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Leave your relevant thoughts & comments below on Day #46… following Kirk Nurmi’s closing arguments, and Kermit’s failed Apollo 11-themed & BS-riddled attempt at doing one.

We’re back again tomorrow @ 9.30 am MST.

2-24 Kirk Nurmi closing arguments

In the meantime, and as always…

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  1. If you can’t control your emotions, you don’t belong in the courtroom. PERIOD.

    The baliff is as useless as the rest of the lot.

    • They saw them in the first trial. There was never a need to look again.
      I am sorry for their loss and pain, but other than giving their impact statement, there is no need for them to attend the 2nd penalty phase.

      • WHY would they????????????????????
        Total drama!
        They are one stupid family.
        The friends didn’t even bother to come back from Cancun
        after hearing TA was dead!!
        Some went in spite of it.

    • It is going to be the reason for an overturn of this sentencing trial in the appellate courts if JSS doesn’t do her job……..

    • And don’t the haters or anyone close to the Alexander family DARE to claim this was NOT planned.
      An EN MASSE walk out? Puh-leez!!

      • Yes, it was definitely NOT the result of being overwrought with emotion.
        It was a very calculated, wilfull plan to taint, prejudice and influence the most serious legal process of all.
        And they were/ are certain they will get away with it.

  2. I’m glad KN gets time to reset and start again tomorrow so he can get all the points he needs to rebutt JM’s BS and to file his mistrial motion as well……….

  3. Nurmi did a great job today.

    martinez was all over the place. Even the tweeters that were there couldn’t follow. At one point I had the song ‘To the moon and back’ ‘playing in my head and then it hit me that it was his nutso opening! Damnit! It really disappoints me when idiots try to play it smart and come out looking like even bigger idiots!

    The alexander family was a disgrace. For once more they proved that they have no morals, no behavior, no respect and think they are above the law. They will probably get away w/ a slap on the wrist… Well, their ‘mourning victim card’ is about to expire and then they will be once again the useless pitiful POS they were before their brother died.

    Sherry Stephens has epically failed to keep a clean court and I am sure that any other judge following this case was bowing his/her head out of embarrassment. I was ashamed just watching a woman of her status flushing her career down the drain.

    It was like a Kindergarten classroom with all the toddlers running wild all over the room! They should have been booted the first time they pulled that trick.

    Shame on Arizona for allowing this farce to go on.

    • Agree. Imagine what Judge Melvin Perry would have done. And it’s not like the haters can say he kept a clean court because he was biased. He came out afterwards and said that he thought CA was guilty. Still he understood how to run a trial!!!

      • Lynn, remember how he made that individual from the gallery stand up and he not only told him off in the middle of trial in front of everyone but he also fined him for disrespect of the courtroom!

        I agree. It’s not what the judge’s belief is (and we know that Sherry hates Jodi with a passion) – it’s how well they are doing their job. Part of a judge’s job is keep their courtroom ‘clean’. I don’t know why the taxpayers are agreeing to pay for her.

        A travis supporter yesterday was very fair in saying that if it was the Arias family acting that way, hell would be raised. THAT’S what I mean: no matter what your opinion is, being fair is what shows you have morals.

        • I believe that fella was sent to jail *and* fined too. JSS is so far in over her head. She should never have been a judge on a capital trial. 🙁

    • Even if I was desperate for a date I wouldn’t take JSS to a shit fight for a shield. Would be apparent JM takes JSS on dates.

  4. Mark Henle just posted a photo of Martinez during his closing. His arms and palms are up and his eyes are looking at the ceiling (or heaven?). He looks like he’s attending a revival meeting or singing in a choir. What a hypocrite.

    • He might be looking to the heavens but if he doesn’t make a BIG change in his life he is history, and I don’t mean in a good way. He will be pushing up daisies with Travis!

      • R.Love, I apologize if I am being presumptuous, but I want to interject, because I know you did not mean the above post literally, and I don’ t want to come off as impolite, but maybe you should clarify and say you don’ t mean it, because we don’ t want the “other side” to unjustly accuse you.

