Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #39 (after trial comments)

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Leave your thoughts & comments below on Trial Day #39.

The AZ State Circus returns to town Monday @ 9.30 am MST.

In the meantime (again) – here’s a pic from the morning session…

2-5 jodi arias pic

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Never question it.

Never doubt it.

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  1. I am not counting my chickens because I think a lot was not tweeted today. even sidebars were not tweeted I think at times. There was quite a lag in the tweets,not blaming Pandora because I believe if things were being said that the tweeters did not like they didn’t post it:(

    • There were a lot of tweets but the ones left out were the snarky vile ones. And there is OOOOOdles of them. There is definitely something wrong with those women that tweet for this trial. Paid employees of the Cashes I believe. 🙄 I believe they live under a boulder in Goblin Valley and come out to spew their venom during the trial. They are disgusting and vile just like Dr. Death. Pitiful.

    • Debbie, it’s a pattern: when defense is up, they only tweet the mandatory tweets. BUT when the state is up, if juan was to fart, they’d tweet about it! Talk about biased! I’ve spoken to a few friends that are in the courtroom and they tell me that half the things that happen and said are tweeted… go figure.

  2. We also have to be mindful of the unfortunate fact that this jury must start with the fact that Jodi was found guilty of premeditated murder and thus there is going to be little room for sympathy for her….they are starting with one foot in the death chamber already….this is why we must be vigilant and see this through the appeals which IMHO will vacate the trial verdict and remand for a new trial or dismiss with prejudice due to Brady violations, prosecutorial misconduct, perjured testimony, etc……So even though it went well today for the DT they still have Mount Everest to climb to even get on a fair playing field to get at least one juror on the panel to see through the BS that the state is putting forth in this re-trial….

    • BB, you’re absolutely right. Whatever the result of this part of the trial is, the important stuff come with the appeals. Things that JSS discharged and motions that she denied will come up in the appeals. The defense team has built up a rock solid case for appeals.

      Saying that, the result to this re-trial means nothing. Everything will be professionally reviewed with the appeals where the corrupted prosecutor and the biased judge will not have a word in it!

      So let’s finish up with this circus and get to the important stuff. 😉

  3. I would think the jurors are smart enough to realize that this baby doc can’t even come close to the experience and qualifications of Dr. Fonseca and Dr. Geffner and hopefully there is at least one or two jurors who are seeing clearly that Demarte is completely blinded by her bias to the point of saying ridiculous things like TA didn’t use Jodi for sex, etc……

      • I have to say that I’m a bit more hopeful about this jury. For one, I think they received just the Cliffs Notes version of Juan’s “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire” prosecution so hopefully they weren’t already in some sort of hypnotic trance when Jodi got up and humanized herself. Also they are not going home every night to significant others who are following the trial on HLN. Additionally I think this jury has gotten a much better picture of the real Travis than the first jury did (largely because more evidence is allowed in during mitigation).

        If this jury comes in with death I’ll have lost all trust in humanity. My actual dream is that they come back unanimously for life and afterwards tells us that none of them believe she premeditated anything and actually believe she was defending herself against a wolf in sheep’s clothing. (I know I may be dreaming the impossible…but one can at least dream.)

    • That’s the difference between professionals and amateurs:

      Dr Fonseca and Dr Geffner have the experience & knowledge to testify w/o having to be biased. They focused on behavior of both Jodi and travis. Not calling travis a saint isn’t being biased; it’s being truthful.

      On the other hand, demorte (DR DEATH) is a totally biased, unethical wannabe doctor that has money as her main goal. She would sell her soul to the devil if that would help her become financially independent. She has lost all credibility of being fair and professional. This WILL bite her in the ass when in the future potential clients look her up and see that she is all for the death penalty towards a human being!

  4. Anyone remember how many jury members are 50dy and older??

    Sometimes 30 something kids do have a know it all attitude. I had a few on my staff that I wanted to bitch slap a few times. LOL

  5. Nurmi was on fire today! Loved his part-time Dr Death comment
    Also his pushing her to say “Good morning”. I liked at that. 🙂

    • Does that not show her obvious bias to any person that might be a human being. Someone says good morning to you….you say good morning…that is unless you are a heartless beotch! That shows right there that she is working strictly for the state…not to gove her unbiased opinion. She has been exposed and everything she’s said should be disregarded. 60>1 last time I checked! Ridiculous that this “dr” had any credibility in the first trial.

    • Nurmi today, was a class act. De Marte on the other hand is now being likened to the other famous US “Dr. Death” who testified to give people death penalty, Jame Grigson. He sent 167 seven people to death by testifying for the State in that other judiciary hell-hole, Texas. So hopefully, today’s Dr Death will never get the opportunity after this trial of ever testifying a “Death Penalty” case again.

  6. She said what she was told to say, guilt phase and now.
    It is incredible that a so called professional doesn’t have the sense to see the whole play, not just ONE of the stars!
    Truth be told the more I learned about the other people in this drama the more empathy I have towards Jodi.
    The whole bunch of the Travisinvestites are self centered, egotistical, diabolical, unhuman pieces of flesh.

    • Why no trial tomorrow (Friday?) Are they trying to give Martinez time to coach Dr Death how to get out of the hole she dug for herself. Or will he (Martinez) now decide to give her a hand at digging and dig one big enough for two…so he can get in beside her?!

          • Interview?

            umm no I didn’t have an interview. Was ‘on call’ today for jury duty, every Thursday this month. After 5pm every Weds I’m to call a phone number or check a twitter feed to see if my group# is supposed to show up by 8:30 on Thurs. But last night they didn’t tweet my group #, so I was here today, cheering Nurmi on.

        • Ta…Journee, Cindy.

          Saving money? Well if they had found Jodi innocent in the first trial…they’d never have to save this money they’re wasting. Alleluia, we are “Winning”.

          Carol, I like your “Travisinvestites.

          • 😉

            It was disturbing that deathdoc suggesting Jodi had implants to change her appearance to please men. To me this is absurd. As I said in another thread, that because she has an artist’s eye she may have done it to please herself and changed straight lines into curves.

            But what about people that change their FACIAL appearance, which is suspected with deathdoc?
            What is their reason for changing THEIR appearance?
            DeMarte’s ‘face’ is different than it was a mere 2 years ago.Why did she adjust her face?
            What about Nancy Grace? She looks more evil now.
            And, what about JM Mitchell?

            When a person changes their FACE are they hiding something? Are they trying NOT to be recognized?
            I don’t demean them or anyone else.
            It just seems hypocritical to me, for the ones we see so often in this trial to criticize Jodi for her appearance, make a ‘big deal’ about breast implants when they themselves do more reconstructions on themselves.

  7. Here’s what my sister said to me today about Dr. De Marte: “Some doctors have a poor bedside manner, but this woman is just a fu@*ing bitch.” She got that right. Dr. Death. Such an appropriate nickname, wouldn’t you say? I mean after all she has only testified for the state in death penalty trials. Not once has she been called to testify for a defendant. Not a single one? Really? I have to wonder why. Could it be because she’d be a horrible witness with her clear lack of experience? Alyce LaViolette, Dr. Samuels, Dr. Fonseca and Dr. Geffner have all testified for both sides if I’m not mistaken. That tells me one thing – Ms. Death is a hired gun. It also shows me that she doesn’t have an ounce of human compassion. That’s become painfully obvious by her demeanor on the stand. It’s mind-numbing to me that this woman actually has a private practice. They must be handing out licenses like candy. She knows as much about human behavior as I do. She had one year under her belt when she interviewed Jodi, correct? Yet she’ll have you believe that she knows more than the defense experts who have 30 years experience, That’s like me telling Bill Gates that I know more about computers than he does. Give me a fucking break! What a conceited, arrogant, self-centered, egotistical ass! Wait a minute, that reminds me of someone. Oh yeah, Travis Alexander! I’m sure they would have gotten along just swell with each other. Had she been able to interview him she would have understood him perfectly. Bottom line is she is paid to make a person, in this case it’s Jodi, look as bad as possible. What type of person does it take to do that? Answer: a very cold and unfeeling one. This chick has no business being in the field she’s in. Maybe she should become a prosecutor. Seems that most of those are cold and unfeeling so she’s got a good head start on that part.

    • I have a feeling no other professional would take this case for the defense…she was their only choice. 🙄
      The first jury had to have been tainted by press coverage or paid to come back with a guilty verdict. From what was presented, premeditation WAS NOT proven. Also, many of the witnesses for the prosecution were SO transparent in their lies ie Dr. Horn, I can not quite understand what that jury was listening to…it couldn’t have been the same trial I heard.

  8. Roger that and I’ll raise you a couple ton.

    Has anybody seen this? ……..

    Are we talking about reality in THIS universe? She should be ashamed to walk in the same courtroom as Robert Geffner.

    If I was Nurmi, I would blow this up and leave it right in front of the jury. And every time she made one of her epic stupid remarks, I would say…”and we should consider your opinion more VALID than this man?

    • And that’s what I’m talking about, right there. The Dr. of Death will have you believe that a REAL doctor, Dr. Geffner, is wrong in his assessment of Jodi. Astounding! I hope this jury is not as utterly stupid and gullible as the last one. Anyone should be able to see that Dr. Death Monger is completely out of her league. If I’m on the jury I’m thinking, “why is the state trying to insult my intelligence?”

      • I have a mgs. for scoobie: you pointed out that the jury wasn’t taking notes. Get a clue!!! They were not buying into this BS Dr Death was saying… She has no experience or was even qualified. She gave Jodi some test. It is questionable rather she ever really did even interviewed these people said she did or just took the info from DT. F aka PIO reports. These test are used as “ONE” of the tools real Dr. uses to form a diagnosis.

        You said Jodi disclosed more information to another Dr. then she did you. Why and hell would Jodi trust you??

