Survivor Day – June 4th – Celebrate The Day!

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Today marks the 7th anniversary of a very special day.

It’s the day Jodi successfully defended herself against the vicious & unprovoked attack TA unleashed on her. He was an abusive pedo POS animal. Make no mistake.

Thankfully Jodi won that battle. She was the potential victim… but she successfully turned the tables on her attacker, and justice for TA was well & truly served that day. [click here for proof if you still need it].

So let the events of that day be a warning to any other self-righteous bastards that think they can verbally & physically abuse women and get away with it. Because the fact of the matter is… in the cold light of day… most of the time you can get away with it… but sometimes… well……. you just can’t.

“Jodi you are my new HERO! I just finished watching the end of the prosecutions ridiculous attempt at a cross and you stayed calm, cool and collected. I am in your corner. You stand for every girl who has ever been used and abused by some creep I can tell you are a very intelligent and sweet person. You cannot measure a person’s worth by their worst act. Yes I know what you did was wrong, but I know it was done for a very good reason. I wish you all the best of luck and know we are all beside you!” – Jesse

Here’s a clip from Jodi’s pre-sentencing interview with Mark Curtis (AZ Central) from May 22nd 2013, where Jodi discusses being a survivor of domestic violence and her ongoing efforts to raise awareness on the subject.

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We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!
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In the meantime…


Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Prepare for it.

Celebrate The Day – June 4th… Survivor Day.

Leave your thoughts & comments below…

Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

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  1. Celebrate The Day – June 4th… Survivor Day!


    Never question it.

    Never doubt it.

    Prepare for it.

    Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

  2. Woke up this morning feeling awesome! Why shouldn’t I ? The world population is with one less POS.

    As I’ve said so many times, Jodi did a solid to women as well as to little children (especially little boys).

    June 4th 2008 was the last time travis alexander would have the power to physically and emotionally abuse Jodi or any other of his victim list. He had it coming for a long time. He thought that his macho, tough, abusive, cocksman behavior would be enough to kill Jodi. But his arrogance is what eventually killed him.

    Jodi wanted to live. She had a lot to live for! She was not about to leave her last breath in the choking hands of her abuser: travis alexander. When she heard “I’m going to kill you bitch” that was enough warning that her life was in danger and all her adrenaline went into defending mode. Well, you know the rest…

    I am proud of Jodi for standing up and doing what so many other women didn’t do (and sadly, are not around anymore to tell us their story): DEFEND HERSELF.

    SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME, and Jodi is being severely punished for exercising her legal human right: to defend herself (no matter what the outcome) against DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

  3. Of course I’m not done! You know me better than that! (I hope this post reaches the expectations of my ‘fans’ that love to hate me! ♥)

    One of my favorite music groups is ARCHIVE. In 2004 they wrote a song that was so fitting for the THEN, still alive, abuser: travis alexander.

    My favorite lyrics from this song are the following:

    “There’s a space left in hell with your name on the seat
    With a spike in the chair just to make it complete”


    “There’s a time for us all and I think yours has been
    Can you please hurry up cause I find you obscene
    We can’t wait for the day that you’re never around
    When that face isn’t here and you rot underground”

    So, celebrating SURVIVOR DAY today, I dedicate the following song to travis alexander and send him a message:

    Pray to god I can think of a nice thing to say but I don’t think I can, so fuck you anyway. Enjoy :mrgreen: :

    (((((Jodi)))) ♥♥♥ – I am proud of your courage and inner strength,sister. Never be ashamed of what has been done. Never let anyone shame you. Abuse is not acceptable in any shape, form or behavior. You were the victim and you are a SURVIVOR now! That alone says it all! ♥


    • 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 Loved the song, girlfriend!

      How many times do you think this ^^^ post of yours will be screenshoted? 😉 You’ll be back in the game sistah, you WERE losing your touch after all. LMAOOO!

    • What a perfect song to describe the Devil himself. . .Travis Alexander. He sealed his own fate.
      ♥ (((((((JODI)))))))) ♥

  4. For those reading here frowning upon,, for those reading here critizing us, for those reading here getting disgusted/shocked/amazed….. Either STOP reading here or let’s get this straight for the zillionth time :

    WE believe this was nothing more than a typical SELF-DEFENSE crime. You hear that Arizona?? IT WAS SELF-DEFENSE!

    And self-defense should NOT be charged with M1. NEVER EVER. Let alone lead the defendant to a trial which reeks of corruption!

    Everyone here is raising their voices against Domestic Violence and we wholeheartedly believe that JODI ARIAS IS A S-U-R-V-I-V-O-R of Domestic Violence. It is as simple as that for us.

    An abuse survivor whose only fault was that on the day her abuser attacked her for the umptheenth time, she fought back instead of surrending to her fate and waiting to be killed by him.

    Travis Alexander had it coming! ALL ABUSERS have it coming.

    Today we’re sending prayers, positive thoughts and White Healing Light to our beloved Jodi.
    I know she knows we are here for her, she loves each and everyone one of us (her words, not mine) so I hope she can feel our love and support today.

    We are proudly standing by you, honey ♥ ♥


    Self Defense Is NO CRIME!!!



    I’m thankful everyday that Jodi was able to defend herself from Travis Alexander. It is all in God’s Plan.

  6. To all those who continue to believe that there was no Domestic Violence involved in Jodi and Travis’ relationship:

    “Domestic abuse often escalates from threats and verbal abuse to violence. And while physical injury may be the most obvious danger, the emotional and psychological consequences of domestic abuse are also severe.

    The aim of emotional abuse is to chip away at your feelings of self-worth and independence. If you’re the victim of emotional abuse, you may feel that there is no way out of the relationship or that without your abusive partner you have nothing.

    Emotional abuse includes verbal abuse such as yelling, name-calling, blaming, and shaming. Isolation, intimidation, and controlling behavior also fall under emotional abuse. Additionally, abusers who use emotional or psychological abuse often throw in threats of physical violence or other repercussions if you don’t do what they want.

    You may think that physical abuse is far worse than emotional abuse, since physical violence can send you to the hospital and leave you with scars. But, the scars of emotional abuse are very real, and they run deep. In fact, emotional abuse can be just as damaging as physical abuse—sometimes even more so.”

    Ring a bell? Travis Alexander was the poster child of what we name ‘abusers’.

    Like it or not, Jodi Arias is a SURVIVOR of Domestic Violence (both emotional and physical). Don’t focus on the name of the victim (Jodi) focus on the acts of the abuser (Travis).

    DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is a serious and sometimes fatal matter. Someday you may be able to help yourself or someone close to you, before it’s too late. Get educated, get involved.


    Rasna Admin – TEAM JODI

      • If all of that nastiness had come out of Jodi, we would not have had any trouble recognizing that she was the abusive one in the relationship. And if Travis had demonstrated as much submissiveness and attempts to make Jodi feel better about himself, I don’t think any of us would have assumed that Travis deserved to be treated that way. So what’s the difference here? Well, yes, we all know what it is…

        • Exactly Justus!!

          And it is one of the simplest things our beloved haters should finally comprehend: NONE of us knew Jodi (or travis) before this trial. We came across this case totally unaware of the facts and totally unprejudiced, just like the rest of the world. To have taken Jodi’s side on this, to have decided to actively and publically support her it means we saw the Truth in HER words, in HER story as opposed to Travis’ or the States’.

          We apparently have different worldviews, a different ideology, a different belief system, different moral values.

          Just like with other much publicized trials like the OJ SImpson trial, the Casey Anthony’s trial, even cases which have never been solved like JonBenett Ramsey’s or politics, the public opinion will always experience polarization. And the 2 poles should never mingle, imho. To each their own.

    • Read it for yourself if you still believe that TA was not abusive…LOL !!

      Chris and Sky Hughes, both long time good friends of Travis Alexander who knew him well stated all the following in emails that they wrote to Travis Alexander and to Jodi Arias: The following is from trial testimony from the emails:

      ***he “abused women”
      ***he “gutted women”
      ***he used them for “booty calls”
      ***they were concerned that Jodi would become one of “T-dogg’s victims”
      ***they told Jodi that Travis was a “jerk”
      ***they told Jodi that Travis was “mean to girls”
      ***they told Jodi that Travis was “abusive to women”
      ***they told Jodi that she is “blind to the type of person that he really is”
      ***they told Jodi that Travis is a “broken person”
      ***they told Jodi that Travis is “fucked up in the head”
      ***they told Jodi that “Travis needs counseling”
      ***they told Jodi she would be better off with someone else
      ***they talk about Travis’ history with women – a history that starts long before Jodi ever came on the scene
      ***they told Jodi that Travis is “extremely abusive to women”
      ***Sky Hughes stated that she would be very afraid if her younger sister even showed an interest in Travis in fact she states that she would not allow that to happen.

