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Hot on the heels of the status hearing on June 20th, the next proposed status hearing (originally set for July 20th) has now been set for this coming Tuesday, July 16th. Apparently, this imminent get-together in the AZ state circus will decide if the trial will be postponed, continued or if a plea deal will be reached.

Failing all that, Judge Pickles may decide to toss a coin, draw lots or organize a karaoke competition to decide the outcome. We shall soon see…

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Following on from that — if you’re still a little undecided on what religion you should follow — and assuming you want to follow one in the first place of course — check out the flowchart below… then post your comments to let us all know which religion you finished up with :mrgreen:

religion flowchart



Have an awesome day as always!

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  1. Speaking of charts, I noticed in the George Zimmerman trial the defense used a chart to help explain to the jury the thought process of determining what reasonable doubt meant as they did in the Casey Anthony case. I sure wish Jodi’s defense team would’ve done that. Seems to me someone even emailed the defense that suggestion.

    • I think Jose Baez’s chart was posted here too. Excellent visual which could have helped Jodi’s jury make a better decision. But I wont start with all the what ifs,should haves because we could talk for hours.

  2. Mine came out an atheist. Not far from the truth. I do not deny that there is higher power, it’s just that I prefer not to base my life and live it according to a religion’s beliefs. As long as I am honest, care for others and live my life without being a menace to others, then I believe that is enough. 🙂

    As for Tuesday, tough call. With pickles, who can be sure what will happen? Anything is possible but I think that she will toss a coin at the last minute and decide then and there.

    IMO, I think that postponing the trial would be best because it gives the defence team extra time to prepare whatever they have in mind of doing. I don’t want Jodi accepting a plea deal because I am sure that the prosecution has nothing good to offer.

  3. I’ve tried to post here more times than I can count, but my posts never go through. So I hope this one does. Anyhow, after hearing the Zimmerman verdict it got me thinking again about how unfair Jodi’s trial was. Nobody was allowed to badger/bully the witnesses, nobody threw pens and nobody tried to withhold evidence. I also agree with the article that was on here about how clear the judge was re: admonishments versus the fluff admonishments that the jurors in Jodi’s trial were given.

    The chart is funny. It puts me as Jewish because I don’t like bacon. 🙂

  4. I’m a boring, generic Christian. LOL. Pretty accurate as I consider myself a non-denominational Christian. I will say I laughed quite a bit when the karaoke competition was mentioned.
    I am genuinely curious as to what will happen on Tuesday. I don’t want Jodi to have to settle for a plea deal, but I also don’t want her to have to go through this whole trial charade again. We’ll see…

    • Rachel, I’m also a Christian. Doesn’t make me any better or worse than anybody else, just that Jesus died for my sins and that brings me to tears almost everyday.

      Feeling very anxious about Tuesday, truthfully.

      • Thank you Rachel, I am also a believer and it brings me to tears every time I think of Jesus dieing for us. I do Pray for Jodi and trust other believers will continue to pray for her.

      • Folks, at age 18, I wasn’t thinking about crime or criminals or what happens to them. I happened upon a book at that age, however, that caused me to think and that one book forever shaped my opinions about such subjects. It was a book by Norman Mailer entitled “Executioner’s Song.”

        If you’ve never read it, I would whole-heartedly encourage you to do so. As a matter of fact, I would love to discuss its contents with you to see if it was as life altering to you as it has been for me.

        • Have not read that book, but the one book that I continue to read each day is the Bible. It has changed my life completely, I would encourage anyone that has not seriously read the Bible to read the Gospel of John.

          I am hoping for good news on Tuesday. I ultimately want an appeal that will give Jodi a real trial, one that brings out the facts and not the media hype.

      • I agree, SD. Being a Christian doesn’t make me any better than anyone else- maybe just different beliefs and that’s ok with me. I pray for Jodi often, too. I will check out that book, also. I’ve not heard of it before.

