Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #32 (after trial comments)

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Leave your thoughts & comments below following trial Day #32.

Trial resumes Monday @ 9-15 am MST.

In the meantime…

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  1. Carol Handy oh yes there was a police report it was all over the arizona news when it happened. I will see if I can find a link.

      • The links are posted I found the original story and the update to it. I really don’t know why it popped into my head today when Geffner asked where he got the files and that they are copywrited. Dr Samuels had asked him the same thing during the original trial. Where did he get the test files?

    • Debbie:
      Do you have any idea what happened to last fall’s Motion by the State to Preclude the testimony for Dr. Cheryl L. Karp?
      Demarte reviewed Dr. Karp’s results from examining Jodi. For some reason the State does not want Dr. K to testify. Can’t help but wonder why.

      • Omg I just read something about Dr. Karp and what possible link it has to totdoc missing computer. It seems Jodi opened up to Dr. Karp about more abuse from TA. Totdoc reviewed Dr. Karp’s findings. So it would only make sense that all of this would be on her computer. No wonder JM wanted her statements not to come into court. No wonder he hired a an experiences jokeof a Dr.

        • Well, I made a post way below about Dr. Karp that disappeared, and it strikes me maybe I shouldn’t have said it anyway.

          My understanding was that she was initially the STATE’s psych examiner for Jodi, but they didn’t like her findings. And she appears to have had bit of a falling out with the Maricopa County Attorney’s office – I remember reading about her in connection to the Marissa DeVault trail, and Karp having a sparring match with the prosecutor when she was on the witness stand, even getting into it with the Judge a bit, as I recall.

      • I am not sure about Dr. Karp. I really cannot find much on the net about her at all which is strange because I could when the original trial was held. I do however think it is very wrong to be able to preclude her testimony yet be able to ask questions of his own so called expert witness about the precluded evidence.

  2. martinez pulled yet another stunt with the copyrighted test documents… Never ceases to surprise me that he can stoop that low, just when we think that it’s the lowest he can go…

    After this trial is over, I’m sure his career will be over too…

  3. It sounds like he did but a bunch of things were turned off first and JSS said basically tweet at your own risk because the tests are all copywrited.

  4. according to the news “PHOENIX –
    A key witness in the Jodi Arias case called Phoenix Police Wednesday morning to report her home was broken into and burglarized. We’re told key information in the case may have been stolen.

    Dr. Janeen Demarte is an expert witness for the prosecution. Sources tell us her laptop was stolen. In that laptop was a psychological profile of Jodi Arias.”

  5. I just went to that cathy @ court chatter page and she is in for a law suit! Didn’t she hear ANYTHING they were saying re: copyright? How foolish can she be? I hope JM gets it too for displaying the test questions like that. Seriously! What is wrong with these people?

    • I hope that the publishing company who owns the rights to the test that took decades of research to write have her on a short list for copyright lawsuit. She was tweeting those out as fast as she could right after the judge reminded the media that they were copyrighted. It makes me wonder why she does what she does when she has so little respect for the law.

      • We will watch to see if there is any Justice in this country.
        Not only Dr. Samuel’s income is threatened. but also the multitude of professionals that use his test.
        Research scientists rely on laws to protect their work, as they should be able to do.
        This little miss muffet should get bit hard.

  6. Martinez: “I don’t tell him (Geffner) how to testify and I object to him telling me how to ask questions.”

    Yes, he freakin’ does. Man, I hate JM so much. People rave about him, but he is a one-trick pony. As usual it;s all about stating that a Dr is not a Dr, that they charge actual money to earn a living (although in this case Dr G has a salary – sorry JM!) and then the usual “Yes or no, yes or no” , “Do you have a problem with your memory?” and “Did I ask you that?”.


    • He is constantly telling Geffner and all other witnesses what to do:

      – Don’t look at your notes, look at me!

      I still don’t understand why martinez brought up other cases Geffner was involved with… I’m absolutely sure it has to do with the fact that martinez has nothing else to use in his case so he’s attacking the credibility of every witness… 🙄

  7. “Dr. Janeen Demarte is an expert witness for the prosecution. Sources tell us her laptop was stolen. In that laptop was a psychological profile of Jodi Arias.”
    So who would benefit from stealing a laptop computer from Little Miss Tot Doc? It had to be someone who knew what was on that computer just like they knew what was on Travis’s computer in the Evidence Room. Someone who would be wanting to destroy all evidence of Jodi Arias telling the Truth and that she is clearly innocent. Who I wonder who. Who has profited the most from this whole circus? Is it the State of Arizona, The Cashes, The Media, The Grieving Family (clearing throat) maybe the LDS Church. Someone has been very diligent about covering their tracks but maybe soon those worms will squirm until the Truth is OUT! Convenient questionable suicides, People being bullied to the extent that the livelihoods have been affected Evidence Tampering and Deletions, Crime Scene Tampering. . . and on and on it goes in the State of Arizona.

    • Well as I was saying on the afternoon page I was wondering if it could have been staged so that no questions would be asked of her when the prosecution showed up with them and guess what? Dr Samuels asked Martinez where he got the files. Geffner has also asked where he got this test because it is copywrited…..

      • Yes, the big headline here should not have been that Totdoc was robbed; it should have been:

        “In a County This Large How Did the Information Robbed End Up On Jose Martinez’ Desk?”

        • SEE there we GO!!! That’s what I’m talking about!!!! Wouldn’t you think a News Media would grab that one and run with it????? They would rather talk about what color someones socks are or tie is. The American Public does not care about you petty little snarky comments! We know that they ones that are the most snarkiest are the very ones being used as pawns in the charade!!!


          • Excuse please. . . We know that the ones that are the most snarkiest and VILE are the very ones being used as pawns in this charade! Thanks Typo Elf! 🙄

        • Flores probably broke in & when he was in, this Demarte one was probably inside & had laptop in her hand ready to hand it to him so he didn’t have to waste much time looking for same. He probably said, “wait till morning before calling the cops. Okay, she says, “oh and if you’re caught, I had no hand in this, is that clear”! Flores, “hmms & haws” Demarte, repeats, is that clear. Flores nods…& uses the front door to depart & run into the night.

