Jodi Arias Trial – Day 15

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Jodi’s testimony continues.

After today, the trial will resume again on Monday Feb 11th.

Leave your comments below and what’s sure to be another pivotal day…

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    • I’m stunned that she had such low self esteem and was so naive that she would allow herself to be blatantly USED & manipulated by Travis. This is one VERY sick situation of a so called “MAN” using a woman simply for his own pleasure, while being manipulative enough to pretend true affection. He was obviously a person with two or more faces to show to different people all to indulge his varying wants/needs in life. The word ingratiating seems to fit his life style.

      • Agreed. It is sad to see her describing how he manipulated her… It must be painful remembering that he would use her and then leave abruptly afterwards. 🙁

        • think that justifies her stabbing him 29 times(including his heart), almost decapitating him, and then shooting him directly in the forehead? I’m not here trying to argue or troll, and I’m watching the trial with great interest like everyone else. It all just confuses me.
          She brought up other relationships where she felt abused..and she left those men. So..why not this time? He broke up with her, they maintened a physical relationship, and for whatever reason, she decides to drive across states to HIM.
          Like I said, not here to stir up trouble or get banned, just trying to hold up the counter argument. Nothing more.

      • Here’s what I don’t understand. She keeps talking about how much she liked him. She knew what she was doing. Let’s not act here like she was being manipulated. Many of us have been in relationships with the “wrong” guy for us, but we keep going back for more because we want the man to change. Let’s face it, this isn’t new. I’m listening to this and thinking are you kidding me? She had every option to leave him and move on to someone else. She has brought up her many ex boyfriends and was able to leave each one. Why couldn’t she move on from this one? Guys are guys. Sorry but I’ve been cheated on, mistreated, even physically abused, but I loved myself enough to get on with my life. I won’t say the thought of killing one particular one didn’t cross my mind, he more than deserved it – but never enough to make me lose my life and go to jail for it. I’m just trying to understand all of this. She seems like a very smart person. That’s the part that gets me most. I do not get it.

        • She had enough it was the build up from all of the life trauma. That is the reason she has been up there for days her life has been living hell. Beaten by every person she comes across. Jodi had enough of being the victim. Travis pushed her to her limit.

  1. I’m so glad she brought up Mormon sexual terms they use because obviously (not being mormon my self) I’d never know what they mean.

    • I wouldn’t know those terms either, so it is good she brought it up. It proves that she learned them from TA. Im thinking he wasnt a virgin after all. He KNEW what he was doing.

  2. Wow! Anyone with a heart would have a problem with this part of testimony! Sad that he used her in this manner! But I can’t help but think prosecution is going to have a field day with all of this though!

    I see why her whole life story had to come out before this info could now. What a demented relationship!

    • Right MH, even though it was a little too much for some to hear her whole life story, I blv it was needed so that the jury can see the way TA used her from the start affected her. And why she went along with it. She wanted so much for TA to accept her n want her.

      • My suspicioun is that the defense never found any solid evidence of Travis being physically abusive. That being the case, the likelihood of the jury finding her guilty is pretty high. Having Jodi get on the stand and tell her whole life story, as well as the story of how things went down with Travis, is the only possibility to get a not guilty verdict.

        But, perhaps more importantly, I would think it will make it VERY difficult for the jury, after having looked her in the eyes for days on end, to sentence her to death.

        Her being on the stand may or may not get her off, but I am willing to bet it will at least save her life.

        • I know I couldn’t sentence her to death. I heard on one of those shows yesterday that Jodi exchanged smiles with two female jurors – hopefully that’s a good sign.

        • I suspect that’s the defense team’s REAL goal: to dissuade the jury from rendering the death penalty. Of course any other positive outcomes would be more than welcome. But to save her life is priority #1.

        • I dont know about the defense having physical proof either. But I hope they will call that Matt guy. I blv he has mentioned that he KNOWS TA was physical with Jodi n he had mention something about Jodis finger being broken. Idk how much is true but who knows. Hopefully, if it did get physical, she was smart enought to take pictures.

          • Right MB, even if thrycant find the strength to leave rightvthere n then. Take a picture of any physical abuse. You never know when ull need it!!! This is a perfect example!

          • I hope Jodi mentions her finger and it would be great if Matt testified and backed her up. You know, if Jodi were such a psycho ex-girlfriend, then why would both Darryl and Matt be going to bat for her?

          • LC, I wish more women knew that. Buy a camera, start documenting. It IS about life or death. Even if someone can’t find it in themselves to seek help or immediately leave (leaving is the most dangerous time for someone in an abusive relationship), making sure there is a record is so important.

          • Exactly! And it’s come out that Travis was the one who talked shit about his ex girlfriends, always calling them psychos and such. I suspect he was looking in the mirror when he thought that up.

        • Very well articulated. She may not get set free but I cannot see her getting the death penalty or spending the rest of her life in prison with no possibility for parole.

        • I agee lack of proof for abuse. She has no choice but to take the stand. I fear that she is saying to much, may lose the jury. Her memory is outstanding. I hope it lasts till the end or it wont look good. From a medical stand point there is a big difference between selective memory and blacking out.

      • All Jodi wanted was to be worth something to Travis. He didn’t have to marry her, he didn’t have to live with her. She demanded nothing from him. All she wanted was to be seen as a human being. And for something so basic and intrinsic to human well being; she was willing to do anything for. Even things she hated doing.

        If that’s not proof of an abusive relationship, I don’t know what is. You don’t have to be bruised and battered on the outside to be completely eroded on the inside.

        • omg MB,you have put it so eloquently and right on the spot for me.yes,I believe thats be abused doesnt necessarily mean to have broken bones or bruises,let us not forget that mental abuse is sometimes even more serious and affects ppl deeply just as if they were severely physically injured.At times,words hurt more than fists.At times,its the lil things that create the chaos.I do believe Jodi belongs to the category of women,she was being mistreated constantly,being left aside,being excluded from TA’s social life,she was his skeleton in the closet.Can we really even begin to understand how this must have felt?Having the person u’r in love with being ASHAMED of you?Having him hiding the true nature of ur relationship?I guess if one jas never been into that place,it’s hard to wrap their heads around it.Well that’s why most haters do not understand -judging is easier.Jodi left everything bottled up till she erupted,it takes no more than seconds to do the unthinkable.I’m not saying what she did is ok but maybe understandable if not justifiable.

          • I have been in an abusive relationship and I always felt that I would much rather take the physical abuse than the mental. After years I didn’t even recognize myself. I can’t even begin to tell you what that does to a persons self worth and self esteem. There are still people in my family that have NO idea this ever happened to me because I was ashamed and I wanted to protect their feelings. I am sure once the expert witnesses take the stand the jurors will have a better understanding of what abuse of any form can do to a person. On another note, I can’t get over the video of Travis speaking and “jokingly” telling the audience that he is single as a plug to the ladies in the room. To me it appears that he loved the attention of women. Combine that with the lies, manipulation, and abuse…and it is a toxic mix. We all have flaws and both Travis and Jodi did as well, but I’m very irritated by the double standard in the media which makes Travis look like an average, sexual male and Jodi look like an over sexed whore!

        • ”All Jodi wanted was to be worth something to Travis” Thank you for that great insight.Speaking from personal experience,yes thats what she wanted.Sometimes you can allow yourself to literally be walked all over,get simply a smile or some nice words in return and yet being grateful that you have succeded in making the other person take notice of you.Thats what MANIPULATORS and/or narcissists do!!Im sorry but as this thing unfolds,the more I read and learn about this case the more I come to the conclusion that Travis was a narcissistic manipulator,sth that takes time for the other person to realise IF of course they ever do.Maybe he created a monster of himself and sadly paid the price in the worst of all imabinable ways(again Im NOT saying he deserved to be killed,far from it)

          • Your welcome, Maria, anytime! I just do my best to speak the truth. I am not always tactful, and my mom still says I need to learn diplomacy. lol

        • MB
          What do you mean no evidence? They had tons: fingerprints, blood, time stamped photos… Not to mention she admitted she did it… But if you are talking about the premeditation… That evidence is the one I am still waiting for an explanation for… That is actually what I struggle with… 1. Rental car so far away not flashy and missing floor mats 2. Gas cans 3. Cell phone battery dies only during part of trip where she goes to Mesa 3. Destruction or disposing of evidence (fun, knife, camera & sheets in washing machine) 4. Calling Travis and leaving a voicemail hours after he is dead (alibi creation)

          I mean really how do you explain all of that? And IF Travis did what she says he did (and jury can get past credibility issues) then he’s a pig but none of that is criminal…

          More importantly is the Arizona statute for self defense is 2 prong… The 2nd prong is essentially a duty to retreat whereby forced used cannot exceed the force needed to neutralize the risk… How does she get past the brutality? I mean this is extremely brutal… He was practically decapitated….

          I am no fan of either side… Just looking for some light shone on evidence I am struggling with… Sorry if I posted this in wrong area….

          • what do you mean she admitted she did it so she was there. She borrowed gas cans to go on the trip. Big deal her cell phone battery died. She was on a car trip to see TA. She loved him. She didnt want to kill him or go there with that intent. she was passionate about him even though he abused her. Thats why she was so angry and slashed the tires because he abused her so bad. He is at fault. Shes not just going to maliciously kill him after sex for no reason, come on.

          • Gas cans??? The gas cans werent use to kill TA, so that diesnt show premeditation.

            @john when did she admit to slashing anyones tires, or when was it shown (PROOF) that she slashed tires????

    • jodi does look like she’s been thru a lot. it must be awfully draining and then to be in front of the victims family. that and i think she has learned an awful lot about herself and is reflecting. the pattern of not talking out her feelings from what i see started in childhood. not to accuse or put fault but i don’t think the family had discussions about things there was punishment and no dialogue and she learned to keep everything to herself and not voice opinions. one thing i picked up on and i might be wrong, after she left home she never called on her parents, sisters, aunts or friends for moral support.she handled everything herself. I might be wrong. if darryl brewer had asked her to marry him, i think this situation wouldn’t have occurred. she wanted marriage and a family and that’s the basis of the mormon church, so it coincided with her vision of the future. at the time. i think first she was attracted to PPL. and it’s posible because of her looks and poise she was looked at as a potential real money maker for PPL (maybe by Travis) i understand she did not do well with PPL, she didn’t feel right selling to family and friends (says she’s honest to me) could be why travis friends decided she wasn’t for him. i think it’s every man for himself in that group.

      • good points. I was also wondering if he treated her so well because she was pretty and a potential money-maker. Its so crazy to me that manipulative people have such skill at finding their victims and pushing buttons until they give.

      • Jackie I totally agree. I believe she worked as a part of Chris Hughes’ PPL group and he was her director. It was said she didn’t have success selling PPL but you can bet your bottom dollar if she was successful they would have embraced her for sure. They loved her in the beginning it seems but not so much as time went on= she wasn’t making any money for them.

      • Having been brought up in a world of abuse, I know first hand that you will stay in relationships no matter how horrible they are. I know what it is like to be someone’s secret and it is like you will do whatever to have that person love you. I’m disgusted by what he did on the day he baptized her. That disgusting pig. How dare he desecrate on his religion, her special day, and her as a person. She isn’t a toy to use. How is it that he was trying to marry that other girl (the 19 year old) and was treating her decently but thinks Jodi is a piece of tail? That girl is no better than Jodi! What makes her so damn special to be treated like a human being and Jodi wasn’t treated that way? Where is Nancy Grace now? Why not put your 2 cents in now Nancy? Tell everyone how you know that Jodi is a master manipulator!!! She isn’t manipulating anything. He killed her emotionally… He killed her self esteem and broke her down as a human… Francine Hughes killed her husband one night when he was passed out drunk on the bed. She planned it and damn right it was self defense! Don’t remember… Watch the Burning Bed starring Farrah Fawcett! I’ve been someone who was used that way and it messes with your mind… Nancy Grace needs to shut her mouth! Jodi, we love you and I’m so sorry that you were treated that way. You are way to special and such a beautiful girl inside and out! I saw you wipe a tear away when they showed the pic of you and the black dog… I love my pets too and anyone who loves animals that way is a special person. Stay strong! God bless! Somebody please get us info to send money to Jodi! Can we write her?

        • She was just a sex toy for him. How unbelievably insensitive and cold is it that he left immediately after every one of their sexual encounters….

          • Actually, I have noticed a change in Nancy’s attitude since NG went to Phoenix to cover the trial. She’s still outrageous, but less damning of Jodi than before. It’s as though she’s starting to grasp the emotional abuse. NG will never admit she could be wrong, but I do see a change. Instead of calling JA a psycho stalker murderess, she’s saying TA did not treat her well, but it’s an anger killing, not self defense as defined by the law.

            I just want to hear Jodi’s version of what happened on the day of Travis’ death. The defense is now boring the jury, and they are going to start resenting the defense if things don’t speed up. They are rolling their eyes, sighing, etc. you MUST read your audience’s signals to gauge your presentation!

          • It’s truth! I’m so sick of nancy grace, Jane velez Mitchell , and even dr drew,who I use to like, talking about the case from a bias perspective. I knew there was a piece of the puzzle we were missing and I think we are now seeing some of it. Thank you Jodi supporters for not succumbing to jumping on the bandwagon driven by Nancy Grace! I was satisfied with the Casey Anthony verdict because that was justice. I tell my students “it is not about what you know, because you need to throw what you know out the window. Justice is about what you can prove.” was Casey not the Mom of the Year? No she wasn’t. But she wasn’t on trial for that. And the evidence the state had Proved NOTHING. They had limited evidence and even that it was circumstantial. Stay strong guys! free Jodi!

          • Yes and that is how this case is going! They have NOTHING on Jodi. They have a lot of gossip and cruel assumptions about her character. That’s it! No evidence at all that she was a stalker, obsessed, or abusive to Travis. Not ONE iota to back up their claims. Interesting how these prosecutors can bring these cases to trial with NOTHING but a chestful of hot air! They think public outrage and character assassination will win the case for them.

            And just an aside – the sheer level of arrogance these clowns possess – that only THEIR feelings, THEIR opinions, THEIR suppositions about Jodi are what matters; not whether or not a prosecutor can prove their case or whether or not the jury will remain unbiased. They have NO respect for the justice system, at all!

          • I am sick of hearing Travis’ friends go on hln and call Jodi a slut or poison to Travis. If he really felt like she stalked him or was scared of her he could have called the police or got a restraining order. Dr Drew was much more open to hear both sides w Casey Anthony but with this case he is presuming her to be guilty. His cohost thus week was a psychologist and she finally said she cant stand everyine calling Jodi a slut. Nancy Grace was terrible saying if she was Jodis mom she would also beat her w a wooden spoon. I am also shocked how hln ppl are saying that Jodi’s abuse wasnt bad and was normal. So its ok to hit my kids with a spoon and push them into furniture so hard they are knocked unconscious??! I thought hln valued families and kids! Dr Drew at least did say that it was abuse and not to mock it. I don’t agree with the murder but I do believe Jodi was abused emotionally fir sure. I can totally understand feeling pressure to please a man or feeling bad to say no. He basically raped her after her conversion which was totally disgusting. I agree that the judge should tell the sisters to stop making faces and rolling their eyes.

        • Suzanne,thank u for ur beautiful words.I literally had tears in my eyes reading ur comment as I did while Jodi was narrating yesterday and today.As yourself,I too have been a victim of 2 abusive relationships and no,there’s no way u can make urself steer clear of manipulative ppl unless sth dramatic or eye-opening happens.In the case of Jodi,nothing seemed to work in her favour.Maybe because she doesnt really seem to have really really close friends who could drag her out of this sick relationship.If only someone had been there for her…
          Now as to writing her or sending her money.I have already done a small research and it seems that the jail she is currently kept does not allow any kind of mail correspondance (only legal paperwork) other than postcards.I dont know what that means,but I read on some blogs of ppl having family members there that indeed all u’r allowed to send is a ”metered postcard” I think was the term but even for doing so, u need to contact the jail personnel and get the inmate’s code or sth like that.At least that’s what I got from surfing the Net for info.If someone knoes sth more or if Im not accurate plz tell me.

          • For me it was easy to not jump on the NG bandwagon. It’s been a looong time since I’ve been able to tolerate her. I used to like Jane and Drew because I thought they had pretty well-rounded views on the topics they covered. They’ve both disappointed me with this case. I don’t think they need to support Jodi if they don’t want to, but they should at least use this as an opportunity to discuss abuse in all forms and how it might relate to this case. They’ve essentially let EVERYONE down- past, present, and future abuse victims, their families and friends…

    • In a nutshell Nicole, Jodi was on the stand and they made it up to the point where she was baptized by Travis and a bit beyond that . She spoke of TA having a Bill Clinton view of sex( if it isn’t vaginal, it isn’t sex) whereas in her mind it was all sex. Having been told differently by Travis, she took his word for it , after all he was an elder and knew what he was talking about, she was just being initiated into the mormon faith and had no idea of the entire law of chastity.

    • She also identified the penis pictures as ones that Travis sent her of his penis and the phone conversation was admitted into evidence, so were the penis pictures.

      • ok I have no idea what the man from the Sheriff’s department just said.what’s wrong?sth about clearing the courtroom if necessary???

        • The Sheriff is complaining because Jodie went into Chambers and was not escorted by the Sheriff. There are certain areas that the inmates can’t go and are not allowed.

        • apparently Jodi was in on conversations with the defense and maybe in chambers in unsecure area.

          They don’t let prisoners have that kind of “freedom” because they could bolt.

          • thank you Bystander and Nicole for clarifying that one for me,I’m obviously not familiar with your Justice System there and sometimes it’s hard for me to keep up with a trial in a foreign language.

  3. Un-frickin-believable…….he was so using her from the beginning. There is no telling what this guy was really up too and with how many women. I bet he used tons of girls over the years, but they are too ashamed and embarrassed to speak up about it.

    • I have a feeling TA did not want Jodi to act too friendly towards him when Deanna was there because he was still seeing Deanna at the time. I have no knowledge of this for sure though.

      • I wondered about this too. I think I remember hearing somewhere that Travis was fooling around with some other girl too but most people assumed it was Mimi,

        • No he was seeing Lisa Daidone at the same time as Jodi but him and Jodi had split up by that time. Mimi Hall came on the scene not too long before he was to go to Cancun.

          • I’mstarting to get confused with all these girls’ names that keep piling up.And they have the nerve to call Jodi promiscuous?????Jeez,how hypocritical on our society’s part….

    • I know, HOW SICK!!!! Doesnt it sound familiar? Well the beginning of all there sexual incounters start out with kissing, then the kissing getting passionate (sounds like what he was trying to do with Lisa). Lisa was just strong enough to stop at that point. Jodi, not so much. From that point on it sound like TA was the one that led what would happen next, which of course led to oral then stated to push for the anal sex. I don’t think TA was a virgin!!!

  4. I can just hear Martinez on cross examination now ” But you never told him no right? YOU NEVER TOLD HIM NO RIGHT? I rest my case” He will place the blame of all the sexual encounters squarely on the shoulders of Jodi because she never told Travis no. Having said that, how many women have sex with their mates even when they don’t really want to? I would say most of us at one time or another have done that.

    • Lol Debbie, that sounds JUST like him too!!! And your right, imagine…. if women verbally say No, EVERY SINGLE TIME we didn’t feel like it, I think there would be a whole lot of man walking a round very sexually frustrated. Lol

      • Haha. Yep! No kidding.

        I think I’ve heard the saying that unless a person SAYS “yes” (Or I’m assuming anything along the lines of permission) then you shouldn’t assume you’ve got the ‘go ahead’ because it could be considered rape.

    • Been there done that! Nurmi needs to take the wind out of that sail before Martinez gets to her so that its irrelevant by that point.

