Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #42 (after trial comments)

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Leave your thoughts & comments below following Day #42.

Circus is in recess until next Wednesday, 2/18. Pickles expected “finish date” now Feb 25th-26th. I guess she means 2015.

In the meantime, here’s a pic from earlier today…

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  1. What that was all about mystifies me.
    Did JM think he could crawl out of the ‘misconduct hole’?
    But, why did he do this at this time? It makes no sense.
    It is as if he is trying to say how he was also deceived by the computer expert’s testimony. And, in that way it wouldn’t be prosecutorial misconduct on HIS part but instead the error would be omission on the part of the witness.
    All TOO strange for any clear thinking person.

    • When Martinez first had Dworkin on the stand it was a cross.. dworkin had said porn was found on the computer and Martinez did his tribal war dance it can’t be there and got dworkin to finally say no porn was found on the computer… but there was. Martinez did not want anything to come out at all about TA he just wanted Jodi dead that’s it that’s all.

      • In all seriousness: How is it allowable by law for a witness to make contradictory statements as Dworkin did, and NOT have it automatically chalked up as perjury? He as much as swore that if Martinez says Dwokin said otherwise, then Dworkin will concede under oath, that he DID say otherwise.

        When will help be coming?

        • [ I’m not good at giving a synopsis, so I hope this is adequate.]

          Dworkin was the innocent party there. Dworkin was never specifically asked to focus on pornography then, so he did not suspect Martinez was being intentionally devious by telling Dworkin that Dworkin had told Martinez in the initial interview, that there was NO pornography.
          •It is here that I consider Martinez to be commiting perjury, and/ or prosecutorial misconduct.
          •In court, Martinez stated that Dworkin told him no pornography. Martinez surely knew there WAS pornography, so when he ‘ made’ Dworkin change his mind, Martinez was LYING ABOUT WHAT WAS SAID IN THE INTERVIEW.
          But Martinez always uses memory tricks to pull off his deceptions.
          Later when the defense found out there WAS pornography, Martinez made his usual deceit work for him. When Nurmi filed the motion regarding prosecutorial misconduct, #Martinez argued that the defense DID know that there was pornography# (because Dworkin INITIALLY said on that stand that there WAS, but immediately recanted his statement, BECAUSE •MARTINEZ SAID• DWORKIN TOLD HIM IN THE INTERVIEW that there was NO porn.)

          ………So then in the farce of a court room presided over by the farce of a judge, JSS agrees with Martinez’s claim that he did not commit any misconduct, because they both cite that Dworkin on the stand ( for a moment) said there WAS pornography,

          AND, JSS and Martinez blamed the defense for not specifically following through and countering the pornography issue,
          • even though the prosecution team and detective said there was NO pornography, AND therefore at THAT time there was no reason to pursue that line of investigation.

          Plus only around November was it revealed that the defense had been given defective copies of the hard drive,
          THEN, on top of that, the defense only found out, around Christmas time I think, that the defense had NEVER EVEN BEEN GIVEN A COPY OF THE • ORIGINAL• 2008 hard drive.
          Instead they were given a defective copy of a defective copy originating from, I think, 2009.

          • But in JSS’s perception, the most convoluted and contradictory facts can always be twisted to fit the prosecutor’s scheme.
          Martinez can always have his cake and eat it too.
          He can say A is A, then later say A is B, then switch back and forth depending upon what suits his agenda, and JSS always agrees with it.

          It seem Martinez is trying to do a similar thing, with what Dworkin stated on the stand recently, but I’ m not good at synopses, and I need to think about it more.

          I don’ t think a prosecutor would ever get away with pulling such tricks if a different judge was presiding.

          The defense was never even given a copy of the original hard drive, until 6 years later.
          The prosecutor intentionally deceived the defense by pretending that the copy of the original hard drive was given.

          It is unfathomable how JSS could have denied Nurmi’s motion regarding prosecutorial misconduct.

          • In order to make a conclusion that Martinez was lying about what Dworkin said in his interview with him you have to go back to that interview and look at exactly what was said and what questions were asked. Martinez is a master of semantics as most lawyers are. Dworkin could very well have said there were no photos of women’s breasts (porn) found on the computer or something to that effect which is most likely true but that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t any links to porn or a history of porn or videos of porn downloaded on the computer. And when he was confronted in court under pressure by JM he agreed that if that was what he said then he would agree with that. This happens more frequently than people would realize and goes to show that you must be fully prepared and know what you previously testified to before going to court. Now I don’t trust anything that comes forth from the mouth of the little chihuahua but what may be technically correct but doesn’t give the whole story or the whole truth and is still misleading and deceptive. This was brought out in this trial that there may have been no porn “photos” on the computer but that is not the full complete truth bc there were tons of porn links and a history of porn sites and also now we know that there were actual porn videos downloaded onto TA’s computer. So a half truth is not the truth. The state IMHO lied about the porn from the get go and screamed that there was none and got Dworkin to reverse his statement about his finding porn on the computer to agreeing that there was none……the state thinking that none of this evidence would ever be discovered. So JSS nor the state can now accuse the DT of failing to investigate further and find the porn. THERE IS NO BURDEN ON THE DT TO FIND ANYTHING !!!!! IT IS AN ABSOLUTE DUTY OF THE STATE TO DISCLOSE ALL EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE TO THE DT, PERIOD !!! This is not a hide and seek game and the DT does not have to request the evidence, it has to be turned over to them automatically. AND IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE AN INTENTIONAL WITHHOLDING OF THE EVIDENCE BY THE STATE IT ONLY HAS TO BE THAT THE EVIDENCE WAS NOT DISCLOSED TO THE DT AND IT WAS NOT !!! It is…..wait for it…..a BRADY VIOLATION !!!!! The state has committed several Brady violations starting at the crime scene with Flores destroying tons of possible exculpatory evidence by waking up the computer not once but twice and then doing a hard shut down against standard protocol. Then again in 2009 when the state again turned on the computer and did another hard shut down and ALL OF THIS (BOTH IN 2008 AND 2009) WAS DONE WITHOUT A “WRITE BLOCKER” WHICH IS AND WAS STANDARD PROTOCOL !!!! Then as you stated the original 2008 hard drive was hidden from the DT for years..another Brady violation….JM throwing the camera down in court and destroying evidence in front of the court, the jury, and the DT is tampering with evidence…..more prosecutorial misconduct…..And this doesn’t even include what I believe to be further Brady violations regarding the cameras and phones…..These Brady violations are going to be the reason that the criminal trial verdict will be vacated and remanded for a new trial or hopefully just outright dismissed with prejudice………….

            • And in order to say that Dworkin committed perjury which he did not, he must have made a knowingly false statement. He did not do that. He agreed with what JM was telling him about his previous testimony and qualified his statement by saying that IF that was what he stated then he would agree with that. Dworkin may or may not have actually stated that and JM can claim that he was mistaken if in fact Dworkin didn’t state that…he would say it was an unintentional misspeaking on his part. Yeah, right! Or it could be like I stated above a very carefully crafted semantics game being played with the wording of “photos of women’s breasts” etc… The problem with this entire case is that the DT and the defense witnesses underestimated the unethical lengths to which the prosecution would go to win a case. IMHO….It was an all out WIN AT ANY AND ALL COSTS !! And the truth got lost in the process….

                • She is an IDIOT !!!!! She is going to be slapped down by the appeals courts as well by being overturned. No judge likes to have their cases overturned….it means that they allowed error to occur and did not take the correct actions or make any remedy…

              • I definitely believe Martinez intentionally crafted a semantics game.
                When I read that he stated ” photos of women’s breasts,” that immediately struck me as suspicious because it was so particular; anyone else would simply have said “nude photos”.

          • Amy, thank you very, very, for taking the trouble to re-concoct that double-speak scenario. I’m going to save your work for sure, and study it, to see if I can figure out into what “category of deception” such a convolution belongs.

    • My assumption she is basing that on Dr. G’s availability and that he will be the last witness and he will only take two days. That’s quite a lot to assume, especially with Malware involved.

      • Well I am pretty sure that Nurmi was being very honest with Demarte about Geffner writing her a letter about showing copywritten material, because at one point when she was just on the stand she said he couldn’t put it on screen because of copyright… In the first trial Martinez had all the questions and everything and was showing them on screen.

  2. This jury will never hand down the death penalty, IMHO. I’m thinking possibly hung jury or LWOP. But, definitely NOT death. I think this jury is smart enough based on their juror questions. Some may even be asking themselves how she ever got convicted of M1 in the first place. Crap case by the State.

    My only issue will be if the jury hangs – JSS is a wild card on what she’ll sentence Jodi to.

    • Bystander JSS has no choice in the matter, if there is a hung jury the death penalty is off the table and all she can do is sentence to life with or without parole.

    • Bystander, I think that the jury only votes on death. The sentence will be handed down by JSS. It could be 25 years or it could be LWOP. I may not have this completely right.
      JSS could have given her LWOP after the mistrial in the guilt trial.
      I do agree that I do not believe the jury will vote for the DP. It will be a nasty closing that JM will put on. But I’m very sure the DT will have a steller closeing that will leave then with a big ?.

      • Cindy I think that at this stage, when it is a retrial for sentencing only,Nurmi or Wilmott get to give their closing arguments first then Malware then Nurmi or WIlmott again. It is opposite to the original trial where it goes prosecution defense prosecution.

        • Thanks Deb. I knew that. I just don’t pay much attention to anything JM the lying SOB has to say. He will throw the picture of TA dead in the shower up and the Alexander’s will cry ( not that I don’t feel human emotion). But in the end Jodi will Not get the DP….

    • How in the world is it remotely allowable legal procedure for a trial to be run in chaotic out-of-sequence “order” INTO WHICH THIS ONE HAS DEVOLVED?

      NO JURY can be expected to be able to cope with this and maintain enough understanding to “get it right” when they determine a verdict? This is a serious and real question.

      Please – some ANSWERS?

      All this imposed chaos is EXACTLY THE FUEL the puny prosecutor is using to cheat ! !

      It seems like this issue would come under the category of: JUDICIAL MISCONDUCT ! ! !

      I’ve noticed that a whole bunch of smart and concerned folks are STUCK ON THEIR UNDERSTANDING that Kevin Horn’s AUTOPSY REPORT IS FACTUAL. It has, in FACT been debunked as a perjurous FRAUD. [Innocence Proof of Perjury-legal] by Richard Speights.

  3. It was the videos disclosed today that was the kick in Mini-me’s nutsack. He had nowhere to go but to try to imply that Deanna was the one who was watching the porno marathon of nudies. A computer she gives to Travis, doesn’t have possession of and doesn’t even own anymore. Ri-i-i–i-ii-g-ht

    It’s going to be Pseudonym who is going to blow the lid off this crapfest of coverups. He’s the one that said the computer was accessed at 11 pm and that is not something he could just make up. Maybe Dworkin didn’t find it but he didn’t get the original 2008 copy–he got a “forensic” copy. Forensically doctored.

    I hope Pseudonym is talking to Neumeister and they are coordinating the testimony that will blow the roof off that building–the tweeney stuff and the sites that were too vile for Bryan to even name. Today was the preview of the fall, just like the Hindenburg.

    Child Villa was certainly not a site that had to do with products at Home Depot either.

    • I thought the late-night access of the computer while in police custody happened on the same evening after original DT viewed evidence. Wasn’t the Siamese twins thing late that night?

      If so, that wouldn’t be on the 2008 original copy, it would be on the 2009 copy.

        • I was here for all the testimony, cindy – commented a few times.

          Sat around in the jury assembly room watching I Love Lucy for two and a half hours this morning then they sent us home.

          They only had one civil case this morning and there was a last minute settlement.

      • You’re right Journee, it was the same night.

        Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 4m4 minutes ago  Phoenix, AZ
        The computer looked @ an image called “Siamese Twins” at 11pm on June 19th, 2009. Smith says it was a human that did it #jodiarias #3tvarias

        • If evidence that belongs to the defence was being looked at by the state at 11:00 pm the night of June 19, 2009, it seems like the state should be mandated to have arranged for to defence to be present to witness the manner of evidence handling. I’m assuming this was a state intrusion that happened AFTER the Maria Schaeffer incident in which Martinez blamed her for deleting defence data. I would hate to think the State would be allowed to enter the defence locker, without the presence of a representative from defence.

    • Right, Jade, Child Villa is not a home improvement store nor does it have anything to do with one. Could someone explain to me exactly why Kermit called Lonnie Dworkin? What was he expecting to accomplish? Cuz it appears to me that it backfired immensely. Is he trying to lose?

      • Not only that but here’s his own direct examination of Reid on Day 51 ….

        M: “Were you ever around Travis when people would ask him about him being a virgin?”

        R: “Yes people would joke with him about it. He would laugh about and quickly change the subject.”

        M: “Did you ever hear him proclaim that he was?”

        R: “No”

        M: “Did you ever see any pics of little boys or little girls at his house?”

        R: NO


        R: “ NO”

        Cue the Dragnet theme …… dum da dum dum.

      • Has anyone REQUESTED OF Bryan Neumeister that he return?

        I thought his office had prepared a 7,000 page report that they were going to present on behalf of the Defence Team?

        • I was hoping Neumeister was coming back. He could also clear up this Spybot misinformation that was stated. He would probably know more about the false allegations that “Spybot put the porn on TA’s computer”….which of course is absolute crap. Someone needs to clarify that issue and Neumeister seems to know so much more about this topic. The others seem like morons.

          • I honestly think the jury has some questions in the mind’s about all this computer crap. But they do not totally understand why proving there was porn/child porn is so important. They do not know about the states corruption.