          Pandora, I never did before, so let’s put that right, “Thank You” for the great work you do helping us to follow the events as they are going on. Hoping for the day soon, when you are telling us, Jodi, has got the best result she wants, her “Freedom”! And seeing how Martinez is crooking his way through things, with the Judges help, that day may well be sooner rather than later.

          • Yes that very well could have happened and a good reporter would check that out. Let’s see they might start with Good Ole “Corinna Who Care About Herself” Flores. . .she is always up on her husband’s under cover work.

    • Shoot, I got called away in the middle of my small brain storm 🙄 Did I leave anything out?? If they are not involved in this rather HUGE crusade to destroy a young innocent woman’s life what is it they are after? Many are profiting from this whole tragedy. . .it is a fact. . .follow the trail of money and I think we might find the answers. What is wrong with this media people that they are digging like crazy to find out the truth??? They take lies and run with them like they are the Gospel? What ever happened to them getting out and digging in the dirt for their stories????

      • WHAT IN THE HELLO EVER HAPPENED TO INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING??? You know were they search for the TRUTH???? Do they believe their jobs are as simple as sitting on their lazy butts and taking a corrupt prosecutor, detective and medical examiner’s words for the truth withouot ever researching on their own? What is wrong with this world when people believe they can sit around waiting for their jobs to be done for them. HARD WORK is what gets the TRUTH!!!! Get off you lazy good for nothing butts and dig up the truth . . .unless you are part of this puzzle. Lying corrupt bunch of goons!

        • Truer thing you could not say, R, the media are looking at this trial seeing every underhand thing that is going on & yet not one of them is brave enough (even M.Kiefer) he should be (SHOUTING) about this from the rooftop. And what about the Anderson Coopers of this world (Did you know)?

          CNN have just changed their slogan, from “The Most Trusted Name in News” to “Holy Crap, We’re All Gonna Die.” seems they’re really hitting the rubbish tip now with their kind of Tabloid Journalism.
          & the New York Times, whose slogan is, “All the news that’s fit to print”.?

          Why? Are these guys so lost in the big smoke of New York that they can’t see the corruption going on in Arizona in a court of Law where someone is being murdered by Judge & Prosecution for their faithful followers glee & their future prospects in politics in their “Hellhole of Depravity” that is Arizona.

          Media of America, answer me this? Is there not one of you that has the moral fibre to call this Injustice & to write about same till the Injustice turns into the word “Justice” again? Is there not one American paper that can carry the flag of the Constitution high & say by the Constitution, that Jodi Arias has been robbed of every part of that Constitution that gives her the same right as every other citizen of America in an American Court of Law. The right without prejudice or bias of a fair hearing & afforded the same respect every human being has a right to? Why is this one human being devoid of that respect & fairness, in a country that says it is the “Beacon in the World” for all who are vulnerable? Even you, President Obama, can YOU even answer that?

          Well! What’s the point of you preaching that, if it is not true in your own back yard? What’s the point in using those fancy words, if you are not true to them in your own back yard? What’s the point of preaching about your great ethics & fairness, if it is not the case in your own back yard? What’s the point of talking about good true justice, if that fact is ignored in your own back-yard? What is the point of calling those who are terrorists & kill for the sake of killing, terrorists, if you have your own kind of fancy idolised terrorists in fancy suits & court garb in your own backyard?

          You don’t even have to give me an answer, Mr President, but give your answer to one of your own, Miss Jodi Arias.

          Because it is she who is being left bereft of her HUMAN rights, & who is being murdered in your own back yard for the sake of IT. I have only one challenge for you, Mr President, & to your Media, look into your own backyard, see what is going on, & then “Put it Right”. Otherwise tear up that slogan & while your at it, “Tear up the your Constitution & your Bill of Rights”. Because if you omit this one person the opportunity of having the same rights as everyone else, then you are making all that was written; in both documents on the hemp paper, vellum paper, or what ever kind of paper it was written on, “Null & Void”.

          Bill of Rights 5 to 10
          Amendment 5

          No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

          Amendment 6

          In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.

          Amendment 7

          In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.

          Amendment 8

          Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

          Amendment 9

          The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

          Amendment 10

          The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

      • well there was an update to that story…..”According to the police report, there were no signs of forced entry to the home.

        Police say the master bedroom door was closed but unlocked when they arrived.

        Demarte could not tell them if any of her keys were missing.

        The burglary happened around 9:30 a.m. on a Wednesday. The burglar alarm notified police. The police report did not indicate if investigators felt the burglary was random or if it had to do with the Arias case.

        Although, they pointed out the burglar took the laptop, but didn’t take the diamond earrings sitting out or cash in a drawer.” no arrests were ever made

      • Do the citizens of Arizona just condone all of this corruption in their Justice System? They just sit back and say ” OH, that’s right because so and so said so.” or do they get up and start to do something about all of this happening in their very own cities? Become alarmed!! You’ve got citizens being pushed around, abused wrongly accused fighting for their lives and your Officers of the Law are corrupt!!! They are protecting only themselves. Hey, AZ citizens Wake Up, I bet most of you are paying taxes on Ocean Front Property too. . .just because that’s the way you thought it should be! DUH!!! Poke fun all you want but everyone of you should hang your sorry heads in shame if you don’t become alarmed at this Farce of a Trial and stand up and say ENOUGH ALREADY. These corrupt people have been cashing in at your expense and you believe it’s Jodi Arias that’s Guilty???? PLEASE, break the chains that bind you, throw back that Veil of Secrecy become involved before it is too LATE FOR ALL OF YOU!! See The Truth For What It is!!! You all have had the WOOL PULLED OVER YOUR EYES FOR TOO LONG!
        It reminds me of my Mother saying, ” If they jump off the bridge are you just going to follow them?” Heck no, I’m going to see why they would be wanting to jump off the bridge and then try to save them! OOOOOHHHHHH it makes my head hurt to see all of this CORRUPTION!!!!

    • I always kinda figure the ‘theft’ was to benefit DeMarte herself to cover her incompetence and ill-preparedness.

      I remember back during the trial someone posted a link to this freebie profile page for tot-docs where she could post her grossly exaggerated CV. The catch was that there was a space for comments. DOZENS of the people who’d either had her as a teacher or as a supervisor weighed in to say she’s a total incompetent, knows NOTHING, was never prepared to teach a class, could never answer questions from students or others she was meant to be helping – basically she was only collecting a paycheck and a few wondered who she was sleeping with to get it.

