Jodi Arias Trial – Day 17

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      • i think i read in one of the documents that TA called her a ”three WHOLE wonder” Jesus!!!Im no native speaker,but c m’on!!!Learn how to spell!!

    • This just came up in the news:

      Inmates who are jailed with accused murderer Jodi Arias have nothing but praise for the woman, with one saying she has an incredibly big “heart.” The revelation was revealed in a Jan. 21, 2013 report by Troy Hayden of Fox Phoenix, who spent time at the Estrella Jail where Arias has been held for the past four years.

      Arias is currently on trial for the murder of her former lover, Mesa, Ariz. man Travis Alexander in 2008.

      During Hayden’s visit to the Phoenix detention facility, he found Arias’ fellow inmates were enormously supportive of her, holding up handwritten notes that read “Free Jodi.”

      Sara Wardana told him, “She has the biggest heart in the world. A lot of people don’t think it, but she does, she has an incredible heart… She really needs your prayers right now. She would do anything to help us girls in here and we just love her very much.”

      A woman who Hayden describes as Arias’ “podmate,” Jenna Bounds, told him during the past two weeks as Arias’ trial proceeds, she’s been “…hurting inside and there’s nothing she can do about that.”

      She added, “The roles could be reversed, in Jodi’s case… He [Alexander] could be the one on trial for her… People don’t even think about that… she is here because she was protecting herself.”

  1. I really think it’s going to bite the prosecution in the ass, only going after premeditated and felony murder. They haven’t proven it or even come close IMO.

      • Hopefully there’ll be an acquittal, or just a manslaughter conviction. In general I am pro-death penalty, but that is supposed to be (in my mind) for serial murderers, mass murders, cop killers, bombers, political assassins, child killers, and people with previous felony convictions. Jodi is none of those. If she walked free, I woud be confident she would lead an exemplary life; she seems like a super-nice person to me.

  2. Thanks for the link. Also, it shows that her course has been very straightforward in all of this. My guess is that after Travis passed away, it probably took her some time to recover both mentally, and emotionally, after the incident. Also, Ms. Arias could be up on the witness stand coming across mean, and vindictive towards Travis. Instead, she speaks of him almost with some degree of love in her eyes. It is very, very sad.

    Also, since it appears that many Mormons do not believe that anal intercouse, and oral sex, are actually “sex”, Travis could have been a “virgin” who adhered to a really twisted Bill Clinton-ish view of sex. But, it is unlikely that he could have screwed the average woman in the butt. My guess is that he may well of hired prostitutes, while he traveled around, who opted to get screwed in the butt, for money, in the very same manner that he met Jodi in hotels, at various places, and screwed her in the butt, while preserving his “virginity”. Then, he could have went around piously telling his friends (with a bit of a smirk, and a little pep in his step), how he was a “virgin” – or I guess a “technical virgin”. As a man, that is about the only way I could explain all of this.

    Also, I held out on sex until almost thirty. I have only been with my wife. And, I have never thought of screwing my wife in the butt, during the course of more than ten years of marriage. So, if this can be documented, as the recorded phone call seems to indicate, then I would have to conclude that Travis was one sick, twisted dude. And, it is disheartening to see Ms. Arias speaking about him with a glimmer of love in her eyes. But, love, and war, are not always the most rational things, and are not easy to understand.

    • all very true Ben.the thing is that he was NOT a virgin,not even ´´techically´´. He had penal-vaginal intercourse with Jodi so….No, no way anyone can buy that he was a virgin, NO WAY!!

      • Exactly Pyromie, he was lying to JA to get away with the oral n anal but then one day decided to go all the way. I blv he KNEW n I blv he wasnt a virgin to NON of it since before he met Jodi.

        • Absolutely. And he is clearly a narcissist. Who buys underwear and shirts saying “Travis Alexanders” (change the name to whoever). He was a narcissist, she was messed up and naive and the two just did not mix.

          • i’m so glad i found this site!
            i listened live to the sex tape today, radaronline, and i woul like to say that mr. Alexander was def a pedophile. his remark regarding 12yr old girls orgasms as hot was proof of that. but most of all, you could hear him demanding she touch herself. stupid Nasty Grace is so biased, shes denying it all. it was clear she was being used by this Mormon con artist n she had every right to defend herself!

      • Hello Pyromie,

        Mormons probably do believe that those acts are “sexual acts”. But, the Mormon church does not explicitly state that such acts are a “sin”, or ‘sinful”, in nature. In fact, the church – from what I can see – appears to let husbands and wives make up their own minds, about such practices.

        Also, while the church puts a high value on virginity, it does not – as far as I know – define what virginity is. If virginity is penile-vaginal penetration, then so long as Travis practiced butt sex, he could reason (in a rather twisted manner) that he was still a “virgin”, or that he was still avoiding “real sex”. If I remember correctly, it appears that Travis stated that the other sexual practices are “less sinful”. It is obviously the “shades of gray” problem. In other words, Travis could have argued that anal sex, and oral sex, were more sinful than touching a woman’s breast, but less sinful than vaginal intercourse – which constituted “true sex”. And, technically, so long as he refrained from vaginal intercourse, he could argue that he was still a virgin. This is no different than Bill Clinton getting on TV, jabbing his finger in the air, and saying, “I NEVER HAD SEX WITH THAT WOMAN!” But, if you asked Clinton what he meant by “sex”, he would have to say, “Vaginal penetration, of course!” This is a really warped way of thinking. And, the idea that a man would abuse a woman, so that he can get anal sex, while preserving his “virginity”, or refraining from some sort of “greater sin” (vaginal sex), is even more warped, in my opinion. What would people have thought if Clinton had gotten on TV and thundered, “I did not have sex with that women! I only stuck my penis into her anus!”

        Also, the idea that a person could use anal sex, and oral sex, as a legalistic way to get around “real sex”, has been circulating among Mormons (plural) for years. This is not an isolated case.

        There is an old saying that “love is blind”. I would go so far as to say that in some cases, “love is downright stupid”. But, that is the nature of love, and of falling in love.

        • I am a member of the LDS church, and I can assure you, we do believe all sexual acts before marriage are a sin. No matter what they may be. Even lusting after a woman, self pleasure, and viewing of adult material is considered sexual sin.

          After marriage, I’m not sure how those acts would be counted, because most wouldn’t openly discuss such things. Our church still states that one must only lust after his wife, never view pornographic material, and must never self pleasure.

          As for the “Virgin” aspect, any sexual activity from oral, to anal, and beyond would cause someone to no longer be counted as a virgin among the church.

          • In fact, all actions depicted above can even become grounds for excommunication from the church, which may explain why Travis was so worried about hiding his and JA’s relationship.

          • Hello Pyromie,

            Thanks for the clarification. By the way, it is my understanding that, in the photos from the incident, Ms. Arias was wearing a Mormon “CTR” ring, which appears to mean “Choose The Right”. In your opinion, why do you think that she was wearing the ring, and what does it mean? Does it mean that she was a practicing Mormon? What does the ring mean to a Mormon? What would it have meant to Jodi? And, why would she be wearing it, at that point in time? I look forward to hearing your views on this. Thanks.

  3. I hate to keep harping on this, but this is a poorly ran courtroom. Is it so hard to actually start on time? I mean, it’s already not starting until 10:30am, so why do you need to start even later – everyday, I might add. And, please, tell the courtroom viewers that facial expressions and antics IS NOT ALLOWED!

    • they are always late to start but always stop in time for lunch break.Jeez…According to Beth Caras they are all present except for Jodi

    • Agreed. I’ve been complaining about the late starts from Day 2. Every delay is keeping a potentially innocent person in jail longer, and keeping the jurors from being able to return to their normal lives. If I were a defense attorney or on that jury, I would be raising holy hell with the judge.

    • Yep, and I wonder what they think they’re going to accomplish. All they’re doing is making their entire family like brats. I don’t know how the judge can sit there looking in their general direction day in and day out and never say anything.

  4. My point was that this was filed in 2011. Everything that Jodi is talking about now in court is exactly what Nurmi stated would happen. The sex tape, emails, etc.

    Knowing this was ALL going to come out, Martinez STILL was arrogant enough to believe he could win AND drag Travis’ and Jodi’s reputations through the mud.

    I’m not saying that I care about Travis’ reputation. BUT, the state has wasted a lot of resources by not accepting 2nd degree murder.

    NOW, the question I have is this:

    CAN the jury consider 2nd degree murder once the prosecution has denied it? I wouldn’t think so, but I’m not a lawyer.


        • I know the jury can consider lesser charges.

          My specific question is can the jury consider 2nd degree murder since the prosecution denied it?

          IF NOT, I think that Jodi would be considered for something like manslaughter, which carries a lighter sentence.

          I’m not sure she is going to be convicted of anything, since the state has not proven their case, IMHO.

    • I’m not positive, but I believe from earlier discussions on this board that the Jury can come back and recommend a lesser charge. I think that’s what some of the folks on here said??

    • Nicole,

      I think the family has a lot of say in that matter and told the Martinez no plea deals. I followed a case in cali where a friend’s sister was killed and her family was allowed to say no plea deals.

      • I think the family does have a say n I blv this is the reason why Martinez is still going for the charge. The family is loving every minute that Jodi is suffering right now, the media bashing her n all the haters hating Jodi, they’re getting a kick out of watching themselves on tv. They are loving it n they are not going for a lesser charge, they dont care whos n how many lives this trial can destroy. They are going to push for the highest charge until the jury reads not guilty. Then they will hate Jodi even more!!

        • LC, while the prosecutor will take all things into consideration, the family does not get to “name that charge” or determine such, including the sentence. In a recent case, the district attorney charged 2 counts of murder with the death penalty. The family did not believe in the death penalty. It didn’t matter, they want for it anyway.

      • Wow really and if it’s true then they have the nerve to glare at Jodi for speaking the truth about Travis??

        Is there any way to find out for sure?

    • Oh, I know…and I read comments around the Web that say “just give her the needle already.” WTF? Have these people not heard of the right to a fair trial????

          • I hate Brooks. He is an idiot.. He doesn’t understand real people. Like Jodi saying ummmm…he thinks that is a big deal. Everyone does that when they are trying to tell a story, true or not true. Unless you are trained out of it, which I am sure as an ex FBI dude, he was. It is not easy otherwise to not say ummm…he irritates me no end.

      • this kind of comments Kira remind me just how hypocrites all these people are.Mourning over TA’s unfair death but demanding the death of another human being so cruelly and persistently.makes me sick.they are no better than the average murderer…

        • Maria, I’d love to see how fast they’d be changing their tune if they ever find themselves charged with a crime. Would they be badmouthing defense lawyers as criminals then? Would they want to be sentenced without a trial? I don’t think so!

  5. In session just said martinez walked over to travis family and said something. Perhaps to prepare them for something such as the sex tape? Or maybe he warned them to stop making faces. Surely they knew the sex tape was coming today.

  6. Ben says:
    “…Ms. Arias could be up on the witness stand coming across mean, and vindictive towards Travis. Instead, she speaks of him almost with some degree of love in her eyes. It is very, very sad.”

    Agreed. Jodi seems to have a very compassionate, forgiving attitude towards everyone but herself.

    It seems to me that one word demonstrates all we need to know about her: “Sorry.” Almost every time Martinez objects, she is quick to say she is sorry. It’s an automatic reaction on her part, even if Martinez has no grounds for his objection. Her reaction shows that she immediately assumes she is in the wrong. I can only imagine what she was like when she had even less self-esteem than she says she has now.

    She comes across as frightened and small. And when we are frightened, we have a deep-seated instinct to to fight or flee – the “flight or fight response.” And Jodi flees, every time. It may not always be a physical flight – sometimes she just seems to withdraw into her shell and try to make herself invisible (look at the way she hides behind her hair, or the way she lowered her eyes and looked at the ground when she help up her damaged finger yesterday).

    But something happened that day that made her fight, instead. After years and years and years of fleeing, when she felt she had no choice but to fight, I would imagine she snapped, completely. All the anger and rage and fear came out. Stabbing him 27 times, slashing his throat, and shooting him in the head is overkill, yes – she was lashing out at everyone who had ever taken advantage of her and abused her. It is hardly surprising if you look at the entire story with an open mind and an understanding of human nature that isn’t entirely informed by reality tv and Nancy Grace.