            I’m going out on a limb here and going to sadly say that perhaps we will not see BN again. It is a very sad thing because I do believe that he could blow a hole in the states case. But how could the DT bring it in without bringing in the motion of misconduct ??? I hope someone can explain this to me. I want to be wrong.

            I know JM opened that door with putting LD on the stand but will it be lost on the jury? Help!!!!!

            • Good Morning Cindy!

              As best I can figure, JM going off script to fight his misconduct battle in front of Jodi’s jury opens the door for DT to bring in whoever they wish to refute the claims made by the state in front of this jury.

              Bigger problem that I see is that -knowledge wise- John Smith is the one with the deeper understanding of computers and how to get at specific data. That’s why BN contracted the work out to him to begin with. But the tweeters definitely made it seem as though Mr Smith was a weaker witness – totally unprepared for JM’s bullying ways, where BN wouldn’t let JM bully him. BN has already deferred, on the stand and off, to “Smith’s” understanding and interpretation of the data because it’s not BN’s strongest area of expertise – he’s TOLD the jury that Smith has the answers, but can Smith deliver the answers on the witness stand with that freaky little dervish shouting at him?

              • Hey Journee! Glad your jury duty wasn’t too eventful!!! At least you could watch I Love Lucy! ♥ Better than Snow White any day!!!

    • Somebody needs to AUDIT that dang Maricopa County Police Department.
      There’s got to be (As in Horm’s “well it must have”) PAY-0FF GOING ON.

      The BRIBE MONEY it has cost the county to BUY their collection of puppets, they will ALLEGE to be costs incurred because of JODI’S TRIALS.

      Well-meaning folks will swallow this hook, line, and sinker.(Just like they are doing with Horm’s Report.
      So much “HIDING,” that there is No way for the regular folks to “know what they don’t know.”

      NOW, what Do we have? A HEAP MORE HATE – BASED ON LIES -with which to VILIFY JODI.

      They will BLAME IT ON JODI when it comes time to PAY-UP all these folks who now hold the mortges on
      the county’s shopping spree!

      I belonged to a show-bird club once. In order to become a JUDGE, you had to have a certain number of Championship wins under your belt. I had the NAUSEATING experience of witnessing one of the judging candidates, bring the poorest specimens from his breeding partner’s flock, so that the “judge pretender” could chalk up the necessary wins with his inferior flock. He became a “judge,” and I quit the Club.

      Now, I know I have a “mental disorder” (or is it a “mental illness”?) I know this because I diagnosed my self: I am “hyper-vigilent” and I have “trust issues” when folks try to sell me a load of crap.

      I think Travis Alexander is a pretty good object lesson of what happens when you allow yourself to slide over to the dark side. I am picking up on more and more suggestions that “people” were pissed off at him.

  4. As I said on the previous page:

    juan martinez tried all the tricks in his book of misconduct to prove that porn was not found on travis’s computer.

    These tricks he pulled backfired. It was a boomerang hitting him upside the head!

    Remember how flores got demoted (is that the right word?) from detective to office boy? Well I can see martinez going from prosecutor to janitor very very soon. I hope he has learned his way around the broom closet! 😉

    His prosecutorial misconduct, perjury and all the unethical shit that he has pulled is going to come back and bite him in the ass! I hope we have cameras around to document his fall!

  5. I too am puzzled by what JM hoped to accomplish by calling Dworkin. The only good things for the state that he seemed to get out of him were that he is sure the late-night evidence tampering at Mesa PD didn’t happen, and that Spybot does indeed work by some kind of “inoculation” as the cop witness said.

    I’m wondering whether he was expecting to force LD to admit that he saw porn on the computer the first time he examined it — what Michael Kiefer calls “the big question” — but found that question disallowed. To prove that would support JSS’s ruling in the misconduct motion that the DT knew about the porn before the first trial and failed to investigate it further in order to rebut JM on the subject properly.

    I too expect some BN, John Smith or both can adequately rebut all of this if they return.

    • Just finished catching up…Dworkin mentioned seeing some porn on TA’s computer in the first trial but JM screamed about him previously stating in a deposition that he hadn’t seen any porno. So Dworkin answers JM’s rant and says to JM that if had previously stated that there was no porn then he would agree with that. So JM himself got Dworkin to testify to no porn being seen on computer. The DT never had any evidence that there was porn on the computer – the porn had been hidden from DT for years and years and some destroyed by the state at the crime scene by Flores and again in 2009 more was destroyed by state when they turned on the computer again and hard shut down….So JSS has no facts to stand on to support that the DT “knew about the porn before and failed to investigate.” There was nothing to investigate due to Brady violations (hiding and destroying exculpatory evidence) and prosecutorial misconduct. The burden is NOT on the DT to hunt out the exculpatory evidence. The state has an absolute duty to disclose all exculpatory evidence to the DT and if they don’t it is a clear Brady violation and it does NOT have to be an intentional withholding of the evidence, it just has to be that the DT didn’t get the evidence whether intentionally withheld or not. And don’t forget that Dworkin was working with a forensic copy and the DT never received the original 2008 hard drive until just a couple of months ago…Bottom line on this is:

      1) clear Brady violations occurred in this case
      2) clear prosecutorial misconduct has occurred in this case not the least of which is the prosecutor himself destroying and altering the camera in full view of the court, the jury, and the defense team when he threw the camera down in court
      3) clear perjured testimony regarding the porn on the computer and clear perjured testimony on the order of wounds

      JM can try to say that the state was just as unaware of the porn as the DT however this argument will not work bc of the Brady violations they committed. In fact the Brady violations goes to the suspicion that they full well knew that there was porn on the computer. And if this court, or the AZ appeals court doesn’t follow the law, then I believe that the ninth circuit court of appeals will do what is correct according to the law and overturn the verdict of the criminal trial and vacate any sentence that is handed down on this sentencing trial and will remand for a new trial or dismiss with prejudice..KN has been doing a great job on making a record of all this. It is just too bad that KN and JW trusted that the state would have never gone to such egregious lengths and misconduct to win..Now that they are fully aware of this they are doing everything they can to make sure that there is a record for appeals…

            • Hi Cindy,
              I’ve been trying to get the web “site search” to bring up this new person who posts as Travis B. I’ve tried to search before, too. It always just comes up “no match.” Travis B had a very interesting way of thinking. He was extremely rational. I wanted to pass by him the Proof of Perjury article, because he is stating his opinions based oh his “assumption” that what the ME (Kevin Horn) says, must be the truth.

              I’m very curious whether this otherwise savy thinker would change his opinion if he reads the proof that the defence is cheating. Today he had about three long, detailed posts on our site. Now I can’t find any of his material.

              Does anyone have any suggestions? SJ? Pandora? Maria?

              • “Travis B” is not a new person, Seabird.

                The Travis B and Mickey D posts you responded to last night were two years old, made in Feb of 2013, during the first trial.

                • Has anybody INVITED BN TO COME BACK? I certainly hope so. Martinez is our biggest problem, and BN is our best solution for handling Martinez.

                  It’s “Crunch Time” – No room for errors.

      • Dworkin’s testimony today hurt the state and helped Jodi….provided the evidence that porn was downloaded on TA’s computer….also provides more evidence that state purposefully hid this exculpatory evidence from DT…..

        JM is just trying to save his own career… the time the appellate court is done he will be done…stick a fork in yourself JM and shrivel……..

    • Spybot from all my knowledge doesn’t give you viruses to protect you from viruse–that’s whacked. It isn’t like influenza that gives you a little bit of inert flu so you can build up immunity against the flu.

      Spybot has a developed list of suspicious and proven danger sites that are in its data base. Once those sites try to access your security holes, they are identified on a manual scan and can be removed. If you are running the full version in the background instead of doing a manual scan, Spybot gives the trojan, malware, keylogger, virus–whatever it is–the boot or quarantines it. It also recognizes sites that are trying to put known suspicious tracking cookies on your computer.

      There are have been a lot of contentious disagreements about the effectiveness of Spybot compared to other programs offering protection against the same things, but I have never heard of Spybot “innoculating” you by giving you the very thing it’s protecting you from.

      Pseudonym, you better be called back up there and Stephens better not try to stop it.

  6. Alexander was already being slippery using the computer Reid bought him for Christmas. The morning of the 4th, he was watching the Youtube videos under but was using the user profile of Deanna Reid. He was leaving the profile in her name even though the computer was his now.

    What we’re also forgetting about is this little gem of testimony.

    Just imagine what would have been evident on there.

      • I don’t know that hers has ever been an issue. It’s the mystery thumb drive in the bathroom closet and the hard drive BEFORE he got the computer from Reid that would really have had a ton of stuff.

        He had already been using all the malware and trace removal cleaners before he ever got the Compaq you can bet on that. He had also been caught by Jodi masturbating by this time to the little boy and he was being extra cautious.

        Now, enter all the copies of the most recent hard drive, the clones, forensic copies, doctored mirror images and files deleted from the very first moment the police saw the computer and we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

        • Hi Jade, you seem to know a lot about computers on a level that is over the heads of most of us. Your list of all the “junk info” with which we have been bombarded by Martinez, is to me the “finger print” of this cheater and the halmark of his MO.

          I am forced to give him credit for his ability to create so much chaos that the “good guys” lose their bearings. You and Journee have been invaluable with your “in other words” translations of his garbage dumps, calculated to overwhelm. Thank you.

          Cindy, my thanks again to you for keeping the questions coming that I can’t think to ask once I get overwhelmed by “the cheater.” In this high stakes “game,” the crucial things start coming down to:

          We don’t know WHAT we don’t know. The one thing that I do know, is that prayer really does help.

            • Thank you, Cindy. I just spent the day writing from”external inspiration” things I have been thinking about that might give us a better chance at winning our points at trial, now that it’s “Crunch Time.”

              There were a lot of new ideas in it, but I think it got lost. In the end it was long, and I was tired – who knows what key I hit.


    • Yeah, imagine that….the DT got a bag of parts….Gee I wonder how that happened?? More destruction of evidence…….This case is replete with destruction of exculpatory evidence….Anyone out there have a conscience ???? START TALKING !!!!!!!!

      • I would bet a mortgage payment that all the pictures Jodi caught him with spread out all over his bed were printed off of that hard drive.

        Seven years ago we didn’t have file storage capacities like we have now. They would have been overwritten very quickly. Once they were overwritten 2 times or more, it would have been near impossible to recover without some of the most sophisticated file recovery technology that has ever been developed. Hence all the 19 programs he had to do a quick clean as well.

        Pictures would have taken a lot of memory and videos would have used up memory storage in no time before being overwritten. But hence all the 19 programs he had to do a quick zapping as well.

        Plus, he was now being extraordinarily paranoid since he knew Jodi had caught him with the photos. He had gone strictly into ninja mode even more than he ever had before.

        I’m not so sure he didn’t have a system with files offsite somewhere with failsafe ways to hide the evidence like the one guy I posted about with a password that would self destruct. Child porn addicts are not popular in prisons. And the ones who have to do their best to hide it, communicate with each other in the underground seedy world they share.

        Now he’s even got a witness to it. And that brings us full circle to June 4th, 2008

        • I agree, it is the MO of pedos to do exactly what you have said. I was reading an article today about a child pedo now in prison from Florida. He was the most prolific pedo in their history with the amount of files, photos, videos, etc…Anyway, this guy was so addicted that even though he had thumb drives and other well hidden child porn, he had to have hard copies of his favorite child porno to the point that he put the photos of these poor children into photo frames so he could look at them anytime he wanted…so sick….most of these child predators can not stop their addiction and I believe that TA was well on his way to becoming a big hit with the FBI had he not been killed…….

          • There is also another thing that slipped by almost unnoticed.

            Dworkin said there were over 100,000 files on the Compaq hard drive when he looked at it. It simply wasn’t specified to him to look for porno or even to view Youtube videos. He told Mini-me in the cross that he couldn’t remember what every file was.

            In those 100,000+ files would have been some of things the other experts may have found because they WERE looking for it. It was probably way too much for the Mesa PD to doctor without being immediately evident and only enough was messed with to be able to pass off the blame to somebody else. Such as the convenient visit by the former defense team.

            Dworkin was looking for relevant information as to when the computer was last used. He even remembered “some” porno but it didn’t stand out in his memory so he deferred back to what he “thought” he may have said in the interview with Mine-me. But he had written a 1,500 page report ! So he has 1,500 pages and Neumeister has provided over 7,000. Part of what Dworkin testified to today I bet was those videos that were in those 100,000 files that put a real crink in Martinez’s day.

            As a matter of fact even Neumeister testified on day 13 of the FIRST trial only to the voracity of the tape recording and that it was Alexander’s voice on the tape. All the tons of experience he had in computer analysis and data recovery didn’t even come into play at all. Because they had no idea of the dirty scum hiding all the evidence that corroborated Jodi or the State scum prosecution stooges testifying that there wasn’t any to begin with.

            This trial is a train wreck for Martinez. Prosecutors and his minions who fix death penalty cases should receive the death penalty themselves. Maybe the first trial would have been a whole lot different if that law had been enacted.

            It’s not too late. Maybe we can make it retroactive.

            • So right ! The state plotted and colluded on this from the beginning to alter/tamper/hide/destroy exculpatory evidence……the state does not get a pass on this stuff and get to blame the DT for not finding the evidence….they destroyed 3,000 books worth of evidence or more at the crime scene thanks to Flores….what was in those 3,000 books worth of evidence? we don’t know…what was destroyed when they once again failed to follow standard protocol in 2009 and turned on the computer when the DT was present (to purposefully set them up just in case anyone found out about their dirty deeds) ? We don’t know…..This is what a Brady violation is by definition. End of story, vacate the verdict and dismiss with prejudice…the rest is just icing on the cake for the DT……….You can NOT blame the DT for not finding the evidence that the state screamed was NOT there and had hidden from them for years !!!! They can not now say we gave you the copy of the hard drive (though not the original 2008 hard drive at least not until well after the criminal trial and not until the sentencing trial – another Brady violation) and therefore you should have could have found the evidence. The evidence had been destroyed and hidden. The defense is entitled to ALL EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE, PERIOD!!!! NOT just some of it, or most of it, but ALL OF IT!!!!!! Brady Violation……Brady Violation……..I am not just a broken record….The ninth circuit court of appeals will be outraged at the behavior of the state and this prosecutor and they will smack this sad, pathetic little man down…..

