Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #42 (2/12)

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Today… and barring any change of plan — Kermit is aiming to call original Defense expert witness Lonnie Dworkin to testify…

2-11 pickles 2


2-11 pickles 1

Really? So after dicking around for over 2 years, now Pickles wants the trial “finished”? What happened? Did she just realize how much this judicial farce has cost so far? – or did she just remember she had a vacation booked? Maybe both?  She’s been way out of her depth and a total clueless disgrace from day 1… and still is.

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Kick-off is currently scheduled for 10.00 am MST.

Click here to follow Michael Kiefer’s live tweetingz.  Click here for the current time in Arizona.

In the meantime…

jodi arias & jennifer willmott 11-12

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  1. Good morning. SJ could it also be the members of the jury are sending her notes about being lied to?? But I like your idea….

    So onward to the “JM I’m saving my own butt trial.” today. I’m sure there will once again be fireworks in the courtroom today as JM will try to push Lonnie under the bus. In the mean time the jury must be wondering “what the heck?”.

  2. Prayers for JODI!!!!! ((((((FREE JODI)))))
    Job 11:18 You will be secure, because there is hope; you will look about you and take your rest in safety. 19 You will lie down, with no one to make you afraid, and many will court your favor.

  3. After installing a swimming pool, a spa, a jacuzzi, a steam room, bought a lake house, a ferrari, paid her hairdressers for the next 5 yrs, JSS said “enough”. She is not greedy! 🙄 😆

    Maria R. will be taking over the tweeting updates for the first part of today’s trial. I’ll be back hopefully for the afternoon session.

    (((((Jodi)))) ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    Juan looks very dapper in a black suit and peach colored tie
    We have a witness here I don’t recognize

  5. Tammy Rose ‏@News20Chopper
    Everyone is trying to figure out who another mystery witness might be sitting in the courtroom

  6. Tammy Rose ‏@News20Chopper
    The court is buzzing this morning. Will anyone get the boot? Who’s this secret witness that looks like one of my biker friends

  7. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    This is Juan’s witness…still not sure yet who he is. Lot’s of whispers. We also have a still camera this morning

  8. Tammy Rose @News20Chopper
    Want to know what happened outside court Monday? #ObsessedTrialWatchers is the only one who has video.

  9. Tammy Rose @News20Chopper
    We have some missing spectators. Hoping they are on a smoke break.

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Some of the regulars are visibly absent from the gallery

  10. Tammy Rose @News20Chopper
    I don’t see Lonnie Dworkin yet. #JodiArias & #TravisAlexander family here along with lawyers and Maria Del La Rosa. @The13thJurorMD is here!

  11. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer
    On the witness stand in #jodiarias, the father of a nine-year-old girl who allegedly got emails from Travis Alexander.

  12. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    State calls Damian Ashton….not sure who he is! Jury is in

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    This is Lexi’s dad….he’s the dad of the 9yr old that sent an email to Travis saying quit emailing my daughter

    • Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
      Damian said his daughter got a spam email from a company and he responded to quit emailing his daughter
      Juan is done
      Nurmi is up

  13. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    The dad said this email came to him but he was concerned Travis had the name of his daughter

  14. Tammy Rose @News20Chopper
    Nurmi crossing Damien Ashdown. Asked him why he responded to #TravisAlexander’s email. Next up, Lonnie

  15. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer
    Now Martinez calls Lonnie Dworkin, the defense team’s original computer forensic guy.

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer
    Dworkin lists his credentials.

  16. MaryEllen Resendez ‏@maryellenabc15
    #JodiArias and Mitigation Specialist Maria DelaRosa deep in conversation while Atty’s meet at bench with Judge Stephens

  17. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    Dec 2009 Lonnie made a copy of TA’s hard drive He did some testing on the hard drive

    Tammy Rose ‏@News20Chopper
    Lonnie Dworkin received a forensic copy of #TravisAlexander’s computer in December 2009.

  18. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer
    Martinez asks if Dworkin went to Mesa PD in December 2009. Dworkin doesn’t remember going there, but that is when he received copy of drive.

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer
    Dworkin thinks he did bulk of computer exam with Encase. And other programs.

