Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #791 – Deliberations Continue (Page 2)

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We’re now up to the early-afternoon point of jury deliberations day #4

After the noon recess, the seemingly deadlocked jurors were given additional instructions from Pickles, by way of an Allen Charge (dynamite charge). Click here for a legal definition.

jodi arias retrial - kiefer tweet 3-3

Here’s a pic from this morning:

jodi arias retrial - 3-3

If there’s no verdict today, they’ll be back again tomorrow morning @ 9.30 am MST.

The verdict will be broadcast live @

I’ll add a new page once we get the promised 1 hour heads-up on the announcement.

Any relevant tweets & info will be posted in the comments section of this page as we go along.

In the meantime folks…

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  1. Elizabeth Erwin ‏@elizabetherwin 19s20 seconds ago
    Says they’re getting additional instructions to help with deliberations. #JodiArias

    Elizabeth Erwin ‏@elizabetherwin 25s25 seconds ago
    “Each juror has a duty to consult w/one another” #jodiarias

    Elizabeth Erwin ‏@elizabetherwin 32s32 seconds ago
    “No juror should surrender his/her honest conviction solely bc of opinion of other jurors” #JodiArias

    Elizabeth Erwin ‏@elizabetherwin 32s33 seconds ago
    Suggests they identify areas of agreement/disagreement and discuss the law and testimony/evidence. #JodiArias

    • So sorry Jodi, I have been unable to check in and see what’s going on because I’ve hurt my left wrist and I’m now typing with just my right hand 🙁 praying for you and waiting to hear the good news 🙂

  2. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 1m1 minute ago

    Stephens starts the instruction saying she is not trying to force a verdict. “No juror should surrender his or her opinion” based on others.

  3. I don’t think we will have long to wait on this….this jury is at an impasse and more arguing about it isn’t going to help….by the end of the day we will be hung….just a guess…….

  4. Elizabeth Erwin ‏@elizabetherwin 2m2 minutes ago
    If they still disagree they can send a note indicating what they would like help with. #JodiArias

    Elizabeth Erwin ‏@elizabetherwin 2m2 minutes ago
    Jury sent back to deliberate

    • Don’t you think they have exhausted their personal arguments by this time? It’s just more time for them to discuss things but they must have anticipated this.

  5. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 1m1 minute ago

    And back they go to the jury room with that helpful pep talk. And we go back to waiting. #jodiarias

  6. Nancy Grace predicts Stephens decision will be harsh….that wouldn’t surprise me. But I truly feel Jodi has so many things wrong with the last trial and this one that she will get an appeal at some point.

  7. Steve Krafft ‏@SKrafftFox10 1m1 minute ago

    This was the so-called “dynamite” charge in which #jodiarias judge tries to blow up any belief-based logjams, nudging jurors to verdict.

  8. Elizabeth Erwin ‏@elizabetherwin 1m1 minute ago
    So now we wait to see if jurors decide to share w/the court what issues they’re not in agreement on. #JodiArias

    Elizabeth Erwin ‏@elizabetherwin 36s36 seconds ago
    Travis Alexander’s family leaving the courtroom now. #JodiArias

    Elizabeth Erwin ‏@elizabetherwin 55s56 seconds ago
    #JodiArias wearing glasses…sitting at defense table talking with Willmott.

    • They don’t have to share anything about what they are in disagreement on with the court….it is ENOUGH that some of the jurors are giving Jodi mitigation factors and that’s ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!

  9. If there is even a slight HINT of jurors putting pressure on other jurors to change their verdict this should be a mistrial. End of story. But hey….this is Arizona we are talking about here.

    • Joe,
      It’s been done before and they regret their verdict,
      I imagine that’s what the deliberation is about.
      PUT the pressure on!!!

  10. Mike Watkiss ‏@mikewatkiss3tv 38s39 seconds ago

    Martinez & Alexander family go into side room #jodiarias #3tvarias

    • Of course they are:

      They are conniving their next attempt to cast emotional blackmail, bully and stress on the jurors!

  11. How many bites at the apple do they need??????? This should be abolished….the first jury’s hung decision should have been it !!!!

  12. CBS 5 News ‏@CBS5AZ 2m2 minutes ago Phoenix, AZ

    Judge Stephens told jurors, “I do not wish or intend to force a verdict… No juror should surrender his/her honest conviction.”#jodiarias

  13. Sounds like she read the full impasse instruction as is:

    This is offered to help you, not to force you to reach a verdict.

    As jurors, you have a duty to discuss the case with one another and to deliberate in an effort to reach a just verdict. Each of you must decide the case for yourself, but only after you consider the evidence impartially with your fellow jurors. During your deliberations, you should not hesitate to re-examine your own views and change your opinion if you become convinced that it is wrong. However, you should not change your belief concerning the weight or effect of the evidence solely because of the opinions of your fellow jurors, or for the mere purpose of returning a verdict.

    You may wish to identify areas of agreement and disagreement and then discuss the law and the evidence as they relate to the areas of disagreement.

    If you still disagree, you may wish to tell the attorneys and me which issues, questions, law or facts you would like us to assist you with. If you decide to follow these steps, please write down the issues where further assistance might help bring about a verdict and give the note to the bailiff. The attorneys and I will then discuss your note and try to help you.

    I do not wish or intend to force a verdict. We are merely trying to be responsive to your apparent need for help. If it is possible that you could reach a verdict as a result of this procedure, you should consider doing so.

    Please take a few minutes and discuss this instruction among yourselves. Then advise me in writing of whether we can attempt to assist you in the manner indicated above or whether you do not believe that such assistance and additional deliberation would assist you in reaching a verdict.

