Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #9 (11/5)

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Another short day yesterday, with no witnesses scheduled to testify until next Wednesday morning (11/12).

Court & discussions resume again this morning at 10 am MST.

Raw footage video of yesterday’s hearing is below. Kirk Nurmi begins @ 3:30  and rightfully states that Rule 19 is a non-sequitur – and when the victims rights conflict with those of the Defendant, the Defendant’s rights are superior. Bench conference runs from 10:10 to 17:00 followed by Pickles summary:

kirk nurmi jodi arias 11-4-2014

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  1. It looks like this trial too has hit a snag. If this trial ends in a mistrial does that mean it is over at that time, with no DP even though the jury never got to deliberate? Just wondering.

    Ray in H-burg Va.

    • The site has had a real spike in readership in the month of November. So far 517 first time visitors and 77 returning visitors. Unfortunately most still only read a couple of pages and bail. I’m assuming most of these people want to read only things that confirm the BS they already believe.

      • And I’ve added a new question to the “Questions to Ponder” section (inspired by Mr. Kirk Nurmi):

        Why, if she planned to stab him in the shower, does she not do it during the 40+ seconds he is standing with his back to her?

        • That’s wonderful Justus! You have done a great job pulling everything together for those who want instant facts. Hopefully they will come back and take some more time and study up. . .they might just start seeing what we have seen all along! Jodi is an innocent woman! Reasonable Doubts EVERYWHERE!

  2. I have faith and I believe in MIRACLES!!! I have had many miracles in my life (documented) and I also have faith and believe in a miracle for Jodi’s life and I KNOW it is coming!!! Here is a beautiful song that will cheer you up if you are feeling down about this unjust, circus of a trial for Jodi!!! Enjoy!!! 🙂

    (((((JODI ANN ARIAS))))) ♥

  3. This is out of topic but totally necessary. I am addressing it to all those HATERS that found a new playground to play at. Sorry but I’m about to piss in your cereal. (For those that don’t understand what I’m talking about, just ignore this comment, it’s not meant for you):

    For the past few days, I’ve been watch clueless people chasing their own tails trying to figure out who is who. It was amusing at the beginning, watching them play guessing games and a sort of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ game.

    Things got serious when a totally innocent supporter was mistaken for another supporter. And again, I sat silently watching ignorant imbeciles commenting and some ridiculously making assumptions, others with pure certainty that 2 individuals were actually one person.

    As I sat and read all the bullshit, I found myself yelling at my screen: “No you idiots! You have it all wrong! These are two totally different people! ‘D’ is not ‘J’ !!!

    And because this has gone too far and people’s lives are being ruined because of your reckless delusional hypothesis, I vouch that I personally know BOTH ‘D’ and ‘J’ and they are two different people with different names, different addresses, different occupations, different families and different DNA! The only thing they have in common is their support for Jodi.

    I think it’s about time all you shit stirrers apologized to ‘D’ for all the grief you’ve caused. Have the balls to realize and admit that you totally fucked up.

    Peace out idiots!

  4. Mike Watkiss ‏@mikewatkiss3tv 19h19 hours ago

    Yesterday a victory for public access-so now what in retrial of #JodiArias?-will Nurmi now say none of his witness will testify? #3tvarias
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    Paul Huebl ‏@Crimefile 19h19 hours ago

    @mikewatkiss3tv this will guarantee a mistrial because of witness tampering.
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    Ann R. Kist ‏@TruthsCollide 19h19 hours ago

    @Crimefile @mikewatkiss3tv Paul, interesting that Nurmi provided no evidence of tampering to make his case yesterday.
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    The 13th Juror MD ‏@The13thJurorMD 18h18 hours ago

    @TruthsCollide @Tayllorred @Crimefile @mikewatkiss3tv Really interesting which supports theory Arias was mystery witness #JodiArias
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    InconvenientTruthsTV retweeted
    Paul Huebl ‏@Crimefile 18h18 hours ago

    @The13thJurorMD @TruthsCollide @Tayllorred @mikewatkiss3tv she was not the mystery witness.

  5. Here’s another one like the one above!!!

    Cathy ‏@courtchatter 7m7 minutes ago

    Bruises on neck?”@jeffgoldesq Is #JodiArias WRIST BRACE setting up being “intimidated” to justify secret hearing?”

    • Thanks Maja. I wondered how long it would take them to stir the pot with a new subject. The media is disturbing in their never ending crusade to see an innocent woman get the DP. When there is nothing to write about they invent their own personal takes on the news. The prosecutor and the media are the reason that this trial has gone Hay-wire! I feel the reporter/journalists (?) covering this trial are wanting to make a name for themselves. . .and I’m about to agree with them. . .they are PATHETIC SCUM! IDIOTS!

    • Yellow journalism at its finest!!!

      Wow, they must be getting desperate, are their followers dropping?

      Hello????You IDIOTS! Jodi has been suffering from tendonitis since forever and ther are NO bruises on her neck, it is just a shadow or a bad-quality photo. Get over yourselves and STOP spreading LIES, you evil vultures.

  6. Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 2h 2 hours ago

    The thing I’m most excited about finding out today is who’ll be the “journalist” who rips off one of my blog ideas and uses it as their own.

    Hmmm, I wonder who Dave is talking about?

  7. Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 8m8 minutes ago

    #JodiArias jurors making way into the jury room. Travis Alexander’s sister and her husband, Harold have arrived. Waiting patiently in hall.

    Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 25s25 seconds ago

    Judge Stephens and the court staff are talking and laughing a bit. Should be a hearing in less than 30 mins. #JodiArias
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    T L C retweeted
    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 4m4 minutes ago

    #JodiArias court begins in 30mins. It’s eerily quiet here… like the calm before a hurricane.

  8. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial • 7m7 minutes ago
    In the courtroom. Don’t see anyone else here. No news trucks outside or cameras. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision • 9m9 minutes ago
    #JodiArias jurors making way into the jury room. Travis Alexander’s sister and her husband, Harold have arrived. Waiting patiently in hall.

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision • 4m4 minutes ago
    #JodiArias court begins in 30mins. It’s eerily quiet here… like the calm before a hurricane.

    Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial • 4m4 minutes ago
    Judge Stephens and the court staff are talking and laughing a bit. Should be a hearing in less than 30 mins. #JodiArias

  9. Yes It is going to be a hurricane for the people of Arizona.
    I by no means have a law degree but I can see mistrial written all over KN face.
    How many times are they going to do this?? How many more millions are they going to spend before they realize that Jodi was overcharged. This is not or has it ever been a capital murder charge. Besides that fact that jodi did not kill Travis.

    • Cindy,
      I’ve wondered that myself.
      How many mistrials can they have,
      This has been the most screwed up mess I have ever seen.
      Including the fact that they all pointed the finger at Jodi before there was ever a real “investigation”
      and why they didn’t interrogate the roomates and friends of Travis’s as long as they did Jodi.
      It’s all BS and they KNOW Jodi didn’t kill Travis.

      • I believe what they are trying to say is that there are REASONABLE DOUBTS everywhere proving that no one can be positively sure Jodi killed Travis. IMO Jodi and Travis had a fight in which he started all by his explosive self centered self. I do believe there were others there and Jodi doesn’t truly know what happened after she left. In my mind, kind of being left for the vultures to pick away at him. The autopsy was so botched and the investigation was so shoddy will we ever know? Probably not but what I do know is that Jodi loved Travis and tried in every way in this world to protect him and his character. She has paid dearly for that. Unfortunately, his family and the prosecutor didn’t really care about his reputation being drug through the mud (or Jodi’s either). They should have taken the plea deal Jodi was going to accept and no one would have ever heard about this trial. Of course, no one would been cashing in on it at every turn either. . .so to sum it all up. . .it’s all about the almighty dollar. Follow the trail of money and you will see who is guilty. Many books have been written and many fund raisings have been held to support the hunger of the greedy. Money is the glue that holds them together. Thick as thieves, and that is what you have. . .the money grubbing blood thirsty murderers.
        ♥ Jodi’s fund raising is to benefit others who need help and also to pay for her much deserved appeals, no comparison may be made. Jodi, unlike others, has always showed her true loving, compassionate character always putting others first. ♥

        • R. Love: We are on the same pageI’ve been reflecting on what was learned last week. The delays in the retrial have allows us to think. And, since I agree with you I just had to respond.
          So, Flores is Mormon.
          IMO that speaks volumes, and it could impact his motives while investigating (?) this mystery.
          In this particular case, he understood (and still understands) at the moment he saw TA’s body what had most probably happened to the man.
          It must have torn at Flores’ inner self and his Mormon values. This no doubt was a ‘Blood Atonement’ case. As crazy as it might sound, it fit the mold. What he subsequently learned about TA’s life style supported the possibility that someone used the ritual to get rid of TA.
          TA was in debt, about to lose his home and he had put his so-called friends in the same vulnerable situation. Money really is the ‘route of all evil’, this followed closely by sexual deviance. And we have learned that Travis worshipped money and deviant sexual behavior. There were many friends of TA who distained both, were dedicated to their religion and truly moral.
          Flores must have realized that only men could and would perform this ritual.

          Despite the apparent thinking in this sometimes malicious world that it would be possible for a small young woman to slice a ‘boxer type’ man’s throat, I do not think it is in the least possible and definitely not probable.

          • ♥Carol, Thank you for letting me know we are two great minds with a single thought! LOL I’m not sure which of Travis’s friends you might be thinking had disdain for both of his problematic behaviors. It seems to me like he was very much a part of the “good ole boy” fraternity. Every friend of his that I can think of has shown some very similar personality characteristics such as lying, deceiving and love of money. The “Cash” family, for one example, has been very destructive to Jodi and her character and have continued their quest to be among the wealthiest people in their pyramid scheme business plus cashing in on Travis’s death. They like to appear to be devout religious people but their actions display something far more disturbing. What kind of people would throw one of their own church member’s life under bus like they have? Why would they scurry around to clean Travis computer and journals up. They sure do not appear to be innocent in my eyes. Only the guilty have actions like they have shown. Who put them in charge of this murder investigation? Then you have the room mates who clearly are suffering from a horrible medical condition with no sense of smell or hearing. Then you have the ex girlfriends who had boulder rolling brothers, husbands and fathers who might not feel so warm and fuzzy towards the likes of Travis Alexander. Also do not forget about the girlfriends of Travis who should be thanking Jodi daily for protecting them from ending up just like she has. They were the first to point their fingers at Jodi. I also have my doubts about Mr. Frog himself, being of the Mormon faith, so that right there clearly is a definite conflict of interest. I feel this trial should have been investigated by someone of another faith (if there are in Maricopa County) and clearly Mr. Frog was not the one to handle this case. His quest for becoming a celebrity has affected his brain. He clearly has forgotten what his job is. Mr. Frog is an officer of the law . . .this is definitely not his own personal play ground. Maybe his boss is Mormon also. All that I can think of clearly have a popular interest and reason to keep Travis as appearing to be a Saint; avoiding the finger being directed at them.
            Anyhow, this trial should have never been held in this county or state. The jury should have been sequestered. Jodi should have been acquitted. Under all of the circumstances that have occurred with this trial this clearly should have been held thousands of miles away from the deceiving and conniving people in AZ. What they have done to Jodi Arias and how they have helped create the lies for the media is beyond unforgivable. Dare I say, this would have never happened in any other state but Arizona IMHO. FREE JODI ARIZONA!
            Let me know what friends you have discovered to be worthy of kind remarks and I will hand it to them. ♥ I’m afraid Jodi was the only true friend that Travis Alexander had and look what happened to her. His death is his fault, without one doubt in my mind.

