Settlement Conference scheduled for 10am

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Jodi’s Settlement Conference is scheduled for 10 am today, and will be handled by retired Judge Jim Keppel. Hopefully the exclusion of Pickles from the equation will eliminate any of the customary Kermit bias.

The hearing will also be closed to the public and the media, as per the court docket filed 10/21:

“The parties have agreed the settlement conference scheduled for October 24, 2013 should be closed to the public and the media. The settlement conference was scheduled by agreement of the parties and is subject to the provisions of Rule 17.4, Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure, and Rule 410, Arizona Rules of Evidence.
The court finds an open proceeding for the settlement conference presents a clear and present threat to the due administration of justice, specifically, the right of the parties to a fair penalty phase trial by an impartial jury. See Rule 9.3, Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure.
The court finds there is a compelling interest that overcomes the right of public access. Specifically, there is a substantial probability that publication of information provided during this settlement conference could taint the jury pool and significantly impact the parties’ ability to effectively present matters at trial.
In addition, the presence of the public or media may inhibit the free flow of information, including statements by the victims and/or the defendant. This is especially important here since the only issue for the jury will be penalty.

The court also finds that, in light of the intense media coverage of this case, there is no less restrictive means to achieve these compelling interests. Good cause appearing,
IT IS ORDERED closing the settlement conference scheduled for October 24, 2013 to the public and the media.
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED any agreement reached by the parties will be entered in open court with prior notice to the public and the media.
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED sealing the transcript of the settlement conference pending further order of the court.”

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  1. SJ,

    I’ve read that Judge Jim Keppel, kept a clean courtroom. It’s a relief knowing that the tag-team: pickles & kermit will not be back to their usual circus act! I’d love to see how kermit will have to be on his best behavior knowing that Mr. Keppel doesn’t allow shit like the ones he pulled all through the trial!

    I am sending my most possitive energy to Jodi today.

    (((((Jodi ♥ )))))

  2. …..WELL, I have been doing some ONLINE research & reading about Mormon movements & settlements to the WEST from Illinois. ..And, GUNS & THE UTAH TERRITORY & THE UTAH WAR & THE MOUNTAIN MEADOWS MASSACRE around 1857/1858. ..I believe many GUNS are in the possession of many MORMON households. ..That is perfectly OK, but it is NOT OK for so many in the NEWS MEDIA to ((pontificate)) that Travis (in Arizona) did not have ((or it was unthinkable)) that he had a .25 caliber gun in his house, as if it was against Mormon belief to own a gun. ..I believe it is just the opposite of that. …. ….. ….. …..
    ….. I believe that the JURY in the Jodi Arias case was SNOOKERED (tricked or misdirected) by the PROSECUTION), to believe that the .25 caliber semi-auto gun stolen from Jodi’s grandparent’s house ABSOLUTELY HAS TO BE THE SAME GUN as the .25 caliber gun that Jodi used to defend herself & accidentally shot/wounded Travis. ..I have seen so many times that television court reporters & police & prosecutor lawyers, argue that there is no such thing as COINCIDENCE in the CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM. ….. ….. …..
    …..WELL, let me refer you to GOOGLE: ((( 12 ANGRY MEN COMPLETE MOVIE ))). ..You can view the entire movie (( 1 hr 32 min )) online, this is the original movie with Henry Fonda. ..One holdout juror (Henry Fonda) convinces the other 11 jurors to change their verdict to NOT GUILTY. ..Specifically : one scene at (( 27 min 30 sec )) into the movie. ..One juror slams the evidence murder weapon, a switch blade knife, into the jury table, & said TAKE A LOOK AT THIS KNIFE, IT’S A VERY UNUSUAL KNIFE, … …aren’t you asking us to accept a very incredible COINCIDENCE?? ..THERE AIN’T NO OTHER KNIFE LIKE THAT !! .. ..Then, ..HENRY FONDA stands up & puts his hand in his pocket & pulls out a switch blade knife, flips it open & slams it into the jury table, 3 inches away from the evidence knife!! ..All the jurors stand up in disbelief !! …WHERE DID YOU GET THAT KNIFE IT IS (((EXACTLY THE SAME))) AS THE MURDER WEAPON ??!!! …Henry said, “I went out walking last night into a pawn shop & bought that knife, it cost me SIX DOLLARS !! ….. ….. ….. …..
    …..I would like to tell the readers of this blog & this thread that I can show ONLINE proof of JUST HOW MANY semi-auto handguns, .25ACP detachable magazine, were manufactured in the United States. Colt’s Manufacturing Co, produced (420,705) of these with serial numbers from (1 to 420,705). That is just 40 years from 1908 to 1948. ..The next years (1952 to 2003), Beretta opened productions in Italy, Brazil, & the USA probably equivalent amounts, …& similar to the Colt’s .25 caliber. ..(ACP originally meant Automatic Colt Pistol) but I think it also refers to the type of ammo that can be used in other brands/models of .25 caliber guns. ..In other words : I bet it is near impossible to prove what brand or model of gun that shot Travis, whether made in 1908 or 2003, …without the gun. …. ….. …..
    …..I guess that the gun (that Travis had in his closet), that accidentally shot/wounded Travis could have been built & purchased from 1908 to 2003, ((near ONE HUNDREDS YEARS))!!! ..Does anyone think that a coincidence IS NOT POSSIBLE??? ..There could be many, many, many thousands of this similar kind of .25 caliber handgun, right there in the western states!! ….. …..As Henry Fonda said ” …IT IS POSSIBLE” !! .. I say it is extremely possible !! … …I SAY that Jodi DID NOT LIE about knowing where HE kept HIS GUN. …Please GOOGLE : ((COLT 1908 VEST POCKET .25 ACP PISTOL PRODUCTION DATE )) ….. …..Select wiki entry & read the NUMBER BUILT: 420,705. …Then go back & select the listing for: Colt 1908 Vest Pocket Hammerless .25 ACP Pistol Unique Serial… …and you will see a chart from Colt, listing exactly the numbers of guns & serial numbers, of each of this type of .25 caliber semi-auto guns. ..Then GOOGLE: Beretta 950 Jetfire wiki & view production dates 1952 to 2003. And, estimate their numbers produced, & these are American companies. …..