  19. MaryEllen Resendez ‏@maryellenabc15
    Public portion of court gallery is full with #JodiArias court watchers. Several former jurors are also in court

    • Hey, let’s ask why that 9-11 dispatcher juror from 1st trial who partied with the Alexanders how she can afford to sit in the courtroom day after day. She mad-dogged me the 2 days I was in court last December. She is one scary bitch!

  20. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    Juan asks if he’s familiar with Autopsy and if he’s ever used it
    Dworkin says he’s never used it in a real exam

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    Dworkin says he only uses peer reviewed software and he likes to mirror what the PD uses also

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    Dworking says it was at around 4pm

  21. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer
    The length of time of access was about twelve minutes, according to Dworkin. Martinez asks if he is familiar with Spybot. He is.

  22. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    Dworkin says he’s sure TA’s laptop was never turned on at 11pm at night on June 19th, 2009

    • Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer
      Dworkin says Spybot installs a list of default sites to look out for. It creates zones in the registry’s database. “Like an innoculation.”

  23. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    Juan is noting an 8 minute gap in this long text message. Every message has a minute or two gap in between them

  24. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer
    Looking at messages about porn photo shoot Alexander wanted to do. References enjoying simulated rape, being a whore…

  25. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer
    Willmott shows the same messages about “animalistic sex,” showing, as Martinez did, without commenting on content. But it is there to read.

  26. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    Juan asks if this is a text message or something else . Lonnie says as far as he can tell it’s a text
    Juan is done & Wlmt is up

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    Lonnie says it looks like Travis has sent this because his name is at the top of the message

  27. I wondered if Juan was trying to say that gaps and discrepancies in texts were because of Jodi possibly altering them. If so, it didn’t work….not sure what else this could be.

  28. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    Lonnie says the break up of these messages is odd…this could b sent from a computer or copy & pasted from a computer

  29. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Willmott says if it’s a long message it can be broken up like this

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Willmott asks if this seems like one long conversation Dworkin says yes from what he is reading it goes together

  30. Tammy Rose @News20Chopper
    Now it’s all coming together. We don’t really know if #TravisAlexander really sent all those text messages to #JodiArias

  31. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer
    Dworkin and Willmott discuss whether time gap in texts means anything or if it could have been cut off by character limits per text.

  32. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Willmott let’s jury know Dworkin testified in this case before She asks Dworkin if Encase had issues in it regarding thumbnails back then

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Dworkin says it’s a tool and you need training on how to use it

  33. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer
    We haven’t heard the big question: was there porn on the computer when Dworkin examined it before first trial? Did Stephens disallow?

  34. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    Version 7 of Encase now finds the thumbnails a lot easier and it’s new and improved software from the 6 that used in 09

  35. MaryEllen Resendez ‏@maryellenabc15
    Dworkin recalls 25,000 photos and how long it would take for them to “fill in”

  36. MaryEllen Resendez ‏@maryellenabc15
    #JodiArias paying close attention to Computer Expert Lonnie Dworkin testimony. She is wearing “lilac” today

  37. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer
    Dworkin ran new analysis on the hard drive copies only recently because he was called to testify. Had to find his own deposition on web.

  38. Steve Krafft ‏@SKrafftFox10
    Dworkin says he was able to watch videos on Travis Alexander’s computer. Nude people having sex.

  39. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    Dworkin says if someone testified no porn videos were on hard drive they would be wrong

  40. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    Dworkin says he found 6-10 nude photos on the hard drive but he says some may not have been pornographic

  41. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    Willmott wants to look at the pic’s Lonnie found….he has them on his computer

  42. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    Soo Willmott shows him what they displayed yesterday and he recognized them and he said there may have been a few more

  43. Mike Watkiss ‏@mikewatkiss3tv
    Martinez called Dworkin but doesn’t seem to be helping State’s case-def objected to Dworkin’s return but seem to help “porn issue”

  44. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    There were banner ads from You Porn and Adult Friend Finder on HD…Dworkin also looked for searches by user

    Tammy Rose ‏@News20Chopper
    Lonnie says he saw YouPorn. Yes, we covered that yesterday and established there was no child porn, just some adult stuff.

  45. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    The searches were harmless…TA Googled himself and his blog site

    ^^^^^^ of course he did, he was so full of himself. Grrrrr

  46. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer
    Willmott finishes by having Dworkin delineate what was found in different computer sector than where Spybot was.

