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  1. i think jodi arias should be treated better than she is getting treated. if someone did to me what he has done to her i would have probably done the same thing

    • I 110% believe Jodi should walk! I made a comment on FaceBook (In Session), defending her, that ended up getting the DA called on me! When I found out she wasn’t getting lunch, that made me UPSET! I would love to send her money, and write her. I feel SO bad for her! I was abused from 2-15, kept getting in bad relationships, to the point I pulled my 380. on a man! I ran, but I had an easy exit, she did NOT! No fair for a man abusing a woman! HLN, In Session, Dr Drew, Nancy Grace, etc… are SO biased! I’m sick of it! I asked them to explain the 12 year old girl comment, and Mike Brooks said it was NO big deal! WHAT?!! Yes it is!! LOVE YOU JODI !! I’m standing behind you! Missy

      • Hey Missy Radar….You said the DA called you because of a comment you posted.And she isn’t being fed properly.That just shocks me.She is still in trial,not found guilty.I know i posted a comment on (Jodi vs The State,Travis Alexander),and they attacked my computer,my computer protection popped up thank God and protected me.And they blocked me from making further comments.I see Jodi is standing her own.I believe eveything she says happened.And like someone else commented.How would Travis know what a 12 year old sounds like during sex.And the media are saying things that just aren’t accurate…aren’t they watching the trial.Even Nancy Grace made a comment….people are usually on the prosecutions side before they even hear the evidence.

        • Yes, I ended up calling Kirks office to clear this up. My heart is hurting so bad for her! When I seen her cry today, I cried like a baby! I’ve been in the same situation before, and the weird thing is, my right ring finger looks just like hers! Bent the same too! It was fighting a man, and he broke mine. You can’t tell unless you move my hand a certain way….same as her! I am so sick of hearing Vinnie, Mike Brooks, Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew, HLN, etc… I can’t remember certain things either! Your mind goes blank! I 100% believe her, and hope the jury does too! You don’t know UNLESS you’ve been there! I doubt Vinnie, Mike Brooks, etc… has been physically abused… so, they need to shut up!! It’s so nice to be able to support her w/out having the DA called on me! I’ve been in Law Enforcement for 12 years, and I believe her! Being a State Trooper, helping women, and children is a comfort to me! I come home knowing, if I only helped 1 person, I had a great day! I want to help, and hug her! This is ridiculous! I’ve never been so upset in my life! You DON’T keep abusing an abused woman Martinez!! LAY OFF! I hope this doesn’t happen to them! I guess they may feel different if it happened to their wife, child, or grandchild! LOVE YOU JODI*

          • Missy Rader: I really respect your postings. I’ve had some social contact with law enforcement officers and those who work with law enforcement. While I have the utmost respect for them and have often wanted to pursue a career with them, I cannot help but get the impression that some of its members believe that arrest=guilt….Automatically….case closed. It’s great to see somebody affiliated with the law enforcement community who doesn’t seem to subscribe to that philosophy. I, too, believe her. And I cannot help but wonder if the D.A. who made the decision to seek the death penalty against her is not just trying to make a name for himself!

            Todd Anderson

            • Yes, too many law enforcement officers (and DAs) is about winning. It’s a game. It’s not about whether or not the person is guilty. They will go out of their way to make them guilty, just so they can win. It’s a real jock mentality.

              My mother was murdered back in the late 90s. She was 84 years old. I lived upstairs from her. Even though I was at work when it happened, they tried to pin it on me. They went so far as to try and change the time of death from what the coroner said, and one detective tried to fake a lie detector test, so say I failed. I didn’t. Then while they had their eye on me, the same person killed another elderly man up the street. He was the father of my best friend when I was a kid.

              So instead of really trying to find the killer (who they did catch) they just wanted to be right with their dumb ideas. I have respect for people who want to do that job, but often it’s the wrong kind of person that wants that job. They either have a thing where they need to be in control (like the little weasel Juan Martinez), or they were hoodlums them selves when they were younger.

              In the case with my mom, the killer had just gotten out of prison, and was a crack addict. He was also responsible for a series of robberies in the area, and lived just up the street. If they were doing their jobs, they would have looked to see if there was anyone in the area fresh out of prison. But many times they just aren’t all that bright. Often people who go into law informant have little other options for employment.

              So heres the same thing. Yes, we know Jodi killed him. She said so. But it doesn’t mater the reason, they just want to win. It will make that little man JM feel like a big man. All that macho crap.

              • That’s exactly how it is, David and its very scary giving the wrong person so much power. Jodi Thinks she killed him because she was there; but because she can’t remember, how can she be sure? I seriously don’t believe she slashed his throat, no way, because that would be a deliberate action and in her state of mind I think it would have been impossible, she would have been incapable. But, Someone did..

                So sorry to read about the loss of your mother (((hugs)))

                • Yes Heather, I, like you, believe that the violence shows that it was a series of “flailing” activities that a desperate individual (Jodi) would find themselves carrying out. I personally think that he may have been injured, i.e.- shot, and slowed a little, but he actually fell on the knife, by God’s grace and sliced his own throat. Perhaps he had her down, but in his weakened state, she was able to turn the tables a little. I also have a theory that the back wounds were inflicted while he was trying to squeeze the breath out of her. (Holding around her face-to-face’ and highly pissed! Again, he was unsuccessful only because she had been able to take a little wind out of his sails with the gunshot or whatever happened prior! Don’t know why none of these ‘what-ifs’ are being discussed. I know that no one would taken on the TA monster PURPOSELY!! And, Jodi is certainly smart enough to have conducted a much cleaner “pre-meditation” than the one they are sooo trying to hang her on. Hell, she’s smart enough to frame JM and leave him in the FOG! lol That little man is definitely lacking in brain power, a cartoon he is!! That explains his overwhelming interest in Snow White. Alyce should have pointed out that he might be better able to know the ages of the dwarfs, SINCE HE IS ONE!

                • Love, her own words in the court testimony says she slit his throat. Mr. Martinez had asked her if she was crying when she did it. She’s already said she did. Her defense isn’t even arguing that point. They’re just arguing it was done in self defense. Jodi herself has already stated she did all those things. I’ve got all the court proceedings on tape and just for reference went back to listen to be sure. She claims it and owns it.

                • I just wanted to post public for the first time, that I too, am a survivor of domestic violence. It was at the hands of THREE close family members. I was so ashamed, for so many years, to even tell my own Mother & Father, muchless tell anyone else. Over the years, and with the help of some great Therapists, I have found my own voice. This is my FIRST TIME admitting it in a public forum. My hat’s off to anyone who educates the public and brings it to the fore-front of serious conversation. Had I only had ONE person to tell me it was alright to “speak” about it, I would NOT have had the YEARS of turmoil I endured. I blamed myself for so long because I didn’t know any better. Three of my close adult family members thought it was alright to put their hands on me against my will, threaten me,. Thank you all for letting the truth come out. This is making a positive out of something negative. God bless!!!

                • hi==

              • A lot cops these days become cops just to be above the law so they can get away with crimes. The prosecutors just like any lawyer will do and say anything to win there case so they can make more money. The cops and lawyers don’t care about the truth they just want there money by the least amount of time and work

                • It has been my experience, my professional experience as opposed to my personal experience, that most cops and DA’s are as impaired as the “criminals” they seek to best. There is a certain personality that gravitates to both professions. The common trait is that they all have this strange idea that they alone are “good people” and that they have somehow been endowed with super powers to devine who is guilty and who is innocent. A subsect of this group, I have found, is short men who have their own really weird man issues. Nancy Grace personifies the general rule, and Martinez embodies the subset Get arrested by a short cop and your life will be hell.

                • I think Travis was also a mental abuser! He used the hell out of her and was ready to throw her on the street! He used her up in this big secret he had! He was a fake too; having so many people think he was this good guy and a virgin! He makes me sick! He did so many things to Jodi to mess with her mind – he was a real prick! He tried to make her jealous ON PURPOSE!! It’s insane! He was a womanizer and made her crazy! His family has some nerve, that’s all I can say!

              • “Yes, too many law enforcement officers (and DAs) is about winning. It’s a game. It’s not about whether or not the person is guilty. They will go out of their way to make them guilty, just so they can win. It’s a real jock mentality.”

                ” I’ve had some social contact with law enforcement officers and those who work with law enforcement. While I have the utmost respect for them and have often wanted to pursue a career with them, I cannot help but get the impression that some of its members believe that arrest=guilt…automatically…case closed.”

                -I wish I too could say I have respect for them.

                -Unfortunately not all police are corrupt and lazy.

                -It’s sad to see that the majority of people are still IGNORANT when they believe an arrest = guilty.

                -Set Jodi Free!

              • David, I’m so sorry for what you went through and you are so right about the “winning” mentality. I’m so glad your case turned out the right way in the end!

                I have followed The Innocence Project for years and their true stories of people who are innocent but imprisoned is just horrifying. It can happen to any of us and if people don’t believe that they are kidding themselves.

                I can’t think of ANYTHING scarier or more disheartening than being imprisoned for life or on death row for something you didn’t do. Sadly the way the media and social media are today, people are tried way before they even step into court. It is no longer innocent until proven guilty in our country!

                I wish so badly that Jodi and her parents had realized they did not have to talk at all in those interrogation rooms & on film. Unfortunately, law enforcement has been taught psychological manipulation techniques to get people to ignore the “right to remain silent”.

                Jodi’s situation is out of control with how many people are joining the angry mob of social media tyrants. I see people often say “Well how would you feel if YOUR relative was slaughtered, you’d feel the same way about the killer as we do!”. But do those same people ever stop to think how it would feel if they had a relative accused of something and witness them having such a blatantly UNfair trial such as this one?

                Anyone who has paid attention to what’s wrong in our country knows there are false confessions every day, people who believe they did something unspeakable because everyone is telling them they did. It takes surprisingly little to brain wash someone if they are deprived of rest and nourishment. I’m not saying that happened here, I honestly don’t know. But I am so upset at the unfairness, the lack of sequestration, and the huge amount of scary mob mentality led by a “news” station and some very irresponsible, money-hungry television personalities!

                The next case they pick to focus on could be you or someone you love and once picked you are guilty no matter what, your life is ruined innocent or not! It saddens me how rare it is to find people having compassion on both sides of these stories. None of us should judge or pretend to believe we know how we’d act in a situation.

            • Todd, You are so correct when you say most people believe one is guilty just because they are arrested.
              Missy I too am a victim of Abuse When I was a child as well as a young adult
              I agree with you when you say “you do not keep Abusing and abused woman”
              It makes it worse I believe it truly does, I have been there! I commented elsewhere that I put my perpetrator in prison During the trial I felt like I was abused all over again. It took 10 years of me going to therapy to get through the emotional effects of that abuse!
              When I read your comment that Mike Brooks said no big deal regarding Travis Telling Jodi she sounded like a 12-year-old girl Having an orgasm, It disgusted me that somebody could say that is not a big deal! OF COURSE IT’S A BIG DEAL! Like you said how would anybody know what a 12-year-old CHILD sounds like?!!! NOBODY SHOULD KNOW THAT!
              It’s even more disgusting that people say it’s not a big deal that Travis said that! Because it is a big deal, wake up America. Maybe there should be an investigation into any child that spent time with Travis! I’m sorry but that comment I read regarding what you said Mike Brooks said really upset me. Anybody who abuses a child sexually should be sent to jail for life! I too wish I could send Jodi money for her defense! I hope she is able to read all of the support she’s getting on this site! I have much respect for the administrator of this website thank you so much for having a place where we can voice our God-given right to express our opinion!


                Rebecca, I share your sentiments and feel so strongly about it that I made my first attempt at a blog. I hope you take the time to read it and give me some feedback.
                I have totally stopped watching Nancy Grace and Jane Velez because of the mob mentality they are continually permeating through their twisting of the facts. I am glad In Session is over as well because most of the commentators are slanted and their opinions are just that…opinions.

                • good Morning, I can believe I found a place that feels as I do, than twitter, who is writing the cruelest things- ect-I have PTSD -I have been with men that Were abusive, I can see how this has happened- In the beginning , I could only think the worst, but listening to trial, I have totally changed my mind!! Yesterday , Walmart worker, being able to be for sure no gas can was returned, it’s Walmart and I have returned things and not correct perfect paper trail, they do whatever to get it Over with, underpaid workers do not care!! Watching Nancy Grace makes me so sick. Her hatefulness , anger, ect- maybe Borderline personality disorder!?!?! Just sayin!, Has anyone sent Jodi a post card?? I was going to do that but unsure if she will recieve it. I see the haters are putting on Twitter- so people that are so cruel can write to her:( What do you people think?!?!? I new on blog :/

            • It is obvious that the jurors that Dr Drew has on are trying to make names for theirselves .Martinez doesn’t need to work on his case he has all those attorneys working for free every night… they laugh about someone fighting for their life…Why doesn’t anyone listen to the tapes in his own words..Dr Drew discredits Dr Samuels didn’t several of his patients commit suicide?…?

              • OH! You are so right! Those two “jurors” are so completely idiots! The blonde younger one who thinks she is just so BEAUTIFUL! She must be getting some facebook feedback! Notice how much more skin she is showing as time goes on? The other older one: you can just TELL she hates the blonde bimbo! And they are both MIMICKING legalese, which makes me crack right up! Laughable useful idiots.

                • They are idiots even more so now. Nancy grace is a stupid twit. Wish I could tell them all off in person!
                  We love Jodi!

                • LOL….i thought the same thing! The “older” blond looks like she wants to puke sitting next to the Wick girl…when wick is talking the other woman just looks like she is fuming and fantasizing of smacking wick in the face with a frying pan….I wish she would!

                • My question to the blonde blabber mouth “juror” is “What school will allow her to take everyday off?” I can’t believe HLN takes her opinions? She makes stuff up about what the jurors think? How does she know? MISTRIAL!!! And Dr. Tool (Drew) MUST have a crush on her!

              • Dr Drew has certainly exposed himself for the washed up old fecal matter that he truly is. It’s really not that surprising that he’s on TV, he’s the Dr. Mangele of HLN and of course his little nazi followers will bow to him while he crucifies anyone with one ounce of anything other than hateful comments towards Jodi. HLN has set a new bar for malevolence.

              • Yes, and after I listened to Samuel I was looking or him to help me get over abandonment issues. My younger brother was married under the devil Mormon Religion/ in white and his righteous wife left him and took their son to Providence Rhode Island with out him. Has not seen his son for 14 years and they are so righteous ? He’ll no! Worst liars and manipulators I have ever known.

            • HLN: all the perpetrators: Grace, Velez , et al: they are WHORES to sensationalism. Velez. Grace is worse. Just repeat all the sexual content. Show nude pictures. Repeat the salacious. Show more nude pictures. HLN is the lowest of the low in America. Scummy, skany, depraved, totally without any human compassion. Pawns to CNN (parent company). Driven only by ratings and money and certainly not justice.

              • At times I have really liked Nancy…like when she stick to child related crimes….but she is overboard here, just like the rest. I keep thinking….Nancy…you are now a mother with a boy and a girl. They will one day look back and witness your behavior and treatment of Jodi, in this case, as well as many others so badly treated (like the woman who killed herself after nancy grilled her)….her children will see her for what she is, and they will hold her accountable…they will not care that she is Nancy Grace….to them she is just mom.

              • I am so happy to have found this site. I agree with everyone about Jodi’s trial and wish her only to be acquitted. I was probably one of the few who supported Casey Anthony because if you listened to that trial, which the HLN idiots do not listen, they spew disgusting comments, anyone would know Casey was not guilty. In this case, Jodi is not guilty! I think TA must have been awful and the things he did and said to her are disgusting and abusive and the yo yo’s at HLN that defend TA are equally abusive in their mean comments about Jodi. I also agree with the comment about HLN…..I have sent emails to Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew because I’m so disgusted with their terrible views of this case….shame on them for calling themselves news casters…they are the most disrespectful bunch of news commentators on air today. I pray for justice for Jody…she doesn’t deserve any more abuse. Your in my prayers.

                • Terri,
                  I feel exactly like you. I am so happy I found this site. I am still devastated by all the negative media against Jodi. The fact that the Jury gets to leave. I don’t believe that they don’t hear anything. I just want Jodi to be found not guilty. TA told everyone she was a stalker and called her names, treated her poorly. Yet let her into his house for sex, to use her. Jodi, I am one of your supporters.

          • I am a man. Of corse. And i think that you have to do what ou have to o in the time of need… I have never hit or pushed a female in my life and would never… I dont think any guy should… But there are guys out there that does!!! And they need shot…… My dad did it to my mom. And i had to run away. They found me and mad me go back home. But not befor i tried to kick his ass . My mom stoped me thank god. Then another night about 2 years latter i HAD to fight him becouse, he called my mom a bitch,. and know one calls mom a bitch, no one!!!!! But he had my sister and her boyfriend there, and they stoped it…… Thank God For Him!!!

          • Hi Missy,
            You are so right on!!!!!!!! I feel terrible for Jodi. She didn’t get a fair trial whatsoever, and I like you believe her. HLN consists of a bunch of IDIOTS that are more than unprofessional. I hope Dr. Drew, nevertheless a psychiatrist loses ratings and his how gets cut. He’s such an idiot! He didn’t even touch upon the three women who were held captive for ten years in Ohio. Neither did Nancy Grace and the HLN network briefly mentioned it. They’re all biased and are making great money off of the bs they present every night. If anyone is obsessed with Travis Alexander it’s HLN.
            I am praying for Jodi and wish I could do something for her. Thanks for your wonderful posts. They truly touched me,

            • Yeah, I agree. He use to be cool, now he’s a total sellout. Along with that shew, Nancy Grace. When the Boston bombings happened, HLN was focused on Miss Jodi, spewing hatered, instead of at least saying how injured people were. Pissed me off!

              Peace out,

              I have been trying to find Jodi’s drawings but can’t find them. Any suggestion. Also, someone know if she wants mail, and can get mail?

          • Dear Missy Rader,
            Being in Law Enforcement,You experience ALOT more than most,and you know how ignorant a Jury can be,simply because they don’t encounter what you do or what I have my-self.My Brother Randolph A, Watterson#0427985,P.O.Box 278 Swan Quarter,N.C.,27885(his address)is currently incarcerated at Hyde Correctional Inst.,he received 146 years for a crime he did not commit!!!The D.A. lied on him in a Sequestered Trial.They said we broke the sequester order(Which I swear WE DID NOT)!!,SO HE HAD NO WITNESSES.And to top that off,his Daughter got caught selling Heroin,Maintaining,Manufacturing Ect…The way it went,(EXACTLY),was that the F.B.I. told her to remember what her Daddy done to her as a child,or she was gonna get 22 years,same with her brother,because they think he had something to do with a child named Asha Degree’s disappearance back in Feb. of 2000..I had a copy of (Ashley McKnight’s,the so called victims) plea agreement,where they dropped 15 sell/deliver/maintaining dwelling/manufacturing Heroin charges for her remembering!!!!
            If you see this,will u please call me??I need to help my Brother before its too late,we have 40 days to figure out how to get another trial.Legal Services of North Carolina are dropping his case because of a much higher influence..I am scared to death of those people,they trashed my home an alot more.Please help me.Jeff 704 954 9587

        • I agree with Brenda. That’s what I think too. The media and the haters from the general population already convicted Jodi before this trial ever started. The jury isn’t even sequestered right? So how does the judge and attorneys know that they’re not watching what the media is saying? And the media all seem to be against Jodi. Very seldom do I ever see someone in the media looking deeper into the circumstances of this case. Not even professional “supposed psychologists”. They seem clueless about Jodi’s personality, state of mind, reasons for her actions, etc,etc.

          • Ezackly… Im with you:: I thank that the media will put her in Prison……. INNOCENT Is not what the nathion nows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • see how two faced nancy grace is, she is on the prosecutions side before she ever hears the evidence and before she will admit that she is wrong, she will stay on the prosecutions side, if jodi is acquitted nancy will back out of sight and before she will admit she is wrong…well.she simply moves on to find herself another victim.

          • Why doesn’t Nancy Grace, “The Victims’ Advocate” ever bring up how many black young people die on Chicago streets from violence every day? Why is she not also covering the abortion killer doctor in Philadelphia who is presently on trial for killing 7 near term, breathing, living babies in Philadelphia, by severing their spinal cords? Where is America’s No # Mom on that issue? Nancy: you are such a worthless, hypocritical POS. Karma has a way of catching up. Nancy. Maybe not you, maybe not your children (by the grace of god, not children) but eventually, trust me, you will suffer the karma you have created. Perhaps all your cosmetic surgery will droop? Especially your once piggy nose?

            • I’ve read several of the comments regarding Nancy Grace. Even tho, when you’re on trial for capitol murder you have to be very careful. If the jury DID go home and watch any TV, they’ll have also seen the part where Jodi gave Nancy the middle finger in court, then twitted thru a friend that that was for Nancy. That kind of thing hurts your case. Wait for the jury’s decision, then do your thing. Jodi and many others may not like Nancy, but flipping her off in court wasn’t helpful. The entire country knows about it.

              • What hurts this case is the blool lust,harassment,threats and all else generated from the Alexander Family. sorry,Travis was an ABUSER and borderline pedo. My take it this. Jodi hurt before in relationships put up a wall never to come down again. Then she met Travis in a “ove of her life” scenario. she let down her wall was abused anally assaulted and otherwise made to act like a whore. This shattered her feeling of trust and love. Add to that the Latina twist and viola Spanish Passion. Remember,Travis CALLED HER TO COME OVER FOR A BOOTY CALL THAT NIGHT. TO USE HER AGAIN AND TO ANALLY VIOLATE HER AGAIN. She thought it was amends and that maybe the love of her life could be saved. Didnt happen that way. She was used again only this time would be the LAST time Travis would do that ever again. The wounds on this POS were done out of rage out of passion,and in no way were premeditated. I write Jodi now and god willing she writes back. When summer comes Im goin to arizona. I just dont SAY I support her I will SHOW I support her. This case was a joke from day one. Hang in there Jodi many of us support you all the way.

              • i think the media has made it impossible to have a fair trial,way too much coverage. making it a money maker instead of getting the truth and results the cort system should get.if it is a mistrial, no way they will ever be able to find 12 people who hasn’t heard or talked or wached this mess. the coverage causes more harm than good. just sayn {;o){

          • you are so right on mary randall that is so true i want to see jodi walk so everybody can shut there stupid mouths

          • Soooooooooo true!!!!!! Nancy Grace has to get a new job!!! She used to be a great reporter on issues , yrs ago, know she is a hater, period! Why such anger !?!? Listen to the facts !!

            • I love to read that others pick up on Grace’s anger. Poor ‘ol Jane she really needs to find a woman to marry her (lol). This society whether media or not are in such turmoil – it is so hard for me to conceptualize the perfection portrayed by TA’s character. I read it and I say to myself, I am so embarrassed to even be apart of this society.

        • Hi jodi just wanted 2 clarify that I may be a horndog but I too am 110% monagamous when I am with someone. I just love sex with Passion and know that when u are with someone who truly loves u it can be magical. I wish u and I were friends cuz we could drive up and down highway 5 fishing shopping sightseeing and just hanging out. One thing that rocks my world is houseboating on lake shasta,cooking and laughing. Having a great time.I hope u can try that oneday soon.remember this,never believe that love isn’t possible just don’t give yours too scum that don’t deserve it. I will pray for u.also by some chance u actually reed this,my nicknames for u are ladybug and jodi bear.stay strong my sister.

          • Horndog:

            Please do not contaminate this site mistaking it for Send Jodi a private letter if you must. Otherwise your stupid comments infect the seriousness of what others here have to say.

            • Jadwiga g how many times have you read people on here expressing there love for jodi ? Are they stupid as well? Your trash and need to keep your stupid ignorant comments to yourself idiot.jodi and her family need all the support they can get right now and me and many others here are doing just that. Giving Support.if my comment wasn’t well received by the arias family or who runs this site,it would have been blocked. So you can gobble me buddy.

            • You are a idiot lady.keep your ignorant sarcastic comments to yourselfmany people on this site express there feelings( loving or friendly)to jodi all the time giving her appears no man ever treated her with respect or did anything for her accept use her.I simply stated that if we were friends she probably would’ve had fun around me and other friends alike.all she was around was crap disguised as comment is serious and meaningful moron because I support jodi 100% for not taking being treated like garbage anymore,plus defending herself which so many murdered women will never have the chance 2 do. That is meaningful and very important so jodi knows I and countless men support her and want to see her contaminate this site by breaking the harmony of support meant for jodi idiot not you.if you want to talk about people getting killed in Chicago,then you lady go to or msnbc and let all who support jodi give her strengh in there own being a woman if I were your friend and some man attacked u I would pummel his rear end,and if I couldn’t defeat him at least while he was beating me up( that would be time enough for u to get away). Just like I did for my mom for 6 years taking beatings from a man three times my size ending up in hospitals every other don’t know me lady so gobble me if u don’t like how I support jodi.I have no interest in trying to say anything inappropriate to jodi except that I care about her life and wish she were free.if u cant show harmonious support for jodi without tearing another supporter down,then keep your foul mouth shut……grrrr.

        • Nancy Disgrace is the most biased person alive. She would never stop taking the prosecutions side in the Casey Anthony trial, now she’s doing the same with Jodi. I support Jodi 100% and she should get off if there is any justice!

        • HLN is totally biased for the prosecution and run all nite now with their stupid HLN after Dark. I really felt that KN had a legitimate basis for mistrial!

      • Me too Missy Radar, I’m standing with you behind her. Nancy Grace is simply VILE and those of her ilk :/

        I’m sorry you were in that situation, very sorry to hear that. And your last sentence is horrifically true.. I’ve been slammed by these venomous ‘people’ for supporting Jodi but I don’t care, such people aren’t human.

