Survivor Day — June 4th — Celebrate The Day!

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Necrophiles, pedo-huggers & Mormon pig shit — step aside.

June 4th marks the 8th anniversary of a very special day.

Survivor Day.

It’s the day Jodi successfully defended herself against the vicious & unprovoked attack TA unleashed on her. He was an abusive pedo POS animal that nobody has missed. Make no mistake.

Thankfully Jodi won that battle. She was the potential victim… but she successfully turned the tables on her attacker, and justice for TA was well & truly served that day.

Here’s proof of that if anyone still needs it:

Justice for Travis has been served - Jodi Arias Is Innocent-com

So let the events of that day be a warning to any other self-righteous bastards that think they can verbally & physically abuse women and get away with it. Because the fact of the matter is… in the cold light of day… most of the time you can get away with it… but sometimes… well……. you just can’t.

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UPDATE: The JAA Appellate Fund total currently stands at $101,365so let’s be sure to keep the momentum rolling, so the fund total can push on towards the ultimate target of $250,000. That in turn will help towards covering all the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction.

All donations via go directly to the fund. It is also the ONLY website authorized to collect donations.

In addition, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, donate through any other website or Facebook page/group claiming to be “official” and/or acting with Jodi’s approval or authorization. The same applies to any “Jodi Membership Clubs”, groups or fake Trust funds that have been set up. These sites are bogus – they continue to steal money from Jodi’s future – and they should be actively avoided. If you are aware of any such sites, please help Jodi by clicking here and reporting them.

And remember… each day that passes takes us one day closer to Jodi’s release date…

we are team jodi - and we will be victorious

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In the meantime…


Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Prepare for it.

Celebrate The Day – June 4th… Survivor Day.

Leave your thoughts & comments below…

Team Jodi #WINNING <<<




    “Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.”
    ― John F. Kennedy

  2. Good morning Team Jodi. Anyone here from Arizona? I was watching TV the other day and saw a case in Arizona, Mesa I think about Grace Plianka who was on trial for murdering her husband. First trial ended in a hung jury, second trial she was convicted. From what I saw, there was a lot of reasonable doubt. I was just curious if anyone here followed it and has more info?

    • It’s an interesting case, Vicky.
      The judge could have sentenced Pianka to up to 22 years in prison but she was sentenced to 13 years (in Perryville). She should be released in 2019, if not sooner.
      She turned down a proposal that would have let her plead guilty to manslaughter and be sentenced to time served. There is an online version of the case on Dateline.
      “Justice” in Arizona is so odd. Pianka’s husband apparently was having an affair with another woman. The prosecution argued Grace Pianks shot him 4 times in a drunken rage. Yet, she could have gotten out with time served (3 years) and Jodi gets natural life.

  3. “Why did she stay if she was getting abused?”
    We’ve heard this hundreds and hundreds of times. The real and correct question is:
    “Why did he abuse her?”

    8 years have passed since that last time travis alexander would verbally, emotionally and physically abuse Jodi Arias. When his verbal threat “I’m going to kill you, bitch” progressed to physical abuse and Jodi found herself chocking under his hands that were tightly squeezing her throat, instinctively she fought for her life… as all of us would have done.

    As I’ve said over and over again, self defense is NOT a crime. Jodi acted upon self defense which is her constitutional AND human right.

    What did she get in return for defending herself? MORE ABUSE! Abuse from the State of Arizona, abuse from the authorities, abuse from the mormon community, abuse from people SHE considered her friends but threw her under the bus for their 15 min of fame, abuse from people she didn’t even know…. abuse, abuse, abuse…

    Jodi Arias became the target for all the pitiful, worthless, clueless bullies that found someone to attack trying to make their own dull lives meaningful. They got waaaay too comfortable in expressing all their bottled up fury and becoming savages chanting and wishing for her death. That’s scary shit! And THEY are out there free! Just pause and think about that for a moment: A person that had no other choice killed to save her life BUT people that have a choice to move on and continue with their lives choose to remain behind their screens and pray and wish for Jodi to die… Hmmm… ironic, isn’t it?

