Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #47 – Awaiting The Verdict

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With Kirk Nurmi once again doing an exceptional job in rebutting Kermit’s badly-scripted BS closing attempt from yesterday, Pickles has now given the jurors their final instructions, and sent them off for deliberations… presumably with a packed lunch and a hand-written note asking them to get a move on.

The verdict — which we could get within the next 24 hours,
is scheduled to be broadcast live via this link:


Then we’ll finally know who’s gonna end up paying for Jodi’s appeals, so Jodi can finally get justice… and this whole BS fiasco can be straightened out once and for all.

As we await further developments, leave your relevant thoughts & comments below.

In the meantime folks…

We Are Team Jodi!. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Prepare for it.

Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

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  1. Hello everyone! Life has been hectic but I am checking in and reading through some of the comments… finally. Its good to see that we are nearly at the end of this fiasco, hoping for a positive outcome.

  2. Jen is reporting that the jurors went to lunch at noon…so when they return I guess we will know if they will deliberate today which I believe they probably will……

    • Anxious, nervous just wish we could hug Jodi. And be there to display to the media that we are not just a handful of people but we are among thousands of supporters who are proud to say,

  3. In the meantime, does anyone know anything about the two alternates #2 #13 ?? Were they taking notes during KN’s closing, if anyone knows???

    Matthew 6:14-15
    For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins. (NIV)

    Refusing to forgive is a sin. If we receive forgiveness from God, we must give it to others who hurt us. We cannot hold grudges or seek revenge. We are to trust God for justice and forgive the person who offended us. That does not mean we must forget the offense, however; usually that’s beyond our power. Forgiveness means releasing the other from blame, leaving the event in God’s hands, and moving on.

    • R. Love,

      Thank you for being one among our prayer guidance in these “crunch days.”
      I think it is not coincidence, the fact that, as far as I can detect, Nurmi used no terms of blame at all, while laid out the truth of the straight out the facts that are the reality of this case. We are called to accept them for what they are, and learn their lessons.

      For instance, TA’S background and the down line consequences it put into motion. A cautiionary lesson for sure. Nurmi avoided any terms of blame while still spelling out the facts that led to the tragic culmination.

      I credit this new-found wisdom to the JAII comunity’s increased focus on prayer, to bring in a higher power.
      Nurmi pulled from within himself an instinctive wisdom that I never dreamed he posessed. I had been seriously ticked off with his “old self.”

      This is a huge shift in tone in this case. I attribute the positive shift to the unashamed increase in the use of prayer in this forum on a daily basis. I am grateful to all for this gift.

      • ♥Thank you seabird, but I can’t take any credit for that. There are many here willing to give of themselves in sincere prayers for Jodi. I just know from my life experiences God has been there when my heart has been broken and I needed help. He loves everyone and never will forsake us in our hour of need if we believe in Him and accept Him. We here at JAII come from so many different areas and beliefs and that is fine with me. I love and respect everyone except the Haters. Everyone doesn’t have to believe what I believe, but God is who has helped me and my family. There is power in prayer and I have never in my lifetime known anyone like Jodi, who would benefit more than having a large group supporting her with prayer and surrounding her with God’s Love. Her own “newly found religion?” which Travis led her into has left her all alone in the midst of a very cruel world. They have shown her no love or compassion in her hours of need. All that has been offered to her from them are lies and deceitful actions. That is not a religion that I would ever believe or support in any manner. Jodi’s eyes have been rudely awakened. Not many have had to learn the hard lessons of life like Jodi has. She needs us all to support her with our unconditional Love. I truly believe she has been protected by the Lord or she would never have been able to survive this ordeal. Tonight before we all go to bed we should praise His Holy Name and ask for His Strength, Guidance and Freedom for Jodi. GOD’S LOVE SURROUNDS HER!!! ♥

        • R. Love thank you for expanding on this concept. If God were to pull one of his humorous moves on our messed up micro culture – this case and the exposure to so much corruption is almost comical in itself. Then, you think he might just choose this beautiful child-woman and have her ironically wind up inside a prison environment, using her there as a teacher by example_ suffer the humiliation and pain of being locked in a solitary cell for six years. Then she makes us absolutely drop our jaws, by absolutely dedicating herself to the absolute TRUTH when it is nothing but INCONVENIENT. I’m thinking of her resolute refusal to lie since she went on the stand and swore to tell the truth. Then when her truths are too much for mere mortals to comprehend, she still refuses replace them with something more believable, but nonetheless untrue.

          I’m wondering if Kurt learned his new-found convictions for the absolute factual truth that has no need to blame or shame, by observing Jodi’s example. I think a very interesting book would be one that explores the evolution of Kirk Nurmi’s inner unfolding under the influience of Jodi Ann Arias. When she wrote her 12 page letter requesting to have him taken off her case, the facts of his violently invalidating behavior toward her caused me to think he was an absolute monster. And now? Is this just an illusion? We will see?