        • O, there is NO doubt Todd. You are GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN innocent! My card reads “policing for Jesus”, and I believe you’re INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN guilty! There’s no doubt, most Officers are out to earn “brownie-points”! I often ask, does that crap taste good? I’ve told MANY that! Just b/c you have a badge and weapon does NOT mean you’re all that! I started that behavior, until my dad got a hold of me, and said, “DON’T turn out crooked”!
          Again, I was abused from 2-15. My mom kicked me out at 15, and I was on my own. The reason she did, I told her I needed help getting my Uncle off me! She did NOT believe me, and actually turned my entire family against me over it! She said, if he gets arrested, your Aunt will lose everything… her house, car, etc… She still to this day visits them…..the man who molested me for YEARS! I told her about the house where it 1st started (the abuse). The furniture, where it was placed, the color, walked her through the entire house! Mom said, you were only 2! There’s NO WAY you could remember that! I DO, and ALWAYS will !!
          Point is, I don’t remember a lot, but the abuse YES! When I pulled my 380. on a man, he was coming at me, but that’s all I recall. I don’t remember details at all… SO, YES! I believe Jodi!
          This bull of, O she’s a liar…. how does she remember “certain” things, but not others…. Let me tell you from the horses mouth, someone who has lived it, IT IS TRUE!
          I feel her pain! I feel SO-SO-SO bad for her! It’s hard for me to handle the trash talk, especially from In Session, and HLN. Be professional! They’re getting the public going, and I was told it’s because they don’t want another Casey Anthony. They feel they (In Session-HLN) MUST trash talk, because they “hope” the jury will see their side (sided with Travis’ family). You are NOT going to tell me the jury isn’t online, reading and watching this! What do you think….. when the judge ask if they have read, or seen anything ….. O-O-O YES Judge! Throw me in jail for watching, and you really think the families aren’t talking to them about it? Come on!
          And 1 more thing, do you really believe he acted the same way with Mormon girls/women?! O, get real! They would’ve went to the bishop, and Travis would be EXPOSED! Of course he wouldn’t push sex on a Mormon gal. He knew Jodi didn’t understand that religion, and he USED her! PERIOD!
          Note* Not all Officers are bad. Some (like me) really do care*
          PLEASE tell Jodi I said Hi, and I care! She has my full support*

          • Darling Missy,

            I’m so sorry you went through such a horror in your life. I was abused by my significant other and he was a sex addict (which created his abusive personality). It took years of therapy to realize how these guys manipulate their victims, family and friends. My entire family believed I was the abuser b/c for 14 years I allowed this to happen while he was going to my family behind my back and talking b.s. (probably preparing for the day his abuses came out). So when i reached out for help – I got none. He had done his manipulating “prep” work.

            I believe TA abused mormon girls, also. If you watch the ex gf that was on the stand for the prosecution, it came out that she was angry for many reasons including; his affair with Jodi and his grabbing her ass in public. But then she later said she forgave him because he told her that he was not having an affair (took advantage of her naivety) and when asked about if he grabbed her ass in public again, she said yes – but it was okay. So, somehow, he manipulated her into thinking ass-grabbing a young mormon lady in public is okay – even kind of funny (b/c she giggled when she spoke of it) and he manipulated her into believing he was not having and affair and he was a virgin. So you see, he was slowly grooming her, too. In addition, it seems he was having affairs and flirtatious conversation with other mormon women, too (judging from Jodi’s testimony and what his friends said about him).

          • Darling Missy,
            I am so sorry about what happened to you. Is so sad that your family didn’t support you. Unfortunately this is the fallen world that we’re living in. most of the time people want to save their reputation and money rather than bringing the truth to light. This is the case with Jodi, people don’t want to come out and favor her because they don’t want to ruin their reputation or loose their career. but don’t worry that God will bring the truth to light and with our prayer Jodi will be victorious. Thank you for sharing your story with us. May God bless you and be with you always.

            • I’m praying for Jodi also! Does anyone know how to write her a letter or give her my address so she can write???? Please let me know.
              Thank you, so very much!

          • I agree Nancy Grace Is two faced….. And she is allways talking shit about who is acossed and not the vicktom. Unless He or She is dead. And to you count on her talking shit so much that we be convicked…… NANCY GRACE………. You are a BI TCH. And cant deal with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • After seeing Jeff Jensen on the HATER’s station today talking about what ‘they’ told Jodi about The law of chastity I started looking up on a few sites to see what its all about. I took down 5 pages of notes, keeping in mind that Jodi testified that JA clarified the LOC to her when she was confused. (We all know his version & the horrible scene right after he & Jensen baptized her after they had been 2gethr 2M). Here are the name of 2 sites i took notes from chapter 39 the-law-of-chastity & Oxymormon Girls blog on Gospel Priniples #39. Here are some exerpts from my notes. “Breaking the law of chastity is extremly serious Alma 39:5 Most abominable of all sins. Unchastity is next to murder in seriousness. Members if the church who break this law or influence others to do so are subject to church discipline. Bruce R McConkies “Loss of vitue is too great a price to pay even for preservation of one’s life—better dead clean than alive unclean. I’d rather you come back in a pine box with your virtue than alive without it”.The blogger said in respone “its really not that far off from suggesting that people who break the law of chastity should be put to death & that identical statements have been made by other bishops Kimball, mcKay & Grant. In fairness it does give a long list of how to obtain forgivness with a strong warning that you cannot b forgiven then sin again & again & again! I dont want to offend anyones religion I just happen to believe Jodi did not do what she is accused of doing.

        • Nancy Grace continues to argue there were 29 stab wounds PLUS throat slitting and a gunshot wound, when the autopsy report clearly states 27 which INCLUDES the throat slitting. Lso, one night she said Jodi was riding around with 5 or. 6 gas cans, instea d of 2 or 3. Nancy is such a vulture-whore witch.

          • Tina. I always catch n Disgrace lying about the facts she did the same thing in Tot Moms case. Today they supposedly had 3 five gl gas cans & said they weighed over 50lbs. They must cater to some real dumbazz viewers! And the gas cans looked like they could hold 10gl or more! Really angers me to no end!!

      • Just heard it that Jodi wasn’t getting any lunch! Its disgraceful, shocking! I feel so powerless in the UK, I would have said something. No wonder she had headaches. Its truly obscene how anyone can expect, well, I say expect her to go without any food? It never entered their heads. Good on Kirk Nurmi for voicing it. I’m shocked to the bone.

      • They can stop us from supporting Jodi by comments or preventing communication of support, but they CANNOT stop our prayers from being heard! I, too am passionate about this and I know God WILL see her through! So be it.

          • I an praying for her Acquittal. I pray God gives her strength everyday as she is on trial. I am sorry for her As it is taking so long. I thank God she is the one who didn’t die. I pray she will have a wonderful life after she is free.

                • Im in too. Iv been adding her to my nightly prayers. I say my prayers ever night. I thank God, pray for my family and friends and I’ve added Jodi. My time is before bed at around 10ish/11pm west coast.

                • My time is earlier – around 8 in the evening and early morning west coast time. This will work!

                • I think the best time is 3:00 pm ET when The Divine Chaplet is said world wide. I am a Catholic. Mary is my home girl. She is the Mother of the miracle worker and she has his ears. He will sort this out.

      • Travis alexander came from a home where his parents had real issues and he was raised by his grandmother along with his five brothers and sisters. It is possible that he ALSO had issues!! So many people paint him to be such a saint and Jodi to be the bad guy! I hope she gets a fair trial!

      • Nancy Grace…what a joke….that woman is nothing but an instigator and without a doubt totally biased…especially against Jodi…..she just sucks up all the attention that she is capable of getting….and she is in my mind just a waste of time…she could care less if anyone, less Jodi gets a fair shake out of our messed up judicial system….stay strong Jodi!!

        • Yes. Grace is pathological . She pandered her alleged “fiance’s” murder from as far back as the late 70’s. She claimed it was never solved. It was, and it didn’t take much time. She only “married” the alleged father of “The Twins” ( the father she NEVER mentions) after she was knocked up. On air she said she was “due” on a certain date, but she gave birth 2 1/2 months earlier, Good God protect those 2 poor children. Didn’t you just LOVE that psycho rhinestone little girl barette in her hair until recently? WHEWW! Scarey, scarey “lady” !

      • There is somethinig very sick about any man who get excited about a 12 year old girl. Jodi willingness to full his fantasy kelpt our children safe.

      • The issue is Mindy that we have laws in this country for a reason. You can’t kill someone because they treat you badly. The first time they physically assault you…call the damn police and don’t go back to them. The problem I fear with Jodi’s case is there is no corroboration to support her abuse claims, and despite Travis going after her, she “over killed” for lack,of a better word. My bro in law explained the AZ self defense law to me and you can only use equal force.

        So despite our strong emotions about this case…it comes down to,the law. I fear Jodi did herself in by not calling for help right after she killed him. If she did, we wouldn’t be having this conversation…the prosecution would have let her plead guilty to manslaughter if she had done that.

        • “You can’t kill someone because they treat you badly.”

          Who said she did? Jodi never killed him because he treated her badly. Jodi killed him because she was defending her life. And you don’t know Jodi’s frame of mind in the “overkill”.

        • “You can’t kill someone because they treat you badly. The first time they physically assault you…call the damn police and don’t go back to them. The problem I fear with Jodi’s case is there is no corroboration to support her abuse claims, and despite Travis going after her, she “over killed” for lack,of a better word.”

          Sully, so far you are NOT on Jodi’s side at this point. Sometimes people come on here using the words “fear” and “worry” but really not meaning them. In my opinion, you fall in that category.

          You are essentially saying you don’t believe Jodi was abused and that in your opinion her self defense was “overkill”.

      • I agree with you, on the 12 yr old girl comment. This is a case of Mormons looking out for mormons. Thier religion has a history of men who dominate their woman. It wasn’t all that long ago when mormons could marry more then one woman. In my opinion. Mormon women are brought up to accept whatever thier men do. Jodi is an outsider, Travis’s friends and ex girl friends did everything they could to keep them apart.

      • I agree that Jodi should walk! I am a victim of child abuse and I know all about domestic violence. I believe and support Jodi Arias 100%. If I didn’t, then I, as a self-defense rights advocate would be a hypocrite. There are plenty of factors that prove her side of the story is true. On the notion of her memory lapses, psychologists will verify that memory lapses are not uncommon when one is scared for their life….Lt. Col. David Grossman’s book, On Combat proves that memory lapses happen among cops involved in shootings. I also know this from experience! I have actually had had to flee from my alcoholic father when he got hostile one time and when I got to safety and called another family member to explain what happened, I began to experience memory lapses from the stress of the incident and the family member had to talk me through what happened to sort things out!

        Secondly, study the youtube videos and the film documentary, you will find proof that Jodi was acting in self-defense. The forensic report regarding Alexander’s body shows that the bullet was placed on the side of Alexander’s jaw if I remember right. Officer Richard Mann’s book, Handgun Training will verify that when you are firing a weapon in defense of your life, that because you are under duress, you will most likely NOT place a shot at your point of aim, even if you are aiming at center mass. No offense, that’s just stress for ya. The fact that Alexander was shot in the jaw tells me that Jodi was scared for her life.

        Moreover, there is evidence on the film documentary that can prove that Alexander was a pedophile. If you listen carefully, you will hear a recording of Jodi and Alexander getting intimate, where he said something to the effect of, “You’re as good as a little girl!” ……..How would he know? I’m pretty confident that stable men would NEVER make a reference to little girls in regards to sexual relations….what a pervert!

        Finally, consider these closing points, the accidental photo taken of the ceiling proves that she accidentally dropped the camera, which verifies her testimony that he got mad, threatened to kill her, and chased her around the house…and he could have picked up the camera and tried to strike her with it for all we know! Even if he were unarmed, she had reasonable grounds to use the level of force that was used as scholars such as Dr. Bruce Eimer will verify in his Armed: The Essential Guide To Concealed Carry, that lethal force against an unarmed assailant is usually acceptable when the following factors are true: 1. The attacker has to be bigger or stronger than the victim, 2. The attacker has to be a known martial artist, 3. the victim has to be in reasonable fear of imminent death after attempting to flee. We know from her testimony that she tried to flee as she ran from Alexander in the house, as we know from the pictures, he was bigger than her, and we know that he is said to be an MMA stylist. Jodi Arias is no murderer. You can take comfort in that…..just saying. And my deepest sympathies to all of you who have been D.V. victims, you are not alone in your struggles!

    • I’ll tell you what, this is burning me up! I wonder if Martinez has a daughter? My guess…. NO! If people would just LISTEN, and open their eyes, they would see Travis was abusive! Goodness! O poor Travis! I guess if he would’ve killed her, the sisters wouldn’t be having that “look”, rolling eyes, etc…. It would’ve been, O, she deserved it, right?!!! Travis was SICK! You sound like a 12 year old?!! HOW does Travis KNOW what a 12 year old sounds like, and WHY would that be in his head?! Someone answer that….PLEASE! Jodi IS innocent, PERIOD! If this was her (so called) plan, she would have written something down to back it up! Travis was a bully! AND, would Martinez, Vinnie, Mike Brooks, Nancy Grace, Dr Drew, ANY of them, let Travis babysit their children? Not a chance!! The sisters need to be told by the Judge to STOP! I wonder why, all of a sudden they’re in his life! Not a mention of them before! I’m guessing “money” involved? I hope the jury feels like us!

      • Ohh I am with you 10000%.. whilst I realise they have a loss, just to look at that family makes me feel physically sick, I have wanted to dive through my laptop screen and slap her, and I am far from anyone like that, yes the court should have told her not to roll her eyes and smirk, its disgraceful and tells me all I need to know about that family. Yes.. if Martinez had a daughter..
        mind you, can you imagine having HIM as a father? Yes, and the Judge? As far as I see it she’s a complete waste of space. I’m from London UK and although some judges here aren’t angels.. this judge shocked me, its someon’e life at stake for heaven’s sakes! Kira said she reminded her of a tree and every time I look at her she looks and acts more like one, its not hard to guess which way she leans in this case. Travis has all the hallmarks of a sociopath–and Martinez is demanding yes, no answers? And if she sounds conflicted, its true. I pray the Jury is of sound mind and has some intelligence. I live in hope they have at least known a sociopath or knows someone who has known a sociopath I had a nightmare with one once, he was from NY.. and to explain him to a bunch of strangers? I’d sound like the mad one. I fell for his accent, his charm but then his lies showed and the rages.. the loving, the rages, the anger, the loving, the charming.. and I saw red flags. Things could have escalated. I was just lucky.. I pray for Jodi.

      • Amen! I’m so sick of one of the sisters with that stupid smirk on her face. And what’s up with the other one?? She looks like a vampire who got up on the wrong side of her coffin!!

        • Oh and so am I, Bonnie, so am I. Someone should tell her. She’s doing that for the camera’s, there’s no need for it, in fact she looks stupid. They remind me of The Munsters or the Adams family, can’t think which it is!!

          • Martiniz whatever his name is? Makes me sick, and if i wer in Az right now, id tel him to his face! He is gross, you can tell his breath stinks, and his dimeanor is Out landish to say the least! Jodi im sorry girl!

          • me too they mind me of the munsters too lol how funny you would say that but i was thinkng that too lol. but you know i think a while back the judge did say she didnt want anyone rollig there eyes or making facial comments. but i guess she just does not care what the judge says

            • Apparently somebody from the family must be reading our comments because Morticia Addams (the cop) toned down the vampiress look lately. How many people out there know this whinning trio had nothing to do with Travis FOR YEARS before he was killed?

    • Me too. My heart goes out to her, and although luckily for me I have never been in her situation I feel that I am very like her, I just feel it inside thinking back to how I felt and dealt with situations at her age, such as saying yes when I meant no, to all the wrong people. To watch everything private she is having to go through, hurts me no end, in fact I can hardly watch, and to all the vile and, to my mind, sick women, who for whatever reason (that I just can’t understand) want the worst for her, why can’t they understand? All these ‘people’, are just THINGS, not what I can identify as human beings at all. I feel so very sad for her, yet I marvel at how she is coping and don’t know how she does it. She’s such an intelligent woman and very strong now. My heart goes out to her so much and nothing I seem to type seems to express it enough for me.

    • Great job today Jodi…I think BULLY Martinez has ruined his chances of guilty for DEATH. I would NOT want a prosecutor like Martinez for any of my family members.

      Prosecutor Martinez has cost the State of Arizonia a lot of money (paying for defense attorneys, experts, etc.). Bully Martinez should have accepted the plea deal by Jodi and saved the State money.

    • Jodi, you did a wonderful job yesterday! You’re holding your own! In Session quit covering, and HLN put people on defending you! Great job Kirk! Putting that tape together the way you did shows how SICK and twisted Travis was!! Everyone I talk to agrees with me…..Travis should NOT have thoughts like that running through his head!!
      Jodi, I believe you… I’m praying the jury will see through this mess, and let you get on w/your life! I would like to write you, and send money, but I’ll wait until things calm down a bit.

    • I am hoping that justice will prevail and that she will be set free. If she is convivted then that just shows how corrupt our justice system is. I wish I could be on her jury so I could make sure she would not be convicted. I am praying for you Jodi….

    • I see it hard to believe,i heard an ex cop peterson killed 4 wives he only
      got 38 years
      why is what i dont understand did he not get the death penalty ya. know jodi dont have any kind of marks on her an
      d i he had alot of marks on him and jodi had had none you tell me how she done it and how she picked upthat big huge man by herself. and know way she could have done all the things they say look how small jodi is compared to him but. me and my think it was not only her think about it. and it all did not happen in the shower

    • Hahaaahahahaha you Jodi bashers!!! See! She did write against Travis, something Martinez tried to keep out! GREAT job Kirk!! Seems funny the sisters, and brothers were NEVER mentioned until now! Again I say…….I smell money* I hope the one sisters eyes stick when she rolls them again, and someone tell the other sister to stop sucking on a lemon please!!
      When my mom didn’t believe me (being molested) this is the reason Mike Brooks, Vinnie, Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew, etc… that I never reported! If my mom didn’t believe me, why would the police?! I hope you see the message you’re sending to 12 year olds!! I NEVER reported ANY abuse from men either! Being beat up, right ring finger broken, black eyes, etc…. THANKS Vinnie! THANKS Mike Brooks! THANKS Nancy Grace! THANKS Dr. Drew! Thanks a BUNCH! And people wonder why this is under-reported!

        • I would agree with you 100%. All I can say is that if we’re from the state of Nevada, I would be ashamed of my court system, and the DA. Next election I would not vote for him. The whole is just disgusting

      • Missy I love your comments! I feel like your in my brain! My mother kicked me out of the house when I told her of my abuse! So I’m with you on your thoughts of why she told no one!


      • Oh Kathy I REALLY WISH I was a Juror on this case too. I feel so helpless here. Its just soo lovely to read everyone’s comments here, there’s just soo much love and understanding for Jodi from normal people!

    • To Jodi,

      One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord.
      Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.
      In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand.
      Sometimes there were two sets of footprints.
      Other times there were one set of footprints.
      This bothered me because I noticed that during the low periods of my life
      When I was suffering from anguish, sorrow, or defeat,
      I could see only one set of footprints.
      So I said to the Lord, “You promised me, Lord,
      That if I followed you, you would walk with me always.
      But I noticed that during the most trying periods of my life
      There have only been one set of prints in the sand.
      Why, When I have needed you most, you have not been there for me?”
      The Lord replied,
      “The times when you have seen only one set of footprints
      Is when I carried you.”

    • i totally agree ! i actually went through a relationship very similar to this . i can tellyou for sure it willmake you kill him or kill yourself, i am not dead by the grace of GOd because GOD miraculously intervened. as the saying goes, GOD WILL NOT PUT ANY MORE ON US THAN WE CAN BEAR, he proved i had all i could bear when i ended up in the closed unit, strapped down and under a surveilance camera for over two weeks with AMNESIA and a team of five very prominant doctors working to bring me back to reality. GOD miraculously spoke to me but i was grounded securely in GODS HANDS….i dont think jodi was but its not too late for jodi to seek God with all her heart now.

    • Hi I believe jodi was pushed beyond her power to stop that day on june 4th. I believe he attempted to hit her, and said some pretty terrible things to jodi that caused this terrible confrontation.. I believe she does have memory loss. I suggest to her attorney to ask Dr Samuels, that what would have been the difference in the results of his determination of ptsd if he would have admitted the scenerio that she did get in the altercation with travis that ended in his death . Since he used the first scenerio of two ningas did it. This is something the jury should hear. Because, It shows the outcome.. even with the second scenerio. I believe before he gets off the stand, this scenirio should be heard by the jury

    • Hi …62 seconds two pics…(first pic) Travis is Dead in
      shower eyes open…(second pic) Jodi arranged Travis sitting in shower. Jodi cleans mess in bathroom for washer
      with camera(Jodi not knowing camera is in buddle).
      It all began after body slamming Jodi onto tile in bathrm
      Jodi quickly gets up, runs into closet for gun Travis
      Close behind both in hall Jodi pointed gun at
      Travis who was coming at her like a linebacker.
      Gun went off hitting Travis in forhead…blood was
      Pouring out into hall Travis still grabbing and
      Missing hold on Jodi, running into bathroom.
      Travis enters bathroom goes into shower to rinse
      Blood off (first pic) Travis dies in shower…Jodi
      arranges body in sitting position(2nd pic).
      Jodi saw knife and began stabbing Travis(27 times) for
      Fear Travis may get up to go after her again. Fear(horrified)
      Took hold of Jodi, thought event wouldn’t stay in Jodi’s memory
      (self preservation).

    • i hope everything works out for jodi,im sick nd tired of evryone on HLN.dogging her OUT., im sure if there sister was on trial as jodi is,thEy wouldnt want the WORLD 2 give them the death penalty.nor talk so badly about her,. evryone makes mistakes, nd Travis wasnt such a Good boy as evryone may say he was,im Sure he was a devil in disguise.nd disrespected Jodi.. sick nd tired of evry 1 saying it Wasnt self defense 4 jodi.
      WTf…we werent in her shoes..nor are WE in her shoes,. sometimes the sweet faced ones like mr.travis are the ones who are Verbally abusers.nd abusers they act a certain way with there friends nd family.but with a girlfriend he may have acted the WRONG WAY.. nd he wasnt such a religious guy,no one forced him 2 have sex in the first place..SO evryone frm HNL. stopped saying its all jodis FAult..travis was an Adult not a little boy! nd he was a pervert 4 saying he wanted her 2 look like a 12yr old girl..2 me thats mEssEd Up. child porn in his MIND 4 SURE

    • I just want to say, Jodi only you know the truth, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.I hope you are safe & keep your spirits up.I watch everynite to see the next installment of this trial…Travis does look to be a emotional batterer, keep fighting your life is worth it.

    • Best wishes & health Jodi. I am a nutrition
      Pro & understand the importance of good health.
      Any time or reason, if ya wish or care to, feel free
      to contact me. Be glad to offer any support I can.

    • After seeing the documentary special on 48 hrs Jodi all the testimony from his friends said they did not accept Jodi, and they made it clear if he continued with that relaTIOBSHIP THEY COULD NOT HANG OUT any more. Hughes told him this in the Documentary and other friends too. I believe Travis took the relationship underground.. and lied to friends like an affair, I believe this was his and Jodis destruction. he couldn’t choose Jodi, and still stay in his best friends graces,, Like having a – affair – this caused big stress between them.. and anxiety. I dont believe he told them the truth about Jodi, because he was hiding her. and the affair,,like a married man would . I dont believe he was afraid of her, or he would not of still be seeing her It was not Just for SEX< because he even made plans to see her the next week after his Cancun trip.. It was love.. he just was very confused because he could not get the acceptance from his friends, and had to choose one, or the other- I never understood why he kept seeing her,if he was afraid. After that Documentary special it was crystal clear.too me he loved her and could not choose. This was their destruction… His friends, is who he was married too. especially the Hughes

    • Does anyone know if the defense will bring in the video where you can see 2 people in the eye of Travis’ last picture?
      It clearly supports her first story. Call me crazy but my boyfriend is 200 lbs, and I weigh more than Jody. There is no way I could even hit him. He’s so much stronger. I definitely couldn’t do all that was done in only 64 seconds……or whatever it was. I don’t think she did it. I don’t think she could have.

    • I believe Jodi wass innocent of premeditation Why would she take pictures on the 4th if she was planning pre meditation.. this was a flight or fight moment for Jodi not pre.meditation her lawyers should bringthis up no one would take pictures and leave a camera behind if their was pre med. And with her High intelligence I Q she would not have done that

    • I support Jodi. I understand what it is like. I’ve never killed anyone but have been on verbally abusive relations and got out before it became physical aggression. Poor Jodi. I don’t like that your parents were turncoat on you and I’ve been in those shoes too. Much love to you Jodi. You are beautiful, talented and God is with you. Travis played you and preyed on your emotions for him. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and how I wish I was there to stop you because you deserved so much better.

      • Me too, I wish I could have been there to tell her, he is not worth it. Vengance is mine saith the Lord. God can punish them or save them but we have to pray, pray so much. All the time. Love you Jodi, so much. I am crying as I write this but God can still turn this around and fill you ful of His joy I see the spirit of God on you when you sing. You are a beautiful girl. Dont ever give up.

