Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #34 (after trial comments)

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Leave your thoughts & comments below following Trial Day #34.

Trial resumes @ 1.30 pm MST Wednesday.

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  1. The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS; should be renamed to Church of Jesus Christ of PDS…

    “Latter Day Saints” should be renamed, “Present Day Sinners”!

      • Thank you R.

        I’m now on the enemies websites giving them “Hell”. Oh…and I am loving their responses, they’re “Hysterical”.

        Deanna’s performance today is just another stepping stone for the Jury to think, this trial is a “Farce”. It will become a famous trial though…because Martinez future could be all downhill because of his antics & improper conduct throughout & in latter days his true self was revealed to be proper “Manic”. And future days? How many? Will create his “Undoing”.

        PS. I again, “Thank God, in Advance”!

  2. I just caught up reading from today. Work was overwhelming. However I must say I did not believe anything Deanna had to say first round. Sounds like this round she wasn’t coached as well how to lie.

  3. I would like to find a picture o Deanna from 2008, 2007. The reason is she seemed to be in TA’s life as “just friends” at that time. I wish we could get more info about emails and text’s between them. I’m beginning to think he was playing her along with all the rest. Knowing what she does now why would she still be trying to perfect him. Something is very odd about all of this.
    I want to know who really killed Travis and why?? I do believe it has a Mormon connection.

    • Do you remember what Jodi wrote in her journal: if Deanna is happy, Travis is happy, then Jodi is happy?
      Something screwy about Travis giving Jodi that feeling.
      Why would Travis be so concerned about Deanna be happy unless it somehow benefited himself?

        • On the other page I suggested that her father and mother must have been furious that Travis had played with Deanna’s emotions.
          She may have even mentioned to her parents that she and Travis would marry.
          Devout Mormons don’t play games…

      • I think it was more that she had meltdowns that lasted for hours where he would have to try to settle her down. It was much easier for T-Dogg when all the women in the compartments of his life did not come out of their compartment to meet one another.

        • Deanna may have told her parents that she would be marrying Travis.
          Wouldn’t her parents know she had gone to the bishop?

        • What a terrible mess he made of his life! He was to the place where it was all catching up with him. Travis was tripping all over himself and I can see how he would not have been in control of his temper. He was in a terrible tailspin, one without a parachute or magic underwear.

      • Carol H. Very, very messed up. Travis telling Jodi that Deanna was a phyical and all that BS. Me think he was messing around with her at the same time.

        I think her behavior in court today was good for Jodi. She came across like she was hidding something.

        Jen did a great job. Very happy she is the one who question her. KN tiptoed around her last time around. Besides a woman going after a woman looks better to the jury.

      • That’s the one they use all the time on twitter. That’s an early pic when she was twentyish. I was searching tonight for inbetween pics from the early ones and the trial ones and they don’t exist online except for one with Nap when he was a puppy. She looks like she does now, except not quite as heavy.

  4. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 3h 3 hours ago
    Reid to Willmott: “The only person who has been misleading is you.” Willmott asks for a sidebar.

    Jenny should have asked for a crowbar instead of a sidebar to pry the truth out of her. Not sure how the jury will view Deanna’s behavior. Hopefully, they will see her as defensive and trying to hide something. Protecting Travis and the Mormon “brand.”
    I also liked Jenny’s question during the same mix-up: “Miss Reid, did I ask you a question.” And, Martinez objected. LOL.

  5. So are they going to bring the audio in now? I doubt a transcript would be that wrong misstating something Deanna said…so isn’t the same issue going to come up regardless?

    • BB said the the other page that Deanna looked it over and signed it is a true statement. Never the less she lied. That’s what Jen is going after. She lied about having sex with Travis so she could be lying about the abuse.

      • It’s in transcript from trial also if they need to go that far… she TESTIFIED that she had initially lied when she told DT that she’d never had sex with Travis.

      • What I said was that in depositions/interviews where a transcript is produced the person being questioned will sign off on the transcript as accurate or make changes. This is normal protocol. However, in this case I don’t know if they did that with Deanna. I would think that she would have had a chance to review the transcript but don’t know if she did for sure or not. I think the tactic she used today was something she was coached to do to stall for whatever reason. It will not change the fact that she was not forthcoming about her and TA having a sexual relationship during that interview. I think she will still try to get out of this by saying perhaps she didn’t understand the question being asked (during the interview) or something like that so it doesn’t appear as if she flat out deceived in her answer to the DT..

        • And by the way my belief is that the audio would reflect the transcript accurately – the transcriber gets paid big bucks to make sure they do this accurately…..