    ….. …..(((Also, of course I do not know what exact model gun was used in the Jodi Arias case but at least it could have been similar to one of these approximate millions of .25ACP semi-auto handguns in the world))). ….. ….. …..
    ….. …..AND, AND, AND, the person who originally designed the Colt Model 1908, .25ACP semi-auto in 1908, was John Moses Browning, pioneer, gun industrialist, & son of his Father: Jonathan Browning, who was also a pioneer (inventor) of the (((sliding breech rifle, the harmonica gun))), developed between 1834 & 1842. .. …..Jonathan & his son John Moses, were of THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS. … …NOW, why don’t the news media stop ((pontificating)) that Travis did not own a gun????? ……He was a Mormon!!! …GOOGLE everything about the Mormon history. …(My knowledge about guns is from GOOGLE). ….. ….. …..Thank you Dearest St Joan of Arc, Guardian Angel of Mademoiselle Jodi Ann Arias, for directing me to Google. …Jodi is innocent because of total and successful self-defense !!! …

    • I don’t know if I’d be convinced by an online research regarding the .25 caliber gun’s history. Yes, it goes to show that there are countless of those toy guns out there, but we kinda knew about that already.

      If we are to talk about Jodi, let’s talk about evidence:

      a) Jodi was NEVER charged with breaking in her her grandparents’ house. She arrived when the police officer was there and he just spoke with her as he did with her grandparents.
      b) The grandfather’s gun was stolen with 7 rounds of jacketed hollow points.
      Guess what? The bullet that was removed from TA’s cheek does not match these.

      So, in my mind it’s not a question of how many .25 guns are out there. Sure, this too is a big deal but there are far more shady things regarding Flores’ investigation and sloppy job that bother me.

    • I think this information & the fact that the bullets were not the same type is, at the very least, enough to create reasonable doubt. Love the sarcasm, SJ, you had me cracking up!!