            • Oh BTW Carol, the picture used in court of Travis’s neck was after the autopsy was performed. . .there was nothing right about using that particular picture. That is not how his neck looked in the before shots of his neck. After the ME used a dremel type tool on his neck, of course it would look awful. So once again the prosecutor sets out to deceive the jury. The Frog has had a whole bag of tricks. Like Maria has said , it’s all about the shock value for him. Maybe the media should check that information out. They are always looking for something to talk about……

              • R. Love, what I am pondering is the conflict over the anonymous witness.
                Why does this person insist he/she cannot testify in open court?
                Why is the DT really vehement about he/she not having to testify in open court?
                Is it because he/she can offer testimony to cast doubt on the credibility of a prior witness, or because he/she has pertinent testimony about the case that conflicts with the prosecution’s theory? Either way, it seems the witness may feel intimidated by people in the courtroom. Then, I wonder whether the “people” are prior witnesses.
                For instance, a prior prosecution witness tells someone something different from that which he/she testified to at trial. Could that cast doubt on the prior witness’ credibility? Or, maybe the new witness will testify about an actual fact in the case (instead of prior prosecution witness credibility). Either way, the new witness apparently will feel intimidated by “people.”
                The “media’ fight may only be a way for the prosecution to have the witness either not testify or to testify in open court.
                Or it could be the case the witness has clarifying evidence to give about some aspect of the prosecution’s evidentiary case.
                Suppose the witness has the grandfather’s gun in his/her possession or knows where it is? Or, the witness might know something about phone calls made after Jodi left.
                The importance of this witness to the DT’s case is undeniable. It absolutely must be very significant. And no one is mentioning a Fifth Amendment issue so this must be a good, law abiding, and credible witness. Nurmi is too sure of himself for it to be something trivial.

                • Carol, not sure I can answer your question. I am just like you (I hope), waiting, wondering and praying that this will be the person who knows much more about this case than any of us. I do know that people who were schedule to speak for Jodi in the first trial were faced with their life being threatened, also guaranteed character assignation and their livelihoods ruined from the Haters and Media. Did it start with the prosecution leaking things about the witnesses or was it caused just by rumors swirling around, I’m just not sure. One thing I am sure of though, these Haters have zeroed in on Jodi and even though they are way off base they are unable to see the truth. IMO They have been blinded by the lies that have been created to set Jodi up into this uncalled for DP trial. It is no crime to defend one’s self from an abuser. . .ever. It is good to see Nurmi working hard this time and I am very hopeful.

        • You don’t have to go into conspiracies to know the prosecution never had a case for premeditation. I completely and totally reject that anybody else inflicted the fatal wounds other than Jodi herself. However, it was clearly self-defense given the violence at that murder scene. Because it was, she should have been acquitted; indeed, she never should have been charged.

          • Maybe you have a good point but who belongs to the bloody boot print in the bathroom? Jodi was not wearing men’s boots. I still feel someone else was there and knows the whole story. Why wouldn’t the room mates notice the foul smell in the house for 5 days? Why were none of his friends looking for him even after he missed an important conference call and a trip? I do not know. I agree with you, she should have never been charged in the first place.

            • I totally agree with you (R.Love), that it is “more than just probably” that someone(s) went into the apartment/bath area of Travis at some time & contaminated the scene because of the bloody boot print, among other things.
              …Through:, …as far back as July & Sept of 2013, under the heading: (My Dearest St Joan of Arc, This is My Prayer), I said that someone(s) could have easily moved things around. …And, (perhaps unknowingly) changed the apparent sequence of events such as (((falsely indicating that the shot came last))), because a spent shell casing was found on top of a blood patch.
              …I compare the (accidentally moved) spent shell casing (in the Arias case) to: (the pristine MAGIC BULLET that was planted) on the gurney that was thought to have carried Gov John Connally, in 1963, in order to make Lee Oswald the “patsy” & appear to be the (only) shooter. …(IMHO))
              …And, as much as I say that Jodi fought in self defense, I still believe that (in her FUGUE state of remembering), there could have been others who could have attacked both of them. …Even though she admitted to killing him, there are thousands of times people falsely confess to things that police convince them that they did, or get them to modify their confession to upgrade the state’s charges.

              • Though Jodi admitted to killing Travis in self defense, her testimony was that she remembers almost nothing between the gun going off (note, not that she shot him, but that the gun went off and she didn’t know if it hit him), Travis’ threat to kill her, her managing to get out from under him and ‘coming to’ while driving in the desert somewhere.

