Jodi Arias Trial – Day 13

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First up today will be Lonnie Dworkin followed by audio/video examiner Bryan Neumeister. Jodi will begin her testimony after that.

Also be sure to read my earlier post – “The proxy, the prosecutor and the penis” – which details my thoughts on the Darryl Brewer & Lonnie Dworkin testimonies, TA’s proxy-related surfing… and the ongoing blackmail attempts (& subsequent cover-up of TA’s abuse & child porn-related issues) by Chris & Sky Hughes.

Following on from the 3 hour recess Thursday afternoon, it was noted that several pieces of evidence related to the phone sex recording were sealed, together with a portion of evidence from Gus Searcy’s evidentiary hearing. Click here to access the trial minutes for the day.

As always, feel free to leave your comments below on this pivotal day for Jodi.


  1. You have to LOVE that CH throws in a comment about Legal Shield – NOT!

    AND, one of his Tweets is about the childish retort that Martinez said to Nurmi? Really? It just shows how immature CH is.

    • I heard him being admonished to not watch tv or talk to the media?! Did anyone else here that?

      I have a problem with what he is doing. All the Travis supporters notified the prosecution when Matt posted here but it’s okay for Chris to break rules?

      He’s so arrogant and manipulative. It looks like hes using his own friends death to promote himself and legal shield not to mention he thinks he is above the law.

  2. hughes
    @RachelBurton10 yep. I just don’t do media by my own choice. will when this is over. lots of facts to correct.

    Makes me laugh. Was he in the bedroom with Jodi and Travis too?

  3. Love this witness! He is so thorough and making it easy for the jury to understand.

    Now, just what was on the phone and camera…stay tuned!

  4. I wonder what Martinez is objecting to with the photographs. Love how he says he was never given a copy – no, Martinez, that is YOUR game.

    Also, it takes over 4 yrs to give the defense the camera to be tested?? Hmmmm…the plot thickens!

    • Jodi can’t be seen with a cute dog! The jury might think she knows how to smile!! Honestly, Martinez is such a tool. Glad the judge ruled in Jennifer’s favor.

  5. SCORE – the exhibits are going to be entered, showing Jodi had BROWN hair before the murders. This provides reasonable doubt based on what the car rental person testified to…

      • hi CJ I had to stop watching right around the part where he discsses giving background information because I got a phone call, I didn’t hear last bit. I don’t think that it’ll impeach the rental guys testimony, but it shows he was just in accurate. I doubt Martinez clarifies that. because it’ll make his witness look unreliable.

        • Daniel,

          Dont you think it’s odd Martinez didnt ask her ex what color her hair was in light of this testimony? He saw her the day she left and gave her gas cans. She bought the dye at walmart in Lodi I believe before she hit pasadena.

          • Yes. That is odd.

            How did you know she bought the dye at walmart in Lodi before she hit Pasadena? I had not heard that.

      • CJ a guy can be standing right in front of a woman and not know her eye or hair colour because that is not where he is looking…. next time you talk to a guy turn around and say what colour are my eyes… and no they are not attached to my boobs 😛

        • Exactly. He’s so anxious that people are thinking–“ah, porn.” Shouldn’t he be playing it cool about the porn? Like, “yeah, so what?”

          • I agree piq he shouldn’t be making an issue that. Daft Punk is actually just a French electronic music team that dresses like robots

        • The only thing I can think of is that he’s putting on a show to the jury to pretend that Travis’ sexual proviclations are somehow imaginary. “The youtube video isn’t porn, so none of it is! Travis is a saint after all!”

          Also, he’s distracting from the proxy bit.

          His antics are getting on my nerves!!!

          • Nerves–me too, me too. This is what he does, though, to many witnesses. He’s not really asking them questions or expecting answers, but using them to create his own monologue. Of course Dworkin is not an expert on hair colour, dogs, porn genres, or penises. This is too much.

          • Oh my god MB! I’m going to pee myself.

            Now I have to imagine it: Martinez unzipping, pointing, asking, “What is THIS, Mr. Dworkin? This thing, right here? What colour is it? Are you an expert on THIS, Mr. Dworkin? Isn’t it true that you’re not qualified to comment on this? And, isn’t it true then …”

    • Poor guy! He’s just trying to do his job and Martinez keeps muddying the waters by asking him to analyze the content rather than just recover and report it.

  6. The forsenic witness did say that “Yes, I did find porn on his computer.” He just couldn’t remember if it was of women’s breasts, or entire bodies, etc. Thats’s what I heard the loudest.

  7. Sorry I am posting this twice. But, I didn’t want it to get buried.

    Daft Bodies looks like something some girls made up as a video, based on the Daft Hands video that someone made. They use their bodies for the words instead of their fingers, as in the original video.

    Here is the MySpace page of the women who originally did the Daft Bodies video.

    Daft Punk is the band – Daft Bodies is is not a band.

    If you watch a video of it, women are dancing around scantily clad.

    This is NOT something a Mormon man should be looking at. Adultery to them includes LUSTING after a woman by a man.

    There is NO other reason to watch these videos of Daft Bodies aside from getting aroused by naked women dancing around.

    OH, and BTW, if I were Jodi watching that video over Travis’ shoulder, I would have been offended.

    My question to Travis would have been – “Why are you looking at bodies of girls when I am right here?”

    • Nicole n did you see the comments that some had for the video, ” you should make a nude version of this video.” So yea the video is obviously for thst kind of intertainment. And like you said, a morman man should not be “lusting”…

      • Yes, I did LC. That really struck me too. People can be SO vulgar!!

        But, it goes to show the mental state of men who watch that video. AND, Travis looked at more than one, I think.

    • I watched Daft Bodies and thought it was pretty weird. It has women in underwear wearing tinfoil covered boxes on their heads dancing like robots. I have no idea why people would do this.

      But whether or not it falls under the traditional definition of porn, it does speak to Travis’ habit of objectifying women. He sees women as nameless, faceless “bodies” to use for his own gratification.

      And there was other porn found, so the expert testified.

  8. Here is a thought. NOW that Martinez brought up the PORN pictures, perhaps the defense can then bring those photos (according the witness there was) into the trial.

    I am HOPING that the defense just led Martinez down a really sticky trail and has him exactly where they want him! 🙂

    BTW, why didn’t the photos of the text messages on Jodi’s phone not get showed?

  9. I hope that Daft Punk or daft bodies is not the porn found on computer because it’s not porn. and though I agree it’s not the type of thing a Mormon man should have been watching, it does not rise to the level it needs to be in terms of self defense

    • Well, the defense could play to those videos being “mental abuse” because Travis preferred looking at that over being with Jodi.

      Once again, it demeans her and makes her feel worthless.

      I highly doubt that the witness was referring to the Daft Bodies as porn.

      I think the defense led him right into their trap. Since Martinez brought up the videos by a name AND the porn pics, I think the defense can now SPEAK to those since Juan brought them up.

      Not sure though…

      • I hope so Nicole I hope there some other information to back it up… I just don’t think the mental abuse getting Jodi jealous is gonna make a Jry believe that was worthy of what happened. I’m just hoping and praying there’s more

  10. OK, I have to ask this.

    Does ANYONE think that Travis was not as “poor” as a kid that he has led people to believe?

    Here is why I say this.

    I have seen pictures of him at younger than 10. He has had professional photos done, played baseball as a little guy, wears expensive football team jerseys, has toys, etc.

    Some how this does not fit with a life of living with drug addicted parents…

    Look at the pictures here and tell me what you think:

    • Hmmm.

      The pics could have been taken at his grandma’s? One of the reasons I did believe his account, was that the area where he lived was meth-ridden at that time. And his account was spot on of what a child would go through with a meth addict parent.

      But you raise a good point.

    • Thanks for posting this. I, too, had doubts about the claims of his background. This is only because I saw another mormon man on the internet reinventing his past by making questionable claims about dead family members. So when I heard Travis was going around talking about how he grew up poor and with drug addicted parents, and they were dead; it didn’t take much of a leap for me to figure out that he might be rewriting history.

      And no, these pictures do not look like a family living in a drug addicted squalor. The way people talk about Travis’ background make it sound like life was extremely hard; when in fact it looks very average. He has the same spoiled, self righteous, entitled look on his face, too. His parents may have had substance abuse issues, but there’s no indication of them wasting away from crystal meth that I can see.