    • I am just glad I found somewhere where I can voice support! Every other online conversation becomes an immediate attack when you voice support! Thanks so much for this website & I too hope she knows there are those of us that DO support her!! 🙂

    • Jodi did not commit this murder. I dont even believe her hands were bloodied. What I think happened is she was shunned by the the victim due to his obsession with child pornography. I believe she became aware his sick obsession with lil boys and she may have been instrumental in making him pay for this crime- perhaps by the parents of the a child he may have had contact with – or a possible set up to meet a young boy but surprised by being greeted by a very anger parent- vigalante – group of people trying to hide his liasions- they didnt dig deep enough- Camera time stamps can be change by anybody- its quite simple- those time stamps probably were not forensically tested – by electronic experts – because this was not discussed- also – may they not have found his member status in the child porn ring- people really only think these days all the snuff videos / and acts of violence or abuse of a child is going to be found on his computer- well people – the feds have to everyday find ways to discover / and uncover the bright criminals that are always finding a way get sites deleted from memory with a virus or encryption-
      question do you think that the victim Travis was able to give the computer analyst his password- if he had a password on his computer? If not provided – the forensic examiner could have done nothing to verify what was in his computer. If no admin password for the forensic tech- damb straight he aint getting what he wants- yes the can crack the password- or they may not be able to depending on how much security he maintained- also people pictures can be passed around to members of the rings- which make money for many involved- this is a business and its a very privatized business- pics – videos – all could have been removed from the scene as to not lead the investigation – where many people dont want to tread- its dangerous to know and be against their disgusting issues- i believe jodi made some party aware of the goings on- and that she may or may not have set the whole thing up – but i dont think she thought perhaps it would end in the victim’s death- maybe her knowledge was he was going to get beat up- scared- something- or maybe he got sloppy and someone wanted him dead- she may have been present- most likely she was – she could have known the assailants- which i believe were two men- people ge murdered all the time- and we just dont know why- i think Jodi did not committ the murder – is covering up for someone- so that – the exposure to the child porn rings dont hurt someone she cares about to keep this all hush hush- perhaps arias did tell the truth when she said there were two other people that did this- they may have spared her life – and benounced to he – her innocence she thought justice would take care of- and maybe her only way to fiht the death penalty was thought up by one of her defense teammates- call it self defense- whatever- u want- but this case has dirty sex written all over it- perhaps the devIAnt had to be extinguished to protect either other children from his tasteless turnons – her whole story changed because they made a good enuf case to make this a death penalty case- so she had only one strategy was to say she did it to save her life and maybe other lives- this case needed better invesigatory detail- people in high places are fans of the act of watching a child get raped- whos to say- there isnt more to this whole debacle – and why not take a closer look at the mormons- they are so secretive – protective- and like to make sure they got kids of all ages running around em….. I think this is a tip of an iceberg that to many people are part of and they are getting away with putting Jodi in jail-

    • I have been objectively watching this trial, It has taken me until now to truly form my opinion, I really went back and forth, one minute I thought justice for travis, then the next minute there was just something about him as and I quote” theres just something wrong with that boy” as Jodi stated. The stab wounds on the back indicate to me self defense on jodi’s part, Was Travis trying to kick her, and that would explain his foot being cut? It makes no sense that he would have back wounds and then does he turn himself over and say ok now some on the front part of my body, NO! I would think not. Something made Jodi defend herself, and Travis was a true provoker!!! I’m saddened for his family, as well as jodi’s family. I’m quite sure that things like this bring one’s family closer. Jodi girl, there is a song out there by Bob Seger, called Jodi girl, If ever you get the chance to hear it, I’ll dedicate it to you, and the innocence it brings to ones heart. TRAVIS WAS A DEVIL DRESSED IN SHEEPS CLOTHING, MY DEAR. YOU FELL PREY TO HIM LIKE SO MANY OTHERS. I SHAME HIM IN THE NAME OF JESUS FOR BEING A FALSE WITNESS UNDER THE NAME OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR…… Jodi in the bible david committed murder, and he was one of jesus’s favorites that he gave great blessing to, and only god knows truly your heart and if you meant what happened or not. Jesus allowed a prostitute to wash his feet with her hair, told others those among us without sin, cast the first stone, And she became a follower of our lord and he cherish her heart after he saw that she would go and sin nomore. Stay strong in faith Jodi, your a daughter of the lord, and nobody can judge you. It’s between you and him only…..Go with God and be blessed…I pray for your victory and strength to face the months ahead….Love you sister Jodi…..

    • I have been suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder for quite some time now. I am a 26 yr. old and all my relationships have been either mentally or physically abusive. I am still in one right now and still have no idea why I stay in it other than the fact that I solely believe he is the right one for me.. I have a fear of abandonment and also have a tendency to fight back when attacked. Now I have learned that certain things he says to me I tend to impulsively do things I shouldn’t do or I have learned to refrain myself from doing anything and try to walk away. I also had him arrested for domestic battery/assault. I have memory loss & often lie at first about what I think happened compared to what actually happened. BPD is very misunderstood! -Kimberly

    • After hearing that tape of Travis and the way he spoke to her, I believe if she’s guilty of anything it is putting a fiend out of business. This guy was an animal by any standards I know of. And the way the prosecutor makes stories up and interupts testimony that isn’t favorable to his case is appaling and shows just how crooked the law is in Arizona. Juan should be disbarred for his behavior and Jodi should be set free, now.

    • You could visibly see the verdict hit her, and we never thought it would come back as it did. I still feel there ought to of been a mistrial at least twice due to juror misconduct. My grown daughter and I will always wonder what it was that he said to her with that last facial photo of him – you can see the fierce hatred in his eyes – didn’t anyone else notice that?? He was very angry. I hope she gets a new trial on appeal. The way the media used her (and him) for their own gain is just sickening. (and many turned right around and blamed it on Jodi – bizarre! You guys have the power regarding what to focus the attention on!). Feel this is such a set back for women. Hang in there, Miss A.

    • I have been following the trial. I thought, due to the circumstances, the sentencing was too harsh. It was def a crime of passion, planned or not. Also Jodi showed remorse, and I believe in rehab, if appropriate, not cap punishment. I also think Jodi’s parents could’ve done more , earlier, to get her some help.

      • Please note that the Arias family reads this site on a daily basis. Right now they need support and loving kindness, not “what ifs” from strangers that do not know them.

        The Arias family is like any other family – not perfect, made mistakes but is doing everything they can to do the right thing now.

        I have approved your comment but please do not criticize the Arias family in the future. Thank you!!! 🙂

    • How can someone call Travis a saint when he was a low class human being. Any man who speaks of a 12yo girl in the manner he did is a sick jerk of a mass of trash. If he was that low of a human, he would do anything. Women do not tell others about the abuse; they are ashamed to admit because they love the men that trick them into thinking they love the woman, then trash her. I’m not saying he should have died in the manner in which he did, however, a lot of women are spared from the abuse he poured out on Jodi and made a fool of, just because she gave of herself in love for him. He was lucky to have someone love him that much. Maybe other men can learn from this and stop treating women as if they are objects. He is in the class of the Castro man that just got arrested, as far as I am concerned. No I have never known anyone in Jodi’s family, live thousands of miles away. I can’t believe she was found guilty. God bless her.

    • Jodi, God is with you to many haters in this world I know lot of ppl are supporting you but afraid. God forgive he don’t hate nor does he kill. I will keep praying for you . HLN is only trying trying to make money and not showing the two side of the story what a shame for network. Travis was not a saint
      Love from Canada

    • Jodi Gos is with you to many haters in this world I know lot of ppl are supporting you but afarid. God forgive he don’t hate nor does he kill. I will keep praying for you . HLN is onlying trying to make money and not showing the two side of the story what a shame for network. Travis was not saint
      Love from Canada

    • I think Jodi did not premeditate the murder – I think he said or did something and she went temporarily insane and panicked afterwords. I know someone that work on the case and they agree. I do not think she could get the deaath sentence and I do not think she is a threat to anyone else. She needs inhouse psychiatric treatment.

      If you premeditate murder you bring your own weapon, commit the murder, and leave.

    • I’m appalled at the behavior of ALL HLN “News” people. They’re nothing but rags chasing their next victim for a story. Imagine grown up people in this day treating another human being the way they treat Jodi Arias. She’s had her day in court, paid her dues. Let’s HLN get some “real” stories. How about the three woman held hostage – Do they want to support the captors? Will we hear Dr. Drew and Nancy Grace (in the same studio, but separate photos) pretending to be in different locations bashing the female victims and attaboy’s for the dirtbags who did the crime?
      My question is, How does Travis Alexander come out smelling like a rose, when he’s “moving on” but having sex with Jodi still. So he’s a GREAT guy who can screw around but have no consequences – NOT!
      Poor innocent Jodi – Left again being the victim…He’s still victimizing her .

      I took the comment about her family. They read and comment here. Please refrain from judging them. They did the best they could. ADMIN

      • These women on HLN are not strong enough to support another fellow female who defended herself from an abusive mate. Its time women stand up for each other and speak out against sexism.

    • Hi Jodi…I just want to let you now that I think you’re REALLY AWESOME in a lot of different ways!!!! There’s absolutely NO DOUBT in my mind that the Jury got your verdict ALL WRONG!!!! I believe in my heart that on June 4th, 2008 you were in a ONCE in a lifetime situation and did what you had to do to survive!!!! I give you kudos for being able to handle yourself against a much bigger and stronger individual. I followed your case from the very start very closely and feel that Travis was mistreating you from the start not long after you first met!!!! Me personally I saw NO PREMEDITATION AT ALL and it seems to me Travis was leading a double-life!!!! He was presenting himself to be one thing on the outside with his friends, profession, etc. BUT on the inside, especially with YOU, he was coming off as somebody called a ” USER “. There’s NO VIOLENCE at all in your past and one just doesn’t act like that in their late 20’s unless they’re put in SURVIVAL MODE!!!! You were doing everything in the world for him and more during the entire relationship. I felt EXTREMELY BAD when the WRONG verdict got handed down and know right now you’re being held for NO REASON!!!! I know you’re VERY INTELLIGENT, probably at least double the I.Q. of Travis. You also have quite the artistic talents from what I’ve seen as well not to mention being VERY ATTRACTIVE. Hopefully you’ll be able to get an APPEAL SOON and the you will be on the OUTSIDE looking in instead of the the other way around. I am asking you to KEEP THE FAITH and DON’T DO ANYTHING STUPID..PLEASE!!!! Things will turn out for you…I PROMISE SOONER rather than later!!! HANG IN THERE!!!!!

    • Jodi is being double punished because of Casey Anthony verdict.
      It’s also really f***ed up that anyone could say she has gotten a fair trial. The jury is going home and watching CNN and HLN, Nancy Grace and the other death vultures, that’s f***ed up! Her attorney is garbage, not sure about the how the appeal laws work in AZ, but she should easily when an appeal for a new trial.
      Nobody knows what happened but Travis and Jodi
      Maybe Travis just got his ass kicked really bad by a girl……just a thought.

    • I have couple things to say. The case is full of BS because they don’t have evident she kill him. They didn’t have the GUN & THE KNIFE. How they can say She’s GUILTY?!
      also IM NEVER SEEN A CASE WHERE THE INVESTIGATOR WORKS WITH THE PROSECUTOR THE WHOLE ENTIRE TRIAL! What I see the most of the time the investigator is called on the stand to be questioned about how he conducted the interrogation and how the forensic evidence was handled. Seems to me that only in Arizona the prosecutor and the investigator work together to come up with foolish lies. The media complains that Jodi always lies but she learned to lie from Travis because he lied about that he was a virgin and made rumors about Jodi because he wanted to cover-up the fact that he was still going out with Jodi. MAYBE HE WAS PLANNING TO HAVE 100 WIVES.

    • Jodi, Hang in there…. have a beautiful weekend… You are so lucky to be in AZ. Had my first visit there a couple of weeks ago… I loved the weather… I live in Utah. I just want you to know that I am going to write you. If you can please acknowledge that you recieve my letter. I know you are busy so I dont expect it rapidly or long length. I just wanted to let you know this is my second request and that I hope that your are doing ok…. Hey girl know matter what happens…. I can tell you are going to be okay… You have a long life ahead of you. Life or death…. I think you have alot to offer and still alot to look forward too. I believe in eternal life resurection and even re incarnation…. You will always be there….. Each of us have our time, not all of us have long lives….. Its what we do with it and how we live it… So you keep on living girl…. I look forward to hearing so much more about you through HLN they are obsessed with you…. haha Vinnie Politan…well I think he has a big huge crush on you… either that or the pretty girl never paid attention to him…. lol….. because he is outta control obsessed with you lol…. talk about obsessed….. the whole world loves you…. You have captivated our hearts….. each and everyone of us…. through your talents and beauty your intelligence and vocabulary… You amaze us all… You sing amazing…. I likes when you were sing HUMP to whats his name and you said…… well Im back lol that was crazy… sounded great though… Well I hope you are keeping your chin up. Hopefully we can become good friends…. I will be here for you forever and a day… only because I find your story captivating and I believe in you innocence I believer you were equally psychologicaly tortured and I hope you get LIFE. TEAM JODI>>> We Love you JODI…. JODI is and amazing person with a huge heart… YOU And TRAVIS were equals… too bad all his friends couldnt just let him love you because I know he did and does.

    • A 7 x 11 room for 23 hrs a day and only one hour outside that room is sickening.
      I’ll say it again that Jodi had a normal life prior to Travis and the whole Mormon thing, she is not a threat to anyone.

    • HLN is making lots of money off this, so will Travis’ family, Jodis family and the Jury, etc. Cuz its high profile. and they are bitching about Jodi? Just a point I wanna make; I understand Jodi-but alot of people dont cuz she is smart and she has a lot of gray areas, she doesnt think in black and white like they do! The world is gray, its not always black and white. But these people only think in black and white. She does have a smug attitude, and shouldnt have killed, of course. But the smug attitude is because of the mistreatment. I think she can be rehabbed. I just agree with her-i dont know.

    • I do believe that she was deeply abused by the patner. This doesn’t mean she should kill him, but I think she deserves a better treatment. I pray for her, she will live.

    • Jodi has not been treated right from the beginning ! So many are biased , makes me angry! Thoughts and prayers to you Jodi during this trying time! Believe in miracles, the truth shall set you free… Xoxo

  2. It could happen to any of us, any women could understand this situation. I was a victim of abuse. I was only 14, and it went on until I was 18. There was a lot of violence involved. Thank god I made it out of there before anything happened.
    I will support you Jodi anyway I can.

  3. sending an email to let Team Jodi know I am happy to help. At least a little financial support can help her get some food since we now know the sheriff’s department is depriving her from her nutrition!

  4. So lets get past the color of the car already.WHO hasn’t heard that red cars get targeted more then other colors.And what does her previous traffic violations have to do with this case.The prosecution is only proving they have nothing more then already said.This case must gonna really drag on,the prosecution is just chaising it’s tail. God be with Jodi,to have to go through this,to save her life a second time.Travis would have killed her if she wasn’t able to defend herself,so the state wants to try and kill her again.WHAT A SHAME !!!!!

    • I think he’s just trying to clutch at straws–he’s lost this case. To my mind He should be the one on the stand with someone 10 times worse than himself–IF there is such a person. I would love to see him get a taste of his own medicine a thousandfold. I’d pay to see that.

    • That’s what I sad, but he some how thinks the jury should say 1st degree the car was not red 0.0 mind blowing. Nothing that the DA has showed or said tells me anything other then Jodi lies like we all do. I do wish she had got over the protect travis stuff before she did her 48 hour clip, but whats done is done. I just hope the defence is coming up with a VERY POWERFUL closing statment. If they can contact with a few of those jury members that have daughts grand daughts, or fathers with daughters that in any way shape or form have been abused wored right she could walk from this. So far I have not heard anything that could have the jury saying she is getting the 1st degree charge if they have already even thought about it then they are not listening very well when she answers and hope they are catching like I am when JM trys to through in words she has not said, did not say and she stops him, I really hope they are catching she is right, and seeing a ot of the time JM never makes a point on what he is even talking about.. I am with Jodi, but how is JM a DA guy, wow mind blowing.

  5. I want to help also. email sent. this DA is insane. Jodi is doing such a good job of standing up to him. I would be in tears.

    • Alexandra I am pretty sure my nerves would have broken down. One bully has gone then another takes his place. Its inhumane and criminal..

  6. I am exhausted watching Martinez. Jodi is amazing. Why Travis didn’t fall in love with her I don’t understand. They seemed so well matched. Jodi was intellectually challenging ,, she had open arms for love-making, was well groomed, was setting goals for herself and there is no doubt she would have supported his ambitious career.

      • People like him play act. People like him have no empathy, they’re just great actors. Jodi was taken in just like I was, like so many loving and caring people are. These people switch from one minute being loving, to being abusive, to apologising, to loving, to abusive..oh and they crave sex, when all Jodi was doing was trying to make him happy.. like so many of us, she didn’t understand, thought her love would help him.. like so many of us do. And she was so young. Its a tragic case, I’ve cried. And fror Martinez to do this to her? I won’t believe he doesn’t know sociopaths/abusive narcissists–how dare he put her through all this pain, its criminal, I’d lock him up.

          • Hang in their Jodi…..Law of attraction…..remember ! I can see in your eyes you are just trying to keep it together,tell your story,and finally just get this off your shoulders.The universal laws will embrace this moment.And then you will come out of this,with power,and be even stonger.I believe unfortunatly you might be going thru this to be a ROCK in someone elses life.We all know all things happen for a reason.And you mite have saved several young boys,maybe even lil girls from being hurt.We don’t have all the answeres of WHY, and we can use the tools we pick up through life to bring love and light to ANOTHER :)))) GOD BLESS YOU JODI.AND MUCH LOVE TO YOU RIGHT NOW IN SUCH A DARK PLACE !!!!!!!

  7. Jodi Arias is beautiful, and smart, and everything that happened to her i completely believe. I understand hwy she lied when she was first questioned. I once was in an abusive relationship with a man that acted exactly like Travis did, and nobody ever ever wanted to believe me either. woman to woman, I believe her, and think she is so amazing.. and I hope she stays strong. I’m here rooting for her always.

    • My ex husband use to choke me til i passed out all the time,it didn’t always leave bruises.And i NEVER called the cops.That one is no longer alive,i didn’t kill him.And now i’ve been married to this husband for 20 yrs.We have had abuse involved and once again i have never called the cops.And we don’t want people to know how stupid we are for loving someone that isn’t loving us back.We no longer fight like that.Thank god we grew past that.I can absolutley see why she kept everything a secret,Come on Jodi,i am praying for you to get through another day of court.For all the Jodi supporters could we all PRAY together as the court resumes today.They say there is power to prayer ,so i’m just asking all of the Jodi’s supporters to please say a prayer before court starts.For Jodi to get thru this and that God’s hands are on Jodi and all involved in this ugly situation.GOD IS WITH YOU JODI.HE KNOWS THE TRUTH,AND HE SURELY KNOWS YOUR HEART <3. Be the light that you are for so many women !

  8. I worry so much about how you feel up there by yourself telling you’re story and having so much people starring at you with eye’s so vengeful! It kills me inside when they treat you bad. I pray to god that this case ends and you’re life begins once more! WIN OR LOSE! TEAM JODI! GODSPEED AND MUCH LOVE!

    • T. Robles,I’m with you.My heart breaks to see Jodi up there all by herself,People looking at her like she “not good enough”,or “evil”. I just wish we could go and be on Jodi’s side.To show her support.But actually i’m afraid that people would hurt,or even kill me for defending her.It’s sad she has been locked up for this long,but i’m not sure they wouldn’t have killed her.The same ones that are judging her,without even knowing the details. And i’m also wondering…….is there someone that actually reads these posts to her.Does she know she is LOVED and there are people on her side.DOES SHE KNOW ???????

      • I know she had support on this page Brenda and I think SJ is related to a branch or even nay have contact with her. I honestly hope she gets off if not at least a lessor penalty. She is human she cries shehurts and loves like every human being on this planet. God please help her!

  9. I support Jody 100% ,been watching the trial since it started,be strong Jody but dont let them see cuz they will use that against you.I am praying for you….it’s crazy but I have twins your age and they both look just like you so its like watching my twins up there and it breaks my heart the way that prick talks to you,he is def taking this personal.

  10. Stay strong Jodi I know you did what you had to do to survive his attack I know men like that they beat you one day and they are so sweet the next with the oh I am sorry until the next time they are beating you and degrading you. A person can only take so much before that defend themselves my mother left my abusive father but he still continued with his abuse by getting gasoline and setting our home on fire he did this to yield his control over my mother. I guess they would be happy if he killed you what a shitty system you were defending yourself. I pray you get justice.

    • My Grandparents died of murder/suicide.My Dad tried to kill my Mother/ i have picked abusive relationships.Now i see my children go thru this cycle.I tell my grown children to STOP THIS CYCLE,NOW,before my grandbabies are old enough to find the same kind of relationships.Travis played her like a violin,and i think his own guilt came out of him like a wicked demon,and Jodi was the one that LIVED !!!!! If Travis would have killed her.would they be looking at this situation the same way.NOT….He would have gotten away with murder,and said she was physco,because none of his issues would have ever came out.Is there proof Jodi even slashed anybodys tires.

  11. Hey!

    I would absolutely love to help out Jodi/The Arias family (put my wallet where my mouth is with my support!). Is there anyway someone can answer these couple questions about the donation process, please?

    —Is there any fees that will be deducted from the donation? I was just curious because although I would LOVE to donate a lot, i’m kind of tight on cash and would only be able to donate like $10…and if there are feees and whatnot by the time it got to the arias family it may not even be worth it…

    —What is the money going to be used for? OH, this isn’t a “I only will donate if the money is going to be used in [particular way]”, it’s just general curiosity. I will donate no matter what (just to show her and her family that there are people out there willing to actually donate to the cause!

    Thanks so much! 🙂

  12. Is it just me, or does anyone else think the number of pairs of shoes in TA’s closet is just, um, so gay? He has more shoes than anyone I know, including my husband whose business is linked to the footwear industry and who is a stock shoe size, which means he has his pick of as many sample shoes as he wants.

    Jodi, but she is holding up remarkably well, considering.From Travis to Martinez., one bully to another. I really feel for her. Come on Jodi, you can do it.

    • HA! I thought I was the only one! My (deceased–Thank God!) husband had a closet just like that! Ever seen the movie ” Sleeping With the Enemy”? Try living with THAT! Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I believe it ultimately killed my husband. I completely understand why she killed him. I have a New Yorker cartoon on my refrigerator that shows two women looking at a gravemarker in the cemetery and the caption reads “I never got a chance to tell him to shut up”. Unless you have been there, you have NO idea what is possible!

  13. I think the prosecutor is a dick. No matter what Jodi has done she still deserves to be treated like a human being. When you are mentally abused you can snap. I’m sure she just felt like a piece of dirt with this man. They are making him out to be a saint but he wasn’t. He hid behind his Mormom beliefs but he didn’t follow them. I can’t stand to see his family on camera, they look so judgemental. From what I’ve been reading they didn’t have the most outstanding parents, white trash I believe. Jodi be strong.

  14. Hi Jodi I wish all the best I can’t believe u gave that pasta file so many chances, anyway I just wanted to tell the world that if u really wanted to kill Travis why would someone your size get in to a knife fight when all you had to do is wait for him to go to sleep and since the prosecution is saying that you brought the gun home all you had to do is pump two or three shot into his head and that would be the end of it. Hopefully one of the jurors will think the righteous way, I just hope they see that this had to be a fricky accident that turned in to a self defense, and by the way it is very possible to get shot in the head and still be on the offensive. Thank you for been strong girl, and this is coming from a very religious male. Good luck Jodi and god bless

  15. Hi Jodie how are you girl hopefully everything will turn out good and you will be acquitted Of this crime is very sad that I have to hear when someone is being used as you have been an go to this kind of process and so called system this stupid prosecuted should be hung who know how many innocent people he put in prisons for life or to death. There is no way someone with no kind of criminal history or any kind off violence could have done this I hope one of the jurors can read and see this. People if she was planing to kill him she would have done it much easier way like him going to sleep or as soon as she walked in all she had to do is shoot him right then and there since the prosecution is saying the Jodi brought the gun there and since supusably she was angry and premeditated it just makes no sense people this was a very bad accident that turned into self defense. And by the way I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t call the cops at that moment especially when you are in shock more then half of the street fights I had I don’t remember the exect fight how it went that’s because your body is in shock after the fight it starts to come back in my head stuff like me puttin a shirt over someone’s head and how I was hitting him so it is very possible to lose your memory with something of this natter. It just doesn’t make any sense for her to murder him like that. Oh ye by the way all those cuts on him suggest that he was still attacking her while she was swinging the knife, and that base on cuts like on the bottom of his feet. Anyway hopefully one of the jurors has the courage to see the truth like I can and trust me I been watching this trial tru out since I got layed off. Please if there is justice out there jury should acquit her and save her life and feel good about it, because she sure sound and looks considering all the evidence very much in the green. By the way being a liar doesn’t mean that she is a murderer this poor girl has been thru hell and back. Good luck to you Jodi hope fully the Jory will take care of you but know that god is always there for the righteous….

    • I’ve signed it, Kris and got as many people as I can to sign it too from my FB page. Nancy Grace is, well, I can’t think of the worst way to describe her, but she’s a disgrace to women and all humanity. I’m shocked, I know there are bad people in this world but HER? She really disgusts me, she’s not human. Trying to figure out who NG is.. will follow the link. Thanks for those links, Kris 🙂

  16. i think if i was in her shoes i’d lie my butt off to detour law enforcement, its not everyday one kills a lover, her remorse is plainly seen by me, i honestly think there is no way to find her guilty of murder, she will get unjust prison time , i only pray its a very short sentence , like time served, i wish if so she would get away from the west and come to Texas, i’d respect her until the end, she is NOT GUILTY of murder , only guilty of defending herself, which we all have that right to do.
    i do not understand why her defense team does not object to the short mans asking her the same questions over and over , its plain to see he’s trying to trip her up, its also plain to see that shes really sorry for that day she killed her lover/friend, i truly think shes been through enough, pray she gets set free, those HLN hosts are always slamming her for no reason, cant they understand that not every american sees things in a tunnel vision they see, I wish another net work would cover the trail, at a crucial moment , they always go to a commerical, thats not covering her trail , to me its letting us see what they want us to see, i was a fan of Nancy Grace but shes in the same tunnel as vinnie,mike brooks, and others. God set Jodi free!

    • I completely agree! I get sick when listening to Nancy Grace and other HLN hosts/reporters. I don’t have the same amount of respect for that network anymore, particularly because of this case. It’s so easy to see a person’s heart and what one truly values, by simply watching their response on matters such as these. I see Jodi having a reasonable explanation for the questions asked…and without skipping a beatand then I see drama-loving, judgemental, people with bizarre hypothetical scenarios that make no sense in having if they have actually paid attention to her testimony! It’s actually ridiculous that these folks are overthinking EVERYTHING. THE TRUTH is laid out for those willing to SEE it! 😉 Praying for you Jodi.

