Jodi Arias Trial – Day 16

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Jodi’s testimony continues today.

Compelling & pivotal. Martinez is finally starting to realize he’s already lost this case.

As I stated in my post this past weekend – THE WORLD IS A FAR BETTER PLACE WITHOUT TRAVIS ALEXANDER. The same goes for any other self-righteous bastard that thinks they can verbally & physically abuse women and get away with it.


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  1. Hi all. Very excited to see Jodi continue her testimony today. How do you all anticipate the cross examination? I have every bid of respect for Jodi; she is very strong to share all these personal details! It has to be very, very hard.

  2. Has there been discussion about the camera found in the washing machine? I read that one of Travis’ roommates told the police that he had done his laundry in the five days that Travis was dead in his room before he was found. How is it that the camera was found in the washing machine still?

    I’m sorry if this was discussed already.

    • Hi Tiffany,

      In the Flores investigation report, it was noted that Zach Billings stated he did the laundry on Saturday June 7th, then when asked again he changed it to Wednesday June 4th. He can account for his activities (and all the times, places, people etc) with military precision throughout that week, but he couldn’t remember when he did the laundry.

      I also added links to the Flores report (and others) in the “Court Docs” page above:


      • Thanks SJ. I always thought it was interesting that although Travis’ friends seemed to love him, he had such a cool relationship with his roommates.

      • how can it be that TA went missing for 5 days and noone was looking for him?the stench of human flesh dicomposing is distinct!where were all his friends who have now turned into crusaders of the wonder that Travis was????sth feels terribly wrong….

          • Exactly! How could someone who was as beloved as everyone now say he was be missing for five days? Everyone talked about the business call that TA missed the evening he was killed yet no one followed with him to ask him why he missed it. It took Mimi, a recent acquaintance, to go to his house and investigate.

    • Oh…..I so wish all this could help Jodi.,,,,,but, remember she has already admitted she killed TA and it was Jodi and TA in the photos. It doesn’t matter what the roommates were doing of why the friends didn’t miss him. Jodi needs as much help as she can get with that jury right now.

    • Hey all….
      New to the group 🙂 Agree about the sister, she scares me too and lemonsucker is a great description of how she looks. The other sister I would love to smack and then cut her hair off…lol

      • Is that a white streak of hair running down the side of her head? She looks creepy. Yep, all the eye rolling, like TA would never do such things. To me, most religions are creepy and dangerous to one’s mind. I about lMAO, when Jodi’s friend told her to get in her car, fasten the seat belts, and race to the Bishop for repentance, careful not to die in a car crash before the reached the Bishop, confessed, and repented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is soooooooooo ludicrous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        It’s warped, twisted, and sounds like their church plays on their congregation members guilt and easy influence as to what constitutes sin and acceptable sin. I could not live like that. I was shocked, to say the least, when Jodi held up her hand and showed her broken finger, compliments of Travis. Kinda makes one wish the one could raise him from the dead just to kill him all over again.

        • I was shocked when Jodi said Travis had broken her finger. I remembered from Flore’s interrogation, she had told him one of the Ninjas had broken it. Beth Karas had Tru Tv rewind the interview and verified it. Things like this will hurt her on cross. 🙁

          • Then the real question will be, can the defense actually prove somehow, with photos or witnesses that the finger was broken before that day.

            Of course first of all, the defense should not have to prove anything about when it happened. What about innocent until proven guilty?

            So perhaps the prosecution will ask Abe or Chris to lie for them again. I’m sure one of those lying bastards would be willing to come forward and say she didn’t have it before that day. Since they have already ganged up on Jodi and corroborated their stories.

  3. I cannot speak for anyone else but the state’s attorney is getting on my damn nerves with his objection’s I wish someone would “accidently” throw something at his head to shut him up for awhile lol. Travis’s sister’s makes me sick with there faces poor Jodi is having a hard time with this (although she is doing great) and you get those lesbians making idiotic faces. As far as I can see that whole Alexander family has no respect for anyone not even themselves. I guess the only intelligent ones in that family were Travis’s brother’s/ brother that stayed away thumbs up to him. Though what is really behind the story with his brother’s or brother though they are all compulsive liars so why would anyone take the chance to believe them?? Well let me see maybe because Martinez would buy anything that would make him get thumbs up which makes him just as bad as the rest cause he is not focused on the evidence he is more focused on munipulating the story to make himself look good and to make Jodi look bad. I am sure Jodi can overcome this and I hope she is not found guilty of 1st degree murder. I am starting to wonder if Travis’s sisters will go to the stand??? anyone know?? I can’t wait to see more things come more out of the closet where Travis’s pedo secrets are concerned that will be rather interesting though it makes me sick to my stomach.

    • Hi Melissa, my thoughts too! I also have a very visceral reaction to elements in this case; and whenever Jodi is being attacked or seeing the Alexander family act out in the courtroom. I don’t expect anyone to be happy to be there, but damn!

      I don’t remember hearing that Travis’ sisters’ names were on the defense witness list; or the prosecution’s rebuttal. I don’t think they are being called to the stand but I’m not sure!

      • Hahaha! I LITERALLY just busted out laughing. Yes she definitely does remind me of Tardar, HOWEVER, Tardar is ADORABLE…. tanisha is NOT. So, in all actuality, thats kinda insulting Tardar. She is very sweet.
        🙂 But man, im STILL laughing at the comparison….

  4. I hope Nurmi has more to show us on the boys underwear, etc. They need to tie some of this together with more “hard” evidence, not for any of us per se, but for the jury and naysayers.

    • Yah, I sure hope they have something more substantial than just Jodi’s testimony. It would seal the deal for them to believe what she’s saying….

    • I hope so too, n I have a feeling they will. When she bring up the part that she walked in on him, then shell go on to say that, thats when the spidey underwears made sense to her. Remember she did say that at the time she didnt think anything of it, so I think they will be brought back up.

      This is when it’s going to start getting even more interesting. They’re just starting to get back together from the cheating break up.

      • I hope the defense brings back the computer tech Lonnie Dworkin so they can tell the jury about the proxy server and explain what a proxy server is and why it is used etc. That will connect the dots with the pictures and why there is no history of the pics.

    • Jodi kept the t-shirt and the shirts TA gave her. I wonder if she kept the little boys underwear? That would seal the deal. The defense needs to find those spider man little boy’s underwear.

      • me neither but ur explanation makes sense Leah.I ‘ve also noticed that Nurmi is more feisty towards Martinez’s objections today.

        • Nurmi isn’t letting Martinez get away with shit! Good for him!

          I also noticed that Nurmi is getting a bit tougher on Jodi, which is a good strategy. It will take the wind out of Martinez’s sails a bit when cross examination begins.

      • Did you also noticed when he did n the judge asked him, what are you objecting to??? Nurmi hadnt even really start his question, he didnt even know what the question was 1st?! Lol you can tell Martinez is starting to get worried.

    • More of Jodie detailing the history of the progression of her relationship with Travis. Her catching him cheating on her when she looked through his cell phone. How their first vaginal intercourse took place, etc.

    • Hi Debbie, Jodi explained that the “Travis Alexander’s” tee shirt was made because Travis did not like her talking to other men at PPL conventions.

      Jodi talked about the little boys underwear; and that they were for little boys and definitely not the boy short style that’s been floated around by Travis defenders. She recounted how the leg holes were way too small, and that she conveniently “forgot” them when she went to visit Travis in AZ (indicating he had asked her to bring those along).

      She woke up with Travis having vaginal intercourse with her, no consent established.

      She suspected Travis of cheaing, but because Travis got angry when she asked questions she had to find out on her own if it was true or not. Travis left his phone on the couch, and she debated whether or not to look through his phone and finally decided to see if her instincts were correct. She found out he was cheating, and how it took her building up a lot of nerve to break up with him. When she did, she apologized for going through his phone and they parted ways amicably.

      As always, I’m running on a few hours sleep but that’s the best run down I can offer of the testimony highlights so far.

  5. Does anyone know why prosecution is stating letters are forged vs just not proven to be authentic being a copy? Do they have proof of forgery?

  6. In Arizona the Prosecutor is allowed to have one “witness” sit through the trial, usually the arresting officer or lead detective. Other than that no other person can sit through testimony and later be called to testify. So, the Alexander siblings will not be testifying during the trial. If it comes to a penalty phase, they can give victim impact statements.

  7. I think the longer this drags out, the better it will be, for Jodi. Jodi Arias of today seems quite different than the Jodi Arias of four years ago. If this continues, as is, I think that she will be able to regain quite a bit of credibility that was lost, early on.

    • Ben, I disagree about dragging this out. Nursing needs to move along. It’s very apparent that she subjected herself to demeaning and degrading behavior by TA, but he can’t keep making the same point over and over and over ad infinitude. The jury will be ticked off, if they aren’t already. He’s gonna lose the jury if he doesn’t pick up the pace. Belaboring every single detail three times is boring and insulting to the jurors.