      The Hughes tried to warn Jodi about Travis and that she would be better off with someone else because he treated women very badly and abused women. They cared about Jodi and were concerned that Jodi would get hurt and become another one of “T-Dogg’s victims.” T-Dogg was Travis’ nickname that referenced his alter ego. They saw what he had done to his former girlfriend, Deanna, and tried to warn Jodi about his ways. Sky Hughes talks in these emails about his history with women long before Jodi ever came into his life. This was a historical pattern that both Chris and Sky Hughes saw with Travis with the abusive way he treated women and they didn’t like it. Both of the Hughes tried to deny the meaning of the emails during the trial but the emails speak clearly for themselves and there is no way to read them other than for exactly what they say.

      Travis writes in emails: The following is from trial testimony from emails written by Travis:

      ***he realizes how “lucky” he would be to have Jodi as part of his life forever
      ***he writes how was suffering greatly and was distressed because he had lost $250,000 dollars and he was feeling a great deal of pressure. He states, “I’m scrambling and worrying and receiving intense outside pressure from so many sources to fix myself that I’m about to have a nervous breakdown.”
      ***he calls himself “a bit of a sociopath”
      ***he calls Jodi a “whore”
      ***he calls Jodi a “slut”
      ***he calls Jodi a “three-hole wonder”
      ***he calls Jodi a “skank”

      The above lists of quotes and other statements from emails are not exhaustive, they are just some of what was written in the emails and texts and chats that were presented in court. All of these that were introduced as evidence in this case are available online.

      So who really can defend this abusive behavior. Just ask yourself would you allow your daughter to date TA? Sky Hughes stated she would not allow her younger sister to even show an interest in TA. That says it all right there, doesn’t it?

      Abuse is abuse is abuse, period.

      • And don’t forget that Sky Hughes wrote to Kirk Nurmi and thanked him for sending her and her husband a copy of the “pedo letter” that was authored by TA to Jodi (one of the ten letters Travis wrote to Jodi) and it was clear to Kirk Nurmi from what Sky Hughes wrote in that email to him that she totally believed that the letter was written by TA (this email conversation between Sky Hughes and Kirk Nurmi was just posted on this site a couple of days back I believe)

        She asks, “What ages did he prefer?”

        You only ask that kind of question if you believe that he was the author of the letter, period.

        Abuse is abuse is abuse, period.

        SHE SURVIVED !! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • ta was very abusive to her and even his so called “friends” said so and it’s serious.
          We KNOW he was in everyway that you can think of.

          NOW, couple that with the abusive ways that Jodi’s so called friends treated her and lied about her. That is also belittleing and painful.

          Then you have juan and the detectives absolutely abusing her, by the time they all got to Jodi, we can only imagine the emotional pain.
          Emotionally they were all abusive to her.

          It’s a pain that I feel for her and a pain I can’t even begin to imagine that Jodi feels.
          I’m sure she felt betrayed by everyone, then nurmi say’s he doesn’t like her.
          More emotional abuse and betrayel by the one that was supposed to be someone she could trust.
          So, actually he did the same thing and it had to hurt.
          That’s ok for a lawyer to say in closing?
          AND I know Jodi wasn’t expecting it, so before the trial was over, he betrayed his own client.

          I can’t wait until she’s free from all of it and can go home and have a life that Jodi deserves.

      • WOW BB! Powerful and to the POINT!!! SPOT ON!!! Justus earlier brought up some great point too!! How can any one in their right mind say Travis Alexander was not ABUSIVE??? Garbage!

      • GREAT POST, BB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sums it all up pretty clearly. Shows the TRUE liars.

        ((((((((( BB ))))))

  7. I thought I’d start a list of Travis’ documented behaviors that show all the signs of emotional abuse as stated above. This is just a starter set, just things I could think of off the top of my head). Please help me by adding whatever other examples you know of. I would like to add this list to the Domestic Violence section of the Reasonable Doubt site.


    Jodi cringes while talking to Travis on the phone at Gus’ place.

    Even in his email he engages in long tirades that amount to yelling.


    Where to even begin…

    Whore, slut, 3-hole wonder, skank, bitch, rotten lunatic, laughing stock, corrupted carcass, worthless, sociopath, fucking loser, shit, stupid idiot, imbecile, demented.


    “You couldn’t get off your lazy butt to read it could you. That’s the sociopath I know so well.”


    Having sex with her but not acknowledging her or their relationship.

    Demonstrating jealousy if Jodi wanted to see other men, even though they were no longer a couple (all while he’s seeing and sexting other women).


    Using his position in the church to spoon feed her just how much sex was supposedly allowed (based simply on his own sexual appetite).

    Having her tear out journal pages if they didn’t meet with his approval.


    “So either fess up or feel the wrath. No matter how bad the truth is I promise you the punishment will be better than the lie.”

  8. Why are prisoners in Perryville being given thorazine? Why would Jodi possibly be being given this? It’s for schizophrenics.

    • Thorazine is an antipsychotic. First, I’ve heard of the prisoners at Perryville being given this drug.
      Why is a good question. . . if it is true.

      • PS. Thorazine was discovered in 1952 so it is a very old drug & there are many newer drugs than this that are safer. Why are they using this 1952 drug? Is it to make Jodi dependent on it? This drug is in the class of drugs that are powerful (and potentially addictive) sedatives.

    • If true, it’s disgusting that they have her on this drug!

      Depression site summing up this drug says; The drug induced sedation may adversely affect the patients’ well-being and functional capabilities. The term neuroleptic-induced deficit syndrome (NIDS) has been coined to focus attention on the adverse mental effects of neuroleptics.

      Thorzine side effects

      blank facial expression
      shuffling walk
      unusual, slowed, or uncontrollable movements of any part of the body
      difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
      increased appetite
      weight gain
      breast milk production
      breast enlargement
      missed menstrual periods
      decreased sexual ability
      changes in skin color

      • I have my doubts if this one is true or not. Doesn’t sound possible for the Perryville State Prison to be doing something so obviously underhanded, does it? I would say some one is just blowing smoke! Of course, I’ve been wrong before.

  9. The bravest woman or for that matter person I know….JODI ANN ARIAS. To Me SHE is the REAL BRAVEHEART. And yet SHE regrets taking his life…..but ask them would he regret taking HERS…or would he just use that in a ppl speech.him charged with HER death (MURDER) no way that would ever happen in az….they seem to LOVE to hate women ,see SHOWTRIAL. JODI reminds Me of LOUIS of UNBROKEN…the book and now the movie…UNBROKEN…THEN…NOW…ALWAYS. As a mormon bishop said to ME …that young man has a lot to answer for…….YES HE was talking about…t.v.a.. That,s the thing about truth…..sooner or later it does find light….and with that JUSTICE and YES FREEDOM. ON June 4 2008 a young LADY SURVIVED that,s it that,s all. Now it,s up to all of Us who believe in JUSTICE and JODI to bring HER home safe and sound….if You can help…$$$…THANKS. BUT if not PLEASE send HER A letter…just do what You can…….THANKS…<3 <3 <3 GRIZ.

  10. Cindy Jewel has had it correct all along. Jodi did not kill Travis. She was framed and should be set free. We love you Jodi!

  11. My heart goes out to Jodi today. This is the day that changed her life forever! Her whole life turned upside down! There truly is a medical condition that with stress and a rapid heart beat like panic attacks the fog does roll in! She truly doesn’t know what happened she just knows what the det.flor said she did with all his lies/cover ups! When she asked him if she needed a lawyer he should of stopped then and allowed her the phone calls! I question DR because of her lies about everything and with the texts between her/ta ALL can be proven. She got called bad names and had to make calls and give her bank account # numerous time trying to get the large amount of money he ask/took from her and yet he never deposited the full amount they agreed on! ta supporters claim she was the love of his life…BS He never called on her even when he was in between lisa and Jodi. In fact ta would hide Jodi at quick shop while he picked up his dog from DR to keep her from going into fit!! DR was in town , text and told him she was and she also waits 5 days to find his dead self!!????! She wanted her money! ta was buying fancy web sites, fancy camera plus taking mimi to Cancun PLUS WAS SEXING JODI.! If anybody had a motive it was DR! God only knows how humiliated she as in front of her family/friends and her faith (church) . You know darn well she was trying to catch up with him before he left town to squander off all his money where he couldn’t pay her back any of the hundreds he still owed her! She too left ta message after the fact! Why does she lie so much? Why wasn’t she knocking on his door ? His dog was there along with his car!?