  17. oops also if it was premedicated , i totally agree Bacha, why would she wait to kill him if that was her intension, it would be a lot easier to shot him as he opened the door to greet her, theres got to be abuse that drove her, good luck Jodi, God be with you always, hang tough and do what your doing, by the way i liked your smirt that vinnie and company dispises, you are a beautiful remorseful young lady, again God be with you always

  18. The prosecution presented nothing new what-so-ever. They kept going back to the 48hrs CBS interview and claiming she lied in it, well we already know that she told us she did!! The way Travis was killed was typically someone who was scared for their life, she defended herself!! It was obviously not premeditated, she left enough clues to sink a battleship. She admitted what she did in the end, it was obviously eating her up inside and she is very ashamed of what happened even though she defended herself. The truth will win out in this case I’m confident.

  19. I left the following message for Jane Valez and Nancy Grace:

    All you people should be ashamed of yourselves. You are making the moral decline of America become a reality. None of you know what really happened that day. Someone is supposed to be considered innocent until proven guilty. You are all a bunch of blood suckers wanting to see her head on a stick. Who of you are so perfect you have never told a lie? What if it meant your life? Two wrongs don’t make a right and killing Jodi will not bring Travis back. Keeping her locked up in prison for years and years at your expense is not a good option either. You all mock her and make fun of her. Maybe she cannot help how she is. Are any of you perfect? I bet you are all the type that sit in church on Sunday then act like this the rest of the week. I know the type well…..they are everywhere. Has anyone ever heard of forgiveness?

    • Oh, how did you do that, Cassandra, I would just Love to tell them what I think of them, too.

      I picked this up from the internet and its just how it is… the haters are so aggressive and nasty:

      .The Ramseys’ concerns regarding the aggression of the media is shared by many journalists who believe that their profession has declined considerably due to intense competition, a loosening in regulations and the increasing view of news as a profit making, rather than a journalistic, pursuit. Sadly, the news has become entertaining instead of informative, and personal tragedy has degenerated into a public spectacle.

  20. Keep up the good work Team Jodi! No one deserves the death penalty. “Capital punishment is the most premeditated of murders.”
    -Albert Camus, French philosopher

  21. very well said cassandra, if i was facing the death penalty, i would be the biggest liar, knowing law as does nancy grace shes well aware of people on trail for their lives will lie to save their hyde, i do not believe the death penalty is a guilty verdict for liars. the short man for the state is maining focusing on her lies, the day of how she killed him was short lived, sure it break my heart to to msee what i hasd done to my dead victom, especially if i had any, any feeling for the victom. i truly think she is still in love with his memories, i pray she holds strong during the reat of this trail, i can see her remorse, guilty feeling and all but shes a level headed woman, she has only spoken the truth to the jury and the short man, you go jodi, we are behind you for the long run, be yoursel and stay strong, i love her smirks cause it makes vinnie and company upset not to mention nancy grace, cassandra what did they do with their hearts and sense of judgement, they all have none, PRAY to God for Jodis release, mt heart goes out to travis family but they nor i know what happened there, if premedicated murder was her goal, how could she have sex with someone she wanted to kill, it makes no sense……you go Jodi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I would love to support jodi by pinpal if thts possible i do belive she is gunna beat this she has god on her side

  23. Is there ANY POSSIBLE way of reaching Jodi without physically being there? Like phone calls, letters, etc…. ANYTHING????

  24. I am 100% on Jodi’s side!! I sit here watching “in session” and “HLN” and I find myself having to pause my TV and ake a break, because vinni and all them piss me off so bad!! Not only do they lie about the facts but they are so unprofessional and child like its rediculous!! I now watch the live feed from my iPad so that the only moron I have to get frustrated with is Martinez, and trust me, that man gets my blood boiling enough!! Like when he tried convincing Jodi that she basically had no right to get mad about someone going into her “private” possessions?? Really?? I’d like to see someone in my stuff and remove anything of mine without consulting me 1st!! But anyways…. I’m hoping that at least one of those jurors sees things like we all do!! Jodi didn’t deserve the treatment she got then and doesn’t deserve the treatment she is getting now!! WE LOVE YOU JODI! GOOD LUCK!!

  25. good luck jodi and ifican figure out where and how to be supportive of youi will, menawhile i am givin em hell on prosecuting end of facebook

  26. I am also supporting you Jodi!! I have been watching everyday, and would like to help in anyway I can such as donations as well as housing we have been collecting funds here in Ohio where I live and will send them to sj or whomever you prefer!

  27. I find this whole story a little unreal, first his roommates were in the upstairs bedrooms the day the “other friends” came over because they was worried about Travis and the police and everyone commented on the “stench thru out the home”?! No one was worried about the horrible rotten smell thru out the home??? I find that a little hard to swallow….
    Another thing, Jodi is tiny, HOW did she drag this huge guy as far as she did and put him in the shower all by herself? Shes 118 – 120 pounds, he is a huge guy — some things just arent adding up to me!

    • I totally agree with u. I just posted a comment regarding the fact that she is left handed and no one has asked or mentioned that the wounds jodi ALLEGEDLY inflicted would have a different angle… This is based on a scientific theory. In my opinion, there is noooooo way a lefty could inflict that chest wound!!

      However, I can believe that a true born Mormon would be able to slit his throat from ear to ear after discovering his secret life and his lack of respect for the Mormon faith, considering Travis was an ‘elder’ of the church.

      I don’t mean to disrespect any Mormons by my comment, but that just seems more realistic.

      • My thoughts too, Hedy. There’s no way Jodi would have done that, no way at all, I think it Has to have been a Mormon, I feel this very strongly.. and again, no disrespect to anyone.

        But Jodi Has to tread carefully, Mormans might be in the jury.. and then there’s the Travis family, don’t know for sure but I think they could be Mormon too..

  28. Please have Travis family to stop making faces. Travis family will need to face the truth. The truth will set them free. Travis was a man that had no respect for women. Travis family is attempting to influence the Jury. Please speak to the judge and bring their behavior in front of the jury to a stop. You the attorneys are doing a good job. Jodi was abused. I know from experience you do not tell anyone. I have not told my story to anyone for more than twenty years. I pray Jodi will be given the opportunity to learn she deserved to be treated better than she was treated. Travis was an abuser that will never treat another women the way he treated Jodi. I pray for you complete freedom. I pray Jodi will have the happy life she deserves!


    Carolyn D. King

    • I know it’s frustrating to watch but they are the victim’s family. My concern is that they may unduly prejudice the jury by the faces, shaking heads, rolling eyes etc.

      • I think the judge’s failure to check the family (I know she warned them, but apparently they ignore her) could be an excellent issue on appeal should that become necessary (and I hope not). Plus all these STUPID jury questions?!!!! What IS the judge’s function, if not to impose some sort of judicial restraint in this instance? WHY permit such a prejudicial question as “How do you define skank”? This judge is PATHETIC!

        • Do you mean the background check? Or do you mean about the friends going to the media non stop when they have been told to shut it?

          • I mean to stop them as in”checkmate”. But that does bring up a question I have. If I am correct, the sister that looks like Morticia Addams is a cop? I hate DAs, judges, and their cozy relationships with law enforcement.

        • jadwigaG, I actually think that awful Q Martinez asked, ”How do you define a skank?” could be defined as harassment, and if it isn’t, it should be. Yes, the judge IS pathetic.. but at least she saved herself by allowing the expert witness.. he was excellent!

  29. Jodi,

    You are so brave and I pray that you will be acquitted. I lived in an abusive marriage and truly thought that the only way I would ever get out was when my husband killed me – he told me often how he would do it and where he would hide my dead body.

    What I think your attorneys are failing to adequately address is the isolation that you were enduring that added to the abuse. You had moved to a town where your only friends were Travis’ friends or other Mormons. You had no one that you could confide in or that saw your daily pain. The isolation that abusers subject their victims to is so important for the jurors to hear.

  30. As a survivor of domestic abuse I am constantly shocked at the comments Nancy Grace, Vinnie Politan and others at HLN make concerning how we should “act”. More later… Right now I am concerned about the effect of the Alexander family’s reactions on the jury. Specifically, I just saw the younger sister smirk and roll her eyes regarding Jodi’s testimony for the UMPTEENTH TIME. How can their obvious reactions be allowed by the judge??? Surely the jurors see these reactions. The older sister (the one with heavy make-up… I assume she’s older) constantly glares and exchanges “looks” with her sister. The younger one rolls her eyes dramatically, smirks and pointedly looks at her sister and those behind her. Also, I’ve seen a woman who often sits behind the older sister dramatically cross her arms and shake her head in response to something Jodi says. Additionally, when graphic photos are shown the sisters completely bend at the waist and nearly put their heads on their knees. Again — a dramatic “pitiful” stance. They could simply look downward, close their eyes or not be there on those days… not make such an exaggerated show of avoiding the images. The brother just sits there with a prominent, permanent snarl. They have a right to their opinions and feelings but aren’t they supposed to be “poker faced” in the courtroom? How can they get away with these dramatic antics?? These reactions likely provoke feelings of sympathy, pity and maybe even empathy with the jurors. I don’t understand why they’re allowed to behave like they do in court??? Anyone????
    Briefly, regarding domestic abuse… I was mentally, emotionally and occasionally physically abused by an ex-husband who everyone regarded as “so nice”… upstanding… “great guy”. Behind closed doors… a whole other story. I DID NOT tell… anyone. In retrospect, I wish I’d have handled it differently but it was what it was. I wanted to protect him…. I wanted to protect our reputation. I didn’t write it down, I didn’t tell anyone… I wanted to pretend it wasn’t happening. Eventually I got out but I had to run away 3000 miles to escape. Domestic abuse victims typically don’t tell anyone yet the crew at HLN constantly seem incredulous that Jodi didn’t let on about the abuse.
    I hope Jodi gets help, not jail. She is a domestic abuse victim who was desperate. Good luck to her!

    • I had a very similar situation being married to the “greatest and most handsome man”, but behind closed doors it was pure terror. I told no one, made excuses for the black eyes, stitches, broken bones, etc. The choking was the most terrifying – and so I totally understand the terror Jodi felt when she thought she would be choked again. As for what would set my husband off, anything – laying out the wrong color tie, putting an orange in his lunch bag rather than an apple, if a man happened to hold a door open for me – I just never knew what it would be. He convinced me that it was always my fault and I felt worthless and undeserving of anything better. Wish I could give Jodi a hug. I am astonished at the talking heads like Nancy Grace and their commentaries.

      Praying for you Jodi!

    • Melin, I have been wondering the same thing how are they allowed to sit there and act like that? I could not have said it better you are so right on makes me sick that they get away with that behavior!!!! Jodi stay strong!!!

    • In my very personal experience, the worst situation is when you are being abused by the “Upstanding” ones, the “nice guys”. You just cannot win. My husband was on every conceivable charitable board, our name always in the social section of the paper, and yet he was the worst! WHO do you talk to in that situation? Nobody will believe you. It is even worse! If I had to do it over again, and HAD to be abused, it would have been by someone who others would have guessed it! I know perfectly why she kept her mouth shut. Especially if she was still hopeful to become his wife. Poor Jodie! I hear you!

  31. I’d like to know the admin’s take on how the trial is going… especially considering how all these news sites and stations are portraying her (and all the people commenting really seem to hate her and not believe her..) :/ 🙁 [lots of women out there seem to really want to knock her down]

    Also, is anyone nervous about the juror’s questions and outcome of the trial?

    • Hi Nk,

      The trial is going well. The news sites & media are irrelevant.
      We WILL get a positive outcome here for Jodi, and we WILL be victorious, just like I’ve been saying since the middle of December.

      Team Jodi

  32. Dear Jodi …I want you to know that I pray for you every day. I believe you and I know God will help you though this difficult situation. Continue to be strong, don’t let anyone intimidate you and provoke fear. You are a beautiful strong woman. No one is perfect, and the truth will set you free. I send my love. Feel free to write me if you like. I stand with you.<3

  33. Jodi Arias, God won’t punish anyone who is truly innocent. Have faith in him that he will get you out of this mess.

    Team Jodi


  34. Hey everyone,
    I’ve visited this site before and had read most of the comments back when the trial had first started. Not sure if anyone else here feels the same, but I have a hard time believing she did it! I really do. I’ve replayed the crime scene over and over in my head. Did anyone else realize she is left handed?? Did anyone try to act out how the wounds in Travis’ chest would be different if done by one whole is left handed instead of right handed?? There are sooooo many other minor issues with the evidence presented by both sides. I tried contacting her attorney but he is incompetent and I couldn’t get thru. I really think she is covering up for someone or being forced to do so!!
    Feel free to set me straight if anyone thinks I’m wrong.

    • MY husband says maybe he had her in a bear hug she grabbed the knife stabbing him in the back.when he wouldn’t let go she then stabbed him in the chest and finally slit his throat.what really is strange why even leave the camera if you took the gun and put the knife in the dishwasher?

      • All it means is that she truly was “in a fog”. If you are a professional photographer who wants to hide what you did, and you are in your rational mind, you do not throw the camera in the washer. My guess is that law enforcement put it there. They probably found it right there on the floor where it landed. Ditto the cartride “on top of” blood. All too convenient. We are expected to believe that she planned to go to AZ, undetected, but left the camera behind identifiying her? PULEEZE! Everybody who holds creepy Travis out as perfect has something they are hiding themselves, if you ask me.

      • You are right Carolyn! I wish she would have taken the camera with her and thrown it away. Thoughts and prayers to Jodi.

        • I really cannot believe she did it! It doesn’t add up… I know everyone here adores her attorneys but I believe they have done a horrible job. Just my opinion! I just wish she gets acquitted..

  35. OMG!!! Can someone in the court room PLEASE slap Travis sister. She is so rude…..all day she rolled her eyes when Jodi was answering the Jurors questions. Jodi I think you did very well today. I’m praying for you and we are behind you all the way…..hope you are acquitted and this is over soon so that you can get on with your life. You are a very bright young lady and deserve to be free. 🙂 <3

  36. I would just like to mention that Jodi told police she was last intimate with Travis in April 2008. The photographs are dated 06/04/08. Some cameras can have the date set either European date (day-month-year) or US date (month-day-year). I haven’t followed everything in this case but maybe someone who has can look into the relevance of the date settings of the camera.

    The death sentence is barbaric and hypocritical and should be ended immediately.

    • Peter,

      I respect that you come from the European philosophy which does not understand or support the death sentence, however, please try to understand that sometimes death is more humane then life. The death sentence is not based on hypocritical justice rather equates to euthanization of a sick individual beyond rehabiliation. In the same way we put down an old sick dog as being the humane thing to do to put him out of his misery.
      Death comes to us all. Some individuals are just so sick it’s just not right to keep them alive and be tortured. Such as the case with Polly Klaas who was taken from her bedroom at 12 years old, raped and murdered. The criminal who commited that crime was sentenced to death in 1996, (yet still awaits death due to appeal rights, etc) after decades of crimes is a individual too sick for rehabilitation.

      As for Jodi, the fact that this girl is faced with such a fait does not fall within this ideology. For her to be catagorized in the same level as a child rapist and murder, and life long criminal is a crime in itself. Jodi obviously was a productive citizen prior to the murder of TA. Surely, Jodi needs psychological support now and to undergo therapy for her ordeal, but has proven her capability to be a functioning individual in society and is not a life long criminal deserving to be euthanized like a sick dog.

  37. My thoughts and prayers go out to Jodi and her family. I wish I was in a position to offer financial assistance, but my faith in the legal system and faith in the fact the Jodi is telling the truth, is all that I have right now. Without going into detail about my sordid past, I can recall being in a situation that could have just as easily gone soooo wrong. Jodi, you are not alone, even when no one is around. I believe in you and I hope you all the best. Keep doing what your doing…..

  38. Glad I found a site supporting Jodi after watching the horrible media coverage. I feel so bad for her and her family. She is treated so poorly and the media is just so disrespectful towards Jodi.

    I am confident though she will walk away from this soon. She is innocent and I send my best wishes to Jodi Arias and her famiily. I will try to send support sometime soon, it is just so sad that a great and beautiful woman like her has to be put through all this.

  39. I know how hard it is to be incarcerated for something you shouldn’t be charged with! I am supporting Jodi all the way and wish her all the best. She did the best she could for the situation that happened June 4. Supporting you all the way, Jodi! I can’t wait for you to be released and see all the support and love everyone has for you.

  40. Here is eat is puzzling me. For a moment lets assume she fully intended to kill him,stole her grandfathers gun, and drove to Mesa to do the deed. It is evident from the forensic facts that he was most likely shot last. It makes no sense that someone with a gun, and a potential victim in the shower, would instigate a knife attack toward a much heavier and stronger person. Why not simply walk up to him while he was in the shower and empty the clip into him? No fuss no mess.

    Makes no sense.

  41. Good luck Jodi! I’m sure the truth will come out in the end even if the prosecution is asking you ridiculous questions!

  42. I’m glad I found this blog and some humanity in the U.S. does still exist! This trial has been nothing short of an old fashioned Salem Witch hunt. The mobs of press and people screaming “Burn Baby Burn”! Before due process has even been able to be completed! It’s Discusting!

    What has been testified and proven in court thus far is that Jodi obviously was very much in love with Travis who was at BEST a really bad boyfriend! It wasn’t that long ago that if a man treated a young woman the way he treated Jodi he would be getting a visit from her Daddy & brother with more than a hand gun. Putting it another way; if a guy called my daughter a “3 hole wonder” I’d want to kick his ass!

    Knowing just what I know so far from actual facts, I look at Jodi and see a stunningly beautiful young woman who allowed herself to fall in love with a typical abusive a** hole. It happens everyday, but unfortunately for her she wasn’t strong enough to stay 1,000 miles away from him as he sucked her back in and that ended in his death. Weather this was just physical self defense or pre-meditated emotional self defense, I understand. My thoughts and prayers go out to Jodi, her loved ones and especially right now to that jury who has her life in their hands. Be Strong Jodi & Family and know that these prayers are with you!

  43. I have been watching as the prosecutor asks Jodi how she could get about 11 gallons (8.3 plus 2.7 gallona) into 2, 5 gallon gas cans. Why has nobody suggested the possibility that the gas cans she borrowed were of Canadian markings? Here in Canada we have to look all the time to see if it is a Canadian or American gallons and the same applies to the Northern US states. There are about 3.89 Litres in an Amercian gallon compared to 4.5 Litres in a Canadian gallon. Therefore there is more than enough room for Jodi to have put 11 US gallons of gas into two, 5 gallon Canadian containers. Malcolm

    • People my husband says the time on the first gas receipt is 846 am .everyone who was in the military knows Zulu time and no one has realized that!!!the receipt says pm that means they didn’t changed the time time on the register!!!check out the other 2receipts. Those times are Zulu times also which means she bought that gas in the afternoon!!!!my husband also let vinnie know about this and got no reply!!!WE Both Hope Jodi Wins!!!!!DAVID and CAROLYN McHALE. STAY STRONG JODI!!!!!!

  44. Just wondering why it took so long for this case to go to trial? It seems like such a waste of her last 4 years when she should have been acquitted already.

    • That is my thought, Lura, its the most dreadful thing that she has had to spend the last 4 years in a cell, its shocking when she shouldn’t have been there at all.

      They just Can’t put her back there, they just can’t. Jodi MUST walk free, she truly deserves that for all she’s been through, she’s been through hell.

      Humanity and Empathy Must prevail.

  45. My husband was a certifable control freak and if anyone in this world thinks that it is not possible for a woman to snap–indeed have an out of body experience, and not remember anything–after years of abuse, you just haven’t lived long enough. Also, I think the easy access to porn makes otherwise “normal” men push the envelope. And if you “love” him you start to lose perspective. I understand Jodi !00% It is just too bad there is not a new defense for “abused by porn addiction”.

  46. I was still wondering why none of Travis’ friends cared for Jodi. Why did Chris and Sky Hughes dislike her so much. I don’t believe she did anything to them. Were his friends all wealthy and somewhat “snobbish”? Did they feel that Jodi was not “as good as them”? I could not understand why they disliked her so much. Does anyone know why? Thank you in advance!!!

    • Are there two “Dorothy” commenters on here? This confuses me because I did not write this comment about Chris and Sky Hughes….What is going on here?

    • I think it might be because Jodi was much different to them–thank goodness. Its often the case , for instance I suffered harassment.. why? Because I was very different to them.. birds of a feather stick together.. and I thank God I was not like them. They harassed me purely for their warped enjoyment–there is no way I could do that to anyone, ever.

      One look at the Hughes’ and I felt ill. There’s a lot to be said for being able to read people and Jodi looks too beautiful and good a person to ever be their type, and perhaps the Hughes’ subconsciously recognised that. Same with all the haters on the internet that I’ve unfortunately encountered, such as the Huffington Post.. ugh, just UGH I didn’t know what sort of site it was and I was shocked.

  47. Hi administrators of this website,
    I have noticed that there are comments made here on this website that have the same name as mine that I did not make. I am wondering if there are TWO “Dorothy” commenters. I feel uneasy because the other “Dorothy” is NOT me. Please let me know the rules regarding duplicate names. If this is the case, I would like ALL of my comments that are currently on here under the name of “Dorothy” removed as it appears I am NOT the one who is responsible for ALL of them. I do not want to be misrepresented.
    Please let me know why this has occurred.
    Thank you,

        • Jodi:

          I hope you hear us all! I have never in my life seen such bias in all of media. Run mostly by men. Even that low life Nancy Grace is ruled by men. I know what you did and how it happened. I too lived with a “socially prominant man” and he never hit me once, but the mental abuse was as, if not more horrible, than physical abuse. I particularly relate to your comments how Travis disrespected your family. You know why he did that? To isolate you even more. My husband (fortunately) died. And it was only after his death did I discover the full extent of ALL of his transgressions. He lived another life I knew nothing about. His hateful, disgusting words to you in texts sicken me. But sadly I know why you went back to him even so. I just wish you the best of luck!

        • So THIS psychologist expert ISTHE BEST THE PROSECUTION COULD DO???? From her testimony so far, she is not licensed, has had her PhD for less thatn 3 years, hasn’t stated her age (younger than Jodi?), has never been in private practice, and apparently never testified in court, as the little rooster didn’t ask her that question. She sounds like a Valley Girl, “Ya know?”. What could she possibly add to the trial?

        • I hope my previous post of today has not been accidentally deleted by me.

          I think the most important thing that I can imagine that just came out of the “Expert’s” opinions was her quoting Jodi:” I strive to be more Christ like.” I 100% believe that Jodi was seduced by Travis to go deeper and deeper into a dark place. We could say “the devil made me do it”, and although that may be true, in this case, I do believe the greatest good is going to be served. This woman is being excoriated for being a woman: one who wanted to be Mormon, be a good wife and mother, be traditional. And yet the MSM (Main Stream Media) FulWill try to destroy her. I have prayed for Jodi , especially over the days of Easter. Nancy Grace is the face of MSM evil.

        • Anybody who watched HLN tonigiht MUST have noted 2 things: …through jane velez, Her Majesty Nance Grace, and Her pitiful little putz the alleged dr pinsky: NO ONE TONIGHT SHOWED the tiny, zero-credentialed, Jodi Clone “Expert”!!! NO usual other talking heads, NO nobodies!!! WHY? This “Expert” is a JOKE!!! Did HLN EVEN POST HER FACE??????? NOI!!! THEY PLACED the PAUSE BUTTON OVER her face. How much better can this get? And by the way, where was Juror Kat y-who-keeps-shedding-clothes tonight?

  48. Jodi,I am 100% behind you.Travis used you as a closet girlfriend only for sex and to keep you around to get his rocks off.He was a player.You are doing a fabulous job against the little runt martinez.He,s getting all worked up.I love watching him get pissed at your answers.I wish I was a juror cause you would get aquited.I would be the one to help you.Ive been watching your trial everyday,and I am behind you all the way.Keep up the good work.I will be praying for your release.I hope the jurors are smart enough not to swallow Martinez,s bs. and aquit you.I dont listen to Nancy Grace ,Vinnie,Joey Jackson,Jane V.Dr.Drew or any of those stupid news shows,cause they know as much as all of us do.They thought they knew it all with the Casey Anthony case and she walked a free person.Their all a bunch of wind bags. They send way to many people to prison who are innocent.Like the Ohio man who just got out after 13yrs and was awarded 3.2 million because 2 detectives hid documents from the court that proved the man was innocent.So with that ,keep up the good work and dont let up.You are doing fabulous.

  49. Jodi has done a good job standing toe to toe with the prosecution , unless her lawyer has instructed her otherwise – if it were me, I would be much more aggressive in my answers to him and constantly remind him that “I’ve already answered that more than once” because her lawyer doesn’t seem to object very much on her behalf. 19 days on the stand – got to respect that level of stress she has been subjected to.

    • Oh I definitely would too, Michael. Its a real credit to her that she hasn’t sworn at him! We’d all be behind her if she did!

      You’ve been marvellous Jodi, really marvellous! A friend of mine said he would’ve hit him (!)

      I scream and yell at him calling him all the names under the sun!

      He’s a bully. Hang in there Jodi!

      So lovely to have so much love and support for you on here, we ALL LOVE YOU!

      • Heather,
        I have been reading through the comments on this site and I just wanted to say that your comments have stood out to me in particular because of your passionate way of voicing your caring and compassion for Jodi as well as for other commentators on this website. The sweetness and positivity of your comments brightened my day, although they were not directed at me. Keep it up, girl!


  50. Jodi I know you’re scared, especially if you listen to all the BS being spewed by the likes of V
    innie, Nancy, Jane and all the rest who just want to spin it for the prosecution, but if there r this many people supporting u on this site, there r jurors who feel the same way. Hang in there and stay strong.

  51. Hi Jodi,

    I have been following your case in some detail, and know from the evidence given in court that you are completely innocent.

    Your lawyers are doing a very good job, you are a good person, keep strong, I sincerely wish you all the best.

