Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #3 (10/23)

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Another interesting & incident-packed day yesterday. These random tweetingz just about sum it all up:

2 jodi arias sentencing retrial day 2

2 jodi arias sentencing retrial day 2

1 jodi arias sentencing retrial day 2

Let’s see how Day 3 pans out…

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    • Holy Smokes ! ! …You mean it is possible for Nurmi to put Martinez on the stand? …I guess prosecutors have been put on the stand before but this would be the first time in American history that a witness would have to be sworn in, not on the Christian Bible, but on a copy of Mein Kampf. …In my opinion.

      • Regarding Flores’s recent testimony:
        He said that the roommates told him they had agreed to watch Travis’s dog while Travis was on his trip to Cancun.
        If that was the case, than I certainly would expect that Travis would have made it very clear to them the precise day he would be leaving for his trip. That would be what any person who was a pet owner would do.
        Travis would have wanted to be certain that the dog was being taken care of.
        Since the roommates said they agreed to take care of the dog while Travis was away, I would think that would imply that it was not customary for the roommates to be attentive to the dog’s needs everyday.
        The fact of there being a dog cage in the living room is supect_ since the dog always had free access inside and outside of the house via the doggie door, and __ I assume that he had free reign of the house ALL of the time. The roommates could close their doors if they didn’ t want the dog
        in their rooms.
        What reason could the roommates give that necessitated them putting the dog in the cage?
        I am not sure how old the dog was at the time.
        It probably slept with Travis each night. They would have been aware of the disparity when the dog was sleeping down stairs, if it was the case that they had agreed to watch his dog.
        Assuming that Travis, as a pet owner, would be sure to tell the roommates the precise day he was leaving for Cancun, ( Since he would want to make sure the roommates would actually be home each of those days in order to attend to the dog’s needs__ which would not be possible if the roommates decided to stay at a girlfriend’s house etc..)
        As a pet owner, Travis would have wanted to be sure that he could count on the fact that someone would be regularly at the home. So Travis would likely have inquired as to whether or not the roommates would be home ( and not away themselves on a trip or some such).
        In fact, the very fact that the roommates contend they interacted very little with Travis, would increase the certain likelihood that Travis would have been sure to confer with both about the precise date he was leaving.

        • I wish Jodi’s defense team would subpena the roomates.
          Since this was such a shoddy trial (all mistakes made and too many lies )
          they should grant a mistrial and either aquit Jodi or have this whole thing started over again, encluding that the housse had too much evidense in it, they should also call the lady that bought
          the house have her testify how she knew Travis and martinez and why EVERYTHING was renovated. The whole” investigation” and so called trial, judge and jurors is really MESSED up,
          there will be no justice for Jodi and if the Travis call want justice for Travis, they would agree.
          The next trial should be out of state, sequestured jurors and HLN should be fined and kept away from where ever the trial is.
          I used to at least respect Beth, But I lost that a long time ago, She just like Nancy and all of them are clowns and talk about blood money?????? They certainlly are the biggest hypocrites in this.

          • I agree that there was a lot of evidence in that house that wasn’t brought out in the trial. I did some research on gathering blood evidence in a crime scene and discovered that they use a lot of nasty chemicals doing this in a UV process. I would guess that is the reason for the house needing renovation. To my knowledge whatever they learned from this wasn’t presented in court but I maybe missed it. Maybe it didn’t show anything to benefit anybody or maybe it showed things they didn’t want brought up. By the prosecution not presenting it then I don’t think they have to share the results with the defense. Correct me if I’m wrong on that. If that is true, then maybe the prosecution is sitting on something that would help Jodi like bloody footprints that were wiped up so they couldn’t be seen with the naked eye but the tests showed were there. Maybe there would be more to the unidentified bootprint that was left behind, IMO.

            • Farmer Lonnie,

              I think you are right that there are a thousand or more things that were found at the crime scene but, of course whoever was/were the true murderers of Travis Alexander would NEVER REVEAL ANYTHING to help Jodi out!!!

              • Heavens no Maja! They are the type to hide behind their veils of evil and recite their stupid ritual chanting to each other! UGH! “Do you have the secret passage???” PUKE! What kind of a religion would leave a young innocent woman to be destroyed by a bunch of savage blood thirsty vultures as they have? Used and abused by one of their very own members! And what do they do to help her they spread ridiculous lies about Jodi who never had ever been in trouble before in her life. They destroy evidence. They probably even are paying everyone they know off in hopes to keep them quiet. And quiet they may be but maybe there might be just one who is beginning to doubt their brainwashing. At least I would hope someone would begin to doubt the ridiculous things they believe. The guilty will pay for the crimes they have all committed, I have no doubt! Ok, I’m positive they would say I’m the crazy one but guess what. . .I’m not the one who believes there is a planet with 200 virgins that were waiting on Travis Alexander or any other pathetic pervert.

