Jodi’s Status Hearing scheduled for later today

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*** UPDATE: Hearing rescheduled for July 18th ***

With Jodi’s Status Hearing scheduled for later today (in judge Pickles’ chambers), here’s the current take from Fox 10’s resident clueless POS Troy Hayden and 2 talking heads:

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“We should find out more Thursday about how the retrial of the Jodi Arias penalty phase will move forward.

A status hearing is scheduled so the judge can hear from the attorneys about their progress.

The retrial is scheduled for July 18, but defense attorneys say they need until January to prepare their case.

Here’s what our legal experts are telling us about what could happen.

“The judge will probably bump it out maybe a month or six weeks but not six months. the other thing that’s going to happen, the defense is going to talk about the need to protect witnesses,” says Brian Foster, one of our legal experts.

“They’ve given no indication whatsoever, either Bill Montgomery or Juan Martinez, that they are not going to go after the death penalty, they’ve given no hems or haws or anything like that at all,” says Monica Lindstrom, our other legal expert.

Opinions are divided on what will happen. Monica Lindstrom thinks there will be a retrial of the penalty phase. Brian Foster told us he thinks they’ll reach a plea deal.”

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Although not connected to today’s post, I’m taking this opportunity to pay my respects to “Tony Soprano” (James Gandolfini), who passed away yesterday aged 51.

On-screen and off-screen, you were an inspiration to millions.
You will be sadly missed. RIP.

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  1. RIP James Gandolfini 🙁

    I sure wish they would make up their minds so that she can get sentenced and the appeals process can start. Can it officially start without sentencing?

    • I don t believe there can be an appeal before sentencing.

      Witness intimidation is a major issue, it should have been addressed weeks ago. One way
      to handle this situation is not to televise the trial. This will not happen, there is too much interest
      and HLN is making too much money.If there is a case that is ripe for appeal, it would be this one.
      How can we have a fair justice system when witnesses are being intimidated? It does not seem
      that the judge cares. All they want to do is kill Jodi

      • They referred to Jodi as a media hound when she gave her interviews, but HLN’s site now boasts 1065+ related stories on Jodi. I hate them so much.

        • IMO, Jodi needed to give interviews to the media just so people could see that she was not the monster HLN made her out to be. On the other hand HLN did it for the ratings and the money. Now who is the hound???? Just asking.

  2. Good Morning All! Did any body see Doc Spew saying that they had done a lot of speculation about Jodi and how they got it right. Seems as though some of the HLN clowns are being careful about what they say. Would like to see some of these A’holes get sued.

    • I agree tim, they are trying to wiggle out of responsibility for everything they’ve done to Jodi.

      And no, they did not “get it right,” unless they mean that they were able to incite enough public outrage and influence the jury to elicit the verdict they wanted. In that case, they are guilty as hell for swaying the jury.

      I’ve been doing some research on slander and libel, and it turns out that just because Jodi is a public figure does NOT mean that they can sit, tell lies, and ruin her reputation without repercussions. There’s no proof that she is a stalker, or that she hacked into his emails or accounts, slept around, or abused Travis at all; and they repeated those lies for MONTHS until Jodi was convicted of M1.

      Now in order for a public figure – even a temporary public figure – to sue for slander or libel, they have to be able to prove malice, or a malicious intent to ruin her reputation. I don’t think that’ll be too hard to do considering all the footage HLN/CNN has of their talking heads and “expert guests” slamming Jodi cruelly every damn day, every chance they could get.

      I hope a bold attorney looking to make a name for themselves stands up and takes Jodi’s case. Even if Jodi doesn’t get money out of the suit; it’d be fantastic to see HLN apologize for the horrible things they have done.

      • Thanks MB, keep up the good work. It is just hard for me not to be able to do more. I have two daughters I love very much, and Jodi reminds me of my youngest who is now 36. I can’t get out of my mind the look on Jodi’s face when the jurors came back with no decision. And to make it worse HLN clowns saying Jodi smiled when the decision was read. I saw no smile only hurt and sorrow. “Oh I know why I didn’t see it’s because I’m blind with love and lust for Jodi.” I’m so tired of hearing that s/// from the haters and HLN goons, it makes me sick. Oh well had to vent. I hope Jodi is doing well. I’m a little pissed at her father for not standing up for Jodi more. When he said that Jodi was a strange person in the interview with Flores that kind of floored me. MB thinks again for your steadfastness in this matter.

      • I agree, the fact that HLN says there are 1065 related news articles on Jodi, there has GOT to be some footage of something libelous. I hope she sues their arse off and I hope that it doesn’t end up in the pocket of TA’s family if they sue for wrongful death. They’ve gotten their pockets full enough over this fiasco.

      • This is one suit, but I remember that Stern’s lawyer threatened In Session and HLN for slander and they stopped quick.
        I can’t find it, but but, it was during the trial in Banama, SO it can be done for Jodi and SHOULD be.

        “Journalist Rita Cosby alleged in the book Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith’s Death, released on September 4, 2007, that Smith’s nannies revealed that a sex tape existed of Howard K. Stern and former rival Larry Birkhead engaged in a homosexual relationship. However, a lawyer for the nannies threatened to file suit, claiming that the nannies never spoke about such an encounter between Stern and Birkhead.[25] After Stern filed a $60-million libel suit against Cosby and her publisher in October 2007,[26] a spokesperson for the nannies claimed that Cosby offered bribes in an unsuccessful attempt to contact the nannies.[27]”

          • UGH! MB,

            Yeah, I don’t know who is the worst. smh
            Maybe all of them will get sued. It will happen soon
            They should..
            I think it wil be large enough to shut the hate channel down.
            Guess I’ll go to bed and dream about i. : )

            BTW, Banama, Just noticed. lol
            My new keyboard, I guess I’ve had it for 6 months and still make mistakes.
            The keys are almost flat to the board! I JUST hate when that happens. : )

            I’ll keep looking for the article about In Session and HLN had been talking about Stern, his lawyer got in touch with them and promised a suit if they didn’t stop. THEY DID!
            I wish they could have done that for Jodi.

  3. This is the case that will never end. I feel for everyone involved, firstly for Jodi an her family and then everyone else. There needs to be some sort of closure which feels as if it may never come. The Alexander family, as full of fermenting hatred as they are will surely never find peace. Not even if Jodi were sentenced to death. However, once the chaos and at least daily mentioning of this case dies down, they will still have to live with themselves.. A feat not easily accomplished since they will no longer be able to grasp the media induced “support” system they thought they found in strangers, they will be all alone again to deal with themselves.

  4. Stupid iPhone edited my name so it came up Wondering why and supposed to it being joined and now my last comment is awaiting moderation! Poop! Good morning team Jodi…..

  5. This is from ABC News:

    At least three jurors who convicted Jodi Arias of murder, but could not agree if she deserved the death penalty, are expected to attend a status hearing about the retrial schedule later this morning.

    Isn’t this status hearing suppose to be in chambers? So why are these jurors yapping about attending. I first heard this from Drew & the Harem because he was bragging about having them on tonight.

    btw good a.m. 🙂

    • So they don’t want to give up the lime light. They made the wrong call on M1 and the right call on death penalty. Time to move on for them.

      • Jeff – You are so right! These three famewhores need to get a life. Their lousy 15 minutes of fame is long, long over! OVER! They really grate my nerves!

    • The ER nurse and Tara are two of them. What I have heard is that some of it will be in open court, with cameras there but no live feed and that a lot of it will happen in chambers.

      • That Tara chick drives me bonkers. Her bias is so blatant and she doesn’t even attempt to hide it she’s proud of it. And the ER Nurse is not much better she’s another bleeding heart for the Alexander family.

        • I find it really disturbing that she was even an alternate with her speaking for the Alexander family as if she is one of the clan . She was the juror who had the majority of snarky, sarcastic questions.

          • Yes she boasted to Drew & the Harem about her snotty ass questions and she also bragged about having this stare down with Jodi. The whole thing is completely inappropriate this woman had no business being on that Jury.

            And she’s beyond milking this 15 minutes.

            • Their relationship with the family shows huge bias. Tara refers to them as friends and they were getting hugs and going for breakfast with the aunt. Something is rotten in the state of Arizona.

                • They didn’t mention Travis’s aunt by name, but it was in the interview with Dr. Drew when Tara was talking about Jodi locking eyes with her. Tara talked about sitting with the friends, and juror 6 got a hug from the aunt and they had all gone for breakfast together. I believe they were sitting with the family at the hearing. Jodi and Nurmi both watched the jurors very carefully to figure out who was asking what questions during the trial. Since it was she who had the snide and cruel questions, it would follow that they would be watching her.

  6. Hi everyone, hope you all are well, has Renee been back? Anyhow, hope that everything works out well for Jodi today, hope, hope, hope

  7. FYI


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    IT IS A 3 PAGE ARTICLE ie click through the other two pages if you’re interested

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  8. News is reporting that Judge Pickles has decided not to decide today on the next steps in the trial. Typical. Trying to look independent while Juan tugs at her robes must be tough on her.

  9. Good evening to everyone.

    It was very sad to hear that the very talented James Gandolfini passed away at such a young age. May he rest in peace.

    As for the hearing today, unfortunately I think that Pickles will not grant our defence team the time they have requested.
    I do not know where to go (on the internet) to listen to the latest news concerning the hearing so it would be highly appreciated if whoever hears anything to be kind enough to post.


  10. Huff Po is reporting that it’s over and done already.

    Jodi arrived in shackles.

    Attorneys met in chambers.

    Hearing rescheduled for July 18.

    No arguments heard in court.


    • There is video footage of Jodi on azcentral website. While it sucks to see her in stripes and shackles, IMO she looked good. She seemed relaxed and at peace. She held her head high in true Jodi fashion. It did my heart good just to see her. I was worried she would look horrible. She was not doing so great toward the end of the trial but she seems better in this video.

      • tnlucy, thanks.
        I am happy to hear that she seemed relaxed and at peace.
        Jodi must remain optimistic because nothing is over and imo everything will turn out in her advance.