    This is just a tragic story, all the way around. I see a lot of hatred for Travis (and his family) on this site. While he definitely wasn’t someone I would choose to associate with, Travis and Jodi were BOTH very damaged, broken people, and it’s a tragedy that neither of them got the kind of help and love that they needed before it was too late.

    • I don’t hate Travis or his family at all. His family are completely innocent in this (they just need to refrain from the facial gestures in court is all) matter, and it’s hard for them to sit through this ordeal. I don’t hate Travis; after all, I never knew him, but hate some of this actions. He didn’t deserve to be killed the way he was, but then we don’t know at this point WHY he was killed like this. Only Jodi knows the answer.

    • I don’t have any hate for Travis’s family. I understand that they’re in pain…I have a brother and I’d never want to be in their position. I do feel sorry for them because they seem so consumed with wanting Jodi to die and not wanting to accept that Travis wasn’t perfect.

      As for Travis, yes, he was a very broken and damaged person. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was sexual abuse in his past. I don’t know if his parents were together; he only mentions his mother in that blog post and God knows the cast of characters that she could’ve had parading through that house while she was trying to score drugs.

      • To add, I posted on the day that Martinez pulled the impromptu “showing of the slashed throat” picture that it was wrong of him to do that to Travis’s family without warning them first (and you could tell that he didn’t). I know that he was trying to make a point, but that was cold. I wouldn’t want to see that over and over again. He should have told them so that they could leave if they wanted.

      • you know Kira,somehow I always agree with ur posts 🙂 Noone here hates T’s family,you re sooo right.It’s just that we feel so oppressed and censored by all other media that this site is like our shelter where we can all share our opinions freely,sometimes it’s the fact that we feel bittered about how people treat Jodi and thats why imo we feel we have the right to comment on T’s family too.
        As for TA,yes he was a traumatized person thats for sure.yet,I believe if we are to call ourselves adults and behave as such,where does each one’s responsibility of realizing and trying to overcome/deal with/seek therapy for our inner problems and battles lie?He should have realised he needed help,he made some really really bad lifestyle choices,without showing any remorse.

    • Michael L, that is a very good post all around. I can even see where you say there is hatred for Travis and his family. I’m not sure I would describe it as that. I don’t believe anyone here has said they want Travis’ family to die…or that they would take pleasure in personally doing it like I have seen the Jodi haters doing on almost EVERY other site and newspage.

      I personally don’t think Jodi was “broken” until after she got with Travis. If you look at her blog and photos of her, she definitely looks like she changed after meeting him.

      I would rather know someone “broken” like jodi than someone “broken” like Travis. And the world would be a better place if all the users and people broken like Travis were gone, but I am not advocating taking actions…there is no hate in that thought from me. Just reality that the world would be better.

      • What BeeCee says.

        Jodi may have had issues before meeting Travis, but I don’t believe she was broken at all. She was an upstanding citizen, paid her bills, owned a house, had a nonabusive relationship with her boyfriend. Then Travis comes along and POOF – all of that gone in a very short period of time.

        For anyone to imply that Jodi was somehow as bad as Travis, well that’s just insane.

        I also think people are mistaking lack of sympathy for hatred. I don’t think anyone has the right to tell me to have sympathy for a pack of abusers egging on a lynch mob. These people called a 2 year old little girl the C word – if that’s not enough to prove that the Travistown cult is sick and malicious beyond understanding, I don’t know what is. I don’t care WHO said this – Travis’ family, IF they were decent people, would be the first ones to stand up and say “let the justice system work, and please don’t attack the Arias family.” THAT is what really, truly decent people do. But they have not. They have soaked up the attention of the lynch mob and chose to act out in the courtroom instead.

        And Travis. Wow… what’s it going to take for people to hold him accountable for his behavior? Travis was a grown man. He could have chosen to get help for his problems, but he did not. He certainly had the resources to get the support and help he needed. It seems he didn’t care about his issues unless he was making money from them or getting him off. I’m so tired of people insinuating, in not so many words, that he couldn’t help himself. Oh, yes he could have. He just chose not to.

        There is a difference between being a sick person and being broken. Travis was not broken because he was free to exercise his will. Pure, plain and simple. And he broke Jodi – even after five years of being away from Travis, his abuse is STILL with her, as evidenced by her constantly apologizing to Martinez and acting like she doesn’t have a right to speak and tell her own story.

        So yeah, I find it interesting that the people here are continuously being attacked for “hating Travis and his family” when the hate is clearly the other way around.

        • Just because Jodi was also broken does not mean she was a bad person. Just that she had emotional struggles.

          And I totally disagree with you that Travis is the one who “broke” her. If that were the case, why would the defense have spent a week having her testify about the regular “spankings” she received from her parents, or the difficult relationships she had prior to meeting Travis? Why would she have testified herself that she had low or no self-esteem, and had considered suicide on more than one occasion? Her broken-ness is what attracted Travis to her, and vice versa. The fact that both of them had emotional issues is the reason the relationship was toxic from the start.

          Also, I’m not “attacking” anyone for hating Travis or his family. I have stated, myself, that Travis deserved a good swift kick in the nuts, and his “supporters”, family and friends piss me off. I post on this site because I can’t abide the vile hatred and stupidity that is all over the internet and tv.

          But I also recognize that Travis and Jodi were both pretty messed up, in their own ways, and that is what makes this story so tragic. In my opinion.

    • Michael – I spent some time looking at Facebook posts on dedicated sites. If you think some of the posts here show hatred for Travis you should see the comments about Jodi, and anyone who thinks she may have mitigating circumstances.

      I originally thought this was an open and shut case. But having read details, watched videos and the trial, I am less convinced. I want to hear her describe what happened. My opinion at this point is she cracked after a lot of bad mojo. Murder 2 or manslaughter.

      • Oh, I’m not saying the people on FB, HLN, etc are any better – they are far, far worse than anyone on this site.

        Maybe “hatred” was a strong word. I didn’t mean to offend anyone.

        • I know I’m not offended Michael. I actually like a lot of what you wrote, i just didn’t quite agree with that part is all.

          I think your obsevations of Jodi are very astute!

    • Michael, I also see this alot from Jodi. The part that you wrote, “sometimes she just seems to withdraw into her shell and try to make herself invisible (look at the way she hides behind her hair,” did you also notice on the interrogations with Flores, she completely closed off on some parts. COMPLETELY!!! Flores would ask her a question n she would look down n not say a word for a while. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is what she’ll do with Martinez when he asks something she feels uncomfortable answering.

    • The talking heads and people like Grace have lost all sense of real outside the flashing bulbs and video cameras. They are pathetic.

    • Thanks Michael,

      That is how I feel about all of this, too. Actually, I tried a mental test: I tried to compile a list of anything bad that Jodi did to Travis, before the incident. Honestly, I cannot think of anything – not a single thing that has been documented. Then, I started to compile a list of all of the bad stuff she *could* have done to Travis, if she had chosen to. And, the list of bad stuff, that she could have done to Travis, is so long, it almost never ends – this is partly because Jodi was Travis’ confidant, a person to whom he entrusted secrets to. Then, I started to compile a list of the bad things which Travis did to Jodi both during, and after, the relationship – name calling, hidden relationships on the side, public slander, humiliation, etc, etc. The list just gets longer, and longer.

      What conclusion could a person, like myself, possibly come to? It appears that Jodi tried to treat Travis the best that she could, all the way, until the end. And, Travis was Travis. One person was “blinded by love”, and the other person was a selfish abuser. Travis got his cake, and ate it, too. And, he just kept eating, and eating. Travis enjoyed a party, all for himself. I might change my views. But first I would like to see something that Jodi did bad to Travis, before the end. There is alot of stuff that she *could* have done. But, I don’t see it. In fact, she *could* be bashing him, in a mean and vindictive manner, from the witness stand. And, that is not even happening. I honestly hope that all of the facts of the case come out, and that there is a fair verdict.

    • well I just had an eye opener! I just looked at Travis’s my space page, and boy does it speak volumes on who this man was. If you don’t believe me, look at it yourself. He was an arrogant ass, talks about women on myspace as” whores that are a dime a dozen”. Ugh, no really, these types of guys are a dime a dozen.
      Then goes on describe himself as a lady killer, tri-athlete, money moguel, etc etc. barf, then to top it all off, one of his favorite things is teaching “children” english! i wouldn’t let him come near any of my kids, EVER
      I’m sorry he died, no one deserves that, but he defiantly had issues with women, and don’t think for one second he had self esteem issues. Gawd, how pathetic

  7. did they find any porn on his PC??? I thought it was a yes and media says no-nothing?? Not that we can trust the media by any means……..

    • JN: Read the post from SJ titled The proxy, the prosecutor and the penis. SJ addresses that TA was using a proxy server so as not to leave traces of Child Porn on the comp. So the statements made by the media, are technically factual, but misleading.

    • I can’t remember which expert it was (Dworkin?), but I seem to recall someone saying that there was at least SOME porn on his computer.

    • The cops said no. But I dont trust that they didnt suppress that evidence as cops and prosecutors do that all the time. It took the defense many motions to get hold of his pc. I think they got it as late as this October.

    • JN, if you haven’t seen this site please check it out.

      This is the kind of stuff that Martinez does. If they found any porn, they would not have brought it up because in their mind it is not important what Travis’ character was, they just want who they think did it to fry.

      I hate to sound like a broken record BUT law enforcement hates pedophiles as long as they are the ones going after them. A dead pedophile is not a pedophile anymore, it is a murdered person whom they want to find “justice” for regardless.

  8. WELL ITS ALREADY OVER 30 min past start time, so if we’re lucky we MAY see a little less than an hour of testimony, BEORE THE NEVER LATE LUNCH BREAK! How hard is it to start ON TIME????

  9. Geez, are they EVER going to get the trial started…

    So much for saying they will “begin promptly at 10:30 a.m.”

    IMHO, I think they need to hash these things out BEFORE court is scheduled to start.

  10. The blogs are suddenly filled with chatter that Jodi is trying to get a plea deal now. They are saying that she wanted to get her story out but hoped to at same time not have to sit through a cross examination. I don’t think this is the case…I think you all above are correct. coming.

    • Wouldn’t the prosecution have to offer the plea deal at this point? I remember Linda Drane Burdick offering one to Casey in the middle of her trial, but Casey said “No way, I’m innocent and I’m not pleading guilty to any charge.”

      • The first thing that came to my mind was a plea deal, especially given the early lunch break after no testimony at all today, the fact that she had already requested a discussion on a plea deal before trial, and perhaps Martinez was concerned about the tape being let in.
        Kira, a prosecutor can offer a plea deal at the beginning or pre-trial, they can offer one mid-trial, and depending upon the judge, they can offer one late in the trial. I once heard that they can offer one all the way up to verdict in some jurisdictions. In the Casey Anthony case, they actually offered her a total of 3 plea deals spread out across the trial.
        If you guys haven’t seen The Plea, it is a great Frontline documentary about the plea bargaining process and how it actually affects defendants. While I was watching it, not too long ago, the part in the documentary about Patsy Kelly Jarrett actually made me think of Casey Anthony’s refusal to plea due to her not wanting to plead guilty to something she didn’t do. Just because your innocent doesn’t mean you’ll be found not guilty though. That part of the documentary has great insight into the struggle between choosing liberty or staying true to yourself, an unimaginable decision. I understand both views on taking pleas and not taking pleas whether you’re innocent or guilty.
        Anyway, I recommend it –>
        Her being upset could indicate multiple things to me, relief from a plea deal (meaning she definitely won’t die and it is all over), something was played or said that upset her in chambers, the judge suddenly saying she can’t use the recording after all, or maybe the whole thing is getting to her today. It’s anyone’s speculation game. We’ll know later today.

        • I agree with you, she looks too upset, im thinking they wont be playing the tapes. If so, this is a big deal, these recordings would’ve helped her.

  11. Per @wildabouttrial on twitter, “the famiy and friends of Travis’ were instructed by the prosecution to show no emotion during testimony.”