    George Barwood, Gloucester, United Kingdom

  52. In my opinion I feel like it is so wrong that Jane Velez Michel was acting like a Bully when she said
    “Maybe she should be singing superfreak” Regarding to Jodi singing a song right before she was arrested. What the Media is doing I feel is so wrong. Yes everybody has their right to voice their opinion however they are public figures and a lot of people listen to them. I feel they should act a little more like adults and watch that they say to the public. Come on people grow up! The reality is Travis is dead and Jodi admitted to killing him In self-defense. In my opinion the media should not be making a spectacle of her trial instead they should simply represent the news and stick to the facts! Hypothetical, conjecture, speculation, are mere tactics of today’s media to highlight the program and increase their ratings. There is a teacher missing in Louisiana I have only seen that on the news twice. What about the a alleged rape of that high school girl I saw that once on the media today. Why is it so important for the media to type up the Jodi Arias trial.
    I feel so embarrassed as an American That will allow our media to create such a circus!
    What will they talk about over the weekend on my gosh the Courts are not open Until Monday!!
    Oh wait a minute they’ll keep showing reruns of the trial and the usual gossip!
    I feel all of this is just bullying a woman who has already gone through enough abuse!

  53. “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord.” Be Still And Know That I Am God. Jodi, God will take care of those who speak vile nasty lies and hateful words and deeds against you. He is your Rock your Fortress your Strength. Hold on to Him. He is your safety Jodi You are his precious child He is carrying this burden for you. He knows every detail and loves you unconditionally. God is Just. He is Kind .He Loves You So Much and He will set you Free from this. He is refining you and you will come out of this pure as gold. Our whole family loves you and prays for you.

  54. WOW , where is our loved American justice, Vinnie, Nancy and others have already hung her with their tunnel vision, I see Jodi excelling an brave thru the short mans questions, she has backbone and I support her 100% always ,, This is in Gods hands , luckily he does not have tunnel vision, God bless you Jodi, we all support you always.

  55. I’ve been waiting 2 weeks now for someone to get back to me via email on where to send my check since I don’t have a pay pal account. Since no one has bothered I sent Jodi a money order directly to her at the jail. If anyone else is left in limbo on this just wanted to say that this is another way to help and support Jodi.

  56. Hi to everyone!

    I have been following Jodi’s case since the beginning, I do not know nothing about legal process or being in court; just want to say that I just wish and hope Jodi keep her strenght and tell her when people is judging us is because they are who really need the judgment; do not worry Jodi I pray God everything goes well on your behalf, just remind yourself this: ” Give thanks for everything, because things happen for a reason, even the worst things teach us something… strenght, humility, love, wisdom; things that we do not see with our eyes but they are important because they are eternal”
    Take care Jodi and be strong.

    Houston, Texas.

  57. THE MIDGET(SHORT MAN) is against some one much much smarter then his short ass
    , hes silly today..hahahahhahha

  58. how ever I respect the short mans brain , but the witness has him over the barrel searching for words he will not get, Martinez is deep in the weeds…. FREE JODI

  59. Can anybody tell me what her sex life at 15 , and how many times she had anal sex ,got to do with premeditation or murder

  60. Watching Martinez with Jodi I expected him to be an idiot. But with a professional expert? He is out of his league. This case is all about obsessions. Jodi for Travis. Travis for Jodi, and that ended badly. But what is Martinez’s obsession about? I think he has hard-on for Jodi. If he could get beyond his man parts maybe he could possibly act like a professional? Martinez is Jodi’s lifeline. He eptiomizes abusive men.

    • Exactly!!!! jadwigaG He’s just awful!!!!! He’s so gross!!!! It will come back at him just watch he’s going to get his!!!! He so epitomizes abusive men!!!!!! It makes him look so small so weasel like just not professional at all!!!!!!!

  61. Oh LORD! This is the absolute BEST DAY for the defense! Martinez has totally jumped the shark. He is no longer credible! And all of the HLN team is being being sunk in his wake! My prediction: you won’t see too many practicing lawyers on HLN in the future defending the prosecutors (other than the stand by usual shills), because they will realize that they need to preserve at least a modicum of professionalism. HLN is a subsidiary of CNN ( both of which whose ratings are in the toilet) which thought they could seize this “sure thing” to attempt to rebuild credibility after the “debacle” of Casey Anthony’s accquital. In that case the prosecution over reached. Ditto here. Jodi may be convicted but she will not get a death sentence. And in any event, this prosecutor’s misconduct will keep Jodi in appeals for the rest of her life. Thank You Martinez, you pathetic, irresponsibe, small man full of angry hubris which requires only the one correct reply in your sick mind. What freakin’ law school spawned such an incompetent cipher?

  62. There was an acticle yesterday on some news source that one of the 4 women on death row in Arizona had her conviction reversed as a result of prosecutorial misconduct. If I understand correctly, Martinez put 3 of the 4 women on death row. Was it one of his cases that got reversed? Statistically it would appear to be so. Why haven’t we heard more on this development?

  63. Hi Jodie:

    As I sit here watching how the Prosecutor is trying to turn around everything that Dr. Samuels said, I can only image how you feel. You look sad, tired and frustrated and I would be too. If this is the best the prosecutor has, then as far as I am concern, he has nothing!

    I was bullied for 1-1/2 years, 9 years ago, by a sadistic Supervisor who did everything in her power to get me to quit because she did not like my popularity with the other staff members. (maybe she was afraid I would take her job?), anyway, after being verbally abused by her one day for 3 hours, I went home. The next day I drove to work, don’t remember doing that, had help walking to the door to the office, don’t remember doing that and collapsed going through the door.

    The doctors, psychiatrists, social workers, councillors that I had to see all agreed that I had PTSD, anxiety, nervous tension etc. etc. and to this day do not remember much about that day.

    I sued, representing myself, because I could not get a lawyer to take the case, I representend myself and won after 5-1/2 years of fighting. But my health did not return. Due to the stress, I developed osteoarthritis, regular arthritis, insomnia, grinding my teeth at nght when I did fall to sleep, get shaky hands without notice and member lapses.

    So, I understand what the doctor is saying. That everyone is different and not all tests or treatment can be deemed to affect everyone the same.

    Try and keep your chin up as much as you can, under the circumstances. I will continue to say prayers for you and hope that the outcome is what it should be, NOT GUILTY!

    By the way, I heard that you do wonderful paintings and would love to see some, as I missed the portion on tv where they showed them.

    If you would like to be a pen pal, then please write.

  64. This is just another of the DISGUSTING, DEMENTED, EVIL of HLN: They keep insisting that the Professional Expert gave Jodi a “Gift” : a book titled “Your Erroneous Zones”. It is not a mistake that they keep repeating the title : “Your Erroneous Zones”. THEY want their viewers to confuse this book with one sex book called “Your Erogenous Zones”. HLN, all of the staff, their producers, sponsors, and any other people remotely connected with their filth need to be called out on this malicious, debased, cheap and completely transparent trick.

  65. I thought Jodi looked totally on top of her game today. She was involved and I think her reactions were subtle but to the point . I secretly think Martinez is so frustrated at Jodi because he is attracted to her and it kills him. I look forward to her getting out and coming to LA and I can take her shopping and we can have a girls day. I grew up in Utah and I know the feeling of not fitting into the LSD way of life and the girls were so mean and the men were not men but silly horny boys. I acted more like a lady and was far more spiritual than any of the kids I went to school with but I was never good enough. Hang in there and I’m going to try to put something on your books. Jennifer tighe

  66. Hopefully the Defense during their closing, reminds the jury. That even though Jodi has lied, The Blood evidence doesn’t. That Mock walk thru that HLN (Vinnie hosted). showed that the hall way where most of the blood was also showed a hand print of jodi that was very low on the wall indicating that most likely there was a struggle. And who is at most disadvantage than a woman that is outweighted by 40 pounds and much taller. I think at some point in the hall during the stabbing Travis fell on her. (She did say that when she was driving in the desert at some point she realized that her clothing was full of blood.

  67. Is there anybody else broadcasting SWEET JODI’S trail, I’m fed up with hln, they are so negative, she’s admitted her guilt, I pray it falls on a lesser charge, dollar signs are now flying into play, theres no money that is enough for a innocent life like Jodi’s , if they are amazed at what it costs to have this expert in court, then they should explore getting college degrees to become a expert, Lord knows they are failing at what they are doing, I guess I am stupid cause I do not see what Jodi did while being questioned about the murder has anything to do with the case, I personally would lie my ass off if I had her charges, not me I was not there, it couldn’t have been me, you have the wrong person, I would lie big time to try to keep my freedom, they would to if they were in her shoes, to compare Jodi with Casey is sick.
    Speaking of dollars, I would love to have a fraction of what hln is getting, after this trail I hope there is another network to watch these notable trails, mean time hln is getting its pockets full …. Free Jodi !!!!!

  68. I think that Dr. Samuels did a fantastic job answering the questions the jury asked and addressing the asinine issues that the media kept hammering. These same media people, specifically HLN, has an agenda to push and that has been made apparent without question. Keeping that in mind, those morons at HLN kept hammering that Dr. Samuels credability should not only be diminished but ultimately destroyed by one question… that being “why didn’t you readminister the test after new information came forward”? Apparently a juror either thought the same thing or has been influenced by the morons pushing HLN’s agenda. I thought Dr. Samuels gave a fantastic answer but would’ve liked to have him explain a little futher… like that of a teacher. Suppose you’re a teacher and you’re dealing with a straight A student and you give him/her a 100 question test. That student answers 97 of the 100 right. With this “new material” being introduced that student would have scored 98 rather than 97 but at the same time still scoring an “A”. HLN and the asinine people who want to try to hammer that fact home need to grow up.

    • OMG OMG Philly you are so right, yes her eyes she needs glasses that is why she misinterprets eveything she sees and to cover it up she just makes up stories as she goes!
      She was commenting on Jodi’s glasses in the begining of the trial, stating that Jodi had ‘fake glasses’ ….well of course now it dawns on me! dumbell doesn’t realize people have those frames with glass in it on their noses to actually see better!!
      But of course eveything she ever does is fake so she thinks that the rest of the world does the same!
      Ever noticed that “l o w m a n i p u l a t i v e s e d u c t i v e v o i c e, f r i e n d” desperately trying to cover up her hill-billy accent?

    • I have been tweeting this to everyone at hln etc…..along with the youtube documentary #littlecharlie61 ….I tweeted it to Jodi to show her attorneys….the Judge made faces at the answers to the jurors from ALV and with DM the Judge smiles…we really need to pray for Jodi or mistrial because if I can see disgust in the Judges face when Alyce was answering jurors questions and a sweet smile at this rebuttal doctors answers ….you know the jurors see this…Judges should not show favorites …go back and watch the Judges face when she hears the answers from the jurors questions… Mistrial due to Judges facial expressions after expert answers …she rolled her eyes with an answer Alyce gave….I was screaming :you are not supposed to be bias …check it out my friends…get it to Jodi’s attorneys attention please…..I was livid …watch the judge face eyes as well as smiles…These jurors have to see this!

  69. Hi:

    Can someone please advise me whether the jury is sequestered every nite or not? If not, then the
    defence should be crying mistrial as Jodie wil not get a fair trial with all of the bad publicity out there.

    Someone must know!

  70. Well, Team Jodi must be making an impact! I could not log on from my “favorites”. Somebody must be paying attention. HLN?

    Today my hopes are soaring. Directly proportionate to HLN’s slobbering, sad-sack, sad music tributes to Travis Alexander. By his equally sad intimates. Has anybody commented that even the creepy family had nothing to do with Travis for years before he died?

    Travis Alexander was abusive. Creepy keep-a-public- face abusive while he pushed Jodi, and pushed her, and continued to push her, and telling her that her family and she were less than he and his friends. Degrading her.

    I hate HLN. The HLN hosts are a bunch of vampires. Parasites. Taking what is left of Jodi’s life! A pox on them and all their houses!

  71. Today gets better and better! Apparently results from last night’s newest HLN show attempting to capitalize on Jodi’s tribulations, the “home jury” on last night’s stupidest thing called “Bold Accusation”. That is, not the paid zombies on the HLN set, voted that YES! Jodi was abused! I knew it! America will see HLN for what it is: pandering sicklings with nowhere left to go!

    Already HLN is backing off! Can’t wait to see the freak show rhinestone barretted, botexed harpee known as Nancy tonight!

    • Love it !!!! Nancy Grace Is So Mad Right Now!!!! She’s Grasping At Anything And Everything To Keep Trashing Jodi She Is Freaking Out Over What Is Happening Today !!!!This Is Awesome I Can Not Stop Laughing!!!!!HLN You Are Getting What You So Asked For This Is Hilarious!!!!!

    • I don’t know if anyone has noticed but not once have they gotten a unanimous verdict on that show. Vinnie Palitan and Mike Brooks jump up and down like two children trying to get their beliefs across but as you all know they are the two biggest failures around. They refuse to listen to logic and turn everything around to try to support the garbage they are trying to feed us. Joey Jackson I believe even finds some of all of this trash far fetched. No wonder Vinnie no longer practices law and Mike is an EX cop. As for Nancy Grace that dried up Old skank is jealous of Jodi and it’s pissing her off that there are so many of us Jodi supporter and refuse to feed into what she believes because she so wants to see Jodi convicted. She made a comment the other night about Dr. Samuels saying “Well he’s not a convicted felon, he can read, he can converse.” What does she mean by that? A convicted felon isn’t as smart as she is, They can’t read, write, converse? She tries to put herself above someone but she’s no better then anyone else not even a convicted felon. Jodi IS INNOCENT!!! We all heard the sex tapes and read the text messages Travis was no saint by no means and tried to be a player using Jodi as a booty call. An elder in the church? He’s just another Jim Bakker! As for the anal sex that’s kinda on the gay side I think. And little boys Batman underwear. Yeah he was a fudge packer. And the statement about doing her like a 12 year old girl? Not a pedafile ? I find that a little hard to believe. Jaun Martinez need to get his head out of his ass and she this for what it is. HLN thinks he’s some kind of God, people outside the courtroom cheer him on when he leaves the court house. In all actuality he’s nothing but the scum on the bottom of Jodi’s shoes. He tries to bully and intimidate not only Jodi but Jennifer Wilmott, Dr. Samuels and I’m sure Alyce LaViolette will be next. And that out burst in court implying that Dr. Samuels has a crush on Jodi, How unprofessional was that? Must be that little man syndrome going on there. Travis’ sister the cop!? Someone needs to slap the stupid looks off her face and who the Hell is that other UGLY Bitch that’s always there? My God for her to get any uglier she’d need an identical twin. I said it before and I’ll say it again “Jodi Babe WE LOVE YOU.”

      • As a Jodi supporter and an avid fan of this site, I have to admit this is my first time posting. I know my focus is in the right place, and I can get past all of the insults, however I have to draw the line somewhere. I know we’re all on the same side here, and I def don’t mean to call anyone out, but regardless of who anyone is, I think Rocky F.’s comments above are exactly what we are all rallying against. I am pretty sure we all agree that slapping a woman’s face and/or calling her an ugly bitch is a large part of the abuse that has been discussed here. I’m not knocking you Rocky F. I’m just supporting a team mate.

        • Eljay,


          People are so frustrated with HLN now right now and I suspect the poster was expressing frustration. Your point has been noted. There is a petition going around calling attention to their bias, victim blaming and outright manipulation of the facts in addition to their playing the role of prosecutor. Not to mention their willful attempts to try to taint the jury which is not sequestered.

          • Thanks JC
            I wasn’t referring to HLN, although I really agree with you (everyone) that they suck. I was referring to his comments about slapping looks off people’s faces and calling a woman a “bitch”.
            Please let me know where this petition is so that I can sign. thanks.

  72. I can’t stand nancy grace. What a biased piece of trash. Sadly in Canada I can only see the trial on HLN but I have to put up with her crap!

  73. I am a domestic violence survivor. My exhusband got away with 2nd degree strangulation. Likenist of us I took him back. He continued to abuse me but I didn’t report it. A year later I finally had enough courage to get him out with a restraining order. He showed up at my home and tried to pry the bac door open with a garden hoe. I had him on violating a restraining order and violation of probation in which he had 3year probation and 5years suspended sentence. They gave him a bond of $1000 in which he only needed $100 to bail out! Well 2 weeks later he showed up drunk at 1:30am. Got arrested for violating a restrainging order and protective order disorderly conduct and interfering.with police. Well here we are a year or so later and that SOB walks!!! He got away AGAIN with 5yrs probation and yet again 5 ye suspended sentence! Did I also forget to mention he had already served a year and a half for trying to hang another ex wife with a rope from the rafters in their living room? So much for JUSTICE!!!! I knew right away that Jodi was abuses as soon as I heard the manner in which she put an end to Travis’ life. I’m sick if hearing POOR TRAVIS!! Jodi deserves to WALK! If our JUSTICE system worked for us and not AGAINST us women wouldn’t need to take JUSTICE into their own hands!

    • I’m so sorry for your pain and the system failing you. Had you been in my state, he would do time after 3 domestic batterys. My ex went after five but that’s because I didnt cooperate on the first two. The scariest thing was testifying at the grand jury hearing. After he did 3 years, he got out went back for aggravated stalking and alluding the police. And now he is doing life for beating his third ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend with a shovel! And he got a habitual tacked on for the other two times he went to prison. The scary thing was, when he got out of prison for his crimes against me, he stalked me and my husband! We were very proactive with restraining orders and calling the cops to enforce though. Had we not, my husband could have been attacked too! The world is safe from him now. He beat the man with a shovel so badly, the man had brain damage!

  74. Hi everyone,

    For those of us who have to watch HLN because of live feeds shutting our pc’s off, or watching Drew and others who watch it for research, the way to ensure that HLN is NOT getting ratings from us is by DVR/tivo the shows while speeding through the commercials. The advertisers cannot count us as viewers when we don’t watch the commercials. I learned this when I was trying to keep a show I liked on the air. The producers instructed everyone to NOT speed through the commercials or our views wouldn’t count. So the opposite, us fast forwarding through the commercials, is way to boycott while watching.

  75. To her attorneys, Get a memory expert in there that can talk to being brainwashed by the police and anyone else even done by mistake, no memory then being told what happened over and over again..brain washed until she is now saying she did…

  76. I am 21 years old and this whole trial makes me sick Iw abused since I was 3 years of age and left home at14 the cycle continue because I got with a man and had his child he beat me for six years I felt hopeless worthless and like I had no one since everyone I knew we’re miles away and those relationships were strained also from abuse when I did get the courage to leave I always went back I finally am free from him but the relationship I have now is not much better and I feel for Jodi I have not been told i have ptsd but I have all the signs after listening to this trial and I don’t see how Jodi could have done this crime even in self defence it just don’t add up I really feel for her and her family …… I wish everyone could see what we all see…

  77. I want to say that this jury in TAINTED and there s/b a mistrial she is not getting a fair trial as a result of the scandal of juror 5 she has contaminated the rest to the jurors

  78. Travis is the typical male who manipulates and abuses the women who he seduced and fell in love with him.


    JODI HAD ENOUGH! I WAS ABUSED AND I TOO FORGOT MOST OF THE DETAILS. I believe her. I was a Jodi who also took a stand many years ago. My abuser survived, and I was sent back home with him after he got out of the hopital. WOMEN ARE NOT TAKEN SERIOUS!!!

  79. what is wrong with AZ are they totally nuts. i am serious here, why is a jurior that broke the rules of being on this jury back in the court room. please let the court know we are very upset at this. and we want this court to act like one instead of something that is a tv show. this is not a soap opera where the bad come to life again. and resume a new role. how dare you judge offend all of us here. talk about abuse.. outside of martinez and his constant abuse of all he speaks with. we now have an x jurior back in the courtroom surely his is breaking all sorts of rules.. how dare u all make a mockery of the court system..

  80. I just don’t understand how people with degrees in law and medicine can mock the abuse Jodi went thru, to imply her headache is somehow contrived to achieve some goal.that holding her hand a certain way means she’s flipping them off, that her and her lawyer are dressing the same on purpose, and on and on and on. I just get so F-ing sick of the lets put down the victim
    I do believe she was terrified, I do believe she grabbed the gun hoping just the sight would be enough to snap him back, I believe she ran got cornered, by this time beyond terrified, and grabbed the knife and just closed her eyes and went into “combat”

    • Hey Lori, I see it very similar to that. I so much believe that she grabed the gun and in the panik it went of and when he tried to get hold of it she got hold of the knife and defended herself. I belive that after the firt injuries he still kept cussing at her and kept coming at her and that is why there were so many wounds on the front. I also believe she went into a frenzee out of fear and despair b/c he wouldn’t stop coming after her that at some point she slid his throat. After he actually stoped coming after her was when he was dead and I believe that she was angry and desperate for there not having been an other way to stop the fight before he was dead that she stabbed him in the back. His wounds on the back were only like 1 inch deap.

  81. I think Jodi’s attorneys should go after HLN and its minions for libeling. Someone needs to stop those overpaid jerks. I remember one of their guests, the Human Lying Detector, said Jodi was lying cause she nodded her face while at the same time saying the opposite. Well, HLN overpaid so called experts, I’d seen that same gesture on too many times, when the host asked a ridiculous question, and the so called expert says one thing but at the same time their facial gestures don’t match their answers.

  82. Juan Martinez has to literally put words in Laviolette’s mouth bc he knows her testimony stuck with those jurors…dont you find it funny how he has to create and twist testimony around, and try his hardest to get the witnesses to say what he wants JUST like in the Casey Anthony case….they had to invent evidence and twist pictures around to try to win their case…and guess what….didnt work with those jurors, dont believe it will work with these ones!! we humans arent all as stupid as LE thinks we are! I call it lazy police work personally…they cant figure out the crime and why it was committed or who did it…etc…so they invent shit and hope it sticks! smh

  83. I am so tired of Martinez beating a dead horse and bullying the witnesses. And where is the Judge in all of this. She should be putting a stop to alot of Martinez’s antics and move the trial on or give it to the jury.

    Martinez keeps asking the same questions until he gets the answer he wants. Why doesns’t the defence try and get the Prosecutor changed or ask for a different Judge?

    The jury has not been sequestered, so I do not believe for one moment that some or all of the jurors have not watched television, read the newspaper, listened to the radio or been on-line. And when the judge asks them if they have read or heard anything on the trial, after being told not too…….do you really think that they would admit that they had?????

    And if Juror #5 was kicked off the jury for misconduct, other than the obvious that the public is entitled to court actions……why should she be allowed to sit in on the trial?????

    I would be raising an awful lot of these questions, not only to the judge, but to the Legal body that governs the Judges and the law!

    They should have been sequestered??????

  84. Just wanted to say that I am for Jodi all the way 110%. She has not been getting a fair shake from
    the folks at HLN. If any of the jurors have seen any coverage there, there is NO WAY she will get a fair
    trial. The jury should have been sequestered from the very start. Sounds like a very good reason for an
    appeal to me.
    Does anyone know how Jodi’s mom and dad are doing? This must be a real hardship for them having to stay all this time away from home. Is there any way to help them out a little? I have written to Jodi a few times and made some donations to her commissary account, but would like to know how to help out her parents.
    GOD bless Jodi and the Arias family 🙂
    Ray A. Chastain
    Harrisonburg, Virginia

  85. Why isn’t Judge Sherry Stephens holding Juan Martinez and his diminutive stature in contempt of court? Why isn’t she admonishing him?

    Rock Star Juan signs autographs
    Juan throws pens at witnesses when he doesn’t like what they say
    Juan cuts witnesses off when demanding a “yes/no” answer that can’t be answered with a yes/no answer
    Juan’s ego is so massive, he won’t even accept assistant counsel
    Juan raises his voice when trying to intimidate a witness into saying what he wants said
    Juan tries to suppress evidence that detracts from his “win at all costs” agenda

    Juan DOES need a “time out” like Alyce LaViolette says — but he needs a good week or two in the Maricopa County Jail, as I write on the website.

  86. what is here booking number to write her ! she does need to stand strong ! nancy grace isnt god ! i pity her ! jodi your stronger than they know ! yes they find you guilty but no death penalty! youll appeal and ill help financially ! your eyes show the power you still have ! ill be in arizona soon ! believe jodi ! john

  87. Jodi..I’d like to send some financial support to help you buy whatever is available to you in jail. Can you receive magazine subscriptions? Because I’d be happy to do that too. I hope to hear from someone in your camp as to how to best help you or your family.

    Peace pretty girl,


  88. ive just barely stared to see that trial on jodi and honestly i really tought that travis was not that innocent but im glad its out.. i think in this case here they sould question more people n find out were his friends its just that to me its weird because on that 911 call that the girl made at that momennt she dosent knw jodis name when thats a lie she already new her name n well things keep piling up that dnt match travis friends story i wishh u luck jodie

  89. I just want to say that my heart Bleeds for Jodi.. NO woman should have endured the torment that she has gone through..I have mad statements on the HLN FB page and have them deleted..whatever happened to 1st amendment?? MS grace, Mr Ramirez, Dr drew all Narcissistic, Bias, Egotistical maniacs! I ahve ??? too not about Jodi, but of them. Why Ms grace if you were such a fantastic prosecutor, leave and join HLN? same goes for Dr Drew. You state jodis 15 mins of fame?? what about you? Nuff said. Now, ever see the similarities between travis and Ted Bundy? scott peterson? all deviant, all charismatic, all controlling etc…sort of scarey if you ask me. Bless You Jodi! STAY STRONG!!!

  90. To me, the prosecutor is killing his case all by himself!! The guy’s a fool. Pacing back and force like a caged animal, yelling, repeating “that’s not what I asked you” over and over. I am 110% certain that Jodi will walk. She may get 5 or 10 years probation but nothing more. Watching this trial is an eyeopener and the jurys questions reflect what’s on their mind. I’ve become a big fan of Jodi, having gone thru years of verbal abuse by relatives, parents, and my ex wife whom I came close to strangling… then I kicked her out. When someone is wound that tight the other is bound to snap. Good luck, Jodi!!

  91. Jodi….

    I pray for your well being. I know that you finally flipped , it was all a person can take being demeaned over and over. I attempted to write you but it says no letters just postcards I lost my daughter in ’05 to a rare adult brain cancer. She was eighteen years old. I want you to know that I think of you as a daughter as well and have the utmost compassion for you. Please keep yourself strong and healthy and pray to what ever God or spirit you believe in. God is good and I know that He cannot send you to your end . I pray you have a prosperous life beyond this. It sure horrible that they took narrcissist out of the DMSR because that is a trait of an ego tripper! Take care and I hope to be in contact with you when this is all over~M <3

  92. DAMN, IT! Where was team Jodi this morning?? j/k I just spent most of it in a twitter war. While beating off three bitches over Jodi’s friend’s twitter account I finally got them to block me…I dont back down. ANYHOW, Id love a shout for it! Just to know it was worth it! I do hope I’m following the right one. KEEP TWEETING JODI!!! Look how many follow you! Love you or hate you.. they cant live without you!!!