      • I’d like to think that those heavily armored sheriff guards are doing it for Jodi’s protection. As opposed to them thinking she may turn into a ninja and fly around the room taking everyone out.

        • I agree, Jeff.

          Much like the extra security swarming the courtroom and the courthouse in the run-up to what was supposedly just another jury question was there because they were concerned for the safety of the jury.

          (that’s when I knew they weren’t returning a DP – just didn’t know they weren’t returning a sentence recommendation at all)

          • The ways those deputies were comporting themselves reminded me of the Matt Damon line from “The Departed”

            “You like coming to work dressed like you’re going to invade Poland.”

            I know, I know, they need the security, its just what came to mind.

        • It is ridiculous but I can tell you that the procedures for inmates do not vary. They treat men and women the same. She will be in shackles unless there is a jury present since that would possible sway a jury. While I do not agree that Jodi is a threat I do have to say that I can understand and respect their handling of prisoners outside the jail. Because I have close friends in LE I know that you cannot assume someone is not a threat. That will get you killed. And while I do not agree with the sentence….Jodi is convicted of 1st degree murder and therefor the officers must treat her at the same risk level they would treat anyone. Kills me to see her that way.

        • hit “post” too soon

          You’d think someone would make the tiny leap of judgement to realize that, if extra security is needed to protect the defendant and the jury, they might be facing a pretty biased pool of potential jurors.

      • Some reporter made a deal that she wasn’t wearing her glasses today. She has her hands in shackles and she can’t read with them on. So, she had to make a choice to read rather than see distance.

  11. I think Jodi looked to be at peace. I was happy to see her hold her head high. There is dignity and humanity within her.
    All of you should be commended for helping to keep her spirits and morale up. May God bless each and every one of you. You all have given me back my faith in humanity. Your kindness and compassion is precious in a world that seems so corrupt and cruel.
    Blessed are the merciful for they shall be shown mercy. A quote from the bible likely from Jesus himself.

    • I found this on line. I think how Jesus used mercy describes perfectly the folks on this site. Whether you are Christian or not is irrelevant. You have risen about the rest to support Jodi.

      “Now the word mercy, among the Jews, those who would have heard Jesus speaks these words, they would have thought of two things: the pardon of injuries and the practice of giving money to handicap people (the blind, the lame, the needy) which is called almsgiving. Jesus however used mercy in the sense of having pain of heart. That something so grabs and tugs at your heart, that you have no choice but to get involved by showing love, forgiveness, grace, and compassion. A merciful man enters into the miseries of his or her neighbor, and feels for them.”

      • Hi Jeff,
        I completely agree with you regarding the haters out there.
        Thank you so much for your input. I found what you had to say inspiring , intelligent and deep.

  12. I’ve drank a strawberry frappuccino for two days in a row now in honor of Jodi 🙂
    They are delicious! Here’s to a successful retrial and someday freedom!

  13. So the hearing is rescheduled until the date that the original retry of the penalty phase was supposed to take place, now, did I make sense? 🙂

  14. Hey guys! Just saw the video from earlier today. I must admit I did shed some tears although I knew she´d be in shackles.It’s just so hard seeing her in that prison garb 🙁
    And all these security guards! Is it just procedure or do they think she will try and run away? Or is it done for her own security? Reading tnlucy’s post I assume it’s typical treatment for every convicted felon so why make the exception for Jodi? But knowing it doesnt make it any easier. The video I watched was probably overly dramatic but when the guy said they could actually hear the clinging sound of the shackles… :'(

    So, it’s July 18th now… Legal eagles:was Pickle’s decision expected?

        • Doing great and hope you are as well! Really miss everyone now that the trial isn’t on most days. I’m staying busy with work and summer vacations. Think of everyone often. Still hoping an appeal prevails for Jodi in the future…..hate this for her.

          • Life’s not easy here but cant complain.Jodi gives me strength, if she can make it with all this hell on her plate who am I to complain right?
            Do come over more frequently! We are here every day 🙂

    • Yes it was very hard for me to see Jodi in restraints….but she did look very well rested and looked to be in good spirits, she held her head high and even smiled a bit. Goes to show what a strong character she has. I think we all could learn from Jodi…..character and bravery she has got them in spades.

      Ray in Harrisonburg Virginia

      • I expected to see her in prison garb 🙁 and shackles since there was no jury present its still uncomfortable to see but Jodi kept her head held high. What annoys me about it is how the haters out there were revelling in her not being in street clothes and surrounded by the crew of armed guards.

        The one thing I kept reminding myself was at least she got to breathe a little fresh air even if it was just a few minutes going in and out of the courthouse. It has to be awful for her to be on that lockdown in Estrella.

  15. Well a good day, I think. With each passing day, more people may start to see sense.

    That’s why I conclude my Ground Report article with

    “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.” Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, Charles Mackay, 1841.”

    There was a comment today from an Italian who thinks Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito guilty of murder. I’m not going to respond to him.

  16. Has anyone else noticed the blue bracelet that VP is always wearing? It looks exactly like the TA bracelets online.

  17. Al and Journee,
    Regarding your previous conversasion about Horn about Flores testimony. My understanding is the defense became aware 5 days before trail that JM was going to have Horn testify about the sequence of events. Horn had not written down the sequence of events in any reports/documents stating his opinion, nor had he given sworn testimony. JM says defense was relying hearsay….Flores says “mistake”…Defense files for mistrial. IMO the defense hand was tied until Horn testified.

    This was filed about 2 days after Horn’s testimony. (30 pages)

      • Horn’s perjury should be the first thing to be addressed during appeals!! (sorry I dont know the legal lingo)

    • Oh fer-cryin’-out-loud

      If it was ‘hearsay’ for Flores to testify at the Chronis about Horn’s findings, why the hell did JM call him to do it?

        • But how can he push through the “hearsay” testimony of his one and only witness at the Chronis hearing to get his aggravator, then turn around and defend his aggravator by asserting that the defense relied on the hearsay testimony of his one and only witness?

          It’s making me dizzy!!

          I HATE that man! And every last judge he rides in on. Bunch of crooks, all of ’em.

      • Isn’t that the truth.

        I got interrupted during the interesting conversation I had going with Journee this morning. Work beckoned. So, if I may, I’d like to go back there for a bit.

        I think the theory that the defense had to do something to try get lesser includeds has huge merit. And it seems they were caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. Sticking to the intruder story was a strategy fraught with danger. There’s just one defense posture there – She didn’t do it. And coupled with that is the fact that there is just no evidence, at least from what’s been publicized (may be with the exception of the foot print) that shows the presence of any other person. There is nothing that shows that no one else was there, but if they had to stick with the SODDI defense they needed positive evidence of some other person being involved. Plus the other big issue of the intruders letting Jodi go.

        So now they shift to the she did it, but, defense. And that’s where the self defense part comes in. I guess they figured there is substantial evidence of TAs temper (head banging against walls, the tone of the emails, etc) and of abuse both verbal and otherwise, so there is merit to this scenario. There is also this huge 13 hour lapse, which has to point to some trigger for the violence, so either a violent sudden quarrel or self defense makes sense. But if you choose to present self defense, then the state has to disprove it (a real peculiarity of AZ law) and in this situation there really is no way for the state to be able to rightfully do that. There are no witnesses, there is no other evidence that says it was not self defense. I think somewhere along the line there was probably an evidentiary hearing to allow a self defense claim to be made. (Otherwise every one would make one, and the state would have to disprove it. So the burden of proof being on the state, the defense probably has to show at least prima facie justification ). In fact there are some sealed evidentiary hearings from before the trial (I found them in the minutes) that have ALV and Samuels testifying, and they may be the hearings that led to the judge allowing the self defense argument.

        So now that the self defense issue is up there, the prosecutor has to disprove it. So about the only thing the state can do is put up a case that says she lies, and so you must disregard everything she says. But he has no case for any lies during the trial until the trial starts. The only thing he could do was come up with some way of showing that her testimony during the trial contained falsehoods. But how the heck could he guarantee that before the trial began. What if he couldn’t catch her in a lie on the stand. Well there is one sure way of doing it. He probably had an idea of the sequence of events as posited by Jodi due to the evidentiary hearings. The one way he could assure some contest to her story was to make sure that there was testimony from elsewhere negating the sequence of events. There is nothing in the physical evidence that discounts her narrative. So an opinion by the ME as to the sequence of events provides him with the necessary refutation. Now of course the state too has a dilemma. What if they get caught in this issue? And I think it was a gamble. Make sure that Flores falls on his sword about the Cronis hearing and count on a death qualified jury favoring the prosecution. And hope like crazy that the defense doesn’t forcibly take Horn to the woodshed.

        Given that he had all the defense discovery he probably knew that they didn’t have an expert report saying anything about the shot sequence, and so JM went with it.

        Given the other circumstances of the trial it may not have mattered at all, but I feel the defense should have been ready with forensics experts. Not just for the gunshot sequence but also to directly show that the other physical evidence matched the story. It may not have mattered in the end, but due diligence required it. Also if JM had to negate self defense, it had to come from the physical evidence. His whole argument against Jodi’s testimony rests on two prongs – the gas cans and the shot, basically saying she lied. What if the gas cans had not become an issue? Then the only thing left for JM was something in the physical evidence or her past untruths.

        So, I don’t know where the defense was headed with this, but I think they failed to cover all bases. Again, I have no idea of what their thought process was, or whether any of this would have made a damn of a difference, but that’s just one man’s opinion.

        • “Given that he had all the defense discovery he probably knew that they didn’t have an expert report saying anything about the shot sequence, and so JM went with it.”—Exactly! How can they find an expert in this short amount of time and until they know what exactly Horn was going say regarding the sequence. Pickles had already turned them down on wanting more time…prop wouldn’t made a difference…just needed vent

        • I think that their thought process was hoping that the jury would listen to their dv expert and the neuropsychologist and their explanation of flight or flight, dv overkill, acute stress disorder and acute transient anemesia, all of which I found explained the crime scene and what happened after. But sadly the majority of the jury did not pay attention to them.