          • If they’d played the audio instead of presenting the transcript she would say the sound is bad – and she’ll say that if they DO play the audio

  6. That picture of Travis. . .you know the one. . .where he is directly looking into the camera. . .that is when I think the two people dressed in black appeared and I think he knew them . . . and he had a holy crap moment! Jodi drops camera and then . . . .fill in the blanks. I have believed Jodi was knocked out cold as a cucumber. . . the truth us out there somewhere. . .people know. . ……

      • Maybe JW can put the screws on a little tighter tomorrow on Deanna. I just have a hunch she knows more than she wants to tell.

    • Travis was not afraid of Jodi, not one little bit, he knew he could take care of her because he had before but whoever came in that bathroom he was shocked and afraid. Travis knew Jodi was no threat, she had always taken care of his every need. Sorry, Just thinking out loud.

      • There are many who would have had reason to be upset with Travis with his behavior. . .maybe he had bigger problems than have even come out. The porno and pedo people are probably not the type anyone would want to tango with. Just saying there are many ways this whole case should have been investigated but the Deceptive Detective took the easiest route. He believed the ridiculous stories of the friends and roommates, took it created the crime scene to fit the supposed scenario and no one would ever find out. Jodi Arias was a nobody to these selfish disgusting people and he made a mistake thinking no one would ever question his findings. What a huge mistake he made. I have never felt anything so strongly as this before but I know JODI ARIAS IS INNOCENT. If it was self defense that is no crime.

    • I knew this is the story and I still think Jodi may know also..but she was either given a drug or knocked out. No one ends up in the middle of the dessert not knowing how they got there. How could you drive on the roads?

      I think the DT is closing in on the truth.

      • okay, Cindy, I know you and I are of similar age and I imagine you might have gone through some of the same -er- changes that I have. You gonna tell me you never drove somewhere and realized when you got there that you had no memory at all of the drive?

        happened to me – couple of times

        and, lol, my mom went to work one day, needed the nail clippers she kept on her keyring, but couldn’t ind her keys in her purse -decided she must have left the keys in the car – went out to the car and not only were the keys in the ignition but the car was still running

    • R,
      I been doing tons of reading the last 3-4 days. I noticed several people (outside of JAII) in 2013 believed Travis took the shower photos himself using a timer and tripod. Apparently, that’s how he took photos for his MySpace page. Some people felt there was no way Travis would have permitted Jodi to take photos of him after some of their hurtful arguments and him screaming:”You’re the worst thing, etc.”. When Flores was interrogating Jodi, he said he knew she had taken pictures of Travis in the shower and she answered: “I don’t think he would allow that.” Others said the shower photos were not taken by a professional photographer, the flash wasn’t used, etc. Even Jean Casarez of HLN agreed with a caller to Nancy Grace’s show that the photos were taken with a timer and Nancy said it was “plausible.” Of course, they said Jodi was the one that set the timer.
      Also, I came across several people (some haters, some not) that felt strongly that the nude photos were not taken on June 4 but some time before June 4.
      Last point: I’ve gone over the initial interrogation transcripts again. Jodi is so sincere and adamant that she wasn’t at Travis place on June 4 and she would never hurt Travis, I think Flores had some doubt. Not much but a bit. She never wavered during the interrogation. And, if you imagine she wasn’t at Travis’ place on June 4, 2008, all her answers are perfectly appropriate and natural (to me at least)..
      I know Jade wrote that the timer on Travis’ camera could only be set for 2 second and 10 second intervals (I think) so i don’t know if there was another way Travis could take “selfies” or not.

      • OK now that is a interesting twist to all of this. Wonder if he was going to use the photos to send in to try to make money at a porn site?

        • How many times have we listened to those interrogation tapes?? I have always felt Jodi to be honest in them and that Flores led her into a trap. The phone calls he kept getting bothered me also. Whoever was watching the whole taping was advising him on everything to say and do. IMO he isn’t smart enough to have done this creative tampering, altering and deleting all alone.

  7. Does anyone know when Travis purchased his new camera? The box it came in still appears to be sitting on a desk in Travis’s office so I’m wondering if he bought it on June 3 or even on June 4. Trying to figure out if he left his place on June 4.

    Also did Travis borrow money from Dr. Karl Hiatt? If he did, do we know when precisely and how much?

    • Yes, he had borrowed money from him, and I’m thinking to the tune of $7000. to help with his mortgage. It was some time back we talked about it. Maybe CanadaCarol will remember where it is. Thinking it was June the 4th.