          • I have thought during the first trial Nurmi believed Jodi to be guilty. I often have wondered if the Prosecutor didn’t sway Nurmi with a bunch of his nonsense leading him to believe she was guilty. I believe after he found out how the prosecutor and detective had withheld, tampered and deleted evidence he discovered he had been wrong and Jodi was not a liar. Jodi has been telling the truth ever since she took the stand, I believe that. I believe Nurmi and Wilmott have done a wonderful job this time around for Jodi and have been working hard to make sure everything for the appeals will be in place. Whatever happened to turn Nurmi around, not sure, but I am thankful for Jodi and for his sake. If only the Prosecutor could admit and repent his part in the injustices that have happened to Jodi, a miracle might actually happen. Wouldn’t that be something to see?
            As far as Nurmi, I think he has truly done his best this time. I hope it’s not just an illusion, we will see. Just have to keep praying. I have no doubts when it comes to Jodi Arias though she is innocent and should be free. Self defense is not a crime.

        • R. Love, Thank you for your continued feedback. I am put in mind the popular admonition, be careful what you pray for 🙂 Therefore, I try to be careful to pray for God to guide, but I never suggest in what manner 🙂

          I, too have been aware of how Jodi’s journey is taking her into very unique spiritual dilemmas. They surely must be on His menu.

          I believe in the importance of our validating her ability to follow these choices, even though we may find them hard to swallow. As someone who was been denied validation, I know how much that counts. God knows what is going on. An indication of how important Jodi is to God’s plan, is how much of a burden he has trusted her with. But look at this JAII support group. He has also entrusted us to support her with compassion and His enlightenment.

          Here is something that amazes me. I have tracked down many forums that have much to say concerning Jodi. The language, and its content is a very harsh and ugly contrast to the tone of dialogue our leadership uses very effectively to guide our diverse collection of individuals.
          I am thankful to be one among you. How privileged I feel to mingle, observe, and marvel at amazing positive changes that boggle expectations.

    • I believe forgiveness is more about releasing the transgressor from retribution (revenge or repercussion) as opposed to from blame. Blame, as a causative finding, is useful to protect yourself from future transgressions.

      • John M,
        I am becoming interested in exploring the “functionality” of blame. Would you expand on your thoughts, please. I’d like to hear what you think.

  5. They should have been told they had to deliberate for the remainder of today and then make their arrival and departure times known…this free-for-all scheduling has NO place in the decision on a DP case! It is NOT tea time for crying out loud! Someone’s life is on the line here! Haven’t they considered how the defendant feels having to put this off until THEY FEEL LIKE DELIBERATING? OMFG!

    • It has been made very apparent there has been no thought to the feelings of the defendant or her family. This whole circus of injustice has been for the money grubbers and vultures. Everyone in the World has been watching the State of Arizona and their pitiful display of injustice. Sad.

      • I am Canadian, and this whole case is a joke. Hate to say it but kinda reminds me of the old British Witch burning days. Where did they find all these Hillbillies?, is Arizona in the Appalachian Mountains? Jethro Martinez, Ellie Stevens, Jed Flores and Witchdoctor DeMurder. I feel for society get out of out of Baghdad Arizona before they start having stoning’s. JUST SAYING!! Oh gotta run my Igloo is melting

        • josequis,
          Arizona is the “old west” in so many ways. Their justice system hasn’t come into the 20th century yet, let alone the 21st century.
          Jethro Martinez 😆

          • My roots are Irish/English (mother) and Cuban/ English (father). My father and his father were both US Army colonels and veterans (WW II and Vietnam respectively. My father’s grandfather had a farm in Alabama. Both my father and grandfather were USMA graduates.

            I never saw or heard of my father touching my mother in anger (West Point discipline, I guess). We children were another matter though. We got “the belt” from my mother and open hand beatings (torso) from my father. One of his frequent threats was that he would “beat us within an inch of your life”. We were always worried about his accuracy in estimating that inch so we usually complied – lol.

            I remember one time when I was about 5 and my older brother was about 8. Steve was in the top bunk, I in the bottom. He comes in, grabs him by the ankle and drags him out of his bunk for a little heart to heart. I, cowering in the lower bunk, just heard clunk, clunk, clunk as his hard points impacted the wooden bedframe’s – lol. I don’t remember what my brother had done, but whatever it was, I resolved to never do it – lol.

            Then there were the “lineups” where he would line us up until one of us came clean on the incident in question – lol. I remember “breaking” one time and admitting to something I didn’t do ( I got bored standing rhere)

            • I see that you are good natured about it, but still, your parents abused you. I know it was a different era, but it was still cruelty and abuse, even if your parents were otherwise loving. Even if it was called discipline, or you thought it was mild, or their intentions were good.
              No one ever has a right to hit a child. Calling it discipline doesn’ t make it okay.