        • Al, you sum it all up for me… and the defense fell short by not being prepared with a forensics expert. Although the burden of proof is on the state, the defense team SHOULD have seen this coming since, as you state, “Then the only thing left for JM was something in the physical evidence or her past untruths.” The jury WAS a DP qualified jury, which also lead the state with the upper hand going into this trial. The defense DID try to plea out…but JM knew the odds were in his favor. He pulled a fast one and the jury disregarded the conflict between Horns autopsy report (the dura mater was not penetrated, both halves of the brain were symmetrical, etc) and his testimony. I still find it baffling that the defense did not push this point in closing as being THE major discrepancy in the state’s case and this supposed “typo” is what allowed the state to add aggravating factors and make it a DP case. That jury fell short in the logic department, IMO, and the defense fell short in pointing out the obvious.

          • I agree with you both 100%. I was waiting for a forensic expert to explain the crime scene in accordance with Jodi’s testimony. In my mind, they could have even included an animated video, acting out the sequence. The Jury really needed the crime scene explained, in detail. Richard Speight spelled it out in his “knife fight” blow by blow description…I really wish the defense had done the same. Without the physical evidence explained, the psychological testimony was easily dismissed.

            ..and I almost lost my lunch when that sleazy ME lied SO blatantly on the stand with his BS typo story…and then JW didn’t nail him on it; blew my mind.

    • Ann,

      Thank you for this link you gave us that the Defense filed concerning Horn’s Testimony and Prosecution:

      LM also gave us a link to an excellent petition he did concerning your link. I am going to leave a copy of the link here. I am also going to put it at the end of the page so others see it.

      Please read and sign this petition. Thank you. This will help out Jodi’s right to a fair trial.

    • Maria,
      Saw the video as well as that beautiful smile!
      Yes, I was very happy to see Jodi smile a couple of times. Hasn’t she cried and suffered enough? I am sure that she was happy to see familiar friendly faces that value her as a human being.
      Moreover, I was glad she didn’t give the ‘haters’ and HLN the pleasure of looking devistated!
      Bravo Jodi!

    • Very sad to see our girl in stripes and shackles. At least she looks rested and at peace. She does look to me to have lost weight, though, which is concerning.

      I’m not sure what the stink is about the glasses; Jodi needs glasses for distance vision and cannot read with them on. That is why she took the glasses on and off during the trial. She can’t that while shackled so chose not to wear them.

  18. I hope everyone is continuing to pray for Jodi and a new trial. Please don’t forget how important it is for all us to keep her in our daily prayers. Never forget. She has served enough time for protecting herself from Travis. It is so apparent . I’m sorry Travis had to die but I’m also sorry for Jodi and all the abuse she went through. What a Huge Mess! Jodi needs all the support she can get. Stay strong Jodi. 🙂

  19. I felt like someone punched me in the stomach when I saw Jodi all shackled up. Then her demeanor struck me and I was so impressed and proud of her. Head held high, her never ending sweetness shining through all the blackness around her, her mild nature, her beauty that comes from within as well as out. I wanted to cry. She reminded me of a kitten being treated like a man-eating lion. So innocent and unaware of the evil.

    It’s so frustrating to see her like this and what she must be experiencing every day and night.

    RIP James Gandolfini. You were one of the absolute greatest actors and a wonderful, down to earth human being. You will be so very missed.

    I’m sure the haters will blame Jodi for his death too.

  20. RIP James Gandolfini – one of the greats. I’m lucky to count myself among the millions of people who watched The Sopranos in real time and looked forward to seeing what Tony would do next every week.

    Stay strong, Jodi!

  21. I will admit that I do go to the other side once and while. I have have had enough of there BS. I would love to meet these people in the street. They stoop so low. yesterday comments about the family business and knives. But today the are picking on Jodies little sister. I believe that they will never be happy till Jodie, her family and all of us supporters are on death row. I lived in England for 20 years and came home only to find this country in which I protected for 16 years of my life is falling apart. We are losing our freedoms everyday, the Legal system is in trouble and I know that I have lost faith in the government. Bless Jodi I hope she gets justice.

  22. OK.

    Yes I watched some of “hln” today after work. Sometimes one has to keep their enemies close.

    Give me a break…for crying out loud…shit the bed. What crap “hln” spews.

    First Mike Galooser said earlier, “wait and see Jodi in her prison stripes at the status hearing” WTH, what do you thing she has been wearing for so long. Thanks for telling us DS, we cannot think for ourselves.

    Second, Jane VeSleeze said she smiled during her status hearing. Hell, Jane was pissed because Jodi did not flip the finger…Jodi walked with her head up high, not looking down at the turds on the ground…

    Third, Tara K. said Jodi locked eyes with her during the status hearing, as she did through the trial. Give me a break, who in the world would want to look at that (Tara). What a FameTurd. doesn’t she have a job? Make some more crap up Tara or should I say Terror…

    Fourth, Tara said the Alexander family does not want this trial pushed further out because they want to see this over and done with. Holy Moly, it was them that wanted jm to prosecute which delayed the trial to begin with it. They don’t think about that if the trail is pushed further, they will reap on their money scam. The hell with the leeches. That’s right Taliban, send in your money. They need hairstyles.

    • And yes, I am not done.

      About this whole prosecution, Taliban and the haters, I would like to repeat what the Judge said from the movie, Fried Green Tomatoes. Look it up….

    • The Alescammers want this done with? LMAO! I bet they want the exact opposite, so as to keep sucking all the money they can like the good parasites they are.Did you see Tanisha’s new holidays photos in her boat? YIKES!

      • Preach it Maria. Extending the trial only helps their numerous “funds”. So they can spare me the BS about how the family wants this over and done with so they can end their suffering. Tanisha certainly seems to be having a grand old time this Summer.

  23. Fuck those people and their constant harping about Jodi’s prison stripes!!! She looks better in that outfit than any of them in their disgusting, putrid skin sacks.

    • krikee, they had nothing else to bash. Jodi didn’t give them the pleasure. Clothes are clothes. Seriously, I hardly noticed what she was wearing, I was fixated on her face expressions and the kind aura that came from her. It was expected for Jodi to be wearing the prison uniform. What did they expect Jodi to show up with? A Dior two piece suit? They are soooo shallow.

      • Kind aura is such a nice way, and correct way, to explain it. Did you see the way she was with the guard that was leading her around…? Truly a lady. Most people would be like “F U” She had a smile and convo for her. Loved it! After all of the things this woman has had to deal with, she can still find the time to be nice and cordial….I don’t know if I could do the same thing if I was in her place…love her for it though!

    • I agree…stripes…nice blouse…she will always be one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. True beauty!

  24. Thanks for all the updates folks. Without this site I would not know what is going on. I refuse to watch any ” news media” coverage….
    Thank you for allowing me to steer clear of all the crap that is floating around.

  25. Hi all. Not sure what to make of what happened today. I am glad to see Jodi is holding her own. What is the task force links on the top of the page? Is this new? Also, I am sad to see some people are too afraid to post here anymore.


    • Me Too! Thank you one and all for your compassion and bravery in the face of haters everywhere. We, the compassionate and peaceful, must not let the haters win.

      After all, what could possibly be more pathetic and degrading than a bunch of people who spend a great deal of their time mocking and bullying complete strangers on the internet…

  27. Jodi Arias arrived in court today and the way that the media covered it, you would think that it was a fashion show on the E! television network. ABC News’s headline on the story from their website was “Jodi Arias swaps skirts for prison stripes”. Yes, she wore blouses and skirts prior to her conviction, but she’s convicted now. Did they really expect her to show up in court wearing anything other than prison stripes?

    If these people are delusional now, just wait and see how they’re going to react in a few months when the death penalty is taken off the table.

    • ” Sweetie, that date with the needle is about as likely to happen as your date with Travis Alexander.”

      HAHAHAHAHAHA, JM I had to wake up really early todayto run some errands and you just made my day, my friend!

    • Aren’t they just terrible the way they find glee in someone else’s misfortune? They have NEVER treated another inmate as shitty as they have treated Jodi. The bullying in the media is through the roof.

      Of course she’s wearing prison stripes. So what? That’s the required uniform. I didn’t intend to quote the Breakfast Club, but damn. What else is she supposed to wear? They complained when she wore conservative clothes to court, now they’re complaining she’s not wearing them anymore. Wow, just wow.

      • Did you notice, though, the suggestion that’s buried in a headline that reads, “Arias swaps skirts for prison stripes”?

        It’s been there all along in the language the media choose for her: Jodi (being such a crafty witch) takes action, and she’s always the agent; every time Jodi appears in public, she carefully creates her image. The verb “swaps” is a subtle and small thing, but it’s big, too, because it suggests that she has malignant power to make choices, even in shackles, and that she always attempting to control people and situations.

        I mean, everybody knows that she didn’t go to her walk-in closet and decide to make a statement with bold black and white stripes! Just like everybody knew that her natural brown hair and simple cut was to be expected after 5 years in jail. Yet, they still insisted she had changed her blonde bombshell look on purpose, that she had undergone a manipulative “make-under.” Ridiculous! But, it’s all in keeping with the character they’ve created.

        • Oh I agree Pique! They’ve endowed her with magical powers since day one. This was a literal witch hunt from the beginning, wasn’t it? Jodi, the evil seductress, standing trial for supposedly having power over men, anyone who felt compassion for her, and even over the jurors when they couldn’t decide on life or death. Does it matter if they parse and say manipulative or seductress, when the end result is the same – the message is that Jodi, and extension all women are to have no say or influence in anything, and if they do it is unnatural, sinister, and must be put down.

          You’re right – it doesn’t even matter that she has zero say in her wardrobe and probably never did, the idea that she might CHOSE to wear certain clothes is what really gets them in a tizzy doesn’t it? Just the very idea that she, or any woman, can CHOOSE anything, whether it’s something as mundane as her clothes or something as life changing as family planning; they literally HATE the idea of something like decision making to be left in the hands of anyone female.