  12. Ok so what is going on. I am working so I have to listen more than I can acutally watch. Is Jodi there? Has anyone heard anything else about what is going on??? Maybe the prosecutor agreed to accept a ple to save the family from the whole world hearing about the TA child porn

  13. OMG… Jodi is at defense table and is already visiably upset…. they’re now suspending trial until 1:00 PM… what the HELL is going on!!

  14. OMG, they are leaving for the noon recess? They didn’t even get started!

    BTW, it looks like Jodi has been crying. What do you all think is going on?

  15. Why did she look so upset? I wonder what is going on. It’s weird when I first seen her family shown they looked happy but then when Jodi came out she was almost in tears!

  16. Aaawwww I feel so bad for her, why did she llok like she’s been crying???? What happend??? I missed what happened this morning n why wasn’t it shown? ?? Anyone??

    • Nothing happened this morning, LC, that little bit of court is all that’s gone on so far. There was a meeting in chambers earlier.

  17. Sorry to just pop in (hate making people repeat things), but just tuned in after my lunch hour and not sure what’s going on.

    I know they just recessed for lunch, but what was going on prior?
    Has there been any testimony yet?
    Jodi looked really upset, the few minutes I saw her, before the lunch break.
    What’s going on?

  18. Ok wait a second. Who is Ms. W? and why would the baliff be crying? that doesnt jive. The guard I saw behind Jodi wasnt crying, but I realize that is from Dept. of Corrections. It is very strange for a baliff to be crying in ANY trial. I did not see but as stated previously, I am mostly listening. How certain are we that is true. Did they show that????

  19. yeah, i had to go to homepage to REFRESH. i figured i was being stupid somehow!
    forgive me im repeating someone…
    … jodi very upset, court postponed until 4pm, AZ time… 1pm EST.
    sounds like DA is fighting phone tape agin. that tape (we all know) is SO critical to her defense.

  20. I saw Ms. Wilmott, she did not appear to be crying. Only jodi did who was sitting next to her. Unless she stopped before I saw her, Jodi’s face showed obvious signs of crying Ms. Wilmott did not appear to me to have been crying IMO

    • Agreed. W was not crying – she was looking at paperwork. And the bailiff didn’t seem upset to me, either. Jodi’s body language was interesting – her crossed arms is not something I’ve noticed before. She looked almost angry, to me.

      • Crossing of arms is a kind of closed protective position. I only saw her do it once before while the jury was coming or going. I assume her lawyers have told her not to do that in court. I suspect something happened that caused her to do this as well as the obvious crying.

        HLN speculated that they are trying to work out technical details of playing the phone sex tape. She may have had to listen to some of it in chambers and it was upsetting.

          • I would suspect that they played the tape in chambers and it got Jodi all upset. Why? Because after almost five years, she heard Travis’s voice and it got her all upset. I believe that no matter what he did to her, she still loved him then and still loves him now. My father was very abusive mostly to my mother, and when he died, after not seeing him since I was nine, we went to the funeral and my mother cried. She still loved him even after all that time. She knew he was mentally ill and there was no way we could live with him because eventually he would have killed her if not all of us. I was 22 when he passed away.

  21. The statement “he never raped me” that Jodi made during the police interregation makes sense to me now. She was protecting him.

    • She loved Travis, and also because she lived with the same misconceptions about rape and battery that the rest of society does: that rape isn’t rape unless it’s grotesquely violent and battered women are partially to blame for the abuse they suffer.

      Travis never established consent when he put his penis inside her vagina while she was asleep. I don’t understand how some people don’t believe this is a problem. It doesn’t seem to matter that Travis waited until Jodi was asleep, and intentionally undressed her and entered her body without even shaking her awake to see if it was ok. Those were all conscious decisions on HIS part, not hers. HE is culpable 100%. Just because a rape victim blames themself and denies it happened to them – which happens SO many times – does not mean a crime did not occur.

      Also, the prevailing attitude is that since Travis may have been abused as a child, that must mean he couldn’t help himself as an adult. Please! He was aware enough about his alleged abuse to talk about it in his blog, so it’s only logical that he was aware enough to do something about it.

      • MB I love you clear you stated that! He was aware enough about his alleged abuse to make money off it, so it’s only logical that he was aware enough to do something about it. Oh soooo true!!

      • It disgusts me that I’ve read in article comments “Hey, if my girlfriend started having sex with me when I was sleeping, I’d say thanks!” No, sorry, that’s creepy. A sleeping person hasn’t consented; I don’t care if it’s your regular lover or not. I wouldn’t like my husband doing that to me and I’d never do it to him.

  22. Just heard on HLN a close friend of the family says Jodi is an emotional mess having to relive and testify about events today. They are speculating she may testify about the day of the fight and TAs death. She may just need to seek some counciling since her emotional well being is not good. I cant imagine how she will find the strength, but she will because she will have to.

  23. I was just wondering, does anyone know if Jodi still identifies with/ or is part of the Mormon church? Has there been any talk as to whether the local Mormon church (branch she attended) or certain parties have come out in her favor or come out against her? I know it may seem irrelevant, but I just cannot find the answer to this anywhere!

  24. Does anyone remember when Jody said that her phone was stolen before she move to Yreka when Gus gave her a new phone? Do you think Travis wanted to hide something/ Maybe he took the phone?

  25. I know this whole time, all through Arias’ testimony, that the media has been giving everything she says excuse after excuse. You guys have discussed it, the whole this is just a guy being a guy thing. But I think the phone recording excuses are going way left field. I don’t get people saying online and on InSession that we should be concerned with the phone recording being a set up.
    One question, assuming that what the defense said Travis Alexander says is an exact quote, how do you set someone up or make someone say that a 12-year-old girl having an organism is hot!!!
    That’s just an outrageous excuse. That’d be like saying the Jerry Sandusky recording (not saying Travis Alexander is Sandusky, but just comparing the elements) was a set up by the kid’s mother. Stupid.
    He is responsible for what he said. You couldn’t ever make me or encourage me to say anything close to that, those words do not belong anywhere near each other, especially following a sexual experience. Come on.

    • I know, Youcouldbewrong… I really cant think of anything the media will use as far as an excuse for TA on this statement! !! Theres NO WAY they can cover that up or look fir an excuse when IF they play this tape fie everyone to hear. And they CANT say, “oh his just a guy” to this one!!!

    • JVM has been trying to say all along that she will refuse to believe it’s his voice. I’m fairly certain that experts have examined it to determine that it was in fact his voice, which is why it will be allowed in court.

  26. The fact that Jodi came into the court room looking like she just was hysterical crying moments before coming in is very sad and makes me believe she just heard something or saw something that the lawyers were battling about all morning and will be presented to the jury and rest of the court this afternoon at some point….I’m Just not sure if i can take much more of seeing Samantha travis’ sister smirking and smiling at everything Jodi testifies about like she is enjoying it in some very weird way

    • Ugggg I can’t stand her smirk either CM. That bothers me more then the other sisters face. I mean atleast the other one isnt smirking! !!! I have to say though I think the reason Jodi might be crying is because the judge denied whatever it was. She looked very upset, like she was crying but also upset mad. Idk but I hope im wrong. I’ll be so mad if they don’t play that tape. It seems like evertime Nurmi tries to show the jury something that’ll help jodi, she denies it!!

  27. I caught the 8+ minutes of trial Live, but I have re-watched it on YouTube several times. Here’s my opinion regarding this morning: I think they were in-chambers discussing something (the tape maybe, or the emails/letter?) and either their content or something someone said (most likely Martinez) greatly upset Jodi, so the judge told Mrs. W something along the lines of, “Your client has 5 minutes to compose herself.” (when the Live Feed started broadcasting, the judge looked ticked off for the first few minutes, then impatient for a few minutes, then when Jodi came back in the courtroom, her look softened considerably or compassionately). Jodi entered the courtroom with Mrs. W… And she was still very visibly upset.

    When standing for the jury, Jodi had her arms crossed, and through her body language and the look on her face, I interpreted anger first, then intense sadness, and finally just pure, utter helplessness. When she sat down, she seemed to be looking at the jury earnestly and hopelessly, like she terribly wanted to say something to them but couldn’t… It was almost as if she was trying to send them an ESP message (if that makes sense). Then when she stood as the jury left the courtroom again, she looked so defeated and desolate that I wanted to reach into the computer, hug her, and tell her that everything’s going to be alright.

    The black lady (officer, bailiff?) was acting strangely. Can’t tell if she was trying to cover up a laugh, if she was yawning, if she rubbed her eyes because she’s tired and/or has a headache, or if she was upset. There wasn’t enough of her on the screen for me to be entirely sure.

    Again, just my opinion. 🙂

  28. I think the combination of her family’s presence and the nature of her testimony caused her to breakdown, She was to upset to take the stand. One of the inmates said while in jail they would see her going to medical unit alot. I bet she is on meds and I bet the gun ws part of her being suicidal

  29. Vinnie is so out of touch with reality. He needs to be in prison for awhile and see how he would act if he was on trial. And he should take his pink shirts with him. 😉

  30. I gave up watching HLN In session a week ago because that show is like watching a angry bitter lynch mob that regardless of the facts or anything presented already has Jodi %100 guilty and is just non stop jodi bashing and Travis is a saint and was killed by the devil and they bring on a parade of ppl and lawyers to tell you why Jodi is a monster and guilty and if one lawyer makes a mistake of saying the defense looks good and Jodi looks like a victim that person will never be on again…..They seem very bitter that they did the same exact thing during the Casey Anthony trial and she got off and made them look like dopes and are worried Jodi will to

  31. crossing your arms is not anger with that look on your face. it is fear and a need to protect yourself. Idiots! Where are the body language experts? these guys are brain dead.

    • so far there hasnt been a single body language expert supporting Jodi,on the contrary her movements to them are all about lies.How can they be such sell outs to the Media for a few minutes of fame??

  32. I am a Canadian who started watching this trial about midway with a pre-conceived notion that Jodi was 100% guilty as charged (regrettably, I am a Nancy Grace fan). I then went back and watched the trial footage from the beginning. I have always believed that there are three sides to every story: in this case Jodi’s, Travis’, and what really happened. Unfortunately, Travis’ story is being told from the point of view of a grand standing, Joe pesci wannabe who wants to see nothing less than Jodi’s blood spill.

    After weighing all the facts that have been presented thus far, I have to admit that there HAD to have been something very traumatic happen to Jodi to trigger this outburst that ultimately put an end to TA’s life, and did irreparable damage to the lives of Jodi and so many others. Is it possible for a soft spoken, kind hearted, caring, God-fearing, gifted, and beautiful young woman with no criminal record or history of violence to suddenly “snap” and shoot, mutilate, and decapitate a person that she genuinely loved because she was….jealous?? Perhaps. However, common sense tells me this was not a case where Jodi felt her whole world was going to fall apart because her on again-off again lover, who paid little attention to her when she was not in the sack, bent over his desk, or on her knees, didn’t want to be with her anymore.

    Jodi was used to not being around him for periods of time. She dated others. She is self-sufficient and ambitious. She is way more gorgeous than he was handsome, and could easily find someone to treat her the way she deserves to be treated. Something very terrible had to have happened to this young woman for her to react in such a violent manner. It would make more sense to me if the evidence had shown additional footprints, fingerprints, or DNA at the crime scene. I would have then assumed that she had told a close friend or family member about the abuse, and this person had went there to confront TA and a fight ensued. However, the facts are the facts. Jodi is not covering for anybody. She did this alone.

    So, in my sympathy and empathy I’ve gone from being 100% sure of Jodi’s guilt to including her in my nightly prayers. I pray that she may feel a moment of peace. I pray that all family members on both sides can begin to forgive and heal. I pray that she gets a fair trial. I pray that she is not judged to harshly, and that her time served represents her ultimate punishment. Most of all, I pray that Jodi may one day soon live a normal, productive life full of love, hope, and happiness.

    God bless you Jodi and good luck!

    • They sound happy while chatting, which is sad in itself. I don’t hear anything in this that he was afraid of her at all. Also this tape is showing all of his “ideas” that she testified to yesterday.

