • I agree with you, DDN, your right. This is a life or death matter n I appreciate ALL of the time they’re taking to get to what happened that day. I dont care what all these people are talking about that its boring n that we don’t need to know what she had for breakfast on june 4th 20whatever, THIS IS someone’s life and who knows something as little as what anyone had to eat for breakfast could or couldn’t have made a difference on someone’s mood that day. Who knows?! Something as stupid n minor as that can give an abuser already an excuse to start a bad day.

      • Agreed…and who are Nancy and JVM kidding with their complaints that the trial is dragging on too long? They LOVE the spotlight and the ratings! Who watches their show when there isn’t a big trial going on?

  67. I haven’t read all the comments, and haven’t been able to watch her last 2 days of testimony. Is there a transcript of the texts somewhere? Can someone fill me in on this? And the FB e-mail? I feel like I’ve missed everything.

    • Hi, This might help: I started with trial day 1 video, and worked my way to the current trial; the info is shocking.
      I’d suggest the links on the righthand side column, especially: Travis Alexander – Pedo fantasies of a classless loser [COMMENT RE-POST] &
      Bombshells, Blackmail & BS – Chris Hughes style * actually, all of the links are good 🙂

      • Thanks, KDC! I have been trying to keep up, but it’s so HARD! I was following from work last week but Thursday and today were SUPER busy for me, so I missed all of the text and e-mail stuff. Grrrr.

        • I know. There are so many parts to the puzzle, all over the net. His Myspace, controlling emails, demeaning texts, the longggg sex and manipulative phone calls, etc. to Jodi…. just typing all of the different means of their communication and seeing it, shows there was more to their story than just a guy being chased, as the media would have people believe.

  68. Did anyone else catch what I think I caught? It was during one of the many Kermit objections today, I think this morning…did I see Jodi actually roll her eyes at Kerms after he objected to something she was saying? I was cracking up.

  69. Exactly LC, this is a trial it isn’t for the jury or anyone’s entertainment! Again it is life or death and it irks me beyond belief that those dicks on trutv are so giggly and happy that the jury is getting “bored” every detail matters, and I am glad it is going at the pace that Jodi needs it to, that she can get it all out, because every little piece will eventually become important.

    • try to remember that people HERE mentioning “length” are doing so out of concern for jodi.

      hln and their ninnies is a different story.
      jvm DID have on a woman atty who was siding with jodi!
      stating what many say here, that “jodi exhibits nearly identical traits of abused women i have defended, SOME who HAVE killed their abuser”.
      of course she was out manned like 5 to her 1! i think jvm was almost laughing at her at one point…ARG.

      • Oh sweetie I am so sorry, I was not referring to people on here discussing the length, I was referring to people like Beth, and NG, and those on Insession.

    • DDN- I think the reason Sky & Chris were all smiles on 48Hrs. is because the situation seemed to allow the Mormon Church to save face. Had Travis never met Jodi, he would’ve headed in the same direction he was going anyway. He would’ve been excommunicated & shunned just like in the success worshiping pyramid scheme called Scientology-And it would’ve made the news. When the Rodent cross examines Jodi she should just be herself & she’ll do fine. I’ve notice every last Mormon interviewed has been coached into saying Jodi had eyes like a sociopath or some such crap. She has more life in her eyes then those brained washed zoned out Mormons & their 15 mins of fame.

      • That thing that Chris Hughes said about Jodi’s eyes was really a load of crap in retrospect. Hughes was likely upset that Travis was having sex with her under their roof, and they disapproved. Much of that original 48 Hours broadcast seemed like it was stenography for the LDS church. Obviously everything the Hugheses and Travis’s friends and family said on that show turns out to be complete nonsense. None of them really did know Travis, well, perhaps the Hugheses had an inkling, but the rest of them, no.

        Jodi didn’t come across well on that show, but I suspect she was still suffering from a lot of trauma, maybe PTSD. Your eyes aren’t going to look too great after what you’ve been through.

        • I’d would add that she was totally different on that show than she is now. Her demeanor now is the real person, while her demeanor on 48 Hours and other news programs of the time looked like she was being brainwashed, totally disassociated.

  70. A Possibility? I was just reading through the posts. And, I thought about something. Didn’t Jodi also go to Arizona, with a plan to meet Ryan? So, what if Jodi went along with Travis, and treated him well. But, at the end, he said something mean, and she said back, “Well, you know what? If you don’t want me, then I am going to go see Ryan.” If she said that, in the middle of the photo shoot, then Travis could have flipped out, and launched an attack, out of the shower. If there was a sharp knife, scissors, or anything sharp laying on the sink, then Jodi could have grabbed it to defend herself. With Travis being full of anger, he could have screamed, “I am going to kill you, you —–!” And, they immediately would have been in a fight. Also, if Jodi backed down, then maybe Travis would have done some real serious harm, if not worse. Being in the bathroom, and inside the house, Jodi would not have been able to run, or call someone for help. So, if Travis was enraged, she would have had to fight to defend herself.