  93. just an FYI, while watching Fridays airings on HLN channel when the judge was reading the questions from the jury questions. after reading a question, mrs. laviolette answered the question the judge rolled her eyes while/after her answer. that was just so WRONG, what happens if the jury seen this? i could not believe she did that, by doing that she could influence the jury’s minds. i have kept an open mind until i hear the total case, i do watch and have watch HLN all day and night, since the case has started and what bothers me the most is how all cast judgement against jodi before hearing and reviewing everything. and another thing that drives me nuts, if they have an example of something that travis did (like the nude photos) they do not put him up there they put jodi’s picture. like i said i have not made my decision yet. but i do pray to GOD that the right verdict comes out, since truely only GOD, Travis and Jodi knows the truth. i didn’t want to give out my email i am not in good health and do not want to be tracked down by some crazy person, but i did want it to be brought to someones attention about the eye rolling on the part of the judge, i would not be able to sleep at night just in case someone missed this, i know HLN or any other shows would not say it even if they did.
    God Bless
    trial watcher

  94. Several weeks ago I began to take an interest in this story and started watching the trial just a few days before Jodi took the stand on her own defense. Because HLN was the only news with any regularity that covered it and they filled their commercial to commercial coverage with slander, insults and garbage, I turned to this website to get a more positive perspective.
    About one week ago I signed on to have the daily updates. But yesterday I opened my e-mail to vulgarities. I’d like to remind you all that you are “bringing Jodi Arias” into the lives and homes of potential supporters. The way you all write has the potential to enhance her image or undermine it. Jodi has proven herself intelligent and articulate. She is on trial for her life and she needs support. When you write, you are addressing the reader, not your own needs, what do they need to know to potentially put that support into tangible means.
    I hope that you don’t delete my message and I hope that you all remember the bigger cause that this website can have. Don’t push people away with your thoughts and language. Bring them in by intelligence and kindness. It takes a caring individual to put a website like this together. To stand squarely behind someone who stands accused. Please let that kindness be noticeable through your words.

  95. Hello All… One of the things that upsets me is that the “Travis Groupies” are in total DENIAL of any wrong doing that Travis has done. They have placed him on this angelic pedestal and that is pathetic. They are in total denial of everything that even in his own words has proven he is a sociopath, abusive, moody, narcissistic, MASSIVE PATHOLOGICAL LYING with serious anger management problems. Of course he could go from nice to devil in seconds. He was just like my ex. In front of the public they were angels and behind doors they were the devil. When someone snaps and is as moody as he was just because he didn’t like how she reacted or didn’t react the way he wanted her to. What was she suppose to do?? Sit there and allow it. Most abusers know how to slap and push you around with out leaving serious bruises and marks. These people who have no idea how it is to be in a relationship with an abusive night and day person has no idea what they are talking about. But yet they place themselves on such moral high grounds without knowing the truth to the allegations. Jodi never planned on killing Travis. She loved him to much for that. And if she really did “plan” this then do you really think she would have left all that evidence behind. Really??? Noooo… she didn’t plan it. She loved that manipulative lying player. He took advantage of her love in so many ways. And who do we think we are… as humans… to act like we are GOD to put another human being “down” like we do to animals. Does that make us any better. No… it doesn’t. It makes it worse. Its a double standard and I do not believe in the death penalty. Jodi… hang tough. It was either him or you. You went into survivorship mode. You… are a survivor.

  96. Has anybody noticed how much weight Jodi lost since the trial started? The girl is starving and all the stress added, I wonder how she still hangs in there. I can’t believe that they only get 2 meals a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon and they are splitting her meals instead of giving her a little sandwich or something. I have a Paypal account, how can I send some money to Jodi?

  97. Duh, I just caught on reading the comments and didn’t noticed the button on the top. I am very worried about Monday & Tuesday hearings. I went on Jodi’s KKK site to report some people and read it that actually JM impeached ALV on Fridsy with his questions. Please, tell me that is not correct !!!

  98. I discovered an alternate way of getting financial support to Jodi due to problems with my Paypal account and that is through All you need is a Visa or Mastercard and Jodi’s inmate number. It was a fas, safe and easy process. TEAM JODI!!!

  99. Dear Jodi

    I want to help you if I can because, I do not believe in the death penalty nor do I believe that you planned to kill him. I know that you would have done anything for him and would have done anything to make him happy and protect him until he started to become controlling and bully you. This relationship sounds JUST like one I had. I made him sell the gun so I didn’t go get it when he started coming after me to make him stop cuz I knew he would keep coming at me and I would end up shooting him. He used to talk to me like I was a dog. He made me have sex with him. He told me that I owed him it was my duty. We are a common law marriage and I am his wife so I have to do my wifely duty. I just sit watching the case and want to say something to your lawyers so badly but I am sure that they are as aware of what should be asked or said to respond to the testimony but I am so worried that your life will be taken away because this circus of a case with the media involved and making it a big show may or maynot be fair … I just wonder how things would be if it was not made to be so public. Oh and why is it that I read about a boy that killed his parents (he was over 18) but only got 40 yrs in jail yet your facing life or death.
    She is definately bias!!!!!!! So, is that fair!? They go off about the other Drs being bias.

    • I want to write as well but I’m in a different state and where I am you need a prison I’d??? I feel she suffered abuse and this trial has went way way way wrong…. many grounds for appeal… No death penalty:(

  100. I posted above, but want to add after watching this “Expert”, along with all my other observations: the more this woman moves around (shut the sound off) she almost looks like a Jodi clone/look-a-like. This trial again enters into the theatre of the BIZARRE. So we have a naieve Jodi clone with barely credentials supposedly telling the world what Jodi experienced? How old is this woman? Is she licensed ? (No). Did she ever have a private practice? (NO). Did she ever testify before? (we do not know). Has she ever worked with battered women? This girl is a joke!

  101. i am for jodie, and have been, i was raped at age 11 and have also had crazy sex crazed men who claim to be virgins and all kinds of crap, i also had one that was a preacher suppose to be he tried to lure me to his home and to kill me because i was going to expose his looking at little girls on his computer, he tried to kill me and i fought to defend myself and i believe that he tried to kill jodie after using her for sex one more time and then she was so scared and tramasized she did not know what to do, you ediots who say she is a whore are stupid and takes two to have sex, i hope she is found not guilty and i pray she will be, cnn is crazy for laughing and joking and calling her a lier all of that and also she has the right to sell paints or drawings, i do not hear people griping about charles manson selling dolls that he pulls strings out of his socks and braids dolls with the strings and sells them that was in a interview with barbara walters yrs ago and how come someone is not griping about that, the mormon church should be commenting on one of thier so called speakers or what ever he claimed to be because he was living a double life and they have not spoke out about that, and all these men that claim she was crazy or looked crazy, i believe all of them wanted to sleep with her and she refused because she is dedicated to one man and they are trashing her because she rejected them, and their is no proof of her slashing tires, i believe his friends were doing stuff and blaming it on jodie. and i know 3 people who carry gas cans in their trunk when they travel, and i believe that she should be found not guilty and it was self defense, jodie you do have some people that care about you and believe you

  102. i am on disability and very sick at the present time but if i had any money i would be sending it to help with jodi’s bills to her lawyers, or buy some of her paintings, i am sorry i cannot help money wise, i have got some of my friends to look at this mess and they also say jodie is not guilty, it is self defense,

  103. all i can say about this expert witness the prosecutor put on the stand is a joke. she has very little experience in any of what she is talking about. i have gone to therapy for my depression and when i was seeking a therapist it was very important to me to get one that had lots of years experience and 5 or even 8 years is really not alot in my book and part of those 8 years she wasnt even licensed. not someone i would go to that’s for sure.

  104. Hi Jodi,
    I support you with all my heart. If I could come from Canada to Arizona to help you in some way I would. I’ve already donated to your cause and I hope it will help your family out to some extent at least. I’ve welled up with emotion several times knowing that you are INNOCENT of these charges against you. I am only one of thousands and thousands of supporters who love you and will not rest until you walk as a free woman again.

  105. Hi Jodi,
    I have followed this trial very sparingly, because I know I would only get angry at the way they are treating you in the trial, in jail and in the media. It struck me almost instinctively that you were in a situation where you had to do what you had to do. I think anybody with intelligence would have done the same, and I support you 100%! I will now make a donation as well. Prayers going out to you!

  106. Okay, I have a question. This may be stupid but I have to ask.

    Most of my “courtroom” knowledge comes from Law & Order so I am confused :p. I was under the impression that the Prosecutor presents his case and then he rests and then the Defense presents their case. So how come the prosecutor was able to call this “rebuttal witness” while the Defense is presenting their case?

    This has me confused. If someone could clear me up for this I’d be grateful!


  107. I’ve been watching this trial from day one. I also am a domestic violence survivor. In the beginning I thought Jodi was guilty based on her lying. Therefore, I refused to listen or open my mind to anything else. Even to the point of looking at the horrible pics of Travis and wanting to judge her even further, I watch the trial non stop then HLN Jane Valez, Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew and after hours. It’s funny from watching al of them I came to my own conclusion. I know Jodi murdered Travis but I find that she did it in an act of rage based on the way he treated her. He used her. I believe he used her sexually and she thought he loved her and would perhaps marry her and they could have children and be a family together. But once he was done with her sexually, he was done with her completely. For that he was wrong. Travis Alexander played a part in his murder as he had no right to do that to another human being. I believe she would have probably made an even better wife than the stifled Mi Mi Hall, but unfortunately he could not see that. All he could see was JODi would give to him in every way he desired but Mi Mi Hall knew the Mormon religion. How sad. So sad. Travis should have known better, you can’t use someone to the extent he used her and expect no reprocution’s. Jodi you were a beautiful, smart and creative person, I wish you would have known how much better of a person you were than him back then and told him to suck it and just walked away. My mind and my decision has since changed from what I thought in the beginning.

    • I feel she was totally mentally and emotionally abused!!!! I believe Dr samuels and alice laviolette (sp). I ama in my junior year of psychiatry and based on my opinion and the dsm she suffers with many of the things those two touched on. I wish I could help her as her defense is horrible ugh! I’m praying for her.

    • wow we need to write Twitter, that wasn’t her account anyway, That was her friend’s account…wth kind of freedom of speech is that if she can’t even repeat what someone told her …this is an outrage of our civil rights!

  108. hi everyone. I’m glad i found this website. When i found out about this trial only a couple of weeks ago. Of course what caught my attention was the brutality of it. I used to agree with the HLN people until it struck me how cruel ppl can be. Nobody knows what exactly happened that horrible day. How dare ppl judge someone the way they do? does anyone know FOR SURE it’s not going to be THEIR kid who commits a crime like that? if that happens, I’m sure they’ll be singing a different tune! only God can judge us. I do realize it is an extremely cruel crime and Jodi has lied since day one. But ppl are so quick to condemn and judge it shocks me! also what he said about an orgasm at age twelve is just crazy to me. That fact shouldn’t be overlooked!

  109. just went through all other comments. Someone said they noticed Jodi has lost a lot of weight! i noticed that also. Only two meals a day??? Wth is wrong with them? what assholes! THEY are the killers of other human beings if u ask me. Idiots. also I hope Nancy and Dr Drew and and this dumb Jane woman experience something like that in the future so that makes em all just shut the eff up and bashing Jodi 24/7!

  110. if you decide not to post my post please let me know why, I feel Jodi is overcharged…this was self defense pure and simple….my prayers are with you Jodi….I am a 50 tr old [female] survivor of abuse I left my husband because I did not want my son to see his dad hurting his mom….my dad helped me raise my son…so all my son saw was his good side…. and now my son is grown …well it backfired on me when he started asking questions… does one win? when no one wants to hear the truth? or believe the truth…praying for you dear …..

  111. Dear Jodi, the Arias Family, the friends of Jodi providing this Site of Unity, & to all the Fellow Supporters, Our little girl is losing so much weight & oh so very pale. I am a nurse and she is not well enough to stand trial. It is not just the mental & emotional fatigue caused by the trial itself of the horrible deeds of HLN to incense the masses but the lack of provision of nutritional & neurological care. These headaches are caused by stress & hunger not to mention the grueling schedule she must adhere to when attending court.They have not given her a proper medical exam & diagnostics required to identify her stress level & neurological status, to rule out any possible conditions or explore any necessary treatments. She has not been convicted, not to say that if she was a felon that the state would have any less responsibility in regards to her welfare. The signs she displays & the lack of intervention on the part of the jail responsible for her care, are very clear to me through a 19 inch television screen! This poor young lady who has become everyone’s little sister has been subjected to a grueling suffurage without a conviction! Lord in the name of Jesus protect her & let there not be one. Can we all come together in agreement through prayer that Jodi be aquited? Let us do this every morning, night & throughout our day. I am so relieved to find this site so that i can show my love & support.I am having to watch the trial on HLN…how dare they continue their unprofessional and biased coverage in such a manner.They continue to criticize our Jodi however it is HLN themselves who should be condemned for their sensationalizing, foul, smart-mouthed and hateful attitudes. Jodi is quiet, respectful, & projects a kind countenance at all times while the prosecution & the television media conduct themselves like ignorant savages. We cannot even convey our support without coming under attack. I have heard that the prosecutors office is calling persons who post on HLN’s FB page regarding Jodi in a supportive manner even. People are having to safeguard the security on their computers after going onto her support sites. I just had to do a restoration & recovery on my pc & i’m wondering if it had anything to do with my visitations to her sites. After visiting the art page and providing it with my email address i was mysteriously logged out of my email account and i had to reset my password.I have had that email for years without ever having a problem and technical support stated that it looked like my accout had been entered into by another source.Well i’m, not going to let it stop me. Iam going to make sure my security settingsare where they need to be & I’m going to keep up my support! I think about her every waking moment.I think she has become like family to so many of us.This could have happened to so many of us as well. I wish she could read our letters here to know how important she has become to so many of us and that we are PULLING for her-that we’re not so ignorant as to be indoctrinated by HLN or the people that attack us for loving her. And Jodi, if you can read this, I love you. You are so precious,beautiful, and talented. We wont be quieted & we won’t back down. You will never be alone again Jodi. We stay with you & you with us always. I pray safety, peace, rest, restoration & aquital in Jesus’s Holy Name through Our Father, Amen. ~Love, Trudy

        • Trudy I pray for her constantly.
          I “googled” her name and was beyond mortified at the names people were calling her and what they wanted to do to her.
          Travis was scum and showed it, in HIS OWN WORDS THE TYPE OF PERSON HE WAS.
          He hid behind the Mormon Church for a long time but now its out.

          The people who work for HLN will be held accountable for their actions one day.
          I watched that network for years and years and now I want to VOMIT when I see their faces knowing what they are doing to someone who has not even been convicted.
          NG is one of the worst BULLIES I have ever laid eyes on.

          I have a sister who is in the same type situation that Jodi was in except there is a child involed and it scares the crap out of because what “could” happen.

          TEAM JODI ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Trudy, AMEN !! I to pray for Jodi every day, and her family. Last sunday in church the sermon was
      Mark CH: 5 VER: 21-43 and one verse really jumped out at me, :VER 36. “As soon as Jesus heard
      the word that was spoken, he saith unto the ruler of the synagogue, Be not afraid, only believe.” As
      for me I believe. Just thought I’d pass that along.

      Ray Chastain, Harrisonburg Virginia.

    • REPLY to SR0606 The Az prison system only serves 2 meals a day. Jodi has to take her morning meal and divide it in half- first, her breakfast and the second half, for her lunch time consumption so she will have something to eat when court recesses at lunchtime, thus the pale pallor, migraine and undernourished appearance (HORRIBLE)

  112. To Jodi,

    There are so many things I wish I could say to you. I’ve followed you from the beginning, been on your side, didn’t have a second thought during the first day of the trial. Whatever your story, I know in my heart that you don’t deserve this. That you didn’t deserve to be a secret. For three years I was in a similar situation. Thankfully I was able to pull myself out of that mess, out of that one-sided, emotionally abusive relationship and see that he would never care about me. I was never crazy, even if he tried to make me feel like I was. He could hide me from everyone, but I always knew the truth.

    I am so sorry for how things played out with Travis. I can’t imagine the pain you feel when you think about that day and that relationship.

    No matter what happens, Jodi, it’ll be okay. You will always have a friend in me. I’ll try to help in the best way I can. I hope I can write to you soon.



  113. a three hole wonder? slut, whore? what else did he call/say to her? anyone who’d kill the way she did was tortured.

    as written to jodi:
    u know jodi, i’m a battered woman & i PLANNED MY ABUSERS DEATH. i wanted to gut him like a hog. instead i PRAYED MY WAY OUT. i believe he abused you to level where killing him was an option. i do understand. i pray u r freed soon. amen.

    i’ve noticed when men kill us people may lament or/& blame us but they never blame men the way they blame us.

  114. n i’m sad n sorry to say that even after my abuser was killed/hit by a car, (good karma) i still wanted to kill him. he was that abusive. i also feared him after he died; like he wasn’t dead. glad it’s over.

    she needs professionals to tell about battered women’s syndrome n she needs battered women to testify about their experiences.

    boo rah team jodi!

  115. I have kept an open mind during this trial so that I could come to a decision about Jodi’s innocence or guilt. I did the same with Casey Anthony, who I decided was innocent because the state had not proved its case and because the prosecutor was arrogant. In the case of Jodi, I think that the prosecutor is both bullying and arrogant, and he has proved himself to not be an officer of the court in his treatment of witnesses on the stand. His behavior, which I also believe is sexist, should turn off jurors. I have looked for pre-meditation because that is the most serious charge. I do not believe the prosecutor has proven that even though he called the specialist from Walmart. Even if Jodi had purchased that gas can, that purchase is irrelevant because Jodi did have a lot of money, she was working sporadically, and she was proud of her relationship with Mr. Alexander. Why would a woman who took all those pictures of Travis and herself that fateful day, try to hide her visit? Alexander attacked her that fateful day, and Jodi responded in a very traumatic way defending herself. I also believe that she is remorseful for her actions and is not a threat to society. I believe that she is an emotionally and physically abused woman. While I hope for a not guilty verdict, I sometimes think that it might be a hung jury or a lesser charge.

    • This country unfortunately…has a hard time in realising emotional abuse is as much, if not more,I think, damaging than physical abuse to an individual…This country seems to think …that the only kind of abuse is phyical…and unless you have stitches,black eyes or broken bones…you simply are not abused…This has got to stop….not all of us are strong enough emotionally to endure pain like this…and I believe Jodi was one of them…To talk to her the way he did…the names…and then expect to have sex with her…it was intirely too much and it broke her heart and then she snapped….To put it lightly he abused and pushed the wrong woman too far..I know it was wrong what she did…but I think it pushed her out of control for just a few seconds….and those few seconds are changing her life…right now…

  116. SO much for TRAVIS never got mad or anything

    transcript from HLN broadcast
    CHARLIE ETHINGTON, TRAVIS ALEXANDER`S FRIEND: Not at all. I mean, he watched our son, who`s our first son. He was a couple of years old with some of our other friends within prepaid legal, I know he watched their kids, too, and there was never a sense of any of that stuff going on. I think we would have picked up on that.

    AUTUMN ETHINGTON: Yes. If I ever had any type of feeling that he had pedophile or any type of thing like that, I would be out of there so fast. My children are number one.

    PINSKY: Now, you guys have provided us with new photos that we`re looking alongside of you guys. Thank you for that. And he looks very young in a lot of these photos. How long did you know him, Charlie?

    CHARLIE ETHINGTON: Autumn and I actually met him back in 1998. And, so, it`s been a few years.

    PINSKY: And were you ever part of the chorus of friends that sort of warned him about Jodi?

    CHARLIE ETHINGTON: Absolutely, yes.

    PINSKY: Can you tell us about that, what you told him and how she responded or what maybe she has said to you guys that led you to be so creeped out?

    CHARLIE ETHINGTON: Yes. There was a time where I actually went over to Travis` house to pick him up for one of these business meetings we were headed to, and you got to know Travis. He was actually very militant on be on time, being early, never out of character for him not to be ready.

    So, when I showed up to his house, he was standing at the top of the stairs still in his robe and not even ready. And I asked him what was going on, and you could tell he was very flustered. He told me that he was tired of Jodi, just having some issues with her, threw his phone across the room, and you could tell he was very upset about her.

  117. Tonight in HLN”s Bold accusation, they had a girl pretend to be Jodi, and go in front of the guy and go get the gun.. She was able to TIP TOE and reach the gun, and appears to be about the same size and height as JODI

    • Goolia, how did the jury find her…guilty or not guilty. I died laughing one night when they tried to prove that Jodi was the sexual deviant. The jury was 11 to 1 for not guilty. You should see Vinnie’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets…lol

  118. The state of Arizona won’t let jodi eat because they are monsters.this is an outrage and should be brought before a higher court.throughout this mockery of a trial jodi has been abused all over again and I am sick of it.she looks so pale and skinny,no wonder she has migraines.arpaio and the other assassins should be ran out of there jobs for cruelty towards jodi.this is why when she is free,I hope life gives her true piece,love,and happiness.

  119. Hey team jodi,sorry u felt the need to delete my post to jadwiga g. everything I said to jodi was from the heart in all of my 2 post dating around march28 th.praying for jodi,wishing she was free to eat her favorite foods and houseboating on lake shata warrants ridicule.everybody here wants to be friends with jodi and wishes she were in love and happy.I said I wish we were friends and got trashed.thought all jodi supporters were welcomed here.I guess that is one thing jodi and I have in common,we both can be attacked for no reason but can’t defend ourselves.jodi gave up everything,a job,a house,family and friends to love a man that through her away like garbage,and I gave some advise I felt possibly could the way,for any man that has craved a loving kind woman like jodi – is it wrong to be alittle smitten with her.shes beautiful,strong, smart and so many other magnificent things inside and out.whether I ever meet her or not isn’t important,her freedom I said in the post that was deleted,if jodi and I were friends,I wonder would she like the names ladybug or jodi bear as oppose to skank,slut,threehole wonder god knows whatelse.on my phone there are 2 places where u can leave messages it says for them people and see If I contaminanted the site like this jadwigag( toilet) said.both places to post have people wanting to marry jodi,move her to london and sweep her off her feet.I get trashed for wanting to be friends. Really!!!. However wish u guys at team jodi would’ve let it stay up alittle longer so jadwigag and me could keyboard kickbox alittle.she had no right to attack and criticise my support for jodi,and I don’t like.
    ..with all the people trying to kill jodi,we should be on the same side in supporting her,not tearing fellow supportersdown.who else that has ever posted here feel that they deserve to be called stupid expressing advise or feelings for jodi?( loving or friendly). We all want her to be free ,so if my comments to jodi can help give her strengh to fight hard to save her life then I will do that until the day she is free.hope u understand where I’m coming from,because honestly care about jodi’ s life and don’t want to see it snuffed out by a blood thirsty Lynch mob.there trying to do already by starving her,and wonder why she can barely sit up in court.that is barbaric and cruel and should not be tolerated period.hln wants jodi dead people so don’t watch there bias toilet show.I know now that the best way I can support jodi is through prayer and donating to her fund,but I won’t post here if I get ridiculed for tsupporting an innocent woman.p.s @ jwi

  120. Closing arguments. Mr Martinez called Jodi a liar and what was Mr Alexander, a choir boy who pretend to be a virgin. Couldn’t she had say no to sex? couldn’t he? Mr Alexander was afraid Jodi was stalking him but that certainly didn’t stop him from using her for sex before he was going on vacation with another woman. Would anyone up there let a supposed stalked come in their house alone. Hell no but Mr Martinez want us to believe that Mr Alexander was afraid of Jodi stalking him. Yes she kill him that’s not in dispute but I don’t see first degree murderer. Let’s have man slaughter, time serve and be done with it.

  121. Jodi and Team…..Well….I feel very confident that Jennifer Willmotts closing will be better tomorrow than what we heard today from Martinez.(and it will be the last thing the jury hears which is in our favor)Everyone is talking about how great he was and is….during his closing…I simply do not see where people think he is so great..Everyone knows how to scream and surprised he didn’t do that at all today.And for a high profile murder case…I would have expected alot more…Tonight everyone needs to hit the sack early…be ready…be strong…and don’t forget your prayers…Because God is still in the miracle business…and he listens….whether you believe that or not.

  122. My prayers are with you Jodi I don’t blame you for what you did any person in your place would of done the same I’m sure the judicial system is such fucking bullshit I hope it works out for you much love xoxoxo

  123. Jodi, remember what I told you. “Be not afraid, only believe” Through the power of prayer all things are possible.

    Hugs, Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

  124. I am so happy there is a Team Jody… everyone who is down and trodden needs support. I do not condone what happened but I am able to freely understand that there are two sides to the story and the story of Travis will never be known. I feel bad for him and his family… but I believe he had issues that no one knew about. Jody now bears the burden of both of their sins. God will get her through this and He will forgive both of them for whatever their wrongdoings were… Jody… be the example as hard as it is… be close to your creator and He will see you through. I will pray for your mom and dad…this must be so painful for them. I don’t know how you do it girl…. but stay strong and know that the power is NOT here… but much superior… I am so sorry you did what you did …. I can’t imagine…… purify your heart before almighty God as David did….. we are just human beings… the real life begins when we can exist with our wonderful creator… move forward… if I can help… I will… I will pray for you, your family and Travis’s family as well… we are all one even if it does not seem so in this crazy world. …. Love to you… help those inmates as much as you can with your intelligence… help motivate them Jody… for you have intellectual smarts. Love you as my family member in Christ…

  125. Me and my mom are pro Jodi!!! We love u hunni! U had the balls to do what every girl wishes she can do to a piece of garbage like Travis! Stand tall and shine always!!! There’s always light at the end of every tunnel!! 😉

  126. An interesting thought came to mind last night after one poster named Debbie had mentioned that the reason that she came to this page was to see what all the hoopla was about She had heard we were all insane, so she had to check it for herself. She quickly surmised that I didn’t adore Jodi (which she was right), I don’t adore her, but in fact, I despise Travis. Which, I have to hand it to her, she wasn’t that far off. But, the real kicker and I do thank her for the good laugh, was this. She said that I was used by men all my life and that I was vicariously living my life through Jodi. I was taking pleasure in the thought of Jodi, slitting the neck of Travis Alexander because she had done what I always wanted to do to a man. Yep, she said that, you just can’t make that kind of crazy up. She also said that she hoped that I didn’t “breed” because I was indeed insane. Now take note, I have been happily married for ten years and we’re coming up on another anniversary in November. Oh and Debbie, I hate to break it to you, but I have two beautiful children that are quite gifted and ironically left handed.. Don’t you worry that pretty little head off, I’ll keep my eye on them because who knows, that combination could be lethal.