      • It kind of undermines a lot of the prosecution’s and HLN lynch mob’s theory about her being a stalker and she being mad over the Cancun trip. There is nothing here indicating that.

        • Yes but be sure that they will twist it somehow to make Travis look good and Jodi bad. It should be interesting to watch how they will twist this for their own agenda.

  33. Wonder what Abe thinks about Travis calling him “soulless”? Heh. Guess they weren’t such great buddies! Now Abe can stop his media whoring.

  34. Is this tape going to hurt Jodi? It paints her as a willing participant and that she enjoyed things, like the anal sex. And him calling her “honey.”

    Other than that, Travis is a douche bag. Really kinky stuff for a Mormon boy. And, using the F-word all over the place. Wanting to take pictures.

    Then, wanting to make porn with her? Yuck!

  35. I’m troubled by her enthusiasm for him and the fetish sex. It contradicts how she said she felt like a used rag or something like that. Anyone help me with this?

    • Agreed.

      I also didn’t think his 12-year-old girl comment sounded that bad. I didn’t get that he was saying he liked her being like a 12-year-old. He was implying that he liked her enthusiasm.

      Don’t get me wrong – he was still a hypocrite and a douche. But I’m not hearing that he was anything but freaky, and that she was anything but willing. And there is nothing wrong with that. Hell, I know a lot of people who are much, MUCH “worse”.

      At least so far, there is nothing abusive or deviant about this conversation. It is two consenting adults having phone sex.

      • Agree he is a hypocrite and a douche, and the tape supports that he was the instigator of the fetish sex. I also agree there is nothing wrong with the fetish sex, only that it proves the hypocrisy. But her enthusiasm hurts her abused GF testimony. That could be very damaging.

        • Definitely proves the hypocrisy. That will help her. I wonder why his family agreed to allow it in the courtroom? Maybe because it would smear her image to the jury?

  36. I think Jodi’s said it herself, she went along with Travis’ ideas to make him happy.
    I’m not saying it helps her, but I’m sure people who are abused go along with many things that they don’t want to.
    She wanted to please Travis because she loved him – it doesn’t mean she didn’t feel these things (like a prostitute, or used toilet paper).
    Anyone agree?

    • i definitely see eye to eye on that M.yet,i get this weird feling that this tape is gonna hurt her more than help her.

      • I think its a fine line and sometimes you probably have to show your true colors to prove someone else’s (similar to what MB said).

        But the reason I don’t think it will hurt her as much as the prosecution is because Jodi has never pretended to be someone she isn’t (yes she lied, but I don’t think she ever pretended she didn’t have sex, etc.), while Travis and all his followers have pretended he was a saint. This tape is clearly proving that to be a giant lie.

    • Yep – and here come the Travis defenders in full force to buy into the idea that Jodi was a conniving slut that enthusiastically participated.

      She had to tell him what he wanted to hear to document the truth – plain and simple.

  37. Did Jodi even know that Travis was calling her a stalker?
    This tape isn’t good for either side, but the most important thing is that is shows Travis was not afraid of Jodi, she didn’t express anger about Cancun, and was making plans for trips with Travis later that summer. It does show that Jodi was willing participant in their activities but more than that it goes completely against the stalking theory.

    • That may be why it was admitted, but man, that’s awful to listen to. It does undermine almost the entire prosecution theory of why she killed Travis.

    • Marina so far this recording does not back her story but I would have to hear the whole thing. and what happened on that day,

  38. I guess I just don’t see the wisdom in how this is helping her.

    Perhaps he says something at the end that is incriminating?

    I guess it could point to her not being “mad” at him for going to Cancun??

  39. If she seemed at all sexually innocent or naive to what she was being asked to do by Travis or what travis was making her do before today’s testimony its all gone now after hearing this phone conversation and her sexual agression and how she is talking and responding to the talk …..She was definetly enjoying it …..I’m a little concerned that this is playing really bad to the jury and making her look bad and not so innocent and taking advantage of

    • I don’t think I ever thought she was sexually innocent. This tape proves he was the instigator of the fetish sex. She all but gives him an award for it. It also proves she loves him and since they were making plans for the fall it does attack the premeditation charge.

      It sounds like she is sucking up to him a lot. But I hear no fear on either side. I agree with the comment that this demonstrates how she just wants to please him. Big time.

  40. I’m not seeing this tape as being a huge help for the defense at this point and i’m hoping there will be some questions that will bring it back or puts it all together

    • CM from what the TV is stating this seems consenting adults I have to listen to the whole thing My take from what I heard is they have a very shallow relationship I can barely hear Travis is sounds very disinterested. I so far do not see a big deal with this tape

  41. Listening to the talking heads makes me want to go out and buy the BIGGEST bag of marshmallows I can find and make them eat the whole bag without swallowing …

  42. The fact she taped this…considering she and her lawyers came up with a good reason…may wash the fact that she sounds so willing. As stated before she can say she’s acting…though that may backfire bc it shows what a good actress/liar she can be.
    Either way clearly everything she has said about Travis’ sexual appetite is proven to be true in this phone call.

  43. Did he just mention Spiderman movies and how he liked Spiderman,,,,,and Jodie is talking about the movie. Bad move defense, bad move.

    • I have to hear the whole thing I do not see anything but perhaps her desire to please him. Its sounds like she is a willing participant I dont know

    • I don’t get why? If he really bought her little boys’ underwear, what does it matter if Spiderman was on them or not? Spidey himself wasn’t the issue.

  44. It might be me…. but her testifying to that whole Travis had vaginal sex with me for the first time while i was sleeping and i didn’t exactly want to but i didn’t stop him because i didn’t want to hurt his feelings is looking kinda out of context and dumb that it was brought up if you planned on playing this audio tape and the way she is responding to it and him

  45. I didnt know when this was recorded but I found this on twitter:
    This tape between Jodi and Travis was recorded just weeks before the murder. It’s eerie how fond of each other they sound as they talk.

  46. How could he seem so into to her and then be so mean to her in front of people, he seems like he does have interest in her and maybe he was being told not to be with her so he shunned her in public eye lied about her, he totally messed with her mind. Maybe she recorded it so she would have proof that she was not stalking him, maybe to play to a friend or to see how he was with her. I still have trouble believing she did this alone…. And that no one found him for that many days I mean a trash can will stink up a house why not a decomposing body? It just really baffles me…

    • I agree totally with her doing all this alone is kinda hard to wrap your mind around since they got her killing him and dragging him around the house in such a short period of time

    • Over the winter I found out I had a mouse in my house. I set up a poison trap, and after it died it stunk up to high heaven!

      If a tiny little thing like that can smell that bad, imagine what 200lbs of rotting human flesh festering in the Arizona summer heat would do.

      Flores, in his report, says he smelled it as soon as he walked in too.

    • Ahhh thats sister stuff. Thats nothing compared to the things they were talking about in the beginning. Talking about people they worked with.

  47. I think this call shows that he is a douche, not worried about her stalking him, into a very superficial type of relationship and she is just wanting to please him however she can. I hope the jury sees it for what it is. What happens after this could be just about anything, including him trying to attack her and she defending herself with a gun. Then taking his knife and showing how much she hated him.

  48. Again, not sure what to make of this.

    I’m sure the defense has a reason behind playing this. Yes, it does point to the fact that Travis was not a choir boy.

    Maybe this will play into the “double life” of Travis. Meaning, he could be abusive and sort of nice?

    I can see Martinez hammering her on cross of why she was calling him “honey” if he was so abusive.

    Waiting to see what comes of this…

    • Most abusers have cycles of being nice and not-so-nice. It’s usually not 24/7 of constant abuse, which is why the person on the receiving end can be talked into staying.

      • @Kira,
        Abslutely true, you keep hoping that ‘ this time’ is the time they will really change their ways for good, so you hang in there. Been There!

  49. On the tape, who said: “You have been miserable, and I still raped you”?? I swear it was Travis but hln blog says it was Jodi

  50. it sure is painful watching Jodi right now.I feel like reaching into my computer screen and hugging her.does anybody else feel the same?I dont know how her family is able to control their emotions,if she were my daughter or sister I would literally be crushed.i guess they have to,poor fellows.

  51. i would love to hear some feedback on this: was jodi a consenual and willing participant in this phone sex tape? if she only told him what he wanted to hear, was there any substance to playing the recording as opposed to just her testimony? how much of this will help her and how much will hurt her? and what exactly about this testimony will help her and what exactly could potentially hurt her?

    • Ame, it sure seemed to me like Jodi was a willing participant. I’m not sure how this benefited the defense. I did get the impression she was trying very hard to please Travis. Maybe that’s the only reason?

        • Absolutely Kira.
          How can anyone explain that away?
          Even if she was engaging in kinky sexual behavior.

          Let me guess, “Jodi deserved that kind of conversation, because she was whore that liked sex.”
          I can already hear the haters…

          • On a legal standpoint emotions aside, she does not seem like a stalker but she also sounds like a willing participant. I do not think this tape helps her as a victim but it does show Travis had relations with her and was not breaking off the relationship. She could have taped it to play for his other girlfriend. I think the most important testimony is about why she stabbed him 29 times. The Jury can find her guilty but not give her the death penalty. This tape is not the smoking gun that the defense made it out to be, I really don’t know what the jury will think. But my opinion is that their is an absence of beauty in their relationship which is sad because for what ever reasons their relationship is based solely on sex.

          • Oliviero –
            Did the defense make it the “smoking gun” or did the media?
            I don’t think the defense implied anything other than the fact that it was necessary evidence from their point of view.

            Correct me if I’m wrong.
            And sorry if I seem harsh, kind of had it with people being so hard on the defense today.

        • Well, can we not forget that this phone conversation made very clear reference to their many bouts of makeup up sex, which, of course, also references a tumultuous relationship. They discussed this when they talked about her crying and her eyes being puffy. The implication that I got from it is that he has made her cry many times, and she has been miserable in his presence for whatever reason and this turned him on, it made him “rape her”.

          This tape is actually a very strong backup to her claims that they had a very up and down relationship. The pattern discussed in that snippet of that call, they describe an unhealthy, possibly abusive relationship. They fight, she cries, it makes him horny, they have makeup sex. Then again, they fight, she cries, it makes him horny, they have hot makeup sex.

          Based on his blog post, where he describes his childhood, it actually wouldn’t be surprising that he derives pleasure from having that kind of emotional control over someone, and expresses “love” by being hurtful. It happens to a lot of people that were neglected and abused by their parents. His mother used to be out of it and high and would wake up to beat the crap out of them and spew vile words. What he took from these experiences was strength, his great grandfather told him he was special, and to not forget it. It seems to me like he, at some point, decided her was stronger and this would never happen to him again. It also seems like he would have weird feelings towards women, particularly women he was emotionally involved with. It would make sense that anytime he was having certain feelings toward her, he’d pick a fight, and be abusive, so as to never actually be emotionally vulnerable. Then of course, he has asserted himself, she is crying, he has control, he’s turned on… and the cycle starts over again.

          She, it seems, was the other side of that coin. She claims she was abused… many abused women do the opposite of abused men. Lots of abused men become the abuser… lots of abused women seek out abusive partners. If she was abused, she is accustomed to trying to please, to gain validation at all times, and would be attracted to a very demanding partner. She felt comfortable in that role. She even states “I can handle you sometimes, but I definitely like to be handled more” (That is not a verbatim quote). She presents herself as submissive, she declares her love of being handled and controlled. She liked it when he was in control, and she wanted to please him. He was most definitely a narcissist, no question about that, but that was what she LIKED about him. She liked catering to him, complimenting him. And he, no matter what HLN tells you, liked her. He was very much into that conversation, that conversation was exactly what he wanted. He called her “Baby”, discussed things with her in a very comfortable way. He stated that he was glad they started having sex, which also brings me to another point. She mentions how much she loved their first time having sex, and how amazing his junk felt inside her. THAT does not sound at all to me like a traumatic rape in her sleep, I have to say. Even if it happened that way, she remembers it fondly, she expresses that she enjoyed, and thinks about it often.

