Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #45 (afternoon session)

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With 2 more jurors ousted this morning (for reasons unknown to most), that now leaves 9 women & 5 men on the jury.

Leave your thoughts & comments below on the afternoon session of Day #45.

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  1. Sara Nelson @kissara22 · 2h 2 hours ago

    Juror #5 to Juror #12(or vice versa) in passing,”I’m ready to fry the bitch already!Hellz yeah!” Overheard by MDLR..#jodiarias

  2. ==========================================

    Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

  3. Jarrett Seltzer ‏@JarrettSeltzer 1m1 minute ago

    We are all back in the courtroom, no jury present, everyone at their desks and judge on the bench. The sounds of typing continue #jodiarias

  4. William Pitts ‏@william_pitts 59s59 seconds ago

    word must have gotten out. Public side of the courrtroom is PACKED. #JodiArias

  5. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 15s15 seconds ago

    The question now: Will #jodiarias allocute? If so, it will be like the groundhog seeing his shadow: six more weeks of trial.

  6. Katie Conner ‏@KatieJConner 1m1 minute ago Phoenix, AZ
    No jury yet but the judge is meeting with defense and prosecution at her bench #JodiArias #TravisAlexander #abc15

    Jarrett Seltzer ‏@JarrettSeltzer 23s23 seconds ago
    Wilmott says something to maria, maria gets up and leaves the courtroom #jodiarias

  7. Mike Watkiss ‏@mikewatkiss3tv 56s57 seconds ago
    Attorneys once again at bench-waiting for jurors to be brought in-where is this train wreck headed? #jodiarias #3tvarias

    CBS 5 News ‏@CBS5AZ 42s43 seconds ago Phoenix, AZ
    Attorneys and judge appear to be going over jury instructions. #jodiarias @jbarrycbs5

  8. Jarrett Seltzer ‏@JarrettSeltzer 49s50 seconds ago
    maria has returned, she sits back next to jodi – #jodiarias

    William Pitts ‏@william_pitts 31s32 seconds ago
    attorneys are lookin at papers…for a long time. #JodiArias

  9. CBS 5 News ‏@CBS5AZ 23s23 seconds ago Phoenix, AZ

    AZ Supreme Court ruling did leave open window that would allow Arias to speak to jury with public moved to another viewing room. #jodiarias

  10. Tammy Rose ‏@News20Chopper 3m3 minutes ago

    You think the drama was crazy inside the courtroom, wait to see what happens outside as well.

  11. Jarrett Seltzer ‏@JarrettSeltzer 46s46 seconds ago

    For a day that’s been filled with white noise all day, the court room is rather tense #jodiarias

  12. William Pitts ‏@william_pitts 1m1 minute ago

    People still making their way in. When they see the sidebar already in progress every one of them has chuckled. #JodiArias

  13. Juror 12 older man comfortable giving life sentence,said death penalty should be reserved for serial killers. He said there is a difference in someone who wakes up and says I am going to kill today and somene who wakes up, has a normal day and ends up killing someone.
    He was on previous jury they voted not guilty.
    Juror 5 middle age woman whose daughter was arrested for check fraud and has a drug addiction- Beth Karas- those are two who were dismissed

    • Worried, those are two who I would have liked to have kept for sure I bet more than others still on the jury. Is anyone else worried at losing these two or is everyone confident that two more might get booted or something?? I wonder what they did to get kicked off. My goodness this is stressful.

  14. Jarrett Seltzer ‏@JarrettSeltzer 38s39 seconds ago
    Wilmott comes back and is speaking with jodi #jodiarias

    Jarrett Seltzer ‏@JarrettSeltzer 36s37 seconds ago
    Wilmott goes back to the bench #jodiarias

    Tammy Rose ‏@News20Chopper 50s51 seconds ago
    We’re headed for another record sidebar, 20 minutes so far. #JodiArias

  15. Monica Lindstrom ‏@monicalindstrom 1m1 minute ago
    Criminal Court Administrator just walked into the courtroom, maybe trying to figure out where to put us if #JodiArias allocates

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 59s60 seconds ago
    Now the criminal court administrator and the head of court security are in the scrum at the bench. #whatup? #jodiarias

  16. CBS 5 News ‏@CBS5AZ 8s8 seconds ago Phoenix, AZ

    I have never seen so much secrecy and sidebars in a trial before. Unbelievable! #jodiarias @jbarrycbs5

  17. Jarrett Seltzer ‏@JarrettSeltzer 50s51 seconds ago

    they are sharing something, i just saw a cell phone come out at the bench #jodiarias

  18. Jarrett Seltzer ‏@JarrettSeltzer 2m2 minutes ago
    the room is feeling more and more tense yet nothing has been said that we can here #jodiarias

    William Pitts ‏@william_pitts 1m1 minute ago
    admin and security walked out like they had a mission. lawyers still at sidebar. courtroom admin Randy walked out too) #JodiArias

    William Pitts ‏@william_pitts 54s54 seconds ago
    no move to kick anyone out yet. Not sure why they’d need the brass to do that anyway…ovverflow room’s set up, didn’t need em last time.

    • Hmmm! Maybe they are planning for mob negative reaction. The place would explode with fury should Jodi be released! MAYBE they are manning the stations!

