Jodi Arias Trial – Day 18

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Sky Hughes “testified” and has been subpoenaed by the defense. Covering for an abuser & pedophile (for the past 4 years) has obviously taken its toll on her and turbo-charged the aging process.

Gus Searcy did not testify and was released. Jodi’s testimony continued.

Kirk Nurmi called for a mistrial based on numerous counts of prosecutorial misconduct & court order violations by the state. All of which were duly noted. The motion was ultimately denied as expected… but needless to say, the appellate court (if called upon) may see it differently.

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Following on from Jodi’s testimony yesterday, check out these 2 comments posted on TA’s MySpace page from 2007 & 2008.

I get the fact that people tend to post strange stuff on social media pages, but taking everything into account, these 2 comments are interesting in relation to the “choke hold” and “underage boys”…

Click the link below if you missed this earlier re-posted comment from Jan 11th:

Travis Alexander – Pedo fantasies of a classless loser

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  1. I hope that the jury will see through all the smoke and mirrors of the prosecution and find Jodi innocent. For all the nay sayers out there I will say this. . Abuse comes in many forms and in most cases verbal and mental abuse is much worse than physical abuse. You ask why she didn’t just tell the truth from the start well after going through something like this myself it took me years to finally come to terms with it and admit it not only to myself but to people who were close to me. You want to continue to hide it and you want to protect that person and you want to believe that it will change and that they really do love you. (that is what abuse is all about)

    I’m so glad that she had the recording of him saying I want to tie you to a tree and blind fold you. That right there should be enough for the jury.

    I do hope that if Jodi is freed that she will undergo counseling though. It appears that she has some deep rooted issues that will need addressed so that she can go on and live a healthy happy life in the future.

    • It’s important to remember the distinction between self-defense and killing someone because they abused you. For it to be self-defense, Jodi has the burden of proving BOTH that Travis was putting her life in immediate and serious jeopardy at the time she killed him, AND that the amount of deadly force she used was proportionate to the threat she perceived she was under. While abusive men are inarguably despicable and deserve to go to jail, it is not self-defense to kill someone because they were abusive toward you. It is only self-defense if they were actually attacking you at the time you killed them. That’s what Jodi needs to prove, to avoid the death penalty.

      She is not going to simply go free; she admits having killed him, so there will be a guilty charge of SOMETHING, even if it’s just manslaughter. She will serve some time, toward which her time served will be applied as a credit. The question remains, how much time will she have to serve? That depends upon her ability to convince a jury that she didn’t murder Travis, that she killed him because her life was in immediate danger that day.

      • Dena, you are incorrect as to the amount of deadly force needing to be proportionate. In 2008 Arizona changed the “self- defense” and use of deadly force law.

        13-405. Justification; use of deadly physical force

        A. A person is justified in threatening or using deadly physical force against another:

        1. If such person would be justified in threatening or using physical force against the other under section 13-404, and

        2. When and to the degree a reasonable person would believe that deadly physical force is immediately necessary to protect himself against the other’s use or attempted use of unlawful deadly physical force.

        B. A person has no duty to retreat before threatening or using deadly physical force pursuant to this section if the person is in a place where the person may legally be and is not engaged in an unlawful act.

        • Also, it is the State’s burden to prove that it was not self-defense. This law is very much like Florida’s “Stand your ground law.”

        • I am not entirely sure you read that statute correctly, “Observer.” Under 13-405(A)(1) & (2), it appears the use of deadly force in Arizona is a two-pronged analysis: first, [Person A] must have the right of self-defense, as provided in 13-404; AND, second, a reasonable individual would believe using deadly force is immediately necessary to protect against [Person B]’s use or attempted use of unlawful deadly force. Stated differently, not only must Person A have a right of self-defense, but Person B must be using or threatening to use unlawful deadly force against Person A. That IS the very definition of proportionate use of force; it prevents someone from claiming self-defense when he uses a bazooka in response to being hit with a twig, for example.

          • Thanks!

            In the past AZ jury instructions for self defense with domestic battery, it says the threat does not have to be present to be considered a threat. To me it sounded like a person could think there is a threat that isn’t as bad as what the person perceives. what does that mean?

          • Attorney- That may well be the case in other states, but not in Arizona. This law came into effect in 2008, and was actually retroactively applied to 2006 cases, specifically for a man by the name of Harold Fish. Harold Fish shot and killed a man on a hiking trail and was convicted of murder. Fish, a retired teacher, argued that he acted in self-defense when he shot and killed Grant Kuenzli, whom he says charged at him after Fish fired a warning shot to deter Kuenzli’s aggressive and unleashed dogs.

            Read more:

            Harold Fish shot and killed a man who only CHARGED at him. I would say CHARGING AT and SHOOTING/KILLING is NOT proportionate use force.

      • Dena, Jodi has the burden of proving BOTH that Travis was putting her life in immediate and serious jeopardy at the time she killed him??? Are you sure about this??? I think its the other way around, it is the STATEs burden to prove that it was not self-defense, like Observer said above. Not every State law is the same.

        • As for burden of proof, I’ll admit I am not licensed to practice in Arizona, but I cannot imagine this being much different from my home state. The state has the burden of proof to prove a crime was committed and that the individual on trial was its perpetrator. The state, however, does not have the burden of proof with regards to the defendant’s affirmative defenses, such as justification; rather, that falls on the defendant. Otherwise, what is the point of having a defense at all?

          It is the whole point of the adversial nature of our justice system. State puts on its case; defense, through cross, pokes holes in it. Defense puts on its, well, its defense; state, through cross, pokes holes in it.

          I mean, really, think about it. f the state were saddled with both burdens, each and every trial would end immediately after the state rests its case, either by the judge granting the defense’s motion for acquittal, or the judge not granting such a motion and the case would go straight to the jury.

      • PLEASE READ, I know I am not crazy here.

        Look, she stabbed him in self defense and he died, The rest were blows and stabs and even the shot in the face were simply to make sure Chucky IS DEAD (went to state of mind) she also thought the threat was great from this violent preditor. So, she killed him but, Unlike The Walking Dead, you can only die once (oh and Jesus), who cares how many times you stab a dead body. Messing with of defacing a corpse is a misdemeanor!! He was dead and she F’d up his dead body, so what. You cant kill him 27 times.

          • MB
            Wow, are you ok? I am in 100% support of Jodi here. i am saying, She killed him in self defense and everyoe else is bringing up the 27 stabs, well you can only kill someone once, so when he was dead, then it is a misdemeanor to mess with a dead body. She should be free IMO. MB I am sorry but you need to re-read my post. I didnt demand her to be punished.

      • Sorry Dena but the prosecution is the one with the burden of proof. The defense will demonstrate that Jodi was attacked and defended herself.

        This site says “#1 Jodi Arias Support Site.”

        Could you give Jodi the benefit of the doubt to finish her testimony before screaming about what a hideous murderer she is? Thanks.

        • MB,

          Could you please tell me exactly where I “screamed” that Jodi Arias is “a hideous murderer”?

          I am simply pointing out that you cannot just say, “Oh, it was self-defense,” and be excused for killing someone. That is the reason she is testifying – to present her defense. Each side has a separate burden in a court action. The State’s is to prove pre-meditation (not to prove that “it was not self-defense; no representative of the State was present at the killing, so that would be impossible to prove). The State has its evidence; Jodi Arias has hers. By saying, “The defense will demonstrate that Jodi was attacked and defended herself,” you are, in fact, agreeing that she has a burden of presenting evidence to support her claim of self-defense. Otherwise, anyone could just kill anyone, claim it was self-defense, and they’d have to be released.

          I do not see what this website’s tag line has to do with the evidence in this case, or with the proper procedure of a court action.

          The standard is that someone is innocent until proven guilty. Jodi Arias has admitted that she killed someone. What remains now is for the jury to look at the evidence presented by BOTH sides and determine which is more credible.

          I have not presented an opinion that I think she is a murderer, and I have not presented an opinion that she is a complete innocent. I am merely discussing the case, not who did what to whom and when and how.

          • Dena, Not only must the state prove premeditation or felony murder for a 1st degree murder conviction, but they must also prove that it WAS NOT self defense. The burden of proof for self- defense in Arizona is less than reasonable doubt. The jury will also receive instructions to view the self defense claim “through the eyes of a victim of domestic violence”, which also changes the scope.

          • Get a grip MB. You have essentially, for some reason, created to the core, and absolute Straw Man argument against this poster. What’s your deal? What are you trying to prove?

            I seriously wonder about you.

          • Dena, I hope you can ignore the abusive tone and feel free to keep discussing here. Not all of us regulars at this site are so confrontational.

          • Its true your not the only one annoyed by Travistown cult members coming on THIS “jodiariasisinnosent” site. Your not crazy MB, your not the only one catching some of these phrases that people make, making Jodi seem like she killed TA just for the heck of it. Or I myself must be crazy too!!! Yea, we’re both crazy n we need to get a grip!!!!!

            I think we’re just a little annoyed with having to defend Jodi in a support site for HER!

            Phrases like this: “For it to be self-defense, Jodi has the burden of proving BOTH that Travis was putting her life in immediate and serious jeopardy at the time she killed him, AND that the amount of deadly force she used was proportionate to the threat she perceived she was under”

            REALLY???? That TA was putting her life in immediate and serious jeopardy….. it can only take ONE, ONE blow to the had to kill someone (and lets not forget TA was a pretty big guy, lets not forget he was a wrestlers n used to lift weights n whatever). It could’ve taken one, ONE push for Jodi to fall, hit her head on a wall/counter n DIE!!! So, the minute he first snapped n went after her was already putting her life in jeopardy! !!
            Another phrase:
            “I am simply pointing out that you can not just say, “oh it was SD” and be excused for killing someone.” As if Jodi is simply using this as an excuse!!!!

            I think this is why some of us cant “get a grip” especially having to defend her so early into the post…..

          • I myself support Jodi. Hope she gets released outright. Anyone who has watched the trial footage from start to finish can see she did not premeditate this.

          • Dena, A LOT of us do NOT support how MB treats certain posters on here. Not just Sam, Travis, TonySam, myself, etc. But..If we do not PRETEND that everything presented by the defense is proof positive of the way the jury MUST be seeing the testimony, evidence etc, OR how MB dictates the evidence, testimony MUST be interpreted, then we must be part of a Travis Cult. Word of advice: DO not be objective, DO not use logic, we must not question things (even if its in Jodi’s best interest, because I DO believe the defense looks at Social Media to see what possible things they may need to address) or you can guarantee you will be under attack by MB.

            The problem is HE/she is guilty of doing exactly what she claims the pro pros boards and media does to Jodi. HE/She is the one who is going to make this site a crazy board made up of folks who are completely looking at this trial based on emotions. One that is incapable of logic reasoning. I CHOOSE to believe that there are saner minds that will prevail here and actually WILL end up helping the defense. I agree Travis, I wonder about MB as well! And MB, yes, we have, many of us, have seen YOU put words in people’s mouths. You Say they have said things when they have said no such thing!!! Stop the bullying. What are you so threatened by?

          • I agree with MB this is a Jodi support site and you are attacking Jodi. why are you here if you are not in full support of Jodi? it clearly says Number 1 Jodi support site in the title of the site. SJ does not allow bullying on this site and that is what you are doing. If you are not going to support Jodi 100 percent and doubt her innocence then please leave.

          • im agreeing with Jon & i like having MB here so plz STOP bullying her/him….. Iv seen many of you guys do the same thing too & call her/him out on some posts, just waiting for HER to come back and post her/his comment so that you can come back and see what kind of reaction youll get from her/him. STOP THE BULLYING

          • I don’t have to point out where you did – scroll up and read your post. You’re salivating for her blood, demanding her to be punished… for what? The crime that she walked out of the house alive instead of Travis?

            You won’t let Jodi finish her testimony before going on a pro-Travis tirade, so what are you doing HERE?

            This is a support site for Jodi. SJ has made it unambiguously clear.

            No, I am NOT in fact agreeing that she has a burden of proof. You’re purposefully misconstruing what I’m saying to suit your own conclusion. Demonstrating is not the same as proving beyond a reasonable doubt – that is the prosecution’s burden. Duh.

          • LC, I respectfully submit, you are not taking an honest look at MB’s posts to some of us. I do not understand how you can say “we” are bullying her/him when it is her/him that is the one that starts the attacks telling us that by questioning anything we are really undercover Travis supporters! All many of us have done is dare stand up to the post attacks. How is that attacking MB and not the other way round?? i get you like him/her but I think it really unfair to say I or others have attacked HIM/her , when , if you go back and look at almost all the post interactions (as I have) you will see HE/SHE attacks us for asking questions or stating our opinion. But I guess you are saying that is OK for her to do her attacks and we should just take it ?

            • Daniel,
              As I stated earlier… points have been made and noted.
              Let’s move on from here and concentrate on the trial.

          • Travis, and I seriously wonder about you too. What’s YOUR deal? Why are YOU here attacking me, saying I need to “get a grip” when Dena’s post is completely out of line with what this site is supposed to be about?

            Yeah, talk about straw men – have you seen your own posts lately?

          • Oh, and I just wanted to add that I am not the only one thinking these things, and annoyed by the infestation of closet of Travistown cult members that have set up franchise here.

            It’s not about proving anything… lol… wow, what an asinine thing to say.

          • Oh, ok, so it’s “abusive” to remind people that this is a pro-Jodi site? I think it’s pretty abusive to come here to a site that is supposed to SUPPORT Jodi and call for her head on a platter before she’s had a chance to finish her testimony.

            If I wanted to see THAT abuse, I’d follow Sam and Travis to the pro-Travis boards.

            Straw men – “get a grip, ” “What are you trying to prove” “people are abusive if they remind people this is a pro-Jodi site”

            So the Travistown cult can confront me, and constantly try to silence anyone who actually DOES support Jodi, but I’m not allowed to confront them when they are shitting on Jodi?

            Wow, just wow.

          • Travis says: “You are a total nutbar who harbors fantasies of being Jodi’s knight in shinning armor, rescuing her from the evil dragon and riding off into the sunset.”

            “That aside, you are obviously unbalanced and therefore I will take whatever delusional projected response to this post with a half-grain of salt.”

            Wow, and you say I should stop attacking other people? Nothing I say ever came close to this mouthful, ever. What the hell do you call this? The hypocrisy is astounding. Perhaps you were looking in the mirror when you typed that hogwash.

            Talk is cheap Travis – when you use your time to attack Jodi and people who support Jodi more than you do supporting her or the defense’s efforts, that says a lot more about you than anything I say! So when you say you want Jodi released I have a hard time believing it. Rather, you’d tolerate people shitting on Jodi and not giving her the right to the benefit of the doubt she is guaranteed under the constitution.

            The pro-Travis boards are calling… they want their spokesman back.

          • Thank you LC… I don’t mind sticking my neck out and saying what’s clearly been on a lot of people’s minds.

            Why should I ingratiate myself to someone who essentially says that Jodi is using the “abuse excuse”? You are right to bring that up – if I wanted to see that I would turn on JVM and have her feed me a shit sandwich.

            Speaking of shit sandwiches, there’s been a lot of comments that attack Jodi, but are said with a smile or in such a way as to pretend they are perfectly reasonably and intelligent responses to her trial. Sorry, but an attack on Jodi is an attack on Jodi, and putting a sprig of parsley on a shit sandwich will not make it taste like chocolate.

          • I don’t see how you come to these conclusions, Travis. If anything I’ve been honest to a fault so why don’t you admit already that’s what you really can’t stand? To say I “deserve to be attacked” clearly shows you identify with and support abusers. Nothing you say about me is going to speak louder than the posts you’ve made at this site.

            It’s funny that you mention Jodi reading these boards – make no mistake if she does she will know who supported her during the times she needed most and those who didn’t. The fact that you’ve spent more time insulting me today than you have saying anything decent about her or her defense is all the proof she needs that you are squarely, without a doubt, on Travis’ side.

          • Right. I’ve read a couple of attorney explanations saying exactly that: Jodi has to prove it was self-defense. In fact, anyone in any state who says the did something in self-defense must prove it.

            I think the Battered Woman Syndrome, if presented compellingly, is the only possible trump card she holds toward convincing the jury. If an expert breaks through in explaining how Jodi was going through BWS, that lowers her burden of proof.

            Considering BWS as a factor can make all kinds of self-defense claims more acceptable to a jury.