    • I agree. I’m curious what will happen too. Although I don’t doubt that they will probably continue the penalty phase rather than a plea because I’m sure that’s what Juan and the Alexander’s want. I just don’t see how Jodi could possibly get an untainted jury pool though. That might be good for appeals though.

  5. ”Do you think underwear can be magical?” HAHA,AWESOME!
    Did anybody get ”You should be a Mormon” ? LOL 😀 I got you should be a Wiccan,which is quite accurate,I love their belief system and practices.

    As for Tuesday:I dont mind if they push it back till October or January (as the Defense asked).As long as postponing it would mean that her lawyers will do the best they can to find ways (and people) to help her. Whatever news from now won’t be ‘good news’,either a new jury or a plea deal.Which brings me to my next point:the plea deal. I’ve repeatedly said and you guys all know that I am totally against a plea deal,because it is likely that it will deprive her of her appeal rights which is a NO NO!!
    I am not of course in Jodi’s shoes and I cant even begin to imagine what is going on through her mind,but Im afraid she is not in the best place right now to understand all that her decisioc will entail.There are people suggesting that since she is in Solitary Confinement she may take a plea just to be out with the general population..I dont know,frankly what’s best for her. Jodi and Jodi only does. All I know is that this case reeks of prosecutorial misconduct,perjury,total disregard of the ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ factor and unanswered questions and it would be a pity if Jodi didnt decide to keep on FIGHTING! She is a Survivor and she should keep on proving that!

  6. I am not taking sides because I havent followed the Zimmerman trial but how ironic! Beth Karas tweeted this regarding Zimmerman’s verdict:
    ” Beth Karas ‏@BethKaras 20h
    No surprise that it’s not guilty. A very difficult case for the state to prove. Too many questions. Evidence not clear cut. ”

    But just so we’re clear,you are still sticking to your opinion right? Jodi is a psychopathic,cold blooded murder, her case was a piece of cake,there were NO questions and apparently the State proved its case BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. And all the evidence did NOT point to self defense,right?
    Phewww…thank God you you got it right.Not!

    To quote Mulder and Scully from the X-Files : Sure….Fine…Whatever…
    You should be ashamed of yourself Mrs Karas!

    • Hallelujah maria!
      The hypocrites have begun to crawl out of the woodwork.

      I’m sure glad there are people like Beth Karas out there who abuse their position in society. (sarcasm)
      The worst of course would be that thing called Nancy Grace – demanding the death of Jodi as if she’s the grim reaper or some shit.
      Its absolutely sickening, frightening, and unfortunate.

      Who in their right mind could look up to these people?

      • ( *murderer to correct my typo LOL)

        Nancy Disgrace doesnt even belong to the human taxonomy so we’re wasting our time talking about her LOL 🙂

    • Hi Maria! (Replied to your post on the previous page :))
      Why is BK back? Wasn’t she canned by HLN? On the Zimm. case, HLN surprisingly handled it much more decently than they did the JA case in which their real, ugly selves reared its head and stayed up. Perhaps, it was the nature of the Zimm. case with the racial queries, etc or the backlash from many who were correctly astounded by their vicious, mean, unfair and mostly outright lying, incendiary statements. Either way, they seemed different in how they presented the details and debated the issues. JA should have had a few ‘Mr. Taffee’s’ fighting with the media for her. There was mostly no one to take up her case or were not even given a chance to be on. Thank God for G. Searcy at least standing up to them.

      BTW, SJ incredibly funny, that Religion Chart! 🙂 I’m with the boring crowd…

  7. Well, I am Christian although it sent me toward the wiccan direction. Go figure. Surely far from Mormon! I am and continuing my prayers for Jodi. I am hoping for a miracle because I think it might be the only way for her to get freedom. It all doesn’t say much for the legal system in AZ. Love to Jodi.