    • yeah – Hiatt was at TA’s house around noon on Jun 4 to give him a check. I don’t know the amount though

      odd how that check wasn’t photographed and released as a crime scene photo like Jodi’s was – and Jodi’s was dated in May where Hiatt’s would have been on Jun 4, I imagine.

        • Good point, Cindy. Let me upgrade that comment. It is an excellent point. When Hiatt was doing those TV interviews, I never heard him say: “You know, I saw that rental car Jodi used when I visited Travis on the day he died.” Not one word. It has the “chilling factor” so you think he would have emphasized that point for HLN viewers.

      • Journee, where did you get the info about Dr. Hiatt being there on June 4 to give TA a check for $7,000?? He was lending TA some money??

      • Thanks, Journee,
        So Jodi must have been there, too (if we believe she was there at all). What seems a little odd to me is that a big time plastic surgeon is delivering money to Travis on a Wednesday when he would normally be slicing and dicing at the hospital (unless he was on vacation or on a lunch break). I know Travis went to Dr. Hiatt’s place on Sunday on a regular basis and they were friends. Still, if I’m borrowing money from someone, I know I’m going to them. I’m not waiting at home for a delivery.
        Travis might have bought the camera after Hiatt left and before he and Jodi took the nude photos around 1:45pm or so (if they were taken on that day). He also might have gone to the bank to deposit the check especially if it was $7,000 (a figure I’ve also heard, R). Maybe, he was flashing the money around, too. Personally, I think the nude photos were taken with Jodi’s camera b/c a lot of her pics have no date and time stamps on them. When they were taken though, I don’t know, but it seems a little unreasonable that they were taken that day after all the bad blood and hurt between the two of them. Travis also sent Jodi an email on May 2 (?) talking about all the nude pics they were going to take but I doubt if he was talking about June 4. Anyway, my mind is frazzled so I’ll quit for now.

          • That’s right, Journee. He probably was on his way to the golf course and just dropped a check off on his way. I think they say “always look for the simple answer first.” Someting like dat dere.

            • Journee,
              Second thought …do we know doc plays golf? I know there are several Mormons who play on the PGA (which happens to be in Phoenix this week, BTW) but I want to know the doctor’s handicap. Jodipedia , please. He’s probably about a 14 or so. He wouldn’t want to put too much stress on those hands practicing.

              • okay now you’re just messin’ with me!

                rofl I don’t know why the man came to TA’s house, I only know that’s what Karas said so I’m filling in the blanks.

        • sorry – hit post comment too soon

          I imagine (yes, Jade, I know that’s one of those reasonable doubt phrases – but we gotta fill in the blanks around here since the cops didn’t investigate JACK.) Travis may have been in a crunch for the money, needed it for the mortgage, and the good doctor dropped it off for him on the way to his golf game.

          • Shoot, I’ve been digging back through the Vent Barn and can’t find it but I do think it was on a BK site that we saw that particular mention of the check the amount and the Dr coming by. I was hoping you had found it! 🙁

            • I dunno where the 7K figure came from. I know we had a main page discussion a week or so ago – much of it Jade and I going back and forth about whether it was Hiatt Sr. or Hiatt Jr. who brought the check, because Jade thought I was talking about Jr.

              I wasn’t hangin in vent for a couple weeks, I don’t handle change well, lol

          • My recollection is that it was for the mortage, but I don’t know how much it was for. I found out this morning that the son Brint Hiatt was one of the group of friends that found TA on the 10th.

            • I knew he was one of the friends who gathered around the house after, but I thought it was just Mimi, Michelle and Dallin who went in, managed to get Zach’s help, etc. And just Zach and Dallin that went in the room.

              Where’d you get the info about Brint being there too?

                • yah, he’s named in Flores report as being one of the people who went to the police station in the wee hours to give statements.

            • Morning Canada Carol!!! So you don’t say. Hummm. So at this point we don’t know if the check was ever deposited. Did TA go to the bank? If not what happen to the check?
              So many people coming and going in that house that day and no one saw the rental car in the driveway?? With a upside down CA plate….. My God it was right there in plain sight….

                • The only mention of $7000. loan from Dr Hiatt is on Day 29 reviewed (cont.)
                  It is mentioned that he borrowed $7000. January 2008 and the June loan was maybe 3 to 6 grand. The information is said to be in the Flores Report, maybe the recorded phone calls. Also the Hiatt’s name was left out because of their influential standing in the Mormon community. SMH

                • I don’t remember it from Flores report, but Jodi tells Flores in one of the phone calls about the person who’s lending Travis a substantial amount of money. Doesn’t name him, though. Like I said, the only thing I ever heard about it was from Karas, giving one of her on location reports early in the trial, and then some other televised interview that included the Dr along with a few others when it’s said that Travis considered Hiatt his Mesa dad.