  14. I feel sick. I actually have cold chills.

    I do however think that the jury will hang. It’s standard practice for a jury to be sent back once when they first admit they can’t come to a unanimous verdict.

    • But there is no need for unanimity here, since, as Al noted, a hung jury results in a sentence. No need to prevent costly retrial, since retrial is impossible. So no such instruction should be “standard practice” in a penalty-phase retrial in Arizona over the issue of life or death.

      • She probably doesn’t want to give the verdict, since it would be unpopular with the
        AZ public.
        HEY Judge, ONE time in this trial BE RESPONSIBLE!!!!!!

          • REALLY!
            Students would wonder how she became one.
            So many things about this case and questions and one is how did she become a judge.
            Scary thought!!!!

  15. Okay, just thinking out loud here….if the jury was split 8/4 approx..I don’t think that there is any chance that you are going to convince 4 jurors to just give up their vote…..NO WAY !!!!!!!!! This is over today with a hung jury is my bet………

  16. Hello All, I’m new to the website but have been following the trail from very beginning! Don’t know how I didn’t know about this support for Jodi site, all I have seen are the hate bashing sites ugh! My stomach is in knots over what is happening in the courtroom today, Stevens should respect the fact they can’t make a unanimous decision. Why are they allowed to do this?

    • I absolutely agree…but she hasn’t shown many signs of respect during this case up to this point so this comes as no surprise.

      • Thank you Dorothy, wish I had found this site a lot sooner! This whole trial has been a joke, I don’t get why Jodi wasn’t given a mistrial when all the porn searches were found! This judge should never be able to work another trial ever again.

    • Hi Giants Fan, Welcome aboard. This site has saved my life. . .I thought I would go crazy before I found all of Jodi’s supporters here two and half years ago. Jodi should have never been charged IMO.

      • I agree!!! Having been in a DV relationship as well I can relate to what Jodi went through, I guess that’s why I have been so consumed with her story and this trial. She should never have been charged, people don’t understand what goes through the mind of someone in an abusive relationship It’s not as simple as the prosecution tried to make it out to be, nobody knows unless they have been in that situation.

  17. This is the 4th time JSS has sent jurors to get the DP. Twice in first sentencing trial, twice in this one and if they ID an impasse & get help, that will be 5 attempts to get DP.

    • I believe that those who are voting for Life are doing so based on the mitigation factors….you don’t have to have an issue with evidence or some fact about the case….the jurors could simply just say I am voting for Life bc of any or all of the mitigation factors, period…..they can NOT be forced to come off that stance…

    • YES, coldcase. EXACTLY!!!! It’s what I said on the previous page: 2 panels of jurors UNABLE to reach a unanimous verdict. It speaks volumes of the fact that this should have NEVER beena DP case. it is deplorable how many attempts to kill Jodi the State is making.
      Wrong on oh so many levels…..

    • It is so obvious that JSS has to ensure JM is victorious, or perhaps they have a secret between them. JSS to JM, “Juan, I won’t tell anybody you have a wooden Dick if you don’t tell anyone I have slivers in my mouth” Deal?

  18. You realize that if the jury doesn’t come back with the DP verdict Juan Martinez will consider this fiasco a major loss. He wants Jodi dead so bad he can’t stand it.

  19. I’ve got a feeling the majority of jurors are against the DP and its the pro-DP who are holding out. I think the re-trial was far more beneficial to the defense than the first trial so I expect the 8-4 to be reversed to anti DP. Could be completely wrong though 🙂

    • From your lips to Gods ears…….wouldn’t that be great !! But I feel that it is probably the other way around…and you are right without this re-trial we would never have documented the Brady violations….which will ultimately be the reason she walks free….

    • But there’d be no reason for a minority pro DP to hold out – holding out only leads to what they say they don’t want, might as well go ahead and vote life.

      No, the lifers are the holdouts.

  20. We know now why Sam and Tanisha were crying. Poor things. They’re going to be miserable for the rest of their lives and it will be all Jodi’s fault…for not dying. Sick sick people!

  21. If jury 1 couldn’t reach a decision on death and now after all this time jury 2 apparently can’t reach a verdict what does that tell you?
    Forget the damn death penalty. It’s not meant to be and shouldn’t have been from the start.

    • Well, it tells me that any court verdict must be based on the evidence.

      But in this case the prosecutor and his detectives, ME, “protecol” in handling the evidence has destroyed or cantiminated or misrepresented every damned bit of the evidence. There is ZERO reliable evidence that survived on which to base a verdict in this case.

      If it hasn’t been destroyed, MCPD has it under lockdown. Good luck getting any of it, just like years and years have alrready gone by with only half-ass mumbled “efforts” to obtain evidence.

      The “Defence” blew-off the evidence you paid Brian Neumeister produced for you. Does any one know what happened to that 7,000 page report that was produced by Brian’s specialized, privately owned business, staffed by experts.

      Does anybody realise that due to confusion when Brian’s father died, (Christmas 2012)? (0r 2013) The continuity, and therefore the VALUE, of the work that had been done was probably just plain dropped. What a waste that was. I challenge anybody to show that information was effectively put to use to save Jodi’s life. We have already been told that Jodi’s biggest step forward was because SHE took it upon HERSELF to go prose! She hired the private detective that got things moving.

      Somebody produce that 7.000 page report that Brian Neumeister created and USE IT TO SET FREE JODI ARIAS!

      Bunch of misdirected effort with no leadership to try to move out of the quagmire this case has been in from the beginning.

      MCPD OWNS the so-called “defense” that has been involved. A novel could be written just based on all the EXCUSES that have been made for those slackards in the sentiment of “Political correctness.”

