Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #6 Reviewed

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Day 6 turned out to be a bit of a damp squib compared to yesterday.

It started off with a very embarrassing, badly rehearsed & piss-poor display from Morticia & Elvis. You’d think that after (allegedly) coercing several million dollars from their well-planned & fake grieving exploits, they could of at least paid for acting lessons.

It’s like I said a while back… had Morticia not seen the news of TA’s timely demise on TV, she’d still be sending him begging letters and wondering why she’d had no reply. Inbreds.

Anyways… after that gut-wrenching fiasco it was back to “BS as usual”, with numerous sidebars, meetings in Pickles’ chambers, and the press being ushered in & out of the courtroom a bunch of times to boot.

The first witness was scheduled to testify (after the noon recess) via a closed hearing and a closed viewing room too – for the reasons Pickles specified. That was the deal.

Moving on… and by mid-afternoon, Pickles decided the courtroom would remain “locked” for the rest of the day – and so it was.

Now the collective media are throwing their toys out of their prams again, because they were told they couldn’t watch or report or tweet on the closed testimony. The thing is… this is not a closed testimony just for the sake of it. It’s because the witness has received credible death threats based on the testimony they were prepared to give. So no, the media don’t get to publish his or her details for all to see. Their “higher ratings” & “higher ad revenues” plan is gonna have to wait.

The last I heard, the media had just filed a motion to have the trial halted. WTF? So what now? We have another elongated delay while the court decides whether or not the media can have a field day with a closed testimony witness? Only in Arizona…

The radical clerics at the HLN mosque fucked up royally all throughout the first trial (as did many other media outlets too), which is precisely why live trial coverage was banned this time around. And they still have the audacity to talk about a “fair trial” and how this latest ruling goes against the AZ Constitution. Really? Does anything in the AZ Constitution cover the witnesses right to a closed hearing after receiving death threats? GMAFB.

Overall though, and despite the non-events of yesterday (and the best efforts of the press and the Morticia & Elvis double-act), we are definitely gaining ground, slowly but surely.

The circus returns to town sometime next week year @ 9.30 am MST. 

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  1. The media narrative, egged on by the Mormon mob of Travis Alexander’s so-called friends, is one of the main reasons Jodi Arias’s conviction will be overturned. The “right to know” is not absolute; however, the right to a fair trial is.

    • There WAS a reporter covering the closed testimony: The Court Reporter.

      The so-called journalists who are pissing and moaning about being kept out of the courtroom are totally full of themselves. They want the public to believe that it is not possible that they could be biased when they know that they are, and worse still, these self-important fools want everyone to believe that the media are an ESSENTIAL part of the judicial process – they suggest that to allow the wheels of justice to roll without their grease would be an infringement of everyone’s “right to know”. Well, some of us know better.

      The law allows reporters to be barred from certain proceedings precisely because it is impossible for reporting to be completely free of bias. The only function of a true reporter is to observe and report, and the biggest whiners now are the ones who have proven themselves miserably unequal to the task.

        • Thank you, johnm. When you hear HLN actually playing LOUD DRUM BEATS behind the prosecutor’s statements about Jodi while they continue to omit or misrepresent any facts or progress favorable to Jodi’s defense…that says it all, doesn’t it?

  2. Well, SJ, even though I don’t actually know any more now than I did before I read your note for today – somehow I feel like I do. So THANK YOU! For all you do. 🙂

    Note to all:

    AZ doesn’t change time this weekend with the rest of the world (that’s just how special they are, you know). Since most of the rest of us are ‘falling back’, coverage (such as it is) will begin an hour earlier than it has been. (I think)

      • They are special – like I said! They stay on standard time all year. I think Indiana does too, or at least maybe part of it – IIRC, seems like maybe they’re split. I think it’s a matter of which is more beneficial to them, energy wise. And I’d forgotten that the US declared itself special a few years back, deciding we’d change times the first Sunday in November rather than the last Sunday in October.

      • Maria, we change time here Saturday night/Sunday then we will be back to normal (7 hours difference) on the east coast. And 2 hours difference between here and Phoenix time.

        Ray in H-burg Va.