                • R. Love,

                  YES, to, “what kind of a religion would leave a young, INNOCENT woman (JODI ANN ARIAS) to be destroyed…” AND to be HATED and BASHED by people who know no better!!! ALL I have to say to that is there is one who knows the TRUE MURDERERS of Travis Alexander and if they don’t come forward God says in His word:

                  “Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave room for the wrath of God; for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” Romans 12:19 NIV

              • I think those tests would have showed that bootprint walking away from the puddle and also prints of everybody else that was walking around in there before the blood dried. I think from that it would be possible form the different prints to determine how many people were there and then how absurd it is that only Jodi was charged, IMO. From what I have read someplace it should be possible to still those images even if the floor had been scrubbed clean in a cleanup attempt.

                As for someone coming forward, the fewer that know, the less the chance of that happening. Since it hasn’t happened in six years I would say it is a very small number of people that know and at least one of them (TA) is dead. However, as long as those people are still out there a small possibility remains. When the pressure gets strong enough, someone will crack.

    • Last year it was dropping the camera, yesterday it was the pen stabbing role play, I wonder what Kermit will try to pull today? Seems like whatever bs he does, he gets away with it. JSS should be ashamed of herself for allowing this kind of behavior in her courtroom.

      • I suggested on Twitter yesterday that Martinez’s next stunt might be him chasing and butchering a live pig in the courtroom to illustrate a stabbing while playing a tape of human screaming. Raincoats would be provided to the jurors to prevent them from getting covered with blood splattter. And, Judge Magoo saying: “That would be OK.”
        I also have complained several times how wrong it is for the judge to allow Martinez to keep showing those photos of Travis’s decaying body over and over. And, the “slut-shaming” of Jodi with the nude photos & the condoms BS. Martinez is really turning it into a lynching b/c he seems free to do whatever he wants.

      • One of these days I am going to do some research and see what members of the legal system have written about such tactics and behavior. I would imagine that it is a subject that has been often widely discussed and commented upon in that field.
        And I imagine most in the profession would deplore such behavior.

      • Since he in the acting out process, I would like to see him reproduce dragging someone the distance from the bedroom and putting them into the shower without scuffing or leaving marks on them in the time allowed by the time stamp on the photos he provided in the first trial. Any chance of him trying this scene in court?

  1. Monica Lindstrom ‏@monicalindstrom · 13m13 minutes ago
    HLN is gone! Turned on TV and Dish told me Turner pulled @HLNTV off! Sad Wonder if I am still on at 12:15 est? #jodiarias

    It’s still on my TV so I don’t know………

            • They all get on my nerves CC, I say BAN HLN!!! Franticly searching for all of my dirty socks, one for each of the HLN commentators and their idiot talking heads!
              I might go drag them through the pig lot tonight so they will be good and dirty for tomorrow! BOO HLN!!!

              • HLN starts before valdez with what’s his name having all of the haters on then it’s from there until I guess dr. drew. All just wanting and excepting nothing but the DP for Jodi in which they have the wrong person paying for Travis’s death
                I would love it if they were banned.
                All we hear and see are the same talking idiots and pictures.
                They really have nothing new that they’re going to show.
                Plus, she just said on you tube this retrial may last until Christmas???

                I hope Jodi doesn’t testify. She’s already done that. No reason for her to do it again. Plus, I believe most jurors have already seen the first one.

                IF they can’t find a jury that is not biased, then blame it on HLN
                and the liars on there.
                Let them be subpenaed and asked questions and then have them cross-examined.
                They say we have the best justice system in the world.
                Make HLN prove that we can have it, but not as longs they have all found whoever they want guilty with their opinions going all over the universe.

                Then PLAY acting it our as though they were there. That just really tops it off.
                Sick of all of them on HLN
                I all think they are indispensable! BS!!!
                Anyone can!

  2. Wishing strength and peace to Jodi, her family and all supporters today. We know she’s innocent, doesn’t matter what the haters say. <3

  3. Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 4m4 minutes ago
    If Judge Stephens thought she could control the tone of the coverage by banning TV from the #JodiArias courtroom, she’s failed miserably.

    • I watched 2 minutes of Dave Erickson on HLN yesterday. He said something about Jodi’s eyes being dead with nothing behind them and he’s never seen anyone wanting to be in the spotlight more. I sent him a few tweets about his own narccissism, riding on Jodi’s coattails and that he was kissing Nancy’s ass & had lost all credibility by being on HLN. He wrote: “I wasn’t on Nancy’s show.” He, Troy Hayden (no. 1 coattail rider), Ryan Owens (“I didn’t know you were a hater”) & Dr. Drew bug me even more than Nancy. Maybe b/c they seem to experience such joy & delight when they slam Jodi.