    I think that a comment about Jodi going to see Ryan would have really set him off, at that point. Also, Travis had a long time to think about things. And, he probably realized that if one day Jodi stopped covering for him, he would be in some deep doo-doo – not just with the Mormon church, but even for the broken finger. On the outside, he may have been acting mean, and belligerent. But, on the inside he might have been afraid of Jodi – not for what she could do to him, but what she might reveal about him. It is just a thought.

  71. i havent watched it cos i cant stomach “i cured country star McCready”… opps, no i didnt, dr. drew.
    BUT is that the Abe guy that TA panned on the phone tape? or do i have names mixed?

    PS: anyone here drew is getting crap for being a tv hack re: McCready? sorry, her first name is escaping me.

    • Frank, that’s Mindy McCready. Abe is the guy Jodi went on one date with. He is a royal douche. Yes Travis said Abe was soulless. Dr Drew’s career as a rehab Dr is down the tubes now. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to sign up for his show now.

      • I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to sign up for his show EVER. IMO, anyone who want to get better, go to a private treatment center. People who want to be on tv, go on a tv show.

          • i loved the comments re drew pinky! he is a media whore. think he was trying to get ppl on that said his treatment worked. wow, talk about groveling at the trough. ive ALWAYS disliked him. and WHY would i want to a rehab show?

            so? this Abe is still a TA lover? did i hear right that Abe delivered eulogy?
            if so, ANYTHING to get on tv i guess. lots of characters in this deal.

            if jodi gets jury to go with the “i killed my abuser” angle she has a real chance here.
            i STILL cant fathom death for her considering everything.
            i wonder if one ta sister being a cop had something to do with this becoming death penalty case?

  72. This is OT and not directly about the Jodi case, but has anyone followed the situation with the Olympian who killed his girlfriend? The Bladerunner, I think they called him. Every time I see it covered I think of Jodi with Travis and how it seems to be the SAME situation, but reversed. Here you have this guy with this fantastic image, amputee Olympian, strong character, “Great guy” who is at home beating up on his girlfriend. The cops were called to his house various times over domestic disturbances, then one night, he shoots her. He claims that he thought that she was in bed with him and there was an intruder in the bathroom in the middle of the night… in the dark. He shot her THROUGH THE DOOR, and killed her. Whenever this comes on I can’t help but think that this could have been Jodi’s case… and vice versa, that if this woman had killed HIM, she would be facing the exact same witch hunt that Jodi is facing right now. It’s really sickening.

    I saw a woman on JVM saying that just outright not believing Jodi actually kind of anti-woman and boy did all those hens SQUAWK at THAT. They threw up all kinds of protests that that is not true. In actuality… it really is. It’s on thing to not believe it after objectively reviewing everything, but Jodi presents evidence that he AT THE VERY LEAST, showed controlling, manipulative and aggressive tendencies… and they STILL refuse to believe that he was anything less than a perfect, stalked victim of an obsessed ex-girlfriend who was mad she couldn’t have him, “She must have pissed him off” & “Oh, come on, he was a dude!”… Ummmm, what happened to holding people accountable for their character, expecting that they practice what they preach and they just generally not be respectful of another human? These women are disgusting.

    • JVM lesbian, has always taken the side of the most absurd. I think she has issues w/hetero women anyway. She’s a bully like her friend NG. They jump to conclusions. Unprofessional and ridiculous to watch in action.

      • Wonderful post Woman.
        Jodi has unfourtunately forced women (and men) to either demand the truth and intolerance for mental, physical, & sexual abuse or defend the obvious abuse and blame the real victim.

        I say unfourtunately because it’s disheartening that this is what it took to bring attention to abuse. And now a victim sits on trial, with crosshairs on her at all times, being all but stoned by the “best frinds” & “family” of a monster. I don’t know if Travis could have ever really been “cured” had he even gotten help. I do know that we all know how this ended – kill or be killed. Why are people acting so confused?

        At moments, I dont know that I even care to hear the details. I’ve always known this wasn’t pre-meditated. So why are people ignoring the obvious details, the proofs?

        I guess sometimes people think its easier to judge from the surface, rather then do the research and find the truth. They all end up spewing watered down opinions.