          The whole “make under” thing is bs I saw in the Casey Anthony trial too. What were they to do – arrive in court in mini skirts and stilettos? Why? So the whole world can then make fun of them for trying to “tempt” the men that are on the jury? 🙄 My god, they can’t win for losing. Like Jodi showing extreme remorse for what happened that day, they STILL weren’t happy because she didn’t say the words “I’m sorry.” When she explained that the words seemed trivial, and that she was trying to express her remorse in a deeper more personal way, they still weren’t satisfied. Well jesus, why do they even want her to try then? No matter what she says or does, it’s never good enough.

          • Yup, she’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t…no matter what it is. Even when she has NO choice in the matter. Sometimes I wonder if the “news” commentators ever think to themselves “for crying out loud WHY am I “reporting” this nonsense?”. Is Jodi Arias’ attire newsworthy. Talk about wasting airtime. That is why I don’t bother with them and their “reporting”. It seems that even the most watched “news” networks have stooped to this type of tabloidlike bunk. Do they think we are ALL dolts?

  28. They’re really desperate on that other site because they’ve recently combed through archival posts from over a year ago that I had made on a board for “The Bachelor” TV series. Really, guys? Do you not have anything better to do with your time than to try and go back into my past and try to find something you think will embarrass me?

    In the first place, a friend of mine who lives out in California knows one of the producers of the show and suggested that I watch the show that year because she thought one of the women was a lot like my type. Yes, I wrote some nice things about her on the board including a poem that I wrote because that is what I do. I am a poet. And this is just another way of me expressing myself and how I feel about someone whether they be a friend, a family member, a girlfriend, a potential love interest, anyone. Much like the way that Jodi makes drawings and paintings for people she admires and cares about, this is what I do. And as for that woman, the more I found out about her, I lost interest and moved on.

    Also, something else that I mentioned recently was that I called the police to do a “wellness check” for a friend of mine because I hadn’t heard from her in over a week and when I went to call her, her on-again, off-again boyfriend picked up the phone and told me not to ever call there again. She has told me that he has physically abused her and one of our mutual friends suspected this was happening long before she admitted it. The sad thing is that she seems resigned to being with this guy and her behavior is a lot like “Stockholm Syndrome”. I contacted a domestic violence support agency and asked them what I could do because I feel powerless and they said that, apart from what I’ve done so far, I just need to be there for her and not judge her or be critical of her.

  29. New poem for Jodi. It is called “Your Smile”.

    “Your Smile”

    When I have a bad day and want to quit,
    Something always makes me go one more mile.
    Doesn’t really matter if just a bit,
    For I get my second wind from your smile.

    What I say, you really need to hear it,
    I’ll astral project them into your brain.
    Girl, you never fail to lift my spirit,
    Please allow me to take away the pain.

    Perhaps one day we will meet in person,
    Then both give each other a warm embrace.
    The attacks on us, sadly, will worsen,
    But I choose to seek refuge in your face.

    Yes, I feel like we both are connected,
    Kindred spirits devoted to our art.
    Take this poem, use it as directed,
    Digest words slowly, it’s good for your heart.

  30. JM,
    You’ll not find a good argument for subjecting yourself to the attitudes of the haters. It’s masochism. Haters are only happy expressing hatred with fervor to get high on their own egos and endorphins. I might understand checking out those fucks if they had something to point out, but that is NEVER gonna happen. I have not heard ONE point made by ANY ONE hater or prosecution person that has ANY validity. NOT ONE! All I know is I’m gonna pray for JODI every day. She’ll be free of this someday! I’m grateful for this site and everyone’s thoughtful comments and love and support. I’ve learned so much here, and am hopeful Jodi might know of everyone’s support for her. I know the Drs and lawyers here are on top of most everything, whereas the haters have only their unhappiness, complaints, and mostly cynicism and their cronies to keep them happy.

    • True, John. I’ve said enough and there is no point in them debating us because we will kick their ass every time.

  31. Wow those TA cult followers are insane. I posted a comment on you tube in favor of Jodi showing sympathy and of course received notifications from you tube that I had responses to my comment, which I promptly deleted. The best reaction is no reaction. I’m not interested in the least in what they have to say. I simply don’t have the energy like they do for all that seething rage and hate they constantly spew!

    Don’t get me wrong I have a temper but to keep the constant hatred going is beyond my comprehension!

    JM – you are so sweet and I hope your friend will be ok. Don’t listen to those wackos. It would have been nice if Jodi had found her way into one of the lives of anyone on this board and away from those horrible Mormons who screwed her brain so terribly.

    • I think down here, she would have gotten away from him and with plenty of support. IFFFFFf he called someone else would answer, if he showed up, someone else would be there. If he showed up with a weapon he would be met by one. We don’t play.

      • Love it. And he would deserve every nasty thing he’d encounter by the folks who ran the wagon circle around Jodi.

    • I think that the people on this website are more sincere, loyal friends to Jodi Arias than most of the so-called “friends” she had before she went to jail.

  32. I had one grandmother who shot the other and she lived with that bullet next to her heart til the day she died. After that, the families wound up being families since they were intertwined by marriage.I had a great grandfather stand trial for murder that was in self defense and thank God, people witnessed it and he was acquitted. LOL the stories I could tell, wow.

  33. Good morning ((((((((((family and fellow Jodi supporters))))))))))))))

    Just a quick Hi before I have to go! I slept with Jodi on my mind, it was a shock to see her in those effing shackles and I think she herself was nervous appearing for the first time in them but then we saw that beautiful smiles of hers and oh,well….life was good again 😉

    Anyways,gotta go! Hold the fort while I’m away, love ya all!

  34. I’m gonna give it a few and try again to sleep. I hope everyone is well. Maria, hugsssssssssssss darlin ((((((((((((((((((Maria)))))))))))))))))))))) You are like me, we always keep Jodi on our minds

    • (((((((((((cj))))))))))))))

      I think I overslept today but still was ‘haunted’ by this case. Which results in my waking up tired,LOL! I hope you got some rest**

  35. Good morning, everyone! Thank you for the comments on my poem above. I have decided that going forward I am not going to discuss the haters in great detail anymore. Quite frankly, those people are better obscene and not heard. Intellectually, we are clearly smarter than they are and could kick their ass in a debate any day. Why bother wasting time with these clowns? They’re not interested in the truth. They’re interested in getting attention and use their precious time here on Earth to attack and hurt people.

    We are all here in this world for a relatively short period of time and I’d like to use that time to help people and try to be the best person I can be by doing God’s work as best as I can. I’m here to help support Jodi and nothing and no one is ever going to stop me from doing that. I know that she did not pre-meditate this murder and I also know that God and the law is on her side. When all is said and done, justice will be served and things will even out in the end. That’s what I think we should all focus on, including myself, and spend the time and energy towards helping Jodi, helping her support system and trying to stay positive in spite of whatever negative energy is thrown at us.

  36. Hey MB…I was in the Task Force 1 but my password isn’t working. I want to do anything I can to help this woman out as I hope you all have seen from my posts. I want to be a part of this but I need direction….I know I know….one of those people. Please let me know what I can do and I promise I will do it….but I don’t know where to start…email me or post on here…Ill be there!

    • Hi Jesse, the password for the last page got out, so we’re on lockdown until SJ approves the content I posted. Even I haven’t posted there yet. I appreciate your patience! 🙂

      • Hey MB, it is a shame that you all cannot have a work space like Task Force so people can get together to do something good without somebody messing things up. I have not asked for a password for I feel I have not put my time in on this site like other people.There are ones that have nothing better to do than cause havoc. This is a great site.

        • Hi onetime, I agree, it’s a shame that people can’t have a semi-private place to focus on helping Jodi without feeling the need to barge in where they aren’t wanted.

          The only reason why the pages were password protected, so that posters could feel safe posting without worrying about the haters stealing their ideas. That’s happened quite a few times. In fact, one of our posters posted a link to Travis doing the chicken dance and it ended up on HLN the same night!

          It was never meant to be a super secret place where dishy stuff was going on – I said that in my email when I sent out the password. It’s just places for us to work, is all. I encouraged everyone to socialize on the outside pages too, so nobody felt left out.

          I don’t know what they thought they were going to find??

          • MB, I hope I am not out of line but I do have one suggestion for SJ on this site. I noticed we have 4 Task Force links on the home page. SJ needs to put a link called “Sandbox”(litter box) no offense to cats, I have 3. This way the link will attract the Turds that mess with this site. That way when they enter the Sandbox, they can cover themselves up….

            • lol good one! No, none offense taken. I think you’ll find most people here at the site love kitties. I don’t think I’d mind my kitty kicking some litter over the turds!

          • Don’t these people have jobs or something??? Coz they must have a loooot of free time in order to be able to support their abusive buddy AND come here and harrass us.Geez…

  37. Hi everyone! TGIF! Have a great day wherever you are!

    I know that this might not be the right place to post this but I know it will be read by a lot of people that I intended it to be read by (this does not apply to my friends here and supporters of Jodi).

    And when I thought that some people had reached the lowest they could, I read the lowest of lowest on another site and I would like to vent but also express my opinion.

    I would like to know since when is it wrong for people that do not live in the United States of America to ignore an injustice that has been done to a human being?

    Since when is it right to close your eyes and ears and ignore that a person might get the death penalty undeservedly?

    I, as you know live in Greece but I do not ignore what is happening in the whole world. Either it is the war in Syria, the riots in Turkey, the floods in India, hunger in Ethiopia and throughout Africa, the hurricanes that occurred in America ruining lives and taking people’s lives, the Sandy Hook shooting, the Cleveland kidnappings, the animal abuse all over the world, and this list can go on and on..

    So, for some to tell me to mind my business and not to care about the future of a young woman that got caught in the middle of the murder of a young man is not acceptable. Either I live in the United States of America or Canada or the UK or Russia or Italy or in whichever booniesville town in the world, I will not turn my back to an injustice wherever it has been done. I will speak my opinion and I will try in any way possible to help in turning a wrong into a right.

    The ‘under the belt’ blow though was to badmouth Greece. Greece might be a small country in geographical dimension but it is a HUGE country in culture, history, philosophy. For Greece is where democracy was born. Democracy that the whole world enjoys. Greece is where the most important philosophers were born (Socrates, Aristotle, Aristophanes, Plato, and hundred more). Greece is where the greatest warriors were born (Alexander the Great, Leonidas, etc). Greece is one of the most beautiful, hospitable, and full of history and sightseeing’s in the world.