              Regarding your other post about forgiveness, I think blame is absolutely legitimate, and necessary. And I totally agree with what you said in the rest of the post.

          • My roots are Irish/English (mother) and Cuban/ English (father). My father and his father were both US Army colonels and veterans (WW II and Vietnam respectively. My father’s grandfather had a farm in Alabama. Both my father and grandfather were USMA graduates.

            I never saw or heard of my father touching my mother in anger (West Point discipline, I guess). We children were another matter though. We got “the belt” from my mother and open hand beatings (torso) from my father. One of his frequent threats was that he would “beat us within an inch of your life”. We were always worried about his accuracy in estimating that inch so we usually complied – lol.

            I remember one time when I was about 5 and my older brother was about 8. Steve was in the top bunk, I in the bottom. He comes in, grabs him by the ankle and drags him out of his bunk for a little heart to heart. I, cowering in the lower bunk, just heard clunk, clunk, clunk as his hard points impacted the wooden bedframe’s – lol. I don’t remember what my brother had done, but whatever it was, I resolved to never do it – lol.

            Then there were the “lineups” where he would line us up until one of us came clean on the incident in question – lol. I remember “breaking” one time and admitting to something I didn’t do ( I got bored standing there). I didn’t get beat that time but one of my older siblings still owes me big time for that one – lol

            There, beat that for childhood tales of woe, lol.

        • Hey there josequis! I’m from TN where the hillbillies live, so be careful. Hillbillies would have known exactly what to do with this case. We might talk slow but don’t think for one minute we are on the level that these folks have sunk to! Jodi never would have been charged in the first place, where I live. Travis Alexander wouldn’t have stood a chance in the hills of TN. Just Sayin 😉 Glad your here. PS Flores looks and acts more like Jethro to me.

          • I understand as my heritage is Irish and we settled in Louisiana in 1800’s makes me an original hillbilly, but I evolved 🙂 something apparently Arizona Law has not done.

  6. Another trial decision in Phoenix today. The defendant and his friend broke into a house to rob it. They found a 17 year old boy there and beat him to death. Allowed to plead to 2nd degree murder and was just sentenced to 25 years. Arizona “justice” is NUTS. His friend hasn’t been sentenced as yet. I though killing someone during the commission of a crime was serious.

    • Translating Coldcase53:

      Two other kids met the 17 year old and got un a fight. They won. The other kid died.

      Your (news/court) version is for naive idiots that scare easy and want to waste more money on the protection racket known as the state legal system.

      Did the state even prove any intent to rob the place?

    • Hi RL!

      I looks like they already got zapped :mrgreen: – but no worries… we’ll start the re-tweeting again shortly.

      Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

    • You would think a prisoner, like Jodi, who has shown constant good behavior since she’s been in jail except for giving food or cosmetics to another prisoner (such a crime) and 1-2 other minor things, would or could bypass the usual routine. But, it might be a good thing if Jodi is not out mixing with other prisoners until everything cools down.

      • Or at least that the year she’s already spent in solitary would knock a year off the solitary time at Perryville.

        cc53 – for the first time, I didn’t get a reply email from JW. sorry…

        • Yes, knocking off time in solitary sounds reasonable. No problem about JW, Journee. We tried. I didn’t get a reply from KN either. I’m sure they were very busy.

        • Maricopa good time is 1 year on 3 (you do 1/3 of your sentence if you’re good). That’s the best I ever heard of (1 on 2 in Fairfax County, Virginia ADC). It must be real crowded. Must be all the illegal aliens old Sheriff Joe is hoarding – lol. He could probably finance the whole system selling em off to INS – lol.

          I never lost any good time and had infractions (mostly fights). Taking away your good time is like their nuclear option. I never heard of it happening ( in my 25+ stays and counting). I’ve done about 3 years real time + about 1.5 years nuthouse). You probably have to kill, dismember,or send someone to the trauma center to lose your good time – lol.

  7. 2 hrs ·
    The final jury in ‪#‎JodiArias‬ is 8 women, 4 men.
    Juror #6 from the first trial just told me that in 2013 the final jury was 8 men and 4 women. Just the opposite. The holdouts for life in 2013 were 3 men and 1 woman.
    ~ Beth Karas

  8. Looks like I may be asleep when the verdict is reached, it’s almost 10pm now.

    How Can they let a jury go home when no verdict has been reached? It’s so wrong, like the whole of this farce. A jury can be bribed/threatened, just saying..

    In a Capital Murder case here in the UK they sequester the jury by putting them in a hotel, no juror has gone home until after the verdict. I’m sure no case has ever gone on this long.

