Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #33 (after trial comments & juror Q’s)

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Leave your thoughts & comments below following elongated Trial Day #33.

Trial resumes 10 am MST Tuesday.

Here are the juror questions from today, answered by Dr Robert Geffner:

#1. Question was regarding norms. Answer: The testing didn’t include incarcerated.

#2. If Jodi was tested years later how accurate are these tests? Answer: I’m looking for consistency.

#3. PTSD, depress, anxiety would manifest after murder and being in jail, how can you tell if there were signs before? Answer: Yes these symptoms can occur after, but interviews were done with those around her/ knew her.

#4. How likely is it that Jodi scored low on aggressiveness knowing these results would be shown in court? Answer: It would have been hard for Jodi to fool testers by answering questions to make herself look non-aggressive.

#5. Speaking to allegation of the masturbation of male child, other than verbal word from Jodi… that was reported far after the incident is there anything else that references it? Answer: No, nothing in written records showing Travis Alexander masturbated to child porn.

#6. In your professional opinion don’t you find it odd someone that journals like this, has nothing in it about these incidents? Answer: It’s not typical but we looked at her after thoughts.

#7. I understand the cycle of abuse but how is Jodi choosing to hang out and continue to have sex? Answer: That is the cycle.

#8. Do records show other significant things that happened she didn’t journal on? Answer: It’s not a blow by blow – it’s a summary.

#9. Were the 2007 IM messages in her journal where he is calling her pure evil? Answer: I can’t remember. (JW follow up – classic rude)

#10. Why does Jodi use T-Dogg and Travis in the records? Answer: It was the macho part of him.

#11. Who was the recipient of the coded magazine message Answer: I don’t know.

#12. Is Jodi’s PTSD centered around the murder or relationship with TA as a whole? Answer: She’s experienced a lot of DV from childhood and w/ BF.

#13. Did you find anywhere a supported documentation of the DV from Travis? Answer: Just Jodi’s word.

#14. In your expert opinion and review of records did DV physical abuse take place? Answer: Yes.

#15. Why do you think in month of May she writes as if she’s stronger and wants to move on and does the opposite? Answer: She’s sucked back in.

#16. It may seem to common lay person this could be a consequence of committing the murder. Are there symptoms for Jodi’s problems pre murder? Answer: Some pre murder but we look at history too.

#17. On 12/18/14 the Dr testified on a journal entry that it was powerful to her that TA yelled at her and it violated her Laws of Attraction. Why was this powerful enough but the DV wasn’t to write about it? Answer: Some sinks into journal.

#18. Wouldn’t writing about suicide violate this law? Answer: I didn’t ask her about that but this was creeping into her journals at that time.

#19. Did this verbal abuse in the journals even really happen? What else do you have to prove it?

#20. Are there entries in Jodi’s journal after the murder? Answer: It’s mixed and she doesn’t admit it.

#21. In your opinion of a heterosexual male is it normal for them to view girls and boys? Answer: Yes…we can have non-exclusives that are attracted to kids and adults.

#22. Is #jodiarias right or left handed? Answer: Left.

#23. Did TA ever talk to Jodi about the molestation incident that happened to him? Answer: Yes he did.

#24. You as an expert…don’t you find this surprising she would have sex with Travis after this masturbation incident? Answer: I’m not surprised anymore. Jodi said she felt bad for TA.

#25. How long can someone stay in a disassociated state of mind? Answer: It can vary. It can be as short as 5 minutes or much longer.

#26. Do people still function normally and go to work at these times? Answer: You can block things out.

#27. Did Jodi talk about this masturbation incident prior to the psychologist? Answer: No.

#28. How many days did psychologist 1 interview Jodi? Answer: 2 days. Were notes typed? Answer: Both.

#29. How do you discriminate between the 2 tests and allow her to separate her emotions from pre jail and jail? Answer: We ask these questions at least 100 of them. We ask her to go back in time on some.

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Thanks to CanadaCarol for collating the info.

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    • Congrats to you #1 Trixels!!!!

      Everyone remember the power of prayer, let’s flood the heavens with our prayers for FREEDOM for Jodi once again. ((((((♥JODI♥)))))) Feel our Love Jodi we are with you all the way to FREEDOM!

      Romans 8:31 If God is for us, who can ever be against us? (NLT)

  1. I’m back in school so my hours are haywire. I’m a night owl as it is so I have to make sure my classes are late afternoon & evening. 🙂 I am currently finishing my Court Personnel Pre-Law courses and enjoying every minute of it. Hang in there Jodi, God love ya. She is always on my mind. I cannot for the life of me understand the absolute continued denial of what a POS loser T was, what with everything that has come to light. I knew what T was all about even before all of the recent revelations. I believed Jodi even when the proof was concealed from us in court. Everything that is coming out is not surprising to me at all. I guess its too embarrassing for people to admit that they were wrong and that maybe she did tell the truth after all? I don’t get it.