  8. Back from the beach. Had a wonderful long swim and looks like I’ll be heading out there again tomorrow. Supposed to be 32 degrees tomorrow. I work a night shift tomorrow night but I don’t want to miss a great beach day, they are too few and far between.

    Looks like I’m just a plain, boring, Christian. I’m ok with that although I find other religions fascinating. I took a religious studies course a couple of years ago and found it extremely interesting.

    Maria I agree with you, I don’t want to see Jodi take a plea and lose her chance for appeal. But like you, I agree that it’s Jodi who’s in jail and only she can decide what she’s able to continue to do. She doesn’t seem like the type to give up though.

  9. So If Pickles decides on a karaoke competition I bet JM will sing this little tune by Nickleback

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    In the VIP with the movie stars
    Every good gold digger’s
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    Every Playboy bunny
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    And we’ll hide out in the private rooms
    With the latest dictionary
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  10. So many things are running through my mind. I promise not to go on as a boring preacher.

    1) I want to thank SD for the HUG. It was much needed.

    2) I did not follow Zimerrman Case. I was aware of it and friends of mine that did follow it brought up a few points to me. I did find it strange, because we are a diversified nation, that the jury was made up of 6 caucasion women.
    I heard comments from both sides over the few weeks of the trial. I mean, my friends just commenting briefly socialy. Television, I purposely shut off HLN. But sometimes you would hear something on regular television. I didn’t commit to wanting him innocent or guilty. But I idid have an idea of why this killing happened outside of a raciel issue. I am not saying it didn’t have a racial component. Of course there was a racial component.
    Yesterday, late in the evening, est we hear across the television that the verdict has come in. The whole Not Guilty verdict happens fast. Then the television goes off.
    Later, my friend that always calls me late, does just that. She has been following Zimerrman Trial and is ready to discuss. I understand.
    Some where in the middle of the conversation my friend tells me that the Zimerrman guy that was on Trial, well his father is a Judge.
    I don’t know how true this is. But it would make a lot of sense. Jodi’s parents have no connections at that level. If this is true and even if it isn’t, God Bless Travon’s parents for standing up and going to Trial, for their son with such dignity. Travon’s family stood. They knew something was wrong with that situation. Win or lose, they were going to court for their son.

    • Now we have Jodi’s Status hearing. At this point, we want a trial continued until January. Plus Kermi & Wilmont want to Vacate this new jury who is for the second time vote for a DP. It is impossible for Jodi to get an untainted Jury pool. But here is where there is total misconduct that happens with Jodi. No plea deal. The Appeals have to start and she needs a new trial from the start.
      Martinez wants Jodi murdered. He will even push the injections and use it as a photo op. Even though he has done all his work as a big lie. Even that Montgomery guy believes they are still going for the second jury and the second jury to vote on the Death Penalty. He sees the defence as going through the motions because that is the defences job. But Montgomery said in an interview and in a paper that the defences paperwork for Vacating won’t mean a thing. Ugh!

        • geebee2,
          Jodi does need to be released. geebee2, what appeal process do we need for Jodi getting released? I want to know exactly. Her appeal process needs working on now! Where do I start?

          • Marianne, she can appeal the jury’s verdict after everything has been done in the lower court. She has been convicted as of now, but not sentenced, because there wasn’t a unanimous verdict in the penalty phase of her trial. Here in my state, if the jury can’t agree unanimously in the sentencing phase, then the Judge takes over. Arizona, however doesn’t operate that way.

            If she receives a death sentence, her appeal rights are automatically insured. You might be interested in reading a blog that I follow on WordPress. It’s “Struggling to Breathe” and its author is Cindy Adcock.

      • Agree Marianne,well said!

        (Not trying to be a pain in the a$$ but it’s Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott , Kermit is Juan Martinez’ nickname around here LOL)

        • Thank you Maria. I hope I get those K names strait. May have to stick to real names Kirk and Juan. Important people know who I am speaking of.

