Jodi Arias Trial – Day 11

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I think we’ll put today down as a bit of a drab draw for both sides. The only memorable moment in this objection-riddled day being Martinez’ impromptu “shock & awe” stunt, where he wheeled out one of the autopsy photographs for Lisa Daidone without any prior warning. Desperate times call for desperate measures? It certainly looks that way.

In the meantime, we’ll continue rise above all the BS, stay strong and stay focused on our ultimate objective – that being Jodi’s freedom.

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If you missed the trial yesterday, click here to watch a full video replay.

Click here to read about my thoughts on Chris Hughes’ blackmail attempts.

Let’s see what delights are in store for us today, as we continue on our mission.

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  1. I just left a post underneath re: my feelings about the defense team right now. I would like to know if people would rather me not post here anymore if, despite my being 100% for the acquittal of Jodi on First Degree murder and her NOT getting the Death Penalty, I cannot (personally) pretend everything I have seen with the defense (as of yesterday) is all roses and great stuff. Based on recent comments about an earlier post, if you guys would rather me not post about my suspicions about her defense team I will oblige. I am also deeply concerned about putting much trust into Searcy because he specifically ALSO said they could “hurt” her…that is scary people. But Like I said I will be sad to go but I will because I respect you guys.

      • Thanks BeeCee. I definitely appreciate yours too. You come up with many interesting things (as do others) that make me look at the things differently than I am pre-disposed to.


        • I appreciate your viewpoint, as well, Daniel. The thing I like about being on this site is that all of us can agree to disagree and no one is attacking each other.

          Further, you might have a viewpoint that I (or anyone else) might not have that sheds light on something and gives new perspective.

          You see, this is what intelligent adults do – we talk about things and are open to others’ opinions! 🙂

          • I’m with Nicole. That’s precisely what I like about this site. We can discuss varying points of view without worrying about being attacked (kudos to the moderator!). I can’t say I think Jodi is innocent but neither can I say I believe she is guilty of 1st degree murder. I like being here because I can talk with others who come from as varied a viewpoint,

          • I enjoy reading all of your comments and appreciate that they are intelligent and reasonable. Keep up the great discussions!

        • David –
          I think the consensus is that we all want you to stay and voice your opinion.
          As Nicole said, most of us agree to disagree when and if we do.

          Please continue to post your point of view; I’d like to continue reading them.
          It’s possible that some are very passionate (myself included) and maybe come across as being a bit harsh – tone’s always an issue when reading someone’s post.
          If I made you feel bad those were definitely not my intentions (we posted about this yesterday).
          So again, please don’t take what I’ve said personally as it was in no directed towards you, they were just general statements that your post just got me to thinking about.

          Your posts are appreciated by me and many others it sounds like.
          Look forward to hearing your opinions on today’s proceedings.

          • I love everyone’s post. David you help us see things that we couldn’t know because of our lack of experience. I greatly appreciate your posts.

          • Gah – I meant Daniel (not that I don’t appreciate David’s too!).

            Too many D names – I’m getting myself confused.
            Sorry guys.

            You’re both great.
            Keep posting Daniel and David!
            Looking forward to both of your opinions (and everyone else’s) when today wraps up.

      • Hey Ladies, I do appreciate everyone’s letting me know that you enjoy my posts, as I sincerely enjoy yours. But in deference to some on here…after watching Lisa on the witness stand today, during direct and cross, I feel extremely depressed about whats happening right now in trial. I feel the defense can’t catch a break. I feel Ms Wilmott needs to toughen up and stop getting so flustered by Martinez when he objects. He is a gnat. But she gives him this look like she is just so surprised by his lack of civility…Is a STYLE and its very much on purpose. I know she is polite and having bad manners is not her or Mr. Nurmi’s style, but some folks, like Martinez don’t respect “nice”…She doesn’t have to be rude to the witness or judge but when his objections are ridiculous she should respond in such a way to let him know they are AND that she is not cowering because of his objections. I mean on a couple objections due to hearsay, leading etc I was able to immediately come up with questions that would have gotten the point across, gotten the answer out of the witness and the judge would have had to have “OVERRULED” on his ass… I am gonna hold back and wait for a couple days when I hope things will improve to post my thoughts. Otherwise I think I may seriously piss off some people.

        • I understand Daniel. I feel like her own defense team did not take things seriously from the beginning. Maybe they just don’t have their heart in it.

          The judge is no help because she is senile or something.

          Deatheater Martinez is just objecting to object I think.

          • Bee oh how I agree with you on the judge being senile. She is really slow on the uptake. I see a total lack of control of the courtroom. She sometimes makes these huh? faces. She is Judge Ito all over again. Remember that circus?

          • This judge or judgeless meek woman, who cannot control this three ring circus playing everyday in her courtroom has absolutely no right being a judge on a death penalty case.

            She should be a judge in small claims court, parking tickets etc.

            But certainly not on this trial.

        • Agree. Am concerned too. Felt a bit down after trial.

          “I mean on a couple objections due to hearsay, leading etc I was able to immediately come up with questions that would have gotten the point across, gotten the answer out of the witness and the judge would have had to have “OVERRULED” on his ass… I am gonna hold back and wait for a couple days when I hope things will improve to post my thoughts.”

          Me too Daniel.

        • Sadly, I do agree; today left me feeling slightly upset.
          I am trying to stay positive – but these witnesses are killing me.

          I too have thought I need to hold back on my post (Lisa made me maaaad today), but I do feel this is a great to post your opinon if you decide to. I felt a bit better after posting. 🙂

          Hopefully it gets better.

          • I must see things much differently than everyone else is seeing. I think that Lisa Daidone was a good witness for the defense because she would have made questions in the jurors minds. Things like 1) Did Travis leave Lisa’s house and either call Jodi for phone sex or call her over for sex? 2)When Jodi showed up at the house and immediately left again, what happened outside? Did Travis wait until Lisa left then call Jodi and berate and belittle her? Did he threaten her?

        • Lol I agree Daniel, when this was happening I was also getting mad! My husband said its becuz she has sucky lawyer. Idk…… do u thinks, like you said above, they are being “nice” ????
          “I” dont think they suck or that they are withholding becuz they’re nice, I think its because they might need more experience. ?????? Can that be it? ??

    • Rose-tinted glasses are never a good idea, in my opinion. I enjoy your intelligent comments, Daniel.

      Where exactly is this comment of yours–“re: my feeling about the defense team”?

    • No!!! I dont want u to go!! I don’t see where you have offended anyone here. You have your opinions just like all of us n from what i read, you’ve had very interesting ideas too n u havent gotten out of line or called anyone names, ect…. or am I missing something? Did u get into an argument with someone here???

    • I was Mormon.
      It IS creepy. There is the Family Ward and the Singles Ward. After 18 years old, you must leave the Family Ward and go to the Singles Ward until you are married. You attend different church services and activities than the Family Ward and do not mingle.
      Keep in mind, he had more to lose than Jodi by being “outted” for his activities. He had received his blessings from the Temple (thus how he got his mormon underwear), she had not. Once you receive your Temple blessings, you are expected to live a moral life and can be excommunicated if you do not. As a new member, she had not received hers and is expected to slip up now and then as she is just learning.