      WHO is directing any effort to have Jodi’s eligibility for entering the Arizona Innoicence Project. What can we expect to be accomplished by that effort?

      PUUULLLEASE Stop carrying on about how HARD the defence worked. They DIDN”T. Period.

      • That’s very clear Seabird, wonder why no dots are connected, ’cause there are TOO many! The appellate is going to be up to their eyeballs in WTF’s?

  22. Cathy ‏@courtchatter 2m2 minutes ago

    I watched each juror as they walked out 2 females and 1 male looked at the Alexanders. First time. #jodiarias

  23. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ 28s28 seconds ago

    We are back in the courtroom and I don’t know why #jodiarias #3tvarias

  24. Elizabeth Erwin ‏@elizabetherwin 35s36 seconds ago
    Families back in court…Stephens calls attys up to bench. #JodiArias

  25. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 34s35 seconds ago

    The #jodiarias jury has another question we are told. Everyone piled back in to the courtroom.

  26. Elizabeth Erwin ‏@elizabetherwin 32s32 seconds ago
    No #JodiArias in court yet.

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ 29s29 seconds ago
    #jodiarias mom is here #3tvarias

  27. Elizabeth Erwin ‏@elizabetherwin 45s45 seconds ago

    Possible jurors already coming back with questions like Stephens suggested? #JodiArias

  28. Elizabeth Erwin ‏@elizabetherwin 31s32 seconds ago
    Stephens says we’re at recess. #JodiArias

    Carolyn Sung ‏@CarolynSungCNN 23s23 seconds ago
    #jodiarias courtroom started to fill up again. Judge called counsel to bench and then called recess. #VerdictWatch #cnn

  29. What if at least one of the jurors passes a note to the judge that simply says, “I’m done with this. I’ve had enough”
    It’s not like they haven’t tried. I can’t imagine how much this decision would wear them down.

  30. The jurors have to be careful…they can’t be seen as being uncooperative or unwilling to deliberate……but this is a joke…it should be over already…

      • No of course not, but if the are supposed to go back and try one more time and one of them refuses to “deliberate” or discuss or whatever, this could be seen as at that point being uncooperative…I don’t think that would happen bc this jury seems like they are working hard…

        • Sure. EVERYBODY in this trial has been working very hard.
          The only problem is, they don’t have any CLEAN EVIDENCE to work with!

  31. Elizabeth Erwin ‏@elizabetherwin 21s22 seconds ago

    Judge cleared the courtroom, court worker says there’s nothing going on. #JodiArias

  32. Very disgusting piece in by EJ Montini. When did journalism turn into opinion, bias and saying nasty things about people? These people need to get their heads out of their asses and begin living up to their journalistic ethics.

  33. Tell the jurors to come back on Monday Sherry. Why do Arizona courts have so much time off? Or at least why do the jurors get so much time off in the middle of a trial? I’d hate that.

  34. What was that all about? Why bring everybody back in the courtroom just to call recess? This court is beyond rediculous!!!

  35. Judge says that the jurors can only discuss this with other jurors.
    Since these jurors go home every night, can they speak with each other about this

    I thought they were only supposed to discuss it in the deliberation room, NO????
    IF they had been sequestered, I KNOW that would be the cae, but the family has been able to
    do things that would have thought was a felony, is it the same with the judge?

      • It is very clear this jury is split just by the tweets. I have yet to see any tweeter say all the jurors went for a break at the same time… you see 8 you see 2 you see 4 but not all of them ever.

  36. Hi all, I just got home from work. This trial has been so exhausting. I knew that they wouldn’t come back with DP, let’s get this over with already!

  37. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ 1m1 minute ago

    Still hanging out. I feel they won’t come back till tomorrow #jodiarias #3tvarias

    • Shut up, Jen!!! Let’s get this over with, it’s obvious the jurors cannot agree. Why prolong this torture?

      • The jury probably is in deliberating room but I hope they are not wanting to become lifelong friends and promising to exchange “crock pot” recipes & plan to meet for annual picnics. …A jury room is not a place to make friends. …Nor should it be. …

        • I doubt there is much friendship going on there now…this is a serious matter on which they are deciding. They are probably VERY thorough and conscientious.

  38. Lise Lasalle retweeted
    April May ‏@aprilmaywilson Feb 28

    If you melt chocolate in the morning coffee, you can avoid drowning yourself for a few hours. After that, you’ll need something illegal.

  39. Elizabeth Erwin ‏@elizabetherwin 39s39 seconds ago

    Martins and Det. Flores are here, went into the victim room where the Alexander family has been waiting. #jodiarias

  40. Carolyn Sung ‏@CarolynSungCNN 21s21 seconds ago

    Martinez and Flores just walked into courtroom. Door is still locked to media. #jodiarias

  41. Elizabeth Erwin ‏@elizabetherwin 17s18 seconds ago

    Three female jurors leave deliberation room. #jodiarias

  42. Cathy ‏@courtchatter 7s8 seconds ago

    Juan and Flores are still in the courtroom but we are locked out. No family up here. #jodiarias

  43. With about an hour left I hope the jury sends mssg that they are hung and let’s get this over with otherwise we will be back at this tomorrow……

  44. Elizabeth Erwin ‏@elizabetherwin 3m3 minutes ago

    Jury has been deliberating a total of about 19.5hrs. Will they reach a decision today? #jodiarias

  45. Elizabeth Erwin ‏@elizabetherwin 37s37 seconds ago

    Three female jurors are back…I’m thinking they might be smokers. #jodiarias

  46. Does anyone know how long the appeals process usually takes and will we somehow be able to get info on what’s going on with it once it gets started? Whether she gets life or death (which I believe it will be hung) she will still be able to appeal. I guess I’m stressing that once the verdict is rendered there will be no way for us to follow what’s going! The Alexander’s get to move on with their lives but Jodi will be consumed with courts for a long time to come I’m afraid…it’s got to be stressful for her :(.