    Lets not forget all those greedy tiny, fat, famewhore, lying, corrupted people that saw $$$ and elections and prizes and whatnots when reading Jodi’s case… They sat and rubbed their filthy hands while calculating how much they would make off this new gravy train named Jodi Arias…

    Not once did any of those people stop and think: Jodi Arias is a human being and she is being treated so inhumane that even the emotionally strongest people would ‘break’. You know why? Because those people that don’t care about other humans are heartless, cold and empty.

    Jodi Arias is a wonderful, generous, brilliant, talented woman with a case of the worst luck ever. Jodi Arias was unlucky when she met travis, she was unlucky when she tried to distance herself from him and she was totally unlucky when she visited him June 2008. travis alexander ruined her life. He was the worst thing that ever happened to her.

    Jodi Arias is my friend. She is not flawless, as nobody is! She’s funny, she’s affectionate, she’s spiritual, she’s super smart, she’s reliable, she’s ethical, SHE’S A SURVIVOR. I am PROUD of my friend and will ALWAYS support her.

    If you don’t care about Jodi, my advice is to move on. It’s simple as that. Don’t be the troll everybody dislikes.


    • Beautifully written, Pandora. You are such a good friend to Jodi. Speaking of friends, how is Maria doing?

    • Pandora, it gets powerfully clearer day by day. One day this will be behind Jodi and she’ll be free to forgive herself and shitzona and ta and the hateballs. Jodi may have already done all that long ago, I know waking up in the morning and going to bed at night with anger and hatred makes for a shitty day and a shitty nights sleep.
      So Hateballs, yer boy is gone gone gone, and your hate continues on on on, to YOUR detriment.
      Thanks SJ for that photo above. We didn’t want ta to go, but brutalizers gotta go, and it sux big time for Jodi, but she knows in her heart what’s what, and that’s how she will propel herself through tons more of SURVIVOR DAYS. F U ta, FU

  4. It’s been 3 years since Jodi was convicted. A bitter day for us her supporters. A day of celebration for the TA camp.

    Sometimes I think to myself: would I want her conviction if I were one of his siblings? Sure I would. Losing a loved one to a violent death is a nightmare no one wants to have to experience.

    But there are limits to what we can call expressing one’s grief, IMHO. So many cases that have seen the spotlight, so many relatives standing against the defendant in a *decent civilized* way.

    The Alexanders made a charade out of their brother’s death. They wanted him sanctified, a household name – we all remember the products sold made of his personal belongings etc. This is NOT normal behavior, nor can it be justified because they were (supposedly) mourning.

    I feel NOTHING about TA. I never knew him. To me he will always be the bastard who abused another human being. I despise ALL abusers out there, since I know first hand what abuse means. Even if I hadn’t come so close to Jodi to consider her my sister, I would STILL believe she had every RIGHT to defend herself that day. Every woman and every man has a right to defend their lives and the lives of those they love. Simple as that.

    I have put alll the drama behind me, I no longer care about what the haters say or do. We have repeatedly said that we will stand by Jodi because we were not interested in her case JUST BECAUSE it was another sensational bombshell story. JODI WAS NEVER ENTERTAINMENT TO US.

    We all saw something in her and the injustice done to her. A Justice System, ANY Justice System should NOT work the way it works in AZ. If that is serving Lady Justice, then there’s something fundamentally wrong with what you people in America consider justice.

    What saddens me the most sometimes is other abused women putting labels on what constitutes abuse.

    ANY kind of emotional psychological or physical violence should be considered abuse.

    There should not be any prerequisites so that you could be accepted into their “club”.

    It is those same abused women who make others keep their silence, thinking they do not suffer enough.

    Does suffering have a measuring system? Is there such a thing as suffering too little???? For God’s sake……

    June 4th will always be the day that TA would make his final attempt to hurt Jodi. Jodi won the war. We celebrate her victory. TA was someone who didn’t deserve any sympathy. Deep down I WISH he were still alive so that HE could pay for HIS crimes. I’m sure he’s paying for his crimes down there…

    ” She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.”