      • Interesting Jessica.

        Do people that are priesthood holders, give blessings to others where they say the blessing came directly from God? Kind of like a prophecy in Christian churches ( some )?

        • yes, they do. The reason Travis could baptize her is because he received the preisthood. It is also interesting that when becoming a Mormon, you choose who will baptize you, and are supposed to “pray on it”, odd she would choose Travis.

          • Fascinating. Is the bloodletting stuff over the top or old Mormon ritual? if this has been asked by for I apologize. I can’t keep everyone and their posts straight as so many are posting:-)

          • Bloodletting has never been a part of the Mormon church. The OLD penalty is a sacred promise made by one who went through the temple, that stated that if they were to reveal the ordinances, “”my throat … be cut from ear to ear, and my tongue torn out by its roots;”, “our breasts … be torn open, our hearts and vitals torn out and given to the birds of the air and the beasts of the field;”, “our body … be cut asunder and all your bowels gush out.”. Such murders and atrocities were never committed by members of the church, but were promised to happen by the enemies of those who revealed the sacred ordinances.

            Up until 1919, these were the prayers made, when they were revised, and again in 1990, when they were removed completely.

            It’s like saying “Cross my heart, and hope to die” but on a larger scale.

          • The Blood Atonement IS real. Whether it still happens or not, I do not know and it did indeed occur in the past. If you think it did not, simply google it and you will find a wealth of information. This is a dangerous religion. They are told to seek out people to convert and you are told to find people who appear lost or down. I was in high school and going through some difficult things when they sought me out. I was told all these wonderful things, treated with kindness and of course, I fell for it. When I finally grew up and realized what a terrible cult it is, I had to get out and that took more effort than you can imagine. I would say they verged on stalking me. They found out where I moved to, they came to my home two to three days a week trying to pray with me. It wasn’t until I opened the door with a shot gun that they released me.

          • I’m sorry jessica, but there has never been a murder committed by the church, for any reason. The “Ritual” is a prayer, where no actual blood is spilled, but you make promises that are in the like to “Cross my heart, and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye.” You ASK that if you break the silence about what goes on in the temples, that your enemies will do such things to you.

            Just because you read something on the internet, doesn’t make it real. Many who leave the church and reveal “Our Secrets” are full of it.

            You claim they stalked you, but did you ever tell them you weren’t wanting to be a part of the church anymore, and to please leave you alone?

            A member of the church who isn’t themselves a creeper would listen to you, respect your choice, and most likely pray for you.

            Please, don’t attack the church without truly understanding it.

            I wish SJ would take these posts that attack the church off of here, such as the posts she does that attack other’s.

            This site is to defend Jodi, not to bash Mormonism.

      • jessica, I have to disagree. The mormon church doesn’t force you to join a singles ward. It is suggested so that you might meet people your age group, and make friends. It’s like a youth group in standard baptist churches, except they have their own service. If you were truly mormon, and knew our ways, you wouldn’t call garments “mormon underwear”. Is us having sacred clothing differen’t from someone wearing a cross? Or the jewish and (please forgive my ignorance towards the name of it) the hat they wear? I’m sorry, but anyone who demonized something they don’t understand is just as ignorant as racists and “knuckle draggers” as SJ so put it. please do not take this as an attack, I am simply correcting a fallacy.

        • I can appreciate the youth group. I saw a show on TV about a group of British youth that visited with Amish and was impressed by this opportunity to meet without there being the sexual overtones.
          However, what I don’t get is why travis friends and family are trying to demonise Jodi. That she led him astray. In Lisa’s testimony she said she found Travis’ groping made her feel dirty and that he was only interested in sex. Ironic if Lisa was the one who got the message warning her off Travis and then Travis own room mates told her he was cheating, who is to say that one of the room mates didn’t send the message.

          • I would never say that Travis was a good man, EVER.

            The problem here is that too many are focusing on the religion, both for and against her.

            It doesn’t matter what church they were a part of, what matters is the kind of PEOPLE they were.

            That is what other’s need to start understanding.

            Who were THEY, not What church did they follow.

        • Like I said, I WAS Mormon and I refuse to call anything of theirs sacred. I’m glad you enjoy the religion but its a little much for some people.

          • Jessica I blv you. I have also read into mormonism and a lot of everything that youve writen iv found to be true.

            Pyromie, what us the real names to the Mormon undergarment then???

          • The church can’t force you to do anything, if they did, you must have been with a bad crowd. Maybe the FLDS or something.

            Seriously, the church is NOTHING as you’ve described it.

          • I think its like anything else, there are good and bad in all groups, religions, sects, cults, clubs, political parties etc etc

          • It was NOT FLDS. It was the LDS church. Yes, I did ask them for three years to leave me alone and stop bothering me. For three years, they harassed my family (who had never even been inside an LDS church) trying to locate me. Maybe your experience with them is great, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s was.

            Ps- Ted Bundy was a Mormon, so delete my posts, I don’t care. Just proves your religion has something to hide.

          • What does Ted bundy being Mormon have anything to do with it?
            Are you implying that because he was, that we all are that way?

            Let’s count how many Atheist, Muslim, catholic, christian (of all varieties), etc. murders there are. Religion has NOTHING To do with them being murderers.

            I’m not wanting your posts deleted to hide anything, I think they should be deleted because they are spreading hate, and based on hearsay, not fact.

            Have you PERSONALLY ever been inside of the LDS temples and had to do a “Blood Atonement”?

            Until you have, you have no claim to the legitimacy of it’s existence (which proper research would show such “Promises of violence” were dulled down in 1919, and removed altogether in 1990.).

            Please do not spread hate based on a bias against the church. You don’t follow it? That’s fine. But do not attempt to start a smear campaign just because a few members tried to guide you back to the church.

            In the end, it is always your choice, in ANYTHING You do. The Main belief in our church is of the agency (Free Will) the lord gave us, and we would NEVER try to take that away from anyone.

            So If some member of this church has wronged you, for that, I am sorry, but do not judge an entire religion for the wrongdoings of a few fallen members.

            Thank you.

          • I am not spreading hate.
            I am sorry I dont agree with your feelings for the church.
            Maybe I need some seer stones.

            Research your own religion, you’ll be surprised how little makes sense and what things they have done. Look up Mountain Meadows.

            And 1990? Like thats so long ago?

      • Mormons must be the only people left on earth who believe being 30 and unmarried makes you a spinster of some sort. Lol!

        • Not all of us do. Most members get married around 19-21 and have children young, because part of our teachings are to “Be fruitful and multiply” which is actually also supposed to be a teaching of the Modern prodestant and baptist churches, but has fallen out of practice.

  2. The judge is actually shutting Martinez down on some of his stupid objections – he’s calling everything “hearsay” when Lisa was actually part of some of these discussions….ugh.