      • Right I agree about the photos not indicative of a life with a meth addicted parent. But do we know whether the photos were taken when he visited his grandfather or when mom cleaned up once a year to see him?

        Not defending Travis, but his background could demonstrate why he seemed so hateful toward women.

        • My ex is a meth addict. No one cleans up nicely with meth. You can tell they are an addict and he currently lives in a tent in someone’s yard . Meth addicts dont visit, dont call, dont write because in a meth addicts brain, nothing matters but meth

          • My mother is a meth addict, and she calls every day in an attempt to speak with me.
            I was raised in a similar background, Meth addicted mother, coke addicted father, and guess what? My family photos look damn close to his.

            No one shows their true self to the camera. No one.

            I could post a hundred pictures from my childhood just like his, and guess what, I was poor. I was homeless for years. FAMILY saved me, and FAMILY saved him.

            Just because he was happy doesn’t mean he was smug, or privileged, or spoiled. It just means he was happy.

            Don’t judge a lifetime based on a few photos.

            As I said, No one shows their true self to the camera.

          • That’s not happiness, that’s a disturbing look. And it follows him throughout his life; showing that whatever was wrong with him started early. Yea, I do see smug. I see contempt. I see a lot and if I’m the only one, fine. But don’t ask me to buy into the con he sold. Not after everything we’ve learned and certainly not after his family helped keep the momentum of his lies going. I cannot, WILL NOT, trust a damn word the Alexander clan has to say.

            (personal information removed)

            So yeah, far be it from me to “judge” someone by a few photos. Apparently I have not suffered enough to know what it’s like to be down and out to your standards. But at least Travis had photos to share, clothes that fit and weren’t stained and holey, a FAMILY to save him, and relatives rich enough to give him boat rides and professional photos.

          • MB, I’m sorry that you had a rough past, I am. I know what it’s like. My story doesn’t match yours exactly, but we have some key similarities. I want you to know that I understand how hard an upbringing like that can be on someone’s mind, and on their heart.

            Even so, it gives you/us no right to judge someone based on pictures.

            Us judging him based on the photos of his past is just as bad as those calling jodi terrible names based on the photos she took with alexander the day he died.

            You sound like an intelligent and strong person, so I know you can understand that (exactly as is the arguement against the “Pro-Spankers” that were arguing about Jodi’s beatings as a child) no two people take hardships the same way.

            Even if his life wasn’t as bad as yours, it doesn’t mean it weighed on him any lighter. I’m not saying this excuses any behavioral problems he may have had (I never knew the guy, and I can’t pass a judgement on half sewn facts), but it does, I think, at least give him the right to not have his past torn to shreds.

            I think that a few things posted by posters here are a little bias, just as the Pro-TA sites are biased towards him being an angel.

            For one, the “Daft Bodies” video, is just amusing. My wife and I watched that when it was fresh on the internet, and we got a kick out of it, because we are fans of the band “Daft Punk”. It’s not dirty, if it were men wearing the same attire (albeit lacking the sports bra) no one would have claimed a thing (although some on here might have claimed he was in the closet for watching it). The female body doesn’t make something dirty, it is how it is looked at by the outside people that make it dirty.

            As for the proxy sites, we can only assume as to what he was doing on them, sadly. We have no way of knowing for sure.

          • Interesting Pyromie, that no matter what i comment..You have been through it and had a totally different experience.

            Have you also had a uterus? We could discuss that next.

  11. News Now on HN a special coverage: they have some people on now pointing out that the murder was not premeditated. This is the first iv heard on HLN having experts on with different points of views without being cut off.

    I also wonder if the defense will bring up the rental guy testifing about the hair color. Why would he say her hair was blond if it wasnt??? Maybe HE has watched the media?

    • You know, LC, you’re probably right about him mis-remembering her hair colour because of images of Jodi in the media. That happens to people all the time–they confuse their own, real memories with ones constructed from photographs.

      • Not to mention that men, in general, are not as astute with describing hair color, eye color, etc., at least based on my experience.

    • I’ve been limiting my HLN coverage to maybe an hour or so a day, because any more than that and my head wants to explode.

      From what I have seen, though, they seem to be backpedaling a lot of their initial claims. They haven’t admitted culpability in their previous positions, though, which earns them no brownie points from me. They know they can’t keep toeing the same storyline so are adjusting accordingly. And they say Jodi is a chameleon? Ha, have they looked at themselves?

  12. It seems the broken hd belonged to Jodi and that is where the penis pictures came from. I would hazard a guess here though that Jodi was allowing her hair to go back to her original colour brown and that she cut the blond streak into bangs as is evidenced on the pictures taken at TA’s.As for Martinez’s comment that she may have dyed her hair from brown to blond then back again, he obviously has no idea what amount of time it takes or the prep work involved in dying one’s hair especially when it is long like Jodi’s. It is not like one just goes into a bathroom for two minutes, dyes their hair and comes back out again, nor can it be done in a car on the side of the road. LOL

    • True about the hair color, Debbie.

      There is NO way I would change my hair color that many times. My hair would break off.

      Further, going from brown to blond is no easy task. It could really screw up the color.

      I would venture to guess she had her hair professionally colored. And, any professional would caution her against coloring your hair too many times in a short period of time.

    • Right. Though it’s fairly easy to darken blonde hair, it is NOT at all easy to lighten brunette hair to blonde. There’s no way she went from natural or dyed brown hair in late May, to blonde, and then back to brown again in a matter of a couple of weeks. This is a possibility Martinez wants the jury to consider, but it’s ridiculous. It’s especially ridiculous for anyone to consider that she did a dye-job on the road. Please!

  13. WOW. I loved Ms. Wilmot’s line in the evidence hearing today. “the states objective is to seek justice and not a conviction, …(when martinez was arguing prejudicial.) THAT WAS HER BEST YET!

    • Oh yes,I was about to quote that too!!That was a great line!!!!Sometimes I think Ms Wilmot would do a better job if Mr Nurmi was not in the defense team,she´s got what it takes to fight Martinez,him mmm not so much.Also,the nutters-haters are saying all sorts of crap about Jodi pulling her hair back today,they can’t even tell when a person gets emotional(when she saw the photos of her and her sister/her dog)everything is a show to them….Jeez!

      • Wow really? They’re pissed because Jodi’s hairstyle is different?

        She’s breathing air, too. I guess they’re mad about that as well.

  14. A juror asked if date stamps can be manipulated/changed on a digital camera. The nutters are cheering score one for the prosecution, that Jodi changed the date on her camera. To me, that question could apply to Travis’ camera as well.

    • I did not buy that because the photos were in order – the witness showed that.

      And yes, the same could apply to Travis’ camera.

    • I also thought the witness was allowed to answer very unclearly … were they asking about changing dates on the camera and thus the pictures would reflect whatever date was chosen, or were they asking about once the picture was taken could you change it on the photo itself, or were they talking about the JPG file, and the file date on the computer, or were they talking about the date that’s part of the internal digital meta data–like the hidden GPS coordinates that allowed someone to track where the McAffe software guy was hiding out in Guatamala or whatever. Very poor answer I thought … they should have then asked for clarification.

    • The defense is patient. Knowing that Martinez will bring it up at some point, they will then be able to play it and if he objects he has no argument because he brought it up in the first place. Any objection he has will be overruled.

    • Well the experts started to say something n Martinez objected AGAIN!!! Then they went up to the judge’s stand. When Mrs Wilson came back up, she didnt go back into it. Like always whenever the defense tries to make a point, they’re shut down!!!

      I also didn’t know Jodi was taking the stand!! I was surprised! !!
      What does this mean? ?? The trial can’t be almost to the end, right?
      And does this mean that they won’t be calling any more witnesses? Or can they???

      • LC,

        Are you saying Martinez shuts the defense down, or that the judge is in collusion with the prosecution and shuts the defense down?

        If the judge is not in collusion and is ruling correctly, then there is no “shutting down” there’s only correct objections followed by correct legal rulings.

  15. I don’t think she should be on the stand. Martinez will rip her apart when he gets the chance. This is not a good idea at all.