    • Pam, DR has always been on my suspect list. . .either her or maybe her family. The
      Hughes top the list for me. They all lie because they have been brought up to tell lies
      to protect themselves, their family and their friends. It is a main staple of their lives. Lies.
      😯 Don’t you remember the “Lying For The Lord” saying? IMO they aren’t very good
      at it though, because they haven’t fooled us, have they?

      • R.Love,
        Lying for the Lord isn’t going OR shouldn’t get them a free pass. They all lied under oath,
        commited perjury and evidently got away with it.

        People use that and God for all of their lies and any crime.
        Like Zimmerman saying he couldn’t question God.

        When they say things like that, what a slap.
        I honestly believe that is what using God’s name in vain means.

        Why is it so accepted and not questioned?

    • I agree. E V I L W I T C H !! Deceitful, greedy, vindictive and dangerous.
      Wonder how her boys are holding up? I hope someone gets them the help they
      deserve for being raised by such unscrupulous people. . .two of the worst humans
      on this planet!. . .IMHO

      • If Jodi’s appeal lawyers see any of this and think it is alright,
        there is something REALLY wrong. We know it is already.
        I’m sick of the way this whole thing went.

        There have been caes where a lawyer thought I MAY be called as awitness, SO do NOT speak to anyoe.

        Wasn’t that a bunch of hearsay coming from SKY??????????
        She didn’t testify in front of the jury OR did she???

        And it was ok for Gus and Chris to go out and eat BUT not be admonished to even mention this casr.

        In any ase like this in America, I can’t help but believe this case would have been THROWN OUT!!!!

        Justice, my ass!!!!!
        There were so many lies and coverups and IF anyone didn’t see this that watched the trial, then THEY like the judge wasn’t paying attention.

        When I first heard her, I was in shock. Couldn’t believe that she could actually ADMIT she watched it and called in for any inconsistencies. Wouldn’t that be called hearsay and PLUS in itself call for a mistrial???

        When watching a trial, as a juror IF I can’t believe, the lying bastards then it’s over for me.
        There is no credibility at all on the states side.

        AZ needs to CLEAN HOUSE!!!!!

        That judge is so incompetent, she should watch this trial all the way through and RESIGN.

        The rest of the liars should spend at least 7 years in prison.
        This is so sickening!!

    • Maybe Dwight, but the attacker wouldn’t find it necessary to be screaming for help because he was the aggressor in this. Jodi was in victim fighting for her life. . .not him. I would say the commotion that was made was loud and anyone anywhere close to that house had to have known something horrible was happening. There wouldn’t have been a question at all. So what were the room mates doing locked in their bedrooms in the middle of the afternoon?!? Funny all of this religious virginal men always seem to find themselves in their bedrooms with their girlfriends. 🙄

        • The roommates and so-called friends all slept scared to death after finding ta,( they say) and even with their lights on, REALLY?????????
          Saying it was Jodi, why did they do that????
          They weren’t scared for 5 days in a house with blood everywhere and didn;t they see the blood before opening his door???

            • dwight,
              You asked HOW stupid do they think everyone is???
              That is powerful and shameful but, WAYYYYYYYYYYYY too many.
              Think about all of the crowd outside te courtroom, the haters, the media.
              I really do belive they are all eaten up with the dumbass.

              Do they think at all??
              The jury even had to have those questions, but they just asked the same ones as

              This country has a game show Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader????
              Does that answer your question??
              Pretty sad, right?

              Maybe the 5th graders should run our court system!!

      • R.Love,
        neither of the roommates were there that afternoon. Jodi and Travis were alone. But they *were* expected to arrive any minute.

        Dwight, after the gunshot Travis didn’t go to a window to scream for help because he was too busy attacking Jodi AGAIN, saying “Fucking kill you bitch!”

  12. As always, I enjoy reading all of your comments that are so on-the-money from those who, thank God, have an understanding that others demonstrate they’re incapable of having. You all have wonderful hearts. (((Jodi!)))

    It alarms me to know Jodi is being given a drug that she doesn’t need, what can that be doing to her body and mind? Is Jodi too sane for them, that in giving her this drug they are trying to make her what they want her to be?

    Freedom for Jodi – NOW. <3

  13. TGIF my friends!

    I’d like to clarify a couple of things: People seem to misunderstand and question why I’m so ‘disrespectful’ towards travis alexander. I’m not being mean. I’m being honest.

    Back in June 4th 2008, what happened between Jodi and travis was not a ‘tragedy’ that happened to a healthy couple. It was an act of SELF DEFENSE. Something that Jodi hadn’t acted on throughout their relationship: to defend herself from her brutal abuser.

    His name could have been Travard Alexasskjgksnhksjzn for all I care, my opinion would have been the same. You see, it’s what travis did to Jodi hundreds of times previous to June 4th 2008 that I hate him for. And if someone is constantly abused, of course they will eventually fight back when fearing for their lives.

    So I will continue to name Jodi’s abuser and what he did to her. People have to remember what he did because if his actions are not emphasized then the world will only remember Jodi’s actions on June 4th. And who comes out looking like a saint and who a devil?

    travis alexander ABUSED and stepped on another human being (and many others, btw). If this human being happened to be called Jodi Arias, it doesn’t minimize what he has done. An abuser is an abuser. Plain and simple. It doesn’t matter if you like the victim or not. What matters is that he abused another human and THAT alone in my book makes him scum.

    A simple example: we all have met someone in an abusive relationship, right? What is your opinion of the abuser? I’m guessing: asshole, piece of shit, bastard, etc. If this abuser abused Jodi, would you still believe he was an asshole, piece of shit, bastard, etc.? If yes, then you understand my point of view. If not, then you’re not seeking justice, you’re seeking revenge against a specific woman that you don’t like.

    It’s not about liking or not a specific person.

    Jodi did one thing that has allowed the haters to define her whole existence (using that one action as an example).

    travis constantly behaved abusively towards many people and yet, because he’s dead that doesn’t matter anymore? Well it does. If he wasn’t abusive and threatening, he would still be alive. Jodi wouldn’t have needed to defend herself against him. Simple as that.

    • Pandora, Bravo!!! I do have a question: why are we up in arms and making laws for people who bully others but people can not make the connection that bulling some one is Abuses!!

      It’s in black and white for the world to see in Travis’s own words. Are his actions, bulling Jodi a acceptable behavior because he died?? NO IT IS NOT!!!

      Travis’s own life choices and behavior are what lead to his death!!!

      Jodi Arias will walk free!!!!

    • Thank You Pandora for being honest and keeping it simple. No two ways about any of this. . .Travis Alexander should be held responsible for his own death. Jodi was simply defending herself from him. That is not a crime. The things he was about are the crime!
      Travis Alexander was truly a Scum Bag IMO.

      • Pandora,
        I certainly wouldn’t worry about it.
        Do they think the things that he called Jodi was saintly?
        They’re so stupid, they don’t even start to think about what disgusting, mean, dirty and hateful
        things that he called her.

        f, them and their white horses they came in on.
        How would they feel, if being called the disgusing things he called her.
        While he was alive he was an asshole, so he’s dead, he’s to be treated like a saint?
        With those kind of people HLN usually has a name for them, not saint.

        That’s hypocricy!!
        He was and still is everything anyone says.
        He was what he was then and he is what he is now.
        He isn’t gone because he was a “saint”.

    • That’s it for sure, Pandora! Everyone carries on the traits of their parents. We’re neurotic, one and all. ta was a macho, hedonistic, psychologically sadistic, steroid hormone in a mormon disguise. Jodi was much smaller, a victim of Love and also Latina which is subservient and societally still second class, to f*ck’d up men. Jodi’s father was loving, but macho too. Jodi’s mom is strong, silent, loving and subservient, a product of her heritage.
      June 4 ’08 was a reckoning day for men who want to overestimate their stature. ta was a pig, sexist as it gets. He’s gone, and would be forgotten, and will be forgotten, when Jodi is FREE!
      FREE Jodi!

    • Oh my….. I LOVED everyone’s comments on this thread! You are all 100% right.

      And no , “Do not speak ill of the dead” doesn’t apply to all cases. Especially when the diseased is an ABUSER who had it coming.

      People out there condoning his behavior is one of the most disturbing things about our society that I can think of. The world must have ZERO tolerance of all the Travises out there, instead of turning them into Saints.