      • Not just the bullets, the whole damn pack of lies that Munchassnez and the Shitwads—(again no disrespect to heavy metal and punk bands throughout the world meant)—-spewed from the rancid shitholes that they call mouths, during the “trial” was enough to make any sane person —jurors excluded :)—- see that JODI IS INNOCENT OF ALL CHARGES!!!!!!!!! GO TEAM JODI!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi! Good morning cyber family! I may sound stupid for asking this but, what is the dark side everyone talks about at times? Just wondering when I was reading some posts from yesterday. Is Pickles gone??? Wow, that is great if she is! I wonder what happened? Like someone posted yesterday, now we’ll see how Martinez is going to act (without Pickles) and if he’ll be able to get away with his big, bad wolf self trying to use screaming to intimidate and confuse everyone so nobody, not even himself, knows what is going on! It’s simple though, by coming across as loud and mean he was hoping that he would fool EVERYONE into believing he was proving his case against Jodi when, actually, he was not proving a thing!!!!!! He had no proof of anything! The really sad fact is that he was able to fool some people on the jury and media and people who believe that everything the media says is true!!! Well, we shall see now! The winds of CHANGE are finally blowing and the truth will prevail! Team Jodi!!! We WILL be victorious and Jodi WILL be free!!! I hope everyone has a great day today! Love you ALL!!!

    • Hi Mary,

      Settlement conferences are usually handled by a judge other than the one who presides over the case. Maricopa County Attorney spokesman Jerry Cobb said the settlement conference will be made in front of retired Maricopa County Superior Court Judge James Keppel.

      As for the dark side… let’s just say haters will be haters. We just have to focus on loving and supporting. Sometimes we all get carried away and get tangled in the spiderwebs of haters. Then we shake it off and move on. 😉

  4. So, the day is here. Finally!
    This Settlement Conference had many of us worried and impatient (the ones that really care) and some of the shit-stirrers alarmed coz they rushed to say there is no transparency in the appellate fund. I guess it’s only a matter of hours now, we’ll get to see what comes out of it.

    Last night I read that sometimes Settlement conferences like this one are just procedure and nothing more; I don’t know how accurate that information was. In any case, Jodi hopefully knows that we absolutely love her and we are here for her.

    ((((((((((( JODI ♥ ♥ ♥ )))))))))))))))

    ((((((((((( cyber family admins & the site)))))))))

    • ((((((CYBER FAMILY♥♥))))))
      Jodi knows I guarantee. Everyone be sure to send Jodi your best positive thoughts today while she is in court.


      Ray in H-burg Va.

      • I read it on FB. That there was a hearing today which was moved and they are wondering if the conference is still on.

    • I am confused about all of it too –

      The settlement conference was originally set for Oct 16, but when the 16th rolled around (or just before) they said the 16th was going to be oral arguments on the various motions and the settlement conference was rescheduled for the 24th. Then on the 16th they said the oral arguments had been vacated and rescheduled for Nov 1. NOW they’re saying the settlement conference is scheduled for Nov 1?

      I don’t think these things could be interchangeable like that, it’s two separate judges who have their own schedules to keep.

  5. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 6min

    Jodi Arias settlement conference today. County Atty Bill Montgomery says he no longer plans to attend and will leave it to Juan Martinez.

  6. Hello all!!

    It has been a while since I last posted but have been following all the recent posts 😉 wondering what this means? If Bill Montgomery is leaving it to pedo Martinez must mean they cannot reach a settlement??

    • Um, Maria, we don’t want a deal either, do we?

      By definition, I am pretty sure that any plea bargain forfeits appellate rights.

      And unless Keppel throws out the M1conviction and bumps it down to M2 (and I THINK only the presiding judge can do that), the only deal they can offer is life…. with no hope of appeals.

        • Well, I know that one of the reasons a *presiding* judge (the one who presided over the trial) can overturn a verdict is if they see enough ‘reversible error’ in the case that they believe the conviction will not hold up on appeals. And WE are pretty sure that is true of this case, and we think the state knows that too.

          So, hey, maybe – maybe maybe it is agreed that Stephens will go along with Keppel’s recommendation if the parties can agree to a guilty on a reduced charge.

          Otherwise, I don’t know how they’d get around the fact that a jury has already convicted her of M1, and they’re stuck with the penalties attached to that.

      • I agree! No deal! Jodi would never throw away her appeal rights unless it was a good deal. But knowing kermit he would never give up anything less than the DP or life w/o parole, which is a no dealer for Jodi!

        (((((Go Jodi!)))))
        ((((No deal))))

  7. So, there is no where on the internet or anywhere else we can see the hearing today? How will we know what happens?? I hope it goes well for Jodi!!

  8. When the truth finally comes out concerning Jodi and and the three ring circus that Shithead Sherry and the Prosecution made of this trial a lot of haters are going to discover how stupid and gullible they’ve been all along.