    I think it will be a hung jury like the last time, I really do. Such a huge responsibility to vote to kill anyone. Nurmi did a very good job, I thought 🙂

      • Cindy,
        I live in Texas.
        They don’t mind putting someone to death, seem to enjoy it.
        BUT, I know the courtroom would be in better control than this judge has been.
        EVEN the court TV shows don’t allow what Stevens has done.
        I hope soon that they drop the dp completely here, but very douptful.
        It doesn’t help, and why should one get the DP and most get LPWP.
        AND Jodi of all people didn’t deserve LIP OR DP, IMO!!
        I hate that she’s been in a cell this long.
        I admire the way her family and Jodi have respected the court in spite of how they must be feeling
        and the WAY they have been treated.

        • Maybe a sitcom could be produced based on this fiasco.
          Sort of a court-trial sequel to SCRUBS

          My gosh, do you realize how perfectly suited these real life players are already.
          These originals could never be effectively replaced.

          If this cast was converted to sitcom work, though, as least they would be unavailable to ruin real peoples lives.

      • Yes, Cindy, very good. And, Montana missed abolishing the DP by ONE vote this week (it was a tie). Next time. Plus, Oregon’s new governor extended the moritorium on the DP a few days ago. Washington state has a moratorium on the DP since Feb, 2014 and are working to abolish it. It’s outdated and slowly losing favor. A poll in June, 2014, showed the majority of Americans (52%) prefer life without parole as punishment for convicted murderers, with just 42% preferring the death penalty.

    • It does tell us that one third were for life and ultimately refused to budge. There surely must be at least one person on this jury who wants to be able to live with themselves for the rest of their life.

    • In the first trial I thought 4 had wanted life and 8 wanted the DP. I am so hoping the media didn’t influence anyone and they listened to what was presented to them in that courtroom only. I want to believe that they are reasonable, intelligent, non-polluted free thinking people. I also hope they were honest during jury selection and that NONE of them have been threatened or impressed by the Jodi haters. I haven’t looked…down past this point on the thread to see if the jury has yet made a decision …

    • I heard 8 to 4 for conviction (first vote), but nothing about life/ death first vote. Are you sure it was 8 to 4 for life and not 8 to 4 for death? Meaning the 8 that voted for Murder I also voted for death?

  9. There is now way anyone with any human genes could put a death sentence on this poor abused child. I say child as her mental state is of a defenceless child as se was robbed of this. Simple, can’t these people see that this why TA picked her? Perhaps he liked the child in her. Legal Pedophilia?

    • BINGO! Absoluely makes sense, yet I never thought of it before you said that!

      Due to their abuse as children, they would both be immature as adults, but it would make them fun playmates together, and you can see it in their photos.

  10. Someone asked if Jodi will get to eat….she will get breakfast prior to going to court. While there she will get a sack lunch usually a Bologna sandwich, fruit and cookie with milk. She will get dinner when she is transfer back to jail.

  11. Hello my dearest cyber family ♥ ♥

    Today out of all days I was caught up at work and was only able to “watch” the first one hour, then was called back and returned when the jury was already deliberating. 

    I’m sitting here, my stomach is tied up in knots and for some reason the last 2 years and all the emotions that have risen are flashing through my mind….. I am proud of each and every one of us, for in a sea full of sharks we DARED to swim and not drown, and though the deafening uproar tried to stifle us, our voices became louder and we managed to get our message across. We PROUDLY let the world know we stand by Jodi Ann Arias and we will keep fighting against this Injustice.

    Some of you I’ve known since early 2013 – others I came to meet later. However, I feel close to all of you and I know that one feels strongly connected for life to the people with whom he/she shares a common system of beliefs, especially when it comes to honourable Causes they fight for. We share a common passion, we share the same emotions when it comes to Jodi’s trial, we share the same pain and most importantly…..we are “bound” by the love and support we have for the same person: our Jodi.

    Whatever the verdict is, it won’t be easy. There are no winners here, no matter how the haters will try and twist this. If it’s the DP, I am sickened by the “Fry her” posts we are to see. If it’s life, again they will try and “comfort” themselves by saying “at least she’ll rot in prison”. 🙄

    Not gonna waste any more time on them…. As joan kamen very eloquently wrote on the other page (which I just finished reading) : “I am hoping for the best while preparing for the worst”

    We will deal with whatever the verdict is while keep writing to our Angel to keep HER spirits up. SHE is the one we need to focus on right now. SHE is the one we must NOT forget about, once a verdict is reached.

    Nothing short of a successful appeal will ever make me happy. I will never be able to sleep at peace or enjoy the little things in life, as long as Jodi Arias remains behind bars for a crime which was NOT premeditated.