        • R.Love means that when his time comes (as it will for all of us) he will not be accepted in heaven because of all the demonic shit he’s done to put an abused woman to death (and for all the previous people he has so unfairly put on death row).

          But I agree Amy, the haters will ‘jump’ R. – I’m sure they already have. They have an evil way of twisting everything we say around!

  5. The Alexanders are repugnant gold-digging opportunists with a fantasy of riches off of a death they wouldn’t have cried a tear over if Travis was killed in a car accident that was his fault.

    They didn’t remotely have this lovey-dovey relationship witth Alexander they so theatrically now feign. In fact they were estranged and I doubt if they even had Thanksgiving dinner together.

    It reminds me of the leeches that came out of the woodwork claiming emotional distress and heartbreak over long forgotten relatives that were killed in the Twin Towers collapse. All of a sudden with the millions of government money being thrown around for grief, their lives were shattered because of the loss. That was as much genuine grieving as this cock-o-rama with judge Gladys Knight and her pricks.

    I searched through thousands of pictures with various search terms looking for the close family portraits and group hugs rivaling something from the Brady Bunch and I found two! There were plenty where he’s pictured with other Fräuleins hanging all over him and him smiling ear to ear but with the sisters and brothers playing their Romeo and Juliet bullshit in the courtroom–almost nothing. You would think with all the fan clubs that sprouted up, you would practically stumble over all the endearing Alexander family pics cuddling with their favorite Travis. You can take a flying you-know-what Alexanders.

    As for the Hughes and other low-lifes who have jumped on this same cash wagon, you’re rapacious sickening slime. I hope your book is one of lowest selling books that has ever had a front and back cover. I hope it doesn’t sell as much an oratory on how to make toilet seat covers.

    And forget the money, you POS actors, it’s over. Jodi has declared bankruptcy so save the civil suit ceremony, it isn’t going to bring you shit. It couldn’t happen to a more phony bunch.

    Now all we have to do is get the facts to a goddamn court where legal proof of wrongful charges and breaking the laws to subvert that proof means something and results in this being sent back for retrial at the minimum.

    That crying on your faces will make me feel great for months!

    • What some morons (e.g. Martinez) can’t seem to grasp or think will elude the jury is that psychiatric diagnoses are not mutually exclusive. You can easily have and exhibit symptoms of more than one at the same time. I know someone diagnosed with a mood disorder (bipolar), schizophrenia, and major depression.

      Many specific psychiatric disorders have overlapping symptom sets (diagnostic criteria). The actual diagnoses you end up with can be somewhat arbitrary with different doctors/therapists prioritizing different diagnoses and focusing on those to the point of excluding others from their notes and treatments.

  6. I’m calling it a day and I think I’ll go stick my head in a pile of snow! SMH!
    Love to ALL TEAM JODI!!!!! ♥ ((((((JODI)))))) ♥

    • I thought I was repulsed by Hirohito Ito. I thought I wouldn’t say a good word about him if I had a gun to my head.

      But this (excuse the expression) judge, makes him look like he should be in the Hall of Fame of outstanding judges. At least he issued a FEW reprimands and sanctions to Cochran. Here, not a damn thing. Not even a hint of a damn thing.

      No fine, no sanction, no dress-down in front of the jury, no verbal reprimand in public court, no warnings. Absolutely infinitesimal zero. Arguments with the jury not present STILL held in secret.

      This pinhead should be all the impetus Arizona needs to start their own Hall of LAME.

  7. “Because jurors are concerned about the defendants dangerousness and likelihood to be violent, evidence that the defendant has been or would be a well-behaved or model prisoner can also reduce the likelihood of the death verdict. Only one (as yet unpublished) study has found this result, but this could be a very important mitigating factor.” – Encyclopedia of Psycholgy and Law – edited by Brian L. Cutter, 2007.

    Even Sheriff Joe is on tape stating Jodi is a very good prisoner. Too bad the DT didn’t use that factor, also.