  14. I found it quite amusing in way, that the pictures to mark Ta’s death was said to be a Private Memorial service. Yup pretty private are right. Just pictures of ts. No family gathered around the headstone. Just her. I’m sorry but the word “private” doesn’t mean taking pictures and posting them on social media!!! But I guess when your trying to keep your meal train going you have to keep the pitty party going. throwing up now!!!

    • Amen Cindy! Why is it they have to make a public display of their “so-called” grief for their brother who they are busy profiting off of??? Have they NO SHAME?? Nope. Let’s go celebrate with a vacation in Cancun. They only do this to profit from his death. . .don’t forget they were not the close knit family that they have presented. Travis stated that in his own words. I feel they must be living in the fairy tale that Juan, Flores and The Hughes created for them. What they should be doing is wondering why all four of those people were so busy deleting, tampering and concealing evidence in their brother’s death. Why? That is what I would be zeroed in on. Their hate has been totally off of the target. Jodi was a victim.

      • R. I so agree with you. But I wanted to point put that Tanisha was the only one in the picture. Hell that could have been taken at anytime. I just thought that was odd, only her. I have to say pretty darn expensive headstone. Wonder who paid for that.

        Jodi was truely the only victim in this case. Not the Alexander’s. You are right R. Travis wanted nothing to do with Tanisha. So I guess all the lovers of Travis must never have read anything he had to say.

  15. I have a question I hope someone can help me with. As I understand it Jodi may have four avenues for appeal of her conviction. The first one is paid for by the state, then there is one that goes back to Judge Stephens which I believe is also paid for by the State. If both of these are unsuccessful, she can appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court and, if necessary, the US Supreme Court. There is no guarantee that the latter two will consider her appeals. I am asking this because I have come across a web page of a lawyer in California on which there is a picture of this lawyer and Jodi’s mom. He states that he will be working pro bono on a highly publicized murder trial in Arizona. If this is the case why are they asking for donations or am I completely off base?

    • Can you tell us the address of the website, fanciful? If he is a California lawyer, he may not be licensed in Arizona and he may just be wanting to help in any way he can without pay.

    • I don’t think he’s an appeals attorney; Jodi needs an Appeals Attorneys and they cost their weight in gold. Thus, the need for donations fanciful. Jodi must raise more than $250,000.

  16. Perjury ?

    Let’s look at the facts of this case – I know this has been gone over before but it is striking when you actually look at the quoted testimony of Dr. Horn to better understand his exact words that he used in testimony…

    ***Detective Esteban Flores, the lead detective in the case, had previously given taped interviews (prior to the trial starting) that the gunshot came first and this was the state’s theory right up until the criminal trial started. However, after Jodi Arias changed her defense to self defense, the state (just before the trial commenced) changed their theory of the case from the gunshot being first to the gunshot being last as a final “FU” to Travis Alexander.

    ***Detective Esteban Flores admitted in trial testimony that he had given false testimony in the Chronis Hearing in 2009 that helped to secure the sole death penalty aggravator – “cruelty.” He stated during that 2009 hearing that he was giving the opinion of the Medical Examiner, Dr. Kevin Horn, that the gun shot was first and that it did not incapacitate Travis Alexander. Without his testimony would the court have found the “cruelty” death penalty aggravator? It was alleged during the Chronis hearing that Travis Alexander was conscious during the fight and would have suffered great pain, etc. and thus the sole death penalty aggravator “cruelty” was found. However, years later during his criminal trial testimony, Det Flores stated that the gunshot was last and that he was simply confused or misunderstood what Dr. Kevin Horn (the medical examiner) had stated to him. (Dr. Horn in his testimony said he could not “recall” discussing the matter of the order of the injuries with Det Flores.) Det Flores admitted during his trial testimony that it was “his opinion” that he used during the Chronis Hearing and not Dr. Horn’s opinion as he had previously testified to, thus admitting to his false/perjurious testimony during the Chronis hearing. He admitted to substituting his opinion for Dr. Horn’s opinion during the Chronis hearing despite having testified that it was Dr. Horn’s opinion he was giving. Det. Flores admitted giving false testimony during the Chronis Hearing as stated above and it was this testimony which led to securing the sole death penalty aggravator.

    ***Dr. Kevin Horn, the medical examiner, while testifying during the criminal trial stated that the gunshot “must have” penetrated the brain and that it would have rapidly incapacitated “a person” almost immediately and rendered him unconscious. Thus trying to take away Jodi’s self defense claim where she claims that she shot Travis first and that it did not stop him from continuing his attack towards her. (keep in mind that the bullet was a low caliper that has been shown to have little stopping power so Jodi’s story makes sense in this way) However, it was brought out during Dr. Horn’s testimony that his own autopsy report stated that the Dura Mater (the brain covering) was intact and had not been penetrated. When confronted with this obvious contradiction, Dr. Horn reacted by covering his mouth with his hand as if to hide his embarrassment and then stated that it was simply a “typo.” However, the problem with that explanation was that his entire autopsy report is consistent and no where is it reported that the brain was penetrated. If it was simply a “typo” then there would necessarily be information in the report to back up the fact that the Dura Mater was penetrated by explanation of where it was penetrated and how big a tear, piercing or perforation it was and all corroborating information regarding that injury. There was no corroborating information in his report because the Dura Mater was intact and the brain was not penetrated just as his autopsy report stated. Dr. Horn had many opportunities to review his autopsy report before defense interviews and before his testimony to make any corrections he felt he should make. There were no corrections made before his testimony.

    Part of Dr. Horn’s testimony on the matter:

    Ques: “with regard to the shot to the head, would that have been rapidly fatal?”

    Answer: “Likely would have been, yes”

    Ques: “And by rapidly fatal, what are we talking about?”

    Answer: “Well, if you have a projectile going through the front part of the brain a person may not die immediately but they’ll probably lose the ability to function normally, they’ll lose consciousness and they’ll be laying on the floor.”

    Ques: “In very short order”

    Answer: “Yes”

    Ques: “Shot and they go down”

    Answer: “Yes”

    Okay so we have Dr. Horn appearing to equivocate in his answers instead of directly answering “Yes” or something like “when the projectile went through the front part of Travis Alexander’s brain…..” Instead Dr. Horn leaves himself an out with general terms like “if” and “Likely would have been…” and “..the front part of the brain a person may not die immediately…” He leaves open the possibility that none of what he just said was actually true. He does not specifically relate this to Travis Alexander, but uses general terms and avoids being specific. He is a medical examiner so shouldn’t he be definite with his answers?

    And his incredible excuse that he made a “typo” when there is absolutely no evidence in his own autopsy report to support that it was actually a “typo” is another “red flag” in my opinion. I would think that he personally would have no motive to lie or equivocate to mislead the jury, so who had the motive to mislead the jury with false testimony?

    One would think that there would have been no reason for Dr. Horn back in June of 2008 to lie on his report. But does his testimony during the trial bolster the state’s new position that the gunshot was last not first? It appeared to me to be necessary for Dr. Horn to now state that the gunshot penetrated the brain (despite his autopsy report stating just the opposite) and that it would have incapacitated and rendered “a person” unconscious. This made Jodi look like a liar and took away her self defense claim and it bolstered the state’s new theory that the gunshot came last, not first. Dr. Horn testified that “a person” would have been rapidly incapacitated and rendered unconscious due to the bullet penetrating the brain which is exactly the opposite of what the state testified to through Det Flores in the Chronis hearing in order to help the state secure the sole death penalty aggravator, “cruelty.” During the Chronis hearing Det Flores stated that he was giving the opinion of Dr. Horn that the gunshot was first and that it did not incapacitate Travis, therefore he would have been conscious and would have suffered great pain. So what happened in my opinion in order to make Jodi look like a liar and take away her new self defense claim, the state had to not only change the order of injuries but had to mislead the jury so that they would believe that the bullet penetrated the brain and would have rendered Travis rapidly incapacitated and unconscious. Jodi was claiming the gunshot was first and that he continued his attack against her and the state now seemed to need to counter that by basically stating that it would have been impossible for the gunshot to be first because it would have rapidly incapacitated and rendered him unconscious due to brain penetration and therefore he would have been unable to continue any attack on Jodi. The state now claimed the gunshot was last after Travis was already dead as a final “FU” as Jodi went out the door.

    It was again very telling in my opinion when Dr. Horn was asked specifically during his testimony:

    Ques: “Did the bullet go through the frontal lobe of the brain?”

    Answer: “it must have”

    Ques: “With regards to that issue of the perforation of that particular part of the anatomy (referring to the brain / Dura Mater), so as you look at it and your recollection, based on what you saw, was there that perforation?”

