Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #44 (after trial comments)

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  1. I feel anxious! Why, if JM “won”his case for first degree murder, is he SO hell bent about seeing to it that she be put to death. Ge shouldn’t even be a part of this.

    • I’m here but I thought someone else would jump on that one.

      After the the mistrial I think the state hsentence jodi our goal for the death penalty Jodi our go for the death penalty. I think the family was pushing for death.

      Now I may be wrong but that’s how I understood it…..

      • Yes I suspect that the push for the death penalty is strongly influenced by TA’s family as well as the hoards of people who have branded TA a “saint” 🙄 But I wonder was psychological reason, what investment, what is the motivation behind JM that he is willing to go that extra mile just to get the death penalty for Jodi. She isn’t the Green River Killer or Jeffrey Dahmer for crying out loud.

  2. Oh, one more thing…if you have access to HBO’s Documentary “Private Violence” please take the time to watch it. I think this documentary should be available to the public.

          • You are most welcome… I was talking during the entire documentary about how sad and wrong it is that so many women get murdered each year at the hands of their abusive signifcant other, and how scared they are of them , but when one woman fights back and wins and kills her abuser. she is given life in prison without parole or the death penalty. The question is always the same : Why didn’t you just leave?” The answer is never that easy. The entire court system needs an overhaul. What Jodi is experiencing and what we are seeing in Martinez is exactly what abused women face if they wind up killing their attacker. Self defense which is not an offense is very hard to prove and no one wants to believe it. We call them haters, the ones that speak out in TA’s defense calling him the victim, but they are par for the course in abuse situations. That is the most unfortunate part. No one wants to believe that the person they have placed on a pedestal could be other than what is perceived of them. Yet it happens all the time and no walk of life is immune. An abuser is an abuser is an abuser period. They come in all forms both male and female.

              • IMO Deanna would have not be charged with anything. It never would have been questioned for one minute that it was not self defense. That is what is so BIZARRE to me. . .how have these people gotten away with the injustices that have been done with Jodi Arias. They will pay for their crime. SMH

                If Travis had killed Jodi it would be the same thing as with Deanna. They will lie or do absolutely anything to protect one of their one members even if they are not deserving. Disgusting is what they are.

                • IMO They never accepted Jodi as a member of the church that has been apparent by the absence of any love or compassion for her at all. They are liars and manipulators only interested in their money. Why would anyone ever want to be a Mormon? Crazy.

                • I confused myself! If this had happened to Deanna they would not have questioned her when she said it was self defense. Same with Travis. Of course, Travis had already laid the ground work for everyone thinking Jodi was evil and a stalker. They would have believed anything that came out of his lying mouth, heck they still do.

            • I agree with you Debbie. It’s men like Martinez who make women do the things they do when corner 🙁 wonder how his wife tolerates him :))) It’s sad that women can’t defend themselves against sick men like Travis and I’m sorry to say, TA is no victim here, it’s Jodi, because I did write earlier that I too have faced such men and don’t ask me why, I took it too for a long time, in silence, even my own sister didn’t know about what I faced from time to time because I put on a good act and fooled my own family and Jodi did the same till one day she decided to fight back!

        • Thank you so much for the link Debbie. I PAY for HBO and watched it on HBOgo because I hadn’t seen it. HBOgo does NOT come in very good on my laptop; it is laggy. I have to put the CC on because of this. I watched it on my phone again via your link. SO much better connection. The original release date of the documentary was January 19, 2014.. I watch HBO all the time and not once did I come across this while I was checking the guide. They should air it like they do with everything else…a gajillion times.

  3. JSS goes to the Doctor after Trial complaining of a head ache and the Doctors says to JSS, “take your hat off so I can examine your head”. JSS removes her hat and to the astonishment of the Doctor there is Frog sitting on top of her head, the Doctor in total shock asks, how did this happen? and the frog said, “well it all started out as a Wart on my ass.

  4. Well, on the whole I believe that Dr. G made the case for the DT and showed that baby doc does not have the experience and has a definite bias for the state and has some ethical issues regarding her supervision of others before she was licensed and her claim of her years of experience and this just goes to show her bias and deceptiveness….If you have the experience you do not need to lie about it or cheat…….IMHO

    • This round also showed that JM is a complete nut to ask Dr. G the idiotic questions he did about his smiling/laughing/and moving his chair….LOL !!!…..If I am a juror he was just taken down a few notches after today and so was Ms. baby doc……..

      • The purpose was to intimidate the Juror, perhaps JM has a vibe that Juror 1 is definitely for the defense and JM is trying to persuade by his direct allegation, it is a fear based thing he does and perhaps he suffers from small penis syndrome from when he was a child, perhaps Dr. Death can diagnose and counsel him.

        • Josequis, I think you’re on to something! When all fails, intimidate the jurors! And we all see how epically juan martinez has failed. I just hope that juror didn’t get spooked and thought “Hell NO!”

          The witnesses are suppose to speak to the jurors while testifying: the jurors are the ones deciding.

          How low is low? Not low enough for juan martinez, I guess.

          Just sayin’

        • I hope that his repeated comments about juror #1 (although they were stricken from the record and the jury was told to disregard ) will not cause the entire jury to suspect juror #1. Juan is evil just plain evil.

      • I am just surprised JW didn’t ask him why he moved his chair. He seemed to want to explain that…it seems trivial, but still I am curious.

    • BB I thought that also. Sure not all our questions were not answered but I think he did a good job and showed his integrity. I only wish that he was license in Arizona. I think the disagreement over PTSD was answered. I like the fact that Jodi is on the right meds. now. I think that is the difference in how well she looks.

      Hey can you please take a look at my answer at 4:27.

      • Well, yes it is the family that if pushing for death but you have a prosecutor that has “prosecutor’s disease” and wants another notch in his tiny belt and will do anything to win….IMHO

          • I think he’s thinking he should have left well enough alone and then none of evidence regarding the porn would have come out…..Brady violations, more prosecutorial misconduct, etc…’s like the old saying “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it” so a big thank you for demanding the DP bc this is exactly what is going to save Jodi’s life………..

        • In addition to what Cindy wrote about the Alexander family wanting the death penalty for Jodi, there is another reason. Here is an article by Michael Kiefer that explains why the State is seeking the death sentence for Jodi and not for worse murders in Arizona. Basically it comes down to prosecutors thinking they can get a conviction and there is at least one aggravating factor that makes the defendant eligible for a death sentence. Otherwise, they let the defendant plead to second degree murder and give them about 16 years in prison.