    • Honestly, I don’t think the Alexander’s will ever move on. They will follow Jodi and her appeals every step of the way and show their hateful mugs every chance they get. IMO..,.

        • True, last I heard they had raised a couple million in donations yet the Travis supporters act as if any money made or raised to help support Jodi’s defense and appeals should be banned and is an atrocity! I believe it was them that said they didn’t want anyone profiting from their brothers “murder” huh looks to me like they are profiting?

  47. What if they were hoping to have another choice, other than life or the dp?
    I guess they don’t have that choice, right.
    DAMN, I sure would hate it to have been chose for the jury, thinking it was simply dp or life
    THEN heard all of what I heard in this trial.
    I would be sick!!!!

    They say it’s our duty to be a juror, I say f them.
    I’ll do jail time first.
    They sure as hell don’t abide by any laws.

  48. Cathy ‏@courtchatter 18s18 seconds ago

    Nurmi has entered the courtroom but we are still locked out. #jodiarias

  49. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ 51s51 seconds ago

    We don’t know what’s going on yet #jodiarias #3tvarias

  50. Cathy ‏@courtchatter 50s50 seconds ago

    Alexander family is now upstairs sitting the opposite of the media #jodiarias

  51. Cathy ‏@courtchatter 40s41 seconds ago
    Mike the court reporter has gone in the back way into the courtroom #jodiarias

    Cathy ‏@courtchatter 15s16 seconds ago
    The Alexander family is now entering the courtroom #jodiarias

  52. This tweet was amongst a bunch of haters tweets a few minutes ago. Maybe Jodi should be warned about doing an interview with this woman. Does anyone understand the “Deadly Sins” reference? I know there is a 1995 movie by that name but I don’t understand the meaning of her tweet. Doesn’t sound good though.

    Donna Thomas ‏@MsDonnaThomas 1m1 minute ago
    @DarrenKavinoky I’ll be going to AZ in a bit to interview her, maybe I can do another Deadly Sins, I’ll keep you posted!

      • Kavinoky has a background as a lawyer and, like Ann Curry, is a graduate from Ashland High School in southern Oregon.

        • Why do you know where Kavinoky and Curry went to high school, tonysam? Did you go to school with them?

          Not a snarky question, I promise. Curiosity because I was good friends with Ann before she moved to Ashland. Before Ashland High School she attended Granby High School in VA for her sophomore year.

          • It’s a well-known fact she went to Ashland. You can find a copy of her yearbook posted on Classmates. She got her start in journalism here in southern Oregon before going back east. She graduated in 1974. I graduated from a nearby school district high school, Phoenix High School, in 1973.

            • Yeah, I followed her career. Her journalistic ambitions started much earlier. She told me in ninth grade – so that would be 1971 – that she wanted to be ‘a cross between Walter Cronkite and Barbara Walters’. She and I, along with her younger sister Jean, were in a Modern Dance group together that year.

              • Darren Kavinoky graduated from AHS in 1984. You can also find his yearbook and senior picture on Classmates. He was a good-looking kid with a full head of hair then.

      • Thanks D & Tonysam & Justus,
        Darren Kavinsky stated he had predicted the DP for Jodi but as of 30 mnutes ago he was changing his mind to hung jury. About 25 haters were whining & bitching about his change of prediction.

    • Jodi needs to refuse any more interviews for her own good….everyone takes advantage of her and this will not help her……

      • Agree. She should never, ever do an interview ever again. Her mouth is what got her into this mess, starting with talking to the police, then talking to the despicable Maureen Maher of CBS, who promptly twisted everything about this story to further TA’s friends’ narrative. It had nothing whatsoever to do with the truth. As I have said before, Maher and her producer should have been fired for journalistic malpractice.

    • Sounds like her plan is to interview Jodi at Goodyear. Dear God, don’t let Jody talk to any of those fools ever again!

  53. Carolyn Sung ‏@CarolynSungCNN 27s28 seconds ago

    TA family and supporters have entered the family/victim room. Courtroom still locked. #jodiarias #VerdictWatch

  54. Tammy Rose ‏@News20Chopper 49s50 seconds ago Phoenix, AZ

    Nurmi and Juan are already inside. #JodiArias Waiting.

  55. Cathy ‏@courtchatter 1m1 minute ago

    So basically everyone is inside the courtroom except the public which is standard for Judge Stephens. #jodiarias

  56. Cathy ‏@courtchatter 4m4 minutes ago
    #jodiarias mom and few supporters wait down the hall.

    Cathy ‏@courtchatter 1m1 minute ago
    1 security guard is here.

  57. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ 2m2 minutes ago

    Still hanging outside courtroom #jodiarias #3tvarias

  58. Cathy ‏@courtchatter 40s40 seconds ago

    It could be that the Alexanders came upstairs to do the normal sit down waiting for the jury & the Arias family took their spot. #jodiarias

  59. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ 28s28 seconds ago

    #jodiarias family is now sitting where the Alexander’s do when jurors leave courtroom for the day #3tvarias

  60. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 1m1 minute ago
    #jodiarias family is now sitting where the Alexander’s do when jurors leave courtroom for the day #3tvarias

    Hah! So there Alexscampsters.

  61. How I wish we could all be there to line the hallway and the front porch and the streets to support her!!!
    I would love for them to see us all there in force!!!