                There is plenty of evidence at the scene to support the assumption that at least two people were engaged in a life-or-death fight.

                But there is also evidence that something more, or something else, happened – evidence suggesting that someone else was there, if not during the struggle, then soon enough after to have stepped in wet blood and kicked the shell casing onto the pool of dried blood.

                Wet blood and dry blood at the same time? The blood spot on the carpet might have stayed wet for days, but if that’s where the boot picked up blood then it would have left several more prints in the hallway between the carpet and the place just outside the shower where the single boot print was found. So someone cleaned up footprints and missed one.

                The scene was tampered with, and someone knows something that they’re not saying. Unless and until that person speaks up, there’s plenty of reasonable doubt that Jodi and Jodi alone is responsible for Travis’ death.

                • Absolutely, Journee, the blood spot on carper would have stayed wet for days & bloody boot print(s) would have been (transferred into the bath area) by an intruder or by others who lived in house. …And, I say that it could have been ((days after blood had already dried in the bath area)). …The person(s) who went to check on Travis realized they had stepped into the scene & decided to clean up their presence with water, sloshing water around & mopping it up with a towel(s) or mop that they surely got rid of. …But, sloshing water around would have: rewet the spent shell casing & rewet the blood patch where it adhered to, as it was found. …The shell casing was easily kicked around until it found the blood patch which it could no longer roll out of, …or it was intentionally placed there on that blood patch. …But if it was intentionally placed on top of the blood patch, it was probably just to make sure it was easily found & that they did not step on it as they continued to clean up. ..ImHo..

              • Gee I hate it when I write a long and careful post that just evaporates.

                This time I’ll just sit back and wait til the search party gets to R Love’s barn.

                • Bravo! Applauding your thoughts Journee. . .you describe it perfectly. Glad it made its way out of the barn. . .well worth the effort. ♥
                  You too WLopez!

          • You’re free to think whatever you want. As are the rest of us. Please don’t be insulting and judgmental of people who have scrutinized the evidence and come to a different conclusion than yours.

            • That’s a good comment and something that needed to be said, especially for the benefit of new people and people that are here infrequently. Everybody here has a theory and they aren’t all the same and that’s to be expected because none of us know for sure exactly what happened. This is the natural byproduct of everyone searching for the truth. The one thing we all agree on is that Jodi in not guilty of what she was charged and convicted of.

  10. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 41s42 seconds ago

    I’m so used to this trial i can tell who enters behind me just by the sound. Juan is here, light gray suit. #JodiArias

    Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 40s41 seconds ago

    Tanisha and her husband just took their seats. Only 1 other person with them. Juan is talking to them. #JodiArias

    Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 21s22 seconds ago

    Willmott is here with bright salmon top and black shirt. She is talking to Juan now. #JodiArias

    • ” I’m so used to this trial i can tell who enters behind me just by the sound. Juan is here, light gray suit. ”

      Of course he can tell – especially when Juan enters a room. Frog jumping must have a distinct sound.

      • JM seems to have two modes: Coyote-like stillness, and agitation.

        Check out his body language on Day Five of the first trial (at the very beginning of that video) as he stands by the bench, exasperatedly gesticulating for the judge’s attention and for the jury’s awareness. One would think he’s been waiting for someone (while having to postpone a more important engagement) for half an hour. Eventually Nathan Mendes steps in. But if you think about the timing of Mendes’ arrival, he must have already been in the court room when JM was engaged in his “let’s get this over with” posturing. JM must have even seen him because he turned repeatedly to the door while carrying on.

        Then there are the tortured arm contortions that accompany his most sensitive questioning, especially after several strenuous objections by the defense. As he formulated a question to one witness (it may have been one of the psychologists) he suitably pantomimed – by first wrapping one arm around the other in a slow wind-up at shoulder level – the downward torque of yanking out a rusted exhaust system from the undercarriage of a motor vehicle hoisted upon a hydraulic lift. Truly bizarre.

  11. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 18s19 seconds ago

    #JodiArias just arrived. Dark gray shirt, black pants. She smiles and talks to Willmott.

    (((((JODI))))) ♥ ♥ ♥

  12. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 16s 17 seconds ago
    I’m wrong. We are also hearing the white noise machine on Judge Stephens’ bench. Juan Martinez, Jenn Willmott, Kirk Nurmi in sidebar.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 3m 3 minutes ago
    At the #JodiArias courtroom. Not sure we’re going to hear anything more than a jury dismissed until a week from today.

  13. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 43s 44 seconds ago
    The lawyers are still at the bench. The secret #JodiArias trial continues.

  14. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 38s 39 seconds ago

    Stephens says a juror is late because of a medical appointment. Court public info officer just called into chambers. Here we go. #JodiArias

  15. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ • 3m3 minutes ago
    The woman that handles the press (court PIO) just got called into chambers with judge #JodiArias #3tvarias

    I hope they’re in poop because of the cameras on Maria & Jodi so long.

  16. Hello All Miss Jodi Arias Supporters,

    I haven’t commented for sometime, however I’ve never left, I check the page many times a day to keep fully updated.

    It’s been very hard to keep watching the injustice Miss Arias receives. Ohhhh how she must need human contact more now than ever.

    It was nice to have had the opportunity to watch the video Mr. And Mrs. Arias put out for all her supporters. I do promise that I will be apart of helping Miss Arias as much as I can every pay day!