    • I bet Kirk will have her up there for a few days at least – hopefully she’ll have time to prepare for Martinez. It’s going to take a while for the defense to get through their questioning about her life leading up to June 4th of ’08.

  16. Wow, Martinez has the gall to reject the photos on grounds of being irrelevant? He’s going to say that a picture of Jodi smiling and happy are irrelevant when he couldn’t wait to splash pictures of her crotch everywhere???

    Am I the only one that thought Martinez tried to bury the jury with a crapload of minutae when he presented his case? “And what is that?” “It’s a door.” Really? Really??

    Ms. Willmott should NOT have to explain why the pictures of those clothing are relevant!!

    • “Wow, Martinez has the gall to reject the photos on grounds of being irrelevant? He’s going to say that a picture of Jodi smiling and happy are irrelevant when he couldn’t wait to splash pictures of her crotch everywhere???”

      The irony is rich.

  17. I personally think its absolutely needed for Jodi to be on the stand.
    This is all stuff the jury needs to know; so far everything she has discussed.

    How else were they suppose to hear about her life?
    About her experiences?
    Including her experience on June 4th, 2008.

    Its a lot more believable for some coming from the source, right?
    Good luck Jodi.

    • I agree too. As bad as it can get with Martinez, its the best choice for her. (I think)

      Will the defense be able to bring other witnesses or experst after???

      • LC –
        I’m not an expert, but I would say aboslutely they can bring more witness’ to the stand after Jodi.
        She’s just like any other witness, they don’t have to call them in any specific order.
        I think they wil definatly call an abuse expert to the stand after Jodi is done, to clarify and explain and back up things she will say and do.

        Correct if I’m wrong someone; dont’ want to misinform.

        • You’re right :). The defense can and will call witnesses after Jodi has finished testifying. I wonder if they’ll call Matt McC since Jodi is about to discuss her relationship with him?

    • I wonder if Jodi at fifteen years of age felt it was her fault that the guy she had just split up with had slit his wrists and tried to kill himself.

  18. I feel this is Jodi’s idea. What does it benefit the defense to have Jodi take the stand while taking the chance of being tore-up by Martinez? He ( Martinez) smells blood already as he interrupts the questioning over & over. When it’s his turn, he can ask her questions that make her look bad whether she answers them or not.
    I don’t believe it’s premeditation, (which is what the prosecution has hung their hat on) because of a host of reasons, like she knew cameras like people know the back of their hand so she would know how to remove & dispose of the memory card. There would be no hand to hand combat if it were premeditated, she’d just shoot him.

  19. I’m willing to hear out both sides of the arguments in this case; however since i’ve started watching the trial, Martinez has been trying to intimidate EVERY wittness and especially by this point HAS to be alienating the jury with his CONSTANT objections and everything else.

    However, what makes today’s ‘examination’ by him all more appalling is the fact that ‘Daft Bodies’ is NOTHING more than some people dancing vis a vi the French EDM duo ‘Daft Punk’ ‘s song ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’.

    It’s not pornography, (albeit, the chicks in the video are dancing around in bras and panties), it’s got NOTHING to do with murder; and it shows how UNBELIEVABLY unprepared this jackass is by going to trial like this… If he wanted to pick out ANY video that was watched by someone, he should have done his research and figured out WHAT the video was about, or the HISTORY behind the effing thing.

    Absolute travesty of justice. I couldn’t help but laughing my ass off.

    The only part of his cross-examination that MIGHT have been defaming to Ms. Arias today was about the date of the picture taken of the t-shirt and panties.

  20. when are they coming back?in like an hour?they said 3.30.Sorry for asking but I’m watching from Greece and am not familiar with time difference.

  21. Now we will get the answers to all the questions, straight from Jodie. Can you imagine how many Juror questions there will be.

    This humanizes her to the Jury. I like how she is facing and talking directly to them…… is making her human, and not just the monster she has been portrayed to be by the Prosecution and others. She is soft-spoken, and appears very intelligent and thoughtful. Yes, it is a double-edged sword, but I think it was needed, not to just humanize her, but to get in some of the needed items (audio recordings, emails,….I HOPE).

    I can clearly see now how someone like Travis could easily manipulate her. She appears very mild and meek, a good girl.

  22. I just heard that Jodi took the stand today. She said she killed Travis in self defense and she planned to kill herself after that interview where she said No jury will convict me. She said she will regret that for rest of her life. Then she told about her early childhood abuse where both her father and mother beat her frequently with a belt and a wooden spoon.

    • Yes she did. I feel for her. And her mother should feel horrible for causing her so much pain growing up n letting it happen. Jodi has been abused her whole life!!!! How sad!!!

  23. Are they letting her ramble just to show that it comes naturally to her? That it’s not some sinister plot to talk her way out of trouble, it’s just how she is?

    • I’m thinking about this, too. Wondering if it’s helping or hurting. She sure does make a lot of parenthetical statements, and has a fondness for detail (she speaks a lot the way she writes). I’ve noticed, though, that uncertainties–those “kind ofs” and “I don’t knows”–creep into her speech when she talks about being hurt by people. I don’t know if this is meaningful, but it’s noticeable.

    • I think Nurmi’s letting her “ramble” because they want the jury to:
      1. become hypnotized by all of her sad story, and
      2. truly feel personally connected with her.

      One of the HLN commentators said this seems more about making sure these jurors won’t decide the death penalty for her. I get that. If the jury likes her and feels sorry for her, they’re unlikely to sentence her to death.

      Of course, the prosecutors is mostly okay with Jodi “rambling” because he’s all ears, looking for all kinds of fresh, new rope with which to hang her during cross-examination.

      • I remember Jodi saying in an interview earlier on that she would rather be put to death than spend the time in prison. Of course she’d rather be acquitted, but I wonder what she really feels about the death penalty in her case.

        • Micky,
          I heard her saying that too.It made my heart stop.I mean,let´s face it,it´s quite unlikely that she will be aquitted so life imprisonment is what may be the verdict.However,when Jodi said that,I was like omg if she’s unwilling to spend life in prison then she may consider suicide(which she said she has already thought about,sadly).Now what?What if Debbie’s right?Can a defendant ask for their own conviction?I’d better not jump into any conclusion,I feel for that woman so much I don’t even wanna think about death penalty,lethat injections etc…It’s what everybody on TA’s side do and frankly it’s macabre and saddening.It’s like I wanna tell them,ok ppl she did what she did but honestly it’s you who sound like blood thirsty,premeditating cold blood murderers.(sigh)

      • The problem with that theory is, if the jury convicts her of premeditated murder, I think Jodi will ask for the death penalty

  24. God bless Jodi. She is looking at the jury when she answers Kirk’s questions, talking to them like they’re intimate friends of hers. She coming off as earnest, articulate, bright and normal.

    But I suspect she’s skipping something (possibly on purpose). She says she FLUNKED KINDERGARTEN?! That’s a huge red flag. I’m thinking she may have experienced some kind of trauma.

    So far she’s doing well on the witness stand. I think her tone and affect are right on. The battered women’s expert will just need to tie up the lose strings tightly.

    That horrid prosecutor man, Juan Martinez, will of course try to tear her a new one. But as long as she keeps telling HER truth, I think she’ll be in okay shape come decision time.

    • I think she definitely had something happen to her when she was young. As an adult survivor of child abuse I know that my memories were pushed down and didnt surface until my 30’s. I am going to guess that the same is or has happened to Jodi.

    • She has one of those birthdays (07/09/1980) where she had just turned 5 when entering kindergarten and it is common to repeat the grade if development/maturity is a concern. My lil sis repeated K as suggested by administration and her bday is 07/23. Personally, I’m not reading any more into this.

      • I thought that too about her July birthday….she may not have been ready maturity-wise for first grade because she was on the younger end of her class.

    • I know of kids that “flunked kindergarten”
      one had poor fine motor skills – couldn’t hold a pencil or sizzors
      another was unable to sit down and thus interrrupted other kids because of wandering around the classroom.
      Another child was so far behind because of missing learning letters that he would sit under the table. Makes it really hard for the teacher.

    • She said things changed around age 7 … depending on if she was too “young” to start kindergarten when she was 6, she might have started the next year at 7 … and that’s when things changed, she said.

  25. Some of these questions though I am confused by…Like who paid for power, phone bill etc…Its almost like they have not rehearsed this.