        I sent this message to Kirk Nurmi’s office but couldn’t sent to Jennifer Willmott. IF ADMINISTRATION thinks it’s worthwhile, maybe they have a direct contact b/c it could sit in Nurmi’s office for a week. I imagine he’s very busy tonight.

        Encyclopedia of Psycholgy and Law – edited by Brian L. Cutter, 2007
        “Because jurors are concerned about the defendant’s dangerousness and likelihood to be violent, evidence that the defendant has been or would be a well-behaved and model prisoner can also reduce the likelihood of the death verdict. Only one (as yet unpublished) study has found this result, but it could be a very important mitigating factor.”
        Even Sheriff Joe is on tape here stating Jodi is a good prisoner. He actually says several good things about her.

        I realize it’s too late to be a mitigating factor but maybe it could be worked into the closing tomorrow.

          • So do I, Amy. Jodi has never been a problem in prison (a couple of really minor issues), is not a threat to other prisoners or guards and could actually be useful to other prisoners. There is no need to kill her. It’s not going to bring Travis back and it’s not going to give the Alexander family peace or even satisfaction. If the Alexander family asked for the death penalty to be removed, it could make them feel better about themselves and make them look better. Jodi is unlikely to get the death penalty anyway so they have missed a big PR coup for themselves. Even if the jury votes for the death penalty, it’s unlikely it will ever be carried out.

        • If the jury wants justice, they will give Jodi a life sentence; if they want revenge, then they will vote for the death penalty.
          Of course, real justice would be to toss the tainted verdict and let Jodi go with time served.

        • coldcase –

          see my note in vent near the bottom regarding writing to JW

          Every time I’ve written her she responds promptly so that I know it’s been at least received.

          • Journee,
            I looked at your note in vent first. My problem is that I don’t do G-mail or Yahoo mail (no cell) and couldn’t find an email address for Jennifer. If you want to sent it to her, please do. Or, maybe you know her email address or another way to reach her. Or, maybe ADMINS will sent it. I know time is running out. I will try contacting Nurmi by Twitter and alerting him to the message in his office. I don’t know what else to do.

  8. Ya know, I was really disappointed that I couldn’t be in court today. But after hearing what the Addams family did, walking out of the courtroom, I’m almost glad I wasn’t there. I don’t think I could’ve controlled my anger. I may have ended up in cuffs and on my way to jail. What a classless bunch of fucking scumbags. That kind of display has no business in ANY court of law. They’ve just proven to me (not that I needed any further proof) what low class, disrespectful “human beings” (I use that word loosely) they truly are. Completely, and what I would call defiantly, disobeyed the judges orders just minutes after she issued them. I’ve never seen nor heard of anything like this happening in any trial. It’s despicable behavior from despicable people, plain and simple. I absolutely detest that group – every damn one of them. They should NEVER be allowed in that courtroom again. If this judge had any stones at all, or any sense at all for that matter, she would have immediately halted the proceedings and thrown those fuckheads out for good – maybe even held them in contempt. I think it should have been an immediate mistrial – game over. What good does it do to issue a warning if it won’t be obeyed and then not enforced? From day one this trial has been a farce and Jodi’s right to a fair trial has been utterly disregarded and trampled on. What an absolute blast the appellate courts are going to have with this mess. This should be the LAST capital case that Judge Stephens EVER presides over. I think she should step down and try something a little more on her level, like maybe traffic court. I think she might be able to handle that. But perhaps even there I’m giving her too much credit.

      • You know what else? If this little stunt of theirs was planned, what does it say about their intelligence? This doesn’t even show up as a blip on the map of great strategies. What the hell would you possibly hope to gain by walking out of the courtroom? All it does is magnify your stupidity and complete disrespect. They disrespected the judge, the jury, the attorneys,everyone in the courtroom, the justice system as a whole, even themselves for Christ’s sake! It was beyond childish behavior. I think a child would have more respect than that. But why am I surprised? Haven’t we come to expect this kind of shit from these cretins? Sorry, I’m really pissed about this. I’m even more pissed that “Judge” (Really? Should she be called Judge?) Stephens let it happen.