  62. Cathy ‏@courtchatter 4m4 minutes ago

    Likely the Alexanders came upstairs for the end of the day and ran into the Arias group. So had to go in courtroom #jodiarias

  63. Here’s a good way of putting it!

    Cathy @courtchatter · 10m 10 minutes ago

    It could be that the Alexanders came upstairs to do the normal sit down waiting for the jury & the Arias family took their spot. #jodiarias

  64. Cathy ‏@courtchatter 57s57 seconds ago
    The jury is still here. #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ 46s46 seconds ago
    We are still outside courtroom #jodiarias #3tvarias

  65. The media is camped out in front of the court house. Don’t see a lot of other people though. Looking at a photo on another site.

  66. I just LOVE the Arias family and friends! They have been through hell and their solidarity and unwavering support for Jodi is awe inspiring! We can all draw upon their strength and dignity. I am humbled

    • Dignity, discretion and silent suffering…. Those people have behaved in the most respectable way. Abiding by every admonition and showing their support for their child in a very moving way. I admire them because they even managed to remain motionless, emotionless to honor the courtroom’s rules as opposed to the Alexanders who behaved as if they owned everything and everyone in there.

      • I’ve heard large amounts of money will certainly puff one up to be more than they truly are. I don’t know but they certainly have a large sum over the past six and half years. It will be sad when the money train pulls into the station to a much deserved halt.

      • Exactly, they have shown the utmost respect and class in a courtroom full of the most classless scumbags I’ve ever seen. From the judge, the prosecutor and the perjuring “experts” and witnesses to the Alexanders and the media, they’ve been surrounded

      • I guess the death people are still trying to get the life people to do something that they refuse to have to live with for the rest of their lives. I sure don’t understand the death people but I also don’t understand the life people if they are putting up with this. Maybe the jurors just feel they have to at least show they tried, after being sent back by the judge, even though everyone knows it’s fruitless. Maybe they just said, “Let’s go home tonight and give the judge our final statement in the morning.”

  67. Monica Lindstrom ‏@monicalindstrom 1m1 minute ago
    Defense team just walked out of the courtroom and the #TravisAlexander supporters left also #JodiArias

    Tammy Rose ‏@News20Chopper 30s30 seconds ago Phoenix, AZ
    Alexander family leaving. #JodiArias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ 51s51 seconds ago
    Attorney’s and family on both sides have left for the day. Jurors are leaving too. Return tomorrow at 9:30 #jodiarias #3tvarias

  68. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 38s39 seconds ago

    That’s it folks. No final decision in #jodiarias today. The jury will be back at 9:30 tomorrow.

  69. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 1m 1 minute ago
    That’s it folks. No final decision in #jodiarias today. The jury will be back at 9:30 tomorrow.

  70. Cathy ‏@courtchatter 2m2 minutes ago

    I’m waiting for the jury to walk out to give you a report of how they look #jodiarias

  71. Beth Karas ‏@BethKaras
    We are finished for the day in #jodiarias. Jurors were escorted out a different exit, not in front of the media.

  72. Cathy ‏@courtchatter 1m1 minute ago

    They took the jurors out a different exit for the first time since deliberations started . #jodiarias

  73. I’ll be at work till lunch time (AZ time) tomorrow. So, there’s a good chance I may not be here with you for the verdict 🙁


  74. Good night everyone! I am really drained right now. All my positive energy was sent to Jodi and I feel sooooo tired right now. But it was worth it! I will absolutely fill up on positivity by tomorrow and send it all to Jodi again!

    ((((Jodi)))) ♥

  75. I think whoever arranged for the jury to exit every day in the hallway where they could see the Alexanders and then today suddenly they had to exit out the back way in order to avoid the public needs to be questioned…..Are we favoring the Alexanders over the Arias family?? Again just another example of how unfair this trial has been to Jodi’s rights……..

    • That whole court is unbelievably biased! Alexanders can sit there with their crocodile tears when the jury
      leaves..but heaven forbid if the Arias family should see the jury ! WOW

    • My feeling is that the Alexanders was tattled on and while the court can’t dictate when and where people sit outside the courtroom, they can control the exiting of the jury.

      • You are probably right Justus. Weren’t there two unread jury “questions?” #1 was probably the notification they were deadlocked, and #2 was probably a request for a different exit. Still gotta give props to the Arias family though. 🙂

      • That’s probably why the twisted sisters were crying today.

        They were informed that their misbehavior had been noted.

        Probably also why Stephen was standing at the bar glaring at counsel at the bench this morning. He couldn’t stare at the jurors so he figured he try his death stare on Nurmi.

  76. I’m feeling very positive. I believe tomorrow morning we will hear “hung jury”. I don’t know how else it could turn out and I don’t think they’re going to want to argue about it for another whole day. Now we can get on with things and put these mean horrid people behind us.

  77. I too am exhausted. Really thought I’d be up very late, as I too am on GMT. Hope I don’t miss verdict tomorrow either. I an going for a driving lesson in the afternoon.

  78. Folks, I know that this is exhausting for everyone including Jodi and her family, but the longer the jury deliberates, the greater the odds of a hung jury and the greater the odds of Jodi not receiving the death penalty. I’m a realist. I know that anything is possible. But doesn’t the fact that the jury is still deliberating after all this time indicate they’re nowhere close to a unanimous decision?

    • Yes, they are hung…..however, with JSS giving them the “go try one more time instruction…” I get a little nervous that the holdouts may buckle under some pressure to come up with a unanimous decision…so I would have been much happier had JSS declared a hung jury today LIKE SHE SHOULD HAVE !!!!!!!!!!!

