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Following on from my earlier posts & warnings regarding the JAA Appellate Fund:

This is to confirm that Jason Weber has now been issued with formal written notice – (from the JAA Fund trustee, Sue Halterman) – to stop soliciting for any further donations to the official JAA Appellate Fund… both through his website (at Justice 4 Jodi Arias .com) and his accompanying FB page.

Click the image below to see the email message (opens in a new window):

Sue Halterman email 8-6-2014(Personal & confidential information has been excluded)

Let it go on record that with immediate effect, and based on his wayward actions, unfounded accusations, drunken rants, threats & verbally abusive antics to date, Jason Weber no longer has the support of Jodi, the Trustee (Sue Halterman) or any other members of the Arias family. The same also applies to the Admins of the aforementioned website and FB page.

In summary: The only website authorized to collected donations is the official JAA Appellate Fund website at  Be sure to pass this message on to all your contacts, and via the share buttons above & below this post.

The JAA Appellate Fund

Thanks to Journee & Pandora for the planning & production of this movie on behalf of Team Jodi.

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Team Jodi

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  1. This has been a great day for me!! ♥

    I spoke with Jodi on the phone this afternoon (it’s already 11.30pm here in Greece)!!!!!!

    She was in good spirits, is preparing for the trial and she sends everyone that supports her, her love, her appreciation and lots of (((hugs)))!!!!!!!!!

    We spoke for a while and I must tell you that she is the most sweet, caring, loving person EVER!!!

    (((((Jodi)))) ♥

    P.S. I still have this smile from ear to ear! I love that girl!

    • Well, you and I have already talked on the phone about it but may I say once more I couldn’t be happier for you, gf! YOU deserved it!
      YOU my friend are among the few people I know who are so utterly devoted to Jodi. She knows that and that’s why she loves you so much.

      (((((((( Jodi ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ))))))))))

    • I told you Pan that if you ever got to talk to her you would love her even more.
      ((((((JODI)))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂

      Ειμαι τοσο ευτυχης που θα μπορουσε γα βοηθησει κανει συμβει για σας και Jodi
      I hope I didn’t butcher that too bad. 🙂
      (((((SIS))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂

      Ray in H-burg Va.

    • Yes, I agree with you Maria. People have to realize that Jodi comes first! No toying around with her. No manipulating her. No bossing her around….. Respecting her!

      ((((Jodi))) ♥

  2. From Michael Kiefer on Twitter:

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 58s
    Jodi Arias just told Judge Sherry Stephens that she will cease to represent herself if Kirk Nurmi is dismissed from case.

  3. I just read that Jodi is making motions in court regarding different subjects.

    I really hope that she makes a motion to call the roommates.

  4. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 54m

    And Judge Stephens asks if they will have to delay the start of trial. Arias has made allegations against sheriffs’ office.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 55m

    I have been saying all along that Arias’ going pro per was all about firing Kirk Nurmi.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 57m

    Juan Martinez hasn’t read Arias’ motions in advance but he is animated and objecting to them.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 1h

    Jodi Arias just told Judge Sherry Stephens that she will cease to represent herself if Kirk Nurmi is dismissed from case.

  5. I’ve always been troubled by the fact that Martinez was allowed to use an unproven fact (that Jodi stole grandpa’s gun) as circumstantial evidence. Shouldn’t he have to prove she stole the gun in order to use it as circumstantial evidence? Nay-sayers feel just the fact that the gun was stolen at all is circumstantial evidence enough. Excuse me?!?

    Here’s an interesting article about Brad Cooper’s conviction on circumstantial evidence that sounds similar to what went on in Jodi’s case:

    Here’s an excerpt:

    “From the Cooper case – Evidence exists that a phone call was placed from the Cooper residence to Brad’s cell phone the morning that Nancy disappeared. Brad told police it was Nancy. If this is true, she is alive at 6:40 AM and he did not commit the murder. The prosecutors tried to make the case that Brad could have somehow spoofed the phone call. They spent days of the court’s time demonstrating all the ways one could do this, but they didn’t prove that Brad did, and therefore it is not a fact. It is not a fact that one can use to infer something and therefore it should be dismissed. It is NOT circumstantial evidence.”

    • And the gun theft is absolutely pivotal to the premeditation plan. Once Martinez had snookered the jury into believing she did actually steal the gun (with no evidence) then, of course, everything after that must have had a sinister motive to it. You remove the gun theft and all the rest is what a normal person might possibly do while on a road trip.