    Miss Jodi Arias if there is one thing I truly believe in, that is your innocence. You do not belong where you are never mind solitary confinement!

    Much love to you all… Mostly to ❤️Miss Jodi Arias❤️

  17. Michael Kiefer retweeted
    William Pitts @william_pitts · 11m 11 minutes ago

    Last time @courtpio was called to chambers we got kicked out.

  18. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 25s 26 seconds ago

    PIO Karen Arra is out of Judge Stephens’ chambers and in the room with the TV camera. #JodiArias Let me guess what happens next.

  19. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 54s 54 seconds ago

    Apparently #JodiArias was filmed talking to someone at the defense table and it was broadcast. Nurmi is angry. Camera guys say nothing new

  20. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 13s 13 seconds ago

    Stephens is hinging on the word “broadcast” in an earlier order. #JodiArias

  21. MaryEllen Resendez ‏@maryellenabc15 · 4m4 minutes ago
    #JodiArias Atty Kirk Nurmi making a stink over cameras showing JA and Mitigation Specialist MDLR socializing during bench conf. #abc15

    Why do they try to trivialize it? Attorney-client privilege!!

  22. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 29s 30 seconds ago

    And we are adjourned without mention in open court. Karen Arra read the rule to the boys and girls in the camera pool room. #JodiArias

  23. Monica Lindstrom ‏@monicalindstrom • 4m4 minutes ago
    Under AZ Rule 122(k)(3), when JS off bench cameras cannot record discussions btw #jodiArias and her counsel or the like

    Monica Lindstrom ‏@monicalindstrom • 4m4 minutes ago
    So, it makes sense #Nurmi will file a motion re camera broadcasting a discussion btw her team and #jodiArias Rule 122(k)(3)

  24. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 2h 2 hours ago

    Apparently #JodiArias was filmed talking to someone at the defense table and it was broadcast. Nurmi is angry. Camera guys say nothing new

    ….’nothing new’??? That’s so dismissive of Jodi’s rights. The media has no respect for Jodi or her defense team. Of course Nurmi is angry. Geez

  25. Oh I got around to reading Presumed Guilty. I could not put it down. But I was always on the defense’s and I was berated by everyone I know. Just like in this case. I’ve tried to just have them look at the trial through my eyes for once and not the news media…..Not going to happen….So I’m just waiting for the day the verdict is overturned….

    • Cindy! I too have read it twice! My loving friend SJ was kind enough to send me the book and it was so enlightening as to how powerful CA’s DT was.

      BTW, welcome back, girl! 😉


  26. JM said that the witness list was going as planed but did Nurmi object that Horn was called out of order or do I have that wrong

    • It didn’t dawn on me to wonder about that until this morning. Doh, wait, there’s not supposed to be any video.

      I guess because yesterday’s hearing was to discuss how to handle the ruling from the appeals court – over which JSS’ no video ruling would have had no authority and therefore was taped and televised – the opted for the same transparency for yesterday’s hearing.

      I HOPE that’s all it means. Because what dawned on me this morning was to wonder whether there was something in the ruling which said the cameras would be turned on for the rest of the trial.

  27. This retrial is headed for a mistrial, and eventually an overturn on appeals….. 🙂 The prosecution can not be dismissive of witness intimidation, it is real and the courts will come down on the side of the defendant regarding her due process rights to a fair trial. I can’t imagine what this jury is thinking of this circus…It will all work out in her favor I believe and she will get a new trial on the criminal charges…..

    • But the prosecution and the judge have already been dismissive of witness intimidation. There should have been a mistrial after Alyce LaViolette ended up in the emergency room. The world has NEVER seen the level of vitriol and intimidation that was let loose on that woman via social media, WHILE SHE WAS STILL TESTIFYING.

      • Yes, you are 100% correct. However, eventually as this case works its way up to the SCOTUS these errors will eventually be corrected and her due process rights will ultimately prevail – imho…

        • Well, I hope there is a mechanism by which that can happen relatively quickly. Not just for Jodi’s sake, but because I think SCOTUS needs to weigh in on these issues sooner rather than later. We can’t have social media corrupting the judicial process as it has in this case.

            • I hesitate to say this but I’m going to anyway –

              It would get to SCOTUS faster if she gets the DP, wouldn’t it?

              I kinda wish the powers that be would back up and investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of the intimidation that’s already happened. I DEFINITELY think that should happen before Jodi is retried.

              • I believe that if she does get the DP then this is an automatic appeal that is funded by the state itself. If she gets life it will still be appealed but it will be funded by her appellate funding sources… Hopefully either way it gets going fast after the sentencing verdict. As far as the intimidation of the witnesses you are absolutely right that they should be prosecuted. This however would have to come from the state of AZ. They should seek and find the perpetrators and charge them with felonies. If they feel that they can not prove the intimidation then it is incumbent upon the state to seek out every available measure to protect the witnesses. However in this case the prosecution seems to have tunnel vision and I don’t believe that they will do what they should… This is why we have the appeals process. Like I have said earlier, the prosecution appears to have “Prosecutor’s disease” where the ends justify the means and a win at all costs mentality. The prosecution has lost all credibility…Imho…

    • As I wrote a few days ago, witness intimidation is usually taken very seriously, so why are LE and
      the prosecution and judge not doing more to find these people who are breaking the law?
      This undermines the entire justice system.