    • exactly. just because there aren’t any photos of bruises doesn’t mean he wasn’t abusive. He could have been verbally and/or emotionally abusive to her. to someone like Jodi with a low self-confidence, that could be detrimental.

    • HEADLINE: Jodi testified that after Travis baptized her, he came back to her home and they had anal sex for the first time. But she says she asked him to stop after a couple of minutes, only because it hurt. They kissed and then he left.

      • P.S. She pretty much said Travis spun her around and bent her over on the bed. And took her anally, without a discussion for permission.

        Also, she said that in the weeks prior, when he didn’t return her calls after sex, she’d felt like a “piece of used toilet paper.”

  5. Assuming Jodi is telling the truth, Travis Alexander was a real ass hole.

    Obviously, we have no way of KNOWING if things happened exactly as she says or not. But when I take into account Travis’s other behavior, the behavior and attitudes of his close friends, some of the testimony about him being “persistent”, and the almost offhand comment made by Daniel (I think was his name – the very devout Mormon guy who’s sister also testified) that his initial impression of Travis was that he was “arrogant”, as well as my own impression based on seeing him in photos…I have no problem BELIEVING that this is EXACTLY how things went down.

    I’m not saying he deserved to die for it, but it would have been nice if someone with some good steel-toed shoes had given him a swift kick in the nuts once or twice.

    • Exactly, Michael. We have no way of knowing–so far– if her every word under oath is true. However, her word, TOGETHER with what we know from others’ testimonies, his blog, the fact that he was lying to everyone who thought he was an upstanding Mormon–it’s not hard, despite her previous lies, to believe Jodi now.

      It is a tragedy–need I even say so?–that he didn’t get his comeuppance BEFORE whatever happened in that bathroom happened. If he had been “found out”–by someone who actually mattered (i.e., not a woman)–he might still be alive. He had a bad case of hubris; this story is practically Shakespearean in size.

    • There are many little subtlties that cant really be used as evidence but fit with him being cocky and feeling like he was above Jodi. For example, his status in the church. This includes the fact that he is a male so he is considered closer to God and having more status simply being male. His status in PPL he was invited to special parties and such and Jodi could only go because he invited her. In general the American culture encourages men to be cocky. Many women even prefer cocky men. His background and what he did with his life in the form of motivational speaking also gave him more room to be cocky as well. In his speaking it was almost his job to say ” I am so awesome, you wanna be like me”. Jodi’s subservience could easily be taken advantage of and in my opinion, all these factors made him blame her for anything that went wrong. He couldn’t be to blame, he was the Mormon. It must have been her that did everything because she didn’t say no. Then his friends not really knowing the situation but thinking they knew Travis blamed it all on Jodi which reaffirmed it for him. In a way he probably even thought he was being nice to Jodi since he still talked to her and his friends all thought she was trash (because of what he told them)

      • Hi mzmollymack, yep our society is just so screwed up. Aggressive behavior is encouraged, celebrated, and upheld as the only valid standard of personal expression. I’ve seen some godawful shit posted on youtube, and people are CHEERING it on like it’s fucking awesome. Just like the Jodi haters are cheering on a death penalty like it’s something to be giddy about.

        I remember when talking heads would stick to the facts, now they are playing god by trying to say what is or is not normal and healthy for American men. Apparently the only way to be a “real man,” a “normal man” even; is to be the worst example of human behavior possible – to be the nastiest, most aggressive, entitled piece of shit one can be. Clearly they are stupid, and have decided all standards of human decency are worthless. Anyone with an ounce of self respect will see that it does society no favors by saying one half of the population is entitled to use and abuse the other half with no regard to the consequences it bears for us all. Lincoln said society can’t exist half free half slave. Well, it’s true in more ways than one.

    • Hi Michael, I agree with you assessment especially about the photos and I also think it’s important to point out that NOBODY has ever said Travis deserved to die. The haters have made the erroneous conclusion that supporting Jodi means supporting Travis being stabbed to death; which is just stupid. There is no reason that you, I, or anyone else should feel compelled to defend ourselves from things that were never said by anyone at any time. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  6. So far today’s testimony looks bad for TA, he was not a red blooded guy, he was not “everyman”, he was a temple worthy Mormon in high standing & a full blown stinkin’ hypocrite. I heard on ‘In Session’ that this may take the death penalty off the table.

    Travis (the travesty) was not even supposed to be drinking coffee much less boning the woman he’s just baptized by request.

    Jodi did not kill Travis out of some head trip about revenge, she killed him as an immediate reaction, out of fear for her life

    • I can’t stand this guy so I imagine at least 1 juror will be turned off by Travis Religious Hypocrisy & Degenerate behavior. This guy on Court TV states SODOMY is OK what??? I don’t understand Its as clear as the Emperors New Clothes.

      • Agreed. Then add Martinez’s coarse attitude that makes you totally dislike him….hopefully the combo of these things will give her some leeway with the jury.

  7. Here I go being vindictive again. I really want that phone conversation to be played because I am hoping that it shows Travis initiating the phone sex proving to everyone that considers him a virgin that he was nothing but a liar and not the person they thought they knew at all. I also hope that he “jokes around” about them and puts them down to Jodi so they can all hear it. To me, that would be justice.

    • then I must be vindictive to because I really am hoping he is aggressive and shows his true self on this tape. Do you think they will end today with the tape so to leave that as the last thing the jury hears for the day?

      • I think it will depend on where the tape fits in as to Jodi’s narrative. Especially since there is no court tomorrow. I am thinking that the judge is trying to move this forward by not having as many bench approaches so the tape will be played whenever it is part of the story.

        • that makes sense. I just also know that tape is going to pack a valuable punch. It couldn’t hurt for the Jury to think about it til Monday but obviously if it doesnt fit with the sequencing then it does not make sense.

    • I highly doubt he was a virgin. That abstinence stuff will make some people insane. Instead of just having sex when you’re ready like most people, hypocritical abstinence people have to hide their actions and sneak around to get it. I bet there are at least a few other girls who have been sexually involved with Travis.

      • Hi Leah, agreed, the whole religious abstinence thing is offshod. I can find plenty of good reason to abstain from sex that have nothing to do with religion anyway. Self respect, avoiding STDs and pregnancy, ect. BUT – abstinence is not a cure all either. It is not an ideal to be upheld without question, it’s just not the human condition to refrain from intimacy or pleasure with another person to please the rest of society. Then sex becomes a secret, and secrets are kept because a person is made to feel dirty and shameful. It gets to the point where people ENJOY the dirtiness and shamefulness, and want to make others feel the same. Then they can’t enjoy sex without it. I don’t know if that’s what happened to Travis, but it would not surprise me.

        What infuriates me about Travis is that he was an ELDER OF A CHURCH. Sorry but I don’t think that can be overemphasized. For the talking heads to be saying he has a RIGHT to influence the spiritual welfare of others while engaging in this behavior, is so insulting! I wonder how Mormons feel about those people saying this is NORMAL in their church. No, I don’t think so! Nobody ever, EVER has a right to behave in a predatory manner, even if their victims are fully grown women.

    • Hi Debbie, I don’t see it as being vindictive. It can be an “I told you so” moment, but it would not be undeserved. People assume that anyone who says anything negative about Travis are doing it for no reason than just to be mean. They’ve bought into the idea that Travis is this poor unfortunate soul whose bad experiences absolves him of all responsibility in adult life. No, there is a reason people say the things they say and if it has to be shown on the national stage; so be it.

      Jodi TRIED to avoid this happening by pleading to a lesser charge, and she is used to hiding things so much she wanted to hide Travis’ true character too.

      But you know some people: they never learn, they can’t be reasoned with, and they regress into denial when evidence is shown to the contrary.

    • Why hasent defense put any girls TA had sexual relations with on the stand? There have been two guys that they put on for Jodi and they said she was sexually aggressive and experianced anally etc. This needs to come out for TA. Dont know why defense would put guys up there that would say that about Jodi and have no woman prove that TA was not a virgin. Without this proof it may be hard for him to be viewed as the sexual aggresser by the jury.

      • I dont think any Mormon married woman will come out to say they were involved with TA n jeopardize there own marriages……. TA was really good at hiding this other side of him, he wasnt supposed to be sexual AT ALL.

  8. Apparently Court TV in Session states that’ Travis was just a guy being a guy WOW! My Husband never behaved that way. Travis was a degenerate, doesn’t mean he deserved to be killed but , this testimony gives reasonable doubt.. I do not see what she saw in him physically she is much better looking I think she was attached to her abuser. I think Travis was a hypocrite liar and abuser who most likely wanted to practice polygamy and also had an inability to have normal relations with woman so he made excuses. But for anyone to state his sexual behavior is normal and she is just a booty call shows the hypocrisy of the media be HONEST he is a SICKO she is a classic case of abuse. I still do not believe he deserved to be killed but she needs to have her day in Court without such media bias. I think the defense is doing the best Job they can keep her up there.

    • How disgusting. Travis was just “being a guy” but Jodi is a big old whore for having boyfriends. This type of double standard makes me SICK, especially when women are supporting it!

      • Right on Kira
        its always those woman who profess to be Woman’s Rights advocates. Obviously from watching in Session they are trying to do damage control I think not sure they had an ex wrestler who said That this is going well for the Prosecution. How is an ex wrestler an expert, I don’t agree I do not think Jodi will get the Death Penalty. I think Travis was a Sicko & she allowed to much abuse we will find out what triggered the attack.

        • “its always those woman who profess to be Woman’s Rights advocates”

          Yes, that does go on. These so-called advocates like to say “But, it has nothing to do with gender! Equal rights mean equal responsibility!” while, at the same time, calling Jodi a slut and a whore who “spreads her legs like peanut butter” and who deserves to have ejaculate all over her face.

          No wonder there’s confusion about what feminism stands for. Misogynists are calling themselves feminists.

      • Thats BS!!!! NOT every man acts this way!!!! They make me so mad! !!! And the one part that blew me away was when Jodi was saying the time that she performed oral sex n when she was done, he wouldnt kiss her!!! Is that ALL men too????!!!! I DONT THINK SO!

        • Sorry to say, but many men do not want to taste themselves in your mouth yes that is the norm in any relationship I have been in. I have only been in what I would consider healthy relationships.

          • Oh wow lol, how mature, sara. Let me ask u something…. ill try to be as delicate as I can. Are you married, oh 1st. how old are you????

            How many times or have u pushed a man off of u after giving you oral?? Or u continue with the sex n ask him not to kiss you anymore through?????

            And to directly answer your foolish question, Yup! As some “man” say: “If I could suck my own D★★★, I would!!!

    • Just being a guy huh? Sooooo how many guys do you know that willingly shave their pubes and do not like body hair? Other than perhaps men that cycle for a living and try to be as aerodynamic as possible, I can’t think of any.

    • Hi Oliviero, the talking heads have made it abundantly clear that reinforcing sexist stereotypes is the only acceptable reaction to this case. They view women exactly how Travis did as just holes for men to put their penis in, nothing more. No personhood, no human rights apply, no standards for basic human decency. Apparently women are like robots – there is no variation of personal attributes and the affects of abuse and degradation do not apply psychologically. Women are to step off the assembly line with no defects, perpetually agreeable, pliable and conforming no matter what the circumstances.

      Jane Velez Mitchell treats dogs better than she treats women, and to think that jerk used to fight against “the war on women.”

      • Excellent, MB, the way you expose the assumptions underlying all this ugliness.

        What’s that wonderful animal that, if it loses its tail during an attack, will grow a new tail?

        Anyway, apparently women are supposed to be like that creature, psychologically. Apparently God designed them to withstand the “natural” weaknesses of men. Mistreat women, degrade them, hurt them, and–voila!–they grow more loving and more patient. Ah, nature is a many-splendored thing …

        • Hi Pique glad to see you back! I do my best to articulate what I’m thinking. Above all else, it’s important I simply speak the truth. My mom says I still need to learn how to be more diplomatic. Right! lol

          The only animal I can think of is a starfish. I heard that if they lose an arm it grows back. That is a good analogy! On one hand, women’s self worth is cut off for stupid reasons, but on the other it’s supposed to magically grow back when in a relationship with an abuser? Really?? What delusional doublespeak!

          • Hi MB. I’m here, but only for a few minutes–then I’m gone on vacation for the next 10 days. Probably without internet access!

            I’ll check in then. Perhaps you’ll still be here?

          • Probably! If you are anyone else wants, I set up a blog (nothing in it yet, but my name links to it) if you want to keep in touch we can start there.

      • Oh boy, Jane Velez Mitchell and Nancy Grace need to take a xanax or something….I can’t stand how they interrupt people. This group commenting on here is FAR better conversation than anyone on the news sites.

      • Its so sick but the Truth is coming out, apparently I think all those commentators who support Tavis Behavior r going to reap what they sow. He treated her like garbage & The defense Attorney is leading up to the Telephone Conversation. He is doing a great Job, Today, not only do you have to defend your Client but The Media is so pro prosecution no matter what case. Like Nazi Germany! Someone should call this Jane Velez and state your husband boyfriend Son behave like Travis? Calling this behavior normal is an insult to Men Travis was not a Man obviously. That was the truth he hated woman & found a perfect victim to sexually abuse. I feel very sorry for her I want to know how the attack happened. Would anyone like their daughter treated this way. Does Jane Velez believe that her daughter should be sodomized PLEASE!

        • I’ve left JV, Nancy, and Drew messages stating my opinions & how disgusted I am with their reporting, or asking them to bring up certain issues that need to be discussed/considered.

          Pretty sure they think I’m psycho because they only give 30 seconds for the message and since I’ve had A LOT to say, I’ve had to call probably 20 times! LOL

          • Lol omg jamie!!! Lol really??? WHAT DID U SAY? ????? I’ve been wanting to call NG so bad!!! That’s great, I give u a 10+ for that!!!

    • It’s amazing the level of compassion you all seem to feel for Jodi, in terms of her difficult life from the time she was a child. We should all try to be as compassionate to our fellow man as much as possible. I do wonder, however, if any of you are aware of the victim’s very sad and difficult circumstances from the time he was very young?

      His parents were meth addicts. His father was never there, leaving the children to be ‘cared for’ by their drug addict mother who physically beat them and verbally abused them. They lived in filth, with roaches, and no food to eat. They were filthy and had only filthy clothes and were mercilessly mocked and made fun of at school. They were evicted and then lived for more than a year in a 5′ x 6′ foot camper shell, his mother, himself and his sisters. When he was 10, living in such misery, he ran away. After the parents died from their addiction Travis and his siblings were taken in by their grandparents and raised in the Mormon Church.

      No person is either all good or all bad, well there may be a few exceptions. But this was indeed a toxic relationship, with both parties diving head first into their darkest sexual fantasies. They made weak attempts to make their sexual activity okay within their religion, but the lure of sexual pleasure was stronger and it had them both by the throat like any addiction does. Both Travis and Jodi equally participated in their sexual lives, and I think that was established in court. Jodi does not deny in the least that she was a willing participant in the sex and anything he wanted to do sexually.

      There are many problems with this, of course. They claim they want to be serious Mormons but this behavior does not work to that end. Also the intimacy of sex implies personal intimacy and closeness, but we all know sex does not equal love. It appears that Travis did not equate sexual intimacy with personal intimacy but Jodi did. So while they were obviously, equally, enthusiastically sexual, each person didn’t see the relationship the same. You can wail and gnash your teeth that Travis used her, but this was 2008, the girl wanted to engage in it, she stated in a court of law that she was happy with doing it, so you can’t ignore that and claim he used her because it’s part of her defense strategy.

      And if you’re going to wail and gnash your teeth about her difficult childhood in an effort to explain the negative aspects of her personality, well, what about his? He doesn’t get any credit for taking an absolutely horrific childhood and turning his life into something very successful? You don’t want to explain any of the negative aspects of his behavior to his dreadful early life? I mean, come on.

      And I’m also puzzled that you seem to be so willing to believe only the things she says that fit her defense strategy, rather than her statements in total, which demonstrably prove she’s almost pathological in her lying, and willingness to lie. How can you ignore that which she herself freely admits, that she lies to everybody, yet you believe that she felt threatened for her life from someone she also admits never laid a hand on her (except for those incidents of abuse that only arose after the current defense theory was set out-which are not at all believable or in character witnessed by anyone else other than her) and she had to shoot him. Then stab him 29 times. Then nearly cut off his head. I find this so puzzling.

      And while I understand you are Team Jodi, I think mocking his family members (meth, anorexia) is beneath people who seemingly have an endless well of compassion for the defendant.

      No one is perfect. I myself in my youth did the kind of stupid stuff she did, driving hundreds of miles to see a guy who only wanted to have sex. I remember how worthless I felt and cursed MYSELF for allowing such debasement of the essence of who I was and what I was created for. I understand those feelings of hurt and anger and frustration. I don’t understand killing the person who made it possible for me to feel such abject self-loathing and then lying about it.

      I honor your compassion and desire to support a fellow human being, these are just food for thought.

      • Joyce,

        The thing is though, abuse isn’t always reported. People tend to hide abuse. There is evidence that the cycle of violence present in abusive relationships occurred in their relationship as well. Many of the comments on this website, do show compassion for Travis’ family. Remember, it was the friends and family who launched the attack on Jodi years ago and are still doing so to this day. While I have compassion for the family, I do not condone their blood lust for Jodi. The prosecution on behalf of the family, presented Travis as “blessing” to Jodi and that he was perfect and her a stalker which was proven not to be true. While the family and friends may be angry I see their behavior in talking to the media as tainting the jury pool before the trial and attempting to manipulate the court of public opinion with their endless media appearances. We are Team Jodi and support her right to a fair trial. Thanks for your comment.

        • Agreed JC! The vast majority of posters here have compassion for the Alexander family. In the final analysis there will truly be no victors here. We have 2 families that are destroyed forever plain and simple. Believe it or not I do even feel for Travis. He did not have it so good as a kid quite obviously. I truly hope his soul is at peace too!

          As I said in an ealier post, most people here do see the human side of this tragedy and we damn well should because if we cease to see the human side of this tragedy we cease to be HUMAN!

        • Thanks JC. If there was a shred of proof for her claims, an entry in her journal, a friend who can testify that Jodi confided his physical abuse to her/him, a phone recording where the abuse is mentioned, or some other person on the planet who can testify to violence or aggressive behavior in Travis……it would be a viable notion, but there is none of that.

          It is exceedingly rare that no one else, NO ONE is aware of domestic abuse in a relationship. And I listened to her testimony about the killing, and very little of it was believable. Heck most it didn’t make much sense. In fact, she seemed to slip up yesterday and state that the only injury she suffered during the attack was her left ring finger, which was an injury that she said she suffered long before that night during a episode of physical abuse from Travis. Which DOES make sense. That was a horrific, physical battle, so getting a screwed up finger during a knife attack is plausible. Far more plausible than her original explanation of cause.

          I’m not familiar of any attack friends/family have launched against Jodi, other than wanting to see justice for him. I live in the metroPhoenix area but haven’t seen that in the media. In coverage of the trial I have heard from friends, no family, give observations about Travis and Jodi and what their observations of her are.

          I think your efforts are misplaced, laudable that they may be, but you are certainly entitled to make the effort. I’m afraid though, and this is just my opinion, but as a woman I do worry that it hurts domestic abuse victims who use this defense legitimately, because when you have a case such as this when the accusation is seemingly composed out of thin air, it hurts those men and women who are domestically abused by creating doubt about the defense. It appears that it was her last attempt at a story to make it okay to have done what she did. If only she hadn’t lied so much since her arrest.

          Do you guys really think she has a chance to be acquitted, or are you just hoping that this defense will help her to escape the death penalty? I am opposed to the death penalty, so that is definitely my hope.

          It’s just such a sad, sad case.