              • Here’s a main thing that I don’t understand. Who or what would have the where-with-all to “see to it that the State doesn’t get a pass on their cheating”?

                It seems like there is nothing that is enforced to stop them. Things seem to be set up so that a lot of these issues simply “Expire”? A sigh, and a maybe we should have . . . .

                I don’t have a sense that the Defence has an actual plan in place. I hope I’m wrong.

          • I just don’t know Cindy. Travis had really made a horrible mess of his life. I’m not sure exactly which mistake caught up with him but it is almost like it was several things coming down on top of him at the exact same time. The Perfect Storm. . . .since we have discussed the weather! 😉

            • R. it’s mind blowing. I go back and forth. That’s why it’s inperative to have to have BN and company continue to extract everything they can from the hard drive and Jodi’s phone.

              I agree TA was totally like a ticking time bomb. There is something on that hard drive besides porn that might fill in the blanks.

              • I believe that they are continuing to extract vital information from the hard drive and Jodi’s phone. Jodi is not going to let that go without a fight bc she knows what TA was doing and knows that there is a lot more evidence on those devices. KN and JW are now on fire and are going to continue the investigation on the hard drive and phone bc they know that there is further evidence that will eventually help Jodi in her appeals..

          • There’s something mighty strange about that Mormon church and how it’s all intermingled with this Pre-Paid Legal. Then you have him juggling 12 women at the same time who may have had boyfriends. Then you have him on pins and needles with what Jodi knew. Then you have a guy who is borrowing $7,000 and constantly needs roommates. Then you have a guy who is being told he won’t be having his creme pie so frequently anymore and she’s on the way to visit the one who is taking his place. Then amazingly you have a neck cutting tradition by the very church he happens to belong to. Then you have his temper.

            It’s just one big powder keg.

            • Anytime you have someone told that they should stay a virgin, even if it takes 30 years
              IMO is a big powder keg for porn , ALL porn
              When are the cults going to realize that they can’t tell you when you should have sex , then you’re going to have all kinds of problems.
              I’m sure TA’s hard drive had a lot of porn even sent to him and he sent to others from those, even higher up in that religion.
              They keep talking about the porn, but they fell to put the OTHERS that are behind it
              because THEY are the ones that they are covering for.
              I’m not sure about the Bible, but my son liked to read it as though it was a dictionary.
              One time I was so frustrated and he was in a hurry to leave, but stopped and read something about the truth will all come to light.
              Maybe it will soon. I hope for Jodi and everyone.
              R. maybe you know what I’m talking about.
              I’m not much into religion!

        • I have been talking recently about a newish program called “Recuva” by Piriform the same software company that released the now famous “CCleaner” recognised by many as the best computer cleaning tool on the internet. It has been featured on many magazines & newspapers on my side of the world.

          There’s a (free & pay) version of both these programs, but even the free ones are outstanding in what they do. Now I bet if Defence Team got their expert to run “Recuva” on TA’s computer even now – they would find many more images & even video of what TA was up to…if images or other files are overwritten then it tells you what files overwrote on the files you’re looking for. In other words if Windows Updates wrote over some of the porn then it would tell you that, unless another file/s wrote over Windows Update…and if so? It will tell you what that was. It recovers documents, music, images, & even emails and will work on camera’s, USB sticks, memory cards, etc

          And here’s something else, even if you format your hard drive (Quick Format) which most people do one time or another (and even by mistake) or if Windows crashes…it will recover it’s content…& even if Windows can’t find your file, it will, because it searches for the bits that make up the a file or files & then it puts it/them back together again. Now if a file has been written over again & again and is truly unrecoverable, it will tell you that & then tell you the file that took it’s place. Also, you can tell it the particular file you’re searching for, and it will just concentrate on that one file instead of going through the whole computer.

          CCleaner, gives you the choice to do 4 different patterns to overwrite a computers file or history, they are 1, 3, 7, & 35. The 35 pattern makes your file history unrecoverable even by “Recuva” or any other software for that matter.

          I am sure “Recuva” would recover much more than the experts have recovered so far.

          • I have those programs myself, both CCleaner and Recuva. But you can bet Pseudonym has a lot more sophisticated software than that and that’s why he was able to tell the computer was accessed at almost midnight while supposedly in the ever-principled honest custody of the evidence lockup of MPD. Barf.

            Neumeister has better equipment stuff than many FBI labs.

            I bet by now what they have documented could make Martinez’s head spin around like Linda Blair in The Exorcist.

            • I’ll add one more tidbit.

              If Neumeister has over 30 years experience and with the extraordinary credentials he has, and HE turns it over to his pal Pseudonym to discover the true extent of the goodies he’s already identified, that tells you how just how good Pseudonym has to be.

              And there is no way he can’t be brought back to testify again. Martinez opened the door with Dworkin as a new witness–originally called as a DEFENSE witness–stating that he did not find any evidence that someone at the Mesa PD was using the computer at almost midnight after the Schaffer defense visit in 2009.

              The defense has every right to recall Pseudonym to rebut that testimony and to say even Dworkin was wrong. Plus to identify some of those kiddie sites we’re waiting for.

              He has had almost 2 months examining that original 2008 hard drive. If he gets back on the stand, I predict it will be the most exciting testimony we’ve heard in the entire trial.

              If that blonde battleaxe tries to deny the recall, Nurmi should immediately appeal it to the AZ Supreme Court and drag this trial out ’til September if necessary.

              • Jade that’s what I’m talking about!!!!! You just answered my nagging question. Could the DT recall BN or “John Smith. I do not for one minute believe that Bryan and co. have stopped looking. But there has to be more besides the child porn on the hard drive. All the emails and PPL stuff. I’m sure that Cash deleted files while remotely on TAs. laptop.
                Proving misconduct by the state is not enough. Proving TA was into child porn isn’t enought. They have to be able to tie it all together so they have every stone unturned for the new trial that Jodi Will have!!

                If it wasn’t for the neck cutting and TA being shoved in that shower and the fact that Jodi did not have any injuries other then the small cuts on her finger’s I might go totally with self defense. I’m not saying it didn’t start out that way….

                Oh for the love of God Jade September?? LOL. They poor jury. It has to be soon very, very soon.

                A song keeps coming to mind when I think about JM. “They’re coming to take you away haha, they’re coming to take you away”.

                IMHO, BN has to much animosity towards JM right now to let this go!!!

              • Yes, exactly. They opened the door by allowing Dworkin to testify that there was no access to TA’s computer at 11:00pm while in police custody. If the DT has evidence to rebutt that they should be able to bring that forward and have either BN testify to that or some other forensic expert that has that evidence. JSS has continually denied the DT with no basis in fact or law and thus far has gotten away with it but once again KN will continue to make a record for the appeals…..but I would much rather that the DT be able to bring that evidence forward now in this trial for the jury and the world to hear….

  7. I don’t believe that any of the male jurors are buying the insinuation that Deanna was the one looking at porn nor do I believe they will buy that Jodi would have changed the name on the phone text to make it look like TA was the one texting with her…..he was the one texting with her and everybody knows this including the jurors….I think JM is looking completely desperate with these insinuations that are completely not credible

    • BB I agree. The whole texting bs that he tried to pull. Sure you can put Prince Charles as the name associated with the number. But the # always is the evidence.
      So ounces again JM insults the jury with BS.

  8. The sad thing is that Jodi will go to prison and her family will continue in this horrible nightmare for the rest of their lives. No matter what the jury decides it’s a no win for everyone involved. This beautiful girl life is over. Prison is a horrible reality for her. Having a daughter in prison I know what is ahead for her. She will be subject to the guards telling her everyday what she can do, who she can talk to, what she can eat, when to sleep, and the list goes on. If her family can afford it they will get to visit once a week with a guard watching. I could go on and on. I would tell the Arias’ family to go on prison talk web site to have some support. Sorry for being a Debbie Downer, but watching Jodi is like watching my daughter. The pain never goes away.

    • Hi Kris,

      Thanks for posting. You have my sympathy 4 sure… but *thankfully* Jodi’s time in prison will be *limited* once the dust finally settles on this whole judicial BS fisaco. You can mark my words on that.

      Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

    • Welcome Kris! ♥ My prayers go out for you and your daughter. Never apologize for feeling like a Debbie Downer because you are speaking from true experience. You know better than many of us what pain a family will have from having a family member in prison. It is a punishment that affects everyone in the family. So unfair. Just know God will help when no one else can. Never doubt it.

    • Kris, I am sorry for the pain that you and your daughter are forced to suffer.
      The prison system is unjustly cruel, sadistic, immoral and unethical in so many ways; I hope one day it will be changed into something humane and compassionate.
      The web-site you mentioned is a good idea.

    • Goodnight R. Love ! Pretty good day, and now the DT has until the 18th to gather more evidence which I am sure they are continuing to do…….

  9. Is there any way this jury can decide other than
    DP or Life?
    I mean is that their only options?
    If it is hung, do they have another trial?
    How many trials can this squirt keep asking for?
    This has been unjust crap I have ever seen, and I hope this jury sees that
    He should be on trial, not Jodi.
    I can’t see how AZ can get away without impeaching all of the prosecuting team.

    • Aly, …I really don’t know anything about the law except what I learn online & through Google. …But please Google: Jury Nullification: The Top Secret Constitutional Right
      ,,,, I will try to put up the link.
      …What I understand is that the court systems throughout the entire country does not want the public to know anything about this, and certainly no judge would ever (IMHO) give this in a jury instruction.
      …But, I think it may apply to the guilt phase of trials & not necessarily to the re-trial sentencing phase. …But I say: why the Hell not??
      …If I was on a jury and I thought the law was miss-applied or that the evidence was not believable or that the prosecution witnesses or the police were untruthful & I did NOT agree with what was being presented (in videos) of the first trial. …I would ask for a lawyer (while I was in the jury) to assist me in upholding my Constitutional Right to Nullify my vote in this sentencing phase of the Jodi Arias case. …And, I would demand that my lawyer demand of the court that (((the proper jury instruction be given to the entire jury))) that they had their (((Constitutional Right to consider this Nullification option for Miss Jodi Ann Arias))). …What would happen to me???
      …What is the judge going to do, put the entire jury in jail until they vote with only two options?? …I say that there are more than two possible LEGAL options. …There are several. …
      ,,,,,What would happen if the entire jury decided to nullify their 12 votes? …Or, just one juror nullified their vote?? …That would mean that they they disagreed with the guilt verdict of the guilt phase. …That is the American system that I can support!!!!

      • And, I am just a few minutes into my birthday, Friday 13th. … ….Feb 13, 1941 dob. …
        …Thirteen is my lucky number for me. …I have 13 letters in my name, counting my middle initial.
        …Mademoiselle Jodi Ann Arias is innocent and St Joan of Arc is her Guardian Angel.

        • JURY NULLIFICATION IN THE JODI ARIAS CASE: Thanks to those up- & down-thread, for wishing me a happy birthday. …I am just going to sit around the house & hope I don’t get called to work today & tonight (in my retirement job) delivering lost airport luggage to hotels in the CBD & French Quarter, in New Orleans, because this is Carnival time & not easy to deliver to hotels till parades are over each night. …Mardi Gras Day is Tuesday, Feb 17th (this year), it varies.
          …And yes, I feel sure that Judge Sherry Stephens, in Arias case, has the subject of Jury Nullification kept out of any possibility of jury consideration. …That is surely the law in Arizona & probably the other 49 states, but that is (TODAY), and this is a new century and ready for a NULLIFICATION AWARENESS MOVEMENT in the Criminal Justice System.
          …I remember my Mother showing me (around 1949 when I was about age 8, how to move the wooden partitions in the city bus, if necessary, to always make sure I sat in front of the partitions & not in the “colored only section”. …The “colored people” voluntarily also moved the signs (themselves) & moved (themselves) back of the signs when bus was crowded , (or moved forward when not crowded).
          …I used to always think: they got the best comfortable seat, way in the back. …”Whites” could never sit in that comfortable seat because there was nowhere to put the partition sign, hahaha.
          …When I joined the US Air Force in 1962, the recruiter sent me, and a “colored new enlistee” to Moisant Airport (as it was then called) and gave me “travel & meal vouchers for both of us. …When we got there I felt awkward because I had never ever sat at a lunch counter or table in a restaurant with a “colored person”, NOR had I ever seen that happen in New Orleans until, that day. …And, I was directed to do that by The Unites States Air Force. …I wondered: Will we both be arrested??…Which law should I (and we) obey?? …Everything went fine, nobody bothered us. …Hours later in Lackland AFB, Texas, I realized that there was no more segregation, and that now segregation is illegal, and no more partitions permitted.
          …Although, now I was the one being the object of prejudice, because the USAF “TI” Training Instructor, kept calling me derogatory names because I had a Spanish last name & I was in TEXAS.
          …But still, today, MINORITIES ARE EASILY EXCLUDED from juries in this country. …In Arizona, in the Arias case??? …BECAUSE (IMHO) minorities can easily tell when “cops testalie.” …I am not making up that word. …Google it, and you will find that Alan Dershowitz talked about it on National TV in regards to the OJ Simpson case which (I describe it) as total JURY NULLIFICATION of the evidence as junk in, junk out, and they disbelieved the prosecution case.
          …So, I say to anyone and everyone, that I read (online) about (Rosa Louise McCauley Parks) who defied the the bus driver in Montgomery, Alabama, (in 1955) and refused to give up her seat. …And, that since 1955, the country was in the middle of the GREAT MOVEMENT” to change UNJUST LAWS. …Then I read that my Mother & Rosa Parks share the same birthday Feb4th, and just about 7 years older than Parks.
          …I say that: I believe now is the time for me to say that JURY NULLIFICATION must present itself in the Jodi Ann Arias case of an unjustified prosecution….(IMHO)…
          …I would say that the 12 JURORS who would question this law, and sit on “their side” of the “NULLIFICATION PARTITION” will surely be called the “MAJESTIC 12 of NULLIFICATION”.
          …If the law of Arizona dictates that one or all 12 jurors be arrested, can it be so terrible and more severely punishable than it was to one little “negro or colored lady” who did in defiance to the wooden “colored only” moveable partitions signs in 1955?? .
          …Jodi is a minority and unable to afford the high priced defense team that OJ Simpson had. …Perhaps Simpson was really the perpetrator, …it don’t make any difference. .. He was NOT GUILTY because (IMHO) the jury believed the police were trying to FRAME a “probably guilty person” …PROBABLY GUILTY IS NOT GUILTY and nullification in sentencing is a legal option regardless of what the first jury determined. (In My Humble Opinion of course).