  3. Good Morning everyone. A slight tip of the cap to Judge Magoo for giving the boot to everyone yesterday. Many of the haters are upset at the judge so that must mean she’s doing something right – for a change. The media has apparently filed for the transcript and identity of yesterday’s mystery witness. Rumors are it was Jodi ..or Jodi’s mother … or Jodi’s friend who was afraid to appear last year …or someone from the church…or Amelia Earhart. Troy “Boy Toy” Hayden wrote that everytime the door opened where the witness was testifying, they were trying to get a peak to see who it was. The best bet was probably to phone Corinna Flores last night. I’m sure she knows and is dying to tell someone.

    • ” or Amelia Earhart”

      OMG, I am sooooo LOLing right now!!!
      And you’re right! If Corinna knows, I bet ”her tongue is itching her” as we say here 😉

    • Too freaking funny cc53!

      Although I too am curious I am enjoying it even more that the haters have their panties and undergarments in a bundle! Hahahahahhaaaaaa.

      It’s so typical of the lynch mob to turn on someone that they have been praising for so long. How many times did we think we were going crazy listening to haters say that JSS is doing a awesome job in her courtroom. And now that she finally decided to take control, all of a sudden she’s the villain. It just goes to show that haters will support anything that is not pro Jodi and will ‘throw anyone under the bus’ when sth good for Jodi’s case is done! 🙄

      • why aren t the judge and LE looking into these death threats with the intention to prosecute?
        When a witness cannot testify because of fear for her/his life it is a dark day for the AZ. legal system

  4. News flash!
    Juan Martinez, Kevin Horn & Esteban Flores are fighting over which one will be “MOE” at the prosecution’s Halloween party tonight.

  5. Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 1h1 hour ago
    Supreme Court has long held courts are subject to the Constitution. This one doesn’t get to make up it’s own rules #JodiArias #1stAmendment

    Troy Hayden ‏@troyhaydenfox10 · 1h1 hour ago
    A hearing being held at 3pm today trying to get the media in courtroom for testimony of mystery #JodiArias witness. Media kicked out yest.

    Jodi’s right to a fair trial is more important. The media until yesterday was hell bent on taking that right away from her and Judge Stephens had the guts to stand up to them. Bring it on media…

    • Reposting from yesterday, the pertinent phrase from the Rules of Criminal procedure:

      “All proceedings shall be open to the public, including representatives of the news media, unless the court finds, upon application of the defendant, that an open proceeding presents a clear and present danger to the defendant’s right to a fair trial by an impartial jury.”

      Jodi needs this witness, and this witness – due to credible death threats – needs a closed courtroom.

      Done deal. Y’all just take your dishes and your dollies and go home.

      • Thank you! Exactly! They should have respected this high profile case from the beginning and this wouldn’t have been an issue today! They reap what they sow…

    • This I posted elsewhere”

      If someone yells fire in a crowded theater I think they should definitely be banned from going into crowded theaters. Likewise, if the media demonstrates that it cannot report with neutrality and is busy trampling on someone’s right to a fair trial by creating fear in witnesses, then I believe they’ve given up their 1st amendment rights, at least temporarily. They can report all the crap they want when the trial is over. Their free speech rights are not being denied, just delayed, for the sake of justice.

      • The people who NEED TO KNOW who this witness is and what this witness has to say, ALREADY KNOW. The prosecutor has already deposed this witness, the -ahem- “victim’s” family knows who the witness is, the gist of the information the witness will share, AND why the witness will only testify in a closed court. All of the parties that NEED TO KNOW were in chambers when the decision was made.

        I daresay that certainly we WANT to know just as badly as anyone else does, and will, no doubt, continue to grumble our frustrations at not knowing what is going on.

        But I guess it’s probably a little easier for us – we aren’t afraid of what this witness is going to say.


    Happy Halloween!

    SJ, fantastic post! Although nothing new really happened yesterday (that we have knowledge of) we have become wiser to the following:

    Never read the same statement twice in a trial and re-trial. It’s embarrassing. Poor Elvis… was he too stingy to pay someone to write up a new and improved statement from his last years’ piss poor one? This time around he could have at least added that Jodi is responsible for global warming!

    As for Morticia? Awww come on folks! BS! Plain BS! We have all seen her videos and pic posts: Bungee jumping, Disneyland visits, boat buys and vacations… Does that seem to be a person that is suffering? Not to me!

