Jodi Arias Retrial – Deliberations To Resume Monday

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We had very little activity yesterday — aside some pointless juror questions, a few escaping llamas, and a band of fools running around the courthouse late afternoon — so with the jurors gone for the weekend, deliberations are set to resume this coming Monday, March 2nd… which will be Day #790 of the trial.

The verdict, whenever it arrives, will be broadcast live @

I’ll add a new page once we get the 1 hour heads-up on the announcement.

Between now & then: Check out the video below. It’s titled “What Kind of Abuse Are We Talking About? One Size Does Not Fit All” (from End Abuse Long Beach, October 2013) and features Alyce LaViolette talking about her own experience during Jodi’s trial, “trial by media” in general, and much more. Well worth watching.  Click here to watch it in YouTube – or you can watch it below:

So… with the longest, biggest & most comprehensive judicial fuck-up in AZ’s history still hanging on in there but still apparently close to an end… leave your thoughts & comments below between now & Monday.

In the meantime folks…

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      • Justiceforusall,

        I fully believe that your posted: “An Argument for Reasonable Doubt” is a complete case for the defence of Jodi Arias. Every element to set her free is contained therein. It leaves no room for argument.

        I spent a lot of time, once I saw that, posting everywhere possible for folks to pick up on that Argument.
        But I was very let down when I discovered (someone having asked me where to find that document) that our JAII site has become so bloated, that just the touch of one wrong key, and all is lost to purposeful retrieval : ) I hope you will carry the ball from here. I am developing worrisome internal symptoms from this stress, and I can’t keep up the effort to try to alert folks to keep this ship from sinking.

        BOTTOM LINE: Somebody needs to see to it that every JUROR has a copy of that complete document to guide them. I do hope this gets to your eyes, Justiceforusall. Thank you.

        • Thank you, Seabird. I try to promote the site wherever I can. I even have “business cards” that I hand out whenever the chance arises. Since it was originally published last year we’ve had more than 7200 visitors but unfortunately only about one out of ten or so actually stick around to read it. Most leave after reading one or two pages (some only read the title page), probably because it goes contrary to their confirmation bias. They read one thing that challenges their beliefs, arrogantly declare it crap and depart. But I do know it is reaching some people, that I’m not just preaching to the choir.

        • Unfortunately, Seabird, giving the jurors a copy of the document would come under the heading of “jury tampering”. They need to work only from exactly what they heard and saw in court. I do wish that the defense team had made a similar presentation during the first trial. And I wonder how many of the original jurors later dropped in and immediately ran away when they were presented with any degree of reasonable doubt. Their subconscious minds are not going to let that happen.

          • Justusforusall,

            Thank you for your response to enhance my understanding of the “system.”
            So, now we will head into the appeals phase.

            What is the FUNCTIONAL difference between going to trial using “An Argument for Reasonable Doubt” as the basis to clear Jodi of unfair charges,
            and an attorney writing up a defence case to go to trial?

            If the given attorney were representing Jodi, say at the appeals level, would it still be considered jury tampering for said attorney to provide the jury with Reasonable Doubt as a point from which to debate the facts? Among any other points they may choose to considerr?

      • Absolutely fabulous Justice! Today I read the entire thing, and that is saying a lot because I suffer from dyslexia. It was well written and easy to follow. It was thorough and informative. I have seen the link here but haven’t read the entire thing until today. I wish EVERYONE would read it. It makes SO much sense. Thank you

      • This is actually an open letter asking any and everybody for input in resolving some of the sticky issues surrounding the day of the actual crime: Please Help!

        Hi Justice, I just lost my work for the 2nd time. Then I could not find my way back to your post!

        I need some serious collaboration to try to understand the flow of time surrounding the period of the actual crime.

        I’m starting with Jodi on the road headed for Mesa, after TA called her and guilted her into changing her original agenda of going to Utah to get acquainted with Ryan Burns. So at this point, she is redirected and heading to TA’s condo in Mesa.

        In my notes I had that she arrived at TA’s at 4:00 am. Putting aside his two rages before they went to sleep, Jodi said they went to bed to sleep and woke up about 1:00 pm.

        Well, someone on Inconvenient Truths, identified as “Dryson” stated that around noon of the day that TA died, TA consumated a $7,000.00 loan agreement with plastic surgeon: Dr. Carl B. Hiaat.

        So Jodi is at TA’s condo. Jodi’s rental car is in plain sight at TA’s condo. Either Dr. H came over to the condo witn the check; or else TA walked the few blocks over to Dr. H.’s office to get the check. Chris Hughes is reportedly showing up at the scene to retrieve “his personal possessions.” (Is this without Chris waiting for TA to be dead, first. Or what is weird here that something seems to be missing?
        (C.H. Time frame unknown.)

        So all this activity and negotiation with an alive TA. and by now the day must be wearing on into the afternoon. What is Jodi doing while all of this is going on? Do these people know she is there? Who else is also there? Someone said they saw TA talking with Enrique in the kitchen that very morning. When was there the time and the privacy to get this murder underway??????? Please if you can add to/edit to help this go somewhere. When I wind the thing to the end with my own scenario, I end up with two of my personal main suspects, both being at the crime scene at the same time. But now I don’t even know if the crime has been committed, yet. They still have photos to take, and sex games to play. Is anybody eating anything? This June, and anyone just standing around outside is going to be seriously HOT. Are various people accumulating indoors?

        OH, is the furniture “moved” because it was repossessed, or TA had to sell it? The important conference call ___was that to have been at 7:00 pm on this same evening? I just have to have missed something obvious to someone besides me.

      • Hi Cindy! Yes… I think a March verdict is looking highly probable at this stage — unless they decide to take a month recess and announce the verdict on April 1st – which would be very apt, lol.

        Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

        • SJ, well you know JSS has that golf vacation coming up so she’s in her chambers tapping her finger’s on her desk walking back and forth past the door where the jury is “deliberating” with her golf shoes clicking on the floor. Just to hurry them along.

  1. Onward we go into MARCH, is right! Sending Prayers and ALL of My Positive Energy to Jodi !!
    This should definitely be a MISTRIAL IMHO!!! Thanks to the ALEXANDERS.

      • It isn’t right and I am sure that the DT is aware of this…if the jury comes back DP then all this stuff with the Alexanders demonstrating in court – walking out not once, but three times during the closing arugments…Stephen, the family and friends, and then one of the loudly crying sisters……will all come into play with the appeal of the DP……just more points on appeal……

    • I believe she is most likely maintaining a court schedule of some sort…the court gets notified then will give the family a hour’s notice or so that a verdict will be read…so in the intervening time she will keep a schedule in the courtroom then once she is notified that a verdict has been reached she will clear her schedule for the verdict……..

  2. SJ there is a video with Alyce Lavoilette on the previous page that everyone here should see. She talks some about her time at Jodi’s trial and how much of a bully Martinez is. The video is on domestic violence and is quite interesting.

      • In the beginning of the video ALV mentioned Amanda Knox…I am not familiar with that case.. anyone here educated in it enough to give me a rough overview? I don’t dare google it because ALV stated the media pilloried Amanda. Rather get info from a trusted source.

        • Amanda Knox was a young American girl who was going to college abroad. She was charged with killing her roommate. However, there was a black man that was charge in this case, and Amanda boyfriend abroad was also held liable until the trial. Both were set FREE but they want to retry her again for the murder. I believe she is from Washington if my memory is correct. She was only in her early 20’s… This took place in Italy.. She learned Italian while being in Italy and in prison.

          • They did retry her and overturned the not guilty verdict to guilty for both she and Raffele Sollecito. They are appealing that verdict and even if affirmed it is unlikely that she would ever be extradited back to Italy to serve her sentence. Unfortunately, Raffele is Italian and was detained from being able to leave the country.

        • What Fujuan says is true, but the story is a bit more complicated. Amanda and her boyfriend were first convicted, then acquitted by a higher court, but the acquittal was thrown out on appeal. Last I heard, Amanda is in the US and refusing to return to Italy for retrial.

          If you search her name on Amazon, you’ll find 8 or 9 books (!) about the case, including her own memoir of it. A well-written one that I read about half of is THE FATAL GIFT OF BEAUTY.

          Amanda was pilloried by the Italian media, and from what I’ve heard, almost all Italians think her guilty. Americans, though, tend to believe her innocent.

          There are at least one or two eerie parallels between Amanda’s case and Jodi’s, one of which is that Amanda was blasted in the press for doing cartwheels at the police station while awaiting interrogation (like Jodi’s headstand, which HLN kept showing). The cases differ, however, in that Amanda is apparently innocent by reason of not even being present at the killing.

          So, in my three favorite examples of women wrongly convicted of murder in the media and the court of public opinion, one (Lindy Chamberlain) is innocent because no homicide occurred; one (Amanda Knox) is innocent because she was not the killer; and one (Jodi) is innocent because she killed in self-defense if she killed at all.

          • Thank you Alan, I am not familiar with the Lindy Chamberlain case either. Dare I google her or will a google search be a waste of my time?

      • Excellent talk. The clips of the infamous Snow White cross examination are featured at the end of the presentation. She also noted some of the haters apologized for their actions against her.