          • W. What a great post. Very educational. OK so if a few members of the jury decide they just can not vote would they bring in the alternates? Or would that just be a mistrial? Oh wouldn’t that just tick JSS off.
            Needless to say it would be better if she just
            would do the right thing and grant the motion on the table.

            I hope you can just sit back and relax tonight!!!

            • I wish only the best for the release of Jodi Arias for time served. …I do not know what is the best decision that can be made by this re-trial jury. …However, I am observing that there are voters in this country who are not satisfied with those who attain office by catering to “vengeance seekers” in law enforcement & in the criminal justice system.
              …On this day Friday 13th, a brand new DEMOCRAT GOVERNOR wasted no time in suspending Pennsylvania’s “error-prone” death penalty.
              …Google: Gov Tom Wolf imposes moratorium

            • If any juror refused to vote they would be removed from the jury and an alternate would take their place. If in your scenario that you gave there were too many jurors that refused to vote then it would cause a mistrial bc there would not be enough alternate jurors…..

          • WLOP, Belated Birthday Wishes, hope it was a good one & hope you have many more good ones.

            is it true De Marte’s computer went on a walkies in the first trial as well? Very suspicious is “That”!

      • When jurors disagree with a law being applied in a particular case or when they disagree with the particular law a defendant has been charged with then jury nullification can occur. They vote to acquit even though they perhaps believe that the defendant is guilty. It is their way of voicing their disagreement with the proceedings. However, in this sentencing re-trial the jurors are not voting on the guilt of Jodi, they are deciding only one thing – do you put the defendant to death. They will have one choice either they vote yes for death or no. So there can be no jury nullification here. However, if the jurors perceive that Jodi was unfairly found guilty they will flatly turn down the death penalty in a unanimous vote. I don’t believe this will happen, but there is a good possibility that at least one or two of the jurors will vote no on death. JSS will then have no choice but to give Jodi life, either with possibility of parole or without possibility of parole. And don’t we all already know what she is going to do – she will give her LWOP…

        • I agree BB. JSS has made herself an open book for the world to see how she performs. 🙁 I pray the Lord will give her a heavy heart to do what she should. Her job is already over IMO. She still has time to make a RIGHT DECISION for Jodi and for herself!

        • BB does she not have to rule on the last motion before she turns it over the jury??
          If she the nice that once again, I sure hope KN yells his head off. I hope he let’s it just slip out in his closing..I know he wouldn’t do that but darn someone on the jury has to know something isn’t right….

                • By that I mean he may be able to work into his questioning the facts that he brought forward in his motion….such as “the state accusing Dr. G of changing the test results after he reviewed them” KN can ask questions about that topic of Dr. G so that the jury is fully aware of the fact that Dr. G did NOT change the test results after reviewing them. He can give him opportunity to explain in front of the jury about that…if he is able to work that in without objection that is…..

                • Baby Doc accused Dr. G of doing things “wrong” and really provided no explanation to that….KN could use that as an opportunity to bring out the facts that Dr. G did everything correctly and btw is far more experienced than baby doc……..

        • Actually in a case where a jury has made a finding of “especially cruel” the judge will sentence t natural life if jury hangs. A few of the courtroom reporters seem to have strong feelings that this jury will not hang I believe she will get lwop and has 14 days after sentence is pronounced to file an appeal. She gets one appeal paid for by taxpayers, uf she is found indigent, unlike with death penalty where everything is paid. Sheriff Joe said at the first trial if death sentence is given she is taken immediately from court to Perryville. I think if lwop she has a short time period before she appears a final time for sentencing.

          • Actually that Sheriff is in trouble himself, he has to face a Judge in April 2015 for for ignoring loads of judicial hearings for something he did in 2007, a racial profiling case. What goes around comes around…Martinez hopefully will be next & then Stephens.

      • WLOPEZ4JAA, it greatly disturbs and upsets me that most juries, and most of the public, are not aware of jury nullification.

        The fact that even juries are kept unaware of it, even as they are basically forced to make even life or death decisions, that will weigh on their conscience for the rest of their life
        __ this failure to inform the jury of its constitutional rights, ( which thereby causes the defendant to not have access to, or even knowledge of one’s own constitutional rights),

        ___ this shows that the justice system and prison system are rotten at their core.

        • Yes Amy, and I feel sure that if one juror submits a question to JSS: Can I select juror-nullification as my vote, …(meaning no vote at all by that juror)? …Then surely that juror will be immediately removed & an alternate juror put in his/her place.
          …So, if I was a juror, I would probably not ask that question until all alternates were discharged. …Hopefully, one juror of the final 12 would start that discussion question, about juror-nullification in the jury room, during deliberations.
          …(Sort of like Henry Fonda in the movie: “12 Angry Men”
          …It would probably not have any more effect than just a HUNG jury, but the world would know that at least one juror does not agree with the guilt phase of the trial enough to make a decision, either way. …That, would make news in all the media & introduce all future jurors in all cases, in this country, to this constitutional right.
          …And surely, tens of thousands would search Google for: Jury Nullification Top Secret.

          …NO JUROR SHOULD EVER be compelled to: “JUST VOTE YES OR NO” ! ! ! (IMHO)

          • …CORRECTION:
            …I think I meant to say, NO JUROR SHOULD EVER be compelled to: JUST (vote yes to death) or, JUST (vote yes to life in prison).
            …It is the same thing. …It would be like The English asking “Nathan Hale”: Would you prefer death by hanging or death by our flint lock rifles??
            …That was what the American Revolution was for. …That is why we have a Constitution.
            …But, the third option: the constitutional right to vote for nullification, which is a (NO VOTE to the entire guilt verdict of the first jury). …There must be an end to “piggy back logic” of assuming that the first jury was correct.

            • WLOPEZ,
              Thank you.
              You’ve really answered a lot of questions that I’ve asked so many times.
              I probably drive my husband crazy. : )
              Say, for instance I was on this jury, I would wonder how in the hell the first
              jury got this all wrong, yet I ‘m sitting there listening to another trial and it’s only to decide Life or the DP, they would half to throw me in jail because I’m not going to vote because the judge wanted me to hurry up when everything is telling me, this is just wrong!
              Plus, like I said, I would think after all of this BS, what happened in the first trial. I would be thinking instead of a trial for DP or Life, I couldn’t even find Jodi guilty, even though I would know that’s not what I was there for.

              I know they lie. I’ve seen the police misconduct and them perjur themselves.
              So this is what my option would be and they’re telling me I vote DP or life, when in everyway couldn’teven find her guilty.
              No way!!
              I would rather go to jail, then to vote against what I think is right.
              They can’t take that away from me!

              I agree with everything you’ve said and I do appreciate all of the information. I will be asking more?
              Also about the bus? That is actually the first time that I had ever known anything about
              segregation. We had all kind of friends. They didn’t care that I was white and I didn’t care if they weren’t.
              I didn’t quiet understand about the signs on the buses and then started seeing them everywhere. The only way I can explain the way I felt was embarressed and sad.

              I’m getting ready to come your way tomorrow, only not as far.
              We’ll be going to Lake Charles for a fun time.
              I know you’re going to be very busy, but hope that you’ll get a little fun time in there too.
              A little late, but hope you had a wonderful Birthday!
              You’ll need to rest up for the Mardi Gras!!!

                • We have to see justice for her!
                  I want to read more and post, but got to get ready!!!
                  I’ll be back Thursday night or Fri morning. : )
                  Everyone have a great Mardi Gras!! : )

    • He’s fleeping 82 years old ffs! Why doesn’t he just RETIRE ALREADY! I wonder what is going on within him that continues to push him to force his hatred upon society? I can not fathom how his body survives all that vengeance running throughout every cell. He even looks like a demon to me.

  10. Well I feel for all you wrapped in blankets cause its snowing and cold where you are. I am on the west coast of Canada and its raining tonight and the weather is supposed to be sunny and warm over the next few days….Happy Valentines Day to all.

  11. I figured out how to rewatch the first trial on my big TV screen. The “frog” just makes big loud noises to make himself feel taller :)… Flaunting his “do you have memory problems???” He has fraud problems trying to save his ass. UGH!!! Seriously, Jodi is so so strong, beautiful and so poised and confident. With all due right to be so. I’m amazed constantly. She will be free soon!!!!

    • I forgot his sisters sat front row. I work in the judicial system and my Judge would have kicked the bias shit out. Wish Jodi were in Missouri.

  12. Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Love to our sweet Jodi and her family. I hope the DT takes tonight out to be with there loved ones.

    I read that JM filed a objection to the DT’s last motion. Geez took him long enough. If it is true it was about Dr. G. Can’t wait to read it. LOL. Could it be the 3 oops he made about saying witness #1 name.. Or perhaps the copyright issue? Yep he’s feeling the heat and it’s not the AZ. weather. Getting very close to the doors of hell.

  13. Happy Valentines Day Jodi!! Wish I could walk in there with flowers & everything, but know many thoughts & love going out to you, from me & many others out here! We’re all thinking of you…..♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  14. BB and seabird

    Don’t know what’s up with the sudden jump to the “A message from Angela Arias” page – or how y’all even got there

    But I thought I would point out to you that you are responding, there, to two year old posts, and posters we haven’t seen since before Jodi was convicted.

  15. Pennsylvania put a moratorium on the death penalty. I know its not Arizona but each state that does this gives the issue more strength. Don’t know if it is true but I read somewhere that 1 in 10 on death row are innocent. That seems high to me but if anyone has other stats I would be interested in hearing them.

  16. Here is an article from Amanda Chen “Spotlight on the Jodi Arias Trial” from about a year ago. The article and the comments section asks a lot of questions about Jodi’s case and her trial. The comments are mostly a back and forth commentary by Rob Roman and a woman named Martina, who is clever and funny (who actually sounds a bit like a few women on this site). Lots of snarky comments about Martinez and others, too. It gave me even more questions than I already had about this trial.

    • That’s an interesting point that Travis could have told someone she was there or that somebody could have overheard her on the phone if they had called, which she could have never known in advance.

      But Travis wouldn’t be likely to be blabbing that she was there because remember, that was his ‘stalker.”

      What she couldn’t possibly predict though is whether either of the ROOMMATES would have spotted her or heard her in the bedroom. What if Zach came strolling in while they were downstairs? How would she predict that? He would also know her voice and I don’t think they were talking in hand signals in the bedroom like deaf mutes.

      That was premeditated like I would know how to pilot the space shuttle.

  17. JSS will hear Oral Argument on the State’s Objection to Defendant’s Motion for Mistrial for Prosecutorial Misconduct during Cross of Geffner, filed on Jan 25th. Arguments will be heard on Tuesday, Feb 17th at 8:30.

        • I’ve been watching a bit of the AH case in Mass. The trial and judges could not be any different. There is no emotion allowed in her courtroom and the photos of the deceased are handled so carefully not to be prejudicial. All I could think of was JM and that horrible autopsy photo that he confronted Lisa with and shocked everyone in the gallery. I am sure that this judge would have called a mistrial right that very moment.

  18. Hope everyone is having a lovely Valentine’s Day and wishing for Jodi to be able to live and find love again when she is freed from this nightmare….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. I’ve been reading an interview, from awhile back, with Juror #17, Tara Kelley. Here’s what she theorizes happened (although it obviously doesn’t seem to be based on any proof beyond any reasonable doubt that she actually heard in a courtroom):

    “I believe on May 26, Travis was trying to break it off completely with Jodi! She got mad and threatened him with the sex tape! He started calling her those names b/c he thought if he did she would finally leave him alone, especially when he said u r the worst thing that ever happened to me! He was hoping that would make her stop! It only made her really mad knowing he no longer wanted her! She couldn’t take it! She planned the burglary and started planning his death! She wanted to make sure she was the last he ever had sexually! She wanted that power of knowing she was his last.”

  20. I want to make a statement: I am not responsible for any bad weather that anyone might incur in the next few days. I have not been blowing South or even East!!
    But I really think that we might ask our friends in Canada… I think the are the ones who pushed the jet stream down to the U.S.

    Everyone please be mindful of the weather and be safe…..

      • She said they dated exclusively in CA from 2002-2004, then she came to Phoenix after he moved here and bought the house. She then arrived in April 2004 because that Knox Company she worked for moved here.