      I wish someone would email his office to tell him this. He needs to hear more feedback.

      • Laurel –
        Do you not think Martinez will drag it out with all of his questions and scribbles?
        If Martinez makes it short, who’s going to look like stupid then?
        This could be a part of Nurmi’s plan because he’s damn good at drawing this out and keeping me interested (I owe Jodi credit for this as well).

        If I were a jury and were still undecided, I would certainly find it odd that the defense was slow and maticulous while the prosecutor was quick and rude.

        I think Martinez will have to draw it out just as much, otherwise he risks looking bad.
        And it doesn’t take long for his to explode…

      • Hello Laurel,

        I did not see all of today’s testimony – maybe fifteen minutes of the first morning testimony. But, what I saw seemed good, and it did not seem like Nurmi was belaboring the points. Of course, I have not seen the rest of today’s video. Also, we do not know what Nurmi is leading up to with regard to the actual incident. In other words, a person may not really be able to understand what transpired the night of the incident, if they did not understand her frame of mind, as it changed during the course of the relationship.

        Also, I do not think that it is just an issue that people see that Jodi was abused by Travis. I think that Jodi has some credibility issues, due to her past interviews. So, if a person is forced to testify in excruciating detail from various angles, an observer (like a juror) will be able to see whether the person is creating a web of lies, that will soon reveal inherent contradictions, or the observer (a juror) will be able to see the overall picture becoming clearer, and clearer, rather than murkier, depending on whether the individual is telling the truth or lying.

        Also, if a Jodi is forced to testify in excruciating detail, the jurors will be able to see whether she used the occasion to try to embellish everything in her own favor, or whether she used restraint, when she could have done otherwise. In other words, aside from whatever content comes out, Jodi could gain some credibility in the eyes of the jurors, if they see that she is trying to be honest in her testimony. And, this would become more apparent in a detailed testimony.

        By the way, I have almost zero knowledge of legal proceedings. So, all of this reflects my own opinion. I do think that the judge appears sincerely concerned about all of this. And, my guess is that the judge has had plenty of experience in dealing with people who were rotten to the core. And, I bet – after looking at Jodi’s track record – she does not see Jodi as being an inherently bad person. I don’t say this as a criticism, but I think that Jodi went out into life with some misguided views – some highly misguided views, to say the least. But, that does not make her an incorrigibly bad person. Also, when she defiantly said in an interview that no jury would ever convict her, she may have really meant it. At the time, no one really knew what had transpired between her, and Travis.

        My own views completely changed after I saw the interviews of people who knew her, and who described how she went completely head over heels, for Travis. In her correspondence with Ryan, Jodi explained how she found out about Travis’ unfaithfulness, but brushed it off as merely a “character flaw”, just as everyone else has character flaws. And, she told Ryan that he is the person that she would want to be with, only it simply was not going to work out.

        In her testimony, she sometimes speaks of Travis with a light in her eyes. And, I think that somewhere down inside she still loves him. This is all terribly sad – it is unspeakably sad. I do not think that Jodi would say that Travis is a “bad” guy. I think she would simply say that he is someone who had some character flaws, just like we all have our character flaws. Anyway, I think that there is a good chance that the judge is figuring all of this out, and more. I honestly do not see how anybody (who knows the facts) could call this a “cold blooded” murder.

        I also do not see how women – of all people – could support Travis, if it can be proven that he simply used Jodi for his sexual appetites. That is the whole point of the spidy underwear. The issue is not the underwear. The issue is that Jodi was willing to go along with his bizarre sexual appetites, in order to make him happy. Anyway, I would not call this a “cold blooded murder”. Maybe, “societal train wreck” is more fitting. Also, I think that young people could learn more from studying this tragedy, than they might learn from a thousand lectures from a parent. I am over forty years old. And, this tragedy really brought home things that I have heard throughout my life, but never really thought much of, or even understood. Maybe I am naive. Lol!

  8. Who is the dude sitting between Travis’ sisters? We are barely five minutes in to testimony, and he is glowering and rolling his eyes already. Glowering at the JURY no less.

    I really wish the judge would do something about these people.

        • Me too!! I think the dude with the mustache and goatee is Tanisha’s husband, and I haven’t noticed him doing anything off in court (thankfully!).

          • OMG, Tanisha (TAs sister)shoots nonstop dagger death eye stares. Her head must explode each day from all that anger. I (sincerely) hope she can overcome her hate. It will eat her alive if she can’t find some sort of acceptance.

        • The brother in the courtroom is Steven. I stated the other day that the brothers he was estranged from were his older brothers, Greg & Gary. I got that from Flores’ police report.
          The siblings names are:
          I’ve been taking notes of my own 🙂
          the siblings in the courtroom today were -from left to right: Samantha, Steven & Tanisha

          • Hmm, so we’ve never seen Gary, Greg, Hillary, or Allie in the courtroom, right? I wonder if those two sisters were estranged from Travis too?

            Tanisha does look like the hate and anger is eating her up from the inside out. She was closest in age to Travis, which probably puts her in her late 30s, and she looks so much older than that.

  9. So now we cant hear what’s on the email, then Nurmi was going to show a pic that he didnt object to earlier but now he does!!! The judge seems like shes so intimidated by Martinez! !! She makes me so mad, she doesnt know wtf shes doing!!! It feels like this is Martinez’s court room, Judge Martinez!!!!! And now it looks like Nurmis LOST!!!! WTF???!!!

    • Yeah I am disappointed by her decisions today too. She admonishes Jodi to think carefully before responding to Nurmi’s questions (she is doing the best she can!); but does NOTHING to curb the glares, eye rolls, smirks, and glowering from front-and-center prosecution side. So frustrating!

  10. Martinez isnt going to let anything come out!!!! Not if he doesnt want it to come out. She’s definitely not getting a fait trial imo!!! A stupid judge thats intimidated by the cheating prosecutor n a defense that doesnt know how to play Martinez’s game!!!! Im very upset n I feel so bad for Jodi. Dont get me wrong, I love Nurmi but, I really wish she had money for more legal help!!!

  11. Uugggg you see him!!! Martinez!!!! Jodi apologized to him, too. She said, im sorry in a very low voice! I KNOW his going to make her cry when he gets up there, but I think it’ll benefit the defense if this happens.

    • LC: There is no way Martinez is going to cross examine her without losing his cool. He will not be able to control his emotions. I think a female prosecutor would have been better for this case. He is too much of a hot head.

    • when Jodi apologised to Martinez(btw she has done that many times before)I guess Nurmi was sick of Martinez ny now and he said”You dont need to apologise Jodi” or sth to that effect.Did anybody catch that??? Way to go Nurmi,bless ur heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Yes, I did! I got a smile out of that! She doesn’t need to apologize to him! But it also shows the jury what kind of person she can be.

    • I sure hope the jury is seeing that Jodi is naturally submissive and apologetic…and tries to please. This is not an act for her. she would not be doing it so naturally.

      • Good point. If she were very assertive, agressive or dominant there is NO WAY she could sit up there day after day and remain so demure. It’s obvious shes a people pleaser and this comes naturally to her. I think on cross she will me more likely to cry than to fight back or get angry.

  12. Just looking at her face as the jury came back into the courtroom…. no way in H – E double hockey sticks is the jury going to look into her face for two to three weeks and then give her the death penalty. No chance.

  13. Reading comments on anything related to this case
    makes me sad. Even if people do not believe Jodi was abused
    it makes me sick that I see so many posts that critisize the inability
    to walk away. They don’t say things like its sad she doesn’t just walk away.
    It’s things that imply that anyone who stays in an abusive
    relationship deserves to be abused.

    • so many do not understand abuse or how hard it is to stay and or walk away. been there done that. i highly commend jodi for taking the stand, she is doing a good job.

    • Oh I know what you mean. It’s a sad state in our society when Nurmi has to go along with that line of questioning, because people are either too callous or misinformed to understand what abusive relationships can do to a person’s mind.

  14. So, I missed the part about the email!?! I assume its related to the French maid outfit? Also, where the hell is the tapes phone call!?!?

      • I found the french maid’s outfit very degrading. I couldn’t help but think he wanted her to wear it when she was cleaning the house and his roommates could be home. That would be so very degrading to her would it not?

        • Oh definitely! He was used to dressing her up and parading her around as a show of his ownership. I have no doubt his roommates would have been there to see her like that – Travis’ MO was humiliating Jodi behind her back as well as to her face. Travis’ friends and roommates were and continue to be active participants in bullying Jodi and talking shit about her.

          This makes me think back to the suspicious roommate behavior around the time of Travis’ death. The whole thing just reeks of collusion!

          • And did you notice she said HIS roommate told her TA was cheating!!!! Same thing Lisa said. Sooooo #1Jodis not lying!!!! #2 this roommate knew what TA was doing n I have a feeling he didn’t like it. Maybe HE opened his big mouth to the bishop getting TA in a whole lot of trouble! !!