                • There are clips of the father and son, talking about how TA adopted them and came for the Sunday dinners. I wonder how they feel now with these revelations finally coming to light about this man who had so many people fooled. No mention of money though.

      • Thanks, Carol

        Do you think the box on the desk in Travis’ office in the crime scene photos is the box the camera came in?
        There appears to be a photo of a camera on the box.

          • Good work, Carol. Thank you. I was hoping Travis might have bought the camera AFTER Dr. Hiatt or Brint Hiatt delivered the check at noon on June 4, 2008. If he was purchasing it that afternoon around 2pm in downtown Mesa, it would prove the nude photos time stamps are incorrect. But, we would need a receipt to prove where & when Travis bought the camera and that police or someone messed with the time & date stamping. I still think it’s strange Det. Melendez claims he doesn’t know who put the date and time on the nude photos. It just made me think he was distancing himself from that action b/c he knew it was BS. And, with the camera being slammed on the floor by Martinez and missing memory cards, I’m not even sure the stamping can be verified anymore. Without the nude photos putting Jodi in TA’s house on June 4, 2008, the case against her is a very weak circumstantial case. In fact, I’m not sure they had any case against her without those nude photos.

            • I still think that memory card could have been a mock up of some sort, created by a third party to incriminate Jodi. It wouldn’t have fit TAs camera, Jodi was surprised by a pigtail photo from that day and thought police might have picked up a card from one of her own cameras at TAs house, and the timestamps come too close to colliding with times when roomies or others would have been in the house.

    • Canada Carol, It is my understanding that TA and JA were exploring the new camera together for the first time the afternoon of June 4, 2008. There is a picture of the freshly opened box lying on the floor next to the left side of the foot of the bed.

      Trying out the new camera was the purpose of staging the nude photos. Further (important if true) they had bypassed installing the new camera strap when they started using it. Initially, there would have been neither wrist strap nor neck strap to prevent it falling to the floor if “dropped.”

      This means that a whole lot of fantastical stories have been created involving impossible feats of handling apparatus and props by only one person with only two hands. The second person would have been posing.

      Yes! Silver masking tape was there and and had been used. Somewhere there was a picture that showed hands (Travis’?) taped into the “prayer position” with the masking tape still on them.

      • It certainly would make sense for Jodi and TA to check out his new camera together because she knew so much about cameras, but I did read that the box was on his desk downstairs and the bag and strap were upstairs by the bed. I know that TA had tape around his arm where he wore his ‘busy meter’ (I don’t know what you call it). The strap was definitely not on the camera.

      • That’s the first time I have heard that there are actual pictures of his hands with tape on them. The bruising caused by the tape is all I have seen. Interesting. There again another Hmmmmm moment!

          • It was in the misspajamagirls@wordpress site. Not even sure it is still there. Haven’t heard from her in a long time. Hoping she is ok. She had a intriguing take on this whole tragedy and I always leaned to her way of seeing things.

            • Her copies of the autopsy pictures. But I do not remember the tape just the bruising from being taped on his hands. Someone taped his hand into a prayer position. . .and he was probably on his knees once again. . . . . . .

      • If the nude photos were taken with Travis’s new camera, wouldn’t the photos have date & time stamps on them? I think Jade wrote something about this issue. Jade, where are you? I guess I’ll have to track down her comments. I know many, if not all, of Jodi’s pics with her camera didn’t have date & time stamps. Martinez, when questioning Det. Melendez, said something like: “So some of the photos had date and time stamps and some didn’t” and Melendez answered “Yes.” What Martinez was hiding was: the nude photos did not have date and time stamps but the shower and accidental photos did. Right or wrong?

  8. Thank you for your answers to my questions Journee and CanadaCarol. Now for my next question. Can Deanna be held in contempt of court for not answering JW’s questions? Can she be thrown in jail over it?

    • Yes and yes. However, probably not going to happen as they will get through this tomorrow although it will be a fight to get her to admit she was not forthcoming in her interview with the DT about having had sex with TA…..

    • Yes, Jennifer could ask Stephens to tell her she has a choice–she can answer the questions or be held in contempt.

      The only other option is that she can plead the Fifth from that point and wouldn’t that be sweet. She’s either got to say she lied under oath or face perjury certainty now.

      If Stephens doesn’t grant that action if Jennifer requests it, it’s another substantive appellate issue.

  9. I want Jen to ask her: did you have vaginal sex or did Travis bend you over and you all know what…. Did you give him BJs in a parking lot. Did he tie you up, did he make you shave, did he like you have pig tails? Did you engage in setting??