  3. Wow, it seems like Ol’ Travis was NOT the saint his idiot friends make him out to be. Can we say “control freak”? Can we say, “I’m Travis Alexander the Great and everyone should bow down to me”?

    I feel bad for Lisa – Travis drug her into this whole thing. She seems like a very nice girl. AND, she is being HONEST and not trying to evade questions like Chris Hughes. Unfortunately, Chris Hughes has not been in front of a jury yet.

    Although, it might be good because the jurors are going to see what an HONEST Mormon is! 🙂

    • Yea she’s trying…. I can tell though, that she didnt wang to say much. But its obvious to me tgat he was controlling (signs if mental abuse) n he would also out her down, she said it herself in the email.

      Notice toward the end, she makes it clear that she takes it back though. Why??? Why does she take it back? Cuz he’s dead or cuz she wants to make him look better, covering up for him? Then the lawyer (dont know her name) asks her, “well did you email him or call him back to tell him you take it all back?” N she replies with, “no, we talked about it n we addressed the issues.” Ahhh NO, I dont think u take all those things back, becuz you described him to the “T” – how he was n how he acted n in several occations. You cant take back what someone’s actions are!!!!

      He wanted HER to be like Jodi. All the things he did with jodi, he wanted her to do thise things too!

      • LC–yes, I think she wants to take it back primarily because of the terrible way he died. She doesn’t want to taint his image, or have anything to do with—however inadvertently–lending credence to Arias’ story. It would make her feel guilty. She wants to be honest, and to redeem him at the same time.

        I sympathize with her. She’s in a terrible spot.

        • Pique,

          I imagine because she is Mormon and maybe friends with the family of the victim, that she is under a huge amount of social pressure too. Don’t you think?

  4. Perhaps all the attorneys should just stand near the judge since she keeps asking them to approach. I think this judge is either senile or has NO clue how to rule from the bench. I have never seen a trial with so many “counsel approach” demands (not the right word, couldn’t think of anything else).

    No wonder this trial is going to go until April! 🙁

    • Yeah, I heard April too, but what’s going to take so long?? They’re already done with the prosecution, and the witness list for the defense is almost used up. What are they going to do for two months?

  5. Lisa’s email to Travis is like a study in classic emotional abuse. It’s very different, in quality, from ordinary boyfriend/girlfriend spats or arguments. The abuser attempts to undermine the partner’s self-determination, point-of-view, feelings, perceptions, etc. Lisa was strong.

  6. Wow, Lisa is burying the prosecution right now! This is directly going to mental abuse and shows a pattern on Travis’ part.

    It’s also showing “mind control” and manipulation on Travis’ part.

    It seems to me that Travis was a spoiled baby and pouted if he did not get his way. He was very demeaning to Lisa, just like he was to Jodi.

    • Yes, except we can imagine that, with this pattern, it was MUCH worse with Jodi. Lisa, at least, showed some resistance. Lisa NAMED what he was doing to her and told him she didn’t like it. But, even with Lisa being strong, she was lured back into dating him again and again, and into taking responsibility for some of the conflict that, in reality, Travis was responsible for. That says something, too.

      Lisa is a good witness, but you can tell that she’s eager to soften some of the things she wrote in that email. She wants to get it in there that the conflict was in some way “mutual.” She’ll be allowed to do that on cross-examination. That’s what I’m expecting.

        • I know! It’s terrible. As I commented elsewhere in this thread, I think she’s between a rock and a hard place. She wants to be honest and at the same time redeem Travis. Because his life came to such a horrid end.

          I didn’t know she just had a baby–that certainly must add an extra layer to this stressful situation …

  7. I don’t think its the right time to see the message because later it comes a cross examination from the prosecutor
    It looks like Lisa is not really on the defense side just complying very honestly on the witness stand
    I’m concerned she will agree with the prosecution during cross examination if she finds a way out.

  8. I’m anxious to see how Martinez handles the cross on this witness. If he attacks her the way he has attacked other witnesses, he’s going to look VERY bad.

    By the same token, I haven’t heard her say a word about physical abuse on his part. Which is the central point the defense needs to make. Travis was no doubt a control freak with some serious issues, but that doesn’t make it “self defense” if someone kills him. I would imagine that the jury is going to want to see evidence that he was prone to violence if they are going to acquit.

    I also think that this witness’s testimony that Jodi was sort of clingy and possessive with Travis is going to hurt the defense. I’m surprised that they elicited that testimony. It goes right to the prosecution’s case, and somewhat negates their own.

    • RE: Jodi being clingy and possessive. Not good, I agree. The other side, though, is that he was rejecting her in public while using her in private. It’s cruel behaviour on his part. It is, as they say, a mind-f***.

    • Let’s hope he does attack her, Michael. But, I doubt it. She wants to soften it, she wants to say she was “just” angry at that time, and that, in the end, she “just” wasn’t ready for marriage. Martinez will likely just roll out a carpet for that kind of testimony from Lisa.

    • I know. He didnt want her to use the words; poop, crap or fart!!! But it was ok for him to grab her ass in public. A decent girl like her!!! You can tell Lisa was a good decent girl that TA wanted so bad to take advantage of. Thx god he didnt, she wouldnt go out of town overnight with him! Good for her!!!!
      Nooowwwww Mimi… ha ha, thats a different story…. I think she was maybe “spreadind” (lol) a little more to TA. My opinion!

  9. I think pickle face is getting tired of the objections. Martinez objects even when there’s no reason. Why was he objecting to these questions hearsay, when the email was written from herself? That’s not hearsay, why doesn’t she ask him to stop, its too much!

    • Remember that these aren’t like time-outs. The lawyers are arguing their cases for and against the objection and it’s being entered into the record along with all the testimony and other motions. It’s just being done out of earshot of the jury. I remember during the OJ Simpson trial, when judge Ito was just letting the lawyers run the courtroom, there were a lot of sidebars, but there was also a ton of arguing over objections right in front of the jury. It may be irritating to those of us who want our courtroom drama, but at least this way those arguments can’t sway the jury when it comes time to reach a verdict.

  10. Debbie, it was pretty damaging to the State. If you can find it anywhere, watch it. And let me say this, if Mr Alpha Prosecutor goes on his usual attack, it will not bode well for him or his case. I like the limits of time outs 🙂

      • I don’t have a problem with Lisa either way, she’s just answering what they’re asking her. She is respectful of the defense lawyer even if she doesn’t want to testify.

        Martinez just comes off as such an asshole. Showing those pics…wow.

        • I kind of think she back pedaled about her real feelings about travis on cross out of guilt and social pressure. Her writing that letter, to me, showed how she really felt. She was very specific in that email. When first questioned, she said, “thats what I wrote” as if she didn’t want to commit. To me, that showed deception. I’m not trying to call her a big fat liar LOL, just saying she dumbed down what really happened out of pressure and guilt.

  11. Any clue why right now (1:41 pm PT) Travis’ sister seems to be crying uncontroably? What in Lisa testmony upset her so?