  6. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2 hr
    Nurmi left so all is done and we wait and see if he remains on the case #JodiArias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2 hr
    I’ll be on the phone with HLN at 3pm ET

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2 hr
    #JodiArias is calling Chris and Skye Hughes sorry for typo earlier

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2 hr
    #JodiArias talked in such a low voice none of us could hear

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2 hr
    Well that was a window into Juan vs Jodi and he was calling her out! Jodi was giving it right back #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2 hr
    The motion about Nurmi wanting off is in ex parte so we are out in hall #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3 hr
    #jodiarias is calling James Aiken and Juan and Jodi are having a spat over Jodi not disclosing witnesses

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3 hr
    Media has requested to be in on jury selection, Judge is asking if #jodiarias has an issue with it & they will deal w/ that @ next hearing

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3 hr
    August 22nd, 1:30pm next hearing #jodiarias #motion2continue

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3 hr
    Judge wants an explanation as to why this witness wasn’t interviewed already and wants this person on the phone at next hearing #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3 hr
    Juan wants a hearing with sheriff office because as #jodiarias has shown in past she’s not truthful

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3 hr
    #jodiarias says she has a witness she can’t meet with till end of Aug & Judge says u have nothing 4 me to prove that. Jodi is blaming MCSO

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3 hr
    Juan read the motion and says he’s not in agreement with a delay. He’s calling this a cloak and dagger approach #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3 hr
    #jodiarias wants a delay for the trial she filed a motion and Juan says No Way

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3 hr
    #jodiarias is complaining about Nurmi. Motion for reconsideration is being held for a moment

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3 hr
    #jodiarias wants personal files of Detective Flores

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3 hr
    #jodiarias filed a motion under seal she says if he’s allowed to withdrawal she will give up representing herself

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3 hr
    #jodiarias has made it clear she doesn’t want me on the case

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3 hr
    Nurmi is explaining he was going into private practice & he had to remain on this case but now with #jodiarias reppin herself he wants out

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3 hr
    The are discussing Nurmi wanting out #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3 hr
    #jodiarias says she neededs to review an objection and Judge grants it

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3 hr
    Juan responded to a motion about a witness and it’s going under seal #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3 hr
    Court is now in session. #jodiarias is here hair down with her files and she announces her presence.

  7. I’m freaking out about Jodi giving kermit what for! And now she’s got pickles in a wedgie! I’m praying for you Jodi! I know you can do it!

    • Me too, John. Jodi’s not that meek little person that let a jerk walk all over her. She’s really gained strength and is going to stand up for herself in any way necessary. And it looks like she’s now doing an end run around the judge’s denial of her motion last October to dismiss Nurmi.

              • That’s why I called it an “end run”. It sounds like she doesn’t necessarily want to represent herself but it sure beats having Nurmi representing her and this is the only legal option open to her. If Nurmi is out of the picture, perhaps Jennifer can become first chair. (Don’t know what the ins and outs of that process are.)

                • So, maybe now we begin to see the reason behind Jodi asking to represent herself. It wasn’t just a heisty move on her part, or anything to do with her narcissism and need to control everything as the tabloids and the haters hurried to claim. HA! In ya face, y’all!

                  Apparently, Nurmi has made it impossible for Jodi to trust him- he mesed up way too many times and this was the only way to make the Court hear her out.

              • Jodi says if Nurmi is allowed to go she will step down and Jen will become lead. If Nurmi has been as disengaged with this as she submits in her motion, there really is no huge difference since it seems JW has been carrying the majority of the work lately anyway. Why she wants him gone, is the fundamental differences in their approach to her defence that she feels is wrong for her.

          • Huh?

            I don’t think Jodi wants to punish Nurmi. She wants him gone – tried to fire him a year ago.

            I just think Stephens might be so ticked off at the machinations of both of them that she’d make Nurmi stay AND force Jodi to either represent herself or let Nurmi take over again.

            Remember the look Stephens got on her face when Kirk and Jen stood in front of her and tried to quit the case during mitigation. I WILL NOT BE BULLIED IN MY OWN COURTROOM – plain as day on her face. So I will not be a bit surprised if she digs in and says no. She doesn’t appear to care much about the law or the right thing to do and is quite easily impelled by her own poor judgement.

            • I guess I thought that Jodi really wanted to rep herself. Pickles probably will give in because she said to Jodi that she would only be able to be re-represented one more time, so pickles does have an out there. I wish Jodi would rep herself and jack kermit up, tho!

              • Yes, that would be great to see Jodi outdo Juan but I’m afraid the jury may view it the same way the Ms. Trial Diva did, that Jodi’s just being cocky and doesn’t know her place.

                • Cocky, arrogant, narcissistic, faking her PTSD….We know we’re bound to see that coming out from the mass media and the haters’ mouths. 🙄

        • Right — but she’s really making trouble for herself if she does, I’d think. Now there’s a genuine appellate issue! My impression is that appeals courts, while affirming the defendant’s right of self-representation, much prefer that it not be exercised. A stern warning is often mandated. So I think Stephens — who is already open to a lot of criticism, as we know — will look really bad if she rejects a solution that everyone on the defense side wants, Nurmi, Jodi, Jennifer, and Maria DLR.

          I predict Stephens will let Nurmi leave, accept Jodi’s deal to not go pro-per, make Jennifer lead counsel, and appoint a new second-chair counsel. If so, Jodi and her team will have made a slick end-run around Stephens’ earlier rulings.