    Answer: “Yes, there would have to have been.”

    Wow! “It must have” !! Really ???? “Yes, there would have to have been” !!! Really ????

    Again, Dr. Horn appears to equivocate and instead of definite answers like a simple, “Yes” he leaves open the possibility that the brain was not penetrated. Dr. Horn made it sound as though the bullet did pass through the brain without actually definitively stating that it did. His autopsy described an undamaged brain. His autopsy report describes an “intact” Dura Mater which necessarily would have to have been penetrated in some fashion if the bullet did pass through the brain. So what are you going to believe? An autopsy report that was written within days of the discovery of Travis Alexander’s body in June of 2008? Or are we to believe the testimony of Dr. Horn who years later seemingly can not or will not state definitively that the brain was penetrated in denial of his own autopsy report?

    Jodi changes her defense to self defense and the state then reacts by changing the order of injuries and now miraculously the bullet penetrated the brain (despite the “intact Dura Mater” and no corroborating evidence to back up a penetration of the brain in the autopsy report) to block her new defense and Dr. Horn’s needed cooperation in this matter is evident in my opinion by his apparent attempt to deny his own autopsy report. Why not give matter of fact specific answers that deal specifically with Travis Alexander as written in his own report?

    Another point worth noting about Dr. Horn’s autopsy report in comparison to his testimony on the stand:

    In his autopsy report Dr. Horn describes the lungs and states that there was “no areas of induration, consolidation, hemorrhage or gross scarring.” Because Dr. Horn was able to note that the lungs had no areas of induration (hardening), consolidation (a condition in which the lung tissue becomes firm and solid), hemorrhage (bleeding) or gross scarring (fibrous tissue replacing the normal tissue), and he was able to examine the lungs for these conditions, then wouldn’t he have been able to examine the lungs for any perforations/penetrations or nicks? There was no reference in his autopsy report to the lungs being perforated/penetrated or nicked. This is an important point because on the stand Dr. Horn stated “if the lung is nicked a person” can cough/spew blood from the mouth. Again the Dr. seems to be equivocating and making it sound as though Travis’ lung was nicked without actually definitively stating that it was by using equivocating or general terms such as “if” and “a person.” Was this said in an effort to lead the jury to believe that the blood that was coughed out of Travis’ mouth at the bathroom sink was caused or could have been caused by the stabbing injury to his chest instead of the injury caused by the gunshot wound to the forehead which passed through his nasal cavity and ended in his jaw? In my opinion the state did not want to have the jury believe that the blood spatter coughed/spewed out of Travis’ mouth at the sink was caused by the gunshot wound because this would show that Travis was still conscious and upright and able to stand in front of the mirror and cough/spew blood out of his mouth for a period of time after he was shot. Dr. Horn had already testified that the gunshot wound would have caused rapid incapacity and unconsciousness due to it supposedly passing through the brain. However, his own autopsy report refutes the notion that there was any perforation or penetration of the brain and likewise, his own report shows no evidence of a lung that was perforated or nicked. So there would be no other injury according to Dr. Horn’s own autopsy report other than the gunshot wound to the forehead that passed through the nasal cavity and landed in the jaw that would have been the cause of the blood in the mouth that caused Travis to cough/spew that blood out of his mouth at the sink. In my opinion the testimony of Dr. Horn allowed the jury to believe that the gunshot had penetrated the brain (“it must have” “it would have to have been”) and that the injury to the chest caused the blood in Travis’ mouth (“if the lung is nicked a person” can cough/spew blood from the mouth) without ever definitively stating these as fact. Dr. Horn should be an unbiased medical examiner in this case. Why would he want to deny his own autopsy report? Why would he want to use general non-specific or equivocating terms when on the stand with statements that perhaps could easily be misunderstood by the jurors instead of just reporting the facts that he himself wrote in his own autopsy report just days after Travis Alexander’s body was found?

    Who really had the motivation to lie?

    My opinion:

    So you have to ask yourself: Was Detective Flores telling the truth in the Chronis Hearing in 2009 or was he telling the truth during his testimony during the criminal trial years later? He can not have it both ways. Either he did give truthful testimony of Dr. Horn’s opinion in 2009 during the Chronis hearing or he was now giving truthful testimony during the criminal trial and admitting his perjury that it was NOT Dr. Horn’s opinion that he had given in 2009 but his own opinion. Which is it?

    Then you have to ask yourself: Did Dr.Horn so carelessly make a “typo” on his report that went unnoticed for many many years despite having reviewed it prior to interviews and testimony and making no changes prior to testimony? And despite the fact that the report has no corroborating evidence to show that the brain was penetrated and the Dura Mater was perforated? The report contained no details as to where this perforation was and how big it was and any details of the damage it caused to the brain. But instead you have a report which is fully consistent by stating that the Dura Mater was intact and descriptions of an undamaged brain.

    Jodi Arias testified that the gunshot was first and that she had run into Travis’ closet to escape from his attack and grabbed the gun on the top shelf that she remembered being there (from her cleaning his house for him) and then pointed it at him in hopes that he would stop his attack and the gun went off. She stated she did not know if it was loaded and never intended to shoot him. She further testifies that this did not stop his attack but furthered it with him screaming at her “Fuckin’ kill you bitch” after the gunshot went off and he had been hit. The blood at the sink was blood that came from this gunshot injury to the forehead according to the evidence as I see it, causing blood in his mouth and causing Travis to spew and cough the blood out of his mouth. The blood did not come from the chest stab wound according to the evidence of Dr. Horn’s own report as that would have been impossible because the lungs were not “nicked” or perforated according to Dr. Horn’s own autopsy report which does not describe any nicks, perforations, or tears to the lungs despite his non-specific and seemingly confusing answers about that.

    It really is a feat in my book when a well educated Dr. can give a “non-non answer” to specific questions to a jury and seemingly convinces them to agree with him…..Wow !!

    The state put themselves into a corner in my opinion when they changed their story from believing the gunshot was first to the gunshot was last and from it not incapacitating Travis to it rapidly incapacitating him and causing unconsciousness. They were betting that the perjury in the Chronis Hearing by Det Flores would be dismissed as “harmless” which is was by this judge and that the jury would forgive Dr. Horn’s “typo” and believe him which they did. But what they did in my opinion was deny Jodi a fair trial and prevented the jury from hearing a true set of facts on what happened that day.

    And I guess I stopped giving the state the benefit of the doubt that they were being honest when it turned out that they had destroyed potential exculpatory evidence and then tried to blame it on the defense team. LOL!! The state did not disclose the original mirror image of the hard drive from Travis Alexander’s computer to the defense for over 6 years until after the conclusion of the criminal trial and until the sentencing trial was underway. They also destroyed vast amounts of computer evidence at the crime scene and again a year later in 2009. The sim and data cards from the cell phones seem to have all “disappeared” as well.

    Are we allowed now to cheat and lie our way to a win in court when you are trying to put someone to death?

    Having a death qualifying aggravator requires a death qualified jury and therefore may make it a more difficult task to convince the jury of innocence….and when your sole aggravator is based on perjured/false testimony it should not stand and should never be considered “harmless” in a death penalty case in my opinion. (not that my opinion matters)

    Had there not been a death penalty aggravator, and no death penalty in play, then the jury make up would have been different – no need for death qualified jurors, the jury instructions would have been different, and the outcome of the case could have been much different.

    In my opinion the state’s reaction to Jodi changing her defense to self-defense lead to Dr. Horn’s infamous “typo” on the stand which stands in direct contradiction to his own autopsy report which was never amended prior to his testimony…..his trial testimony that the gunshot would have rendered “a person” rapidly incapacitated and unconscious “red flags” the testimony that gained the sole aggravating death qualifying factor “cruelty” that was gained through the false testimony of lead detective Esteban Flores. (But for the testimony of Det Flores who stated that the gunshot was first and that it did not render Travis incapacitated, would we have had any aggravating death penalty factors in this case?) The testimony in the Chronis hearing by lead detective Esteban Flores certainly seemed to be material to the sole aggravator and without that sole aggravator would this case have been a standard murder case, not a death penalty case? So to say that the perjured testimony was “harmless” is an after the fact justification that takes away the rights of Jodi Arias to a fair trial in my opinion.

    From the Petition for Review filed on 2/20/2013 it states:
    “Knowing use of perjured or false testimony by the prosecution is a denial of due process and is reversible error without the necessity of a showing of prejudice to a defendant.” State vs. Ferrari 112 Ariz. 324, 334, 541 P.2d 921, 931 (1975)”

    Also, can the court substitute trial testimony for truthful Chronis hearing testimony in an after-the-fact finding of probable cause? If so, then in my opinion all civilized rules of the rights of defendants (and victims for that matter) goes down the drain and no one is safe from the lawlessness of an unruly society who disregards laws in favor of winning at any and all costs.