    • I thought this same thing too. And if so, then shes telling the truth from the beginning, just like it everything happened in her life. And if she lies it would be easy to catch. I think so far everything has been true but of course HNL n the rest of the tools think she had 4 years to rehearse n that the stories come from other inmates! !! Lol can they get any dumber?!

  26. I’m just now getting over my absolute shock that Jodi is taking the stand.

    Watching the testimony this morning, I was thinking that the defense was dropping the ball and was completely failing to convince me that Travis was physically abusive. I thought to myself “They need to drop a bombshell to turn this around.”

    I guess I got what I was hoping for!

    • I was shocked too, Michael L.

      I found Jodi to be very detached. She would give some detail of abuse and then quickly say something nice about the person who abused her.

      • I think the abuse expert will be able to explain this perfectly.
        Not so uncommon with victims of abuse.

        I think we’ll all come to learn this and hear this straight from the abuse experts mouth.
        Defense is doing this perfectly I think – giving the abuse expert plenty to work with.

        • I think you’re right, Sam and M.

          When it comes to others’ questionable behaviour, Jodi rarely judges or makes firm emotional statements; instead, she coolly rationalizes, minimizes and equivocates. I think we’re supposed to notice this, and, later, to understand why.

      • Good point, Sam. I also noticed that. She seems to quickly say something nice-ish or flatly, diluting the impact and weight of her pain points. But I think the abuse expert will say this points to a common confusion. The people who’re mean always have done nice things in between, and for that an abuse victim is usually grateful. And learns to live in confusion about how a healthy relationship should go.

      • Shes bern abused her whole life from people she’s loves. That’s all she knows to do, protect them. So sad… She doesn’t know any better.

    • I was shocked as well. I was able to watch the last 30 minutes of the trial, and I was surprised that she was on the stand, but I think Jodi is the best person to describe the abuse from Travis.

  27. Well, the defense, so far is doing a good job. They are laying the foundation for past abuse and it’s effect on her later in life.

    It seems she has a pattern, starting from childhood, of confusing love with abuse. No wonder she was so confused about her relationship with Travis.

    Seems she is repeating the same patterns over and over again that were drilled into her from childhood.

    I can TOTALLY relate to her. This is the same kind of crap that went on in my house as a child.

    • Nicole,u´r 100% right.It´s obvious that what Mr Nurmi is trying to do it to set up a psychological context into which most of Jodi´s actions,feelings and behaviours can later be explained.It’s only natural to think that if she was this ever forgiving,caring,trustful person she most likely would have forgiven Travis’ repetitive degrading,unacceptable behaviour.Frankly,Nurmis approach is quite simplistic(psychology wise) but I think it gets the message across nicely.YET,the only thing that upsets me is that after reading tons of nasty comments on the different social media I ‘m afraid that some of the jury may coincide with some of the sick haters out there,for example ”ok we got it she didn’t have the best childhood memories and she was naive enough to go from one troubled guy to another.that doesn’t justify what she did” Oh,God I do pray the defense team had everything thought out and planned meticulously,before letting her take the stand and getting even more exposed to everyone.Let’s just hope that all this won’t backfire at her,God plz dont let that happen.

    • Anyone starting to think that Martinez wishes he had taken the 25 years when asked by Jodi a couple years ago?

      Maybe TA’s family will go after Martinez ….”You told us not to worry … that you had a slam dunk case … 25 years wasn’t enough … we can get more”.


  28. Predictable HLN: some commentator was talking about how Jodi was on the stand for 2 1/2 hours “talking about ALL of the boyfriends she had before age 21!”

    ALL of the boyfriends…what, two? Three?

      • I know, we’re back into “evil sorceress with magical powers” territory.

        Well, Jodi can’t be human now can she? Not even on the stand, defending her life. Any ounce of empathy she gets from anyone MUST have been extorted somehow, or attributed to her appearance.

    • Well, of course. The entire conversation will be reduced to “promiscuity.” And the childhood abuse will be reduced to “spankings.” It will be twisted, exaggerated and misrepresented.

      • Yeah, I’ve seen the spanking justifications on other sites already. “My parents beat me with frying pans/belts/wooden spoons and I DIDN’T KILL ANYONE!” Well, you know, some people are more resilient than others. I think it’s horrifying when my husband describes being hit with a belt as a kid, but to him, it’s “what everyone did.”

        My parents were spankers on occasion, but never with implements.

        • Kira….. to me… I also thought like ur husband did. And I cant stand the, “but I didn’t come out that way!” They DONT KNOW!!! IF that’s what there mentality is, then they dont understand. N That’s what “I” think. The abuse that a lot of us in out early n middle 30’s n maybe older, thought it was the norm, or that it was the way to be brought up. Thats because the laws were a lot different too. I cant imagine having to put up with it for any longer after it stopped. I cant imagine having to put up with the extensive sexual abuse she experienced from TA, along with the mental n physical abuse. That would really F*** someone’s mind.

      • Let the prosecutor do that on cross – I think it will help Jodi. I think there are some on the jury with common sense and know beatings aren’t cool.

    • haha,God forbid if a woman happens to have a lot of (?)boyfriends but when it comes to men(see?I tried my best not to say Travis) being a womanizer is charming,is being a MAN!!

      • Oh definitely. They keep saying how Travis is a “normal” red blooded all American male because he whips his junk out with impunity.

        Jodi has a sex pic taken? She’s called a slut.

        The double standards, no matter how ancient, just never seem to die.

    • If there was ever a time to stay away from HLN, now is that time. I can only imagine what the harpy Nancy Grace is going to have to say.

      Actually, I prefer not to imagine it.

      • Michael,Nancy Grace already commented on Jodi’s testimony trashing her as expected of course,by ”graciously” saying Jodi’s thoughts of commiting suicide is BS,then played the Inside Edition clip just to prove her point stating that she sees Jodi ”laughing” when saying ”no jury will convict me”.Seriously that Nancy woman is insane!

  29. From what I heard Jodi state today about her father, I believe that Travis was very much like her father. Girls often gravitate to someone like their dad. I have read a few blogs of different women with Travis and they all talk about their private inside jokes. To me that means that while Travis was being friendly with everyone he was secretly putting them down to another person, just like Jodi’s father did. They were also both into body building and taking care of their health. Her father putting thin pictures up of her mom and telling her she needed to lose weight was abusive to her mom whether anyone sees it or not. It would be very hurtful to her.

  30. I am glad this website is here because it seems everyone here sees past the judgment and hatred of the general mob who are watching this trial. The prosecutor comes across (to me) as manipulative and whiny. I don’t like his “tricks” like when he asks a witness, “do you recall saying…” and then never shows proof that the witness did or did not. This is a trick to “insinuate” to the jury that the witness said something that was not said…. ever. I cannot believe that Nobody see the reality…. she has no criminal history, no deviancy, no cult actions in her background. TA, on the other hand, was brought up by drug addicts and addicts are master manipulators. Of course a child raised by addicts will go on to be a manipulator. This is proven by the fact that TA was an executive in a multi-level pyramid scheme and an elder in the Mormon church because he was able to manipulate all those around him that he was “pure.” I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but his first gf that testified (the 19 year old), first said she had told him to stop grabbing her buttocks in public (only one of the reasons she first broke up with him). But then he she back with him and became accepting of his behavior and believed it when he manipulated her into believing he was not cheating and it was okay to touch her butt in public (as she stated during cross examination by Martinez).

    Ahhhh.. thank you, all for listening and letting me see there are still rational people out there.

    • Hi Cindy, I agree with everything you said.

      I didn’t notice that little maneuver Martinez was pulling. “Do you recall saying,” ect. Good point!

  31. People are saying that Jodi sat there “stone faced, no voice cracking, no tears. what a load of crap…”
    Please correct if I’m wrong, but isnt it “normal” that victims of abuse compartmentalize the abuse and when they discuss it they tend to be almost repeating the situation rather than telling about the situation?

    Hope that makes sense, couldnt quite find the wording I wanted.

    • Exactly! I noticed that she was connected to her emotions when talking which is typical of abuse victims. She has not received help yet. So she seems totally normal with with what she has endured.

    • Holy shit, M, that caller made me so angry! You know for a fact if Jodi were a mess on the stand that caller would be saying how it “proves Jodi is a liar” or call her hysterical, or accuse her of trying to toy with the jury’s emotions.