  12. OMG I CANT BLV HE DID THAT!!!! Showing the pic of TA slit throat!!!! Wow

    Like nothing, his family n this poor girl!!!! He doesnt know how to do his job!!! Thank god the defense stood right up! !! I wonder what would’ve happebed if the defense would let him, they probably should have. Well no, not really. It says a lot about him!!

    • He didn’t warn the sister because that is the exact reaction he wanted. He doesn’t care about anyone, even the family. All this a..hole prosecutor cares about is winning. He would know the family wouldn’t be expecting the photo/s at this stage, so they could not mentally prepare themselves or leave. By her reaction, which is only natural would elicit sympathy from the jury.

  13. i know this is whats going to happen she is not for the defense at all and she is relieved of how the prosacutor revised the situation to his side

    But i think Martinez did a very good job (in his term) i hope other witnesses will be better

    • I think the defense called Lisa because they needed to make some ground in regard to Jodi being Travis’s “dirty little secret”. Even though Lisa was clearly going to be more conducive to the prosecutor’s side by saying “Oh, I take it all back now, it was my fault because I was inexperienced,” all it takes is for a few jurors to think “Hmmm, well he may have had some issues in how he treated more than one woman…” The defense felt that it was worth the risk. We’ll see.

    • Yes, and I think the differences between his relationship with Lisa and his relationship with Jodi was part of the “virgin/whore” dynamic that he had going on. The sweet young innocent religious girl was marriage material, the newly-converted sexually experienced woman was only good for screwing.

      • Honestly, all I can think about in regard to the prosecutor was that dick move of showing the slashed-throat picture. I don’t think that Lisa was the right witness to pull that “grand courtroom statement” on – it just came out of nowhere and made Martinez look like he can’t control his questioning.

  14. I think that MAYBE the jury is going to be confused by her stories – I know I am. Hopefully they can see through the fact that she is trying to diffuse what she wrote in that email.

    Usually we say in anger what we really mean – especially writing it in an email message. It wasn’t something that was “flip and off the cuff,” like what would happen in a conversation.

    She had to have taken several hours to write a 3-4 page email. She had all he frustration that built up over several months of him being a jerk.

    AND, what would the roommate have to GAIN by telling her that Travis was cheating on her? The roomie did not even want to be brought into it for fear of Travis’ reprisal. Heck, the roomie even feared him!

    But, yet, she suddenly believes Travis over the roommate who has no dog in the fight?

    Travis was the MASTER MANIPULATOR!!

    Also, why did the defense not bring in her blog posts? She made some comments that, if I remember right, were not to stellar about Travis.

    • On her blog she said that she hadn’t spoken to Travis in a while prior to a week before his death because she knew he’d be able to talk her into getting back together and she wanted to maintain the distance.

      • Notice how the defense noted who told her? I wonder if they will call the roommate to impeach her saying that it was a lie that Travis cheated.

        • CJ,

          I could be wrong but I think what Lisa was trying to say, was just that she BELIEVED, at that time, that the ‘old roommate’ (Brian that also testified today?) was lying when he told her Travis cheating w/ Jodi. Not that it WAS a lie that Travis was cheating..At least that is what I got based on everything else she said and what we all know now to be reality. To me, couldn’t it have been brought out here that it was obviously TRAVIS who CONVINCED Lisa that the roommate was lying , as he was no doubt told her he did not cheat on her with Jodi. This shows a bit more of his conniving side ..since we know that could not have been true…Unless, there was some specific period of time around then that he wasn’t actually still sleeping with Jodi, but I find that unlikely.

          One thing I just wish the defense would do…is you know how Martinez with all his “objections” is constantly saying the defense is “leading the witness”? Listen to ALL of his crosses today. He is CONSTANTLY leading the witnesses, (i.e. trying to get Desiree to remember the backpack story…shouldn’t someone have said “Objection..ASKED and ANSWERED. The witness does NOT remember”…but the defense just sat there watching him, stunned like. I am not an attorney, but from what I understand about the rules of the court..and especially listening to the “Sustaineds” this judge affords this prosecutor…why there are not TONS of objections due to leading by the prosecutor coming from the defense i will never know!

          • I agree – I feel like Martinez is constantly running his mouth, he’s hardly never talking.
            Do you think the defense doesn’t want to piss off the judge or be too aggressive since its a self defense case?
            Judge seemed slightly annoyed with all the objections from Martinez today – though she’s still totally on his side!

          • M.,

            Not sure what they are doing, but worrying about pissing off the judge at this point would be my LEAST concern. To me they need to get mad and step up to Mr. Martinez. Stop him in his tracks just as he keeps doing to them Fight fire with fire.

          • The defense team could be more assertive for sure. If Jodi had a lawyer like Jose or Cheney, I’d expect that “Objection!” would be voiced a lot more.

  15. So…. John Hepworth, a former roommate of Travis Alexander, ratted him out and told Lisa that he was having sex with Jodi.? Lisa and Travis split up and then Travis tells her it wasn’t true and they got back together…. so he lied to her.

  16. Lisa was significantly younger than Travis, and extremely innocent in every way, which would make it that more easy to pull the wool over her eyes. i.e., lying about Jodi.

  17. Did anyone pick up during Lisa’s testimony that Travis was having financial difficulties? I thought that was interesting………

    • Yes, I picked up on that. It was odd because it was given as a reason for their last break-up. Perhaps financial troubles got Travis in trouble with the wrong folks. Even his good buddy, Daniel Freeman, said he didn’t like Travis when he first met him because he thought he was, and I quote, “cocky”. And, didn’t Lisa say Travis wanted to get her to join PPL? Under him, she would have made $$ for him. Didn’t Jodi financialy prop him up to in PPL? I don’t recall what they called it, but giving him her “leads” or something like that to keep him making a certain amount each month to keep him at the high level he was in the organization. It could look like he used people for his own financial gain.

  18. Uuggg this makes me SO MAD! I didnt care for Martinez, but I really really dislike him! Why can he get away with this stuff? Objecting to the temper question n then the 1st thing he comes up with when its his turn, is the temper subject n then it plays out great for him!!

    I think this witness played a role for both. But the jury is on top of it, asking the question, if she thought he was a virgin, why did she break up with him?? Great Q, n she got stuck with it, not answering it very well.
    Did you guys notice she was very confident with the Martinez, arms up on the stand then when the defense came up, she then backed down. Funny how body language speaks!!

    I think shes twisting things n nit telling all the truth, mwhen she knows it. For ex: in the morning she said TA talking about sex all the time made her feel uncomfortable, now she changed it saying that he didnt talk about sex much…. she also testified that they stopped kissing when he got an erection but then when the defense asked no he didnt stop kissing her. Shes sidding with both, so what do you blv. What shes testifying to Martinez or the defense? ?? Idk

    And then she makes it known, that JA would text TA when they were together n she felt like sge was doing it cuz she KNEW they were together!!! They didn’t ask her that!

    • Lisa would not be thinking too kindly of Travis if he were still alive, IMO. She feels guilty because he’s dead and doesn’t want to say or think anything bad about him.