    Jodi Arias herself stated it on her sentencing day to Judge Sherry Stevens, as she pointed her finger at Det Flores and Prosecutor Juan Martinez, and said that she believed that Det Flores and Juan Martinez had “got together and decided to change their story for trial…” The gunshot was first, period. Jodi told the truth.

    • Excellent BB !!! I don’t know how anyone can read that and not see the travesty of convicting Jodi !!!!!

    • BB, it certainly appears to be perjury; Horn was very careful with his words.
      Yet, hopefully, when an appellate attorney scrutinizes Horn’s testimony it will be seen for what it is.
      This is an evasion of the facts by a witness, The Medical Examiner, who is supposed to side with neither the defense nor the prosecutor.

      “Knowing use of perjured or false testimony by the prosecution is a denial of due process and is reversible error without the necessity of a showing of prejudice to a defendant.” State vs. Ferrari 112 Ariz. 324, 334, 541 P.2d 921, 931 (1975)”

      That quote could apply to a number of issues in this case!

  17. Very very interesting, BB! Very well thought out. Horn’s equivocating language is particularly interesting. Not only does he consistently make generalized statements sound like they are specific to Travis but he uses the same circular logic that has riddled this case, both in the courtroom and throughout the whole public hate campaign. First he implies that Travis would have been incapacitated because his frontal lobe was penetrated (contrary to his autopsy report) and then he implies that the frontal lobe must have been penetrated due to the fact that he was incapacitated. That is, in terms of formal logic, we know that A is true because B is true and we know that B is true because we now know that A is true.

    • It’s that same circular logic that the whole premeditation verdict Is based. First Martinez convinced the jury that she must have Intended to kill him because of all the wounds and then worked backwards to place sinister motives on everyday behaviors as proof of premeditation. In the end It all boiled down to “She killed him the way she did because she’s evil and the reason we know she’s evil is because of the way she killed him. And since we know she’s evil, these everyday behaviors obviously had evil intent which further proves just how evil she is which further proves she must have premeditated this murder.”

      • Exactly ! And is this proof beyond a reasonable doubt??? NO WAY !!!! All supposition and lies !!!! What were the jurors thinking ? If I am a juror and I hear a Dr. answer “It must have” in answer to whether or not the bullet penetrated the brain, right there I am discounting the state’s theory that the bullet was last and giving room for reasonable doubt. The jurors were MASSIVELY STUPID !!! They should all have their right to ever sit on a jury revoked forever. How do they sleep at night? Only when this happens to someone they love like a daughter or sister, etc. will they understand that yes indeed women are abused and some of them fight back and survive.

  18. On j408 was there screaming and yelling I don,t think so In real life this seems not to happen to much. I,ve seen 3 continual fights and the only screaming was from the MOB.When Your life is on the line (JODI) or your trying to MURDER (t.a.)someone why would anyone waste their breath. In the movies but real life not so much. Seems in WW2 germans hated that U.S. troops were for the most part…silent as they attacked.Well America is a land of woodsmen. As for HORN I know he lied…Phineas Gage …hmmm I think I,v heard of that case…..Jennifer should have NAILED him to the floor on that. Once again that jury failed HER and JUSTICE. If only that case had of been shown in the first trial…as it proved that the shot would not have been fatal. Oh really the so called victim looks into the mirror…..who would BUY that but a bought and paid for jury. Ah but the system is NEVER wrong Ya think…

  19. Did anyone catch 20/20 last night? They had a case about a woman named Shayna Huber (sp?)…anyways, Nancy DisGrace came on at one point running her mouth about Jodi. Any chance she gets, she takes shots at Jodi!

    • I saw her on that one video where Jodi is singing “O Holy Night”. Jodi successfully hits some high notes that I wouldn’t even attempt and Nancy is grimacing and making faces (remind you of anyone) as if Jodi is off key (which she is not). I’d be interested to see if Miss Psycho can sing as well as she dances.

  20. Is this allowed a fellow prisoner of Jodi’s (Shawna Forde) being allowed to send letters to the outside to a website called “Free Shawna Forde”? Why is Perryville Prison allowing this to happen? Doesn’t this violate Jodi’s privacy & doesn’t it give more ammunition to the outside haters to abuse Jodi further? Would Jodi be allowed to send letters to this site? Seems one law for Jodi & one law for all those joining the bandwagon of “Hate”!

    PS. Yes, I have seen this on Courtchatter, one of those hater sites, but I think everyone should see the kind of vile things going on in supposedly law abiding “Arizona” (Not) & more so, in their pillow of correctness “Perryville Prison”!!Death-Row-Inmate-Shawna-Forde-on-New-VentMate-Jodi-Arias/c1oiw/555b85480cf248741743f586

    • Yeah, why does it seem like all his negative pot shots are aimed at Jodi’s side of the fence? Could it be because 10 days out of 10 he doesn’t like her, he never believed her and he doesn’t understand why anyone would support her?

    • Let’s see Kirk,are you coulda, woulda, shoulda, reading for at JAII? Since you took June 4 , 2015 out of context from this over 2 year old site, let me enlighten you. YOU Kirk, are a big part of the reason WE are still here, supporting Jodi. You got run over by the big boy train. Next time you defend in a self defense murder trial, get an ME and cross the pros ME yourself, you were lead right? And don’t forget to put your reputation on the line, for your client, and your 5 years of work. Or were you just mailing it in, like I believe? You’ll not get more than bitterness here when you try to categorize us with your 140, no less that 140 character tweet. ta couldn’t make brutality work for him. you couldn’t make defending work for you, your both failed.

      • Ditto. If people do not want to read the truth about Travis Alexander, then they need to avoid all of us. . .because we will not sugar coat a horribly sick and evil abuser. like him Jodi never deserved the treatment that she received from him or his deceitful friends, all she wanted was his love. Travis is responsible for his death, not Jodi. Self Defense is not a crime Kirk Nurmi.

  21. Tanisha (the ugly sister, my opinion) letter of remembering T.A is on Courtchatter as well, it’s too vile to put a link here, but if you do you know where it’s at.

    • I am thankful that Jodi was able to survive Travis’s abusive attack on June the 4th. If that disappoints Mr Nurmi then he never understood this whole tragedy. I’m sad he didn’t take the to know Jodi. . .for me that is sad.

        • I never understood why Stephens wouldn’t let Nurmi off the case. Could it be because she knew he didn’t really believe Jodi so in the back of her mind she knew he wouldn’t advocate too heavily in her favor? Otherwise, why the stubborn, digging one’s heels in, insistence that he remain her lawyer?

          • I believe it was all in the “over-all” scheme of performing a honest trial but all the time knowing it was a farce from the beginning. All of them got paid very well for what they have done. I will never doubt that. They all were hired guns. . .Jodi doesn’t stand a chance in that corrupt mess! Why is our country not alarmed about the state of affairs in Arizona and the corrupt people that are running the circus?

  22. I think he is trying to win over the masses as he has despised by them during the trials. Had threats too. So trying to make it up now.

    • Yeah. I wonder if he’s having trouble getting clientele because of all the publicity and knowing that the masses hate Jodi (and him by extension), he has to kiss the asses of the masses to bolster his livelihood. Quite a quandary to be in.

      • Mine too, business must be bad for him. . .he is having to pander to the sheeple who hated who he “supposedly” defended, Jodi. Maybe he should have stuck with the Public Defender’s Office where people don’t have a choice at who represents them. SMH


    Proverbs 22:22-23 Do not rob the poor because he is poor, Or crush the afflicted at the gate; For the LORD will plead their case And take the life of those who rob them.