          • IMHO……The “aggravating factor” is the piece of “evidence” that the state has colluded about and perjured themselves over with the changing of the order of the injuries in order to bring in an aggravating factor……….again you do NOT need to cheat when you have the evidence but they didn’t have that evidence so they had to create that evidence IMHO….Det Flores changing his previous testimony and statements and Dr. Horn having his “typo” moment on the stand…..PATHETIC AND NOT CREDIBLE !!!!……not to mention the hiding/destroying/altering/tampering of evidence regarding the porn so they could call Jodi a liar throughout the criminal trial without the DT being able to refute it……can anyone say VACATE AND DISMISS bc this is what the appellate court will do…….maybe not in the AZ appellate courts, but the ninth circuit of appeals will not go quietly into the night and ignore this egregious flouting of the law by the state…..

            • The aggravating factor which is described as extreme cruelty is ambiguous.

              Every first degree murder case is cruel. The whole thing went down in less then

              two minutes. Travis did not suffer. There were trials going on at the same time in

              the county that had similar facts and were plead out.

              I am sorry but I did not think Dr. G. did as well as I hoped he would.I think it was

              more the fault of the defense team, then the doctor.

              I hope they are not over trying the case.

              • Joan, I am wounded the same thing. The fact that Dr. G was not able to come out with a diagnosis due to licensing he could only give an opinion. The jury wanted clarification is how I perceive their questions. I’m not sure if having Dr. F on the stand will help or hurt.

                Perhaps they should have focused more on that 2 minuts and Dr. Horns lies. But I’m no expert.

                So we will have Lonnie and J. Smith back on the stand. Without the jury knowing the back drop of the misconduct on the states part….I hope and pray that they have something very damning to bring forward because if it’s still just more of the TA looking at porn. They need to be able to prove the state witness lied on the stand.

                I have to admit that I might have things a bit mixed up here. But we know the state is corrupt but how much does jury know??

                • I am glad that you agree with me. I was wondering why there was not a
                  concrete diagnosis from Dr. G. I am also wondering if he agrees with the
                  BLPD . A person can have more then one mental illness.

                  Nurmi did a great job crossing Dr. De Marte, I don t know if he really
                  needed Dr. Geffner. I hope for Jodi s sake they made the right decision.

                • Joan I agree that at perhaps one stage in Jodi’s life she could have had BPD. But how do we know what is just being a teen and what could be something else. I could go on and on about this..but I won’t. I may be wrong but Dr. G did say PTSD and perhaps bipolar. I’m going to trust his “opinion” as a diagnoses. He did say Jodi is doing very well on her meds. now. Now someone had to diagnose her in the state of Arizona in order to write a script.

          • Coldcase53, there’s a page on FACEBOOK called WHY IS THE STATE OF ARIZONA TRYING TO KILL JODI ARIAS? – It fits perfectly with your link.

            This is the description of what that page is about:

            “The purpose of this page is to bring to attention the double standard that the State of Arizona, specifically the Maricopa county Attorney’s Office, is applying to Jodi Arias in comparison to other defendants this office has prosecuted.

            The cases highlighted in this page involve defendants, who like Jodi Arias, were charged and convicted of murder. Most of these cases involve grim and shocking details. In some of these cases, like Jodi’s, the defendant had a relationship with the person he/she was convicted of killing.

            But some of these cases were not like Jodi’s. They were worse. Some were undeniably cold-blooded. Some of the defendants already had lengthy criminal records. Yet there is one thing all of these defendants have in common that Jodi doesn’t have: A RELEASE DATE.

            That’s right! The State of Arizona cut each of them a deal that entailed a set number of years in prison, the release. The State did NOT force them to endure a lengthy, humiliating, traumatic trial and it did NOT waste millions of taxpayer dollars to prosecute them. Finally, it did NOT pursue and plot their deaths.

            So why is the government treating Jodi Arias so differently? Why did it refuse all of her requests to settle? Why is it hell bent on extinguishing her life when it has given hundreds of others, who have committed similar or worse acts, a second chance at life and freedom?”

            • Yes, I know about that site, Pandora. It’s excellent and really points out the disparity in sentencing in Arizona. It sounds like it was Martinez’s call to go for the death penalty for Jodi. He could have easily gone for a lesser charge or could have let her go due to self-defense. It’s also possible that a lot of private Mormon money went into going for the death penalty for Jodi, too.
              The 2004 case in Texas where an innocent man (Cameron Todd Willingham) was executed apparently involved a private citizen contributing to the funding of the prosecution. I never heard of such a thing happening before that case.

          • Coldcase53, Thank you SO MUCH for that link. It clarified the inanity of this entire trial for me. In essence the prosecutor (JM) decided in the beginning that he could “win” this case. The article states that the statute in essence makes EVERY murder in Arizona a possible death penalty case! Arizona has 14 aggravating factors from which to choose?! That is outrageous! For the prosecutor to have SO many options to use to decide if he can “win” or if he takes a chance at a “losing” is SO ludicrous! This all seems to mock justice! This is not a GAME or a horse race for betting purposes! After reading this I am no longer anxious, I am INFURIATED!

  5. the ending of the trial is hard for everyone next week will be closing JENNIFER will put her heart in it I pray its not death JODI will be going to prison J.W. AND K.N will be off the case soon I hope JODI will be ok on her own I think prison will be hard for her I THINK J.W. AND K.N. did great job not only did the they work hard they care god bless them I hope Jodi will be ok

    • Yes Shannon. This entire thing has evoked so much emotion within me. It is overwhelming. I can’t even come close to imagining what Jodi is feeling. I hope things work in Jodi’s favor all around. I DO want Jodi to walk free. I don’t want to imagine anything else. Whatever the outcome, I hope Jodi is safe.

      • We must continue to pray endlessly for Jodi and her family!!!! If ever anyone needed prayers it is our dear sweet Jodi right now. Whatever the outcome of this farce of a trial, we will head on quickly to appeals and never look back!!! Justice will be served but not in the way these ridiculous blood thirsty haters are thinking. They are pathetic in their campaign of hate. We should let them self destruct in their delight knowing all the time this is in God’s hands not theirs!! If it is DP then Jodi will proudly hold her head up high (and we should too) and move on knowing that God is with her and we are backing her until she receives her FREEDOM again and for her future! God has surrounded her with his Love & Protection and he will not let her down. I believe in that! ((((((JODI & TEAM JODI))))))

  6. Kinda off topic but relevant to the tweeters that update us about the trial:

    Yesterday we heard that a hardcore hater (Mikal-ann Roberts Sprague Dillion) was hauled out of the courtroom for behaving inappropriate: She clapped when juan martinez finished his rebuttal. I think she got confused and thought she was in a theater or at the opera..