  47. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ

    Juan puts up the text messages again

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    Juan makes the point the name of the texter isn’t preset into the phone…the name could be changed at the top

    Tammy Rose ‏@News20Chopper
    Juan making it clear that messages in #JodiArias phone may have not been sent by #TravisAlexander Sizzle!

  48. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer
    On redirect, Martinez starts asking if Alexander’s name is associated with the computer. Willmott objects. Actually, it comes up Deanna Reid

  49. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    The date on this text is 5/2 and Juan suggests the owner of the phone can change the name attached to the phone number

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    Juan asks if Lonnie knows who prepared the report regarding the thumbnails and he doesn’t know

  50. MaryEllen Resendez ‏@maryellenabc15
    #JuanMartinez brings up that Dworkin viewed porn photos on #TravisAlexander computer on his own – #JodiArias atty objects – sidebar

    MaryEllen Resendez ‏@maryellenabc15
    #JuanMartinez points out that Dworkin was NOT directed 2 find porn at time — hmm… are we playing another CLUE game??

    MaryEllen Resendez ‏@maryellenabc15
    Defense objected to #JuanMartinez questioning of Dworkin — another #JodiArias court sidebar —

  51. MaryEllen Resendez ‏@maryellenabc15
    #JuanMartinez was trying to point out #JodiArias defense had no idea of #TravisAlexander porn b4 Dworkin search & b4 last objection

  52. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    Judge asks if there are any other questions….that one didn’t get asked

    Juan rests his case

  53. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer
    The question is not asked. Martinez asks, “May I rest?” She asks him to wait until the witness steps down. We are done until Wednesday.

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    Court is in recess until Wednesday the 18th

    Case will go till Feb. 25th/26th

  54. As lamentable as it is, that so many TA supporters are hateful and uninformed, to a certain degree it is not always their fault.
    They are receiving highly biased, misrepresented, misunderstood, and completely inaccurate, even the opposite of what is true, information. ___
    The TA supporters are being widely misled by very unprofessional people, who lack skills, intelligence, general comprehension,etc.
    All of that on top of their extreme bias.
    Often, I have skimmed newspaper articles where I actually see, literally, facts and conclusions reported that are the opposite of what really happened, in court or the case in general.
    These ‘reporters’, ‘ journalists’, bloggers and tweeters, do not deserve the role they are playing in a very critical issue.
    The ‘ hoards’ trust them. They don’ t know they are being misled.
    Even people who don’ t care about the Arias case, should be alarmed, because the quality and integrity of journalism in this country is rapidly declining, as is the quality of writing in many news publications.
    We need to know we are being told the truth.

    Thorough, extensive research needs to be done, and facts need to be checked, before they commit one word to print.
    These people are so complacent in their lack of standards, and their failure to honestly scrutinize the quality and content of their work.
    They should be ashamed of the harm they are doing.

    • Excellent synopsis of the bias in the media.
      You are so right, we learn so little from the news outlets; they are there to confuse, distort it seems.
      That is why it is incredibly important to find answers the old fashioned way: investigate, study, evaluate.

    • Amy, this is by far the best post you have written. We do not live in the 60dys any more. We all need to question what is sold to us via the media.

      Thanks Amy for reminding us of that!!!

    • You are right , Amy. Laws and ethics have not caught up with the technology of today.
      People post constantly on social media with total disregard of the truth.

      HLN made a lot of money with the hate that was spewed from the first trial.

      I hope the appeals court recognizes this fact and overturns the verdict. This retrial is no better.

  55. Great reporting Maria!

    I had a smile from ear to ear reading the tweets! juan martinez really tripped on his own traps by calling defense witness to the stand! LMFAO!

    And then he tried to pull a fast one on deanna. So sad for this woman… seriously, I’m not being sarcastic. Let me explain:
    deanna was fucked over (no puns intended) by travis, then y her religion/cult, then by the prosecutor. I’m guessing that now she is starting to realize that anything associated with travis has been the worse thing in her life! If she hadn’t met travis, she would most probably be happily married with a family of her own. It’s a shame.

    I’m happy that today was in favor of the defense team.

    As for juan martinez asking to ‘rest’.. I’m guessing he wanted to sit down and calculate how many days until he gets disbarred. It’s like baseball: he just swung his 3rd strike aaaaand he’s out!

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