          • Dena, you said nothing wrong!

            I think the problem here is that this site has some contributors who honestly want to entertain various theories and examine what is unfolding, while withholding final judgement (while making some judgments about pieces as they unfold, which is normal, and can change again, when subsequent pieces are presented), whereas others are completely behind Jodi, in such a way that they suspend any negative judgement of her acts, as they unfold, having already marked out their ideal final result of the trial – the acquittal of Jodi Arias, ie, she was completely in the right in terms of self defense and should be set free, period. The latter view aligns much more harmoniously with the name of this site: “Jodi Arias Is Innocent.” It also engenders the sort of blind emotional defensiveness and bullying that we see from folks on “PRO Travis/Hang Jodi” forums. And it deadens intelligent discussion. As the lawyers would say, it has a “chilling effect.”

            Those who subscribe to the latter POV and MO, unfortunately, become the mirror image of those they so thoroughly despise on the other side, like those on FB In Session. It is usually the case when people are so completely invested in their belief system, as in this case, that they fail to see the irony of having the behavior they so strongly criticize in their opponent.

            I think we may need a site called something like: “JodiAriasOpenMind”

        • So, MB, in order to post here, I need to believe 100% that Jodi is innocent? If that’s the case, then I suppose I should go elsewhere.

          I post here because it is the only place I’ve found that people are not just members of a moronic lynch mob. And that is the ONLY reason. None of us know exactly what happened on the day Travis died. I would like to know, as much as possible, the TRUTH about what happened. So far nothing in the testimony has shown me that Jodi’s life was ever in danger by anything Travis did. That may have been different that last day, or it may not have. It remains to be seen.

          Dena was making an accurate observation. I am suspicious of the objectivity and honesty of anyone who wants to stop her from doing so.

          • I agree we need to hear it all before jumping to conclusions but also I believe choking her until she passed out was a direct threat to her life. After she passed out we can’t be sure of when he stopped or how close she actually came to dying.

          • I agree with much of your post Michael L. though my gut tends to believe self-defense is a likely truth, but the evidence so far presented has not gotten there yet. I came here originally for the same reasons you did, I despise the sites that want to string jodi up by the highest tree. That and the fact that I am an extreme opponent of the Death Penalty. But being attacked when your merely trying to look at things objectively is telling me that perhaps this also is not the site for me. I have to engage with folks that are intelligent and do not run amok based strictly on their “feelings” about something! Perhaps SJ should set us straight. If MB speaks for the site and we are not welcome then perhaps we should politely just leave and take our support for this girl elsewhere?

          • I forgot about the choking – I stand corrected on that count.

            I think Travis was a controlling douchebag, and his family and friends totally rub me the wrong way. I alsoI firmly believe that Jodi felt she needed to defend herself on the day Travis was killed. But I have not made up my mind about whether or not her life was actually in danger and she is totally innocent.

            That does not make me a “Travis-Town Cult” member. It means I am trying to remain objective. I thought that objectivity was welcome here. If not, then this site is no better than the pro-prosecution sites.

        • After pondering just this issue all day at work I would just like to say that discourse like that above is EXACTLY why I visit this site daily. In depth legal analysis worth reading has been scarce in the media with so many salacious aspects of the case to hyperventilate over.

          As a pathological lurker I would like to thank both the hosts of this site and the many thoughtful commenters who faithfully contribute!

      • Dena I know what you were trying to say and it was just a statement of fact.

        The defense will try to show that both are presented.

        You are not a lawyer?

        If not you simply misspoke when you used term : ” Jodi has the burden of proving …”, but I realize that it was an honest mistake.

        I’m not a professional either, so hope I don’t use a “wrong” term…
        Everyone in my home feels Jodi was the victim of several kinds of abuse too.

      • The more we hear from her, the harder I believe she is innocent. They were both using each other. Travis for a booty call, which she complied with, and for some unkown reason she loved him.

        Why she did what she did is a huge mystery to me.

        Leave loser boy and get on with your life.

        You were a very beautiful girl, who could get much better men than him. Some who would respect you and treat you in a dignified manner, not throw chocolates at you, who does that?

        I am very sorry for Jodi, she gave up a lot to be with this idiot.

        She gave up her beautiful photography, which she was so good at. She gave up her beautiful paintings, which she could have earned a great deal of money for. Her beautiful singing voice, her poetry, and the list can go on and on.

        Why give up all those wonderful attributes, for some man who never respected you, put you down countless times in front of friends, and never wanted to marry you, and just wanted sex.

        Jodi gave up her life for him, in so many ways.

        • Let me just state that many women have been in relationships with users; I was with one before I got married, although I will say that I think Travis is worse than my ex boyfriend was. However, my ex did the same thing. When we were boyfriend and girlfriend, we had a good relationship; pretty normal, actually, but then we broke up. I still really wanted him, and kept hanging out with him. He kept luring me back. The strange thing is we also had those jealousy issues. We were allowed to see other people, but anytime another guy was interested in me, he would do what Travis did–he’d chase him away. There were a few times when men approached me when I was out with him and a group of friends, and he’d chase the guy away, saying he was my boyfriend (which he no longer was) and act like he was doing me a favor. However, it was perfectly OK for him to go out on a date with another girl. (This reminds me of the comment Jodi made about how TA would grab her in front of other guys to chase them away).

          And I’m an intelligent person–a college professor now. At the time I was working on my master’s degree. I loved him so much, and he treated me like crap, but had this hold over me. To this day, I cannot explain how he did it, but he did. He was not physically abusive, but very, very emotionally abusive. And that is the only thing I think I can really understand here. His emotional abuse had me so low I thought I didn’t deserve anybody in my life, and he had complete control over me as a result. It is possible to brainwash/beat down a person if they are madly in love with you, and it seems quite possible, to me, that this is what was going on with Jodi–except she also had the physical abuse. If a cult can do it to perfectly sane people, other people can do it to other people.

          My friends told me over and over again to stay away, and so did my family. And I couldn’t. It wasn’t until he started reating my friends and family like absolute crap, and I met my future husband, that I totally snapped out of it.

    • Also, it would be concerning if anybody was able to live a “happy and healthy” life after taking the life of another human being, even if that person was a monster who deserved it. Killing someone is the kind of thing that can mess up your head forever.

      • Dena, there are people that kill for SD, protection. Did you hear what happened to the family that the wife n two daughters were awaken, raped in front of eachother? Then they were killed the two man burned the house before lvg. Are you telling me that if the husband walked in, he shouldn’t have killed these two monsters???? Or if the wife had a gun, she shouldn’t have shot these two monsters and lived a very happy life after this nightmare? ?? Also, thank God we have n support our troops that go overseas every day to protect us and our county. They have to go through the unimaginable. Some need help when they come back but SOME come back and lv a happy normal life. Jodi isn’t the 1st n last person in this world to kill in SD. Hopefully she will get out of this mess n comes out free to lv a happy normal life.

      • I wonder how Jodi will feel in the future, Dena. I know it would mess my head up. So would the abuse she endured. So would having my genitals flashed onscreen for the world to see. I think Jodi may have a battle ahead even if she is found not guilty. She needs much healing.

      • Wow… you don’t even know for sure if she was “happy and healthy” so what are you doing claiming that she is? You have no idea what her state of mind is, you’re judging her on a few snippets of behavior that are superficial to her true state of mind.

        By all means, don’t waste your time defending yourself. Go back to the pro-Travis sites where your statements will go unchallenged.

    • so now I guess its ok for prosecution to contact witness as they WATCh the proceedings and report inconsistencies? WOW…what kind of circus are they running in AZ courts? This poor girls doesn’t stand a chance with this judge…disgusting

    • And he also said, I want to stick it all the way in. Which she probably hadnt allowed or couldnt handle. That tells me she didnt like anal and it must have hurt her and she probably couldnt handle the pain. I think Nurmi wanted her to say that and she said Little Red Riding Hood. Thus KY jelly etc. Poor Jodi.

    • Wow I’m shocked that everyone can listen to this testimony and the tape and say she is guilty? I wonder if they would feel differently if this were their daughter or sister? Coming from a very controlling relationship myself I can see so clearly the control and fear he had over her. I want to tie you to a tree and blind fold you!!! I want to rape you. . . I also wonder what his family is thinking. . finding out that he was also a HUGE liar and was just the opposite of what he claimed to be and what his family and friends believed him to be. . . WHY THE HECK IS THE DEFENSE NOT DRIVING IT HOME WITH ALL OF HIS LIES. . All I here is that she is a habitial liar well what the hell about him. His whole life was a lie!!!!!!!!!!! He lied to everyone about who he was. He lied and cheated on his ex-girlfriend as she testifed in court! He had NO RESPECT for women and clearly was mentally and emotionally abusing Jodi.

      • Michelle, his family is thinking that Jodi is making it ALL up!!! Its hasnt even crossed there minds that maybe, just maybe that at least some of what shes saying can be true. They are blind! They see nothing wrong with there poor little brother, nothing. The lies to the church, the cheating, I bet thry never even thought TA would even talk the way he did on that tape or those texts msgs.

      • The amazing thing is that ppl on the Pro-Travis site still believe he was a virgin when he died! (and I found out you get banned if you say anything to the contrary, even if it wasn’t in poor taste like THEIR comments) Ignorance must be bliss for them..

        • If I were in his families shoes I would hang my head and think wow my brother wasn’t what I thought he was but at the same time I would want him to still be alive. Even though I am on Jodi’s side! I believe she has battered women’s syndrome period and she snapped! It happens ppl. And women walk free today all day long.

          There is a new guy Mr. Carr who visits her in jail and has been in the court room. He has also taken to the airways and he is on her side. I think that is awesome. In light of this it made me wonder if it was S.J.

    • i just started watching this gross injustice two days ago.its a shame that a woman has to go to the exstent of putting it all out there(im not refering to her self,)but her personal exsperiences,which by the way we all have,in hopes to theres some one out there that just might have a fresh outside view.well i think i do what the hell happened to innocense untill proven guilty,let along terrorized into silence.the way im seeing this is that for starters and to the point you have a shutter bug that would know that running it through the washer, would not clean out a digital camera,let along even in the worst panic leave exspliced content to be exsposed .unless she had no choice to avoid endureing what she had possabley just seen. but what really got me reading between the lines as well as those that have involved them selfves,was what sky hughs found her self steping in. i realized that she was the wife of the man that kept pimping the modivatinal speaker off as single this ,single that( i hope your all seeing the light hear) oviously he as well as his wife would go to great leagnths to keep there golden goose single.chris hughs whole hook (the few seconds to grab a crowds attention) was that depended on his sales man\money maker being single and dreaming and maniplitplable.but,.im willimg to bet that thay would turn a blind eye if thay had a child that could influence his attentions.(keep in mind this is just an outsiders point of view there is no way jodi could have physacally let along emotionly do what she is acussed of.(reallity check folks) you have some one that weights less than half his weight, who has just went through what would be equvelent to twelve rounds in the ring,would be just as battered and brused,more so as petite as she is,and covered in blood there would be bodystamps of her from one end to the other. foot prints,hand prints, throw up and sweat(dna) i know a mother and father that might have convinced them selfves of guilt, of not protecting there children,knowing there golden goose just might find more comfort in a gander than there power could influence by greed not true friendship..or there miss directed clandestine stalking and tire slashing. ill bet thay had a fat life insurence policy tucked awaythat justifyed there actions, then theres zak,man how could he stand the smell, im sure that smell is still every where he gose,when nancy not so greatful ask him about jodi being att the services he said he was more concerned that every one involved was ok(is it just me, or did he step in it to)? its a down right shame that a religion that was so persicuted would turn and persicute a recent convert, even if that convert did it for love she must have belived in the faithof LDS love and marrige of eternity to convert. the woman in my life used to hide behind her hair as you. now she holds her head high and her eyes smile im sure every one seen the overnight change of the weight of emberisment to carry. no longer haveing anything to hide by makeing that phone conversation public knowlage i hope this helps good luck and best wishes

      • Hi Rick You raise some good points there with Jodi’s dna. Her footprints and hand prints and finger prints in blood would be all over the place, yet they only found one hand print on the wall. That makes me go hmmmmm.

    • I am a criminal lawyer and have an understanding of the legal issues surrounding self-defence. Int the case of a battered women, one must separate genuine fear of serious bodily harm or death from being “pissed off” over being abused. The latter does not constitute self-defence. It may be in extreme cases grounds for diminished capacity or mitigation of sentence. In Canada we have the partial defence of provocation for such cases. Ironically feminists attack it when hubby comes home and finds wify in bed with a golf pro instructor. But they are just peachy when it comes to using it in the case of a woman who feels “discarded” for a younger woman. Laws should be applied in a consistent manner. In this case there is simply no air of reality to self-defence. In Canada her claim of self-defence would have never been allowed to go to a jury. We have a mechanism to avoid spectical trials. We generally try to avoid friviloties in all areas of our justice system. Too bad you guys have a legal culture which rewards half-rate lawyers turning an otherwise straight forward case into a cheesy, made for TV movie.

  2. i just found this site, so sorry if this has been posted but on his myspace page under heros he names

    travis alexander??

    so he was a hero to himself………. hmmmm

  3. First time to post but does anyone know what and who got kicked out of the courtroom
    And what they were doing? It was while the tape was being played

  4. Does anyone know if an actual transcript of the recorded phone call is available? I can barely make out what TA says at times.

  5. I know this was asked yesturday, but I didnt see if anyone had the answer. Who is Ethel? Jodie mentions The.lubricant she bought after the bottle of astro-glide that “Ethel” left was used up. Wonder who she is. Hoping an ex willing to.testify.

    • Whoever she is, we know that Travis was having sex before he was with Jodi! It’s so funny how all of the people who were ADAMANT that Travis was a virgin are now like “Hey! He was a guy! Guys like sex, no big deal!” LOL.

      • I couldn’t understand Travis in some parts of the audio recording, but it sounds like he told Jodi she “tastes” better than any woman he’s ever “tasted.” Did anyone else hear him say this?

        If I understood him correctly, this just shows that many unmarried Mormons are secretly sexually active — just like people in any other religion. I mean, I’m assuming these were other Mormon girls he “tasted.” So, I think Travis is no way the only one doing a little “this and that” sexually.

        I’ll bet some of these other ex-girlfriends of his have lied on the witness stand about this. If so, what else are they hiding on Travis’s behalf?

        • yep,I caught that one too.And you know,TA could have easily had sexula relationships with girls utside the mormon cult.he was sexually active for years i guess,so it could be anybody,even prostitutes,not only exes.

    • Esther was the name. I asked that yesterday in yesterdays comments. Yep, he was knockin it with someone before Jodi! It would be very interesting to know how his family and friends feel now knowing he was leading a double life.

  6. Where are these comments…I don’t see them on the page, are they on his pictures? I already looked thru his myspace only a few days ago and never saw such comments.

  7. Seriously, where are they…I only see one full album of pictures, I just looked thru all the comments again and the comment on his public wall (obviously nobody can friend request him now to see any more of his postings)….I see none of what this page is claiming. I understand if anyone wants to support Jodi, that’s fine, it’s your right but please specify where these comments were posted because I have gone to his page via the link you provide and there are no such comments.

  8. Eeek, I see the comments now (didn’t realize there was a side bar comment tab…my apologies. Ok, my friend and I discuss this case so I will bring this to her attention because as you know, with not actually being there, it’s so hard to figure out exactly what happened and I try to remain open-minded by visiting webpages with both views and not just one-sided information. Ughhhh. I don’t think it necessarily means anything, people make dumb jokes and his friend wouldn’t put some “real” information like that up on a public page about him. I think it could possibly be something people joked with him about…we have no idea if it’s an inside joke about something funny that happened and Jodi took that and “ran” with it. She’s obviously proven that she was as into the sexual deviant stuff as he was (via the sex phone calls) but directly after the tape aired she said he was the one who wanted everything. Nobody really knows what went down but her history does not look good as well. I wouldn’t read too much into what friends joke about on myspace walls…I see lots of people, currently – today, that put some wierd stuff up on FB and I always think “ok and you’re howwww old?” People just get more brave on social media and texting and make dumb jokes that they wouldn’t even know how to articulate in person…the magic of typing, right? lol.

    • I’m sure it was a joke, the subject matter isn’t funny though. That Chad seemed like a homophobic creep in general based on his other comments.