      • But as always I am go forward and pray that they hold firm and we have a hung jury tomorrow….unless by some miracle we have a unanimous for LIFE !!! 🙂

      • I think they agreed to making a show of putting more time into it, decided to go ahead and ‘deliberate’ through the day before throwing in the towel tomorrow. You know they’re done badgering each other at this point. If we’re worn out, we know they must be.

        At this point I think they are completely unified in wanting to be done, and they’re just doing what they have to do to get Stephens to release them.

  79. It has been a long and hard battle for Jennifer Willmott and Kirk Nurmi but personally I have to wait until I hear for sure that the jury is hung….by the way my– ha ha—was in regard to Journee’s “stupied” comment.

  80. The more unanimous the verdict in favour of life the better for Jodi and her appeal. Its safe to say tomorrow is the day we get the result of this current battle. I am just curious to wait to see what JSS hands out. Until tomorrow, I just hope I can sleep tonight.

  81. So this is my answer to Cindy’s question from way up this page about what I think and also sort of explains my absence. In my opinion, Jodi, basically, got screwed and unfortunately will remain so. And that’s why I haven’t been vociferous – just to save myself the aggravation.

    Here’s the way I see it: I have no idea what happened that day, and I don’t know how the first jury bought off on M1, but once they did, I believe, the odds became massively stacked against Jodi, appeal or no appeal. In fact, unless the current jury comes back with DP, which I think is a very remote possibility, the appeal then reduces down to an appeal to the AZ Court of Appeals. In that case I believe that the only real chance they have is on ineffective assistance of counsel – which in any sane world should be a slam dunk. However, I feel it might not be so in a state appeals court.

    So before you guys start shouting let me explain. And if this argument sounds like JSS its because, I believe, those are the exact reasons the CoA will use.

    1. Flores’ BS at the pre-trial hearing for the DP will be written off as of no consequence if no DP is levied.

    2. Horn’s BS explanation for the “typo” will be written off as an issue where the defense did in fact challenge him and that now becomes a credibility issue for the jury, and a CoA will only double guess a jury in the rarest of cases.

    3. The whole issue with the drives/porn will not be considered a Brady violation because the state will argue that they did in fact turn over drive clones/images (and I have no idea which they gave) so they did not hide any exculpatory evidence. They will also claim that they had no idea there was porn on the drives and even if that was an error on their part the defense failed to further pursue the issue when it was raised in court. And the stupid CoA will buy that argument just as JSS did. And I don’t think the defense can prove, with a preponderance of evidence, that the state knew there was porn and hid that fact and in fact suborned perjury from Melendez et al.

    4. The argument about JM dropping the camera becomes moot unless the defense then tried to test the camera and couldn’t because it had been damaged. If the defense had nothing further to do with the camera, then of course it had no impact on the trial. Since his actions had no effect on the actual outcome of the trial the issue is moot on appeal.

    5. I don’t believe the CoA will have anything to do with issues like sequestering the jury etc, unless the defense can show, with proof positive, that the media frenzy did in fact affect the jury. There is plenty of precedent for publicity and adverse impacts, but there are just as many cases where CoAs across the country have held that adequate instruction to the jury is enough to offset any such influence. We all know that’s BS but that’s the way it is.

    6. All the yelling and screaming JM did isn’t going to count for beans.

    All the possible scenarios of other folks doing this, or blood atonement rituals, etc are all just speculation and have no impact on an appeal, unless someone comes up with clear and compelling evidence – and new evidence at that; evidence which was not available at the time of the trial. That will also have to be coupled with undeniable proof that Jodi was coerced into saying that she did in fact kill TA. That was a question that was asked, more than once, and she always answered in the affirmative. Now of course if Nurmi made her say it, and they can prove that, then that falls into the ineffective assistance of counsel case.

    So what we are left with is an argument that says JM firstly fed a line of BS to the jury, who bought it and the defense did a real half hearted job of countering his arguments. So the photos, whether fraudulent, or misinterpreted are something the defense should have attacked. The same goes for the blood spatter evidence or the mismatched memory cards, or the lack of forensic analysis by the defense, etc. and that then brings me around to my conclusion that the best chance she has on any appeal has is based on ineffective assistance of counsel. And that, as jade has so eloquently pointed out should be a slam dunk – because other than maintaining a record the defense team has made a complete pig’s breakfast of this case.

    I’m not really sure of the rules for appeal attorney fees in AZ, but if they are like most other states there may be some cases in which an indigent client gets state support for the first appeal and maybe the PCR. But that is it – so at best she might get a public defender for the first appeal and possibly PCR. But then she’s on her own – which means she better have access to a bunch of money. I don’t know how much money they’ve raised in the appellate fund but its going to be really hard. The big problem with pro bono appeals is that most of those are undertaken in cases where the convicted person is arguing , “but I had nothing to do with it”. In this case the argument is really that the jury got it wrong – which is not a ground for appeal. So not only does some good attorney have to agree that the jury got it wrong, but also that there are really solid grounds for an appeal. Doesn’t matter what we think, some good attorney has to not only believe Jodi, but he also has to find good grounds for reversal.

    And that is why I do believe she got screwed. And its a shame – because if you can put someone away on the basis of JM’s case then you might as well just toss a coin to try and determine whether a person is guilty or not.

    • Al, I agree with you. The bleak interpretation of the facts is hard to swallow, but unless Jodi’s appeal goes to a federal court, I don’t think the state of AZ will overturn the stupid decision of the first jury.

    • Well I am glad to see you again, Al.

      Even though your post makes me sad.

      I don’t understand, though – if AZ CoA denies appeal/upholds a verdict, can’t the appeal (DP or not) be pursued at the next level? The Ninth Circuit?