  19. Jarrett Seltzer ‏@JarrettSeltzer 1m1 minute ago
    don’t know, granted it would be on the court for not shutting the sound

    William Pitts ‏@william_pitts 1m1 minute ago
    worth noting the court PIO has not been called to the bench yet. She’s sitting with us. #JodiArias

    • That is what I was thinking when someone said they were sharing something at the bench and a cell phone came out….that the court was unaware that there at bench sidebars were being heard in the viewing room or something like that….don’t know…it was just my thought…..

  20. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ 7s7 seconds ago

    My gosh you can feel the tension in here but we have no clue what’s happening #jodiarias #3tvarias

  21. Jarrett Seltzer ‏@JarrettSeltzer 38s38 seconds ago
    When sidebars begin everyone is really quiet, as time goes on it gets louder and louder #jodiarias

    Jarrett Seltzer ‏@JarrettSeltzer 1m1 minute ago
    We have reached 33 minutes of sidebar #jodiarias

  22. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 1m1 minute ago
    Here comes the jury.

    Jarrett Seltzer ‏@JarrettSeltzer 1m1 minute ago
    nurmi asks to approach #jodiarias – jury supposed to be on their way in. we are standing

    MC Superior Court ‏@courtpio 1m1 minute ago
    The jury is entering the courtroom #jodiarias

  23. Jarrett Seltzer ‏@JarrettSeltzer 12s13 seconds ago
    wilmott brings in an exhibit on the screen to be read #jodiarias

    William Pitts ‏@william_pitts 33s33 seconds ago
    exhibits for the jury to read, no one else will read them.

    • Monica Lindstrom ‏@monicalindstrom 35s36 seconds ago

      Jury is in the courtroom and the Judge just admitted 2 pieces of evidence for the jury to read but no one will read to them #jodiarias

  24. Katie Conner ‏@KatieJConner 29s29 seconds ago Phoenix, AZ
    Willmott is presenting a letter from Susan Halterman about #JodiArias cell phone #abc15

    William Pitts ‏@william_pitts 29s29 seconds ago
    email is form Susan Halterman about a phone #JodiArias thought she had lost. Susan claims she found it between the seats of her dad’s car.

  25. William Pitts ‏@william_pitts 49s50 seconds ago
    phone was turned over to #JodiArias mom, who gave it to the lawers.

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 1m1 minute ago
    Willmott asks to admit two exhibits. The judge says they will be displayed for the jury to read.

  26. William Pitts ‏@william_pitts 1m1 minute ago
    Next, affidavist from motoher of “Witness 1”, who knkows TA but not #JodiArias .

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ 1m1 minute ago
    Another note. This is the mother of witness #1 #jodiarias #3tvarias

  27. William Pitts ‏@william_pitts 28s29 seconds ago
    This one’s establishes Travis living with Vernon Parker in Riverside, CA. #JodiArias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ 21s22 seconds ago
    The mother of witness #1 is saying she knew Vernon Parker and she saw TA living there #jodiarias #3tvarias

    Monica Lindstrom ‏@monicalindstrom 47s48 seconds ago
    TA was living with Vernon Parker in Riverside, CA sometime btw Dec 2000 and Feb 2001 #JodiArias

    • Monica Lindstrom ‏@monicalindstrom 16s16 seconds ago
      This is a notarized statement from someone talking about TA living with Parker and where his room was in the home #JodiArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ 17s18 seconds ago
      Mother of wit #1 said she sat directly across from TA at a dinner at Vernon Parkers house. #jodiarias #3tvarias

  28. Monica Lindstrom ‏@monicalindstrom 58s58 seconds ago
    This witness remembers TA dating Reid… #jodiArias

    Monica Lindstrom ‏@monicalindstrom 41s41 seconds ago
    This is only a document being shown to the jury on the overhead, no words are being said #JodiArias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ 1m1 minute ago
    Mother knew TA from the ward also, she spoke to TA often. She knew he was dating Deanna Reid #jodiarias #3tvarias

  29. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 38s38 seconds ago
    The second depo talks about lost engagement photos when Parker’s computer crashed.

    Monica Lindstrom ‏@monicalindstrom 44s45 seconds ago
    Now witness talking about pictures on a camera and the computer crashing #JodiArias

    William Pitts ‏@william_pitts 33s34 seconds ago
    there were engagement photos of Witness 1 on a computer, that computer crashed. more were taken. #JodiArias

  30. Monica Lindstrom ‏@monicalindstrom 1m1 minute ago
    And…that is it #JodiArias

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 1m1 minute ago
    The defense just rested. #jodiarias

  31. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 1m1 minute ago

    Stephens addresses #jodiarias. Stephens says her attorneys say she does not want to allocute. Arias says that is not correct. She wants to.

  32. UM–

    didn’t they just say that only the jury would get to read these exhibits? so how are the tweeters reporting on them, please?

    • Journee, what I think is that the jury would have to read the statements, not have them read aloud by JW or anyone else. They would take what they understood the context to mean and apply it solely by reading… No witness present, so no questions from either side.