    Can’t take a shower???? FFS! Draw a bath instead! See! There are alternatives!

    travis was the one that had stated that he was estranged from his siblings and that they only came to him for money! And now that he’s dead they are again trying to make a buck or two off of him (selling aprons, slippers, can coolers… pffff) ! THAT IS DISTURBING!!!! It’s clearly a business thing for them!

    And her lies! That he was her best friend! Ha! LIAR!

    Sad sad sad… embarrassing sad…

    With so much money they have made off of their brothers’ death, they could have at least hired someone to write decent statements for them! Cheapo’s!

    • Wondering if Tanisha is afraid to take a shower and fears for her life and her families, might I ask why? Is her family not certain without any reasonable doubt that the killer is in jail right now? If they believe Jodi to be the murderer of their dearly departed brother Travis then why are they SO AFRAID? OR, do they know something that we do not know which might be that those killers are still free today walking the same streets they walk. Just having a pondering moment here.

    • When Morticia did the Travis give a way day this year I shook my head at all of the crap and junk food she was passing out. Why not throw in some fresh fruit, nuts or granola bars? The bags were packed with dollar store junk.
      I know the witch is grieving in her own way, but scared of showering is a bitch much. She is trying to equate Jodi with Anthony Perkins? I think she is feeling guilt about what she was doing during the time Travis died. She is trying to shed her guilt of her own bad choices by punishing Jodi with the ultimate punishment. Unfortunately that will never work, too bad she can’t see that. One look at her face you can see she is miserable inside and it cannot all be because of Jodi.
      Even the money flow didn’t make her happy. Nothing will until she lets go of her own guilt.

  7. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 14m 14 minutes ago Court hearing at 3 asking Judge Sherry Stephens to stay further closed Arias sessions while AZ Rep and other media appeal Thursday’s ouster.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 48m 48 minutes ago
    Media seek transcript of shuttered Jodi Arias hearing via @azcentral

  8. TO THE ADMINS; Is it possible to get a copy of Nurmi’s opening statement? I’ve been searching but can’t find a link.

  9. I don’t have much to say for now. My only wish is that this trial wasn’t a period of revenge and tremendous triumph for the haters and TA’s family. I think of Jodi from time to time and keep my fingers crossed.

  10. Trick or Treat the media has smelly feet and they are in front of the Judge now saying let me let me in or I will huff and puff and plow your court in

  11. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer · 7m7 minutes ago

    Motion for stay denied, as expected. This was mostly to make a record for Court of Appeals. Had to have denial to get it there.

  12. Or you can see Hayden, as he offers a link to out of state viewers who want to watch his network’s recording of the hearing.

  13. William Pitts @william_pitts · 11m 11 minutes ago
    Stephens will give the court of appeals a transcript of the hearing in chambers to give THEM her reasoning.
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    William Pitts @william_pitts · 12m 12 minutes ago
    Judge Stephens is referring to her ruling. Which is sealed.
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    William Pitts @william_pitts · 13m 13 minutes ago
    Doesn’t sound like she cares about anything Bodney just said.
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    William Pitts @william_pitts · 13m 13 minutes ago
    Stephens is up.

    • Why would it be Jodi Arias herself? She already testified in the original trial, and she’s protected to the hilt. It doesn’t make sense it would be her.

      • I don’t believe it was Jodi Arias testifying yesterday. JSS would not be able to justify closing the courtroom and throwing the public and media out if it were her. NO way ! She has already testified in public previously and JSS would not be able to get away with this unprecedented move of having her now testify in secret. Let me just say that this entire mess is only going to help Jodi in her appeals. It is so blatantly clear that Jodi never received a “fair trial” because of all the media circus and the jury not being sequestered. And I think that this move to push for a “retrial” is going to be the fatal mistake of arrogant Juan. This insistence on a retrial of the sentencing is going to be demonstrative of the complete lack of Jodi’s due process of a fair trial on the criminal charges. Juan will regret his overreach when he is overturned and new trial is ordered. Good things come to those that wait …..

          • It’s called Prosecutor’s disease. Prosecutor’s start believing that the end justifies the means. They lose their way and no longer are seeking the truth but are only seeking to win at all costs and seeking their own fame – signing autographs on the courthouse steps while the trial is ongoing…… How they sleep at night is anybody’s guess but this is why you have innocents sitting on death rows all across this country despite hard evidence to the contrary. It is truly beyond comprehension. It is simply the corruption of their souls.