      This comment from Travis is pretty gross too:

      This little filly is the only valid argument to not put up a big freakin wall at the Mexico border.

      What a crew of winners.

      • did you all read the rest of his my space page? in particular descriptions of himself, and who he wants to meet? the comments about “whores” is particularly disturbing. also, a video on there titled bachelor schmaclelor? mr.T very much liked himself, so this garbage his buddies are saying abput his humbleness is crap.

        • Even before the trial began — when we only had Travis’s blog, MySpace, etc. to have a feel for him — I knew his type. And then Jodi confirmed my assessment of him when she mentioned that he LOUDLY talked about how much money he was making, so that she could overhear him and be impressed. Guess his bait-dangling really worked…

  9. Just a comment off subject- doesnt vinnie from Hln (dont know his last name) look like he rolled right into the studio straight from the bar? He looks a hot mess!

    • Hi Lori, here’s my “layman’s” explanation of who Sky & Gus are… It’s complicated, so here goes…

      Skye Hughes and her husband, Chris, were close friends and business associates of Travis’s. The town they live in is half-way between Travis’s home in Mesa and Jodi’s in Yreka, CA. So they would meet up at the Hughes’s home sometimes to spend time together.

      They like Jodi at first, then eventually they didn’t. Now, of course, they hate her and want to see her get the max…

      Chris & Skye were called as witnesses in the “mistrial” side-trial issue. Jodi’s lawyers discovered that the Hughes’ have a questionable relationship with the prosecutor. They’re accused of watching the trial on TV, and calling the prosecutor’s office, coaching them on secret info they need to bring up in court.

      It sounds against the judicial rules and ethics. So Jodi’s lawyers had asked the judge to throw out Jodi’s entire case — or at least take the death penalty off the table. However, the judge decided today not to. The judge sided with the State, who argued they did nothing inappropriate.

      Now here’s how Gus Searcy got involved. He works with all of them, in the pre-paid legal business… It was Gus who told Jodi’s attorneys the Hughes were (inappropriately) in close cahoots with the prosecutor.

      Basically, Gus says he has info that could either hurt or help Jodi, so feels his testimony is important. He told Chris Hughes this. Chris was probably glad that Gus might be able to help the State “get Jodi.” Chris told Gus that he knew Gus’s name was on the Prosecution’s witness list. (Note: Chris shouldn’t have known so much about what the State was working on… How did he know this?!)

      Gus called the prosecutor a couple of times, to tell what he knew about Jodi & Travis’s relationship. But the prosecutor never returned Gus’s call — so Gus got mad. To get back at the prosecutor, Gus called Jodi’s lawyers and offered to help her side out.

      I guess Gus explained what ticked him off and Jodi’s guys were like, WTH: this Chris Hughes should NOT know who the State is calling to testify, etc. This seemed to be proof that something fishy is going on between the prosecutors and the Hughes! Jodi’s guys believe the prosecution had the Hughes’ calling all kinds of friends, pumping them for what they knew, and going back and telling it to the State.

      And alas, this is why Sky and Gus were called into this side-trial. Jodi’s team wanted to question them, to see if the State had been sneaky and gotten an unfair advantage. That could have benefited Jodi by being ruled a mistrial.

  10. F((k!!what happened up till now?wasnt it supposed to be a sealed hearing and then start at 11 o’clock Arizona time??Did Jodi take the stand??

  11. why is jodi not finiahing her test? is this normal? the def has not rested have they?
    can anyone plzzzzz sum up what she is saying? i am at work and can’t hear her 🙁

    • The defense is concerned that the prosecution was trying to gather information about their witnesses. Chris Hughes, Sky’s husband, approached a defense witness, Gus Searcy, about why he was on the defense list. The defense feels that prosecutorial misconduct has taken place as Hughes was not supposed to have access to the witness list at that point.

  12. Tits on right now guys!!! Nurmi is talking about they were told not to talk about n they did!!!! Oh shit, I think they might have to go with that mistrial!!! Yes!!!

    • Duh, of course they were watching and feeding Martinez information, they could lie and say anything. Remember how Martinez asked Chris hughes if he had any contact with “this prosecutor”? HAHAHAHA

      OMG she is stupid! Stupid judge.

  13. Taylor Searle is such a moron. According to Sky “He said that Travis never had that T-shirt made because he would have gone through me, we have a T-shirt business.” Like Travis couldn’t have gone to one of the other seven bajillion companies that make T-shirts? Especially if he was making a shirt that said “TRAVIS ALEXANDERS'”?

    • Yeah, just like Travis let everyone know about his sexcapades! I am SURE he would have gone to Skye for T-shirts for Jodi, knowing that Skye detested Jodi. Makes perfect sense! Please!

    • That judge has no control over her courtroom. I wonder if she is part of the mormon mafia!!! Martinez…all I can say is that he is a sneaky, lying piece of shit. his karma will one day get him….(NO i am not advocating anything, just the way karma works)

      • You know whats funny… my husband asked me if the judge was Mormon too!!!!! Idk if she is, but I was thinking that she wants to be kept on this trial so bad n thats why shes denied all these mistrisl requests!!!! Prunepuss!!!!

  14. Hey guys – I just wanted to point out that the t-shirt she had also had the name of his blog on the back…so the front and the back of the shirt combined advertised his blog. The defense is conveniently leaving that part out. (I am just pointing out all information in an objective point of view!)

    • That hasn’t been proven, as far as I know it’s just speculation from the pro-pros sites. The defense wouldn’t have admitted the T-shirt pictures if Martinez could have jumped on what the back said.

      • True…I forget where I read that anyway. But honestly, I have to say…that phone call provides more proof against her rather than for her. Everything else she’s saying is literally “her” word with no proof to back it up – the pedophilia allegations, she can’t provide pictures. And the letters, she wouldn’t even say where the e-mail came from that provided the copies of the letters. I honestly believe the defense was hoping to only play snipipets of the phone call to support what she was saying on the stand. The whole call was very telling that she was portraying herself to be way more innocent than what she actually was. I have to go by the concrete proof that is presented to be honest. With that said…I still think she didn’t act alone…that’s the part that’s bothering me…I feel she’s covering for someone else who was there that day!

        • Cathy,

          You arent the only one who thinks someone may have been there that day. Go ahead and post your thoughts without retractions.

          I don’t think the phone-call helped NOT because i believe Jodi liked all that crap – she was just pleasing him. Just not sure about the jury…

          • Thanks CJ! Yeah, I think there were some elements of truth to her story about the male/female intruders. She was the female counterpart in it (had the knife as per her istory of the woman in the interrogation story)…who was the male with the gun?? (if I’m just translating her and some guy to the matching roles in the story)…I always supsected she could have been sleeping with someone else who didn’t like Travis (either by they’re own personal reasons or she eventually had a stronger connection with this other guy (if there was one) and if there was abuse going on as she’s claiming, maybe that’s how this other persona’s part came into play that day)….just a theory. Abuse and pedophilia are such strong claims – I don’t want to dismiss that entirely but up until now I’m not seeing the evidence of it. She already told Flores in Interrogation #2 that she must have injured the ring finger during the whole attack with the woman but on the stand she said it was one of the times he hit her. There has to be some proof, text, e-mail, something to be presented in court of her telling someone about a physical abuse incident…a jury is going to look at it that way. But if she’s covering for someone else who was there, she should come clean, her life is on the line.

      • BeeCee – you’re right, sorry about that…but it’s something that can make sense…but since I have no proof, I retract that statement lol.l

        • Well, Cathy, why don’t you think of things that make sense for the DEFENSE instead of the other way around?

          Most of us here, do it that way.

          • No need to get snippy, I apologized immediately, didn’t I? I’m not here to argue with anyone just participate in discussion and I do not attack anyone including anyone concerning the trial, nor would I attack anyone on this page.

          • Actually,

            As Daniel pointed out, looking at it from the prosecution’s side ( but not to excess) can help the defense as they read here.

          • Thanks BeeCee, i appreciate it…I just look at everything from all view points and if my observations can help in any way, then great. I write assuming the teams don’t really read these sites, but who knows maybe their teams do. But do you know if they can introduce new evidence at this point to debunk anything they’ve stated before?

          • “Well, Cathy, why don’t you think of things that make sense for the DEFENSE instead of the other way around?”

            Yes! This. And I’m not thinking this just about Cathy, but that it applies to anyone in the closet Travistown cult that has set up franchise here.

            Not saying Cathy is a closet Travistown cult member… not yet… the track record of her subsequent posts will decide that.

    • As far as we know, Jodi was the only one wearing the tee shirt; and the visual effect is still the same – “look at this, THIS belongs to me” like she is a walking billboard for his business activities.

      • MB,

        You know Im on the defenses side. so help me understand how that sex taped helped aside from proving travis was having sex etc.

        I get jodi wanted to please him. But, do you think this will help the jury see that or confuse things?

        • Hi Cj- just wanted to point out a a few things I felt the tape helped with, and some things it proved. First , I think it shows many truths in this long story Jodi has been telling. It says she is being honest. She was not a stalker, She was not making up all the sexual info., Travis did plan to visit her, she knew about his trip to.Cancun, and was not upset about it. Travis was not being truthful with the impression he gave his friends of her, and the impression they had of him was false.
          The media made this tape out to be the smoking gun evidence. I dont think the defense intended on it being that, just to verify alot of Jodis testimony so far. So when the jury heard this tape , in their heads, as things are stated between them, the jury is able to.mentally.check off verified facts. This gives them a sense that Jodi is HONEST
          The tape also discredits all.of the states character witness testimony statements.The state wants to.claim.Jodi planned this because she was a stalker, she had been told by Travis it was over, blah blah blah she was bad and he was good. The tape IMO wasn’t how bad Travjs was, just that Jodi has been truthful in her testimony so far. Mental note to jury: Jodi is honest.

          • I agree, I think it was pretty honest proof, honestly, of what Jodi was saying. The media keeps talking about Jodi’s tone on the tape but as I mentioned up above, when you are in this strange, emotional state when you are ready to give everything up to be controlled and used by a person because you love them, which is where Jodi was (I was in this state over a guy once, too) you will say ANYTHING to please the guy. She was trying to please him. What it shows is that Jodi was not a stalker, Travis was an active participate in sex, and he was really the one who was in charge of the sexual escapades. It was really just full of his ideas, and she just played along. It goes a long way to show that Travis was lying to everybody around him. It really demonstrates that the people that thought they knew Travis best–his family and friends–did not know him at all. He was not the devout Mormon he said he was. It would seem, then, that Jodi knew him better than any of them did, to me, and therefore what she is saying, which are all things his family would not know about TA, have more of a ring of truth to them. Just my opinion, though.

          • KMiller: GREAT post. Hopefully someone on the jury will get that and point it out to the others once they begin deliberations. The prosecutions reasoning for this murder is slowly. being chipped away. They keep saying SHE was a willing participant, something we already knew. What is more important here is that HE was a willing participant with Jodi, which goes to show he was lying to his friends about her being a stalker. HE sounded very comfortable with Jodi, and not at all afraid for his life, being threatened etc.

        • What Kmiller said.

          I made up a list yesterday and posted it there after everyone blew up the boards against Jodi.

          The tape completely disproves the prosecution’s theory completely. For some reason, the prosecution not being able to prove their case is not enough for people to grant Jodi her constitutional right to presumption of innocence. The defense admitted the tape in to show that Jodi is telling the truth. That she is not just talking shit about Travis, these are things he actually DID.

          I don’t see how it harmed her – the jury already *knew* that Jodi was carrying on with Travis in questionable sex charades. That point was never debated. The issue was showing that Travis was a willing participant with Jodi. She was not dragging him into her bed, she was not desperately trying to get his attention. Correct me if I’m wrong, but she asked him about his itinerary and doesn’t he allude that he is making plans to go to California with her? IMO that shows right there Jodi had no reason to kill him for going to cancun – she was going to take her turn and hook up with Travis after the fact.

          • Yes, you are right. He said she was the number one thing. He was giving up some other plans in order to spend more time with her. That right there seems to disprove the stalking thing. I think what TA did was blame the fact he still hung out with Jodi ON Jodi to his friends and family. They didn’t like her because she was sexy and because they probably sensed TA was attracted to her. They tell him to stay away, so he says, “Oh, I’m trying, but she keeps stalking me, she won’t leave me alone.” Instead of being a man and saying, “I like her and want to hang out with her, screw you,” he blames it all on her to uphold his image as a good Mormon guy.

    • And also, this site says “#1 Jodi Arias Support Site.”

      This site is NOT neutral. This is a pro-Jodi site. SJ has been completely, unambiguously clear about this. “Us vs. Them.”

      Most of us take that seriously enough not to post rumors from the pro-Travis camp.

  15. Just keep in mind that any motion for mistrial can be used in case Jodi needs to appeal the verdict. This judge may not grant a mistrial, but it’s good that Nurmi/Willmott have it on the record. Jose Baez did the same with Casey; he asked for a mistrial numerous times.

  16. GREAT!!!! So this confirms that Chris n Skycan do whatever the f*** they want in this case!!!! Well, thats what Chris thinks n he’ll be lovig this too!!!! You know what, he’ll get his!!! People like that, thats the kind of people that get what they deserve in the end!!!

  17. It’s pretty obvious that this judge is barely listening to any of the motions the defense is bringing for prosecutor misconduct and she has already decided to deny the motion way before there even done presenting it and she has no intentions of not letting this go to the jury and possibly put her to death …..i’m just glad they are getting this all in for the possible appeal later

    • You know CJ, it seems like by her expressions she is just waiting for him to finish and say no. It doesn’t look like there is any actual THOUGHT given to Nurmi’s motions.

    • Agree. Did you notice she was reading her denial decision immediately after Nurmi stopped speaking? She already had her mind made up. I just wonder whether there are influential Mormon community members or officials pulling the strings in the investigation and trial proceedings. Something is very wrong with this picture. It doesn’t appear on the up-and-up.

        • beecee laurel,

          It would be naive of us to think they DIDN’T have power and influence don’t you think? My concern is whether any are on the jury. I know people say that they cant decide based on religion but I think that may not be true in this trial. They need fair and unbiased jurors in this case and having a LDS member is kind of like having a survivor of DV on there. Please don’t take exception to my comment but jury selection is the most important part of any trial ( so lawyers say).

    • Hopefully, the judge realizes that this was not premeditation and wants the trial to continue quickly in favor of Jodi. She usually always asks the DA to restate questions vs sustain them.

  18. I know it’s frustrating…but if a mistrial was called at this point, Jodi would have to go through this all over again with a new trial. It’s probably best that she get through this trial and appeal the verdict if need be.

    • Hey Kira,
      Depends if the judge declares a mistrial with prejudice or one without. If she declares one without, then a new trial can be set. However, if she believes there would be prejudice (Jodi couldn’t get a fair trial) then Jodi could not have another trial on these charges. x

  19. Sorry I am getting a little anxious with all the BS and the corruption going on. I also went to the TA blog site earlier and went back to copy the info, It is GONE! Of course it could just be me. FYI. But I cant bring it up. Thanks Y;all

    • Yeah, I never could get it back up either after I originally saw it. But someone above mentioned a sidebar…I can’t check myspace from work, but sometimes you have to click on it to see…try that.

      • MB, thank you. I will try. weird I click the link provided by SJ to the blog and get it. 20 minutes after, someone posts on this very sire (which i enjoy so much all the details and solid people) poof gone???

          • I am new here too. I have been reading for a couple of days here. I have been watching the trial from the beginning and i am fed and sick up reading pages full of hatred regarding this trial, jodi and jodi’s family .I was wondering what you guys think of Mr Martinez intimidating temper and how it will/could affect the jury?
            I did not care much for Mr Gus personally, but I did like the way he spoke up to Mr M and I was looking on google for any critical comments regarding Mr M did not find anything then I was trying to find any of the video’s Mr M cross examining, which had been up before, but did not find anything.
            Thank you for your opnion

          • Oh make no mistake even more shit is going to start “mysteriously disappearing” as it gets closer and closer to Jodi testifying about the night Travis attacked her.

  20. i think the defense knows they wr not gna get a mistrial they want it on record bc it could b used TO OVERTURN





    • Marie,
      I love that!
      Kind of reminded me of Baez and “the laughing guy”
      Nurmi is a good lawyer.
      The way he started out questioning Jodi from start made me believe he is good.
      Almost like a Father figure.