  28. Monica Lindstrom ‏@monicalindstrom 2h2 hours ago

    Rule 122(k)(3) says no recordings of off-the-record conferences between attorneys and their clients, arguable that MDLR fits #JodiArias

    • Besides, IMO rule 122 should be especially applicable to the mitigation specialist during the MITIGATION phase of the trial.

      Of course, my opinion doesn’t count for jack.

    • Besides, I would think that Rule 122 should be especially applicable to the mitigation specialist during the mitigation phase of the trial.

    • Monica Lindstrom ‏@monicalindstrom · 4h4 hours ago
      People trying 2make distinction n rule btw “attorney” & “mitigation specialist”, MDLR is part of the defense team-convos w/her r privileged

      She also tweeted this cc53.

    • There was another tweet from ML that ended up in RL’s barn a little while ago. She does say that MDLR is considered part of the defence team. Did a bit of research because I wasn’t entirely sure of her role, and it certainly is an important one, particularly now.

      • Yah, that particularly now thing is what I was trying to say. That MDLR is the M specialist during this M phase of the trial.

        (crossing fingers and toes)

        • Well Journee did you place your left arm behind your back and stand on your right foot before pressing REPLY with your right hand?

  29. I saw it reported that Bill and Sandy’s YouTube has been taken down. (Of course, the way the media writes it up, it infers that the fact that Jodi’s parents were asking for money is so disgusting that that’s why it was removed.) When I first saw the video it was already collecting some horrid comments and not long after that I noticed that those comments were gone and the site was no longer accepting comments. Now the site itself is gone. I wonder if Bill and Sandy were being intimidated.

      • I thought the video was very touching but the comments from Haters were as usual awful! Jodi’s parents do not deserve the treatment they have received from the Media and the Haters. People will be sorry one day when this all turns around and they find out the real truth about Travis Alexander’s death. Shame on the Media, Shame on the Arizona Justice system, Shame on the LDS church and Shame on Family and So-called Friends of Travis Alexander. Travis Alexander was not a Saint. Travis Alexander was a two faced user, a scammer and an abuser. . .his own actions caused his death. The truth will be told so they all can just wait and see! What little sympathy I ever had for all of them is “gone with wind” since they have continued their unjustified hate campaign against Jodi and her dear family. Yes, I will continue my prayers for all that are involved in this horrible tragedy but it is soooooo hard to say prayers for the likes of them. 🙁 My sweet prayers for Love, Strength, Freedom and the Truth are for Jodi, Jodi’s family and TEAM JODI!!!! ♥

        • They won’t be sorry, sweetie – not the vast majority of them anyway.

          They have too much bad behavior invested in their righteousness to ever believe they might have been wrong.

        • Many people have not heard of this case. Others have, but know next to nothing about it. I believe a small number of people can create quite a mess. If more people knew the facts of this case and how the state has proceeded, their mouths would fall open. They would be outraged and probably at a loss for words. Most regular folks have no opinion about this case. There is no earthly reason to take a bad lesson about humanity from the spectacle of people misusing twitter and FB, etc.

    • I too saw a lot of haters attacking Bill and Sandy. How low can a hater get? They (haters) have hit rock bottom. I seriously pity their shallow souls!

      Bill and Sandy are the most modest, down to earth people I have met in a long time! They avoid the spotlight and when it’s inevitable they again are very humble.

      What is wrong with people? These are the parents of a girl wrongly convicted! Of course they are going to support their daughter and do whatever it takes to try and get her a fair chance with justice.

      (((((Bill & Sandy Arias)))) ♥ ♥ ♥

      • Hi Pandora,

        Good points 4 sure.

        Being a Hater is actually an unfortunate offshoot of being socially retarded. It’s like when the haters take their frustrations out on Jodi. It’s a futile attempt to blame someone else (i.e. Jodi) for their own shortfalls & countless failures… but they fail miserably at that too. They’ve failed at everything else they’ve ever tried to achieve in their lives (job-wise & relationship-wise for example), so that should be no big surprise to them. It’s how their DNA is programmed.

        Like I’ve said before: Any certified haters should be prohibited (medically) from reproducing. Their children taken into protective care… and their pets safely re-homed. They are just not safe (nor mentally stable enough) to be left alone unsupervised in any capacity.

        Team Jodi

  30. It was interesting to watch the replay of the award winning TV journalist who went to the jail house and came away with an entirely better impression of Jodi. I get the impression that he is secretly grimacing at the “witch hunt/vigilante justice” on display in the Arizona Justice System. I suspect if she had been tried in CA, she would have been acquitted.

  31. Did anyone see the Dr Drew show tonight? ..I was on computer & heard the TV in background. …Dr Drew was talking about Harvard University offering workshop course called: ‘ What What in the Butt: Anal Sex 101’ …And, they kept on talking about it another 15 minutes. ..One of the ladies saying: ‘if you gonna learn you wanna learn from the best’ …The ladies seemed very positive ((FOR)) the subject. …I saw no one speaking negatively or against the subject.
    …I Googled: (Harvard University) & sure enough the link popped up. …Well, I don’t want to describe what they talked about in extreme details. …But, one lady asked: ‘ what about virgins having anal sex’? …And I thought: Who you mean, all the Mormons, so they can make believe they are still virgins?? …And, I thought: Martinez manipulated the first jury to blame Jodi because she (((submitted to things))) that hundreds of thousands of young people are ((at least )) very interested in ((talking about)), in college, online, on smartphones, & etc. …I believe that the Defense Team should be able to present this 15 minutes of the Dr Drew show & the specifics of the Harvard Anal Sex Course 101, and what goes on in their workshop course.
    …And, those pictures of her (& Travis) in total & unnecessary nudity were presented to freak-out the first jury & to freak out this jury. …This should be told to this jury.
    …Even St Joan of Arc had a female body examination at her trial (by matrons) to see if she was still virginal, if not she would be accused of possessed by he Devil. …She was virgin & burned anyway.
    …Also, the picture of Travis ((looking like a normal dead person’s face)) & the autopsy neck photo, were also to freak-out the jurors in order to manipulate them & achieve an unjust & prejudicial verdict. ……Jodi should be headed for exoneration & released for time served. …ImHo…