          • How can LE professionals not develop PTSD after a time, just from the stress of high vigilance?

            It does seem to be a hazard of police work indeed, that a person in that field could easily come to see everything others do as possibly illegal, immoral, unethical…every utterance from another person becomes questionable, could be a “cover-up”, or a distortion to avoid apprehension and responsibility.

            So in choosing LE, a person is, in effect, saying goodbye to innocence and to a sweet way of looking at the world. It is very sad. I think LE people should have pay for big chunks of cool-down time off the job. In (intermittently) receiving some compensation while relaxing and enjoying life, some balance would be restored to that person after having to regularly deal with criminals and ever-present danger. For these folks to have cool-down time would make the world safer for everyone. And maybe then we wouldn’t have so many wrongful convictions.

        • I agree, BB.

          Hayden is just one more arrogant ass like Barwood and Webber. He’s allowed his own ego to be puffed up by public interest in the trial of Jodi Arias, doesn’t get it that nobody’s interested in HIM at all, just the case.
          His last big exclusive on this case was Cassandra Collins. Remember that joke?
          With the blackout, everyone’s stumbling around in the dark looking for info. He found a glimmer of a rumor and sold it as a fact, so he can be important again. It’s BS.

    • In this interview, Hayden says the “three independent sources” told him that Jodi was on the stand all afternoon and told the same story as last time. That infers that his “three independent sources” must have been sitting in the courtroom during the hearing to know this, not just a supposition made by a tweeter or three….

  14. I just can not keep up with this all. Who to believe, what is really going on. Such a mystery. But eventually video will be available (I think) and we will know the reality and not speculation. Hope you all enjoyed Halloween, it is just starting to be a big deal here in my country.

  15. I read an article last night that indicated software is being developed to determine a person’s emotions & honesty just by facial cues. It will also analyze the human voice to determine emotions better than a human brain and interpret these emotions and project them on a screen.

    Can you imagine how that would affect a courtroom? Martinez, Flores & Horn would be finished. Tanisha would have been laughed out of court. And, Jodi might not even have gone to trial.

    It suggested your smartphone will become a lie detector so when a friend greets you with: “How nice to see you,” you’ll know if they’re lying or not. It said society will have to adjust and enterpreteurs will develop “emotion-cloaking” devices.

  16. Anyway Judge Stephens could call Troy Hayden to testify about his 3 independent sources? She called Jean Casarez about Martinez signing or posing with crowd. I’d like to see (damn) or hear about Troy squirming on the stand.

    • If she doesn’t, I am betting Nurmi will have him subpoenaed. First thing Monday morning, I expect to hear of Nurmi demanding that Hayden take the stand.

      Will Hayden:

      a) Pretend he’s a journalist of integrity and go to jail for contempt rather than reveal his sources? that could be fun.

      b) Cry like a little girl, and give it up? I would enjoy that too.

      c) Admit he made the whole thing up just so he could pretend he’s a hot-shot reporter? Wish I knew there’d be a legal consequence for that, but at the very least his lie will be exposed.

        • They did admit that this trial was a spectacle. But, they failed to mention that the reason it has been such a spectacle is because of reporters just like them. Everyone is so worried about being left out and not knowing what is going on behind closed doors. Everyone wants to be the one to get the big break with information so they may toot their own horns. Shame on them for wanting to become famous on the misfortunes of those less fortunate. The commentators or so called reporters are the very ones who accused Jodi of being a media whore; when really they are the whores. All of them should shut up and look in the mirror. . .it is all of their faults.