    I can remember the Casey Anthony trial so well and when HLN’rs were in the streets day after day couldn’t wait to tar and feather Casey. Some of them would’ve loved to have gotten “their licks in” before her going to jail or better yet, “death row.” After weeks and weeks of that trial, the big day finally was upon us. I surely had no idea where this was going to go, but I waited along with the world to hear the final verdict. Not guilty….and the crowd went wild and I do mean wild. They were seething amongst each other for days on end.

    Well, I guess the public really cared so much that she’s out and about doing her thing. Where are all the bullies now? Where are all the mercenaries that popped off at their mouths threatening the demise of Casey? Not one to be found. Why? Well, that’s mob mentality talking. You get the witches cackling making fun of her looks, making fun of anything attached to that girl. The queen of loath, Nancy Disgrace leads her faithful followers to battle against the so called evil named Jodi Arias. Like rabid dogs, the pundits and the masses cannot wait to sink their teeth into her. It’s a regular hate fest and now, Jodi’s the main course. God forbid you support her because that makes you a cold blooded killer…mind you this is their frame of mind (whatever is left after the brainwash of HLN) they have and would or could never ever consider, for one minute that the possibility of her being attacked could be true.

    Another strange belief they carry, is that she was never abused because there is no proof. She never contacted the police, no doctor’s records, no visible signs and most importantly, not one word written in her journal. Now that is just amazing isn’t it? How many abused women are silent for years and years without doing any of those things, but yet we would believe them. Some of them are saying that she has “ruined “it for women that have been abused. I had no idea Jodi was so powerful did you? Nope, but I guess she has some type of superpowers that we don’t see. Then you have some women that were abused stating …she wasn’t because they surely didn’t act like that when “they” were attacked. I had no idea there were rules when someone snaps. From what I understand it’s a very ugly situation sometimes people are murdered because of this

    Oh, but not in Jodi’s case because according to Juan Martinez and his brilliant, if not genius delivery on how he came to his conclusion the other day. HLN and their faithful haters are zooming in on that, and that’s the only thing they can possibly see is the well constructed closing argument. Remember, when something’s just too good to be true, it usually is. Oh wait, that was the way he saw it so his truth is the only truth right? No other possibility, no grey area right? Kurt Nurmi refuted his theory, which was, according to HLN and the majority of the their faithful viewers, that was the worse possible defense ever imaginable… Imagine that.

    One last thing I want to mention because I don’t want Debbie to go without credit. She stated that she was here because she wanted to let us know that by supporting Jodi, we are supposedly opening the door for murderers or potential murderers to kill and walk free. When the study or proof of that comes out, let us know Debbie. That remark ranks right up there with your twisted thoughts about me, but anything you think so far has been nothing but twisted.

    I was just about done reading when I came upon one more of her posts. She said she wanted the “death penalty”. Was I surprised, no, it all made sense now. So, this excuse of saying that because she’s afraid that the continued support of Jodi or others that could possibly allow potential murderers be deemed innocent was a crock of Betty. In other words, it was a lie. It’s okay for lies as long as they’re your lies right? The real reason is simply that she wants death to Jodi. How rich, I thought people have evolved further than dragging their knuckles on the ground, but apparently only for some.

    Prior to going to bed last night, I sat down on my couch while my kitties gathered around me. They wanted treats, but I can’t give them treats all the time, they’re inside kitties and I can’t have them getting obese can I? So, I began playing with them with a little piece of string. I happened to see how focused they were on that string because it was providing them the entertainment that they needed. No matter slow, fast or high, they followed that string. It took their minds off of the food and afterwards was so tuckered out; they curled up beside me and fell to sleep.

    I do like that saying…”everything I need to know I learned from my cat.’ This is a good lesson to HLN people.. Give it a break; don’t eat the food that HLN’s dishes out. It’s all about ratings and they’re using you to not only pay their bills, but to fuel the hate; which begets more hate. Hate is easy, just like it’s easy to eat something sweet and tasty and we all know how that story went down after eating the forbidden fruit. HLN’s famous for serving venom and they’ve baited you once again, hook line and sinker.

  127. Jodi, I first started watching the trial about two months ago, mainly because my boyfriend was addicted to it. I must say that I have never, ever seen such a decimation of the criminal justice system. Juan Martinez is such a bully that I am surprised he hasn’t impeached his own witnesses. “Dr. Marte” was so egotistical and self-involved it made me sick. I have a master’s in criminal justice and have been teaching in the field for 12 years so I am familiar with the system. You are not receiving a fair trial. The jury has not been sequestered and I am aghast. With all the hoopla surrounding the trial, the jurors are bound to have seen some of that or at least heard about it. Jodi, I do not know how in the world you have managed to stand up to the massive amount of negativity and hatred you have been facing every day, especially after the amount of time you have spent in jail. I am not fooled by TA. The comments he made about the 12 year old girl sunk him, I think. I also believe it will help the issue of reasonable doubt. God Bless You, Jodi, and know I am praying for you. I truly do believe in prayer and I pray that you are found innocent. I was physically attacked (not sexually) by a male member of my family in January. It shocked me so much that I truly could not remember everything that happened. I was diagnosed with associative traumatic stress disorder. I am still going to a therapist and it has helped me a great deal, but I still do not remember everything that happened. Not that it was anywhere near what happened to you, I do understand what you mean when you say you cannot remember.
    Keep your chin up kid. I am pulling for you,

  128. Hey guys,

    I know Jodi can receive post cards only. Does anyone know IF, and I NOT making a comment as to how this verdict is going to come out. Who the hell knows with the Trial by Media issue and no sequestration. Or the screwy jury system that puts 22 pages of documents in front of 12 average joes that are written for legal professionals and expects them to do it “right.” But. I digress. I just want to know IF she should be in there once the trial is over, can she THEN receive LETTERS or anything else she might like? Like a journal or something. How do I find out what she can and can’t receive and when. Also, I’ve been sick lately and get a bit frustrated when I do a search and nothing but HLN filtered info pops in my face. Where is she and would she be moved after trial? Is it the Maricopa County Jail currently? Thanks for the info. I would like to get in touch with Jodi. Even better, I’d like to correspond or talk to her. I’m a writer, and I’m interested in her case–not the stuff she said early on, but since she’s been at trial and hasn’t been able to speak. Thanks for your help.

    • Hi, I’ll try this again. I would love to know what will happen as far as where Jodi will go once this troubling farce of a trial is over, and how I can obtain that info? I’ve written to her attorneys, who actually did respond to one part of my message (very kind!) but didn’t want or could not say right now. I am guessing she will be moved to a women’s prison, and I really would like to be able to write more than a post card. I know prisoners have pen pals because my best friend is one, but I don’t know how it will be in this case. I’d just like to talk to her about art and her writing, and I just feel like maybe I could offer just some sort of contact at least via correspondence, and I’d like to keep in touch with her. She has the right to really tell her story and not have it twisted by others. Things that couldn’t come in to trial should come out. If anyone can help me if they know how to keep track of that info, I’d be grateful. Jodi, I’m actually glad for you that this is OVER and just hold on and get through it because it’s NOT over. You have a lot of appeals ahead. At least this long and terrible chapter will be closed and you can move forward. I am sorry for the results and pray for the best possible outcome during this last phase, and keep hope and faith in your heart.

  129. I would not have found this site were it not for a reference to it on ABC.COM this morning. I am happy to add my support for sweet Jodi…she is clearly the victim of not only an abusive hyprocritical ex-boyfriend, but also a victim of a puntive and short-sighted media circus which cannot wait to see our dear Jodi imprisoned for life.

    I wish you well, Jodi

  130. What i don’t understand is that you always hear people who grow up in abusive homes end up becoming abusers them self’s so why is it that every one refuses to believe that travis was abusive? It so happen that jodi fell over heels for him after all every one talks about how great of a speaker he was, why not believe he was very manipulative towards her. Always convinced her they had something while he was denying her to every one els. My heart goes out to jodi there was only so much she could take. FREE JODI !!!

  131. friends,
    have courage in the face of fear at the outcome !!!

    i’ve seen too many people here posting comments going wobbly at the knees on behalf of jodi

    they’re speculating a verdict of guilty

    stop going wobbly !!!

    we had a trial, a great trial !

    don’t buckle at the knees, now

    wait for the jury’s verdict

    she pleaded not guilty to all charges

    hold strong, have courage

    “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.”
    ― Mark Twain

    “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”
    ― Anaïs Nin

    “Courage isn’t having the strength to go on – it is going on when you don’t have strength.”
    ― Napoleon Bonaparte

    “The weak fall, but the strong will remain and never go under!”
    ― Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

    “One’s dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless it is surrendered.”
    ― Michael J. Fox

    “I know what I want, I have a goal, an opinion, I have a religion and love. Let me be myself and then I am satisfied. I know that I’m a woman, a woman with inward strength and plenty of courage.”
    ― Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl


      there is another element to a comment i made this morning

      the proportionality of jodi’s response in using deadly force to defend herself

      hypothetically, a child accidently bumps against you in a store
      you can’t pull out your concealed carry gun and blow the child away
      that’s disproportionate

      but that’s not jodi’s case

      for her, deadly force became necessary
      look especially at A (2) below

      13-405. Justification; use of deadly physical force

      A. A person is justified in threatening or using deadly physical force against another:

      1. If such person would be justified in threatening or using physical force against the other under section 13-404, and

      “2. When and to the degree a reasonable person would believe that deadly physical force is immediately necessary to protect himself against the other’s use or attempted use of unlawful deadly physical force.”

      B. A person has no duty to retreat before threatening or using deadly physical force pursuant to this section if the person is in a place where the person may legally be and is not engaged in an unlawful act.

      2 sets out when deadly force is justified, and when it’s use is justified, when it may be used

      it doesn’t talk about a little bit of deadly force

      it’s not half deadly force

      to defend oneself one can’t fire half a bullet

      as women don’t get a little bit pregnant


      this case is a petri dish for the entire us

      are men going to be continued to be allowed to kill the women in their lives ?

      there were no police at the door to restrain ta’s attack, or by extension restrain those other men in comparable settings who attacked their women, and sometimes killed them

      things have changed

      it’s now no longer ok for men to kill their women

      and it’s no longer appropriate for the PATRIARCHS to prosecute women for defending themselves by killing their violent male partners, who crossed the line, and commenced to kill them


  132. stay strong… Jodi…women will be screwed over and over and somehow we will always lose..; my heart is heavy…stay strong girl.

    • Jodi:

      There are soooo many issues that will go up on Appeal. Stay strong! The number one issue on appeal will be the failure to sequester the jury. Then the prosecution’s misconduct. That is just for starters. Get rid of Nurmi, first thing.

  133. I was so mad last nite that I could not sleep. I received an e-mail from a woman in Florida who is petitioning against HLN and other networks for the biased reporting of the trial. Also, the bias actions of the Judge, Jury and Juan Martinez.

    The jurors should have been sequestered in both trial and deliberations and don’t think for one minute that they did not go home and watch TV, listen to the radio, or went on their computers.

    Does anyone know where we could send petitions, letters, texts, and e-mails to the Appellant and Supreme Courts on behalf of Jodi, in the way that she was represented, the bias actions of the Judge, the bullying, bias actions of Juan Martinez, the mistreatment of the defense’s witnesses, etc. etc. I could go on.

    If anyone can get or knows the address, please forward it on and let’s bombard the office with paper!!!

  134. I have researched and gotten the Arizona Circuit District Courts addresses, both the 1. Intermediate Appellant Court of Appeals – Division 1 and the State2. Final Appellant Court as follows:

    1. Arizona Court of Appeals – Division 1 – Phone No. 602-542-4821, 1501 West Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85001 — (e-mail)

    2. Final Appellant – Phone No. 602-322-7200, 1501 West Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85007-3232 — www. Open Document

    Please see the following case which is a lot similiar to Jodi’s case:

    July 27, 1999 – State of Arizona v. Doris Carlson, No. CR-00-0161-AP. It was appealled and the Judge looked at all of the evidence and was appalled att the jury listening to other people, the media and all the actions of the presiding court and the lawyers involved..

    Please read it and quote it as often as you can and send your letters, texts, e-mails to the Appellant Courts before Jodi’s case gets there.


    • Dale that is a great idea, I hope everyone will bombard that office with emails, mail. Also, is anyone going to set up an appeals fund for Jodi? I hear the process can be costly. I don’t have much but would give what I can so she can get this going and have good representation.

  135. Innocent or guilty this girl did not get a fair trial. The jury should have been sequestered. There was just too much hype. The court drug this out by having short court times, starting in late afternoon and 5 day weekends. This judge did not do her job.

  136. Jodi, I would like to be able to write to you. What is the mailing address I can reach you. I live in Puerto Rico and would like to correspond with you. My prayers and my support will be with you.

    Ivette Maldndo

  137. Jodi I have to sey I think your a beautiful lady and Im so sorry it had to come to this sorry somebody didnt see what was going on before it came to this Im sorry the court system work on media covrage. I wish I could take the pain away I cant see what would make such a person do thing but it had to be bad to go to that exstream. take care.

  138. This should have been a mistrial and Jodi you should be set free…. and as for HLN and all thoes bias bitches (Nacy Grace) I can’t stand to watch them people, they had her convicted from day 1.. So fuck Nacy Grace, Fuck Jane b Mitchell…..Fuck HLN AND THERE BULLSHIT CHANNEL! JODI GO DC BLESS YOU AND I PRAY SOMETHING HAPPENS AND THEY SET YOU FREE LIKE YOU DESERVE!

    • So the Alexander brood is going to try to sue Jodi in a civil suit! Just WHAT does that crew of media whores expect to get? You cannot get blood from a stone. Just to keep themselves on tv. Do any of those low life’s have a job? Who can sit in a courtroom for 4 1/2 months and who is paying for it? And from what I recall they wrote Travis off years ago when he moved to AZ. Who is paying them off? HLN? GRACE? CNN?

      • I can’t see for crying. Such injustice. How could the jury not have realized how honest true and angelic Jodi is. She had no choice but to act as she did. I’m sure she didn’t mean to shoot him in the head and then stab him so many times. She was fighting for her very life. She had been severely abused. She was suffering from PTSD. Remember her crooked broken finger? We know how savage Travis could be. She was dealing with a monster. Also, I am sure that others knew how awful Travis was. It is my opinion that those who knew his true nature were intimidated and prevented from testifying at the trial. That ex-girlfriend was probably smacked around plenty, but was too afraid or ashamed to admit it. And as for his pedophile ways. I lose sleep thinking about all those 12 year old girls and boys who are too terrified to come forward and tell the truth. I agree with those who commented on the “Alexander brood” and how worthless they are. No jobs—nothing else to do but take checks from HLN and sit in a courtroom for 4 months. How sick and opportunistic they have been. Those fake tears were soooo transparent. Now our poor sweet angel is in a psyche-ward on suicide watch. I can’t bear to imagine that dear soul feeling abandoned and alone. I am so glad she had the composure to do an interview just minutes after her conviction. It took such courage to frankly confront Martinez’s shady ways and Travis’s hypocrisy as well as putting Nancy Grace (the Devil incarnate) in her place. I pray that God will send the angels of heaven to rescue this pure saintly woman. Please Lord! Please!

  139. I feel so bad for Jodi! She is a lost little girl in a hatred world. She wrote me through the friend in court. What she did was wrong, to kill someone, but damnit Travis is not innocent in this. He manipulated and twisted her mind and heart. She didn’t know what hit her and yes she snapped. I would have snapped too. I know what it is like to come close to dangerous love and I know what it is like to want love and light and get lies and darkness. It shocks the system. Poor little lamb. Now she has given up and wants to die. Please don’t I agree with the many OR LIKE the barbaric media. Furthermore, HLN portrayed themselves like an audience at a Gladiator event. When the verdict was read…..Who the hell cheers this tragedy?? He lost his life! Well, guess what so has she, her heart and mind were ripped to shreds! Yes, it was brutal but if you could see into this girl’s heart and mind you would see brutal from Travis as well!! Hang in there Jodi, I think you have a great case for appeal. The jury didn’t hear or see anything????Please, they should have been locked away from these media hell hounds preying on this tragic, sad story!!!! I am appalled at the celebration of the verdict yesterday…. This was a terrible mistake that two people made…..They are both destroyed, not just him….. He had control to stop the relationship any time and he didn’t, he kept torturing her over and over…..MENTAL ABUSE IS WORSE THAN PHYSICAL AND LASTS A LOT LONGER! LEAVE HER ALONE AND DON’T TALK HER INTO A DEATH SENTENCE WITH YOUR CRUELTY……SHE HAS AN APPEAL!!!!! THIS WAS WRONG!!!!! AS A HUMAN RACE ARE WE REGRESSING TO THE GLADIATOR DAYS!!!!!

    • How can i write to Jodi to reach out to her and show support. Crazy as it may sound but i feel like i’ve grown to love her. I really want to connect with her

  140. Put all your comments concerning the trial and the way that Jodi has been and is being treated to paper or email and send them all to the Appellant Courts. Bombard them with disgusting paperwork before Jodi’s case gets there.

    I supplied the addresses up above.


  141. Allowing God to have the final word in our lives.

    im so sorry for the death penalty i think jody arias is innocent.

  142. he was mind fucking her and always breaking up with her.
    i had a boyfriend like that … he made me so depressed.
    thanks god a my family they helped me out now im a happy person and im dating a guy that really cares.
    so travis should be a lesson for all guy “HOW NOT TO TREAT A WOMAN”

  143. This is the 4th or 5th time I have commented. I am getting angered by the entertainment aspect of this and what’s all over the news. This is serious stuff. I am sick of listening to everyone and I mean everyone calling Jodi a liar. It seems no one is paying attention to what she went through. I do believe her. To someone who had no past record, seems to have been an intelligent girl she was swept into another reality by Travis. I know exactly what Jodi is going through, believe me. Jodi is tough and she did have to defend herself. I already explained previously what the knife wounds to the back were all about. I just wish she would get it out and reveal what really happened. She did kill him in a rage, yes, and when one is in that state of mind they can blackout. I am sorry for what happened to Travis but I don’t believe for one minute that his family and friend’s didn’t have anything to do with bringing this on by the way Travis began to treat her. Jodi repeatedly says she’s innocent and in her mind she is innocent. She just hasn’t processed yet what happened, or does she believe that she hurt him like this. She won’t feel anything, because of the anger. She won’t feel any remorse at all because there is no remorse at this point. Why would there be? When everyone is against her? So for the public to sit there and call her a kook and psychopath is just wrong. They are just adding to what they perceive to be drama on her part when the drams is the social entertainment and media. Jodi IS being herself, and the public and tv are expecting something else. Jodi IS real. The fact that she knows everyone hates her is making her feel worse. So she tries to not show what she is feeling. In her mind she is tough and no one will hurt her. I pray for Jodi and for Travis’ family and I am sorry for what happened to him. I am not taking sides here, but is wanting Jodi to die not an act of evil as well? I can’t believe the crowd outside of the courtroom cheering. This is all so wrong. Jodi didn’t plan this at all, it just happened. I believe she will not get the death penalty. It would be a shame to lose someone who has so much to offer this life through her own experience and to help other victim’s of this sort of (and I am not calling it abuse) act. Name calling, bullying, verbal abuse happens’ everyday, all over the world. Even a simple phrase as telling someone they are evil, is abuse, you know why because they are JEALOUS of someone who is kind hearted and appears to have everything they wish they could be. They are trying to tear Jodi down, but I think she will be OK….Let this be a lesson to the people who have hurt her so much.

    • My setiments and observations exactly. When her tweeter account is back, that is the way to reach out to her. It should be restored shortly, we hope, she needs to hear not everyone hates her and some of us are civilized even in the light of this tragedy.

    • My friends and I couldn’t help but cried when we were listening to the verdict on Wednesday. This verdict was weighted in heavily based on media coverage. It is never a fair trail when a jury gets to go home at night and watch TV and be influenced by their family members, friends, neighbors and the comments from popular media. I am sick of the 3–ring circus on HLN with Nancy Grace, Jane Velez-Mitchell and the disgraceful physician, Dr. Drew. All of those people on HLN who have been covering the Jodi Arias case have been really, really sick. They play dress up and get all excited the last couple of weeks while waiting to hear what the jury want to do with Jodi’s fate. So sad! How can people actually feel happy when they hear somebody is about to be put on death row, and yet, most of those people claim to be religious and pray to God that Jodi will get the death penalty.

      I feel deeply sad for Jodi that it was very unfortunate she couldn’t have better legal representation. Her counsel couldn’t drive home the fact that she was ENRAGED by fear, hurt and hopelessness. What normal person at a normal mental state would kill Travis that way? Jodi was then framed by the prosecutor from the very beginning of this case. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a strong defense team to help her out and that’s a shame. Jodi does not deserve the death penalty, nor does she deserve life imprisonment. I was hoping the jury had believed that Jodi was acting in the heat of passion as I think it was so obvious to any unbiased individual.

      I feel so sad for Jodi and her family, especially these days. I pray that God will be with Jodi and her family throughout this very tough time. May you all find peace

      Supporter of Jodi

  144. if they were to base this off STATE EVIDENCE and NOT all the allegations, lies, switching of stories, etc. the jury would have come up either a HUNG jury or NG!!! I really feel in a case this big they should have sequestered the jury regardless if AZ is a sequester state or not!! The jury let emotions play into their decision because if not they would have had a different outcome.
    In all honesty, I REFRAINED from watching any media, including 70% of the actual trial. The 30% I spent watching of it was limited to full ME report and testimony, DF’s testimony and crime scene report, limited FRIENDS testimony, and limited JA testimony, I did not even listen to the PTSD or psycho analysis testimony. The reason I did that was to have a COMPLETELY UNBIASED OPINION!!!! When all is said and done, the lies, manipulation, change of story, etc DOES NOT MATTER!!!!!!!!
    ***ALL THAT SHOULD BE WEIGHED UPON IN THE VERDICT IS WHAT WAS ACTUALLY PROVEN!!**** I was NOT ABLE to be swayed WITHOUT REASONABLE DOUBT that the order of events happened the way the state CLAIMS they did.
    Now that the trial is “over” I have allowed myself to fill in the gaps of testimony I hadn’t seen. (and no, I obviously have not seen the WHOLE trial yet) I think this jury fell victim to the state and JM’s lies, manipulation of evidence, the timeline of events during the murder and change of story from ME “not remembering how he ever talked to DF” to DF changing his statement (which was initially given under oath!!!) Why is JA getting so much shit for changing her story but the LEAD DETECTIVE having done it is just brushed by and dismissed???

    Now to my opinion. I told my husband..if some man that I loved treated me like that (ONLY talking about the sexual humiliation) I would have done him in too. How degrading of TA!! Then mix that with the EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL ABUSE!! Well, TA, Jodi did what she needed to in order to escape the hell you exposed her to. I was in 2 long term abusive relationships. Nothing is worse than mental or emotional abuse; I would heal on the outside, but the scars within would remain there for many many years!!!! And as a woman, we are naturally sensitive and emotional. Sex and intimacy are very important because there is no other time a human can open up her emotions so deeply and become vulnerable. To have that taken advantage of is the most despicable, degrading, dismissal of our human relevance. A multiple rape/molestation survivor, I can attest that even emotional or mental attacks from my former abusers had NO COMPARISON to the TRAUMA caused during [any forced sexual act]

    Physical abuse=breaks body
    Mental and emotional abuse=breaks heart

    Jodi, I keep you in my prayers and thoughts, I am so sorry for all you had to endure. Furthermore, I am sorry for the memories you have to hold as you struggled to take TA life.

    I don’t know what happened that evening, I would think he said something while you were taking pictures of him in the shower; something so vile and disgusting which killed your spirit. At an intense breaking point, you shot him. (They can call it murder…I STILL SAY SELF DEFENSE- breaking ones spirit is worse than anything!) He went to the sink, bleeding from his head, to look at the wound. This intensified his anger and rage. WHO KNOWS WHAT HE WAS SAYING AT THIS POINT!!! RIGHT!!??? (this is when you grabbed a knife from somewhere [speculation or assumption to say you had brought it there with you. Again, STATE IS NOT ABLE TO PROVE. They do not have a murder weapon, they cannot say where it came from, how can they say premeditation??? )
    The beast didn’t go down and he began to fight you, coming at you forwardly, trying to grab you; you stabbed at him furiously, heck you may have even forgot you had a knife in hand, or how you got the knife in hand. (speculation and assumption=CAN NOT PROVE) You succeeded with one good STAB to the [vena cava] heart, but,most were blocked by his hands (defense wounds). A few more INCISION wounds (even though they are slightly DEEP, they are still LONGER than DEPTH!!!) were given to the chest and he finally got his arms around you. He grabbed you tightly as he squeezed you, you were “punching” at him desperatly to get away. (You just happened to be holding a knife which you [forgot] about. SPECULATION OR ASSUMPTION=STATE CAN NOT PROVE!!!) You held your ground as you both struggled down the hallway. You continued to stab and he threw your back into the hallway wall, you pushed back (explaining the blood smear on wall)
    During this struggle you managed to stab him several times. None of them very deep, none chipped or penetrated the bone. and are these stab wounds as defined by the ME? Well, not all of them. To me they are desperate blows trying to break free. At some point down the hall I believe you two fell down. [could be his weakining form the gunshot wound and stab to heart-maybe he was lightheaded ] YAY-MORE SPECULATION-THE STATE CAN NOT PROVE THIS EITHER!!!
    As you wrestled you free I picture two scenarios: 1. you got behind him while he was on all fours and without thinking about it the knife to his throat and pulled back and across as hard as you could. I can hear a grunt along with it followed by crying and holding him in shock of what you WERE FORCED to do to PROTECT YOURSELF~
    or 2. From underneath him, free’d your arm, putting the knife to one side of is neck and using all your force, emotion, energy, and desperation up and across, slicing his throat. While be began to bleed excessively you pushed him off you and sat there crying; again in shock of what you WERE FORCED to do to PROTECT YOURSELF. (AGAIN SPECULATION AND ASSUMPTION)


    As I write this I look at my little girl (7yrs old) and think of the abuse I’ve had to face in my past. Then I think of what Jodi had to go through. I pray this NEVER happens to her. I pray if she was in this situation she would TELL ME or, HER DADDY. And I believe Christ Jesus is the only one who can judge ANYONE…But if my little girl was hurt…Well, I won’t say what I would do. BUT I WILL SAY:


    PS SORRY SO LONG!!! eeek :))

    #TeamJodi #Appeal #ScrewtheMedia

  145. No one can figure out “how” it happened because it all seems not to add up or make sence untill one consideres the fact that there is a Gun involved during this whole fight!