        She then told him she would have to hit the road because he didn’t want to get married which she told him at the end of 2005.

        I’m sure if she racked her brain, she would know what year she gave him the computer. It was a Christmas gift. There aren’t that many Christmases between 2002 and 2005.

        Lying, eye blinking, Martinez trained prosecution team member

    • Early on, when the child villa (childville?) site was mention, I went to it. It appeared to be about children’s clothing (where I expect you could find young boys in their underwear) but I immediately got hit with a virus that took over my browser. (Luckily I have an iPad so was able to research how to get rid of the virus.) I see now the site no longer exists.

  21. This comment is from a site supporting Travis but it shows we aren’t the only ones with questions about her trial and this comment came before the sentencing retrial:

    “Youre exactly right she did admit to killing him

    There was a wealth of evidence that she did do it-

    and you are exactly correct there are inconsistencies….

    With so much evidence against her, why is it that with further scrutiny, it seems to become more and more apparent that the State presented a case which is less than trustworthy?

    With so much evidence against her, why is it there are so many questionable concerns about each piece of evidence each witness/ testimony?

    There is something very wrong in the States case and the way they decided to present the evidence

    there are so many questionable concerns about each piece of evidence each witness testimony

    There is something very wrong in the States case and the way they decided to present the evidence

    There are legitimate concerns about the pics recovered about the date and timestamps, about the deletion, about the stipulations

    There are legitimate concerns over the whole prosecution theory reversioning

    There are legitimate concerns about Dr Horns entire body of work in this case about his testimony his autopsy report, the sequencing about whether or not Florez was thrown to the wolves and for what?

    There are legitimate concerns over the lack of submission of forensics from the scene and what story it might have told…

    There are legitimate concerns over whther or not the prosecutions own diagnosis bolsters JAs claims of the fog, PTSD the amnesia,,,

    legitimate concerns of securing the scene, securing info, collecting evidence, manipulating evidence, failing to collect test, and present the evidence….and so on

    As a citizen, I am very concerned about this entire case and what it could mean for any of us who may find ourselves at the mercy of LE and the courts and a jury set to determine and weigh the evidence against us when that evidence is all highly questionable.

    you said;

    there is no dispute JA DID admit shooting him, DID admit stabbing him and DID admit slashing his throat.

    There may be no dispute that she ADMITTED to shooting him, she did not admit to stabbing him or slashing his throat- admitting something doesnt always= the truth of what happened-

    Why is the evidence that is supposed to lead us to the truth, only lead us to more questions and concerns?

    If this is such a slam dunk case of a heinous premeditated murder then why did the prosecution feel the need to present a case full of mistakes and twisted evidence?

    You said: I’m curious about the fixation with the gunshot wound, others have also raised questions…..If it’s because it makes her version of events more believable, it still doesn’t appear to negate other facts or other contradictions to her story.

    Which version of events Beth, and whose ?

    Jodi isnt the ONLY one who changed the version of events a # of times -is she?

    Questions remain-

    Still many of us are satisfied that she did do it, and probably agreed to all the evidence etc to hide the truly viscous truth of the killing-

    If this is the case, then the State let her get away with it and helped her to obscure the truth by their own manipulations and shortcomings

    The evidence is supposed to tell the story yet so much of the evidence was either not collected, was never presented, or was twisted to fit a version of events a theory….

    Just a theory
    And we are all left to ponder that evidence, and when we do, all we come up with is more concerns

    What is the truth? i dont know

    IRT the state, if the prosecution and LE can go to trial and present a case such as this, one that cant be trusted-

    How trustworthy is our system for anyone, not just admitted killers like JA?”

    • Many of those questions have been discussed here too. The prosecutions case as presented in the last trial and this one has so many holes in it. So many contradictions and inconsistencies. I just don’t know how the prosecution has gotten away with this whole mess. What is the truth????One thing for sure, the prosecutions case has not presented the truth.

      • I don’ t think Martinez would ever have gotten away with his misconduct if a different judge was presiding.
        I hope the judges that run the appellate court have integrity.
        I hope there will be repercussions for JSS’s errors beyond Jodi winning her appeal.

    • Nice to see that some are not so blood thirsty that they can see the machinations of the state. JM just had to overcharge in everyway just to get another notch in his belt. There never was an investigation, and their case was convoluted to get the DP at all costs. I hope and pray that justice and truth will prevail with Martinez and his cronies, the friends with ulterior motives and anyone else with dirty fingers will be exposed and fully prosecuted.

      Free Jodi Arias!!!!!!!

    • The thing that amazed me is that Jennifer had a blockbuster opportunity to land a knock-out punch and she didn’t do it.

      If she would have just blown up the blue-jeans with the stripe photo and showed that what Martinez claimed was Alexander’s foot was nothing more than a small pool of blood, Martinez would have been a laughing stock all around the world.

      It would have devastated his claim that Alexander was in the “dragging” position and how lame his theory was, plus how he just throws unnsupported shit up as evidence as if it’s fact. It would have been a Kodak moment. It would have made everything he said after that be much more scrutinized.

      But Willmott told Horn it was the same damn thing Martinez said it was.

      How can you make such blunders as an attorney that is supposed to even teach other attorneys?

        • Yes, exactly and this is why they should have hired forensic experts of all sorts to combat the manure put forth from the little idiot……

        • I used Photoshop to look at the picture you referenced above.
          What it looks like to me:
          On the left are two pillows one on top of the other.
          On the right is a pillow on a diagonal.
          If that is Travis, he is leaning against the diagonal pillow – it is slightly curved to support his back.
          There are small spots of blood on the floor.

            • The picture I looked at is the exact same picture that was on the screen at trial, not the cropped one.
              Who had a blue/green tweed sofa? That is what the color looks like.
              The seams of the cushions would be vertical in the stack, and curved slightly on the one he is leaning against.

              In no way is he being dragged, and in no way is there any other human being in the picture.

          • What isn’t visible in the cropped image shared above is that the full image has a zipper running vertically down the left side of the photo, parallel to the stripe. It appears to be a garment of some kind, probably made of some kind of jersey – going by the appearance of double row of hem stitching across the bottom.

              • Carol, a short while back, I mentioned that I also thought it was a pillow ( I had thought just one). [I also thought it might be a kind of travel bag.]
                But I am using a Nook and can not enlarge images to any extent, and I have no access to any photo- enhancing equipment.
                Journey and Jade seemed to have successfully refuted that it is a pillow.
                It was pointed out that there was a transparency to the bottom cloth beneath the seam.
                I see how it looks like a couch pillow also, and some couches have zippers along the back so the cover can be removed and cleaned.
                The couch cushion I have at home, at the very back portion of it, not visible from the seen portion of the couch, has a very abrupt demarcation in appearance from the rest of the cushion. There is a sudden absence of any color, it is a straight line, and yes, there is a long zipper along the seam of the couch.
                Also, some couch cushions do have a ‘flounce'( ?) at the end, a transparent material over- lapping.
                And even now when I googled images: ” Travis Alexander dragging photo,” I noticed that I saw a photo relating to the case, and in the photo were two lines, one more striped shape, that had the appearance of existing due to some fluke in the film development/ exposure process. The white there looked like the actual photographic paper devoid of any color.
                WLOPEZ4JAA had remarked that the stripe did not seem to be ‘real’. It definitely had a weird, floaty, undefined edge, translucent quality like a light reflection might have.

                But when Journee and Jade described and pointed out how it looked when enlarged and magnified, it definitely seemed to be pants, or at least some kind of garment. The material reminds me of a robe.

                • I love both Jade and Journee and they know a lot…but in this instance I believe they may have been ‘convinced’ by something other than what the picture shows.

                  If I lean back a little and NOT stare hard, the visual is of a ‘person’ leaning back against one pillow (which is slightly bent to conform to the body) that has been propped up against either stacked pillows or a hassock with a pillow on top.

                  Sometimes I get vehement about something 🙄 but it is not Jodi’s pants, and the ‘person’ is not being dragged, and the Prosecution know that I’m sure. He would do anything to convict Jodi, and he DID. Now, we just have to find the pieces of evidence to poke holes in his case. 😎

                • I don’t know that it’s ‘pants’ –

                  But when I brighten the image, that trapezoidal dark shape on the left side, with the stripe running down it and the zipper to the left of the stipe, is all one single piece of fabric (stripe appliquéd on, of course.) What unifies it as a single piece of fabric is the double row of hem stitching that goes all the way across. One person thought the stripe might actually be wood trim, because of the detail of the two little lines at the bottom, and how that stripe jogs slightly to one side at that point – but a doubled hem thickness there would cause that jog too, and those two little lines extend on on across. It’s a hem.

                  JW suggested that it might not be pants, but perhaps a shirt. Robe is a possibility also. But all one swath of fabric, whatever it is.

                  More mysterious to me is the dark shape below the fabric. No amount of brightening, on my computer, brings any detail whatsoever to that dark shape. Seems like if it was a THING – any kind of a three dimensional THING, be it a foot or a pillow or anything – there’d be an irregular bounce of light to offer some detail of some kind. But it’s just not there. Makes me think it’s either a shadow, OR that area has been burned/blurred to obscure detail.

                  I’ve offered no opinion at all as to who might be wearing the striped pants/shirt/robe. Only said that on my screen it looks like part of a garment made of a jersey knit – might be black or navy or dark heather grey.

      • Jade I have a question for you. I’m sorry but as many times as we have looked at this pic. I still do not see what you see. Sorry you have done a great job of pointing things out. I still don’t see it….

        OK BN found the reflection in Travis’s I of Jodi holding the camera. Don’t you think that he would have gone over these 2 questionable pictures??

        Someone out of the blue posted a few weeks back that it was two pictures in one. Never saw the poster before or again. Dropping clues?? Or personal opinion.

      • As I recall, Willmott challenged Horn that a dead man with a slit throat could not have been holding his head up as Travis was in that photo.

        I don’t see what difference it makes to anyone’s theory of the crime whether the rorschach shape is Travis’ foot or a pool of his blood.

        • Journee, I really do agree with you. I think that if there truly was anything to this crap picture then BN would have found it. Just more BS that JM put out there. All the pictures should be dismissed.

          • BN may not have been asked to look at it. Examining the reflection in Travis’ eye was potentially valuable – WAS valuable in fact because JM ended up stipulating to BN’s findings that Jodi wasn’t holding a knife when that photo was taken.

            But what would be the value to anyone in identifying exactly what that rorschach shape is? Does it matter? Does it say anything about how Travis died?

            • You are right that perhaps he wasn’t asked to look at that photo. But before I never talk about the pictures again I’m going to go out on a limb and say BN and company looked a everyone of these pictures. They would not have found the reflexion in TA’s eye other wises…. IMO.

        • I agree with Journee. The only thing that this photo proves (if anything) isd the opposite of what the prosecution claimed; Travis was *not* dead when that photo was taken because he is holding his head up. Throat = not cut. Period. Wilmott tried to get that across to the jurors but I don’t know who understood or paid attention to it.

          As for the shape I don’t see why it can’t be TA’s foot. It is NOT disproportionate at all, if we take one thing into account: objects which are very close to the camera appear large whereas those farther away tend to get miniscule. If the camera was on the floor his ehad would appear huge as opposed to his foot which would be farther.

          Like these flowers compared to the mountain :

      • Jade:
        I read the transcript of Jennifer’s cross examination of Dr. Horn. Jennifer was blind sided with the sequence of gun shot first or last.
        Her questions after that indicated she had no idea he was going to say the gun shot was last. It couldn’t have been in her notes, and it should have been.
        This was unforgivable on the part of the prosecution; they are supposed to inform the defense what the witness will be testifying to.
        After that, Jennifer didn’t know where to go with questions and ended her questioning abruptly.
        The defense really MUST get Horn back on the stand; he MUST give his estimated time of death!

        I hope you have shared your ‘shower photo taken from above’ and the ‘footprint in the after body removal’ pictures with your thoughts on both with the defense team. Travis’ body does not appear to indicate he had been dead more than 3 days. If that is true, Jodi wasn’t there; someone else was. That would mean her testimony is true and the ‘fog’ is explained.

        If the picture of the so-called foot is enlarged even more than the one you linked to above, it is obviously not a foot, but something else (which shouldn’t be ‘guessed’ about 😉 The ‘pant’ leg was never linked with proof to anyone…that is if it is a pant leg at all. How this was allowed to be put in evidence escapes reason.

        All you have honed in on is very important, thank you. 😎

  22. You are right Patty, “another notch in his belt”. The ego is huge. He had already sent one woman to death row and he was sure he would send another. When the jury could not reach a verdict on death, the look on his face said a lot. He was furious. I think he is well aware that he has not been able to pull this off this time. Just too much wrong with this trial.

    • I am currently blowing kisses to my furnace every five minutes.

      So far so good.

      Current temperature, 19F. And WINDY. Patio furniture blowing all over the place. I think some may have ended up in the pond with the fishies.

        • 😎 I know it won’t last but we have had sun all day 26 degrees and wind!!!! I do not want a boat load of snow. . .thank you very much! (((((((Cindy & Vicky &Their Snow))))))) Stay warm! ((((Journee)))) I put my lawn chairs in the basement yesterday. . . I figured it was better than chasing it all over the place! ♥


    Anybody who doesn’t think that it was important to show that this WASN’T Alexander’s foot, I couldn’t disagree more. It was an opportunity to totally discredit the Toad and his theory of dragging.

