Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #31 (after trial comments)

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Leave your thoughts & comments below following trial Day #31.

We’re back again tomorrow @ 9-15 am MST.

In the meantime…


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      • of course he hasn’t

        he’s only gonna get worse because he’s drowning in shit and fighting for his own career by now

        • That’s what I thought. But darn he was hard to follow. He’s totally lost it. JSS isn’t far behind. I’m going to just keep drinking cause I can’t make any sense out of any of this.

          • The Strait Jacket should be bought & the hospital bed should be readied & the tablets with the most potency should be prescribed & the Psychiatrist at least (50) of them should be signed up & the military should be assigned to guard the building in case he should ever escape. Because if ever I saw a “Madman”, Juan is definitely one. (E-O-E-O-E-O-E-O-E-O-E-O-E-O)

            Oh that’s the funny ambulance on it’s way

            • This one is for the Frog: “They are coming to take you away HA HA! They are coming to take you away HAHA HOHO HEHE! To the Funny Farm where everything is beautiful HAHA With all the young men in their white coats HAHA!” Babbling Maniac.

            • I can actually see it: frog in his white strait jacket being hauled out of the courtroom while screaming at the top of his lungs “Snow White put the virus in the pc to change the greenwich time!!!! Objection!!! Overruled!!! …” I almost feel sorry for poor froggy but then I come to my senses and realize that he brought it upon himself!

    • This was all covered in the first trial when JM tried to impeach both Pshch #1 and Jodi in a double nastiness. Only this time he’s trying it on the impeachment of Geff and witness #1.

      If I went to a computer in a Bishop’s house and saw Travis’ name on a porn file, I’d open it, too because I’d have to be sure it wasn’t a mistake. Surely, I would have thought, it’s got to be a mistake! And I’m really quite a prude when it comes to the subject.

      Jodi said the kiddie porn incident was pictures in the bedroom. Psych #1 was taking notes and wrote down computer. My guess is porn on the computer was also discussed in the same conversation. Geff had a notation on that as being a discrepancy and decided it was just an end synopsis of the report done by Psych #1. You can’t jot down everything that’s being said in a long interview.

      Witness #1 did give the correct year 2001, and said he had a wife comforting Deanna, so I don’t even know what that’s all about.

      Juan is doing the only thing Juan knows how to do – confuse the hll out of everyone until the innocents look like they surely must be liars. The one saving grace is that even if he manages to destroy all of them, there is porn on the computer and it was searched for multi-numerous times by TA himself. Who cares if Witness #1 may have also looked at it???

      If TA had pictures, where would anyone think they came from? A Computer!

      • thanks for clarifying that Nym. How in the hell can el froggo get away with saying that Witness #1 is a pedo???

        there has to be some legal recourse for this!!

        • When JM said the real name the second time, then said “Crap”, my guess is he was warned from the court not to let it happen again. That would be contempt of court?

          Perhaps there was a previous agreement that the people’s names wouldn’t be used and it goes to another strong reason for appeal.

          I would imagine Psych #1 has a case against JM if Psych #1 gets harassed by this.

          Lots came out yesterday and the jury has heard a whole heck of a lot more than we have with our little tweets, They had all night to be shocked and disgusted by Witness #1’s bombshell testimony. How do you undo something that huge when it simply coincides with all the facts that have been presented up to now to the jury. It was just the proof of the pudding yesterday.

        • Prosecutors enjoy a generous amount of prosecutorial immunity which allows them to say things and get away with it. Afterall the courts have previously said if you start allowing lawsuits against prosecutors for what they say in the course of their duty then this might inhibit their willingness to proceed forward on anything but the most egregious open and shut type cases so they unfortunately do enjoy this benefit. However this doesn’t mean that someone can’t bring a slander or libel lawsuit against someone – anyone can file a lawsuit – the question is will it go anywhere.. This is why JM does what he does.. this is why law enforcement when “interviewing” people they bring into their offices can sit there and look you in the eye and flat out lie to you to try to get a confession or some pertinent information out of you..bc 9 times out of 10 they will get away with it…However, there have been some movement toward clamping down on this type of abuse by prosecutors and law enforcement…..regardless though I believe that KN will make a record of this flagrant violation in court today of revealing this witnesses name and if there are any repercussions to this witness as a result like threats of any kind or harassment of him or his family then this should be documented and also brought into the official record of this case – everything at this point in the case must have a record made to ensure the appeals issues for the future……

        • 😆 T-Diggety Dogg and his trail of PORNO . . . Child Porno. . . girlfriends. . .xgirlfriends. . .what is wrong with that??? Oh, that’s OK,
          you know Boys will be Boys in Mesa, Arizona.