  22. This Judge needs to remove the Alexander sister that can’t control her behavior in the courtroom. Or, at least tell her to stop or else. This is getting really absurd.

  23. I think mr Nurmi did a excellent job of proving and presenting the fact that Chris and sky Hughes are clearly watching the trial and all the media stuff on the trial and feeding the prosecutor anything they think will help them get Jodi the death penalty …..I think the defense is just trying to get everything on the record for a appeal and they know the judge isn’t ruleing in there favor at any point

  24. Hooray! someone got the cat s**t out of Travis’ sisters’ mouth! OR they know they can’t be so self righteous because they know what Jodi has been saying about Travis is true.

  25. NOW it is making more sense… JA and TA had this push-pull relationship where JA was terrified of TA, and at the same time would egg him on. Now, I say this with lots of experience and first-hand knowledge of my own. She stated today that she would threaten TA with the pedophile information. Well guess what? He’d probably lose it with her all the time. This was probably there back and forth, AND I wouldn’t be surprised IF the day she killed him he called her a bunch of names for dropping the camera (if that was even the cause of their argument) and she called him a bunch of names AND threatened to tell everyone about his fantasies, his secrets and etc… So he lost it, he attacked her and she stabbed him with the knife they were using to cut the duct tape during their kinky sex. IF he called her all those horrible names and told her all she’s good for is sex then she probably lost it and stabbed him 27 times for all the pain he’d caused her, for pretending they weren’t together when they were, for hurting over and over… And the throat slicing that is where I don’t know how that came about but it will probably be solved soon.

    • Since he tried to choke her before, I wonder if he was strangling her as she grabbed hold of the knife. That would fit it with Willmott’s “Jodi had to make the decision to live or die” statement and would also explain why Jodi started stabbing in a frenzy.

    • Yes, the Duck tape, they probably had a knife for his Gross fantasies. What if he had her steal the gun so and made her play Russian roulette and that is why only one shot? Yikes, what if they were both playing and He got shot, she got scared. Did all the stabs etc intending to say that it was home invaders to protect him again. OMGosh, I sure hope she finally stands up to him, Not just the self defense but as I said before, I was glad she killed him, so men will have this on their minds before they abuse a woman. i think if she is free it will save a lot of womens lives!!

      • I think the gun may come into things through suicide. Shes talking about being suicidal again before moving back to Yreka. I get the feeling that the gun will have been in her purse because of that or possibly because she didn’t feel safe on the road trip. She will probably say that she got the second gun because she planned suicide as well.

    • To FLNJANG,

      That sums up the type of conclusion that I was coming to. Nobody is going to take a .25 caliber gun to try to kill someone, because it is so weak. And, for Jodi to try to attack Travis with a knive, in order to kill him, is an absolutely horrible plan, that could easily backfire. The plan does not look “pre-meditated”. Also, going through the photography, and the sex games, etc, prior to trying to kill someone with a knife, seems like overkill. It would have been alot easier to meet Travis at the door, use a real gun, and flee. So, something must have happened. And, I think you may have hit on it. There was already alot of strain, between the two. Something happened. Cross words were exchanged. It led to an explosion. The knife came into play. It could have been a real fight for life, in which both were injured. Also, if this had occurred, Jodi would have had to of reacted really fast. A person could not sit there and count out how many times they cut someone – not in a kill or be kill scenario. People keep saying, “He was stabbed x amount of times.” Well, if she had wanted to kill him, she could have shown up at the door with a real gun, and taken him out with one hit, instead of 27 slashes. When I think back to Jodi emphatically stating, “No jury is ever going to convict me! Mark my words.” It now means something different than the first time I heard her say that.

  26. Is the Sky Huges testimony avail on the AZ chanel? If so, does anyone know what time on the feed its available. I have been slammed at work and missed whats going on. I saw some posts and looks like I missed some excitement. I cant seem to get much in the way of details.

  27. I have to say, it seems like she is holding back in her testimony. It’s almost like her defense team is trying extremely hard to help her set the tone for self-defense….yet when it’s time for her to answer the questions she shies away.

    Not sure why….

  28. I wrote a 2 page essay to Nancy Grace yesterday about how I find her reporting to be irresponsible. Last night she did NOT even make one mention that in the recorded tape Travis said, “You have been miserable and I still raped you.” I feel that the hosts on HLN are making a mockery of Jodi’s claims of abuse by her mom and dad and Travis. They also have guests on that they freely allow to call Jodi a slut. I believe in freedom of speech and everyone is allowed to have an opinion, however, the hosts should be responsible and not condone calling women sluts (its making it ok in the eyes of idiot viewers who repeat everything Nancy says), and its making it seem ok to push your daughter and she ends up unconscious. I am disgusted.

    • good for you Lindsay!!! are you planning on sending it and/or having them apologise? Hope that Nasty-Nancy takes it into some serious consideration!

      • Hey Maria,

        I sent it yesterday. It was too long to go in the HLN forum that you get when you click contact us but I found out that Nancy has a website and the forum on her webpage allowed me to put my whole letter. I was assaulted over the summer and I wrote a bit about that in it to show her where I was coming from and why it hits me very hard. Who knows if she will ever see it though…Not sure where else I should send it. If you have any ideas let me know 🙂



          NOT TO MENTION, ABUSED WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Hey Summer, let me think about if I want to post my letter to Nancy Grace here bc there is some personal detail in it. About to go to class but will get back to you on this. I am leaning towards posting it but I just have to consider a few things first. Thanks!

    • Totally agree. JVM does the same thing – she allows her guests to shit on women without any consequences. It doesn’t matter if it’s a woman calling another woman a slut – it’s still sexist garbage, and these people have no ounce of respect or professionalism for their job.

      I read somewhere that JVM is a lesbian. If that’s true, I wonder how she feels defending Travis now that we know he’s homophobic?

      • Yes, MB, I agree JVM does do the same thing. I tried to give her benefit of the doubt because I do like how she has segments about animals (I am going to veterinary school so I love hearing people talk about animal welfare)and my dog was on 2 times as pet of the day BUT I think I have to boycott her too. I mean, they have to right to believe Jodi is lying, but the thing is, they have the responsibility to their viewers to say regardless of if it did or did not happen to Jodi, this behaviour is still unacceptable. They are also totally going back to that old double standard of if a girl has sex she is a slut and the guy is just normal–boys will be boys–very sexist indeed. I am shocked with Dr. Drew. I had respect for him and thought with the Casey Anthony trial he was pretty impartial. He is also not putting a stop to the sexist comments. There was a guest host on last week who was a psychologist and she actually mentioned the slut thing a few times, but of course it was overlooked.

        • I agree – and IMO there’s only one conclusion to arrive to when seeing these people in action – they are liars and hypocrites. On one hand they’ll say they are advocating for victim rights, but on the other say that Jodi “deserved what she got.” Or that she “egged him on” or “elicited a response” from Travis – in other words, blaming the victim.

          I’ve always said Jodi is not perfect – but nobody ever ‘asks’ for the treatment she got.

          Dr Drew – wow out of all of them I’d have to say he is the worst. He tries to come across as this reasonable “nice guy” that has everyone’s best interests in mind. Oooh no, he does not.

        • I emailed and tweeted both JVM and Nasty Grace about their repeated biased comments towards Jodi. Its disgusting! Is HLN run by Mormons by chance? LOL

      • I believe JVM has discussed her ‘Orientation’ before. I remember hearing it somewhere & I swear that it was her that said it on her show. I think she may have dated a man in the past, if I remember correctly. I’ve been wondering similar things- “Does she have ANY idea that TA wouldn’t have stood up for HER bc of her sexual orientation”?

    • They also never mentioned the 12 year old comment! Dr Drew didn’t either! !!! So, when my husbad gets home, he watched this BS tgen I have ti fill him on on what the REAL TRUTH is!!! Then his amazed that these people wouldn’t mention any of what TA said!!!

  29. At least they are proving slowly that she is not a sociopath. If she were a true stalker she would not have left Mesa in the first place. Travis was just as nosy as she was!!

    • She is not at all a sociopath. Sociopaths have no feelings for anyone. If anything, Jodi feels a bit too intensely, not the other way around.

    • Absolutely! He could not let her go. She was going to move and he managed to convince her to stay with him for two more days. Then he says “everything she touches turns to shit.” People wonder why Jodi kept carrying on with Travis; I feel like I’m the only one wondering why if Travis hates her so much, why he kept carrying on with HER?

      • that’s one easy MB! coz he was a sick narcissistic bas***d,feeding off other ppl’s emotions in order to keep his super magnified EGO alive!

      • Also proof if that: on the police report when Flores interrogated the roommate, the roommate said he remembers them fighting when she was moving, the day she was there with the uhaul truck. So, its nit just her saying it, the roommate saw it!




    • Right on summer!! I thought both Nancy and Jane Velez would activists for abused women and women’s rights but apparently not. I am sure if one of her friends told her that he mom beat her with a wooden spoon and dad pushed her so she was unconscious that she would take that abuse seriously.

      I think about that case in Tejas where a man caught someone molesting his daughter and then shot and killed the man. I am not pro guns at all. However, I can see why the father would kill this molester. The father was arrested initially but the cops let him go because they felt that the actions done to his daughter warranted his intervention. So, one could argue if self defense should be equal the dad should have molested the molester?? I want to hear what Jodi says Travis did to her the night of his death before deciding if I think the self defense was overkill or too harsh. She has the right to tell her side.

      • I heard Gloria Alred was against Jodi, I was heartbroken. I bet she changes her mind after the tape. Or regrets not being on Jodi’s side or at least the side of innocent until proven guilty.

      • Omg exactly! !!!! Thats exactly what I was trying to imply earlier!!! And if if the father killed the molester, one would think the father n daughter would go on to lv a “happy n healthy” life. Well with probably some mental health or some type of therapy for the daughters, of course. But in the end…. they both survived n this monster didnt lv to hurt anyone else! !!

        Jodi was aleady experiencing trembling, some type of anxiety from being hurt by TA in the past, so this also comes into place the way everything went down that day.







    • Plus they question if Jodi really needs glasses. Come on!! If they are that bored, move to different news stories! She probably wore contacts and can’t have them in jail so now she wears glasses. Big fn deal 😛

  33. i have to say when I first started watching, I thought she was doomed. but now, I think she has a chance if she can hold up to martinez.

    • I know, I thought this too!! He’s so hungry for her. U saw how he kept wanting to keep going at her about that email??? I think Nurmi will reassure her n if anything shell first be intimidated but then will get the hang of it. If anything, shell probably shut down.

      • The letter she sent to Travis, broke my heart a little bit… She loved this guy and just wanted to end it on a better note….as friends….. I can’t even imagine what transpired to cause the final outcome, less to say it had to be very bad to change her state of mind from that letter to his death… I do not believe any of it was pre-meditated or that she was in a vengeful state of mind… It just made me feel very sad for the whole situation… I hope the letter is seen by the jury the way I saw it…. I hope she is totally acquitted of this whole situation…

  34. let me say ja can multi task

    drive a car and dye HER HAIR, rinse it out etcc…..
    kill a man in the manner they accuse when she is 120 n hes pushing 200 lbs
    in the process take pictures, so she is using one arm, and…..

    all of this WITH A BROKEN FINGER


  35. Did the question ever get answered this morning; How did Sky Hughes know that Gus was on the defense witness list before Gus even knew?

  36. I think they are making headway as I have not heard any expert refer to her as a sociopath since she has been on the stand. They must restore her credibility. The experts have to explain the lies she told at first

  37. Can someone please clarify this for me… I hear on TV that no porn/child porn was found on Travis’ computer. But I also read somewhere that they found proxy servers accessed. Is this true? As I understand it, these proxy servers allow people to go online anonymously and some people access the “dark internet” which is filled with child porn.

    • I think it is entirely possible that there was in fact NO PORN on Travis’ computer.

      I also consider that to be completely irrelevant.

      There also wasn’t any pictures of guys beating the shit out of girls, websites dedicated on “How To Fuck With Girls Heads and Get Them To Do Kinky Shit For You”, “How to Control Women, Sexually and Emotionally”, “How to Kick Girls in the Ribs and Break Their Finger”, “How to Back Hand Girls Sitting In Your Passenger Seat”, “How to Portray Yourself as A Mormon Virgin but Be a……Total Sex PIG HAHAHAH BOOOYAH!!” etc, etc.

      Need I go on? Who gives a shit if there was porn on his computer. Probably the only people still talking about this are Nancy Grace and Co., I don’t watch but I can’t say for certain.

      This issue seems like a total Red Herring though. If the Jury isn’t watching NG I’m sure it won’t be all that relevant.

      • I agree. It is a red herring, like saying that no women have come forward. What? What if he hired prostitutes? What is the odds that they would come forward? Probably, zero. Also, what if he was involved with Mormon women? What is the odds that they would come forward and say, “Oh yeah, Travis and I, blah, blah, blah.” There is a lot of social pressure involved in being Mormon. I highly doubt that either prostitutes, or Mormon women, would come forward. So, to say that no women have come forward, to me, says ZERO.

    • Lindsay – yep. Travis was computer saavy enough to cover his tracks, so of course no child porn would be found. Plus, Jodi testified she walked into him masturbating over pictures of little boys in underwear; so if they were printed hard copies, they wouldn’t be saved if he were using a proxy. It’s much easier to get rid of paper than it is data.



          • Interesting… Sometimes the ppl mess up and get caught on the illegal Internet. I guess Travis was very savvy. I wondered how his roommates would not smell a dead body and why no one looked for him. I worked w cadavers when I did my medical illustration degree few yrs ago and you could smell the anatomy lab way down the hall. Speaking of anatomy, jmv said last week since Jodi was interested in body worlds it would make sense for her to murder Travis. Ugh!!! Artists are into anatomy!!!

          • The Mormons operate like a Cult as you can see so they have appeared on various Talk shows To do damage control. Expert MORMAN psychiatrist, Friends that all look the same, due to the enormous inbreeding that has gone on. POLYGAMY so the incestuous mentality is ingrained very much with them. They are all coming out of the woodwork Don’t forget he was a spiritual leader or something of that sort. I guess MISS LISA knows that he is not a virgin now! The question at hand is why did she stab him 27 times. and slit his throat ear to ear.

        • Excellent points, and remember that Insp Flores smelled the stench of Travis’ decomposing body the moment he walked through the door. How is it that his roommate lived, slept, and went along in life in a house where the unmistakable odor of putrefaction hit people right at the door?

          • Right n the roommates girlfriend, did she not smell it??? I would like to personally ask HER. And id ask her if she didn’t find it off that the vacuum was just sitting in the middle of the floor? The roomate told Fores that he found the banister slick n wet, like someone was cleaning….. Who was cleaning if Jodi was gone by that time n WHY?!

  38. The reason there are proxy servers is so Child molesters and pedophiles can cruise the internet without anyone knowing they are doing it ….I’m not 100% sure the way they work but the forensic guy did say he was looking for proxy servers or on a proxy server and it might be the reason he has no kiddie porn on his comp that they can see

    • That is a HUGE generalization, and grossly inaccurate. There are many people, all over the world, who are unable to access certain websites because they are blocked by their ISPs or by their governments. A proxy server is the only way to access those sites. People in China and other countries aren’t allowed to access the entire web – they use proxy servers.

      My son is a Minecraft junkie and likes to download mods for the game. Most of the mods are only available through Adfly links, which my ISP blocks because they can sometimes be fraudulent or contain viruses. So we use proxy servers to access those sites. Does that mean I’m a pedophile? Absolutely not.

      Please check your facts before making posts like that.

        • The basic idea is that a person can use a proxy server to view sites, while being undetected, or unrecognized. What people do with that, or why, is another story. Travis lived in Mesa, Arizona – not North Korea. Also, people appear to be assuming that Travis only used one computer, and that he logged on from his own home’s internet. He could have had two or three computers – such as laptops. And, it is very easy to go online, from a neighbor’s wifi, when the signal is left unblocked. People actually drive in their cars, sometimes, looking for open wifi access. The fact that he did use proxy servers shows that he was no dummy when it came to using computers. He understood how to remain anonymous, while using the net.

          • We don’t KNOW if he was using one. He looked up a YouTube video about proxy servers – that’s not the same as using one. If he’d used one, his internet history would have shown him visiting proxy sites, and I haven’t heard anyone testify (yet) about that.

            Not defending Travis, just trying to remain objective.