        • I can’t believe he paid his sex partner to clean his house! And then sold her his car. All the while exploiting her every which way from Sunday.

  15. Even the best liars cant fabricate the emotional details of a relationship and repeat the same story again and again. I feel she is telling the truth and I am sure she is going to say her lies to police were also motivated to protect Travis. There are tests that the experts can do as well to indicate deception.

    • I agree with you Deb. Like Judge Judy says, you don’t have to have a good memory if your telling the truth. Jody is describing many situations where she was happy and having fun with Travis. Of course she is going to remember the details of these events. However, when something traumatic or troubling happened, she also recalls a lot of details. I think its human nature for all of us to replay events that upset us, over and over. When we do that we ingrain them in our memory and tend to remember every little detail. If she is giving a lot of details, it’s obvious the situation had a huge impact on her and thats why she remembers so much.

  16. I love the guy’s hair in the second row. 🙂 Oh yeah, Jodi is doing very well on the stand today. She does so well under pressure and her ability to recall events and details is amazing.

  17. Did anyone else notice the dirty look that her father gave to the Alexander family? I tell ya if looks could kill they would all be gone in that moment!

  18. So what did you guys think about TA little fantasy acted out, after the otutside porch oral, giving Jodi candy?????? Nurmi shouldve asked her what he wanted her to wear? Im almost sure he requested pigtail braids???!!!!

    • I felt disgusted and numb,if TA were alive and in front of me I’d punch himn really hard for degrading a woman to that popint.cant even begin to imagine how Jodi must have felt….

  19. I don’t know how TA could hold any woman’s interest for any period of time. From his sexual hangups to immature demeanor, it amazes me that so many women were willing to date him. I’ve watched him on YT a few times giving speeches and he seems full of himself and doesn’t have much to say that is profound or even interesting. I feel bad for Jodi that she felt she couldn’t do any better.

    • If you think about it Tiffany he didn’t hold any woman’s interest for very long. Mimi Hall said she wanted to just be friends and had no interest in anything else. Lisa Daidone said she learned from going out with him what she did not want in a husband and so on and so forth.

    • What I wonder is why he was 30/31 years old and still not married. That is highly unusual for a Mormon man. However, I think if he dated Mormon women who disliked the way he treated them, they would NEVER come forward to share his true character. It would be almost a form of heresy. You do not tarnish the Mormon image, especially the men’s, for the sake of the truth. They deal with “issues” within their own internal systems. If there is evidence of porn or abuse, it has been long buried. But why had he not married yet? There had to be something wrong with him (my statement applies to a Mormon 30 year old, not mainstream men).

      I hate to speak ill of the dead, but I think he was a pig. From the minute I heard that he called her that most degrading name, I thought: “is his mother in court? I want to check her out because it sounds like he has ‘mama issues.” Then I found out about his childhood, and I realized that under the facade, he’s a woman-hater.

      I cannot believe the majority of social and mainstream media screaming “liar” to everything jodi says. I believe most of her testimony so far. But her big challenge has yet to come in talking about the killing, and then cross examination. It does look premeditated getting gas cans from her ex and heading to LA to visit a friend she never even saw.

      So I don’t know if this is a case of premeditated murder, a crime of passion or self-defense. But I completely believe she was emotionally abused and that TA was a selfish, vile, cruel and exploitive man.

      • I am a man. And, I fine Travis’ behavior shocking. What I find even more shocking is that he was supposedly a virgin until almost thirty, and then meet Jodi, and all of a sudden he started having all of these abnormal desires – including anal sex. He went from a steadfast thirty year old virgin, to a sex nut, in a week or so? I don’t buy it. Given what can be seen from Travis’ sexual behavior, and his treatment of women, I think that there is a possibility that he was a single Mormon, at thirty, because he was having too much “fun”. I think that there is some possibility that when he went on his frequent lecture tours, he stayed in hotels, and met with women, in the exact manner that he met with Jodi, after the official relationship ended. I bet that the pattern of behavior was always there, but went undetected. Also, I think that there is a possibility that he patrolled for prostitutes, online, before going to stay in a particular area, and to a particular hotel. Then, once he was at the hotel, women would have shown up at the door, or whatever. In the city that I live in, prostitutes are notorious for operating out of hotels. In fact, police even set up fake prostitutes, in hotels, to bust people. Anyway, if this had went on in Travis’ life, as it did in Tiger Wood’s life, then it would explain why a supposed “thirty year old virgin” could suddenly hook up with a women, and almost immediately turn her into a sex object. Meanwhile, if this was going on, Travis may have seemed minimally interested in the Mormon women that he knew. And, he may have thought that if he should settle down, and marry a woman, he would be stuck with one women for the rest of his life (sorry if it sounds offensive, it is offensive). Why would a man who is used to enjoying his “concubines” want to narrow it down to one single woman? As a man, I do not see any other way to explain Travis’ behavior, and track record, after he met Jodi, except by the idea that something was going on long before Jodi entered the picture. Also, if any other Mormon males were involved in this sort of thing, and knew that Travis was too, they definitely are going to keep their mouths shut. So, I doubt that we will hear anything that is candidly honest from the Mormon community.

        • I agree Ben theres no way I will ever believe that man was a virgin. I think his use of a proxy server is very telling that he was up to no good online. I don’t use one, I bet most of us don’t. Maybe he researched prostitutes online when he was travelling to certain cities and used the proxy server so it couldn’t be traced (as well as searching for kiddy porn).

          I also agree that if any church members know anything about his sexual proclivties they will take that to their grave. Theres something fishy about the fact that this man was not married but I would say he did any good Mormom girls he might have dated a favour by not marrying them. He would not have made a good husband, he wasn’t capable of being faithful.

  20. AHHHH!!!! The dreaded “walk in”….. I’ve walked in on the boyfriend , but never to see something as terrifying as that.

  21. BOOM!!!! THERE IT IS MEDIA!!!! Lets see what they have to say now!!!! She DOES NOT look like shes lying!!! Did you guys see his family??? Oopma Loopma is smiling, like it’s so funny! !!! B**** shes telling the truth!!! Your brothers a sicko pedophile! !!! The worst OF THE WORST!!!!!! Now “I” can honestly say, YES TRAVIS ALEXANDER DESERVED WHAT HE GOT!!!

    • That one sister in blue should be held in contempt of court for all her facial jesters. I can’t believe the Judge puts up with it or allows it.

    • I’ve been refraining for days now from writing these words bur I hope TA rots in HELL,where he belongs!!!! I’m disgusted after today’s trial,he was a sick sick sick person.More sick than I ever thought initially.The incident with the candy?His manipulative actions?Him being a pedophile and on top of it all having the nerve to beat her up???there are no wods to describe my disgust and at the same time my sympathy towards that poor girl who happened to cross TA’s path and detroyed her life for good.

      • CJ,one of the many fantasies of mister TA was to have Jodi perform oral sex on him while the 2 of them being out on the front porch.He then ejaculated on her face and ran,leaving behind a Toblerone bar to her. Freaking disgusting!!!

        • Yeah… alll while NOT saying a word, abd then he gets in the car n lv. Kindda like his driving by n sees a little girl, stops the car, goes up to the “unknown” girl, in the porch, she performs oral, he ejaculates all over her face, he then rewards her with candy n lvs w/out saying a word! !! Uuuggg SICK!!! Now your going to tell me that its not possible that if he was still akive he could’ve wanted to act on this n harmed some little girl playing outside? ??!!!!! Thk God we know thats nit going to happen now. But this is what happens in real life with these pedophiles that we dont know about cuz they’re EVERYWHERE! !!!

    • I know, I’m so disgusted by their behavior.

      I don’t want to say much more, because I could really go off about them (and the media!) right about now.

      I know this is so hard for Jodi right now. I feel so bad whenever I see her relive these nightmares!

    • The Media is already spinning that story, How can he be a pedophile If he is a womanizer etc. Then they have their experts state she is most likely a liar. Well There was a famous case “I know My First Name is Steven This was a little boy kidnapped at age 5 by a pederast for 10 years. The Pedophile who abducted him had relations with woman, he also was emotionally detached used woman for sex, this is so ridiculous I think Travis was getting sicker & sicker and that Mormon Cult, has all these Mormons appearing on various TV programs trashing Jodie Arias, How can anyone proclaim themselves to be a mental health expert,Therapist Psychologist and state that a pedophile doesn’t have relations with woman. That is so False! A person who is for what ever reason behaving in a degenerate Manner as Travis was will eventually become more & more depraved..

      • Anyone who uses their brain knows child molesters/ pedophiles will have sex with women. Plus, real psychologists would never say that crap aloud. I despise the media right now for all the mixed messages they are sending about all abuse.