      • I think martinez has sprained his own brain! Naming the witness 3 times is NOT a slip of the tongue! It’s purposely done to make sure that someone will tweet it out… we saw how well the haters behaved with Jodi’s witnesses first time around… I wonder how long until this person is threatened, harassed.. *sigh*

  1. The info that cam out today about TA abusing Deanna Reid and his viewing of porn and his admission to the witness that his excuse for this perverted/deviant behavior is bc of his abusive childhood is going to be very difficult to overcome. And IMHO I don’t think that JM discredited that witnesses affidavit testimony and we will no doubt hear tomorrow when JW gets back up and redirects to get to the FULL TRUTH and not the fiction that JM is trying to shove down the jurors’ throats. JM tried to obfuscate the issue with how the witness met his wife ??? Huh??? Relevance ??? Yes, and the witness admitted he got the timeframe wrong and this is quite common and does not take away from the facts of the abuse incident. JM tried to say the witness was lying and covering up bc it was really him looking at the porn? Really?? Laughable…There is WAY TOO MUCH EVIDENCE out there now that TA was a sexual deviant and mentally, verbally, and physically abusive to women. Look at his own words that someone quoted today about the fact that he had never heard anything more vile in his entire life than the words what came out of his mother’s own mouth about him and his siblings….BINGO !! This is the connection that explains why he did what he did….Everything is fitting together perfectly into place here to explain to the jury that this man was sick, sick, sick and was a sexual pervert/deviant. His messing around with multiple women and manipulating them and abusing them is so demonstrative of who TA really was…exactly what Jodi was testifying to when she was on the stand…and it backs up all the abusive and nasty texts, emails that TA sent to Jodi…..JM’s blurting out the name of this witness purposefully is exactly why KN and JW wanted to close the courtroom…JM is trying to eliminate Jodi’s mitigation….This is the kind of unethical misconduct that the appellate courts will not tolerate….Not to mention the bottom line of this whole farce of a trial which is the Brady violations that will end the state’s case….VACATE AND DISMISS WITH PREJUDICE !!!

    • Well said BB. JM is trying to eliminate Jodi’s mitigation. Today he was particularly frantic and speaking of manic! I have never seen any prosecutor so unprofessional and so willing to go against the court. He gets away with it. This case is a total travesty of justice. It sounds like Dr. Geff held his own and it must have been difficult because the strategy is to confuse, upset and dislodge. I would be interested in Jeff from Mesa’s comments on this day if he is hanging around. There is no justice in Arizona. There is only a desire to win at all cost – even the truth.

      • Judy, martinez’s M.O. is to confuse and try to ‘trip’ over all witnesses. To discredit them! He thinks he’s smarter than anyone! He thinks he can fool the jurors… I think that this time around, the jurors are much smarter and not easy to manipulate. Especially since it seems that martinez is tripping over his own traps! Ha!

    • They have to by law feed her the meals she is due…KN had it out with the sheriff’s office about this issue before……..

    • If she is lucky she will miss it. 🙁 It is all so WRONG!!!!! There are many others who need to be in the prison doing time instead of out among the public spreading their vicious lies. . .not Jodi. Jodi Arias deserves a Medal! All of those girls who she has protected from ending up in the same spot she is today are too self absorbed to see it could have been them. Travis was a ticking time bomb and all of them were playing with dynamite. Jodi was at the wrong place at the wrong time. (((((((JODI))))))
      It is time for all of the guilty to pay for their crimes the Frog, the Defective Detective and his Wife, The Medical Examiner and the Judge. IMHO. SMH

        • Me too. I can’t wait until she can be free and get the Love and Attention that she is deserving of. The Haters are blinded by their need to always be in “the know” and always be right they can’t see that Jodi Arias has God on her side and with Him they will not ever be able to harm her again. They have put their faith into a heartless group of people and they will pay for their sins. Truly is a SAD situation for them.

    • sheriff joe is going to pay for all that cruelty. I’ve been reading that he’s been sued and is actually in the middle of a trial…

  2. I just finished reading the ongoing shenanigans of Malware today. I knew he would pull shiest he always does. I figure he will “let slip” the names of each and every one of these affidavit writers. At first when I was reading the tweets I thought he was saying that it was Jodi that was witness number one and I thought oh no here we go again. He is going to nail her to the cross. When he asked if Geffner had interviewed Deanna Reid , why bother? she has already been schooled in deny deny deny!! She would say it never happened as her eyes blinked nonstop. He is going to try to discredit every single affidavit.