      Showing no emotions? Oh, that means there’s something wrong with her too! No winning here, now, or ever with these asshats!

      Compartmentalize is a good word. Plus these talking heads forget that Jodi has four long years to come to terms with herself and her life. Clearly she has achieved a lot of personal growth!

  32. Ugh! I had to go out for a bit right as Jodi took the stand, I had the live stream paused, but it’s giving me the colored bars with the long tone at the moment. Does anyone know where I can see the full amount of her testimony from today yet? I don’t want to not see it till tomorrow or something and get in on it tomorrow and have missed the good stuff from today!

  33. I think Jodi had to take the stand so the domestic violence expert has context to work with on her testimony.

    For everything that has had to be brought up, I thought Jodi’s mom and aunt are handling themselves very well. I feel the way I felt when Jose Baez had to bring up Casey’s past abuse – it must be embarressing having your family dynamics exposed to the entire world. Overall, though, they are extremely composed and respectful of the court.

    Can’t say the same for Travis’ two sisters. They keep glaring, rolling their eyes, and making smirks.

    • I had no idea that one of Travis’ sisters is a police officer. The one on the right, her name is Samantha. The other one on the left, Tanisha, has an odd look about her.

      • Huh, neither of them strike me as cops. I didn’t know their names. I nicknamed one Skeletor and the other one Teela. The dude I dubbed Que Ball.

        I can only handle so many sour faces, outbursts, and intimidation stares. If they can’t compose themselves to resemble decent human beings long enough for the judicial process to work the way it’s supposed to (unbiased), they should stay home and watch it on tv or the internet like the rest of us.

        Yeah, this really pisses me off.

        • In Flores’ police report it states that he contacted Travis’ sister Samantha who is a police officer for the city of Carlsbad as the next of kin. I also read that his two older brothers Gary and Greg had not had any contact with Travis in the 4 yrs since he moved to Mesa. I wonder why they were estranged.
          On another site, I read where Tanisha wrote that since Travis’ death she found her way back to the church and is now has a temple marriage, which led me to believe she may have been a wild child before.
          Anyway just rambling, I read a lot.

    • MB –
      I was feeling the same way, about her family composing themselves respectfully.
      I’m sure this whole trial has been embarrassing.

      I too see the similarities between the past abuse with Casey and Jodi, and though it all is probably very embarrassing and regretted I think the family must know that this type of information has to come out. If to save their daughters life they have to own up to their wrong doings – it would be a small price to pay.

      I am not always able to watch the video (have to listen and work), but am wishing I could see Travis’ sisters. I too have never had to deal with a family member being killed, but really, to sit in the court room acting like children rolling their eyes, what does that say of them? And they are judging Jodi? Maybe I’m way out of line, again, considering I don’t know how I would react. But I really hope I would be above the childish shit. I suppose they are hoping to taint the jury in a way – hopefully the jury too can rise above the charades.

      • M. that would be my opinion too.I was thinking while Jodi was sharing her bad childhood memories that her mum is such a good lady,totally composing herself.Of course,on Facebook there are ppl hating Jodi and her family writing as we speak things like that : ”God her family looks like white trash.”
        I really can’t understand where all that heatred comes from…

        • Hi maria, I figure people have got to be so empty inside, with no meaning or purpose in their own lives so they hop on bandwagons for the sheer stupidity of it and join in the pile-on HLN has been so generous to give a platform to.

          I find the term “white trash” used by those people to be ironic. What doesn’t constitute white trash if not people who contribute nothing to society but bullying people on the Internet? I don’t like the term white trash anyway, because it’s problematic for more reasons than one. Just the fact they are using it against someone else, well, it’s like they’re babbling in the mirror.

      • Hi M, I agree there is no way to really predict how we would act. But the difference between us and them is that we would at least consider the consequences of our behavior. We would think first about whether we could handle ourselves in court. We wouldn’t feel entitled to sway the jury with glares, lip curls, and general hostility.

        This really does make their entire family look bad. I have put myself in the shoes of crime victims more times than I can count – including Jodi’s. To the point of having ventricular trauma – something I am bracing myself for in this case.

        But Jodi in no way is acting like what she did was right or saying she would do it again. She is not reveling in what she did, or enjoying the fact she is on television. That’s why I don’t understand Travis’ family acting like such assholes. I *might* understand their reactions if they were facing down a smug serial killer. But they aren’t. This is a self defense case with intimate partner abuse.

        • Precisely MB, I was going to say that in my post; about Jodi not pretending she is innocent (as far as self defense), not acting like what she did is okay.

          And that’s the difference here, that’s what makes it so easy to point out what some think are minor details (porn on Travis’ computer, the nude photos, his flirtatious attitude) and hold them against Travis; because everyone is pretending he’s some kind of saint, building him up to be this person that he quite frankly wasn’t.

          I know some people have been questioning the “rambling”, I think what the defense is trying to do is, as someone else said, just humanize her. Yes its rambling in a way, but I think Jodi has a lot to disprove, I mean she’s been painted as this soul sucking, penis hungry monster. The prosecutor pounded this so hard into the jury’s head that at this point they could quite possibly be thinking, “Oh, that’s right, Jodi was a child once.”, “Jodi experienced trauma in her childhood, who would’ve thunk it!”, the list could go on, and I’m purely speculating, but again, I think the point is just to show the jury that she is human.

          I also think the more information they get, the more the abuse expert will have to work with, to help prove her case.

          • I agree with your post M. The rambling was something I was reading on twitter and other media sites. I thought Jodi did a great job today. She comes across as thoughtful but fragile. Seeing her speak shows she is not the monster that everyone has painted her to be. I think it goes a long way to show she is human like you said, a real person that has not taken joy in what happened.

          • Thanks MB and Trixels.
            Sometimes I hit POST COMMENT and worry I may have been harsh – no going back once I commit!

            Yeah, its really degrading how the media seems to think they can twist this (and have for those who are unable to look furthar than JVM or NG) trial. I know we’ve discussed this plenty, but the feeling I get when I see grown women looking into their screens and somehow making it sound like its Jodi’s fault for being abused, its disgusting. Judging her glasses, hairstyle, clothes, etc. – how disgustingly degrading ladies.

          • M, by the way I don’t think you’re out of line at all. And your assessment is spot on! It’s like people forget that Jodi is a person at all. They think she arrived mail order one day, hatched fully grown from some cardboard box, assembly required.

            It’s interesting how HLN talks so much about the “human” element, well that should logically include Jodi now wouldn’t it? And it should include talking about Travis’ faults as well as what good points he possessed (I’m doubtful). And if they are going to cover the Mante-teo (sorry, don’t know how to spell his name off the top of my head) scandal then surely they can appreciate the gravity of Travis’ double life and report on that as well. He’s not just a guy with some problems, his behavior was downright disgusting. Mante-teo had an imaginary girlfriend – so what? Why is this even news? Everyone but the media seems to understand that the Internet is a screwed up place. Why spend literally HOURS reporting on that and NO time reporting about Travis’ double life?

            And yea, Martinez has been such a douche to Jodi. Here’s what I don’t understand: if the prosecution’s case is “so strong” then there’s no reason to have splashed pictures of Jodi’s crotch to the jury. There would be no need for character assasination if the stab wounds really proved premeditated homicide.

            So it’s kind of sad to me that the defense has to “prove” anything in this case. The prosecutor is the only one under the burden of proof, legally. But the media has warped our justice system where people are now fighting off gossip and innuendo instead of demanding the prosecutor meet their burden of proof.

            And some of this comes from former prosecutors – no surprise!

  34. NG is making me furious tonight. The shit she spews is just awful! She just said that is was OK for the mom to beat her with with a spoon…afterall, her daughetr was Jodie Arias. Pitiful Nancy, just pitiful.

    • Oh, the lady’s an absolute c***. I can’t fucking stand her, nor can most of America. Every time ANY case hits the news they’re ABSOLUTELY 100000000% GUILTY. HANG THEM, BEAT THEM, KILL THEM. She vilifies them before any true evidence is in; let alone a verdict.