          Lastly, I am pretty sure I heard him mumble “I love you” as they were hanging up and he was halfway to dreamland. I could be wrong, but I listened a few times and that is definitely what it sounded like.

          All in all, the conversation between them seemed forced except when they were talking sex. There were awkward moments of silence during this phone call, and definite moments where you could tell that one or both of them was trying to think of something else to say, or trying to decide how to react. Based on what I have read, this conversation, and their blogs and myspace accounts, what I get is that these two people really did care about each other. Really did have a passionate connection. Were probably more themselves around each other than anyone else, but ultimately weren’t meant to be together, per se. It seems like they wanted to keep a certain aspect of their relationship alive, but other aspects were lacking. There was no real conversation, it wasn’t that easy flow you have with the person that is IT for you. But I think they were both really damaged, and they both knew it, and felt a kinship in that way, a bond that they could share with each other, and probably not with anyone else, and they were hesitant to let go of it because who else could they be this honest with with their beliefs as they stood. She even expresses a fear of not finding a man of faith that she was as sexually compatible with. I have to wonder if maybe they were so messed up that they knew they really would never have that complete emotional connection with anyone, hence the extreme difficulty in just cutting ties with each other.

          My take on it is this, there are three sides to every story. There is her story, “his” story… and the truth is somewhere in the middle. It seems like he really liked and wanted her, his friends and family weren’t into it, his need to keep a certain image then creates a big disconnect. Does he want the woman more, or does he want his image, and to please the people in his life more? The short answer, he wanted both. I also think he resented her, and that probably led him to treat her in an abusive manner that his previous gfs had not seen. He stated on his blog that one must be the type of person one would want, and that like attracts like. If that is true, he saw the women that he dated as a reflection of himself. Jodi has been abused, is sexual, is enticing, is open and easy, in his mind, if that was what he attracted and was attracted to, then that was what HE was. He stated himself as someone who wanted to be more, wanted to be better, shot for the divine. What he did with Jodi, what they enjoyed together, the dirty sex, the submissiveness, the control, the need for validation… he would see these things as weaknesses according to his faith, and would see her as a reflection of him.. and therefore, his weakness. SHE was a weakness, it would make sense that someone like him would feel the need to find someone else, but find himself unable to detach from her and self loathe as a result. In turn, lashing out at her to express that frustration, put her down as a way to punish her for reflecting his own faults. We see the world, not as the world is, but as we are. I think that is the case here, but I think that she embraced their similarities, and wanted to hold on, and saw him as her ideal partner BECAUSE of their similarities, while he was trying to run away from them, or at least portray a certain image around himself. It would be impossible to do while publicly declaring that Jodi, the woman that his judgemental mormon friends and family deemed not good enough, was the woman that was his equal. It also makes sense that he would see himself as unworthy of real love, and would be unable to give real love. She definitely saw him as the one, she loved his “faults”, and he shunned her for it. He stated on his blog that he wanted a woman that basically loved him for what he COULD be, not for what he was. SHE wanted to be accepted for what she was, she saw him as her equal counterpart, and what she was looking for, and would hold on, reach out, give more and he would respond to that by lashing out, and then pulling her in, taking more… like I said, cycle of abuse. He wanted someone different, but he wanted her, clearly. He called her a “skank”, but he sought her out regularly for sex, so what did that make him? He knew this. He would treat her like shit based on how he felt about himself. I do believe that she lies, I don’t believe that she is being completely transparent and honest about the reality of their relationship, and who she is/was. I think they were just 2 normal, fucked up people. Neither of them perfect, neither of them horrible, caught in the throes of their own dysfunction. WHY she killed him? I don’t know. I think it was a combo of a few things. She probably felt afraid of him, but she couldn’t fathom being without him, either. Couldn’t fathom him rejecting her, couldn’t stand the idea that she made all of these compromises, let herself be degraded, wanted to give him everything… and he just didn’t want it. I think resentment grew, they got into a disagreement, he went for whatever his norm was, and she just snapped. But that’s just my very uneducated analysis of this situation.

          TL;DR: This is long, nobody’s perfect. They both had issues. Their relationship had issues. She allowed him to mistreat her because she thought he was the one. They weren’t meant for each other. He took advantage of her. He took it too far. She lost it. I don’t think she’s guilty, I don’t think she’s innocent, either. She’s responsible.

          It’s late, I’m tired. This probably makes not much sense at all, if that is the case, I apologize.

    • ame, I think even abused women can enjoy sex…particularly if it’s the only time that they are made to feel beautiful. Perhaps the defence is putting that out there before the prosecution tries to paint their own picture of her. At this point, I don’t believe it can hurt her but only reinforces the defences position that TA was a sexual deviant. Thoughts?

      • It clearly shows his hypocritical behavior and the fact that Jodi was a sex object for him. Nowhere does he express love or caring for her. I didn’t hear the whole thing but he comes off as a liar and a jerk. She comes off as naive and unaware of what a jerk he is really is. And he is planning on going to Cancun with another woman at this time right? A woman who he has not had anything sexual with but was willing to marry? Geez.

    • She was a willing participant. But, she also willingly recorded everything. In most instances, what would that mean? It is being recorded for a purpose. In this case, what does the tape show? It shows Travis’ true colors, being shown, when he does not realize that he is being recorded.

  52. I am really pised off here, they are really trying to get to Jodi and TA’s family is getting on my damn nerves now that so called TA’s sister that is a “cop” is just loving this and so is the other crack head sitting beside there brother front row “Tanisha” she really needs an attitude adjustment though I hope to god TA says something bad about his sister’s on the tape because it seems to me that Travis hated everyone but himself..piece of shit. Wow I wonder what kind of “can of worms” will be opened now, now that Travis spilled the beans about not liking people at work that though he was their friend. IN THIS DAY IN AGE WATCH YOUR BACK NEVER KNOW WHO YOU CAN AND CANNOT TRUST. Jodi is innocent and I hope she gets every little fucker in that court room when she gets set free…I hope.

  53. Anne look over some previous comments. I think the consensus here is that it both helped and hurt her case. It supports he was the fetish sex initiator. It supports he was no choir boy. It supports both of their hypocrisy on forbidden sex. It shows he had no fear of her, nor her of him (that may hurt her case). I think it also hurts her testimony that she was a used piece of toilet paper or a prostitute. She declared she loves the kinky stuff. Now she could be just saying that to please him, but I think she liked it.

    • Lol no, me too!! Hahaha but he did talk bad about other people. N im glad he was talking shit about Abe (that some much was on his side), wonder what he has to stay about TA now?!

      • I had my fingers crossed LOL. Tonight on Dr Drew should be interesting, I wonder if Abe will be on again. He was on last night.

  54. No wonder she was crying the way she was!!! This whole thing must be so humiliating! First the splatter her naked body all over tv n Internet n now they play this tape. I knos its needed but they could’ve fast forward some parts (we know what was happening). She must feel raped from the whole world watching!!! I dont know what to think of this tape. I think some of it could hurt her a little by showing the jury that she was ok getting down n dirty with whatever TA wanted BUT she wasnt the one claiming she was a virgin. And theres nothing wrong with a grown woman in a sexual relationship to act n say the things she did. I don’t think she went overboard, yea she was a little naughty but “I” dont see anything wrong or deviant about that. As far as for TA I don’t think he would’ve been doing anything wrong either IF he wasnt hiding n lying to the church beingan Elder. But he did. And also the 12year old statement!!!!! THAT RIGHT THERE is what I think thr defense is trying to point out. THATS the part out of the whole recording that I blv to be disturbing. Even Jodi said, WHAT??? Her response to it wasnt great but thats where you can tell that her response was to not spoil the mood. Other then that I feel so horribly bad for her to have to show the world. I feel bad for her family n im GLAAADDDD SO GLAD TA family decided to tone it down with the faces, it was about damn time!

    • “BUT she wasnt the one claiming she was a virgin”

      Exactly. She wasn’t the elder of a church either.

      Yea, TA’s family toned down with the faces, but I caught two eyerolls and a smirk after the tape was done and overwith. I think you’re right when you said earlier that Samantha is enjoying this way too much.

      • MB, well the faces n smirks didnt stop for that long!!!!! They continued doing it after the tape wow!!!!

        Right I don’t see anything on that tape that Jodi (a grown woman) cant do! Every woman, to plz her boyfriend/husband can do what she did in that tape without feeling bad about anything. Now, about TA some of the things he said..hhmmm not so much. I can’t n I WILL NOT say the same for him! A man in his right mind doesn’t say what he did in that recording! !!

        • The Jodi haters are missing the big picture LC. We already knew Jodi was a willing participant in sex with Travis. So the screams of SHE WAS A WILLING PARTICIPANT are useless. What was revealed today was that Travis like anal sex, Travis WAS having sex with Jodi and he was not fearing for his life in regards to Jodi. These are the things that were absolutely confirmed to the old biddy’s screaming they never had sex anal or otherwise. That will all be overlooked though, and the focus is once again on Jodi being a willing participant, something we already knew.

          • Exactly.
            You can’t blame Jodi for something she has been admitting all along.
            All these nimrods are doing is proving the point.
            JODI WASN’T LYING!

            Ironically, I don’t think they realize they’re actally proving that point.

  55. We know from previous testimony that Jodi admitted to a LDS female, while seeking advice, that her and Travis were engaging in sexual activity. She told this woman “Rebecca” or perhaps “Raechal” that they were just having oral sex and watched her jaw drop.

    I hate speculation but as everyone is doing it….lol…

    It is not inconceivable that this LDS woman would not have let this issue drop once Jodi spilled the beans. It may be that Jodi was recording this as evidence for the Bishop in order for Travis to mend his ways and or force him to seek treatment.

    That could also explain the tears at the end. Her knowing that she now had what the church would need to believe her over him.

    Pure speculation and most probably totally incorrect!! Lol

  56. He was more controlling than she is portraying him to be. I get the impression she is holding back. I’m sure she wasn’t always the willing participant….just trying to go along with whatever would keep him happy, hold his attention, keep the compliments coming, and prevent any outbursts

    • I agree Canuck

      “I think even abused women can enjoy sex…particularly if it’s the only time that they are made to feel beautiful.”

      By the way, I loved this comment.
      How do people think abusers keep the victims coming back or sticking around instead of running?

      • I echo that – excellent comment Canuck!

        Women are people, women find pleasure and comfort in sex, too. The need for human closeness does not go away just because she’s being abused. Why is it that when a woman is in an abusive relationship, people believe she can suddenly turn her feelings off and on?

  57. I’m getting the feeling she isn’t 100% going along with Nurmi’s narrative here. She even said directly that she was a “willing participant”. Something just doesn’t feel right about any of this testimony today – she almost seems like a hostile witness.

    • Michael that is true don’t really know what to think this is a tragedy for her her family and also Travis Family . The important testimony will why so brutal a murder scene I have my own theory.

    • Well she bought into all the stereotypes about rape and domestic violence. She said it herself – she became “one of them,” the OTHER, the battered woman. You know, “those kind of women” that put up with abusers and are to blame for their mistreatment.

      It’s not uncommon for rape and abuse victims to deny the crime against them – all those feelings of worthlessness and self blame – it doesn’t change the fact that crimes occured against her.

      I think people have a black and white viewpoint of abusive relationship – but Jodi said it the best herself – she had a rollercoaster ride with Travis. When the times were good, they were good. Bad and they were horrible. Abuse gets normalized as just “another low.” And her talking about being a willing participant is another way she tried to protect Travis.

      • I totally agree with MB.
        Throughout her testimony especially yesterday and today she displayed almost all the typical characteristics of an abused woman,taking all the shit from the other person(if TA can be called one),being in total denial at the time(if not still,imo she still has these moments when it’s almost as if she’s defending or finding his behavior forgivable),she was so engrossed in pleasing him that she basically had annihilated herself,her personality.her needs/desires.I dont think they only thing I heard on that tape was a couple enjoying themselves,2 wiiling participants yeah maybe but what stood out for me was a major NARCISSIST playing with his toy.And his toy being afraid of being rejected,yelled at or abused once again,complying with whatever rules TA was making during that phone call.