    • Interesting that she wants Flores personal files too. I can think of a few reasons why she would want to call Mr. & Mrs. CASH. Possibility of cameras maybe for jury selection. A lot happened today.

    • Perhaps Jodi Ann Arias, herself, or through her lawyer, can question the Hughes’ :
      …”Do you have knowledge that Travis owned a gun(s) that he inherited from his Mother …or at any time was in possession of any kind of firearm???” … ….And, if that answer(s) goers favorable to Jodi’s case, subpoena TA’s sister (PO) & also question her, …if at any time in her life did she have knowledge that Travis had possession of a firearm(s) ??? …And, get specific, because surely he practiced with guns at his friends shooting outings ! ! ! …And, surely TA’S sister (PO), would know if he inherited a firearm(s) from their Mother. ….. ….Surely there was a firearm(s) in the Alexanders’ household in TA’s past. ….
      …I called up and half way through, ……Travis wrote:
      ……”I remember my mother emptying a revolver on the car my father was driving and my father subsequently taking an ax to my mother’s belongings and destroying them.” …If it was a (revolver) that accidentally injured Travis, there is no proof that it (was or was not). ….In fact (IMHO) I don’t think anyone testified exactly that it had to be a (specific) 25cal semi auto & could not have been a 25cal pistol. …..And, it would be a good way to introduce the fact that the bullet that accidentally injured Travis was a totally different kind of ammunition that Jodi’s grandpa had for his gun ! ! ! …And this evidence was kept from the jury. …

      • And, (IMHO) I do not believe that the shell casing found on top of the blood patch necessarily was the shell casing of the deformed wad of material that injured Travis. …I think someone moved things around after Jodi escaped. …

      • WLOPEZ, I would love if Jodi finally asks the Hughes to clarify when they were in Cancun… with documented proof (passports). Up to this day we have heard many versions about specific dates that they were there…

    • Perhaps there are “things”, hidden, that the ‘Hughes’, could , under oath, shed lite on?!
      I trust Jodi – but, Not “them”. Jodi, is Honest! And, She has good reason, to want what She wants, of
      sheriff, det. flores, and even wife,], roommates, and must not forget some within “the church”.

      Next, I am No fan, of HLN!

      Jodi is better off, without media, unless any media will be kinder to Her, than what it was previously.

      I want for Jodi, to be Safe, from any and all harms way – and exonerated and Free!
      Team Jodi <3

          • Oh my, I’m afraid they are running around bumping into each other trying to get their stories straight. Sky screaming ” You told me no one would ever doubt us!!!! Now look what is happening!” Chris is sweating and turning a lovely shade of purple, “Don’t you ever question me I know how to take care of this. . . You just continue to say what I tell you to say!!” Chris is frantically calling NG and JVM to spread some new trash talk for the media to spread. Ugh! I hope they never sleep peacefully again!!

              • R., why do I get the feeling that your daydream is not far from what is actually said between the Hughes? They live together and yet can’t get their stories in sync…

                C & S: turn off the tv and start practicing!

              • Maybe Journee, Maybe the lies start with Sky then. I have never trusted one thing out of either one of their mouths. Snakes. They should be plugged up to the nearest lie detector IMO.

                • Sky and her smiles, forever smiles. Chris and his —- sweat.

                  Did you know that the TWO of them, TOGETHER, became the Regional Vice Presidents for Legal Shield Utah earlier this year?

                  Do you think that would have happened in a Mormon household where the man was actually in charge?

                • Oh, they are definitely partners. I don’t believe that is all they have done together. Hmmm maybe she is in charge. Interesting.

    • I hope she does get the the Hughes for the lies they told …. I think Jodi did good in court today she went after police department she when after Flores and she stood her ground with JM showed is ass I guess the 5 years in jail must have made her one tough lady to deal with I think she is saying I have had enough of this farce of a trial and if someone cant represent me then I will do it my self. she as abused by Travis and everyone in this court room and probable in Jail to so when a sweet person is pushed and pushed its time to say enough and push back for me



            • Did you notice the next video with the reporter Montini talking about how awful this would be for the Alexander family. Why Oh Why? They have profited in everyway since this trial started. The Alexanders and their friends have made it apparent that the truth is not what they want to hear. IMHO I believe they should be front and center to hear the WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH for as long as it takes. If they loved their brother as much as they profess to, then why would they not want to know the truth about his death? Is it because they just want to continue to profit off of his false sainthood. I will continue to pray for them that their eyes will be opened but no sympathy from me for them. Travis Alexander was an abusive, two faced, con man and it caught up with him.

    • Did you listen to that “news” clip in which they tell their “news” audience that Jodi now “gets to put on her big girl clothes” and how the Alexander family has suffered so much. Puke! Puke! And double Puke! When did commentary and people’s opinions take the place of news?

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Maria Rigadopoulou, and HAPPY NAME DAY! Tomorrow
    ((((((MARIA)))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂

    Ray in Harrisonburg Virginia.