        I’m really beginning to question rather JM has totally lost his mind by using you as his expert witness. It was obvious that he was just slinging BS when he had her on the stand.

        So I sit here laughing to myself and shaking my head. Only it’s not a joke. A young woman’s life is at stake.

        I only pray that anyone who is now a patient of this so called Dr. Will seek another openion.

    • Now added to my file! 😆

      Can you imagine Nurmi putting up on a screen: Geffner’s 28 full pages vs. DeMarte’s 0?
      Now, miss, you are contradicting this world famous man???

  9. Jeff she had the intestinal ovaries to say he administered a test wrong. roflmao..roflmao

    The sheer unquantifiable imperious gall.

    • She’s reckless. To disrespect all others is so unprofessional. She should note that this is going down on her permanent record as the most arrogant, rude, unethical, disrespectful ‘dr’ in her field.

  10. Would SJ, or ADMIN, let me know how I can change my Avatar to a photo? …I changed it to a photo last week through and it automatically changed over on two other blog sites I am on, but not automatically on this site. …I guess it can be done easily if you can refresh this site info with info on me? …Memorial picture of my late cat. Thank you.

      • I saved these instructions given to me by Sil on this site a long time ago.

        “Sil says:
        May 5, 2013 at 12:57 pm
        viri posted this a while back and I saved it. I just haven’t had the time to do mine.

        “To make a gravatar picture, go to – sign up as a new userid/password. It will ask you for an email address to assign a picture to. Use the email that you enter here when you post on this site. will email you an authorization request. You will have to go to your email to authorize to associate your email address with your new gravatar userid. (Just open the one email from the gravatar site and click on the specified link to authorize.)
        Gravatar site will then ask you to specify which picture to upload to associate as a gravatar picture with your email address. Voila. Logout from You’re done.”

        • Thanks, D, your above 2/6/15 7:24am comment with the (go to must be the correct one. …I recognize that blue/white rotated “e” avatar symbol there.
          …Darn, that is a hard word to remember how to spell. …No matter how I spell it I can get a different website. But I think GRAVATAR is the correct spelling. …I am going to “WAIT & see” if Admin or SJ has any comment & then may try (
          …Sounds a little complicated, I don’t want to have one profile photo for this site & a different or similar photo for the other sites through …Thought it could be one operation.

  11. Can some one please tell me if she actually denied Jodi has BLD . I think I heard her
    confirm that diagnosis , then deny it and say she had adjustment disorder.

    Don t understand how she could do that.

    • DeMarte was trying to be as sly as possible. Since she is Martinez’s puppet, I think she initially tried to pretend that she hadn’ t formerly testified that she said BPD, then when Nurmi exposed her disingenuousness about pretending to not have officially testified to BPD, Dr. Death admitted that both then and now, her official diagnosis was/is BPD.
      Dr. Death also slyly tried to disguise the fact that BPD is a mental illness. She tried to cover the truth by pushing the term ‘disorder’.
      Nurmi succeeded in setting the record straight, and exposing DeMarte’s cunningness for what it was.

  12. My heart & prayers still strong for Jodi. I hope things go as good as they can for her. Big thanks to everyone here who supports her as well, its great to see. I like the photo, she’s as beautiful as ever.

  13. ♥ Good Morning TEAM JODI!!!! We are PROUD SUPPORTERS OF JODI ARIAS!!!!!!! ♥
    1 Corinthians 2:9 
    “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

  14. I have to admit I have a personality disorder… I was the middle child of seven. I am friends with most of the men in my life. I have trust issues and I could go on and on. So I guess that’s enough to put me on death roll. I get ticked off every time I think about Dr.Death.

  15. I really want to make a point.
    Jodi changed the lines of her body to please her artistic eye.
    She did not get implants to please a man.
    That ridiculous statement by the lil.death.doc is unsubstantiated, as far as I know at least.
    If this statement is true, show me where Jodi says that.
    Which brings me to why do people change their facial image so dramatically that they are hardly recognizable? E.g.: DeMarte, Grace, Mitchell, Hughes, and so on.
    It seems to me that they end up showing their inner most selves, they always end up looking evil. 👿
    Jodi chose to change the lines in her body; her artistic eye likes slight curves.
    She looks proportioned, slim, and graceful. If someone hadn’t mentioned it, I would not have known by looking. She didn’t choose to be a DDDD!!!

    For the lil.death.doc to attribute Jodi’s motives for her decision to do this is hardly a basis for the lil.death.doc to use in evaluating a mental disorder.

    • Carol I agree with you. But I want to say one thing. People do change their demeanors in different circumstances. Most people will act differently at work then they do family. Didn’t people bring out different personality traits each of us. I can be very serious,class clown, flirtatious, introvert, loving or a total bitch. Sure Jodi acted differently around different people, we all do. That was one crazy statment for quackdoc to make. Who cares if Jodi wanted to get her boobs done. Don’t we all have something that we want to change about our appearance. Damn even JM dyed his hair. She has some mental issues that she is dealing with herself. I mean that seriously.

      • Oh, yes, I understand exactly what you mean. We adjust to the social situation we are in because it is just that: a social situation. I wish I could be ‘silly’ in a social situation it would be such fun, but if I tried it would be obviously out of my comfort zone!
        You said it better than I did, we all want to change things about the way we look, hair color, make-up, facials, weight. But usually these changes enhance the appearance not totally change the ‘face’ we identify with being that particular person.
        Some of the people involved on the other side have gone to extremes with changes.
        Perhaps the good doctor didn’t want to look so much like Jodi…remember how that was mentioned at the trial.

        • I read a post by the woman who writes on Twitter at Pitchforksposts. I agree with what she wrote. ( I am praphrasing here: Martinez cunningly picked Dr. Death for her to act as a foil to Jodi; someone similar in age and appearance.
          The foil would be seen as valid, whereas by contrast, Jodi would be seen as invalid.

      • Great point, Cindy, about JM dying his hair. Wish KN would ask the good doctor if JM changing his hair color for the camera and his fans means he has BPD.

      • Wouldn’t it be great if we could put ourselves in the dryer for ten minutes and come out wrinkle-free and three sizes smaller! We would all have BPD according to Dr. Death.

    • I agree. I think you have made references to art a few times on this site. I am suspecting you are an artist, or pretty interested in the arts.
      Obviously Jodi has a refined artistic sensibility, and people who are familiar with what that consists of, understand how ridiculous Martinez’s claims against her are.

        • Jodi is not only an artist, she is quite spiritual. I mention her art because I understand it is as part of her inner self. Looking at her drawings, paintings you see a gentle, quiet, nature loving, soul, just the opposite of what she has been painted as. I see a woman who did not kill anyone.

          Very perceptive Amy: I sketch, I call it doodling. Longed to go to Art School; my father said no to that and ‘father knows best’ he said college was a better way to go…

      • Jodi is not only an artist, she is quite spiritual. I mention her art because I understand it is as part of her inner self. Looking at her drawings, paintings you see a gentle, quiet, nature loving, soul, just the opposite of what she has been painted as. I see a woman who did not kill anyone.

  16. There is a comment in an email from Travis to Jodi that I’ve been curious about for a while now: something about Jodi not being a PC….

    If anyone knows where the emails Travis and Jodi exchanged are (if they exist on line) and could tell me I would sure appreciate it.

    • I sort of remember something, Carol Handy, about reading somebody not being PC, & I did not know exactly what it referred to. …In your context, perhaps someone said it of her or she said it of herself, meaning she was not “Politically Correct”. …I could say that about myself.

      • Travis to Jodi
        ‘It gets old when you dramatize everything… you moan when you don’t make PC…you hung up on me. Now you’re on your own.’

        This is from some email and what I don’t get: the comment re PC

        • Carol, here are a bunch of meanings of PC. Five of them have to do with power – power control, program control, process control, portion control and program control. Or, even post commander.Possibly Travis was referring to who had control in their relationship. But, it’s just a guess.

          Most Common Meaning of PC
          personal computer

          Slang/Chat Meanings of PC
          piece of crap

          All Other Meanings and Definitions of PC
          post card
          power control
          program control
          personal care
          program code
          process control
          phone call
          paper clip
          police car
          press conference
          postal code
          providence college
          pussy cat
          purchase card
          project code
          project coordinator
          productivity commission
          personal copy
          personal code
          program coordinator
          portion control
          positive control
          petty cash
          police constable
          pressure controller
          progress check
          peripheral control
          personal chat
          post commander
          people’s committee

          • Oh, I see Herbie Reardon said that.
            A lot of the time I read the posts from last to first because it is easier to get to the new ones that way.

        • Carol Handy, re “PC”: I was researching PrePaid Legal today. It’s an entrenched Mormon multi-level-marketing institution, to the point where it’s a cult (ppl) within a cult (Mormonism) There’s unbelievable pressure in ppl for the minions to “Produce.” Might as well be a “sweat shop.

          TA is severely critciizing Jodi for ‘moaning’ instead of pulling her weight. He is demeaning her for allowing her frustration to show. This is the first I’ve encountered this ppl clique’s code phrase, but the context “Players’ Club,” makes it clear that it is code for designating the “winners” from the ‘losers” in this evil game. Now I’ve heard the context, it is quite clear to what TA is referring.

          TA goes on to be quite cruel. He says, “You hung up on me.” (They evidently had “words” over this topic.) Jodi was right to just hang up, however this is a “trigger” for TA’s temper! He goes in for the “kill,” saying, “You’re on your own.” I take this to mean he has been coaching her in salesmanship for ppl success, ie how to lie to and cheat your friends and trick them into becoming a slave to this mlm scheme that will eventually make them destitute, along with your own self!
          It will destroy your soul and leave you empty.

          Mind you, this is exactly what has already happened to TA himself. It was Chris Hughes, TA’s bff who executed the “heart plunge” that enslaved TA to this losing proposition. There’s plenty of crying left to be done.