    Well anyways, she of course jumped on it when seeing that she was the center talk of twitterland. Although I don’t see things eye to eye with Jen (Trial Diaries) I need to speak up about sth I read: Jen was attacked by this hater blaming her that she was the one ‘outing’ her name. FALSE. I read the hater’s name from many different tweeters and not after Jen had wrote her name.

    So to dump your fuck up on someone is not cool ms mikal.

    I just wanted to make that clear not because I want to get on Jen’s ‘good side’ BUT because it’s not fair being attacked when you’re not totally at fault. I can’t turn a blind eye when I see someone being blamed for something many did.

    Peace out mikal. You fucked-up. Now stay home and read tweet updates like the rest of us!

    • Pandora, I am not sure if it is only rumor, but I think on yesterdays page someone stated, possibly in a tweet (?) that she (the clapper) threatened the judge and others? Did you see that or did I misread it? (I have reading issues so please excuse me if I am incorrect)

      • Dorothy, don’t you think that if she had threatening the judge that she would have been hauled off in cuffs? She should not be allowed back in court….especially if she has mental health issues.

          • Morning BB. OK I am a dits when it comes to law so this might be a silly question. Why can’t the DT call Horn back up and at the very least put a question in the jury’s mind that he lied??

                • Yes, unfortunately this is just the way it is….but I believe it will be clear to the appellate courts that an effort was made to change the order of injuries to fit the prosecution’s “aggravating factor” so that they could qualify this case for the DP…NOTHING in Dr. Horn’s report supports his statements on the stand that the bullet “had to have gone through the brain” NOTHING !! His own report states that the dura mater was intact…..and nothing else in his report supports his “typo” …..notice how Dr. Horn worded his testimony “had to have….” this is not definite like a statement such as “it did go through the brain” and leaves him room to wiggle out of perjury by making such an indefinite statement….and Det Flores is a straight up reversal of previous testimony and statements….You are right Cindy, this point is very critical bc without that “aggravating factor” this would not have been a DP case so the appeals courts will look carefully at this matter of the perjury……..

        • Cindy! I FOUND IT! The comment was posted by Suzanne, Feb 19, 2015 at 7:39. Jodi Arias Retrial, Day 44 (afternoon session).

          Suzanne states that “Mikal Dillon posted a picture on her FB page of Judge Stevens splattered in blood.”

          I consider that a threat…IF it is fact that Mikal Dillon did such a thing. I did not see for myself ( because I never bothered to look, I do not have a FB account) the “picture on her FB page” that Suzanne said Mikal posted.

                • Either way, both disgusting, IMO. I really am astounded at the viciousness of people. And how on earth can the courts believe the La Coucaraca (sp.) song was not a cut directed at MDLR? Even Judge Perry would have given her a night in the slammer, if not for that, then for the inappropriate applause garbage.

                • D, the court absolutely does know that the song was racist and was directed at MDLR.
                  And they do know that people were singing it, and not simply talking about a Mexican restaurant, as some told media.
                  And some said they were singing about a Mexican restaurant.
                  But we and the court know they were singing a racist song and taunting MDLR?
                  But the court always knows it can get away with a lot__ can smooth things over__ by finding sophistcated ways to pretend.
                  No offense to people who practice law, but they are highly skilled in sophistry.

                  Martinez can continue his misconduct time after time because JSS can wave her magic wand and tell the jury to ignore what Martinez had just said, even though they already heard it.
                  Then Martinez goes ahead and says the same thing anyway.

                • The court presumably investigated it from what I read. No excuse not to, at the very least, ban those people from the courtroom permanently. They have proven time and again they cannot conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. But, then again, so have the Alexander’s and JM. It just amazes me.

            • YIKES D! I just checked out that linda paris twitter page. She is imo an evil person. I only read a few of the tweets (didn’t want to expose myself to too much lest I get ill). They tweeted about posting more la cucaracha videos…directed toward MDLA.
              She tweets: Feb 13
              ” @Teri423 Every version of La Cucaracha I can find I will post on twitter. I love it that everyone is doing same. She thinks it was bad b4!HA”

              • Their campaign of hate is overwhelming. And that photo of JSS with blood slattered on it is ABSOLUTELY SICK AND REPULSIVE. I see it as a threat toward JSS. What kind of twisted psychopathic mind creates such vile. AND it is directed toward a JUDGE!? Isn’t that a federal offense? What is it going to take for authorities to pay attention to what they are doing and how dangerous the Jodi Arias haters REALLY are. I avoid reading that but every now and then I take a peek. Their vile is only escalating! It is not all fluff and stuff. It, in my opinion, is very VERY serious and call for an investigation. I hope SOMEONE in a position of authority is watching and taking note of how bad it is getting. I fear one of the haters will take it from writing their hatred and threats to acting them out.

  7. I just want to say how rude, crude, and disrespectful I think JM was (even more so than usual) in his cross of Dr. G when asking him why he laughs and/or smiles during testimony. To call Dr. G out on what is obviously his normal demeanor and personality is totally despicable. No more would it be appropriate for the DT to ask TotDoc why she talks like a valley girl and uses that irritating vocal fry voice. JM is a true embarrassment to the legal community IMHO. And why the judge allows personal ridicule of this nature is beyond my comprehension.

  8. I’m concerned as to how much more porn the jury can stand. If it’s just a recap will it be overstated (I was going to say over kill).
    Don’t get me wrong it’s not a small thing.. But the DT has to show that the state lied.

    • You can never have too much evidence especially when you are making a record for appeals…..the DT has already proven Brady violations that the state destroyed evidence (at the crime scene by Det Flores and again in 2009) whether purposeful or not it does not matter…..the state has already proven that the state has hidden evidence from them (hiding the original 2008 hard drive amongst other things) for years….the state has already proven that despite their testimony to the contrary that there was indeed porn on TA’s computer… is not a matter of too much evidence…if the DT experts come up with more evidence of porn, or exculpatory emails that were deleted, etc. their duty is to bring this out to the jury and make a record of that for the appeals…this case is an appeals case at this point whether or not Jodi gets the DP which we all pray that it is not…..

      • And the jurors are people like you and me….people who at their core just want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth….so I say bring it all on………

        • Well I am going to say that the 1st jury couldn’t do it and they heard all the BS. So there really has to be a few who are questioning how the heack she was found guilty.

          But as R. said it will be in Gods hands.

          I just want JSS to make her ruleing on the motion. Oh I know what it will be but just one more nail………..

  9. Speaking of asses, I just read the latest “news” article by Troy Hayden and Steve Krafft. Despicable reporting, as usual, feeding the masses what they want to hear rather than giving them the full picture. Here’s an excerpt:

    “So I it fell onto Prosecutor Martinez to discredit Geffner, and he came out swinging.