        • It appeared you were under control and I lost it! I thought you must have drugged yourself or something. Guess I was wrong. 😉 Broom Hilda abandoned ship and I blew a gasket. Sorry. This is ALL SO PAINFUL to see what is happening, and people go on with their little petty lives and ignore this downfall that is happening in America. Sad thing is I know Jodi Arias is not the only one fighting for her life who has been wrongly accused and convicted. SMH There are crooked Judges, crooked Prosecutors in every one of our states but AZ IMO is outdoing them all. It is past time for them to pay for their crimes. When will our government become involved and say enough already. . .and correct this injustice.

        • R. I think you better stay on the ground for a few days. I would not let you go alone and I’m still receiving from our last trip.

          I’m just waiting to see what motion KN file’s today. I love it when he gets fired up. I still have a gut feeling that we will see Jodi’s Perry Mason’s moment.

        • Well Journee, it likes this, I could see you were in perfect control yesterday so I thought you must have drugged yourself. I just thought it couldn’t hurt to ask. 😉 Broom Hilda went to bed and I blew a gasket . . .I was desperately out of control. If you remember I don’t hit the sauce so I was in need!
          This is all so painful to watch play out before us. Just knowing it is happening in our country today and people are acting like they are in a blind coma or too involved with their own lives to stand up and say ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! Yes it is so PAINFUL!!!!!! I will try to behave today. No promises though. 😉

        • OK now, I believe I’m being censored! I have responded twice to no avail. HA! Journee, you were in such remarkable control, I just knew you were medicating yourself. You can’t shame me for trying. Remember I don’t hit the “sauce” but maybe I need to start it. Broom Hilda left me and went to bed and I just blew a gasket! I needed HELP! This is ALL SO PAINFUL!
          What will our United States of America do about the injustices that are being committed in Arizona. Yes, I know it happens everywhere but HONESTLY they have been very transparent in their destruction of justice in this trial. Every state has there own share of corruption but Arizona is bringing it to a whole new level and their “reporters” are to afraid to call a spade a spade? Or they have become accustomed to this corruption and they can’t even see it. I am sick of people who belly ache about their jobs. It is so clear they haven’t been doing anything but fanning themselves with their petty little comments and not even putting forth a effort to research the facts of this trial. They aren’t in high school anymore they are in the real world where horrible things happen to innocent people. I do not care what they had for breakfast, or what they think of an experts hair or what color everyone is wearing and no body else does either.
          It just needs to STOP! STOP THE MADNESS!

          • You don’t need a drink, honey, and you don’t need medication.

            You only have to remember what you already know:

            God’s wil in God’s time.

            • Journee that was perfectly stated. R. Love Journee is right you don’t need a drink. Even I as upset as I was yesterday at JM decided not to let that man drive me to drink.

              R. You know Journee is right, in Gods time.

            • I personally believe after looking at clips of the trial, that Jodi looks better today. She is one of those people that ages well. I think her beauty within is showing on the outside. ((((Jodi))))

            • So well said, Journee. I also think about “God works in mysterious ways.”
              Sometimes it takes outrageous injustice for people to wake up enough to demand something be done to correct it. – Like this website is doing.

              Question is how to we take it to the level of demanding something be done to correct it?

    • Interesting coincidence that the defense interviewed DeMarte on Jan 13th and then someone entered her home without breaking in, one fingerprint found with no arrests, and took just her laptop and costume jewelry on Feb 6th.

        • I got caught up in her testimony and am still listening, being reminded really what a weak witness she was. She denies even being an expert in domestic violence until kermit gets her to change her mind back. Poster presentations, counting student years as experience, first time giving the PDS test, not scoring tests properly…… and the strange people of kobol think she was awesome.

            • When DeMarte testified, she could not testify to anything specific without referring to her notes, and even then, she often could not specify. Dr. G. on the other hand gets screamed at when he tries to check his notes.

              She was a very poor witness charging $300.00 an hour, more than what Dr. G. charges after his many years of expertise. She already had six forensic cases with one criminal one for the defence.

              She is the epitome of a hired gun!!

      • Very interesting Carol and that part had gone over my head when JW speaks of the copyright and asks about JM having the questions typed out. DeMartes says that he let her know he had done that after the fact, after their interview and discussion She also stated he was writing things down as they spoke , so what happens if he could not write it down fast enough?

        • She got rather indigent when JW asked her if she gave froggie the questions, just admitted that they sat down together and went over them. She as a psychologist with a Master’s degree, should have understood in the first place that the questions were not to be shared to anyone other than another peer. If you can’t write fast enough, you might have to……..

    • “She said she had notes relating to the trial on the laptop, that wasn’t password protected.”

      Oh good job, Dr D! That means it was in effect a community computer for anyone to see.

      Where have we heard about that very subject just recently??? Hmmmm.

      • Anyone else find it odd that this Dr. didn’t have her laptop password protected?? This brings up another whole issue of negligent on her part and falls under HIPAA violation. I’m sorry but she is either a real dummy or she was covering up her own inadequacies.

  8. R. Love this is for you! 😉

    Where are journalists like Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein?

    Jodi Arias’ story is fascinating, twisting, turning, corruption, deceit, sexy, on and on. This one has a beautiful gentle girl in her mid twenties faced with a death sentence by a prosecutor who is boorish, egocentric, malicious, hyperactive with a judge making goo-goo eyes at him as she sits immobile in her seat of authority ignoring his errors, allowing error after error slip by in spite of two young inexperienced defense attorneys trying there very best to keep the beautiful gentle girl from ending up on death row.
    Come on, journalists. Investigate, write, publish, get famous.

    • Perfect!!! Thank you Carol, Bravo! Now then, one of you young media tweeter reporter journalists (whatever you all prefer) may take Carol’s beginning and RESEARCH AND INVESTIGATE. . .it’s a DARK WORLD your living in. . . you should be in horror about all of this. . .not making fun of peoples hair or colors of their clothes. . .find the answers to this nightmare. . .you might be the next Jodi Arias.

      I believe GOOGLE has ruined the younger generation or helped make them lazy. Seems everyone is into instant gratification these days.