    • I don’t understand how JSS can let Martinez get away with that crap. People on Twitter were pissed when he let the name “slip” TWICE. It definitely was intentional – a message to the haters to take care of Witness #1 gangster-style. Appeal worthy stuff. If a lawyer character like Martinez was written into a script or book, people wouldn’t believe a real lawyer would be that corrupt.

      • You may see KN making a motion regarding this flagrant violation of announcing the secret witnesses name in open court, not once, not twice, but three times just to make a record of it so that the appellate courts will be able to have a record of this mitigation mess…….

                • No, I’m just sitting here googling “Jodi Arias” to see how severe JSS will punish the toad.
                  I’m still waiting.

                • Gotcha! I believe it will take a long time but I’m praying I’m wrong. I would like to suggest a long stay in Sheriff Joe’s Health Spa and maybe hang him up by his toenails. Maybe they could provide a hoard of hate filled people to create new names for him and call him liar over and over again until his ears are ringing! 🙄 Maybe let him spend his nights in a Modern Day Lion’s den. Hmmm

  3. Keep the Faith TEAM JODI!!!!!
    Matthew 10:26 Therefore do not fear them. For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known. (NKJV)

    • Good morning Cindy. I guess we should be grateful we don’t have to watch the proceedings live. I remember how absolutely unbearable that was watching and listening to that raving lunatic. Like sitting thru day after day of fingernails on a chalkboard. I will never understand how he is allowed to be in a legal venue of any kind. I just do not understand how he gets away with his antics.

    • Hiya Cindy! Hopefully today the judge will have her ears open and her attention to what is actually happening in court instead of mentally making super market shopping lists!

  4. When I take a step back .I finely saw the REAL TRUTH She should be freed we must take a stand for her. And have her back i saw and read the Real truth about Travis HE PLAYED HER .AND HE SUPPOSED TO BE A RELIGIOUS PERSON.WHAT A Hypocrite I am sending Jodi a post card. I support her all the way.he Travis played with her mind!!! Thats the most cruel thing any man can do. I love you Jodi hope y read this . Mary taylor.

  5. Will someone keep me up to date on the trial! Will thier ever be a time when we can see it live plz let me know can jodio read our comments ? Hope she can read all our comments does she have access to our comments plz do let me know at my email address sincerely mary taylor

    • Mary, good morning. We will not be able to see the trail until it is over. As for your other question. I don’t see how she would be able to. But I’m sure her family is able to.

    • You are very welcome to join us here Mary!!! We love all who come to show their support for Jodi Arias. Many are seeing the light now that the real truth has come out about Travis Alexander’s behavior and abuse of Jodi and others. We will welcome all but the Haters. What has happened to Jodi could happen to anyone in this country. . .it is time for the people of the United States of America to wake up and see what is happening to our Justice system. It is never too late to get involved. All US citizens should be screaming about the injustices that Arizona is performing at the taxpayers expense. Who do these people think they are fooling. . .the whole World has viewed their criminal behaviors.

  6. Thinking of Jodi’s Sweet Smile This Morning! Praying for you JODI!!!! ((((JODI))))

    If you have only one smile in you give it to the people you love.
    Maya Angelou

    You can’t forgive without loving. And I don’t mean sentimentality. I don’t mean mush. I mean having enough courage to stand up and say, ‘I forgive. I’m finished with it.’
    Maya Angelou

    • ((((R. Love)))). This was just beautiful!!! Thank you for the reminder….

      I have been sitting here thinking this morning and have decided that if Jodi can withstand day after day listening to that creature then I sure can without all this hate he brings out in me. He has been given a license to abuse people……

      • Frog abuse of the worst kind!! Walk away, breath deeply, look for the Sunlight, then come back when you settle down. 🙂 I have to constantly remind myself, this to will pass and Jodi Arias will be FREE again. The TRUTH is on her side! The Haters and The LIARS of this world will not win and they shall all pay for their crimes!! Believe and Receive 😀

  7. Does anyone have the link to Horn’s original autopsy report. I am quite sure there are at least 3 places in that report that verify the bullet never penetrated the brain. I am sure he has changed the report by now but I hope they recall him to to explain how the “typo” occurred in 3 different places. How the jury ever believed him is beyond me. But JW needs to pin him down on each place where that report is inconsistent with his pathetic typo claim.

  8. Residual Doubt is an objection I had never heard before and it doesn’t make sense to me. If there is any residual doubt left when sentencing someone, why can it be excluded like some little toad like JM?

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