  32. This lawyer tweeted a court schedule.

    Brent @ Kleinman Law @brentjkleinman · 20m 20 minutes ago

    Trial’s scheduled for Wed & oral argument (prob on mtns filed ystrday) scheduled for Fri #JodiArias still in trial

    11/12 – 9:30 Trial
    11/14 – 8:00 – Oral argument
    1/23 – 13:30 – Status conference
    2/16 – 13:30 – Oral argument

            • I remember JSS asking KN when he thought his motion for re appeal (?) Not sure of term, and he stated it would be well into January and that he never said that this trial would only last to Dec 18th , he didn’t know how they came up with that date. Anyone else remember it?

              • I thought she was asking how long his case would run if they gave him time to litigate this special action, and he said end of January. That’s what I *thought* was asked and answered.

            • If the higher court stuff takes that long, they’ll lose the jury for sure. Mistrial, iron out the media BS, and start all over? NONONONONONONO!!!!

              • Holy Smokes! I’m not sure but I thought KN was wanting to put off trial until the media crap-ola was straightened out. I suppose we will just have to wait and see.
                Meanwhile Jodi still should be a FREE woman! UGH!

                • Oh, I had the same impression. I just had a different understanding of what was asked,

                  I don’t know how long this special action thing is supposed to take. When Kiefer originally tweeted about it – which was the only reference I saw at all about any kind of time frame – he said it would be expedited. To my mind that meant fairly quickly. And I know that JSS said something to KN the other day about not wanting to infringe on his time this week because she knew he had a Friday (tomorrow) deadline to do whatever he needed to do on the special action.

              • I’m glad that the copy of the hearing is shortened just to relevant factors. Nurmi said end of January, “at least” before he filed whatever he filed on Friday. Difficult to anticipate how long the wait re the court calendar is going to be I would think. So now what we wonder.

  33. I’m wondering if the DT knew very well that the closed door issue would not make it through appeals but now have “witness intimidation” on record in anticipation of “Jodi Ann Arias vs. State of AZ”. I could see this going all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court: the 1st Amendment vs the 6th Amendment. It is the never-before-seen backlash of a high-rate information age.

  34. hi all; a momentary stop

    below is a youtube video link to free yale courses, INCLUDING LAW

    i haven’t watched any of the videos yet, but it has videos of legal topics, which are highly relevant to jodi’s case

    would anyone viewing them, please share your opinions of this material ie quality, relevance, etc

    bye for now, Wes

    i’ remain proud to pariticipate in this site’s call for justice for an innocent jodi

  35. Sherry Stephens will always be a joke as a Judge as far as I’m concerned.

    Someone should write a book entitled “How Not To Run A Courtroom- The Many Mistakes of Dishonorable Puppet Judge Sherry Stephens and the Puppet Master Juan Martinez”

    I keep up on this retrial through this site and all of you good people so thanks you all for that. How long is Jodi supposed to live with a death penalty situation hanging over her head? That seems cruel and unusual to me.

  36. “When this election’s judicial performance ratings came out, attorneys and judges called it to the attention of the media and encouraged spreading the word to vote against the judges with poor ratings, just to prove that the system actually works.”

    I thought this was an interesting statement from Michael Kiefer’s article today entitled: “Merit proponents: Voting out judge shows system works.” Maybe, it’s stretching it a bit to say the media is willing to do the bidding of the judges & attorneys but there it is in his own words. So did Bill Montgomery & Juan Martinez encourage the media to write negative stories about Jodi to insure a conviction against her? I thought the media disliked Jodi to inflame people and boost their ratings but maybe they were doing a bit of “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.”

  37. Ulises Ferragut, Phoenix lawyer: “At this point, we’re at the final stages & just adding on to that pile of appellate issues.” (Youtube)

  38. Now certain of the “media” have opened little stores where they sell merchandise, as well as the sites with monthly fees.

    Jen’s Trial Diaries retweeted Jarrett Seltzer @JarrettSeltzer • Nov 4
    incase you missed it the http://TrialTalkLive.Com store is now up and I know you ladies love to shop! @TrialDiariesJ

    Merchandise is up friends! Go Enjoy! – Enjoy and thank you! @JarrettSeltzer @TrialDiariesJ

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision • 2h2 hours ago
    If you follow my #JodiArias columns, you might not know, we’ve got a store. We all need souvenirs from the circus 🙂

    @BethKaras L-O-V-E <3 your new site #KarasOnCrime best $6 bucks I'll spend all month!

    • I wonder who’s behind this crass idea? It looks pretty organized to me as if someone came up with the merchandise idea and approached these hacks. The Alexanders don’t have a line of Travis merchandise or souvenirs, do they?