        • Lol…honstly…I wonder what was running through her mind while on the stand and JM was questioning her about that …. I assume, ” Okay, he has REALLY gone off his rocker now 😯 “

    • So glad to see the video I linked on to yesterdays page featured on the main page by SJ today! It is very interesting and I hope all will watch it. 🙂

      • Yes Michelle thank you again. I thanked you on yesterday’s page but a lot of people do not go back that is why I brought it to attention today. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommended it to everyone LOL great find it was 😀

        • Debbie,
          I want to thank you, I was worried a lot of people would not see it and I was going to post again today, so I was happy to see that it was up on the home page where everyone will see it. Thank you for bringing it to SJ’s attention. I laughed my ass off during the snow white clip at the end. I admire Alyce so much and her handling of the haters reveals so much about her.

  3. I personally find it amazing that even one juror is holding out for death. They heard so much more about Travis in this trial and I believe Nurmi and Dr. Geffner thoroughly decimated Dr. Death’s insane testimony based on confirmation bias. What kind of sick mind still thinks she deserves death?

    • Only those sick minded, media polluted lunatics with deaf ears and blind eyes shouting “kill her,kill” could STILL think she is horrible and worthy of the DP

    • You would think…however, the defense is already starting a severe disadvantage in this sentencing re-trial in that the court has instructed the jurors that they are to “accept” the criminal trial verdict….of course this doesn’t prevent jurors from freely thinking in their own mind that perhaps that the first jury got it wrong….and then you have the injuries, more specifically the throat cut…this in my view is the one factor that most jurors simply can not get over and then of course to be told over and over by the state that the gunshot was a last FU to TA….just adds to the inability of some jurors to get over to where they can vote for life….we here know that the gunshot was not last but first bc we have educated ourselves on the true facts, we know the destruction of evidence, the perjured testimony of state witnesses including the changing of testimony from gunshot first to gunshot last which is the exact factor that allowed the DP to be brought into this case…so I can understand how these jurors who didn’t sit through the first trial could be mislead but I believe that there are a couple/few jurors on this jury that have the commons sense to know that Jodi does not deserve death and may even think to themselves that she did not commit first degree premeditated murder at all……

      • BB,

        I totally agree with you. Otherwise they would of came back with a verdict by now…. if they all wanted the DP. I am sure there are a few that are holding out because they have followed this trial. You cannot tell me that these jurors have no clue to this murder. It’s been going on since 2008 and it’s 2015…. You would of had to lived in the woods in total isolation to not know anything about this trial.

        The slit throat pic is the key picture that I believe jurors are having a hard time with. Plus they didn’t hear everything we all did …. Unless of course they turned on the news at night and got on Twitter.

        Still think it will be a hung jury. Which will allow Jodi 48 hours in jail before being transferred to Perryville, and one person authorized to pick up all her stuff from the jail because she’s not allowed to take it with her to prison.

        • The slit throat picture is disturbing, yes! But the prosecutor deviously showed the picture of the beck after the Medical Examiner performed his autopsy. Very misleading and should never been allowed. There is a BIG difference in the pictures. IMO. Everything that the Frog is a part of is questionable. He deserves his own personal jail cell.

            • R.Love,
              I agree. If there was ever a case for a mistrial, plus big fines and long jail time for the
              prosecutor, and his buddies.
              If I ever saw a judge put in jail or impeached, this is also a case for it.
              Disturbance in the court by the Alexanders and their friends ALSO
              derserve jail time and fines.

              PLus, they won’t have to worry about where they sleep and the tax payers will pay for that.

        • Fujuan, I tend to agree with you on the hung jury.
          I just pray that if they look at that picture they also look at TA’s body in the shower. Someone’s has to say did she do that one??? There is no room….

      • That throat cut was made deeper, and 3 in. wider after the body was on the autopsy table. This was done purposely for the gore effect to be displayed up on the big screen. This can be seen by comparing “before and after” pictures of the autopsy.

    • I think they heard too much about Travis and not enough about Jodi, KN did not say one nice thing about Jodi during his closings. How much she is loved, her talents, what she can contribute. In deciding to spare her life that is the things the jury will look at

  4. I wonder if there is anyone out there who has had a change of heart and is willing to admit it publicly… I’m talking any “full-throttle gung ho proTA nuts…

    • thanks CC, I was reading last night while trying to go to sleep that Jodi life at Perryville is beyond anything I have ever imagined.

      If sentenced to death, Jodi will basically live a ” twilight existence, a purgatory between this world and whatever comes next” according to Huffington Post. Its very restrictive, very secure and very isolated.

      6x 8 cell with a concrete bed, think mattress, metal toilet, self that ( serves as a chair / desk). Small window ( 6×30). Total solitary confinement, all meals eaten alone. Weekends they only get two meals per day. She will have no access to anyone. The air is also restricted because its an ” old ventilation system” it gets cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Personal property allowed inside the cells is limited to hygiene items, two appliances ( fan and tv) , two books and writing materials. She will be allowed to have fresh air two hours a day 3x a week.and they are also allowed out of their cell to shower 3x a week.
      She is allowed to send mail providing she has funds for stamps and is allowed unlimited amount of mail. They are only allowed two 10 min phone conversations per week ( and the phone is brought to their cell).
      All her visit will be behind a glass. she would never have contact visit and any time is would be in handcuffs, belly chains and leg irons.. There are no jobs for death row inmates. According to this article the hardest part for any inmate in this situation is is not being able to interact with or touch anyone is very difficult.

      If she gets a sentence of natural life- life without parole, this is she’ll enjoy better living conditions though not right away.
      She will start off at max custody for the first couple years, so they would initially be in teh same situation as someone on death row. Within two years she could move to medium custody where she would remain do to her the nature of the crime. But this would allow her to live in a dormitory setting and could foreseeably get a good job.

      This just makes me cry, I could fathom in a million years what it is like to live the rest of your life this way… Don’t seem legal….. My heart goes out to Jodi and a million prayers for her and her family.

      Thank you SJ for this site, and all my team Jodi family….

      • FUJUAN,
        Pope Franicis has spoken out against the death penalty, against solitary confinement and against “life in prison” (which he calls a “hidden death sentence”). Amnesty International calls solitary confinement “torture.” The loss of freedom is supposed to be the punishment but prisoners are subjected to conditions that can only be desribed as torture. It’s the reason so many go insane or commit suicide.
        I’m amazed when Jodi smiles in the courtroom and is so pleasant in her replies to people that write to her. She shows such courage and resilence.

    • That article is incorrect, the warden was on the news last night and he said they have her cell ready, it is the same one whether it is life or death but if lwop she can be out of her cell with a menial job after sixty days. He also said that guards have been given warnings to not interact or become friendly with Jodi, not sure if they think she has spell casting abilities but are concerned about her “manipulation tactics”
      Also, Troy Hayden reported that there are some prisoners who are looking to make a name for themselves who want to “beat her up” so I am sure she will be protected for as long as possible.

  5. I was reading about jury deliberations. Did you know they used to withhold food and water from the jurors to speed up their decision. I’m surprised they don’t still do that in Arizona.

      • That is exactly what they need to be served….. then maybe they would make the right decision. This is someone’s life, daughter, sister, aunt, grandaughter, friend …. she is a human being that fell for a manipulative FREAK …. she was TRAPPED….. WAKE UP JURORS….. One day this could be your child, friend, aunt, sister, etc…..

        • FUJUAN,

          That is SO TRUE that one day it could possibly be ANYONE’S child, friend, aunt, sister, etc… My husband always tells our daughter and son that when you meet someone, you are only meeting their representative because that person will put their best face forward and you don’t really know who they are until time has passed and then you will know who the real person is!!! That is a TRUE statement!!! I think that many of the jurors also may have sons and daughters or nieces and nephews near Jodi’s age who are in the dating scene!

          ♥(((((( JODI)))))♥

  6. The Alexander should be charged !!

    13-2807. Jury tampering; classification

    A. A person commits jury tampering if, with intent to influence a juror’s vote, opinion, decision or other action in a case, such person directly or indirectly, communicates with a juror other than as part of the normal proceedings of the case.

    B. Jury tampering is a class 6 felony.

  7. The Alexanders should be no where near the jury during deliberations. They should be housed on a floor where nobody has access to them, even during breaks. The court should provide all meals for them… and they need to deliberate all weekend, Not his M-Th 9-430…. that is messed up .

    • It is messed up and would provide a good point on appeal for reversal of the DP if they give her this…….and since I am not 100% sure that the DT is aware of this death vigil they are holding outside the elevators strategically situated so the jury can see them as they leave, I took it upon myself to inform the DT of this very situation…just so all bases are covered and they for sure are aware of it…that is unless my email goes into their spam file which I hope it doesn’t……..

      • More so the 3 walk outs during KN’s closing the other day ….Stephen, the en masse walk out of family and friends, and the sobbing sister….even more of basis for reversal of the DP…

        • The appellate courts have found that it is not so much the demonstration (wearing ribbons, t-shirts, walking out, etc..) but it is the lack of action by the judge to control the courtroom and to prevent those demonstrations from continuing to happen which has lead to reversals……

  8. Okay guys, I had no clue why you brought up llamas yesterday but a link from a VERY OLD page here lead me (after viewing several different videos) lead me to the escaped llama video…KRIKEY! Sun City is…just..uck! Looks like a horrid giant parking lot! No wonder the llamas wanted to escape. WHO WOULD ACTUALLY CHOOSE TO LIVE THERE?