    • You held me down, but I got up
      Already brushing off the dust
      You hear my voice, you hear that sound
      Like thunder gonna shake the ground
      You held me down, but I got up
      Get ready ’cause I’ve had enough
      I see it all, I see it now!

      Awesome! 🙂

  9. I’ve been following the news and the internet, reading about Jodi’s decision to represent herself in the re-trial. Since when is defending yourself ‘cocky’? Especially when first time around, Kirk Nurmi’s lackadaisical defense got Jodi a premeditated M1 conviction!

    It’s going to be a hard road, but I am confident that Jodi can and will do an exceptional job. Even though Martinez is well known to be the ‘bulldog’ of prosecutors, I truly believe that he’ll ‘meet his match’ with Jodi against him. Jodi has endured all his bullying and stunts he pulled in the course of the trial. She knows what she’s up against. A bully is only a bully when his ‘prey’ is ‘weaker’ than him.

    Jodi can finally object to all the bullshit that Nurmi blindly let the prosecutor say and do. She can finally call the witnesses that she feels will help her case, she can finally examine and question the witnesses (defense and state) with questions she feels will unravel truths that the state toiled to cover.

    Knowing that Jennifer Willmott will be her advisory attorney reassures me that Jodi will do a job well done.

    Nurmi remaining on the team, butting heads with Jodi, will only cause stress and confusion. Something that Jodi really doesn’t need right now. The dude doesn’t even want to be on the team anymore, so why should both he and Jodi have to suffer a partnership that they both don’t want?

    If there are changes and Nurmi is exempted from the defense team, Jodi steps back from representing herself and Jennifer takes first chair. I’m definite that she’ll do an awesome job too. She loves Jodi, believes her… and is willing to fight for her, tooth and nail.

    I personally support whatever decision Jodi makes. Hell, I’d want ‘the best’ fighting for my life too, if I was in Jodi’s shoes.


      • Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong! It’s a very stupid result, but here’s an explanation that occurred to me. Someone said Jodi’s entitled to two lawyers. If Kirk were out and Jodi were not pro se, then Stephens would have to name a second lawyer. But the minute she does this, that lawyer would request a trial delay on the grounds that s/he had had inadequate time to study the case, and Stephens would have to grant it. So to grant Nurmi’s request, even though the whole defense team supports it, might automatically cause a long delay.

    • I guess the citizens of AZ don’t mind paying his salary for nothing. What a stubborn stupid system you have AZ. Now that we have Trial Lilypad reporting all the news of the trial straight from Juan’s mouth to her ear, bring back the cameras and show the real truth of what is going on in there.

      Jodi will now be forced to act as her own attorney. Had she replaced Nurmi months ago, this would not be necessary. I tried to copy a link that is on the enemy site that is a clip of Sheriff Joe ranting and Trial Lilypad who gives Jodi a “C” and says there is no one who knows the law like Juan. PUKE.

      • MFs!!! Stupid Judge Stephens! UGH, that makes me so mad. I can’t say we expected anything good to come out of her decisions but the mere thought of Jodi being stuck with Nurmi makes my blood boil.
        Great, just great… Now (as you said) she is forced to represent herself while Nurmi will be just sitting there, doing nothing, I dunno maybe picking his nose?

        And Jodi (courageous as she may be) will have to stand up against the slimy toad, which is definitely gonna take a huge toll on her, her psyche is frail as it is, imagine after the end of the penalty phase.

        • And it’s not like this trial that toadie has been working on just suddenly appeared in his calendar. He and Pickles knew there would be this long break where an attorney could have easily caught up. SMH

    • But on the other hand, potential jurors will be aware of this plight of hers and if they have any heart at all, should feel sympathetic for her in her fight. I know I would!!!

    • *sigh* … although I was torn in what I’d like best (about Nurmi staying or leaving), I know that this deny to withdraw will cause Jodi a lot of trouble…

      I’m sure that the judge ‘weighed’ the situation and went with what would be less helpful for Jodi… Sherry, Sherry, Sherry… when will you finally act like a professional??? SMH…

  10. I have been thinking about this request for Flores’ “personal files”. That seems very vague to me. Personal financial records? Personal files on his computer? What sort of personal files?

    And I am wondering, since Kiefer and Trialdouche both said Jodi’s voice was barely audible to those in the gallery – maybe Jodi’s asking for his “personnel files”. Maybe thinking of the Milke case and the corrupt lead detective that ultimately got her conviction overturned.

    • Same here. What ”personal filies” are those?
      Ohhh, I so hope it is ”personnel” and Esteban ends up being the next Saldate, hi hi hi (evil laugh)

    • Yes, the word “personal” is very interesting. I tried to think of an alternative explanation, like maybe his own files in his office about her case. Maybe but it doesn’t sound right. This is legal happenings. I suspect “personal” means “personal”. But on what legal grounds could she be asking for them? They’d have to show proof, I’m sure, that there are grounds to seize someone’s personal files. It’s indeed a mystery.

      • BTW The Hughes seized Travis’s journals and computers before the police did so who needs legal grounds in AZ? It might seem like a mystery but it really isn’t.