  17. I don’t understand why everyone is so resistant to the notion that Jodi might suffer from BPD. It’s an illness, for cryin’ out loud, not something she should or could be blamed for. And, by Jodi’s own words and descriptions of her life and experiences, she does seem to fit the general profile.

    Is it just because it’s DeMarte saying it? Even a broken clock is right twice a day, y’all.

    Samuels’ testing suggested “Personality Disorder – not otherwise specified” – which would call for further testing to pin down, I gather.

    It wouldn’t make her legally insane, by the standards of the law. But it would make for a very significant mitigator. BPD, undiagnosed and untreated, could explain a lot about how Jodi ended up in, and STAYED in, such a toxic relationship.

    • Journee, I really understandable why some do not want Jodi diagnosed with BPD; it is because once a person is labeled with that they have to deal with the ramifications of it for the rest of their lives…even if it isn’t true.

      I know someone personally who was diagnosed with BPD by an attorney…not a psychologist. Once people label another with BPD it sticks on the person forever. If at all possible it would best for Jodi if she is not labeled with BPD.

      The label of PTSD can be dealt with later.

      • But maybe it would be to the benefit of everyone who DOES suffer from BPD to have a reason for the public to be better informed about it.

        • To a juror question, Dr. Death replied that dissociation is associated with BPD. Dr. G. testified Jodi scored high (89) in dissociation and associated it with PTSD. I found this article entitled “Out of the Fog” on dissociation. It is how Jodi described feeling and the media and haters had so much to say about it.

          “Dissociation flies in the face of pure logic and can appear irrational, illogical and counter-intuitive. Dissociation may mean believing or imagining that something very real does not exist or it can mean believing that something very false does. Whole blocks of memories can be ignored, rearranged or reinvented at a time.”

    • Journee, I think the DT is going to run with it. I’m going with Dr. G possible bipolar/PTSD. I really do not care if someone jumps on me for this. Dr. G would never have brought it up if he wasn’t pretty sure. Again he had to say it in a way that didn’t sound like he was diagnosing her. There is nothing wrong if it did turn out to be BPD.

      People need to realize that Jodi’s life is not going to go back to normal when she walks out those prison doors. unfortunately she will always be looking over your shoulder.
      Even if they figure out who really killed TA. Like Jose told CA…leave the country. This is the cold hard facts.

      But the first thing that has to happen is to keep her off death row. So BPD is one way to do that.

      • Yes it would benefit those who suffer with what they have been diagnosed with, especially BPD. Trouble is the public wouldn’t understand it, it is as if they are ‘afraid’ of mental illnesses.
        Even those in the field do not completely understand it.

        What happens in life when you are sick, badly injured, or stressed by a situation (serious disease, amputated arms/legs, unexpected death of a family member) the way you act is far removed from normal. It is a change and change results in peculiar responses. Or it appears that way to outsiders.

        So, for the public to understand mental illness there has to be an agreement that in a lot of cases, that are not strictly medical and diagnosed medically, that most people at one time or another have demonstrated the symptoms of what psychiatrist/psychologists term BPD or any of the other labels.

          • Absolutely!!! That is a problem that has been successfully dealt with and it also fits her experiences more accurately.

              • Many people think they want to commit suicide. They even go as far as Jodi did and attempt to cut there wrists, but it hurts so they stop.
                It is not that unusual, really.
                If she had had daily thought about suicide she would have done something that would send her to a hospital.
                Yearly thoughts of ‘I’ll kill myself’ or used as a threat, is histrionics and teen-age testing for boundries. Saying ‘I wish I were dead’ is such a common phrase to use, and sometimes it is said to get a reaction.

                • I think in SOME cases, yearly thoughts of suicide, or threats of committing suicide, are part of teenage testing of boundaries and hystrionics, but I also think in many cases, this is not true at all.
                  I think some people really ARE consistently ‘at the edge’ of committing suicide, even though no action is taken, even year after year __ even throughout one’s own lifetime.
                  The underlying death urge is persistently there, maybe for ever.
                  Offhand, I am not remembering what Freud wrote about the ‘death urge’, but I do think, especially in a person who has suffered tremendous invalidation, I do think that such a person’s psyche will consist of a dynamic that will forever tear down whatever is built up.
                  I think that a person who has suffered from extreme invalidation, has unconsciously determined that she has NO RIGHT to exist, and therefore, built into the constition of her psyche, will be a real force intent upon killing her, and that real force can exist as a threatening undercurrent for her entire life-span.

                • So – the fact that someone has thought of suicide but never done it means they’re not at risk for committing suicide?

                  Would that make the ones who really DO commit suicide people who never thought of it before?

            • Not that I doubt she has PTSD. I don’t. Again, though, they aren’t mutually exclusive and, in fact, often occur together.

            • I respectfully disagree with you Carol. This is 2015. Why is PTSD more acceptable to you?? It’s also a mental health issue and believe it doesn’t go away. Most of time the symptoms can be controled by medication as BPD can be. You might be surprised how many same meds. are used. BPD cans turn into PTSD or even bipolar.

              • I agree with you Cindy; BPD can turn into PTSD, or even bipolar.
                I don’ t have the time right now to expand on this, but no phenomenon is discrete in itself.

            • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is due to specifics. That is what service men suffer with, isn’t it? It is treatable.
              Where Bi Polar Disorder has a genetic component, something her physical genetic makeup has, which she would have for her entire life.

              • Bi-Polar Disorder isn’t the ‘BPD’ put forth by DeMarte. She’s saying Borderline Personality Disorder and I’m saying – agreed going by the limited layman’s understanding I have based on the research I’m doing for my current book – that Jodi’s symptoms seem to be in line with it.

                It is also treatable. Not with medication but with therapy that gives them the tools to cope not only with moods that tend to swing to extremes (which is like Bi-Polar) but also uncertainty about self-image, fear of abandonment, tendency to get involved in intense and unstable relationships, chronic feelings of emptiness, threats or acts of self harm and suicidal ideations.

                These people tend to be stigmatized, even in the medical community, because they’re often seen just as they’re seen when they’re undiagnosed out in the world. They’re ‘drama queens’ and everyone thinks they’re acting out for ‘attention’. But they aren’t. Their suffering is real, and the fact that they’re upset by things that wouldn’t upset most people doesn’t make their suffering any less real.

                To shrink it to a scale that most women, at least, will understand. Who among us would rather NOT ever have experienced the mood changes that come with PMS? Who among us has ever been able to avoid those feelings by a pure act of will, a simple ‘bucking up’? Might have been able to put a good face on it, but the feelings were still there, weren’t they? So multiply that by a hundred or or a thousand or so.

                • Journee, I agree will you about learning coping skills. But meds. are used for the depression and acute anxiety. My son’s fiance goes to group meetings every week to learn coping skills.

                • Yes, depending on the patient (and the doctor) and the severity of certain symptoms, meds can be used to address some symptoms. Other symptoms can’t be medicated. And many doctors are reluctant to prescribe meds except as a last resort, because so many can have undesirable or even dangerous side effects.

              • Carol, all three of these disorders are treatable. PTSD is not just a vets disorders.
                That was a big issue in the quilt trial. By the jury questions they were uneducated about PTSD.

                • Journee, I have never disagreed with you but……. If you get treated at the VA they hand out meds. like candy. Months supply of meds. Most Dr.s only write for a month at a time. Very few vets go to therapy after they been diagnosed. Just pop a pill.

                • How is that disagreeing with what I said?

                  Some doctors treat some aspects of BPD (like depression, anxiety) with meds, while other symptoms can’t be addressed with medication at all.

                  I wasn’t commenting about how anyone treats vets with PTSD.

                  All I said about vets and PTSD was that the first jurors -and the public at large – seem to believe that you can’t have PTSD if you haven’t been to war.

            • Maybe I am wrong, but I think that many cases of PTSD are never resolved, or cured, no matter how much treatment a person has undergone.

                • Pre Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder? Yes, I have thought of it too… and wondered about if or how Jodi’s moods/behaviors/symptoms might have cycled.

                • I’m trying to remember what my Dr. told me about it. Darn that was along time ago. I think that one of the birth control pills is usedcan help with this. You don’t hear as much about it as you once did. But girls are going on the pill at a younger age.
                  Hummm the more I think about it unless Jodi is on meds. Oh well I leave this to the experts!!!!

            • (((Journee))) (((Cindy))) (((Amy))) You are good people. 😎

              This has been an interesting and enlightening discussion.
              Your are all very right about what DeMarte is saying.
              And like all of you, I simply don’t trust DeMarte: she has a strong personal motivation to diagnose Jodi the way the prosecutor wants her to.

              You are right, it is better to go with what Dr. Cheryl Karp said, and what Dr. Richard Samuels said, and what Alyce LaViolette said, and what Dr. Lucia Fonseca said, and what Dr. Robert Geffner said.

              They all agreed that when they interviewed Jodi they saw a woman who was accused of murdering a man and who now was under extreme stress.
              They all knew about the relationship Jodi and Travis had and what a bad relationship it had been.
              Not one of them could make a legal determination: did she, didn’t she, she said she did, so she did or did she?
              Jodi had set the table and it included she did it whether she did or not.

              They said she suffered psychologically from the relationship Jodi had with Travis.
              They all agreed on that.
              They all said she couldn’t remember having done any stabbing to Travis.
              They agreed on that.
              They didn’t know why. Fog? Suppression? The WHY couldn’t be answered.
              Could the WHY be because Jodi didn’t stab Travis?
              Perhaps, but they couldn’t say that; that wasn’t in the defense’s playbook at the time.

              Perhaps using one of the multi-lettered labels will succeed for Jodi’s case.
              If that is what it takes to help Jodi, then I am all for the defense doing it.
              If that is what is best for Jodi then it is fine with me.
              All I want is for her to be out of jail as quickly as possible, as do all of you.