    To me (and to many of us here) June 4th was Karma knocking on Travis Alexander’s door. He was getting away with his SICK behavior for way too long – it was time he paid for his ruthless actions. Jodi fought back, she FINALLY fought back! Too bad for Mr Alexander…. She prevailed. SHE SURVIVED. She has nothing to be ashamed of, imho. Nothing to feel sorry about. Neither have we. I am tired of having to apologize or having to read the haters’ stupid remarks, whenever I write something “vile” (according to them) against Travis Alexander. Who says I am supposed to respect him? Who says I am supposed to NOT speak ill of the dead? Who says I have to respect his family because they are death-stricken? Whaaa? Sorry guys, this isn’t me.

    Here it goes:
    Travis Alexander was a Narcissistic, motherfucking, lying bastard who did not love anyone but himself; in fact he was in love with himself and no one else (well, except his own jizz). An fuckwit asshole. A low-life conceited fake UNsuccessful salesman who could not even keep up with his fake fake façade! A poor excuse of a man who would date women and then throw them away as if they were rubbish. Most importantly, he was a SICK ABUSER AND PEDOPHILE. A disturbed person, with a tormented psyche. GOOD RIDDANCE!

    No. I am NOT sorry that Travis Alexander is dead. No, I feel nothing but relief he no longer walks among us. I am glad there is one less abuser and one less pedo out there.

    And I CANNOT believe not will I ever come to terms with the fact that Jodi Arias is facing the death penalty for having defended herself against her dangerous and sick attacker.

    And this quote which I adore is for my baby girl, my sister from another life, my angel, my Jodi because it is so fitting for what she’s been going through:

    “ Have you ever considered that, maybe, perhaps, I am good? I was always the Queen, it was you who added Evil to my name.”

    (Regina Mills, ‘Once Upon A Time’)

    • Thanks maria!!
      The same goes back to you. : )
      What would we do without Jodi’s cyber family.
      I wish that we could all be together and being at the site
      made for Jodi sure helps snd can keep us together here.
      I’m so thankful for all of y’all. : )
      I’m so thankful for the Jodi Arias is Innocent site and that I found it
      when I did.
      It has made an almost crazy person find sanity.
      This is the only place I found truth!
      Thank You!!!

    • Thank you Maria! ♥ ♥ ♥

      Excellent post! You are a gem among gems and I respect you even more for not being fake. Thank you for always speaking your mind. Thank you for being the passionate, considerate, loving woman you are. Thank you for being next to Jodi every step of the way! I love you girlfriend!

      ((((Jodi & Maria)))) ♥ ♥

    • Let it out girl.

      The horseshit Hughes fed Lifetime and the ID channel required hip boots to watch it. Those bastards are only grieving about one thing–they lost their meal ticket.

      Now the Alexanders are losing theirs. Anybody who has sympathy for them doesn’t know a con when they see one.

      Mark it down all you truth twisters, you will see Jodi walk out of jail. And it won’t be long.

      Save this post.

    • Oh Maria, I promised myself I would not cry when I opened the thread …I was doing quite well until I read your letter…
      This is tough, this waiting, this limbo. If lil ole me feels this anguish…how must it be for Jodi and her family and friends? How could you not love her. What a mess she got herself into when she met TA. I believe she still loves him deeply and this has to be twisting her to pieces. I have no words of wisdom to offer. I only have thanks that I have had a safe place to commune with people of like minds. You and everyone here have given me hope that there is still kindness and love in this world. Thank you for giving of yourselves and for allowing me freedom of speech. I may not have made sense at times but I was never judged or shunned. You have become family to me. Thank you all so much.

      • You know the Alexanders have acted like ass clowns.
        Jodi was found quilty and because the jurors couldn’t give her th DP,
        they were angry and wanted another trial.
        HOW PATHETIC!!
        Well, they got what they wanted and still are the drama ass clowns of the century.
        They’ve had the trial that they wanted and won’t be satisfied unless JODI,( who
        doesn’t deserve to even be in jail ) gets the DP.
        If she is given it, they will celebrate, MAYBE.
        And if she’s given LIP, they will be the most pathetic bunch I have ever seen.
        There’s just something wrong with their mentality.
        They’ve been liars in this and help with the cover ups. They should trade places with Jodi.
        They’ve got the wrong person in jail.
        I can’t feel sorry for someone who’s told we all have to accept the jury’s verdict.
        IF they don’t I guess the so called judge will make the call.
        That’s just wrong!

        • I agree Aly…there IS something wrong with their mentality…I believe it is the same place Travis came from…the same thing that made him avoid treatment. He was pretty sick. I believe his entire family aught to look at themselves and accept that they need to learn how to live and love. Their hatred is closing their minds and their pride is closing their hearts. It is so sad all around. If they would only accept that THEY are the ones who could benefit with a short stint of solitary. Maybe then they could introspect and learn to let go of their hatred for Jodi. They will never be satisfied until they open their hearts…and THAT would be some miracle. I don’t expect it to happen, but I can hope.