        • I still to this day cannot understand WHY the heck the defense team did NOT harp on that! This was destroying potential evidence, God knows what the Hughes managed to delete.

          • ‘Do not be deceived by what is. What is – is just a trick to keep you from what could be! If you focus on what is – you will get more of what is!’ – C.S. Hughes. . . found this interesting way of thinking. . .or NOT.

          • It is inexcusable and mind- boggling how much pertinent and crucial evidence and other relevant factors Nurmi failed to include in his poor effort to defend Jodi.
            I don’ t know if, and to what extent Jodi will be able to name and explain all that Nurmi failed to include in his inadequate defense of her.
            Such factors, plus Jodi’ s repeated efforts to fire Nurmi, will, if able to be presented in this upcoming phase, or later in appeals__ would, I think, certainly help her, but I don’ t know what the law allows to be included at each stage.

            I hope Jodi will be able to cite ineffective counsel in her appeals.
            I would think the fact the Nurmi was the chief lawyer in the trial that convicted her, would be sufficient by itself for Jodi to claim ineffective counsel.
            I would hope that Jodi representing herself in this phase would not prevent her from claiming ineffective counsel regarding her conviction.

        • CH said they had access to all the google chats and SH said they went through them several times. They were discussing the email with the threats. Questioning whether it was referring to Jodi blackmailing TA with the tape, Sky said maybe with Mimi, but that “the church already knew what was going on”.

          It really is a very nauseating 1/2 hour of Jodi bashing, but I found those comments made on television interesting. There is a clip of TA when he meets CH. They both are broke and then they meet and how fortune comes from this union. They didn’t mention the fact that TA was still broke in June 2008. He owed everybody money and he was about to lose his house, even though he had at least two roommates.

          Dr. Drew 05-06-13.

    • Well, “Corinna Who Cares about Herself” better hurry up and get them altogether for him before they turn up conveniently missing! Maybe she tweeter her twatter about that. I personally would like to know who has been buttering his bread!

          • Oops sorry for my little typo: Maybe she can tweeter her twatter about that. LOL Remember Corinna knew all about everything to do with this case. How unless she went through her husband’s PERSONAL files when he was at home. Or, maybe pillow talk between the two of those vultures. Remember the sickening picture of the two of them giving a thumbs up together? Corinna needs to be put on the stand also. She knew way too much about a case that should have been kept quiet. Detective Flores should have lost his job when she was tweeting away about Jodi and Martinez (excuse me I meant JUAN) should have lost his job when he was hopping all over the Lillypad with a certain Diva Toad. Judge Stephens, well, she is a totally different story, isn’t she!?! One of the major problems about this whole case is the guilty have had WAY TOO LONG to COVER THEIR TRACKS!

  11. Jodi does Need, J.W. -J. M. has 30+ yrs experience as a pros. attn’y-

    Am I the only one, who believes that there needs to be an investigate, of judge, attn’y, sheriff?

    And, who was it, who first pointed their finger at Jodi – then “media took it, and ran with it! When anyone points their finger at someone, they always have three, pointing back, at themself. In my opinion, there were “others”, in that house! [besides the room mates] –
    K.N. as def. attn’y, has done Jodi, more harm than good.
    It will be no easy task, “butting heads”, with J.M. At this point, I can only hope for the very best, for Jodi, because I believe that She had, and still has, the right to Defend Herself! But, also believe, that She does need the help, of Jennifer Willmott.
    I can not say, that I trust, the judge, or J,M., and definitely Not, HLN!
    I hope that Jodi, can choose the jury pool, and have the witnesses that She needs! <3

    • No Jo Ardell, you are not alone and you have made very valid points! I have felt from DAY 1 there are some really stinky, guilty characters in this whole tragedy. It has SCREAMED set up from the very first day. Jodi never had a chance against the evil, underhanded, two faced people in this circus. Maybe we should go back to the 911 call and start from there once again. Geez!

    • I too agree with both you Jo and R.Love. There are many unanswered questions, many holes that Nurmi didn’t take the time to investigate. To this day, it is beyond me why the roommates were never called to the witness stand.

      They would have been wonderful witnesses. They could have been questioned about all the times Jodi was over at the house visiting. It’s impossible not to hear quarrels and fights… plus I would love to hear what they have to say about those days between travis’s death and the day he was found.

      • OMG, you’re right!!!! WHY , why weren’t the roomates called on the stand? I mean, how does a Prosecutor begin to describe the crime scene before calling on the witness stand the person (s) who found the body? Not to mention that this was a acase where the rommates slept WITH the body decomposing right in the next room for days and days…
        Why weren’t they subpoenaed?

        • Plus Travis’s dog was in the house all those days, and everyone knows dogs have a very keen sense of smell.

          P.S.: We all know how common it is now for law enforcement to employ the use of canines in their endeavors to find dead bodies, and even to find people who are alive who certainly give off a far lesser scent than a dead body would.
          I wonder if a profession expert in canine use in police work__ or any relevant expert on such matters__ can be used to help Jodi’s case.
          I don’ t know what the law permits to be allowed at this upcoming phase of the trial, or later during appeals.