  9. Juan Martinez was there and knew exactly what the Alexanders planned on doing once again. We all made a joke when someone heard him state that he knew nothing. . .but that is the veil he uses to protect himself. HAHA I know nothing! Well he certainly knows about all of the tampering and withholding of evidence, make no mistake about that. He doesn’t care one single moment about the Alexanders and especially Travis Alexander. He is nothing but a low life scammer just like the Hughes IMO.

        • Well I can understand staying close by the courthouse somewhere, but to stay in the court building / victim’s room/ outside in the hall is not necessary when there has been NO heads up given that a verdict has been reached…this whole thing stinks…JM being there, the victims’ room magically being locked, them sitting a death vigil outside in the hall right in view of the jurors…it really stinks…

      • It wasn’t just the family, either –

        Tweeters said the”FRIENDS” arrived just before the jury was set to go home for the day. It WAS another ORGANIZED DEMONSTRATION for the jury.


        • I contacted the DT about it and hopefully they got my message so if they weren’t aware they are now and can take whatever steps they feel they need to………It is not fair, throughout this entire trial as well as the first, the family has been testifying from the gallery and this is a violation of Jodi’s rights to a fair trial………rolling eyes, crying, walking out, walking out en mass, placing a box of tissues strategically on the railing of the gallery box in full view of the jury so they can see whenever the family pulls a tissue to dry those tears, etc….It just has been a hostile atmosphere to Jodi and the appellate courts have tended to overturn in cases where the judge had lost control of the courtroom and did not take steps to ensure that the demonstrations would not continue to happen…it was the repetitive nature of the demonstrations that has convinced appellate courts to overturn verdicts….

  10. It occurs to me that the only way to ever prove that Jodi is innocent (not just “not guilty” which is a whole other issue) is through some basic grassroots detective work. Can we possible brainstorm, come up with a list of facts that if proven would help to exonerate her – and then find ways to investigate those facts? A task force of sorts? For example, that she didn’t steal her grandfather’s gun (either gun being found or even just records on the number of guns stolen in Yreka during period). I’ve also always wondered if someone interviewed the late night clerk at the Buckeye gas station where she stopped around 3:30 am. After all, I don’t expect they have too many women who look like Jodi stopping in at that hour. (Jodi doesn’t even know if that was investigated.) If that person could be found (perhaps they didn’t follow the trial) it would be a huge step forward.

    Any thoughts?

    • I’ve said this many times before on JAII, the time of death was never established; the defense went with the day Jodi was there and did not pursue the actual time of death according to an unbiased medical expert in the field. Horn was one of Martinez’ sheep.

      Forensic Medical Examination:
      What would an unbiased medical examiner say was the time of death:
      By considering the condition of: organs, stomach content, wounds and body color. Also, the condition of the eyes at autopsy.

      The description Horn gave of the eyes doesn’t fit with TA being dead 5 days. (Eyes are among the first to decompose.)

      Medical Examiner’s opinion of which came first, gun or knife examine what was preserved from the brain.
      DNA taken from fingernail (toe nails if preserved since TA was a kick boxer)
      Examination of the food remaining in TA’s stomach at the autopsy.

      The gruesome picture JM keeps showing is of the corpse AFTER it had been in a FREEZER for a significant period of time after it arrived for autopsy, which changed its color of the body dramatically.

            • I had to quit working last year ( for health reasons) but am a nurse practioner. The group of doctors I worked for are internal medicine specialists who were on call county medical examiners. They did scene investigation for the state medical examiners office.

              Because of 2 of the bigger laws on the books, (1 of which is “Daubergt”(sp?) ) it takes a specially trained medical examiner in entomology, for evidence like that to be legally admissable. If there was any of this kind of evidence, it may have been with held as being overly prejudicial to the accused.

              Plus scene of death plays into what bug invasion may or may not be visible. The blow fly is the 1st on the scene as I understand. Specifics like Temps when air conditioning is in play and humidity change what can be seen and often even then it is not always visible to the naked eye. If the decedent was found outside a specially trained investigator would have had to do that part of the investigation. We see more on TV these days, but it’s not always as simple a process has TV has it appear.

              Hope that helps.

      • It would also be interesting and perhaps pertinent:
        When the Hughes family left for Cancun
        What the CH took off TA’s computer.
        Who and Why he had permission to do that. If he had prior permission from police.

      • Yes, not knowing much about ME autopsy reports, but don’t they normally state an estimated time or time frame of death? How was this not done here in this case?

        • I don’t know whether Flores’ first encounter with the body was unexpected, or if he was in on some sort of concockted scheduling/group timing, such that he had a preconceived expectation of what he would see.

          However I found it interesting that his first remarks:

          “His first thought was, it looked like suicide.” Can’t wrap my head around that one. A suicide with a slit throat and blood all over bathroom.

          His other “first thought” was body not more than 1 to 2 days dead.
          Again, say what? This doesn’t fit in with any of the theories I’ve heard about.

    • Would it help to know who the new detective on the case is?
      Perhaps we could interest him, or encourage him to look into things.

    • JMO –

      I suppose we could put a lot of effort into bolstering Jodi’s story –
      if we could find the gun, prove she returned the gas can, prove she was with her sister during the burglary, find the skateboarders, even nail down an eyewitness that puts Jodi at that gas station @ 3:30 in the morning…

      But none of that would prove Jodi’s INNOCENCE. If Jodi and Travis were the only two people present when Travis died, I don’t think there’s any PROOF to be had one way or the other.

      • I am sorry Journee, I just don’t get it!
        Why is EVERYONE so RELUCTANT to have a medical examiner check for Time of Death and examine the wounds for which came first – gun or knife?

        • That may be true, Cindy, but it is a FACT that NO ONE has stated the TIME OF DEATH.
          If that has never been established, and no one cares that the Time Of Death has never been established then I have no business being on this site.

        • What can be done at this point to establish time of death?

          A body buried six and a half years ago isn’t going to tell them anything. All anyone would have to go on is Horn’s pictures and notes.

          • During the autopsy samples of everything were taken into evidence for future testing.
            Re-read the autopsy report.
            Even hair sample, fingernail clippings were taken. T
            hey were never tested. It can be tested by another medical examiner.
            They don’t need the body.

            • I hope that this is done, Carol…I feel that the whole case would have been so different if they had the forensic experts that they should have from the beginning….medical, computer, etc.. and I I have a question for you about the autopsy photos…there is one that show TA’s legs…and my gosh I look at them I think to myself that his legs look almost perfectly normal you know not like someone who was supposed to have been dead for 5 days….what do you think about that photo of his legs? What is your opinion? Let me know as I agree with you that it doesn’t seem that he was dead as long as they claim he was…

              • The only part of his body that shows real decomposition is his face.
                I agree, his legs, arms, abdomen (swollen, according to Horn) chest, look like he may have been dead 1-2 days.
                hat is what Flores said when he was initially at the crime scene. He also said ‘more than 1 person’ as I remember.
                Remember, on June 9 – 12, they had not zeroed in on Jodi.

                All the nonsense came afterwards when Flores had used ‘Reid Technique’ method of questioning. That is when they settled on a scenario. By then they had photos (whenever they were taken) Jodi was disturbed by the dates, didn’t think they were taken then. Change of sequence of injuries to him came even later. Lies and the prosecutor’s win at all cost attitude.

                • You got it…I just wish Jodi had the funds for all this investigative work that STILL needs to be done……this was part of the problem in the beginning, no money and public defender budget…..

              • From the Autopsy Report:
                The following items of evidence are collected and inventories and released to Conner #16166 of the Mesa Police Department: fingernail clippings and scrapings (right and left hands), blood specimens, paper bags from right and left hands, known head hair, projectile from face, sexual assault kit (penile/urethral swabs, anal swabs and smears, oral swabs and smears), and body bag (including plastic tarp used to wrap body at scene).
                A portion of the costochondral junction between the left ribs and the sternum includes a perforating stab wound in this location. This portion of the rib cage and sternal bone is excised and retained in formalin for potential further analysis. This piece of evidence is retained at the Office of the Medical Examiner.
                Samples of the following are collected and submitted for toxicological testing: pleural blood, gastric contents, kidneys, spleen, liver, thigh muscle, and brain.

                • What about that big chunk of wallboard they sawed out of the bathroom hall wall and took away?

                  It was about 1.5 ft x 2 ft and had that mixed-blood hand print on it.
                  If that piece of evidence is just plain “gone,” maybe Jodi can be freed on their bad?

                • Carol :
                  sexual assault kit (penile/urethral swabs, anal swabs and smears, oral swabs and smears)
                  Did they do that test? Interesting and why would they have?

                • Seabird, Regarding palm print……There was a palm print of a left hand and it was found to be Jodi Arias’ print. The print was discovered while dusting the entire bathroom entrance hallway from waist level to about eye level. The evidence collector performed a presumptive test for blood and the test was negative. The DNA scientist discovered that the print contained a majority of Jodi Arias’ DNA and a minority of Travis Alexander’s DNA. One would expect, if the print were formed during the homicide, that the majority of the blood would be Travis’.DNA scientist also didn’t say the sample hand print was in blood, but only some “genetic material”. ( Taken from spot light on law) This raising questions, could that have been an old print?