  9. ===
    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer:
    Maricopa County Superior Court Judge finally declares mistrial for accused Temple Murder defendant Johnathan Doody. Hung jury? No kidding!
    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer:
    Impasse Central: Enough disagreement, stubbornness and bad karma here at Maricopa courthouse to push the Earth off its axis.

    Now ain’t that the truth!

    Team Jodi

    • And this:

      Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 28m

      Impasse Central: The Johnathan Doody mistrial courtroom is right across the hall from where Arias settlement conference is still going on.

    • I don’t think Stephens would let it happen – it would mean pushing the retrial back while another attorney is brought up to speed. Unless Jennifer goes it alone.

      • I would make Jennifer first chair.
        She is very capable, has sympathy for Jodi, has good people skills and she has borne the brunt of the work as Jodi says.
        Nurmi basically bailed out on Jodi. That’s inexcusable and unforgivable! He’s even worse than Martinez! At least with Martinez Jodi knows where she stands, Nurmi is supposed to defend her, fight for her tooth and nail and he has failed to live up to his responsibilities as the first-chair attorney.

        When I read the part where Jodi says that Nurmi told his secretary to HANG UP ON her calls from jail, this got my back up! How can he do such a thing! Doesn’t he realize that Jodi’s life is hanging in the balance? It really makes my blood boil that he treats Jodi like that.

    • Well, anyone would fire an attorney that wasn’t giving his 100% . I think that Nurmi didn’t want this case that he was handed, from the beginning. It might be that he was starting his own practice and knew that this would be a long time consuming case. Or maybe the fact that he saw that this was a witch trial and there was no way he could have fought a fair fight in the courtroom…

      To be honest, I too believe that he wasn’t helping Jodi all that much. He left a lot of things ‘slip’ during the trial. I’m sure that Jodi will be better off without him. Who wouldn’t want a new attorney if the one that they have doesn’t accept their calls or is totally indifferent.

      Jennifer on the other hand IMO has worked hard on Jodi’s case and I believe that she lifted most of the weight.

      Wouldn’t it be awesome if Jose Baez would take over as first chair?! martinez would shit his pants! LOL!

      I am not sure what sherry will do. It seems that she was fine with Nurmi (he didn’t give the prosecution a hard time and we all know who sherry was ruling for…) (:roll)

      • Jose Baez would make Martinez’s head spin so fast that he’d look like the little possessed Regan from the exorcist!

      • Hi Pandora, (Σ ‘αγαπώ ffs!)

        I agree to an extent. Nurmi did his best, but it obviously wasn’t good enough.

        Fair enough – with Casey’s trial, JB had a kick-start on the funding with the $250k from ABC (in lieu of Casey’s pics), so he could fly in all the top experts from around the world to blow The Laughing Guy’s case out of the water. He did that admirably, by ripping all the state’s witnesses a new one and showing them all up for what they really were. Jokers.

        Their case was piss poor at best – built around wishful thinking, junk science & fantasy forensics (not too dissimilar to Kermit’s effort). The only time common sense came into the equation with Casey’s trial was when the jury recorded their Not Guilty verdict. That’s what happens when you weigh up all the valid evidence (or lack thereof) pertaining to the trial you’re supposed to be watching. If the jury ever fall for the prosecutors’ theatrics instead of the facts, then you get an invalid verdict without a sentence.

        Enlightenment is still available via this link:

        I rest my case – for now at least…

        Team Jodi

        • Και εγώ σ’αγαπώ!!! But you already know that! 😉

          Great reply BTW!

          (((((TEAM JODI)))))
          ((((JODI)))) ♥

    • Article says she hasn’t seen him since May 23, and that he has no people skills and she was pissed at him for playing the sex tape in open court…. she wanted a closed session for that part. Article also says she filed the same motion in June but Stephens denied.

  10. Oh. I was never impressed with him. He gave the appearance that he was really not wanting to help Jodi. Jodi really needs the best council possible.

    • He has a plodding and deliberate way about him that made him a refreshing break from the rabid chihuahua at the state’s table, but I always thought Jennifer did a better job with witnesses.

  11. Me too. Anyone was better than the little troll.

    Everything has been so pretty around here lately . . .I can’t help but think of our Jodi in her little room not being able to enjoy the things we all take advantage of everyday. It will be a good day when she is free. I wonder how her father and mother are holding up?

  12. God I miss all the excitement!!! Alexis Admin and SJ I’m glad to see you are keeping the site calm and not putting up with any temper tantrums! I just wish I knew what it was all about, heh heh. Anyway, I have no time or use for tantrums or petty bullshit either so carry on guys. You’re doing a great job!