              Labels follow us throughout our lives. IF they are NOT accurate they destroy an individual’s feeling of self-worth. It can take years and much personal effort to regain (if ever) ones self-worth.
              I PRAY whatever label is put on Jodi it is accurate and that she can live with it for the rest of her life.

              If the jury can sort all this out, making the proper subtle distinctions between all of them, it will be great.
              If it helps Jodi, then I’m fine with it.

          • This has been an interesting discussion.
            Your right about what DeMarte is saying.
            She says it is Borderline Personality Disorder.

            Perhaps using one of these labels will succeed in Jodi’s case.
            If that is the best for Jodi it is fine with me.

            Labels follow us throughout our lives. IF they are NOT accurate they destroy an individual’s feeling of self-worth. I PRAY whatever label is put on Jodi it is accurate.

            If the jury can sort all this out, making the proper subtle distinctions between all of them, it will be great.
            If it helps Jodi I’m fine with it.

    • Amen Journee. Personality disorders and mental illness are very common especially when you grow up in a dysfunctional environment. Nothing to be ashamed of!

    • [Long post ahead.]

      I totally agree with you Journee.

      In actuality, BPD is not a damning, delegitimizing, shameful diagnosis. Actually, it shows the natural outcome of having developed in a specific context.
      And insightful people realize that there are contexts within contexts, ad infinitum, and that there are ramifications from them, ad infinitum. Nothing, and nobody, exists in a vacuum.
      I think a lot of the problem with the label BPD, is that many of the people diagnosing it, even properly, are people who are lacking in certain capacities, whether it be insight, wisdom, understanding, compassion, life-experience, education in, or knowledge of other subjects, and many other factors that can render a very incomplete, and even very inaccurate comprehension of what BPD means.
      Some say over-specialization is one of the major causes of ignorance today, and I definitely think that is part of the problem regarding many professionals’ knowledge and treatment of BPD.
      Degrees are valuable, necessary, and important, and likewise information, but knowledge and information are only as good as the practioner is capable of applying it.
      Obviously, DeMarte is a prime example of someone who has knowledge and information, but is woefully inadequate in her ability and capacity to really understand another human being.
      DeMarte has a template, a stencil, and even a kind of ‘straightjacket’ that she relies upon to define another person, but the truth that she and many others forget, is that no person is really definable.
      That a person is inherently indefinable is one of the hallmarks of personhood.
      I think BPD has such a stigma because of people in positions of power ( which psychologists and psychiatrists are) believing themselves __ along with others believing them in turn__ that they can wholly define another person, that what they say is law, and that the person labeled is no more, or no less, than what the diagnoser says the evaluated ‘is’.
      Such evaluators have turned, in their perception, the person into an object.
      And even in modern times many practioners in the field of psychiatry/ psychology subscribe to the notion that a person is only an external phenomenon, that only their behaviors are relevant, and only their behaviors reveal who they are.
      And of course, the person in power claims the right to say what exactly those behaviors mean.
      Not only have some professionals created an unwarranted definition of a person with BPD, the media and in turn, popular culture, have further distorted the reality of what BPD actually is and means.
      I think a lot of distortion stems not only from ignorance, but from a desire to wield power over other people.
      Because someone is given a label, then it can be used against them as a means to make something mean whatever the person exploiting the label wants it to mean.
      The media can laugh and jeer at Jodi Arias, point fingers, accuse, define. Just so can the prosecutor, and finally the public, because in their belief they turned her into an object where only their reality applies.
      Of course they are hypocrites, but they are in glee, because they have the perfect target that can’ t fight back; she is only a thing.
      Everything only means what these people want it to mean.
      The wrong people have abused their power, and have inflicted their impoverished understanding of human nature, upon people who can’ t reject the label foisted upon them.
      These wrong people have been culpable of turning the meaning of BPD into a caricature, a dimensionless cartoon, a pathetically simplistic reduction.
      They have even projected their distorted world views, and their childish, prejudiced, absurd notions about good and evil onto the person with BPD.
      There is nothing bad or evil about the person with BPD, but people with vested interests have found a target they can project upon.
      Absolutely, the BPD diagnosis can help to explain why Jodi stayed with someone abusive to her. •The people who truly understand this diagnosis can explain these reasons in respectful ways that actually shed a very favorable light on the person with BPD.
      Instead, the wrong people have given highly biased, greatly distorted and over- simplistic reasons for BPD. And even much worse, they have drastically emphasized, and drastically minimized, different factors so that they are made to fit the schema of the person doing the evaluation.
      The ‘Fatal Attraction’ stereotype resulted from this need of people with vested interests to make something mean what they wanted it to mean.
      A person with BPD is not at all the ‘Fatal Attraction’ stereotype portrayed by Glen Close in the movie of the same name.
      But of course, in the hands of the prosecution, this erroneous sterotype can be exploited.
      There are countless examples of such exploitation, but take the anger issue and kicking a wall. Who is to say whether that was appropriate or not, unhealthy or not? In the context Jodi was in, at that particular moment, in her life __ which no one really knows because it is HER LIFE, (and not theirs) __ kicking a wall might have been the rightest thing to do!
      Likewise, it is HER LIFE, and everything she did or did not do, might have been the absolute best choice, and the right choice.

      (P.S.: Regarding Dr. Death: The fact that she did not thoroughly investigate TA’ s relationships, background, journals, social media posts, and especially his abusive childhood, __ the fact that she didn’ t do that, and didn’ t realize how fundamentally essential such research was __ in a capital death penalty case with self- defense as the defendant’s testimony, __ that was INEXCUSABLE, and Dr. Death deserves the greatest condemnation for that.
      ……. And I know twitter posts are only fragments of the big picture, but Scoopy’s tweets where she [I’m only drawing from vague memory],
      praises Dr. Death for giving simple, easy to understand examples to illustrate the dynamics and origins of BPD, __ the examples Dr. Death gave were so ‘lowest common denominator’, and even trite in nature, that the examples caused even further possible bias against Jodi, because Dr. Death’s characterization made even important factors, seem insubstantial.
      This created a possible result, that people might conclude that Jodi was not severely handicapped in ways that were favorable to her testimony of self-defense, ( or even in other peoples’ eyes, any other scenario that indicated lack of premeditation).

    • Dr. G.’s assessment of Jodi:

      PTSD, with significant anxiety, intrusive experiences, dissociation – scored 89, also major depression (manic depression), could not rule out bi-polar (interviews, records & own observations), victim of domestic abuse at hands of Alexander and Bobby Juarez

      Dr. Samuels Assessment:
      PTSD, Dissociative Amnesia & Personality Disorder NOS

      Dr. Karp:
      PTSD but from different source as Dr. Samuels (not sure if there was more to her assessment)

      Dr. Death:
      BPD and no PTSD

  18. Before I close out for today I have a question for the photography experts on JAII:

    Since it has been proved that the prosecutor’s office has tampered with computer evidence, why are we not suspicious of the ‘time stamped photos’ and the possibility that these have been ‘doctored’ also. Jodi was rather surprised when she was shown some of these pictures during interrogation.

    I’ve done a LITTLE ‘looking’ for answers. The camera TA had does not ‘automatically’ put time stamps on photos. They suggest it is better done after the pictures are downloaded to a computer.
    I am not literate about the new cameras, but I’m sure one of the posters knows about them.

    It would be very good if someone who understands cameras would look into this a little more. Especially since we have evidence that a lot of the work done on this case was FAULTY, to be polite.

    Just looking ahead… 😉

  19. I read on the Arizona Judicial Branch website that today, 2/6/2015 there was “oral argument” does anyone have any info on this or if KN filed any further motions to dismiss DP?

  20. SJ, Admins: Somehow I must have changed my ‘name’ by accident in the the Want to Comment section.
    I’ve changed it back to what it was supposed to be. I’ve copied what I said so please take the ones waiting moderation down

  21. Learning something new every day about this trial.
    Since the prosecutor has been shown to be dishonest about porn on Travis’ computer, I got to wondering about the time-stamped pictures which are the link to Travis’ death, Jodi’s arrest and her conviction.

    Travis’ camera was a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H9 camera.
    From the manual for this camera:
    ‘This camera does not have a feature for superimposing dates on images.
    By using “Picture Motion Browser”, you can print or save images with the date” (on your computer)
    How did the dates and times get on these pictures?
    If the camera doesn’t automatically put them there who put them there?
    I’ve wondered why either Jodi or Travis would want time/date stamps put on pictures. It is odd that they would want to do this as it detracts from the photo.
    And, none of their other pictures have time/date stamps.
    A little more searching for enlightenment and there is this:
    Putting automatic time stamps on pictures taken:
    the time stamps can’t be removed later;
    one would have to crop or otherwise edit the picture.
    ‘Instead of relying on your digital camera to embed date/time stamps in your photos and be unable to remove those edits afterwards, it might be better to edit your pics on the computer and keep the originals. You can do that for all your pictures at once with a specially designed software program’.
    Since I know nothing about cameras I am hoping a brave and daring soul will do some digging and sharing on JAII. 😕

    • According to testimony, the time stamped photos were retrieved from a data card that would not have fit into Travis’ camera.

        • Oh, they didn’t SAY the card didn’t belong to the camera. They tried to imply that it DID. But the card that was admitted into evidence, the one said to have been the card they got the photos from, would not have fit into that camera. Travis’ camera would only hold a card that was proprietary to Sony at that time, was smaller and narrower than any other card on the market, and was BLACK in color.
          Even if we could give the benefit of the doubt and say it was impossible to know, by what we could see of that card on camera, whether or not it was the proper size to fit into TA’s camera – Martinez and CSI Connor both described the card as being BLUE.

      • Okay, the pictures I am talking about are the afternoon photos. The camera couldn’t have put the time/date on the pictures.