    “Dr. Robert Geffner, who spoke eloquently and at length while under friendly questioning yesterday by Arias’ attorney fumbled and bumbled as he fenced with Prosecutor Martinez.

    “Martinez accused Geffner of being an administrator at Alliant International University in San Diego, where he works, and not someone who handles domestic violence cases anymore.

    “The prosecutor presented writings from Arias to show she had anger issues of her own. He tried to get under Geffner’s skin, claiming he was leaning over to one of the jurors as he answered questions.

    “And Martinez wondered why Geffner has the unnerving habit of smiling and chuckling as he testified about events before the vicious murder.”

      • I wouldn’t, Cindy, except I am looking at the way our news media is being dismantled, a very very serious issue. I was just watching a program on the Nazi regime and saw there how the sheeple were so easily led to the slaughter through biased journalism. And it’s truly frightening just how many of today’s sheeple are reading and believing this bullshit.

        • You know what the crazy thing is?? These same people will be on to the “Next Big Story” after the verdict is read. These same people who couldn’t think for themselves will once again be sucked into their BS. It’s really scary……

        • They make stories up like Brian Williams and they don’t report the truth about the stories that are really happening. It is getting worse all the time and makes one wonder how bad it can get.

        • Maybe people here have read Erich Fromm’s “Escape from Freedom” and “Fear of Freedom.”
          Both are relevant to the topic at hand.

      • Lol cindy jewell! It WAS a waste of time …uses “fumbling and bumbling” like he (steve krafft) did in his tweets! Just more biased “journalism” … 🙄 if “journalism” is what ya wanna call it…pfft

    • these guys….the same one that thinks keeping count of how many sidebars is really important and funny….and the other one who had the ground breaking news that one of Jodi’s cellmates had some really really important info on Jodi, but failed to say that this cellmate was involuntarily committed to a mental health facility….oh, those two stellar reporters, you mean??? LOL!!!!

    • I find it very disturbing how the majority of the “media” down there do not bother to report or perhaps even comprehend what is happening to their justice system, and the corruption in their police and DA
      office. It is the same system that would judge them or their loved one if something were to happen and they were charged with a crime. They ho hum their way through all Malware’s wicked deeds, and it is a very good thing that there was a camera to record the events because the reporters, save one, really missed the boat.

    • I highly doubt that Geffner ‘fumbled and bumbled.’ That characterization says more about the describer than the man described.

      Smiling and chuckling is perceived as unnerving by Martinez, because Martinez ( and presumably Hayden and Kraft) only understand narcissistic posturing, solemn grandiose displays of self- importance, vanity and will- to -power masquerading as a quest for justice, and indignant, self- righteous passion disguising a banal, cold hate.

      Martinez is driven by narcissistic grandiosity. His greatest fuel is opposition, because opposition affords him the opportunity to annhilate the ‘other.’
      ANY ‘other’ constitutes a threat to a narcissist’s sense of self, so an all- out effort to annihilate the opposition allows him to fuel his energy by trying to diminish and destroy the vital force of another being, so Martinez can consume the other’s power.

      Martinez is a true vampire.

      The tragic fact is that so many in the U.S. culture are impressed by displays of arrogance and force, and this is most evident in courts of law and the prison system.

      Martinez is disarmed by Geffner, because Geffner is established at a higher plane. Geffner is not moved by a need or desire to be antagonistic; Geffner can embrace the entire scope of the situation with a benign understanding.

      Martinez is stymied because Geffner will not provide him with the fuel (antagonism) that Martinez thrives on. Geffner does not engage on the level of a bully; that takes the wind out of Martinez’s sail.

      It is tragic, ironic, and disturbing, that much of the culture perceives Martinez as the serious person, and Geffner as the ‘frivolous’ one, when actually the reverse is true.

      Geffner’ s aim is not to be a professional debater; his aim is to enlighten the court on the issue of violence. He is a wiser, more humane man than Martinez.

      Geffner’s affable nature indicates wisdom and compassion. He has made his career and passion the study of human nature, and he does not view people in simplistic terms of good and evil.

      Geffner’s laughing and chuckling are indicators of a higher understanding, a more loving understanding.

      But especially in the U.S. court/ legal / prison system, love and compassion are alien concepts and do not factor into its structure. This is the essential problem that creates a core of corruption and malice.

      The justice system should be geared toward an effort to understand and help humanity and the culture; instead the system is designed to separate, destroy, and eradicate.

      How vile, that this culture demands that a human-being beg for mercy, so that her life can be saved.

      Mercy is an imposter. It is a false name given to a compassionless attitude and act. Mercy means that a person with more power chooses to use that power in a less severe way. It is still the act of a tyrant- king over a slave. It is a violent stance. And it is a cold, murderous hate.

        • Thank you, Cindy. Later I will try to write more precisely what I mean.
          For now I will just affirm that compassion is always the right way.

      • Beautifully written, Amy. I hope you share your words on other sites, twitter, etc. I always feel compelled to try and lead the horses/sheeple to water, but it’s very draining. Then I read something like this and think wow, maybe they would understand this person’s way of explaining. Many here write so well and have such a grasp on this debacle. From humor to the more serious tone, there is enough to write about…for a lifetime.

        • Thank you very much, Sandra.
          There really is a lot to write about.

          I am glad that I have the opportunity now to tell you that I am impressed by your writing. I regularly check your blog and seek out your comments on the internet.

          I admire your courage very much. You ‘put yourself out there’ despite the continuous risk of backlash, and the tremendous venom directed against you. That is not an easy thing to do.

          Your work related to this case has been very beneficial, and very instrumental, in bringing attention to the corruption and injustice, of the people, officials and systems associated with this trial.

          • Thank you, Amy. I appreciate your support, and the others here as well. I feel like I am throwing sh*& against the fan these waning days of the trial. Jodi has become a symbol of so much wrong it’s overwhelming. Call me crazy, but I confess to wanting a really good surprise ending….

      • Many would argue that mercy represents love and not “murderous hate”.

        I believe mercy represents the suppression of our innate desire or instinct for vengeance. It is the subordination of desire/instinct to higher conscious thought (intelligence) arising from a more mature and forward looking view. It acknowledges the complexity of situations and the adverse consequences of just acting on gut instinct.

        • [ Michael, my mind is a little scattered now, so I hope my response isn’ t.]

          I probably wasn’ t adequately expressing what I meant. I was groping when I wrote ‘murderous hate’.