  9. i watched a youtube memorial video for travis. there were about 4 or 5 photos of travis giving the el diablo (sign of the devil) travis could have been resorting to dabbling with the occult for more power to earn money and to recruit a wife and the power went awry. some on the net say the mormon church and the occult are similar if not the same. i wonder if the higher you go in the mormon church, the closer it gets to the occult, where the lower members are left out of this. just my thoughts of course.

    • I am not surprise Jackie I am Catholic and The Teachings with regard to the Occult Pornography etc. Open up the Door to Satan. The Top Exorcist in Rome has been called in By top psychiatrist from the Menninger Clinic etc. He has a lot to say about this type of behavior, of course we all know Travis behavior was evil. But I am sure Nancy Grace & The Pimps on Court TV think she is a whore and he is just being a Man. Well that speaks volumes.

    • The “El Diablo” sign that they are showing in the videos, is actually the “Rock on” sign.
      It’s not demonic at all in this sense. It’s just a modern gesture.

      • The “rock on” sign as you call it, and the sign of the devil are one and the same. There is a very clear connection between Rock and Satanism, too.

        • So tell me, are the following bands satanic:

          Linkin Park
          The Used
          Less than jake
          Good Charlotte
          Elvis Presley
          30 seconds from mars
          The Fray

          Those are all classified as rock, and I wouldn’t say any of them are anywhere near satanic.

          Rock was created from a broken form of R&b music used in the early 1900’s.

          Elvis presley, (The king of Rock) was one of the first to call him self a rock and roll musician.

          Was he Satanic?

          You are misunderstanding a sign adapted for modern use.

          Similar to the Thumbs up sign being offensive to some cultures, because to them it means “Up yours!”

          It’s all in the context.

          TA was not a satanist, (yes, he was a low down piece of garbage), but he didn’t affiliate himself with the worshiping/worshipers of satan.

        • I Sam That.s interesting I read a book called an Exorcist Tells Is Tale By Father Gabriel Amorth he said the Exact same thing. With regard to certain Music he said there was a connection of certain Music & The Devil.

    • I think it was a gang sign reflective of the hip hop culture ( not saying he was in gang). I see kids throw that sign up all the time. T-Dog or whatever he wanted to be called seems to be hip hopish too.

  10. I think Travis is such a hypocrite. He had to “cleanse” Jodi first by baptizing her into his religion. He also had to dress her properly before she got to go the executive dinner with him. Control, Control!

  11. Not trying to be a pervert n I DONT want to see it. BUT did they SHOW the pictures of the penis??? The channel im watching didnt show, I dont want to see it either, I just might have a point if they DID NOT.

    • ok, he told Jodi that Deanna was unstable, he told Lisa that Jodi was a stalker….nice MO there travis the user.

      I REALLY hope they have more women on the stand who were accosted by him..otherwise the jury may still think she is lying.

    • Yep, I know the type, too. They love to “brag” about how different women are KRAZY about them. Often it’s pure exaggeration, loving to bemoan the fact that a woman calls too much, etc. It’s a sign of insecurity.

  12. I know Martinez is going to rip her apart and I worry for her but I am sure she will be ok. I am so glad that Jodi is getting her story out. This had to be done. She is doing a great job on the stand. There is no way she is making all of this up. St Travis looks pretty bad right now.

    • Martinez might rip her apart but I think she will be able to stand up to him. Martinez is a bully which I think will turn off the Jury, He acts like he hates Jodi Arias & since the defense has humanized her Martinez’s tactics may backfire, but the Media is very pro prosecution that is a problem, They act as if Travis was a Monk who was mislead by the bad girl & behaving like a Man???

      • Oliviero I agree, I worry but I think she will be ok. She is a much stronger person now than she was 4 1/2 yrs ago when all this went down. The media covering this is a joke.

  13. Did all of the anger that Jodi had been feeling toward Travis but did not express built up lead to the 27 stab wounds? I’m believing everything she’s saying right now about Travis. The prosecutor has not made a good argument for premeditation.

    • Hi Tiffany, the prosecutor did a very poor job in this case. He’s making the same mistakes Ashton made – he’s betting that public outrage and character assassination will win the case for him. He’s offered no evidence to support his claims, and has no coherent theory for premeditation. He badgers his own witnesses and pulls shock and awe stunts.

      I predict he will blow it big time when he cross examines Jodi. She is doing well, he hates that and he’ll be doing backflips off the rails!

  14. I now see where Jodi’s lawyer is going with all this. I hate Travis so much for what he did to Jodi. He broke her spirit. It’s like a form of brainwashing. Travis controlled her. Jodi submitted totally to him and he broke her will. Travis was groomingJodi. That’s what abusers do. They break down their victims completely till they have no will of their own.

    • No…I mean she’s damned if she cries and damned if she doesn’t by the haters. Maybe she is just trying to hold it togerther.

      • True and now they will say if she does cry when she talks about defending herself……’s all fake because there were no tears during any other part.

      • Yep, that’s what I was thinking too. If she cries she’ll be accused of manipulating the jury. If she doesn’t she’ll be accused of being a psychopath. It’s a no win situation.

        She is doing really well, though! The jury is listening and taking her seriously, that’s all that matters.

    • I think she is not the type of person that can show emotions easily. I am sure she will cry as this testimony goes on and it gets to the heart of the matter, his death.

    • She has cried here and there during her testimony thus far. She cried when they showed her the penis pictures. She also cried when asked one other question and Nurmi had to ask if she needed a few minutes. She has cried off and on during the entire trial so far, especially when they show pictures of Travis. I have no idea how badly she may break down when she hears his voice on that tape.

    • i do believe Jodi tries to hold her tears back but as a human with flesh and bones she just cant help it sometimes.Not once,NOT once have I seen crocodile tears on her part,as 99% of the ppl out there claim(haters,haters,more haters).They say she has cues on which she relies to cry,that’s un-freakin-believable to me.Even talented actors around the world have stated how hard it is to make that happen,I mean she must be the world’s greatest actress if that’s the case! Imo,she cries when bad and/or memories are evoked,just as she broke down yesterday from the moment when T’s private parts were shown to her.This is simply being a human being with human feelings and emotions.
      Just as everybodu else said here,this is a no win situation.Whatever she says or does will be condemned.Whatever proof she brings will be refuted.
      A while ago I was watching a clip of Dr Drew where he had a Body language expert,analyzing her from her Day 3 testimony.Guess what?The expert was saying that all she says seem true due to the body language but when she didnt take positive feedback/reaction from him she just went ”well,at least in her mind in her world she thinks what she says is true” .I was shocked how media can be so biased.Let alone all the comments underneath were more that trashing Jodi,humiliating as always.
      Ppl tend to forget that there are always 2 sides of the story and although noone here thinks that the crime was commited and was indeed hineous as Jodi herself described it,yet there are sciences out there like Psychology and Psychiatry that need to be taken into conseideration before putting someone to death or to prison for life.I mean it’s not the Middle Ages we live in,right?Sorry for this rambling but where I live the Death Penalty does not exist and I find it shocking that this law still applies in the 21st century let alone that there are ppl out there(thank God not in this group)that support it,developing a profound hatred towards a person they have never met,being unwilling to weigh the facts.

  15. I feel for Jodi and her family right now. This has got to be tough – but this is another moment for the defense. Everyone is paying attention and taking this very seriously. Nurmi is holding up well too.

    I was going to say that even Travis’ family was paying attention, but I caught another eyeroll from one of Travis’ sister. Go figure!

    • I noticed that. Skeletor doesnt ever change faces. I noticed his other sister (oompa loompa) lookalike was smiling at something Jodi was saying. They DON’T blv anything Jodi is saying! She cant be making ALL of it up.

      • At first I thought it was her scowl, but then I realized its just the way her face is. lol I’m surprised they haven’t been chastised yet by the judge for their head shaking and eye rolls.

        • Hi leah, it got to the point where I finally blew a gasket and demanded they be charged with something! The rolling eyes, scowls, glaring, eye bulging and emotional outbursts are contempt of court as far as I know. They need to find something and say “Look if you’re going to be here, knock it the fuck off.” Pardon my polish but damn. And for her to roll her eyes at the precise testimony that Jodi was at the point of withdrawing consent, in other words being anally raped? NO! Just no.

          I don’t expect them to be happy to be there, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t like that they’ve put on a show to try to taint the jury.

          • it has to reflect poorly on them that they are behaving so immature. Sure, I know it has to be heard on them but its not doing Travis any justice to have them sitting there making faces all day.

          • Ok I have one comment to this…that is that the younger sister needs to wear underwear! I can’t stand it when she walks out of the courtroom with the camera showing her and you can see everything jiggling.

          • I hope they continue to act as they do. It might have an influence on the jury and in turn, the jury might be more sympathetic to Jodi. I’ve got to hand it to Jodi, she’s holding her own. I hope she can hold her own under cross examination. I believe it was a good idea for her to take the stand in her own behalf. Cowards like O.J. Simpson and Scott Peterson are little girly men who have no courage. Jodi has courage.

          • I agree with you guys. It’s definitely attention-seeking, immature, dramatic behavior. People harp on Jodi for “being an adult and not being able to end this ‘abusive’ relationship”, yet TA’s family isn’t even mature- ADULT enough to hear intimate details.

          • MB- I very much enjoyed your “Polish” 😀
            It was nice having something to kind of lighten my mood; make me giggle for a second.
            I very much agree with you btw

      • Haha oompa loompa! Yep, and I’ve caught the older sister sucking in her cheeks and bulging her eyes out to the point where I thought they would pop out of her head.

        Of course they don’t believe her – Travis goes around saying Jodi is a lying whore so it must be true right? That’s the general concensus of the pro-Travis camp. Travis=god, Travis=perfect, but more important Travis=the right to treat women like masturbatory devices. That’s why their gut reaction is to defend that man rather than think critically about his behavior and how damaging it was for the people around him (especially women!).

        • I understand that there brother was brutality murdered. I can put myself in there shoes. I also have a younger brother, (god forbid that would happen to us) but I would be in total shock if 1) I had full proof that my brother was treating women this way. 2) he had been lying to everyone, including the family n church about his sexuallity (and many other things). I would still feel some compassion for these women n I would definitely have the Mesa Police Investigation look into the lead detectives working on this case. Flores did a crappy shity job!! So what im trying to say is, the two sisters are sitting there rolling there eyeballs, smirking and butthurt at onlt ONE person, when they should open there eyes n START THINKNING like someone looking at this case from the outside. I know its hard for them to do this but when are they going to realize it, when its too late?!!!

          • “interrogate and get confessions.” Bah, typo elves at it again.

            heheee, MB, we knew what you meant. LOL The typo elves very often get me too.

          • It’s funny, my sister and I had a similar conversation last week. We have a cousin who is an absolute asshole toward women – he’s been physically and emotionally abusive. If one of his exes had killed him out of either self-defense or just snapping, we wouldn’t have hated her. We’d know exactly why it happened.

          • LC I totally agree – and if Travis didn’t do enough damage to the reputation of the Alexander family, they are finishing the job for him. I don’t think they’ll ever realize that Jodi is a human being with rights.

          • Kira, I’ve been wondering if they knew about Travis’ abusive behavior. And that if they did, if they think it is normal! Kind of scary thinking about cops out there who don’t take abuse seriously. Not good!

        • It silly and stupid for a religion to declare a young person an “Elder” of a church. An Elder is like your grandpa, he’s there with wisdom and guidance. It does not seem appropriate that an Elder is there to shove his penis up someone’s ass, then ejaculate on their back. Nor does it make sense for an Elder of a church to ejaculate in someone’s mouth then refuse to kiss them saying, “That’s gross”. That’s no Elder and that’s no church I’ve ever heard of.

          • James-
            If you’ve ever come in contact with LDS missionaries (“The God Squad”)- they are also ‘Elders’.
            And I totally agree with you!

        • Leah- you are so right!
          In my eyes, the fact that they’re making faces of disgust about the testimony/pictures/etc is the same as them being disgusted with THEIR OWN BROTHER! They may believe they’re showing support for TA by being so appalled and dramatic in their reactions, however, THEIR BROTHER was also involved! Not just Jodi!

          If I was in their situation I know it would be difficult to have to endure hearing those things, but I think I’d either pay attention & have interest in my brother’s trial, OR if I was unable to handle the details then I would avoid having to sit through them. The pictures I’m sure will leave an imprint on everyone’s minds- especially theirs. I feel for them in that respect. I just feel they oughta be ‘grown’ enough to handle it like MATURE adults.

    • I think Tanisha was once a meth addict like her parents were. She has that sunken look to her cheeks.

      I wouldn’t want to meet either of Travis’s sisters in a dark alley; they look like tough women. Apparently he wasn’t speaking to two of his brothers when he died? I wonder how close he and the sisters were?

      • Hi kira, they must have been ok because Tashina or the cop told the media that Jodi deserved the death penalty. Make no mistake – they are there for blood.

      • Hi Kira,

        I just wanted to say that I am pretty sure that Tanisha was on cocain…As I understand it from people that used to take that drug IV. Personally I would not be scared of Tanisha she may look tough but she is not she is someone that weighs no more than $1.09 that you could easily blow on and she would fall over. At any rate she is scary looking and the pills bury bloated pig the other sister well she looks as clueless and as much in denial for Travis as Tanisha does. I look at that whole family that is there and i see nothing but lies, haters, hypocrits, 2 face and blood sucking vampires that only get pleasure on someone else being humiliated…in this case Jodi. Now I know that Jodi is a battered women because I went through the same abuse many years ago…So I would find it hard to believe that Jodi would be lying. The reason why I am saying that is because if a women has not been through what Jodi went through they could not possibly have the feelings Jodi described and much to the behavior as well. These are not just simple easy to make up feelings. So another words I do believe Jodi went through what she said she did. Travis family doesn’t know nothing from nothing because Travis proved that when his sisters were rolling there eyes and looking dumb and clueless let alone his so called “friends” were not his friends oh please they were people that worked with him/ knew him because they worked in the same category and they were mormons as well. Did they speak of other friends he had outside of that??? No…that’s my point he has none. If I was up on the stand watching that skeleton suck in her cheeks at me I would purposly say something to humiliate her because she enjoyed it when they showed Jodi nude…which I thought should have only been shown to the judge privately. These are just my thoughts and though she did admitt to killing Travis I hope she get’s out of Jail anyway and or if at the worst in jail for life she does not deserve to die for a pig that made her look as bad as he claims even when he is dead.

        • Honestly why attack his family. This is about Jodi’s innocence. TA was obviously a huge jerk and Jodi did what she had to. To stay alive. But no family should suffer this hardship.

          • Tina, I see what you are saying…on the other hand this is MILD compared to what all the haters are saying about I think if people want a safe place to share opinions on Jodi’s side I say go for it. Pretty much ALL other sites are bashing and name calling way worse than here. NO ONE here is saying they should be killed or die or whatever.

            They even make fun of Nurmi’s clothes on other sites..

            This is a pro Jodi site, not pro prosecution.

          • I agree completely Tina. How are any of you better than them? The thread started out about how horrible these women are for making faces and bulging out their eyes during Jodi’s testimony, and has become a bashing of their looks, their attire, their drug use. Really? Look, I have 4 older brothers, if one of them were mistreating a woman, and the woman didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t know. He didn’t bring Jodi around them, they didn’t know her so they have NO idea how he treated her. I don’t think Jodi did this for absolutely no reason. I do believe she snapped. I also believe she deserves to be punished for it. I don’t think the death penalty will ever happen, but I won’t preten that there is a snowballs chance in hell she’ll be aquitted. I think she is lieing in her testimony. Being under oath doesn’t mean anything if you’re trying to save your life and there is no one to disprove what you’re saying, but to have an entire thread on this website about how Travis’ family is reacting seems, to use your words “immature”. They are hearing all of this stuff for the first time. They believed he was a virgin and had no reason to believe otherwise. Clearly he wasn’t. If one of my brothers were killed in a similar situation, I’d choose to think he was a saint too. It’s human nature. Let’s keep the conversation to facts of the case and how we think Jodi can help herself. Not bashing people for the way they look. IMO

        • Melissa-
          I know one of his friends spoke on HLN who said he was not LDS. So for TA’s sake I figured I should mention that.

          What you said about Jodi being honest about the abuse/feelings she had, I agree with.
          When you’ve been abused it is so much easier to understand and relate.

          • Trina-
            I understand what you’re saying, and even agree with quite a bit of it.

            I’m not trying to justify any rude behavior, and am only accountable for my own words. That said-
            In my opinion (and only that) I think the frustration over the ‘making faces’, ‘eye-rolling’, ‘looks of disgust’ are bothersome because it’s as though they are ‘discounting’ Jodi and her feelings. In a way it’s re-victimizing because her feelings were never validated before, and that continues to be the case.

            I would be emotional too if I had to sit through a trial of the murder of my brother, however, I would be respectful of others’ feelings/opinions/stories/accounts of what happened. I’m not saying they have to agree with Jodi’s testimony or anything being said in court, but everyone deserves to be heard & respected.

            Sure, they may not have known this side of TA and it probably is shocking, but I also highly doubt they truly KNOW Jodi either. Both deserve the same respect regardless of the choices they made. The family is entitled to react however they please. I just find it disrespectful and at times overly-dramatic, especially where it pertains to this case.

  16. It’s like when someone beats a dog. The Dog is submissive to whatever it’s master wants. My heart is so broken for Jodi.

  17. So let me get this straight – practically the entire world is watching this trial, Jodi is wearing a remote control electronic cattle prod; and the sherrif is worried about her being in “unsecured” locations? What a contrived show to imply Jodi is so fucking dangerous, they can’t get a couple cops to stand at a couple doors. Really??

    • Rather silly for the Sheriff to make a grand stand in court. He could have simply approached the Judge or one of the attorney’s in another manner………

      • Exactly! And there is no logical reason to be THAT worried about security. Not only is this such a high profile case an escape attempt would be futile, Jodi has no record of disciplinary actions on her detainment record (right? I know I’m assuming, but you’d think the media would be taking and running with this if she did).

        I think the man has a job to do, but he wants to do it as a show in front of the cameras!

      • Actually, the sheriff’s office DID need to make the point in open court. As you all heard Nurmi say, it would have violated Jodi’s rights if the sheriff’s office did not address it in open court.

    • I missed the front-end of what the Sheriff stood up in court to say. What was he there to say or resolve?

      Did this have something to do what a murmur I’ve heard… something about Jodi having stolen some ink pens?

      • Hi mscharliechan, I was in the bathroom so I missed it myself. I came into the part where he was like “and the inmate can’t be in an unsecured area!” Right, and where in the world could she run to, or hide, if she ever was successful in escaping? Her face is plastered on every news network.

        And the way this case has been so blown out of proportion, along with the melodramatic sherriff making a grandstand about a complete nonissue; it would NOT surprise me that something as trivial as a couple of missing ink pens would be the ONLY reason to guard vigilantly against something that was never going to happen anyway!

  18. I honestly cannot believe all the hatred. The way people are talking on other sites. The way they have condemned Jodi. Its the media, and people like Nancy Grace. I think K said it best in Men in Black. ” A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals”
    Words cant really express how saddened I am about the state of the world we live in. People dont stop and think, to step back and let the system do its job. They jump to conclusions, they judge. Where is the humanity? What is this was YOUR sister, or YOUR daughter, cousin, or friend? Would you want people acting like this? Condemning them without due process? Without a fair trial? There is so much judging. I feel so bad for poor Jodi. This whole debacle is proof of what is wrong with human beings. Something needs to change or we are headed towards destruction. This is NOT a civilized society.

  19. I wish they had the emails that she was talking about, that he was involved with a Mormon married woman! It doesnt surprise me either. He was having all these separate kinds of relationships with different girls all the time n NOBODY knew!