  24. This past week I’ve met myself coming and going, and now I have company, but he said he
    wouldn’t mind if I take some time to write this post – as I have to write when I have time to.
    First, as I have been reading, it seems uncertain whether or not, Jodi is being given Thorazine. If in fact, she is, then it is a ‘big’ mistake, and somehow, this Must, be stopped, for her safety and physical and mental well being.
    Next, moving on to heartless and unethical professionals, and (others). While we know that the deck of cards has been stacked against Jodi from the beginning, I would like to go back to the beginning, to the Interrogation of Jodi, by Detective Flores. Jodi told the truth. Flores, would not listen to her, and kept telling Jodi to “tell the truth” ( even though she was, telling the truth). He told Jodi that she was lying, while it was he, who was lying. Flores kept telling Jodi, ” there is so much evidence we have” and “THEY”, tell me
    that it was you, Jodi. Now, what I would like to know, is WHY, Detective Flores chose, to
    believe All of the ‘others’, and NOT, choose to believe Jodi! Why was it so important to
    him to take as “gospel” the word of all of the ‘others’, rather than believe that Jodi, just
    might be telling him the truth? Detective Flores, it seems, wasn’t seeking truth, but rather
    “only wanted Jodi to tell him “what he Wanted, to hear from her! Jodi came across as
    genuine and honest in that interrogation, but Flores would not believe her. He, it seems,
    did not want, to believe Jodi.
    Juan Martinez, likewise made Jodi out a liar, when it was he, in fact who lied. And also.
    was abusive to Jodi by yelling and intimidating and shaming her. In short he is a bully!
    D.H., the Hughes, the ME, Flores, Martinez, the girlfriends of ta, the room mates, need to be “interrogated”, Under Oath!!! As for the media, I just read that Dr. Drew ‘ loves cocaine’, and has “lied” to his audience for years. What is with these people? They have
    all played a part, in making Jodi’s life miserable, i.e. unfair trial and “guilty before proven
    innocent” rather than the reverse.
    Please correct me if I am wrong on this quote, but was it not Adolph Hitler who said
    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”.
    It makes me wonder if this, is what has transpired with Jodi’s case, and trial. In my own
    opinion, those who have accused, and wrongly convicted Jodi, need to be held accountable for their perjuries, and (Crimes). As long as corruption rules, intimidation
    will be prevalent. Jodi has been hurt too much, and I would like to see these wrongs corrected, and reversed! Team Jodi <3 Jo Ardell

    • You hit the nail on the head Jo. IMO Flores had his magic underwear on during his interrogation of Jodi and apparently that swayed him to put his faith in people who Lied for the Lord. It never occurred to Flores to wonder why it took these particular people 5 days to discover their friend was dead in the same house that they had been living in. Too bad Travis Alexander didn’t keep his on more often. IMO Hughes played a huge part in the accusations against Jodi. Just makes one wonder why? Then throw in a prosecutor who wears the same undergarments and look what happened…..

      This whole trial should have been removed from the State of Arizona and held far away from the brainwashed sheeple who all drink from the same KoolAid barrel.

      • The Jury in the guilt phase certainly DID drink the KoolAid, R. Love!!
        No question about it!
        There is not one single piece of actual un-tampered with evidence to prove the prosecutor’s case.

        • On that we AGREE!!! 🙂 As a matter of fact, I believe they are still drinking from that same barrel of KoolAid. I’ve never seen jury members become so buddy-buddy with the “victim’s” family before. . .ever . . .until this particular trial. Very strange and questionable IMO.

    • JO,
      Everyone on here know’s that is what I believe.
      I believed Jodi when Flores was interrogating her.
      I really did believe her.
      2 years later?

      I’ve always said that’s what I believe and IF they’re giving Jodi meds of some sort,
      they were doing it then.

      I’ve always said that she had to be set up.
      There were so many lies from the state, so why believe them?

      We all some different oppions about this, but we know that’s ok.
      That’s where I keep going is to the interrogation.
      Flores said ALL fingers are pointing at you???
      That’s a reason for an arrest???

      They couldn’t prove any of it and they didn’t investigate. If they did it
      was a very piss poor investigation.

      • You know I agree with you, Aly!
        When the State’s Appellate Lawyer looks at Jodi’s case, and she reviews everything, hopefully (rightfully) she will see that this was not the ‘usual’ case of a murder trial; that she will see there were errors of omission and errors of commission on the part of the defense attorneys; and that she will see that the prosecutor had no pertinent facts to convict and that he used bogus pictures instead of evidence and perjury on the part of his witnesses instead.

        • Carol,
          Why would it be so unbelievable?
          I don’t call his interrogation any thing but harrassment.
          Every time I see it, it’s really hard for me to watch. too sad!

          I thought that I had written in response, but guess it didn’t make it.
          Carol, do you know anything about the appellate lawyer?

          • Hi! Aly. About the appellate lawyer the State has put in charge of Jodi’s appeal: She is an older woman – you know – very experienced in her field. She has a heavy workload so it may take her awhile to get to Jodi’s case. Hopefully she knows about Jodi’s case.
            There is an effort to try and clean up the atrocious behavior of the Maricopa County’s Prosecutors Office under way, and that may be the key to Jodi’s case being looked at sooner rather than later.. fingers crossed!

            There is also a very young attorney who knows Jodi, or at least he has said he has; he has posted on this site. He is not an appellate attorney (which requires specialized training).He could provide help to Jodi’s appellate attorney if that attorney would allow it.

            Keep the faith, Aly. One step at a time. Jodi WILL see justice prevailing; it just takes time.

            • Carol,
              I’ve always believed when there’s a whole lot of lying going on, you can’t
              keep covering it up.
              The whole ugly truth will come out.

              They REALLY do have a whole lot of cleaning up to do in
              Maricopa County and that just might be the key they need. The corruption has gone on too long.

      • I believe that there was not done a proper Forensic, investigation. Jodi should not have
        been just ‘taken to jail’. There was not investigation. And, too many questions.
        I believe Jodi was framed, right from the start, on purpose.
        I believe Jodi.
        I believe that there were others in the house, and others involved in actions that Jodi
        could not possibly have carried out, due to her size.
        I believe that there were ‘others’, with “more motive”, than Jodi, and that there was NO, premeditation, only a struggle to Stay Alive and Survive, by Jodi.
        ‘The others’ are hiding a big secret, for a big reason, for their own benefit.
        Really think it’s KoolAid? Sounds to me like they are snitching “white lightening”! LOL – Team Jodi <3 Jo Ardell

    • Jo, I totally agree with your post also! I have believed that Jodi was set up by the Mormons from day one! I have always believed Jodi and that she was telling the truth when she was interrogated by the “lying”, corrupt, Mormon named Flores, who was “supposed” to be a detective protecting people from crime and corruption! He thought he was SO SNEAKY the way he handled Jodi’s interrogation but as I watched the video, he didn’t fool me one bit!!! It’s a damn shame that he could even do that to someone, let alone an innocent person!!! Shame on him, the frog, the ME (Dr. Horn), the judge, the Hughes, Deanna Reid, and ALL the others involved in setting Jodi up!!! They may be laughing now but the saying goes, “he who laughs LAST, laughs BEST!!! It IS coming!!!


      (((((TEAM JODI)))))

      • It has been my thoughts exactly, Jodi was set up from the beginning, that this was a murder that the Mormon community needed to have solved in a hurry, Marja Liisa.
        Ours may be a minority position, but it is the only one in which all the ‘facts’ in this case make any sense at all. What the reason was for the ‘frame-up’ still eludes me.

        There is so much that has been left unanswered.
        Why didn’t the medical examiner tell the court approximately how long the body had been dead?
        This question is ALWAYS important in a murder trial to place the suspect at the scene.
        Heck, if the body was only dead for 2-3 days, or 1-2 days as Flores originally stated, then Jodi wasn’t there to begin with!!
        It was a convenient question for the prosecutor to leave out!
        But, why the defense attorneys didn’t ask the question themselves leaves me scratching my head.

        • The only reason I’ve ever been able to come up with is Jodi is the outsider (was never accepted by the cult) who knew too much. . .about everybody, everything. Funny thing was though, she didn’t really because they all kept secretly sneaking around behind her back . . so then we end up back. . . . at why? None of us really know what happened that day but I have always thought there was “WAY MORE” to this story than has been told, so far. The truth will slowly come out, the worms will squirm and turn on each other and then we will know the truth.
          We Must Have Patience (I’m bad at it 😥 ). SMH

    • Very well said Jo Ardell, the interrogation really is the place to begin! There is so much evidence that the detectives, both of them, coerced an admission from Jodi that she was there. Why? She should have stuck with the truth.
      But, just as Travis tried to do over and over, the detectives ‘guilted’ her into the admission that she was there, but not that she killed him; we should all remember that.

      Jodi’s explanation of her trip to Utah is perfectly plausible and always on good roads that are easy to drive on.

      The State’s version of her going to Mesa and then to Utah is far less plausible…she would have had to drive through towns at a high speed in order to make the ‘bleep’ from the towers pinpointing her position; this would have made her driving unsafe, and unrealistic.

  25. How Jodi was too good for you know who?

    ARIAS: No. No. No.

    I think I`m more focused on your posture and your tone and your anger.