          • Another small point is a dog whose owner is dead in the same house for 5 days should have gone crazy trying to get to him. I believe it is one of the “unbelievable” facts in this case. SMH

            • R., yes! I have had dogs all my life. Believe me when I say that a dog WILL go crazy if they sense something is wrong.

              “While a dog’s brain is only one-tenth the size of a human brain, the part that controls smell is 40 times larger than in humans. A dog’s sense of smell is about 1,000 to 10,000,000 times more sensitive than a human’s (depending on the breed)”

              “When dogs smell something they are not just registering a smell, they get an entire story. They can smell pheromone, which is not only found in the urine and fecal, but on the skin and fur.”

          • Well, it is ((reported?)) that Travis’s dog WAS in the house all those days….. but maybe he DID react & alert ‘earlier-on’ to (something) & the roommates (not knowing why) moved him, or maybe the girlfriend (who now owns him) took the dog for a few days to her house/apt. … Perhaps this was a ‘normal routine for her’ so it was not pursued in questioning. The following days surely the decaying odor would have greatly increased.
            …I have read something online that decaying animal/human odor is heavier than air & I assume it would seek lower levels. In other words it would not rise up into Travis’s storage attic & stay there. It would flow downward, like water seeks a lower level. …
            …The roommates (everyone) should be investigated & interrogated separately & video taped. ……….Question to all those associated with the house:
            …..Is it possible that you or anyone could live in, or go in & out of Travis’s house all those days & still not detect any odor?? …Next question to roommates: …..If Travis weighed aprox 180 lbs & his dog weighs about 20 lbs, ….do you realize that Travis decay is equivalent to that same decay condition of nine (9) x 20 lb dogs = 180 lbs. …. Now, explain how each of you detected NOTHING in all those days??? …..Surely someone(s) went in & out of his apt, & probably changed a lot of things around. … (IMHO)..

        • OR, did the roommates not detect any smell because the body was not there but taken to another location until the fifth day when it was brought back to the house and PLACED in the shower, which is also very suspicious since it was the FIFTH day when everyone finally came to Travis’s house to see about him????????????????????? Hmmmmmmmm????? SMH!!!

          • You are sooo right Marja! Hmmmm is right! Like I said earlier there has been way to much time for all of the guilty to clean up their acts of evil! They thought no one cared about Jodi and no one would ever doubt their ridiculous stories. Well, they are certainly wrong! From Day 1 I knew she was innocent and the crowds were being led just like rats in the wrong direction. Travis was no saint. The blame should have been pointed towards many different people such as, the people who were around Travis every day And then the ones (the ones he worked with) who never checked to see where he was or why he didn’t make his conference call should have been investigated. And then the ones who he had betrayed by fooling around with their wives and girlfriends. Jodi would have been the last one on the list. We at Team Jodi care very deeply about Jodi Arias getting the justice that she deserves. It will not happen in the state of Arizona. So far that is all that has been proven.

          • I agree very much with your possible scenario ((Marja Liisa)) of what could have happened, by someone, (surely more than one person) taking the body to another location until the 5th day & then returning it & putting it into the shower.
            ….Did anyone ever think that (possibly taking the body to another location) could be to GIVE HIM a religious MORMON ceremony, possibly THEM cutting of his throat, …because I think that is an honorable (or dishonorable) thing to do with certain Mormons (I read that somewhere).
            … And, that maybe the spent bullet casing (found on the blood patch) was NOT even the casing that fired the deformed bullet that injured Travis. …..Perhaps the bullet casing that fired the bullet that injured Travis is still ((inside the pistol or semi auto)) that she threw in the desert, just like she said???
            …I don’t think it is possible to match a distorted bullet to a specific shell casing. … I don’t think they matched each & every bullet fragment with each of the casings in the JFK assassination. …I don’t think it is yet possible, unless there is an extraordinary molecular comparison. …I think that bullets can be compared to a gun. …And spent casings can be compared to a gun. … But you can not yet PERFECTLY match a bullet fragment to a shell casing, ….without the gun. …I think someone just put a scrap 25cal spent casing on that blood patch so it would surely be found easily. …(IMHO) ….(((Jodi Arias is innocent)))

            • Above I said: “Perhaps the bullet casing that fired the bullet that injured Travis is still ((inside the pistol or semi auto)) that she threw in the desert, just like she said???”
              …I am considering that it is possible that she grabbed a revolver (from the closet) that his (((Mother once owned))) & (he possibly inherited), & that would make sense that the casing would still be inside that revolver..
              …Or, I am considering that he had his own 25cal semi that she retrieved from his closet shelf & in the struggle, ….his hand grabbing the gun…prevented the semi auto …(his semi auto) from properly ejecting that shell casing & that is why I say it could have been thrown away in the desert. …And possibly the casing on top of the blood patch was just planted there days later. ….Sort of like the “Magic Bullet” was planted on the gurney that carried Gov John Connolly the JFK tragedy. (IMHO).