      • Yes, she was on his computer with him looking at some human body things. When he got up to clean his room, she wanted to go back n look at what they were both looking at so she hit the back tab way too many times and ended up on hus MySpace mail page n saw some back n forth sexual converstation with a Mormon married lady he was supposed to meet up with for new years…

  20. hey everyone just getting caught up… haven’t seen any of today’s testimony, saw most of yesterday’s, but I have a question. remember when darryl brewer was on the stand he said that jodi said no more sex becs of her new faith. but it sounded like jodi did nott say that on the stand yesterday… it was because they broke up only … anyone else catch that? her defense attorney specifically asked her that.

  21. My understanding is that Jodi did not want to be emotionally involved with two men at the same time. She stopped sleeping with Darryl so that she would not feel guilty about getting physical with Travis. She probably gave the religion excuse to Darryl because she did not want to talk to him about Travis.

    • Yes, and let’s not forget Travis himself was the reason she converted. Travis set himself as a religious authority, so her feelings toward him involved religious elements from the start. Travis blurred the lines, handing her a book of mormon in one hand, and wanting oral sex in the other. Her newfound faith involved Travis from day one. That is a FACT.

      There’s been posts relating to brainwashing, grooming, cult mentality, ect. It’s a theory that fits with Travis’ pattern of behavior as well as the people in his life that REFUSE, absolutely REFUSE to see anything wrong with the man no matter how badly he behaves. This is not uncommon with people who are involved in cults, and I know this from firsthand experience because I live in an area where people leave churches over shit like this. Pastors attain an almost godlike status where his authority and character cannot be questioned. It doesn’t matter how disgusting, unscrupulous those pastors are, HE is good as gold, any victims are ignored, ridiculed, basically treated the same way Jodi is.

      I’m NOT saying Travis organized his own cult, but his cult of PERSONALITY was enough to lure people in and satisfy his god complex. People took his word for absolutely everything! Just watch them on television – they NEVER considered the possibility that Travis lied to them, and they are still faithfully repeating his lies on national fucking television! Tell me THAT is not a symptom that Travis hasn’t attained the same godlike status as the pastors around here!

  22. Good move, Nurmi. Left them thinking about Little boys’ spiderman underwear that Travis gave Jodie for Valentine’s Day!!

    • Could that have been a mistake on Travis part? Surely some of his married friends had children that liked spiderman?
      Or maybe it was to show her the kind of underwear he wore as a kid? I know that I have four boys and TA would be about in the middle of them somewhere and they had spiderman undies as kids.

      • Debbie –
        Sorry, but going to have to disagree here.
        I don’t think either of those theories would make sense.

        First of all, totally creepy if he meant to send the underwear to his friends child for Valentines Day.
        And pretty creepy if he was returning his friends childs underwear. I guess there could be reason if the kid soiled them while at Travis’, but that’s reaching to me, so won’t get too detailed here.
        (wasnt sure which way you meant the first question to be, so answerd in the two ways I undestood)

        Secondly, never ever have I heard or experienced someone sending me or showing me their underwear from childhood, that seems really weird to me, a baby blanket okay, but your underwear from childhood?! Do your children still have their underwear from their childhoods? And would you not react oddly if one of them told you he gave his girlfriend his spiderman underwear from his childhood for Valentines Day?

        Just not adding up for me Debbie.
        He sent the underwear because he wanted Jodi to wear it. It wasnt his from childhood, it was accidently at his house from his friends child. It was a “gift” that he bought and gave Jodi for Valentines Day. What he was thinking, I couldnt tell you, but it certainly wasnt an accident…

          • LMAO NO my kids dont have underwear from their childhood. I was just thinking that maybe while he was out and about he had bought some spidy undies for one of his friends’s sons is all. Not used ones… Jodi said they were in a package.

            • Hi Debbie,
              You are being too kind to the “virgin Idol”. I think it comes down to how many guys have actually bought underwear for one of their friends’ kids, then sent it to their girlfriend for valentines day. I don’t know of any :mrgreen: Maybe he bought them for Chris Hughes to wear? I digress…

          • Okay, read too far into it Debbie – glad I made you laugh though! 🙂
            I’m with SJ – maybe it was actually for Chrissy Poo.

            Way to easy to be mean to Chris Hughes, seriously…

  23. Wow, who sends their new girlfriend shirts with their name on them and little boys underwear for valentine’s day????? That most certainly wouldn’t have won my heart!! haha

  24. But everyone still thinks SHE made the TA’s shirt n underwear.

    What do you guys think he meant by sending her spiderman underwear? ??? That’s WIERD!!!

    • Remember, Nurmi has been saying that Travis liked to dress Jodie up in little boys underwear…….I bet the letter talks about this. I so hope it gets brought into evidence next week.

    • Darryl Brewer stated in his testimony that they had anal sex one time and they were together over four years. How is that a scheme please?

      • I was thinking that too. I don’t see how ONE instance of anal sex with an ex boyfriend entitles Travis or any other man to do whatever he wants with Jodi. But that’s the mentality Jodi haters have – women aren’t people, women are holes for penises to be put into, and if women consent ONCE, well women consent every time. Virgin/whore, ancient sexist bullshit that just WON’T DIE.

        And for godsakes, if someone has to ASK what the little boys underwear was for, they aren’t in any position to talk about this case at all.

      • I was just thinking wow does one draw the erroneous conclusion that Jodi “schemes” because she had anal sex ONCE with her ex boyfriend; but NOT be able to figure out what little boys underwear is for? Riddle me that!

    • ”her other boyfriend stated that she had engaged in anal sex with him. ”
      So Brad,according to ur opinion stated here ,women who get raped should not make a big deal out of it simply because they’ve had sex before,right??????Not trying to offend you,but this is what the majority of ppl is saying out there,yeah she had anal sex before why would she feel bad once Travis tried it with her on that day? Come n people,get serious!!!!Did you even listen to what Jodi described???Just because someone is sexually active and/or has tried different sex styles DOES NOT entitle someone else to FORCE themselves upon them!!!

    • At the same time, I feel like we should all take Brad’s virtual hand and welcome him to a place where you can have opinons and actually hear facts (pro pros still arent letting the stalking and tire slashing stuff go).

      Sadly, I’m afraid its probably too late, as it sounds he’s convinced that a sexual relationship with one man entitles the same sexual relationship with another.

      Maybe I misunderstood, either way, you’re pretty bold Brad.
      And the little bit about “not wanting to offend anyone”, think you probably accomplished that in your first few words…

    • Brad! What many are objecting to is what is known as due process Nancy Grace Dr. Drew and many others are always on the side of the prosecution, I do not condone the killing but our Justice system is being destroyed by Media Commentators who have an agenda and no respect for the Constitution. We should hear what Jodi Arias has to say but lets face it The media is spinning this stating he was a Saint and this evil woman was a whore. They have people coming on their programs who say Travis never did any of those things none of those people have been called by the Prosecution. Travis was a degenerate with problems anyone believing his behavior was normal needs help. People need to hear her side NOT Nancy Grace or other hateful Pundits I state again I do not condone murder, but this woman is on trial and deserves to be heard. Her Lawyers are trying to defend her and our Justice system is being destroyed by Pimps & Whores such as Nancy Grace Dr.Drew and others. who are harming all our rights. no matter what your personal opinion is that is why we have a Jury system. This is no NAZI Germany.

  25. I am just starting to watch today’s testimony. Martinez looked extremely relaxed when he said he had no objection to the taped conversation at beginning of trial today. He does not seem at all nervous to me. ??

    • I think he is just lying in wait Daniel. I think the judge is trying to get through Jodi’s testimony as quickly as possible and the lesser objections the better. The judge has taken to saying rephrase the question rather than sustaining the objections every time Martinez makes them.

      • I’m ashamed to admit that I smirked when the judge was like “you know, I’m sick of this. Just rephrase the stupid question.”

        Ok that’s not EXACTLY what she said. But it’s clear she’s tired of dealing with Martinez being a pedantic zealot.

        • I laughed at one point when Jodi said that Travis called her a skank, and Martinez objected: “She said that JOSH called her a skank….”. Nurmi was like, “No, that’s NOT what she said, and these objections are inappropriate.”

          • Kira,I was holding my breath when Jodi made that statement.I could not believe my ears.Being called a skank and still liking or falling for that guy who right from the start treats you like this.Poor,poor lil angel….

          • Damn skippy! Why is this man still practicing law? Ok, maybe I can’t judge a person’s ability to do their job based on ONE trial but he’s in the public spotlight. You’d think this dude would be bringing his A game; unless this IS his A game, which shows he shouldn’t be practicing law anyway.

  26. Can anyone tell me if they think after today Mr Nurmi has completed the defense direct examination of Jodi? Or do you think it will continue on 2/11?

    • It will definitely continue. They have to talk about what led up to Jodi killing Travis, the event itself, and the aftermath.

    • It is not nearly over Daniel. They only got as far as March/April possibly May 2007 today they have another year to go yet.

    • It has to continue. She has to clarify the tape and she has to give her side of the physical assault
      in the bathroom. At the least she’s got to explain the Spider-Man underwear.

    • I bet she will be on the stand at least 2-4 more days. There’s ALOT left to get through, and at the pace they are going, it will not be speedy.

  27. You know I have been thinking. TA’s friends keep saying that Jodi would show up when she wasn’t welcome and things like that, but what they do not know is that Travis started that. He went to her place with Daniel Freeman in the middle of the night while she was still with Darryl.

    • Personally, I don’t believe a word Travis’ friends say. I think it’s more likely that Travis (or maybe both Travis AND his friends) played head games, inviting her to get togethers then pretending that she wasn’t wanted. Classic bullying bullshit.

  28. OMG now the excuses of the media is that Jodi was a “willing” participant n shes using it to show abuse! Theyll never get it. I really hope these tapes n the letter show something, something loud n clear. See what they find then.

    • LC – Did you hear Lisa Bloom on JVM tonight? She is getting as loony as the rest of them. And I really actually use to like her.

      • Yes!! My thoughts exactly! I always thought of her as one of the smarter ones, guess I was wrong!

        Jordan Rose? The next time she sticks her finger in the light socket she should leave it there. That’s all I have to say about her!

    • I know LC, and they know Jodi has Martinez by the balls and they are now scrambling to rationalize everything.

      I also have a problem with the way they deny deny deny that women are pressured into sex acts they are uncomfortable with. In fact one of their own “experts” brought that fact up yesterday! Now they’re acting like they get to pick and choose who that applies to?

      They ask – why doesn’t Jodi say no; but if she did say no, they wouldn’t believe her anyway! They keep asking why Jodi didn’t do this or didn’t do that, but if she did the things they’re demanding, they’d find something wrong with that anyway. They should know why Jodi didn’t leave – it’s the most dangerous time for an abuse victim! In fact Travis knew Jodi was going to visit another man that weekend, maybe she was in the process of moving on from Travis. So are we really surprised he attacked her?

      Then they have the gall to say Jodi is “smearing the victim”? Really? Look, Travis decided to live the lifestyle he wanted, and that deserves to be examined like anything else in this case. If we were never to talk about people just because they’re dead, well we’d might as well take all the history books off the shelf and stop teaching social studies.

  29. I think I am one of the few people, including the ridiculous “experts” on HLN, etc, that seem to be afraid she’s “getting to the jury”. The more she speaks, the more I have actually come to the side of guilty. Hear me out, and believe me, I mean no offense, and I cannot even remotely know what went down between JA and TA behind closed doors, so of course, this is just my personal observation and I’m wondering if anyone on the jury is getting the same vibe as me…

    By all accounts Jodi is impecable on the stand. Clear, consise, sweet voice, mousy. The “perfect” defendant. You feel bad for her clear inability to stand up for herself, and not just with TA but with those in her past. She has been abused her whole life and doesn’t know better. She’s the victim. But, we know that she has the ability to

    • Sorry, got cut off somehow.

      We know she has the abilty to have a normal relationship. She had one with Brewer. He made it clear that marriage wasn’t on the horizon, but that is not abuse. So why, how did Travis manipulate her? Everything I have heard her say about the encounters they shared, she was a willing participant. I’ve been with a man that made me feel inferiour to him, would state things like “you don’t deserve me.” It drove me crazy because I was blinded by love. But I never drove to him. Never contacted him. He did all of that. Now, hearing all of her stories, I find her less credible than before. This doesn’t constitue abuse. Emotionally, he’s using her, but she seemed to allow it. She never stated anything but “I felt used, but didn’t say stop, don’t”. None of what he did to her justified the butchering he recieved.

      Of course we have not heard what happened that night, but if its anything less than PHYSICALLY attackingv her, she is guilty.

      And I’m a women, who is not okay with men using women, but this…what she has stated happened is nothing compared to real sexual abuse, and I’m actually getting upset that she is stating that it is close to something that justifies what she did to him.

      Please understand I respect all of you, but the more she talks, the more I am sure of her guilt. I guess we will all know when she taks about that night.

      Thank you for alowing me to share

      • Also, none of this explains why she defended him after she was arrested. Why she drove to another man. Why the stabbing and the gun? That’s anger. I understand why she was angry, but if we as women were jusified in butchering a man because he lied, didn’t kiss us after oral sex….and what? Be a hipocrit in the church? Justifiable homicide needs to be JUSTIFIED. She has not shown that yet. I was on the fence, but the more she talks the more sure I amk this was a jealous rage. I’m sure I’m alone here, at least on this site, and I respect what u all are saying and how one sided this is in the public eyes, but….monica lewinski nor hillary would have been justified in hacking bill up…why is she?

        • I understand, JB, but it’s important to keep an open mind. It’s too soon for any of us to form a fully “informed” opinion, or draw a valid conclusion.

          At the pace her testimony’s going, Jodi’s still has over a year of activity to get through. There’s rumor that her friend, Matt, saw red finger-imprints on Jodi’s body and whatnot. This and more may come up next week. In all fairness it’s too soon to assume where all of this is going, what’s provable vs. disprovable.

          So, let’s at least hear ALL of Jodi’s version of what happened. Let’s also hear her responses under cross-examination. And let’s hear what the psych/abuse experts say about it all. And then decide.

          • You are absolutely right, and I am sorry. I just start typing and can’t stop! There is more to go, for sure.

            Thank you all for being so polite as to allow me to share views u do not agree with. I guess because this happened 2 blocks from me, I’m sucked in, and cannot stop.

          • I so agree MsCharlieChan. I do understand why some people are having trouble with the defense right now, but like many have said, its early and we still have much more to hear. I wish though the defense would take heed of being careful not to get too much into things re: the sex and Jodi’s every little feeling about an event that could just easily be interpreted as not having any sinister aspect to it, or it being her issue not his because, it runs the risk of A. making it seem as if there is not enough to bring out and so they are grasping at straws and trying to make something out of nothing and B. getting the jury angry about defense manipulation. As if the real and only victim was Jodi and Travis was just this horrible monster. I just don’t think the jury is going to buy that unless there comes some really strong evidence that says otherwise. And most people know that people are rarely as simple as black and white. All innocent or all guilty. I think the bottom line is most people will really need evidence, not just Jodi’s words.

          • Response to M re pbandj: I agree with pbandj the clothes doesnt warrant ownership. My bf had me a shirts made that say various things with his name on them. I luv it. If he was embarrassed of me he wouldnt put his name on me. Jodi was not anally raped she did not say no. and I have only been hit once and I fought back, I was not going to let myself become a victim. So I cannot relate to a life time of abuse, but the abuse victims I have met lack confidence and definately would not have the courage to drive 10hrs to be alone with their abuser and if she brought a gun for self defense then she should of been to scared to go. Please help solve this.

        • JB –
          Jodi isnt done with her testimony and the two abuse experts (or experts of something similar) havent even testified. Between the three I’m sure many of your questions will be answered.

          Odd time to start finding Jodi guilty, she hasnt even really gotten to defend herself at this point, she’s still simply testifying about early stages of their relationship.

          How do you know the abuse didnt get worse, she hasnt gotten to that yet?
          Have you heard this phone call that got submitted today, how do you know it doesnt show Travis in his true light?

          As MsCharlie stated, its just honestly too soon to make an informed decision when you’ve only heard one side, Travis’ (through “good friends”, hearsay, etc.).

          Glad to have you here though, hopfully we can all help you with your decision. I find the site very helpful in reminding me of things I’ve forgotten and bringing up things I didnt catch.

          • I agree it is hard to understand because she is not done the abuse must escalate there is nothing physical yet. She will tell us and our questions will be answered I cant wait

        • Well she said it herself – the simple answer is “He attacked me and I defended myself.”

          Nobody has ever said Travis deserves to die or be stabbed to death because he’s a douchebag.

          And most important – JODI never said either. She stabbed him because he attacked her, plain and simple.

          As for jealous rage – Jodi was driving to see another man that weekend, and Travis pestered her until she went to his house. The most dangerous time for an abuse victim is when they are trying to leave and move on with their lives, which is what Jodi was doing. That is why I think Travis attacked her – the irrational jealousy is squarely on his end. All testimony and evidence proves HE was the possessive one, there’s no evidence Jodi was violent or jealous girlfriend.

          • Unfortunately, he’s dead….and died by her hand ina vicious way. That proves she’s capable of violence. He was an ass, sure. Even if all of what she says is true, that’s ALL the proof we have of this emotional abuse. Unless the defense has other witnesses to testify they have seen this abuse and perhaps marks on her, the broken hand, etc…..that’s all we have to prove it, her word. On the other hand, we have a bunch of “circumstancial” evidence from other ppl that she was emotionally unstable, etc. We can say that’s not fair, that she was forced to wear that shirt proclaiming her his, that he wouldn’t kiss her in front of his friends…that the reason she complied with all of this is because she is so kind, and didn’t say no because she didn’t want to hurt him. Because he was so manipulative. Even from the horses mouth, she has not said anything that proves he manipulated her. She seems to be a meek person her whole life, easily manipulated…by everyone! Her parents, her younger boyfriends, easily joining the morman faith. But, she did it because “she believed in it.” I am not convinced TA manipulated her. She wanted to make him happy. Is it creepy he wants her to wear spiderman underwear, yes. Is it sad that he will not kiss her in front of his friends, yes. But is it abuse?

          • Scratch that, the evidence in question – the T shirt and underwear, has not been admitted into evidence yet.

            But what does it tell you about a guy that has his name in possesive form, put on his girlfriend’s tee shirt? “Travis Alexander’s.” It’s as if Jodi isn’t a person, she’s a couch. A tv.

            Sorry there’s a lot of things a guy can do to be nice to his girlfriend. I’ve never seen that before.

          • JB, my points aren’t being acknowledged. You ask why Jodi stayed, or was a willing participant but ignore me when I said she had already found a new love interest. She hadn’t dumped Travis yet, but I think Travis knew she was going to because he saw her do the same thing to her ex boyfriend when she got with him.

            She WAS going to move on with her life. There is no doubt about this – even Nancy Grace of all people was screaming about how she had “sex contact with another man.” Well hello, that right there should have told the world that she was moving on and like all abusers Travis would attack her out of anger because it’s the most dangerous time for an abused person to leave.

            You are entitled to your opinion, but I dislike the idea of deciding what abuse is “real” and what is not. Travis exhibited a pattern of behavior that would make any reasonable person see that Jodi had a reason to believe her life is in danger. Remember this is not about whether Jodi was justified in what she did, it is about what her mindset was on the day Travis was killed, and whether she had a reason to fear for her life when Travis attacked her.

          • I disagree about the travis’ shirt being property. It can be taken other ways too. I had one made for myself with my husbands name and not because he considers me his property. He actually made one with my name and wears it quite frequently. For us, it is a sign of devotion and love and is just cute. It can be taken so out of context, however she wants to spin it. She may be telling the truth but there are other ways to see it.

          • Sorry MB didn’t realize you know everything…That was not what I was saying at all. I was responding to your remark that you have never seen that before. I was saying, I have, I have done it, and it means something else. So I was saying there is a slight possibility to have it interpreted in another way.