          To begin with, Jodi’s witnesses were receiving death threats, their livelihoods ruined, they were being badgered, threatened and bullied there is no question in my mind why the doors have been locked. Wonder if the witness is a child would they not want them to be protected either. Who know who the witness is and who cares as long as they are speaking the truth. People tend to forget that the people who are trying to give the DP to Jodi are a very devious group of individuals. It is obvious how many followers they have brainwashed with their lies. Apparently, people are too lazy to think and study the facts for themselves and jump quickly to the popular and simplest way of thinking. Look at Flores. LOL

          The Frog has been withholding and damaging evidence from the very beginning. He has been crafty in his attempts to win at any cost. He does not care one bit about Travis Alexander and his pitiful family, no ifs or buts about it! The Frog has proven, no matter who has died or who will die or how much it costs the Maricopa County taxpayers he wants to be the winner. The only thing on his mind is promoting himself and receiving all the rewards that might come his way. . .be it from the backside of a want to be blogger or blood money in his pocket. He will hop at anything he thinks will help his cause. He does not care about any one but himself IMHO.

          Secondly, the #&$$*& church is in this trial in a huge way and everyone should know by now that they are not to mess with. We all see what happened to Travis Alexander. What have they done, spread the Hate. Travis was a “Wolf in Sheep’s” clothing. . .two faced as they come. He took advantage of Jodi’s love and kindness. Travis is to blame for his death, not Jodi. Where is the love or compassion that should be extended to some one in her predicament? If this religion is not involved then why are they not trying to help both sides of this tragedy? Jodi was a member of their church too. A more devout member than Travis ever was! Is this how their members are treated? Jodi deserves a GOLDEN MEDAL!

          Why all of the questions from all the Haters? Really? Are they that slow?

          It is not hard for me to figure out whoever the witnesses are they should have all the protection possible. Whatever they have to say will be heard when it is time and not before.


    • This is a possibility, I agree. But I don’t think like you that she was the “mystery witness” that needed to be protected from the media. Troy may have to be prepared to answer the judges questions about where he got his info from on Monday………

  17. I am preaching to the choir but……What has happened to the objectivity journalists or reporters are supposed to have? They should not be on either side. Give us the facts and only the facts, report them for what they are!

    It seems like all we have now are want to be writers or reporters! No matter what crap these fakes throw out, the internet mob runs with it. This has been shown to be true in this circus of a trial!

    Please give us the lowdown, some of us can think for ourselves!

    • We have been watching and reading the twitter and everyone telling us what is being said in the court and I just remember something how come no one reported that JSS saying to the Jury did you watch TV did you read any thing about this trial did you talk to your friends did you look on the internet for information I have not see this at all

  18. 3 independant sources? So who was in that room? Martinez, Flores, Nurmi, Willmott & Jodi. The judge, 12 jurors & 4 (?) alternates & a few court staff. Or, did some people hang around until the room emptied and when no mystery witness appeared, they figured it could only have been Jodi.

    If anything, it should make the judge think: if 3 people gave out this information, how can I even think none of the 12 jurors & alternates will not even take a peek at media for news of the trial?

        • Jeffrey Evan Gold @jeffgoldesq • Oct 30

          #JodiArias mom had to leave with public. Victim has special rights and Travis family in. Moms of murderer not so much.

          The only tweet I could find sorry.

          • Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · Oct 30

            Alexander’s family is still court; Arias’ family was ejected. Ironically, the motion came from Nurmi. #JodiArias
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            It seems Jodi’s Mom was supposed to be out but I thought there was another tweet saying she was back in but couldn’t find it.

            • But, if it was Nurmi that wanted Jodi’s mom out that says a lot – I think. Was Jodi trying to protect her mother from hearing what she was going to say in the closed court? I remember when Flores was questioning Jodi in the interrogation room, she made a comment about not wanting to hurt her family or something.

                • There was an unnamed source who said that the Arias family was still in the “front row” after others were sent out, and that comment was posted here after Kiefer’s tweet was, so I think that’s where the confusion was. It was probably just a question of tweet/notification timing, but now obviously it turns out that Kiefer was right.

                • CC, I thought that in your 2:06pm post of yesterday (above) you were commenting on this tweet from Kiefer (posted in cc53’s yesterday 1:52pm comment also above):

                  ” Alexander’s family is still court; Arias’ family was ejected. Ironically, the motion came from Nurmi. #JodiArias ”

                  I went back last night to see what was tweeted on the day and concluded the confusion lay in the timing of the info. And based on what you quoted of Sue this morning, Kiefer’s tweet would have been accurate.

                  Sorry if over-clarified. Trying to make this easier for anyone new to follow.