        • I did say I didn’t watch the trial. What I heard was 6 white woman when trial started. A friend of mine last night said 5 white women and 1 african american. Rachel is saying it could have been one black or hispanic.
          Thank you Rachel 🙂

  11. Good evening everyone. I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday (or Monday if you’re out of the time zone :).

    The Zimmerman trial has actually given me a lot of hope for Jodi. When you follow a trial like we all followed Jodi’ s there’s a feeling that it’s much more widespread than it is. The media seems to be everywhere and you feel there is no one in the country who is untouched or hasn’t heard the details.

    I of course have heard about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman but I did not follow the trial. I did watch the news reports except last night when Zimmerman was found not guilty. I can’t even tell you who is lawyer is and if I saw any pictures of people involved other than Trayvon and George I couldn’t tell you who they are or whos side theyre on.

    I say this because as racially charged as this trial was, it still didnt reach every single person in a meaningful way. I am going back right now to educate myself on it as I’m sure many other people are doing. This give me hope that a jury can be found for Jodi’s sentencing phase who have not been tainted by media. If the Zimmerman trial which is probably way bigger than the Arias trial can’t reach everyone, then that mean the Arias trial probably didn’t and there will be big pockets of people who are not aware of the case.

    Last night I watched Lock Up Maricopa County and it showed two episodes from 2010 of prisoners in Jodi’s jail (not estrella, but the jail system). The girls especially seem to have so much more freedom and seem to be more social and having a good time as you can have in jail. It gave me hope that at least Jodi’s last 5 years weren’t spent in absolutely deplorable conditions and there was some humanity and some kind people she could connect with. Birds of a feather flock together and I’m sure she found other women who were kind and compassionate who were in for minor crimes. They showed some of the hustlers but Jodi would be too smart to hang around with them and she would know to hang with her own kind.

    • True, but what about the fact that she wasn’t even given three meals a day? That doesn’t sound very humane to me… 🙁 I hate that she had to celebrate another birthday in jail. God love her!

    • Hey cindney, yes I know there are people that haven’t heard of Jodi Arias. My sister and brother only know about the case because I talk to them about it. So yes, they can still find people that aren’t familiar with the BS lies the media have put out.

    • Hi cindney, I’m starting to think it doesn’t matter if people have seen it in the media or not, it’s the sequestration that makes them take their duty as a jury more seriously. Without sequestration, the jurors don’t have any motivation to stick to their instructions, because the courts have not established a strict tone for the trial. Jodi’s trial was a farce from beginning to end, because the judge was too lenient and winged everything that landed on her desk. No sequestration, media is allowed to roll tape 24/7 in and out of the courthouse, people were allowed to act the fool in the gallery, and she didn’t do a damn thing about Martinez’ hyperaggressive tactics.

      Had she – Judge Sherry – set the tone from day one that Jodi’s trial was to be taken as seriously as the death penalty that was on the table, I think we’d have a far different outcome. But because she just didn’t give a shit, proper justice couldn’t happen.

      • Yes, Jodi’s case has begun to make me question whether it is ever ethical for *any* trial to be filmed at all….

  12. Marianne George Zimmerman had over $300,000 for lawyers, witnesses to be flown out and put up in nice hotels, document searches, interviews etc. Jodi had none of that. I think Nurmi and Wilmott were fine lawyers but if she could have hired someone who had something to lose they may have dug up better witnesses and testimony. There were so many times I wondered why Nurmi and Wilmott didnt raise questions or fight about certain key evidences and then later it was found that that was the stuff that decided the jurers. Money goes a long way in a not guilty verdict and from what I have seen with Zimmerman he was guilty of his charge but part of why he got off is his team was way better than the prosecution team. His prosecution team was lazy and didnt seem to want to prosecute in the first place they did because of the community forcing them to.

    • That chart cracked me up – I like it.
      I guess we’ll see what kind of circus acts are scheduled on Tuesday.
      Acrobats? A man who swallows swords?
      If there is a karaoke contest Jodi will kick ass, so lets hope for that option.