        • It’s amazing to me how many people believe outright what they are being spoon fed by the media. The very first time I heard of this case I had red flags going up and once I started digging I knew it couldn’t have been premeditated and that there HAD to be more to the story.

        • I keep wondering what kind of life Jodi will be able to live if/once she is released. 🙁 She’ll NEVER be able to escape the media & TA Supporters’ wrath. (Interesting since TA used that very term- wrath)

          • You’re right. Prime example: Casey Anthony. If it wasn’t for HLN she would not have to live in fear to this day. I still hope to God Casey sues the shit out of them once she drops some of her looming legal baggage.

    • my whole thing with the hln crowd is WHY are they so against jodi and defendants in general?
      i dont get it… AND its almost everyone on the shows, guests and heads. i reallt thought after Casey A. they soften their stance.
      i thought in this country ur innocent first AND mitigating circumstances, etc.
      goes to show once someone is arrested the system takes on a life of its own.

    • hmmm, re: Oscar P., its still TOO early. yes, sounds fishy BUT from what i hear he is pretty nice, etc. and the call re dom. violence was ONE call made by a woman guest he told to leave a small gathering at his house cos she was very drunk, becoming belligerent, etc.
      while leaving he shut the door and it hit the back of her calf. she called police.
      case supposedly was dropped, no charges. (and Reeva never called.)
      just what I heard. imo, no jodi parallels. i could b wrong.

      • Thank you for clarifying, frank! Initially, the reports that I had heard stated it was multiple calls about domestic violence. This morning, though, they did talk about his trial, and some of the point, counterpoints between the defense and prosecution when questioning the witnesses and the whole thing did seem much less abusive and “Batter-y”.

  73. If Nurmi is reading this site: Please tell your defense team’s woman w/dark hair to stop smiling, using her cell phone, and acting so casually during the trial.

  74. What is Jodi’s aunt wearing on her ears? It looks like headphones for an ipod… is it to block out some of the very sad testimony?

  75. My word, this woman on NG just made my mind numb.
    She proudly stated, “I’ve been busy giving Jodi the evil eye.” in response to what she thought the jury was thinking.

    Who are these people?!

    • Omg there all so stupid!! NG changed her story up a little today by saying that she called that placexthat Jodi said her n her sister where at when they missed the grandparents call about the burglary. Jodi had saud that they missed the call because the phone didn’t have reception. So NG SAIS SHE CALLED this place n they verified that there was reception! ! She was so proud of herself too for doing some research. Lol this stupid lady, does it not cross her mind that, maybe years ago at that exact time n day, there might’ve been NOOOOO reception? ! Lol

      • And did you notice too that Nancy Grace at the beginning of her show made a comment about how Jodi had to have sex to de-stress…she was trying to make it sound like Jodi was a sex starved person…when in fact had Nancy Grace being paying attention correctly to everything that Jodi has said over the last several days…then NG would have known that Jodi said that Travis like to de-stress with the sex….

        • NG has turned EVERYTHING around on Jodi- including blaming her/making her out to sound like the bad guy because of the 1st time her & Travis had sex then went to church the next day. That was also Jodi’s 1st time going to the LDS church! Travis was supposed to be the one leading by example!! HE was the one taking her to THEIR church!

      • And Nancy Grace was boasting how she found hundreds of pictures of Jodi’s finger to show that it was not broken as Jodi had said it was in testimony…I have a toe that was broken years ago…and sometimes it humps up a little and other times it lays down…I am slender too so I don’t think weight would cause this…maybe stress of being on my feet a lot…when I am laying down relaxed the toe is laying flatter like the other toes…Maybe a broken finger can do like my broken toe? …Maybe Jodi’s finger looks more crooked at some times than other times…

    • With those words, she admitted her true colors – EVIL!! I guess what I am hearing coming from women – primarily Travis supporters – is that women have no inherent right to defend themselves. And, if they do defend themselves, then we should assume that they ought to plead guilty to self defense, and get punished for defending themselves. Of course, we all know that little pixy-like girls can take down goliath like boys, with their bare fingernails. So, the women are always guilty – or so the Travis supporters seem to think.

      As far as I can tell, no one knows what happened that night. All we know is that there was a conflict – in the middle of a photo shoot. One person lived, and one person died. Also, why did Jodi drop the camera, rather than set it down? Is it possible that she said something, and Travis came out of the shower so fast, that she dropped the camera, while grabbing something to defend herself with? If she dropped the camera while Travis’ back was turned, then wouldn’t he have heard the crash, and turned around to see what had fallen? And, if she wanted to remain quiet while his back was turned, then wouldn’t she have quietly set the camera down, and picked something else up? Also, why didn’t she pick the camera up, after it was dropped? I think that maybe Travis lunged out of the shower at her, and she dropped the camera, grabbed the nearest sharp object, and tried to defend herself. I think if any of this was planned, then Jodi would have quietly set the camera down, while Travis’ back was turned. I do not think that she would have dropped the camera, if this was planned. And, I certainly don’t think that she would have taken photos of the crime, and even herself, if this was planned – while also leaving the evidence on-site.