  19. I think so too, it was a whole confusion with this witness but i think Martinez is being very good in turning the fact on his side and the defense is not doing a very good job to rebuttal him I hope its only with this witness who is on his side

    and i hope the defense will be able to redirect the atmosphere to their side

  20. Desiree Freeman on the stand…she seems like she does not want to be there. I wonder if their church influenced her or Lisa with their testmony.

    • I find I have to listen to this trial through headphones because it is not loud enough to hear regularly JN. Daniel Freeman seems to be doing fine so far for the defense. There has not been much in the way of objection by the prosecution thus far. It seems Mr. Freeman is thinking that TA is dating JA in September of 2007 and not Lisa Andrews although in actuality it was the other way around. TA’s actions make Mr Freeman think TA is dating JA and that although he is interested in Lisa and flirting with her, it is not the same level of seriousness. If Mr Freeman sees it that way, why wouldn’t JA? For all intents and purposes, although the prosecution tried to initially keep the fact that TA was highly flirtatious quiet, it is coming out more and more throughout the trial.

  21. Oh yes Mr. Freeman also stated that Jodi was there when some groups of friends were with Travis but not when other groups were there, in other words Travis was keeping her from some of his friends but not others. I am guessing these groups did not really intermingle.

  22. The judge reminded the jury to NOT be swayed by emotion or sympathy when certain things happen in the courtroom. Something tells me that privately, she’s not thrilled with Martinez’s stunt.

    Also, someone from the media must have tried to approach a juror because now they’re going to be escorted to and from court by security personnel.

    • Hi Kira, I’m concerned with the judge in this case because it seems like she believes she can keep total control over everything that’s going on. She is generous with admonishments, but isn’t diligent enough to sequester or use her prosecutor-be-good hammer to keep Martinez from hulking out in the middle of trial.

      The jury seems smart enough to ask questions and report back to the judge when untoward things happen (like being approached by the media). So I am inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt; I’m just not sure the judge is doing all she can to ensure Jodi gets a fair trial.

  23. Freeman bro n sister looked like the true morman (so far) no lies, they seem like they tell the truth no matter what. Good!!

    Im sorry… but iv put myself in TA familys situation (I have a younger brother) that im very ckose to n love him with all my heart. If I was to hear this email from n ex girlfriend proving the way he treated these girls, I would be in shock, I would be very upset n I would understand a little more of what must of happened. Im saying I would be in shock “if” I didnt know that that was the way my brothers was. BUT in reality, I being that close to my brother, I would know. So…. I think TA family KNEW, and I thk TA friends also knew how he was n how he treated woman. They are just denying it n hiding it. They dont want to come out n let everyone know the truth, that he was on the abusive side so that JA will have to pay with her life as well.

    • Yeah, the Freemans seem like they’re tough to rattle. Desiree didn’t seem uncomfortable in the least when Martinez was questioning her.

  24. I had been listening to the trial while I worked this afternoon, and only just now saw Martinez’s stunt with the photo. I’m frankly stunned. What an insensitive jerk. Everyone in the courtroom just looked shocked, including the witness. I would love to know what the jury is thinking about him at this moment….

    • Well hopefully they jury is thinking the same thing everyone else is – Martinez will do anything to shock the guilty charge out them!!

      Hmmm, if I shock them enough and play on their emotions (even though the jury isnt supposed to judge based on emotion) they’ll forget everything the defense says and find her guilty.

      I think that’s Martinez’s game.

  25. I was getting really frustrated when Lisa was on the stand.
    I just feel like the defense can’t get very far because Travis’ ex’s feel bad, because he’s dead.
    And I know it would be a hard situation to be dragged into, don’t get me wrong, but I just felt like Lisa wasn’t telling the whole truth. And then to imply that she takes it all back, because she was just angry – so Travis is still minipulating these girls from his grave?! Its like the defense is damned if they do, damned if they dont.

    I really hope some honest witnesses step forward and realize this isn’t about being nice to Travis’ memory, or his family, its about someone being sent to death for defending herself.

    Sorry for the rant – Lisa got me heated for some reason!

    I was not able to watch the last two witnesses, the brother/sister I think. Sounds like they were pretty honest from what I’m reading.

  26. I’m watching Nancy Grace and guests on the show keep saying that Jodi slashed Travis’ car tires. Where is this even found to be true? They talk like she was proved to have done this. What about Lisa’s ex-boyfriend? Wasn’t there talk that he could have done it out of jealously?

    • Yes, it’s never been proven that Jodi slashed Travis’s tires, and Lisa’s ex Steve Bell had some issues of his own. The defense mentioned him briefly today; I don’t know if they plan to call Lisa back later and ask more about Steve or not.

  27. Any fans of Statement Analysis out there? I saw on the replay of some of Lisa’s testmony from the jury questions on NG show. When asked if her and Travis were intimate or had sex (something that implied that can’t remember exact words). She said “no…JUST makeing out”. A simple yes or no question answered cleanly “no” but then qualified it with the rest of her statement. That seems like a weak denial to me. One of the lawyers on the show even made a statement that no one knows for sure if they were intimate, only what she is telling us. Thoughts?

  28. Does anyone know why when Brewster was testifying yesterday they wouldn’t show who is was? I mean they SHOWED up pictures of him, Jodi and his son Jack so why was he in ‘hiding’?

  29. Hi all,

    I don’t understand the point of calling Jodi “clingy.” It’s been admitted into court that Jodi and Travis were affectionate to each other; so it seems like a double standard that Jodi is expected to be prim and proper while Travis can go around hugging, kissing, grabbing butts, ect. Martinez was quick to refresh the jury’s memory that the mormon church doesn’t allow for inappropriate touching, but if that’s the case what does it say about Travis and his inability to keep his hands (or anything else for that matter) to himself?

    It does not surprise me that Lisa was treated better than Jodi, because as a recent convert Jodi was probably considered more of an “out of group” individual. It’s not uncommon for certain religious denominations to view who they feel are outsiders with contempt. Just from what I’ve seen, it appears that Travis and his friends enjoyed giving Jodi mixed signals – inviting her to get togethers then uninviting her through underhanded comments or body language that she wasn’t wanted.

    I didn’t catch the stunt pulled by Martinez to show the slashed throat photo – but I agree that is a complete dick move and should have been grounds for a mistrial.

    Jane Velez Mitchell (a woman going on FIFTY years old) just said that “life is high school.” Speak for yourself, jackass!

    • Now Lisa Bloom is trying to rewrite the trial record by saying that the defense is saying that heterosexual sex is deviant. Wow, really? Just when you think these people have sunk to their lowest level, they sink even lower. Nobody has said that being heterosexual is deviant. Nobody ever said having a sex drive is deviant. Nobody ever said that talking about sex is deviant. Nobody has said that a man getting a boner is deviant. For fuck sakes.