          • MB condescending is the wrong choice of words as you are the one who was condescending in your initial response as you stated in your superior tone, “No, actually..” as if you knew for fact something that is truly 100% impossible to know unless you were one of the two people involved. It is not about a refusal to acknowledge a pattern, it is trying to remain open minded as all the facts are laid out, which is what a trial is about. Good for you though. Keep being awesome at life 🙂

          • pbandj –
            Take the shirt and shorts as you want, but is there a right or wrong here?
            Are all relationships the same?

            Does your husband make you pretend that you aren’t married around certain people?
            Does your husband rape you anally?
            Does your husband lie to his friends and tell them that you’re a stalker and slash his tires?

            I would hope not, to all of the above, because if so I’m scared and sad for you.

            I think you are overlooking many things that would bring many people to the conclusion that Travis was degrading Jodi in many, many ways.

            So please, remember we are not all in happy, “normal” relationships like you may be, and that this type of thing could mean something entirely different to an abused victim than it may to you.

          • No, actually, it can’t be taken in any other way considering Travis’ pattern of behavior. You think each and every action Travis did can be compartmentalized and sanitized to mean nothing. You refuse to see the overall picture Travis painting for HIMSELF.

          • It’s not about “knowing everything,” it’s about your refusal to acknowledge Travis’ patten of behavior. But thanks for a sample of your condescending attitude!

          • Your mistaking speaking the truth with being superior. “No actually” is not being superior, it’s refuting your position – and let’s face it the facts ARE on my side. It seems you are threatened by anyone with a spine to stand up to you. Grow up, get to know more about this case before mouthing off, and maybe I’ll consider talking to you again.

          • M. I agree with you , obviously none of those things happen in my healthy relationship and all relationships are different, which is the point I am trying to get across. We don’t know all of this relationship and all we get is one perspective so we have to remain open minded, or at least I am trying to. It seems to fit with his previous behaviour, but who is to know for certain is all I am saying.
            BTW I would be careful about using the word rape to explain what happened to Jodi here. According to legal definition it is considered rape if the person is unable to give consent due to incapacitation or legal age, or if the perpetrator uses force after being denied. It is a touchy subject and I think if Travis were tried for rape in this specific instant, regardless of the way he has mistreated her, the judge would ask, ‘Did she say no?” and he would say no and it would be dismissed. According to her words, he did stop when she said it was uncomfortable so how could he possibly gather that he was doing something she did not consent to when she was quiet? Thinking no is not the same as saying no, especially in a court of law.

        • Absolutely! I agree…we haven’t heard all of it. But unless its physical abuse, this is not justifiable. I am not sure this warrents the death penalty, and the jury, no matter how guily they may find her, she will jnot get that. This is not premeditation. This is a spur of the moment act. But, I’m not so sure ots self defense. Also, to something I posted a few days ago….az state laws on justifiable homicide does not warrent excess force than what’s needed. Physical evidence shows she did more than that. I just wish someone, anyone can explain why BOTH weapons were used? And I guess, she will…..soon enough. What do u al think happened during the attack? Or is that too much to want to think about, let alone discuss?

          • I think she will say that she used the gun first. But, it jammed after the first shot and she resorted to the knife – he was not down and she still felt threatened. Hence, the all the stab wounds. Despite the ME testimony that he thinks the gun was last, I believe it was used first, but it jammed after one shot. JMO.

            But for the life of me, why the hell did she drag the body back to the shower and wash it off??

          • I believe that the gun was last because I have no reason to think that the ME doesn’t know how to do his job. Unlike famewhore Dr. G., who used her role in Casey’s trial as a big commercial for herself, Dr. Horn seems like a straightforward guy who just reported on his findings. He didn’t seem biased in any way. He says that the gun was last, he’s been doing this for years…good enough for me.

            JB – if you don’t think that it was premeditated, then according to what Jodi is charged with, you still have the opinion that she’s not guilty. I myself waver between self-defense and crime of passion, but she’s not charged with either, she’s charged with premeditated murder.

          • Where, oh where did that gun come from?! So many questions..and pardon my awful pun, I’m emotionally jumping the gun. I guess I’m more or less upset that all this talking she has done has not answered the ultimate question…self defense from what? I’m being irrationally impatient, and I am very grateful you all are allowing me to do so.

            The gun would have jammed. She’s not experianced with guns. He’s left still alive, because a gun like that would have maared, but not killed. The knife was there, and she had to do something…all spur of the moment.

            But that gun. Where did it come from??? If she brought it, why? Was there ever any mention, let alone proof that TA had a gun?

          • JB –
            As far I understand, Travis did not (legally) own a gun.
            Nor was a gun reported missing from any of the roommates, which IMO the roommates would have absolutely turned that in, especially after finding Travis dead.

            Jodi will have to explain, she cant talk about all this stuff she has been and then somehow skip over the night of killing Travis, or the details about the gun or knife.

            Time will tell.
            I know its hard to wait, but I try to rememer that Jodi has been waiting for years.

          • Hmmmm what do I think happened during the attack? Well let’s see now…..Jodi was taking pictures of Travis in the shower,,,,, she dropped the camera *see ceiling shot*,,, he pounced out of the shower and grabs her around the throat pushing her back against the sink,,,,, he is choking her,,, she reaches up and feels a knife or straight razor and grabs it,,, starts stabbing at him to get him off her,,, he reels backwards and she runs ,,,,,towards the bedroom ,,, he chases her and falls grabbing her foot,,,,, she turns, sits up and starts stabbing at him again this time in the back trying to get him to release her foot,,, she gets away heads back towards the bathroom he gets up and chases her again this time more slowly because he is bleeding from many wounds by this time,,,,, pins her against the wall ,,,, they struggle more he is trying to get the knife from her ,,,,, he is not as strong now, she flips him against the wall …. presses him against the wall using her hand to stabilize them both and slits his throat,,, by this time he now has 29 stab wounds including the slit throat,,,,, does it now seem to be excessive? remember both of them are fighting for their lives at this point,,,,, she gets him back to the bathroom,,,,,,, by this time she is in complete shock and is just going through motions,,,,I am not sure about the gun,,,, perhaps she found it and shot him so that he wouldnt suffer anymore>?

          • Hhhmmmm thats a great one Debbie!!! As for me, “I” still blv there was someone else there n JA is taking the fall because shes scared for her n her families lives. But the way you put everything into place sounds like this is what the defense will have to go with for her confession of defense.

  30. I am glad people are supporting Jodi. I do have a couple issues with some of the statements above, though. People in the comments here are bashing Travis’s family, and I believe that’s wrong. It’s very hypocritical when you complain about everyone bashing Jodi’s family, but it’s okay for you to bash his family. BOTH sides were eye rolling and giggling at inappropriate moments, I’ve been watching, so that isn’t an excuse. Jodi’s mom and aunt were just as bad as Travis’s siblings.

    My other issue is making a big deal of the boy’s underwear. As soon as I heard this story, I remember the Charlie’s Angels movie, where Cameron Diaz dances around in boys Spiderman underwear. I really think the underwear were meant to be a joke.

    I really hope the jury finds her as sympathetic as I do, but I am losing hope. She needs to get to the point, or she is going to lose the interest of the jury, and in turn, lose this case.

    • I do think that name-calling of TAs family is in poor taste. Just by avoiding the slanderous tactics used by the media and other boards gives this board (and the posters who post) a great deal more credibility.

      I think it is likely that TAs family are acting inappropriately. I use *think* b/c we, of course, do not see their reactions constantly, but I have seen enough to know that it is completely contrasted by Jodi’s family. Regardless of the how’s and why’s, their brother was slaughtered and the prosecution, police investigators, and all of TAs ‘friends’ have painted this picture for them. So yes, they are incredibly angry! I really thing that it is the responsibility of the judge to better keep control of her courtroom. I understand the family’s contempt even if I think it is in part unfounded.

      Not a big movie buff but I do (since being reminded here) vaguely recall that scene of Cameron diaz’s. So if this was not some kind of inside joke already discussed, I would find little boys’ underwear VERY weird for valentines and just a couple weeks into official relationship. Especially weird given my boyfriends preference for anal.

      • Hi G189, I agree name calling is generally a dumb thing to do. I initially gave them all nicknames because I didn’t know their names nor was I interested after I saw one of them on tv screaming for Jodi to fry for what happened between her and Travis. I am trying not to do it now, because I really don’t want to be an asshole. I know I *can* be an asshole, but in the times that I am, I don’t pretend it’s ok, and I have never said it was ok to bash to Travis’ family.

        I think it’s interesting that Marie is so very upset that people here said a few non-vulgar things about Travis’ family, but then doesn’t say anything about the AWFUL, disgusting things Travis’s family and followers have said about Jodi and her family. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING here even begins to match the level those people sunk to. She really ought to read Angela’s post – calling a two year old the C word? And she wants to get upset about a he-man reference? Oh please!

        • MB – I VERY much agree with you that it is no comparison to thousands of public posts made about jodi and her family that are not just in poor taste but hedonistic in their vulgarity. I worked in a bar for a dozen years and have “heard it all” but many of the comments made ab jodi have repulsed me.

          Glad you’re trying to curb the nicknames. I have seen the name-calling so infrequently on this board that I have not even paid attention to who was saying what. Believe me, I have certainly name-called in my head.

          It’s just such a simple thing to avoid to maintain an objective discussion and separate ourselves from the blood-thirsty/witch-hunting mob. I understand some of our contributors “posts of passion” seeing TAs family’s looks as an embodiment of virtually every person with an opinion of JA and the trial.

    • I call bullshit. I have never seen Jodi’s mom or aunt do anything that would clearly sway the jury. I have NEVER seen one eyeroll, smirk, or glare. I saw the mom tell the aunt she had to go to the bathroom. Big whoopdie do!

      Travis’ sisters? Far too many times.

      If you think I’m “bashing” them for calling them out on their bratty, manipulative behavior – fine. But this is a court of law. The fact that you don’t give a shit about the displays of disrespect to Jodi’s testimony speaks more about YOU than it does about the people supposedly “bashing” them.

      Yeah about that boys underwear. You DO know that it really is little boys underwear, right? Oh, it’s a joke huh? And you draw this conclusion how? There’s no evidence or testimony that explains it as a joke, not even on the prosecutor’s side.

      You sympathize with Jodi? As if! You don’t even care if Travis’ family glare, smirk, and wrinkle their noses until Jodi’s sitting on the electric chair. Wow, this entire blog entry needs some serious troll-b-gone.

      • Lol thank you MB!!! I was thinking the same thing…… if they dont like it, be gone!!!! We dont go to TA support sites n comment (well I dont) n comment that it is inappropriate for them to (not bash) becuz they’re not bashing JA n family, THEY’RE LIFE THREATENING them!!!! Whatever I HAVEN’T seen her mom or anyone on her side make any unnecessary faces, so I back you up on this one too. They make me SICK SICK SICK that they think its funny that all of those pictures of Jodi came out, you can just read there faces, like; huh that’s what you get for being a whore, we knew it!! Thats exactly what there faces read!!! And what about the king??? Did he not take pictures???? What does that say about him? ! Oh yea that “his a man.” Well if he was such a man, the king….. he shouldve picked ONE girl n treated her like the queen she deserved to be, especially being an Elder in the church n being a so call respectful well of young man in a multimillion company! I wouls say he had some tools there to help him out to get a woman n make her very happy, but instead he fucked HIMSELF up, noone but HIM!! Im sorry but I dont pity people like TA (fake to the whole world).

        I was done but forgot to add… the spiderman underwear: I really really hope that this was an innocent gift to Jodi becuase what I find ever more revolting then putting your hand on a woman, is grown ups using little kids for there sexual pleasure!!!!! If this is found n proof is shown that TA wassss into this kind of foul play, what are the haters going to say then? ?? That Jodi was the one that turned him into it?! Plz!!! THINK of all the horrible things this person could have done in the future!!!! In my opinion a person like this does not deserve the luxary being kept in any prison, they deserve a lot more!!!!

          • MB,lol! May I correct you on that?There are 1,000,000,000 Travis-was-a-sweet-little-angel-Jodi-is-the-Satan’s-daughter sites.The other day I was checking one of them out(I think the official?) and there was a quote from here!!!!!I was like,Oh no they’ve found us it won’t take long before they start harassing us.Well,here it is!!!Opinions are always respected but at least hello?Cant they read the sites title??????Obviously this is a pro Jodi site!!

          • lol maria I stand corrected! Jodi is doing AWESOME on the stand and they know it, the media knows it, and Travistown knows it so they are angry and now want to suppress/explain away Jodi’s testimony.

            Yeah, about that “posting an opinion” thing – it’s one thing for people to post an opinion. And it’s not uncommon for people to disagree. That’s fine! But it’s another to post bomb this blog trying to undermine the defense’s efforts.

    • Wow!!! So my understanding is that this expert was a witness for the prosecution. I thought thst the state rested its case! Can Martinez STILL bring in new witnesses then???

      • Yes LC. The Prosecution begins the case. The Defense presents their case. And then the State gets the final rebuttal. The last word. But during the rebuttal the state is limited to only discussing issues the Defense brought up during their direct. That is the case with all criminal cases.

        • Oh ok, I knew the state did get a chance to examin n all that good stuff but didnt know if they were allowed to bring new witnesses. Thank you…. im new to all this court procedures, this is my firt time following a big case. Thx!

          • LC,

            I have a question for you. I am right now watching testimony from today and am at the point where she has just told the story about Travis and the girl with the sexy black dress hanging all over him and them both being silly. Jodi gets extremely upset, jealous and hurt and goes to the bathroom where she cries for a half hour so she can collect herself and calm down. She articulates all these thoughts about what she is thinking and how others may view her reaction. Now, I did not hear any testimony as to the fact that he was kissing this girl..or talking about hooking up with this girl…just again, being maybe an obnoxious dude, immature more than anything, maybe flirting but perhaps thinking he is just being funny and part of the party. He liked attention no? See, this is the kind of testimony that is really bugging me and I think is really not helping Jodi’s case. I think this does not make Travis look like some wicked guy. So why go there, if there are more compelling stories that really tell the story? But I can see (and I worry thus that the jury can see) that Mr Nurmi wants this testimony to make Travis seem like this awful person. My girlfriend just said ‘just because Jodi has these feelings does not make this Travis’ fault’. Very frustrated with her defense team right now. Because in context …in terms of why we are all here watching this trial, her admitting she gets upset over an incident as pedestrian as this (he did after all in the end, apologize for making her feel that way and ended up saying some “nice things” to her) makes HER look unbalanced. Not to mention the fact that It will be brought up that she was strong enough here to confront Travis on her feelings and the way he made her feel… but why not in other areas.? Is anyone else having a problem with this type of testimony…? Again, I know the defense wants the jury to get to know Jodi, to like her, to see her as gentle. I get it and I think they have already done that and succeeded. But they need to move this along to the important bits. Because to spend time (and I mean any amount of time) trying to make something innocent look bad, or something easily interpreted as innocent, I think weakens the case to the jury. It has the potential of alienating them in that they start looking at the defense as trying to manipulate them.

          • I agree somewhat. “I” myself have nit gotton turned away due to lets say, “small unecessary points” like you mentioned, the drunk girl. I agree yes, that might look like it purposely pointed out to make TA look bad. But in reality its true life, it happens. As childish as it is, it happens and especially with someone so insecure. Anyway, yes like you said, silly things like that can backfire on the defense BUT it might NOT. “I” see it as necessary. NOT to make TA look like a jerk but to show how insecure n how easy she gets her feeling hurt. Im on the stonger side n I would’ve handled it different, but some girls, a lot of girls would get offended by it. This is why I think these little nonsense things are being said from Jodi, they all mean or show what kind of person SHE is, not all TA.

          • I agree, LC. Jodi’s testimony isn’t all “Travis was an evil monster and here’s why….” She clearly did love him and mixes positive comments in with the negative. As to the drunk girl, Jodi likely reacted in the way she did due to a lifetime of insecurity. She’d already been cheated on several times by this point – her being bothered seemed like a natural enough reaction to me, even if Travis didn’t do anything that egregious.

          • Yes, so for sure they would be bringing in a “rebuttal” expert witness (specializing most likely in Domestic Violence) to challenge whatever diagnosis/impression/opinion the defense’s expert witness gave.

    • This is a terrible thing to have happen for both sides. I am wondering if it will make the prosecution ask for a continuance.

    • Eli, I think for Skye Hughes and Chris Hughes immediately coming up, its the Evidentiary Hearing. But I do understand Chris is also scheduled on the defense witness list. Not sure whether Skye is but I think they would be in the guilt phase.

      • Yes, I am sure he will be getting some sort of slap on the head in re: to making that tweet about the case AFTER he was instructed by the judge to not involve himself or watch media re; the case.

          • I’ve read 4 or 5 of Chris Hughes’ tweets. It threw me off-kilter to see him doing this. I have to wonder if he’s doing it to force a situation where he cannot be called by the defense to testify.

            • Hi,
              I too find it very odd that that while SHE (Sky Hughes) has been ordered not to go online, watch the trial or engage in any social media, HE (Chris Hughes) has been watching the trial and cracking numerous jokes about it via his Twitter page –

              If he is trying to rock the boat and force the situation (as you said), then he’s well on the way to doing that. He also has a lot to lose based on his lies to date and his ongoing blackmail attempt of Mr X as I covered in my earlier post (see link below). Both of them are aware of the physical & mental abuse TA inflicted on Jodi… but they still continue to cover for him. Hopefully more of this will come out next week when Sky testifies.


          • honestly I think this whole trial should be a mistrial because the prosecution witnesses have all had the opportunity to get their stories on the same page and influence each other’s testimony.

            I think they should try her in another country to be honest, I don’t see how she can get a fair trial here. I’m sure the jury are doing their best to avoid the media, but it must be nearly impossible. and especially if they live in that area…

        • No, I did not mean that like JUST a slap on the hand. I should have said he could be in trouble. I just don’t know enough about law to know the extent. But to me its a direct violation of a court order. Obstruction of Justice? Any lawyers present?

          • So CH is slated to testify for defense? I recall Nurmi hypothetically asking him about how he would respond should the defense call him. Did they then add him to the witness list? I know that defense plans to call SH as a witness in evidentiary hearing.

            And we all know this judge has had difficulty giving all of the procedural admonitions (not sure if she’d ever do it for these witnesses unless counsel reminded her) so are we sure that CH was instructed to stay away from media coverage? It’s a no brainer to me that if I were CH, had truth on my side and wanted justice for my friend, I’d avoid media coverage to absolutely ensure that my actions did not precipitate grounds for a mistrial. But not sure that CH is motivated by the truth.

            I’m going to go dig up the last testimony of CH in evidentiary hearing

          • ok…. I refreshed my memory. At the end of 1/28/13’s evidentiary hearing, judge reminded CH to avoid media coverage until he returned to court the next day. She also told him that she thought defense would be serving him with a subpoena at that time, so I wonder if that ever happened.

            And I see that he has been on the witness list for the defense.

            Judge did not give him any instructions when he left court on 1/29/13 after his testimony (cross by nurmi).

            So I’m confused. Is it only when he is under subpoena that he is precluded from participating in media interaction/trial coverage/etc. and b/c (possibly) the defense has not done that and only put him on the list, he is legally able to watch and discuss the trial?

          • Daniel, I know you didnt really mean a slap on the hand… lol
            I would think a mistrial though…. I mean, this keeps happening, its too much to have a fair trial. And how stupid , is he??!!! He knows how this can jeopardize the whole case, why do it?! Idiot, is what he is!!! And now with this laptop that was stole!!! Its a MESS!

  31. I hope no one calls the Hughes to testify. They are both obnoxious and overbearing. I also dont think they will tell the truth.

    • RE: The email that Chris Hughes took *forever* to read silently during the evidentiary hearing… I think they said his wife, Sky, wrote & sent this email to Travis, telling him he’s being too mean to Jodi… I’m still not understanding this!?…

      WHY isn’t this obviously damaging email able to be presented / testified to in front of the jury?