              • It is apparent we all share similar beliefs WLOPEZ4JAA. We are able to think of many different scenarios that are very likely the way it all took place. . .but I stand firm I do not believe Jodi is the actual killer of Travis Alexander. She was set up from the word GO! Whoever they are, they are feeling very smug and clever right now. Time will tell.

                • I also considered that scenario ((R. Love)), that she had absolutely nothing to do with killing Travis. ….Maybe she was drugged during that visit of many hours, & perhaps she was (romanced) by others, maybe another male & female, (the intruders, along with TA). …I heard (online) of date rape drugs, that totally mess with the mind of women & they become ((out of reality)), but still can drive away or misremember things, or remember nothing. …That is probably what she was trying to find out from Flores: what the heck happened. …

                  …On another comment ((later)) I will tell why I think HIS camera is NOT an (accurate measuring device OF TIME), because it was ((((never calibrated)))) …& once broken, can never be calibrated. ..So the memory chip is not necessarily accurate. …It is no more accurate than a coo coo clock ! ! !
                  ….I worked in a Calibration Lab of a nuclear power plant during the last few years of my 18 years at the nuclear plant.& (all BRAND NEW measuring devices) must be calibrated in a calibration lab before documented use (in the field) & then re-calibrated in about 6 months. …If the measuring device is out of calibration (or broken) at the 6 month re-cal, then everything it was used to calibrate may have to be re-calibrated. …. Jodi was set up MHO…..

    • Happy Name Day Maria!!!!! You have to love the Greeks, they have a day for about everything and a good reason to have a party. I just have to get back over there.

      ((((((GREEKS)))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂
      ((((((MARIA)))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂

      Ray in H-burg Va.

    • Thank you all! ♥

      LOL, Ray is right! Us Greeks have Namedays also: meaning depending on what your name is you have your own special name day. For example, Marias celebrate on August 15th so because I was born on AUG.14th my parents just HAD to name me ”Maria”. Isn’t it awesome????

      • Happy nameday hun!

        The only bad thing is that you probably get 1 gift for your two special days because they’re only 1 day apart! LOL! That must’ve been a bummer when you were a kid!

        (((((Maria))))) ♥

  12. Please let’s pray for out dear Jodi. I know I haven’t been around too much lately but I was facing a very difficult situation in my own personal life. Every time it got too hard to go on I would think of the strength, grace, and dignity with which Jodi has faced her own situation. Then it was easier for me to go on.

  13. Yes Corrine we certainly will. Our lives do seem to get in the way 🙁 and knowing and seeing what Jodi has to deal with everyday of her life makes ours seems bearable. I will send prayers up for you too! (((Corrine))) That’s the way we roll here at JAII! (((JODI & TEAM JODI))))) 🙂

    • I agree Corrine and R.Love!
      So far 2014 hasn’t been kind to me either, however when I think of Jodi and what *she* has to go through I take comfort and gain courage.

      Corrine, you are among friends here. ♥ We are all JAIIers 😉

  14. A new insight into “those people” on GB’s discussion site. They show all the signs of being themselves bullies. They push and push with illogical thinking processes, round and round in circles, twisting words and ideas to suit their purposes, then move in to attack the character of their opponents, followed by an all out gang attack. And if their target responds with even the slightest display of anger, then it’s “What’s wrong with you? How come you’re getting so emotional? We non-supporters are just having a civilized discussion!” These assholes had the gall to tell me I’m childish, attack my logic and common sense, tell me they can teach me common sense for a small fee and then all high-five each other because of it.

    At any rate it’s an interesting view into the type of people who believe that Travis’ behavior was normal and admire Juan’s bullying.

    • Justus, the ironic “Did I hit a nerve?” question they make, says it all! They are there only to ‘hit nerves’ and to attack Jodi’s supporters. I have yet to hear one non-supporter say “I have to agree on ‘this’…” when something logical is said. And you’re right, they are like gangs/ posse. One jumps in and the rest are lurking. So when a Jodi supporter makes a solid argument and the non-supporter is ‘cornered’ then all of them jump in using the method of ‘gang bang’…. SMH.

      I seriously don’t understand why you continue engaging them. You will never make a healthy discussion with them. I tried that and gave up. No use in wasting grey matter on people that DON’T want to discuss.

      I feel sorry for them. Seriously! I think they have a lot of oppressed anger in them. I also believe that they are victims of bullies in real life and so to ‘balance’ things, they have to become a bully themselves. As for the ones that only reply with cussing Jodi and Jodi supporters? I believe they are undereducated and are not able to carry a discussion… It’s not their fault: they just never ‘exercised’ their brains to think or learned how to think…

      • yes they tried to get me to see there dark side of things said I cant see thru this storm in here I was only one supporter in a group trying to give them what I felt and how I looked at it and I had over 30 people screaming your crazy unbelievable cant win for loosing with them I told the admin one person used my full name do you want to get me killed and he said maybe you should just watch and not say anything if you feel that way GO JODI GO she need to get all the evidence and photo and transcripts and she should have help going over all this stuff one person can not do this alone she just started defending herself asking for things and the judge will not give her time to review it same ole same ole crap

    • I just watched the movie “Idiocracy”. If you folks haven’t seen it, please do. It’s really funny but I also think we are actually witnessing a version of this segment of society. (Particularly note the trial segment.)