      While HLN shitheads are bypassing sick sexual fantasies of pretending Jodi was a 12 year old girl being anally raped as “normal,” they are at the same time trying to pretend that Travis’ childhood somehow absolves him of all accountability. Of course they don’t talk about Travis pretending to be a good, virginal mormon man who felt he was entitled to a virginal mormon wife half his age; while he was secretly a seasoned womanizer with pedophilic tendencies. No, they’d rather twist the words of the defense in a desperate attempt to play God and taint the jury pool.

      Speaking of the jury, I’m willing to bet the reporter that approached the juror yesterday was probably from HLN news. These people are crass with no sense of ethics or human decency.

      • Yes def agree here! HLN makes Jodi out to be a whore if you will but nothing about Travis. They say his sex drive is normal for his age and every other man in the world. Words by Nancy Grace.

        So Jodi is a whore Travis was a saint. Sick really.

        11 jurors are men as well!!!

      • Agreed, MB. The sexual double-standard is astonishing. If the media, and the internet discussion boards are any indication, these are very conservative, almost backward, times we’re living in. And hateful. Many people love to trash a “whore.” And because they love to trash her, they have to make her a “whore.” It’s circular. Sometimes I think she’s being condemned more for the naughty pictures than for murder. Or, at least, that the two are one thing–inseparable.

      • Hi MH and Pique, I tototally agree the HLN team and Martinez have been so inappropriately over the top with trashing Jodi as promiscuous it’s unreal! They went on and on and on and on about how “sexually aggressive” Jodi was, and how that proves she is inherently violent. Logic would have it, that the same would apply to Travis but apparently not. Apparently being “sexually aggressive” is normal for him, and that is what is expected of him as and I will quote Lisa Bloom “a red blooded all American man.” (As if women aren’t red-blooded Americans either!)

        I am also confused as to why they had to show all those x-rated photos of Jodi in open court. I just don’t see the relevance. If anything, it proves Travis was obsessed with “youthful” appearances; but somehow Martinez STILL managed to make it look like Jodi was the one at fault. But as far as I know, evidence CAN be left out if it’s prejudicial against the defendant, right? Last I checked, this was a murder trial, and the prosecution has to prove Jodi premeditated the stabbing. Not whether or not she was promiscuous.

        It’s been said soooo many times that this case is open, shut, and a done deal based on forensics. Really, if that’s true, then the jury didn’t have to be exposed to close-ups of Jodi’s anatomy. I find it unnecessary and more to the point, is meant to humiliate her.

        This trial is like a witch hunt from the middle ages. The commentary on HLN proves it: they went on and on and on and on about how Jodi has “magical powers” over men, or entertaining second hand accounts that Jodi “has no soul” and “has evil eyes.” This is all verbatim from Malleus Maleficarum; the witch’s hammer, a profoundly evil book that targeted women in particular to be physically and psychologically tortured into giving ridiculous confessions of devil worship.

        It’s disturbing to me, that in 2012 America, that people in their insecurity and ignorance are so quick to revert back to all the barbaric, ignorant, fearful attitudes of old world Europe.

        • I know, I know, MB … she’s a sorceress, a witch, a Jezebel, and whatever else. You’re right–this is practically medieval stuff based on fear and ignorance. Such regression! It’s frightening, these infantile, magical ideas that lurk in the minds of otherwise ordinary–including educated– people.

  30. I wanted to point out that (in my most humble opinion) Miss Arias’ defense team really has the tactics of ‘aesthetics’ DOWN! If you will notice, Mr. Nurmi is examining the male witnesses and Ms. Willmot is examining the female witnesses! VERY WELL DONE on their part if you were to ask me!

      • I noticed Mr Nurmi is never shown talking to Jodi and Jodi looks a bit stiff around him…anyone else notice that?

        It was interesting yesterday when Nurmi stood near Jodi to re-direct after cross by Martinez w/ Darryl (ex-BF) and asked him if sex between them involved pigtails etc, calling her a slut, 3 hole etc…Jodi had this very stunned but clear eyed look as she looked to the ex for his response with searching questioning, ‘don’t hurt me more’ eyes. And when Nurmi was done, the way she quickly looked at Nurmi (can you imagine the humiliation of these words in open court?) and then looked down. I dunno, it made me very sad, the whole thing.

        • Daniel –
          I thought Jodi looked very somber yesterday. More so than she has.
          I think there is a lot of really embarrassing stuff (non-blurred photos, name calling) coming out that I would definitely not be enthused about. That and Martinez’s shock game.

          I think the trial is certainly taking its toll on her.
          I heard a reporter say she’s much skinnier in person than you can see on television an that she’s lost quite a bit of weight just since the trial has started.
          If the anticipation is killing me; I’d hate to be in her shoes.

  31. Apparently ANOTHER of Travis and Jodi’s “close friends” was talking to that hag Jane Velez-Mitchell tonight about Jodi having “soulless eyes.” Don’t these people have jobs? They’re climbing out of the woodwork for their 15 minutes of fame in droves!

  32. I’m sure the answer to this is somewhere on this sight so I apologize in advance. I’ve commented before that there a ton of holes in this trial…most importantly I believe her lawyers made her confess. With that said its too bad Jodi cannot…once again…change her story…even if it is the truth. I do think there is truth in each of her stories. My question is…why hasn’t the jury brought up the most obvious question in my eyes: How did a 120 pd girl do all of that to a 200+ pd man? The medical examiner stated he was defended himself per the pics of his hands…ok…so Jodi walked away with a tiny scratch on her finger? Also how did she have the strength to make that deep incision in his throat? Another common sense (tho we know common sense is not all that common)…if the pics accidently snapped shows he was killed in less that 2 mins…ok so she fought him off…stabbed him 27 times…slit his throat…ear to ear!.!!!…and shot him???? Really??? How is that even remotely possible? And she dragged 200pds of DEAD weight (literally)??? I know she “confessed” however am I the only person that realizes that it’s impossible that she did this alone? It’s obvious she was there per the naked pics…however no one has pointed out that the time stamps could be wrong…the date and time on my camera is wrong…it’s not quick nor easy to change the date and time once it gets outdated by time changes and the calendar changes… I’d really appreciate any answers to these questions. I watch Jane V., Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew every night and it drives me crazy that not one person they have on the show has considered anything I have mentioned. I know they are a bunch of drama queens however they look terribly ignorant by not pointing out ANY of these questions…thank you in advance for reading and replying.

    • TL : Everything you mentioned bothers me too. There seems to be something missing in all of this. I refuse to watch any more of those shows on HLN. They repeat the same lies, make their own shit up and I see them as nothing more than tabloid television. They are not out for any truth or justice just TV ratings.

  33. I came away from today’s hearing feeling down and out. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day for Jodi. Jodi is up against the State of Arizona and the Mormon community. I don’t see anyone coming to her defense. There is more to her than this. She has no history of violence. Jodi was delusional about Travis’s character. She left a great guy because Travis made himself appear to be a good Mormon man; a father, husband, and life partner. He was not. Everyone is touting Travis as a wonderful person. He was not. Just because Travis wasn’t abusive to others, doesn’t mean he wasn’t abusive to Jodi. They bought out the worst in each other. Jodi wanted to family, the picket fence, babies, and gave herself totally to this man who used her and tossed her aside. She wanted to be loved and feel special. He took away the last bit of self esteem she had. Lisa saw him for what he was, and dropped him. Now that he is dead, everyone is holding him up as a saint. I wish she never met Travis. I wish she never talked to the police. I wish she didn’t admit she did it and left that alone too. A crime of passion might be easier to defend against. I’m rambling so I apologize for that. I feel extreme sadness for Jodi.