    • I might add that your comment about there being no porn on his computer due to his use of a proxy server is also inaccurate. He would only have porn “on his computer” if he downloaded images and saved them to his hard drive.

      A proxy server prevents his ISP and his particular server address from being tracked by other computers or servers. It would not, however, prevent him from downloading porn, nor would it even prevent his activity from showing up on his internet history. (The web addresses of the proxy servers would show up – I am not sure whether or not the sites visited through the proxy would show up. I have not used one for a long while, so I don’t have a way to check for sure.)

      Wikipedia – It’s your friend!

      • I agree. The assumption that he should have porn on the computer, is ludicrous. How do we know whether he even used one computer? Some people have a computer, a couple laptops, etc. Maybe the computer that was found was a “white hat” computer, and somewhere else there was a “black hat” computer.

  39. I just tuned in did anyone bring up the fact that he talks about Raping her she sounds very uncomfortable and states, we had a lot of make up sessions or something like that. That stuck out in my mind obviously this was an abusive relationship she was in denial and yes participating But The Rape thing is upsetting

    • Nurmi is bringing out the big guns today. Im sure all of this sex/text that Travis sent Jodi will be swept under the rug tonight on HLN.

    • Absolutely, there is NO WAY that Jodi was the one who took his virginity. Some have theorized that he learned all through pornography, but I still think there’s no reason to believe he abstained from physical sex, especially since Jodi told him what a stud he was in bed. He’s like “I pace myself.” Right!

  40. His text messages are disgusting and he clearly meant when he said she was his to have animalistic sex with and that is all he cared about. If nothing else this shows what a narcissistic sexually obsessed asshole he is.

  41. Trixels…yes, they will totally focus only on the fact that she was “game”: for it. They won’t discuss how this ties into abused woman syndrome.

    • I think the text messages are very telling I think her attorney is trying to paint a full picture of what occurred. Somewhat like a painting where you have to step back & see the full picture. I really think the Jury is not going to like Travis I could be wrong. This is more effective then the Phone Message

      • Yes, that is the whole point! Thank you! This is what I’ve been trying to articulate – Travis had a pattern of behavior, and all evidence points to the pattern of an abuser. Not just any abuser, though, a manipulative, two faced religious hypocrite with pedophilic tendencies.

        Make no mistake – the harder the Travistown cult and media works to try to discredit Jodi, it’s because the jury IS taking her seriously, and the chances for acquittal are getting higher and higher.

    • Well remember that the defense has a domestic violence expert coming in to testify about that. It’ll be interesting to see what she’s got to say about the sexual aspects of this case; but one thing is for certain – women in abusive relationship can’t just shut their feelings off, even if it means relying on the closeness of sexual contact to find some measure of comfort in their situation.

      • MB exactly that is what I am looking forward to. The expert putting it all into perspective for the jury. This evidence is severely damaging to St Travis and the Travistown cult. No longer can they say Jodi led him into this type of sexual behavior. This is all coming from his fingers so to speak, through the text messaging. For me it’s not really about the sex so much that it is about Travis that no one knew about; sex, domestic violence and his life of lies. Its hard for me to put into words but if its now known he was sexually active behind closed doors its easier to believe that he was also violent behind closed doors too.

        • Trixels – absolutely! IF his friends did not know about his sexual escapades then it’s probable that they did not know about his abusive behavior either. Travis was VERY two faced – he even talked shit about Jodi behind her back without her even knowing until after he attacked her and his friends pointed the finger at her!

          • if I were a friend of T’s(god forbid)right now I would feel betrayed,shocked,misled,stupid,angry but most of all ASHAMED for having spoken even a word against that girl since the man I supposedly supported wasnt even close to sm I knew.If they dont feel like that then I guess they too are sick like their lil’ friend!!

          • maria, me too! Five years after the fact, after all the evidence that’s been uncovered, you’d think that these people would find it in themselves to admit – at the very least – that they didn’t know him nearly as well as they thought did? But there they are, continuing to repeat the same baseless lies and accusations against Jodi, rinse lather repeat; same shit different day.

  42. The Hughes are in the center of all of this as it was Hughes brother that set Jodi up with Travis and Skys brother that set het up with Ryan, They were passing her around and I bet they knew about the fake virgin thing Bunch of racist misogynists!!!!! PIGS

    • Oooh I totally agree. The Hughes are in the thick of this, and why the judge isn’t slamming down the hammer against their violation of a court order is frustrating!

      Just a side note:

      My grandfather is Latino and I saw my mother struggle through the same issues Jodi did. She didn’t date for a while because she was afraid of getting involved with pedophiles, and now I know why! Entitled, screwed up white dudes gravitated to her because she was “white” enough to pass but “brown” enough to look down on and shoulder her with their problems. Eventually she found someone with the same kind of background and settled down with him until he passed away recently.

      Travis’ comment about “little fillies” being the only thing working against “putting up a border by Mexico” just proves his sick state of mind, though doesn’t it?

  43. This is my first post, (So please go easy on me) I have been watching the trial, when I first heard about this case I thought OMG , she sure wanted to make sure he was dead and assumed she was guilty I had not read or seen anything at that point. I don’t think that now. First the prosecutor turned me off with his temper tantrums. I started paying closer attention to Jodi and I am not seeing a murder, I am seeing somebody who was being used big time, certainly not a stalker! Now, I am coming to believe she was a victim of TA.
    I would like to know If other people still have questions reaarding her previous interview, I had not seen her previous interviews so I searched for and watched her interview about the intruders and to me I thought it was possible and the hand print could fit with her leaning against the wall trying to get him to his feet. I had not watched it before trial. But now since she is saying SD it only matters that she lied, but I am still left asking myself how the –ck did she drag dead weight down the hall and back in to the shower (I mean he was not a small man)

    • OregonMom, some of us here think she is lying still, but to protect her family. I think the abuse is real, but I still don’t think SHE actually killed him. The interrogation is what did it for me. Flores is a proven idiot and focused only on Jodi from the start based on false stalking claims. The hughes are in WAY deep.

        • It’s called “Blood Attonment”. Voluntary if you commited the ultimate sin, the taking of innocent life. There is no way to redeem your soul if you do that. The only way is to sacrifice your body to cleanse your soul and get to go to heaven. It was done voluntarily and they would cut the throat from ear to ear. I brought this subject up a while back.

          It is very odd coincidence that Travis had his throat cut from ear to ear AND was a SINNING MORMON. I brought that up prior to the prosecution even “resting”. Since then it has become pretty clear that Travis was just not a “sinning mormon”. He was completely corrupt and not worthy of the Church at all.

          Who knows. Maybe the married mormon woman’s husband tracked him down and killed him. Obviously the cutting of the throat from ear to ear was done by someone who believed it would “save his soul”. Maybe he asked for it to be done once he knew he was going to die because he had not repented yet to the Church and atonned for all his sins.

          There I go speculating again……

          • Yeah, I suppose it does us no good to speculate. The defense is self defense…I apologize I don’t remember you bringing up the attonement, there are so many pages that actually I remember a couple of different people have talked about it. 🙂

          • Now that is interesting Travis. Although what I read is blood atonement was dismissed by the LDS in 1978. It is still part of fundamentalist Mormons. It opens up the possibility that he asked for it while bleeding out.

            I doubt it though. TA was a fake Mormon (and I suspect there are many many more).

          • I consider Mormonism a Cult to tied up with Money and an obvious sexual deviants Polygamy etc. There sexual practice is weird friends trying to find a Virgin this sounds disturbing. Which has been confirmed by the Fact That all Travis’ Friends look alike The media is also too against this girl, I am just wondering how she dragged his body etc. he was 200 Lbs and she is small. The whole story is strange. But he admits to raping her.

    • Now the Self Defense has been entered it is irrelevant how she did it. But yes……it does seem highly improbable.

      The lies she told at the beginning are easy to rationalize: young, scared shitless, traumatized just to name a few. Denial would be first and foremost. Hell maybe she blocked it out entirely at first.

      Good for you for staying away from main stream media on this as well. Nothing there but trouble.

    • Hello OregonMom,

      I also changed my mind. But, it was not from listening to Jody. I tracked down the interviews of people who knew her closely, when she first got involved with Travis. And, from what everyone described, she fell completely head over heels, for Travis.

      Also, I am not sure that she fell head over heels for Travis, for the reasons that many people assume. I think that inside she may just be a big “mother hen” inside. And, she may have saw Travis as a little boy who was hurt. In Jodi’s mind, maybe the way she saw to make Travis better was through love. My wife is alot like this. She will readily do something that someone else wants, because she wants to see the other person happy. And, in these instances, she has zero thought for herself.

      Also, there are some instances that I think suggest the inner “mother hen” personality. When her mom would try to hit her brother, she would intervene, and take the hits, herself. This shows a protective side. Also, she said that when she realized that Travis was suffering from pedophile-like tendencies, she suggested that he get some sort of help. Most women would have run the other way, as fast as possible.

      • Ben-

        This may sound silly, and ‘not a big deal’ to other people, but I just wanted to say I think it’s sweet that you recognize this selfless quality about your wife. A lot of guys would easily overlook this amazing quality and take it for granted.

  44. I am LDS. I knew Travis. I am acquainted with Jodi (met her at a church gathering in Mesa in 2007/2008?) I pray for Justice for Travis. I pray for Justice for Jodi. Neither person is perfect. Both have flaws, both have been taken out of context, both are victims. Travis is gone, nothing can bring him back. What each person did, said, how they acted, what they contributed was wrong. Travis, as far as his behaviors toward Jodi with regards to the Church, was wrong; however, Mormonism is not on trial. Jodi wanted love; she is not the first or last women who have fallen into the same situation. None of us can ever know what went on between them or to what extent. So much of what has transpired is speculative at best. As a person who is far from perfect I cannot pass judgment on either and I do not want to. I do not sit on a jury, I am not God. I pray the jury members are like me in some respects. I pray that the jury can examine the information on its merits, as it compares to their own lives and experiences. I hope they can think with clear heads, with logical minds and without malice toward either party. I would not want their responsibility for anything. My own life and I believe non others could bear the scrutiny of an examination like this without painting a dim outlook, every misstep, every mistake, every malicious comment, every naughty text, every comment examined with a microscope. I would fail. Travis Failed. Jodi Failed. I hope this ends fairly. I hope justice for all parties is achieved.

    • Hi Bella very nice post. I agree that none of this is going to bring Travis back and I feel for his family. I also feel very badly for Jodi because no matter what the verdict, she is the one that has to live with the constant nightmares for the rest of her life of what went down on that fateful day. No amount of counselling is going to be able to free her from those and that is sad. For everyone else, Travis will never come back but for Jodi he will never go away.

    • Hi Bella. Nice of you to drop by. I think it is important for you, when wanting justice for Travis, to remember that Jodi’s defense is not “he was mean to me so I killed him”.

      I understand that you like Travis, however the defense is “he attacked me, I feared for my life and I killed him”.

      All of this testimony is only to show that Travis was in fact different behind closed doors than that which he portrayed publicly. Vastly different and not in a good way.

      In my opinion, if her self defense testimony turns out to be believable, as her testimony thus far has, then Travis has already received his “Justice” by Jodi’s hand and Jodi has paid for it dearly already.

      Even if aquitted she will pay for many years to come.


      • Hi Travis,( Irony that your name is Travis, btw, not bad just ironic).

        Even though Travis’s behavior at times may/was not been kind to Jodi and in my own opinion deplorable, on occasion, in accordance with her own previous stated beliefs, she was not the one who should have given Travis his “Justice”.

        We all have had moments of treating our lovers and spouses poorly. If someone were to see my anger, my frustration toward my spouse, I can only wonder at their reaction and judgment of me. That is what I am NOT doing to her. She has enough judgmental people in her life. I believe if she had had any alternative, she would have taken it; at least that is my hope. I don’t think of her in any specific way, I have empathy for her in the utmost. Travis may have been my friend, but she is still a decent person (who did a terrible thing) but we all have done bad things to different degrees. But as what is done is done, and cannot be undone, my sincerest hope for her is whatever decision the jury reaches, she has some peace, some happiness, some life in her life.

        As I stated before, she is as much a victim of all that has happened as Travis was.

        I seek “Justice” for all, Travis, Jodi, Family, Friends, Loved ones and anyone affected by this tragedy.

        (I know I rambled a bit… thanks for putting up with it… one and all…)


  45. Martinez has his panties in a bunch today. He is going to lose his mind when cross examining Jodi. He can’t even ask her a simple question without going into full Kermit the frog psycho mode. His temper is out of control and is not going to help his case one bit.

    • Yep…he’s pissed that his little “Jodi dyed her hair before killing Travis” stunt isn’t going to work. All Jodi has to do is stay calm while he loses his shit…he’ll look like a bully.

    • Trixels lol!!!That’s who Martinez looks like!!!kermit the frog!!I’ve been trying to figure out why his face looks so ridiculously familiar,thank you!And btw,yeah he did seem to lose his cool today even by asking a simple claryfying quiestion.The thing is I got the feeling from the way she was looking at him that poor Jodi is afraid of him?Did anybody else get that holding-my-breath kinda look in her eyes when Martinez began questioning her?

      • Maria- she looked like a little wounded deer. He is going to completely come unglued when he cross examines her. Its going to be painful to watch only because I feel for Jodi but if this is a prelude of whats to come its going to get ugly. I think it is totally inappropriate for him to be so hostile but I understand that is his signature trademark. It wont work in this trial though, not with Jodi and her soft demeanor.

    • “full Kermit the frog psycho mode”

      hahahaha! Yep, and he’s going to blow up and blow it. He already has no case to work with already, except the baseless claims to try to assassinate Jodi’s character. No proof of premeditation, no proof of obsession or stalking, no proof that Travis was anything but a liar that talked shit about Jodi so he wouldn’t have to be accountable for his ongoing relationship with her.

      I saw him blow up about the text messages; probably to intimidate her. I hope she sees right through it and doesn’t let him twist shit around when the cross comes up.

      The media is hoping he “tears her apart.” Wow, just wow! Don’t they understand that justice isn’t about tearing anyone anything? All evidence has to be evaluated without appealing to emotional pleas or suppositions. Right? But yea, he is going to blow it. Big time.




  47. The Hughes should be on trial for setting up the rage she must have felt which led to this tragedy. Gossip and playing with vulnerable peoples lives is just wrong and covering up just for money is sick

  48. A lot of people have a lot of comments. Each is entitled to his/her own view. If you are not supportive take your comment elsewhere. Until you have walked in her shoes you have absolutely no idea of her state of mind. I have seen and been abused, not quite like her but, I know that your mind statrts to lose rationality and the longer the abuse goes on the worse it gets. The state must prove her guilty of premeditation to murder. Because of her admission of manslaughter, she must prove thar she was justified at the time in order to gain leniency during sentencing. Instead of further abuse, wipe your nose and offer support. No-one is perfect.

  49. I had a late start myself. For some reason I’m always missing the Hugh’s testimony – they’re like a couple of eels that slither away before I have a chance to catch them.




    ………..PLAYING OFFENSE…………..

      • OK, that irritates me to no end, “you’re crazy” men do that a lot to women after they break up. “oh she was a crazy B****. My ex husband was so mean, still is but, I no longer gear him but he still after 18 years divorced will say mean and nasty things to me. I am in pretty good shape, 49 years old and have a 19 year old son. My ex came by to see our son and He said to OUR son mmmm I f’d her. (I am his mother) I looked at my son and said this is why you didnt see him very often. Nasty and I just walked to my car to leave, he screams out, Ya crazy B….?? Why? Is there some manual? Can someone write one that has Abuser speak, things to look out for in abusive men? UGh. I have had nightmares about this, I am stabbing and stabbing and he keeps chasing me, like the Walking Dead. TA, is still abusing her with all the lies he said about her to others and that is all they believe not the truth. So sad. I am feeling Jodi will be aquitted of 1st defree murder/death penalty and i hope no alternate sentence is offered.

  51. For a while I thought the sneer on Travis’ brother’s face might be just the way he normally looks. Nope, I just watched him live from the courtroom, and he IS capable of having a reasonable look on his face.

  52. Wow, Nurmi is on fire today!

    So Travis made Jodi send “no contact” letters to people whom she went on one date with in the past? And wanted her to end her friendships with female friends? Can we say “control freak?”

    • “So Travis made Jodi send “no contact” letters to people whom she went on one date with in the past? And wanted her to end her friendships with female friends? Can we say “control freak?””