      • Would someone please tell Jodi to get a new chair to sit in. . .they have said many times how she is trying to sit low in her chair to look meek and small. I swear %&$^#&#$ they will start a lie about anything!! Have they stopped to think she is sitting in the chair they (Maricopa County Justice System ) has provided to her???? NAG is so sure it is a trick to fool the jury!!! REALLY??? I saw a clip on ABC early this morning about it! They are SICK! FIRE NANCY GRACE!!

        • Sit up Straight and TALL and throw your shoulders back JODI. . .YOU ARE INNOCENT. You have nothing to be ashamed of any longer!!! Can’t say I can say the same about the rest of the people in Maricopa County and in the media!

          • This morning they are saying she’s trying to look “mousey” and her clothes look like “goodwill” clothing. I told one !@#$%^ that her friends help purchase her clothes so they are not goodwill.

            • Yes, that “Goodwill” comment is bullshit! I bought Jodi the cream Chico’s sweater that she wore on Monday, and it’s nicer than juan’s cheap suit!

              • That was very kind of you Suzanne.
                The sweater is pretty.
                Those hateful people remind me of the Twilight Zone where a group of individuals are horrified by the appearance of a young woman on the operating table. The T.V. viewer is not able to see her face.They stare at her aghast and repulsed.
                The episode ends with the revelation that the woman on the operating table is beautiful, and the indignant critics surrounding and examining her are actually pigs.

            • That proves they think they are all better than anyone and they are so fn jealous of Jodi that they can’t stand it.So what if her clothes came from the Goodwill? WTF does that have to do with Travis’s murder. IMO, that proves even more so that they don’t want to talk about the questionsnd actual facts about what happened that night.
              I honestly believe they know all of this BS coming out makesJodi more innocent than before.
              Like the Pope said they want to shut her up.
              She wouldn’t talk anyway because she and her family are threatened by the clan, cult, but they love hating her showing pictures that were meant to be for her and Travis.
              This could last until Christmas????
              Please!!!! Because the vultures want nothing but death for Jodi.
              They very sick people. Shouldn’t have air time, period!

      • I wish these people who talk about her eyes, would stop and consider that effective June 4, 2008 she would never be the same again, having lived through such a horrendous event. Not mention that she has been locked away in solitary confinement for the last year. What happens to any living feeling creature when they are locked up and mistreated. But I don’t say that I agree with their impression.

        • Not to mention Jodi has a strabismus – it’s always somewhat disconcerting when you can’t quite make eye contact with a person who’s looking at you.

          • True, I believe Jodi is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. . .the Haters do not like that! ♥♥♥ Jodi is a natural beauty! ♥♥♥

  4. She is the next NAG. How about other alleged boyfriends out there…..

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 6m6 minutes ago
    #jodiarias alleged boyfriend Bobby is here. He was here yesterday also. Interesting! #3TVArias

    • Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3h 3 hours ago
      I have a confirmation from a friend of Bobby he’s not #JodiArias boyfriend. So thought I’d put that side out there

    • Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · now 17 seconds ago
      He’s now a Public Information Officer. “@ericksonvision: Nurmi is questioning Mesa PD detective Esteban Flores.” #JodiArias

    • Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 5m5 minutes ago
      He’s now a Public Information Officer. “@ericksonvision: Nurmi is questioning Mesa PD detective Esteban Flores.” #JodiArias

  5. William Pitts @william_pitts · now 20 seconds ago
    flores agrees he testified he was told the gunshot wound was first.
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    William Pitts @william_pitts · now 17 seconds ago
    questionig flores about whether he said the throat slit was the last wound. He says that’s what ME told him. #JodiArias
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    William Pitts retweeted
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 1m 1 minute ago
    “Was it Dr Horn’s opinion…victim unconscious or still conscious?” Flores responded that per Horn, could be conscious or unconscious.
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    William Pitts @william_pitts · 41s 42 seconds ago
    this may be the longest we’ve gone without an objection…
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    William Pitts @william_pitts · 3m 3 minutes ago
    if you remember Flores’s testimony and Dr. Horn’s testimony…they don’t. All they know (theoretically) is Nurmi is saying they contradict.

  6. Sorry for my late start:

    They’re clearing other cases at the moment… All attorneys and participants are here (minus Jodi). Jodi has her mom, dad, sis, brother and others here.. Significantly less media.. Beth Karas is dressed like a marshmallow peep..

    Everyone is in their places… KN is wearing the same shade of beige suit that Obama got so much grief over a while back…

    Jodi just arrived. She’s wearing brown pants and a beige woven sweater. Similar to the past few days, she rushed in, back to gallery, and sat down.

    JSS is here… Immediately calls counsel to approach and we get our morning dose of white noise…

    Jury is coming in now… Flores is up, KN to cross examine.