    • If you go back to one of Jade’s great post on the camera there are some photos showing these time/date stamps and if you look closely you can see that these date stamps are not consistent – in other words, the lettering/ numbering do not line up on a straight line – some of the numbers/letters sit higher or lower than others. To me this looks like someone put the date stamps on the photo one letter/number at a time superimposing them fraudulently onto the photo….They look like they are put on the photo not by a computer or the camera itself but by a person trying to make it look like they were put there by a computer but failing miserably ….they look fake….Take a look for yourself and tell me if you agree or if I am just seeing things….

        • Yes, I agree about those photos; they were definitely not done by the camera.
          These are not the pictures I am referencing.
          All the afternoon pictures had time stamps.
          That is how they say they knew Jodi was there on June 4th. But the camera belonging to Travis didn’t have the ability to put time stamps on so somebody else did that/

          • So you have a camera that has no capability to put the time stamps on and you have photos that clearly are manually altered with adding time stamps that were never there… you have fraud, fraud, fraud reeking throughout this trial by the state who had control of ALL THE EVIDENCE..

            • Bear with me:
              If the camera (maybe this is most cameras) doesn’t put timestamps on photos – for obvious reasons as it spoils the picture, and they needed better proof of Jodi’s being there and added time/date to pictures taken of Jodi on a different day….

              Remembering Jodi being confused about the pigtail picture…
              Something just clicked in my memory and I had an impulse to check it out. Lo and behold the camera didn’t take time/stamp pictures.
              If the prosecutor’s office put the time/date on all of those pictures they should have made that information clear to the jury, the defense and the judge.

      • Did the Defense argue that point at all?
        The pictures had to be timestamped somewhere by someone and it wasn’t the camera, it shouldn’t have been allowed as evidence.

        • I don’t think the DT argued this but I can’t be sure – just too many details to remember….but they should investigate it among many other things they should look into….but alas, she has already been convicted of premeditated first degree murder….they are now concentrating on saving her life and preserving the record for her appeals which I believe due to Brady violations will be overturned…there is just so much in this case that is fraudulent that you can not trust anything about it….

            • Yes, definitely if the DT could get evidence to show that the state altered/tampered with evidence they would definitely bring it into this re-trial just like they did with TA’s computer evidence that was destroyed/altered/hidden…..I just don’t know how they would get this evidence except that someone with a CONSCIENCE comes forward and tells the truth for once…..People know the truth and if they think they are under no obligation to come forward and tell the truth they are sadly mistaken….they are morally, ethically, and legally responsible just as if they had committed the crime (tampering with the evidence / destroying/hiding evidence) themselves….they better re-assess their souls condition quickly because GOD IS NOT MOCKED FOR WHATSOEVER A MAN SOWETH THAT SHALL HE REAP !!!!

              • There are three cameras in this “game”. Did the State confiscate and place in lock-up custody all three cameras?

                #1 TA’s New Sony
                #2 Jodi’s professional job camera that she said she always travels with, (in her car)
                #3 Jodi’s everyday camera that she said is always inside her purse – (a smaller camera?)

                Camera #2 (professional jobs) should have had the photo-set that included the hair color back to brunette, and the BRAIDS _ Jodi doesn’t like the label “pigtails.”

                *not sure about the BRAIDS now, seems like those were on TA’s camera. But, yes _ I think those were taken the trip BEFORE the june 4 08 trip.

    • Melendez said he didn’t do it either. Said he didn’t know where the timestamps came from.

      I’ve thought for tore than a year now that the card was created, using photos from other sources (Jodi seemed to think, in the interrogation tape, that the pigtails picture had to have been taken before she moved away from Mesa) and pieced together on the one card to make it look like they all happened on the same day. By whom? I dunno.

      • Oh, I think little Mikey knows who did it…..this is the same guy who sat there on the stand and said that by tipping the camera over it could depress the shutter button and photo could be taken…..NO WAY !! Jade wrote about that in that same post and I wrote a post on this as well as my husband has been a photographer for over 35 years…..

      • This is feeling more and more like a frame up.

        Sounds too melodramatic to be true, but it sure is feeling that way to me.
        From the multi-finger-pointers to time/date stamps.

      • OK cameras are meant to be able to share pictures by copying off one camera and pasting onto/into a second camera.

        This does NOT involve any image CARDS whatsoever. Every new camera is packed with a transfer connection CORD that fits into that camera’s “out port” The other end (even if you need to get an adaptor to fit) can be caused to connect to the “in port” on your other camera. This is how you could connect your camera up to your TV monitor, and sit on the couch and view them on a large screen.

        Or you could connect one end of the CORD to one camera and the other end of the CORD to some stand-alone viewing device (even a hand held viewing device) This concept is not much different than putting a boat load of images from your vacation onto a DVD disk. You go to a friend’s house, they want some of the pictures cuz they were on the same trip. So you put the disk into a DVD player. Use the connection cord between the two devices, and copy the pics your friend wants from the DVD loaded with the boat-load batch, onto your friend’s own camera.

        Date stamps: Modern cameras record what is called EXIF data. Back to the CORD – it links the camera to the computer. Computer software programs allow you to “find” the EXIF info associated with a given image and use “settings” to put whatever info with the image. Might even tell whether flash was used or the level of the brightness, etc. or just if you want your printed pictures to bear a date stamp on the front of the pictures. Hope this helps. I DO NOT REALLY know what I’m doing, but I have actually done it before like 2008 before. 🙂

    • Melendez testified that the camera has a feature which embeds the date and time into the photo itself and they used the encase report to get the data for what is seen on the exhibits. If someone had the encase report, it should be able to be verified or not.

      • Copied from the Users Manal:
        ‘Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H9 camera
        This camera does not have a feature for superimposing dates on images’.

        • Carol you are awesome!!!!

          OK here is what my brain is throwing around. TA crama was not damaged when Jodi dropped it or else it would never have taken the other two bogus pictures. The camera and were never put in the washer until later. Perhaps JM dropped the camera in court just to damage it.

          Sorry my mind is foggy with allergies this morning. Did BN ever get the memory cards from MPD? I know he was still waiting for the simcards. I honestly think that BN could blow this case wide open.

          Jodi dyed her hair before she lefted AZ and moved back home. That’s when those pictures were taken. I do not believe that they were taken on TA’s new camera. The shower pictures were.

          • I have always believed that the pictures of Jodi with pigtails etc. were not taken that fateful day. The shower pictures tell a different story for me. Travis was extremely proud of his body and I’ve wondered if he was not making those pictures to share with one of his favorite porn sites, trying to break into the porn industry himself. Of course, he is the only one who would know that. But he was in need of money and apparently needed it to be made quick. Maybe he had high hopes for his career into another field of work. His heart was into one thing and that was self gratification, IMO.

          • Okay ladies, I was busy looking up background stuff and came across an article about porn bust in Mesa. Guys would induce girls (young immature) to pose for sex pics and then sell them on the internet for big bucks. (I’m beginning to sound a lot like the bad guys after reading this stuff)
            👿 Jodi was disturbed about that picture in pigtails (I remember us commenting a while back about how her expression was in that picture) she didn’t think it was taken on June 4th.
            Does that help with your theory? It seems so to me.

      • Not that I’m suggesting he’s to be believed, but didn’t Melendez testify that the date/time information came from the EXIF data in the photo files?

        The camera does, apparently include date/time information in the files, or they couldn’t offer the work around for preserving that data on the images.

        The caveat is that EXIF data can be easily manipulated by anyone who knows what they’re doing.

        • He also testified that the photos that were in the unallocated space did not have the data any more so they didn’t have the stamps. It’s not that I believe him, and Malware sure lost his patience with him a lot, but that is something that is hard fact and could be disproven if not true.

          • I think he said that some had the data and some didn’t.

            And also that some of the image data itself had been compromised – giving himself a cover if someone savvy came along behind him and found the images had been manipulated.

      • Well, CC & CH, I never did believe that the time/date stamps nor the pictures were accurate in the police forensics retrieved, conceived & deceived, in so-called evidence, from the Travis camera data cards. …But, does ANYONE think that Jodi & Travis were switching around the camera data cards (including the one that did not fit in his camera) during their meeting? …Or, someone else extracted info from more than one card? …How can anyone think that she appeared with pigtails in the middle of the pictures displayed in court (from his camera)? …That alone is JUNK EVIDENCE obviously put into the line of evidence, which makes it all JUNK IN, JUNK OUT.
        …Is “one roach found in bowl of soup” enough to declare it is all bad? Depends on who’s soup!
        …I believe the forensics “interpolated a time sequence” that fit their theory & simply rearranged the information in a time-line with the time/date inserted in the forensics process. …And, then manipulated by re-copying it to look unclear, suggesting: “we worked so hard & are so smart”?
        …Who would know? …Who keeps forensics police honest? …Where is the Federal Government?

        …I worked 18 years in the local nuclear power plant, and worked the last few years, calibrating test equipment, in the calibrations lab. …Calibration labs are responsible for performing calibrations & maintaining written & computer records on ALL MEASURING & TEST EQUIPMENT used for DOCUMENTED work in the plant, as plant equipment is periodically repaired, replaced or adjusted. …A chain of documentation has to be maintained so that in case of any irregularities (in any industry) a trace can show exactly “who did what” & what procedure was used, and which test equipment was used, & was that test equipment within calibration? …This documentation of accuracy & use is maintained (as far as I know) in all industries.
        …The calibrations labs have to have their “lab standard” equipment” tested for it’s own calibration accuracy by sending it to another outside lab, assigned to calibrate other calibration “lab standard equipment”. …Thus, a chain of calibration & documentation.

        …In nuclear plants, even a brand new inexpensive “stopwatch” has to be calibrated & who calibrated it & which calibration equipment was used to do the calibration & records maintained.

        …Apparently, Travis’s camera was made (possibly) in China. …Not only is there NO RECORD of any “line of calibration” on the “clock accuracy” of this camera, there is no record that Travis or anyone ever SET it to the correct time/date, at any time.