    • Absolutely AGREED!! I have been super busy with my failing health along with my daughters but have enjoyed logging on and staying caught up on current info on our journey to justice for JODI!! She has taught hard and stayed much stronger than I think I ever could given her position. I’ve said since the day I heard the m1 conviction, much like everyone else “you’ve got to be Freakin kidding me, those idiots clearly did not watch the same trial I did” (keep in mind, that was put way more PG than what actually came out as I’m sure you could all fill in the blanks) thank you to all of u!! Xoxoxo

    • Oh Geez guys don’t even get me started on alter egos, evil twins and imaginary friends. heh heh

      And Kara, I hope your health improves. I was able to fill in your blanks, I have a bit of a potty mouth myself at times. I usually try to keep my “inner monologue” but sometimes things just slip out!

  13. OK, I’ve brought evil twin with me to sit quietly over here, because she almost went on a tear over at HuffPo – where someone not only questioned the authenticity of the trust but the character of Jodi’s parents, citing their ‘less than stellar record’. Evil twin was SURE we needed to inform said poster of the less than stellar records of the Alexanders. I assured her that I discarded those links, knowing she’d do evil things with them.

    So she (evil twin) is here so y’all can help me remind her that we are BETTER than that! WE ARE TEAM JODI! WE ARE NOT HATEFUL HATERS!

    • Journee! LOL!

      We all have our evil twins ready to take over!

      Oh, honey, it is not a surprise to me that they would attack the Arias family again and again and again nor that they’d question the authenticity of the trust fund. It’s a matter of tactic for them.

      I’m not saying…. we, too, have made our comments about the alexander family – in a not so discreet way 😉 but if we do make this a pissing contest, let’s just say that some wrap sheets would be enough to wrap all the gifts at Santa’s workshop! 😉 in comparison to others…

      • I am the evil twin. Just ask my ex-wife LMFAO…
        Maybe this will be grounds for a mistrial or at least appeal, ineffective counsel if Judge Pickles allows it…..we can only hope!


        Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • Journee, look into my eyes….You’re falling asleeeeeep…. Hear my voice and go deeper and deeper…. Deeper….Now evil twin come fooooorth and repeat after me…..”I will not behave the way haters do. I am better than that. I…….better….than…..that….”

  14. NO NO NO Journee’s evil twin restrain yourself or you will end up in the bottom of her closet under her pile of old shoes just like RL’S!!!!!!! Just don’t go there. Let them stew in their hate. . .stay here where it is peaceful 🙂 (for now anyway).We are Team Jodi and We will Find Justice for Jodi!!!!! And, Love Love Love to her Parents! Be strong Journee let Lucy take care of the evil twin:)

  15. I’ve been defending Jodi arias. and all this time I’ve always believed that there was Mormon cover up, how was the sad thing about it is that you have taken the down fall for it, cause,, of Baby graves, and Jane Mitchell, very poor journalism, this should never have gone hurt a poor innocent girl
    They made into a witch hunt,and is worry, people prove her guilty before she was tried.will good luck,we love her for fighting for her life,GOD bless u

    • So Jodi got screwed big time by Nurmi
      I always suspected, from the lazy and apathetic way he carried himself in the courtroom, that Nurmi was essentially good for nothing (except for picking his nose), a waste of money!
      Now Jodi has confirmed it in writing!
      She should have fired his indolent ass back in 2012 when he started hanging up on her and shirking his responsibilities and shunning Jodi for no apparent reason, other than spite as Jodi states.
      Fire him and revoke his bar association card so he cant get one over on other unsuspecting clients!

    • Thanks for sharing. How sad to confirm the ways Jodi has faced injustices in her own words. How in the world can she feel any security if her own lawyer has performed in such an uninterested and uncaring manner. Really disgusting.

    • I read that today and all I can think of to say is ”Poor Jodi” .This is beyond heartbreaking, this is tearing me apart.

      We all suspected that Nurmi was there against his own will( for lack of a better word). He wanted to set up his own practice and suddenly he found himself in the middle of a legal havoc, a trial that was and is bound to make legal history.
      There were times at court he seemed uninterested in what he was there to do, there were times he falied to address important issues, there were times he did not corner witnesses or worse he did not even examine witnesses!!! Upon hearing the ” 9 days out of 10” comment, I remember I was left speechless, I didnt know if it was nad sense of humor or just him being plain stupid. I was arguing on FB one day that Jodi’s smile on that comment was not of a person amused by what they had just heard but instead of an embarrassed person in a very awkward moment.