              • It is a matter of law and statute. The victim’s family has a bill of rights, the defendant’s family does not. Unless both sides agree to stipulate that Jodi’s Mom could stay in the courtroom then she would have had to leave, which she did. Obviously the two sides in this case can not agree on anything….

                I still believe that JSS would not have closed the court to hear testimony from Jodi as the “mystery witness” however, as stated above it could be that Jodi did give some background testimony to the jury to introduce the subject matter of the “mystery witness.” There is no lawful precedent to exclude the public and media with a defendant that has openly testified previously. This has to do with protecting Jodi’s mitigation witness(s) because some were threatened last time and JSS wants to protect the record for the appeal.

                • MaryEllen Resendez ‏@maryellenabc15 • 6m6 minutes ago
                  #JodiArias family also told to leave only #TravisAlexander family remains — what’s in this testimony JA family can’t hear??

                  I agree with BB and both sides had to agree and of course, the Alexander siblings would not agree to it, so Nurmi had to ask her to leave.

                • BB,

                  Your statement makes me feel better in 2 ways:
                  1. Jodi’s mom was kept out by the law and statute, not by anything terrible Jodi was going to say (“bad imagination, very bad, I’m not going to feed you anymore”)
                  2. Troy Hayden may be wrong. PLZ!

              • I’m confident that this all has to do with protection of Jodi’s mitigation witnesses. It was a very good move on KN and JW’s part to do this – to exclude the public and media. It protects the witnesses of course, but it also brilliantly illustrates the complete failure of the system to protect Jodi’s constitutional right to a fair trial on the criminal charges. When the appeals court looks at this case it will no doubt come to the conclusion that Jodi’s due process was violated and violated in many ways (potential perjury, withholding evidence, failure to sequester the jurors, jurors following the social media on the case as it was ongoing, I could go on……….) so this is all good for Jodi.

                In fact, I believe that Juan will live to regret this “retrial” on the sentencing – it is going to help Jodi win her freedom. All good things come to those who wait……….

      • The victim’s family has a bill of rights by law and statute. The defendant’s family does not. The victim’s family has the right the be present at every hearing and meeting, etc. Unfortunately the defendant’s family do not have these same rights…

  19. I’m not sure what Monica means by the statement she made at the top – under Oct. 30, i.e., “Absolutely media had an impact last time, etc” It almost sounds like she feels her job is to keep the jury informed BUT that’s crazy. Her statement seems cut off but that’s all she wrote (she seems scattered in her thinking …or it is me)..

    Monica Lindstrom ‏@monicalindstrom Oct 30
    Absolutely media had an impact last time, keeping it off air helps keep jury n the dark, since no airing it helps THAT then keep media n

    @monicalindstrom So you are saying the first jury saw media coverage during the trial?

    Monica Lindstrom ‏@monicalindstrom
    Possibly! RT @Bettychand: @monicalindstrom So you are saying the first jury saw media coverage during the trial?

    1:29 PM – 30 Oct 2014
    Reply to @monicalindstrom @Bettychand
    sunnyinmo ‏@sunnymo1833 Oct 30
    @monicalindstrom @Bettychand the foreperson for sure..doubt anyone else did

    @monicalindstrom @Bettychand Whatever, but I think these jurors have seen the 1st trial at least part of it

    • ML spends a considerable amount of her time answering questions from her tweeters, in particular RT. My interpretation is that she believes, like others are now admitting, that the media DID have an impact on the trial, and that in keeping it off the air during mitigation phase “helps to keep jury in dark”.

      • (I think RT is her shorthand for ‘replying to’ or ‘responding to’ or something in that vein – she’s always got someone’s twitter handle after RT)

      • Carol,
        I agree she’s saying exactly what you wrote BUT I don’t think she wants the media off the air. So, it seems to me, she’s saying: yes, it helps Jodi’s trial & the jury to keep the media off the air but let’s not do it (b/c, I and the rest of the media, want to be on the air).

        • When ML is on HLN, which is quite regularly, she is about the most fair-minded guest that they have on. I do believe that she sees things from a defendant’s side, which is good because she’s a defence attorney. JJ is supposed to be one though too.