    Prosecutor: It`s, again, the prosecutor`s fault because you perceive him to be angry, right?

    ARIAS: I think that was a compound question.

    Prosecutor: You just have a problem with the word confrontation.

    ARIAS: That`s not how I would put it. I would put it a different way.

    Prosecutor: But that`s what you were doing, right?

    ARIAS: That`s not how I would put it. I didn’t`t know that.

    Prosecutor: That`s what you`re telling us, right?

    ARIAS: That`s not what I said. Remember what?

    Prosecutor: What are we talking about?

    ARIAS: We`re talking about the incident. Put up with what?

    Prosecutor: Well, what is it that we`re talking about here?

    ARIAS: Which part put up with?

    Prosecutor: Is it a good word or is it not a good word?

    ARIAS: It depends on how you used it.

    — because you go in circles…

    — circles…

    — circles…

    — because I`m focused more on your posture.

    Prosecutor: Do you understand that?

    ARIAS: I answered yes.

    That`s the third time you asked me that.

  26. None of these idiots have ever been in a life or death situation, so they don’t know what JODI went through, just wait until their lies catch up to each one of them.

    They’re going to be begging like Joe Arpaio is right now but more than likely he will get a heart attack and die when his case gets closer to his jail time.

    I’d rather see him wearing his XXXXL pink undies sooner than later.

    • Right dwight
      AND when the state’s witnesses ALL lie, you impeach that side and can’t believe a word they
      Plus SKY watch the trial and call the prosecuter when something SKY thought was wrong.
      ARE they fn kidding me???
      How can that happen??

      HOW could they believe her???? And what’s wrong with that picture???
      A HELL of a lot!!!

  27. Mr. Nurmi resembled a wet, used, dishrag in Phase 1. Phase II it was all about how much money he could make and turn this into a profitable business venture. He didnt care about the was all about lining his pockets.


    Jesse, I have been away from this case and website for some time, however, I disagree, with your morally negative characterizations of Jodi’s action.

    You state that you watched the trial videos

    Quite understanding I presume, you have not read the entire extensive commentary made at this site during the trial

    Such would have better enabled you to assess the trial videos in an appropriate legal context.

    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume, that you made your moral judgments based on your misunderstanding of crucial areas of the law, as it applies to Jodi’s case.

    Another interpretation is that your comments are in part is akin to a backhanded compliment ie when someone says something good about another, but there is a negative subtext, that evinces an ulterior motive, to insult a person.

    your comments in relation to the entire complex legal process of such a trial can’t be summarized in a few paragraph

    with that in mind, first to your statement:

    you state that “You cannot measure a person’s worth by their worst act. Yes I know what you did was wrong, but I know it was done for a very good reason.”

    it seems clear that you have made these moral judgments, without regard to the relevant law, especially the law of self defense, and the use of deadly force in self defense.

    as you, and perhaps others, look over the material below you will see the word “justification” used.

    to assist i googled > law criminal justification

    the first search result is from wikipedia

    “Justification in jurisprudence is an exception to the prohibition of committing certain offenses. Justification can be a defense in a prosecution for a criminal offense. When an act is justified, a person is not criminally liable even though their act would otherwise constitute an offense. For example, to intentionally commit a homicide would be considered murder. However, it is not considered a crime if committed in self-defense.

    A justification is not the same as an excuse. In contrast, an excuse (legal) is a defense that recognizes a crime was committed, but that for the defendant, although committing a socially undesirable crime, conviction and punishment would be morally inappropriate because of an extenuating personal inadequacy, such as mental defect, lack of mental capacity, sufficient age, intense fear of death, lacking the ability to control their own conduct, etc.[1]”

    next, to the law of self defense, in arizona, start at, the following link, then open the two links at 13-404 and then 13-405

    13-404 Justification; self-defense

    13-405 Justification; use of deadly physical force

    13-404. Justification; self-defense
    A. Except as provided in subsection B of this section, a person is justified in threatening or using physical force against another when and to the extent a reasonable person would believe that physical force is immediately necessary to protect himself against the other’s use or attempted use of unlawful physical force.

    13-405. Justification; use of deadly physical force
    A. A person is justified in threatening or using deadly physical force against another:
    1. If such person would be justified in threatening or using physical force against the other under section 13-404, and
    2. When and to the degree a reasonable person would believe that deadly physical force is immediately necessary to protect himself against the other’s use or attempted use of unlawful deadly physical force.
    B. A person has no duty to retreat before threatening or using deadly physical force pursuant to this section if the person is in a place where the person may legally be and is not engaged in an unlawful act.

    jodi’s acted in self defense, in fear for her life, and killed her attacker

    such is in accord with the criminal law of arizona

    these matters were extensively covered in comments at this site during the trial

    travis alexander was a violent person

    in testimony jodi stated he had previously rendered her unconscious with what is described as a chokehold carried out against her by alexander

    a potentially lethat act

    he was a wrestler, and an avid mixed martial arts enthusiast

    and so on, and so on

    jesse you failed to recognize that jodi was not required to allow herself to be killed

    she was legally, and morally allowed to defend herself, including defend herself with deadly force, which she did

    such is permitted by the laws of arizona

    so self defense, including self defense with deadly force, was both legally, and morally fully justifiable and defensible

    jesse, so, to analogize her actions by “You cannot measure a person’s worth by their worst act.” is irrelevant

    or are you implying she should have used a gentle, sanitary and painless, method to kill her attacker ?

    the law does not prescribe any such politically correct, gentle ways, of using deadly force against a deadly attacker

    unless you know of such laws and can cite them ?

    he was physically far more powerful than her

    so it was not her “worst act” as you have characterized her behavior, it was her act of survival, against a violent attacker

    in the circumstances at the time, and as she revealed during the trial, she was in fear for her life, and she killed her violent attacker, who was a mixed martial arts enthusiast, etc, who from her testimony had previously rendered her unconscious with a chokehold, and a multitude of other instances, including the language of violence

    alyce laviolet described such

    finally, you characterizated the prosecution’s behavior as a “ridiculous attempt at a cross”

    such mischaracterizes, downplays the enormity of the abuse of legal process that they perpetrated on jodi, and more seriously that was permitted by the judge

    it was extensively covered at this site during the trial

    the scales of justice were not in balance

    many of the judge’s rulings, in my opinion, were biased against jodi

    although none of us were not privy to the sidebars, etc

    a standard “law and order”, prosecutors judge
    this is arizona after all
    mormon country as well

    the paramount duty of a judge is to conduct a fair and impartial trial: such was denied jodi

    • dwight,
      You ask some great questions.
      WHY did the detective, defense, and jury ask the same ones???

      Were those pictures supposedly taken on the 4th or after?

  29. If you haven’t heard or read about Kalief Browder, please do.

    I tried to send a link but can’t do it.

    He was 17 and charged with a crime he didn’t do and held in Riker Solitaire Confinement for
    3 years. They were hoping he would make a plea. If you read this, you may not ask WHY they kept
    Jodi for over 2 years before changing her story. then 3 more?

    They say every one deserves a speedy trial, WHICH Kalief and Jodi didn’t get.
    Why did they wait 5 years for Jodi’s trial?
    IF everyone is entitled to a speedy trial?
    What do they call speedy?

    • This is a link to The NewYorker story, Aly:

      Aly, there are such sad stories these days. 🙁 I have often wondered if there were other reasons behind Jodi’s trial being delayed, mainly to get her to say something that could be used against her… or to change from ‘not guilty’ to one which would implicate her.

      This boy’s sad story is telling, isn’t it. That is exactly what the police wanted him to do – confess.
      And then those responsible for treating him so badly walk away.

      • Thanks Carol,
        That is sooooooooooo sad, I heard the brothers talking on CNN.
        It’s maddening!
        I know they’re going to sue and I hope it bankrupts the city and has them completely
        close down Riker.
        You can tell how hard this is on his brothers, mother and family.

        They want you to say WHAT they want you to.
        So I’m not surprised WHY the story from Jodi came after over 2 years.
        They didn’t want to investigate.
        They just wanted her to confess. Didn’t Nurmi even tell her that no one would believe her story.

        I believe they wanted to delay it as long as they could, trying to get a plea,
        and make the media and public hate Jodi.
        IF everyone is entitled to a speedy trial, Jodi sure didn’t one and I wonder if that will be part of the appeal.

        Kalief, 3 years of pure torture. Jodi 5 years?????
        They could tell her any lie that they wanted to.

        I’m still confused about the guns!
        Was it grandpas gun, ta’s gun? Who’s was it and where are both guns?

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