      Also, as regards #3 above – the DT was not given an image or clone of the first/BEST image of the hard drive, the one made in June 2008, until either late 2014 or early 2015. Neumeister was working with the same image Dworkin worked with, the one made in 2009 after the original DT viewed the evidence and the hard drive was powered up without a write-blocker. AND there IS PROOF that Melendez lied when he asserted that there were no viruses on the laptop. It’s right there in the state’s response to the charge of prosecutorial misconduct – the document signed by the prosecutor says numerous (it gives exact numbers) virus and malware programs were found on the computer when that first/BEST image was created in June 2008.

      Again, very glad to see you Al.

      • Yes, I agree with you Journee….and don’t forget that the mere act of powering up the computer at the scene which was done twice and then a hard shut down all without a “write blocker” destroyed 3,000 books worth of information give or take and whether it was done with purpose or not or by incompetence it does NOT matter…..the evidence was destroyed and not turned over to the DT….this is a clear Brady violation that has nothing to do with the “you should have followed up on the porn” argument bc how can you follow up on evidence that was destroyed……

        They can not get a free pass on the destruction of evidence at the scene… can’t just say well we don’t know what was destroyed so too bad it doesn’t make any difference…..and this again was done in 2009 by the state when they again turned on the computer without the “write blocker”

        • You don’t have to “hide” exculpatory evidence….it just has to be that the evidence was NOT turned over to the DT…which it was NOT….it does NOT have to be an intentional violation to be a Brady violations it just has to be that the exculpatory evidence was not turned over…..

          1) destruction of evidence at the scene and since we don’t know what was destroyed you can not say that it was not exculpatory – it could have been and most likely was exculpatory but the benefit of the doubt goes to the defendant
          2) the lying about the viruses on the computer – again Brady violation for not turning over to the defense the exculpatory evidence that they knew existed and then lied about on the stand
          3) the destruction of evidence in 2009 again by turning on the computer without a “write blocker” and then doing a hard shut down and their excuse that the DT destroyed the evidence will NOT fly
          4) the failure of the state to turn over the original pristine copy of the hard drive another Brady violation….

          If the exculpatory evidence is denied to the DT, they can not know of its existence and therefore can not make any arguments for their client regarding it during trial….the state denied its existence flagrantly and arrogantly during the criminal trial though they knew it existed….the DT had no proof of its existence bc of the Brady violations and can not be penalized for not uncovering it…..the DT does NOT have to request the exculpatory evidence it is absolute incumbent upon the state to turn it over to them, period !!!

            • And the state does not have to “know” there was porn (although we all know that they indeed did and that is proven already) The Brady violations do not require that it be intentional….just that the exculpatory evidence was never given to the DT…that’s it…..

              • I am quoting here from an article regarding Brady violations from the Federal Criminal Appeals Blog “A Brady Violation in Tennessee” August 2013, it gives perspective on what the Supreme Court has said regarding the defendant’s burden regarding exculpatory evidence:

                “The court of appeals held that the Supreme Court rejected the “due diligence” exception to Brady in Banks v. Dretke, 540 U.S. 668 (2004) when it noted that “{a} rule thus declaring “prosecutor may hide, defendant must seek,” is not tenable in a system constitutionally bound to accord defendants due process.”

                “Moreover, a rule that a Brady violation is excusable if the defendant or defense lawyer just does more work is kind of stupid. As the Sixth Circuit explained:”

                “The Supreme Court’s rejection of the idea that the “prisoner still has the burden to discover the evidence” is based in part on the fact that the prosecution has the advantage of a large staff of investigators, prosecutors, and grand jurors, as well as new technology such as wiretaps of cell phones. That is one of the reasons that these investigators must assist the defendant who normally lacks this assistance and may wrongfully lose his liberty for years if the information they uncover remains undisclosed. The superior prosecutorial investigatory apparatus must turn over exculpatory information.”

                And again I will say that the Brady violation does not have to be intentional…..just that the exculpatory evidence was not disclosed to the DT…that’s it….

    • About the appeals process I just posted clarification on that on another page “Deliberations Continue” so check it out… Jodi has avenues on appeals….

    • The appeals process is in no way mysterious. It and its funding are clearly explained in the answer to the second FAQ on Jodi’s appellate-fund site Anyone who hasn’t read this should do so before talking about it here.

      Second, Jodi’s appellate fund has been growing steadily over the past year and a half. It is already substantial, and a further vigorous fundraising push will begin the instant retrial ends. Since the two state-paid appeals are likely to continue through 2016, there is every possibility that a fine private appeals lawyer can be hired at their end. All that is needed for effective appeals beyond 2016 is that Jodi’s scores of friends do their duty, which is really not all that hard.

      People who have remained on this site since the 2013 verdict well know these facts. It should not be necessary to repeat them to overcome ignorant defeatism. That is all I will say tonight, since it is late — but I may comment further tomorrow.

  82. I’m having a bit of a problem figuring out why this is taking so long. I mean, this is not to decide guilty or not guilty, this is to decide whether or not to kill someone. I’m pretty sure that if I were in this position I’d know relatively quick what my verdict would be. Having sat in that courtroom for weeks on end and hearing a boat load of evidence it shouldn’t take 3-4 days to make a decision and stick to it. Maybe I’m just being impatient but, come on, shit or get off the pot already! I understand that this is an extremely important decision, but if you can’t see the mitigating factors (and there are many) in Jodi’s favor then shame on you! Personally, I think it’s pretty fucked up to take12 people off the street and tell them they need to decide whether someone lives or dies. Someday this state and this country will realize just HOW fucked up that truly is. I think it’s time to leave the barbaric laws and ideas of the dark ages behind and move into the 21st century. Get rid of the damn death penalty!