        • Tell me about it. (the media) I’m from Canada and all I’m getting is “recap” stuff. If I hear her say he made her feel like a Goddess, or about him grabbing her butt one more time I am going to scream. Of course he made her feel like a Goddess (at times). Thats how these guys work. They do that to make you fall in love with them. Mix a little of the rough stuff in with tenderness and making you feel like a Queen. They mess with your feelings and then when you’ve completely fallen for them, they up the abuse.

  22. Why can’t Travis’ sister control herself from smiling? I realize her brother is dead and that she is having a hard time hearing something that could in fact be true (I wasn’t there, I can’t say it’s fact) but the smiling and eye rolling is absurd!! What is it that she seems to find so humerous?

      • Let’s not forget that the Mormons also believe that the Native Americans are the ten lost tribes of Israel. They believe that angels helped Joseph Smith translate golden plates, that were secretly hid in a hill top, in New York. They believed that polygamy was okay, because they had some special revelation. And, while Mormons may not appear to lie very often, if you try to get them to admit the truth about some things, they will go into absolute, stone walling denial. They have so many tricky ways to invalidate a point that they do not want to answer for, that it is mind boggling. I spent years talking to a Mormon. And, everytime he saw that there was no way out of the intellectual paradox of Mormonism, he would simply invalidate whatever point was being made. There is no way that an honest person could ever deal with this, in my opinion.

        • This I good summary of mormonism. They are even coached in the church how to evade questions that they don’t deem worthy of an answer and that silence and omission are not the same as lieing. My husband was raised in the Jehovahs witness cult. Yes, cult. They are also taught that lying is justified, to protect the church, and to avoid questions that are not worthy of answers. She lies to this day to my husband and his brothers. She makes it seem like their Dad just up and left for no reason when in reality she made him go because ” church” forbid her to stay with a nonbeliever. I could.go on and on about these cults, but just wanted to touch on the lying . Ive heard many people here confused that the mormons involved would not speak out and how and why they lie though they are supposed to be religious. They are taught to justify lies that might hurt the church.

      • It doesn’t help Travis’s memory, I can say that. Somebody should tell them how poorly they come across on television.

        Samantha must have a baby there with her.

  23. I really wish that would allow the “letters” into the trial…. That way there would be additonal support to her claim. WHERE IS THE RECORDED PHONE CALL…

    • She was coming over to give Travis’ roomate some food from PF changs. She was told via phone that Travis was not home by the roomate, so to her surprise when she waslks into the home to the kitchen to get a plate I believe she said, she saw Travis and a woman in the kitchen. Feeling “mortified” she turned around and ran out.

  24. I’m glad to see Jodi has more family support in the courtroom today; and she will continue to need it as I only imagine the testimony will get more difficult from here. I hope her dad’s strength holds up, my heart goes out to him that it’s so hard to see his little girl on the stand defending her life. Her brother is a lot younger than I thought he would be – kudos to him too for showing up and supporting Jodi!

    • Im was glad to see that her dad n brother showed up too. Even though it must be even harder for her to have testify all sexual details in front of them. He dad reminds me of my dad with the big Spanish looking mustache!!! But his there, It makes mu wonder what his thinking??!!

      • Oooh LC I know what you mean. I had the same thoughts about my grandpa, he died when I was eight but seeing Jodi’s dad reminded me so much of him being the “strong silent type.” Most of my family is english-speaking white (my sister is fluent in spanish though), so I have always wondered if that was common with Latino men. I’ve been talking to my mom about the relationship Jodi’s mom and dad had; she said yep sounds like when she was growing up too.

        No family is perfect, but the good nature of Jodi’s family really shows through in the courtroom. I have never seen one look of judgement cross their faces; not even once, and not even when witnesses of the prosecution were testifying.

        • Omg yes it is commen in older Spanish man. My dad is like that, silent alway and you NEVER know what his thinking!!! Thats why it made me wonder what her dad might be thinking. Did you hear when she said that it was hard for her because her parent were there? Im sure she is, but she mostly meant her dad!

          • Ur welcome : )) when its up, you should try to go bsck to it. Nurmi asked her it it was hard for her. She looked at her parents n said something like yes, because my mom n dad here. Something along those lines…

          • Thanks LC! When I would visit friends at their houses, I noticed that their dads were also the quiet type; so I wasn’t sure if that was typical just for my area or a common cultural thing so I appreciate your input!

            I didn’t hear that, but I can only imagine how difficult it is!

    • Jodi said that her brother was 13 years younger, so he’s only about 19. I’m glad that he and Jodi’s dad are in the courtroom today.

    • Did Martinez just say something smart ass to Jodi about her finger?
      I couldn’t hear him, but I swear I heard his voice and Jodi looked his way and said, “What? Yeah.”

      • And id never cared fir those two sisters but todayyyyy….. yeah the oompa loompa sister made my stomach hurt, finding some type of humor or something when Jodi put her hand up to show the finger. They should be upset, crying!!!! Even if they dont blv it, not smiling about it. Idk what kind of emotional problem that is but THAT right there isnt normal! !

        • Shes not!!! I never thought she was but when she explained this, I connected what you had mentioned n I for sure screamed to Martinez, “HAH SHES NOT LYING!”

  25. This from Michael Kiefer : No joke: Someone just called the Arizona Republic newspaper demanding that the newspaper get Jodi Arias off the witness stand.

    • Yeah, because that’s how it works, right?
      Just call the newspaper, they’ll take care of it!

      -shut the fuck up Martinez-
      Sorry random thought just came out while listening and posting.

    • really?????they think that they have the power to do that? ”Um…yeah hello?I’m a not satisfied viewer and would like the show to carry on according to my will” Turn off the TV u f*****g morron if you dont want Jodi on the stand,noone ‘s forcing you to watch it!!!

    • Whaaaat??? Why? ?? Because they dont want her to tell THIS part of what happened? ??? Im confused! Why would they do this n WHO??

    • It’s like a little kid sticking their fingers in their ears and yelling “LALALALALALA” when they don’t like something they are hearing.

  26. That finger injury was already an old injury when Detective Flores saw it during the interegation. She described it as bony hard. I am sure there is a good description of that injury in the jail whenshe was booked. It was not sustained during the killing!!

  27. Is the judge legally obligated to tell the Travis supporters to stop making faces & rolling their eyes? Is the defense counsel obligated to inform the judge of this misbehavior? Can they call a mis-trial for undo influence of the the jury? I mean they’re all acting like Nancy Grace clones making stupid faces, it’s getting on my nerves.

    • Yes and it’s not like they can pretend they didn’t do it, because it is captured on video and will be immortalized on the internet because this is a high profile case.

      I am asking the same questions too – I am *stunned* that the judge would admonish Jodi to listen more carefully to the questions; but won’t do a damn thing about the spectacle being put on in her courtroom! Jodi is doing her best, but it is hard enough to testify without “them” constantly making faces at her.

        • Well I understand why Nurmi hasn’t been able to say anything, he is busy doing his job and his back is to them most all of the time.

          But the judge has no excuse because she is staring right in their general direction, ALL the freaking time!

          If she’s going to admonish Jodi to listen to the questions, she should do something about the assholes distracting her!

          • Yes, but couldn’t this backfire, too, for the Alexanders? What if the judge realizes that they are all the same, to some degree. And, what if she decides that Travis must have been the biggest scumbag, and probably behaved like his family? Could this actually work in Jodi’s favor? Birds of a feather flock together, you know.

  28. Wow. I am stunned by everything that Travis did to her. What a jerk.

    I do not believe she was lying about any of this. He was a controlling bastard.

    And, I have NO doubt that he was getting off to pictures of little boys.

    Too much to write about how I am feeling about him right now.

    All I can say is YUCK.

    AND, Jodi deserved SO much better than him!!

    • I am not surprised. I think it is possible that before he met Jodi, he was already spending his money on prostitutes, and already saw women, and sex, as purchasable commodities. Thus, it would have been very easy for him to “objectify” women, by that point. And, that is exactly what he did with Jodi. As a man, I find it unimaginable that he went from a thirty year virgin, to a sex deviant, within a few weeks, after meeting Jodi. I think the pattern was always there.

      To give an illustration, one of my former acquaintances told me that he preferred prostitutes over girlfriends, because it is a clean deal, there are no emotional obligations, and no one gets hurt. And, he was totally serious. I think this individual was a little more ethical than Travis, because Travis did not care if people got hurt. It appears that Travis wanted the sex, with no comittment, no emotional problems, but he did not seem to really care if Jodi got hurt. So, I think my friend, who saw prostitutes, was actually a little more ethical than Travis. And, I do not think that Travis’ behavior should be construed as any way normal, or even as a result of Jodi. As a man, I am fairly well convinced that it was already there.

  29. The eye rolling and the hate oozing from the front row….glad to see others are as appalled as I am.

    When Jodi raised up her hand to show a permanently mutilated ring finger and the camera then focuses to that disturbing bayatch in the spectator section rolling her eyes..omg. Outraged. But then I thought those twisted people might actually be helping in that they are so vile and contemptuous they show the jury who their buddy TA really was.