            • The tissue samples were taken for toxicology testing. The testing was done – I see no indication that the tissue samples were preserved after testing.

              The ONLY reference I find to TA’s eyes in the autopsy report was that the irises were brown where Travis’ were green. My blue eyed brother was found dead five days after anyone had last seen him. The autopsy report described my brother’s irises as brown.

              Only evidence item collected from the body that is noted as being preserved at the office of the ME is a section of the rib-cage and sternum where there was a knife wound – presumably to compare it to a knife if one was ever found.

              • Oh Journee my heart hurts for you. So I am sure you know more then the rest of us.

                I am amazed that going through this that you are a supporter of Jodi!!! That shows the person you are!!

                • Cindy – I only mentioned my brother because that is my only direct experience with a medical examiner doing an investigative autopsy.

                  My brother’s death was ‘unattended’ – where I live that means the law requires an autopsy. Cause of death was undetermined but presumed to be natural – the ME said he had heart disease of which he was probably unaware. But he was also an alcoholic, and frankly we’d been expecting to find him dead on a binge for years.

                  HOWEVER – the important thing she said to me that I might contribute to this conversation is that TOD can be near impossible to determine after the body comes out of rigor – everything that happens after that is too much subject to environmental influences. Sure, on CSI the experts can examine insect activity, but that isn’t something routinely done in your average all-American city – most ME offices do not have a resident entomologist. We didn’t see any bugs on TA’s body at the scene, but those weren’t extreme close-ups. The autopsy photos we have seen were quite likely taken after the body was rinsed – ME office without an entomologist has no need to save those critters and likely would just as soon not deal with them. Might not even note them on an autopsy, I don’t know. I know there was no mention of bugs or larvae in my brother’s autopsy but they had to have been there – he was found on his boat at a marina. Sorry – sidetracked.

                  The short of it is that most cities don’t have CSI level medical forensics. That’s just how it is. I do not believe there is enough preserved evidence to challenge the TOD, because three’s nothing about Horn or his report that indicates he’s anything near that level of competency.

              • The autopsy report was written using appropriate words for what he saw.
                He hadn’t been made aware of what the prosecutor wanted at that time.
                I don’t challenge HIS autopsy.
                What samples he saved were/will be able to be tested for the information needed.
                Fingernails could provide someone’s DNA other than Jodi’s,
                Hair tells a lot. Tissue tells a lot. There are more than toxicological test to use.
                There should have been a defense expert challenge the TOD because only Martinez + Flores indicated the TOD in this case.
                The defense not challenging TOD was very detrimental to Jodi case.

                • I don’t disagree that defense should have challenged TOD.

                  I just think it’s too late to challenge it now. I don’t think there is enough physical data to be collected at this point to raise the challenge.

                • Yes, I read the report.

                  And I’m sorry, Carol, I just don’t see where hair and nails and a sexual assault kit and a section of bone preserved in formalin are going to get us a TOD. The nails might very well give us something ELSE of very valuable importance, but they’re not going to give us a TOD.

                  Tissue samples were for toxicology – there is no note that they were preserved after the testing, or where they would be preserved.

                • When a analytical medicinal chemist is called upon to run a test on a specimen, he/she only takes a very, very tiny bit of the specimen to test; reserving the remainder for future analysis. Never would he/she dispose of or contaminate the remainder of the specimen; it is kept somewhere in storage under proper conditions.

                  Each available specimen has decomposed to a degree thereby giving the scientist an approximate idea of the TOD. Along with the description of the ME, an approximate time of death can be determined.

                  Any day short of 5 would be of benefit to the defendant.

                • One last thing.
                  There was food in the stomach.
                  Acid in the stomach keeps working after death.
                  Within a short while the food in the stomach is gone.
                  NO literature says food would be there after 5 days.
                  After that the abdomen explodes.

                • Carol, it’s late I know but perhaps you are still up… you said that there was food in the stomach…that is reallly surprising since everything I have just read on that indicates that any undigested food left in the stomach would have rapidly decomposed – other places I read that the food continues its decomposition process but that after 5 days that would have been no food left in the stomach and at this stage the body literally melts or liquifies?? I don’t understand how any food could have been left in his stomach….

                • Yes I’m still up! It is in the autopsy report that there was food in the stomach, isn’t that incredible?
                  If you don’t have the autopsy report you should read it. It is eye opening. I know what a medicinal scientist is like, very precise, and it really surprised me that ME Horn would not be more forthcoming in his testimony.
                  There were two other scientists both were women, and they stuck to the facts – that’s how we learned that it was a smear of both DNAs. She wouldn’t say BLOOD or PRINT.

          • I don’t know anything about forensics. I spit my coffee when you said Horns notes..That almost is funny. He can’t even tell if the gun shot came first or last….(;-) I don’t know I have watch quite a few Cold Cases over the years…

            I just don’t think Jodi did this alone. Still have issues with how she got him in the shower let alone how she fit in there with him to cut his neck… maybe she asked him to please get in there…

      • The gun: the proof that Grandpa’s gun was not used is that Grandpa’s stolen gun had hollow point bullets. I believe I heard there was a cartridge with 7 bullets in it. That not what shot TA.

        No one ever followed up that Horne’s report statIng NO STIPPLING OR GUN POWDER found.

        The “handprint on the wall”: The first crime scene cops sawed out a piece of drywall about 1.5 ft x 2 feet
        that contained that combined-blood handprint. They removed that piece of drywall from the crime scene. I wonder if they destroyed it? It should rightfully be able to prove no gun powder in the mixed blood (Jodi & Travis) handprint.

        Legally that piece of drywall should have been locked up in the Defence’s evidence locker at MCPD. I’d like to know if it is actually there, and what other evidence it might contain.

        • —‘Combination DNA’ is what they said.
          When Flores initially questioned Jodi he said it was a palm print…later said to be a ‘smear’ containing both their DNA.

          • The report I saw on the palm print didn’t seem too conclusive that it was Jodi’s. I think it said it was about her size but Travis had small hands too and without fingertips (prints) you can’t be sure.. The DNA match was made after they got Jodi’s DNA for matching and could easily have been forged like the leg picture.

            Travis would have had her sweat and maybe her blood on his hands from sex or fighting with her. Maybe that’s why they forged the leg picture and perjurously introduced it as coming from Travis’s camera instead of the investigation camera. They needed more evidence to tie Jodi to the crime scene since they didn’t have any.

    • Justice, I’m on your page along with you. I sent you something a while ago: At the top it is an appeal to everyone to jump in help resolve the inconsistencies that ultimately blocked my progress. It is about the time frame surrounding the actual crime itself. I was able to pick up a few name, facts, one jaw-dropper, but that one is probably a false lead. I can’t wait to hear your feedback.

      My list of potential suspects revolves mainly around their special skill-set, making them useful, if not indispensable.

      1. C.H. Skill: end justifies the means; willing to be vile
      2. Dr. Hiaat: plastic surgeon; throat cutting; heart plunge
      3. Mr. Reed, Deanna’s Daddy; his daughter was damaged by TA, & TA showed he would harm othersif not stopped.
      4. Gus Searcy professional stage magician: essential skill for body snatching. Kennedy’s body was snatched twice for modifications on the coroner’s table: change apparent direction of bullet, etc.
      Room mates: too comfortable with one another. No genuine reaction to the significance of the crime, like it was a “drill.”
      5. Sky Hughes: Had one of her boys play matchmaker and set Jodi up to be with Ryan Burns in Utah, far away from the crime scene. Would not be a witness. (The did backfire, however, because TA lured Jodi to come see him first.)

  11. OK I wonder if the new PI will be following Jodi through the appeals?

    I know Jodi gets immediate appeals if the DP is handed down. The states pays for this but does it only pay for court appointed attorney??

  12. we all need to write to Jodi in prison keep her strong its all we can do we are all worried for JODI she is strong support is what she needs no one will be able to touch her so we have to tell her to fight I hope Jennifer and Maria visit Jodi I think it will help if they do visit JODI it will be hard for them to see her like that if Jodi gets death it going to be 20 years but JODI will walk of death roll we all hate the way family is acting but that is their brother and they miss him in their mind JODI killed him in cold blood and they want her to suffer they cant see the truth we have to thing even if the jury saw the family sitting their they have to live with their chose what ever happens with JODI its gods hands this trial changed many lives for ever I don’t thing K.N. and Jennifer lives will never be the same they will be watching every step of JODI case hopping and praying JODI case gets overturn just like us woudnt be nice that when she dose get out we can all be their and J.W., K.N. AND MARIA their going be a lot of up and downs so Jodi needs us to keep her strong in that hell hold prison

    • Eh, sort of.

      The main streets are fine. My street dissolved to slush today, but didn’t clear entirely… and the temps won’t come above freezing again til Sunday, so I expect my street will be all ice again tomorrow. But THAT’S OKAY because I got out today to get some stuff to go with my peanut butter and I’m good to go for a few days.