    • Trixels,

      Agree. He had a different dynamic with the Mormon women so it means NOTHING that he wasnt abusive to them. Yet he was. Lisa may have dumbed down her testimony and lied for travis but her email stands.

      • I hope the jury remember the email because for me after the cross examination i felt like the whole atmosphere and momentum turned into the prosecution side and the whole email got blurred into the air

      • “Yet he was.” Exactly, CJ.

        Just because Lisa, apparently, didn’t understand that man’s sexual response is–how did Martinez put it?–spontaneous, doesn’t mean that she didn’t, as a 19-year-old, know intuitively that she was being mistreated. There was a lot more in that email she wrote. It wasn’t just about her carefully-guarded virginity. It was about her need to be heard, taken seriously and respected. It was about Travis repeatedly hurting her dignity, and about the insatiable needs of his ego, to the exclusion of hers.

    • First thank you SJ for the site. Some good thoughts, facts, and discussion. I feel that the crime scene does have a lot of questions. Jodi was manipulated by Travis. I have been LDS my entire life. Travis was living a lie. Morally he was bankrupt. Jodi confessed to murder. I feel for her. The truth of what really happened will never be known. If I was on the jury the death penalty would be off the table. Keep posting and I will keep on reading.

  34. TL- I think I’m picking up what you are putting down. Perhaps the camera wasn’t timed right. In opening statements it was stated that it was a new camera for Travis’ upcoming trip to Mexico. Jodi dropped it and that is what set Travis off. Jodi was a photographer, she was trying the new camera out…Hmmmm.more to think about. Thanks for all the great input on this page!

  35. Thank you both for replying. Has anyone explained how a 120 pd women took down a 200 pd man in 2 mins? Is it even possible to do what she did in 2 mins? If she stuck with…” I didn’t do it”… She would have walked away free.

    • TL-
      The weight/size discrepancy has me puzzled too. I look at my husband and wonder; could I do that to a fella that size, in 2 minutes? I think not! Other questions: why did the blood trail abruptly end on the carpet where it did? When Travis was discovered, was the shower door open or closed? I ask this because I have read that when someone is killed by someone they know or are close to, the killer will cover the body, or position the body in a (for lack of a better word) respectful manner because there is an emotional attachment. People who don’t care about their victim will leave them piled up where they fell. Period. End of Story. My thinking is Jodi would probably have closed the shower door to give Travis some final “privacy”. Last, back to the weight/size thing, the photo that allegedly shows Travis on the ground, on his back and Jodi’s pant leg- What if there was an assailant in front of Travis, attacking him, Jodi standing behind him, Travis falls backward, Jodi has to jump back out of the way, knocks the camera setting it off, thus by, getting that photo.

      • I honestly cannot believe anybody with average intellegence doesn’t find the weight/strength thing odd. As far the adrenalin theory…well if I was getting attacked like TA was I’d think I’d have just as much if not more adrenalin!
        It’s SO obvious someone else was there…
        Your point regarding the body is valid. Also why would a photographer put a camera in the washer? And not know even deleted photos can be retrieved. Wouldn’t she just take the memory card and destroy it? That had to be some one else!

        I hope they get a mistrial. This whole trial is based on lies. And we all know she is not going turn the other person in.

        • It is obvious that there was someone else there. All the evidence n even the picutes show it! They just don’t want to see it!

  36. Hi, SJ, I was Hayley but somebody is posting as Hailey and this is why I have had to change my name.

    Hey TL, I originally posted as Hayley but someone has been posting as Hailey and has rather disturbing concerning thoughts on Jodi’s punishments should be. I def disagree with that (the punishment) and I believe it would be easy for people to confuse us and I don’t want people thinking I am some Jodi hater. I support Jodi and feel sorry for her. Yes,I do believe she was abused by Travis. I believe Jodi should be found innocent whereas this person believe the full force of the law should be imposed on her. Why are they on this page?

    Okay to your question. Sorry I speak so much! I have search the net looking for the juror question for the past hour in regarding to Jodi being able to over power Travis. I thought a juror asked how Jodi could ask drag such weight, implying she had help. I can’t find it so obviously I was just confused by all the other comments where people have questioned this.

    I am sure the prosecution will play the adrenalin card and people can do amazing things, like lift huge weight etc.

  37. Sorry if this has already been discussed–I haven’t read every comment on this thread …

    I’m thinking about Martinez’s cross-examination of Lisa yesterday and how it sounded–and looked–so very rehearsed. I say it “looked” rehearsed because of Lisa’s body language. She relaxed and opened up her posture. She also nodded as Martinez was speaking, as if in anticipation of his points–she nodded a “yes” before he finished his questions. It was as though they had agreed on the themes (immaturity, her sexual naivete, high school-ish breakups, etc.) well before she took the stand. And those themes effectively neutralized the fact of Travis’s tendency to control/abuse/cheat/lie into nothing but a bunch of adolescent tomfoolery. And, not only that. He made young Lisa’s naivete the MAIN issue!

    Did it seem so rehearsed and tidy just because Martinez had interviewed her previously, as a witness for the prosecution?

    • Yes I agree with you, it definitely looked rehearsed! I did mention something yesterday about the way she set for Martinez and the way she backed down for the defense, it was obvious to me. I hope the jury aloso catches this.

      • Do you think, LC, that it truly was rehearsed? And that Martinez got this obvious advantage from his previous discussions with her?

        Sigh. Whatever the case, I understand why she was so eager to disown that email of hers.

        • Yea I think so, n knowing Martinez’s background it woulnt surprise me. Hopefully the jury can see through all the BS n her trying to sneak in there the comment “but I take it back” n see the whole point of why she felt the need of writing him that 3/4 ltr email. A lot of people are confused as of why the defense brought her in as a witness and that it mightve hurt the defense BUT I think she was brought for that same reason. We heard the email, we heard from her that he cheated, got her back n was still cheating, the email showed a lot of TA that we n the jury did not know for sure until yesterday. Even if she told us n the court “she took it back” she never told TA she took it back, so the email still remains for the person it was writen to, TA himself!!

    • I thought she seemed honest. But as stated above she is still a Morman and probably doesn’t want to be looked down upon for her actions. Or for TA to be looked down upon, he was brutally murdered. She was very young for TA. But it wouldn’t be and is common for questioning to be rehearsed. Lisa was calm cool and collected. She wasn’t a good witness for defense. It did seem she was more open to prosecution. But Travis was her ex boyfriend. Of course she would lean more in the direction of prosecution. And to Lisa….Jodi Ruined Travis and their relationship. Horrible witness for defense to put on stand.