      • Maybe, if he got married he would have had to give up numerous secret “concubines”, and settle down with one woman. If he was living a wild life, on the side, he might have been afraid of marriage. Also, Jodi was probably the only woman who could have forgiven him for this, and still taken him anyway. I cannot imagine any of the good Mormon women going for Travis, if they found out that he had a double life, involving numerous Jodi-like “concubines”.

  30. State page: ” The State vs Jodi Arias ~ Travis Alexander murder trial
    Perhaps we ought to contrast this ‘broken finger’ with Travis’ crime scene photos.

    Not that I believe for one minute that Travis broke her finger. It was probably broken whilst she was slaughtering him.”
    F**k them!

      • They are just ignorant and desperate. Yeah, if it happened then i think ryan would have noticed like he did with the cuts.

        I will make a confession, before I found this site, i joined that other one because I mistakenly thought they were about looking at evidence…but they are like the idiot detective, they make the evidence fit the person instead of looking at things objectively.

        I never did post there….thank god I saw they were blood thirsty zombies.

        • BeeCee,I joined a bunch of FBpages too before finding this site.I still read ehat they write and am always tempted to write back and tell them how disturbed and stupid they are but it’s not worth it.Let them be…

    • Maria, here is another state vs travis tidbit: “It’s not illegal to masturbate to pictures, even pictures of underage kids AS LONG AS those pictures are not pictures of children who are nude and/or are engaging in any sexual or sexually-suggestive behavior (which is illegal in every state). I’m not saying it’s healthy or okay on any level, I’m merely pointing out that it’s not illegal. ”

      I absolutely cannot believe any normal person would even consider trying to justify Travis’ behavior in this way…they are as sick as he was.

      wow. what is wrong with this world. I get that they think she is lying…but really????

      • If what the defense if proposing is true, in some way that statement makes me think that maybe thats why it was said they didn’t find pornographic material in his home, maybe he was just pleasuring himself to photographs of children. Photographs possibly of children he knew, that might not stand out during a forensic investigation of his computer.

        • I have heard that Nancy Grace insist that it should be on his computer Nancy Grace stated where did he get the Pics. That shows the Prejudice Many Pedophiles don’t use the computer. To state that his computer had to have photos is stupid I hope Jodie Arias points out that Pedophiles & Materials have been here longer then computers. The letter was a copy not a forgery.

          • Yea Nancy Grace made a big deal about saying nothing like that was ever found. He likely got rid of those pics after Jodi caught him and then used his proxy server to access what he wants. No mention of the use of a proxy server by Nancy Grace. I used to have respect for her but now I realize she is nothing more than sensationalist. Shes all about the ratings now. I can’t wait to see them all with egg on their face when Jodi is found not guilty.

      • Wonderingwhy, since Travis was the victim, i personally think they would not have allowed deviant sex material to be brought into evidence. Their main concern was getting the person who murdered Travis. law enforcement hates pedophiles…but if you have a dead pedophile, then they don’t care, they want whomever took justice in their own hands and killed the person (not that this was the case).

        Travis’ family/roomates/hughes could have cleaned up any evidence. Martinez has already been proven as a prosecutor who withholds evidence by his other trials.

        See how Martinez tries to get other incriminating evidence kept from the jury? It is too bad that the person accused of a crime does not have the same ability to go over a crime scene so carefully after the fact.

      • OMG!These people on the other side are really as mentally disturbed as I thought they were,well obviously since they support Saint-Pedophile-Travis…They seem so sure of his innocence they wouldnt believe it even if they saw him masturbating in front of their eyes.I agree ith BeeCee,btw.When the incident happened they had a dead victim and a murderer and were in dire need of catching him/her.When it became clear they didnt need to look further into the matter when Jodi became”available”(let us not forget tha TA’s friends ensured that she was pointed as the culprit right from the start) why would they bother to look around for pedophile pics?Im dissapointed by theie investigation to say the least.They sanctified TA from the get go and now that this is all out in the open it appears as a string of well thought out plans and lies from the defense team.So sad.

  31. OMG I cried when Jodi was crying and I couldn’t help but feel how hurt she was, being an abused women myself years ago I can relate to what she means and feels. Did any of you get the same feeling as I was getting with Martinez??? Little baby seem to be getting worried there sitting in his chair and the objection he kept making it seemed to me that Jodi’s lawyer was getting pissed off with him, though if I was in his place I would be getting mad too. Jodi’s lawyer is trying to have the case proceed here and that knuckle head keeps objecting….So I had to laugh when he said so did you like it when Travis beat you up…it wasn’t what he said it was his actions and how he just came out with it I was lmao. I can’t wait to see Jodi on the stand tomorrow I will probably cry again if she does…and I can’t wait to see Martinez look shocked and shrugg his head in the sense of omg I lost my case what am I gonna do now??? Jodi’s testimony today was very emotional and it was hard just to sit here and ignore the pain she expressed behind those tears. I hope Jodi makes Martinez speechless where he can’t say nothing but omg maybe this is true…Because like I have said before there is no way a normal women without abuse in the relationship feel this way or react this way or even emotionally still be distraught from this so I believe Jodi really went through all this crap because of TA. I am sorry to say but Travis Alexander is 100% a bastard for doing this to her and he is lucky she tried and gave it her all 100% to try and help him because being a women myself I would have said hit the road jackass and never look back and I would have changed my cell phone number and until it would be changed I would not answer his call or his text messages and I would have went to the police to report his sorry ass. As far as I am concerned the only one that deserves justice is Jodi and she got that indefenatly when she killed him….it’s sad but he pushed her that far. It was either her life or his and in self defense she took his and probably saved little boys from being raped from him because I am sure that is what TA was onto next he was basically mine as well say did it to Jodi why not 5 year old little boys like Jodi stated in her testimony…she saved little boys and perhaps little girls too from that sick and twisted piece of crap…she said he masterbated to a little boy that was in the picture and that the little boy was only wearing underwear and looked to be about 5 years old….how sick…oh god I am going to throw up.

    • Your exactly right Melissa, thats how I feel. He could’ve hurt any little boy out there!!! He dereved what he got!! Theres NO excuse for a grown man, any man to look at pictures of little kids for his sexaul pleasures. And you know what, society is so fucked up if they think that 5 years or 10 years of prison is enough punishment for these pedophiles! !! Then they want to give someone the dealth penalty for protecting herself n possibly little childer!!!

    • how can anyone not get emotional or cry when watching Jodi suffering like that reliving all this emotional and physical torture?I cried throughout today’s testimony,I guess u’re not alone Melissa(sigh)

    • I’ve had those same reactions on and off today… I don’t know how anyone can watch this and *not* feel awful for Jodi being in that kind of situation. I still feel queasy.

      • Me too. I know that a lot of people on other sites think that Jodi made all of this up, but the details are so specific that they ring very true to me. Toblerone candy, Spiderman underwear, a porcelain angel statue…who could make all of that up? I always felt that this case had a very involved story behind it and here it is.

  32. When Jodi rose her hand to show her broken finger, I felt really bad for her. It is sad that there are men who actually do that women.

  33. I thought Jodi did an amazing job on the stand today. The TA family really needs to be admonished for their outward reactions in the courtroom. It is ridiculous.

    Finally we have heard about the real Travis, the man behind the fake religious zealot. So many people think if someone is “So funny…. So nice… So giving…. So devout..”, that they MUST be innocent.
    My father was well known in our community as a hard worker, good looking, funny, ready to help anyone… Just a great guy. Some knew the real him- a man who beat his children beyond belief. For so many years he got away with it- he was so charming and sweet to social services- women who probably thought he was cute. Finally, after years and years he was arrested after kicking me in the head so many times I went into a seizure. Even then, he explained that away with me “attacking” him first and beig a problem child. I was 16; and had ran away from home. At 4’11 I was scared to death of him. Several years later the family moved to another state and my brothers remained in the home. When I was 21 he was sentanced to a year for choking my little brother. And this was the man everyone thought was handsome. Charming. A great guy. That’s how sociopaths work. No one knows their darkness except their victims.

    Tomorrow will surely be riveting. I am praying for you Jodi! Keep strong!

    • Thanx VioletteR for sharing that with us.reading ur post was like reading the story of my life,my father was physically abusive to my mother my siter and me.He was the greatest,most likeable guy.Noone would believe us even if we had come forth back then .And mind you he was a high rank police officer,my mum couldnt even go to a police station to report the abuse(him being the boss there!).She was hospitalised,so were we until she finally packed just a suitcase one late night and we all fled to safety.
      I guess most of us here have had our share of shit,that’s why it’s easier to step into Jodi’s shoes.

    • Thanks for your story VioletteR. I think many of us are here because in our own live we have seen first hand how some people act in public versus in private and we can understand more where Jodi is coming from.

    • Hi Violette, thanks for sharing your experience! Yeah, these abusers show one face to everyone else, but are so different in private. I don’t doubt for a moment Travis is exactly like that!