    “We must send a message across the world that there is no disgrace in being a Survivor of sexual violence. THE SHAME IS ON THE AGGRESSOR. —–Angelina Jolie”

    • Jodi is a SURVIVOR and for that I’m extremely thankful.

      Travis had allowed himself to become an ABUSER, SCAMMER and USER much like his self serving “so-called friends” and family. Apparently he surrounded himself with the wrong kind of people. . . the ones who will use you up and spit you out when things get difficult (and also continue to use you when you have passed on from this World). Travis might have been a victim of those particular people but he was NEVER EVER ABUSED by Jodi! Period! He was not a victim of Jodi’s! She even tried to protect his memory to her own demise. How selfless is that? AZ could have settled this all, way before the millions of $$ was milked from the tax payers. . . BUT NO, the need to shed Jodi’s blood was enormous for them . . . so what happened to TA’s blessed memory. The veil of deception couldn’t hide it all. The truth was spilled out. The seedy dirty laundry of Travis’s and those associated with him. Those blood thirsty vultures (His FRIENDS) mislead, abused and sucked the life right out of Travis, not Jodi IMO. They made him what he turned out to be and for that I can muster up a little sympathy for him, but that is all. Five days went by before they even bothered to check on him???? Why? Or did they already know and it took 5 days to set the stories all to match. Travis could’ve changed his life and stood up to those leeches but he didn’t. He wanted to be just like them. Fake and False individuals, ABUSING LOSERS! I don’t think he would be that quick to try to please the likes of his associates if he were alive today. They all have proven what makes them tick and that is HATE and MONEY. Although, that might get them to Planet Kolob, it won’t be getting them through the Gates of Heaven. Jodi is still a VICTIM of these people who continue spinning their deceptive and corruptive webs of lies BUT it will catch up to them. Laugh if they will BUT the tide will turn and that will be another day of celebration for TEAM JODI. (((((((JODI IS A SURVIVOR)))))))

  5. Does anyone ever wonder what kind of face ta is making inside his body bag!?? I read where these mormon morons wanted an open casket at his funeral!!! I say, FOR REAL!!!? …. GREAT GOSH ALMIGHTY!! I cant wait till Jodi wins her freedom! Self Defense/Crime of Passion!!!! TIME SERVED!!! FFJODI/SJ TEAM JODI

    • Yes. Outside & inside the body bag, he was one ugly motherfucker… in every sense of the word.

      Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

  6. Some times it takes a…woman or is that women…thank you Pandora and Maria for the truth and SJ for the best photo EVER of the abuser….out of sight and out of mind unless the cult is making $$$ off that dog. On June 4th I had a great time making $$$ for Our friend. Did I once think of that creep…nope…but always i think of Her and how very few could have survived these past 8 yr.s. But I would ask any this …is it my eyes but does She not look even more beautiful NOW. That is Her strength…for She knows the truth of that day as We who stand by her,facts work well for us as lies do so well for a mob. When i see a fool feel pity for a thing who went of of his way to FAKE evidence as flores did I wonder who is safe in the land of injustice? if only he was forced to do that tilt live and show the world how he did it…but here’s a hint…with rather dry hands push down on said shelf and do a very quick pull towards yourself and tilt…now try that with a foot you fucking shit…and one with a sock on it. Thanks to the rat and the need to win at any cost …We will win in the end as She walks free….the abuser is DEAD,DEAD,DEAD and the SURVIVOR LIVES. HAPPY JUNE 4th to all who believe in real justice. How did they know it’s fav. colour as black suits a dog far better.

  7. Yes Wayne,
    The abuser is DEAD, DEAD like you said but we all know this. What is most important is to be careful of what is posted before Jodi’s appeal. The body bag is over the top but it is what SJ wanted. We need to think what is best for Jodi and not what we feel about Travis. Travis is gone. Jodi is not!!!!!!!!!! Let’s keep that in mind.