    • Jodi puts on the record smartly that she wants to allocute but since JSS refuses to accommodate her requests she will not allocute….another point on appeal

  33. Jarrett Seltzer ‏@JarrettSeltzer 1m1 minute ago
    Jodi and Judge are talking about moving us to overflow room #jodiarias

    William Pitts ‏@william_pitts 2m2 minutes ago
    #JodiArias says she thought allocution was not testimony. Stephens says she can clear the courtroom to overflow if she wants.

    William Pitts ‏@william_pitts 2m2 minutes ago
    #JodiArias says no, she won’t do that. Stephens making sure she gets what that means.

  34. Monica Lindstrom ‏@monicalindstrom 2m2 minutes ago
    #JodiArias says she will only allocate if we are removed from the courtroom and done in private

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 2m2 minutes ago
    Arias says she will not allocute under those conditions. Stephens says it is her chance to beg for mercy, show remorse, explain the crime.

      • no the COA and SCA both ruled against her tesifying in a sealed courtroom, I do think it was a mistake to now ask for mercy, she has a mostly female jury and younger this time and they tend to judge more harshly. Last jury has stated it was her age that swayed them and they dismissed the older gentleman who was not in favor of dp, mistake on defense part

        • I agree completely Rob, total mistake on the part of the DT to dismiss the older male juror! What on earth were they thinking if he has truly shown to not favor the dp??? I do not comment often but today has me all sorts of anxious and worried that the defense may have just blown their chance. I also agree with younger females as a majority of the jury she more than likely faces a very uphill battle in hoping they will side with her. Maybe though, maybe one is a former victim or knows someone who was a victim of domestic violence. I sure wish we knew what they did to get kicked off the jury and why TA’s family was in tears today.

  35. Katie Conner ‏@KatieJConner 2m2 minutes ago Phoenix, AZ
    Judge asking #JodiArias if she has taken any medication today? #abc15

    William Pitts ‏@william_pitts 2m2 minutes ago
    Stephens asks if #JodiArias took her medication. Arias says no.

    • was the question did she take “any medication” or “her medication” someone please clarify as it is a big difference and would have impact……

      • Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ 16m16 minutes ago

        Jodi says she won’t do it then. Judge asks if she’s on meds…#jodiarias says no #3tvarias

      • Yes, HUGE difference. I have read several times that it was “have you taken ANY medication today?” NOT, “have you taken YOUR medication today?” I would think since several on twitter have stated it that way it is more likely the truth.

  36. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ 59s59 seconds ago
    Judge is bringing up the in chambers convo with Jodi and says these are the same reasons correct? Jodi-Yes #jodiarias #3tvarias

    Jarrett Seltzer ‏@JarrettSeltzer 46s46 seconds ago
    Judge tells jury to return at 930 for instructions and closing arguments #jodiarias

  37. CBS 5 News ‏@CBS5AZ 49s49 seconds ago Phoenix, AZ

    Jury coming back into courtroom. Judge tells them to come back tomorrow morning at 930a for closing arguments.#jodiarias @jbarrycbs5

  38. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 13s14 seconds ago

    Recess for 15 minutes and they they will discuss #jodiarias jury instructions.

  39. Jarrett Seltzer ‏@JarrettSeltzer 2m2 minutes ago
    Judge is addressing Jodi again about allocution #jodiarias

    Jarrett Seltzer ‏@JarrettSeltzer 2m2 minutes ago
    explains to her that she’s not under oath and can’t be crossed #jodiarias

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 2m2 minutes ago
    Stephens reminds Arias that allocution is not under oath and not subject to cross examination. Arias says it does not change her decision.

    • That’s what I said above! Why the heck would they be crying?? Makes no sense to me unless they can’t eye roll some more.

        • Oh, unless it just hit them this will be over tomorrow and the gas donations will come to a halt as well. No more riding the gravy train.

      • They had their onions in their pockets 🙄 perhaps they are sad because their free ride is coming to an end…they will no longer be among adoring fans…they didn’t give a shit about TA until they realized he would bring in the dough 🙄 They are sickening to me.

    • They are putting on their theatrics show just in case someone from the jury sees them on the way out… We’ve seen this last year. Seems they didn’t take any new acting lessons.

      This year around I really do wonder how much eye rolling, shaking head and dry crying they did while testifying from the gallery. Most of all, how much of this did the jury see?

      • I honestly don’t get that. If I were on the jury I would find their courtroom behavior very offensive. And that it was even allowed, I would find even more offensive. I do wish Horn was called back to be put in his place about all of his pathetic lies regarding the autopsy report. I do believe if I was on that original jury I would have voted not guilty based solely on the so very obvious lies presented in the prosecution’s case. To me, the lies negate any truth there may have been in the state’s case and I would discount it in its entirety.

        • Bravo, D ! This is what an honest juror would have done….but unfortunately we had no honest jurors in the first trial only stupid sheeple……..and in any other courtroom in America the family would have been sternly warned about the eye rolling, crying, and other obvious emotions and then thrown out if they continued…but of course we were stuck with IDIOTIC JSS WHO HAS NO BRAIN CELLS WHATSOEVER !!!!! IMHO, of course……..

          • Anywhere or time I’ve seen a trial, the judge may warn them, if she see’s it again,
            they wouldn’t be allowed back in the courtroom.
            BUT, this hasn’t been a normal or justice trial in anyway.
            Like we’ve disgusted before, Jodi’s family has done exactly what they were instructed to do.
            All I can say is the way the judge allowed them to act was wrong and she’s just pathetic!