    If she just wanted to kill him she would have used the moment of surprise and shot twice, three times and be done, he never would have gotten up, no mess, no hassle!

    But she didn’t shoot twice or three times and that is why I belive the gun went off and she was in shock…He jumps her they both land on the bathroom floor or they struggle…doesn’t matter, what matters is that neither one has the gun any more because there is only one shot fired throughout the whole fight!

    We know that at some point Travis was standing at the sink caughing blood, so at this point he is still alive and they are not tangled up in a struggle and Jodi doesn’t have the gun …

    Most likely closer to Travis! because if it was closer to her she wouldn’t have gotten the knife…

    And NOW it all will make sence:
    Travis is looking at the gun, going for it but he is not fast enough being shot and as Jodi realizes what is is planing she grabs the knife (doesn’t matter where the knife was bathroom, bedroom it ended up in her hand) and to save her own life she stabbs him to prevent him from getting the gun…
    Those are the DEEP WOUNDS to his back and chest…

    Then when she thinks he is too weak to run after her she runs into the closet towards bedroom to get out of his sight, to grab her belongings and to get to the exit hallway/bedroom…

    But Travis got hold of the gun and is too weak to get back up on his feet he starts crawling towards the exit to cut off her path getting out of the apt…she hears him moving in the hallway and she knows she will not make it through the exit…

    She runs back into the closet and comes behind him as he is now between the closet and exit doors, stabbing him shallowly in the back and head to make him let go of the gun and when he doesn’t she eventually cuts his throat not knowing what else to do…

    Prosecution says he is trying to escape crawling through the hallway…really?

    His ‘fight and flight’ instinct tells him to Crawl open range through the whole apartment to get to the exit (the bedroom is not “safety” it has no doors!), having to crawl all the way downstairs and to the house entrance knowing there is a woman with a knife right behind him??

    Funny how they never show that toilete and door in the bathroom which would have saved his life if he was trying to escape!! but you can see it on the apartment layout pic!

  146. Why I don’t believe Jodi Wanted to kill TA at Any time and why I believe she did it in selfdefense and only selfdefense!:

    If she wanted to kill him she would have shot him multiple times!
    When he was at the sink the gun was somewhere on the floor close to both of them, he was injured she could have gotten the gun and shoot again, she didn’t!

    When she was taking his pics and if he only said something to mean vile to her she would have argued/yelled (she Never got physically violent with anyone in the past!)…that is if he din’t get physically aggressive with her first and she had to defend herself…
    And because if she got mad and was getting the gun with the intention to kill him she, as said would have shot at least twice or more times…

  147. I don’t know her personally, but I have seen her case in the past, in multiple country’s. I am sorry this is happening to her, yes I am sorry this had to happen to Mr. Alexander, but more sorry it had to get to this point. Any person in their right mind, that didn’t live in a care bear world, would see that she was abused. I am planning on writing to her tomorrow, I hope there is no bias in the postal service, since I have been told its only postcard…

    • I want to write as well but I’m in a different state and where I am you need a prison I’d??? I feel she suffered abuse and this trial has went way way way wrong…. many grounds for appeal… No death penalty:(

  148. I hope and pray Jodi finds the strength to take one day at a time. May God bless her, and help her through this. It is so good to know she has friends.

  149. To all who want to help Jodi:

    On May 9, I supplied this website with addresses of the Intermediate Appellant Court and also the
    Final Appellant Court addresses.

    With Juror #8 making statements when interviewed, of jurors doing crossword puzzles, being on their phones and I Pods, how the hell did Jodi get a fair trial. These along with alot of other crazy things that happened at this trial, if enough people write and send their opinions and what they know to the Courts, we may be able to get a mistrial.

    For juror #8 to advise of the going ons with the jury, do you not think that maybe, if enough people write, maybe a mistrial could be gotten!!!!!

    I have already sent my letters to the Courts, have you???

    It is fine to write Jodi a post card, but also write the courts. The one to Jodi is for love, encouragement and support, the ones to the courts trying to do something about it.


    Find the addresses from me on May 9, 2013.

  150. I have read everyone’s comments and it is too bad that a lot of us were not on that jury. Also, alot of you have come up with some very good thoughts concerning the TA event, that her own counsel did not cover, so this is another very good reason to send it to the appellant courts. As I said previously, we can do more good for Jodi by bombarding the Appellant Courts.

    As in all of the messages to Jodi, it only takes another minute to send a copy of your thoughts, feelings and ideas as a cc to the Appellant courts.

    Let me know if you need the addresses and websites again.


    • Dale,
      Where do you send the postcard to Jodi? Got the other address.
      I dont understand the media coverage of this trial… I dont understand the ppl saying she should fry and the degree of hate out there, it is mind boggling… . The girl never did anything to anyone before this. Why has Travis been turned into a saint and hero? WTF has gone on that jurors could do a cross word puzzle and not listen? have phones with internet access? This is sickening what has gone on when you read others words about her. what if their life was a steak? If someone premeditates a murder do they really think it will end up looking like that? seriously?????????? america is a bunch of morons. I just want the address to send her the postcard, Ill send the other to the court too. Thanks Dale.

  151. This is a copy of one of the e-mails that I sent to the Appellant Court and Jennifer Willmott:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing from Ontario, Canada and thank God that I live in a country where the farce of Jodi Arias’ trial would never be allowed to happen.

    This girl was not given a fair trial, as a lot of doubt was raised on why she did what she did and also the jurors went against instructions by Judge Sherry , who had completely lost control of her court at the very start of the trial. She overrode a lot of the defences objections when Juan Martinez (Prosecutor) bulled witnesses, called the defendant an “it in the blue shirt”, lawyers calling each other names, and not once did Judge Sherry put a stop to it! REALLY!!

    I thought there was suppose to be a proper court etiquette!

    This is how millions of people viewing this case, unless they were in Arizona, thought this whole case was just a joke!

    And now……you have Juror # 8 Daniel Gibbs (dismissed) doing an interview on 12 News advising everyone watching that the jurors obviously didn’t take this case very seriously, as they were doing jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, on their I-Pods, I-Phones and Tablets during the trial. How could anyone get a fair trial with this going on?????

    This jury should have been sequestered! Judge Sherry didn’t allow that! Really, in a death penalty case?? Do you really think that these jurors didn’t go home and watch the antics happening on T.V? And then Judge Sherry expecting them to put their hands up when asked if they were????? If they were playing games during the trial, they obviously were not putting much attention or credence to the trial and probably had no problem watching the news????. And with this and along with the Jury going against
    the instructions of the court, a mistrial should be allowed to be called and a new jury called up and then they should be sequestered! This is someone’s life these jurors were playing with along with their games and Juror #8 – Daniel Gibbs should be called up by the courts as a witness to this!

    I am disgusted with your judicial system and am glad that I don’t live in Arizona where someone’s life can be treated so flippant!!!!!!

  152. To the administrator,
    The dates of the comments are all mixed up. I would like to follow the site but I find this very frustrating. Is there anything I can do to get the most recent comments first?

  153. I can’t find my post from last night. It said something about needing approval. Where did it go?

  154. that guy got what he deserved. I heard the disgusting names he called jodi, i told my parents if i ever treat a woman like that and i die dont cry for me. I never would, i hate violence against women and any tough who makes a girl cry for any reason. Now there is the guy from a metal band in jail for hiring a hitman to kill his wife. As a man i will say it : men are PIGS, i revere women.

  155. To Dale and others – I watched 90% of the trial and you are absolutely correct — I noticed for the get go that – she was on the states side. IN actuality, I have had thoughts that the courts state of AZ and HLN/CNN were being paid off by Mormons. I felt convinced the witnesses were lying from the state. It was a pitiful representation of USA JUSTICE. So, so, sad…I just knew she was leaving plenty of room for appeal – unfortunately – that could talk up to 20 years. Yes, what a horrific display of court room style, did no one have any shame??? obviously not.

  156. I believe 100% sure she is innocent. Abuse isn’t always physical and even when it is it doesn’t always leaving bruises or lasting bruises. Many times there is no proof of that. I speak from experience. I have a gut feeling she is innocent and it has nothing to do with my feelings, because if she was/is guilty then i’d say torture her until her natural death. I am a Wiccan and I know this may not mean anything to those who believe differently but my pendulum is giving me the solid answer that she is innocent. It’s not unsure, it’s not a maybe it’s giving me a solid yes she is innocent. That and of course my gut feeling…I hope she walks and if not that Karma gets those responsible for putting an innocent person in jail.

  157. Hi all:

    If you would like to send Jodi a post card, (don’t understand why you can’t send a letter) the address is as follows:

    Jodi Arias – Prisoner No. 458434
    Arizona State Prison
    2939 West Durango Street
    Phoeniz, Arizona

    And again, remember to cc the Appellant Courts when you e-mail. Bombard them, let them know
    what the rest of the world thinks of their judicial system.



      My brother was a retired Police Captain so I know a little bit about the jail system.

      The reason that you cannot send letters is that drugs can be smuggled into the letter itself by soaking the letter in drugs and then rehydrating them with water.

      Other things can be done with a letter which I won’t go into.


  158. Remember it is one thing to voice our discontent of their judical system on this website, it’s another to let them with the sheer number of letters, texts, emails etc. what we think.


  159. The facts in this case make it impossible to understand the finding of guilty by the jury. I am not smart enough to know how justice can be done here. But, I pray Jodi will find a way to appeal succesfully, and be happy. I hope she can just go on, one day at a time, and find some peace in God.

  160. Stay strong Jodi. You have so many supporters . If your true friends and supporters had a say in this you would be a free woman. I’m sorry but the jury was not composed of your peers.

  161. Sorry to see the outcome so far for you Jodi,I went through a similar experience in Canada when I was 18 years old in 1985,I know how you feel.The outcome of my trial was aquittal and I was released,I still do not remember what exactly happened the night of of my actions.Even after being released I still grieve everyday for what happened.I tried to contact your lawyer unsuccessfully to let him know my defense was automatism or(actus reus)which basically boils down to being in a state of acting without realizing what you are doing.I truly hope that somehow things get better for you,and if there is a god he will reach out and help you somehow.Please stay strong I wish you all the best.

  162. Hi, I don’t believe Jodi got a fair trial and I don’t believe she did anything wrong. She did the only thing she could do, and that was defend herself. I too relate to a similar situation were an ex boyfriend strings you along but at the end of the day we are simply just “NOT GOOD ENOUGH” they tell us one thing when we’re alone with them giving them what they want but to their friends and family we’re the ” crazy ex girlfriends who just can’t get over them” they even go to the extremes of calling us stalkers like it happened in you case. We are NOT puppets and we shouldn’t be played with. With that said I would like to write to Jodi and give her my support, let her know that she still has people who support her and believe in her. Is there anyway of becoming pen pals? Or is that restricted to?

  163. Hey Jodi,
    I have been watching your trial via hln. I love the channel and all the interviews but when they start trashing you on every little thing i think of what i would have done. If I was going to be doing a road trip in an area I was unsure as to where the gas stations were and how long the gas would last in a car I did not know I would bring my own gas cans so I had a back up so I wasn’t stranded in the middle of nowhere and possibly have harm happen to me. A fellow women of abuse I have helped teens in bad relationships out due to my story and listening to theirs. I was beat to seconds of my life and ended up in the hospital for weeks that I don’t remember. All I remember of my abuse that night was calling 911 under my pillow as I was getting brutally abused and then getting knocked out and then a quick glance of a cop pulling his gun on my abuser then waking up in the hospital not knowing what fully happened. If I had the chance to go back and planned things better knowing what I know now I would of planted things in my bedroom that I could of used to protect myself if he was to abuse me again instead of being helpless like I was and almost ending up dead. Thank god the guy who did this to me is now in jail til his last breath and I have nothing to worry about anymore. I would never of thought you would get murder 1. I thought possibly murder 2 and get out in 15-20 years if that. People say protect yourself and others say its illegal. So how does someone know what they should or shouldn’t do and what will happen?
    best of luck and god bless Jodi

    • The HLN coverage was bad. That Napolitano is a piece of work. he really would be much better suited for Sports, not Law. I can see him frothing at the mouth, banging on about some NFL team’s dis-appointing offense. Boy does he stink. Law requires cool consideration, an even temper. This guy does this mock jury thing and I could swear he must be on acid.

      And then what can you say about Nancy Grace, she sounds like she has a deep emotional attachment issues with Travis. Her crocodile tears makes me want to cry. But its her review show, the one where she is giving the camera this mock interview of herself with the black background that is just horrible, awful.

  164. hello guys !
    i have one question ; i just sent a postcard Jodi to Arizona State Prison , are there any restrictions on her or possibly she will receive it ?

    P.S: size of the postcard is : 5.5×8.5

  165. She got screwed you can tell he was a sick man anyone to talk the way he did about 12 year old little girls me as a dad i would of well lets say i wouldn’t been happy. Jody should got manslaughter.

  166. Hi Jodi…I just want to let you now that I think you’re REALLY AWESOME in a lot of different ways!!!! There’s absolutely NO DOUBT in my mind that the Jury got your verdict ALL WRONG!!!! I believe in my heart that on June 4th, 2008 you were in a ONCE in a lifetime situation and did what you had to do to survive!!!! I give you kudos for being able to handle yourself against a much bigger and stronger individual. I followed your case from the very start very closely and feel that Travis was mistreating you from the start not long after you first met!!!! Me personally I saw NO PREMEDITATION AT ALL and it seems to me Travis was leading a double-life!!!! He was presenting himself to be one thing on the outside with his friends, profession, etc. BUT on the inside, especially with YOU, he was coming off as somebody called a ” USER “. There’s NO VIOLENCE at all in your past and one just doesn’t act like that in their late 20’s unless they’re put in SURVIVAL MODE!!!! You were doing everything in the world for him and more during the entire relationship. I felt EXTREMELY BAD when the WRONG verdict got handed down and know right now you’re being held for NO REASON!!!! I know you’re VERY INTELLIGENT, probably at least double the I.Q. of Travis. You also have quite the artistic talents from what I’ve seen as well not to mention being VERY ATTRACTIVE. Hopefully you’ll be able to get an APPEAL SOON and the you will be on the OUTSIDE looking in instead of the the other way around. I am asking you to KEEP THE FAITH and DON’T DO ANYTHING STUPID..PLEASE!!!! Things will turn out for you…I PROMISE SOONER rather than later!!! HANG IN THERE!!!!!

  167. HLN is yellow journalism! Consequently, our constitution has been altered. The burden of proof has been shifted to the defendant, prosecutors are regularly overcharging to “settle” for a charge they’d like, due process has been thrown out the window, the presumption of innocence has disappeared, and trial-by-media is the new law of the land. This trial was jacked from the start. Not sequestering the jury? No concrete proof of premed? Everything has been circumstantial. Listen, I agree she deserves manslaughter, short of an acquittal with no proof of abuse, but this trial did not constitute murder 1. The media has persuaded the outcome of this trial. And let me add, it’s human nature to protect yourself when you’re back is against the wall… everybody is capable of being pushed to to the brink of committing a serious crime, and you’re a flat out liar if you’d say you wouldn’t lie and continue to lie to protect yourselves in her shoes. I hold absolutely nothing against Jodi for lying in the beginning.

    HLN is an entertainment show akin to The Enquirer tabloid magazine. While many believe they’re a source for news, they’re not a news source. They’re sole purpose is to do what The Enquirer did: rouse emotions and profit of fake, garbage yellow journalism. Sad.

    Support, Blessings, and Prayers for Jodi,


  168. To Administration

    I’m confused I want to follow Jodi on twitter but there now two different twitter accounts on is @jodiannarias and the other is jodiann_arias which is Jodi real twitter account? I know her account was taken down after the verdict but I noticed its back up and running so I’m not sure who to follow now. Can you please let me know which account belongs to the real Jodi, the last thing I wasn’t to do is fallow a fake. Thanks. Please let Jodi know we love her and support her, and that our thoughts and prayers go out to her. We will be praying a little extra for tomorrow aggravation hearing. Stay strong Jodi.

  169. I started following this trial a little late, but since have not been able to think about anything but this trial. I have caught up with all that I missed, and my heart really goes out to Jodi, and not cause she got a guilty verdict but because the media has made this such a mockery. Travis’ so called best friends can’t get enough camera time which is absolutely stupid! douche bags! at the end of the day a man list his life and Jodi lost hers, I wish that was boosted all over hln! I cannot stand Nancy Grace and refuse to watch her! I agree about the jury, unfair trial…. there is no way they didn’t see our hear about the case! I live in ca and that’s all you hear about! anyways stay strong Jodi, at the end of the day only God can judge you!

    • Do you all feel these jurors listen to the media….I think they should all have to take a lie detector test…This high of a profile case ..they should not be able to go home…Also, these reporters and HLN..are way to opinionated..this is so unfair…I was a battered women as well…and I know what it is are so ashamed that you do not tell anyone…So sick of all these media people..use to like many of them..but not anymore…does not seem as though anyone has a heart….

  170. Best of Luck today. Hope things start to work out for you. Stay hopeful!!!! Please do not push for the Death penalty. So many things can change in the future. There is several options ahead. Will be watching closely.


  171. I just want Jodi to know that I truly understand what she was saying in court about everyone not knowing who Travis really was. I use to be what Jodi was trying to explain in court. I kept it hidden and very well. Although I got therapy and went to a woman’s group to kill that side of me it still haunts me who I was back then. An abuser who hid it very well until my x let’s go and that’s when everything people didn’t believe about me surfaced. I’m a changed man now but my heart goes out to you Jodi. Keep ya head up. Only you and Travis really know what went down.

  172. Hi all:

    These comments of encouragement, love and friendship are great here and I hope Jodi gets the messages, but BOMBARD the jail with letters and post cards, and then BOMBARD THE APPELLATE COURTS WITH THE INJUSTICE OF THIS TRIAL!

    I agree with David S. May 14, 2013. HLN should be stopped for their biased opinions on the trials that they cover. In fact, they should not be allowed to cover them. Just like in Casy Anthony’s trial…Nancy Grace had her titled, “Tot Mom.” And that is unbiased reporting????

    Let the courts know what the world thinks of their so called “justice” in Phoenix, Arizona. BOMBARD THE COURTS!!!!!!

  173. Should anyone need any addresses of the courts or the prison where Jodi is being held…..I have them and will pass them on again if necessary!!!

    • Please send me Jodi’s address. I would love to let her know she’s loved and we will continue to fight for her freedom.


    • ask SJ to get the info from you and he will email the info to us or will find a way that we can flood the jail with postcard so many that they will have to release prisoners to make room for them

  174. The saying goes that one person cannot make a change. But that one person can start a chain reaction which does cause a change! APPEAL, APPEAL, APPEAL…….BOMBARD, BOMBARD, BOMBARD all of the courts, prison, lawyers etc.


  175. jodi: eligible for the death penalty? WHAT THE HELL is that??? this jury so easliy found you guilty but got wet noodled when it came to sentencing. another one of those American Justice Stupidity renderings by a sell out jury. Would like to know if you are receiving these support emails, maybe your family can get the messages to you. Keep your head up and will meet up with you in heaven someday. God be with you, Jay

    • Jay Lambert and don’t forget to have them try it in New Orleans where there are Catholics not Mormons then she will get a fair trial

  176. No offence to your laywers Jodi but….. upon your automatic appeal, a sequestered jury and NO cameras in the courtroom might be the way to go ( have your new laywers request it ) I saw many legal issues during your trial , which constitute an immediate overturn of your conviction. Never lose hope, as much as you may feel hope has left you behind….. stay strong in the knowledge that there are many many good and decent ppl on your side… x

  177. This is only 2nd time on site and find it very inspiring to see so many people feeling the same way I have been feeling during the course of this trial. I pray for the arias family and Jodi as they go thru this horrific ordeal. Stay Strong Jodi
    Dale H.

  178. Hello…I wanted to express my sincere regrets to everyone involved in this tragedy! The American fascination with reality TV, and the media’s absolute infatuation with tragedies such as this is sickening and will certainly lead to a certain demise of this nation. My personal viewpoints regarding this case aren’t relevant; however to prove my neutrality I will admit the following: I Do consider what Travis did to Jodi Was abusive. I also have concern over his comments re a”12 yr old girl”. And his proven history of disregarding the laws of his chosen religion and consistently misrepresenting himself to others! I felt that the prosecutor was very unprofessional by battering and showing utmost disrespect for professional expertise! Lastly some of the jurors showed obvious bias with their questions; I’m no attorney but seems like a violation to me! I feel great sadness for the mental and emotional state Jodi must have been in to have made the decisions she made. Mostly I will support Jodi bc I am vehemently OPPOSED to the death penalty! One of the most “sophisticated” society’s in the world..and we condone killing someone for murder!?!? Its simply ludicrous and unforgeivable !
    Thank you and Gods speed to Jodi!

  179. Hi, I see that a lot of you are a little confused regarding the media in Jodi’s case. Correct me if I’m wrong but Jodi’s legal team did request that her case to go to the Court Of Public Opinion. ( Trying cases in the court of public opinion refers to using the news media to influence public support for one side or the other in a court case. This can result in persons outside the justice system (i.e. people other than the judge or jury) taking action for or against a party. For instance, the reputation of a party may be greatly damaged even if he wins the case.[1][2] A lawyer noted that when he represents high-profile clients, he sometimes finds them in a Bermuda triangle of cross-currents generated by a criminal investigation, the news media, and the U.S. Congress.[3] It has been noted that there is no Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in the court of public opinion.) Thats why the media is so involved! I personal think that way a bad move on Jodi’s attorneys part. She probably would have had a non-guilty verdict if the media would have stayed out of it and not created the circus that they did! Stay strong Jodi you still have the love and support of a lot of people who believe in you!!

  180. I am so pissed off right now. The hate and venom being spewed by so many people absolutely disgusts me. Jodi Arias is a woman, a human being. The media, specifically HLN, needs to quit playing up Jodi as a horrible monster. She did a horrible thing, but spewing a bunch of hatred is not good for anybody. Jodi is still a person. She is someone’s sister, daughter, granddaughter, & friend. If she shows emotion, she’s criticized. Today, she showed no emotion, criticized. They said she looked pissed off. That’s bullshit. She looked like any ounce of hope total left her body. What is wrong with our society that people take pleasure in other people’s pain??

  181. Jodi, I just want you to know there are so many people who care about you, people you don’t even know. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! I wish I had known you before all of this happened. I wish I could have helped you. I wish there had been someone in your life that you felt close enough with to let in and help you.
    I don’t know you but I do pray for you and your family. I pray God gives you comfort.. Remember you are not alone and loved by many, many people. Cindy

  182. Jodi,

    You are beautiful, your artwork rocks. Can I have the one with the Tiger (just kidding) but it was my favorite one of all your artwork. I don’t know how you did it so well but it’s really a nice piece of work. Good luck, Jodi. Sorry about all that has happened. But just remember, this doesn’t need to define you, what happened with Traves. It was an unfortunate event but you are alot more than that.

    You’re a wonderful human being. I’ve seen your fox interview and read your twitter. You’re not as bad as some people say. Those people seem to be just full of hate and in my opinion are very poor excuses for human beings when they have no compassion or sympathy. And they don’t. They even seem to take pleasure in another person’s pain. I don’t take pleasure in seeing the crime scene photos of Traves but I have seen them. But they take pleasure in their misguided thoughts of you suffering or something. Again, like I said, if there’s anything a situation like this brings out to the forefront it is the ugliness of some people which has nothing to do with you, of course. But those people don’t seem to realize that. But anyhow…

    Your artwork rocks, Jodi. And you deserved a man that wouldn’t go and try and have another girlfriend or just use you. I could understand if that’s what happened that you would feel unhappy about it. That shouldn’t happen! A man should be committed to his woman. I believe. Or else he is a POS. Anyway, I hope you can find a man that really loves you cuz I know there are alot of them out there. That would treat you like a woman and the lady that you are. if that’s not what you got from Traves.

  183. I have been considering a sizable donation..I just have some questions about what I am donating to. Who exactly is in charge of this website..I don’t want to blindly send money to a nameless, faceless stranger. The second question is What will the money be used for.

    Thank you

    • Hello Tina,

      Thank you for your interest in donating to Jodi.

      I can assure you through personal experience that any and all donations through this site go directly to associates of the Arias family. Regardless of the rumors on the Internet, the owner of this site, nor any of the admins do not see any transactions at all. All of that is handled offsite through PayPal.

      Any money donated is deposited into Jodi’s commissary account. However, reports indicate that the Alexander family is seeking a civil suit against Jodi, and any money in Jodi’s commissary may end up in their hands.

      We are currently exploring alternative options to continue to assist the Jodi and the Arias family in the difficult times ahead. If you like, can email SJ at if you have any questions or ideas you would like to be considered to help Jodi and her family. Thank you again for your interest.