      • I’m happy you have food to go with the peanut butter… I hate eating it out of the jar!!
        I know it has to be getting very old. We don’t have the snow you have but this cold….But we have had sunny days.

        I thought of you as I was channel surfing for tonight…nothing but repeats, even Blue Blue Blood. Time to get a book out….

        • I’m here. Too cold to go on a spin on my broom, although, frankly, I feel like it. Nothing like rolling a few yards with TP or turning license plates upside down to perk me up!!! It is COLD here too. The roads are sort of, kind of, clear so planning on flying out of here tomorrow. Everyone better watch out. If you see a little ole lady flying over on her broom . . .you better hide. . .I will be looking for trouble. 😀 Cindy, hope you had a good day with your Mom. 😉

            • OH, you mean cussing and a fussing we go! Yep, gotcha! We could swoop down on Ole Spineless and give her a fright for the night? I loved watching those keystone cops chasing us last time. . . honestly, they were tripping over their big old flat feet. FLop FLop!
              I’ve hung on the Stool of Shame too long this week I’m ready for some action. Heck I might fly by SJ’s and do a little shoveling for his cats!!!

                • That will work, I’ll swoop over and shovel for SJ and then swing around to pick you back up. . .don’t forget the TP! 😉

                  You’ll just have to forgive SJ, he’s extremely busy flying around the World spreading his Good Will! ♥ We wouldn’t want him to slip and fall on all of this darn ice and snow when he finally lands for a much needed rest. Poor man so many in need of his help these days. ♥

  13. Tonight on 20/20 they are having on women in prison and taking a look at the youngest woman of Death Row. Looks to be an informative show tonight, at 10pm East Coast time.

    Just in case anyone is interested……….

    • Thanks for the reminder Bystander. . .i’ll check it out. Glad to see everyone here has been busy on task looking and searching for something, anything that will help our sweet Jodi!

  14. Bizarro Justice in Arizona
    In cases with multiple defendants, the “worst” offender does not always receive the worst punishment. For example, in Arizona, Patrick Bearup (pictured) was the only one among four co-defendants to receive the death penalty, even though he was not directly involved in killing the victim. The other three defendants, one of whom instigated the offense, another of whom beat the victim with a baseball bat, and a third who shot the victim, were able to secure plea bargains, avoiding trial. Two of them are likely to be released within 15 years.

  15. “I just don’t think Jodi did this alone”

    I’m with you 100 percent Cindy

    And if it wasn’t steering dangerously close to Conspiracy Theory, I might even be inclined to drop the “alone”

      • Knowing that the state has destroyed/hid/altered/tampered with exculpatory evidence how can you believe anything they state really…you can’t….Jodi has no memory of stabbing him or doing anything other than the initial gunshot….Det Flores IMHO can not be trusted and the interrogation with her without any lawyer present doesn’t prove anything…..there are young people that get brought to police stations all over this country who after hours upon hours of interrogation will confess to things they never did….Jodi questioned some of the stuff that Flores was putting out there during the interrogation like the photos of Jodi in the pigtails, etc..Even during her testimony she said she had no memory of killing TA she only remembered shooting him….so why is it so implausible that given all that we know about the crime scene, the timeline, the evidence and the state’s actions to destroy that evidence, why is it so implausible that perhaps there were others involved…..the roommates, the 5 days, the smell of TA decomposing body that no one smelled…and on and on and on…..As far as I am concerned there is no “bottom line” until we uncover all the truth in this case and we have only scratched the surface so far….Yes, she admitted she killed him, but has NO memory of that….this is an abused woman with mental issues that suffers from PTSD and other mental issues….you can take young impressionable people who are people pleasers like Jodi, people who suffer mental illness, and I’ll bet you could get them to confess to just about anything you want them to with the right amount of pressure and time…the main goal right now is to get Jodi Life…to proceed forward with her appeals and to get her criminal trial verdict vacated and remanded for a new trial or dismissed with prejudice for the egregious Brady violations, prosecutorial misconduct and perjured testimony of state witnesses…we are all in this together as one unified family……….We are Sandy and Bill Arias’s family here on this site…We are Jodi’s family here on this site…we are family

        • Amy, I know we have talked about this before. I do not ever tell anyone they are wrong in what they think/ believe on this site. If someone can tell me how Jodi not only got TA in the shower… and then was able to get in there and cut his neck..

          • Cindy, I am only reaffirming my position here as a way to make sure external readers/ new readers, know there are people here that have this position.

            I don’ t at all condemn or feel critical toward explorations of any and all possibilities. I think that exploration is valuable.

            I do not believe Jodi was in the shower when she cut Travis’s neck.
            I also think it is bizarre that people who don’ t believe Jodi, question the need she had to cut TA’s neck. The need to cut his neck makes perfect sense in context.

            And it is despicable how Martinez has tried to fool people by showing the autopsy photos of the neck, which obviously do not represent the actual condition the body was found in.
            I have no idea how TA was put in the shower.

            • Amy, I hope you know that I would never condemn anyone’s position. No one knows what truly happened that day. I was just voiceing my questions that keep me awake at night. I have and always will be willing to admit that my thinking is wrong.

              I do understand what you are saying.

      • Why are some people so adamant about asserting that Jodi acted alone? The fact that Jodi is afraid to speak on her own behalf in open court for fear of what will happen to her and her family if she reveals certain info should prove to you that she did not act alone. Why so bent on making people believe a fairy tale?

    • Detective Work_Log of Clues

      So who can visualize Jodi performing a ritual throat-slit? How would she even know how.
      If TA was still alive, think about her trying to wield a knive while holding him still enough for accuracy!
      If he was dead, why do it at all? Unless she were serious about the “benefit of the “ritual.”

      I figure this is a tight-knit group. I decided for the throat slit they would need a doctor’s skill. There’s also that heart plunge part that is tricky if you don’t know exactly where to aim.

      I entered: Plastic surgeon + Mesa AZ & I came up with the name of one of their group: Dr. Carl B. Haiit.

      Dr. Haiit has two sons who lived with TA for a while. (No dates yet) They wanted a “bachelor pad experience.”

      Dr. Haiit loaned TA $7,000.00

      The info below is from a video interview, but I don’t know who the male guest was, off hand.
      I also need to remember where I found the video.

      It is said that TA received a check for this sum directly from Haiit about noon of the day he died.
      I am skeptical of this timing, for one thing because Jodi and TA were stated to be sleeping in TA’s bed from about 4:00 am to 1:00 pm.

      Also Chris Hughes was said to breeze in “to collect his personal belongings.” (I haven’t been able to get a time on that event.)

      • Jodi said SHE was asleep, and assumed he was too.

        But we know Travis was in the kitchen with Enrique that morning, while Jodi was asleep.

      • seabird,
        I can’t wrap my head around that knife part at all.
        She said in interrogation, she wouldn’t want anyone to hurt and on the witness stand when
        JM said AND you stabbed him.
        Jodi then said “I guess”
        Something just doesn’t make sense. A lot of things don’t make sense.

      • One of the roommates stated in Flores report that they saw Travis in the kitchen the day after Jodi supposedly killed him (on 6/5/2008). Am I the only one that noticed this?

        Also Floes lied to Jodi and denied saying something he had said minutes earlier (just as Martinez did when cross examining Jodi at the first trial). Am I the only one that noticed this also?

        Maybe its a technique to determine if she is listening or just talking to appease them.
        I believe its just an arrogant tactic to tell her they will say whatever they want with impunity. After that, she is likely to give up telling the truth and just start making up stories to appease them.
        If you are threatened by liars, maybe your only recourse is to have to lie along with them in order to “get along” and avoid incurring more wrath.

      • That is very interesting seabird, you say “Dr. Haiit loaned TA $7,000.00” …(or Karl B. Hiatt, probably typo). …And I say, his office seems to be just walking distance to TA’s house. …And, you say TA probably had visitors that day he (supposedly) died. …Certainly, if we consider that Jodi did all that driving to get to see TA at his beckoned call, she must have been in a “coma like” sleep in his bed for ((many hours)). …So, TA could have had a parade of visitors in & out of his office for whatever things he dealt with. …There is not any reason that TA would have to be asleep in the same time-frame that Jodi was certainly in a “coma-like” sleep. …After all, what in the Mormon-Hell does TA do to tire himself out. …He don’t work, all he does it talk & get others to do things. …If Jodi finally fell asleep, he was certainly not in dire need to also get to sleep. …I seem to have read something about that $7K check, on this site, & interested in finding out more: …What happened to that check? …Interesting!!!!

        • And, a reasonable person could assume that TA had several or many acquaintances that lived just “walking distance” to TA’s house. …Does everyone see what I am supposing? …Suppose we consider that TA had friends (acquaintances) just walking distance to his house. …That is also “jogging distance”. …And, since many young Mormons like to get around on bicycles or jogging, so they don’t need to even own a car. …I look at that shower “foot-picture” of someone’s foot in some sort of trousers with a horizontal zipper. …And, it looks to me like a “jogging suit”. …Two intruders in dark colored jogging suits?? …Or maybe not intruders, just two people who were in TA’s office & he knew they were there, but to Jodi: their sudden appearance in the bathroom made her say ((intruders)). …Just guessing. …Perhaps she really did accidentally shoot TA first, & the two visitors or joggers, ran up to see what happened with the sound of a shot. …And, they perhaps decided to MODIFY THE SITUATION to accomplish an advantage to themselves, removing evidence of their presence there. …Just guessing.