          • A couple of days ago on HLN, ML said that the prosecutor “creamed” the defense’s psychologists in the (first) trial. I don’t know how a reasonable person could come to that conclusion. Does she think harping on about books a defendant received would indicate anything about the psychologist’s findings? Or that the way a psychologist itemized their speaking engagements in a complicated engagement of guests and topics would impeach a witness? Did she think that the jackassery of the Snow White speculation/faux analysis proved anything about anything (other than that the judge was willing to allow a prosecutor to spend the court’s time and money goofing on a witness)? And did she listen to any of Geffner’s testimony?

            p.s. Her tweets are burdened with a rather large snark factor. Angling for her own show on the Horrid Line-up Network?

            • Horrid Line-up Network . . .OH that’s a good one too whichtrial!
              How about Horrid LIARS Network also? 😀 I believe you must
              have a “snarky” factor to ones personality in order to be
              employed by HLN!

              • Irony for me is that I never watched court-related TV until catching Dan Abrams’ show years ago, probably in ’04. Thought he was awesome. It was so refreshing to see commentary of his calibre on TV. Now he’s indulging in the snark just like the others; has no inclination to question JM’s questionable narrative in this case apparently – alas and alack!

              • I don’t believe Abrams has enough internal snark for the Horrid Line-up and probably wouldn’t even want to join it. But before seeing him, I only watched TV coverage of high-profile legal proceedings occasionally. Not sure why (or when) these regularly scheduled host-driven court TV shows got so out of hand but it’s just intolerable!

          • She is a lawyer, and she does try to talk – and tweet – objectively about the law. That is separate from how she talks about Jodi, and I’ve often wondered if she only participates in the snark to secure her gigs on HLN – never know when they might be hiring, after all.

            She did tweet this yesterday:

            Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · Oct 31
            Az Rule of crim procedure 9.3 allows exclusion of public, allows exclusion of all if “clear and present danger” to fairness #JodiArias

            • Yes, that’s exactly what she talked about on HLN the other day – she laid out what the law is and then in her next breath, came out with the statement about how the prosecution “creamed” the defense’s psychological experts. Um hmm. That’s the formula: Create credibility, then “pow!”

    • cc53, with respect to Monica Lindstrom’s tweet of Oct.30 that you posted above:

      “Absolutely media had an impact last time, keeping it off air helps keep jury n the dark, since no airing it helps THAT then keep media n”

      She used “n” for “in” when she wrote, “keep jury n the dark”.

      So, no, cc53, it is not you and that tweet is not cut off.

      “THAT”, as stated in her tweet refers to the “jury n the dark”. She wrote: “since no airing it helps THAT then keep media n”.

      If “n” = “in”, her tweet means: “then keep media in” “since no[t] airing” “helps keep jury in the dark”

      • It is, R. Although, he’s a comedian, Oliver brings in a lot of anti-death penalty info and takes some shots at DP supporters, too. That little hamster looks like he’s in a hotdog eating contest. A couple of bites and the burrito is gone.

  20. I’m glad to see that Judge Stephens recognizes the serious issue of the public intimidation of potential witnesses, enough so that she even did something she knew would be extremely controversial. For the first time she has gained back some small degree of my respect.

  21. I can’t believe all this mental & emotional pain Jodi has to deal with. I feel so bad, nobody should be subjected to this over this long period of time. It’s inhumane. I’m so glad there are good hearted souls out there like us here who can help & support. We love you Jodi, stay strong.

  22. Cathy ‏@courtchatter 8h8 hours ago
    #JodiArias Aunt Sue accusing the Alexander family of leaking the secret witness information.

    Sue Allen Halterman “Had to be the Alexanders because the defense wouldn’t even tell Jodi’s family who testified. So much for a sealed hearing. They all should be held in contempt.”

    • JSS needs to do her job and find the leaker(s) on Monday and have them expelled for the duration of the trial regardless if they are the “victim’s family” or not. Jodi Arias is not the secret or mystery witness. This is not possible after having openly testified previously. The judge would not be able to now have her testify in secret. However in order for this jury to understand the context of this case she may have been on the stand restating her previous testimony in preparation for her mitigation witnesses to come. The mitigation witnesses are the ones that are being protected by this order, not Jodi. Maybe now that the mitigation witnesses are going to testify, the jury will get a more honest and complete picture of this case. It is just too bad that the first jury was not sequestered on the criminal charge trial and forbidden to look at social media, etc. But not to worry, the appeals court will overturn her conviction and she will get a new trial. IMO

      • Somehow she’s going to have to shut down the paparazzi. It certainly is understandable that a witness would truly need protection for a variety of reasons when it comes to this case.