    • Good morning Trixels, it seems that my hours are haywire too. I haven’t been up this time of day since mid Dec. when I got laid off for the winter, for some reason the cat said it was time to get up. Have a great day!

      (((((JODI))))) ♥

      Ray in H-burg Va.

  2. I am a survivor of DV. I have a documentary on Vimeo called ‘None so Blind’ Password is NSB. Just a short doc and this story is still continues as my abuser is out of prison now..However, as a survivor support Jodi..and empathize with her and her family. I can not fathom what she has to endure daily after this tragic event happened.. Her artwork is amazing!

    I will circulate this page, support the endeavors taking place with her case, and pray she gets JUSTICE. She has a great support system..With social media, DV has really brought awareness to our Nation.. Forge forward!

    Many Blessings,
    Kelly C Feltis
    Founder of WCCF
    With Courage Comes Freedom. Survivors of Domestic Violence

    • Lynn don’t let them!! I think that having a psychiatrist or psychologist?? On the jury is a big plus. He/she can explain question durning deliberation. Just like the computer savvy person can. The PTSD diagnosis is and always has been a sticking point in this trial. People just normally associated with vets. It is just in recent years been brought out to include victims of traumatic events.
      IMHO I think the sticking point is going to be the DV. We know it happened but now the DT has to prove to the jury it happened. One person on the jury doesn’t seem to understand why Jodi kept going back. Dose not understand the cycle.
      The masturbating to a pic. of child has become he said she said issue. IMO is the DT can prove without a fought that there was child porn on TA laptop ( in black and white) the jury will be lead to believe this did happen. They need to be spoon feed I’m afraid.
      I know I’m bias but I don’t feel that JM’s ranting and badgering witnesses is going over very well with the jury. They had a long hard day yesterday and having JM acting like a lunatic most likely just grab at their last nerve…. I can not believe that at least one of them didn’t see that he was playing the game of how many was can you ask the same question over and over again. How many times were they sent out and how many sidebars as a result of JM? One would wounded what is he trying to hide from us?? And why??

      We have to remember it only takes one!!!

      • The defense was handicapped in this case because they could only present affidavits not
        witnesses and the jury does not know why. I still do not know why Geffner did not elaborate
        more on the possible diagnosis of bipolar.Travis used her for sex and that made the symptoms worse.
        De Marte claims she has borderline personality disorder. That is a mental illness. I hope one of
        the lawyers asks her this question. ‘ if Jodie did not have BLD would she have acted in the same

        I may sound like a broken record, but I think the mother s testimony would have helped Jodi.
        it puts a human face to this matter.

  3. Arizona Child Pornography Bill Receives Pushback On Source Of Funding – Sandra Haros KTAR News

    “Jagosh met with several Arizona lawmakers who offered resistance because of the funding — funding which is critically needed, according to child welfare advocates.

    According to experts, there are approximately 15,000 unique IP addresses in Arizona that are attributed to actively downloading and trading child pornography.

    “Statistics show that 50 to 70 percent of those suspects are also raping and molesting children,” said Jagosh.

    A record snapshot shows that on Jan. 15, on one file-sharing network, in one minute, detectives were able to identify 28 suspects living in Gilbert, Arizona, trading child pornography. All of the victims involved were infants to children 8 years of age. “

  4. It’s very obvious from a quick Google search that Arizona has a horrendous problem, hopefully, unique. Two arrests within the last week caused me to do some checking. My heart is breaking.

    • Great Job Digging CanadaCarol!!! Maybe AZ is becoming a safe haven for child molesters and pedo porn watchers. It might explain the absence of disgust about Travis Alexander’s extra-curricular activities. It has become the norm in that State. SMH How sad is that?

      • This is so sick I made myself sick. I hope I can stop crying before the tweets start. How can they act so uncivilized as to not fund this bill to save their own children from these predators? I so hope that this is not representative of American society but unique to this certain population.

        • America has the most cases of sex abused children in the world, according to investigations done by the BBC. But of late Gt.Britain has too learnt about its own major problem as re; “Child Sex Abuse”.

          In Arizona, they’d rather spend millions so as to murder an innocent person (Jodi) than to help fund a very major child abuse problem in their backyard. It’s totally disgusting & shows these these representatives for what they are, probably in the midst of the Paedophile & Child Abuse scandals themselves. This would not surprise me, seeing that they want to suppress funds going to this worthy cause.

      • Not surprising at all. LDS has a history of child abuse and child sex abuse, DV etc. The perps were no doubt victims once. They have to break the cycle in order to become healthy.
        The increasing reporting of these child pornographers/rapists/child abuse/sex rings all over the world encompassing the churches, organizations, politics and the elite is great! God is lifting the veil and shining his light.