        • They all should be held for contempt of court!

          JSS is skating on thin ice.

          Will see if the Alexanders and stooges pull anything tomorrow.

        • They are arrogant and stupid is what is says to me…and hugely disrespectful of the court and the justice system that they are demanding put Jodi to death…….

          • It is one thing to comment like we here do, but when you are in court you respect the court and you follow the instructions of the court……as far as I am concerned it is a mistrial due to this egregious disregard of Jodi’s constitutional rights !!!

        • Most judges get criticized and often times criticisms not truly supported by law. It’s bias one way or the other of who you favor and fueled by passion rather than what is based in sound legal principle.

          But even if you try to take a totally impartial view of this whack-job, she doesn’t even give the appearance of an ATTEMPT to avoid impropriety. She just doesn’t care. There isn’t one damn even trivial attempt to show disdain for glaring prosecution disrespect for the court or rules of evidence withholding and tampering.

          She announces to the gallery not to show emotions when Martinez gets up and doesn’t give a damn what happens when the ones trying to get a fair trial for a woman that’s on trial for her life is speaking? The hammer and sickle flag should be displayed in her courtroom.

          I have no idea how she passed the bar, let alone became a judge in a superior court.

    • Jeff! Encore! You couldn’t have said it better!

      I too would have never been able to keep calm either if I was in that courtroom. Hell when it happened the second (or was it third) time with the brat running out of the courtroom crying I yelled “COME ON!” and everyone here was sleeping (1am + ). That would have been my reaction in the courtroom!

      Sherry Stephens has been the alexander’s and martinez’s bitch all through the trial. They would say bend over and she’d lift her robe to make it easier for them! She should just retire after this and go to a ‘low key’ town where nobody knows her and try and erase the disgrace she has subjected to the justice system.

  9. Jeff Gold states that the whole family (8 or 9) of them in the front row got up in unison and walked out. There is no way in hell the jury could have missed that. As everyone here has said – something needs to be done about that. A court of law and a demonstration like that – prejudicial to the defendant’s rights. Gold says they could have been charged with contempt of court as well. By the way, his other comments centered around Juan Martinez and the poor summary he gave. Gold describes Martinez as tired with none of the fire of the first trial’s summary. He commented about Martinez giving a disjointed summary. Gold’s comments about Nurmi was that he did a good job and was able to present Jodi as a person albeit a person with flaws. It was Hilary that burst out of the courtroom sobbing when she saw the picture of Jodi smiling and along side it Travis’s slit throat. A lot of emotion was happened in that courtroom today. There is no one in control. Personally I have never seen that level of chaos allowed in a courtroom before. Shame on Arizona for allowing this three ring circus!

      • You can NOT allow 8/9 people demonstrate in front of the jury….it is absolutely a violation of Jodi’s rights…and JSS is an absolute embarrassment to the judicial system in this country!!!!

      • Idiot for sure. In her infinite wisdom she decided it would be unnecessary to sequester the jury. She thought it would be a good idea to save the taxpayers money. That turned out to be one of the worst decisions in American Justice history. She figured she would just ask the jurors if they had followed any coverage of the trial because they would be such fine upstanding honest citizens and admit it if they had. What a colossal moron. Did she really think they’d be honest with the court? Really? What was it she used to say? – “I see no hands”. Well of course there’s no hands, stupid! Did you actually think they would come clean and say, “Oh yes, I watched HLN last night, you better dismiss me”. That’s like leaving a steak on the floor and telling your dog, “Don’t eat that”, and then leaving the room.. What do think is gonna happen?! I wonder though, do you think she regrets that decision now? But the good thing for Judge Stephens is the trial is almost over and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Too bad it’s a train.

        • She regrets nothing she is too stupid… and it is a freight train heading straight for her with a smack down from the appellate court………..

          • What happens to her career if the appellate court overturns Jodi’s conviction at least in part because of what she did, or more importantly, what she DIDN’T do?