    • Carol, I agree. Jodi could use a “champion in the media” to present a diifferent side (her side) to this story. Off the top of my head, as DeMarte would say, I can’t think of one media person who has ever written anything positive about her. The best we can get from the media is that they don’t say anything negative about her.

      • Cold Case: What a perfect name for this case!!! But the case is heating up just a bit!!!
        You are so right… Not only have there been no positive reporting but no one seems to see what we see; journalists must be blind. Someone could not only become famous but also receive honestly earned money.

        We on this site have been all about investigating the historical background and current issues, using critical thinking to evaluate what is going on.
        Yes, we are suspicious of the way this crime was/wasn’t investigated.
        It seems all to easily solved, cut and dried, but we know from contradictory facts that this is not the case.
        So many weird, contradictory things have happened in this case that need investigating.

        Sometimes I wonder WHY hasn’t anyone looked into all the oddities.
        Sometimes I think that the defense is reading here; maybe not the lawyers, just the people that work for them.
        I keep praying someone IS digging for the facts that we do not have access to and we just don’t realize it. This site has a wealth of information and clues.
        Everyone: Keep Digging. 😉

  9. 🙁 Sorry for fussing away but sometimes it just gets to me!!! ♥Good Night to TEAM JODI!♥
    “May the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you.” 2 Thessalonians 3:16

  10. A few of us on Twitter were disturbed by Michael Kiefer’s “Arias’ ninja-killers story” comment this afternoon. He was told Jodi didn’t use the term “ninja” and that it was a “sick, little joke made up by a fucking, biased media.” The next time he commented on it, he described it as a “made-up story about two killers” (something like that) which was better but why not just say it without the add-ons to make Jodi look bad? Other reporters do that kind of “cheap shot in every comment” stuff but Kiefer usually stays away from it. Fox reporter Steve Krafft also was criticized a couple of times today for his bias as was William Pitts yesterday. Pitts said he was getting tired of the criticism.
    Kiefer says he is a not a Jodi-supporter which I believe is true but he, more than anyone else I can think of, has never been a hater either. He’s the most objective along with a couple of Asian women, Carol Sung, CNN and Yihyun Jeong, who replaced Kiefer while he was away.
    I keep holding out hope that a reporter will finally do a series of articles that point out how Jodi is not getting a fair trial and write about all the corruption, lies, destruction of evidence, etc. I realize they have to be very careful what they say but even an strong opinion piece would help. I’d even settle for a few comments as to how well Jodi has stood up to the pressure and handled herself with grace and poise. It might make some people re-examine what they believe about her.
    I was disappointed in JSS (again). I don’t know if she was the one that used the term “slip-ups” for Martinez’ action yesterday or that was a reporter’s term. He certainly has the run of the courtroom and it seems he can do whatever he wants.
    Anyway, I thought it was an excellent day for Jodi with Martinez spinning his wheels and driving around in circles like a raving maniac without a map. He wasn’t getting any place and I expect the jurors thought the same thing. But, I’ve been surprised by jurors before.

  11. First I heard of testimony of Alexander’s previous violence toward women (affidavit). He has close to 10 years missing from his bio. Maybe doing time or a cop (US Marshal)? Explains why he got away with it for so long.

  12. ♥Thoughts for Today for Arizonians♥

    If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And If it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.
    Mark Twain

    Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.
    Mark Twain

    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
    Mark Twain

  13. I still think the “missing pieces” to this travestyare hiding in plain sight.

    R.Love you asked a very good question yesterday in regards to the news media. Perhaps they who live in AZ are afraid of the church?

    I do have to give Lisa Lang (sp) from CNN for the two documentaries she has done on the Mormon Church in the past few months. The increasing drug use of youths and how men in the church seem to be married but also have “men friends”. You know in that special way. Their wives are accepting this. This is not just one or five it’s wide spread throughout the Mormon church. This brings up more questions to what really is going on behind closed doors!!

    I’m not one to criticize others religious freedoms as I’m sure we could find fault in all of them….but when they are so corrupt and hide behind the church…just saying!!!

    Why can’t they subpoena a bishop?? Travis is deceased. What the hell are they bidding??? It sure seems odd that 90% of the players in this case are Mormons…

    • What you say about the men of the Mormon Church kinda backs up what I’ve been thinking for awhile now –

      That ‘the church’ might not necessarily have objected to Travis’ behavior, might actually condone it within the church’s ‘boys club’ and probably wouldn’t have sought to -er- eliminate him because of it. Although he did seem to be spinning out of control in those last months, so maybe.

      The church would, however, proactively work to protect any LDS individuals who decided that Travis needed a ritual of blood atonement.

      Purely speculation on my part, though.

      • The blood atonement was not done by Jodi. Even if she did kill Travis she would never be in the right state of mind to remember to do that. I keep going back to a silly little thing of a woman most likely finish him off by cutting of his….pride and joy…

      • I know you banned yourself from TV but have you heard about the show “My Husband is Attracted to Men but He is Not Gay”. Apparently, it is a reality show on TLC ( I think) about 3 or 4 couples (Mormon) who are dealing with their husbands with rather gay tendencies. They are “suffering” from SSA = Same Sex Attraction but have chosen to marry women. Good Mormon people trying to live the Mormon life style. Just think it strange timing for it to come out on tv.

        • Haven’t thrown out the TV yet, R! But TLC – eh- haven’t watched them since Trading Spaces.

          Guess those Sister Wives gave TLC a peek into a goldmine of pernicious programming, huh?

          ~~~shaking head~~~

          I’ll stick to Blue Bloods, The Good Wife, Grey’s Anatomy and Mad Men. Not gettin’ hooked on anymore shows. When they’re done, I’m done.

          • I haven’t seen the My Husband show yet, but that hubby on Sister Wives is getting worse. I feel so sorry for those poor women who have to/choose to/don’t know any better than to put up with it.

          • Journee, you just listed my TV viewing. TLC is not in my package nor is HLN. OK I do watch CNN once in a while and love the Hallmark Channel.

            R. That’s what I was talking about with the Mormon men. I’m beginning to think that was Travis’s MO. I’m not buying into his being sexually abused as a child as a excuses for his pedophilia. Yes it can really mess up a child for life but it does not cause a person to become gay.