      Right! Abusers isolate their victims, they want their victims to make them their entire world; and also have no support system when the abuse escalates. It fits right into his profile as a batterer.

      • She said when she got home to Yreka she felt good to be around her family again. I can understand that feeling of isolation. She was alone in Mesa with no support system, no friends, the Travistown cult had turned on her, she was no longer welcome and they made sure she felt it.

        • I thought today they didnt make as many eye rolling as the previous days.Guess they’restarting to realise there was soooo much more in that story/part of their sick brother’s life they didnt know and kinda feel baffled???Actually,who cares about them?? JC,I couldnt have put it better.:””My concern is Jodi.””

        • Yep! I figured from the start of this case that Jodi was the victim of cruel and malicious bullying, especially after I saw his family and “friends” shitting on Jodi on national television as if it came naturally. The fact that Travis precipitated the bullying by lying and saying she was a stalker; and subsequent social isolation is what convinced me of his abusive tendencies early, early on.

          • yea the family and friends don’t look so victimized anymore now do they. In fact, I dont like his family. I dont care about them. They have an entire lynch mob to care. I flick the screen every time the cali cop makes her dumb look as if she KNOW everything about her brother.

            My concern is Jodi.

  53. Did anyone else hear her testify yesterday that they made their first and only sex video that last day? That was the first I had heard of it. Has it been discussed here already?

  54. If she was not saying SD, I think I would be leaning more along the lines of blood atonement. But I too think her first story sounded like the truth to me. As for Chris and Sky- big time fishy smell there. Chris I think Thou dost protest too loudly. I think propositional misconduct was a given and should have been ruled on differently than what the judge ruled, what is wrong with her? Did she not hear what Sky said with her own mouth?

    • Yes, and there are some comments here alluding to a conspiracy and can you blame them? I’m not sure what to believe, but there is so much hinky shit happening in this case. The judge… I’m trying to understand the rhyme and reason to her decisions; but it’s so frustrating the way she puts up with the unsavory elements in her own courtroom. I also think blood atonement will figure into this somewhere. It would explain why Jodi slit his throat after Travis attacked her – a surefire way to deliver him to heaven.

      • I understand the feeling of conspiracy here, but again, I just keep trying to remind myself that Jodi has admitted to this and will have to focus on that. I am not saying its not true or that we can’t discuss it, so don’t get me wrong.

        I’ve been wondering if she will explain that that’s why she slit his throat, because of the Mormon beliefs about sin and such, especially considering his interest in young girls. Maybe at that point Jodi thought she was doing what she should – release Travis of his sins so he could move on in death? I don’t remember the whole reasoning behind Mormon belief on this – just remember reading about it a bit on here.

        Just as MB said – she wanted to deliver him to heaven, because she still loved him (always did, even through the abuse).

        • “I just keep trying to remind myself that Jodi has admitted to this and will have to focus on that.”

          Oh, absolutely! What matters most right now is what Jodi has to say about all this; and giving her the opportunity to speak for herself about what happened. She’s oathbound and taking the stand, and one of JVM’s guests said it best – “her testimony IS evidence.”

          I know I’ll never know everything about this case – and I can accept that and still hope for Jodi’s acquittal. Perhaps in time it’ll get riddled out, but I’ve been seeing posts saying that some of TA’s blogs and profiles are getting deleted; or they are inaccessible. If the truth is so self-evident, why the erasure? No need to cover up what has already been seen by many.

          G189 was the first to bring up blood atonement, and it does make sense doesn’t it? We’ll find out for sure when Jodi testifies about the day Travis attacked her?

          • Very interesting – Travis’ pages (blogs and such) have gone missing (deleted).
            So silly, just as you said, have the skeletons not already begun crawling out his closet?
            No time to save face for Travis now – he was in much too deep for that dear friends.

          • MB –
            Yet somehow media, friends, and supporters still find ways to spin it, rigging it so the arrow always points at Jodi. Its just really unbelieveable that one can even begin to look for an excuse to explain away the 12 year old girl comments (and many more).

            If that didn’t phase these characters, sadly I don’t believe anything will.

            Let just hope the jury is more intelligent than the slew of Travisite’s running around.

            When do you think Jodi will explain the night of the killing?
            Any thoughts?

          • I too am very interested.

            After she does tesitfy about that night, I think there will be a lot of people with a lot less to discuss. At this point several people are jumping to conclusions and Jodi hasnt even finished. What will they do once she’s done?

            I wonder if it’ll get awfully quiet.
            Well, until Martinez starts screaming.

          • MB question for ya , If in fact Jodi comes out and says that Travis asked her to slit his throat to atone for his sexual sins, and she complies, is that premeditated murder? I am of course referring to the fact that she had stabbed him multiple times and hit his heart one time, so he knew he was dying. How would they make the determination if all the other wounds were in self defense?

          • Debbie –
            I know the question wasnt for me, but I think you misunderstood.
            It wasnt said that Jodi did it FOR Travis while he was ALIVE.

            At least thats not what I was understanding nor saying.
            I think Jodi killed him in self defense and then (at this point, clearly not in the right mind) slit Travis’ throat to basically deliver him to heaven, release him of his sins kind of thing. Same with her washing his body.

            I think she went into, “How can I save Travis” mode, when clearly it was already too late (he was dead), so she saved him in the only manner she could (since he was dead).

            I could be thinking too far into this, but we will see, once she gets to that point in her tesitmony.

          • “No time to save face for Travis now – he was in much too deep for that dear friends.”

            Oh god, ain’t that the truth! Yeah it went far beyond harmless quirky things and a few bad choices.

          • Travisites lol. Good one! Yeah, no shortage of those, thanks in part to HLN! Yeah, I don’t understand how Travis exhibiting certain behaviors enrages people against *Jodi* or somehow thinks Jodi is to blame. WTF. Travis was a grown man who made his own decisions. It’s like people think he’s a little kid that couldn’t help himself and Jodi is the big bad babysitter whose getting him in trouble. This is a death penalty case! It’s like there’s no respect for the fact that someone may lose their life over this shit!

            Yeah, the excusing is the hardest part of all of this. It’s like decades of research, activism, and progress are thrown out the window in an attempt to normalize what most people know by now is bad behavior. I get that Travis was saddled with some issues – nobody is perfect – but why normalize it? Why pass it off like “no big deal”? That is really a sick, irresponsible thing for people to do, especially “experts” on HLN that have been around long enough to know WHY those attitudes are so, so wrong. There is no reason for anyone to have to explain why his behavior was at best unhealthy and at worst malicious and criminal; it’s like having to explain that the sky is blue. Then having people demand to be shown pictures that the sky is blue! Sheesh lol

            I’m also interested in seeing Jodi testify about what happened that night. I know Nurmi is taking his time, and I can appreciate that. I think maybe Nurmi might wait until Friday to have her testify to that, maybe it’s too far off? But it would give the jurors a whole weekend to think about what she says.

          • So true, all your points! I hope other people take them to heart, I know I do. This is why I’m frustrated Jodi is being denied the benefit of the doubt – let the woman speak, let her finish her testimony. I don’t think that’s a lot to ask. It’s not about whose right or wrong, or taking bets to whose theory is correct or not, ect. It’s easy to speculate because we don’t have all the facts, but when the facts come in what then? You’re right – there will be nothing left to debate.

            Until Martinez starts screaming – no doubt!

        • I understand your points M but from what I have read blood atonement must be done while the person is still alive. It is the taking of one’s life to save them.

  55. Why didn’t the police follow up on Ashley Thompson’s comments about her husband’s anger threats against Travis?

    Jodi said a woman & a man actually killed Travis….did they threaten her??

  56. All of the black PR against Jodi Arias is in part a diversion & crisis management mode for the Mormons of Mesa Ariz. The trial & everything about it has created a black eye to the self-righteous Mormon Church.
    ‘ Joseph Smith was con man. Created his own religion based on ideas he stole from an unpublished novel & the mason sect. (Reminds one of L.Ron Hubbard) He was tarred & feathered more than once, he was hated by everyone & why he eventually was murdered.
    Mormon heaven involves polygamy, their prophet was a polygamist, & if they could have continued marrying multiple 12 year old girls & f***ing them as fundamentalist Mormons continue to do to this day, you can bet they would.’

    • Yep, I don’t want to stereotype all mormons but the shit going on in AZ certainly looks like a group of people circling the wagons to have Jodi fry for Travis’ death.

      • I think all religions have a subsect of fundamentalists who take things too far into the “cult” realm. Travis’s friends seem to be like this in regard to Mormonism – there’s something really creepy about all of them.

    • Yoganao-

      I’ve thought for a while that many aspects of the LDS religion mimic Scientology (what I’ve heard of Scientology anyway). It’s odd how Scientology gets a bad wrap but the Mormons do not.

      I’ve noticed here in UT that “The Church” always declines to comment for news interviews of any kind UNLESS they are commenting in their favor/won’t be questioned. Yes, they don’t HAVE to comment if they don’t want to, but to me it comes across as being ashamed and not taking pride in their strong values/beliefs. What’s to hide?

    • Hi MC, I think you are bringing up some good points here – especially that Travis’ friends immediately pointed the finger at Jodi and there’s other elements to this case that needed to be investigated. Travis was involved with a married woman (not sure if Ashley is the same woman we’re talking about), and Travis’ roommate Zach (I believe, bad with names) lived in the house for FIVE days with a putrefying smell in the house.

      Yeah, this is dirty pool, no doubt. A lot of possibilities here.

      • MB
        Yes I was referring to Ashley Thompson and her husband.

        Flores talked to her where she says her husband had motive.

        Then she says later in effect : oops wrong, my husband could never do anything like that.

        There was never any follow up on her original statements….bothers me a lot!

    • Ya I probably should not have posted that but I was in shock! It was the right thing to do to remove it. I just can’t believe the circus this has become. Someones life is on the line and its all a big joke to those that oppose Jodi.

    • This is what I thought based on her sex tape. She is also a doormat.

      bipolar – “At the lower levels of mania, such as hypomania, individuals may appear energetic and excitable.”

      • She talks fast and is up late. He pointed out the timing of her communication. She has depression and suicidal ideation and shes very creative and hypersexual. She has energy look what she did Just a thought

    • I think she is unstable (or at least was at the time). Not quite whether that is a biological thing or just a rough past but clearly something was not ok with her.

    • deb,Jodi is definitely NOT bipolar!!believe me,due to personal reasons ive done a looot of research on bipolar ppl Jodi does in no way ”qualify” to be described as such!

        • Hi deb, you bring up a lot of good points but I do not feel this is a rage killing. It’s possible that Jodi is bipolar, but as outsiders it’s almost impossible to say for sure.

  57. OK so I remember seeing a list that says that 2 of his ex-girlfriends are testifying for the defense. The only real girlfriend that has testified was Lisa. So is Deanna testifying ? It could be really really good for the defense if she is testifying. She may be able to confirm that Travis was abusive and deviant.

    • I am getting to the point where I can’t keep track of all of Travis’s girlfriends. How many of them did he have at one time? He kept pulling the same garbage on them all, and that is he told one girlfriend about how another one is a head case or a stalker, and then turned around to the next girlfriend and said the same thing about the previous one, and so on down the line. What an awful person and he was always protected by his “friends,” who didn’t know him AT ALL.

        • Deb-

          I kind of think his friends had SOME idea too… but of course want to protect him by denying everything. I have a hard time believing that TA didn’t confide or BRAG to his buddies about ‘the piece’ he was getting from this girl or that girl. I feel he must have thought so highly of himself & wanted to share his ‘accomplishments’ of screwing with each girls’ head. I mean, he couldn’t help but share his other ‘successes’ with the world, so….

      • What tonysam said – I couldn’t have said it better myself! Travis played people off each other, it was his way of keeping control over women.

        Also, I wonder if these ex girlfriends are mormon or not. I’ve already mentioned since Jodi was not born and raised in the mormon church she was more of an “outgroup” person. I’m not religious (I’m Agnostic) and I’ve seen the mentality where those who didn’t “belong” to a certain religious denomination considered less worthy. Certainly Jodi fell into this category when Travis treated her like she was good enough to sleep with but not good enough for marriage.

        I wonder if that’ll factor in with their testimony – I guess we’ll find out eventually!

        • well and lets be real she was in the out group for a few other reasons as well. One, shes very pretty. Not all but a lot of women HATE beautiful women just because they are intimidated by them. I remember someone giving the statement that the wives felt Jodi was too flirty with their husbands. Was Jodi flirty or was your husband oogling? Second, most peoples first impression of her was that she was Travis’ little stalker. People didn’t have a chance to know her because they were told before she had a chance to make an impression that she was a stalker. Third, the big fat double standard- shes a whore for having sex with Travis but hes just a sinner (with a penis) and cant help himself. This has been pushed all through this case. she is a whore who corrupted poor Travis and he is a damn saint. Saints do not plot to tie women to trees. I guess that must somehow be Jodi’s fault though.

          • When I first learned about this case from the 2009 episode of 48 Hours, I thought the Mormon angle was overplayed, but now I believe it is absolutely central to the entire case. The cultlike mentality of many in this religious sect is on display. These friends of Travis are doing contortion acts trying to explain away what can’t be explained away. It’s all about the image, and I don’t think it is just Travis’s image, but also the image of church.

          • I agree with everything said! One exception though- I KNEW how huge the Mormon aspect would play into this case from the minute they mentioned TA being Mormon & Jodi converting. Even if she didn’t convert it would’ve been an issue.

            I don’t wanna group every Mormon into one category because there are truly good people that are LDS, however- I’ve also seen the scandalous antics! I have first-hand experience of the insane amount of rejection towards those that are not LDS. It’s disgusting!

          • Oh absolutely – to all your points! No doubt immature jealousies and double standards are playing hugely in this. There is NO WAY that the talking heads can tell me on one hand, that Travis is just an “red blooded All American man” for having sex, then condemn Jodi for having sex on the same page. What?? As if Jodi is not red blooded or all American? Why? Because she’s Latino? It’s like they think Travis being a fair haired, light eyed white man somehow legitimizes his behavior, wheras the Jodi is a “sultry lolita” should have known better. Yeah, a bunch of sexist, racist shit.

            And here’s the real kicker – NOBODY I mean NOBODY would have cared if Travis was having sex or not, if the Travistown cult weren’t constantly pretending that Travis was a true and virtuous mormon man led astray by an evil witch with sexual powers. The pro-Travis folks opened that door when they accused Jodi of leading him astray the righteous path. As if! So the media has no business rebutting criticism here by claiming “well so what if Travis is having sex,” because they could – and should – say the same for Jodi. SO WHAT if Jodi had sex with Travis? It’s not unheard of when a woman loves a man! But they are making this huge deal that she was exchanging oral sex with Travis, and having anal sex. SO WHAT? It doesn’t prove she meant to kill him when shit hit the fan.

            And also, Travis was squarely the one with the power in the relationship. Everything was all about him, what he wanted. That cannot be overstated! Jodi was the one isolated, called names, hit, treated like she was unworthy, not white enough, ect. Her having sex with him is not the issue, but that Travis was an abuser plain and simple. I won’t begrudge Jodi doing what she had to do to survive that awful night, and I certainly won’t begrudge her being human and craving human closeness as a source of comfort – even if it was with her abuser.

    • I think That Travis probably had relations with all his Girlfriends Jodi is the only one who had Sex with him doubt it Gus said that if the media etc. was not so attacking more people would come forward with regard to Travis.

    • He is doing a fantastic job! And good on him for fight back against Martinez’s constant interruptions. Despite difficult testimony he remains focused and capable. I can’t ask for much more!

      • Yeah, I loved hearing Nurmi tell Jodi that she didn’t have to apologize to Martinez. It was awesome! It came across as “Martinez, you’re just as big of a disrespectful bully to this girl as TA was!” “Why are you trying to intimidate her… bully.” “See how she feels she has to subjugate? She’s an obvious victim of abuse”.

        Go Nurmi! Put Martinez in his place and continue to support Jodi 😀

  58. I would venture to say that after reading the Book of Mormon 23 times he believed in the fundamentalist beliefs of having multiple wives but wouldn’t dare say anything. So he decided in his own head it was ok to live like that…multiple sex partners who treat their women like shit. He was leading a double life. I want to know what happened that night and when we get to that it may just shock everyone.

    • Nancy –
      I think many, many people will be shocked.
      That night has been the BIG question of this trial.