    • Maria, I couldn’t find the words yesterday after reading your post. Nothing I would have said would have been good enough to express what I was feeling in my heart for you.

      Our world is such a better place with you in it. Your kindness and your loving soul. Yes you and Jodi are sisters…

  12. Wow, does that quote ever resonate….how true. I remember back to the beginning of the first trial Maria and all the threats people were exposed to. I watched from my computer as individuals became so frightened because of phone calls, e-mails and all kinds of threats of terror. Yes terrorism. That is what it was like during the first trial. Many couldn’t take it any more and went away. Others like yourself stood ground and stayed. It did help that you were in Greece! It got really crazy here didn’t it. Well it got even worse for the Arias family. Unbelievable. I have learned much about the internet and what goes on here. It can be such a source of learning and goodness but there are many that just delight in taking out their vengeance anywhere they can. I am glad this trial is finally coming to a close. I am sure the haters will find somewhere else to pour out their venom. As has been said many times, Judge Stephen’s inability to take charge of the courtroom enabled much of this hatred time to fester and overflow. Juan Martinez doesn’t like to lose. The ends justify the means to him and that is very clear. I question the relationship between the prosecutor’s office and the Arizona police as well. Add to all that mix, the dedication to concealment of the truth by the Mormon community and what a sick mess. It is time to start fresh with all those motions for a mistrial. I am sure Kurt Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott will need a vacation after this. Juan is on to the next victim in the court room,. No rest for the wicked.

    • You’re right Judy.
      Both trials ALL messed up
      Those people that hate and just keep hating
      are miserable people who will Never be happy.
      It was their choice.
      They can change it, at least try.

      • I hope they at least try Aly. When you witness their behavior it is utterly disturbing. When you step away from it, it is quite sad. Their vengeful hatred will just make their lives more miserable. Their campaign of hate for Jodi is unacceptable to me. I have to avoid it altogether. It is not a healthy environment and I refuse to subject myself to it. Try to stay away from reading their hate and witnessing it…it’s safer that way and far easier to surround yourself with loving reasonable people.

    • Judy you hit it right on the head….it did get crazy. For me I was falling apart from the verdict along with things going on in my personal life. I didn’t understand how this could happen in the US. I didn’t post but I did read the post. I never gave up on Jodi and her freedom. I’m so happy I got over my fear and started posting again.

      I look a Jodi as she could be my child…I guess we all feel that way. We fell in love with this young woman…

      So no matter what the verdict is I will be here till the day she walks out those doors in Goodyear Az.

      God Bless Jodi, her family and all of you!!!!

      The family will live in their own hell!!!

      • The thing is Cindy, such a terrible situation could happen to anyone’s child. Some think they are above it but none of us are. None of us have control over our children when they become adults. Sometimes controlling their comings and goings as teenagers is next to impossible. I believe in that saying “For the Grace of God go I.” It could happen to anyone given the wrong set of circumstances.

          • You know I cannot hate Travis. I hate what he did to Jodi and to any child God forbid.
            He was truly a sick person that needed help long before Jodi came along. Jodi wanted wanted to help him…..

            I hate the fact that TA’s grandparents didn’t get any of them help…just as I hate that Jodi didn’t get help when she was younger. I do not condemn Sandy and Bill. How do any of us know what are child psyche is. What worked for one might not work for the other.
            Jodi is a gentle soul. She needed more love and attention. She also was the oldest. I can see how this happened. I also believe that Jodi did have BPD. But I believe Dr. G was right when he said she might bipolar. Perhaps lower end of the spectrum. PTSD hell yes….. There is such a difference in the way Jodi looks today and the way she looked at the last trial. I don’t know what the hell drugs they had her on then. But now what ever she is taking is helping her. Also the fact that her DT now believes her. I just can’t begin to imagine what it was like for her not having anyone believing her.

            You wait and see world Jodi is going to acomplish great things in her life!!!! God has a plan for her and it’s coming very soon!!!

            Travis is dead, he has to answer to God for the way her treated Jodi. I have said it before and KN said it today. Travis loved Jodi in his sick twisted mind.

            I had a therapist tell me a long time agoit’s like having to trainon the same track coming towards each other it full speed!!!

            Stay strong Jodi your guardian angel is with you!!!! This time and place in your life will be in the distant past…..

            • Awe cindy 🙂 I see from this letter how loving you are. I do not hate TA either. Like you I do not like how he treated Jodi and wish he was strong enough to admit that it was not his fault that he was the way he was. I wish he was daring enough to seek help. Jodi urged him to get help but…didn’t happen. I would like to believe that wherever Travis’ soul is HE would be ashamed of the people who claim to love him. I bet he wouldn’t want Jodi to have had to endure all of the torture she has been through.