    So for all you losers that need to bring Greece into this, shut the fuck up and go get educated and then come back to tell me about Greece, because I do not know one college or university in the world that does not have Greek history and mythology courses.

    Finally, I will not shut my mouth and I WILL continue to support Jodi Arias either I live in Greece or move to Zimbabwe, it’s all the same to me cause injustice has been made to this wonderful talented young woman and I will help to shout it out at the top of my lungs and do something about it.

    And for your amusement, here’s a quote that you can put in you quotator (or whatever the hell it is called) : YOU CAN KISS MY TANNED ROUND GREEK ASS! ~ Pandora

    • (((Pan))) You are awesome! I don’t see why it matters to other people if we have a different opinion. I’m not out to change their minds, as I know they won’t change mine. Let’s just keep doing our thing and supporting JODI!!

    • Sorry you and your country got beat up on, Pandora. We KNOW that you are an invaluable member of TEAM JODI!

      I think we Americans tend to be rather provincial, and it’s not entirely our fault. Though the US calls itself a melting pot, what most of us know about other countries and cultures is that they come here, to be a part of us. You live in a part of the world where several countries (and cultures) are nearer to you than the state of Arizona is to me. You grew up, no doubt, with a stronger sense of the world outside your country – more of a connection to the world outside your country – than most of the over-30 population of the US would have. The global community of the internet will change that – to some extent – for the younger folks. But I suspect simple geography will continue to be the stronger influence for most. The rest of the world is just so far away that most Americans will never pay much attention to what goes on there, except when it might concern them directly (war, primarily).

      So most won’t get it why someone as lovely as you would trouble herself with injustices done halfway around the world. They don’t get it because no one they know would do that.


      • Journee, hi!
        I do not care if someone talks trash about me – especially people I do not know – but when someone attacks my country, then they have stepped over the line.
        As for Americans, I believe that not all Americans are the same. I respect Americans although there are a few morons that live in your country but in every country there are the few morons ;).
        I have visited America (New York, Boston, Stamford Conn., Springfield Mass.), 4 times and I loved your country. It is beautiful. I also lived in Canada for 12 yrs and I came to adore that country.
        Jodi is my main interest and that is why I am here. In the process, making new friends from this site is a bonus for me!!!
        ((((((Jodi & new friends)))))))

        • Oh, we’re definitely not all the same! It often seems like outright civil war might break out during national elections.

          But I suspect that provincial isolationism might be the one commonality of the vast majority of Americans, second only to language.

          It’s shameful, but I don’t know what fix there might be for it.

        • Greece, what a beautiful country I got to spend some time in Athens back in the early 80’s and the people were all very nice (I guess I don’t speak Greek but they treated me nice). Everyone liked to party and have a good time. And OUZO 12 need I say more!!! Would love to go back someday.

          Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • Hip hip hooray for Greece and all the lovely words and ideas and stories it has shared with us!

      Yes, Pandora–their xenophobia is just another piece of the picture, isn’t it? Comes as no surprise.


      Racism is the one thing I despise the most in my life. I dont give a fuck what the haters think or if they believe I’m not entitled to my own opinion and conclusions just because I’m not american. Freedom of speech is something people have fought and died for. Tolerating injustice to me equals not being humane.Violation of human rights is one of the most despicable things and people should NOT look away from it.
      YES! Jodi was mistreated and abused by the american judicial system and as long as I’m alive and kicking I will be here to support her, till the day my GREEK voice is heard not giving a shit if my english is grammatically correct or not. LOVE IS A UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE.


  38. After watching Jodi’s trial and the actions of Judge Sherry Stephens, Juan Martinez, Detective Esteban Flores and M.E. Dr. Kevin Horn, I think the following statement is so appropriate. It’s stated as a public defender joke but in this case, it is so true.

    “Myself and my colleagues work with people who will lie, who will cheat, to get ahead. And we have to protect our clients from those people.”

    Mario White, a public defender in the film “Gideon’s Army” (which will premiere on HBO on July 1).

    • I need to correct myself. Mario White’s statement is set up in the manner of a joke but he was being serious. He wasn’t making fun of his clients. I hope no one took it that way.

    • I agree that it looks like racism entered into the hatred of Jodi by his white bread friends and the haters. Just look at what is going on in Washington now with immigration debate. Conservatives that never want to spend money are more than willing to plop down $30 billion to double border security (NOT the Canadian border BTW). This at a time when border security is actually pretty good. We spend more money than ever and arrests are down. My own senator, a conservative, has taken a compromise approach and supports reform. One look at his Facebook page and you can find tons of hate comments. They don’t admit they are racists, but I believe they are.

    • Jodi herself I believe tried to be less Mexican. The blond hair. The manager I know who Jodi worked for is 100% Mexican with dark skin. She told me that Jodi told her she avoided the sun so she could look whiter. The manager said this comment bothered her. Unfortunately for Jodi I don’t think it worked. Turdis’ white bread friends figured it out and their racism came out.

      PS I’m a white bread but I hope I am accepting of everyone.

      • LOL, isn’t it strange how everyone wants to be what they aren’t? If you have straight hair, you want it to be curly and vice-versa, if you are white you want to be dark and on and on. I am just as lily white as they come BUT, my daughter got my husbands olive complexion, he’s white too. She and her boyfriend were on the beach last summer, this older man walked by them, he is also lily white, rof, anyway, the older man under his breath spat, “Damn those interracial couples.” My daughter and her bf absolutely ROF!!!!!!!!! Now that she is working this summer and is in the sun, she makes Jodi look white white white. In my opinion, ta, woulda been extremely LUCKY to have someone with such a beautiful skin color. What an idiot!

        • I think Jodi would look beautiful if she shaved her head, but I think the dark hair looks better on her than the blonde look.

      • Maybe she tried to be less Mexican on the outside because she witnessed early on in life how shallow people are and how easily people rush to conclusions,meaning judging her by her complexion and not her intellectual charisma. However, she embraced her mexican tradition since we know that she learnt Spanish quite fluently and even participated in that exchange program where she met that other Arias boy. Now, it’s been proven scientifically that subconsciously people often tend to conform to other people’s actions and reactions, even to the point of altering their life expectations. If what Jodi ‘received’ was racism she would subconsiously try to fit in.She was a platinum blonde from the age of 23 till the age of 28 -pretty much around the time she worked in that high class resort,probably dealing with rich (snobbish maybe? )customers.

        As for her relationship with Travis,I’m not gonna even overanalyze
        .The guy was so unbalanced psychologically and had been messed up by his own parents that of course CONFORMITY was his No1 priority in life; there’s a pattern even throughoout his life.

        Remember he was the guy who wanted to follow the mormon rules and laws to the letter just in order to be accepted,even if that was a facade. He desired riches so much he entered that disgusting pyramid scheme and did his best to make it. Again just to fit in.Just to be a part of the millionaires’ club.
        Now, we know how superficial his friends were. We see it with our own eyes every freaking day,ever since we got involved in this trial. Do you think any of them would accept Jodi?? NO WAY! She was recently brought into the religion(ahem, cult) and not born in it. She was a mexican-american who of course would be looked down on by any pretentious white bred mormon-moron.When joining PPL, she didnt make it; she just didnt meet their standards.PLUS,she was unbelievably beautiful AND INTELLIGENT.How dared she???? Imagine having a mindnumbing conversation with the Stepford wives and Jodi commenting something outsmarting them?? Oh,how I wished I had been a fly on that wall.
        No,she wasnt accepted.Nor would she ever fully be.

        EVEN IF Travis had the guts (and the balls) to stnad up for her,send everyone to hell and say ”Hey,this is the woman I love;I dont care what everyone says” . Which he NEVER did. He was too much of a coward and a narcissist to do that! And we all know what followed….

    • That makes me furious! ‘Not good enough’ because of her skin tone? Or where she comes from? That is so shallow. Who in their right mind would judge a person because of their race? Yes. as Jeff said “racism entered into the hatred of Jodi”. Between her exotic beauty and her intellegance, any man that would get her attention would be a very lucky man.
      Still I do not understand why Jodi was ‘not good enough’.

      • Not to be mean, but the other girlfriends I’ve seen couldn’t hold a candle to Jodi’s beauty. And other than his periodic rants which was part of his abuse they seemed to get along well. So I think part of it is his white bread friends and Mormon cohorts. In addition she is probably smarter than he was. While I think he may have had some good public speaking skills I haven’t seen much in the way of intelligence. Some men are intimidated by smart women.

      • Some men are like that, I was really shy like Jodi, I had long dark hair and green eyes and I think I looked ok in my younger days but I started dating this man, similar to Travis, sort of pasty white, blonde hair, blue eyes, a tummy but he was very outgoing and a deal maker for our company, I don’t even know if they are around anymore, the Geneva Companies but he was up there and I fell hard for his charm, he talked about marriage, took me to a place he said we might own one day, then I found out he was dating a co worker, another blonde blue eyed person, I found out about this and confronted him and he said, he wanted blonde haired, blue eyed babies and I wouldn’t be able to give him that, he was Mormon, I was not and he used me but he married this girl and a few years later I gave birth to the most beautiful blue eyed, blonde haired boy you have ever seen, haha

        • Oh my gosh Kmea! that guy was horrid.

          I am glad you did not get in with him though if that is all he was looking for in a woman
          what does that say about him? that is wonderful you have a beautiful boy too 😉

          I told my sister about the time I had a man friend no relationship just friends an co-workers
          but he was very attractive an the women went goo goo over him. He was younger than me
          so I just was not attracted to him very egotistical he was which is a turn off for me anyways.
          But he told me one time he was a only child an was looking for a only child to marry also.
          I just thought it was weird. But he said it would be the perfect fit due to when both their
          parents pass they would be rich. An I always thought what a freaking weirdo.

          My sister has
          only one daughter an I told her to beware of young men when she gets older some men
          are just as sneaky an deceitful as the men say that women are in Life.