  15. Classic Juan:

    JM: And with regard to those journals, with regard to the defendant, that she never said anything negative about Mr. Alexander, right? (Objection – overruled) Do you remember saying that?
    ALV: I said that I hadn’t read anything that she said that was negative.
    JM: So if you didn’t read anything that shows anything negative in your mind, there was nothing negative in those journals about Mr. Alexander, right? As written by the defendant, right?
    ALV: There were selections of those journals.
    JM: Right, the journals that you reviewed here in court, ma’am, all of the journal selections you reviewed here in court. And you did review more than those journals here in court right?
    ALV: Yes.
    JM: You reviewed all of the journals right?
    ALV: Ms. Arias’ journals and (cut off)
    JM: Sure.
    ALV: During that period of time.
    JM: You read journals aside from the ones presented here in court, right?
    ALV: Yes, I did.
    JM: So as a result of reading those journals, you then said to us, for example, well there is nothing in those journals that is said by the defendant negative about the person that she killed, right? (Objection)
    ALV: That’s not true.
    JM: Okay, tell me what negative things the defendant wrote about herself?
    ALV: I thought you asked me if she said anything negative about Mr. Alexander.
    JM: Do you have a problem understanding the question? Tell me what negative things the defendant wrote about herself in those journals. That was my question.

    ALV looks at him as if he’s lost his mind. This is after asking her if she wants to spar with him.

      • One laughable exchange – and perhaps an argument for JM confusing himself, or maybe just a way for him to keep interjecting an ‘unsavory’ thought – was in the first few minutes of the cross of Gus Searcy.

        JM: By being at the top of the pyramid, those are the people who are really making the money, right?

        Gus: It’s not a pyramid.

        JM: I didn’t say it was a pyramid. I said…

        Gus (interrupting): You just did.

        JM (continuing): … at the top of the pyramid.

        Gus: That implies a pyramid in my logic.

        JM. So is that a yes or a no or do you not want to answer?

        Gus: Not as phrased, no.

        (I still suspect that Jodi called Gus for some coaching after her first day of cross. Her demeanor was so different the second day!)

    • Thank you for this, Carol. It has gotten me to thinking I’d like to gather a bunch of such quotes from Juan that would demonstrate his tom-foolery, to be added as a link off my Judicial Injustices page on the reasonable doubt site. And I’ll start with this one.

      If anybody has any other goodies such as this, please let me know.

        • I always resented kermit asking questions and in the middle of the answer he would abruptly say YES or NO, without giving a chance to finish what was started then rapid fire again over and over. I bet he did that thirty + times. That is one of those experienced lawyers rhythm tactics that screws with the witness. I really wish Jerry Spence, or Thomas Mesereau had fronted for Jodi, cause they would have gone toe to toe with kermit, and because of their notoriety, pickles would have been forced to act differently. Have to hope the circuit court sees the failures of the Arizona court. Such a spectacle.

          • Yes, John, that bit of trickery was extremely annoying. Also he was constantly interrupting the witnesses with a rude “Did I ask you such-and-such?” when that was exactly what he’d just asked, a way to not only stop an unwanted answer but to also continuously suggest, to the less astute, that the witness was evading and being uncooperative.

        • JM: And so then after five or ten minutes you left because you were going to go and take care of this issue by speaking with Bianca, right?
          Jodi: First I drove to Ashland.
          JM: Did I ask you where you went?
          Jodi: Yes.
          JM: No, I asked you whether or not you went to speak with Bianca. Did you go speak with her that day?
          Jodi: Yes.
          JM: Didn’t you tell us that you drove an hour and half?
          Jodi: Um, I believe it was about that long.
          JM: And so you weren’t going to put with that either were you?
          Jodi: Put up with what?
          JM: Well, what is that we’re talking about here?
          Jodi: Which part put up with?
          JM: Were you going to put up with what we just talked about? Are you having problems again understanding what’s going on?
          Jodi: Sometimes, cause you go in circles.

  16. He did it often so you have to wonder – sometimes maybe he had even confused himself. My bet would to make the witness look stupid or worse. His tone is always so demeaning or accusatory. And people praise him and give him awards. SMH

  17. can someone here advise me on how I can write Jodi in jail, send a book and a few dollars. I want to make sure she gets it. dont know where she’ll be housed during her double jeopardy, mormon revenge, sentencing persecution retrial and I want to be sure she gets it. just respond and I’ll keep checking back if no one knows I’ll spring for the long distance call to the jail. thanks! sincerely, Elaine

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