    • Judy F. SAYS: “I question the relationship between the prosecutor’s office and the Arizona police as well.”

      Interesting you should note this, Judy F. I distinctly have read that the Prosecutor’s office and the Arizona Police by law HAVE NO RELATIONSHIP BACK TO THE State. For reason of the very problems in this case, no doubt.

      Prosecution and Police are both UNDER DEPT. OF HEALTH ! ! ! They are the legitimate “BOSSES.”.
      Even the Medical Examiner is under Dept of Health. (AZ has NO coroner.)

      So bottom line: NONE of these guys work for the STATE. They explicitely WORK FOR THE PEOPLE.


      It seems obvious that the State (originally) saw good reason to reserve this power to the people. So why are there no Motions to reclaim this power, and reverse wrong decisions that resulted in usurping the rightful POWER OF THE PEOPLE?

  13. Tammy Rose ‏@News20Chopper 35s36 seconds ago
    Jury done for the day. No verdict. #JodiArias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ 29s30 seconds ago
    Jurors have left for the day #jodiarias #3tvarias

  14. MC Superior Court ‏@courtpio 35s36 seconds ago
    State v #JodiArias: The jury has left for the day. They will return tomorrow at 9am to deliberate.

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ 31s32 seconds ago
    Jurors deliberated for 3 hours and 20 minutes today #jodiarias #3rvarias

  15. Pitchforks ‏@PitchforksPosts · 5m5 minutes ago
    The grubby ladies are gathered by the arena with their picnics, nervously scab-picking & giggling to one another
    #JodiArias #VerdictWatch

  16. The first execution of a woman in 70 years in Georgia (scheduled for 7pm tonight) has been delayed until Monday due to inclement weather. It would have been a story on the news tonight and I was wondering if it would have any effect on Jodi’s jurors. Poor woman, she probably had psyched herself up her death tonight and now she has to think about it for another 5 days.

  17. I haven’t posted on here in a long time but i have been here almost every day (mostly playing catch up because i’m quite busy at work). I want to thank all of you….Pandora, for having the patience to sort through all the tweets so we can make some sense of what is going on in court. I can’t even deal with the people on twitter for 2 minutes that think we are crazy people for being able to see such numerous faults and problems with this case so i give you much credit for what you do xo. I don’t and will never understand the thirst for blood they have.
    SJ….thank you for having this website. I started watching this case on HLN and as a reasonable person who’s kind of intelligent 😉 something has been off with this case with me from the get go. When i found this website i was like “AHHHHH, it’s not just me!”
    Also i don’t understand how anyone isn’t aware of how corrupt the Mormon church is….and Arizona!
    This whole trial by media disgusts me beyond belief! Whatever happened to innocent before proven guilty?
    Everyone else, journee, cindy coldcase,, and all the names that escape me at the moment- thank you 🙂
    Prayers for Jodi xoxo

  18. Okay, so it is good in my view that the jury did not reach a quick decision today….now if we get through tomorrow then I believe this would be a good sign that they may not be able to come to a unanimous decision……but in the end, you just never know….


    • Oh wouldn’t just tick JSS off. Perhaps a nights sleep or lack of sleep. How can someone make that choice after spending all that time in the same room with Jodi??
      I really really don’t believe they will vote for the DP.

    • That’s true, you just never know. But two things I do know are Kirk Nurmi delivered a terrific closing argument and Juan Martinez delivered one that absolutely fizzled out. I’m not sure what landing on the moon had to do with this trial but…whatever. I’m used to him not making any sense. And why on earth he decided to read a speech from a disgraced American president is beyond comprehension. Nice going, Kermit! Every American loves Richard Nixon and is so proud to say he was our president. NOT! Maybe in his next trial he can quote Adolf Hitler or Saddam Hussein. Let’s just hope that at least one juror has some common sense and compassion.

  19. Bottom line, Jodi will never be executed. Even if this jury in Baghdad County chooses DP and Bin Martinez runs around in orgasmic pleasure screaming ” Alah Akbar” the appeals court will flush all this Camel Shit down the drain.

  20. New info from ML on jurors

    Monica Lindstrom ‏@monicalindstrom · 23m23 minutes ago
    Juror #1 has the BS in psychology @commonsense258 @_LOVEINVAIN @myfoxphoenix @troyhaydenfox10

    Monica Lindstrom ‏@monicalindstrom · 26m26 minutes ago
    Yes, juror #16 RT @_LOVEINVAIN: @monicalindstrom @myfoxphoenix @troyhaydenfox10 Monica- do you know if trauma nurse made it onto jury ?

    Monica Lindstrom ‏@monicalindstrom · 23m23 minutes ago
    the trauma nurse’s mom is in psychology @commonsense258 @_LOVEINVAIN @myfoxphoenix @troyhaydenfox10

    • Well now we know why Malware was questioning Geffner on leaning towards Juror #1 during his time on the stand… Malware was trying to get Juror #1 thrown off the jury because he knows or at least figures that the psychologist is going to agree with Geffner on the lack of ethics of TotDoc! That man will do anything and I do mean anything to win.