        • That was a standard insult used when someone doesn’t agree with your reasoning on something and indicates bias. We’ve all heard this before. Another form of it is “I think you need your medication adjusted.” The judge did not agree with Jodi’s decision to not allocute publically (with media watching/listening and transmitting (tweeting) live. She wanted to know if Jodi being “off her medication” (I.e. not of sound mind) was responsible for what the judge deemed to be Jodi’s incorrect decision. That indicates the judge thinks Jodi is incompetent to stand trial (assist counsel in her own defense). That right there is grounds for a mistrial (on appeal). This is a typical example of how people who have been designated “mentally ill” are discriminated against and preyed upon by society. Everything they say is ignored or at least suspect. Travis probably knew this and that, combined with his age advantage, allowed him to abuse her with impunity.

      • Okay, this was my question up thread…what exactly was the question to Jodi….did you take any medication today? or did you take your medication today? If she has prescribed medication that she did not take today and she should have taken, then this could cause her to not be able to make a rational decision and this will impact this case as far as why she was unable or unwilling to allocute….

        • if she is on no prescribed medication and the question was did you take any medication to which she answered No (according to the tweeter) then JSS will conclude that she was fully able to make a rational decision about whether to allocute or not.. JSS must ask this to make sure that Jodi is competent to make the decision she made to not allocute…..

          • Well, BB, maybe you’re right — the opposite of what I said. In any case, didn’t Geffner say that Jodi has a prescription?

            • Not sure…but someone on here probably does remember that…..but still not sure exactly what the question was that was posed to Jodi……

              • I heard someone on here mention something about her being on psychotropic (psychiatric) medication, but the only meds I remember her being on were migrane headache (neurological meds) during the “guilt phase”. If she “needs” psych meds now, it might indicate her original evaluation for “competency to stand trial” was incorrect or that she has been injured/ damaged by the trial/incarceration process.

          • Dr. Geff testified Jodi is on meds that is helping her and I think JSS was asking if she took them today. I can only imagine that it must be difficult for Jodi to even be in the same room with those vultures sitting behind her, especially since she has been in solitary confinement for so long. To ask her to do an allocution in front of them seems to be an impossibility for her.

            • Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 4m4 minutes ago  Avondale, AZ
              Geffner says he doesn’t know if Jodi has bi polar and she’s been on meds that have helped her #jodiarias #3tvarias

              Feb 19th testimony

          • BB yes Jodi is on meds. Dr. G stated she was doing very well on them!! JSS asked he if she took “her” meds. today!!! Big, big mess up by the jail. I bet Jodi doesn’t get her meds. like she should….

  40. I think the tears are just an emotional response to reaching this final phase in the retrial. It may not indicate Jodi is worried, just that this has been tough emotionally.

    Pray for her to find the strength and peace to get through this tomorrow and on to the appeals process.

  41. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ 2m2 minutes ago

    We are waiting to see if they are going to discuss jury instruction in open court #jodiarias #3tvarias

  42. Jarrett Seltzer ‏@JarrettSeltzer 37s38 seconds ago

    Jodi is back in the courtroom talking to Nurmi, Wilmott speaks with Jodi’s mom – juan just came back in #jodiarias

  43. Jarrett Seltzer ‏@JarrettSeltzer 49s50 seconds ago

    family is returning, not sure if the jury instructions will be in open court or not. #jodiarias

  44. Jarrett Seltzer ‏@JarrettSeltzer 13s13 seconds ago

    Judge is back in, nurmi hunched over reading what I would imagine are the jury instructions #jodiarias

  45. Jarrett Seltzer ‏@JarrettSeltzer 25s26 seconds ago

    Remember that the Jury was not in here for the allocution discussion therefore the jury doesn’t know about it. #jodiarias

    • I don’t understand this either. I think she needed to allocute , but what could she say? IDK I am just upset that there aren’t more witnesses, or Jodi getting to speak.

    • That’s what I say. 3 very damaging witnesses were not called as determined between last Friday and this morning. Something way more is going on here, and the Defense must be doing this for Jodi’s benefit in some way. PseudoSmith could have blown it out of the water! There has to be a good reason for resting it here.

    • maybe they had nothing new to say?

      maybe, because scope was limited to JM’s rebuttal case, there was nothing to put them on the stand for?

      and there were two affidavits to rebut JM (still don’t understand why the tweeters were able to tell us about those since they said only the jury could see them)

      • Nurmi said he would want to call PseudoSmith back after he had more time to look through the hard drive, and JSS said okay, right?

      • JM called Dworkin, who denied another defense expert’s claim of “midnight tampering.” That is surely worth rebutting. If the jury heard all that, why would the defense not rebut it? Also, Dworkin was of course working for the defense. So I’m mystified by cancellation of the three last defense witnesses.

  46. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ 21s21 seconds ago

    Judge is on the bench…now to see if they deal with this at sidebar or out in open #jodiarias #3tvarias

  47. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ 25s26 seconds ago

    Lawyers have looked at final draft of jury instructions Defense has some objections over wording #jodiarias #3tvarias

  48. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ 1m1 minute ago

    No other objections. State didn’t have any. Judge is looking through the paperwork #jodiarias #3tvarias

  49. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 1m1 minute ago

    Stephens asks about minor points on #jodiarias jury instructions, then asks the attorneys to approach to review the verdict forms.