  34. Jane VM is exaggerating as per usual, screaming on her show that Jodi said T raped her, Jodi never said that. Today’s testimony will have her wig spinning off of her head tonight.

    • Lolol OMG Trixel your so funny!!! Her wig hahahaaa….. Everytime i read a comment n its this funny, i go up to see who the comment is from n it you!!!! Her wig!!!!! Lmao

      • LC: LOL thanks! I read online that JVM was wearing a wig and also that she is a lesbian, not that there’s anything wrong with that. It was just news to me.

    • I can’t believe that Gloria Allred of all people, and her daughter Lisa Bloom, have been a part of the lynch mob against Jodi. It’s such a betrayal, there’s just no words for it.

      • “Whoria” Allred is just another grenade throwing gas bag attention slut! I DEPISE her so much for her antics here in CA during the Governor’s election in 2010 too!!!

        Can’t stand to even look at her or hear the sound of her voice!!!!:-(

        F*&K YOU WHORIA!!!!!!!!!

    • Now they are trying to pretend that pedophiles have NEVER gotten married or had sex with grown women as a way to feel normal and hide their true selves!

      Wow – the denial is thick tonight!!

    • That was a huge slap to Martinez. Lol she has been doing it the whole
      time on the stand though. Martinez objects and she shutters and apologizes.

  35. I believe T.A. is a complete narcissist! I have had first hand experience with a person like this- ( if u can call them a person!)cruel and sadistic in nature- they masquerade as normal people in public but behind closed doors they unleash a verbal wrath! You are constantly walking on egg shells waiting for his next temper tantrum that he says is your fault! You have a nice dinner with friends but while walking to the car out of no where he will verbally attack you! Narcissist prey on good natured, vulnerable women and for good reason they feel the woman is inferior – another woman with maybe a better job,more education and one that had a better home life would not deal with the abuse! I feel bad for Jodi when they ask her ,”Why she stayed?” Jodi says,” her self- esteem” but normally we don’t know why we stayed… The truth is they have put you down over & over you really do not believe you deserve anything but abuse! Also, they can make you feel so amazing with kind words and give u the approval u seek- that you actually start to believe they have good qualities inside them! you truly feel crazy when you are with a narcissist! Not many people understand unless they know one- people can not fathom a person who enjoys hurting others! it is so severe psychologically -honestly, you would rather be hit! Good luck Jodi my thoughts & prayers are with you! Please try to explain why u stayed look down deep u will find it I did!

    • You are soooo right NK!!It’s been pointed out long ago in this site that Travis certainly had many of the characteristics that apply to NPD(narcissistic personality disorder).Yet,I believe that this was not NOT th only isue he hd,I mean we’re talking about pedophilia here,right?Leading a double life,degrading a woman to the point of humiliation etc etc…Something was seriously wrong with that dude,he needed help but look what chaos and destrustion his whole attitude brought about.

  36. Omg it’s true… It’s the one you least suspect that may be a deviant. They should wait for all the evidence n before they make all this commentary. I don’t know what’s gonna happen when they play the voice messages of them having phone sex?

      • Her “facts” are already all wrong and its not even 5 minutes into the show. She needs to actually watch the testimony before she goes on air.

    • Didn’t she also quote some jailhouse inmates? Ha ha ha. When I see women get irrationally angry with other women, and the other women happen to be better looking, nicer, and more appealing to males, I usually start to wonder what is up. Ha ha ha. Yeah, I bet some of these irrate women, foaming at the mouth, are going to cause men to start scratching their heads, all over the place. Ha ha ha. I actually think it is funny. From a completely male objective point of view, the behavior of some of these women actually appears unwarranted, and even irrational, at times. And, it really stands out. Look at the women who were completely dumbfounded that Jodi could create artwork that garnered alot of attention. They were dumbfounded – speechless – confused. Ha ha ha.

  37. I have stopped watching NG and JVM. They are always spewing misinformation.

    I start thinking – are these people watching the same trial I am??

    • Yeah, I stopped watching DisGrace and Drama Queen back with the Casey Anthony case… they’re only on air for drama and ratings not journalism or truth! I decided I would rather see them ‘off the air’ by not contributing to their ratings…

      I believe this will be another case of HLN looking like the “FOOLS” that they are!!

  38. I am also SICK of these talking heads saying that in order for a woman to be “abused,” it has to be physical. So UNTRUE!

    Apparently, these idiots have led an idyllic life. Perhaps they can’t relate to Jodi (or many of us) who have been through the “head games” that make you question your sanity.

    I hope Jodi stays strong. She is doing a great job!

    AND, people who can’t figure out why she can recall small details?

    HELLO! The woman has spent almost 5 years in jail. That is a WHOLE lot of time to go over things in your mind and replay them over again.

    I can’t wait until Martinez cross examines Jodi. He is going to come out “guns a blazin” and alienate the jury. Fine with me – let him dig his hole and lose the case. What an idiot he is!!

    • Amen! I keep saying this to my mom: “If someone does everything up to and that goes along with physical abuse (the intimidation, the demeaning and then taking you back, the isolating from support systems, the lies) but stops right before actually shoving or slapping, are they really 100% innocent? Is it really black or white?”

      Travis was a narcissist predator. Look at his damn myspace. About me: “Women. Money. Power.” About sums it up, right? Like all semi-intelligent narcissists he knew not to lay hands on her and that controlling a person’s mind is far more effective than any physical force. His life — with the idealizing of mormon women and bashing on “sluts”, the making money in a pyramid scheme, the wanting to be seen as great through public speaking, the grandiosity, sadism, and latent pedophilia — is textbook Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

      My theory on this is that she threatened to share the shower pictures to show the world who he really was and he snapped on HER. She knew the risk she was taking and had the knife with her.

  39. I feel so bad for Jodi’s brother and father right now. Travis insulted them for no other reason than that their names are Carl and he called them faggots. I hate the look of pain that crossed her brother’s face, so sad and depressing.

  40. I totally believe Jodi’s testimony today. But she still has to prove that it was self-defense. I believe that he was emotionally abusive, but as of yet, that is not a crime.

    Hopefully, the domestic-violence expert will bring clarity to this whole thing.
    I think the judge is doing a great job, and her attorneys are totally committed. In that sense, she is very lucky. I think for any woman, even a judge, it is much easier to understand, and I think she is
    being sympathetic. I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but the judge always calls her “Miss Arias” and has never shown a hint of disrespect.

    There is still much more to come. And I just can’t image Mr. M disrespecting Jodi and alienating the jury. That would be a total mistake on that part. Could he be that clueless?

  41. Throughout this trial I have found myself on a given afternoon imagining where they’d be had this never happened..Would Jodi be somewhere in California with a boyfriend/Husband, on a drive taking photos.. Would Travis be with his family at a church event.. or with friends at a work-related seminar ……What I mean to say is that I find this whole situation incredibly tragic and wish that in some alternate universe their paths never crossed , and just maybe they are happy living their lives…. 🙁

    • Yep,

      I think that Jodi was a bit mis-guided, and idealistic, among other things. And, Travis was obviously Travis. For these two to cross paths, romantically, was probably a disaster waiting to happen. What is almost heart rending is that when Jodi speaks about Travis, her eyes lighten up, as though the love is still there. And, she is probably the only person in Travis’ life who was willing to overlook his misdeeds, including his misdeeds with other women. She expressed this herself.

      • Yes, sadists/NPDs like Travis and possible BPDs/dependent personalities are irresistibly drawn toward one another but the power imbalance always spells disaster.

    • I dont care where TA would be to be honest.All I can say is that Jodi was an extremely bright young lady with all her future ahead.If they had never met,Im sure she would pursue her photography interest and would eventually become someone’s devoted wife and mother.From the moment these 2 met,it was a mathematical certainty that it would not end nice.I cant help feeling bad,oh so bad about Jodi.Sorry if this sounds cruel but as for mister Alexander ‘he had it coming!!

  42. I’m sneaking onto this website because the website I had joined to talk about this case is extremely nasty about Jodi. They act like they are in Jr. High and it’s cool to bash Jodi. Every time I give my opinion I am shunned. Now nobody will even acknowledge me.

    I’m taking a chance coming here because I don’t believe she is totally innocent. She killed him. But I think she had her reasons for losing it and killing him. I believe a lot of what she is saying about his abuse. She fell in love with him. He used her for degrading sex without regard for her feelings. Travis destroyed a damaged woman with his cruelty.

  43. You know…so many people say jodi is lying and making this up…BUT wouldn’t a person make up way more graphic lies if that were the case? So far, she has minimized what Travis has done, and even the boy photos…she could have lied and said they were actual sex photos but didn’t.

    Maybe she went to someone in the church for help before he was murdered.

    That’s all.