      Then when a dismissal or acquittal/not guilty verdict hits. She gets a ton of egg on her face; but refuses to apologize for it, regardless of the complete inaccuracy of the ‘facts’ and stories she puts out there

      • Yep, a not guilty verdict comes in, and Nancy starts raging about how “the devil is dancing tonight!” There is no “innocent until proven guilty” in her world. Every defendant is guilty, guilty, guilty and shoud be put to death without a trial.

      • There are very few people who deserve to be labeled with “the c word”, but Nancy Grace is one of them. Hell, she is the top of the list.

      • I think a way out of your emotional hell is to realize that the Nancy Grace show is just that, a show.

        And a show is designed to make money. And the way they make money is by getting people to watch and talk about it: including haters of the show, like you.

        If you remember from the movie of Howard Stern’s, Private Parts, they said the average Stern lover listens to his show, X amount of minutes, because they want to see what he’s going to say next.

        The average Stern hater listens even more … because they want to know what he’s going to say next.

        You think you’re against her and hate her, but you’re actually part of the audience she is targeting and making money off of.

        Nancy Grace may not even think or believe half the things she’s saying, she’s just saying what she knows will sell.

        If I saw Tom Cruise kill someone in one of his movies, I wouldn’t run around thinking he was a murderer. I’d realize he is an actor playing a part in a movie who may or may not personally believe in killing people.

        The reason people get confused with someone like NG, is that it looks like a “news” show. But it’s not news, it’s entertainment, it’s a show USING the amped up format of the once trusted Walter Cronkite NEWS show. The only problem is, everyone is fooled into thinking it’s news an attempt at reporting.

        The more you talk about her, the more money she makes off of you and people like you. It doesn’t matter if you buy any products or listen to her ads, you help keep the energy sustained. That’s what she’s going for, and that’s what pays her big salary.

        • Oh, I’m not part of her audience AT ALL. I just read her sound bites on various websites. No way would I give that cow ratings.

        • MickyD –
          Though I understand what you are saying, I highly doubt my curiosity is making NG much money.
          Regardless if I’m bashing her on a website or watching her show.
          Yeah, yeah I know – look at the bigger picture, if just one person stops watching her it could start an epidemic and we could shut her down! No, that’s pretty close to the impossible end of the spectrum. She was probably a staple of entertainment television before I was born, I don’t think I’ll be making much of a difference one way or the other.

          I enjoy being able to discuss my anger with others on here and I, being an adult, know how to fix the big issue – stop watching NG, stop reading about NG – but again, I enjoy discussing with others on here and hearing their opinions too.

          So, while I do appreciate your advice, maybe its best if you quit reading our comments about NG. That way you don’t feel like your part of the problem.

          Not trying to step on your toes MickyD – just defending my curiosity to know what’s going on on the other side of the fence.

  35. All I know is Karma is a bitch and what goes around comes around. Just sit back and wait . Nancy Grace will get hers and won’t know what hit her or why.

    • Don’t worry Debbie, the karma bus will run NG over, just like all the other Jodi haters out there. I had never heard of this woman before I started reading about the Jodi Arias trial and I honestly cannot believe how narrow minded she is. The audacity she has to call Jodi a psychopath! NG is a total loon.

        • Nancy Grace is a complete disgrace to TV. It’s fine to me if she thinks Jodi Arias is guilty as hell, everyone has the right to their opinion, but that woman goes about it in a very unprofessional manner. To say a young Jodi Arias deserved to be beaten with a wooden spoon and that if Jodi were her daughter, she’d bolt the door and have a bulletproof vest on before falling asleep exposes Nancy as the psycho she truly is. I just hope for Nancy’s sake that none of her children get in major trouble with the law because then you’ll either see her is a terrible mother since she wouldn’t support her kids through the bad times in life or as a first class hypocrite.

          She also cuts off anyone who doesn’t agree 100 percent with her point of view. I’d actually support Jodi being found innocent if for no other reason than I’d love to see Nancy look as stupid as she did last year when she was condemning Casey Anthony.

          • @David, I agree about NG. I do watch her every night because I like to here about children being found, etc. but she is nasty. Sometimes I wanna punch her through my tv. I hate when people think their right all the time. She can be so rude with her mouse looking face. I do however like how she fights for children.

            I understand her reaction to Jodi as its hard to believe someone who lied sooo much. And the fact that TA was so brutally murdered but Jodi only had couple scratches on her hand makes it hard to seem like self defense. Coupled that with the weapons readily available for self defense make it iffy. I guess if your so passionate about something maybe one could act over board, ie. NG. She wants justice to be served. The problem is is its her justice she wants not the true justice, whatever that may be.

          • Yep, her version of “justice being served” is always “let the defendant fry.” Which, as we saw in Casey’s case, is completely off-base. Innocent people do end up on death row at times.

    • Karma has already hit her, HARD!! Just look at her and her eyebrow look! Its funny but scary!!!

      Wasnt NG husband or someone in her life brutally murdered? ?? That’s why she hates the world!

    • She already got it, her fiance’ was murdered years ago. Absolute horror for his friends and family that has to be a terrible thing to go through; but fuck her. (Talking about Nancy Grace and her ex-fiance here, not Jodi. Please don’t take that the wrong way).

      Although the dumb bitch she is; she used it as a publicity stunt and parlayed it with her book deal (a midst lies as well) to gain fame. This is why she refers herself as a ‘victim of crime’. Yes, it’s sad her fiance’ was murdered, but it wasn’t a planned out murder, it was a mugging IIRC. Completely random. She’s an absolute travesty of a ‘reporter’ in any sense of the word. Like someone posted above, her show is more for entertainment purposes than for factual news;… However, THAT’S the problem!

      You’ve got ‘journalists’ these days who run around putting out ‘news’ (regardless of the truthfulness of the story) and who are not accountable to ANYONE (and if anyone attempts to hold them accountable, they hide behind the 1st Amendment; which I have NO problem with the 1st Amendment, but these ‘journalists’ need to be accountable for their falsehoods). Then, if there winds up being a problem with their story, instead of telling people what they did/said was wrong, they make a small publication about it (Newspapers that had a front page story regarding something will put the correction on page 300, people like NG will put the correction on their website instead of airing the truth up front on their soapbox of a TV show.

      I’m sure that true journalists like Walter Cronkite, Jules Bergman, Emmett Seaborne, Hunter Thompson and ALL the other greats are spinning in their effing graves…..

      • Totally off subject; but I’d love to know what Hunter S. Thompson would have to say.
        Most likely nothing, as this type of stuff wasn’t his “genre” (or niche?), but still, would be all too interesting.

  36. Jane Velez Mitchell is such a derisive jerk. Leiberman is a condescending twit too. But Jane of all people should understand why Jodi’s testimony was legally relevant to her defense. Good lord, nothing about her testimony on the stand was about pity! And there is NOTHING in Jodi’s statements that blamed her parents for what happened between her and Travis that night. Jane, you point the finger at Jodi for spinning a story – ever care to rewind and watch the kind of shit you’re trying to sell to the world?

    And there’s Susan Constantine with her expertise in the hoodoo science of “body language.” Bah. These people are just mouthpieces for the prevailing opinion. I have yet to see any “body language expert” that had the backbone to disagree with the host on the show they appeared on.

    Jodi has really put herself out there, giving people answers to several burning questions (“Who is this woman? Why don’t we know anything about her life and family? What was her childhood like?”) and all she’s met with contempt. So which is it? Do they want to know about her or not? Why ask if they aren’t going to believe a word she says? Why speculate about her mindset when they refuse to apply the same rules of psychology as everyone else? Serious questions!

    Something else I don’t understand – why do they dismiss Jodi’s claims about Travis as “allegations” yet when she DOES come forward with proof (letters, recorded phone call, photos, ect) they just keep denying and denying and denying. What the hell? They either want her to pony up the goods or not. If she doesn’t, she’s called a liar. If she does, she’s a bad person for making him look bad. Or worse, is accused of “forging” evidence. For fuck sakes. Last I checked, it was Travis and Travis alone who decided to live a double life, and manipulate his way as high as those talents would take him. That’s the legacy he left behind, and that’s the risk he gambled when he decided integrity wasn’t as important as money, women, and power.

    No matter what Jodi does, she never wins. When she cries, she’s accused of being manipulative. If she doesn’t it’s proof of being a psychopath. If she shows emotion she’s hysterical. If she doesn’t then there’s something wrong with her. Good gravy!