    1. It would have shown he was not in a dragging position as he kept referring to it, and Jodi doing it.
    2. It would have shown how Martinez just made shit up.
    3. It would have shown that what he said caused the blood transfers on the baseboard was a lie.
    4. If the dragging is debunked, then dragging him and “placing” him in the shower is also debunked.
    5. It would have shown the defense caught him in a flat lie, and made him look like a fool.
    6. It would have assisted in showing that pic could have been anywhere and not in the hallway.
    7. It would have made everything Martinez said after that suspect and questioned way more thoroughly.
    8. It would have pointed out that Horn couldn’t even make out what was in the picture.

    It was a home run opportunity that turned into a strikeout.

    • Jade, I agree with you about this not showing anything like a body being dragged. Give another look at the dragging picture. Sit back and try to see what I see: stacked pillows on the left; slightly diagonal pillow with a head leaning on it.
      Juan wrote the dragging story; let’s write a different one…

      • Possibly you missed this picture:

        It was pants. It may have been black pants with a white stripe that looks blue. But HORN couldn’t even tell that they were pants. The States own witness couldn’t even make out what was depicted in that photo. That could have been turned into a blockbuster point but it was just muffed horribly.

        There certainly isn’t any proof in that photo that it is Jodi in those pants either. And certainly not that he’s being dragged.

        It wouldn’t prove that it wasn’t her, but it is the STATE who has the burden of the proof and both of those photos were linked as credible that he was being dragged.

        The nerve of that bastard to ridicule the eye photo as being a dog and then claim that those apparitions and smoke in the second photo were further inevitable proof that it was Alexander and he was being dragged.

        I would have humiliated him and done it in such a way that the whole courtroom would have been laughing at him. The Alexanders wouldn’t have been laughing though. It would have been golden.

        • Sorry, I do not agree… the body is in a sitting, relaxed position against a cushion…
          I am always with you, and with Journee, but not this time.
          I’ll shut up.

          • Jade,
            I have an almost square picture of the ‘drag’; it doesn’t have his head cut off so it is more obvious as to how he is situated, the pillow he’s leaning against and the stack behind.
            I thought it must be one you have because that is how I thought I have it (I think) although it doesn’t have writing on it. I would be glad to send it to you in an email, just ask ‘who ever’ to give you my email.
            I did notice that a lot of the pictures on the Internet have been ‘photo shopped’ one has been ‘flipped’, one has a foot and leg outlined which made me 😆 so finding one without much ‘photo playing’ is difficult.

            • Just get an account on It’s a great site.

              Once you have an account, click upload photos and then the big + sign. Select that you want to upload from “computer.”

              Find the file or photo where you have it in your computer and click “open.” It will put the file on MediaFire immediately. Then look to the far right of that file. There will be a drop-down menu. Click share and then click “copy link.”

              Hold down “control” and V at the same time on your keyboard in the comment box here. The photo will be posted here and you will see the link.

              • No that didn’t work because the photos have to be in a format that is typical for photo uploading.


                Might also work”


                Right click where you got the picture from

                Click “Save Image as”

                Save in your drop-down menu as PNG or JPEG (the file type will already usually be there as “save as type.” Click “save.”

                Save it in your “pictures’ file, which will usually always open as the default.

                Then re-upload it and follow my previous procedures to get it to MediaFire.

        • The rope was a huge player in the whole set of events too.

          If you can ridicule the State’s theory about the rope being fringe from a pillow or some other nonsense, it re-establishes what Jodi said about a knife being in the bedroom to cut the long rope. The rope equals need for knife.

          She admitted taking the rope and throwing it in a dumpster. The rope segment was found on the stairway that leads to going OUT of the house

          Why didn’t Martinez bring in the actual ROPE evidence that was found instead of just showing the photo? Why didn’t he bring in the pillow that would show the fringe matches that actual piece? You know there isn’t a chance he wouldn’t have if it did.

          I’ll tell you why he didn’t. Because it DIDN’T match the pillow fringe or anything else in that bedroom, that’s why. Again, muffed by the defense.

    • My apologies, Jade. I tend to be too brief when I’ve not had enough coffee.

      Yes, if it could be PROVED that the shape is not a foot, it might have taken JM down a few pegs. I just don’t see how it could be proved.

      I have seen a few different set-up photos that illustrate that the perspective on that shot would indeed show a tiny foot – especially if you account for light-bleed you get on backlit objects like that.

      So all I see is a shape that might be a bare foot or might be a little pool of blood and doesn’t tell me anything about how Travis died.

      To me, the bigger missed opportunity was the fact that Travis is clearly holding his own head up in the picture. Not dead, certainly doesn’t have a sliced throat. JW pointed it out on cross with Horn, but someone should have found a way to hit harder with it – because the argument could have been made there that the blood seen in the photo could only have come from the head wound, and that Travis was alive and holding his own head up after the gunshot.

      • Yes, but if he was being “pulled” his leg would have to be EXTENDED as it is in this photo and his foot would have been much different than where it is shown. Look where her foot is. It’s not even remotely in the same place.

        This is exactly what Martinez wanted the jury to visualize was happening.

        Not only is the foot shape ridiculous under magnification–he’d have to have about 7 toes and a foot shape that has never been documented on a human–but it couldn’t be his foot and be almost under his shoulder.

        I’d be happy to look at any photo that refutes my photo enlargement and what I think is a joke to call that Alexander’s foot.

      • Hi, Journee,
        His head is up.
        He is not being dragged.
        The ‘foot shape’ is blood spot.
        He is not dead.
        He is on the floor in a semi sitting position.
        He is leaning on a cushion or pillow.
        The blue line is a strap with a ‘d’ ring.

        • Hi Carol-

          I just looked at the image you uploaded. With your outlines in place, yes, I can finally see what you’ve been trying to describe.

          Still have a couple of problems with it, however.

          I agree that Travis’ head is up – been saying that for awhile. But I think we see too much of the back of the head to suggest that the head is resting on the pillow. To “me” he seems to be holding his head up himself… as well as his right shoulder, which doesn’t seem to be relaxed against the pillow either. His right arm is reaching up, bringing his shoulder off the floor.

          I think – have thought all along – that he is reaching for his assailant in this picture, maybe trying to pull himself up.

          Biggest problem I have, though, is that in the image I have lightened on my computer, that double line of hem stitching tips upwards about 25-30 degrees and continues across the back of the ‘slanted pillow’. The dark area you’ve identified as the back of the slanted pillow appears in my image as the natural draping of the same piece of fabric as the lighter area – same line of double stitching, all the way to the line of Travis’ flesh.

          I’m on a mac, so might have to do a different kind of dinking with my image to get it uploaded to the same site, but I’ll give it a try in the morning. I don’t have any kind of ‘paint’ and never tried to draw anything on an image with my iPhoto program, don’t know if it will let me do that or not. Might have to just show you a plain image enhanced to maximize the details that I see.

          • I saw the picture you posted this morning and it is the same one I used. I agree he is sitting up and holding his own head up, and reaching his right arm…
            I also have a Mac. I have Adobe Photoshop and this was my first try at ‘writing’ on a picture!!
            I do not believe this is a picture of a body being dragged.
            I do believe that Martinez pulled a ‘fast one’. The picture is immaterial to the case in chief.

            I am done with this photo business. 😆
            Martinez is 👿

            • Yes, I too believe that Martinez is the DEVIL HIMSELF and Jodi please, if you are reading this, this is for you… we all make mistakes, some have greater consequences than others, but please, DO NOT let this mistake break your spirit, be strong for this mistake does not define who you truly are! Someone please hang that Martinez and put a tape on his mouth 🙂

  24. Good Afternoon! I have been following along since the first trial but haven’t ever posted a comment.

    I AM A SUPPORTER OF JODI AND ALSO OF ALL OF YOU. I have prayed for Jodi, Jodi’s family and all of you also. Thank you for allowing me to be included in this site.

    From the very beginning of the trial, and I had no idea what this story was all about then, but, now I must jump in with my first thoughts of the trial. I thought, “how in the world is it possible that the first jury knew enough from that first trial to find a “guilty” verdict. My gut feeling was NO WAY.

    My two cents on the prosecutor is UGLY, LOW-LIFE LOUSE in a LEGAL setting to act the way he does!
    How in the name of LAW does he get away with it.

    I pray that Jodi receives complete freedom from this nightmare. God’s Blessings to each one of you on this site for your unending support for Jodi.

      • Thank you Carol. I will be here. Everyone is so eloquent with their thoughts and words.
        I am from the northern Midwestern So Dak I am retired and a volunteer for VITA/TCE for AARP.
        I look forward to visiting.

    • Jane!!! ♥ ♥ Always glad to meet supporters. Make yourself at home 😉 Looking forward to seeing you posting here often 🙂 🙂

  25. Okay, I agree with Journee that the biggest point that wasn’t hit hard enough during the first trial was that TA was ALIVE in the so called “dragging” photo….And that he did NOT have his throat slit in that photo obviously otherwise he would not be holding his own head up……and therefore the blood streaming down from his head had to have been from the gunshot that happened FIRST……And I agree with Jade on the so-called “foot” being located in the wrong place – in other words you will not get your foot to appear as if it is under your armpit in any photo unless you are a bendable Gumby toy and I am not sure that this point about the foot is even that important….If he was laying out on the floor with his legs in front of him and it showed his foot that does NOT mean he was being dragged that just means he was in a reclining position on the floor…about the pillow vs Jodi’s pant leg I can see both but I believe Jodi agreed that it was her pant leg and foot in the photo so there you go…..Bottom line is that TA was NOT dead in that photo as he was holding up his own head….he had been shot first otherwise there would be no blood streaming down his head/face…these are the important points that could have been hammered home much harder in front of the first jury….that would have blown the state’s timeline bc in order for their short timeline to work TA needed to be dead in that photo……

    • By the way, I guess you can have a pair of jersey workout pants that zip up from the side?? Is that correct? I have never seen a pair of running or workout pants that you zip up on the side…..does the zipper go all the way to the waistband??? I guess I just have never seen a pair of pants like that…

      • Not to mention the fact (regarding the gunshot first ) when TA was standing in front of the mirror coughing or spitting out blood from his mouth/nose the ONLY INJURY THAT COULD HAVE CAUSED THAT WAS THE GUNSHOT, PERIOD !!! He obviously didn’t have his throat slit at that point, and the stab to the chest would not have produced blood coming out of his mouth/nose…Horn did not tell the whole truth about this on the stand….the gunshot happened first….

        • All of this will be revisited in Jodi’s retrial when it is remanded back for another trial that is if it doesn’t get outright dismissed with prejudice bc the appellate judges are so outraged by the egregious behavior of the state in this case……..

      • Yes, I’ve never seen pants like that but I understand they make them.

        What bugs me about the zipper is that it seems to be closed – but the tab is at the top. And, I dunno, seems like a zipper on the hem of pants would zip downwards to close. Wouldn’t it?

        • You can’t see the “framework” of what would be solid metal forming the sides of the zipper pull tab because it was probably down in the zipped position. The zipper looks closed because I believe it was and since it is just a sliver of the full view, you have to look for very minute points.

          But that’s the trouble with this whole case, the photos were not held up to ridicule and Martinez was not forced to defend every single aspect of how weak they were. A forensics and photo visual defense expert could have set the stage for exactly that.

          God would have I loved to see a cracker jack defense attorney rip into absurd points about those photos.

      • Jodi told Det Fatty Flores that she had a pair of pants with the zippers like that, but that she couldn’t say whether those in the photo were hers or not.

    • Two things are important about the foot.

      1. That dragging him is the way she got him to the shower. If he’s not in a being “pulled” position, that theory is dead in the water.

      2. Martinez said, his foot scraping along the baseboard is what accounts for the blood on the right side wall baseboard. If that’s not his foot–BANG–there goes that crock of crap too.

      It not only puts the entire method of him getting to the shower up for ridicule, it also shreds the theory of blood on the right side wall baseboard because if he she shot him at the sink, his foot wouldn’t have been dragging on the RIGHT side wall.

      Both those photos being totally shot down would have blown the case to smithereens and then if they had shown the impossibility that phenomenon exist too that almost destroy her being able to put him in the shower, let alone the blood evidence that should have been visible SOMEWHERE and wasn’t, everybody goes home.

      Martinez got away with dozens of nothing but blanket statements and wasn’t forced to define every SINGLE aspect of HOW they were done exactly. He wasn’t forced to detail nothing!

      He said she “placed” him in the shower and presto there he was. Ugh.

      • Yes, I agree with what you are saying. The foot would play an important role in dismantling the state’s theory of the crime scene….The so-called “dragging” photo shows clearly that TA is still alive…..his throat was not slit or he would not be holding his own head up therefore the blood streaming down his head/face is from the gunshot. The only way that you can get the blood spatter that was spewed out his mouth/nose at the sink was from the gunshot…that is the ONLY injury that could have caused those types of blood patterns….so the conclusion is that he was still alive after being shot so therefore the gunshot was FIRST NOT LAST! I believe IMHO that Horn lied by omission when he decidedly remained silent as JM declared to the jury that the stab to the chest wound would have caused TA to cough up or spew out blood…NONSENSE !!! THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE !!! And Horn knows it !!! but he did not correct that false idea that was fed to the first jury…..
        So we know:

        1) TA was alive in the so-called “dragging” photo – he is holding his own head up
        2) the blood streaming down from his head/face can only be from the gunshot
        3) the blood patterns at the sink in front of the mirror can only be from the gunshot
        4) CONCLUSION: GUNSHOT WAS FIRST AND IT WAS NOT FATAL and this destroys the state’s theory bc they needed the shot to be last (aggravating factor) and they needed the chest wound to have caused TA to cough/spew the blood at the sink and they needed TA to be dead in the so-called “dragging” photo to fit their false timeline

        • The blood on his back would not have been only from the gunshot, there was a deep gash behind his right ear and three stab wounds on the back that would have all been bleeding in perfect alignment merging into the blood pattern.