  8. Yes deb that photo is over the top but just who took it? And then released it ? and to do what? Just as the state just had to show a woman naked and release that to the public…no matter if She was convicted or not! INJUSTICE is over the top in az. and many other places in America…WHY? Is there a cult of death taking hold. That trial was a SHOW TRIAL and when a judge and an appeals judge said in his writing…GUILT was NEVER IN DOUBT…then it,s time to force any judge to stand by his or her own words. Just why is ANYONE above the law? If You could not judge Your own then You are not fit to be in ANY court. Ask any if they would want a trial as Hers…and with that You will know their mind or lack there of. What the world saw in az. was a lynching and 4 times at that..odd how a dog seems to have attacked Her 5 times…SLAM…LUNG…holding in a bear hug (cluster wounds to back)…face to face attack ( wounds to front) and the I’m taking You with Me t-dog grab…NECK SLASH. Given a fifth try just were would She be…all know who was the abuser and by OCKHAMS RAZOR…they would know who was the ATTACKER. he loved violence to the point of lust…see video of that from eddie snell…Alabama. As for Her health She does take very good care of it….as it seems She is doing well considering …and as for the bag…who knows what’s in it…could be just …TRASH!

    • Wayne, you’re right about how people get their panties in a bundle about a picture. Is it disturbing? It depends on how each person sees it. That applies with all photos. People don’t have the right to be passive – aggressive.

      The photo of the bodybag was put out on internet by someone we don’t know. It’s not as if JAII took the photo itself and posted it…. So people should stop whining, bitching and fussing, ffs!

      Let’s talk about passive – aggressive: I haven’t heard any of those people that find the bodybag picture hurtful saying the same about all those close-up pictures of Jodi’s private parts that juan martinez chose to display at the trial and had nothing to do with the case! (Everyone on trial has a vagina, boobs and an anus; I don’t see other prosecutors displaying them on blown-up pics in trials. Those photos were irrelevant to the case and just to make Jodi look bad!)

      On the contrary, throughout the years they’ve been using Jodi’s private part pics and making memes of them and saying unflattering things about Jodi’s vagina, boobs and anus. I DID NOT ONCE hear someone of those ‘insulted’ (because of the bodybag pic) say something to stop their ‘friends’ from posting Jodi’s nude pics. Some of them even made fake profiles using insulting names as “Jodi’s meatcurtains”, etc. So don’t go around playing the ‘holier than thou’ victim since you’ve too laughed and participated in disgracing, humiliating, shaming Jodi! THAT’S where passive – aggressive comes in!

      All you insulted fuckers: think of what you’ve said and done and then go around shaming others! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!! 😉 Remember: we’ve got ss’s with each and everyone of you making jokes and laughing. So go fuck yourselves and SHUT THE FUCK UP!

      Drops mic…

      • Love it, Pandora!!! You tell ’em! “Holier than thou” certainly fits. They sit hidden behind their screens, justifying years of ugliness and hate and then playing the victim because of a body bag pic. There is no justification for what they and their cohorts have done now for over three years, no matter what justification they give themselves so they can vent their misplaced anger at someone – anyone. We’ve moved on to helping Jodi (and just because those self-ascribed know-it-alls don’t know what we are doing behind the scenes doesn’t make their reality real). Where have they moved on to? Nowhere. Still every day checking in to see what the latest nasty thing has been said about Jodi or her supporters so they can chime in with something they consider even more clever. What a waste of human potential.

  9. THANK YOU Pandora….and not many claim now they wanted so bad for a D/P…what two faced fucks. the one’s who go on n on about how She was so guilty seem to hate all women. Now we see how some want the world to believe that women are as bad as men….well as I always tell em …if all male violence stopped right now….then as soon as FOREVER women would not catch up. They should read more history and see who really is the abuser as one can see in that troubled relationship between a young woman and a very dark so called man. You sound like a…how does that not make one cringe…and then his rather odd sis tells the world ,my brother was just a good guy…does evil run in that family? his words his actions lead to that sad day and thanks to this hate and lust for death via the mob and injustice there She awaits for justice…We work for her and that. She survived that dog,and that rat,and will that system. The idiots rail on about condoms…too bad they do not use em n make the world less evil…t-dog is not missed…now he’s got a new name CA$H COW!