        …I suggest that Travis’s time/date stamps & his clock was NOT any more accurate than any other (uncalibrated) camera-clock in the department store or from online purchase. …And, that Travis’s camera (now totally broken by the prosecutor) can never be tested by defense team expert.
        …In other words: the camera information is NOT any more accurate or trustworthy than a German Coo Coo clock, …made in Japan or China. …(IMHO)…
        ………….I believe it is time for a Department of the Federal Government to inspect, with closer frequency, all police forensic labs in Arizona. …And, their outside third party computer nerds. …

        • Callibration of all equipment in a forensic department of the police department is critically important, is what I think you are saying, did I get it?
          So since Travis’ camera was not able to automatically put the time/date on photos, and some had ‘information’?’ on them and some didn’t and no one knows who put the time/date on the pictures it really is like you say JUNK and should be tossed out as evidence.
          I LOVE IT 💡 TOSS IT OUT.

          • Of course, CH, documented files of how procedures were followed in a forensic police lab (including how, or if their equipment was calibrated) is just as important as knowing how test equipment in a nuclear plant is used to make adjustments to plant equipment.
            …But, I guess that is if you are a defendant, or you are a person who lives extremely close to a nuclear plant. .
            ..And, if there is only one small roach in a bowl of soup, it depends if the finder is the cook or the diner.
            …I welcome Federal investigation of Arizona police forensic labs. …I remember hearing on TV, of convictions overturned when sometimes FBI lab persons are over zealous to find incriminating results. …I even heard of a search dog owner/handler who was found to have been planting miscellaneous bones (in real searches cases) in order for the search dog to find and get more work on real police searches. …Who is policing the police?

        • Loved your post W. Here is my thinking. Did TA and Jodi exchange m-cards?? If they did it was to down load them on their laptops. So did TA have a camera before he went out and got this new one?
          I personaly think that there was a bogus card thrown in the washing machine. What I don’t know is when they confiscated Jodi’s camera. OK I’m thinking that perhaps Jodi gave TA her m-card at some point so he could download it onto his laptop. Perhaps the could then make a disk. What was on the disk that TA through across the room?? Just vacation pictures?? No one that I recall said it was damaged.

          I do not believe for one minute that the pictures of Jodi in pigtails were taken on that day. This is the biggest cover up I have ever seen. I think the DT and BN know this.

          • cindy jewell, I was just reading seabird’s comment down thread 2:14pm & goes into a lot of details about this camera subject & the cards calling them image cards or camera cards. …And, I remember hearing about TA throwing a disk across the room, certainly a buildup of hostile emotions that was stirring up his brain. …I have to re-read seabird’s long comment, seems like a lot of useful information. …And, how seabird mentions that Jodi corrected Flores, that it was not pigtails but braids. I assume Flores was trying to infer that she was trying to look like a young girl with “girlish” pigtails, which infers that she was enticing TA. …Sort of like the police & media calling her situation as just FOG (silliness) instead of a real FUGUE or psychogenic state of consciousness. …Police always manipulating the English language.

            • And, we know that the pigtails/braids were not taken that day. …The guilt jury did not know that because they assumed that she lies about everything. They assumed that the police are absolutely truthful in their description of everything. ….NOT….

              • Who would have thought that they would have been this corrupt?? It just blows my mind and shatters my fundamental beliefs. I knew that the DT. will lie to get you to make a confession. But this????

          • WLopez, The Cameras:
            This abstract thought construction is real close to being out of my reach, but I will try to note thoughts I have had during these long and endless months.

            I believe that TA and JA first opened the new Sony camera together the day before he expected to leave for Cancun.

            I believe they were pretty hyped up and tossed the emptied box on the floor next to the foot of TA’s big bed. They had not bothered to attach the strap before they began using the camera. There was an image of the new camera’s box on the floor with the unattached strap laying on the floor near the newly opened camera box.

            I don’t think it is knowable at what point the strap became attached, if it ever did. That is probably why Jodi fumbled and dropped the camera; no strap, yet.

            I’d think there’s a 50/50 chance they took the time to set the time on the camera before taking it’s first picture.

            All focus would be on the novelty of this new camera. Sony stuff is very proprietary. Unlikely that any parts are interchangeable.

            Inventory of cameras assumed to be in that house during that particular shooting session:

            1. Brand new Sony; Sony calls their “memory card,” a memory stick.”
            I think I picked up that the “cards” for that Sony are black. (NOT blue)

            2. It is never mentioned, but early published pictures into the washing machine make no sense to me. There is no clothing in the tub, but the tub is completely filled with water. An unknown camera (MCPD?) took a picture straight into a full tub of water that clearly reveals the image of a standard Blue image card lying flat on the bottom of the tub under the deep water. There is definitely something out-of-place with this “picture.”

            3. Due to Sony proprietary details, it is completely impossible for a picture of that Blue card to have been taken with the brand new Sony camera, which uses a Black “memory stick.” Period.

            4. Any number of memory cards, which would probably be Blue could have been used to phptograph that card in the bottom of the tub, BUT a camera that Jodi owned would need to be used. The Sony memory stick would be useless except with using the Sony, itself.

            5. We are still wondering if TA actually owned a camera of his own before acquiring the new Sony. I’m thinking he didn’t.

            6. It’s sort of like the argument about “did Travis own a gun.” (All his friends said he did not own a gun, but Jodi regularly cleaned around a .24 caliber in TA’s closet.) It looked like a girly, girly gun. We’ve seen him with his friends on a range, shooting some significant weaponry. Who’s going to brag to his buddies, “Hey, I have my own gun, too. This whole pal-around club just does not react normally in my opinion. It’s like they live a life of acting out their own cover story. Taken as a group, they act like the “Stepford Guys.” No emotions. They must have lost more than a dozen “close friends” since we’ve been following this trial together. Where’s the Remorse? Flores’ flat affect following the sudden death of his 15 year old son, doesn’t quite match up with his ability to party with the Prosecutor and the Alexanders, as if business as usual.

            Jodi would likely carry a collection of memory cards, being a professional semi-commercial photographer.

            Jodi was the “Trip photographer,” So I’m thinking she had that one up-graded camera for weddings, and trips. She made a point of the small camera being on her person at all times.

            I’m trying to think if Jodi had more than two cameras of her own. The timing with the Sony caused it to be shut out of the whole point of the camera. Now I’m trying to think if TA took any active part in the picture taking between them. The “Braid series” and the “trip pics” must have been set up on a tri-pod and timer. I’m only coming up with two cameras that Jodi owned and used, and the one Sony that TA apparently used briefly when they probably were using the Sony for the nude pictures.

            • seabird,
              Didn’t Zach say he talked some with Jodi when she would come over
              about their cameras because they were alike?
              Not real sure, but I think that’s what I heard him say in an interview.

              • seabird,
                I was wrong.
                He said that they were both into photography, so that’s
                he and Jodi talked about when she was around.

        • WLOPEZ4JAA,

          Well W.L. You sound like a well-grounded technical individual, Open to logical, yet out-of-the-box thinking.

          So far not one of my posts has ever received feedback. This is surely putting me at risk for “Invalidated Personality Disorder” (that would be IPD) with a compulsion for Resolution. With apologies to my ulcer for another session of aggravation (typing accurately at 75yrs is tediously stressful) I will reluctantly send my observations regarding the Flores Interrogation as it relates to the various camera cards, date stamps, and image contents.
          SUMMARY – the State has at least THREE camera cards in custody (not just two)

          #1 Please refer to the interrogation video_Jodi corrected Flores re the term “pigtails” _ they are NOT pigtails _ they are BRAIDS. Using her preferred reference term will bolster her sense of VALIDATION. So, the above poster is correct in that Jodi’s shock at Flores’ producing pictures in braids correctly identifies that what he showed her as evidence that she was at TA’s on june 4 is a LIE. The pictures he produced were from a photo-shoot that PRE-DATED THE KILLING BY A significant amount of time. Nothing in those photos proves she was ever at TA’s.

          #2 It would seem that NOONE has identified that there are at least 3 different camera image cards involved. 1st the new, fancy SONY has a proprietory card.
          2nd an “everyday card that JODI “always” carried in her purse
          3rd the image card for Jodi’s “professional camera.

          MCPD detectives claimed
          1. image card removed from Soney
          2. image card removed from “camera in washer”
          3. no mention: With washer empty of any “wash load” There is Online, a photo throudn a full tub of clear water ___A THIRD CAMERA CARD__quite visible lying on the bottom of the open wash tub.

          Last thought: Most any camera can be connected up to another camera via purchasing the appropriate 3ft to 6 ft “extension” with mix & match connections. This is how the digital generation shares photos. The simply copy the selected images on one person’s camera to a buddy’s camera electronically. No need to use the “camera cards.”

          Don’t know if this makes sense, but I’m hitting too many wrong keys, now. Got to rest. Good luck.

            • I always enjoy your posts Seabird. and agree the camera cards are a major setup to frame Jodi, along with the deleted hard drive this alone should be enough to impeach JM, Flores and CREW. and SET JODI FREE

              • I appeciate your posts too, seabird, and I’ sure everyone else does.
                I didn’ t know for a few days that you responded to a post of mine about ‘ Eddie Snell’, but when I saw it, I put off responding to you because I wanted to write a well- thought out post.
                I wrote you a short post recently, thanking you for your kind words to me, and telling you I am happy to communicate with you here. Then I said I will get back to you in the near future because I wanted to put some real thought into my post.
                I never had the intention of being rude to you by not replying yet.
                I just spent at least twenty minutes writing a post to you, and I was 2/3 of the way through and my tablet exited this site for some reason, and I lost the post. My tablet has been doing that at times recently.
                So, I haven’ t forgotten you, and I will try to write my post over later.
                I’ m sorry that it has taken me so long to reply to you.
                ( I have Slow To Get Moving Syndrome.)