      So basically the hearing on Tuesday is to decide how Jodi will move foward, correct?
      I recall reading an article or something that said there will not be a plea deal on the state’s behalf, so would that mean that option is off the table or does Jodi have the option of trying to strike a plea deal?
      I thought the holier-than-thou Alexanders would only settle for Jodi’s death?

    • M.

      I thought the chart was funny too!

      I don’t offend easily and don’t actually belong to any organized religion, including Wicca, which is what the chart placed me as, so the chart had me cracking up! LOLOL!

      I will be around tomorrow, but I might not be able to watch anything live, if they even show it. I will check in when I can though.

      • I’ll be at work, so will listen/watch as best I can.
        I have a feeling like you that there wont be much to see.
        Judges Chambers as usual?
        Guess we’ll see.

        I’ll be around, so hope to hear from you.
        Again, hope things are well.
        Glad you’re still able to pop in – wouldnt be near as fun without you!

  13. Atheist
    I wish I was insanely rich though, I could be a scientologist. I guess God wants me to be an atheist. ))))))
    Anyway, want to send my regards to Jodi! Hope she’s doing OK.

    I don’t like the idea of a plea, because it means life without parole and she loses her right to file appeals.
    I think the best strategy would be rejecting the plea offer and taking chances with another jury – there’s a good chance they will hang or vote against the DP. In which case she will retain her right to appeal, and the judge could be lenient and give her 25 to life.

    • Omfg, Alexey – you made me laugh out loud there.

      If there is the option of a plea, I totally agree with you.
      Jodi should reject the plea and forge onward to a new trial.
      I absolutely do not like the idea of Jodi not being able to appeal this fuckery.

      Tuesday cant come soon enough.
      Wonder if the majority of the hearing will be in the judges chambers again?

      • Yes it will be like last time. Most of it will be held behind closed doors.At least we’ll get to see Jodi’s sweet face again 🙂

    • Shoot! I just realized I accidentally reverted back to JM. LOL Sorry about that. It’s been a long day and I need to get to bed soon. G’night!

    • Nice post Jeff! As always ♥
      I’m not gonna analyze what makes women like Travis’ character. I’ve grown SICK of reading anything that relates to TA! Enough with him!! He was a scumbag and I’m not afraid to voice my opinion!Period.
      3 words stick out in your post “bad boy groupies” .
      And that’s that.

    • I read your post JM, but commented on the wrong spot. I loved the part that you said, “Perhaps some of these women are having flashbacks to their teenage years when they were thin and screaming for the New Kids On The Block at one of their concerts” That is SOOOOOOOO TRUE!!!!! LMAO

    • Good Post! Didn’t like the haters. It is sad that so many people refuse to see the truth for what it is. Jodi is only guilty of self-defense from an abuser. She has suffered enough. Thank you for supporting her. It is so sad that many are being misled. The whole trial was a nightmare!!! Ugh! Free Jodi!

      • YES! To quote Brigitte Bardot when asked if she was offended by being labeled ” Sex Kitten” She replied “Oh I adore being “Sex Kitten!” She said this with a breathy, French accent. Back in the early 60’s this was considered an outrageous response! They thought they were insulting her with the label and she turned it around on them and became even more famous for being a self proclaimed “Sex Kitten”. Purrr Meow, Love ya Marrianne! xoxoxo Jesse

  14. I guess I’m a Christian with Wiccan leanings (I do have a thing for black cats) LOL. I keep playing the lottery if I win I will get Jodi the best team of lawyers money can buy!
    Good morning all Happy Monday.

    Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

  15. I have been getting a bit muddled with dates…

    Tomorrow, Tuesday 15, they are deciding whether and when to continue to try to kill Jodi.

    Then on Thursday 17, they decide whether and when to continue to try to kill Debra.

    The good news is that I am pretty sure what happened to Debra, it all makes perfect sense, nobody seems to have figured it out before ( at least not in public ).