  39. I don’t post as often but I am still firmly on Jodi’s side! I am here and willing to do my part to speak out against the injustice of this trial. To quote a legal drama I watched…’Justice isn’t about the truth or evidence’…that’s certainly been the case here. It’s been about money, power, politics and overwrought drama by the family of TA. Sad but true. Stay strong Team Jodi!!!

  40. Hi everybody,
    I am watching Katie Couric show and she has as a guest the woman that had cut her husband’s organ ( if anybody remembers way back ) and drove with it in a bag and threw it out the window of her car. She said that she was a victim of DV and she doesn’t remember anything, doesn’t remember doing it, driving the car and she said everything is a fog. Just so much like Jodi. She got acquitted on reason of temporary insanity. I think the DT should have gone that way with Jodi, but it’s too late now. Just couldn’t help comparing the two…so much like Jodi said about the fog.

    • Now you’ve done it. You reminded me of that asshole Martinez mocking her about the fog. And in doing so mocking all victims of PTSD. He is scum.

      • I am not mocking her, I believe Jodi. I am just saying that Dr S was right and it’s possible to have memory loss from traumatic experience. I would never mock Jodi, I am her supporter and will be to the end 🙂

      • Yes, Jeff!! That rodent surely loved making fun of Jodi’s fog. Little did he know that it IS a scientific term, used by psychologists and psychiatrists throughout the world. Or worse, my belief is that of course he knew but CHOSE to misrepresent the facts to fit his awful theory of premed.

    • Hi Mariana, in all the cases I have read about penis cuttings, sexual abuse almost always played a part.

      In India, there was a woman who cut off a rapist’s penis and put it in a baggie and gave it to the local police because they didn’t do anything about the man who was going around raping women in their houses in their village.

      Lorena Bobbitt also said that her husband sexually, physically, and emotionally abused her. If she had a fog I don’t doubt it for a moment!

  41. TGIF everyone! <3

    I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


  42. Hello everyone! Yesterday I went for my mammogram while waiting the news was on tv & Jodi was the breaking news. There were alot of people waiting a man spoke up and said God Bless that young lady she has been treated so badly she deserves to be in jail as much as I do. I spoke up and said Amen. Others joined in with support. I really hope and pray others are seeing the truth in this and Jodi is finally free. I honestly admire Jodi after all the hell she has lived thru and still smiles and friendly to guards as she came into the courtroom.

    • That is gratifying to hear. It feels like our view is a minority view but I don’t have a good feel for whether it is 5% or 30% or what.

      • There are many, many more of us than one might think. The problem is, every one of them sees how people are treated who voice their opinion outside of the masses view. Fear of being persecuted is what keeps people from expressing doubt and/or support in this case.

        The few of us who are brave enough to say what we think have felt the wrath of society. Defense witnesses have, so has Jodi’s family.

        I have found MANY folks who think like us…when I ask why they don’t say so publicly, they point out what happened to LaViolette, Samuels, Womak, and me.

        It sucks to be stalked and threatened. It is what makes people afraid to speak. The haters should be ashamed with what they are doing. Bullies. Who hate the US Constitution.

        • I think so too, Renee. There is over 2,000 likes on Jodi support pages. It might not be nearly as much as Travis supporters, but it’s still a lot of people. A lot more than just the ones who post here. Plus, like you said, I’m sure there are some who don’t voice their opinion on the internet or at all.

          • There are more Likes to the Travis Taliban pages because you just cant ask from sheeple to use their critical thinking skills; they just dont have any!!

        • Yes, I had a little foray myself at an unpleasant website to voice my dissidence. They claim they want to put a stop to slander and libel against the family and friends of Mr. Alexander. They posted a FB profile name of someone whom I had never heard of and attributed it as my own. I informed them that they were incorrect, and I asked them to point out one single thing I ever typed to prove their claim about me.

          What ensued was to reveal on their website that my husband died of aids and that I had an opinion about Christianity. Of course, it was incumbent upon them to also post my FB profile picture and my FB addy. So I saw all of that and thought, what the heck, they’re just rabble rousers. I didn’t see any need to defend myself, because they were at least posting TRUE information, although I thought it was a cheap shot to try to embarrass me about my husband’s death, as they know fully well, as do all of you, that aids is a very stigmatizing disease.

          A few days afterwards, I was reading their website to see that their taunting had caused a long-time defender of JA to place herself at their mercy, and in doing so, went to their website and retracted any support she had voiced in support of Jodi. For me, that was the coup de gras – such evidence of cyber-bullying. So I went over there and told them how I felt. I have since been banned.

          I said all that, to say that I agree with you Renee.

          P.S. Oh, they also mocked me when I told them that I trust my intuition. When asked about my opinion that I believe Jodi is innocent, I replied to them that I had no facts, but that I relied on my life’s experiences and intuition AND that I had followed the trial . I forgot to mention to them that the burden of proof is on the State to prove its case and that the defense does not have to prove anything. I think they forgot about that. I do believe sincerely that it’s all black and white over there and shades of gray are non-existent.

          It’s a good thing I’ve been banned so that I don’t have to take a look over there to see what vitriol and mocking this post of mine will provoke.

          Take care, everyone. My prayers are with all involved in this mess, and I hope the truth will be revealed soon.

      • I can only speak for myself but all of the media of Jodi left me seeking the truth. For me nothing added up thats when I started digging deeper found the truth of all Jodi went thru and still going thru. ta abused Jodi and now the media & justice system are. One question I do have what took ta’s family and millions of friends so long to find him? Im new to posting here but Ive been reading a few months each and everyone of you touched my heart with the love you have for Jodi as well as each other.

        • ta’s family jumped on the money train, exactly like CASH and the other leeches. I have lost a family member to a crime, but I did not scam people for money off their death. Give me a break!

        • This is precisely why I had to look outside of HLN and most mainstream media outlets to find out the truth. HLN decided from Day 1 that Jodi Arias was guilty and nothing was ever going to change that. As far as the commentators who believe she’s guilty, they have a right to their opinion. I disagree with them, but if someone could make an intelligent, valid argument then I would respect them. My problem with HLN and most media is that they have bullied Jodi Arias like kids at the schoolyard. They have taken shots at her day after day and mocked and ridiculed everything she says and does. They nitpick every thing from what she says, what she doesn’t say, whether she shows emotion or whether she doesn’t. It’s beyond ridiculous. I even saw a comment on YouTube by a pro-Travis Alexander supporter that was talking about Jodi allegedly flipping off someone in court. This person said “I’m a Travis Alexander supporter, but, c’mon, this is getting silly now!” Even some of them can see the lunacy behind the Jodi Arias bashing.

    • I think in the end people will see this case for what it is–classic self-defense case and justifiable homicide.

    • Wow that is great news. I don’t get out much but a neighbor
      did stop by the other day for a few minutes an I was shocked
      she thought Jodi got into a bad situation an she also has some
      questions like me on the whole crime scene. So yes it
      feels great to know others do feel the same but do not voice
      it on the internet at all. Amen ………..prayers for Jodi an family ♥

      • yes Rhonda in Alabama, some have started thinking for themselves instead of listening to sensational news. Yes, prayers for Jodi and her family….

  43. I got my hair done today. I went from fully blonde to dark brown with blonde streaks. Now I’m just hoping nobody turns up dead. I wouldn’t want them to try to pin premeditation on me. lol 😛

  44. Defense attorneys are now tapping the NSA for records of their clients.

    “Defendant Terrance Brown is accused of participating in the 2010 murder of a Brinks security truck driver. Brown maintains his innocence, and claims cellphone location records would show he wasn’t at the scene of the crime. Brown’s cellphone provider — MetroPCS — couldn’t produce those records during discovery because it had deleted the data already.
    On seeing the story in the Guardian indicating that Verizon had been ordered to turn over millions of calling records to the NSA last month, Brown’s lawyer had a novel idea: Make the NSA produce the records.”

    Does anyone think there might have been more TA emails, IMs, texts, phone calls that the prosecution kept from the defense? Could this tactic help Jodi by uncovering new or withheld evidence?

    • Oh definitely! There were literally thousands of pages of text messages and emails that we didn’t see. Plus, if I remember correctly there was an issue with Martinez not being fully forthcoming with all the text messages that could have been passed on to the defense. I think I remember Martinez saying “But there’s eight hundred text messages, we can’t go through them all” or something to that affect. That was towards the beginning of the trial. I’d have to re-watch the prosecution’s argument to be sure of the exact details, but I distinctly remember that being an issue.

      • I think that was the day Melendez was on the witness stand and Jennifer raised the question. He said technology wasnt available at the time and she asked him if he could have taken photos of them and he answered ‘sure if I had 9 months to do only that’ or sth to that effect.

    • The testimony that I am aware of that speaks to the issue of missing texts came from Jodi on Day 18. Part 3 as either by Nurmi in question or Jodi’s answer

      Text messages entered dated 2/1/06 = 6/6/08 – some messages were deleted.

      croakerqueen time 0:10:40 Travis asked for pics of her Feb 25/08 –13:25 Jodi testifies they were sending messages back and forth that whole weekend. Question Nurmi – Looks like Jodi is texting and getting no replies back. Jodi testifies that there are messages from her to him missing as well as all of his to her. Asked what was going on that weekend Feb 25th, Jodi was helping TA with the foot work for him on a project and he was going to take her on some kind of surprise date. Gus Searcy had presentation and she went there to relax. TA got mad about it because she went there instead because she didn’t know about his surprise date . They had apologised about the argument and they had started sex talk, which got dirtier and dirtier foreplay for when she got to Mesa. Sounds like a lot of sex and request for pics with braids and such that were missing that time. I am not sure of any of times, when it was a specific time and content.

      • This is the weekend that Gus Searcy testifies about when Jodi calls him very upset, and came to stay with him for the weekend. Travis called and Gus testifies how upset she got. I find it strange that JM never called Gus as a witness when Jodi had called him at 3:00 am. In fact, he didn’t even bother to return Searcy’s phone calls.