      Most of us were commenting on how more passionate Jennifer was, how focused she seemed, how meticulous and thorough she was when examining or cross-examining,how professionally she behaved compared to Nurmi.
      However, I believe few of us had suspected the extent of Nurmi’s mistreatment of Jodi. All this behind-the-scenes details becoming public through this letter just remind me that it is imperative that something must be done to help this young woman. She just can’t seem to catch a break, FFS! I am appalled, to say the least.

      • Maria,

        I’m wondering if this is gamemanship. We know Nurmi motioned to withdraw many times to create an appellate record. I wonder if this motion is part of creating a record for ineffective counsel? But would a lawyer ask a client to to file a motion asking they be removed? I wonder if Jodi or JW already have someone lined up to take his place from the public defender’s office. I guess only time will tell.

        • After reading Jodi’s letter, I think this time it is no strategy. She sounds genuinely disappointed by and pissed at him.

  16. jodi’s motion to remove nurmi

    content aside

    who’s the f*&^ing lazy, disrespectful, a’hole who copied that motion ?

    words chopped off, margins not aligned, ie the copy shows it was simply contemptuously and lazily thrown onto the copier, for copying

    would someone go to the courthouse and request from the clerk a proper, respectful copy for us

    • i listened to a few speakers, who’s almost exclusive focus has been on the trayvon martin case and racism

      almost nothing directly relevant to jodi’s self defense assertion

  17. Keep the faith, folks.

    David Camm, former Indiana state trooper, twice convicted and sentenced for the murders of his wife and children, twice had his convictions overturned, was found NOT GUILTY yesterday by the jury in his third trial.

    Yes, it took too long. No we don’t want Jodi to have to wait that long. But it is encouraging, to me anyway, to see that wrongs can be righted.

    • Cool!
      I hope they’ll overturn Jodi’s Murder I conviction!
      There’s no way it was murder I – there was no premeditation! At the very least it’s manslaughter. Or justifiable homicide.
      I agree, that it is encouraging! It shows that some people in the justice system care.
      I hope Jodi will get a second chance in the courtroom. This time with a better first-chair attorney that will fight for her.

      • I agree. Murder 1 is implausible. There have been so many miscarriages of justice over the years that we can’t discount that this may be another.

  18. gosh I’m fuming right now, all along I felt like Nurmi was not working with or for Ms. Arias!!! To many unanswered questions, he wouldn’t even do a proper cross examination. When we as the public could see and hear with our own eyes the falsified facts made by the state!!!! Ms. Arias stay strong, justice will be served!!!!

    • My impression of Nurmi was that he lacked passion. We can all tell Nurmi can’t stand Martinez and argued a lot about publicity etc. There was a time on this site where everyone LOVED Nurmi as I’ve been reading back. Nobody could say a bad word about Nurmi on this board before. ( The readers that were like that have left.) I’ve seen some awesome lawyering in cases such as both sides in Zimmerman or Baez in the Anthony case. Nurmi just didn’t have it together. I’m sure people will say its because he thought his client guilty but I doubt it. Lawyers represent guilty people all the time and he represents pedophiles. I doubt all of his clients are innocent. Based on that motion and Nurmi’s motions to withdraw from before, this is probably the best move for all concerned.

      • Do you really think Stephens will allow it though? With all the pressure to just get this case done with, will she abide a move that will push the retrial back for several months more, at the least?

        • I doubt it very much, for at least two reasons: (1) According to Jodi’s motion, the reason she and KN have not communicated for 5 months is that she refuses to talk to him. (2) A few years back, she was writing a shorter letter to a judge begging to keep Nurmi. I’m not criticizing Jodi, just saying how it will look to Stephens. I wish Stephens would grant the motion, but I’d be amazed if she did.

          Once again, I’m impressed with how well Jodi writes.

          I was never one who found Nurmi impressive in court. In fact, the first day I tuned in the trial (toward the end of Jodi’s direct), I assumed Nurmi was the prosecutor! I was astonished to learn later that he was her defense lawyer. His courtroom manner is very unappealing, yet at the same time he was not tough enough on the prosecution for switching the facts and the details of the charges.