        • Patty, a boy who is sexually abused as a child does not automatically become a pedophile. The factors that will increase the likelihood of this happening is the environment in which they live in, such as violence and neglect. We have to be very careful in how we state this due to the fact that males that were sexually assaulted as a child will not report nor seek help in dealing with this.

          Now Travis falls into the likelihood due to the environment that he lived in.

          • Well, it certainly explains the cavalier tweets that were coming from the courtroom regarding the child porn found in this case – this so what, who cares, everybody does it kind of attitude.

          • “a boy who is sexually abused as a child does not automatically become a pedophile”

            True, or the world really would be filled with pedophiles, because childhood sexual abuse is far more common than anyone talks about.

            Patty’s point is valid also, though. It is a cycle that begins with one abused innocent whose desires and impulses are permanently imprinted by the experience – who, as you say Cindy, do not report or get help, but live in shame instead – they live in shame for their experience as well as their desires. And the knowledge that the world reviles them for something that was not their fault keeps them from seeking help. The ones who do not put an end to their misery the way Joshua Freeman did will eventually alter the life of another innocent.

            • Do Sexually Abused Kids Become Abusers? Study Shows Family Violence, Neglect Are Important Risk Factors
              By Salynn Boyles Feb 6, 2003 WebMD Health News

              Roughly one in 10 male victims of child sex abuse in a U.K. study later went on to abuse children as adults. But the risk was far greater for sexually victimized children who came from severely dysfunctional families. Family history of violence, sexual abuse by a female, maternal neglect, and lack of supervision were all associated with a threefold-increased risk that the abused would become an abuser. The study is reported in the Feb. 8 issue of The Lancet.

              Just like Travis was …….

            • Journee I did not mean to say that Patty did not have valid point, I only wanted to point out that we as a society should be very careful in assuming that because a male child was sexually abused means that he going to have these tendencies. There are other factors that come into play. That is what I was trying to point out. It’s very sad that a male child is less likely to report this abuse due to the stigma that is feared then a female child.

              • I know, Cindy.

                My point was just another of my little nudges to remind people that these ‘sickos’ who abuse innocent children WERE innocent children when their psyches got knocked off kilter.

                To suggest that, perhaps, PART of breaking the cycle might be to extend the same compassion to adult survivors as we do to the children, to create an environment where seeking help is not tantamount to committing social and professional suicide.

    • Carol you have been one busy girl!!! You are an excellent investigative journalist.
      Here are my thoughts after reading your links:

      Just suppose this tragedy had never happened at all. Suppose Jodi had been able to extricate herself from her relationship with Travis, and moved on.

      Travis was a mentally disturbed person from everything that has come out about his relationships with women and men; he was a deceitful man.
      Everything he did was deceitful including his business, which was nothing more than a ponzi scam. It wouldn’t be surprising to learn he was involved with the mortgage fraud also, which was prevalent in that area at the same time. Can you imagine how likely it would be that he too would have been caught up in this web of child pornography investigation?

      Can you imagine how humiliated his brothers and sisters would be if he were arrested and sent to prison for either fraud or pedophilia?
      They sit in the courtroom with anger and bitterness because his reputation is being blighted. Someone other than Jodi knew this man for who he was and with purpose and forethought helped him gain forgiveness by atonement.

  5. does anyone know about this info on another site that says that witness #1 had previously stated on an online posting regarding TA that he “never saw him get physical with a woman” Do we know if this so-called posting was written or authored by witness #1 bc there is no verification that it was. I imagine if it had been truly the posting of this witness then JM would have brought this into the trial somehow like he does everything else. Never heard a word about it during the trial so I give it zero weight……….

    • The same evil people that have been boasting about “outing” him and reporting their version of his name, have been putting this on twitter. I believe zero weight is what it deserves.

    • Just more of the haters BS. You have to shake your head at these people. Ya sure he loves the lime light. If they would use their brains why would a person who lives out of the country who is married and most likely has children and did not want to testify in open court, now want to be in the limelight??? That to me shows that he is telling the truth!! Why would he lie?? What would he gain?

      The question I’d like to ask is why did Deanna lie on the stand?? Why did she keep having contact with TA??

  6. Deanna may have lied for her own personal reputation. If Travis sinned then so did she. The males in her religion frown on ‘used’ women.

      • She was forgiven and re-instated, though. If she had kept up the relationship and admitted it she would be in hot water. As far as Mormon men are concerned she is used merchandise. It seem as if she is married now, or is she?

        • No, Carol she is beyond marrying age in that religion. She teaches special needs kids in Riverside. She would not dare tell the real truth about the T-Dogg because of the Hughes’ power and control over that whole bunch, not to mention that she lives in the same city as the Alexscampsters, and she is stupidly loyal when it comes to TA’s now very tarnished name.