  83. In response to Journee, BB, alan and others above. You’re all right but the reasons I have this half glass empty view are as follows:

    My arguments above are what I feel the state CoA in AZ will do. Just as the justice4jodi site states the state will provide a PD for the direct appeal and the PCR. The PCR will come right back to JSS (unless she is gone by then) and we know that’s a non-starter. I do believe that woman has a hard time deciding what kind of eggs she wants for breakfast. The AZ CoA (at least from all their decisions I have reviewed) just seems to be a rubber stamp for the state/prosecution. They seem to stretch logic to its maximum in basically denying just about any appeal from someone convicted of anything. Their main argument on any denial most often comes around to “yes you’re correct, but we don’t feel that would have made a difference to the outcome of the case. So, denied”

    So after the CoA and the PCR, one must still go through the AZ Supreme Court before going to Federal Court. I may be mistaken, but I believe from what I have read that the Federal Courts won’t accept a case until all state appeals have been exhausted. I am again not sure of this but I seem to have seen some cases where the first activity in federal court is at the Federal District court level ( I know that was the case in Milke, and a few others I have reviewed). Only then does it move on to the 9th Circuit. So its a long road ahead for appeals. Again I have no idea how much money there is in the fund – but its going to take a lot of money.

    As to Horn committing perjury – I don’t think the AZ appeals court will find that to be the case. Horn was pretty smart on how he worded stuff and he basically will be looked at as an expert stating an opinion. And he was challenged by the defense by bringing on another expert. Now, just to play the devils advocate, if somehow someone says Horn’s opinion was correct – again this is just for the sake of argument, not my belief that he was right – then Geffner’s opinion would be wrong. OK, so would anyone in his right mind then say that Geffner committed perjury? That’s the problem with getting into expert opinions. It is just an opinion. In fact the same holds for DeMarte. Any issues with regards to any pre-trial hearing for the DP based on the shot coming first or last have already been laid on Flores’ feet – and that point will be deemed moot if no DP is levied.

    The issue of our resident Geek Squad member Melendez not finding a virus will not be counted as perjury but mere incompetence. That guy seemed to have less computer knowledge than my kids do. That was just my opinion watching his testimony during the trial, and I believe it was born out by the fiasco that followed.

    So now we come to the biggest issue – the Brady violation. It is true that the Brady rule is absolute. There is no hedging around with the ALL EXCULPATORY evidence rule. In fact various appeals courts have gone to great lengths to expand what ALL EXCULPATORY evidence means, and whether the violation has to be intentional or not. My trepidations come from the fact that we are dealing with the enlightened state of AZ and Maricopa County. Both seemingly paragons of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

    I went through a little thought experiment, sort of playing the devils advocate. I said OK, if I had to come up with an argument to deny a Brady Violation in this case what would I do – which is what the CoA of AZ has to do. And they will hone in on the word exculpatory, and tear that down. We have to remember that this is a state that refused to initially overturn Milke where the only evidence against her was a purported confession to a detective who was a proven liar. And we have a County Attorney who still wants to go after her – even after her case has been thrown out by both the Federal and State courts.

    The biggest issue with everything to do with those drives, at least for me right now, lies in the fact that I don’t really know what the heck happened in the evidentiary hearing. The tweets we got were so disjointed and full of holes that I’m not sure what went down. I know the DT argued a bunch of stuff in their motions. That looked really dynamite. But then the reports we got from the court seemed really watered down. So what really went on there. Who actually did what to whom, when and how? BN’s testimony in court seemed rather pale in comparison to the claims made in Nurmi’s motion. I guess we can discuss that at a different stage.

    The actions of the citizens of Maricopa county never cease to amaze me. They have a Sheriff who is a habitual violator of fundamental rights and keeps costing the county – but keeps getting reelected. They have County Attorneys who keep messing up and costing them money and credibility – yet they march on along the yellow brick road in the wonderland of AZ.

    My real dismay here lies in the fact that we have a conviction that was based on no real proof of what Jodi was convicted of. We have a prosecutor who basically strong-armed his way to a conviction based on no evidence that could, in any way, be construed as beyond a reasonable doubt. We have a defense team that basically lay down and took it during the guilt phase of the trial. They always reminded me of the old adage of bringing a knife to a gunfight. They only seemed to have awakened a little bit during the penalty phase. We have a judge who is about as useful as a tit on a boar hog (good southern saying where I come from). We had a first jury who didn’t seem understand their instructions (come on 7 of them found for M1 and felony murder, where the felony murder charge was in the alternative), we have a media and public in AZ who would make the crowds in the Coliseum on lion night look like a bunch of pacifists and in the balance we have the life of a young woman. What more can we pile on? (Did anyone catch that I stole that construct from My Cousin Vinny, only the best movie ever made).

    So yes I am dismayed about this whole mess – but I believe that any right thinking person should be. I don’t care what you think about someone’s guilt or innocence – we should all expect the judicial system to operate above reproach. God forbid one day this bell tolls for one of us.

  84. Appeals courts look mostly at technicalities and not findings of fact. The main problem in this case is the jury was wrong in the first place, and this was simply not premeditated. Courts are loath to overturn jury decisions.

  85. I have been following this documentary from Rockville Women’s Prison in Indiana. One of the inmates preparing for release is a beautiful young woman who killed her husband by shooting him several times in the shower. She was charged with manslaughter and was sentenced to 25 years, and she is now eligible for parole after serving 7 years. Same country as Jodi but you sure wouldn’t know it.

    🙁 & 😡

  86. I pray that God will free Jodi from all the undue punishment…Jodi has been in my constant prayers for the past several years…along with prayers for everyone else who supports Jodi…

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