    • Pique,

      The more I think about it, the more bothered I am about her testimony. Such as when she said, ” I wrote that yes” when the defense asked about the email. Then Juan minimized all the abuse by acting like it was high school and all her fault??? Sure it was rehearsed. I agree.

      But Lisa was all for it. IMO, its more about Lisa being of the same faith as travis and friends than it was about her feeling sad travis died. She won’t go against her faith. I know there are latter day saints on here. Ive read a lot about how when things happen in relationships, its always the woman’s fault in that faith. Same as in a faith i was involved in years ago so Im not picking at one faith.

      But when Lisa, blamed Travis erection on herself??? I couldn’t get past that she was taught that.

      I think we are seeing tenants played out in trial. Travis supporters feel like Jodi was the seductress, the temptress. Lisa alluded that she, herself felt that way when Travis was turned on.

      I’m saddened that these witnesses care more about protecting an image then focusing on the truth.

      Lisa explains her email away as an overreaction.

      i viewed it as an “excited utterance” so to speak and in that, the facts in the email to which she brought up about Travis, were an accurate depiction of who he really was.

      • Also, Lisa is married now, with a baby (I beleive) and she has to maintain the appearance of a good Mormon wife. Nothing naughty in the past!

      • An “excited utterance”–like she spoke from her gut, intuitively? Yes, that email was something that broke through her socialization, her religion, her inexperience. She was being mistreated, and she said so! The “girl” in Lisa was aware of this. The married woman–well, things have changed.

    • It did Pique. But I thought it is allowed to “rehearse” your testimony? Just as the defense would rehearse Jodi on the stand if they decide to put her up? But I do agree with you and she kept smiling away at Det Flores while on the stand.

      • Yes, but Lisa was a witness called by the defense. Surely the prosecution doesn’t have access to the defense’s witnesses to rehearse? I just wonder when Martinez last spoke with her, since she was, originally, supposed to testify for the state. Still, taking that fact into consideration, it seemed too fresh and smooth between them. Maybe I’m underestimating Martinez’s skill.

  38. Just because TA was not bad to his ex girlfriend doesn’t mean that he was never abusive to Jodi. Maybe he was a virgin before Jodi. And sex became power to him causing him to act differently with his lover, Jodi.

    I will be very shocked if she takes the stand. Sick move of the prosecution to use the pic of TA out of nowhere. This is just becoming more and more about sex. And the media is having a field day with it!

    Does anyone know why Jodi tried to plea 2nd degree murder? Honestly, every person lies when being questioned by the police. That’s was my experience when I interogated folks. Some just wait it out to see how much info you have before admitting. But does anyone think she just gave in a little? Or that she just snapped and completely lost it due to battered women’s syndrome?

    What people don’t understand is that even if he was abusive why she stayed involved with him. The answer is that the female is sick too. Tired of defending this to ppl I know. So I am glad for this website.

    • Hi MH, I was under the impression that Jodi tried to plead 2nd degree to avoid airing her and Travis’ dirty laundry. Martinez said no; which shows he’d rather embarress Jodi in the courtroom than to protect what dignity Travis may have had left (which wasn’t much, considering all evidence).

      Personally, I have no reason to believe that Travis was a virgin before meeting Jodi. He claimed to be one as a manipulative tactic he used on many women; not just Jodi but on Lisa and other mormon women he dated. I have a hard time believing he took the leap from losing his virginity in vanilla sex to BDSM age play in only five months; especially since there’s no proof Jodi engaged in any of that before meeting Travis.

      I agree that people are going to lie while being interrogated. It’s pointless for the prosecution or anyone for that matter to pound the pulpits of honesty when it’s not unreasonable to expect people to lie when they are confronted with something they are ashamed of.

      I do think Jodi has issues (don’t we all) – but not only did those issues enmesh her in an abusive relationship; it also affected her ability to deal with the police. Jodi does not appear to concieve of herself as a human being with rights; if she did she may have demanded a lawyer as soon as the first accusation was thrown her way by Insp. Flores.

      • But I thought she was read her rights early on? I read that somewhere. Even before she spoke of the intruder story. I am afraid she felt that if she asked for an attorney at THAT point she would look guilty. It was a huge gamble she took that got her partly in the trouble she is in today.

        • You misunderstand my point. It doesn’t matter if she was read her rights. If she is in a frame of mind where she doesn’t feel she is a human being with rights; she won’t have the self respect to make the right choices for her future. The question that was posed was – “did she give in a little.” This is not a question from a legal standpoint, but a personal one; the context to which I am addressing this issue.

  39. I think we are seeing two dynamics played out with Lisa D versus Jodi. He was dating for marriage with Lisa and would know better to show his other side. Yet, his dark side did show through Lisa’s testimony because his mask slipped.

    Now had he slept with Lisa and had they a secret sexual relationship, it is my opinion, that he wouldn’t have been able to hide his dark side from her.

    Sex changes things for an abuser and victim.

    So to compare the two relationships while drawing the conclusion that Travis wasn’t abusive would be erroneous. It’s like comparing apples to oranges.

    • Yes, but the problem is, it was her defense team that was hoping to show the similarities of “abuse” between Jodi & Lisa. The state did not call Lisa as a witness. Obviously Martinez was well prepared. This was one of the concerns I had early on as to why the Prosecution rested so early… During discovery, early on, Martinez would have known in which direction the defense was going to go and I can see him thinking what better way to continue “HIS” case, tell the REST of HIS (the prosecution’s) story…when the defense thinks they are presenting THEIR case. In his mind he could see it as a strategy to not allow the defense to get any traction when its supposed to be THEIR turn…

  40. this case is so engaging. I am rooting for the defense, without hesitation. not just because capitol punishment is so homo erectus, but because the State needs to get down with the cause. i am positively dumbfounded by the name of this website. it simply doesn’t equate. “not guilty” is what I am pulling for. “innocent” is insulting. call it semantics, but word choice is important. I’m guessing the angle will be to diminish the character of Travis & produce a reasonably creative self-defense theory. I hope it works. man, I hate that Martinez guy…

        • Ah thanks..the literal definition (had to look it up..hence the confusion)is “stand up man” so I thought they were saying the DP is so “stand up”..
          But caveman mentality definitely works..yup!

        • exactly what I meant. primitive, cave man, the early stages of the evolution of a rational thinking man in today’s world.

    • Hi UO, I just wanted to say that the defense doesn’t have to diminish Travis’ character; he did that all by himself when he carried on a double life by pretending to be a virgin so he could continue being an elder of the mormon church.

      I hate Martinez too!

      • yes, i see your point. I was suggesting that the objective is to convince the jury of his character… or lack of, better yet!

  41. @daniel…I think UO met that the death penalty is so 400AD:-)

    It obviously was used then and UO may feel its very outdated…

  42. About the only positive I see here is that it is the first time Jodi has smiled throughout the whole trial. For a person who appeared to be grinning ear to ear all the time before this tragic event, I was beginning to wonder if she forgot how.

    Way to go Jodi.

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