    Just badger her with all these questions.

    • Young Mormons say: “Oral is moral.” Saw it on a Mormon site so it must be true…although another site said “No oral even if you’re married.” Not sure I know what attracts people to Mormonism. They take all the fun out of everything.

  10. Good morning!!! Yes Jodi had a great day yesterday. Abe didn’t do any harm. No jury questions lead me to believe that they just didn’t put any importants to his testimony. Did he get the email or didn’t he? I’m thinking he did but he might not had read it. What I found odd is his reaction over Jodi telling TA about their date. Just odd and a who cares. So JM that backed fired.

    Now Miss Deanna. Why all the drama?? The wold already knows you lied, you had premarital sex with Travis. So all this bs that you are pulling is just putting more questions in the jury’s minds. So I guess we will see how all that coaching you have gotten pans out for you today…

    • Good Morning Team Jodi!

      I’ve heard Ole Abe has egg on his face this morning. Maybe he should straighten up his act before he’s too old. Womanizing pigs are not acceptable in the real world.

      Deanna, every one knows you lied so take a deep breath and tell the truth. We do not care about the mistakes you have made in your past we even forgive your indiscretions, just take this opportunity and correct some of them. This is your time to come clean.

      • R. Morning…Deanna is letting them lead her around by her nose. I just thought of something…. She is a teacher of special needs children, (I do commend her for that)
        Now you would think that her professional reputation will suffer if she keeps this game up. Well unless she teaches only Mormon children.

        I also am wondering if Deanna and the Bishop traveled together from CA. Got to get their stories straight…..

      • It was a waste of time to put Abe on the stand. He added nothing to the prosecution s case.

        Deanna may be a different story. To some, she could be a sympathetic witness.

        • Not the way she was behaving yesterday.

          People may cheer feisty witnesses, but they don’t see them as ‘sympathetic.’

    • It angers me that the press gives the wrong impression about so many things. Top of the list: it is so disingenuous for news reports to say ‘Jodi Arias 34 years old ……… Travis Alexander age 30.” Jodi was 27 years old when this all happened, not 34.
      Jodi was naive and scared when this all happened, easily manipulated and deceived by police detectives.

      • Kiefer is a ‘just the facts’ kind of reporter. He doesn’t want to get bogged down in the politics. It seems to annoy him and I respect him for that, and forgive him for his occasional hurtful comments.

        Who annoys me to the end of the earth are those mindless, one-sided, mostly women Travis worshipers spewing out their slanted, silly waste of time.

  11. Deanna, in case you don’t know or the lying little man didn’t tell you perjury is still against the law.

    “An oath of truthfulness may be made to a notary public, court clerk or other official. False statements under oath made in testimony in court, administrative hearings, depositions, answers to interrogatories, as well as by signing or acknowledging a written legal document (such as affidavit, declaration under penalty of perjury, deed, license application, tax return) are subject to prosecution for perjury under various state and federal laws.

    Penalties for perjury vary greatly, and may be charged as a misdemeanor or felony depending on the facts and law involved. Multiple perjury convictions can result from statements made in the courtroom or in a court proceeding which follow the taking of an oath. Separate false statements may be charged in separate perjury counts if they require different factual proof of their falsehood, even if they are related to the same subject matter.”

    source US

    • Deanna is another girl used and dumped by Travis.

      i know the laws concerning perjury false, statements , at least those in Pa. If JSS did not
      do anything about the computer mishandling and everything that went with it. She will not
      do anything about Deanna.

  12. Looks like little mousy Deanna has been hanging around Mrs. Cash way too long. Her little “let me hear the audio” stunt is only drawing attention to herself. Just answer the questions and move on………But, NO!!

    I have a feeling she is going to regret her smart*ss performance yesterday…..

    • I think she’s probably getting too much applause from the over-large idiot faction to realize how badly she came across.

      • I don’t know how she thinks she will get away with the fact that she lied about having sexual relations with TA. Seems to me that JW will get that out there today – regardless of how hard she (Deanna) kicks and screams in defiance.

        I actually had some sympathy for Deanna simply because I felt like she was another victim in this case. But her performance yesterday quickly changed my opinion on that, and her.

  13. Psalm 119:114-115
    You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word. Away from me, you evildoers, that I may keep the commands of my God!

    Psalm 119:25
    I am laid low in the dust; preserve my life according to your word.

    Psalm 119:50
    My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life

  14. Regarding the forwarded letter, I believe Jodi probably removed Abe’s email address (the To part) so as not to give Travis that information (for reasons obvious to the thinking people of this world).

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