      • Scoopy and the Seltzer started advertising the store after setting up their pay-per-listen website. Now Erickson has a store. Don’t know if they each have their own mugs and t-shirts or if it’s a joint venture. Not sure about Karas selling merchandise but wouldn’t be surprised. It certainly is crass.

      • OMG, are those for real? I mean, are my eyes deceiving me? This is so wrong, ugh!

        You know what? Maybe they should take all of TRAVIS’ DISGUSTING quotes about raping Jodi, 12 year-olds and orgasms and put THESE on their stupid effing T-shirts.


        Oh, and if they want Kermit’s clever lines maybe they can print the Snow White fiasco quotes!

  39. These witnesses for the defense of Jodi Arias also have a First Amendment right to speak. Shouldn’t they be granted equal protection of the law?

    These individuals are caught between a rock and a hard place if they cannot testify without being subjected to mental distress as a direct result of all manner of threats. Whatever the trial outcome, if they do not testify because of the presence in this case of direct and immediate threats, the absence of their bearing witness will cause them to suffer emotional distress as a result of having had their own free speech rights infringed, since they were not at liberty to speak in court during Jodi’s Mitigation.

    Granted, the testimony of these witnesses is inseparable from the issue of Jodi’s Sixth Amendment Right of due process, but Who Will Speak for the Innate Rights of These Citizens? Since bearing witness is an act borne of the dictates of an individual’s conscience, a right that forms a crucial component of and is inseparable from the ongoing maintenance of a free society, the right to bear witness should be, and has historically been protected.

    U.S. Supreme Court Justice Joseph P. Bradley wrote of the Fourteenth Amendment in Civil Rights Cases (1883):

    “It nullifies and makes void all state legislation, and state action of every kind, which impairs the privileges and immunities of citizens of the United States, or which injuries them in life, liberty or property without due process of law, or which denies to any of them the equal protection of the laws.”

    And, there is the Ninth Amendment:

    “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

    Justice Arthur Goldberg wrote in Griswold v. Connecticut (1965),

    “In sum, the Ninth Amendment simply lends strong support to the view that the ‘liberty’ protected by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments from infringement by the Federal Government or the States is not restricted to rights specifically mentioned in the first eight amendments.”

    There is more that should be examined in the media question in this case than the idea that the First Amendment and Sixth must be weighed against each other – unless no one speaks for the individual rights of these witnesses.

    I won’t be holding my breath waiting for the media to do that.

  40. I just saw this tweet and it made SO MUCH sense as to why some people have Jodi under a microscope!!!

    Only Fast Eddie ‏@OnlyFastEddie 5h5 hours ago

    Some people can’t mind their own business… because their own business sucks.

    SO, SO TRUE!!!

    ♥ (((((JODI ANN ARIAS))))) ♥

    • CanadaCarol, (in your link) did you notice the article where Arpaio has a law suit due to a fall he had in downtown Phoenix and broke his arm in 2013? He is suing the property owner for improper installment of a storm drain. He said in the hospital when he broke it , it was his fault but now it is the property owner’s fault. He doesn’t want the money just wants the money to go back to insurance company. LOL That’s my Sunday Funny. 😀

      • Yes R.Love, I vote FOR YOU on that terrific Sunday Funny story of Arpaio in the AZ Central video FLIPPING his story on who was at fault, him or that sidewalk storm drain, haha. How long that sidewalk been there? …I saw it on the MORE STORIES section of CC’s link above just before it “scrolled out” of the MORE STORIES section. But I went to Google: “arpaio sues property owner over fall injury”. …LOL, he must have got them to pull it from AZ Central, but video is on Google forever. He must have gotten advice from ME, Kevin Horn in Arias case on how to flip & change his story. …

        • Aaahhh thanks. I found it funny because he has talked about how he feels Jodi is always seeking the limelight when I fear (know) it is really him. Every time there is news in Maricopa County or surrounding areas that old man is always stirring the pot. He should not be the sheriff over any body or anything IMO. Apparently, there are many in that area that have been brainwashed by these people with 2 faces and forked tongues. If Sheriff Arpaio is one of their fine upstanding citizens no wonder they are in such pitiful shape. He is an evil man. 🙁 Thanks WLopez ♥

  41. To Raja,

    Someday this will be through. I hope reality has a few more miracles left for Jodi. I’ve said and will re-say, that Jodi is the first person I’ve prayed for daily. I believe and feel Jodi is a victim, and is still a victim. When you are indigent and are represented without clout you are a victim. When previous high profile trials ended in jury decisions that endangered the juries and caused the media to intimidate future juries, all defendants without clout are victimized. So until Jodi gets a fair trial, with REAL representation, the circumstances don’t matter, cause all the Jury wants is not to have to regret or be afraid the rest of THEIR lives and all the state wants is to write their own ending, which is a crime in and of itself.

  42. Mary Williams ‏@MaryWil52382250 39m39 minutes ago


    Retweet 1
    Favorite 1
    Saint Malachy

    4:28 AM – 10 Nov 2014 · Details
    Candie ‏@Momma_to_6 2m2 minutes ago

    @MaryWil52382250 @MalachyHasRisen everyone should read this to understand how reasonable doubt SHOULD have been applied.

    • Sandra’s twitter account was suspended becuase some old hags in the TA group ganged up and reported her for “abuse” because she was adamant in her support of Jodi. Is there nothing we can do? No justification was given to her regarding her suspension.

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