    I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. How will we find out? Is it in open court? Anybody going to be there?

      • Right – I really hope she will be a powerful voice for Jodi in due course.

        She has been pretty brave refusing a plea bargain… that takes real guts.

        I mean you are locked up on death row for 20 years and someone says you can go home now if you admit guilt, and she says no, I will not admit any guilt, try and kill me if you can.

    • Tomorrow is the 16th right? LOL!
      I too am worried about what will happen tomorrow.Are they gonna allow cameras? I pray they will; I wanna see (((Jodi)))

    • Thanks JM, loved it!

      Perhaps some of these women are having flashbacks to their teenage years when they were thin and screaming for the New Kids On The Block at one of their concert……. HAHAHAAHAAAA SO TRUE!!!!!!

      • Oh LC. I haven’t watched this yet. But please don’t tell me the hatred over Jodi and the internet, media love for Travis is due to Fat older women. Instead of putting all the energy toward Travis they need to exercise and eat healthier. Travis was a very mentally unhealthy human being.

  16. Hello everyone!!!! Well I guess I’m a Boring Generic Christian (no comment about that). LOL

    How’s everybody doing??? I miss you all and I read about Renee. How sad : (( I will miss her too. I don’t have her email. If anyone talks to her, let her know that I’m sending her (((((((((((XOXOXOXOXO))))))))))))

    I don’t know what to think about tomorrows hearing. I’m nervous and don’t know if its best for Jodi to take a plea deal or not (if its offered). Well, we shall wait and see. Im sure NOT looking forward on seeing Martinez shrimpass, uuuuggggghhhhh!!!!!

    • (((((((((LC)))))))))
      We missed you,girl! No, a plea deal is NOT a good option if it means she would have to waiver her right to appeal. It’s a NO,NO! Of course it is totally up to Jodi to decide nad we will stand by her no matter what she chooses or how things turn out.

  17. This is totally unfair.
    George Zimmerman gets away with murder and claims self defense, yet our Jodi is denied that same self defense and from a 200 pound pig, soldemized, rapist and women beater at that..

    Travis was no saint and got what he desirved my opinion.
    He attacked her first, yet no one see it.

    Something else people seem to forget is that this event happened over 4 years ago when Jodi was a teenager stuck in an abusive relationship and after, manipulated and threatened by dectectives at her arrest with out counsel representation.

    Self Defense is NOT premeditated.

    The jury got it wrong.
    The prosecutor needs to be slapped with a law suit for verbal assult and abuse.
    The judge needs to be removed for cover-up and siding with the Mormons on the jury.
    The sheriff’s office charged with inmate abuse.

    The entire case is corrupt and stinks of abuse.
    Wake up people. Abuse of accused cannot be allowed no matter what the verdict.
    Its wrong.

    Time to write some more letters to higher authority.

    Dr John

  18. I finally received a postcard back from Jodi in reply to one I sent. It was very well-worded and not just a short automatic response. If I could see the future I would ask her to hold out for an appeal and to not accept a plea deal…both were mentioned in her reply. The world is full of people who are unkind and ugly on the inside. Jodi is not one of them. She is a beautiful person. However I can’t say the same for JM and his followers or for TA’s family. They don’t seem to realize that cold, unwarranted, harsh, vulgar hatred shows on the outside.

      • It was a postcard with a humorous photo of inmates on it that said Hello from AZ. It shows she still has a sense of humor. She wrote very small and filled it up with words. I want her to be free!! I wish I could send an actual letter.

        • Gwen, I’m so happy for you to have heard from Jodi, I got a letter from her a few days ago it was like Christmas in July. If you’re like me I felt like a 5 year old on Christmas morning seeing that brand new bike under the tree when I saw that letter in the mail box!! WOOOHOOO!!!!

          Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

        • So can I send her an actual letter instead of a postcard? I had read I could just send a plain white postcard which I did but I wanted to be able to write a long letter. I am very happy to have heard back and I am inspired to try to do a little more for her. To any moderators reading this, do these money donations go to her prison account? Anyways how can life be so cruel. There are so many people walking free that have committed horrendous crimes in cold blood and this wonderful intelligent young woman is being punished to the nth degree for self preservation. Stay strong Jodi! Surely justice will finally prevail!

          • You can only send postcards. She replied to me with a letter. I usually just send a couple postcards for longer “letters” and label them with the date and 1 and 2.
            I believe the money goes to her family, but you can also put money directly on her books through the sheriff’s website (I think). MB, JC, or SJ probably know more about that.

    • Gwen, I am so so happy for you!!!! You are a true supporter so I know how much it means to you to hear from our Jodi! She is indeed very eloquent and judging by her diary entries she has a knack for words.

    • Gwen I’m so happy for you! I sent her a birthday postcard last week with a picture of her former hometown of Salinas. Even though she hadn’t lived there in a while I thought just seeing a picture of ‘home’ might make her remember happier times. I know it is selfish for me to hope she writes back, because it was a birthday card and I shouldn’t expect anything, it was my gift to her, but if she does write back it would be so awesome! It’s so sweet she takes the time to respond to her supporters you know those horrible Travis siblings never even thought to thank their supporters if they even know how to write.

  19. Did you know God has a Twitter account (@TheTweetofGod)? He has 852,548 followers, including me. He’s the only God I’ve ever followed. He has a wonderful sense of humor, too.

  20. I would like to be part of the discussions but my comments are always left waiting to be moderated. Could someone please ok my comments so I can discuss. Thank you!

  21. I hope everything goes well for Jodi tomorrow hope she doesn’t take a plea, that means no appeal and I think there is plenty to appeal.

    Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

  22. Good evening, everyone! I wanted to let you all know that I received a letter from Jodi today! 🙂 I will post what she wrote in the letter on my blog in a few minutes. Thoughts & prayers go out to her & her family for tomorrow.

  23. Hey guys, I haven’t been on in awhile, been busy, just wanted to tell you guys a got mybpost card back from JODI!!! I’m soooo happy, but it saddens me sooo much as well…

  24. I walked the Chart path. I guess I am a boring Christian. I am not perfect and have many faults.

    I may “walk through the valley the shadow of death”, I still have a big heart and concern for all people, especially the ones that are oppressed.