        • Maria MB & others that have mentioned that Jodi still acts like shes still defending him, I feel that she us too!!! Its so sad, he still has this power over her. I feel like theres even more that she hasnt told. When Nurmi asked her if he physically hurt her any more times. Idk I just feel like she feels stupid for putting up with his shit n she doesnt want to spill it all out. She probably hasnt had any hrlp with that yet n doesn’t understand that ITS NOT any of her fault! !!

          • LC –
            Didnt she make a commnt at one point that Travis grab her wrist (it was something like that, but not hitting) and she told Nurmi she didnt know if that counted as physical abuse.

            Even if she gets help, or has gotten help, I think she will always struggle with the ability to decipher abusive behavior.

            She’s spent so much of her life convincing herself that these type of actions weren’t abuse. Or that she somehow did something to deserve these things. She blamed herself.

            That would be very hard to “grow out of” so to speak.

        • Yes maria, and remember she TRIED to get away from him! All this time the media’s been trying to say that she was the one who couldn’t let go of Travis – it really is the other way around.

          • i think i’ve given up a long time ago keeping track of all the lies,distortions of the truth,defaming and bashing the media do to Jodi.I feel for her,I do. Sometimes I just read thru everyone’s comments and am lost for words.We’re lucky to have found this site,and I really wish we could do sth more to show our love and support to Jodi.

    • In regards to going along with Nurmi, she’s done that the whole time.
      In a way to me it makes her look more credible
      because he doesn’t just lead and she says yeah yeah that’s right
      I felt like he was a jerk. She still cares for Travis
      and as a victim STILL tries to play everything down.

      If the jury is dense they will simply believe that certain things
      weren’t THAT bad. However the experts will come
      in and explain why she isn’t blaming him for pretty much anything.

  58. Trial begins at 11a tomorrow Mesa time. Jodi loaned Travis money here and there amounting to over $1K. He not only used her for sex, he was sponging money off her.

  59. first, i am soo happy i found this website

    when i first heard about this case, i was like everyone else. its nice to know ppl are thinking the same thing as me

    please keep this up SJ and THANK YOU… will comment once i can catch up on today


  60. Well, after today no one can say Travis wasn’t into sex and that Jodi seduced him. He was taking about sexual things like a pro! He even talked about a “cream puff” (i have never heard of that!) – it wasn’t something they did before because Jodi didn’t even know what it was. For being so innocent sexually, he seemed to know an awful lot! And the stuff with the candy…really. He musta seen that in a porno. LOL!!!

    • Off subject, but I didn’t hear…what the hell is a cream puff anyway?

      Yeah, I’d have to say he knew what he was doing.
      And I could just feel the manipulation crawling on my skin.
      Was that just me?

      He built her up, just to bring her down.

      • It was a little garbled on the recording, but basically (putting it in much nicer terms) only having the tip of the penis in the vagina and ejaculating.

        • Yeah, for Travis’ “highly religious” way of thinking, he could easily say, “Well, I did not have sex! I only put the tip of my penis in her vagina, and ejaculated. That is not actually vaginal penetration.”

    • He didn’t say ‘cream puff’…

      He said cream pie. It even sent me to urban dictionary to see what the hell he was talking about…

      Uh Yea…I’ll keep my post G-rated without describing it here. But, pretty much what he described in the phone call defines a ‘cream pie’. Supposedly, It’s a well-known term used in the porn industry which leads me to believe the guy was seriously into this ‘cream pie’ porn…watching a man (or men) ejaculate into a woman’s Va-jay-jay.

      (Just the word or phrase I wanted to add to my vocabulary today!)


    • If Travis saw Jodi in a convention, ran up to her and got her number, called her everyday, and was in bed with her in a week, he was no “virgin”. He was a major player. And, the fact that no women have come forward means zilch. Most likely, he would have had an easier time getting hotter women, and better butt sex from prostitutes, rather than from unmarried Mormon women. I am not saying that there are no hot Mormon women. But, the odds of finding one who is also willing to give butt sex, is probably highly unlikely. Also, if he zeroed in on Jodi at a convention, it sounds like he was not fishing in Mormon waters. Probably, at the church, he made up excuses, or went on tokenary dates, with Mormon women, in order to look somewhat normal.

  61. Travis’s sister (the one sitting in the aisle seat) just can’t stop herself, can she? Rolling her eyes, smirking, etc… She just heard a tape of her “good guy” brother having phone sex and audibly reaching orgasm, for Christ’s sake! What is there to smirk about?!???

    Also, his brother needs to tone down the “disgusted Elvis” face, and I don’t know WHAT the heck kinda faces his other sister is making with her mouth.

    I know they lost their brother 5 years ago, but this should not be happening in a court of law! I’ve seen people admonished, given a fine for Contempt of Court, and then kicked out the courtroom for lesser things.

    • I have empathy for them, and everytime I see one of the faces they make I remind myself of their loss. It has to be devistating to learn your perfect brother, friend, etc…was living a double life. But really – the skinny sister looks like she has cat s**t in her mouth.
      Speaking of perfect brothers, why were Travis and his brother estranged? And can someone give more family hx on them? Were they all raised by the grandparents or just Travis?

      • That’s because she is always sucking the side of her face in so cheek bones stand out.

        I agree that they are all acting very immature!

    • Hi Ashley, I totally agree, these people have had FIVE YEARS to compose themselves, process the loss, and present themselves as decent human beings. I’ve always said, if they can’t stop acting like immature brats they need to leave the courtroom and watch it on the internet like the rest of us do.

  62. I miss most of the live stream so I read here each day. Today I was able to watch the testimony and it was also the first I’ve heard of the sex tape on June 8th? Was that previously dicussed here?

  63. hello everyone. does anyone have a link for the taped phone conversation. i fell asleep grrr. I work all night so i am home on time to watch trial, sleep came first.

    make up sex happens alot in abusive relationships, i am speaking from experience and the stupidest littlest things are fought about on purpose just so make up sex can happen. its a form of control. just my 2 cents.

  64. Travis is a self-centered, selfish, narcissistic jerk. And I am being kind. I guess his holier than thou cover has been blown. I wonder if all his Mormon friends heard that recording.
    I don’t see what Jodi saw in him. She could have done so much better.

  65. FIRST,
    i am trying to catch up on today by listening to the “sex tape” i.e. a beyond obvious forseen defense!!!
    ( either bc she knew something bad was going to happen to her, a child another woman even a man)
    before finding this great support for justice, i would watch the trial and get what info i could off of
    dailymail or radaronline and the ppl here need to post on these sites!!!!

    this is a group who is actually listening to evidence, has a BRAIN and is more in line with society than we may think!!

    it will be intersting to watch nancy uglyFACE N vinnie “cant get over CA”




  66. The tape didn’t even get to the part where she started crying… and people already came out of the woodwork to assume she enjoyed this shit.

    Says who really supports Jodi and who does not.

    • I agree…just let Nurmi go where he’s going to go and wait until all of the testimony is in before saying “Ooooh, bad move, defense.” Nurmi and Willmott aren’t dumb. They wanted the tape in for a reason. Give them a chance.

      • Exactly.
        Why would the defense do something that they KNEW would be a “bad move”.
        I’m not a lawyer and I don’t know where they are going with this, but I have a feeling there is a reason, otherwise what’s the point?

        Give them time to play this out.
        Trial isnt over people, one thing at a time.

  67. I think her tape today demonstrated JA wasn’t stalking TA like he was pretending this whole time. He was a willing participant. In the relationship and sexcapades. JA kept complimenting him the whole time they talked on the tape which does demonstrate how she wanted to ingratiate herself in his eyes (or ears). Also, the 12 yr old comment. C’mon people!! Isn’t that twisted. The commenters say all the stuff is normal. No, it’s not normal to fantasize about (not a teenage girl) A 12 YEAR OLD GIRL!!!??!?!? I don’t know but that’s twisted. She had severe self esteem issues. Serious issues. What happened in that relationship? Sad. All I can say is sad.

  68. Heard something crazy…
    “He gave Jodi oral sex for 45 minutes. Does that sound like an abusive man.”

    Where do people come up with this shit?

    • god bless him for being so considerate of Jodi’s sexula desires and needs.Now,that’s a good boyfriend! nOT!Oh,plz dont get me started,tonight I think I’ve reached the end of my patience.I think we’re syrrounded by sick ppl out there.I mean,Really!!!!!

  69. OK,so I was trying to imagine how the haters would justify or at least explain TA’s abhorrent ”12year-old” comment.Guess what?????They blame Jodi for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hmm…how original.NOT!!

    The State vs Jodi Arias ~ Travis Alexander murder trial
    Travis : “The way you moan, Jodi, sounds like a 12 year girl having her first orgasm. So hot.”

    Arias : “You’re bad. You make me feel so dirty.”

    ~ This comment has been taken out of context previously. Today’s recording put it all in place. It now makes sense. She DOES put on a little girl voice. That’s all Travis meant. It wasn’t anything like the defence made it out to be.

    • oh,right!It was JODI who put on a girl’s voice,JODI was the pervert here,poor Travis just had to go along with it saying it was hot. Can they BE more delusional?????

      • Maria –
        He also went onto say “fucking a hot little girl” after saying the above comment (twice).
        Wonder why they didnt include that part on their silly website?

        Can’t twist that sick shit.

      • It’s obvious Travis was a major, major hypocrite, a liar, a cheat, and not at all the person his friends and family thought he was. It’s pretty to put lipstick on a pig at this point.

        I wish the letters were introduced as evidence.

  70. Wow. Big day. Definitely show’s that Travis was really being an ass with his friends by claiming Jodi to be a stalker. He was obviously attempting to show one side to his good mormon friends and another to her, but this I believe was the real Travis. She was absolutely no stalker here. Wasn’t this a month before the killing? But after listening to this, I do not think the jury will buy that she was not into the sex. I think trying to portray her as a victim in this way is going to backfire on the defense. Now..She could have been wanting it because she just wanted love, but this girl was not meek and was not passively just agreeing to make him happy. NO WAY. And BTW, anyone who thinks this is some sort of a knock against her, I want to say up front, get over it. There is NOTHING wrong with being a happy healthy active sexual person.

    • Daniel –
      My only issue with people thinking this makes her look like she was paticipating is the fact that she has said from the start that she was a willing participant. She’s never denied that like Travis did (in life) and his friends continue to do for him (in death).

      I dont think you’re bashing Jodi, we’ve already discussed this.
      I just dont agree that is has changed the Jurys mind – as nothing new was presented about Jodi in my opinon. This phone call was all about Travis and his lies, his lies to EVERYONE.

      Its slowly proving that Travis was a monster instead of a saint. Just because know one knew Travis to be like this doesnt make it fiction. I also think it actually is helping Jodi gain credibility as she clearly wasnt lying about the sex (vaginal and anal), his weird fantasies (some were just sick), and him enjoying her sounding like a 12 year.

      Its all backing Jodi up and burning Travis down…

      • This is proving HE is a sexual deviant, not a “Virgin” Jodi has admitted doing what he wanted, when he wanted.. She didnt like it byt did it to please him. This tape is not to show anythibg about Jodi but EVERYTHING about TA, that is him, on tape.. No gun held to his head, He, him, the Perfect, Mormon Virgin being a perv. Now, do I think this hurts Jodi’s case, NO way. This helps prove HE is a pedo, perv.. She already admitted doing these things, but through his friends, family and Church he is, or shall I say, was presented as perfect and she is telling lies. NOPE, there he is y’all all nasty TA.

      • “This phone call was all about Travis and his lies, his lies to EVERYONE.”

        Right, and Travis defenders so easily forget that she was recording this call – so OF COURSE she’s going to tell him what he wants to hear so he has the opportunity to incriminate himself. And he did!

        And so do the Travis defenders who come here pretending to support Jodi but constantly, on a continuous basis, draw the worst conclusion about her no matter what.

        • -sigh- Ignore my typos.
          *no one knew
          I’m sure there are more…

          MB –
          Great point, its easy for people to forget she recorded this conversation.
          And the Jodi haters who do remember use it again her, as if she was a voyer or something.