  45. Kermi did his best, it seems to me, to disguise the fact that TA was a full participant in the whole relationship and NOT a cowering stalkee!! Gimme a break…the whole premise of him being done with Jodi is ridiculous but they couldn’t let that be fully known. Suppression!! If you have to use that to win a case, then something is rotten in Denmark Juanboy! I imagine the Lifetime movie will be chock full of lies and will portray TA as an innocent choirboy. Bullshit!!

    • I just did a drive by the haters site. They are so worried that the movie is going to paint the Jodies side of the story. They also are starting to get upset with the Judge(whom we all know is in the prosacutions BFF.). I can tell you this for sure that one of these haters will go after Jodie when she gets her freedom, which i beleive she will.

  46. Good morning all, don’t think I’ll be watching the movie tonight. I can’t afford a new tv right now, after the trailers I’ve seen about this movie I just know I’d end up throwing something through the screen. What a big steaming pile of bull shit!!!

    Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • I’m going to be watching the movie because as a blogger and writer I feel it necessary to keep up with current events and I don’t make judgments on a film without having first seen it. It reminds me of this movie that came out many years ago called “The Last Temptation Of Christ” directed by Martin Scorcese. There were many religious groups protesting the film and threatening to boycott the movie from ever being released to local movie theaters. I knew of the controversy at the time surrounding the film, but I always took a liberal attitude about it which is that if you don’t think the subject matter is going to be tasteful for you, don’t watch it. If you don’t like a particular movie or TV show or music, don’t watch it or listen to it. I’m not a fan of HLN, but I choose not to watch it. For me to complain about a network but keep watching it seems counter-productive. Plus, why would I want to give them more ratings? If nobody goes to see your film or watch your TV show, it will die at the box-office or get cancelled. If nobody buys your music, you’ll get dropped from the label.

      I don’t expect the Jodi Arias TV-movie to be great. I do think that the actress that plays Jodi, Tania Raymonde, will do a pretty good job in her performance. And the actor playing Travis is Jesse Soffer who many people might remember for playing Bobby Brady in the “Brady Bunch” movies from the mid-1990s. My gut feeling tells me that this movie was done on a shoestring budget and that it was rushed to be aired right after the trial to stay relevant. Because had this movie came out a year from now, the thought might be that nobody cares about Jodi Arias anymore and some other high profile case has taken its place in the public consciousness. But I’m going to write a review of it either later tonight or tomorrow.

      • As I’ve said before, I’m going to watch it too. I love Lifetime movies, but I never take them as pure fact. Even when they’re based on a true story. They always twist and exaggerate things. I mentioned the “Girl Fight” movie before. They made the main girl seem pretty innocent, when the real girl (Victoria Lindsay) has actually been arrested numerous times. (Not that she deserved a beating like that, especially when she wasn’t fighting back and wanted to leave). But in the movie, they made it seem like the girl was beaten for 30 minutes straight. In the real video, there is a good beating that occurs, but there was also a ton of arguing as well, so she wasn’t actually being hit for the entirety of the video.

      • I wont be watching this, now if it was made by a Martin Scorcese I just might just for the fact that he is a great filmmaker, this is just going to be a slapped together HLN’s version of events with bad acting and editing without a doubt. I just saw a review of it and they even say they pulled the way Jodi acted from things they heard from Travis friends, I am afraid this will just make me ill. I will await your review if you can actually make yourself sit through this then more power to you 🙂

  47. Hey everyone! How are you? I wrote a new blog post today about an old case from 20 years ago involving a woman named Sara Thornton that has some parallels with the Jodi Arias trial. Here is the article:

    I thought that you all might be interested in learning about a case involving a woman named Sara Thornton. Mrs. Thornton is an Englishwoman who was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of the 1989 murder of her violent and alcoholic husband, Malcolm Thornton. Sara Thornton never denied the killing, but she claimed that it had been an accident during an argument. The prosecution at her trial argued that Sara carried out the act for financial gain, and, subsequently, she was found guilty of murder. At a retrial in 1996 Sara was found guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter and freed from custody.

    Malcolm Thornton died in a hospital after he was stabbed at home by Sara on 12 June 1989 following an argument. At her trial in 1990, Sara pleaded guilty to manslaughter based on reasons of “diminished responsibility”, claiming that she had stabbed Malcolm accidentally following an argument as he laid drunk on the sofa. The court heard that police were called to the house in Atherstone, Warwickshire on several occasions when Thornton was being assaulted by her husband. An Alcoholics Anonymous representative witnessed Malcolm punching his wife on one occasion, while one of their neighbors spoke about how Sara had been beaten “black and blue” to the point where she became unconscious and required hospital treatment. The prosecution claimed that Sara Thornton was a “pathological liar” who had carried out the killing for financial gain, and the jury later convicted her of murder. Sentencing her to life imprisonment, the judge told Sara that she could have walked out of the house or gone upstairs. Sara appealed the conviction, but it was rejected in 1991. The original trial was largely ignored by the media, but Thornton’s case was taken up by women’s groups and domestic abuse activists who were pushing for a change in the way cases of domestic violence are handled by the courts. Following a high-profile campaign for a retrial, Sara Thornton was eventually granted leave to appeal. At a hearing at the Court of Appeal in December 1995, lawyers argued she was a victim of “battered woman syndrome” as a result of her husband’s repeated violence, something which had resulted in her losing control and killing him. Her murder conviction was quashed, and a retrial was ordered for the following year.

    Sara Thornton faced her second trial in May 1996, and the 12-day hearing took place at Oxford Crown Court. The prosecution presented evidence that Thornton had spoken of killing her husband to an acquaintance at work, but psychiatrists argued successfully that Thornton suffered from “dissociation”-a personality disorder that causes an individual to react inappropriately to events. She was convicted of manslaughter, and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. However, she was released from custody as a result of time already served. Speaking shortly afterwards, Sara said that she believed her sentence was fair. “I am not saying that every woman should be sent to prison, but for me it was fair. I took a life at the end of the day.”

    Now, there are some differences between Sara Thornton’s trial and the trial of Jodi Arias, but I think Sara’s case ought to give Jodi and her supporters hope.

  48. Hooooo-Leeeee Shhhhiiittt….. I just saw a “newer” ad for the lifetime movie tonight..Omg, they are really going to try to make her look like she was some super stalker! There’s a clip that shows “Travis” asleep on the couch with another woman and “Jodi” is standing in the room watching them sleep!!!!!!!!!!!! That never happend! Is that lifetimes take on the night she went over to visit him and when she arrived at the sliding glass door, he was rehooking some skanks bra?

    • One review I read described some scenes that make me think I did a better job of avoiding the HLN spun rumors than I thought I had.

      For example:

      Jodi actually met Travis by following him into a men’s bathroom at the PPL convention.


      Her obsessive stalking behavior extended to the point of actually sneaking into his bedroom and filming him having sex with some girl named Katie.

      (I wasn’t even aware of a Katie in T-Dogg’s harem)

        • Yah, because they couldn’t use the real names of the ‘nice girls’ – like Lisa or Mimi or Deanna – in this work of fiction. Gee, they might get in trouble for suggesting that Travis had sex with any of those girls.

          But they can sure say that Jodi Arias – the girl on trial for her life – chased Travis into a men’s room to meet him.

      • Harrumph!

        It’s one thing to take poetic license with historical figures to produce a compelling drama. Or even to tweak some work of fiction -book or screenplay- THAT YOU’VE PURCHASED RIGHTS TO – for the sake of telling a story on a screen in an allotted time frame.

        But to just make up shit about a living, breathing human being who is STILL ON TRIAL FOR HER LIFE, slap her name on it and call it HER STORY, it should be actionable.

        Lifetime oughtta be sued right along with HLN for spreading lies.

        • I remember back in the early 1990s that in one year ABC, NBC and CBS all had TV-movies about Amy Fisher. I know that one of them with Alyssa Milano had the approval of Joey Buttafucco and made him out to look like a good guy and another one with Drew Barrymore made him look like the guilty man that he was. The other one had a third actress that I don’t recall, but there were at least two different interpretations as to what happened to Mary Jo Buttafucco.

          • Noelle Parker was the third actress, I think.

            The one with Alyssa Milano was such a joke, portraying Joey as this saint who never touched Amy. Imagine his poor wife when he eventually admitted that yep…he had an affair!

          • Even there, though, they were telling SOMEONE’s version of the truth. Just like the Lifetime movie about Casey Anthony was based on Jeff Ashton’s book.

            But this piece of crap, they’ve just conjured it out of thin air, they made up a story and put Jodi’s name on it – and started filming it before there was even a verdict!

            You know why they thought it was OK to do that? Because HLN convinced everyone it was OK to make up shit about Jodi, everyone could just tell their own story about what Jodi did and how Travis died —-

            And I think there has been a SERIOUS breakdown here!

  49. Happy Saturday everyone!
    Hope everyone has a great day. I think I am going to watch the movie (live streaming) just out of curiosity.

  50. My husband said you won’t be able to help yourself, you will just have to watch it. I have to say he is dead wronggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!! I will way yonder be watching something, anything, prolly bio channel but NOT that. I have seen enough previews to know that it’s going to be crap.

    • If I see that the truth is twisted to make Jodi look bad I don’t know if I will watch it to the end but I would like to be able to have my own opinion while we will probably discuss it tomorrow (greece time). Hopefully they will as close to the truth as possible and not be another channel dragging Jodi thru the mud.

      • If you read the article that Maria posted, you will see that they change some of the facts. It also appears that they will be going with Juan’s theory. She gets him in the shower and while he’s vulnerable she starts stabbing him.

        • I did read the article. I am sure that they have changed the facts and if it is that they will be going with jm’s theory then it’s going to be a waste of 1hr and sth. of my life! But sometimes I am drawn to stuff that I know will upset me and yet I proceed. Sth like in horor films when everyone is shouting to the actor that is about to get killed “Don’t walk into the dark room” and yet the actor does and… you know the rest! LOL!