      I am still wondering how the “Justice for Travis” people plan to go about seeking justice while refusing to acknowledge the most basic facts. I guess when people want to believe something bad enough, there is no need to let mere facts stand in the way.

      By the way, here is a little bit of what Mormons believe, regarding the “indians”:

      “All who believe are called on by the Spirit of God, to assemble in the vicinity of the various stakes and help to build temples. The Indians are the lost tribes of Israel, and during this generation, they are all to be gathered at these points ; while all others are to be cut off — that is, all who do not receive J. Smith as a prophet of the Lord.” (American Home Missionary Society, 1841)

      I find the last statement to be of great interest. The same mentality, in modern times, might be conveyed like, “If you don’t think that Travis was a pure virgin, then we will cut you off from our website.” Same mentality, different generation.

      Maybe the real issue here is not Jodi’s alleged “badness”. Maybe the real issue is that these people do not have the guts to get honest and accept who Travis actually was, as a person.

      • You have a lot of great points Ben.
        There are so many reasons how this was clearly not premeditated.
        But as you stated, somehow, the Travisites find if more comforting to lie to themselves or shield eachother from truth, rather than absorb the facts and fight.

    • Nancy Grace appears to be having some severe emotional issues of her own…her issues were obvious even as far back as the Melinda Duckett case…in which they sued NG at that time…then her issues got even worse with the Casey Anthony case….and now with Jodi Arias case she is saying and making gestures that doesn’t appear to be professional…I wonder sometimes if some of her crazy comments will bring about her firing…It is not really good news coming from that network anymore…does this network really need people like Nancy Grace?…

      • It makes me laugh how NG is offended by a reporter using the word “panties” but NG has no problem talking about “BLOWJOBS” on air so long as she can make Jodi look bad. Re-damn-diculous!

  76. Did anyone see Dr Drew the part with the old hag, Pam (old frd of TA & family) she was saying from the minute she saw Jodi, she looked into her eyes n saw darkness! !! Dumb B**** actually looked like she was reading from a script! !! I couldn’t blv it!!!!! And they asked her about the jury but she couldn’t tell because they’ve moved the jury to sit behind Jodis family. Does anyone know why??? I was wondering if it was because if the facial expressions from the TA family, the court cant control so they move the jury instead???

      • Isn’t it something, tonysam, the way their vocabulary is homogenized? It’s like they received one of those PR kits. It’s such corporate behaviour. As if they were applying the principles of product branding to Jodi: empty, dark, soulless. Repeat the lie enough times, and it begins to sound like the truth. It’s frightening, because it works. There are many people who will look at her eyes and see this supposed soullessness just because they’ve heard it so many times!

        • Yeah, she is soul-less all right. But, when Travis needed money, the “soul-less one” was willing to shell out hard earned cash to help Travis. And, it is odd that he went to her, instead of to all of his friends. Maybe Travis just used Jodi as a crutch, to help keep his image going. Maybe this is not even about Jodi. Maybe it is all about deflecting blame, and attention, away from Travis – the heavenly virgin, who never had an impure thought, while he chased girls down, for no reason.

          The problem I have with all of this is that if Jodi killed Travis while trying to defend herself, and she is punished for killing Travis, then what does that say to the rest of society? – Ya’ better not try to protect yourself, or even protect your children, because if you do, you could be punished. If Jodi is punished for simply trying to defend herself, then what message does it send to the rest of the people out there who are victims of domestic violence? Lay down and be a doormat, until you die?

          • “The problem I have with all of this is that if Jodi killed Travis while trying to defend herself, and she is punished for killing Travis, then what does that say to the rest of society? – Ya’ better not try to protect yourself, or even protect your children, because if you do, you could be punished.”

            That’s right, Ben! This case goes way beyond Jodi, Travis, the Mormon church and the other characters involved in their circle. This case, along with the media coverage and social media commentary, is telling us a lot about the kind of society we’re living in. It’s telling us who is worthy and who isn’t; who will be heard, and who won’t. This case is showing us that ignorance, misunderstandings and misconceptions about intimate-partner violence persist in large segments of society. That hatred for the “other” in general and misogyny in particular are alive and well–that ugly prejudices might lie dormant until a mob mentality gathers up strength and grants permission for their open, blatant expression.