  44. I am so tired of these shows having TA’s friends on and them saying what a great guy he was. Have any of them considered that most abusive men are extremely charming and well liked!? Then they go on to say how flat Jodi’s affect is…most women who are being abused and are submissive are very flat and subdued regarding their emotions. TA’s friends say how deeply religious he was and therefore he could never do that…after all, premarital sex is not allowed. Hmmmm sounds a lot like the Catholic Church and we certainly know that men of high religious standing in the Catholic Church would NEVER engage in deviant sex acts with young boys/unwilling participants. What a joke!!

    • Sej11I agree I turned it on tonight and all these Mormon Friends who suddenly have lots to say. But the funny thing is they all look alike I guess all that polygamy.These shows are boring & one sided, Actually Geraldo stated that Jodie would not get the Death Penalty. That’s all I heard him say The fact is That pedophiles exist ins all places The Public School system Parents are the highest among sexual abusers chastity has nothing to do with it. Many people with sexual Problems will attach themselves to a Religious organization & become overly zealous that is usually a Red Flag, a truly Religious person is not going to be self righteous! before I even knew anything I thought he sounded like he had pedophile tendencies, I got attacked by someone on the Lynch Mob Sites they said hes dated a 26 year old woman how can he be a pedophile. This is sad! We live in very ignorant times sorry but how can so many people state this. The most tragic Pedophile case “I know My First Name Is Steven”

  45. Not to be a A-hole but does TA sister remind anyone of that internet sensation Grumpy Cat? Someone should make a memes of her and that cat lol. GODSPEED Jodi Arias and Much Love. TEAM JODI FTW!

  46. As I recall Travis did not have normal sleep patterns family history regarding mental health disorders may help substantiate some of this such as the possibility of a mood disorder which can co exsist with pedophilia. Its pretty hard to make up something like this. I dont think Jodi is that smart and her lawyers are not dumb enough to tell her to lie.

    • I agree. I do not think Jodi is making any of this stuff up. If she was, she would not be able to keep her story and testimony straight. It’s a damn shame when we live in a blind society that does not acknowledge crap like this TA abuse goes on.

  47. I think that this forum is full of some really wonderful people. If you want to post in other places, but you do not want to get bashed publicly, and personally, I would suggest opening an anonymous Facebook page, with a pseudonym. There are alot of people,out there, who are getting duped by the media. Actually, I was even duped by the media, until I did a little websleuthing, and found some of the testimonies of people who knew Jodi, when she first met Travis. Anyway, if you go on other forums, remember to be polite, be respectful, and ask questions that will force people to think critically. We can make a difference, one person at a time!

    • You are right Ben. Did you follow the Hemy Neuman trial? That ws another sad case involving real mental health issues that these media people do not understand. In both of these cases the defendents did something horrible with no previous history of violence, both manipulated by push pull relationships resulting in traumatic bonding with a powerful twisted attachment. Both defendents were physically abused as children and I suspect Jodi did act out in some way when she was a child she got held back and could not finish school. Her parents used corpral punishment. Look what can happen to those who are vulnerable thats why Spock said not to do it. At least Jodi is getting a fair trial because it is a death penalty case and I like her lawyers!! Hemy did not get a fair trial. Both of these defendents committed a crime as Jodi did over kill him. In both cases one must look at why..

    • Amen Ben! I agree with you whole heartedly. When dealing with the haters, you CANNOT stoop to their level. Be calm and polite, like Jodi 🙂 Most people dont want to “think” for themselves, that is the problem with the media! Most people blindly believe the media. Honestly it is very unfair to everyone to have a media that is this biased. Whatever happened to reporting all the facts? There are two sides to EVERY story, sometimes more!
      At first I thought she was guilty as hell, but then, like most others here, I did my research. I was so embarrassed that I jumped to a conclusion based on what the media told me. Ive since had long conversations with my many friends as to why I feel she is not guilty of what they are charging her with. I honestly do not even believe that she killed him. There is just way to many unknowns, and they are going to stay that way. It is highly likely she is taking the fall for others, then again its just as likely that it was, in that bathroom, her or him.
      I have never killed anyone, however, I have had to fight to survive. You dont think, you REACT. Even when you are 7 years old. Instinct takes over and you fight to live.

  48. Watching the end of day 16 testimony…

    My heart breaks not just for Jodi but for the fact that there are people saying she is fake, body language experts saying her emotion isn’t real, attorneys saying she lacks affect, cold and plastic…. how can these people say these things?

    I’m pretty sure most of us have watched enough movies to spot a bad acting job AND JODI ISN’T ACTING.


    Please, God, give her the strength she needs to withstand the prosecution’s questioning!

    • Martinez will pummel her with all of the lies she told his trial buddy Flores (and that’s about all he has) over and over but she can overcome that by stating she never lied under oath in the courtroom about anything.
      On another note, isn’t this the same group of TV loons that swore up, down and sideways that Casey was going to be convicted? They have not learned a single thing it seems.
      I didn’t watch anything in regards to that case, just the reading of the verdict. I had to watch it with no sound (at work) When I saw Casey begin to cry I thought it was all bad until the NOT GUILTY flashed on the screen I was relieved for her.

      • Oh yes, there were a bunch of “I can’t wait until Casey gets the death penalty” comments going around. Those people got the shock of their lives, and then went on to trash the jury.

  49. I am new here. May I say this, Jodi has actually, many times stood up for TA. She has said in court, “No I would classify it like that.” She could go off and cry and make up huge lies. But she is telling the truth of how he systematically tortured her into submission. Then she must have snapped. I can imagine her taking his vanity “shower” shots and dropping the camera and him calling her a C*** or worse, physically charging her. Yet if you go back and watch, as I have you will hear her DEFEND him against Nurmi’s questions even, if he gets “down” on TA. BTW, I am having nightmares over this, I see stabbing and he keeps coming at me. I feel sick for her. I am afraid and hope you dont delete this, but I am afraid for HER life now. I so hope she gets to go home. 5 years in prison and the years with TA, enough.

    • Welcome, Patty! You’ve said nothing that would be deleted :). I agree with you about how Jodi defended Travis multiple times during her testimony.

    • Hi Patty!Welcome.I too believe that not only does she defend him at times during her testimony but that deep down she still has feelings for him,as she did when he was killed.

  50. Men like TA make you feel like you deserve the abuse. I wrote on one of the Jodi bashing sites that I am glad she killed him. From now on before a man, spits on you, calls you a whore after having you in his bed. Perhaps, they will remember what Jodi did and before they touch you, humiliate you and use you, they will remember Jodi, oh and Travis the pig.

    • You know Patty, you just made me reflect on a past relationship that was similar in a way to Jodi & Travis’s. His name was Scott. He lived 1.5 hours away from me. I would drive to go see him (knowing he was cheating on me with other women) and spend time with him. I would do whatever he wanted me to do to please him. And every single time, he would make me cry. every time. He made me feel so stupid, and worthless. That i was lucky he was giving me the time of day. I paid for everything. I would cook for him the while time i was there, and clean his apartment. and I kept going back…..for almost 2 years.
      He never hit me, or abused me physically at all, but honestly, id prefer that over emotional torture.
      Its been almost 5 years since I walked away, and he still contacts me and tries to get me to go see him. He always manages to get my new cell numbers, he will have his friends, or a fake account facebook friend me. He sends me long emails about how much he still loves me and wants to be with me… When I was with him, he would not commit to me, although i was committed to him. I was on call. Whenever he called, i was expected to drive down.
      My heart breaks for Jodi. I really hope that she goes free. I have even taken up praying on a daily basis again. (Im Catholic, however, not a devout one, I believe in God. I do not believe in church, but I digress), She has been through enough.

      • Leah,

        Sounds like Scott is the same kind of jerk. What I’m most concerned about is that when Nurmi asks Jodi why she just didn’t walk away. I understand it’s more complex than just having the ability to turn around and just walk but I believe that is something that is going to stick in the minds of the jury. The jury wants to know why she just didn’t turn around and get the hell out of Dodge for good and leave that perv for someone else to have and deal with.

        I believe that Jodi was not messing with someone who was just a little disturbed. Jodi was not messing the one of the Devil’s Angels, she was messing directly with the Devil himself, and that where all the evil lies. I’ve messed with the Devil a few times and trust me, I never want to go back down that dark alley again. Once you’ve seen the evil and the Devil personified, you understand what true evil is all about. Once you’ve danced with the Devil, you never, and I mean never, forget it.

          • Right n I thk he’ll keep asking. I think its a good idea that he is. Drill it into the jury so they wont forget, its easier said then done. N when the expert comes up, they will clarify the reason why it wasnt so easy for her to walk away.

  51. Something new today was Travis chasing her down in his car after she walked in when Lisa was there. I noticed it never got that far when Martinez questioned her. She just said he went out after her so I assumed he just went out to the car, not after her.

  52. He sounds like an ass—-;) I think he was doing the prostitute thing and maybe hung out in the Mormon community to hide…. (‘we’ve all seen it done in the good ole catholic church many a time) Where else can you get away with being a 30 year old virgin without looking like a weirdo….