          Your definition of mercy is a very good one, and defined from that perspective, I agree mercy represents love.
          I was looking at mercy from a different angle. I mean that no one should DEMAND that a person beg for mercy, and then call their pardoning of that person a true display of compassion. I think calling that attitude ‘merciful’ is disingenuous.

          The phrase, ‘cold murderous hate’ refferred to the belief some people have, that they DESERVE to ‘play God,’ and that their estimation of a person’s value, IS that person’s value.
          I thought of ‘cold, murderous hate’ in the context especially of a death- penalty trial, where some people believe a calculating, intellectual inventory and assessment of an human being is adequate to understand the value of an human being.

          I mean that an intellectual approach can never know the value of an human being, because every human being’s value is unconditionally absolute.

          I meant that, in my opinion, often the word ‘mercy’ has a connotation of arrogance, because the word is often used in situations where there is a major imbalance in power, and the powerful person is ‘arrogating’ to himself rights that no human being rightly has.

          Your definition of mercy has no arrogance in it. Mercy as you describe it, I liken to an attunement to Love/ God/ Oneness/ The Whole, etc., and compassion arises naturally and inevitably.

          And I do concede that the individual who is merciful, is not only a channel for naturally existing compassion, but is also instrumental in bringing that compassion into being.

          So, yes, a person does go through a struggle as he rises above and beyond baser, albeit legitimate, instincts and desires for vengeance.
          And rising to the higher level of consciousness that entails, is quite a laudable feat.

          That members of a jury can accomplish such a feat, is the pressing question. Hoping that jury members will be loving and conscious enough to be merciful, is hoping a lot.

          • Agreed Amy. Unfortunately I believe some jurors in death penalty trials consider defendants guilty until proven innocent. They see themselves as hit-men/women assigned to accomplish the “dirty deed”. This is exacerbated by prohibiting anti-death penalty people from juries. A jury cannot be “of your peers” if the 1/3 to 1/2 of your peers opposed to the death penalty are not on it. This also taints the guilt phase since pro-death penalty jurors are probably more likely to convict on Murder I (as opposed to Murder II) so that they get to accomplish their “assigned task”.

  10. Like the old saying, it only takes one rotten Apple to spoil the whole box. IMO from the tone of the one juror questions in the guilt phase trial it would be apparent there was one bad Apple with similar issues of control as JM and perhaps swayed the others on the Jurry. Like a Wolf with the sent for blood JM uses this method and knows how to hone in on the subordinate Wolfs as JM is the Alfa Wolf in the pack. I truly believe that this Jury is a fair Jury and JM is realizing this, hence the passive aggression towards Juror 1.

    • Someone needs to get up for Jodie. Her parents, especially Sandy, would be the right one since Juan has made so much to do about their relationship. She could perhaps do some re-hab for Jodie in regards to their mother-daughter relationship.

        • Absolutely – it would go a long way with the Jury. To not have anyone get up and speak on her behalf is flat out not a good thing at all. I think Sandy is the all around best choice of anyone, for so many reasons.

            • Well, whoever is holding her back needs a sound talking to.

              How ANYONE can think it looks anything but BAD for Jodi that even her own family doesn’t stand up and plead for her life is beyond me.

              And a MOTHER should be ALLOWED to do it, for cryin’ out loud. How will that poor woman feel if Jodi is sentenced to death and her own mother not allowed to plead for her life?

              • I just can not stand the thought that Sandy or any other member of Jodi’s family will not be able to beg for her life. I know I would be on my knees.

                Hell I don’t think there is one of us who wouldn’t do for Jodi.

                • I agree, Cindy, Jodi needs a family member to speak for her. they may have
                  to answer some tough questions, but they can handle it. Years ago, being
                  whacked by parent was not considered child abuse. Sandy may have hit
                  Jodi with a wooden spoon, but she did not consider it abusive.I think Sandy
                  and Bill should take the stand.

                • Joan, no one who stands up to plead for Jodi’s life will be subject to cross-examination. They’ll just be allowed to speak to the jury, just like Stephen and Tanisha did – just like Jodi did at her last trial.

                • Yes… I vaguely recall the “Morticia & Elvis” double-act from a few months back, and the fake tears & very bad acting that riddled it. I’d never previously witnessed acting quite as bad as that since Chris Hughes testified.

                  Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

                • Not sure how I feel about Sandy or Bill speaking for Jodi. In the real world I would say ” By all means speak up!” but this whole tragedy is happening in the twilight zone of the Arizona court system. . .has been a 3 ring circus from the start. I know I would speak for my child no matter what but none of us can even begin to fathom the threats and abuse Jodi’s family has suffered. If they do it will be turned around and twisted and tossed around the arena of the media. . .if they don’t the same will happen. I believe one short address to the jury from a parent would be wonderful but we just don’t know everything, do we. I respect their decision but I hope no one else will be leading them one way or the other. It is up to Jodi and her parents. . .whatever they decide God will be by their side.

  11. There are a lot of weird kooks out there — a picture posted of Jodi (as a witch) being burned at the stake. I don’t understand people like that. My mind is definitely looking to the appeal at this point, whether or not Jodi is sentenced to death. I hope that doesn’t happen because it takes so long to bring the matter to appeal on a death sentence. Correct me if I am wrong – I am sure you will.

    I don’t know about Sandy and Bill speaking to the jury. Personal decision for sure. There continues to be a great deal of vitriol toward anyone named Arias. It doesn’t seem to matter that each is their own person. Humanity isn’t very far away from the wild animals even after all these years of education and change. One has only to look anywhere on the internet to see individuals take out their emotional and mental darts and throw them all around indiscriminately aiming at whomever they deem to not represent their views. It doesn’t matter to them that they hurt others so deeply.

    I feel that Jodi’s attorneys have done the best they can on this mitigation portion of the trial. I look back to the first trial and there are many things that could have been done that weren’t. The big one for me is forensics. However, I don’t know what role money and lack of it had to do with not being able to get forensic specialists.

    I have seen so many individuals who have committed horrendous crimes of murder get life while Arizona continues to badger for death. Arizona is still very much the wild wild west. Some how it hasn’t evolved much. Sorry to those people from Arizona who frequent this site but that is how I see the law there.

    The trial will soon be over. I don’t think I will follow any other trials as I have found this quite difficult on my heart and mind. I won’t be able to stop checking in on Jodi’s appeal however. It has been a long haul already but not as long as it has been for Jodi. I do hope and pray that Jodi is free from her physical prison one day. I believe in redemption and forgiveness even when it is hard to give. It is the only way to be truly free. May everyone involved on both sides of this case find freedom. I actually believe that the goodness to be found in each of us including the late Travis Alexander have a fundamental need to be forgiven and to forgive.