  21. My heart, thoughts & prayers, as well as many others I’m sure, will be extra intense tonight as I wish more than anything for a blessing tomorrow for Jodi. I can’t stand to even glimpse at the sick hater others write, for they have no idea that Jodi will never be alone, they don’t realize how much love & support she’s surrounded by. I guess that what hate does, blinds you. Love ya Jodi, stay strong….

  22. Sentence should be time served 10 years probation and don’t ever kill another asswipe that’s attacking you ever again . Free jodi …..EVERYTIME I see jodi I think to myself WHAT THE HELL did you see in that asswipe ? You could’ve had any man you wanted . Asswipe was no prize. He was a born loser.

  23. Praying for everyone tonight…I wanted to post an excerpt from Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich” here because it is one of Jodi’s favorite books and also was one of Travis’s as well, and it deals specifically with prayer.

    “If you are an observing person, you must have noticed that most people resort to prayer ONLY after everything else has FAILED! Or else they pray by a ritual of meaningless words. And, because it is a fact that most people, who pray, do so ONLY AFTER EVERYTHING ELSE HAS FAILED, they go to prayer with their minds filled with FEAR and DOUBT, which are the emotions the subconscious mind acts upon, and passes on to Infinite Intelligence. Likewise, that is the emotion which Infinite Intelligence receives, and ACTS UPON.

    If you pray for a thing, but have fear as you pray, that you may not receive it, or that your prayer will not be acted upon by Infinite Intelligence, your prayer will have been in vain. Prayer does, sometimes, result in the realization of that for which one prays. If you have ever had the experience of receiving that for which YOU prayed, go back in your memory, and recall your actual STATE OF MIND, while you were praying, and you will know, for sure, that the theory described here is more than a theory.

    You may buy prayer books and repeat them until the day of your doom, without avail. Thoughts which you wish to communicate to Infinite Intelligence must undergo transformation, such as can be given only through your own subconscious mind. The method by which you may communicate with Infinite Intelligence is very similar to that through which the vibration of sound is communicated by radio. If you understand the working principle of radio, you of course, know that sound cannot be communicated through the ether until it has been “stepped up”, or changed into a rate of vibration which the human ear cannot detect. The radio sending station picks up the sound of the human voice, and “scrambles”, or modifies it by stepping up the vibration millions of times. Only in this way, can the vibration of sound be communicated through the ether. After this transformation has taken place, the ether “picks up” the energy (which originally was in the form of vibrations of sound), carries that energy to radio receiving stations, and these receiving sets “step” that energy back down to its original rate of vibration so it is recognized as sound.

    The subconscious mind is the intermediary, which translates one’s prayers into terms which Infinite Intelligence can recognize, presents the message, and brings back the answer in the form of a definite plan or idea for procuring the object of the prayer. Understand this principle, and you will know why mere words read from a prayer book cannot, and will never serve as an agency of communication between the mind of man and Infinite Intelligence. Before your prayer will reach Infinite Intelligence (a statement of the author’s theory only), it probably is transformed from its original thought vibration into terms of spiritual vibration. Faith is the only known agency which will give your thoughts a spiritual nature. FAITH and FEAR make poor bedfellows. Where one is found, the other cannot exist.”

    • Thank you, thank you for that excellent reminder from one of the most famous books in history. Even praying “Please, please, please….” gives an indication of being desperate and doubting that anything can be done. I have changed my prayers to “Thank you, thank you thank you …” with the most high energy gratitude possible and find that I am instantly comforted within myself – somehow a powerful connection is made and my brain feels all is well regardless of the circumstance.

      With God all is possible all in His time. I want the jury to come out of there and pronounce, “We the jury cannot even figure out why this woman has been convicted of the verdict she received.”

      All in God’s time…. Justice will be done for lovely jodi. First we have to receive one of the two penalty verdicts, neither of which we like. And then we’re on to the real Truth coming out since it is finally known and can be presented.

      Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.
      John 16:13

        • Thank you, Seabird.

          I try to listen to my awakening thought in the morning – in that space between sleep and awake when we’re still connected but haven’t yet started the brain on today. One of them was ‘Read The Lord’s Prayer as the way Jesus taught us to pray’.

          I did, and it dawned on me there is no “please” in the prayer. It is a series of statements – almost as if they already happened. There’s no asking. It’s like stating how you are envisioning things to be.
          So interesting. and lovely. 🙂

    • Good thoughtful comment Raja Rains. There is much to be said about being prayerful, even when not in peril! Also, that praying doesn’t necessarily need to be associated with religion.

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