          • Seabird, I’ m having bad luck for some reason. I was again in the middle of writing you a response and my tablet disconnected from this site.
            For now, I will just say that I hope the defense team shows the jury the ‘Eddie Snell’ video. It will demonstrate that Travis was the one who was intrusive, and that it was Travis who felt entitled to be inappropriate and violate boundaries.
            The fact that he commanded a woman in the audience to stand up, is behavior that is far more agressive than the approach I think most comedians use__ singling an audience member out and drawing attention to them.
            Making an audience member stand up is one of the factors that indicates to me that Travis had an ability to use his charm to exploit the energy of people, while simultaneously causing them to be less able to remain autonomous.

            I think all organized religions are intrusive and cross boundaries they have no right to cross.

            I don’ t think there was any sort of perjury regarding the back- packing incident. He was intrusive also, however I think universally men seem not to comprehend a woman’ s need to bring the number of items they want to bring.

  22. I wish you the best JODI, there’s no doubt in my mind you will be free. And hope to meet you someday.
    Keep your head up and smile.

  23. You should hear the inane babbling going on over on the “State vs Jodi Arias” Fabebook page. (Actually, don’t bother, it’s really just the same old nonsense, not worth the aggravation, and I’m reporting here so you don’t have to.) They have managed to convince themselves and each other that (1) Beth K is a traitor because she dared to state one relatively neutral observation that didn’t slam Jodi or reinforce their need to believe that Juan is winning this hands down, (2) that Juan is just sitting back, waiting to set things straight, and (3) that Kirk is being extremely rude to this nice young woman and the jury isn’t going to like that. The rampant ignorance, as always, is unsettling but somewhat entertaining at the same time.

    • I also see a great deal of narcissism in their views. For example they still believe that they (as well as their favorite psychologist with extremely limit experience in either psychology or life) know so much more than psychologists with decades of experience. They very simple-mindedly dismiss the experienced ones, telling themselves that these “old farts are just behind the times” (even though if you look at Dr. Geffner’s 28-page resume it appears he’s one who was actually leading the times). How people can think so highly of themselves that they put their layman’s knowledge on a subject above that of highly educated and experienced experts is mind-boggling. It is ignorance and narcissism personified.

  24. ♥ I believe if you keep your faith, you keep your trust, you keep the right attitude, if you’re grateful, you’ll see God open up new doors. Joel Osteen ♥

    • So very true. (((R.Love)))
      Every morning I read your selections and they inspire me, give me strength.
      Joel Osteen is a Sunday morning ‘must’ for us.

      • ♥ Happy we made it through last week. Everyone needs to rest up because we will not STOP until the TRUTH is uncovered and JODI ARIAS IS FREE! I refuse to go to the lower level of life where the Haters dwell. . .we must rise above them and continue our support of a TRULY INNOCENT WOMAN, JODI ARIAS! It is not a crime to protect yourself from a vicious abusive attack. Period.

        ♥ Please do not forget that the Appellate Fund is alive and well and we need to continue to contribute as we can so Jodi will not have to worry about one more thing. Times are hard for so many, but no gift is too small. Jodi loves everyone who supports her whether it is by prayer, positive thoughts or monetary donations. Jodi has never asked for anything at all. . .we give because it is the right thing to do! What these people have put Jodi through is unbelievable and needs to be corrected. TRUE Justice must be brought back to ARIZONA!!! ♥

  25. I find it extremely hard to believe that Tanisha and Samantha, while they were growing up, never experienced their older brother’s wrath. No one can tell me that he treated his little sisters with unwavering kindness. Poppycock!

    • I agree, and this belief that he MUST have been violent at times towards them while growing up, is not meant as a criticism faulting Travis.
      It is a belief based upon knowedge of child/ adolescent development, child abuse, family/ situational dynamics, etc..
      It doesn’ t mean that he was not loving towards his siblings. That is not what is being said.

  26. On the Reasonable Doubt site I’d to link up the CVs of all the experts (if we have them all) – as well as Dr. D.’s (whom I refuse to label as an expert). I know where to find Dr. Geffner’s. Does anyone have links to the others?

  27. How is it possible for a self-proclaimed expert on domestic violence to claim (with a straight face no less) that she decided a woman was not battered without even looking at the background or personality of the alleged batterer? What kind of bizarre determination is that?! I say a very biased and unprofessional determination, one meant simply to kill another human being for the sole sake of money and fame. Disgusting hardly describes it!

    • She taylors her “testiphony” to what the prosecutor wants and needs. For someone her age and the length of time her education took, one wonders how she has the $$$ to start her own clinic??

      Dr. Death indeed.

      • I have found that 90% of people go into this field due to some life altering event that happens in their life. If you stop and think about it they care about people and want to help them to better mental health. I’m not sure what is going on with this girl but she sure is damaged. She lacks compassion. Her lack of looking at the whole picture is very concerning. You can not just give a person a test and see the whole picture.

      • Yes, Jodi is very spiritual, and her art is an expression of her inner self.
        The sensitive nature of her inner self is very apparent.
        I believe that any true art is at the same time spiritual, regardless of the subject matter.

        I don’ t know what you ‘ expose’ yourself to, and I’ m sure you know anyway, but not only are there an enormous amount of good instructional books available, but now with the internet there is so much access to free online instruction and information, and so much ready access to museum websites, and infinite images on the internet, it is not even necessary to go to art school.

    • Dr. Death took issue with Jodi still being friends with her ex-boyfriends and the fact that she had breast augmentation. TA gifted Deanna with breast implant surgery, as kind of a six year anniversary of not marrying her perhaps, and she was still considered one of his best friends even though they had broken up years prior.

      Double standard in her assessment…

        • 😯 That would mean the Hughes told a lie about their good friend Deanna. I’m not an expert and she has gained weight judging from the early pics when she is definitely smaller in that particular body area.

          • Crazy what we keep finding out isn’t it?

            I have been listening to the interrogation tapes this morning. I went backwards. I’m at the point of 20 hours not accounted for.
            I have a question? John Edwards one of TA old room mates. I don’t remember him. Did he ever testify?

            I found it pretty interesting that DT. F aka the PIO. knew TA pretty well. A player, a flirt and so on. I have seen this before and I’m still taken back by DT. F demeanor when talking with Jodi. He all most sounds like a human.

              • So DT. F tells Jodi in the interrogationthey take special care don’t even touch the hard drive but make a copy of it. Ya right!! So when did you decided to delete and compromise the evidence?? She question the date/time stamp from the being.

              • Hi Cindy! 🙁 I know what you mean. I have watched those interrogation tapes so many times I probably could recite them. It is frustrating to watch the manipulative deceptive detective lie and create a story. I’m not sure Jodi knows what happened. Martinez, Flores and Stephens apparently are all on the same BS train. The only thing Jodi has been guilty of is putting her trust into the conniving, deceiving, corrupt people she has come in contact with. She has been abused from the first days she met Travis Alexander and still is suffering from abuse from the Arizona justice system and media. I can’t wait for the truth to come out about all of the guilty and see them pay for their crimes. FREE JODI ARIAS AZ!!!

                • Totally agree! I have always thought that Jodi didn’t know what had really happened to Travis..its very clear in the Interrogation. The fact that she wanted to bring a lawyer to Flores first interview and then changed her mind tells me that she and her family were threatened!

                • R. I have come up against road block. I can’t even get my own family to hear me out. It stared with the nag. and went from there. Every major channel. So where the hell are they now that all the “suspected” (I say that closely because we all know) corruption that bleeds in this case. Not one word!!!!

                  These people believe every word the say….well we are finding out that even the national news anchors lie…(Brian Williams)
                  My letters to my congressman will never answered. I have a few people in mind but not going to say their names now.

                  Jodi’s case is not out there so people can hear and she what the hell is going on. I’m not giving up yet!!! Jodi was framed not question about it.

  28. Hey, Team Jodi!!!

    I just want to share with all my cyber family here where we support and stand with our dear, innocent JODI!!!

    I had the most WONDERFUL dream last night that our precious Jodi was FREE!!! Parts of the dream weren’t real clear but the end of the dream was very clear in which Jodi was standing by herself in the middle of some area, I don’t know where, but all I know is the look on her face was so beautiful that I don’t even know if I could describe it!!! I walked up to her and I hugged her tight and as I walked away, I looked back she still had that same, beautiful look on her face as she looked up to the Heavens!!! I just wanted to share my beautiful dream with you all!!!

    I believe this is a sign to us that our Jodi will be free very soon!!!

    ♥ (((((JODI))))) ♥

  29. I think the state bar ethics committee needs to investigate JM and further I think that the US Attorney General needs to investigate the misconduct that is rampant throughout this case…the Brady violations, the prosecutorial misconduct not the least of which is JM personally destroying evidence so that it will never be able to be tested with any accuracy ever again (dropping the camera purposefully in court), the obvious perjured testimony of state witnesses, the tampering with the evidence……disbarrment for JM, criminal charges for those tampering/destroying/altering evidence and stiff sentences for those found guilty of this travesty of justice…..All this is separate from the appellate process which will IMHO will demand that this case be dismissed, the verdict vacated and dismissed with prejudice bc of the egregious behavior of the state….This case will go down in the history books of law as one of the most corrupt prosecutions ever !