      I dont care what others say (media mostly) about this dragging on and the jury losing interest – when Jodi starts talking about that night, tell me those jurors won’t be on the edge of their seats.

  59. It is frightening to realize how many people want to convict people in this country before the trial even takes place and that these talking heads, many ex lawyers have the gall to fail to do what they were sworn to do. Saw it with Casey Anthony and now seeing it again. I wish there were more people like myself and others here who actually listen to the evidence and try not to judge without all the facts. It is very scary what people are willing to say and do to others. I can’t believe I am finding myself on the same side of the aisle as I was with CA but I can’t do it any other way. I knew nothing about this case until recently yet I don’t see how anyone can say she is guilty at this point. I really question this whole televised court trial thing sometimes. It has become entertainment and people have gone way over the top with it.

    • exactly. its very disturbing. i agree with you 100% on the fact that its lawyers that makes it worse. They are talking as if you can do that in a court of law. They want all the laws followed by the defense but since the prosecutor is the “good guy” they want them to do whatever they have to do. I am sorry if I was being convicted I sure would not want these people to have anything to do with the process, especially if I was being falsely convicted. If she does get convicted I doubt sincerely that half of the viewers would hesitate to watch her get the needle. That is so scary to me.

    • Yeah, all of the people that want to convict w/o hearing all sides better hope they NEVER find themselves on the other side of the law pleading for their own lives, hoping THEY aren’t wrongly convicted. They better hope their own children or other family members never find themselves on trial.

      It’s awful that regardless of the outcome of the trial, Jodi is forever ruined thanks to all the public ‘trashing’ of her reputation. Her family is forever punished…

      Taking into account all of the horrific things the TA supporters say & all the THREATS/Murderous mentality they have & speak about- It’s NOT difficult to come to the conclusion that TA has the same mindset. It causes me to believe he’s JUST AS CAPABLE of treating other people the exact same way- with threats, intimidation, abusive gestures, dismissing anything/anyone that is not of similar opinion. Hmm… Sound familiar?

    • I too find it sad and disturbing how people treat these things like reality tv. There is someones life at stake. . The media in my opinion is guilty of feeding into a public or portion of the public that are very quick to develop a lynch mob mentality and some take whatever they read in the newspaper as the truth.
      It bothers me people are not more concerned. One innocent person sent to prison (or God forbid put to death) is too many. Just stop to think if it was somebody you cared about, it truly should concern us all. It is not just her rights, it is our rights.

  60. This may have already been mentioned- sorry if it was….
    Anyone notice how HLN has a SLIGHTLY different tune today? As far as their reporting they seem a TITCH more open-minded. (Other than Vinnie Politan, and very likely Nancy G) I find it interesting…

    • Yes! Did you just see that Stacy person arguing with the guy?? I mean, I am starting to think that all of these women are actually anti-woman. It’s like there has never been a woman who is a victim of emotional/mental abuse and domestic violence. These women ask the same question over and over and over… “WHY WOULD SHE GO BACK IF SHE WAS BEING ABUSED??? WHY WOULD SHE GO BACK IF HE WAS SO TERRIBLE?!?!?!”… Uuuuummmm, I don’t know.. maybe for the same fucking reason your bestie/sister/mother stays with her shitty man for years even though EVERY person in her life tells her she deserves better, and she is being abused. It’s like they have NEVER witnessed how these relationships work. They state that because these two were not married, had no children, had no property.. she had no reason to go back other than that she liked him. What? It’s such bullshit and so irritating to see how closed mindedly anti-woman these women are. “So he called her a slut?? BIG DEAL! There’s no proof that he beat her!”… Oh, then he must not have been abusing her. If a man never lays his hands on a woman, it doesn’t matter what he says and does to her, it’s not abuse. What? And, I get it, their point is, “There was no abuse… otherwise she wouldn’t go back” but that argument is SO invalid, every abused woman goes back to her abuser multiple times before walking away, if they ever do. That’s why they are abused women, and not single, badass bitches who once dated a psycho she quickly dumped.

      I have seen cheaters call their partners “Crazy” for suspecting them, and “Psycho” for sleuthing to gain proof. I mean, come on. I am not saying that Jodi was completely innocent, but, innocent or not (Nancy Grace just said “Her bootyhole”, professional), I do believe that there was a lot of psychological abuse by him. I do believe that he knew that she really cared and took advantage of her, used her, accused her, degraded her and alienated her. I’ve said before, that I do think he cared for her, but in his sociopathic way. The only way he could express it was by exerting control.

      Also, that phone convo, she was clearly reaching out for affection. She would say sweet things, or reach out and express a need for love, and a desire to love him outside of the sex… and he completely ignored those comments. She said things like “I would have been happy cuddling with you”, “I wish I was snuggling up with you right now”.. I mean, she was clearly giving him what he wanted, but really yearning for love from him. How do these assholes not hear this? How do they not hear that she reaches out for affection and he only reaches for the sex?

      All these women out there, hating women, it’s sad.

  61. Just have to say, I’m really tired of hearing how women who were “actually” abused and battered are upset that Jodi is “claiming” being abused. That its belitting their real abuse.

    You know what I’m upset about?
    I’m upset that women who have actually been abused and battered aren’t sticking up for Jodi, they aren’t standing behind a woman (let alone human) who has endured the same sick deeds they have.

    How can they feel right, juding someone who is IMO proving her endurance of abuse – sexually, mentaly, and physically? Can they not remember when they themselves were alone being abused and broken down? To feel so alone, so angry at yourself, and then feeling sorry for the abuser (in some cases, thats why I think many go back). How could you ladies (I know men can be abused, but this isnt about that right now) sit there and turn your back on this innocent women?

    Don’t you want women to be heard? Dont you want women to be able to come forward, into open, and understanding arms? You have the experience, you can help her!! But here you are hurting her, shunning her for coming forward, complaining that you are upset with her lies of abuse.

    I’m truly sorry if this is what happened to some of you ladies, the ones who are upset with Jodi. I’m sorry if you tried to come forward and someone didn’t believe you, or someone made you think you deserved it, but please, be better than them. At least stop to listen long enough to see both sides because behind those eyes you may see someone who honestly needs help, not a judge.

    • M, there are actually quite a few stories from women on this site, with everything spread out they are hard to find….

      Many of us DO understand, and that is why we are here. We KNOW what it is like when someone acts one way in public and another in private.

      I wish the people on the other sites could see your post.

      • I was misunderstood – I was NOT referring to ANYONE on this site.
        I was talking worldwide – the mystery women writing into the media.

        Let me make that very clear.

        I should have been more clear.
        I was simply venting about things I’m hearing outside of this site.

        • Oh no M…I didn’t mean that I thought it was directed here…I thought maybe you hadn’t seen the stories. I can’t keep up with all the posters now LOLOL.

          I’m glad there are so many more now!!

          • Whew. 🙂
            Good BeeCee.

            Me too, hard to keep up.
            So many comments everyday – its amazing and good to see.

            Again, thanks for being polite, its much appriciated.

        • I know what you meant. I saw a lady who deemed herself a “real victim” as opposed to Jodi simply “claiming abuse” talking on Dr Drew about getting out of an abusive relationship.

          Well good on her for getting out – doesn’t give her the authority to condemn Jodi for not being able to in time.

          • After I hit post I knew someone was going to think I was pointing my finger at the women on this site. And for that I apologize, I didnt for one second want any of the ladies on this site to think I was holding them accountable.

            Simply speaking of the masses outside of here.

            The women on here who have spoken of their abuse are very supportive, I just wish there were more of them.

            I just dont see how someone who has been in similar shoes feels right denying Jodi’s abuse was real.

          • Yes – when I need to vent on here (because truly, its the only safe place for me to do so) I sometimes end up writing in an open letter type format.

            I can see how it could be misunderstood. :/

            BeeCee, thanks for being polite and I do hope you understand that I enjoy most everyone on this site.

            And thanks MB – always looking forward to your posts. You have a lot of great points and some very deep thoughts. I think we’re usually on the same page.

          • Same here. It makes me angry to have my/our experiences as victims of abuse discounted because WE CAN relate to her story! Grrrr.

          • I’ve made those kind of posts myself – to get stuff off my chest. Not specifically to any one person or people but generally. This is the only safe place for Jodi supporters to go without being censored, attacked, ect.

          • MB
            I saw that too and posted a link here from it with the unbiased person in the courtroom who said he believed JODI. i saw that. it made no sense but I liked the unbiased man with no ties to either side say he believed her! so i posted the link here!

      • That’s why the women on this site want justice for Jodi. A not guilty verdict would certainly be a great and moral victory for Womanity!

    • frankly in most cases where people are critical it does not matter whether Jodi was really abused or not. The point is that you should not have to keep a log of your abuse as some people imply. You shouldn’t HAVE to respond in any certain way. Its easy to say what you would do until you are in that situation.

    • I was wondering the same thing when I read some of the hatred comments on facebook what my personal conclusion is a lot of women get triggered by this story and have no clue as of why and instead of asking themselves why, they lash out. They might still be carrying there own abuse within themselves but not wanting to really deal with it, actually they might even get upset about the fact that they are triggered, but at the same time they are magnetically drawn to the story. I had a shrink explaining this to me, when i was dealing with my ptsd and I could not stop reading about similar stories although I was hurting myself and staying within my own spiral, that this is a kind of ‘normal’ reaction. interestingly enough I had start myself asking questions as of why I was drawn to this trial so much and was reading the hatred posts over and over again and i found some interesting answers within myself. The other thing this shrink told me never forget the offender most likely was a victim himself at one point .. plus being in victim role has its own benefits ..these are my personal thoughts on why these women might lash out so much at Jodi or think she does not deserve a fair trial. May her trial be fair…….

      • Vebe-
        Makes sense… Same way PTSD & other victims of trauma end up replaying their trauma, re-experiencing it through similar situations. That said, it also explains why Jodi would continue to stay with TA even with his abuse. I

    • Great post M. It reminds me of Casey Anthony’s trial when so many people said “If her father had molested her, then WHY was she still living there? Why was she still talking to him? She must be lying!” They didn’t get it, and it’s the same thing with how they view Jodi. “I wouldn’t have done that, so she must be lying!”

    • M,
      once again thank you for the beautiful words.I always enjoy your posts.
      Having being mentally and verbally abused myself(thank goodness not physically)and having gone back to my abuser for a period of nearly 10 years I cannot understand a woman not putting herself in Jodi ‘s shoes,let alone a woman who has been through all that hell.Especially after Jodi taking the stand and explaining everything so clearly I thought that there would be a lot of women or at least women’s rights groups out there supporting her.It’s sad that there dont seem to be…This site is for Jodi,we are all here because we are sticking up for her and I wish our word would get out.

      • Kira –
        Absolutely, its as if people convince themselves that these monsters dont exist.

        How could a father do such a thing (Casey’s trial)?
        They say, “Well, a father couldn’t, so its must be a lie!”

        And then the blame they place on these women for not doing someting about it?
        Walking, talking contradictions that are hypnotizing viewers into agreeing!
        I hope hypnotizing, but in reality I know some of these people are making conscious decisions.

        I know I’ve made this point before, and again, dont want to bore anyone to tears.
        I’m just very passionate about the feelings I get when I hear these things (most usually in the media). I know some would tell me to quit reading or watching, but how do I learn what others are thinking? How else do I learn that unlike this site, there are people (WOMEN!) that somehow jusitfy this.

        I just wish people would take this opportunity (not trying to say Jodi’s life is worth this opportunity) to stand together and make it loud and clear that abuse, in any form, to anyone, should NEVER EVER be justified or ignored.

        Glad you are here Kira and supporting Jodi with us.

      • maria –
        I completely agree. I was baffled to see that (to my knowledge) very few people are willing to stick up for Jodi. I too thought the women’s rights groups would understand this. Maybe they want to stay unbiased, sure, but thats not right in my opinon. Staying unbiased is like shrugging this off, saying you dont care how this pans out.

        I’m very sorry to hear about your experience and am truly proud that you were able to find the strength to move on. Your posts are important and I’m glad you are here too.

        Hopefully, we can change at least one person’s mind, right? Or maybe inspire someone to get help, if they need it. I too, hope our word gets out, and I think it may be, slowly maria.

        • Right!!!!!!! Also she keeps saying over and over “Why after he has called her all these names why does she keep coming back?”…UMMMMMM NANCY…how many women go back to men after being nearly to death over and over and over!!!!! I can’t listen to her anymore.

    • Excellent post!

      I do think internalized self blame as a lot to do with the reaction. But it’s so shortsighted for anyone to assume that they, and they alone, know what “real abuse” looks like; and if someone else’s situation doesn’t match the picture in their head, it magically does not exist.

  62. Hi all~ I have been reading this page for a while now; I wanted comment., rather than make comments to myself.
    I feel like Jodi is being pretty honest and I feel her emotions are very real. I find it completely unbelievable the things that some of the new channels say about her. I am wondering where the proof is that she stalked him? Is that considered hearsay? I also think that it is crazy that people say she crawled through the dog door when everyone said that Travis never locked the door. In the police report I think the roommate stated that it was odd when he came home and found front door was locked?

  63. Couple comments after reading everyone else’s so far:

    1. I really wish someone on HLN would bring up Sky’s testimony. I’d like to hear what a lawyer has to say about that.
    2. Has anyone considered the reason why Jodi did in fact kill Travis bc HE ASKED for it…i.e. the blood atonement (as stated above)…why I bring this up is bc I had never been able to understand how she killed him by herself…I think its not even physically possible she did this as he fights back (which the ME testified he did…BS)…I think he may have asked her to do this…which WOULD play into what a spell he had over her. The odd pics in the shower would also explain it…how he has his arms crossed like a corpse.
    3. Let’s remember regardless of all this ‘burden of proof” as discussed above…the prosecution has to convince the jury BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT…THERE IS NOOOOOO CHANCE THAT WILL EVERRRR HAPPEN!!!! Any jury that KNOWS they have to be unbias while considering all the evidence can’t convict her. This jury will get interviewed after and they will state the same the jury in Casey Anthony’s case…they were not 100% convinced.
    4. Funny how I haven’t heard any of Travis’ friends on HLN after yesterday and todays testimony….I look forward to them trying to explaining away the fact he claimed to be a virgin to them…after hearing and seeing his kinky sexual activity in black and white. There is damning proof!!!
    5. As for those friends that still think she took his virginity…A. HE STATED she “tastes better than ANY OTHER women he has tasted!!!!!!” B. I CAN PROMISE you NO VIRGIN is SO sexually mature…NOOOOO chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know have more after reading everything above however I can’t think of it right now…

    I look forward to any response. Thank you for reading.

    • It is going to be VERY interesting what Jodi says led up to the killing. I have theories that are no longer about Cancun, whether it was he was mad over being exposed as a hypocrite–again–or he was jealous over her budding relationship with Ryan, or he was pissed over the camera or whatever. Her explanation over what seems to be obvious Mormon symbolism in his killing is going to be fascinating.

    • Hi TL. Most of us are here because we believe in Jodi, and many of us at first believed the media LIES. Once we used our own brains (instead of being a lemming in the brainless masses) we saw that something was not right. Some people are here because they aren’t sure, and some people are moles from the fry Jodi websites.


    • Did you catch the part of Jodi’s testimony about how Travis and his ex-girlfriend Deanna Reed had their temple recommend taken away because of similar behavior? So much for the “Travis was a virgin until Jodi” meme.

      • I think I read something online (maybe Deanna’s FB page or the State Vs Jodi Arias website? Can’t recall ATM so I’ll have to check) that Deanna had been on a mission (as a mormon missionary)

        If I’m thinking of the correct girl/girlfriend of TA’s- someone commented that TA couldn’t wait for her to come home from her mission & that he talked about her all the time. I just found that interesting.

        I’ll look for the info. again & correct anything above if it’s an error.

        • Well, yes and no. She eluded to it, but she never came outright and blatantly admitted it. I was a bit disappointed with Nurms on this one; he choked right there when he was questioning her. He totally went at her the wrong way. He should have asked, “How much of this trial have you watched?” and then let her hang herself, but he let her off the hook because his damn questions were way too vague… I could tell his mind was elsewhere for a moment because he should have also IMMEDIATELY asked her WHO she was supposedly getting trial ‘updates’ from (as she claimed.) And then it really begs the question WHY would this person or persons would be so interested in telling ‘lie-in-the-Sky’ Hughes about what they watched. (Neither of which Nurms inquired about!)