  50. You know what pisses me off? That the tweeters and journalists didn’t care one bit about not being in courtroom while jury instructions are read. I mean, isn’t that important? Why didn’t they make a big scene about being taken out of the courtroom?

    Guess they only care about causing trouble for Jodi.

    They either claim their rights for everything or not make such a commotion about whatever concerns Jodi’s secret testimony.

    SMH… Double standards.

  51. If that juror who was released made that nasty comment I wonder how many others feel the same…OMG the lynch mob evidently had an affect on the jury…or the jurors lied about not hearing anything about this case prior to selection. There was a potential juror on the Aaron Hernandez case who got booted because it was exposed that she just wanted to serve on the jury to this famous murder case.

    • ZoeyWatson retweeted
      Justice4Travis @Justice4TravisA · 2h 2 hours ago

      DISMISSED JURORS UPDATE: According to Beth Karas’ notes on the jurors, juror 12: older man who is comfortable…

      {The stuff about the nasty comment between the two was made up!
      The guy said he didn’t believe in the DP unless serial}

      • And why would a juror be excused because her daughter was arrested and has a drug addiction? That has no impact on the case… ???

        • those comments are old, from voir dire. They knew this about the jurors before they picked them. As far as the female juror, all we really know is she left in tears. After so many months on this trial, she probably felt hurt they dismissed her. And the other guy, he may have said he didn’t believe in the dp for anyone but serial killers, be he also said he did believe in it for premeditated murder. So while I wish they kept him because he was ambivelant about the DP, I still don’t trust him if the defense wanted him gone.

        • Also why dismiss a juror a day before resting the case who has sat for months to be dismissed because he only believes in the DP for serial killers? Wouldn’t you have known that before you were selected for juror duty? A little suspicious….

          On the other dismissed juror I am sure the mother has a ” wild story” to be told ….. don’t they screen these people for juror before they sit for months on a DP trial?

          Totally absurd in AZ on how they handle DP cases….. or only in JSS courtroom.

        • R. I’m not buying this either. What ever reason they are gone. The DT didn’t seem upset. If we can trust anything the tweets say.

          I did feel JSS was pushing Jodi a bit. It was OK for her to ask Jodi if she had taken her meds. She wanted to make sure she understood. But we will have to wait and see what tomorrow brings. The Alexander’s were way too upset… I would agree it could be a act but something just wasn’t right. DT.F aka PIO walked out with a look on his face. Just saying…

  52. The two new pieces of evidence submitted today have me thinking?? can Kirk use them in closing arguments? The letter from Wit #1 mom says TA was living at Bishop Parkers Dec Jan 2001 and the computer crashed with wedding pics on it. Doesn’t this prove the BS Bishop lied under oath?

      • I am very much having the same feelings as everyone…. apprehensive, anxious, scared…. especially releasing two jurors before closing statements. And Jodi not doing allocution ( obviously there is a reason behind this) but I would think a juror would want to hear her speak to fight for her life…. We all know there is more to the story then what the TWITTERVILLE puts out to the public…or the attorneys working behind closed doors for Jodi.

        • Anxious is a good word for it! We have to remember whatever the outcome of this. . .we will move on towards FREEDOM for JODI! If they say DP, although it will be horrible to hear, that just means the taxpayers will pay for the appeals process. I will focus on that. They all should have to pay for this mess that they have let happen in their county. Corruption at every turn. I’m looking forward to moving on and the FREEDOM part of this for Jodi. Focus and pray for the best! It is in God’s hands, nobody else. God will protect JODI because she is innocent and one of his own.

        • I’m anxious for sure b/c I don’t know what is going on with Jodi …or with her DT. Are they still in agreement as to her best defense or what? Also, if Beth Karas is correct, Juror #12 would have voted against the death penalty saving Jodi’s life. I’m not sure how Beth Karas would have this info though or if it’s even true. If Juror #12 said the DP is only for serial killers when they were choosing jurors, he wouldn’t have gotten on the jury. Did Karas interview him after he was dismissed today?

  53. “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

    For you Jodi……

  54. I don’t know I haven’t seen any tweets about it…but that would have to have been addressed prior to going to the jury…….unless someone knows something else that I haven’t heard or seen yet?

  55. Prayers tonight for Jodi and her family ♥ Prayers for the Jury and the Defense Team
    Matthew 7:1-2 “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.”