    Not sure however if all of the mitigating factors can overcome the lying at the start of the trial… I am watching 48 hours again and she has a long mountain to climb to get a fair trial at this stage… I’m an Aussie and we don’t do the creepy death penalty thing here… I personally hope she gets off all together just to piss off all the people trying to see her put to death.. It is creepy and horrible to watch a nation united in the desire to put someone to death… The US media should be thouroughly ashamed of themselves…

    • I agree; no WAY was this guy a 30 year old virgin. He was probably having money problems because he was blowing cash on prostitutes that would act out his fantasies when Jodi was unavailable.

      • Lol and all his so called friends fell fir his virgin lies!!!!! Thats funny, that he probably blew all his money on prostitutes! !! Lol who knows right?!

  53. I have been in a physically abusive relationship and one that was only emotional/verbal abuse and intense “gaslighting”, manipulation, and isolating me from my independence and support systems. The second one was far, far worse and left me questioning my sanity and my right to exist at all. Even once I began to recognize it for what it was it was almost impossible to leave. I am so saddened by this case but maybe it will draw some attention to the facts that in the post-women’s liberation and sexual revolution age women can be abused in ways that are, in fact, not like any other era because the situations are so different.

    Travis was a liar but everyone around him bought into his bullshit and in my opinion Jodi telling the truth about him up there IS the REAL “justice for Travis”.

  54. Is there any place to watch testimony besides the HLN 2 hours and the morning TruTV? Is anyone recording or posting? I missed a bunch that didn’t record..?

    I want to say I find it odious that this jury is looking at Jodi with murder in their eyes. The state should never do what it finds unacceptable.

    I just took a look at that jail site. I have heard of that Sheriff before. Saw some documentary or show on CourTV about him.

    I hope this jury is sequestered because the opinions and minds of the media are already made up.

  55. The police stated they never found any pictures of young boys on his computer or in the home but did they ever check the attic? Jodi stated she helped him put some boxes in the attic and I bet that was never checked into.

    • If he got caught, he probably would have disposed of the evidence. Some of his family is in law enforcement. He probably was not all that stupid. The fact that he used proxy servers shows that he was being careful to cover his tracks.

      • Exactly Ben. His sister is a cop and his friends might have cleaned up his mess before the police showed up. Did they find pornographic pics on his hard drive? If the hard drive was clean of any pornographic pics then that is very strange.

  56. BTW- does Nancy Grace have folks that really do fact finding for her before her shows? She must feel like an ass when she gets done taping and finds out 1/2 the crap she said on tv is incorrect! And why don’t any of her expert guests correct her?

    • Nancy Grace is a pseudo reporter! She is loosing so much money from defamation lawsuits. She is just a media clown. They keep her on TV for ratings and comedy

    • I haven’t been exposed to Nancy Grace’s broadcasts as much as others, but I’ve seen enough to be comfortable commenting.

      I doubt Nancy Grace feels like an ass when she’s finished taping and discovers 1/2 the crap she said on TV is incorrect.

      The woman has always struck me as someone who would have no problem inciting a riot, whipping up a group of people into a raging mob.

      The few times I’ve seen her talk, I’ve observed she’s unable to “agree to disagree;” like she’s allergic to thoughts that aren’t her own or don’t support her sentiment. She needs followers and she has no time for detractors.

      Nancy Grace leaves me with the impression that she spends little time reflecting on her own actions – little time thinking to herself, “how may I become a better person?”

      I think she is very good at brushing aside her own flaws by calling out what she believes are flaws in others.

      I don’t know who Nancy Grace’s current sponsors are, but if I become aware that I am a consumer of goods or services that advertise on her show, I cease patronage.

      To me, Nancy Grace is a verbal gladiator lacking the capacity of remorse. That’s not always a bad thing, but in her case, it usually tears down more than it protects or builds up.

      When I see Nancy Grace speak, I always doubt the sincerity of her sympathy for victims of crime, her sympathy for their families.

      I believe Nancy Grace in broadcasting because she like the attention, the money and the adrenalin of a heated debate.


    • I akso thought she was getting wrong info n that she shoukd watchvthectrial before talking about it too. Alot alot if her info yesterday was so wrong. I was yelling at her thtough my tv LOL. But then the lady with red hair (dont know her name) shes an idiot to bht atleast she was TRYING to advice NG that JA didnt say it was porn, that she saud it was just a pic of a little boy in underwear and then went on to say that anyone can get that kind of pic from anywhere, ex. Walmart JCP catalog….. then NG interrupts the lady n goes on yelling that nobody can get porn just anywhere, not at Walmart, JCP bla bla bka wharever…… so SHE KNOWS the real story, she just wants to change it!!!! Why?! Because she’s an dumb fuck n wants to be right all the time! !!! What she should do is not have any speackers, expects, no one else on the show but herself. Ask herself question, answer her own questions n talk to herself. And call her show, NG THE ME MYSELF & I SHOW!

  57. i hope the jury are looking at TA’s family . everyone complained when casey was crying during trial and saying it was a ‘show’ . what about his family ? one of his sisters keeps shaking her head and doing some sort of weird smirk

    • I mean to say that the media is saying no one ever saw porn and all that.
      if someone is fighting a compulsion to do this they are going to start with something
      like photographs from ads. You aren’t gonna go right into illegal porn.

  58. Mormons and “anal sex”

    A quick Google search on these two keywords shows that there has been alot of talk on this subject, for the last five years, by both Mormons, and non-Mormons. Here is one such example, from back in 2008:

    “by mcmormon » Sat Apr 19, 2008 1:53 am

    Apparently anal sex is a trend amoung mormon youth at BYU schools. Girls offer Anal sex, and save vaginal sex for their wedding night, in order to save their virginity

    BYU about five years ago went through a phase of students eloping in vegas and then having the marriage annulled, so that they wouldn’t fell guilty having sex

    There was also “The Go Oral it’s moral” phase.

    It is shocking to me what people will rationalize in order to get around worthiness interviews with bishops.

    To me is an evidence of rules being taught and not principles.

    The rule is don’t have sex, not the principle of respect, Respect God while respecting yourself and respecting others. I know the principle is taught by leaders in come circumstances, but it is not the organizations focus.”

    Apparently, the “Bill Clinton” view of sex, among Mormons, has been a topic of frequent discussion, for at least the last five years, on the net.

  59. My support is for Jodi, I’m new to this thread, my only question is how are they going explain her brutal stabbing and shooting, I understand self defense but why so brutal, will that turn to bite her in the butt and lastly why did she bring the gun! Won’t that look premeditated and if self defense why not call the police and I understand she could of been scared but than why go on a date later that day?? Will this all hurt her??? I can see his abuse but will it come off as revenge or really self defense! I just don’t understand some of her behaviors and would like your opinion???

    • First off Heather so far there has not been any proof of Jodi bringing a gun to Travis’s house. There has been no evidence of that whatsoever. Secondly a lot of his wounds were superficial and defensive wounds. They were all counted in the 27 wounds.

  60. Again my support is for her and I believe he advised her and it came down to defend herself and stand up for herself! But I’m just afraid by her actions even with the anise that the murder will look purely spiteful and maybe as revenge! Why didn’t she have attack wounds, would that as well hinder her! It almost seems that he didn’t put her in much harm??! I really get this abuse but I wish she wouldn’t of been so brutal with the murder because my psychologist would state that a murder with such intense wounds would come off as personal vengeance! Why couldn’t she just injure him or even protect herself with one fatal wound!!! I’m afraid even after her great testimony that it still will come off as premeditated murder rather than self defense? Do you think the prosecution will make this out of pure spite and revenge!

  61. I think that TA’S sister smirking and smiling at everything Jodi testifies about is very creepy and weird and the jury could be noticing it

  62. I’m watching and reading everything happening with this case from the very beginning and i thought Travis looked like a arrogant D-bag just from the pics he took with Jodi ….but now hearing about everything he did and the type of controlling and demeaning sexual stuff he did to this poor girl and his fixation with little boys and anal sex is very disturbing …..I would love to see Jodi get off completely but with the brutality and how excessive his injuries are it will be very tough to prove self defense and not rage killing

  63. Commentators who think they know everthing are saying Jodi is upset and a complete mess and they think it could be because her littlt sister is now sitting with her family. I hope she can get thru the day….my heart goes out to her

  64. I missed it, did they have a recording played in court today? what is happening. This site is now my ONLY site for info, the others make me mad and have an agenda. thanks to all y’all.

    • Patty, they played the phone sex tape in court today which, in my opinion, is really powerful. They can’t dispute it is him on the phone and that he is far from the choir boy they have been saying he is. Even though Jodi is a participant in the conversation, it HAS to put some doubt in the minds of the jurors. They weren’t even a “couple” at the time which shows that to him, Jodi was just an object of pleasure not good enough to marry or acknowledge in public.

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