          Did she ever mention why she recorded it today and I missed it?
          My curiousity again…

          • M,
            yes she said that it was Travis who originally wanted her to record their night talks so she did tried it a couple of times(or more,I dont remember)before but she kept forgetiing to push the ”Save” button at the end of the conversation.But that particular time she did save it and thats how she ended up having it recorded

        • Wow MB. It must be awesome to be you.

          To know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what people are thinking and feeling and whether their support is worthy enough. But I notice you pick your shots. Is it only the newer posters that may think a bit differently, that are the problem? Are we easy targets?


    • Daniel, I agree with you about her being into the sex. She certainly does seem like a sexual person.
      I found it unsettling to hear Travis’s voice and I can’t help but wonder how the jury feels about that.

      • I really dont take that she is INTO the sex but more pleasing him and helping to inflate his low self esteem and BIG ego.. Come on ladies, who here has not faked it? Yet this guy is a piece of work.. He needed to be stroked, at all times. Also, the Mormon women I know complain that Porn and outside influences make their husbands want degrading sex and acts? What this means, I dont know but it is sad. I just say NO.

        • patty, point taken and IS ur right. But, saying NO can drive a person to someone else. that’s one reason Jodi and others may go along. in an extent they r correct. she was trying to keep him interested, etc. TA couldnt get all that from others…

    • I disagree with you Daniel. Many abuse victims have had and will have sex with their mates and pretend to enjoy it to avoid being beaten. She loved him and over and over during this trial she has kept downplaying how abusive he really was. That is right in keeping with an abuse victim also. Even when he broke her finger because he was trying to kick her in the ribs and she blocked it, she said he didn’t mean to do it. She is right he did not mean to break her finger. He was out to break her ribs!

  71. I don’t understand why this makes her look bad.

    1. Totally refutes the prosecution’s case that she was a stalker.
    2. Totally refutes that she was jealous of Travis going to Cancun
    3. Totally refutes that she drove allllll the way to AZ just to murder him out of jealousy
    4. Totally refutes the idea that the gas cans and receipts are nefarious objects in her possession

    5. Totally proves that she was so in love with Travis that she was willing to ingratiate herself to Travis, to pretend to enjoy doing things she hated to make him happy, and that she felt awful afterwards (crying at end of tape)
    6. Totally proves Travis illegitimately occupied his position of authority within the mormon church
    7. Totally proves that Travis is a domineering personality (speaks to his capacity for abuse) that enjoys intimidating people.
    8. Totally proves Travis was not a virginal mormon man “corrupted” by Jodi

    We all knew we’d have to hear this tape sooner or later. This has been embarressing for everyone, especially Jodi. I’m sure we’ll hear from her in her testimony why she did this.

    But it’s worth pointing out that Jodi was clearly telling him what he wanted to hear, to document the truth. I can’t believe Travis’ comment about 12 year olds being hot is being scrubbed as harmless, therefore meaningless in Travis’ pattern of behavior. See? It’s happening AGAIN – yet another piece of evidence and people’s first instinct is to protect HIM from any accountability, and to condemn Jodi. Like I said – you can tell a lot where people really stand by their reactions.

    So what if Jodi was complimenting him, telling him what he wanted to hear? It doesn’t *prove* she enthusiastically participated because it was an ACT for him to have the opportunity to spill the beans. Which he did.

    • Well said MB. I agree.
      As someone stated many times before (I cant remember the poster or would give credit), you can’t make an illogical situation logical. Yes is seems silly that someone would say one thing, but be thinking another. This happens all the time (especially with indecisive people). Just because she said these things, doesn’t mean she wasn’t thinking (I feel like a prostitute, when is this going to be over.).

      Maybe she tried to convince herself that she liked it.
      Or deserved it.
      This too, I’m sure, happens often.

      I am just not seeing why so many people are blowing up on the defense.

      • Because they don’t really support Jodi, that’s why. They’d rather jump to conclusions than give Jodi the benefit of the doubt for even FIVE MINUTES.

        Yeah, I’m irked. The top of the page says “#1 Jodi Arias support site.” Is it too much to ask for people to actually do that?

      • The comment about trying to pull logic out of the illogical was me!!
        I am happy to hear that it made an impact. It’s very true.
        What I am about to say will sound sick but as a sexual abuse
        survivor , know that this is coming from an innocent and sincere place.
        Something people want to forget is that sometimes abuse can be enjoyable
        in a weird way. One of the first things my therapist and I talked
        about when I came out with my ( childhood sexual) abuse was that just because at time
        it was pleasurable and at times it was voluntary
        does not mean that it’s all your fault. I do believe that
        sometimes Jodi really wanted the sex ( less than she’s letting on)
        but more for the reasons she stated. I am sure she enjoyed
        the sex to some degree but mostly to hear him say how sexy
        and wonderful she was and to feel special. Sexually abused children
        often struggle with similar feelings of wanting to satisfy their abuser for
        special attention or praise. It’s not as simple as she wanted it or she didn’t.
        She needed his approval and he gave her just enough to
        keep her needing his approval.

    • Uh, that opinion was made before she had a chance to explain what she said on the tape.

      It helps to look at the time when posts are made.

    • MB you are right but from a Legal standpoint we have to find out why she she stabbed him multiple times,. The Defense argument so far does not suffice the extreme nature of this murder. Also her relationship with Travis was most likely due to The abuse her Parents perpetrated on her. She obviously had low self esteem did not have a sense of self so she became a Mormon for Him and became like him. No identity she is abused, but again The Crime scene is so gruesome that I am afraid the Jury will find her guilty since it was disproportionate. We will see what happens. But the Phone call will help proving she was not stalking him, I think The prosecutor is so obnoxious I doubt the Jury will like him.

  72. Beth Karas just posted this:

    The hearing tomorrow that was originally scheduled for 1:30 pm (local time) has been rescheduled for 10:00 am. It is a sealed hearing–no public, no media can attend. Jurors were told to return at 11:00 am (1:00 pm ET) for continued testimony. Sky Hughes and Gus Searcy are expected to testify at the closed hearing.

  73. what could this mean

    i remember when guy testified before that they had a sched. hearing in feb?

    anyone remember the date or can get that transcript

  74. I had her tried and convicted in my mind. but watching her testimony has me all confused. I’ve read many other places online that point out the fact that she is ‘obviously lying.’ HUH? My personal reaction is that she is telling the truth. Her answers seem 100% genuine, and she certainly does not come across a frigid, arrogant or narcissistic person. Regardless of what anyone thinks about her guilt or innocence, the media has shamefully assassinated her character and, at the same time, built up Travis Alexander (rest his soul) as the embodiment of all things wonderful. Overall, I don’t think anything is how it has been reported by the mass media. There is way more to everything.

    • Sassle, I hadn’t given much thought to the trial until it started up this year, but I believed the news stories that said she was stalking him, but once I saw that was false I opened my eyes.

  75. I can’t listen to NG…she is soooo much a drama queen!

    Her whole act of being so self righteous has gotten old long ago, she just irritates me too much.

    • what pisses me of is her experience. She knows she’s full off it and is just feeding the judgmental masses. She knows why certain things have to happen but tries to talk like her ignorant audience and throws all her experience out the window.

      every show should just be called “why can’t we just kill her” or ” I hate Jodi”

    • I honestly have no idea why you subject yourself to that crap. I can’t stand sensationalist bullshit.

      Don’t even like reading about it here to be honest. Its fundamentally useless information.

      But each to their own. I’m not knocking you at all. I watched NG for 10 minutes about a month ago and I can honestly say I’ve had my fill for life. Hard to fathom why she is even on TV.

  76. This Travis Alexander guy had himself quite the Spank Bank…

    Naked little boys, 12 year old girls, ‘cream pies’, and Jodi wearing stockings with Spidey underwear…

    Sheesh…good thing he didn’t confess all this to a nun! Pope Benedict would have resigned long resigned back then!

  77. did anyone notice references to other sex acts with women? he talked about using other lubes which could be only masturbation but he talked about her being the only woman who he liked the taste of..whoops there goes virginal Travis.

  78. Awww, one of the video commenters doesn’t like us:

    “Reading the jodisinnocent site/blog makes me puke  they are so deluded/related. The admin MUST be her sis or mother/aunt.”

    Wrong, motherfucker. How about you stop reading here if it makes you want to puke? Go back to Websleuths.

  79. ok this is my thoughts. Jodi was the only person who knew the real Travis and I think that if he was capable of love, he loved her too but was so tied up in public opinion that he was not going to be with her. chances are if he had ever gotten married they would have continued to have sex with Jodi if she let him. he wanted a good Mormon beard to complete his image but who he really was was more suited to someone on base with Jodi. It would have been hell for any woman he married because he would be telling her a good wife would pretend to be a little boy and put his sexual needs first. it’s likely it would work too because Mormon women feel their job is to serve their man.

    if Travis wasn’t Mormon I thnk this would be a totally different relationship.

    • MzMolly I agree. If Travis stood up to his friends that discouraged him from seeing or being with Jodi this would have never happened. Instead he had to hide her and their relationship. If his friends would have minded their own damned business and left them alone, I doubt it would have ever gotten to the point that it did. Being a mormon elder sounds great but that is not who Travis was. He should have chosen to step away and lead his own life they way he wanted to.

  80. off topic,but I kept forgeting asking you guys about that.trying to find a pro-Jodi page on Facebook I’ve only come across one called ”Jodi Ann Arias / Over-Charged and Undeserving of the Death Penalty”. It’sa secret group with 97 members.I’ve ben sending friend requests to join but got no answer so far.Is anyone from here already a member there ?

  81. I think this tape shows how he manipulated her. Even within a forty minute conversation from being a cad to honey. She got reward and punishment continually from this man and she so craved the reward and the punishment drove her even more to want the reward. That is why she went back to Mesa plus he cancelled his trip up there to see her.. i wonder if they are able to admit the IM chat when he accused her of hacking into the Facebook and told her it was over,

    • I agree given Travis’ backround from the way he sounded he was not a true Mormon. He really did not fit in. He was trying to be someone he was not and I think he did love Jodi deep down and hated himself ffor it. Plus the college educated type women that he thought he should marry did not want to marry him. He was a wanna be it seems.

  82. I am LOLing my ass off at JVM and her band of misfit has-beens that pretend like they can spin what happened in court into something negative – oooh no, this WAS a difficult day in court, but it was still a good day.

    Light socket lady is back – calling Jodi a “vixen,” oh give me a break! Just because a woman says sexist things it does not make them any less sexist and misogynistic. JVM is such a hypocrite for allowing that kind of language.

    Dr Drew blew a gasket, too, accusing Jodi of being the abuser because she caught Travis being a pedo perv. Really? LOL

    Make no mistake folks – this is NO sex game. There is NO safe word to be found. This is ALLLL for Travis too. Travis’ fantasies, Travis’ ideas. They are so desperate to try to put this all off on Jodi, and it’s not going to work!

  83. I think Travis and Jodi were cut of the same “abusive cloth” during childhood. They were both damaged people.

    While their stories are a bit different, they were both abused mentally and emotionally as children.

    Travis went one way (became abusive) and Jodi went the other way (taking the abuse).

    This is not a personal stab at either one of them – it’s a recipe for disaster! And, disaster struck that day in June 2008.

    I think Travis WANTED to be so far away from the life he led as a child, that he wanted to be accepted and seen as successful. That’s why he lied and led a double life.

    For goodness sake, he had his friends snowed. He was borrowing money from Jodi because he let his life get out of hand. He was obviously living WAY beyond his means.

    But, he had to keep up “appearances.” I think he was terrified of being “found out.”

    Then, when Jodi discovered him masturbating to pics of little boys, he became violent.

    BUT, have we even considered this: Was he manipulating Jodi with the phone sex and all the “lovey dovey” words to keep her quiet??

    This, knowing that she really loved him, was, IMHO, the biggest abuse of all!!

    All I can say is, what a jerk. Jodi was right – he needed serious mental help.

    But, someone like Travis, who was putting on “airs” for his friends couldn’t possibly admit that he was fallible.

    He played such a sick, twisted game. And, he paid for it with his life. Now, Jodi is being held accountable for the games he started.