  56. If you haven’t checked Sandra’s Blog lately she has been busy! Inconvenienttruthstvblogspot
    ~~~Meeting in Judge’s Chamber Transcript Reveals Disturbing Facts From Judge Stephens & Jodi’s Own Lawyers~~~February 22, 2015

  57. Read this and loved it! ♥
    I do believe we’re all connected. I do believe in positive energy. I do believe in the power of prayer. I do believe in putting good out into the world. And I believe in taking care of each other.
    Harvey Fierstein

      • Cindy,
        I agree!!!
        What they’ve done will ALL have to come to light sooner or later.
        What they’ve done is criminal in a big way and the wrong person has paid
        and in the mean time Jodi has done good for others.
        I hope they are all fired and shows like HLN are cancelled.
        For what Jodi has been through, yet stayed her sweet self shows what an amazing
        person she is.
        I know a lot of people could learn from her and for sure myself.
        I know I have.
        Thank you Jodi! : )

      • The violations have occurred no doubt about it….but it will take a whistleblower to come forward with hard evidence that JM or Det Flores or Dr. Horn or Melendez or anyone else from the state knowingly and purposefully lied, perjured themselves, hid/destroyed/altered/tampered with evidence….we know factually that the exculpatory evidence was hidden/destroyed/altered/tampered with and these Brady violations will not be lost of the appellate court but to prove that these violations were done with knowledge and purpose will require an eye witness with first hand knowledge – a whistleblower…..someone with strength and courage and who can no longer stand by and stuff down their own conscience and ignore the truth and ignore the fact that they have this knowledge but do not come forward and they are guilty of putting an innocent woman to death……..they must come to a point in their life and their career that living with these deep dark secrets are no longer possible….someone knows the truth and they know who they are…….when what goes around comes around they will have second thoughts about this and hopefully come forward with the truth….

  58. JUST REMEMBER GUYS . Jodi will NEVER EVER be put to death by the state of Arizona . She can get sentenced to 10 death penalty and still will never be actually put to death by the state . Just won’t happen so all this oh will she get life or death is all just a bunch of baloney to make the jodi haters feel better.

  59. To show the difference in testimony I’ve summarized the timeline tweets.

    Affidavits from today

    Witness 1’s mom did not know Jodi Arias. Lois Harding. Lois says Daughter in Law lived in VP’s house w/Travis Alexander. She knew Vernon Parker and she saw TA living there. TA was living with Vernon Parker in Riverside, CA sometime between Dec 2000 and Feb 2001. Mother of witness #1 said she sat directly across from TA at a dinner at Vernon Parker’s house. Witness 1 says she witnessed TA leaving and entering his bedroom at VP home. She knew TA previously because of interactions w/son. Mother knew TA from the ward also, she spoke to TA often. She knew he was dating Deanna Reid.
    The second is a depo from someone saying she was a guest at Vernon Parker’s house when Travis Alexander was staying there. She knew Travis. Travis was nice. Travis was dating Deanna Reid. The second depo talks about lost engagement photos when Parker’s computer crashed. She claims engagements photos of her son were lost because computer crashed (Vernon’s computer).

    Deanna’s testimony

    TA and Deanna began dating in 2000, Deanna left on a mission in June of 2000. She was there until November 2001. Bishop Parker told Deanna TA moved out in Aug 2000. Martinez puts the affidavit up onscreen. Date, Jan 17, 2001. Martinez reads about Alexander holding her by wrists, knee in lap, swearing. Reid says she never met the person who swore the affidavit but knows his name. Deanna Reid confirms she never met secret witness #1. She came home Nov. 2001. January 2002 Travis and Deanna started dating again.

    Bishop Parker

    Parker he knew Alexander since 1999. Alexander had recently returned from his mission and June-Aug 2000, he lived in Parker’s home. He moved out in first part of Aug in 2000. Parker knew Witness #1 in 1999 and Witness #1 met a woman online. They had an online relationship. Witness 1’s online girlfriend lived w/Bishop after parents asked for a safe place for her to stay. She came to stay late Nov/Dec 2000. Alexander was not living in the house when witness 1 was there to visit the girl he thought he might marry. Bishop said Witness 1 came over almost every day. Witness 1 used the computer. During the time Witness #1 was courting his lady pop ups started to show up on the computer. Witness #1 told the Bishop about it.

      • Right but that all shows Deanna was not there in December 2000 or January 2001 when they said they saw TA hold her down.. She left in June 2000 and returned 18 months later in November 2001. January 2001 comes wayyyyy before November 2001.

        • I disagree. The timeline just states her time as a missionary. It doesn’t discount that Deanna could have possibly come home for a short Christmas break to visit TA….I don’t know that much about Mormon missionary rules, but they could perhaps allow for a small break for the missionaries to have some personal time for themselves…don’t know….but all the timeline “proves” is that those are the dates during which she was fulfilling her mission work…….another point is that once you have witnesses lying about things then you have every right to believe that you can not trust any of their testimony….and therefore I give her and the Bishop no credibility AT ALL !!

          • During cross Jen asked Deanna if she was sure her passport and immigration would show she only came home once, insinuating that she did come home for the holidays. I did a little research online and although there are over a hundred rules missionaries are supposed to follow, there seems to be a lot of rule breaking going on, mostly traveling to places they are not supposed to go and sex-related incidents. There usually is no one holding you accountable but yourself.

            I find it easier to believe that she broke a rule and came home for the holidays than to believe that three people would make up all this testimony. TA was a very persistent sort, and Deanna and the bishop did not tell the truth about a lot of things.

        • Deanna is probably in denial (lying) to avoid being blamed for her culpability (along with other women) who put up with Travis’s abusive behavior. If just one of them had pressed charges and he was not protected from them by being associated with law enforcement he might have done enough time ( hour as I did on my first arrest due to retaliating after being assaulted and battered by my girlfriend) to modify his behavior and he might be alive today. The survivors guilt is palpable in this case. The other women he abused share culpability in his death. This was not a teenager who slapped his girlfriend. This was an adult that was still on the warpath due to issues dating back to his adolescence . He was emboldened to abuse people (not just women) due to his never being held accountable for it (sic semper tyranus).