          • There is no zipper in the leg picture. It is a projector artifact and Martinez knows this because it was in different places on the same picture when he projected it at different times.

            There also is no foot in that picture. At best, what Martinez identified as a foot is a shadow of a foot.

            The stripe is that of a police uniform trouser. I checked pictures of AZ state police uniforms and it matches exactly. County police uniforms may have identical stripes.

            The time/date stamp on the picture is a different font/typeface than the other Travis camera pictures. It was a sloppy photo-edited forgery.

            The date/time stamp is embedded in the picture pixels so they had to PhotoShop it and they did a lousy, amateurish job.

            That picture is a forgery. There are no two ways about it.

            I AM an expert on this subject with 34 years experience using these cameras and processing and manipulating digital files.

            I was using a PC (file systems, Assembly/Machine Language, digital communication) before most people even new they existed. I am not and have never been a “hacker”. I don’t believe in subverting or perverting any computer system. I am an Electrical Engineer with concentration in Computer Structures (architecture and design).

            • Michael J,
              You my friend dropped this little tidbit here a month or so ago didn’t you?? If it wasn’t you someone else is on the same page as you….. I do believe you!! I have said it a few times. THANK YOU!!!!

              • Yes, Cindy I have been saying it since I first noticed it in the Facebook groups and here. I recently shutdown my Facebook page (I deactivated it). It is just too slow and insecure (someone hacked and vandalized my page). I can communicate faster using 1-hand hunt & peck with this phone than with a regular keyboard on Facebook. Maybe there are just fewer key-logger/ eavesdroppers on this phone than on my PC (which has no internet now). I guess because of my computer background I am seen as a challenge and am especially targeted. I also was in the US Navy NROTC at Cornell and have had access to classified info so some idiot may think I have some on my PC.

                Any conspirators that would put such a low quality forgery out for public consumption is too arrogant and malicious to be employed by anything, much less a government and system making life and death decisions. They are also malicious and arrogant enough to fake the palm print too. Notice how they cut that whole section of wall out so they could intensively “work on it”. I guess the malicious arrogance just goes with the mindset of a parasitic organization (law enforcement/courts/justice) that preys on innocent people for fun and profit. It is the only “organized crime” I have ever experienced.

                • WOW, Thank you for your interest in Jodi’s case and thank you for speaking up!
                  We need more people like you and our other smarties working over time for Jodi!!!!! ♥

      • I have always wondered why Dr. Karl Hiatt was never called as a witness…if he was there that day to give TA money he would be an important witness if only to set the timeline of that day…he would be able to verify that TA was having money problems and needing to borrow money, he would be able to say what car(s) were in the driveway (Jodi’s rental car), he would be able to say if anyone else may have been there, etc….He is an important timeline witness that mysteriously was never heard from just like none of the roommates were ever called as witnesses….NONE OF IT MAKES ANY SENSE….and it can not be a coincidence that Dr. Hiatt and none of the roommates were ever called to the stand to set the stage for that day’s events/timeline….

        • I don’t remember where the info came from that stated that Dr. Hiatt was there that day…..does anyone know…I am sure it was stated here on the website before but I can not remember where this info comes from……

          • I can only imagine where the press got the info – my guess would be that it was from the report of one of the other detectives on Flores’ team. We’ve only ever seen Flores’s report, but his report references supplemental reports of two(? I think?) other detectives.

            I first heard about it from Karas, doing a live spot from outside the courthouse early in the trial.

            And, as someone mentioned, one of the other HLN screechers had an interview with Hiatt along with one or both of his sons – I wanna say it was NAG, but don’t remember for sure.

            • I thought that it was in a hand written police report done by Flores or the other one stating that Dr. Hiatt had been there before noon that day. Bringing Travis a check. Check the Police reports.

          • Source of the Haitt information: It was posted over on Inconvenient Truths by someone identifying as “Dryson.” I would hope someone picks up on that name and adds some context to it.
            “around noon” was the phrase. Somebody’s comment made it sound like it’s a short walk between TA’s condo and Dr. Hiatt’s office. So the noon timing was probably to do with lunch break.

            • I just realized, Dr. Haitt is the guest person in that video interview. He couldn’t say enough good things about TA how close all of them are/were enjoying Sunday dinners every week and all.
              And to repeat, Haitt’s two sons moved in with TA at one point as a transition time from living under the “family roof” to being a bit more independent. He referred to it as a “bachelor pad” sort of experience. A time frame on that would be interesting.

        • Someone? who knew about the check, proposed that might have been the urgency of Chris Hughes to get over to TA’s to collect “his personal items.”

          Haiit & room mates should have been documented well enough on the “Flores Report” not to need them on the stand. Establishing a time line should have been the PURPOSE of Flores’ report!

          My mouse fell on the floor and Iost an hour of work. Also lost Michael J’s “CV” that he had posted,

          My post was addressing the fact that manipulation was going on to control Jodi’s whereabouts on the day of the supposed killing. One of the Hughes boys was tasked as match maker to set Jodi up to go to Utah to meet Ryan Burns. That would have kept her safely away from TA’s condo for several days.

          BUT TA intercepted Jodi by calling her on the road and guilting her into coming to Mesa FIRST to visit HIM. The Hughes would have been left out of the loop re this unforseen change of agenda.

          I think somebody was shocked when they walked in and Jodi was there. No one would have associated that non-discript white rental car with Jodi. Lots of white cars in AZ (for heat reflection). Plenty of cars parked on that street. There’s a video that “tours” that street.

            • me neither, cindy –

              my understanding, per Flores report, was that CH contact with Travis that day was by phone, around 12:30, discussing conference call Travis was to host that evening.

                • no evidence of that either, as far as I know

                  CH confessed to accessing TA’s emails, which could have been done via the web – no need to get into Travis’s computer for that.

                • Journee, OK your right is all he needed was the password. I stated that wrong. Now what account did he get into?? Personal email or PPL account??? Regardless there should be something on the hard drive even if it was deleted.

                • I’m not sure how that works, Cindy

                  I have a gmail account and I have an email reader program that is set up to send and retrieve mail for me through that gmail account. But now and then the email program goes wonky and forgets how to send my mail, so most of the time for the last few months I don’t even have the email program open. I just go directly to my mailbox on the web to read/send my mail. However, anytime I click a link on the web to send someone an email (as happened the other night when I was sending a note to Willmott) my email program will open and start downloading mail. New mail as well as any mail that I’ve read but not deleted. It doesn’t bother with mail I have read and deleted, or mail that I’ve deleted without reading.

                  All my roundabout way of saying that I don’t know whether mail that I’ve read from my gmail inbox is preserved intact somewhere on my hard drive or not, or whether it just ends up as internet cache that is automatically cleared on a regular basis.

            • The “when” is the part that dropped the logical time connection among the events. We are told when Jodi arrived (4:00am) What she and TA did (watched some you tube; tried to watch DVD of their travels, but computer wouldn’t play the DVD) in a rage, TA basically raped her from the rear. These parts were reported by Jodi. It’s all such a swirl. I’m not sure if it was in her journal, the Flores report, or what.

              Something else is very wrong here. The raging by TA in his officer appears to take place in the pre-dawn hours of June 4, 2008, when surely such a commotion would have wakened the ever-problematic room mates. That’s why I need help trying to piece together a logical, factual narative.

              I am still trying to document facts (rumors of facts) that took place while TA was still alive., That is what’s confusing me. So this Dryson person on Inconvenient truths said C.H. came by to pick up his personal possessions. (This is exactly where I loose the continuity of data to fill in the time line.) It seems like this senitive time segment is very illusive whether Chris came after he knew TA had died, to get is own stuff before the police confiscated it. or _ it almost hints that C.H. came by as soon as TA died in order to collect the & $7,000 he might have been aware of TA acquiring that same day. Now we’re back to playing with: “Where was C.H. when TA died.?” C.H. says that he does not remember. (Red Flag.) If you visit Inconvenient Truths, you should be able to find all of this at or near the bottom of the section on: The Root of all Evil.

              I’m getting sick from all this, but I’m feeling a crushing sense of urgency where Jodi is concerned, as we seem to be at a cross-roads where options will open up temporarily and then shut back down again to where we are back to having no control over accessing what could free Jodi. Thank you for any help. seabird

              • Little confusion in your timeline there, seabird.

                Yes, Jodi arrived predawn, somewhere around 4am. Travis was watching a youtube video that Jodi described and was confirmed by examination of computer. Jodi was very tired from the long trip and she went to sleep in Travis’ room soon after. SHE was sleeping and believed he was asleep there with her until around 1pm. But we know that Travis was in the kitchen with Enrique at around 6:30 on the morning of the 4th, that Hiatt came by around noon to bring Travis a check, and that Travis SPOKE to CH on the PHONE around 12:30.