  30. I do not believe poor Jodi could have possibly committed this heinous crime at all had she not been in fear for her life. She is obviously a battered woman, and suffers from BWS and PTSD. I also think she suffered from mental illness prior to the event. I am so glad I found this website. I have been looking for a place to vent my total frustration with the criminal court system in this case. It is obvious that the prosecutor, the PD, many of the witnesses, and experts have conspired to create this allusion. I have tried to read between the lines, and am sure that they have destroyed all of the evidence of pedophilia. It would not surprising me if victims start coming out of the wood work soon. Now that it’s safe. Or is it. I believe several of the witnesses for the prosecutor are involved in that as well. Birds of a feather. Furthermore the entire crime scene was destroyed by the detectives. Purposely? Hmmmm. Then the gas cans. I always carry extra gas cans when traveling long distance. Am I the only one that does this? As for anything with a time stamp. My phone, my camera nor my ipad have the correct or even the same time on them. Hopefully someone on the inside of this gangland style hit on an innocent woman’s life will come forward and free her from this injustice. I lose sleep thinking of such a talented and loving person being lost to the world. I only wonder about the great things she would be doing for her fellow man were she free. I truly believe KN and JM are giving their all to save her against people who will do anything to win. I have read so much lately on the Mormon church and there per so cushion of anyone who shows them in a bad light. And then to do it to someone who needed a church family at what I think was a curtail time in her life, and to be abused and manipulated by the one person she thought she could trust. The whole thing is just sick. I have written several letters to our congressman asking to look into this conspiracy. Please do the same.

    • Thank you definitelyNotGuilty, glad you have shared you positive thoughts with us! Also, a big thank you for writing letters to your congressmen. Many of us have done the same and will continue to write to whoever we think might shed some light on or aid in the situation that Jodi Arias is in. This very well could be anyone in our country fighting for their life from a corrupt justice system. Self defense is not a CRIME!!! It is time for the citizens of the US to take a stand and put a stop to this abuse of the worst kind. The United States Government needs to get involved in a big way with this mess. They have turned a blind eye towards this judicial corruption for to long IMO. Again, thank you for any help you send for Jodi!!!!! ♥

  31. I’m constantly reviewing and pounding the trail with fierce determination to not only discredit the prosecution hoax, I want to DESTROY it. To make it simple enough for anyone with a functioning brain to understand it.

    When you’re dealing with gossip-mongers who are convinced there was a bloody handprint or a hand print in blood, you’re trying to educate simpletons who wallow in the HLN gutter. When the LifeTime Movie Channel can air the Jodi Arias Story having the temerity to promote it as “Based on a True Story,” and then butcher the truth it as it did, you have a filthy trash network that has no more credibility than Pravda.

    Why…oh why…oh why…oh why, didn’t Nurmi and Willmott focus more on the forensics and send a cruise missile right through the heart of the prosecution’s case. The endless emphasis on domestic violence and mental defect back drop was a solution in search of a problem.

    When you have blood where it shouldn’t be–which is in equal patterns along BOTH sides of the hall corridor and on the toilet pedestal–what explains that? When did Martinez explain that? How does Alexander stumbling up the right side wall, get significant blood on the left wall? And then incalculably significant, no blood where it SHOULD BE, which you will emphatically see in my links below. Houston, that is a problem.

    It doesn’t have to be lead pipe certain that discrepancies you raise are absolute to define that your version has to be what positively happened. It just has to make ONE juror say hmmmmmm, boy you know that does make sense–I can’t find somebody guilty of premeditated murder or first degree murder based on what I’m seeing here. And there was a virtual avalanche of those discrepancies to show.

    But if you don’t break it down into visuals a rational person can understand, you have to count on 12 random people pulled from the routine of their normal lives, to have detective skills. Plus, average people view the police and prosecuting attorneys as having a high standard of morals and integrity due to their position being one of supposedly serving the public trust. There is already a predisposition to not believe that these slime would lie or falsify testimony or doctor evidence. You’re starting the very first day with that handicap. This is why visuals and demonstrations are so important.

    When you are so bogged down in the weeds that a juror asks whether a bear or a tiger is relevant to a test question explaining the fear or anxiety being real, or just a distinction without a difference, you’ve already lost the jury. You might as well put your papers in your briefcase and go home.

    The answers to literally frazzling the prosecution case, were right there in that bathroom with the blood and the crime scene. I’ve said it over and over. The defense focus went down a rabbit hole more appropriate for a temporary insanity plea than self defense.

    There is a inexplicable link missing in the the prosecution outright chutzpa of fabrication. What conceivable reason would Jodi have to be obsessed, about putting him in the shower? Anyone who even peeked into the bedroom, the first thing they would see is all the blood on the carpet. Would they just shut the door then and think everything is normal? They wouldn’t freak out and go into the room farther and into the bathroom and find his body? That’s more than assumption. It’s preposterous that they wouldn’t. So moving his body accomplished absolutely bupkis.

    Now factor in all the time constraints, the physical aspects of being able to do it, and the scads of clues that shatter the prosecution claims into scraps. For Christ sake, the shower door wasn’t even shut! So putting him there certainly couldn’t have been to hide him. Even a half-wit would know enough to at least shut the shower door if that was the case.

    And if she was so worried about her DNA on his genitals, why would she have to move him to throw water on him? According to Martinez, she used a glass to do it when he was already in the damn SHOWER. Right there under the shower head. She couldn’t have took that glass to the end of the hallway and did what she wanted to do there? Somewhere along the line, common sense has got to kick in.

    If you just committed a premeditated murder, wouldn’t you want to be racing out of that house and get down the road as quick as you possibly could? She’s going to instead concentrate on seeing how she compares to Arnold Schwartzenegger? And for absolutely NO logical reason at all that accomplishes anything? Making ANY frantic effort to clean or hang around there would make it just that much more likely she would run into the roommates. She knew the roommate schedules.

    This prosecution drivel is so weak, it makes fiction novels look like they were based on true stories.

    The axiom of a picture being worth a thousand words is time tested for eons. It’s why cases are won with them and cases are lost without them. So here’s another 4,000 words worth, that would have the prosecution spinning in circles. My notes are self explanatory. All can be enlarged using zoom tools on the bottom or using your left click on the mouse.

    Dare anyone who is a NAG nut ball to explain the first one without twisting themselves into a pretzel. Alexander has to be bleeding from 30 different places. Not even considering the blood on her–on her clothes–her hands–her feet. Dare them to explain it.….Something_Wrong..jpg

    • Jade,

      Thank you for your fantastic documentation of the outrages that Jodi is being subjected to. I have noticed that there is some “trending” toward taking prosecutorial abuses more seriously.

      There is now a National Center for Due Process making an effort to become VISIBLE. Also, the NAU Innocence Project. Strike Lawyers is gaining a voice.

    • Nurmi dropped the ball in so many ways regarding the forensic evidence (bullets, blood, burglary statistics from Yreka) so I was just hoping during first trial deliberations that the jury would be putting on their Sherlock Holmes hats, pulling out a magnifying glass and meticulously poring over the evidence and crime scene photos, trying to figure out what really happened. But apparently they didn’t feel the need to do that since Juan had already told them what happened. What an incredible opportunity they missed! To save a young woman from prison (and possible death) by using their collective deductive reasoning. Instead they chose the easy way out.

  32. Ivarious employees do not enjoy INVESTIGATING anything.
    The crowd outside Travis house gave them their suspect: Jodi Arias.
    After that it has been easy for these woefully inept investigators. They just picked and chose those pieces of evidence that that connected Jodi Arias to the murder.

    Forget the TIME of death. (any time other than June 4, 2008 would exonerate Jodi).
    Forget to be careful with the computer. (any child porn would support Jodi’s word)
    Forget to dig deeply into Grandpa’s gun (any alibi Jodi had would support her word)
    Forget to bring the color of the strand of hair into evidence (probably blonde hair)
    Forget to bring whose fingerprints from the washer/dryer into evidence (not hers)
    Feel free to add to the list.

    There has to be something we are missing, maybe the Yreka police report and investigation of the missing gun from Jodi’s grandparents home.

    • The so-called issue about Grandpa’s gun is just crazy misrepresented.

      This scam by the state needs to be corrected and broadcasted as a deliberate SHAME ON YOU SCAM.

      So what that both grandpa’s gun and the gun used in the crime were both .25 caliber. What matters is that they were not loaded with the same TYPE of bullet.

      Distinction needs to be made between crime scene bullet casing being NOT a hollow point bullet. Whereas Grandpa’s gun was loaded with something like a clip of seven HOLLOW POINT BULLETS.

      The state is using this confusing non-evidence to fake-out the jury into ASSUMING that there was some sort of relationship between these two weapons, when just the opposite is the TRUTH!

      The same sort of MIS-REPRESENTATION is being passed off by the State regarding their desperate attempt to convince the public that Jodi purchased and then lied about that last FUEL CONTAINER.


      are you ready —— IT WAS A KEROSENE CAN. She would have been ST0PPED had she made an attempt to put gasoline in it at any gas station.

      THE KEROSENE CAN WAS B L U E…. IT WAS NOT RED. That is undoubtedly the reason that Jodi returned that BLUE CAN at her first opportunity. Kerosene might have been useful were she going on that camping trip with the “Guys from work” That she spoke of.” But I do not think you can drive on Kerosene.

      I am absolutely dumbfounded that nobody has challenged the State’s position on the distinction between a RED can and a BLUE can, because there is a specific LEGAL distinction attached to the USE of each.

      Furthermore: I am almost ABSOLUTELY certain that my eyeballs correctly recorded seeing that specific receipt laid out for the DEPARTMENT “EXPERT” from Walmart to identify when on the WITNESS stand.

      What I saw written on the receipt was: “Kerosene Can” “BLUE.”

      No wonder with all of the rest of the turmoil of changing stores, etc. how on earth could a department worker locate a receipt for a Kerosene Can, IF THEY ARE SPECIFICALLY MISGUIDED TO BE looking for a GAS CAN RECEIPT ??????

      This whole trial proceedure has been absolutely CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT.

      • Oh, yes; the infamous gas can which in fact was a KEROSENE can!
        Good one, Seabird! Confuse the jury… that is all the prosecutor knew how to do. Right on!

  33. Start the above post with this line, please.

    It seems to me from what we have found out the Mesa police department and their

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