    • They are taught to lie to protect their own starting very young. It’s a Mormon thing I suppose. Sad to have a whole life based on lies, isn’t it. Hoping their membership starts trickling into nonexistence. I just do not get it.

  60. Canada Carol you are a natural born investigator! Your post is very enlightening.
    I think why we feel so anxious today is that we know, that no matter the outcome of this farce, it doesn’t end. It keeps on agitating and twisting and turning. It appears that all concerned were anxious today whether they were lawyers, families, spectators, media, you name it. It is also very difficult to understand what is really going on by reading the tweets. They too have become biased. What I do trust is the power of one greater than anyone of us. As has been said here many times……it’s in God’s timing not ours.

  61. I have to go out of town on business early tomorrow morning so I won’t be able to go to the courthouse. This upsets me. I tried to reschedule but I couldn’t. I wanted more than anything to be there with Jodi and lend any support I could. So I’m disappointed and feeling pretty down right now but at the same time I’m thinking positive thoughts. I’m hoping for all the best for Jodi and all the worst for Juan. Maybe tomorrow that no good SOB will finally have to eat shit.

    • So sorry that you can’t be there, Jeff!
      Maybe for the best, you think?
      Jodi knows that Jeff in mesa is one in AZ that stands firmly with her.
      She will feel it, I’m sure.

      Are they going to give closing tomorrow or what exactly?
      I haven’t been able to catch up.

      I lkie to go on here and see what I’ve missed.
      Takes a while, BUT WOW, I’m so thankful for Jodi’s team.
      Seriously don’t know what I would have done without all of you.
      I feel that everything is going to be good.
      Lies and more lies and cover ups can’t last forever.
      Jodi can hold her head high. She’s been the honest one in this whole mess of lies
      and THEY will pay.
      Will be thinking about you tomorrow.

    • I’m right there with you, Jeff. We all wish we could be there and you know what maybe one day soon we can all plan a big Freedom Party for Jodi when she gets out and have her family and friends and supporters all get together to show Jodi and her family all of our love…………

  62. Do you believe in coincidences? I don’t……..

    1) a coincidence that Det Flores despite knowing proper protocol went ahead and woke up TA’s computer on scene, not once, but twice, and then did a hard shut down (or allowed someone else to do a hard shut down) ??
    2) a coincidence that Det Flores/forensic technician despite knowing proper protocol did not install a “write blocker” on TA’s computer to preserve the evidence ??
    3) a coincidence that again about a year later when meeting with the first DT again despite knowing proper protocol turned TA’s computer on and still without a “write blocker” and again did a hard shut down??
    4) a coincidence that Det Flores could not “remember” JM looking at TA’s computer for porn during that meeting with the first DT??
    5) a coincidence that the first DT attorney said she did not turn on the computer nor unplug the computer and Det Flores testified to the opposite despite the fact that he was the one in charge of the evidence??
    6) a coincidence that there was a “mistake” on the log out sheet regarding where TA’s computer was being checked out to??
    7) a coincidence that JM used specific/precise words during the criminal trial to ask such things as were there any “photos of women’s breasts” on TA’s computer instead of asking if there was any evidence of porn on the computer or any evidence of porn on the history file or registry??
    8) a coincidence that the state’s witnesses all testified that there was no porn found on the computer ??
    9) a coincidence that the original 2008 hard drive was somehow buried in a cave somewhere for 6 years before being turned over the the DT??
    10) a coincidence that Det Flores could not identify TA’s roommate on the taped interview that he was conducting where the roommate states that he never touched TA’s computer or used his computer??
    11) a coincidence that Det Flores stated for years that the gunshot was first and testified to such and then just before the criminal trial started all of a sudden he had an epiphany that the gunshot was now last and that this was the EXACT same fact that JM needed in order to find an aggravating factor in order to qualify the case for the DP??
    12) a coincidence that Dr. Horn years after making his autopsy report suddenly discovered there was a “typo” on his report even though NOTHING in his report supported this newly discovered “typo” and EVERYTHING was consistent in showing that he had made an accurate report years earlier just days after TA’s death at a time when he would have no motive to do anything but a professional job as a medical examiner??
    13) a coincidence that this “typo” was about the EXACT fact that needed to show that TA could not possibly have been shot first (even though everyone agreed from the get go that TA was likely shot first and this was stated and testified to) bc now years later according to Dr. Horn TA would have been incapacitated if he was shot first and this coincidentally would therefore not support a self defense claim which coincidentally is what Jodi Arias was now claiming……bc now years later Dr. Horn testified that the dura mater must have been penetrated despite his own autopsy report clearly stating that the dura mater was intact and despite everything else in his report consistently backing up that fact, so now coincidentally it was just a “typo” don’t ya know??
    14) a coincidence that Dr. Horn carefully and precisely chose his words on the stand that the bullet “had to have gone through the brain” not that it did go through the brain but that it “had to have” gone through the brain, satisfying his big ego that he had given himself a big parachute to protect himself from perjury charges bc afterall he didn’t definitely say that the bullet went through the brain and out and out lie but just that the bullet had to have gone through the brain….NEWS FLASH:: IT IS A DISTINCTION WITHOUT A DIFFERENCE….and it is deceptive at the very least and it is lying and perjury at the worst…….IMHO

    I could go on and you can freely add your own examples and please do….THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES HERE IN THIS CASE…..this is why I believe that there was a knowing purposeful coverup and collusion to hide/destroy/alter/tamper exculpatory evidence…..BRADY VIOLATIONS and PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT……

    We will be hearing and seeing the words “VACATED VERDICT” “REMAND FOR RETRIAL” or “DISMISS WITH PREJUDICE”

    Amen and Amen……..