    There is just no winning with these people, is there? No matter what, there is no reason, no sanity, no debate, no conversation meaningful enough to get these people to give her the benefit of the doubt that Jodi is SUPPOSED to be guaranteed by our constitution.

    And just an aside – I really really wish they’d stop talking shit about Casey Anthony. Casey’s case and Jodi’s case are completely different. Apples and oranges. Just like OJ and Casey were apples and oranges. Not all acquittals are the same!

    • Oh MB, you take the words right out of my mouth, could not have said it better.
      And I know many people are probably thinking, “Well, don’t watch HLN then M.”, curiousity people.
      I go into it thinking, “Hell, how can they twist this?” and to my non-surpise, they always find a way.
      Dear Nancy Grace – Jodi didnt stab every boyfriend that cheated on her to death – clearly.
      You are such a nimrod and your comparisons are idiotic.

      Sincerely, M.

      • Well, it’s true – we could turn off the TV. We could pretend the propaganda doesn’t exist or that it’s not dangerous. But it does, and it’s so close to hijacking our justice system. When a defendant has to DISPROVE stupid claims and outright lies made on tabloid tv network to get a fair trial, our constitution has been severely compromised.

        It is unconscionable to me that HLN hosts are fucking GIDDY about watching someone get handed a death sentence. And they have the nerve to call Jodi a psychopath? Please. They are trying to play judge, jury, and executioner – and they may yet succeed. A television network should not have that power, ever. The fact that it is within reach of getting it? Very scary.

        IMO there NEEDS to be a pushback against this. Whether it’s in the form of speaking out or writing to lawmakers, something needs to stop these people from ruining what’s left of our courtrooms.

        NG makes five million a year doing her show, so I’ve read. I’m not sure how accurate that is. But the fact that she’s getting paid anywhere near that to ruin our country is unthinkable.

    • Those HLN “body language experts” are full of horseshit. My son is on the autism spectrum and does not like to make eye contact. I’m sure those experts would judge him as a sociopathic liar without knowing the facts.

      I would love to call Jane Velez-Moron and unload on her. She makes my skin crawl.

      And yeah, leave Casey alone already. Leave her be; she’s not seeking any attention from you media vipers.

      • Isn’t it ironic how the people who have made the most money off Casey are the ones who vilify her the most? They are literally wallowing in riches made off a poor little girl’s death, and have the nerve to accuse Casey of trying to cash in. How despicable!

        And yeah, body language is completely subjective. I’m not sure what one has to do to become an “expert,” gee I’d make a ton of money yammering on about someone else I have no clue how they would normally behave.

        The NG claimed Jodi smiled or smirked. What a stupid, stupid thing to say. Jodi admitted she was nervous, and we all know people who are nervous often smile. Here’s to another derp de der moment!

  37. Justice for Travis boards are lit up tonight criticizing every little thing that happened today, as they do. I do have to say I am shocked at some of the comments I am reading tonight, People are excited anticipating the cross examination.

  38. Pray for Jodi. That is the best thing we can do. She is so brave to take that stand. She has to get the truth out! God love her and her family.

  39. I’m now reading your second-hand reports of what the Nancy Graces of America are saying about Jodi’s childhood. I’m not surprised, of course; I anticipated every mean, twisted word. It’s crap, it’s all such shit (I hear you, MIckyD) but it is still unethical. It’s still an outrage.

    You know, when people hear about the tragic childhoods of the worst serial killers who’ve lived, when they hear about the cruelty these murderers endured as children–Charles Manson was a street urchin because his teen-age mother had no parenting skills or resources; Ted Bundy thought his mother was his sister, and his early years were a constant mind-fuck; Hitler’s childhood was a long series of beatings and humiliations–when people hear these killers’ tragic stories, they GET it. They do the math. They understand how one terrible thing leads to another terrible thing. They understand that these men were once children–that they were made, not born. They don’t forgive these monsters–nor should they–but people do understand that a history marred by abuse MATTERS.

    Here, with Jodi (whom we can’t even begin to compare to brutal, cold-blooded, predatory killers), here we have something very different. Her childhood is meaningless. It’s reduced to a big fat zero. A joke. Her childhood is not even given the same attention and consideration that Bundy’s was. Like MB wrote, the rules of psychology, of physics, of the universe don’t apply. And they are not even voicing moderate responses, such as: “OK, that’s really sad, but Jodi still has to pay for her crime.” No, they’re saying something heartless and something completely, illogically insane. They’re saying that it’s damned good that someone beat her in the past BECAUSE she’s so bad in the present! That it’s right that someone hurt her BEFORE she ever became violent–justice in reverse, justice in a time machine.

    I’m trying to wrap my head around that. The very childhood conditions that can lead directly to emotional instability in adulthood, the very conditions that are well-understood, in our society, to be the roots of violence–these are being celebrated. They are actually joyous to hear that someone smacked her. They want to see her, not just humiliated now, but RETROACTIVELY humiliated as well. Can they hear themselves? These people, they are not intellectually disabled. Not in the diagnosable sense, anyway. There’s just no excuse for willful stupidity.

    One more thing: there’s a lot of sympathy out there for the neglect and beatings Travis endured as a child. As there should be. Can’t they even pretend for Jodi–just for the sake of consistency?

    • Well said Pique. Among the narrow-minded, one-way thinkers on other websites, once you’re dead, you’re magically a saint. Which is ridiculous because EVERYONE dies and we sure as hell aren’t all perfect people. They can’t entertain for a minute that Jodi may be telling the truth about Travis because he’s the one who was killed.

      • Yes. Part of the reason we say, “never speak ill of the dead” is because we are also going to die, and we’re not perfect either. But there’s a lot of road to travel between passively zipping it, not speaking ill, and this active, dishonest rehabilitation campaign. I still really feel that this public campaign is, on the whole, less about love for Travis and more about hatred for Jodi–for the pleasure of hating her. It’s cloaking hatred in a loving disguise, or pretending that the former has nothing to do with the latter. It has a lot in common with abuse tactics in intimate/family relationships: behave hatefully and call it love. It’s all so unwholesome.

    • Hi Pique, I love your posts, you are always so eloquent. Do you have a blog?

      I have considered Travis’ childhood, but like all things in his life that story is probably a lie too (there are so many, at this point I throw my hands up). HLN would rather keep Travis’ claims alive than acknowledge Jodi’s REALITY. You’re right, they won’t even condescend to PRETEND Jodi is a human being that may also have personal struggles.

      I’m sure there’s a reason Travis is the way he is (and at this point, I’m happy never knowing), but the media’s fixation on his childhood abdicates the responsibility he has as an adult to make ethical decisions, especially as an elder of a church. We all have issues. Some more, some less. It doesn’t mean people should wallow in them and allow their behavior to habituate into becoming abusers, con artists, or religious fakes.

      The measure of human decency then becomes what we choose to do when our issues start affecting other people’s lives. Travis’ character wasn’t flawed because he had issues – it was flawed because he used women as beasts of burden to bear the brunt of his personal problems. He occupied a position of power under false pretenses, and chose to exploit that authority rather than be honest and step down when he could no longer live his life in accordance with the values he publicly claimed to have. To add insult to injury, at the end of the day, there is no shortage of sympathy for him from the media and the clueless public, and none left for the people he fucked over. People are so busy trying to understand “why” he did what he did, they won’t even stop to think to bother to acknowledge the fallout his choices left in other people’s lives.

      It’s scary how abuse has become socialized to the point where mindfucks of NG, JVM are considered normal and acceptable. When Jodi was testifying, I realized that the situation between them escalated partly because abusive behavior has become more acceptable and consequently commonplace. It’s ok to call a woman names as long as she “deserved it,” or physical assault is not abuse or a threat unless the man incriminates himself by losing control and putting bruises where they can be seen. It’s all blase anymore. “No big deal.” People do heinous things and post them on youtube to brag about them. Humiliation, aggression, dismissiveness to other’s humanity and rights are considered positive qualities.

      • Oh, and I find it interesting that Jodi is blasted over and over again for being a liar. What the hell was Travis? He lied too, repeatedly!

        • I know, it’s incredible.