            And, as far as all this hatred is concerned, this message that victims better not fight back, it doesn’t really matter whether she’s found guilty or not guilty, does it? Because it’s already been said loud and clear. It can’t be unsaid.

            Even if, in some wild twist, we heard irrefutable proof that Jodi fully intended to kill Travis that day, it wouldn’t change the hateful and threatening messages we’ve heard, which are that certain women deserve rape, emotional and physical battery and dehumanization. We’ve heard this in voices that are sometimes gleeful and celebratory. And, we’ve heard a warning and a threat in all of this: shut up, stay in your place, go into hiding, circumscribe your life if you have to, but never defend yourself or demand to be heard. Full justice is not available to you, so settle the hell down.

            I hope that the women misogynists–who are, apparently, legion–are receiving this ugly message as loudly as they are sending it. Because they are complicit with the likes of Travis. And maybe they think that that loyalty protects them from the likes of Travis. But, at least some of them will, one day, be in Jodi’s position. They will feel isolated, alone, afraid and ashamed. But we–at least many, many people who post on this website–would listen to them, believe them and support them.

  77. There is a lady on Nancy Grace claiming to come off a jury that just convicted a serial pedophile.

    She sounds JUST LIKE that Veronica lady that claimed to know Jodi. You know, the one with the “cat sitting” story that is completely unsubstantiated?

    I guess some people aren’t satisfied with just 15 mins of fame!

  78. I’m reading a lot of Travis supporting sites where many people professing to be church go’ers are praying for Jodi’s death and making incredibly malicious statements about wanting her to rot in hell etc etc. Is this really what religion teaches? I thought it was all about forgiving, understanding, that kind of thing, not “lets kill her”. Am I missing something here? I mean, its been 5 years, I can understand a lot of hate at the beginning but 5 years later shouldn’t people have come to grips with this by now?

    • Why aren’t they reconciling their fantasy version of TA with the reality?
      Christians would say that they don’t know everything about 2 people, because no one really knows what goes on behind closed doors, and something bad must’ve happened to result in his death.

    • Right, the Bible says, “Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.” That is the Christian teaching handed down by the apostles, to the church.

      Actually, how do we know that Travis’ death was not intended by God? Look at the stuff he wrote, and the stuff he liked to do. What are the odds that a small girl, only armed with a knife could defeat Travis? Of the 27 wounds, maybe only two of them were actually lethal – the wound to the heart, and the cut to the throat. Yet, Jodi survived.

    • These people did not sleep with Travis…they did not have sex with Travis…they were not intimate with Travis….they did not share Travis’s same sexual fantasies behind closed doors…the only thing that they shared were time at work with Travis….time at lunch or supper with Travis….time listening to Travis when he was doing his motivational speaking…in other words….they saw Travis as he presented himself in public and with friends….which is quite the opposite of how Travis acted with his sexual relationship with Jodi Arias…

    • Even some men of faith aren’t who they seem to be either…when I was younger…I had moved to a new town and stared going to a church in the community…I was young, beautiful and married…one day this man of God wanted to speak to me in his office…and while I was there he proceeded to tell me how he had had sex on his desk with a few other women in his congregation…His fantasy was having sex on his desk behind the closed doors of his office…And on that day…he wanted me to share in his sexual fantasy of having sex with him on his desk…I backed up to his door and let myself out and I never went back to that church again…I was married at that time to a well respected professional man… and I never told him what that man of God wanted me to do…and for the rest of the congregation of men and women they perceived him as a wonderful man of God…who preached beautiful sermons…and yes…he too was well respected by many…but for the few of us that really knew him…we knew what he was really like behind his own closed doors…and would the others have believed us if we told…probably not….

  79. I posted this again…because some of the news people are twisting little things around and making mountains out of molehills…
    Last week Nancy Grace was using her favorite phrase…let’s weigh in….and Nancy directed her statement to the blonde haired news lady…the blonde was making a comment about Jodi wearing the little girl barrette in her hair…and I noticed that Nancy Grace didn’t make a sarcastic comment about that because after all Nancy Grace has been wearing her own little girl barrette’s in her own hair for a while now…Nancy Grace just ignored that comment and went on weighing in with another of her news people…and a few minutes later…Nancy went to Jean…Nancy Grace made some negative comments and gestures about Jodi’s long dark hair and Nancy even tossed her own head around mimicking Jodi…and I noticed Jean’s eyebrows go up somewhat…she looked surprised at Nancy’s obvious disgust…Honestly, Jodi’s hair and her barrette had nothing to do with the issue of the testimony that day in court…Nancy looks more and more like she herself has some inner emotional issues that keeps coming to surface…

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