  63. Oh and don’t forget:

    15) a coincidence that Det Flores testified that he had a conversation with Dr. Horn about the order of injuries and that Dr. Horn had informed him that the gunshot was most likely first and then don’t ya know years later Det. Flores says he “misunderstood” Dr. Horn and now the gunshot was last and don’t ya know that Dr. Horn couldn’t “remember” a conversation about this matter and don’t ya know coincidentally this was EXACTLY what JM needed in order to bring an aggravation factor to qualify the case for the DP…..just a coincidence, don’t ya know??

    Add your own “coincidences” and when they all add up there is no chance in Hell that any of this was a coincidence………..

    • Nope. No coincidence at all. The prosecutions case was based on nothing but lies and deception. What’s the old saying? Oh yes, “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.” That’s Juan’s motto. Also the motto of Dr. Horn, Det. Flores (wait, it’s former detective, isn’t it?) , Dr. DeMarte (aka, Dr. Death), Chris Hughes, Skye Hughes (sounds kinda like a porn name, doesn’t it?), Dave Hall (scumbag is far too kind a word for this piece of shit) , Taylor Searle, Mormons in general, the entire Alexander family and anybody else who believes that Travis was a “good guy”. What a crock of shit.

  64. My thoughts and prayers go out to Jodi and her family. I am hoping that Jodi stays strong in the face of the terrible onslaught of lies and corruption she has endured throughout this entire trial, also Thanks Pandora for keeping us updated with the trial tweets.

  65. The runt and his runtlings got knocked from pillar to post last week with everything from Geffner educating the jury about the trainee murder-for-hire accomplice psychologist, to the developing torrent of new info on the coverups. That was a twister with 120 mph winds.

    If Nurmi just folded and didn’t play out the Royal Flush of devastation I’m confident he was ready to unleash this week, I would be infuriated. Stephens could not have prevented any of the three witnesses under any legal precept. She was already aware that they would be called and they were scheduled in the trial calendar to begin yesterday.

    Fonseca would have been rebutting Demarte and reinforcing Geffner’s testimony. Pseudonym would have been rebutting the young kid Smith, who boldly stated that nobody at the Mesa PD activated the hard drive at nearly midnight of the day of defense team members visit. He would also be rebutting the fact that Dworkin left an ambiguous impression that pornography may or may not have been present on the hard drive. And big time laying of the pipe to Martinez in my opinion!

    Stephens could not limit or preclude that testimony under the guise of being cumulative because it is the defendants right in surrebuttal to fully put on their case to show opposite evidence of what the jury heard in cross examination. She cannot say you already had one witness who rebutts Demarte, that is enough. If you have ten witnesses who will all testify contrary to what a State’s witness said, you have the right to put them all on the stand. It goes to impeachment of the witness. The defendant has the right to fully put on their case. And I believe all three witnesses were on deck to do it.

    Something else happened.

    My guess is that on tap for this week, Martinez realized the walls were caving in and he was about to be walloped with a category 5 shit-storm. The name of that storm I believe as I had suspected all along was Pseudonym. The proof of far more than misconduct was on deck and something major showed the case was crumbling.

    This jury has to know by what has been revealed, that the first trial was a farce with felony grade perjury having been common occurrence. Everybody from Demarte to Melendez was shown to be liars of the highest possible magnitude. It was read right from the statute that the amazon cretin–who was the only trainee Martinez could probably get to be stupid enough to state under oath that she knew more than two guys with 65 years total experience between them–was not even licensed to call herself a psychologist for 6 of the 8 years experience she proudly bellered about. That fact will not be lost on one of the females on the jury who is a psychologist.

    Something significant happened regarding the life sentence and Martinez was desperate to plead to the jury that this could mean she would have good chance at parole. The Alexanders were not super pissed for just a small reason. And the smiling Jodi was evidence that she benefited from that significant event.

    No matter which way this goes, this has had one of the biggest judicial morons presiding over a capital case in probably the history of court records. This was a year long sidebar with occasional moments of trial. There has to be enough material reversible error to make it multiple choice rather than one wrong ruling.

    It seems that there is one or more pretty savvy individuals on this jury and they are also mostly young. This is just the opposite of the guilt phase in-perpetuity daft loons. I think the toad’s knees are knocking and whatever happened today I’m thinking is going to have him chugging Pepto-Bismol for weeks and months into the future. I predict the AZ Supreme Court will have his name in front of their faces again and this time, it will not be pretty for anybody involved in this six year pre-hatched conspiracy.

    Let’s get it on. Ole !

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