  10. For tiny kermit to go on and on about the long blonde hair with the roots intact should be proof positive that ta had Jodi by her face, neck and hair of her head with enough force to rip her hair out!:( So, when the bully ta warns Jodi she had yet to see his worst .. SHE BELIEVES HIM !!! Jodi WAS attacked and was in a FIGHT FOR HER LIFE!!! Mind you, this was in the past before June 4th while Jodi was a guest in ta’s house as a blonde. Really pisses you off to watch nurmi sleep through such vital evidence!!

  11. This She should have run…b.s….She did run and it caught up to Her.Remember he was a runner to get in shape as well as a would be MMA big guy…well he got the big guy part for a while as he seems to have had MAN BOOBS …why else would he go NUTS over that. Now when I was a young lad of 15…LOL NOW, I was forced to fight another kid…tried My best to get away but when surrounded by other kids couldn’t…so out behind the church next to Our school to get it on. Before We started I said that I really didn’t want to fight…but that just made it worse. as the young man who fought me was rather bad at fighting each time I landed one…I dropped my paws and said …We can stop now if You want…but that just brought on a jump fest from his 5 buddies who kicked and stomped and punched Me head to toe…to tell the truth it really didn’t hurt as I was in survival mode. By My count 7 times i tried to stop the fight by walking away but in such a case it’s not wise to turn and run less they nail You from behind.Well each time I gave him a chance on he came as his pals wanted him to.The last time they put Me to the ground to soften Me up before I got up he jumped on Me to pin My hands so he could wail on Me. Ever see the show DEADWOOD?…well I did as Dan did to Hursts minder…or almost…boy did he get off Me fast. I got up an quit and wow was he happy as he walked away. Yes I would have liked not to fight that day as any other but it was defend My self or take a beating…and on Our island two have died in one punch fights. My beast pal saw it all and did NOTHING…then went on to be a hero in a war before he lost his life…never shamed him on letting Me take a beating(5 x 25 = 125 hits at least!) And never wondered why normal kids wanted to see such violence and did not seek help( 50 kids watched). Next year I walked into a class and there the kid was who fought Me …as I sat in front of him I thought should i say something…so I did…I turned around and said…as far as I’am concerned it’s over…and he nodded…and We never spoke again. No ill feelings toward him as he was just a tool for haters. Be You judge,prosecutor,police,Dr.,…please do not tell anyone to run and as for Gov. making it a law…i call b.s. on that. When You face a person who has abused You before or is ready to then You do what You want and good luck to You. A lot of times police should run or just calm down but do they? See Gov. out to get them for not running? This no proof of his violence…well eddie snell shows he was in love with violence as he talks of killing chris and two others at a ppl meeting in Al. And his words to abe and Her also speak to that. Not hard to believe he broke Her hand as he put Her down to kick Her…You have not seen My worst…means She saw some thing…RIGHT? Say She was his only victim of his abuse…is that not enough…do We need more victims to believe? Did not deanna and lisa say …no violence on Me did he do…well We caught deanna in a LIE…and do You think they were not afraid of the mob? Stick to the plan and we’ll put Her to death. Are they proud of that mindset as they found out what an abuser t-dog really was…what man let alone a man of faith talks such evil about children? Untill She came along he was as pure as snow…well I’ve seen yellow snow…and I’am very sure most has seen his rather odd look as he sat at a ppl dinner in front of Her with that LOOK as he rested his claw on his chin…She trusted him to be a man and he failed Her as all in his life. I too pity travis for another world of hurt awaits him. And it’s not going to be good. Back him and one backs an abuser of all. Stand up for Her and We will find justice not just for Her but all. She does not need fans…never has or will but just folks who seek justice. She has never spoke to Me of Her innocence for I looked at the facts and knew it to be so. more then once We have walked the same path…and now do. i will be there for Her as I know most will be and together We will bring this nightmare to an end. So very easy to tell a person to run when it was not your life on the line…but I wish em well on the running thing…don’t work well in the wild does it or a bathroom. As for the help I send Her as I tell all…there will always be more money but only one Jodi Ann. and as for not knowing Her before that day…well if only We had then t-dog would have hurt some one else…that was the path he was on…