      • BB I love the way you are thinking! ♥ This will be an answer to much prayer!!!!
        I agree with you too, CanadaCarol! ♥♥
        ((((((FREE JODI)))))) ♥♥♥

  23. Just a reminder to all Jodi supporters: If you’re not living in poverty, please make your best effort to contribute $250 to Jodi’s appeals fund by the end of 2014. If she escapes a death sentence from her current jury, hiring a private appeals lawyer may be her only realistic chance of ever getting her conviction reversed. It’s our job to fund this effort. Let’s not let her down! All information about appeals and how to donate are at

    • I understand it would be wonderful if everyone was able to donate $250.00.That being said there are a lot of people that just can’t afford that much this close to Christmas. So PLEASE give as much as you can even if it is only a few dollars, every dime is needed to get Jodi a good attorney for the appeal.
      We are team Jodi, we will not fail, we will not surrender, we will be victorious!
      (((((JODI))))) ♥ ♥ ♥
      (((((TEAM JODI))))) ♥ ♥

      Ray in Harrisonburg Virginia.

  24. PEOPLE do not determine Jodi Arias’s future, GOD does!!! Here is what God says!

    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. Jeremiah 29:11

    The haters can hate on, the media and the press can tell lies, the court circus can roll on but NO ONE can STOP GOD’S hand in His will for Jodi’s life!!!

    ………….”and none can stay his hand, or say unto him, What doest thou”? Daniel 4:35 KJV

    (((((JODI ANN ARIAS))))) ♥ ♥ ♥



  25. Juan Martinez was able to sway Flores that the phone conversation between Jodi and Travis had not been tested for authenticity and should therefore be disregarded as evidence. The reason why Juan did not have the phone conversation tested or analyzed for authenticity is because when the conversation would have been analyzed the equipment used to clean the recording up so as to have proof positive ID of those speaking would have proven that Travis did in fact say that Jodi sounded like a 12 year old little girl having her first orgasm when Jodi was moaning that Travis thought was hot. This means that Travis did in fact have sexual desires towards little girls thus making him a pedophile and very susceptible to fits of rage when confronted about his desires. Travis always started these very sexually explicit conversations demeaning to Jodi. If the jury was able to hear Travis say what he did to Jodi because of the recording having been analyzed by professionals as being Jodi and Travis where Travis said what he did then the jury might have taken the side of Jodi in the case instead of being swayed by Juan’s statements of how good of a guy Travis was. Juan blocked key evidence from being authenticated which is Prosecutorial Misconduct based on Exculpatory Evidence, failing to disclose evidence that might tend to exonerate the defendant because if the jury thought that Travis might have been a predator based on the recording then the jury might have once again switched to Jodi’s side, presenting false or misleading evidence because Juan said that Jodi was a stalker and that Travis was afraid of Jodi. If Travis had in fact been afraid of Jodi and was a stalker in Juan’s own words, then Travis should have taken out a restraining order on Jodi but since Travis didn’t take out a restraining order on Jodi because he was afraid of her for being a stalker then it has been proven that Travis was obsessed with Jodi where he took Jodi into his bed and had sex with her as well as taking explicit pictures of both Jodi and himself. Then there is the use of unreliable witnesses who have changed their professional opinions on which events took place first in the murder of Travis Alexander to confuse the jury so that Juan could get them to concentrate on Travis’ throat being cut along with the images of Travis throat so that the actual events that killed Travis first would confuse the jury with the only important images being of a slit throat and how awful it must have been for Travis in that last few moments. This is selective and vindictive prosecution because Juan has been able to sway the jury to only view his side of the events of the night in question based on the vindictiveness of the assumed method of which killed Alexander first, was it the gun shot, knife stabbings to the body or the throat being slit? None of which has been proven to have occurred first but instead we have seen the prosecutor and his witnesses change their story twice in order to confuse the jury so that Juan could say that the only information that was needed to be seen was that Travis had his throat cut so that anything that Jodi said in her defense would have been taken as a lie. All of this falls under Prosecutorial Misconduct.

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