      • I think because kn the moment it would have been hearsay…??? Idk but im taking a guess itll be shown when they call HER up, since she was the one that wrote it.

  32. I just want to say, that as a victim of abuse, it is very common that EVERYONE else around the abuser has no idea who the abuser truly is. This reminds me of my ex. No one believed me until my brother walked in on me being strangled.
    I believe Jodi was abused. I.pray this jury will see that too. No one but another abused woman could understand this.

    • Hi Sydney, thanks for sharing this. The fact that Travis’ friends and family did not know about his abusive nature does not surprise me – what surprises me is their lack of willingness to accept it after all the evidence has come forward about what an asshole he was to Jodi.

      • I definitely think CH had a pretty good idea about his buddy. Probably even sky to an extent, but CH probably lived some vicarious moments through his smooth-talking womanizing buddy, even providing the romp pad so he could be that much closer to the action.

        • I blv so to, G189. I think they BOTH knew about the abuse n also about the sex. They knew the two of them where having some type of sexual intercourse in there home.

    • You are so right about nobody knowing about an abuser being an abuser. I was in an abusive relationship (he was a sex addict and the abuse was purely emotional, mental). Addicts are manipulative and much of what Jodi says reminds me of what I went through. Example; he anally raped her after her baptism. She said nothing because she thinks she “probably” wouldn’t have stopped him if it didn’t hurt so much. No one wants to be hurt during sex! But a manipulator would make you believe otherwise. She never told him because she didn’t want him to feel bad; but she was dealing with it (according to her). That passive, blame yourself attitude is typical of someone who has been manipulated and groomed for abuse. On top of it – my friends, my own family believed my abuser to be a wonderful guy and I was the evil one. No on believed me when I tried to reach out for help. When I asked for help I was accused of feeling sorry for myself, or being manipulative or selfish because he was so wonderful and could never do wrong. (If anyone here watches NG, HLN or any similar, you will recognize the same scenario; the talking heads have the same p.o.v. as the family/friends while they claim that Jodi is either feeling sorry for herself or being manipulative.) I see all of that in this trial and watching it makes me cry. Jodi needs help to deal with this and the effect it has left on her, whether she knows it or not.

      • Cindy thank you for posting and I agree it takes someone to go through what Jodi went through to really understand all the mixed feelings one feels while in this kind of relationship. I am starting go get worried because even on this site there’s a few people getting board of Jodi talking about herself n they’re also worried that the jury might start to look at her story as to “feel bad for me/pity me” “I” dont think so n you said above that your family felt like you where the one being selfish and you wanted them to feel sorry for you. Thats what im starting to get worried about now that you post your experience. I really hope the jury doesnt see it this way n that they see it like you n I do.

      • all excellent points,thank you all on this site for sharing and seeing beyond the surface.I would also like to add that no matter how unbelievable what Jodi says was done to her may sound to some,it is true,it CAN happen to anyone.Abusers(whether sexually,verbally,mentally),narcissists,manipulators are not figments of the imagination. Cindy,watching the trial is hard for me too,I tend to identify with Jodi a lot and I know it’s not good because I m trying to stay objective to both sides of the story.Nevertheless,if anyone has been through any of this crap they KNOW she’s not lying. Travis used to demand her being at his constant beck and call,introduce her as his ”friend”,mmm why does this sound familiar?I was treated like that all the way,I too wasn’t suppose to reveal our relationship to anybody because what we had was ” too special to be seen by the prying eyes,it is not their business”,I had ppl coming to me saying ”and you are…..?”(they didnt even know my name,that I was part of his life) I was transparent,non existent and mind you I had a very different personality away from him.So,not to convert this post into a group therapy but I thought I’d share.And yes,Cindy is 100% right.Abusers are usually the most likable,most funny,most wonderful ppl that’s why others around them find it difficult to believe when shit happens and their true self emerges.

    • I totally get it and it’s frustrating to hear anyone from the media say that “someone would’ve known/seen it if Travis was abusive”. Umm No! I thought a lot of us even learned this about abusers in High School- ‘Dating Violence’ or ‘Abusive Relationships and their Variations’??

  33. i think jodi is going to have a truthful explanation for it all. and will gain a mistrial or reasonable doubt. i hope she gets at the most 10 yrs, with credit for time served. i don’t know what travis family or the talking heads are going to do then.

    • Hi jackie, they are going to gloat about getting a conviction, then whine that it’s not enough if she doesn’t get fried. Remember they are out to lynch someone, they do not support fair justice at all.

  34. Not happy with most of today. And from what I learned via the niece and the girlfriend, the ‘Spiderman boys underwear’ may have been nothing, a non-starter. It seems boys underwear style is a fashion, a style that teenage and young women wear and have worn for years. Victoria’s Secret, GAP, Nordstrom and Target all sell versions of the Boys Underwear look for girls/women. According to the niece, its cheaper and often more kitschy and punk rock to buy the real thing (i.e. Spiderman boys underwear).

    • I’m a woman and I don’t wear underwear with cartoon characters on it, nor do I get the impression that it’s common. I have several sisters and female cousins and none of us shop for underwear like that. Plain boys’-style underwear is different.

    • Hi daniel, sorry but I’m not buying that explanation. The style is called “boy shorts” and it is a style that is nothing like “little boys underwear.” There is a big difference.

      There was speculation that this comes from Charlie’s Angels. The style is not “boy shorts” by the way. It really is little boys underwear.

      The style of boy shorts for women is a lot different than boys briefs. Boy shorts are cut low at the sides, sit low and hug the hips, see for yourself:

      Now compare that to the spiderman boy underwear from Charlie’s Angels:

      Still don’t believe me? Read this:

      • “Contrary to popular opinion, Diaz doesn’t wear Underoos in Charlie’s Angels. She actually sported boy’s Spiderman briefs — which Fruit of the Loom also makes — in her bedroom rump-shaking scene.”

        Read more:,2933,871,00.html#ixzz2KC7Fnwqb

        Clearly – this does not look good. Even by saying “Oh that was in Charlie’s Angels” only reinforces that they were, indeed, little boys underwear. And is this a surprise considering he also asked Jodi to dress up like little girls in pigtails? No, it just follows the pattern.

        I have NEVER seen cartoon or superhero boy shorts for women, not ever.

          • MB, all I am saying, (and I must admit, did not know anything at all about the Charlies Angels Boy underwear) is that it COULD mean nothing …because my niece said her and her friends (little punk rock girls who I would agree do not represent your average female…she currently has that lavender hair like Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter) do buy boys underwear specifically for the kitschy cartoon designs. But you were right as to the girlfriend’s idea, she was talking “boy shorts”. I am confused with your comment about “not buying it”. Are you saying you don’t believe me? I just don’t want to have another miscommunication in our posts.

          • Hi Daniel, I take it your girlfriend was the one that gave you the explanation; and no I just don’t believe it. I don’t know how old your neice is, but it sounds like she’s a young girl. Don’t you still think that’s just a little weird for Travis to give Jodi – a grown woman that dresses conservatively and not punk rock – a pair of these underwear? He had no reason to believe that she would like them or wear them. He is not into punk rock either.

            Could it be nothing? Well sure, but it fits with the pattern of Travis’ behavior. But he enjoyed infantalizing Jodi. He wanted her dressed in schoolgirl outfits and pigtails. I’m sure more of this will come out as Jodi is testifying, as well as the phone call where Travis says Jodi is hot for sounding like a twelve year old girl.

            If you sense any frustration from me, it’s because whenever Travis does something obviously weird/wrong, there’s always someone either on tv or anywhere else going “oh, that’s nothing, it’s really x, y, or z.” There’s no way of really knowing if it WAS x, y, or z; but apparently x, y, or z is always more believable than acknowledging Travis’ pattern of behavior. No matter how weird, domineering, abusive, or manipulative, Travis is always good as gold, and every action if his is promptly compartmentalized and sanitized to mean nothing. When all else fails, his actions get tossed in the “well, boys will be boys” category and forgotten.

            For example: someone says he meant it like a joke. Now how in the WORLD do I draw that conclusion? There is no testimony from Travis’ friends or evidence such as an email to support that kind of conclusion. Yet – people would rather believe that.

            A lot of people probably wonder why I am constantly examining Travis’ behavior. But the reason for understanding Travis and all his faults is the key to understanding why Jodi had reasonable fear that her life was in danger. This isn’t about whether Travis punched her face in, or bruises that are obviously seen – this is about the psychology between them that made her feel that her life was in immediate danger at the moment of Travis’ attack. The fact that her life meant absolutely NOTHING to him speaks volumes – she had ZERO reason to feel safe in that room with him at all, let alone when his fists start flying.

            Did she miscalculate the risk and make a bad choice by giving in his demands to see him before she went to see this other guy she was interested in? Sure – but it doesn’t mean she didn’t have a good reason to fear for her life when everything went ugly.

          • They have actually sold women’s ‘boy short-style’ underwear with cartoons and other characters, superhero logos, etc at Walmart in the past. I’m going to take a guess and say that they probably sell them at places like Hot Topic too.

      • MB & Daniel-
        Just to be fair (and I can only imagine the judgement I’ll get from everyone about this):
        When my friends and I were in Jr. High (I’m 31 now & this was before they really even made boy-short style underwear for girls/women) we were in more of the “skater/punkish” clique. At that time we did/wore all sorts of funky, weird, edgy stuff. I can remember my female friends and I considering buying ‘little boys underwear’ because at that time it wasn’t ‘on-trend’ and seemed ‘edgy’ and ‘cool’. Lol I never ended up buying any because frankly, they would’ve been super uncomfortable and the “weiner-hole” (anyone laughing?) would’ve been awkward. haha. This was back in the grunge days of Nirvana and Jnco Jeans… Oh man.

        You’ve both made some excellent points btw

    • Yea Daniel, there talking about “boy shorts” they sell them for women, BUT we dont go out n get the actual REAL boy underwear. Lol the boyshort style iS made for a woman but the style is kindda like shorts, so we call them boyshorts. They also come them different styles, cartoons, solid colors, ect But REAL boy underwear, NO!!! I ALSO have a sister n lots of cousin n girl friends n iv never bought or have seen then buying or wearing little boys underwear. I cant imagine walking around with real little boys underwear, that would be wierd n uncomfortable. But also, it doesnt necessarily mean anying bad either, (GOD I HOPE NOT). Really, TA was a big scumbag but im not hoping for this kind of thing to come out if its not true.

    • I agree with the top portion of your statement and it was actually my thought upon learning about the ‘little boys underwear’. I wasn’t aware that people would buy actual ‘little boys underwear’ though. Interesting..

      • And I may have missed something, but didn’t Jodi just say it in a ‘matter-of-fact’ kind of way? It seemed to me that everyone (media, TA’s supporters) are the ones who felt she was trying to imply something along the lines of TA being attracted to little boys… lol Are THEY trying to imply something?

  35. LC, I do agree it says more about Jodi. But is that a good thing? But, Maybe what they are doing here is just thinking of penalty phase and mitigating circumstances.

  36. I have to admit. I was all aboard the hate Jodi Arias train. This is my first time posting here. Please bear with me. I never in my mind imagined ever commenting here. Don’t hate me as I’m just posting my own personal opinion. What Jodi did was wrong. It’s never okay to murder another human being. Should she punished to some extent? Absolutely! She committed a serious crime.
    However, She clearly had feelings for Travis. He did use her. He doesn’t sound like the kind of guy I would ever want to date or come in contact with. For the record. I’m a married woman. My husband has never abused me. With that being said.. In my younger years I’ve experienced douche bags like Travis. Total tools just looking to use me for sex. Although Jodi was older than me (I was in my late teens) I experienced this same sort of abuse. It’s very difficult to know you were used for one thing and one thing only. It’s very hurtful and sticks with you for a long time. I’m now 36 years old and I still to this day think of how I allowed myself to be used by scum bags.
    Of course I’m much wiser now. Travis reminds me so much of the jerk offs I dated in high school and shortly after.
    Like I said I was 100% wishing for the death penalty. Actually up until a few days ago when she took the stand. I’ve been watching the trial every day.
    If I was a woman on that jury I couldn’t help but to feel some sort of compassion and understanding. Unfortunately I’ve been reading that the jury is made up of mostly men. I’m not sure if this is going to help her in the end. Most men in my opinion will not sympathize with her.

    With all that being said.. I do not believe she will get the death penalty. I’m also wise enough to know to not play into the media hype. I do not believe she is innocent. I don’t think she will walk away a free woman. She did confess after all. I believe she will get a lesser charge and perhaps the chance to get out of prison before she is to old to do anything with her life.

    I don’t see a violent person or an overly aggressive person on the stand. I see a woman who wanted a good life and a happy future. Most of us want that. Anyone who says differently is a liar. Plain and simple! She thought she found it with Travis but was disappointed, time and time again. I believe she held on thinking he would change but he never did.
    He continued to show his devious and scandalous ways.
    She snapped and felt like she couldn’t take it anymore. We all know what’s it’s like when our adrenaline gets pumping and we are so angry we feel like we could snap. I think this what happened to Jodi.

    The only thing I’m wondering and I’m sure we will hear this at the trial. Why did she have murder weapons so handy? Jodi has not talked about this yet. Not sure about the gas cans, the broken cell phone and no traces of her in Arizona. This is what bothers me as to why..Was it truly premeditated?

    I am no longer wishing her the death penalty, but I do believe she should be held somewhat accountable for her actions.

    Not sure if my post will be deleted and banned. It probably will. I wanted to voice my own personal opinion just for the sake or doing so.

    • You have not said anything that would get you deleted and banned from here LOL , I think most of us feel the way you do. She did kill him albeit in self defense. She has admitted to that. Even if she really didn;t do it at this point she admitted to it so she will do time. I for one am saying, and I have no problem saying it until proven otherwise, she did not go to see him to kill him. It was not premeditated murder and she is innocent of that charge,

    • Justme, that was a good post. When I first saw the media I thought like you, but then when I actually looked at the premeditation “evidence” and other evidence I knew something didn’t add up… and here I am pro-Jodi.

      I am probably in the minority, but while she has admitted to killing him, I am not convinced she actually did the deed based on the evidence and her interrogation tapes. I think she has accepted that she will go down for this and perhaps there is a deeper conspiracy against her by some extreme Mormon faction…who knows…only she knows the truth. She seems meek enough that if someone really did threaten her family she would die protecting them.

    • Hi Justme,

      Thanks for your post; I think a number of us share similar thoughts. Travis reminds me a lot of the douchebags whom I dated prior to meeting my husband too.

      I actually think that having more men on the jury might help Jodi, because her most vehement haters seem to be predominantly female. It will be interesting to see which verdict they hand back.

    • Welcome Justme, your comment is really good. I wish alot of other people wishing death upon Jodi would see this too. Everyones different, everyone has a different line of when they can snap. Some might be stronger n put up with more abuse but that doesnt mean that it wasnt too much for Jodi.

      The gun n knife idk why they were there. Nobody knows, only she knows. What about if she did take them there? Well the gun. The knife couldve just been there for there sex play. But the gun, what if she did take it there because she felt TA would get physical kniw tgat she was supposed to go see someone else after his visit? So she didn’t take it to kill him, she took it for protection. Is anyone allowed to carry a weapon for protection? And what if she didn’t take it n the knif wasnt in handy? She wouldve never made it to the other guys house or she would’ve left with a broken finger, (she already does) or broken ribs…. idk but she will let us know in a few days what really happened.

    • Hello Justme! Thank you for joining this peaceful amd respectful site.No,here you will see no bashing or banning because to my understanding(lol this has turned into one of my fav expressions due to the trial)noone is here to speak vulgarily,all opinions are welcome taking of course into account that this is a pro Jodi site.I’m glad you changed your mind,if you ask me the death penalty is not a solution,this eye-for-an-eye understanding of the world sounds too biblical,too medieval to me.Yes,Jodi did confess to killing him and she will obviously be convicted for what she did,but then again I wonder is so much blood-thirsty mob hatred needed by the majority of the ppl?This case has turned into a complete circus,making ppl blind to the facts,hurting 2 families daily.I say we let the trial procceed,support this woman’s rights and pray for justice to be served.

    • Welcome Justme! Thanks for your post and for having an open mind. 🙂 It was nice to hear your perspective on things. It’s too bad so many of us are able to relate to abusive relationships/situations.

  37. Here is my theory on what went down in the bathroom, for what it is worth. Travis attacks Jodi for whatever reason, and Jodi defends herself with the knife. He gets a major artery cut and is losing a lot of blood – I think I read somewhere 30 quarts a minute. This could have happened with one or two stab wounda at this point.

    Picture yourself in this situation. What would you do? It is very hard to say with this kind of mental trauma. She could call the police – but what are they going to think? No witnesses at the scene, she is going to get booked into jail. So, you make it look like a serial killer or burgler broke in and murdered him. Make it look like something that a 120 lb girl could not do. And as it turned out, that was the story she used when she changed it the first time, right? Masked intruders.

    Pure speculation at this point, but if I was in a life or death situation and the other person died and there were no witnesses, I would be tempted to get the hell away from there.

    I am so thankful for this site, people here have an open mind and I am getting so sick of the HLN mentality that most have about this case. People that knew Jodi back in the day like myself know that something does not add up.

      • I recall hearing the 30qt per minute stat but need to go back & check the source. It’s just a rate, though, that could also be expressed 1 quart every 2 seconds.

    • yeah, HLN is always out to convict. like they think THEY have some sort of real influence on the outcome. casey a. shattered their reputation. so they try to get some back w jodi. they really continue degrading jodi taking cues from travis. of course ms. nancy is the leading prude!

    • All of Travis’s ‘friends’ who speak on HLN are clearly over coached. What they’re protecting is the church at this point. Had Travis lived his behavior would’ve come out anyway & he’d be expendable. The church regardless of which one, whether it’s the Catholic church or Scientology, it’s about the church protecting itself. The Mormons are a powerful institution. They’ve been in the news thru Mitt Romney, Te’o, the Boy Scouts & now with this embarrassment with a skinny, passive, people-pleaser named Jodi who Travis attacked.

    • That is an interesting theory echizzle. I can relate to what you said about just wanting to get the hell out of a dangerous situation. I was in a car accident many years ago (thankfully no one was hurt), and upon exiting my car, my first thought was “I wonder if the car is drivable? I could just leave…” Of course I didn’t and couldn’t, but the mind goes to strange places when faced with trauma.

      You knew Jodi? Most people who did at one point have good things to say about her.

      • Yeah I went to high school with her and worked with her for a couple years in ’98-’99. So it’s been a while. I have nothing bad to say about Jodi at all. I also knew her boyfriend Bobby Juarez, although not very well. He was kind of an odd one and they were an odd couple, because she was smokin’ hot and Bobby was just kind of a goth/vampire guy. Kind of off topic here but I actually googled Bobby recently and it turns out he was a background actor on the show Lost not too long ago, but other than that I can’t find a trace of him or where he lives.

        • Thanks for the insight ab Jodi!! It cracks me up when other sites suggest things such as she was money hungry or a social ladder climber, etc. when everything to me screams that she was a hopeless romantic thinking that she’d find love in the most remote places. I think that’s why she was not with the jock types, etc. Not bc she wasn’t hot enough herself but bc she was certain to find her soul mate by getting to know and falling in love with someone’s inside.

          And I think TA used her attitude against her (I.e. mocking Darryl and calling him grandpa) b/c he saw this as a weakness and was a professional at manipulating what people saw and thought about his insides and outwardly appearance. At least their initial long talks (and maybe more continued) were about her not settling and being her best. And he used past relationships as examples of her settling and planted seeds of insecurity. He also outed her ‘settling behavior’ in front of others by mocking grandpa in the car (on the way home from her first time attending lds church).