  12. HELLO…LOL. It was a planned murder…so says a tiny rat…no matter what She did or happened it was a plan…had to be so a jury of hate could do it’s thing…right. Now one hater on this web claims to have been on four juries…and it’s so hard to judge someone she claims. How the hell can one get on four juries unless the rats love em types for an easy win. Why should any ever get on more then one trial? Talk about a fan of injustice. This I must right a wrong no matter what…sounds like deanna mouthing I’m sorry to the family in court. Some plan that was with a mighty large paper trail and lots of folks seeing Her. This and that could never happen to one person sounds like a person with a very small mind. There was a show from BBC called Connections I do believe and each week the host would show an object and tell you of another one then showed the connection and a long thread it was. Things can happen. But as She said WHY WOULD I WANT TO MURDER HIM AND RUIN MY LIFE….think of it…why not just mock him in church or on line and see him go nuts. t-dog would do the job for HER. She makes a man boob joke about ANOTHER and travis goes APE…SHIT! Now that’s who he was …as anything would send him over the edge. they talk of Her destroying Her p/c…well I’ved burned letters from a past love as I didn’t want others to see them…but it was mine to destroy…did I need permission? But what of his p/c , You know the non-porn that was found…and did She ever say She saw porn on his p/c…opps DEANNA’S p/c…WTF could he not afford his own or was that hidden from view? I’m sure it was found by a FRIEND as they roamed his house for say 5 days. Some would say that they would never kill…how in the hell would You know that? People kill all the time to save themselves and others and for once I’m not talking war…but take Cambodia know once as a peaceful nation…who would have thought it would come to that. For a person to say that killing is wrong…it is just as Jodi said,but most would do as She if their lives were on the line as Hers was. Look at their lives and see who was the user and fraud…dear travis take a bow. Yes She killed a man ,a rather evil man if one believes …HIM! Ask Yourself why would any man talk of killing 3 times to a crowd then make a video of a fake kill…some say that eddie was just a joke…so killing is a joke. Now would You want a man with that mindset going after You as he did Her?…HELLO…

  13. So tara kelly fell in love with a family or is that REVENGE. To see any jury suck up to the family or a det. makes Me wonder what is going on here…why would they even want to do that …is it for fame ,or money as in a book or get their mug on t.v. for the look at me thing. And they think they stand for justice as they railroad a person…TARA tell the world in your own words just how you know…write a book…show this world what you really were up to. I’am sure the family will have your back as the state will pay your legal costs in any up coming trial. you are what’s so wrong with some Americans…a lust for death..but only when another does it for you. Do you not now know who t-dog was…? A very evil thing as well as an abuser of all he could abuse. Do not believe Me or any other BELIEVE TRAVIS…his own words and actions. Wake up woman and ask yourself is this how I want young men to behave ? And this I’ve been on 4 juries so they know how hard it is to judge any one…hmm does not America not have 310 millions…why would any allow more then one time being a juror…unless it works rather well for conviction …real easy to see how a jury voted or just ask em. Now if any have a problem doing their duty…JAIL…and if any think it a joke …JAIL…remember You are only one traffic stop away from God knows what ,just see the web on that. Some day tell your son how you tried your all to kill a person…and failed. But I would tell him how you did all to MURDER Her…then let him ask you…WHY? Do not be to proud of what you tried to do…one day we all will answer for Our actions…I will own mine as you will own yours.

  14. Happy fathers day Bill…sorry I was late in that…but I’am working for a friend to find justice and find it We will…count on it. As for the haters dumping on Us…well i do hope you show your kiddies what vile you really are with the trash you post. Ya it may be hot in az. but I’m sure it’s hotter in hell..home of t-dog and his child abusing ways…HIS WORDS..not mine. Who could stand by such a thing who dares speak such vile towards children…WHO? On June 4 2008 the world got a lot safer for all and a young woman survived Her abuser. Often i wonder how all who really knew dear travis never helped him other then Jodi..opps that’s right ,all they did was u$e that very troubled young man…some feinds they were and still are…hey rat how much blood $ did you make trying to murder Her and justice?

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