          I did find two things good in his performance. (1) His recent long motion attacking the constitutionality of the “especially cruel” aggravator is very well-argued (though not well-written). (2) In his closing, I thought he effectively destroyed the premeditation evidence with his long analysis of J’s “secret mission.”

          Besides many things on the other side, the “9 days out of 10” comment I thought absolutely inexcusable, and Jodi’s grin did nothing to change my mind.

          • I was also impressed with how well Jodi writes.

            The media and public hatred was colossal. I thought Nurmi did the best he could and I enjoyed his outfits greatly! I think he was just in way over his head. I also think he had to be very careful in how he appeared to be treating Jodi. Jose Baez was accused of sleeping with Casey because he showed concern for her and genuinely cared about her.

            I didn’t agree with Nurmi’s strategy in the courtroom and I wondered, at times, where he was going with his questioning. Even still, I felt he was 900X the lawyer Juan Martinez is.

  19. Greetings, everyone! How are you? I just wanted to take the time to write and say that I know that we’ve been through a lot these past 9 months, and in that time, many of us have become a family here. Instead of focusing on the negative stuff that is said about us and Jodi, I’d like to focus on the positive stuff that sometimes gets missed or overlooked.

    I believe with all of my heart that Jodi Arias is innocent. If you disagree with me, that’s fine. You’re entitled to disagree with me just as I’m entitled to disagree with you. But why I believe that she’s innocent has less to do with emotion and more to do with fact. I believe that there is strong evidence that has been posted here and on other websites that points to Jodi Arias’s innocence. This is well-documented, specific information that isn’t made up or fabricated. And I believe that if and when this information is provided to Jodi’s defense, it will help expedite her release from jail or prison.

    I hate to think that anyone who is innocent of a crime, especially first degree murder, is sitting alone in a jail or prison cell. I know with all of my heart that Jodi Arias is innocent of this crime. That is why I am so steadfast and passionate for her defense and freedom. I hope and pray that both happen really soon.

  20. After reading the very thoughtful and articulate letter that Jodi wrote, there is no doubt in my mind that the Judge must grant Jodi’s request to replace Nurmi. If she does not grant this request then this will be grounds for a reversal. Jodi is stating as plainly as possible that Nurmi was ineffective and was not giving her the best defense in this case. Jodi deserves an attorney who will fight for her 1000% and Nurmi didn’t. She requested this before and Nurmi himself requested off the case. I really believe that the judge will be making reversible error if she does not grant this request.

    • Hi Vicky,

      Thanks for the link. Alyce starts talking about her involvement in Jodi’s trial at the 22:15 point.

      Team Jodi

    • Thank you for sharing this, Vicky. I enjoyed watching it for many reasons, not the least of which was seeing how well Alyce has rebounded from the abuse she suffered at the hands of Martinez, HLN, and social media.

      And the end had me laughing at Martinez all over again.

  21. I never said this until now, but early in the trial I sarcastically referred to Kirk Nurmi as “Heavy D” because of his resemblance to the now-deceased rapper. I found his style to be very slow and, personally, I felt that Jennifer Willmott should have been the one who gave the closing argument in the trial, not Kirk Nurmi. Having read Jodi’s letter, I completely support her 100% on this.

    I don’t even have a law degree and I never spent a day in law school, but I think that I could have done a better job of defending Jodi Arias in court than Kirk Nurmi did. That’s not a reflection of how good that I am, but rather a reflection of how bad that HE is.

  22. R. Love, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we now have over 1400 signatures on the media petition, thanks to your fine and generous efforts. I still haven”t been able to locate a way to promote it the way you apparently did. I do see the Promote button but it again is for organizations and you say that isn’t what you used. If I had a way to send you money so you could further your handiwork I certainly would. I don’t understand why you can get to it and I, as the creator of the petition, can’t. Very curious. And I’ve been all over trying to find help on the subject or even how to simply contact for additional information. Frustrating!

    • Actually , R, I misspoke. The Promotion button I see just let’s you grab contacts from your own email accounts and send email to those personal contacts. No mention of paid promotions except, as I’ve mentioned, for organizations. I wish I could see what you are seeing.

  23. Hi,

    I just made a new blog post where I present my “closing argument” for Jodi Arias during the trial if I had been her main defense attorney. All you got to do is click on my name here and it will take you straight to the link to my blog. I’d like to know what you think. Thank you!

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