    • Very interesting theory, Echizzle. I had never considered that she staged it to look like a different type of killing but that makes a lot of sense. I have such a hard time with the throat-slashing. If she did it to stage an assassination type killing, then it would make sense. I hope she explains it all for Mr. Nurmi next week.

      • Thanks Sam – it’s the only explanation that I can think of that fits. Should be interesting to hear what happens next week for sure.

  38. Here are my 2 cents: TA was into little boys! His fetish for anal sex, coupled with proxy routed websites, and making her wear little boy panties simply adds up. I think they need to get a psychologist on the stand next time. Men or women who get frequently sodomized will snap! It is the ultimate form of humiliation. Besides, isn’t sodomy one of the biggest sins in Christianity? I mean forget about the semantics whether oral sex is a sin or not, but sodomy is a big No! Given that information and his secret sex life which he kept well under wraps, what makes us think he was not an expert at hiding other kinds of abuse against Jodi? She considered him a father figure and he baptized her, which is why she was reluctant to point fingers and call him out on his abuse. How many children hide abuse from their parents and keep it as a dark secret? People must realize that verbal abuse is way too insidious than physical one. Physical abuse may break a bone or two which can be fixed, but verbal abuse will shatter ones soul and self esteem, which cannot be fixed!

    • possibly re lil boys, but ur anal comments r short sighted and grounded in “quaker type” puritan beliefs. jodi admittedly engaged in that act. MANY do. if u don’t that’s ok, but it’s rooted in society acceptance, not much else.

    • What’s interesting is that many religious people don’t view anal/oral sex as the same as traditional intercourse. They’ll rationalize that they’re still “virgins” because they don’t engage in penile/vaginal penetration. I think that Travis had this mindset – he clearly had experience in anal/oral but tried to convince himself that he was still a virgin.

    • Hi ROAK, yep and anal sex was a behavior that establishes dominance. It happens all the time in the prison system.

      I wonder if there are men out there who have been raped in prison listening to Jodi’s testimony. I wonder what they think about Travis’ behavior?

  39. the talking heads r saying “well we r only hearing her side cos travis is dead”… SO that so called sex tape is very important. it should basically back her up.
    it’d seem jodi will get some kinda jail time tho NOT DEATH., since she did kill him. it will b hard for any jury to get totally away from that. it seems that jodi ifollowed the typical abused way, but really seemed to think travis was good for her. she trusted him becos the religion power too. travis used that very well against her. the most vile thing imo travis said – TO HIS FRIENDS- was calling jodi a 3 hole wonder … NO ONE should b talked about that way, esp. when being so intimate with someone in many ways besides sex

  40. another thing, is IF travis was so good, boy he had a lot of girls and having an affair w a married women? and a church elder to cover it up. typical of someone who wants to cover up other parts of his life.

    • You are right. The abuse from Travis did not warrant her to plan and premeditate his murder. It doesn’t add up at all. Just like it wouldn’t have made sense to plan and premeditate the murder of the previous men who had treated her poorly. Travis’ head games and sexual exploitations of her definitely take the cake, but they still don’t add up to “brutal premeditated murder”.

      So despite what you are seeing on television, “abuse” is not being presented by the defense to justify the killing of Travis Alexander. I haven’t watched any television on this myself, but I gather from what is being posted on here by those who are, it would appear as though that is “the spin” being transmitted over the airwaves.

      In reality however, the sexual exploitation, mental abuse, verbal abuse etc, being highlighted by the defense is being presented, in my opinion thus far, simply to show that Travis was not a “good person” at all and therefore makes it more plausible that Jodi’s upcoming version of events really happened.

      The “defense” is “self defense” via an attack by Travis on Jodi. It is not “lashing out in a rage induced murderous attack from being abused”.

      The “abuse” leading up to this event is not really a factor in the killing other than to show that Travis had it in him to get violent. The mainstream is probably focusing and spinning it now simply because the trial is not over and they literally have no other material to base their mindless rants on. As the testimony progresses they will of course have to switch gears and catch up to what is actually going to be stated as the true reason for the killing.

      Travis B.

    • Brad, I think your post came off badly because you started with “I can’t believe all of you have bought into Jodi’s act…” and that put people on the defensive. Asking questions is perfectly fine if you do it respectfully. Many of us here differ in our opinions of what actually went down and how we think the jury will render a verdict.

    • When you say “Well Jodi had anal sex with her ex boyfriend, so I can’t believe her account with Travis,” that is NOT expressing just your opinion. It IS saying, in not so many words, once consensual, always consensual. Then you post here pretending that people are unreasonable for their reactions.


  41. Why HLN is ONLY prosecution oriented & is totally against ANY kind of defense by either bashing or ignoring any possible defense position is beyond me. Nancy Grace is not for victims rights.
    Nancy Grace is about projecting the face of former coworker Tommy McCoy who shot her fiancé Keith Griffin onto everyone who is accused of anything, she is full of vengeful rage.
    Why everyone else on HLN including Dr. (media whore) Drew & Jane Velez-Mitchell are on board with the same redundancy is just not objective, what is their excuse, that it’s merely “entertainment”?

    • Not that Wikipedia is 100% reliable, but it’s interesting that I’ve read Nancy wasn’t truthful in her book about her fiance’s murder. In an interview she even supposedly told someone that it was a long time ago and that she basically didn’t care to look into the details/facts of the case.

      It’s so hard to not bash/vent about HLN, many of their reporters, Nancy Grace, Jane Velez-Mitchell, and now even Dr. Drew because their information takes any credibility away from ‘actual victims’ (that’s even what THEY say, right?)

      Don’t even get me started… I have WAY too much to complain about! Grrr

      • Oh yeah, the point I was trying to make about Nancy Grace is that she will not give up talking about Jodi’s lies, yet NANCY is misleading/deceitful!!

        Sorry. I was too irritated and overwhelmed with thoughts and was unable to remember my initial point.

  42. One more thing, I also think HLN is ridiculous. you cannot believe a word they say, if someone disagrees, they shut them down right away.

    • it’s pretty stupid isn’t it? I mean if you wanna talk about how Jodi must have been a whore because shes pretty, talk away! However if you want to talk about how inconsistent Travis’ life is then hes just an average man and you are “under Jodi’s spell”. What gets to me most about Nancy Grace is that she is so insanely illogical but then continues to throw out there that she was a prosecutor. She will imply things that she knows full well cannot be put into evidence just to get the lynch mob excited.

    • Our point exactly Brad. I am sorry if you felt I attacked you. I was simply asking how it was a scheme. I am not saying that Jodi did not kill Travis. She admitted to that in open court. However, I can see how it could be self defense. There is a picture showing a piece of duct tape cut on the bathroom floor, which means there was something in that room to be able to cut the duct tape with. If you look in earlier pictures of Travis laying on the bed he has a piece of duct tape around his right bicep. There is a picture of Travis looking at the camera and the very next shot is of the ceiling. Jodi has stated previously that he attacked her when she dropped his brand new camera. The picture proves the camera was dropped. During the trial, evidence has come up from the prosecution side that the camera was in fact upside down on the floor when the last two pictures were taken. To me that is not premeditated murder. The problem is, too many people watch HLN and don’t try to figure things out for themselves. This is a sad case where everyone has lost.

      • Something I forgot to mention. I believe that whatever was used to cut that duct tape in the bathroom is the same thing that Jodi stabbed Travis with multiple times. If you scroll up, I gave what I thought was a plausible scenario as to what happened that day… I could be wrong though.

  43. it’s amazing HLN can USE people like casey a. and jodi (and others) as vehicles for RATINGS and $$$ without paying them a cent. talk about ‘whores’. yet, they r holier than thou.

    • And do we REALLY believe Nancy when she says that SHE “doesn’t eat as well as the inmates” or SHE hasn’t even had something as wonderful as a chicken nugget or orange to eat? lol Riiiiight. Poor Nancy!

      I love that she thinks only people who have had children of their own can empathize with victims. Nancy: “Do YOU have children Mr/Mrs.______?! That’s right. I didn’t think so.” “Well as someone who HAS children of my own…. ” blah blah blah. So condescending. She wants to talk about narcissistic… Hmm. Who always thinks they’re right? Who always thinks they are the most amazing thing in the whole world? Who plays the victim card every chance they get? Who makes EVERYTHING about themselves? She’s not concerned with Victim’s Rights. How can she be when she wants to make every conversation about herself? I’d hate to think of her being on an actual jury or what lengths she went to in order to convict as a prosecutor. Scary!

      I can’t help but wonder what her stance will be if one of her children ever commits a crime. Will her tune change? “Bombshell Tonight! Nancy Grace’s son/daughter charged with…..”

    • No court today sorry. I am wondering what is going to happen now since that prosecution psychologist had their laptop stolen and there is a Jodi Arias profile on it.

        • I am not quite sure what will happen. I am sure the doctor has a file on her but if who ever stole it tries to give it to the defense, I would think the defense lawyers would have to report it to the court and who knows what would happen to the trial at that point. I really don’t think whoever stole that laptop if it wasn’t random is not helping the case in any way.

          • So many scenarios as to who could’ve stolen it or why, and how random it is/isn’t.
            I’ve wondered if someone from the prosecution’s side may have set it up in order to throw the trial somehow. Maybe I’m out there for imagining the possibility?

    • It is good she has someone in her corner like that and I am sure she is very embarrassed having to say all this stuff in front of her family especially her mother. Nothing could be much worse in my opinion. I couldn’t imagine having to talk about my sex life in front of my mom LOL.

  44. I was a little disturbed yesterday when Jodi described “accidentally hitting the back browser” one too many times and suddenly “finding herself” on Travis’ Myspace page. She admits that she then snooped into his emails there, having become suspicious due to the correspondence being with someone who had posted “flirty” graphics on his page months previously …and him having told her a story about that person back then. (story not revealed).

    Had this incident been isolated..I might give it more credence. However…in what I believe was her first day of testimony…she told of going to the library with her former bf (bobby?) and that after pretending to leave the library when he left…she instead went back to the library and “hit the back browser button” to see into his Hotmail email account. (having also suspected he was emailing something more than platonic with a girl he’d been phoning with and declaring just a friend)

    In the first case, library…she threw in something to the effect of “not knowing how security was back then”. A qualifier as to how she could have possibly gone back to the library at a later point and accessed his email account. The chances of this having gone down as described are very small. The hotmail would have had to have NOT been logged out of…and the library computer would have had to have Not been closed/logged out. I used library computers myself back then…so, not really likely ( I personally think she had the kids password.) According to her, she did in fact find what she was suspicious of in those emails.

    In the case with Travis Myspace email…it is a bit convenient, as well. But mostly in context of her having done this previously with the “back browsing” to Admittedly snoop on her bf’s emails.

    What do I think this says about her? Perhaps she is/was insecure and a snooper by nature when feeling threatened in her love life by other women intruding into it?

    Then came her ( mountain out of a molehill?) story about the “drunk woman” hanging on the men, including Travis, at a banquet event. Whether she means to or not..she is showing a side of herself that appears to be the jealous type. I just don’t know how her defense team is thinking this is helping her?

    She remembers… to this day… what the ‘drunk woman’ was wearing?

    I don’t know exactly what to make of it all at this point..but I think Nurmi needs to re-think some of what he is trying to have her portray. jmo

    • I know I have inadvertently gone to someone’s open email account by mistake. A few years ago I babysat for a coworker of my husband and when I was there would use his laptop. A few times I opened the browser from the task bar and it would be opened to his email account. I would just put it back in the task bar and open another separate browser no harm done and would tell him when he got home that he had left his email open.

      • But then I don’t or didn’t have any trust issues with this person . That is the difference . Once trust has been broken it cannot be regained no matter how a person tries, it is always in the background. With JA having so many different trust issues with men in particular she would likely check every email and text message that came through. There are a ton of people out there that do exactly that all the time and they never killed anyone.

    • AnonyGee,

      I was thinking same thing re: the woman in black dress and was screaming at my computer at Nurmi during it. This did not support the defense (though it seemed Nurmi wanted this to imply Travis was horrible ,but it failed miserably imo) and only spoke to Jodi’s emotional and jealous side.

      My girlfriend said during that testimony, ‘this is not Travis’ problem, its Jodi’s. This is about her, not him, so whats the point defense-wise?. He was clearly an immature man and not very smart but most can see it’s not like he was beating the shit out of her. The name calling? Horrible, but what was the whole context of the conversation? We haven’t heard that yet’. Finally, she brought up, which I knew was coming…, ‘why did Jodi suddenly have the backbone to confront Travis on his treatment of her in regards to woman in black dress?..when before we are to believe she meekly accepted all kinds of sexual abuse without feeling worthy of sticking up for herself. Someone who claims to have such little self confidence would have been consistent in that lack of self confidence and unworthiness in having emotional rights”.

      She just does not buy into the abuse idea at this point. She thinks it was a combination of Premeditation and crime of passion. Her and I are kind of on opposite sides of this thing in the end. I tend to believe self-defense and Crime of passion. I am against the DP, so is the GF, I tend to believe that the self defense has a basis and Travis did attack her, but she thinks Jodi guilty of premeditated murder based on evidence so far and at this point says she is leaning towards LWOP. She said everything presented so far in her opinion is innuendo from defense or Jodi, that there is no evidence that definitively says Jodi is NOT lying once again and things could easily be far more innocent than the Defense is portraying it’. She wants to see somewhere from someone some hx of physical abuse. She also keeps going back to the interviews. Jodi was confident in her lies then and was playing a role back then. She thinks she is just playing the role of an abused woman now and that pisses her off and says it does not add up. (FYI, she volunteers at an abuse shelter.) She keeps pointing out of course that Travis cannot speak to defend himself at all. .She says nothing so far has convinced her that Jodi IS an abused woman. More she is convinced this is simply a defense story. A way to avoid the DP and save face for a horrendous deed.

      So..I wholeheartedly agree with you. IMO Nurmi is not helping her here with this little stuff.. If someone could actually explain to me the point, I would love to hear it. I think the defense has made huge grounds in having Jodi on the stand. She comes across as very sweet and gentle and honest imo. But I think over-doing it is dangerous. Stick to the incriminating stuff FAR more difficult to explain away. The fact Travis baptized a person knowing all along he was breaking vow of chastity to me far more speaks to mental abusive nature. THAT is really bad and THAT had even my GF concerned and angry at Travis. While I know some want to see the positive in all of it, I just don’t. I think that people need to remember that many see Jodi as lying about everything. SO PLEASE. BRING some hard evidence Mr & Mrs Defense Team!!! Sorry for so long a post.

      • This was not premeditated murder. This was purely a crime of passion, a second-degree murder case regardless of her having the gun. The overkill is proof of this. Something set her off to do what she did.

        The problem with Jodi Arias is that she did NOT exercise her Miranda rights when she was first brought in to the police. Instead, she kept talking and gave conflicting accounts. You NEVER, EVER talk to the police, not to mention the media, without having an attorney. Because she didn’t keep her mouth shut, she has found herself boxed in with this self-defense deal. I don’t believe this case is self-defense although we haven’t heard the whole story from Jodi. I still believe she was motivated by jealousy and rage. It was a rage killing, hence the brutality and overkill. My opinion could change as more of her testimony comes out.

        If I were on that jury, I would flat-out ask her WHY she didn’t ask for an attorney from the get-go instead of talking and talking and talking. THAT’S why her case is a death penalty case, which it should NOT be.

        • oh,wow tonysam when watching the interrogation clips I had the same question.why on earth did she NOT ask for a lawyer?????Why did she not stop talking-even young childern having watched a movie know that the line goes”I need to speak to my laywer first” I too believe she fell into Flores’ trap,she said too much too soon and now maybe(still speculations)her attorneys have turned everything into this defense case which(at times)seems weak.Still,we dont might be better not to jump into conclusions before everything has been said and testified under oath.The fact remains that if she didnt call a laywer right from the start,she practically said goodbye to her civil rights and that was a major step back into this case.Maybe things might be different had she done so from the very first time she was questioned.I guess we’ll never know…

      • I am not saying she was or was not abused. I think both Jodi and Travis were guilty of things. Neither of them were perfect in the relationship and both were addicted to each other. My problem with Jodi’s testimony is I do not find her all that believable. I guess number one, if it is all true, because she has lied before, it is hard to determine if she is telling the truth now. She seemed believable in her other stories, so its hard to know if this is the real truth. Second, I think she try’s to portray herself as too meek. and it does not jive well with other people’s testimony. Brewer stated they were both aggressive in bed, and Ryan said she was aggressive with him. Then she says Travis made her uncomfortable and she went along with his stuff anyways. I just have a hard time believing this. I think she would have sounded more believable if she would have stated they both enjoyed sex, but Travis took it too far. I don’t know. its just an area that concerns me I guess.

      • Daniel-
        Your gf brought up some interesting points & definitely something to consider. I don’t necessarily agree with her theory on “why did Jodi suddenly have the backbone to confront Travis on his treatment of her in regards to woman in black dress?..when before we are to believe she meekly accepted all kinds of sexual abuse without feeling worthy of sticking up for herself. Someone who claims to have such little self confidence would have been consistent in that lack of self confidence and unworthiness in having emotional rights”.

        In my own experience, I’ve been that meek, timid, non-confrontational gf/woman at times and other times have been aggressive and confrontational beyond belief. Of course, not every woman is the way your gf mentioned, nor is every woman the way I mentioned. Just figured it should be noted.

        A lot has been mentioned (by the media) of Jodi possibly having Borderline Personality Disorder. If that WAS the case, then it could make sense for the shift in her being confrontational in some circumstances and non-confrontational in others.

      • Totally agree with you on this Daniel-
        “So..I wholeheartedly agree with you. IMO Nurmi is not helping her here with this little stuff.. If someone could actually explain to me the point, I would love to hear it. I think the defense has made huge grounds in having Jodi on the stand. She comes across as very sweet and gentle and honest imo. But I think over-doing it is dangerous.”

        I think it’s awesome that your gf volunteers at the Women’s Shelter!
        Not sure if she can relate to the abuse herself or not, (and of course I wouldn’t expect you to reveal that) but it MIGHT (and only might) be a different experience for her if she hasn’t experienced the abuse first-hand. Then again, she might also be able to empathize regardless of experiencing abuse herself, and possibly more-so if she works with battered women. (I don’t mean anything rude by that btw)

    • Agree, it’s bad, all this “Oops, I hit the back browser button and look what I found!” It sounded unbelievable the first time she said it happened. The second time? Now it’s just screaming, “I’m sneaky as heck for life.”

      This is a CLEAR example of where Nurmi needs to reel Jodi in. The only thing I can think is that Martinez may have evidence that Jodi’s done too much of this “stumbling,” so Nurmi’s coached her to just get it out first — and stay put if/when Martinez starts pounding her on it.

      • Except, if it had NOT come up during direct testimony with Nurmi, Martinez would NOT have been able to bring the back button stuff up at allduring cross. NOW, he can. It was a mistake. Its good they have a few days off. I think there was a lot of uncertainty as to how they were going to go about this with Jodi on the stand. The only reason I am starting to think that is because there have been questions Nurmi has asked of Jodi, where you could see the direction he was going in (like Travis asking Jodi to text him pics of her naked…Nurmi asked Jodi if he had asked for specific body parts, which of course would have made Travis look more base, but Jodi answered, “No, just naked pictures”. Many young people text naked pics of them back and forth..i.e. phone sex) leading her into portraying Travis negatively, only for her to answer him in such a way that is not incriminating of Travis at all. And I don’t think this is her trying to protect him, I think its just honest answers. This can be good and bad. Good in that the jury will believe Jodi is just being honest, really honest and not trying to incriminate Travis unneccessarily, and bad because it can also end up giving the impression they were just two young people having sex, albeit dysfunctional, but not anything abusive.

        I think the defense needs time to think very carefully on how to proceed as they move into next phase of direct testimony.