          Kind of like how Juanito ‘little Johnny’ promptly asked Mr. Searcy WHO was sitting in the car with him when Chris ‘tell-a-few’ Hughes called him. He should NOT have let her off that damn stand until she spilled her guts of WHO was supposedly telling her all about the trial! If you dig deep enough, you will eventually get to the BULLSHIT!

          • Yeah, David. I don’t understand what I perceive as Nurmi’s lack of focus…it’s like he doesn’t prepare for anything in advance and doesn’t stay on track sometimes. I don’t think I would want him representing me.

          • Umm, confused a bit because it was not Nurmi that questioned Skye Hughes yesterday, it was Jennifer Wilmott. While I agree with the sentiment that the “attorney” did not stay focused and could have asked better questions, it wasn’t Nurmi. My opinion BTW of Nurmi has grown exponentially in the last few days. I think he is doing an excellent job and not allowing Martinez to rattle him, his pace or Jodi. At least it was not Nurmi in the part of the hearing I watched that was taped. (Is there taping from the earlier portion available somewhere?) And from what I got from Skye’s testimony she was referring to the faceless, nameless, masses watching the trial online that contact Chris Hughes via one of his social media sites, that are providing info or questions to them. Chris Hughes has a twitter account which many of us have seen and been shocked that he continues to discuss the trial. I have seen somewhere someone posted that he needed to contact the pros to do one thing or another.

          • Daniel, I was actually talking about Nurmi’s lack of focus while he was asking the judge for the mistrial or to have the death penalty dropped. He said they had a lot of misconduct but he would only hit the important ones or something.

            I haven’t seen Hughes’ testimony yet.

    • “Let’s remember regardless of all this ‘burden of proof” as discussed above…the prosecution has to convince the jury BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT…THERE IS NOOOOOO CHANCE THAT WILL EVERRRR HAPPEN!!!!”


  64. Hey guys,

    I may be on Dr. Drew tonight. A producer called me. Pretty random huh? I am basically talking about HLN not taking claims of rape and abuse not taken seriously. And, this is the second time we heard Travis himself mention rape. Also how HLN basically condones guests calling Jodi a slut.

    • Please ask why they don’t take an objective stance. Also someone on JVM brought up a solid point…if ANY woman came to one of them (the lawyers) with this case (if Travis was still alive…they would all be so sympathetic to the abuse she is under and would be trashing HIM!!!!

      • Boo they didn’t call back! I guess they had too many guests tonight. Oh well, maybe another time. At least they were interested in an email I sent 🙂

        • I got home and watched it just to see. Maybe they’ll call tomorrow?

          I got to say – Gus Searcy and Judge Karen were the only ones there with any sense on that show. I hope that if you do get the call, he won’t treat you the way Nancy Grace teated Bryan Carr in his phone call.

    • WTF! Drew starts the episode by saying TA’s character is being assassinated?! Holy crap, they just started! Wow, as if Jodi’s character hasn’t been assassinated.

      Gus Searcy eh? Yay!

      Also, good luck & I hope they follow through by letting you air your concerns 🙂 Those pricks never once cared to hear what I had to say. How did you get them call you? lol About damn time they (might) allow another perspective!

        • I so totally agree!

          I did not listen to sex tapes ( too disgusting) but the little I did paints a very ugly character.
          Travis was a very sick and immoral person with no character to assassinate!

        • I knew when the judge released Gus to do media appearances and he grinned like a cat that ate the canary that he’d be on the talk shows shortly! Hopefully he can expose some of the Hughes’ lies.

          • No, sorry Daniel. I just meant what he (Gus) said on Dr. Drew earlier. Too bad they didn’t interview Gus for very long and kept interrupting him. (shocker)

    • Lindsay – I hope to be home in time to see if you got a chance to be heard (second airing of episode). If you do, good luck! We are behind you!!

  65. I just wanted to mention that I spoke with my law enforcement contact finally…and they do agree that the idiot (well, I called him Detective, not idiot at that moment) Flores did NOT do a good interrogation. That some people are weak and mild and can be coerced into an confession…

    But, most of you knew that already….as history has shown with other cases.

  66. Why is NG asking NOT his friend how do you feel about Travis lying about his virginity?????
    This guy just said “I stayed with him…in his bed”…then said “He ‘basically’ gave it up to me”….WHAT????? That is SHADY!!!!!!!!!!
    It drives me crazy there is not ONE show with the host being pro Jodi and calling all this stuff out!! Give the public BOTH sides!

    • I don’t like HLN at all, from Vinnie, JVD, NG, Dr. Drew. All of them say the same thing.
      Including Pundits, Joey Jackson, Ryan Smith and Mike Brooks, Beth Karagas They’re all the same.
      That’s what the public hears and THEY are lies and TALK over the trial while it is going on, to tell us what is happening instead of letting us hear it for ourselves.
      I get sick of them saying get the babies and children out of the room and WE are going to edit what you can hear. Then they take about 10 minutes out of a 40 minute tape and repeat their 10 minutes sound bites over and over again, PLUS give us their take on it.
      People who aren’t keeping up with it hear their BS and believe it as all as truth.
      I wish they would just let us REALLY hear it and quit acting so stupid.
      Babies and children don’t even care about it and the older ones know more about that stuff than they do and they don’t really care about what is happening and probably don’t even know who these people are.
      HLN think way too much of themselves.
      I wish a channel like HBO would carry trials and if they want us to really be the 13th juror, HBO could play it all.
      We don’t need the pundits or HLN they misrepresent the truth.

  67. I’ll be traveling for the next 4 or 5 days, so won’t be able to watch live.

    Will have to come here to get info so please be patient….

    Also, we don’t get Insession at home, but there is a link I hope?

    Would someone mind posting please?

  68. Maybe I should change my “name” so no confusion between M, MB & MC.

    I’m the new poster, so if allowed I will change mine 🙂

    SJ can I do that?

  69. Do I understand today’s disclosure by the defense correctly? In an email, Travis wanted Jodi to stop doing “psycho things”, and threatened to tell other people about them, and she said that if he did she would accuse him of pedophilia?

    This case is truly a story of an abuser who would not let the victim get away from them.

    Jodi was clearly so befuddled by the mind control, she could no longer be held accountable for anything she did.

  70. My mind won’t be made up until I see Jodi cross-examined but I am in the “innocent until proven guilty” camp. But I am curious if anybody else has seen Travis’ blog where he wrote this about three weeks before his death:

    “Around then I realized it was time to adjust my priorities and date with marriage in mind. Not to ask some one on a date because I planned on marrying them, but to date someone to look for the possibility of marriage with them. This type of dating to me is like a very long job interview and can be exponentially more mentally taxing. Desperately trying to find out if my date has an axe murderer penned up inside of her and knowing she is wondering the same thing about me.”

    How strange he was dead in a couple of weeks…

    • Yesssss…… I did read that! !!! Desperately trying to find out if my date has an axe murderer penned up inside of her. Be careful what u wish for Travis!

  71. Ugh. Dr. Drew has been such a disappointment with this trial. What happened to him? I used to defend him when anyone would talk sh*t about him. He used to be so good about keeping an objective point of view and willing to hear & discuss both points of view even when/if he didn’t agree with it.

    • I agree Jamie.
      Its disappointing.
      I dont watch his show at all right now, because I just dont want to know.

      Nancy and Jane, doesnt hurt me, but why you Dr. Drew, why?!?!?

    • He is mis stating the nature of Jodis finger injury. It is not a swan neck deformity and he contradicts the mechanism of the injury. BAD DOCTOR

      • I have swan fingers, all 8 of them! No way do they look like jodi’s finger…If he shows that pulling his finger thing again..I may just have to go over there and show him what a broken feels like and looks like ( if only treated with popsicel sticks) DUH

    • I used to like Drew too, and am very disappointed with him too!!! I think he’s wanting to fit in, too keep up with his other competitors. But now I look at him different, I won’t be able to look at his point of views the same.

  72. Omg… Did anyone mention that on the State v Jodi (TA supporter’s page) about the National Enquirer? Mr. Hughes must be pissed! Didn’t he just recently mention the N.E. not even being interested? lol

  73. Per TA support site- “Jennifer she came in here yesterday and kept posting “maybe Jodi photoshopped herself into Travis pics and she never really knew him” just stupid stuff then I found her real profile and found the support site she runs. If your interested inbox me. Otherwise dont worry your self over it. I took my comments down and she was banned”

    Uh oh… They think they busted one of us. Or is there another Jodi Support site?

    • I dont know, if it were real, why wouldn’t this person just come out with whatever information we’re supposed to “inbox” them for if it’s so juicy?

      And to run a support site and be playing both sides?
      Sounds like some is reaching…

      They must be getting bored on the TA support site.

    • That site is nuts:

      “It sickens me to hear these unbelievable accusations of Travis being into little kids-what guy doesn’t love the naughty school girl look?!?!”

      Um, thankfully my husband doesn’t, and I would hope that lots of other men don’t either.

      • 12 year olds having an orgasm? is 12 naughty, no boobs, no periods. hello if dont bother te wife???? he was a pig. TA said it. This site is not advocating murder but Justice for Jodi!!

      • I have no doubt that she was deeplymy husband doesn’t even like
        me to put our 2 year old daughter into braids and stuff like that because
        it has become so synonomous with porn.

      • “what guy doesn’t love the naughty school girl look?!?!”

        Ugh. Ok let’s pretend, for two seconds, that we’re in a parallel universe where all common sense is out the window and the person is right. It STILL doesn’t do away with all the other weird, unhealthy shit Travis was acting out on Jodi – giving her candy after a blow job? Saying 12 year olds first having an orgasm are hot? Pigtails? Little boys underwear? It’s not just the schoolgirl outfit (which is already weird and creepy by itself). It’s all these things put together that demonstrate the true nature of his provoclivities. So what are they going to say next? Pretend that it’s ok to act out bizarre fantasies of being a child molester and giving your victim candy after oral sex? What next will be dismissed as “dude stuff”?

        I know people are going to do weird shit during sex, but this is downright unhealthy.

      • Thank you Kira!!! My husband either! Iv also never heard of a grown man wanting to play with a traintoy for forplaying!!! I would’ve walked outta there quick! Not thinking “pedophile” right away, BUT STRANGE!!! Theres so many games n forplay a man can bring to a relationship, but TA games, they all yell “PEDOPHILE” real serious shit, u dont play with!!!

    • “maybe Jodi photoshopped herself into Travis pics and she never really knew him”

      I agree with M. I think they’re bored. Really really bored.

      This doesn’t even sound like a theory for the defense, but for the prosecution.

      “Jodi didn’t know him! She stalked him and it’s like that Lifetime movie where the dude photoshops himself into pictures so he can take advantage of his girlfriend’s amnesia!”

      Yeah, the pro-prosecution guests keep bringing up movie references – I suppose that makes sense, since the allegations against Jodi are as false and contrived as a Lifetime script.

  74. Omg! People are saying that if sex involves humiliation it is not
    Abuse. Ok if he spit in her face that’s insulting but
    if a broken and abused woman doesn’t stop him from ejaculating
    in her face then its just consenting adults?!? Wtf!

  75. Wow. I gotta say, I think today was Jodi’s absolute best day. This letter she wrote to Travis at the end of today, that Nurmi introduced, was so touching and there is no way the jury’s heart strings were not affected by the honesty and courage of that letter. My heart absolutely broke for her.

    I don’t know if anybody else noticed but even Travis’ sister, the one that some on here call sour lemon puss (?), was affected by the letter. I think any human being with a heart saw the raw pain, love and the unlimited generosity this girl had for this man. So tragic.

    • No kidding.. She was unrelenting BUT it didn’t seem to be in a negative way. To me it only came across as unrelentingly LOVING toward TA. Just my opinion..

    • you’re right Daniel.What I saw in the e-mail,the letter AND the poem was a sensitive,veeeeery well-spoken(if we didnt knew I’d assumed she was highly educated),considerate loving person.No stalker,no crazy ex.There must be sth wrong with ppl out there still suggesting that! my heart went out to her ,too.

  76. Is it bad that I want Jodi to make Martinez look like a jack hole!
    I really think she can. Based on her fear today it would not take much for Martinez to
    get frazzled. I want her to wait for an objection every single time too
    so she doesn’t ever have to apologize to Nurmi.

  77. Kathy Smeltzer Cobb: I tried to go to the Jody Arias supporter page and it looks like it is a closed group! Just wanting to be nosy! Was on internet last night and saw the innocence website and they are some crazy wacked out people! Very mean and spewing vile! …… Not very attractive there Jodi friends!

    Who’da thought we’re “crazy, ‘wacked out, mean and spewing vile”…. Lol. They wish!

    • LOL that’s hilarious – have they looked in the mirror lately?

      Nothing, absolutey nothing said here even amounts to the mountain of lies, repugnant vulgarity, and brutality those people have contributed to the world. Absolutely nothing. And let me be clear – when I say vulgarity, I don’t mean simple swear words. I mean calling a two year old the C word and wishing Jodi to be raped. And that’s just the stuff I’ve heard about – who knows what more waits beyond the tip of that iceburg.

      Oh, and of *course* anyone who disagrees with them must be crazy, right? Yeah, that’s the first step to convincing someone they are wrong – call them crazy! Sure, that’ll work!

      And yes we are “mean.” Since they’ve defined “mean” to apply to anyone who speaks the truth without ingratiating themselves to the delicate sensitivies of the Travistown cult. Well then they are a big, stuffy, insensitive MEANIE. Uh, right, that’ll make me want to be nice to them from now on!

      God these people need to get over themselves.

    • LMAO,Jamie!!!
      They think WE are the weirdos?? Mmmm,let’s see:when it comes to TA,we’ve repeatedly said that NOONE’s happy or ok with the fact that he was brutally murdered.On the contrary,most of us have said that it was a tragic event and that he was too young to die.I’ts his actions and/or behavior while he was alive that we’re critical of.When it comes to Jodi we try to look at the evidence,remain as objective as possible,and yes we DO NOT want to see her put to death.If that’s a sin so be it. Frankly,I do not remember anyone here suggesting tying up TA and torturing him till he drops dead,coz that’s a comment I read a while ago in The State’s page,ppl wanting Jodi to walk free so that they could capture her and torture her.Now who’s ”crazy and wacked out”????

      • God, that horrible! !! I fear for Jodis life, when she gets out!!! There so many crazy weirdos that would actually go through with this too, hurting her!! Even his family scare me! If I was her, id change my name n move far away.

  78. Just one more thing that lines up with the letters, he tells Jodi
    If he could marry her his deviance would stop. What does he do
    to young Lisa? Push hard for marriage.

    Oops can’t marry Jodi, she’s not the girl to help Travis’ reputation but Lisa is squeaky clean.
    If he married her he can stop the deviance and I get a girl who looks very young.
    who will also be easier to manipulate once married

    • Since married-sex is viewed as “okay” Travis could continue to be ‘naughty’ w/o having everyone on his back/ having to be sneaky. Sounds like another form of manipulation (fooling whomever he married as well as himself/ justifying the sex)

    • I agree with all your points.

      I wonder if it’s common for pedophiles to believe getting married would solve their problems? This is a serious question. Of course we all know it doesn’t work – ala Jerry Sandusky – but I have to wonder if this isn’t the same rationalization Travis was making to himself too. Maybe he figured having easy access to sex would cure him, and the only way to get that is through marriage.

      I had to LOL when Jodi mentioned Travis told her vaginal sex was ok “underwater.”

      • MB-
        I suppose anything is possible. Don’t some gay people get married to a hetero partner either because (A)- They aren’t ready to ‘come out’ yet or haven’t admitted to themselves they are gay, (B) Feel that getting married/having children with a hetero spouse will help ‘change their interest’ in the same sex, or (C) They want the ‘American Dream’ with the white-picket fence and so on… ? Maybe there’s even more reasons than that…. and then eventually later in life they realize that being in a hetero marriage isn’t for them, etc.?

        So maybe it’s possible that a pedophile could hope to ‘change’ or suppress their interests by getting married or do so in order to maintain a facade? (Why did the movie Bruno just pop into my head?! lol)

        Omg… I missed the “underwater” part. I wouldn’t doubt that being one of his rationalizations though. “Stay Moral, Go Oral!” “Provo Push” LOL Some people…