            • I haven’t watched the show myself but I have a good friend you did. We were discussing the different life styles of people and it came up. I have seen the ad for the show but frankly, I have watched and heard enough concerning the Mormon religion lately to do me in. SMH I’m amazed with their “holier than thou” attitude.

            • Not gonna do four nights of TV, R – Nashville moves to Thursday or Grey’s moves to Wednesday and I’m in, otherwise I’ll just catch some of the music online.

      • And as R. Love noted a while back, Romney is ‘their guy’. Having a president in their ranks is prestigious to say the least. He was running in 2012 when this trial was getting started…just saying.

        • If I was a devout Mormon, I still would think twice about running for President with this Dark Evil Glooming Cloud of Deceit and Corruption from this trial which is clearly surrounding the LDS Church and the Mormon faith. It is like someone has tried to clear this all away but the injustices keep rising to the top of the Pond Scum. How deep does the cover up go? Who is behind it all? Who is financing it all? One of their main agendas is to put one of their chosen into the position of being President of the United States of America. It goes all the way back deep into their History.

    • PS Oh, I could fill your ears about my own church, SMH, so your right! I would not want to insult any religion because all religions have their faults. I just decided to put my faith into God’s word and forget all of the religious establishments which have become major corporations. God will never let us down but man will. Quantity of members is quantity in their bank accounts. They’ve forgotten Who’s money they are dealing with and very often it gets used for Earthly things and not lost souls. Somewhere, somehow a person’s well being has been over looked. When it comes down to the bottom line (this is my thing) I want to be able to face God
      (when it is my time)and say “Yes, My Lord, I feel I have done the best I possibly could to help others and promote your amazing forgiveness and LOVE”. As far as hiding my religion behind some silly Veil of Secrecy. . .what is the point if not but for the money?

    • I don’ t know the law, but I would think that in extreme case like a death penalty case, that any and all people could be subpoenaed.
      It is against all that is sacred to put secrets regarding a deceased man, above revealing information that could prevent a woman from spending her life in jail, or being sentenced to death.

    • personally I think there might be a whole different angle to this whole thing..I wonder if they found out how much money the mormons dished out to cover and blame Jodi for the killing..Jodi being in jail is only to protect her untill they find all the ppl that actually were involved. also to find the corrupted ones behind all this..and i think it is starting to show who

  14. Something I have noticed this past week is pickles wanting to just move things along. I’m going to say someone has been on her back about this. Her saying she did not give JM a contempt of court for his “slip ups” … Now where did KN get this from? Just pull it out of his butt??

    This whole copyright issues can be a dangerous little mistake for her to make. I think we have not heard the last of this.

    • Per BK the judge says court may go until 8:00 pm on Mon. Looks like you are right that she wants to speed up. If she would control the little prosecutor things would move along a lot faster. Kiefer and all really better rest up this weekend.

      • Sounds like the end of the trial may be near. She only went really long on the last day of testimony at the first trial.

            • J. I know he wasn’t kidding. After what has gone on the last month and the motions They shouldn’t. I do hope either BN or our Mr. Smith could?? I do not want Jodi to. I don’t care what JM does. You can’t unring a bell. The jury might be told to disregard her testimony but it’s happened.

              If anything I don’t think too many people honestly think she will get the DP. There will be either another mistrial or they will vote against the DP.

              It breaks my heart all of it but at least she will be out of that hell hole. It might be better at prairieville (?). At least she will get 3 meals a day and can have a TV in her cell.
              It won’t be for long… Jodi is one of the strongest people I have run into.

              I know we don’t want to talk about this….

    • I’m totally surprised by the amount of people who are wishing for JSS to be unemployed from the “other side”. Apparently, they are seeing things in a different light. Things like she has been pro defense the whole trial? I find that odd.

      • I know, R. Odd is just one word for it. I think they are simple-minded people who believe 20 successive over-rulings of defense objections is ok because, in their mind, the defendant shouldn’t have any rights. And even giving the most minuscule acknowledgment to the defendant’s rights is a reason to be removed from the bench.

        • They think that the Alexander’s rights outweigh Jodi rights…..I’m sorry thatTA is dead but darn they are not suffering that much that they can’t still make a buck off their dead brothers name. It’s not like they are sitting nightafter night in their hotel rooms. Hell no they are out shopping and partying on foolish people’s hard earned money. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t have had some help along the way but this has gone to extremes.

  15. Jason Lamm ‏@PhxCriminalAtty · 6m6 minutes ago
    @tinalcarr69 @scsonggal90 It’s convenient to bash Judge Stephens, but totally unwarranted. She makes a tight record for appeal. #JodiArias

    • I agree, Cindy. I do realize that we all thought the last jury might have at least some degree of common sense but were sorely disappointed. But I think there may be a difference with this jury. For one, they are getting a much better view of what Travis was REALLY all about. Also they had a chance to hear Jodi tell them why she lied and why she went to the memorial and why she sent flowers to T’s grandmother (hopefully before the jury had a chance to get fully hypnotized by Juan’s smoke and mirrors, thinking that these behaviors were somehow some bizarre proof of premeditation Pfft). I think the defense team did an autopsy on the first trial and realized the direction they should have taken and are using that knowledge in this trial.

      In the long run, this second trial may actually be a blessing because we’re hearing a lot of new information that may have never made it out to the public otherwise. (The irony is that the bad guys may actually be helping the good guys.)

      • (The irony is that the bad guys may actually be helping the good guys.)
        Now, that would be a wonderful twist to this trial! Love it!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

  16. New York Times, Jan.23/15: “Of 1,373 prospective jurors, 68 percent already believe Dzhokar Tsarnaev is guilty of the Boston bombing.”
    The judge in this trial previously refused to move it to another location (twice, I think) but b/c of the above finding released by the defense team (pissing off the judge), moving the trial to another location may be reconsidered. Jodi would likely score even higher than 68%. Do we know if this sort of juror tally was ever kept in her case? JSS has refused to move her trial a few times at least. Could this info be used in her appeal especially if Tsarnaev’s trial is moved out of Boston?

      • No one knows anything. According to the law it is innocent until proven guilty not guilty unless proven innnocent. No matter what one thinks they know, they are required to go into court with an open mind.