  51. My daughter and her friend says they are gonna watch it! I don’t want to because I know it’s a steaming pile of cow shit but I may not be able to look away. The only thing is if it portrays TA with even one teensy weensy flaw the haters will go ballistic and at least that shit be funny. lol

  52. I am DVR’ing the movie. I will sadly watch it, mostly because I’ve been “involved” since the beginning of the trial. I know what I’ve seen in the evidence , heard at trial and read here with you all as it pertains to the case and it appears lifetime is taking extreme liberties with the facts. What I wish they would do is find out how many televisions are watching live and DVR’ing this film and the documentary after in Arizona, just to prove how many people are watching so as to prove that she DID NOT, COULD NOT, AND WILL NOT receive a fair trial in the state of Arizona

  53. Jodi Arias ‏@Jodiannarias 20m

    I’m not currently accepting donations 4 appeals. Just don’t know yet if I will plea or appeal.

    • Apparent reason for Jodi’s tweet:

      Jodi Arias ‏@Jodiannarias 26m

      Let’s clear up any confusion. Anyone asking 4 donation$ right now on my behalf 4 my appeals is not legit.

      • Britney,

        It appears someone may have tried to collect for “Jodi’s appeal” and she is just warning people that she has not authorized anyone to collect for an appeal since she has not decided what she will do as yet.

    • Just read that and was about to post it here.

      WHY would she EVEN consider taking a plea????
      I dont like it… 🙁

      • I still think Jodi is very ambivalent about her future.

        I don’t know if it is because of all she’s been through in the last five years, or if it might be a manifestation of the BPD and ‘suicidal ideations’, or if a part of her would just rather put an end to hoping for something.

        I am sure her lawyers have advised her what the ‘cost’ of a plea would likely be. She may have her own thoughts and feelings about what the cost (beyond financial) of appeals might be.

        I think she’s pretty sure she doesn’t have much to look forward to, one way or the other.

    • Jodi Arias ‏@Jodiannarias 2h
      For the last 3 nites, Estrella’s kitchen served dinner in Styrofoam containers to nearly 2,000 ppl per nite. Sorry, planet.

  54. Today I re-watched a short clip of Jennifer Ford,a juror in Casey Anthony’s trial. What stuck out was her last answer : ”This is as big as you can get.Someone else’s life in your hands.So if they wanna charge and they want me to take somene’s life they have to PROVE it,you have to PROVE it. Or else I’m a murderer too and I’m not any better.”

    Why?Why couldnt we have such critical thinkers on Jodi’s jury? But then again, Casey’s jurors were sequestered…

    • AMEN sis….AMEN! Having someone like that would mean the folks in shitzona would have to have the capacity to use common sense and follow the letter of the law……….unfortunately we all know that is not possible in shitzona…..

    • Jennifer Ford did an awesome job in her interviews, as did the foreman and one alternate in Casey’s trial. They really paid attention during the trial. ALL of them thought George was creepy and hiding something.

    • Oh, never mind – just got caught up and read everyone’s posts above on the movie. Hope everyone is doing good these days……miss talking on here daily.

      • I am, Bystander. I expect this movie should narrow down the potential jury pool. Anyone that watches it will be “contaminated.”

    • Well maybe just started an already 1st lie Jodi meets Travis while he is
      in the bathroom taking a pee? WTH. Looks like a movie of LIES an it
      just started. Which I knew would happen but some people will believe
      this crap. Pisses me off ;(

    • Jodi is way prettier than that actress also her hair looks so fake to me.

      An Travis well he is way too skinny.

  55. People need to make money and off course this is a great opportunity. I hope Jodi is well and soon enjoying her freedom.

    • Yes your right someone will make $$ if it all went to Jodi for her Defense Team
      I would be all for it.

      An many good thoughts an prayers for Jodi an her family an all the team here ♥

  56. Hello family, please forgive me for being away for the past few days. I have been very ill and had to go to the hospital. I am home today recuperating. Just FYI.. Anyhow I am 10 minutes in to this Jodi Arias Dirty Little Secrets movie and it is TRASH! I am sure both our camp and the TA camp have finally agreed on something! Love hugs and kisses to you all! More later… Love ya,Jesse

    • Hope you feel better Jesse. An I agree I started to watch it but lost interest
      after the first few scenes.

      • AWW, thank you sweet heart. I’ll be o.k. I actually fell asleep after about 20 minutes of that ridiculous movie! Terrible movie+ good drugs = SLEEP! HA HA Love ya, Jesse

  57. I though I could watch but I can’t even start so I am recording if for the girls. My ability to filter bullshit would have become seriously clogged. I did notice that afterwards there is a ‘behind the scenes’ documentary told from ‘the police perspective’. I truly don’t know which will be worse. In the Amanda Knox doc that followed the Lifetime movie, it made you see that she was absolutely NOT guilty and made you feel bad for sitting thru 2 hours of absolute nonsense but I fear this one will be as skewed as the movie. Someday the tide will turn.

  58. I watched the movie, and it wouldn’t have been too bad if it was labeled as fiction and all names were changed. The majority of this movie was made up or exaggerated. They definitely played fast and loose with the truth. I literally laughed out loud at the part where Jodi plastered pictures of Travis and “Katie” on his wall.

    • I laughed out loud at that too! When exactly was it that she supposedly put those pictures on the wall? That would be never. The movie was complete fiction. When you make a movie about a real life situation shouldn’t it be at least somewhat factual? Shouldn’t it include at least ONE fact? There were none. This movie was a joke at best. A very bad joke.

      • I totally thought the same thing. The only thing it kind of got right was Travis wanting to bang every girl he came in contact with, but definitely not even close to how much of a pervert he was.

    • I thought the movie was terrible. Cannot believe it could be called the Jodi Arias story. It totally misrepresented the whole story. I thought it was boring and full of crap.

    • Britney you make an excellent point. If they’re going to make shit, up, they should just say that it’s made up fiction. Change the names, locations, everything, then market it on it’s own merits. If it stands up, fine, but they shouldn’t be pretending that what they portrayed is accurate at all to Jodi’s case.

      WTF is this about pictures on walls? I don’t even remember hearing this said on HLN, but then I haven’t watched HLN for the past handful of months so maybe it was said there and they took and ran with it.

      I find Lifetime as irresponsible as HLN, only that Lifetime can at least be argued as movie network rather than “real news.” Still, they did a terrible disservice once again to Jodi and her case. To think they probably hoped the jury would see this, they’re as bad as Nancy Grace.

  59. I just could not maintain interest in the movie I tried but the people were not
    even close to what I remember an see in my mind. But I did see a good one
    for HUGHES I bet he is so pissed. Kind of looked like George from Friends
    when he was younger that made me laugh.

  60. I am not sure I have laughed that hard in a long time. Yes I watched the movie and found it to be the biggest fairy tale I have ever seen. Snow White sounds more real and I have 2 young daughters ages 6 and 3. However I must say that MAYBE it will be less tainting to a potential jury pool seeing as how nothing was even chronological. They made it appear to have happened before she even moved back to California. Nothing even made sense. Ugh!!! I must say I really had to laugh at the Way Over dramatized version of Jodi. Like the bible study scene when the actress beat up her car dash with her cell phone because he hung up on her??? REALLY?? STILL LMFAO dumbest show ever but I am in bed sick so I guess it did make me smile for the first time in days but only because I was laughing at how dumb it was!!

    • Kara,
      Thanks for the update…but I’m sticking with the Stanley Cup Playoffs! It makes me sick that they were allowed to air that movie before Jodi was even sentenced…but whatever…the farce continues.
      ps GET WELL SOON!!! 😀

      • Thank you Dorothy!! I figured I would watch it just to see how they would play it all out and I think I’m a little less angry that it was aired prior to the re trial. I have heard and read many versions of what could have happened and I have my own feelings of what I believe happened and this movie totally depicted completely opposite of anything I’ve heard, felt or thought. Complete fairy tale. Yes it definitely really made Jodi out to be a monster, but they took it too far and made it not even believable. 😉 Funny and corny at best!! Definitely a waste of time unless you are sick in bed ;( probably still a waste =) LOL The actress asked for her makeup in the cop car as she was being arrested, really??? Any woman knows those of us who wear it keep it in our purse just in case a touch up is needed. Why do you think our purses (or at least mine) is so big??? LMAO okay I know too much cough medician. I will try to go to bed now!! I love you all <3

    • It could have been on Skinemax. All that was missing was the really cheesy New Wave instrumental music with Gregorian chants and a flute playing in the background playing during the sex scenes.

  61. I just couldn’t bring myself to watch, I knew it would be a big pile of made up bull shit. Watched my cat from hell on animal planet instead.

    Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

  62. I’m glad I missed it. I wonder how many Lifetime movie lies will make it to the appeal. The only thing I heard anyone here say that was positive was that the TA moneygrubbers were gonna be pissed that they’re gonna have to earn some of their donations denying to Drew that the story wasn’t true. F them! Praying for Jodi! Nice to see Jodi tweets today!

  63. I wish Jodi could sue lifetime and the assholes who made this movie. Right off the bat its nothing but lies and bullshit! Directed by Jace Alexander. Im so freakin mad! They made her look so bad. How can they claim this is based on a true story?

  64. If Travis Alexander had lived, I could imagine him having a career in politics. He said he was interested in women, money and power and was a moral hypocrite. He’d be perfect.

    Or he might have wound up a motivational speaker a la Tony Robbins, hawking his books and audio books on late-night infomercials. “Hi. I’m Travis Alexander. And I’d like to tell you a little bit about my newest book ‘Going From Nowhere To Now Here’.”

  65. The saddest word for me to hear, YEARS. I just hope she gets to be amongst the general population or at least others in her same situation or sentencing. I don’t think someone as joyful and generous should be alone all the time. I am sad for her and the thought of solitary or DP confinement sickens me.

    RIP James Gandolfini, he was awesome as Tony Soprano but I am a big fan, he also was awesome in the last movie I saw of him with Brad Pitt, “Killing Them Softly” This was a shocker for me. Peace to you all.

  66. I just want to say that I am a Jodi Arias supporter! I’ve purchased her ART work, I’ve written her and received correspondence back! I will continue to support Jodi and her family until Justice is served.

    • Hi Jeff, I removed your last name and location so that your address doesn’t get posted everywhere by haters.

      It’s sad I have to think of that stuff, but I think it’s better safe than sorry.

      Thanks for understanding!

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