  25. Get to know

    Jodi Arias
    About me

    Gender Female
    Location Yreka, CA, United States
    Interests Adventure, Affiliate Programs, Agency, Alchemy, Angels, Animals, Art, Astral Projection, Astrology, Beauty, Books, Camping, Capitalism, Charity, Chocolate, Cinnabon, Coast to Coast AM, Co-Creation, Consciousness, Conspiracy Theories, Creation, Crop Circles, Crystals, Culinary, Dead Sea Scrolls, Doctrine, Drawing, Earth, Education, Energy, Entrepreneurialism, Eternal Progression, Evolution, Exploration, Faith, Family, Feng Shui, Finance, Flowers, Football, Free Enterprise, Geneology, God, Golden Rule, Gospel of Jesus Christ, Hiking, History, Humanity, Humor, Jamba Juice, Justice, Kindness, Kung Fu Movies, Labyrinths, Law of Attraction, Life, Love, Lucid Dreaming, Massages, Master Mind, Meditation, Meta-physics, Miracles, Mixed Martial Arts, Moon, Muscles, Music, Musicals, Mythology, Nature, NDEs, New Age, Numismatics, OBEs, Opera, Outdoors, Painting, Pathworking, PDAs, People, Personal Development, Photography, Poetry, Psychology, Pyramids, Quantum Physics, Reading, Real Estate, Relaxation, Remote Viewing, Revelation, Road Trips, Roasted Marshmallows, Skydiving, Spanish, Spirituality, Star Gazing, Sunrises, Sunsets, Telepathy, Temple, Ten Commandments, Traveling, Train Rides, Truth, Universe, Visualization, Vocabulary, Water Crystals, Word of Wisdom
    Favorite Movies Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Anchorman, Braveheart, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Color Purple, Crash, The Count of Monte Cristo, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Down With Love, Dumb and Dumber, Edward Scissorhands, The Emperor’s New Groove, The Fifth Element, Forest Gump, House of Flying Daggers, Ice Age, Independence Day, Legends of the Fall, The Lion King, Memoirs of a Geisha, Mission to Mars, The Notebook, O Brother Where Art Thou?, The One, Shallow Hal, Shanghai Noon, Sleepy Hollow, Soul Plane, The Secret, The Truman Show, What Dreams May Come
    Favorite Music I LOVE MUSIC – almost every genre ever created. In fact, my musical tastes are so wide and varied that it would be easier to list what I don’t listen to: Metal. I have nothing against it, it just doesn’t jive with me. Many rap artists are brilliant poets, and I’m all for it in the absence of profanity and degradation of women (no, I’m not a feminist). Some country music, not all, reminds me of depression and poverty, but that can be said of any music, really. So, with respect to these short and simple guidelines, I view the rest of the music world as my melodious playground.
    Favorite Books Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, The Four Agreements, The Mastery of Love, The Road Less Traveled, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cashflow Quadrant, The Mists of Avalon, The Richest Man in Babylon, Think and Grow Rich, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Power vs. Force, Eat That Frog, As A Man Thinketh, The Isaiah Effect, 1000 Places to See Before You Die, The Bible, The Book of Mormon
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  26. Hey, I am a new follower and wanted to just say that I praying Jodi gets good news tomorrow. She must be offered a fair trial (an appeal) because this last trial was a joke. It just shows how the media can dictate what they want the public to hear and know. Jodi was railroaded and given no chance. Maybe the defense team from the Zimmerman case will take her appeal and bring her the freedom she deserves.

  27. I didn’t fit anywhere in the chart because I’m agnostic. 😛 But it sure was funny all the same.

    But on a more serious matter…

    In the wake of Zimmerman’s verdict, it is clear to me that my country is going down a path I cannot follow.

    I refuse to accept that BURNING A FLAG or beating people in the street is ever an appropriate response to being disappointed by the justice system.

    I am absolutely DISGUSTED by this. Putting women to death for defying their abusers, burning flags, and beating people in the street as “protest” were once only seen in fundamentalist countries. Now they are here. This would be a wake up call, if we weren’t so collectively DENSE that we can’t be bothered to answer the Clue Phone that is ringing off the fucking hook.

    Am I the only one whose been paying attention to hate crimes against Latinos for the past ten years? I’m starting to think so because the rest of the nation seems clueless.

    It looks like ice fishing in remote Northern Europe is still on the table. I’d rather face a howling blizzard with no candy bars in stock than another trial-by-media in the “land of the free and home of the brave” where roving packs of assholes just start pounding on people because they didn’t get their way.

    • Oh wow MB. I didn’t see that in the news…


      just crazy.

      I wish all those people would realize that even if they don’t like the verdict, and, even if the verdict is “wrong”, that justice will be served after Zimmerman dies. It doesn’t matter our opinion, it only matters in the afterlife and we humans ARE NOT in charge of that.

  28. I hope everything goes well today for Jodi, thinking and praying for her often. Also it was pretty Awsome when I recieved a letter from her a couple days ago,she’s good with words her intellect really shines thru, Jodi, stay Strong & Keep the faith

  29. Hi all:

    Been a way for awhile and I am sitting here watching CNN to see what Judge Pickles had to say……..well I just saw the outcome. Pickles stated the retrial phase is tentatively scheduled for sometime in September, but would not set a firm date, do to quite a number of issues still outstanding.

    I say keep tying up the courts and demand a biased mistrial!!!!!

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