                This tidbit you’re getting from Dryson about CH being in the house that day is the very first mention I’ve heard of it in two years of watching this case. CH was at his home in Murietta CA as far as any police documentation has shown. Not saying Dryson is wrong, just saying it’s the first I’ve heard of it and that I’ve seen people take confused little tidbits and turn them into gospel truth through repetition. (like the bogus bloody handprint, for example).

                The incident of aggression in the office, when Travis got upset that his computer couldn’t read Jodi’s pictures and took it out on her by bending her over the desk – that happened at 4 PM. Afternoon, not pre-dawn.




    This is what ALL AZ newspaper’s headlines should read, IMMEDIATELY!!!

    • Take a few lessons from JM Cindy

      He’ll clue you in on how to change headlines amongst all the other things he’s changed.

      I can’t believe Jodi carved up that kickboxing scumbag in the manner in which he was butchered, nor chased and pushed/pulled/carried him half around the house.

      Compared to TA, she’s just a little pip-squeak of a gal.

      There’s serious doubt in my mind that she did it at all, regardless of what the DT offered up.

      • Bill, anyone with a brain that is able to reason will look at just the timeline and realize that one person could not do this in what 2 minutes more or less. Even with a adrenaline rush. I’m going to say that perhaps Jodi might have shot him…
        Well I guess Jodi just might have powers that we don’t know about…I don’t care what Jodi testified to. I have more I want to say but I’m holding off until the verdict.

      • Amen. Amen.and Amen.

        That is the quarry that’s been nagging at us for years now.

        How does she overpower him with a knife only?

        If you think OJ did it, he was much stronger and that’s why he won.

        It’s possible, but very unlikely she could have killed him with only a knife even after the superficial, bullet wound (second lowest energy cartridge made).

  17. Good Night ALL!

    Luke 6:37-42
    “Do not judge, and you will not be judged; and do not condemn, and you will not be condemned; pardon, and you will be pardoned. “Give, and it will be given to you. They will pour into your lap a good measure–pressed down, shaken together, and running over. For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.” And He also spoke a parable to them: “A blind man cannot guide a blind man, can he? Will they not both fall into a pit?

  18. OK, In different vein, I have some information from what seems like a reasonable source that she will be moved two (2) days after the verdict.

    Anybody know for sure as
    (1) I owe her a letter and don’t want it going to the wrong torture chamber. Likewise she wanted some pictures which were a no-no (along with anything more than postcards) where she is now.
    (2) I want to send some money for her commissary account which seems like being difficult from Portugal
    [US money orders, US credit cards, etc., etc. — none of which I have although I’ve located a bank in Albufeira which says they can do it same day delivery]

    • From my experience Jodi can’t use more than about $150 per month in her commissary account. There just isn’t enough things to buy from jail commissaries. She can, however, buy things for other inmates which she’s been doing with her excess.

      If you want to send more, I suggest the JAA Appellate Fund in Oregon (address at top of this page).

      I tried to send money using the jails internet method but it didn’t go through (probably blocked by government or Travis supporters. The only reliable way, it seems is at their local kiosks. The jail site says you can send by credit card over the phone but that’s just one more Maricopa County lie since phone number just refers you to the internet site.

      I cannot send her money (from out of state) and I don’t trust the internet site so I send via mail to the JAA Appellate Fund only. I hope she has local friends/family to keep her commissary account full.

    • Bill, IF the verdict is for life you are right 48 hours. JSS will have to sentence her. If it’s the DP she will go from the courthouse right too Perryville, Goodyear, AZ. Someone, I would think from the DT would get her belongings from Joe’s hell hole and take them to Perryville.

      I would be careful not to believe everything you read on the internet because I have read 4 different scenario of what the conditions or day to day life is like for each verdict. It depends on how the media wants to spin it.

      ((((Jodi)))) our angel….

  19. Hello Team Jodi, happy Saturday. I see some of you watched 20/20 last night and saw the girls on death row talking. They ask Diane Sawyer “why does media like to make women out to be monsters” (or something to that effect) and specifically mentioned jodi arias and the hate the media brews. Broke my heart to see them ask that…

    • Vicky, I was truly sad. I also was stund at the question about how many rich people are in prison!!!!

      The one that really made me sick is 1 in 25 imates are innocent!!!!!

      How in the name of all that is holy can someone get the DP why the three that did the killing didn’t??? Two took a plea deal and will be getting out of prison. Her bf was able to get a attorney I think he got life. This
      Poor girl got a public defender…

      Great system we have here…….Justus for people who can come up with the $$$$$$.

  20. I think a lot could be learned and inferred by requisitioning a forensic audit of TA’s finances for the past six years or so. It would show what who he has been involved in. It would indicate at what point his “meteoric rise” turned around, and indicate how desperate he might have become near the end.

  21. Amazing that Bill Montgomery, Maricopa County Attorney, is engaging on Twitter about Jodi Arias defense cost with tweeters, some who are Jodi-supporters.

    nana101 ‏@rhondamae76 16h16 hours ago
    @gypsygyrl_99 @Momma_to_6 @doriowen @LiseLasalle @abby_kn Az governor gets slamed about education yet. State spends $13 million on revenge
    0 replies 0 retweets 1 favorite

    AZ Girl Diary ‏@doriowen 13h13 hours ago
    @rhondamae76 Deep sigh. @dougducey slammed on educ as @Veritas_ad_res spends $13M on Arias @gypsygyrl_99 @Momma_to_6 @LiseLasalle @abby_kn
    0 replies 0 retweets 1 favorite

    Bill Montgomery ‏@Veritas_ad_res 40m40 minutes ago
    @doriowen @rhondamae76 @dougducey @gypsygyrl_99 @Momma_to_6 @LiseLasalle @abby_kn where do you get $13 million from?
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites

    Lise Lasalle ‏@LiseLasalle 19m19 minutes ago
    @Veritas_ad_res @doriowen @rhondamae76 @dougducey @gypsygyrl_99 @Momma_to_6 @abby_kn Good question. Would love to know the answer.
    8:59 AM – 28 Feb 2015 · Details
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites

    Candie ‏@Momma_to_6 12m12 minutes ago
    @LiseLasalle @Veritas_ad_res @doriowen @rhondamae76 @dougducey @gypsygyrl_99 @abby_kn I think it was in a news article re: both sides
    9:06 AM – 28 Feb 2015 · Details
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites

        • CC53, of course he would. So he is saying someone just pulled that figure out of their butt…

          He did state awhile ago that he would disclose the amount after the verdict. Now I’m thinking if Jodi gets life that amount will be lower…..if the DP, he can explain the 13 million away….. IMHO.

          • There is a claim on Twitter that the prosecution spend 10 million & the defense spent 3 million but no one knows where these figures came from. I think the 3 million for the defense may not be far off the mark. And, with the cost of “selling your soul to the darkside” (i.e., prosecution), 10 million may be what it took.

    • OK, I think my mystery person “Dryson” is part of that whole Twitter group above this comment that I am writing (and don’t know where it will end up (LOL)

  22. Bill Montgomery ‏@Veritas_ad_res · 21m21 minutes ago
    @Momma_to_6 @LiseLasalle @doriowen @rhondamae76 @dougducey @gypsygyrl_99 @abby_kn I have not reported costs and defense total $3 mill.

    Candie ‏@Momma_to_6 · 17m17 minutes ago
    @Veritas_ad_res @LiseLasalle @doriowen @rhondamae76 @dougducey @gypsygyrl_99 @abby_kn btw $3m+ is an awful lot to spend trying to kill some1

    abby kane ‏@abby_kn · 15m15 minutes ago
    @Momma_to_6 @Veritas_ad_res @LiseLasalle @doriowen @rhondamae76 @dougducey @gypsygyrl_99 Don’t know why DP case to begin with

  23. Bill Montgomery ‏@Veritas_ad_res · 28m28 minutes ago
    @Momma_to_6 @LiseLasalle @doriowen @rhondamae76 @dougducey @gypsygyrl_99 @abby_kn so only rich/powerful are allowed a strong defense?

    Candie ‏@Momma_to_6 · 24m24 minutes ago
    @Veritas_ad_res @LiseLasalle @doriowen @rhondamae76 @dougducey @gypsygyrl_99 @abby_kn I didn’t say that. I don’t agree w/it being DP case

    abby kane ‏@abby_kn · 3m3 minutes ago
    @Momma_to_6 @Veritas_ad_res @LiseLasalle @doriowen @rhondamae76 @dougducey @gypsygyrl_99 Jury should have been sequest, espec deliberations

    • The state’s attorneys office can always afford these prosecutions. It has a budget for them – both prosecution and defense. Unfortunately, the PD office has to rely on the “state” to gather and process evidence. That is a conflict of interest and allows and encourages the “state to ignore, discard, and falsify the evidence before it is given to either the prosecutor or the defense. This is a defect/failure intrinsic to our “adversarial” justice system where one adversary (police) are allowed to collect and process all the evidence before the other adversary even knows they are being attacked (prosecuted).

      It all comes down to the sick and defective police mentality that there are only two types of people in the world – cops and criminals. That keeps police and prosecutors (their court mouthpieces) preying on the citizenry and their “end justifies the means” mentality encourages them to perjure themselves constantly. Perjury is defined as “intentionally introducing false information into the public record”. I don’t know who forged those photographs, but it was not Jodi or the defense.