      • I’m certainly not up on that trial but can we really say everyone in America knows he is guilty? That’s sound like the Frog talking about Jodi. I used to believe the media but have found out fast I better not make a quick judgment unless I know the facts. I understand what your saying though. It just gave me a flash back of a FROG moment.

  17. Hi everyone! We have a hearing today (1 pm) – I don’t know if anyone will be tweeting about it:

    CR2008-031021-001 DT 01/05/2015
    Docket Code 023 Form R000A Page 1
    S. Yoder
    JODI ANN ARIAS (001)


    The Court previously set a January 23, 2015 Status Conference in this Division to discuss the February 6, 2015 oral argument on the Defendants’ omnibus Motion to Dismiss the Death Penalty. Unless a formal Waiver of Presence is filed, each Defendant who has joined the Motion will be transported for the January 23 Status Conference.

    Any Waiver of Presence applicable to the January 23 Status Conference must be filed on or before January 16 and must be emailed to this Division.

  18. Isn’t it so convenient?

    -Laptop stolen with important information about Jodi’s case…
    -3 suicides of people close to travis and Jodi after travis’s murder and before the trial started…
    -Defense witnesses withdraw themselves just before they are ready to testify…
    -All cell phone SIM cards disappeared…

    I’m sure I’m missing a lot more ‘misfortunes’ that just happen to be in the States best interest… SMH…

    • Alan, that was so interesting. That Riverside County again. Does Jodi have a (Napu ?) claim – I don’t know what that is except it had to do with lying prosecutors. Wonderful to hear these judges taking a hard line and that at some level lying on the stand is taken seriously. That attorney certainly looked uncomfortable at the end.

  19. Just tweeted Cathy @ Court Chatter (hey, I’m desperate), Michael Kiefer & Steve Krafft to see if anyone is covering Status Conference. Don’t see any coverage or talk about it on Twitter at all.

      • Carol,
        I have a feeling Kiefer may be burning out on the trial. I hope I’m wrong. He tweeted @sneakyjuror :
        “It has been a very tedious week, and followers on either side of the aisle are mistaken if they think much was accomplished.” Think it was a Direct Message.
        It was embeded in a sneakyjuror tweet so I couldn’t bring it here. Also no date but I’m assuming it was this morning or yesterday evening.
        He needs to go for a long walk in the desert which seems to be one of his activities. Or, alternate with Yihyun Jeong although that could be problematic keeping up with info.

        • It probably is a tedious job for a go-getter reporter to sit still and type away on his tweeter all day, especially when things get bogged down in legalities, which happens a lot when you’re dealing with froggie and friends. Like you suggest, he needs to take a walk and unwind.

        • Maybe he means nothing’s been accomplished in a relentless drive to put Jodi on death row but otherwise I take issue with his words. I think things moved very much in Jodi’s direction this week, in spite of all the idiots who want to play it down. I think, with the media having gone virtually silent, that these jurors, as well as their significant others, are not getting the same exposure to this sick form of journalism and I believe they may have gotten a good feel for what really went on in that relationship. If they come in with death after hearing all that, I put out again what I proposed nearly two years ago: we should all pitch in, buy a deserted island somewhere and move there together – because we are certainly living in a world filled with hateful lunatics.

          • I don t know if it is only me, but I think the affidavit witnesses did Jodi no good at all.
            There was no way to judge their credibility. There were too many holes for JM to go after.

            Dr. Geffner is a good witness, but he is clinical.Where are Jodi s family members, is
            Nurmi going to let them testify?No matter the relational that Jodi had with her parents,they
            do not want her to get the DP. Put them on the stand, let them plead for their daughter s

        • I did a reply but it slipped away silently. I think it must be hard for those guys to sit still and type, especially with froggie’s antics always slowing down the process. He does just need to recoup, go for a walk, get someone to massage his sore neck and get back to it.

    • court chatter wouldn’t be so damn desperate if Jodi’s name hadn’t been added to a list of several other people facing a potential DP

      court chatter doesn’t care about the DP so she doesn’t need to concern herself with the conference.

  20. I just now had a chance to read the “chatty-cathy” article about the “secret witness” and was nauseated once more by the way someone who puts themselves forward as either a professional or even aspiring journalist will take the words and opinions of one person and present them as if they’re facts. And then have the nerve to further insult my intelligence by telling me that a person known only as “Witness #1″ just “loves the limelight”. (WTF? In what friggin’ universe are these people living???)

    • AMEN TO THAT!!! Wasting our fresh air. I would swear they must be all drinking the same kool-ade. They’ll laugh at that but I’m dead serious. . .they’ve got mental issues.

    • And then we have this gem from chatty cathy: “If what MMc stated was true, is it something that he would even remember in such detail 13 years after it happened?” But, of course, if he couldn’t remember every detail to this idiot’s satisfaction she’d still be calling him a liar because of it. (As a matter of fact I seem to remember Juan trying hard to do just that, discredit the witness because he admitted he couldn’t pinpoint the dates from more than 13 years ago.) You don’t win with these people. Their brains are so twisted around an idea that they can’t get it untwisted without it desperately hurting.

          • Does the media not realize that by releasing people’s names that have signed sworn affidavits , they could be held responsible if anything happens to them?

            • Debbie, they really have no respect for the law. JSS told them on Thursday they were on their own in regards to the copy writing laws. Some were tweeting out the questions as fast as they could. Not too smart. Hopefully something will be done.

                • Sure they should.

                  I just don’t expect them to.

                  We all saw what they did to Alyce. And every last one of them will STILL tell you they were only exercising their rights to freedom of speech. They don’t see what they did as witness tampering at all.

                  That’s why I want to see the instigator prosecuted. People need to GET IT that they CANNOT trample the rights of others in the course of exercising their own.

  21. This is the story of a man now 70 years old, who 40 years ago was wrongfully charged, wrongfully convicted and wrongfully sentenced to life in prison. The state of NC owes this man a lot of money I would imagine.
    How does this connect to Jodi Arias: if she is found guilty of anything and a sentence of anything this will happen for her, but we all cannot let it take anywhere near 40 years! Not even one more year. The State of Arizona will owe Jodi Arias big time $$$…more than all the haters have garnered in this terrible case of injustice!

    • Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Jodi could use her Appeals money for just that sort of thing. Still praying!!!

      There are many that owe Jodi BIG TIME!!