    • Beautifully said, Judy.
      I don’ t think people have evolved much either. [ I’ m certain you meant ‘wild animals ‘ as a common expression, and didn’ t mean you think animals are ‘less than.’ (I only mentioned it at all because there was a recent debate here on this subject.)]

      Only transformed hearts make a difference. Education by itself only creates a veneer.

      I don’ t know if Sandy going on the stand is a good idea or not. The court should at least allow Jodi’s parents to give a simple statement testifying to their love for Jodi, and of their wish for her to live.
      Such a brief statement that does not involve evidence, should be allowed with JSS giving no permission to Martinez to cross- examine.

  12. I agree with Judy. What happens in appeal will be years down the road. All the while Jodi will either be in gen pop or on death row. My heart breaks at the thought of this. Her lawyers need to get off the porn and show why she doesn’t deserve the DP. As a mother I talked to the jury about my daughter and I really feel that Sandy wants to. I can’t imagine a mother not getting up and speaking for their child. Having a daughter in prison I have met many parents who son/daughter is in the prison system and they talked at the sentencing. Jodi has to let her Mom do this for her. The Pros can’t ask any questions at this point. Prayers for her and her whole family.

    • Kris, I am sorry for your heartack. Yes Sandy, Jodi’s sister and brother. He father is I’ll. But anyone who has wanted to talk on Jodi’s behalf have been threatened. Jodi has the last word on this.

      The porn is very important to this case as to proving the state lied and hid evidence.

      • The porn is part of the mitigation of this case….the porn proves that Jodi was telling the truth in the criminal trial and that TA was living a double life and shows him not to be the virginal good Mormon but a dangerous pedophile….people involved in this sort of seedy, illegal lifestyle are more prone to do extreme things to cover their tracks and hide this from people – I have always said that Jodi was the woman who knew too much and she paid for it – just look at how TA treated her and abused her… shows that Jodi was telling the truth when she testified that she caught him playing with himself while looking at photos of little boys…it provides a basis for the jury to believe that she truly was abused by TA on several occasions…so the porn is an important part of this mitigation phase….without it they would continue to call her a liar (which they do anyway but the jury can see that there is truth there about T-Dogg and who he really was) This is her hope for her appeals….we all know that JSS will not do her job as she has shown herself to be completely bias for the state so given that we are left with the appeals….I don’t believe that this jury will be able to unanimously agree on the DP and that JSS will be forced to sentence her to life…but the appeals is what is going to give Jodi her freedom….

          • Yes Cindy, Thanks BB for making everything easy to follow. I love how you sum it all up for us! ♥ Just one little personal note. I have friends in the legal field here in TN and they too have followed this trial and are continually amazed by the injustices of this trial. This is certainly being noticed by many others in the legal field. . . little Frog should be extremely worried. IMO

            • Good Morning R.Love.
              IMHO I think JM is worried. His behavior as of late has been over the top even for him. He has been very reckless and has crossed the line so many times in this retrial excluding the corruption. Truth will prevail!!!!!!!!

              ((((Jodi)))). Gods plan for you is coming very soon!!!!!

        • The porn may be part of the mitigation but it is so convoluted that it may be hard for
          a jury to understand the connection.It does prove that Det. Melendez made a huge
          error when he examined the computer. It does prove that the police dept. did not maintain
          the evidence i.e. the computer properly, and made future exams of the evidence almost

          As far as Dr. G. laughing, this whole trial is a circus. He was right when he called it absurd.
          The fact that a jury is asked is in essence to weigh the value of some one s life is an
          absurdiity. They are asking 12 people to play G D.

          • It proves Brady violations… automatic overturn, vacate, and possible dismissal….Det Melendez at the very least was grossly incompetent and at worst was perjuring himself and helping to destroy/hide/alter evidence….but it matters not when you are dealing with Brady violations…it does NOT have to be purposeful destruction/hiding/altering of evidence it only has to be that the evidence was not disclosed to the DT whether intentional or not………

            • Brady violations don’t mean squat to the jury deciding Jodi’s fate.

              YES, the porn on Travis’ computer gives the jury a clearer picture of Travis and the nature of his relationship with Jodi. To that extent it’s a reasonable part of the case to save Jodi’s life.

              I THINK the posters here who are saying ‘enough with the porn already’ are saying so because WAY TOO MUCH of the prosecutorial misconduct motion – and all of the back and forth and back and forth and back and forth (is that repetitive enough yet?) of the computer experts regarding the porn – has been argued in front of this jury. They are not there to decide whether Martinez et al tried to perpetrate fraud in a court of law. That’s for the higher courts to decide.

              They are ONLY there to decide Jodi’s fate. And they’re probably getting – or have long since been – pissed. How good can THAT be for Jodi?

              • Understood…but what KN and JW are doing here is making a record for her appeals which is their duty to do (and JM is making a record for himself to cover his ….), so the DT must pursue every issue now and make a record and in doing so are providing the jury a clearer understanding of who TA / T-Dogg were and this provides important mitigation for Jodi…And I wouldn’t be so sure that Brady violations “don’t mean squat to the jury” bc the jurors hopefully have some common sense to understand that if the state went to the lengths they did in destroying/hiding/altering/tampering with exculpatory evidence then they might conclude that she did not get a fair criminal trial and therefore they can not in good conscience put her to death….it is all intertwined together inextricably….patience is required in a process like this and hopefully the jury understands this after all a woman’s life is at stake………

                • KN has filed numerous motions for the record. However, this exculpatory evidence about the porn, destruction/hiding/tampering/altering of evidence, prosecutorial misconduct, etc.. is part of Jodi’s mitigation….the jury needs to hear it….it is all intertwined inextricably together…KN and JW are doing their due diligence for their client Jodi and preparing the way for her freedom….

              • Yes Journee,
                I wonder if the jurors are asking themselves, “wtf? What is going on here? ” But the defense IS getting all of this on record. The confusion it creates with the jury…hmm … not sure if it could be a good thing or if it will cause the jury to disregard the TRUE reason they are there…tune out…to a point that during deliberations, those who tuned out will rely upon what they DID hear….and WHO is the most theatrical? Who might leave an impression? Mr. Theater act himself! Just like in the first phase of the trial, I believe those jurors, besides the media influence, were LISTENING to, WATCHING and PAYING ATTENTION to the part of the act that was the loudest. Just like many people do at the movies…explains why action films with little or no story line are often box office hits. As a society, we have been distracted by all the noise and flashing lights so much so, that these become the “highlights” of the film. JM knows this and uses this tactic…AND it WORKS! That is why he keeps at it.