          It’s true that Jodi told lies, and told them desperately, badly. They were whoppers. No one will ever forget.

          It’s an indisputable fact that Travis not only told a thousand little lies to every single soul who cared for him (his girlfriends, his friends, his family, an entire congregation), but that his LIFE was a lie.

          And yet, when these two people are put on a scale for their lies, Travis is light as air. Denial is powerful–and apparently highly contagious!

        • Jodi lied for different reasons than Travis did too. Travis lied so he could pretend to be Mr. Perfect and have no accountability for his selfish hypocrisy. Jodi lied out of desperation, shame, and fear – and quite possibly because she couldn’t remember everything that happened that night.

      • MB–no, I don’t have a blog. I love your posts, too. You have a forthright and lucid way of cutting through the bullshit. I really like this:

        “Travis’ character wasn’t flawed because he had issues – it was flawed because he used women as beasts of burden to bear the brunt of his personal problems.”

        This is IT. It’s such a striking visual: to imagine Jodi–physically–carrying around the heavy load of his dilemmas, compulsions, lies. It fits in nicely with the psychology of projection and introjection, which are always present in emotional abuse. One partner can’t bear his painful load, or identify with his own problems, so he decides they are coming from outside of himself, not from inside of himself–they are coming from HER. The other partner eventually not only gives up the fight against his projections (even gently, because it triggers his anger and abuse) but eventually internalizes his problems, and sees herself as the source of them. She carries them around, as if she were a “beast of burden.”

        It certainly seems they both had unresolved problems, stemming from childhood and early adulthood, and those problems intersected explosively. While I don’t have a problem with those who say that certain women (and men) are more vulnerable to abusers than healthier people, I do resist the idea that vulnerable women go around “choosing” abusive partners.

        No. They go around looking for life, love and fulfillment, like everybody else. It’s the abusive people who need to find their own personal beast of burden, who need to relieve their inner tensions, who have a nose for vulnerability. They can smell the blood of old injuries, and it turns them on. When they meet a sensitive, vulnerable person, one who’s already been tenderized by previous humiliations … well, half their work is already done!

        That’s why, I think, this “pattern” emerges. That’s why this seems to happen to certain people, again and again. The abuse victim is not some masochist, seeking “the only thing she’s every known;” she is being found out. AND, she’s being found out while doing very normal, human things: dating, looking for sex, looking for a life partner. Why are these normal activities and urges often presented as “symptoms” of pathology? Do you notice that? It comes back to everything a victim does and says being suspect. When a woman is abused, the attitude toward her is largely punitive or finger-wagging. Or worse, as we see in this case.

        (Sorry about the pronouns. It gets too messy to write him/her, but I acknowledge that they are sometimes reversed or same-sex.)

  40. A serious question. I understand that this website is for people who believe that Jodi is not guilty of murder, but guilty of killing in self defense, however I am just curious as to how the excess of her actions is justified? I am not trying to stir anyone, I am asking a serious question. No one can deny the injuries are excessive, so I am just curious how that is justified in a self defense claim involving a gun that she admitted was not on the property. thank you

    • the only thing i can think of is, she had an out of body experience. i can understand the strength, because i had a ptsd episode and picked up a refrigerator and hurled it across the room without realizing i did it when i was in my teens. this is all in hindsight because at that time no one heard of ptsd. Another time i was threatened by a man who reved up a chainsaw and made a jabbing motion at me…all i remember, my vision went black, i saw nothing, felt nothing, like i had passed out. but i didn”t.pass out. he was all beat up and taken to the hospital. i don’t know how i could have done it when i couldn’t see. i was blind at the time. i could have grabbed the blade of that saw. my growing up years were a b—- lots of trauma. i watch myself so i don’t get pushed off my trolley if you know what i mean. i avoid any situations of intensity. i keep myself safe. it’s scary when you don’t know what you’re doing and i always think, in that black out state, i could have been killing a person and not know it.

    • I agree. I am not sold on premeditation OR self denfense. But I do believe that everyone deserves a fair trial. I heard something interesting about the Arizona self defense law….there are 2 different elements that must be present. The first one is would any reasonable person believe the defendant was afraid for their life, and felt they had no choice but to fight back. This is entirely possible of proving, but we do not have enough information to make a determination. Its the second element that seems the most damaging for JA. The defense must not be in excess. Meaning that there can be no more damage done to the attacker than what could stop him. It will be very difficult to get the jury to believe that. Perhaps you can explain that with the gun shot or even some of the stab wounds. But both? And the throat slashing? I just do not know how they can convince the jery of self defense under those grounds. I do believe that she will not get sentenced to death, however. Unfortuantely, there are double standards with men and women. She is on the stand to show her humanity, and it will end up saving her life, even if she is convicted of first degree murder.

      Thank you for letting me share my view!

      • That is my same ideas. I am not sure what happened and am trying to be impartial, but the issue of excess is a big issue. Of course if you fear for your life fight back, but I find it hard to believe that after such harsh injuries, the stabs, the gunshot, or even the slit throat on their own seem like more than enough to make someone stop whatever it is that is leaving you feeling so threatened. I hope that is addressed while she is on the stand.

      • There’s not always a double standard in regard to sentencing men and women. Some women (Aileen Wuoros comes immediately to mind) get the death penalty while some men (O.J.) are acquitted. There are so many factors involved in how a jury deliberates.

    • I don’t know if it’s fair to assume her self defense is excessive. I don’t think there’s a textbook description of self defense via knife weilding novice. If there were, wouldn’t have Martinez put an expert on the stand to testify to the number of wounds and the nature of them? Refresh my memory if he has, because I honestly don’t remember (Martinez buried the case in minutae).

      So I see no reason to at least consider the possibility that Travis’ stabbing could have been done in a frenzy of panic as much as it could have been in rage. The prevailing opinion in the media is that the only way to see this as is a brutal crime. I’m not convinced!

      • Well I guess the point of excess comes out when I think of slitting someone’s throat. From studying such an injury in classes in University it is a very difficult wound to inflict with such depth unless the person is unconscious and unable to fight back. It was to the bone which means it required a lot of effort and a very sharp knife. That one to me screams of excess only because it could not have been done while he was fighting back.

  41. I watched some of Jodi’s testimony. Wow! I’m shocked she’s testifying. When she answered nurmi whether she killed him and she responded, “yes.” I was shocked she’d get on the stand. I do believe her when she said Travis attacked her. She gets caught up in too many details during her testimony though which makes her sound too wordy and less credible. She also appears to have centered herself around a lot of drama in her life. What is so difficult with Jodi is that despite I say, yes, I believe Travis attacked her I can’t help to think about her different stories. I hope that she’s honest, and she can place the jury in her mind when this happened. She had past relationships with men cheating on her so I don’t think TRavis was murdered for the Cancun trip. Also, her story jives with her ex Brewer and someone posted on one of these forums Jodi worked with her in Applebee’s in Oregon prior to her testimony which I found kind of funny. Jodi testifies about everything emotionless. Yes. But it’s like she compartmentalized everything in her life. Truly sad she destroyed her life for nothing. It’s so upsetting to watch the talk shows that say, oh the jury doesn’t know all the information we know… Blah, blah, blah… Yet their information is hearsay and not credible. Just because you see it on television doesn’t make it true. Anyways, this testimony can show the jury how messed up Jodi is and that she didn’t premeditate this crime.

  42. the flat effect she has might be from being in prison 4 yrs and depression. i agree she tells a lot of details but to me this shows she is not acting, this is her normal way of speaking. she talked the same in the interrogation videos. i think she is doing very well. the friends of travis are understandably upset, they don’t want her to gain any favor with the jury since their goal for her is the death penalty. HLN claims everything she says is lies, but isn’t it interesting that there isn’t anyone from her past who claims she was a chronic liar?

  43. I just want to say I have been watching this trial from day 1. I get so upset about all the things the media says about Jodi. For example, they said that Travis was a great guy before he met Jodi. Well Jodi was a great girl before she met Travis.
    I find her testimony very truthful and I have so much compassion for her.
    I cannot stand the way he treated her. He looks to me to be such a punk. I know he didn’t deserve to die, but I feel he drove her to a breaking point and I really hope she gets the lesser charge. I know she is a wonderful person, and I am supporting her all the way.
    sending lots of love to you Jodi.

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