        • I have always believed Jodi’s story about the intruders in black.. . .not ninjas grrr. . .but a man and a woman dressed in black. It makes sense to me. That if someone had a daughter, sister, wife that had been sexual and verbally abused by Travis Alexander any body in this world could have gone in and finished T-Dogg off. Deanna and her standing in her church has always made me just wonder. . .her family must have been furious with Travis Alexander. And knowing how the Mormon church will cover up horrible things for their devoted members . . .I do not know but it sure make me go HMMMMMMM!! I believe Jodi fought with Travis and it was ugly but there were others involved in his death. These people have gone to GREAT lengths to plant their woman in the court room stirring the media pot of Hate. . .NONE of them are to be trusted in IMO! Who would have the money to do this cover up . . .the MORMONS!! They have left nothing to chance. Every thing that would prove Jodi’s innocence has be altered, tampered and deleted. Convenient suicides. Their lies start all the way back in time to Joseph Smith himself. The whole religion is based on lies and they continue their plans to take the US over with their deceit filled hate filled religion. Anyone who teaches their children to lie to protect their own, are dangerous and never to be trusted. Sorry, but this is how I feel. . .maybe just worth a grain of salt but………

          • R.Love: Not a grain a PILLAR of salt 🙂
            Why is it that this is so obvious to some or us and ignore by most, I will never understand.
            We do not know Jodi, we are not Jodi’s family, and yet we have literally ‘adopted’ Jodi.
            Are we blind, taken in, NO!! We are intuitive and somehow KNOW the truth! We didn’t have to be on the scene, we can observe and reason!!

            • Thanks for the typo correction. 🙂 I believe we all know what happened in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah days. Also, I did mean women in the court room tweeting also. But this is how I have always felt. Travis was not deserving of the amount of money and effort that has been created to promote him into Sainthood. It is time for the people who are not Mormon to take notice because they are being run over and taken advantage of in a HUGE way. The women who continue to let this behavior continue in their cities are to be pitied. The Veil needs to be ripped from the ceilings of these Temples and shredded. I’m all for Freedom of Religion but this is not a religion IMO but a CULT.

          • I believe Jodi told the truth about the male and female intruders as well. Jodi was really used by the Mormon vengeance/atonement group. The roommates. napoleon there, time of TA death, and the framing of Jodi. Then LE bends to the Jodi did it crowd..evidence is twisted, planted and shown to Jodi. Of course she doesn’t remember..and she started to believe what they were telling her.. They took advantage of Jodi and her mental state.

            • You may be right about her coming to ‘believe what they told her’ but I wonder if she is just going along to get along.
              She still has never said she REMEMBERS, and that to me is HUGE.

          • R Love: It is not just a “feeling” that you have. Evidence is gathering on the internet by more and more people willing to state under cover of anonymity, the documented fact of what you have hit upon. I, too, have read meaningful and convincing evidence that the ultimate goal is take-over of the US government. Scary that this goal is also shared by Free Masons and Muslims plus the Illuminati (whoever that comprises) God please help us all. We need one another,

            • Americans everywhere should be in total ALARM about the circus of a trial that has been performed in Mesa County, Arizona. They have gotten away with everything long enough. People need to start putting a stop to their abuse of our justice system. Innocent people are being wrongly convicted and abused by these so called Officers of the Law. They have made a mockery of our Justice system and all of the World is taking notes and checking them twice. Where is the outrage about this in the Media? Awfully, quite aren’t they. They helped promote this circus with their hunger for money and power. Shame on All of Them!!! This should not be happening in the United States of America. It is time to say enough already and make the people who have committed the crimes of misconduct and deceit in this trial pay for their crimes. SET JODI ARIAS FREE ARIZONA!!!

          • R Love, your piece looks like you have been hanging out in some of the same corners of the Internet that I have. The message of truth that you present here needs to be spread far and wide before it is too late. The part about cults such as Mormons, Masons, Muslims (is there any difference?) having their sites set on taking over the United States of America is real, as well as documented historically is their own writings. We all need to wake up.

            The good side is that I have noticed a significant change in the civility and intellectual culture on sites such as this one, setting the tone for a higher level of thinking and vision.

  7. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial · 10m10 minutes ago
    Willmott just arrived. Blueish salmonurple dress suit and blouse. Minimal blinage. She is flipping through her binder. #JodiArias

    what the heck is Jen wearing today?

  8. We should be about ready to learn about the important issues: we’ve learned about Jen’s outfit now it is time for juan’s ties, KN suit and tie, Jodi’s attire and hairdo. 🙂

  9. Todays page is up y’all

    and once again an important point I keep trying to make is going to get buried in the previous page’s posts before it even shows up

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