  22. Well while I was sitting here talking with all you (thank God). I had robbers running around my complex. I didn’t hear the cops.
    Anyway they came here to grab a mother get away car. Geez you would think I lived in the hood. This same gang hit the same high end jewelry store up the road that they hit in Oct. This time the owner fired his gun and they ran out. 3 have been captured into got away in a different car.

    • Amazing! He basically wants to simply make sure that all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted, at the expense of another innocent woman’s life (not to mention the pockets of Arizona tax payers). Shame on him!

      • Dear Mr. Montgomery, I understand the need to see that a proper system is carried through to its finality but come on…the only reason Debra Milke got convicted was because of a lying bastard detective. What else do you need to know? Unless you have some bombshell news that now proves she did plan the killing her only child, let it go. Leave that poor woman alone. Even if she did do it (reasonably doubtful) she’s paid a very heavy price. You try spending 23 years on death row and see if that isn’t atonement enough for every misdeed you’ve committed in an entire lifetime. Get the hell over yourself, Mr. Montgomery!

    • So Bill Montgomery doesn’t think the lying detective isn’t enough to have the case dismissed with prejudice? What do you have to have down there??

  23. Beth Karas

    The court just alerted the media to the following in the Jodi Arias penalty phase retrial:
    There is a possibility that Trial will run late into the evening on Monday 1/26/2015. Attorneys, court staff and jurors are preparing to stay until 8pm if needed and/or necessary. We will know more on Monday.

  24. As this day ends let us put our thoughts go to a happy time when Jodi walks out thoughts doors to the arms of her loving family. She will live the rest of her life doing so much good and helping young women all over this country. She has never nor will ever wast one day with self pitty. I truly believe this is God plan for her.

    May you all have a restful night…

  25. Everyone does know that when Travis calls Jodi a slut, a whore and three holed wonder as well as saying that Jodi slashed his and another dates tires, that Jodi was stalking him, had stolen a ring and all of the other unproven facts that have not been made true by Jodi being presented in court where she was charged with such crimes and paid a fine and or served time in jail for such crimes are considered defamation, libel and slander because they are not true facts but public opinion which have been used to ridicule Jodi’s reputation prior to the trial. Since they have been used in trial against Jodi by Juan Martinez then Juan Martinez is also guilty of defamation, libel and slander against Jodi as well and can be sued for such defamation because the defamation, libel and slander was used to sway the first jury to not believe Jodi’s testimony because of the public opinion which like I said has not been proven in a court where Jodi served time and or paid a fine for prior to her current situation.

  26. I’m praying so dang much I won’t be deleted. I wish I knew exactly what I could do for sweet Jodi. She is completely innocent. She was manipulated, strung along by an abusive “deacon” of the Mormon Church…. Being the book nerd I am I researched the church, the laws, the superior blind “knowledge” the rest of us will never be allowed to understand. We are not the chosen. If the chosen are the Alexander’s the Hughes’s….I’m proud to not be a physical, and especially not spiritual part of that. I trust and believe what is true and honest. Jodi girl is innocent.

    CR2008-031021-001 DT 11/10/2014
    Docket Code 094 Form R000A Page 1
    S. Yoder
    JODI ANN ARIAS (001)


    The Court has considered Defendant’s Motion for Joinder and for Omnibus Hearing on Motion to Dismiss Death Penalty. Good cause appearing,
    IT IS ORDERED granting the Motion.
    IT IS FURTHER ORDERED setting Status Conference re Oral Argument on January 23, 2015 at 1:30 p.m. in this Division.
    IT IS FURTHER ORDERED setting Oral Argument on the omnibus Motion to Dismiss the Death Penalty on February 6, 2015 at 1:30 p.m. in this Division.

    • This is wonderful!!! But I’m very skeptical of
      JSS all of a sudden trying to move this trial along. Staying until 8pm on Monday. Hummm I smell something rotten and it’s not in Denmark.

      Hypothetical: Let’s say that this ends by Tues. or Weds. They give it to the jury. This hearing isn’t until the 6th of Feb.

      Who’s verdict stands?? The jury’s or Kramer’s???

      My question is God forbid the jury comes back with the DP can Kramer’s decision overturn the jury’s decision??

      • Good Morning Cindy!

        It’s a separate action, essentially a group or class action against the state of AZ to have the death penalty stricken because it is cruel and unusual punishment…. the goal, I am sure, is to challenge the DP at the Supreme Court Level.

        • Good morning Journee. So as I understand the SC if they decide to do miss the DP over rules!!

          I know it could take time for Kramer’s ruling.

          Perhaps I’m just being overly skeptical as to the timing of JSS push to get this over with?

          • Yeah – I think Stephens is just pushing because they’ve already run a month over. She might be getting grumbles from the jury and they might very well be approaching the end of testimony on Monday, She’s conferring with the attorneys constantly, I’m sure has an idea of how much more time they need and probably wants the case to go to jury by Thursday.

              • yeah- but if the push is on we might not have to put up with much of her

                yanno, something else just occurred to me – wondering if the extended day on Monday might just have something to do with the limited availability of a single witness

                • Hummm now that’s a possibly. Well if pickle can get JM just shut up and sit down.
                  Then Jen can finish up with the Dr. Maybe they might be able to get another witness in. We will see. The thought of totdoc …..grrrr.

                  Why I’m picking your brain…do you think Jodi will take the stand?

                • In this phase, Jodi has a right to speak directly to the jury without cross examination.

                  Some legal minds are saying that this is why JM will not be able to have Jodi’s ‘secret testimony’ stricken if she declines to go back up on the stand to complete her testimony in open court.

                  I dunno, Cindy – maybe Jodi and her team have worked together to assemble the rest of the planned testimony into a narrative that she can read to the jury. Maybe THAT’s why there’s a long day on Monday.

                  I think she wants the jury to hear her experience of what happened, so, yeah, I think she’s going to try to find a way to tell them.

                • That’s a good thought. . .time will tell…..
                  While I’m hugging. . . all here is yours ((((Journee))))) ♥

  28. I’m just chuckling to myself, I can hear all the bitching going on already from the news media. How many will stick around until 8pm?? They were crabbing about 5pm.

    Suck it up!! It’s your JOB!!!