            • Well, it certainly won’t help her status as a judge and it won’t help move her career along…say to the appellate level….as far as I know she has to go before the voters every 4 years in AZ so if the AZ voters are paying attention to this case carefully and in addition understand that the state has wasted a colossal amount of money on this case she should be put out to pasture and never re-elected ever again for anything….she can go hit golf balls until she is goofy…..

              • How she was ever assigned this case having never adjudicated a DP capital murder case before is beyond comprehension….it should have been assigned to a seasoned judge who has handled many DP cases before and who would have had a better understanding of the critical nature of every step of the process which was totally lost on her…..IMHO

                • BB I honestly think it was a set up. Not for the reasons some might think but because the state thought it was a slam dunk case.

                  Well in the end they will have to answer to the tax’s payers when Jodi walks out the doors a free woman…

  10. All the asslanders oh I mean the alexanders can walk out and jodi still won’t get death . Free jodi , travis was no loss to society .

    • I agree with some of the things he said such as it never should have been a death penalty trial to begin with. What he did not state, maybe it just slipped his mind, is that arizona is forking out millions upon millions of dollars for a case where everyone is from california, including Jodi.

      • Debbie, I have said that very same thing so many times I didn’t keep count. It could have been over and done with if the Alexander’s who resides in California had been so blood thirsty. So the taxes payers better start putting the blame where it belongs.

        WOW Jeff Gold really stepped up to the plate in his reporting. His analogy of JM’s closing was spot on. He was like a jumping bean all over the place. Never making any real points. Well except to trash Dr. G.

        There are no words to express for the alexander’s and company. JSS is a disgraceas to the bench and the bar of Arizona. In what courtroom in America would this be allowed?? The world is watching JSS………

        IMHO after the jury is given the case they should be sequestered until they reach a verdict. In any other trial of this magnitude they would be.

  11. As for the Alexanders and their friends getting up and walking out together, I believe that was orchestrated by none other than Malware himself. Why would he suggest it you ask? Because at this stage of the game there are no victim impact statements, that was all done during the original trial. This is just about sentencing and it is either life or death. A hung jury gives Jodi automatic life in prison and the judge can decide if she could be eligible for parole in 25 years. The family wants her to get the death penalty, which is very foolish on their part. If Jodi gets the death penalty, all her appeals are then paid for by the state and there has been so much BS in the trial that she could very well walk out of prison once the appeals have started. I am keeping my fingers crossed for that to happen.:) I would think that if the Alexanders wanted Jodi to suffer they would want her to have natural life with no chance of parole. I do believe that it is the Alexander family that is threatening Jodi and that is why she does not want to speak in an open court or even in a court where the media is put into a different room because the Alexander family will still be allowed into the court room.

  12. What really surprises me is that, apparently anyway, the Police, Press and other Investigating Authorities don’t seem to have attempted to trace the source of Death Threats and other Hate Missives directed at Jodi.

    And it’s about time also that someone independent took a very close look at the involvement of the Mormon Church in the whole Pantomime.

    I know I’m a sceptic, but I do believe in Santa Claus, God, The Tooth Fairy and thjat The Moon is made of Blue Cheese. But that siad, I still can’t swallow any of the explanations of what took place in Alexander’s house that day (or days)

  13. Well now We know how EVIL t.a. was just view his family…..and their SHOW of disrespect for the court… well tiny just might have helped them with that ACT. Thank GOD that they did,nt attack HER as I,m sure the court would have turned a blind eye to that and PLEASE do,nt think a defendant has,nt been attacked before. SHAME on az. and ALL who have abused this young LADY who SURVIVED his EVIL ways. YES it will take time and $$$ but We will get Justice 4 JODI…….SOON. BEVIELE AGAIN JODI and all who LOVE HER view DELTA GOODRUM,S BELIEVE AGAIN video JODI has the words to that song…. on a P/C LOL….and LOVES them P.S> they should cry az a river at least it would do nature some good . that family is a joke… in SICK.

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