                • I am going to try to give the jurors the benefit of the doubt that at least some of them are not fooled by the little prosecutor’s antics/acting/theartrics…..we will soon know……..

                • That in its self was unprofessional. . .then throw in all of his other antics, they just need to take him away in a straight jacket & shackles IMO.

                • According to BK this is the one chance that both sides have to litigate this porn issue and get in on record for appeals. The jury has heard a lot less about the porn than we have. If I were Jodi, I would want every single piece of evidence that they have put on the record. These jurors appear to be quite different from the first batch, considering there has not been one sarcastic question from them yet.

    • Oh R. Huggs…I for got about this song!!! I do truely believe that there are angles watching over all of us!! My own guardian angel stopped me from being in the same situation Jodi is in right now!!!

    • R. Your going to have a big bonfire this Spring when you find all the post!!!

      Thank you for the song it’s one of my fav.
      May Gods blessings be bestowed upon Jodi
      her family and the DT. May they find peaces and have a restfull weekend.

      • I will treasure every lost post knowing that they are full of true facts, love and compassion for Jodi! 🙂 We might have to build another shed on the barn for storage!

  13. It’s hard to believe that this trial will FINALLY be over very soon. Initially, I thought that this retrial was unnecessary, but today I’m glad that it happened because it has been quite illuminating and revelatory. Jodi’s defense team, especially Kirk Nurmi, has done a vastly superior job stating her case this time as opposed to the last. And all the more reason why so many including myself are extremely confident today that she won’t receive the death penalty. I know this is something that the people who hate her don’t want to hear or even think about, but sooner or later they’re going to have to accept it.

    This retrial has uncovered a lot of things about Travis Alexander that many of us didn’t know. Sadly, I didn’t have a very favorable opinion of Travis before this retrial and today I have an even less favorable opinion of him. Any man that would physically or sexually abuse a woman or even a child I don’t feel is worthy of sympathy. In fact, as a good friend of mine recently said, you can look up the word “sympathy” in the dictionary and you can find it between “shit” and “syphilis”.

    It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who clearly was a pedophile, not to mention one who treated women like disposable trash. Just as it’s hard to feel sorry for people who take it upon themselves to bully, harass and tell lies about you on the Internet 24/7 and do everything in their power to personally injure and hurt you and your reputation. Who knew that merely having a different opinion from another person would cause so much hate and anger where complete strangers who never took the time to get to know you could spend so much of their time dedicated to destroying you?

    And yet, we have all survived. Those people in this world who know us best, our family, our friends, our co-workers, our students, our teachers, they knew what kind of people we are and the values that we exemplify in how we conduct our lives. The majority of people out there in this world are good, decent people and even those individuals who disagree with us, the vast majority of them are good, decent people. It was a small minority of people who truly are vile, evil individuals who claim to be God-fearing Christians yet behave more like Allah-worshipping Jihadists who would just as soon put us all into a cage and set us on fire with glee. And, yet, oddly enough, the only thing that wound up going up in smoke throughout this period is their manifestos, plans and theories.

    At the end of the day, the truth will win and prevail. And while this retrial will soon be over, Jodi’s future will be far from over. There’s still a lot of work to do, but I have no doubt that we can get it done together. One last thing that I’d like to say is that in spite of what many of us feel about Travis, his family and friends and the prosecution, I think we should all pray for them and not wish anything bad or harmful to happen to them because this is the antithesis of the teachings of Christ. Keep them in your prayers especially Travis’s family and refuse to let the temptations of evil manifest themselves into our minds and hearts, clouding our judgments. And, of course, let’s keep Jodi and her family and friends and the defense team in our prayers as well. Thank you for listening. God bless everyone.

    • Yes, we need to thank those who were so bent on killing Jodi bc without this retrial and the time it allowed for the discovery of this important exculpatory evidence the DT may never have found these Brady violations and Jodi would already be sitting in jail for the rest of her life… to JM, be careful what you wish for you just might get it…… got what you wanted another bite at the apple to try to kill Jodi and now the exculpatory evidence is finally being uncovered and your Brady violations are going to be a Godsend to Jodi to help free her, so a great big thank you, JM !!!

    • Raja, I agree with you on praying for the Alexander’s. They will have to live with all that has come out it this retrial. Regardless he was their brother. What they have seen will never be erased from their minds. They we’re told that Jodi did this. I almost feel as if they have been used.

      I do not feel hate for JM and company I do feel contempt. They should pay for their wrong doings. But I do believe that that is in Gods hands.

  14. Attorney General Eric Holder backs moratorium on the death penalty nationwide until the SCOTUS decides on the constitutionality of it.
    I wonder if this will affect Kelly Renee Gissendaner who is scheduled to be executed next Wednesday, February 25, 2015 @ 7pm in Jackson, Georgia. Gissendaner is the mother of 3, an ex-US soldier and claims she was sexually and physically abused as a child. Georgia last executed a woman 70 years ago in 1945.

  15. So just why would AZ. not give JODI a deal well it might have something to do with $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ as in PPL LS or even GOD forbid A certian church . After all JODI is just one of us as in poor, trust if SHE had a family of power n wealth SHE most likely would not have been charged. Seems their t-dog (fitting) did have a history of violence … RIGHT eddie and his oh so talk of violence cocerning anyone who he disliked.What a great message to all….WE the state of AZ. can do whatever We want….CONSITUTION….VOID. THAT trial is NOTHING BUT A SHOWTRIAL…..I know of NONE that are worse in HISTORY. I would ask that judge that persecutot any in congress WOULD EVER WANT A TRIAL as HER,S. WELL if the like RAILROADS…maybe. Always remember it,s JUSTICE FOR ALL not justice as we (gov. ) see fit. Time is on HER side…..and FACTS….TRUTH…..AND very soon ….APPEALS. JODI will never give up as long as WE don,t…as they say in the army leave no man behind good enough for men good enough for a woman. And if You can send a bit of $$$ HER way BUT always hold HER in Your heart as SHE holds each n every one of Us who care for HER.

    • Wow, that was absolutely so true each and every word you said and it’s such a low blow for people who do not have the BIG $$$ and as Vicky said Wayne, “We are here for the long haul” to see Jodi pass this horrible ordeal. God is on her side 🙂 even if the damn AZ Government isn’t 🙁

  16. Prosecuting With False Evidence

    Prosecuting the guilty is an incredible career filled with satisfaction. Although most prosecutions take place within the boundaries of ethics and discretion, some prosecutors have a desire to win no matter what the cost. Several court cases have addressed the issue when the prosecutor embraces false evidence to convict.