          A Henry Lee testifying would have turned this prosecution pee-fest into a virtual shambles.

          • Okay after revisiting I agree that the blood streaming down his head area could have been from his other head wound…..he was still alive and so obviously his throat had not been slit yet and this leaves the blood spatter pattern at the mirror and this was caused by the gunshot that traveled through his sinus cavity and lodged into his jaw that caused him to cough/spew the blood at the mirror. So if the gunshot had not taken place yet in the so-called “dragging” photo, then I guess we are to assume that Jodi shot him after that photo and he was still able to stand up at the mirror and cough/spew blood from his mouth/nose…either way the gunshot was NOT last and was NOT fatal and therefore takes away the state’s false aggravating factor….

            • However, I do believe Jodi and believe that she did indeed shoot him first and this did not stop the raging bull that he was……and I do believe that the blood in that so-called “dragging” photo was caused at least in part by the gunshot would to the head……

            • And if she is holding TA under his arms in that so-called “dragging” photo why would she need to move him to shoot him? She could have shot him while he was there on the floor (this is assuming that he hadn’t been shot yet which I don’t believe – I believe he was already shot at that point)…she was already in a dominate position standing over him in that photo so go ahead and shoot him if you want to kill him or go ahead and slit his throat if you want to kill him……but then that still leaves the blood spatter at the mirror which only could have come from TA STANDING AT THE MIRROR coughing/spewing blood from his nose/mouth due to the gunshot wound……
              IF she wanted to kill him….she never intended to kill him and I’m still not so sure she actually killed him…….

              • I’m just playing devil’s advocate here in this post… trying to show the inconsistent view you have to take to believe that the shot came last….and showing that the one thing that completely destroys that false theory is the blood spatter at the mirror….that could only have gotten there by TA standing there and spitting/spewing/coughing the blood out his mouth/nose from the gunshot wound…NO OTHER WOUND COULD HAVE CREATED THAT TYPE OF BLOOD SPATTER….the stab wound to the chest could not have created that bc the stab wound to the chest would not have produced any blood in the mouth or nose and HORN KNEW THIS yet he remained silent on that and did not correct that false notion for the first jury he just let the jury believe that it could have been from the stab wound to the chest…this was deceptive at the least and was lying by omission at the worst…either way the first jury did not get the truth on that…

            • No no no no BB. He was shot first just like Jodi said.

              The back stabbing and some of the other stabbing on the back and probably behind the ear took place somehow before the mystery photo too.

              We don’t know WHERE in the bathroom that pants photo was snapped–the second one either. All we can see is a baseboard in that one and the baseboard was all the way around the perimeter of the bathroom except for the sinks area. So that didn’t tell us nothing either. The second photo is just garbage.

              What we DO know is that he WAS holding his head up in the first one or we would see at least the top of his forehead in that photo and we can see nothing is supporting it. And we have no proof whatsoever of who was in the pants either by what is depicted in the photo.

              Jodi admitted it was her and probably was, but that doesn’t mean beans because the photos actually contradict what Martinez sold to the jury as to what was happening (dragging) and they bought it like the morons they were.

              • Agreed. I have always stated that the gunshot was first. The gunshot came FIRST ! The story only changed after Jodi went to a self-defense argument….And yes, TA was ALIVE in that photo, no doubt….and he had to be ALIVE when STANDING at the mirror spewing blood out his mouth/nose as a result of the gunshot….the gunshot was NOT fatal and was NOT last….IMHO JM had to screw with the facts to make it fit his false theory so he could try to get the DP and kill Jodi…

          • Heny Lee would have been perfect….spewing blood out of his mouth as a demonstration as to how the blood was coughed/spewed from TA’s mouth while he stood there at the mirror…but Henry Lee costs a lot of money to get which the state I’m sure would not have agreed to pay for…it is too bad but in this country of the land of the free and home of the brave it is a justice system for those who can AFFORD to defend themselves and everyone else is SCREWED !!!!

            • Lee was on HLN. His only pearl of wisdom related to the gun shell landing on top of the pool of blood. His astute observation: gunshot last.

              • I believe Henry Lee is a blood spatter expert so he is better off confining his comments to that subject matter…..the shell on top of the blood is proof of nothing….anyone including the roommates, police, detectives or Jodi herself during the struggle could have moved it or kicked it, etc…….

              • Journee,

                He wouldn’t have said that if he really started examining the evidence and working for the defense. He was just a drive-by bystander with those shrieking yaks if he was on HLN.

                It would take a dufus to conclude the shot was last based on where the shell landed. It could have got there half a dozen ways. He would have wanted to know if there was blood on the bottom of the shell casing I guarantee it. I would think that he was probably on that “show” before Geffner exposed the dura mater bombshell in Horn’s report too.

                Lee was the major contributing factor that got Simpson off with odds of it being anybody else’s blood on the walkway other than Simpson’s, six billion to 1. And he wouldn’t have ripped this abortion of a case apart?

                Jodi just got poor man’s justice. I don’t know if that term has been copyrighted yet but it certainly is what she got.

              • I wanna believe he practically knew nothing of this case, only bits & pieces given to him just to make it through the HLN air time.

              • Agree with you both, Jade and Maria –

                but gotta say I felt it was irresponsible of him, with his reputation, to say anything AT ALL without examining the evidence

                took him down several notches in my eyes

                not that he’d care one way or another about my opinion of him 😆

  26. That photo with the “pant leg” is like a Rorschach test. When I look at it I almost see Travis’s face where the right shoulder is said to be. I can see his left eye looking up and to the left and appearing dazed or even lifeless with most of the eye just showing white. I see a glimpse of the left pupil at the top of the eye. And, where the pants figure’s toes are, I don’t see toes or the tip of a shoe/boot, I see a pool of blood. To see what I see, you have to turn the screen/monitor 180 degrees to the right. That tiny white triangle is near where Travis left ear would be. His mouth looks tightly closed. I even feel like I can see the philtrum (indentation under the nose).The head appears to be lying on it’s right side. His nose area is covered by a black strip (of blood), I presume.
    Please tell me someone else can see this image or I may have to get my eyes checked or be laughed out of the support group.

        • That’s too bad, Journee. I can see what I feel is his “face” in the photo above especially when I brighten the photo as much as possible. But, when I look at other versions of the same photo elsewhere online , it’s more difficult to see (because of the coloring/quality in the various versions of the photo, I think). And, in the other photos, it looks like his “left eye” is closed and in Jade’s photo above, the “eye” appears wide open. Maybe Cindy will see what I see in the photo since her and I can’t see what others are seeing in that photo. Anyway, I may or may not post it on Twitter or I may just forget about it if no one can see what I see. I will admit the position of his “mouth” looks a little strange as if his head is being pulled way back.

          • CC, if you want to keep trying to plead your contention…when you get the photo as bright as you can make it, and the way you want it, click “print screen” key at the top of your keyboard.

            Open your “paint” program and click “save as.” Give it a new name saving it as a new picture. You can then post that here through MediaFire the same way as what you did.

            • OK, Jade, I’ll give it a shot. Knowing how long it takes me to do things like you asked, it may not be until tomorrow. Thanks for not dismissing it.

      • BTW, does anyone know why no blowflies were found on Travis’s body? At least I haven’t heard any were found. If blowflies and other “antropods” were found on his body they might have help verify how long Travis had been dead so we wouldn’t have to take the MPD’s word that the date and time stamps are correct.
        From the Forensic Entomology:The Use of Antropods in Legal Investigations:
        “Blow flies are strong fliers that can follow an odor plume over a long distance and can easily enter buildings.”
        “Insects will even be found in high-rise buildings.”
        “…greater variety of fly larvae are associated with indoor deaths and a greater variety of beetles associated with outdoor deaths.”

    • Didn’t work. Try this:

      Rotate the photo to the right – one click.
      Lighten photo as much as you can
      Enlarge it about 3 clicks
      Use white triangle as marker near TA’s left ear.
      Then you should go down and to the left to see his chin, and then straight up to see his mouth, the cleft under his nose, his left eye and possibly a black line on his throat.

      • ColdCase53: I tried to get your version of the ‘dragging’ picture but for some reason it didn’t show up.
        Tried it 2 times with the same result.
        It is the same picture as I posted, but mine is lighter and brighter.

        Why do you want to make out a ‘face’ in the picture?
        when there is no ‘foot’ and
        the body isn’t being ‘dragged’ and ‘
        Jodi’s leg isn’t there’ and t
        here are no ‘striped pants’ ?

        The list is long enough for a BOGUS picture put up by the ROTTENEST prosecutor in the USA!
        I love your determination, really! 😉

        • Carol,
          I was using the photo Jade posted on Feb. 15 @ 12:33PM (above). When I rotate the photo around like I posted above, I can see what looks like a partial face. I wanted to set it up the way I see the face but have not been able to. Whether it is really Travis’s face or not, I wanted to get a few opinions but I can’t until it’s set up properly. Jade’s photo is not the same as the one you posted b/c your pic has stuff superimposed on it. I don’t WANT to make a face, I simply don’t see a lot of the things other people see in the photo and when I rotated it around I thought I saw something (a face) and wanted others to confirm what I saw or not. I didn’t really understand what you posted after you asked why I wanted to make out a face in the picture – about “no foot” and the body isn’t being dragged and “Jodi’s leg isn’t there.” The photo I used is the one used in the trial.

            • Thanks for trying, Jade. The angle is still slightly different than when I click it once to the right. Not sure why that would be but I can’t see the same detail that I see in mine. Let’s forget about it for now. It’s just causing controversy. If I can post it the way I have it, I think people would see what I’m talking about but since I can’t, I’d rather just let it go. Maybe, I’m just seeing things that aren’t really there.

    • Aly,
      Those pics apparently were taken accidentally when Travis’s camera was triggered by dropping, being stepped on or kicked during the struggle between Jodi & Travis that lead to his death.

      • I don’t believe that could possibly happen.
        I’ve tried in my mine to even think it and it just doesn’t make sense.
        Nor does the camera being found in the washer.
        I’ve seen a lot of pictures that Jodi had taken and none show her wearing police pants .

    • Well, can’t really say if it is a dual white stripe, can’t enlarge it to see for sure….so maybe just a single stripe?? don’t know for sure….

      • just shows the uniform….they are there in honor of fallen fellow officer….so sad ….prayers for that officer and his family…….

      • after looking really as closely as I could it looks like just one stripe….unless someone can enlarge it and see two stripes…but think it is just one…..

        • Good morning Team Jodi. Well Mass is expected to be sunny and 76. Grrrrrrrr

          BB I would hugg you if I could. I have been trying to tell people about the cops strips. I don’t care if it takes me all week I’m going to find that post stating that is two pictures. One supper imposed on the other.
          I’m very impressed with all the work everyone has done trying to read this picture. I just honestly think that BN has looked at it. We all know it was more junk that JM throw out there. I’m not saying anyone is wrong …..

        • BB and all who are trying to see what the picture actually is :
          Yesterday I looked at that picture; it is the one that Martinez showed in court.
          Jade (?) posted the link.
          So I had it up on the computer and I realized that Travis is leaning against a pillow which has been propped up against ‘something’ (I thought hassock, pile of cushions) which has a bright blue strap going across it with a D ring attached.

          Okay, then I went through all the pictures on the Internet; some were dark, some faded, some had the outline of a photo’s white border, some were cropped to only show the ‘little foot’ (which in reality is blood) some were actually flipped and rotated, one even had an implement super imposed.

          Soooo, I outlined what I saw which makes a heck of a lot more sense and ‘fits’ what the picture shows; that Travis is alive, he has a lot of blood on his neck, he is sitting on the floor, he is leaning on a cushion, and there is a spot of blood on the floor.

          I am satisfied now that Martinez put a picture up in the courtroom that was BOGUS. He tried to convince a witness, the defense attorney, the judge, the public, to believe what he said the picture showed. HE WAS SUCCESSFUL!
          BUT he has been FOUND OUT!!!

          • CC53, it was a bogus picture. I still think it could be two pictures in one. I’m not buying that just buy kicking the camera it would take a picture.

            What this picture truly is who knows…Perhaps BN can come up with a answer…

            • After looking at the new lightened version that Journee just posted I agree that it looks like this photo was photo-shopped and it could be two photos in one. The depth of field looks off to me….in other words the “pant leg” looks to be far closer to the photo lens than TA is due to the proportional sizes and there should be a more natural depth of field look to the photo indicating some distance between the two….but in this photo the depth of field looks off and TA looks to be floating in the air and the line of demarcation between the “pant leg” and TA just doesn’t look natural….Just doesn’t sit right with me…….

              • It is not Photo Shop altered.
                It is taken from the screen shot of what was put into evidence by Martinez.
                It has just been lightened.

                • what was put into evidence by Martinez – the so-called “dragging” photo is what I am questioning, not the what was posted here – I am talking about the actual evidence photo that was used in the trial (and all I have to look at is re-posts of this photo online) – this “dragging” photo looks altered to me like I said above that the proportions are off and the depth of field looks odd to me….I am not saying that anyone here has photo shopped anything……

              • I was thinking the same thing today, BB – that Travis doesn’t look to be immediately beyond the pants leg/pillows whatever, and that if he were as far away as he appears to be (18 inches give or take?) there’d be more discrepancy in the clarity of the images. The sharpness of that stitching in the foreground means the camera auto-focused THERE, anything much beyond should be hopelessly fuzzy.

                • Helllo everybody,
                  I’ve been trying to find a way to slip a message in here so that it won’t end up in an earlier location than what you folks are currently discussing, so that you would not see it. I think this “Bullet first” discussion is the key to the case.