      • The fact that someone did go to a heck of a lot of trouble to bother to FORGE photographs speaks volumes in itself. There has to be some need for “protection” driving this. Michael J it is a great comfort to have somebody burrowing beneath the surface for us. It’s terrible to be caught up in a “game” where nobody will tell you what are the rules.

        CLEAR JODI !

    Matthew 5: 21-22
    21″You have heard that the ancients were told, ‘YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT MURDER ‘ and ‘Whoever commits murder shall be liable to the court.’ 22″But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother shall be guilty before the court; and whoever says to his brother, ‘You good-for-nothing,’ shall be guilty before the supreme court; and whoever says, ‘You fool,’ shall be guilty enough to go into the fiery hell.…

    • A few weeks ago I came across this website.

      It contains a typed out transcript of Jodi’s police interrogation, MINUTE by MINUTE. There was a lot of work done on this transcript and it is well worth the time one spends reading it. If I could, I would give the person that did it a big hug. After reading it all the way through, you can see why she is where she is now.
      It also describes what she does when she is left alone. It puts the ‘headstand’ into perspective, something that was made a big deal of on HLN. Note the length of time she was alone in that room.

      The Innocent Project of Arizona should be a part of Jodi’s future; they will no doubt be interested in ALL the elements of Jodi’s case; Reid technique police interviews, prosecutorial misconduct, evidence tampering, and others.Those involved actually investigate the case – I believe from the very beginning. It is a hopeful, positive group.

        • The police’s forte is terrorizing unarmed citizens. They don’t have the courage it takes to fight an even fight. That’s why we don’t use them in war. They are ineffective when the other side gets to fight back. We don’t want to lose the war because of those cowards..


        I looked up Innocence projects several weeks back.
        There are two separate ones in Arizona, surprisingly!
        One is associated with the Ruth Bader Ginsberg law something or other. And there is a second one with a slightly different focus. I would swear that I posted each of them.
        The listings stated what the stipulations are. One said high priority given to
        capital cases, for instance. I would certainly scope out each of these BEFORE accepting the spoon fed notion that this situation is locked into only one or two options.
        Going through life these days, one has to stay alert and fight not to get forced into a standard quick choice. Just enter “Innocence project + AZ,” The phone numbers are right there. Along with complete contact information. I would assume that the folks who have been guiding the ship so well for Jodi on this site would be the appropriate ones to check this out.

        There’s a good chance that there is a work-around available to where Jodi would neither be forced to pay for her defence nor forced to settle for a public defender. Or at the very least, have some say about who she preferred to work with.

        I have a sense that those two projects will have a real interest in looking into the depths of depravity that AZ has plunged itself. This is a gross black eye for AZ. And this IS a World Stage!

  25. R.Love: I saw that a TA supporter wrote on Twitter, something to the effect [ I’m paraphraphrasing.]
    ” Isn’ t it against the law for Nurmi to tell the jury that if they vote for the death penalty, then that means they are killing her?”

    I saw that another TA supporter, supposedly Christain, said, in effect, that Jesus rejects Jodi.

    People using the name of religion to practice the opposite of what religion is supposed to be .

    • No one on earth in the Christian religion has the authority to speak for Jesus and what he does or doesn’t accept…. (insert eye roll here) and I consider myself a Christian. …

    • I know it Amy. I’m unable to wrap my mind around what has happened to them in their lives to fill them with such hate. The Mormon religion is one that seems to be over flowing with hate and lies. So many people thinking they are above the Laws of the Lord and our country.?. It just drives me crazy. Maybe the air way up there on top of their virtuous pedestals is thin and it has affected their abilities to think for themselves. Crazy me! Thought if I showed them a little ounce of love they might respond in a like manner. I know! What was I thinking but you would think with everything that has come out to prove Jodi was not lying about Travis and his abusive character they might listen. . . not. 🙄 I was told to go back and read my Bible. SMH That is why I posted the above scripture. Since they think of Jodi as a out right murderer, I want them to know it is not right to murder someone but when you are attacked and abused in order to save your own life, I believe it is very forgivable. Who are any of us to judge another? I’m not going to do it, not my job. The Good Lord will take care of all judgment for us. IMHO

      • I have no idea where this comment will show up? However, did you know that 2013 is a very good year to go hunting within for clues? I’ve been on a mission. I want so badly to find out who really killed TA so that Jodi’s name can be cleared. Looking in prior years gives me a fresher perspective when I get over saturated in the present stuff which is always in motion.

        So now I’m jumping track again, because of MY perceived urgency of following through on the Innocence Project. That seemed like the impossible dream just a week ago,and now this possibility mighty open up. We have to be very careful, though. We are literally walking through a mine field, because its time to make critical decisions that cannot necessarily be changed. For instance, to be eligible for one of the Innocence projects, Jodi cannot currently have her own lawyer. I believe that she is about to be in just that rare position, but ONLY for a small window of time. Then she will be shut off from eligibility for that particular program. That may not be exact, but you can see that some of these decisions can only be made once. And from my life experience, you can’t trust NOBODY to care as much about searching out the BEST options as yourself.

  26. Did ya all see a tweet by Angela Arias yesterday? I guess someone could have fabricated it, I don’t know if that’s even possible.

    But it said “Monday we find out if she gets life or the dp.”

    Has anyone else seen that too? I can’t recall where I saw if for sure but I can look through my search history and see if I can find it again if needed.


    • No I did not see that, as far as I know they do not know anything at all. Of course that is a quote from the prosecutor himself so it could be a little white lie. . .he does that. 🙄

  27. SEABIRD!

    You’re doing it again – you just responded to a post written a few days prior to Jodi’s conviction in May 2013.

    I was so excited when I saw you talking to Al! I thought YAY Al is back!

    Then I looked at the date of his post.

    How on earth do you keep ending up on two year old pages?


    • The HOW: ADHD; NARCOLEPSY; ASPERGERS, PROBABLY SOME MORE, TOO. WELL FOR SURE PTSD I’m chuckling, but to tell the truth I’ve been hanging on be a thread the past couple of years. I can’t even acquire a repertoire of “Faces” so I can really express myself : – )

  28. Last night’s “20/20” show on women in prison is up on their site. I tried to post it but they said I’m not worthy because I don’t live in the USA. 🙄

  29. Can anyone remember where the site was for the HBO special on Domestic Violence was. . .just a few days ago? Or what the name of it was. Thanks.

  30. I just sent an email message that I THINK gets to Jodi Arias. Is this true…do messages typed into forms on jodi sites actually get to her? I asked her for book recommendations.

    • If it’s her official site, she will respond with a nice letter. It took a couple of months for her to respond to my message, but it was a kind letter noting that Medford, Oregon, where I currently live, is one of her favorite places in the world. As you may remember, she lived in the Medford area and worked at the Applebee’s there in the early 2000s.

  31. When Cain killed Abel, God did not end Cain’s life. Instead, he sent Cain into exile, not only sparing his life but protecting it by putting a mark on Cain, lest anyone should kill him at sight. For many left behind, a death sentence offers the illusion of closure and vindication. No act, even an execution, can bring back a loved one or heal terrible wounds. The pain and loss of one death cannot be wiped away by another death.

  32. Journee, I did end up watching the last segment of 48 Hours last night. (I’ll go back and watch the first segment sometime tonight.) I guess I have had my head in the sand too long. Or is it I have become more aware of how corrupt our system truely is. Thank God they tape interrogation. It just played out how they obtain faulty confession. They whole case is so full of mistakes. Just another f~ up by a ME. I could go on and on.
    I’m happy 48 Hours brought attention to this case.

  33. Good morning Team ((((Jodi)))). I hope everyone tries to take time today to decompress and relax. Maybe say a few prayers for Jodi and her family. I think we might be in for a few stressful days.

    I’m looking at the weather and my thoughts are with you that are in the South and East cost. Please be safe and stay warm.

    May you all have a good day/night……….

  34. I have gained great sympathy and compassion for Jodi, her family and friends from this site. I have never agreed with how the trial has gone but this even encourages my opinion more. Glad that there are people who stand for what justice should be and what it should not be. Also glad to see Christians speaking truth which is that God is the ultimate judge but also the ultimate forgiver and that he comes to all in love and not condemnation, this is what I also believe. We are called to love, not love unless and asterisk is placed there. It doesn’t say love your neighbor *unless they have committed murder or for example, unless they are gay, it just say love your neighbor. I pray that this jury can come to an agreement of a life sentence and not impose the death penalty. I also hope if the death penalty is brought down that this case will be scrutinized for all the wrong doings on appeal and that a new trial will be awarded. I think Jodi has gotten shafted in many ways and that her rights to a fair trial were violated. I pray for Jodi, her family and friends and that they will find strength in the days to come and that they will soon have a peace when this circus is over. This has not been justice and my eyes have been opened to that and I firmly believe that now. NO matter what happened that day, Jodi is a human being worthy of a life and worthy of forgiveness and love. No human should be treated like this, it is very sad to see people act in such ways. Hate is evil, and it is running this circus. I pray for both families and that healing can happen, peace can be found and a future be possible for all involved. Hopefully this jury will make a decision quickly and not drag out the torture. Praying for justice to come around at some point!

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