    As evidenced by the release of hundreds from death row by the Innocence Project, many of the DNA exonerations were not merely due to a simple mistake, but overt suppression of evidence from the defense, while putting forth a case littered with perjury. Although the road to freedom is not an easy one, it’s a road available if convincing evidence is present. This article briefly addresses a few key cases concerning the ramifications of presenting false evidence by the prosecution.

    Duty of Prosecution of falsity after the fact: “If a lawyer has offered testimony or other evidence as to a material issue of fact and comes to know of its falsity, the lawyer must take reasonable remedial measures.” (Napue v. People of State of Ill., 360 U.S. 264, 269, 79 S. Ct. 1173, 3 L. Ed. 2d 1217 (1959))

    Defense knowledge of falsity is not sufficient: “[T]he government’s duty to correct
    perjury by its witnesses is not discharged merely because defense counsel knows, and the jury may figure out, that the testimony is false. Where the prosecutor knows that his witness has lied, he has a constitutional duty to correct the false impression of the facts.” (U.S. v. LaPage, 231 F.3d 488, 492 (9th Cir. 2000))

    When the prosecution fails to correct testimony of a prosecution witness which it knows or should know is false and misleading, reversal is required if there is any reasonable likelihood the false testimony could have affected the judgment of the jury. This standard is functionally equivalent to the “harmless beyond a reasonable doubt” standard of Chapman v. California (1967) 386 U.S. 18, 87 S.Ct. 824, 17 L.Ed.2d 705. (In re Jackson (1992) 3 Cal.4th 578, 597-598, 11 Cal.Rptr.2d 531, 835 P.2d 371.)

    • My pleasure, ladies
      It is important for EVERYONE to remember:
      This case is riddled with false evidence.
      If the Defense can bring out more than they already have they may be able to get this resolved without going further.
      If the Court sees there has been evidence not supported by facts she can, and should over-rule the jury and dismiss the case with prejudice.

    • Yes, you are so right….the prosecutor must take remedial steps to correct the false impression that the false testimony may have had on the jury……he must ensure that the jury is informed of the true facts and not leave a false impression to gain a false conviction and of course this is what has happened in this case….false testimony, whether by perjury or gross incompetence, this prosecutor has since learned of the falsity of that testimony (although I personally believe IMHO that he knew from the get go that it was false and the state’s own actions actually make it most probable that they indeed knew that their own witnesses were not telling the truth) regarding the porn issue and has yet to correct that false impression for this current jury and of course he never corrected anything regarding this issue for the criminal trial jury….this coupled with the destruction/hiding/altering/tampering of exculpatory evidence (Brady violations) will all but guarantee that the verdict will be reversed/vacated and remanded for a new trial…bc we all know that the false testimony by several state witnesses and the Brady violations would most certainly have affected the judgement of the jury….. so great post…. 🙂 🙂

      (((((Team Jodi)))))

      • On so much more than even what you say.
        Martinez is immune from prosecution. He could even blame others. He already has!!!
        Flores et al can crawl out of a mess. The law is pretty much on their side.
        But the Judge….not so much. She can and should step up and do the right thing.
        She has everything to gain in the eyes of her peers.
        Appeals take a very long time and Jodi has already been in prison for nearly 7 YEARS!

        • So right !! I just commented on your post on the previous page President’s Day and Gus Searcy but I guess it went to the barn ???? Maybe it will show up later……….

        • All on the prosecutors team should be marched to prison themselves.
          There has been too many wrongs, criminal wrongs on their side, they should all be fired or impeached, some charhed with perjury.
          I don’t think I’ve heard the judge even mention the Brady law, but JM and co. know it and they know they are all lying and getting by with it.
          The whole first trial was unjust, keeping things out that would help jodi.
          Life in prison isn’t a cake walk and I hope that the supreme court rules out the DP.
          Too many have died that were innocent and too many have spent too many years in prison to find the justice system failed them.
          In Jodi’s case freedom is out of prison.
          As Carol said 7 yeas already?

          This should absolutely call for a mistrial of justice immediately.
          We can’t say that it’s alright for the state to do what they have done and Jodi not walk out of there free.
          There were so many lies in the first trial, this is all so unbelievable, They know it now. The Jury should ask if they could give time serve the punishment.
          They’ve all acted like clowns including the gallery on the states side. Sure didn’t act like they were told to act, BUT were never called out on it.

          The judge never had control, she’s a joke and an embarrassment to those who wear the robe and our justice system.

    • Unfortunately, some appeal judges try to protect malicious prosecutors by claiming their perjury and encouragement of perjury did not substantively harm the defendant’s case. On that basis they refuse to overturn said malicious prosecutions or provide any significant relief.

      Every word uttered in that courtroom influences the jury and to assume otherwise is wrong

        • OK I know for myself yesterday I was thinking the 25th. I wanted every answers to our questions to be answered. I gave it to to God!! Or the higher being. I’m at peace. This is in Gods timeing not ours.

          I truly believe that Jodi feels the presence of God with her. He will give her the strengths
          to go through the next week.

          I read a article from Mr. Bond her PI before this retrial started that Jodi was anxious to get this over with so that the appeals could begin.

          I also read that it was Jodi herself that requested BN to take another look at the computer. This shows me how strong she is!!!

  17. She is a beautiful, strong survivor……..”Be anxious for nothing, but by everything in prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Jesus Christ.” Philippians 4:6-7 For you, Jodi….


    • “By rejecting conscience, certain persons have made shipwreck of their faith, among them Hymenaeus and Alexander, whom I have delivered to Satan that they may learn not to blaspheme.” – 1 Timothy 19-20

      One of my favorite passages lately – lol. Also, Timothy is my confirmation name so I’m real up on Paul’s letters to Timothy. These were sent while Paul was in prison in Rome.

  18. Did we know that Dr. Geffner received the same treatment as ALV regarding his books on Amazon?

    “Ending Spouse/Partner Abuse: A Psychoeducational Approach for Individuals and Couples”

    “Female Offenders of Intimate Partner Violence: Current Controversies, Research and Treatment Approaches”

    “Identifying and Treating Sex Offenders: Current Approaches, Research, and Techniques”

    …and more….

    Haters went on Amazon to give the books nasty one-star reviews (although one can be pretty sure these idiots never read anything beyond the title, if that much). Bastards! And yet he came back. (I wouldn’t have blamed him if he hadn’t, just as I don’t blame ALV who got thousands of such mean ugly reviews). It just shows the degree of this man’s integrity and belief in Jodi.

    • They are certainly a despicable lot. Their hateful spewing says more about them than it ever could about the people they attack. Transparent fools willing and eager to announce to the world they are hateful imbeciles.

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