                  The thing is, is everyone aware that Richard Speights has compiled a tight, rational complete case that addresses this very topic?

                  It is published Online if you search: Innocence-Proof-of-Perjury-law

          • This picture should never have been used as evidence of anything…I have enlarged, rotated this way & that way & every way & it is still the same picture that is “Unresolvable”. As I said, should never have been put forward as evidence in court.

            In Ireland, that photograph would have been binned.

    • Good morning Cindy.

      Sunny and 16 degrees here. At least the wind has died down.

      Remembered last night that there is a 12-pack of Coke Zero in the trunk of my car (I’d bought three for $9 and was only bringing them in as I needed them -small apartment and they’d stay cold outside – HA!) Now I am wondering if all the cans have exploded in my trunk. But I don’t want to go out in the cold to find out.

      • Journee, it got down to -25 here durning the night. It’s 0 right now. Winds have subsided now around 10 mph.

        I would say you might have a bit of a mess with the coke… But if it’s in a garage… I do the same thing. I leave my laundry soap and detergent an extra water in my car. I don’t even know if the car
        will start.

        • It’s not in the garage.

          I remember now, though, that there were sodas in my car during last years ‘polar vortex’ – and they were fine when I remembered them a few days later. Maybe I’ll bundle up and venture out in a bit. Might not be too late to avoid the mess.

          Glad to know that I’m enjoying balmy weather compared to someone’s!


        • what tripped me up was looking for TRAVIS’ face – I just see an image that could be an upside down face – as vague as the man in the moon… might not be the one that CC53 is talking about at all, tho

          • Ok, I saw the face. . .could it be a tattoo? On someone’s arm? The part that looks like a foot one way is a hand when you turn it to the left you can see the fingers that go into the yellow…

      • Journee,
        It’s right above the foot of the figure with striped pants…what many refer to as the right shoulder. Instead of the right shoulder, I see what looks like a face lying on it’s right side…BUT you mostly see the the left side of the face. As mentioned before, if you use that white triangle as being in the general area behind Travis’s left ear, you can locate the chin, the mouth, the indentation under the nose, and the left eye. I found it easier to recognize the “face” by rotating the photo one click to the right or simply lifting my laptop and turning it so the “face” is more in a position like Travis’s last photo in the shower (the sitting photo). One other thing, the face and head look hyper-extended backward possibly due to the muscles in the neck/throat being cut. That’s what I see. People are free to scoff if they want. I would just ask they have a look first. Remember the principle which is a bar against all information: contempt BEFORE investigation.

        • “foot of figure with striped pants” looks like a pool of blood instead of a foot when you lighten the photo enough …and it’s located under the throat area.

            • AHA! Okay – but the head is disembodied, right? Chin/jaw to the far right, and I actually *do* see part of the nose shape above the lips, nose towards the ground, blood stripe runs across the bridge, left eye just above the stripe?

              Not necessarily Travis’ face, but I do see part of a face, there.

              Y’all – don’t get upset that we’re discussing a new view of a face. CC53 started this exploration by pointing out the Rorschach qualities of the photo – so many ways to interpret – and wanted to know if she was crazy or could anyone else find the face she was seeing. I think I found the face she was seeing. That’s all I’m saying. CC53 you are not crazy!

              • Exactly, Journee, chin/jaw to the right. It’s also true that it’s impossible to tell if it’s Travis’s face. Thank you for saying that I’m not crazy. Would you mind telling my psychiatrist the same thing. 😆

                • Maybe your shrink can tell us what it says about us that we can see a face in that particular rorschach.

                  But do we want to know?


                • most obvious to me – how I finally got the image oriented – is the ‘lips’

                  but if I orient the lips to the heaviest shadow that could be the philtrum, way near the bottom – there’s almost kind of a glasgow grin going on there. do you see what I mean?

              • Journee,

                I agree about the “glasgow grin” (which I had to look up) …the mouth and the lips look a little strange. I put it down to the angle of the photo and the possibility of the head being in a far back position. But, that was an assumption for sure.

                • Another assumption was that head and the body is lying on it’s right side and most of it is obscured behind the “foot” which also assumes that the head/face is abnormally “back” from the top of the spinal cord.

                • I learned the glasgow grin – or glasgow smile – term from the case of The Black Dahlia.

                  THERE’s a particularly gruesome, unsolved murder.

                  Yes, understand what you mean about the disembodied appearance – body extended, basically, behind the head.

                • The Black Dahlia case is mythical. Her body was found on January 15, 1947. The cold case related to my name – coldcase53 – was also connected to January 15 but in 1953 (still unsolved and no names ever attached to victims). Vancouver’s infamous “The Babes in the Woods” case. But, I digress…

      • look closely at it, Carol –

        do you see that the double row of stitching angles upward at the right end, and continues across what you’re seeing as the slanted pillow?

        do you see that the rorshach shape that some call blood and some call foot is actually on the background of a vertical surface that is the baseboard?

        • There are clearer pictures that show the floor pattern. The ‘little foot’ as some call it, is a small pool of blood and it is on the floor. I see ‘stitching’ like on the edge of the slanted cushion. I see one bright blue strap (which has a D ring on the left side at the end of the strap) (Maybe like a suitcase)
          On some versions of the picture there are 2 parallel bright blue straps. The white lines on some are really the border around a photo; it has no pixels so if it was part of the picture it would have some showing.

          Perhaps you can tell me why this picture has become so important.
          Is it because Martinez said it was showing someone dragging a body?

          The picture is in evidence; so, the Defense needs to have a professional look at it and determine exactly what the picture shows. If it is THAT important to US, it should be the the Defense.

          If that is what the concern is, just because Martinez said so doesn’t make it so. He has said a lot that isn’t so. 👿

            • I agree, Cindy, there is something in the photo that looks like a small hand. I think it blood but it’s difficult to tell.

            • I think it looks like a hand too, Cindy. You can see the thumb and hand and then the fingers are bent away from the palm. Weird. All of it. I still wonder if it is a picture on top of another picture.

              • R. How did I miss your post. I have been saying that for Weeks!!! I also think that if BN has looked at all these pictures. I’m going to put it here that perhaps someone from his company or the very lease someone who knows what they are talking about came on the site and posted that
                that’s what it was. It really makes sense to me. Rather it was done intentionally or perhaps the camera jammed. The stripe is a cops leg.
                I will find that post…..

          • I posted the picture because I said I would.

            As far as I’m concerned, it shouldn’t be in evidence at all unless and until it can be firmly established exactly where it came from – the card entered into evidence, which Connor said was found loose in the washer, or the card Melendez said was in the camera – but he couldn’t get the pictures from it when it was IN the camera, had to take it out and plug it into a separate device. Maybe he couldn’t read it in the camera because the card in evidence wouldn’t have fit into Travis’ camera. So what camera took the pictures if it wasn’t Travis’ camera? And we also need to see the whole paper trail on where the damn time stamps came from, because no one seems to know that, either.

            Jodi’s first response when she saw the nude images of her was confusion. She believed those images had to have been taken from another card from her camera that might have been left at Travis’ house. The pigtails thing really confused her, too.

            As far as I’m concerned, none of the pictures mean anything at all until we know where they came from. They need a context before they can make any sense.

            If you’re quite sure that three missing, bloodied pillows tell us something about how Travis died, so be it. We need to find those pillows too.

            • Thank you for explaining ,Journee, 😉 It was all consuming yesterday and was beginning to be again today.

              I’m certain Nurmi and Willmott are on top of all this.
              Once they realized that the Martinez and Crew had been responsible for defiling the computer, they surely began to question everything the prosecution presented; praying they are doing just that.
              We all just feel so helpless at times, trying to live with this despicable verdict.
              I don’t see how Jodi has been able to do it. She is so strong. Looking at all the pictures while in search, I noticed something: recently Jodi has looks and acts like an attorney: serious, contemplative, and all knowing.
              It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if all this experience has taught her better than a university of law and that it lands her in the legal profession for a career. 😆

            • Notice when Det. Flores asks Jodi if the nude pics were taken on June 4, 2008, she avoids answering that question about the “pictures” directly but gives a comment which appears related to his question.
              DF: The pictures that I showed you of you laying on the bed and stuff, was that when those were taken that day?
              JA: We also made a video but we deleted it.
              Also, there are quite a few people online (outside of JAII) that believe the nude photos were NOT taken on June 4, 2008. But, their reasons for believing the nude photos were taken earlier than June 4, 2008 were along the line that no way would Travis have had sex with Jodi after he told her: “You are the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.” They were claiming that Travis was finished with Jodi once and for all time and there was not a chance that sex occurred between them on June 4, 2008.

              And, with some of the equipment being damaged and with missing memory cards, it’s going to be difficult to prove if the date and time placed on the photos is accurate. But, the fact that equipment has been damaged and gone missing gives even more credence to the possibility that important evidence has been destroyed or gone missing.

  27. BTW, Journee and others, did you see my question late last night about the lack of blowflies and other “antropods” on TA’s body. Examination of blowflies (had they been present on the body) would have helped to establish Travis’s time of death.

    • I did. Sorry for not responding. It’s something we’ve talked about a few times here.

      Seems impossible that a body dead for more than a day would show no sign of blowflies. There’s no evidence of them in the autopsy photos – but I guess he would have been rinsed by then. No mention in the autopsy report, but I don’t know that an autopsy report would mention it. And I also don’t know how common blowflies are to that part of the country. I’m only sure that his position in the house, locked in his bedroom, wouldn’t have kept flies away from him. If there are flies in Mesa Arizona, they’d have found him.

      It’s been one of the arguments put forth that Travis was killed elsewhere, kept in a protected environment, then transported back to his shower in order to be discovered there.

      • I am beginning to believe this only because of something I heard years ago. My brother in law had one of his tenants die, I’m not sure how many days went by before he called the police to enter the apartment. It was really bad. The smell was horrible in the bugs. I know it wasn’t over a week that he was dead.

        Why wasn’t this addressed in court?

      • Thanks, Journee.
        Yes, blowflies and their friends should have been salivating like Pavlov’s dogs with the chemical and biological changes and the stench coming from that body. Makes no sense they weren’t all over it.

        • I think when we discussed that at another time we found out the body would have had to been refrigerated to keep the fly larvae from getting on the body. It should have had bugs on it, period. It goes back to those unanswered questions again. I never figured out why it wasn’t brought out in the court room.

    • Just about ready to summon a search party for R. Glad to hear she’s OK. Not so glad that she’s working. It’s the curse of the drinking class.

    • I feel LOVED! ♥ (((((((Journee & Cindy))))))) Thank for checking on me! Glad everyone is staying warm and cozy. Our predicted snow storm has turned out to be an ice storm instead! Everything is fine here unless our power goes out. It seems when we have ice . . .trees start to fall and take down power lines so the power might go out. Never fear though, I will survive! Hoping Journee’s furnace holds together. . .sending prayers concerning that!! We have a wood stove and a gas water heater so we can survive. I checked everything last night on here and it looked like you all were holding the fort down pretty well! 🙂 Back to those “pictures” I still can see them several different ways. . .Will we ever know?

      For there is no friend like a sister in calm or stormy weather; To cheer one on the tedious way, to fetch one if one goes astray, to lift one if one totters down, to strengthen whilst one stands.
      Christina Rossetti

      • I’m so happy to see you girl. I was worried about the ice and the power. Sounds like your covered down there. 🙂
        I think Journee is sending so much love to her furnace that it wouldn’t dare!!!

        We are just dealing with cold temps known. The car started so I’m happy.

        Stay warm and stay put!!!!

        • Don’t worry we have to take care of ourselves! We have Jodi needing our prayers and for us to pull for her!! It will take more than bad weather to stop us!!!! Jodi Arias will be FREE again! I believe it!!! Everyone be careful and stay warm!!!!

  28. Thanks to Team Spybot for this personal email! It’s on the record now, so, if frog wants to keep on slandering Spybot, he’s gonna get gigged.

    12.02.2015 10:22 – johnm
    Program Version: older
    Windows version: Windows XP
    User real name: johnm

    Did or does Spybot place pornsites names on the computer to immunize it from those sites?
    A police detective in Arizona claims Spybot places the names of pornsites on computers to immunize it from sites. thanks johnm

    Re: [Ticket# [Software form] spybot
    Team Spybot Priority Support (
    Add to contacts
    4:50 AM
    To: johnm
    From: Team Spybot Priority Support (
    Sent: Mon 2/16/15 4:50 AM
    To: johnm

    Hello johnm,

    we don’t block pornwebsides. The domains we record to our blacklist are characterized by their behaviour. We block websides which offer malware or which are contacted by malware. This is the reason why there inter alia some pornsides blocked.
    I wonder what you want to get at the question?

    Team Spybot

    Byorn, all I’m trying to get at is in an Arizona courtroom, a prosecutor is trying to implicate Spybot as being a reason pornwebsites are triggered to popup.
    We all know what Spybot does, but a prosecutor is trying to convince jurors that Spybot’s introducing porn popups to a computer, and you’ve set the record straight for us. Now that this incident is on the record, if the prosecutor tries to fool the jury with that nonsense again,you will have more reasons to sue. Thank you for your time, johnm

    • Good work, John. One could almost predict Martinez was going to get in trouble because of his lack of knowledge about computers. Has the info been sent to Jodi’s defense team or are you holding on to it until or in case it’s needed?

      • Thanks Johnm. They really should check into the lies the Frog has created about their program. There are many who need to go after the Frog and his lies!!!!

    • That’s what I said last week about Spybot (in a detailed comment) – because I was using it in 2007/08/09/10…I knew it didn’t/doesn’t do porn or porn sites & I explained what it did do. But good work from you, Johnm, getting it said…straight from the horses mouth.

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