    I’m sorry, but I don’t feel sorry for him. He brought this on himself.

    While some may feel what I say is harsh, remember these words…”You reap what you sow.”

  84. i didnt hear the whole tape, i bounced around cos its over an hour. gonna listen later.
    but he sorta sounds drunk to me? is he tired? or maybe just how he talked…
    bad comments re jodi on youtube and this call…
    thnx for the link and who posted on utube.

    • I dont recall if they said what time the call happened, but I know Jodi and Travis often spoke on the phone late at night since they both had busy schedules (I think that was the reason).

      I think he yawned a few times and maybe Jodi did too (cant remember).
      I think he was tired – dont think he was drunk, he wasnt slurring or anything.
      He was completely sober and aware of his actions.

  85. Hi guys,
    Sorry I haven’t been commenting. I had to change my name as you would have seen as someone has a very similar name (Hailey) and we have VERY DIFFERENT views. I was Hayley.

    Just wondering for Jodi to be found not guilty, how many members of the jury have to oppose? I read up on previous first degree Arizona Murder cases and the defendants were still found guilty 10-2. Has this changed now? So how many jury members have to oppose for Jodi to be found not guilty.

    Also, If the judge recommends say a lesser charge—murder two, can the jury still acquit? Or if the jury find her not guilty all together, can the judge impose a charge of manslaughter. Does the judge get the final say or can the judge go against the jury in favour of Jodi. How does it work in the USA?

    Sorry, one more question. If found not guilty. Can the prosecution call a retrial. Most countries, don’t allow this. It is changing is AUS but there has to be extenuating circumstances/new evidence and a whole bunch of hoop jumping.

    Can the jury recommend more charges? Or if they acquit her of the current charges, could they recommend perjury charges for her changes in statements? Or aren’t’ they allow to introduce new/decide on charges. Just saying, I believe that they don’t have much/prosecution hasn’t proved its case but jury may be unsettled by change of stories.


    If someone could answer that be great.

    • Hi Hayley,

      Here are the questions that I can answer:

      1) Yes, the jury can still acquit if the judge recommends murder 2 or any other lesser charge. I think a judge can theoretically override a jury’s verdict, but it doesn’t happen often and I don’t think it would here. If the jury finds Jodi not guilty, then the judge will declare her as so.

      2) Jodi cannot be tried again if she is found not guilty.

  86. You know, when Nurmi was questioning Jodi about why she faked the orgasms, a lot of what she said made sense to me. This was during a period where she and Travis fought a lot, and the sex was the one thing that kept him happy, or as Jodi said, “kept him from turning in Mr. Hyde again.” I can absolutely relate to that based on a personal experience, when sex is the only bond in the relationship that is still positive.

  87. Jodi was in LOVE with him and would do anything for him. Remember on the stand when she said, He would say “marry me” when she did something pleasing? well the tape shows more “pleasing” She would have done anything for him. In her mind and IMO, she felt less than worthy of him. He of course would never, In his mind, and IMO, marry her. She was nit the ideal candidate. I have many Mormon friends, This makes me cringe to say but, he would never marry a Hispanic. (dont bash me, I have a white son and black son) but my friend, a Mormon, he daughter was dating a Mexican young man, he was wonderful and Mormon, but Mexican, they are white. Also, yes I believe and it is clear he wanted a young virgin, in every sense of the word, so That wasn’t Jodi either. he used her. He used he. She IMO was trying to change his mind and tried everything, put up with everything until, he crossed the line.

  88. I wonder if the inmate defense witness is going to cooberate the fact that she was suicidal while in jail when she gave that interview?

  89. Here we have this Guy Travis calling other Sou-less Godless ? He is a typical Fake person Judgmental for a person who is living such a low life one wonders how he can make such a statement. He calls her his girlfriend. She very upbeat he is very dull its typical.

    • I laughed though because he called Abe the Media Famewhore soulless. Like I said earlier, I was hoping that he would insult Hughes too. I’m sure that happened on other evenings.

  90. Jodi sealed her fate with that sex tape. I am on this site because I believed her. But after that tape,
    I can see she was the manipulator in the relationship, she was the aggressor, she was the one who tried titillating him with her sexual prowess.

    He was tired and wanted to go to sleep, and she just kept going and going. Talking about sex, egging him on for the responses she wanted. Someone who is half asleep does not make a good sex tape.

    I really thought this would have been a slam dunck for the defense, but it scored a total zero.

    There is one thing I want to do is start an Abe I really hate you page and stay off the tv.
    I hate this man with every fibre in my body. He is the biggest famewhore ever.
    He has no insight whatsoever, but meeting her for an hour or two has made him an expert.
    Give me a break.

    I hate you Abe, and I am sure you are reading this now because you follow this trial like the biggest stalker


    • I dunno, he sounded pretty into it to me when he talked about “raping” Jodi even when she was miserable, pounding at her ass for 45 minutes, jacking off multiple times a day, tying her to a tree, tasting her, etc….she was no manipulator. They both knew from the outset that it would be a phone sex call.

  91. do we know how the jury reacted to today’s testimony and sex tape? do you think that jury members will be able to listen to that sex recording and make the conclusion that she was placating travis? and did travis know that she was placating him? did he care?! we all know the prosecution will use this tape to say jodi was willing and an initiator… is there ANY corroborating evidence other than jodi’s testimony to help her out?!

    • Well, Jodi herself said that she was willing, so Martinez can’t really use that. She has said all along that Travis had weird sexual desires, but she played them out with him willingly. Sex didn’t seem to be the issue in their relationship, it was the emotional/physical abuse that would occur when the sex wasn’t going on.

      Today’s testimony should get into the killing itself. THAT is really what the jury is listening for. Jodi set the stage for describing a strange push/pull relationship that involved abuse at times, but hasn’t denied ever loving Travis (I think she still does). We need to hear WHAT led up to her fearing for her life.

  92. Ok I wasn’t going to say this because I feel sorry for
    those who love the Travis they think they knew
    but OMG!!

    Mormons- he lied to you! Big time! Why can’t you fathom this?
    Taylor Searles- he said she was a nympho because
    it makes him look in control and like he doesn’t care.
    Does this dude not know how most guys( ok people)
    Lisa- just because he’s dead doesn’t mean you can’t be disappointed.. Or honest
    Mimi- you had good instincts why didn’t you testify about them
    Anyone who bought the stalking lie- where’s the proof? Travis’ word is enough?
    Travis is a documented liar as well. He said he was a virgin. Nope!
    He implied he made big money.. But borrowed from
    a woman who had to work 2 jobs the pay her bills. He cheated …alot.
    He acted inappropriately with married women.
    His family- I am very sorry for your loss and the unfortunate gene
    that makes you all look like you are constipated at all times ( including Travis)

    I might just have to write the dictionary of Travis Alexander-
    Stalker- women you call hun and take bubble baths with
    Sex- VAGINAL and ONLY VAGINAL intercourse NOTE- must be above water

    / end annoyed inappropriate rant

  93. Have any of the members here heard of a possible suspect named Dustin Thompson and his wife/ Travis friend, Ashley?

    Strange,I never heard NG or JVM or anyone else ever mention this couple!

  94. I feel bad for her. How humiliating to have your family and the rest of the world hear that tape. I feel so bad or her poor mother and father. IMO TA sounds very self absorbed and not interested in much with her besides sex. Unfortunately, I think she knows it. Making comments like I know we’re going to marry other people later on in life, or I’m not photogenic. Basically putting herself down to give him the opportunity to compliment her to confirm he still likes her. He never once in that phone call asked anything about her or how she felt only talked about himself. He clearly knew she wanted more and had no intention of pursuing that with her. I think she just wanted to be with him even if it made her feel used. I think to her sex ment he cared. I have a really hard time believing all her testimony after the previous stories and lies. I really cant believe self defense. not with 27 stab wounds, slashed throat and a bullet to the head. This sounds like a crime of passion. No one deserves to have thier life taken that way but he doesn’t sound like an angel to me. God is the only true judge and one day we all meet our maker.

    • “I think to her sex ment he cared”.

      I have been thinking the same thing. If Jodi’s greatest feelings of love, and security, came from sex, it would explain a lot.

  95. The mentally ill Dr. Drew had Abe what’s his name, friend of Travis on as a guest & of course it was, ‘Lets continue to to trash Jodi & blame her for Travis’ behavior’. Travis Alexander’s so called ‘friends’ who speak on Dr. Drew or HLN are clearly over coached.
    What they’re protecting now, is the church at this point. Had Travis lived, his behavior would’ve come out anyway & he’d be expendable. It’s been 5 years, & they are going out of their way to martyr him, even though he was a DIRT BAG, good thing for the Mormon Church Travis is not acting like one now.

    • Hey Abe…Travis didn’t like you! He thought you were soulless and he wanted to kick your ass. Now get off the TV and go back to obscurity!

      • Abe is the biggest sack of crap ever. He does not even matter in the
        scheme of things. I feel like not only is he trying to make
        money off of a horrible situation but he doesn’t even try to hide that.
        He is the medias little lap dog.

  96. I’m just starting to listen to the whole thing. Did anyone catch if she was saying “want me to say I’m sorry?” at the very beginning??? That’s what it sounded like to me. But maybe I am wrong.

    • At the first when he mentioned talking to normalize…did he know she was going to record? i think maybe he did know she was recording.

      • I need a transcript! Now I know why they had to have a sound specialist adjust it.
        He has such a deep grisly voice I do not understand him a lot of the time.

  97. at first i felt dirty listening to this… i guess cos it’s tragic. i thought the tape would b MORE damning for TA, BUT, i guess have to agree w the thought it DOES help the defense. it bax up jodi in many ways, esp showing TA’s tendencies.
    i dont think this merits death penalty case. they r looking at the brutality, and it was brutal. but that also shows “losing it” aspect which nurmi has to bring up (if he hasnt, i havent heard that).
    TA was gonna die from the 1st stab (heard that from some dr.) to the chest. bet TA got REAL pissed when she did that and came after her, and THEN she freaked, was scared. (this is where a DA overcharges for HIS REPUTATION, NOT justice).
    jodi WILL spare her life. she has shown enuf to mitigate. anything under 20yrs. is a victory, imo.
    she can still have a good life, will b famous, can write a book, interviews, etc. a LOT of good could end up coming out of this bad event.
    interesting case, shows what can go on with people underneath ones ‘daily routine personality’.
    “when we get behind closed doors…”

    • She can’t make a profit off of her crime if she is convicted of ANYTHING!
      so if she wrote a book she wouldn’t get the money. His family would.

  98. Every one keeps saying that Jodi remembers everything in detail therefore its a lie but she keep a journal with dates!! I hate the media!!!

    • I have kept a journal for over 20 years and it definitely helps me remember times, places, and dates easier. The media loves feeding the frenzy.

  99. I agree with previous comments that she felt sex was caring… I still have to listen to the rest of the testimony to see what happened that day. Even if its from JA perspective. One thing is clear TA lied a lot about his life. Even if the jury doesn’t believe the self defense theory the prosecution has an uphill battle. The worse part of this crime, besides TA, dying is the violence at the crime scene. BUT and I say BUT when JA explains what happened that day it may be more clear why there was the stabbing, throat slicing and gun shot. I believe she shot him out of panic. Even though the very graphic phone call didn’t depict JA as abused per se it does show the level she would get to please and talk to TA.

    And this information is embarrassing for ANYONE. This is embarrassing for JA, TA, both their family members and friends. I wouldn’t want my worse enemy going through all the graphic nature of these things. It’s very absurd how the media twists everything. But this is a free open society and I hope and pray that there is justice for everyone. Like many posters here have stated no one wins in this case. Everyone that is a cast member has a part in the tragedy.

  100. I’m a big fan of Jodi and have seen and read everything on this trial from the beginning and i truly believe that Travis was a arrogant abusive deviant and i will not lose any sleep over his death but that audio tape in my opinion could be a huge mistake for the defense because if im sitting on the jury i already believe travis is sleazy bag and a deviant from Jodi’s testimony but it definitely shows Jodi in a diffrent light then you see her on the stand …….I hope it doesn’t hurt her and she gets off

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