  29. Jodi’s letter to Travis’ grandmother has been published. Court Chatter first published it. The letter, to me, supports that there is way more to this story than Jodi is wiling to or allowed to tell. I think the letter being introduced may turn out to be a positive for the defense.

    Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.
    Dr. Seuss

    Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!
    Dr. Seuss

    I’ve heard there are troubles of more than one kind; some come from ahead, and some come from behind. But I’ve brought a big bat. I’m all ready, you see; now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!
    Dr. Seuss 😉

  31. R. I was looking at Jodi’s picture up top of page. She looks so cute almost like she’s just having a conversation with a friend.

    How anyone could say she is ugly….just jealous of her and all of her artistic talents.

    • I like that picture too, it looks like she is scratching her head which is basically what I do everyday trying to keep up with the antics in Arizona.

    • Jodi does look beautiful.
      So much of the media frenzy regarding this trial is about the ‘opportunity’ it gives people to unleash their hate, pettiness, violence and cruelty against a target who can’ t fight back.
      And the hateful people feel no shame because they can rationalize ( to themselves) their hatred.

      • Amy it’s as if they themselves have not dealt with their own abusive past. How many times have we heard “I was abused but I didn’t murder anyone”. So they take all their anger out on Jodi. Never once trying to find the truth.

        • I agree. I think that not coming to terms with their own experiences of being abused has caused them to harden their hearts and become cold and callous.
          And I don’ t think most are aware of their diminished capacity for empathy, or the unconscious dynamics that made them less capable of empathy.

  32. I just reread Jodi’s letter to the Alexander family. I still have major doubts about her actually killing Travis Alexander. ChattyCathy has it posted on her site. . .what a woman!? Well, it just reinforces my belief that Detective Flores led Jodi into a confession of things she never did. Yes she was there, Yes they fought and then there is that BUT…….Thank you Chatty for helping make my belief in Jodi even stronger than before! Detective Flores and the Frog of a prosecutor have been transparent in their devious manipulation of this whole non case! Jodi Arias is NO LIAR! I am proud to believe and support her!

  33. If anyone ever stopped to think: Jodi has never said on vicious thing about Travis. She also never wanted anyone to know all of this. Now anyone with any common sense would figure out that Jodi never could have premeditated this. She would be screening at the top of her lungs how much he abused her and what a piece of crap he was.

    • I agree this was not a premeditated event. It was a spontaneous event.Jodi does not have a history
      of being violent. I hope things go well for her. So far, I am disappointed in the defense
      presentation.She needs a few witnesses who know her personally and can vouch for her
      character. I hope the defense has some , what they presented so far is not enough.

      Voting for the DP is an emotional decision, it should not be made by jurors, but it is. The defense
      needs someone like her mother to get on the stand.

  34. For those of you, like I, who believe that there are bigger forces at play than us mortals, it seems to be confirming that for me. Jodi is now in the Joiner for the Omnibus hearing, more information pertaining to the case has surfaced over the past weeks, a shift in the consciousness in society is taking place. I gives one the knowledge that we don’t know everything and we need to trust in the greater force – that which we don’t completely understand and I would venture are not meant to understand completely.

    It seems to me that the will of any source for Greater Good would not be in line with mortals of the state taking death into its own hands. There are times in my life when I have looked at the information of a terrible crime in Canada that I think that the death penalty should be brought back here in Canada. However, that thought soon passes when I think of innocent persons being executed, mistakes being made, destroyed lives of families, etc. There is no perfect answer in general but I would like to think that as a society we need to come up higher spiritually so that we do not prescribe ourselves as chief executioners filled with vengance.

    • Thank you for posting this today. I am going to copy/paste into my scrapbook so I don’t loose it. 🙂
      There are times I feel hopeless about this case and then someone like you reminds me that there is a purpose to ones life and that no matter the road there is a force at work for Good; the road is not straight, sometimes it turns around and goes back for a stretch, and then it heads back towards its destination.

  35. Journee, I had to respond way down here to your post about the media. I have a question for you. Do your books have the copy write disclaimer in it?? OK would you go after someone fore stealing your work?

    We have to look at the bigger picture here. how many psychiatrist and psychologist give that test a year?? Now for all intense purposes that test has to be voided. I hope that any therapist that has been watching this trial will bring lite to this. This is a very important tool that they use in their practice. Besides the cost of each test (totdoc brought that up). So now they have to discard the test…..

    • Copyright is All Rights Reserved – period

      Getting harder to enforce these days, since everything is everywhere on the internet and “nothing is new under the sun”. It’s nearly come to the point of self-policing, people of integrity giving due respect to the work of others. (there was a phrase, a metaphor, it had taken me more than a week to come up with, a phrase I was so very pleased with because it so precisely conveyed what I was trying to say about teenaged boys: “unexploded bombs” – I ended up deleting it a couple of weeks later when I read the exact same metaphor used in a Stephen King book – who wants to be accused of plagiarizing Stephen King?)

      But, IMO, what courtchatter did with those questions went way beyond copyright violations. She may well have diminished the value of an important diagnostic tool – potentially damaging the lives of thousands of people. And I’m not sure WHAT the hell is to be done about that! There oughtta be a law, that’s for sure. Just not sure there is one.

  36. Well , Hello people. Ken here. It seems that I am the only person who is left who posts on the Ghost Town or should I say “Ghost Site” known as JODI’S FORUM. I see you have real live people over here
    who are on top of what’s going on with Jodi. It’s sad that a kind and gentle soul like her has to bare all this
    BS. Hope to be joining you, take care.

  37. How can any woman it understand this was heat of passion. Of course murder is wrong but the death penalty no this isn’t right. Jodi killed one her boyfriend Gary Ridgeway killed 77 strangers and didn’t get the death penalty

  38. Or Susan Wright who stabbed hubby 192 times she us eligible for parole already! Why is jodi being charged with death penalty? Can someone please explain. Thanks

  39. I am new to this site can someone please tell me why jodi Mother isn’t testifying? If her Mother doesn’t get on that stand and Beg for her daughter life that right there Proves she was Definitely abused in her childhood. How can a Mother not do this? Anyone please answer? There isn’t a reason on earth for her Mother not to be up there. It’s very very sad. No mother on Erath would be afraid to beg for there beautiful daughter life. If anyone can give some insight please do so. Thanks

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