  45. Just a thought:
    I think the reason Jodi got so upset at the intoxicated woman hanging on Travis was because she was not allowed to show him any affection at all in public. She sees Travis allowing this lady to hang all over him and it reminded her that she was not allowed to even hold his hand. It probably wasn’t the act itself that made her cry, but more that she felt like an idiot for allowing him to keep her at arms length in public and behind closed doors he was all over her. She knew was what really going on and that was what brought on the tears.

    • Trixels, That is a good explanation and would make sense. But I wish her defense would have asked her that question at the time of the testimony. Bringing it up Monday now could look staged. I understand AnonyGee’s point.

    • I hadnt looked ot it this way. And now that you put it in that way (the way) jodi saw it, the way she must have felt. It makes a lot more sense. I was looking at it like it wasnt a big great deal that this drunk woman was all over him n he was ok with it, so what!!! But like you said, jodi must of felt like, I cant hang all over him…. n he’s ok with this drunk 1/2 way naked girl all over him!!! Yea that couldve been very hurtful. I wish Nurmi wouldve asked her right then, and at this convention was TA open to you affections? Something like that, kindda to remind the jury of how someones feelings might have been hurt.

    • @Trixels…
      Yes…thats exactly the point. What Jodi described was a Knee-Jerk Jealous Woman type reaction. Not a rational, thought out reaction.

      Any reasonable person who wasn’t “reacting” strictly on emotions would be able to differentiate between some drunk lady falling into and onto all of the men in her path…and a real & true relationship where PDA might be an issue. (particularly a Mormon relationship that was hiding premarital sex).

      In other words, no one in the room/hall would have possibly suspected that TA’s actions reflected that he was going to “get busy” with the drunk woman. They all took it for what it was…she was a sloppy drunk. By Jodi’s own admission the woman was being laughed at. Jodi herself thought it Video Worthy. (gag) So…and this is just my perception…TA was likely using her more as a prop to get a few chuckles himself. Playing to the crowd, as it were. Not very gentlemanly or mature, no…but not the type of thing that would make most rational, mature women jealous either.

      Our perceptions are our realities though, lets face it. Instead of being left with a perception that TA had done some big deal thing there…I thought it left the perception that she had a very big green eyed monster on her back. Would that monster come back to the fore later? That could be the lingering question…and one that her defense team shouldn’t have left hanging in the balance, imho.

      • i took as TA was doing a lil more than holding a drunk lady. sounded like a bit of groping… BUT that’s how i took it. either way TA, again not showing much respect IN PUBLIC for Jodi. and he was. poster boy for mormons? doesn’t mean someone should be killed, but seems TA was pushing the envelope. i kno i’ve learned to try and not get a woman TOO upset. and save some respect for them or trouble can come’s acallin.

    • That is a great point. My blood ran cold when Jodi testified that Travis wouldn’t even introduce her to people in public. I had an ex who did the same thing to me – it made me feel like garbage. Watching Travis canoodling around with another woman was understandably upsetting for Jodi based on how he tried to keep her a secret.

      • @Kira…wasn’t the drunk woman incident at one of the banquets that Travis took Jodi to as his date? If so, I don’t think he was keeping her a secret. But rather, the deeper nature of their relationship was the secret. At least thats how I recall her testimony about it.

    • A lot of us watch the trial and look up documents and things to find out what we want to know and share it with the others on here. Many of us do not go to HLN or do not even have HLN so we have to rely on our own deductions. For me this is the best place to go because we discuss the case and the trial on a daily basis. Sometimes we may miss something but the good thing about that is, all the trial videos are available here for viewing. All one has to do is go to the top of the page under the header to access the list of the trial by days in order to view one.

        • keep up the good work,Brad!!!!lol!I’m soooooooo happy I live in Greece and have no NG,DrDrew,HLN to influence and/or form my that u’ve mentioned it yes,this site is indeed addicting lol!

    • Lol yes Brad…. keep watching n reading our comments…. youll then find that alot of what we talk about here is proof of what the case brings not hearsay or NG HLN bullshit. Lol

      Looking forward to your comments after you’ve watched some of the trial videos.

  46. If Jodi hadn’t volunteered to talk to police, not ignored her Miranda warning & as a avid photographer, removed & destroyed the memory stick, this wouldn’t even been a 1st degree murder case at all.
    Will the Juan Martinez cross examination use all of Jodi’s comments of abuse, (light as they are by today’s standards), against her as reasons for premeditation out of revenge instead of self-defense?

  47. The most sensible thing I have heard is that there are no winners here. Both families lose. Hind- sight is 20/20 but Jodi and Travis were people with troubled histories who came together with their own insecurities and unfortunately had an addiction for one another. It was very sick and the end result shows how sick it got. I am really troubled by the comments of hatred and revenge on all the facebook sites. Revenge solves nothing, hate brings more hate. Forgiveness is the only thing works in the end. I do not want to see Jodi get the death penalty and frankly I don’t think she will. I am sorry that Travis died at such a young age. He only found the superficial enjoyments of life though he seemed to be searching for much more. Sad story all around but I do not wish ill will for anyone. The judgment at the end of the day is with someone or something more powerful than revengeful humans. Unfortunately some religious dogma helps some individuals to become secretive and twisted with their sexual issues and I think this happened here too. We are only free if we allow ourselves that freedom.

  48. Hi,I knew before Jodi got on the stand that Travis was not as pure as the driven snow. Not a hater, I don’t waste energy hating anyone. I was in an abusive relationship, there was no violence until the final incident. He was jealous and controlling, but never physical, until the final night. He tried to strangle me, and he beat up so bad, those that knew me, could not recognize me. When he was strangling me, I tried to get to a phone to call 911, I did, and couldn’t tell the operator the address because I was using my cell phone not the land line. I found a piece of mail and gave it to them, when the cops showed up, I was so happy to see them, it was like seeing Jesus. I moved out of state, and only went back to testify against him in court, I could not get far enough away from him. That night still haunts me at times 10 years later. Why go back to someone that abused you? She was safe and far enough away. She didn’t call the police and tried to cover it up, and lied and changed her story. As sympathetic as I am to women who have been abused like myself, I have trouble believing abuse to the point of your life at risk, like mine was that night.
    Just saying, I think the jury is going to have trouble buying the changed stories, and getting with a guy the next day, not having any bruises on her from that night, surely if he attacked her, she would have bruises. Where did she get the gun and knife from? What happened to the gun and knife? I’m sure the expert will say PSD, but I have that, I have a lot of trouble trusting people, but getting cozy with some guy the next day? I was turned off by men, it took years! I had a lot of PSD but what happened to me that night was ingrained in my memory bank forever, the details never changed, and he my attacker was convicted, and he’s a registered sex offender now, and a convicted felon, THANK GOD! I think that Jodi is going to have a very rough time with the DA, it’s going to be very hard for her. Him being naked in the shower, and she being dressed, another fact that seems very iffy for self defense. She just left and drove and went to see that Ryan guy, and didn’t call the police and didn’t tell anyone, that is just not normal, I’ve never heard of anything remotely like that ever happening in an instance like true self defense, if this is true, and I don’t know, I wasn’t there, if it is true, it will be a first, it’s never happened, where it was true self defense and someone lied and covered it up and didn’t go to the police. People kill other people in self defense all the time, it’s not like it never happens, it happens every single day in this country. You don’t hear about these cases? You know why? Because in real self defense cases, it’s rather obvious to the police and DA and charges are never brought and therefore no trials, and you don’t hear about them, On another note, it looks like Jodi’s mother and Travis’ family are all trying to get book deals, hence the note taking. We shall see, let the truth prevail. Thank you!

    • pat, i hear what ur saying. i think eveyone handles this type of situation diffetently. no real right or wrong, EXCEPT in those judging you (unfortunately). the jury, DA, judge much like you will have conventional ‘wisdom’ thinking.
      i think the only real chance for jodi is to say “i cant really explain it. i was scared of him but also was drawn to him. i had the weapns ad protection for a girl traveling alone. i was hoping he’d change or his poortreatment of me was in my head. when he threatened me, i guess i just lost it. it’s very much a blur to me”.
      then may 20 yrs. minus time served. think that’s best case scenario. the multiple injuries will be a major hurdle. defense has to explain that TA was basically dead after 1st stab, the rest was just freaking out.

      ALSO, what men have realize in situations like these, it’s hard to ‘win’. If TA fights back, he most likely b arrested for abuse. he doesn’t fight and he gets hurt or worse.
      the best lesson is treat other person ur having relations with, with SOME respect. try not to cheat on them and accept in wholly in public. dont care what others think.
      TA seemed to b all about IMAGE FIRST. an image that wasnt true and manufactured for $$ and his self esteem. he should have built jodi up, not the opposite.

      • also, i should add that i hate how this DA and most of them act. they dont really care about justice as much as WINNING. do they HAVE to have that smug, holier than thou demeanor?

      • It’s refreshing for me to hear a guy (I’m assuming with the Username “Frank”) speak in such respect for women. 🙂 I really don’t hear that often enough. Even if you’re not a guy- Thank you.

        • hi jamie, yes, i’m a guy. thnx for ur comments. but it IS a two way street. ive had bumpy relations. u cant ‘win’ there, imo. travis was young or immature or both. often times, it’s hard to do the right thing when ur in love.
          jodi going back to TA is no surprise to me. nor, a surprise for one or both of them escalating and warping the relationship – sexual, verbal, mentally.
          most times REAL relationship like these r not played out on TV. people like HLN heads are ‘closested’ in their analysis. OR i believe they ‘report’ as they do to sensationilize for ratings.
          interesting trail, shame TA is dead and jodi’s life affected forever.

    • They may all be taking notes because if she were to get the death penalty there is another phase to the trial. The part where the families get to speak and say how everything has affected them.

    • First off- I wanna say I’m sorry you had to endure abuse of any kind. I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD and have been in therapy for years. (even hospitalized 2x in the last year 1/2 for symptoms associated w/that and depression). It’s crazy how long the flashbacks and hypervigilance can affect a person that has experienced trauma. It’s been over 15 yrs for me!

      Anyways, I believe I’ve read and been told that some victims of sexual abuse may become promiscuous/hypersexual, where others may become totally disgusted by the very thought of it , and that some might waver from one extreme to the other.

    • Someone may have already mentioned this (sorry if that’s the case), but there is at least one woman (forgot her name) already writing a book about the trial. Of course I’ve only seen this ‘author’ on HLN discussing the case.

  49. Well, I spent the day reading comments and watching all the trial footage, I must apologize to all. TA was a sick person who hid his real identity very well. Although I still don’t agree with murder,I now understand how Jodi could have just had enough of his abuse and could not stop. I was impressed with the interview where all her cellmates stood up for her and even the reporter stated what a shy, kind person she was. Abuse is a terrible thingand I now feel sorry for what she had to indure at the hand of TA. Thanks all for enlightning me to the truth. I look forward Monday, and I think it’s great I can see all the trial footage here.

    • I wouldn’t have felt you needed to apologize because everyone is entitled to and deserves to have their own opinion. It takes a decent person to admit any faults/apologize/make amends, so I admire your willingness to do so.

  50. sometimes i think jodi must have felt like a “groupie” around travis. it seems she didn’t allow other men in her life to treat her bad but made an exception to travis. because he had “important” status. i would have drtopped him like a hot potato, if he had called me a “skank” of course if she had , we wouldn’t be here now. another thing i picked up on, he would call her late at night, sometimes at 3am and talk for hours. i think she was flattered he wanted to talk to her and didn’t see how selfish and inconsiderate he was. always putting her own feelings on the back burner for him. she was available for anything he wanted anytime. this was all wrong. because she loved him and wanted to be loved, she let him use her.and the more it went on, the less self esteem she had and became unglued.mentally. i don’t think travis was intentionally abusing her, it’s just she made herself available. that’s my thoughts for today.

    • OMG…BHE didn’t intentionally abuse her, its just SHE MADE herself available? ?? Really?? So, she should be like, oh no it wasnt his fault, he wasnt abusive at all, it was ME… my bad!!

      • I don’t want to say that anything TA did was acceptable, but I think I can kind of see Jackie’s side- ONLY because I feel he was extremely troubled himself and had obvious internal conflict.

        Because I know how heavy the church’s influence can be, and how manipulative the church community can be, I can understand how a PART of him may have simply been reacting to his environment and the criticism/judgement he likely felt.

        I’m not willing to accept that he had zero accountability or knowledge of his abusive ways though- Don’t think that!

  51. You know what if jodi killed Travis he deserved it. Travis shit on poor Jodi. You don’t treat a girl that way! He raped her the day of her baptism. She wanted to say No but didn’t because she felt powerless. She felt dirty afterward like a used piece of toilet paper she said. It doesn’t make him a very nice person does it?

    • I would never shit on a girl even if she let me. You just don’t treat anyone this way if you are a decent person. Maybe, She would love me more because I didn’t shit on her when I could have and treated her like a person. If I had a girl like Jodi I would treat her like a Queen.

      • ur right. OR sometimes walk away. but TA liked the power and what came with it. when young that easily goes to ur head. jodi was more mature, which is normal for girls.

  52. This is random, but for anyone who’s not familiar with the LDS religion- I encourage you to read these posts from previous members of the church (and possibly some people that were never members) so you can see just how much ‘SEX’ plays an important role in both the religion and this trial.

    I was aware to some degree what questions CHILDREN were asked during interviews with their Bishop, but I wasn’t aware of everything, or at what age the interviews started. All I knew is that my friends dreaded them because they were mostly embarrassing and highly personal- asking about masturbation and such. The media tries to portray the sexual aspect in this case as simply “typical religious values” and that “Travis was just a guy who made a mistake by giving in to his sexual desires”. The SHAME with the Mormon church runs much deeper than norm.

    • Also, this guide to self-control that is supposed to basically curb the desire/act of masturbation:

      To me, it’s rather ridiculous/unrealistic. This version of it has actually been modified/updated from the one that I was aware of.

      Again, I’m just trying to stress the point of SHAME and internal conflict involved

  53. i’m sorry for what i posted. i was listening to the replay of jodi’s testimony on the stand about her early relationship with travis, and i got mad at her for letting him take advantage of her. i’m sorry, should think first before i post.

    • Jackie- I feel you may have had a point with your previous point though. As far as I understood it, anyway.
      To me, it makes perfect sense that TA would put on a facade for others. Living in the Orem/Provo area of UT (“Happy Valley”) that is heavily influenced by the LDS religion, I have seen the great lengths one might go through in order to preserve their reputation. I’m not saying all LDS members are this way. I have many LDS friends- I’ve also witnessed and even been involved with someone that seems eerily similar to what I’ve heard about TA, who was a ‘devout’ Mormon. The 23 y/o, returned missionary, who was also still a virgin (I wasn’t EVEN gonna touch THAT mess! Tried as he might- I knew better than to be the one he lost his V-Card to) screwed my mind up soo bad. His personal control, sense of self and values based on HIS own beliefs were nonexistent. He questioned every decision he made, blamed me if he felt ashamed of a choice he made (I’m not LDS), talked marriage (was in a hurry too.. wonder why? lol), broke up numerous times as well as get back together… I can’t even begin to explain how emotionally/ psychologically damaged he was and caused me to be. I believe the fact I wasn’t LDS (was a ‘bad girl’ in their eyes) may have been exciting/intriguing for him but also caused him to question everything he thought he knew about himself.

      I actually don’t blame him for being so confused (to put it lightly), as much as I do the influence and judgement from the LDS religion that he grew up with. I have compassion for how troubled so many people around here become. Internal conflict is not pleasant.

      On a side note- try looking on Craigslist for a place to rent in the Orem/Provo area and see how many you can find that don’t mention something about a church ‘ward’ or are only looking for people that have ‘LDS Standards’. I get that people have choices as to who they associate with. It’s sad that not everyone will have a fair chance to present themselves without having discrimination.

    • As mentioned prior, the blood atonement hasn’t been in practice since the 1800’s.

      Most members of the church nowadays aren’t even aware of it’s past existence.

  54. Ok I was going through what some people said on here and trust me I am all for Jodi…To get this straight cause I have been fallowing the case since day 1 first off… Yes Jodi got gas cans from her ex to go see Travis but She did not borrow them to have murder in mind. She drove to go see Travis to fullfill his sick and twisted fantasies once again because she thought that maybe just maybe he could learn to love her and appreciate her and perhaps want to be with her forever. Jodi is all Travis knew and she was very much into him but as an ASSHOLE Travis is he didn’t care and thought only of himself. Now I am not saying he should have been murdered but what I am saying is you canot expect to be treated like a king when your treating the other person like shit cause that is exactly how he treated Jodi. Travis got what was coming for him and to be polite about it Jodi blacked out and lost it. If the rolls where reversed and Jodi would have treated Travis that way I would be the same…From what I see now a days Women are being treated as slaves and sex objects no wonder why we are most women have become lesbians we want someone to understand us and know how to treat us. But just for a quick re-cap of Jodi she appearantly turned to be lesbian in jail and yet now she is seeing some guy outside of jail and then appearantly well the news doesn’t know what the relationship of that status is so really I would not take into consideration what the news or any media for that mattr has to say about Jodi. Jodi took the stand for a reason and unless it comes from Jodi then what are we to think because the media just loves to talk dirt and spit in someones eyes. Another words I only believe what Jodi says and not the media remember they killed princess Diana that says it all. What it comes down to is Jodi had a split second to realize it was her life or Travis Alexander’s let me ask you if it was your life or someone else’s wouldn’t you fight it to survive??? duh…I would and probably harder than Jodi because I have 5 young chilldren to protect. Jodi your freedom will come and when it does HAVE A PARTY AND DON’T LOOK BACK!!

  55. like someone pointed out early on this site! TA was attracted to little boys. NOW, the proof to back jodi up is the ‘sex tape’.
    now, perhaps the ‘young fetish’ was just a fantasy. people can think of many ‘odd things’ BUT not act on them. no real harm done. PLUS, he was using jodi to basically help fulfill those fantasies. u’d think he’d b grateful. but it seemed in a way he was ashamed of his thoughts and actions. then, put that somehow ON JODI. he also became disgusted with her, imo.
    HLN heads are ‘closested’ in their analysis. Head Nut Nancy say those remarks to sensationilize for ratings, imo. they CANt b that dumb, can they?
    ms. nancy BANKS her expert opinion that jodi is lying becos TA had no porn on his computer. i could give u at least 4 ways/ reasons around that in a minute.
    the reasons r coming together. it is still a shame tho. jodi’s family has to hear these things and deal with this and TA too. of course, TA side doesn’t /CANT believe these things. bet they do things WE wouldnt believe either. we r all different in some ways.

  56. i feel lke im notgetting an update here since im the last post from this AM.
    BUT, court is postponed until 4pm ish EST, 1pm AZ time.
    look like a another DA objection to the phone sex tape being played today. without it it is harder for jodi.
    we will see…
    over and out for now.
    frank, east time.

  57. It has to be hard for all parties involved to have to go through losing a loved one, endure abuse, etc. Travis’ sister, one in particular gets me mad every time the camera is on her. She rolls her eyes and smirks constantly. That is so disrespectful to do that in the courtroom. I can only imagine what shes going through losing her brother but…grow up and act like an adult in a court of law. Everyone else in the courtroom is. Including the other sister.

  58. This site, was so so hostile to jodi and refused to give her a break. Now that TA has been exposed, there are many many more favorable comments in her favor. This to me is an awesome sign that the tide is turning in her favor, as the facts come out and Jodi will be vindicated.Hugs to all who support JA and this forum is not a bashing of TA but a support site for JA. I am glad to be a part of it.

  59. Travis was so mentally cruel to her, the awlful names he called her, the physical sexual abuse she endured, I have so much empathey for her. Best of luck to you and I pray that you are able to heal and have a wonderful life.

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