    Starting with basic background stuff (“walk us through your career”…. “Describe your specific training”)…

    Side note: the media folks all have laptops and there is a constant tick-tick-ticking in the background…..

    KN approaches Flores and gives him his testimony from 2009… Asks whether he told the truth during that testimony… Answer: yes I did…

    Now focus is on interaction Flores had with DrHorn

    The gist of the back and forth is on sequencing of the gun vs the knife wounds…

    JM had asked Flores if gunshot would have rendered him unconscious. At the time, Flores answered it may not have and given there were stab wounds subsequently, it must not have…

    “Did Dr Horn give you (Flores) a basis for the gunshot being first?” Flores: “because the gunshot would not have rendered him unconscious”. Please note, they are reviewing testimony from 2009 before they changed tack and went with gun last…

    Side bar… Jurors looking into gallery…

    KN made point that during this 2009 testimony, the State did not provide any testimony to refute that the gunshot came first..

  7. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · now 8 seconds ago
    Nurmi is going through the shower photos from the last minutes of Alexander’s life, noting the time stamps. #JodiArias
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    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 40s 40 seconds ago
    Nurmi shows a photo from the shower, Alexander has his back to the camera, his arms up against the shower wall.
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    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 7m 7 minutes ago
    Per Flores testimony in 2009 hearing, Dr. Horn thought slit throat came last. #JodiArias
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    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 8m 8 minutes ago
    Then a defense attorney, not Nurmi, asked if in Horn’s opinion Travis Alexander was still conscious after gunshot and Flores’ answer was yes
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    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 11m 11 minutes ago
    “Was it Dr Horn’s opinion…victim unconscious or still conscious?” Flores responded that per Horn, could be conscious or unconscious.
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    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 12m 12 minutes ago
    Flores testified in 2009 that gunshot came first while answering questions from Martinez. Nurmi reads more from transcript.

  8. Projector on.. We’re looking at TA in the shower with his back to us, now the next pic 20 second later.. All they’re establishing is time sequence and that Jodi was the photographer… … Where are you going with this K?

    Two side shots in shower… TA eyes are closed as the shower is hitting him in the face. Pics are 6 seconds apart, suggesting he had his eyes closed for six seconds…

    Then goes back to original pics of his back, noting that TA had his back to Jodi for about 25 seconds…

  9. Wouldn’t be surprised if the behaviour of Mrs. Flores online had something to do with Mr. Flores being removed from homicide. That was despicable imo. How can you have confidence in the confidentiality that is needed with a homicide detective when his wife is out there spewing info and acting like a juvenile.

  10. I guess the point he’s trying to make is that TA did not see Jodi as a threat….. We’ll see… He keeps stressing that his eyes were not on Jodi for extended periods…

    Side note: Jodi’s parents are holding hands…. Very sweet

    Point was made that Jodi did not take any opportunity while his eyes were closed or his back was to her to injure him in any way….

  11. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · now 1 minute ago
    During first trial, Arias claimed she shot Alexander as he charged her. Now Nurmi suggests she shot him while he was sitting in shower.
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    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · now 15 seconds ago
    Nurmi shows photo of Alexander sitting, points finger like gun and says bullet trajectory is consistent with the angle of where Arias was.
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    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 7m 7 minutes ago
    Now a photo in which Alexander is looking at the camera. Nurmi says Arias did not take advantage of him while eyes closed and back turned.

  12. 10 minute recess. #JodiArias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 12m 12 minutes ago
    The point Nurmi is essentially making is that if #JodiArias had PLANNED to kill Alexander she had plenty of opportunities to do so.

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 14m 14 minutes ago
    Nurmi asking Flores to confirm the time stamps on the shower pics. #JodiArias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 20m 20 minutes ago
    Pictures of Alexander in the shower now on the screens. #JodiArias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 20m 20 minutes ago
    The heart of this issue with Flores is whether it was his OWN conclusion on the sequence of death or did Dr. Horn tell him. #JodiArias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 24m 24 minutes ago
    Flores had stated Travis Alexander was shot FIRST. Yesterday, Dr. Horn said he was shot LAST. That fact is the crux of #JodiArias defense.

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 27m 27 minutes ago
    For those who’ve asked why Arizona is holding this jury trial to decide whether #JodiArias gets the death penalty…

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 28m 28 minutes ago
    Nurmi is going over Flores’ earlier testimony regarding Dr. Horn. Did he say the gunshot came first or last? #JodiArias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 39m 39 minutes ago
    He’s now a Public Information Officer. “@ericksonvision: Nurmi is questioning Mesa PD detective Esteban Flores.” #JodiArias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 42m 42 minutes ago
    Nurmi is questioning Mesa PD detective Esteban Flores. #JodiArias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 49m 49 minutes ago
    The guy who is supposedly #JodiArias’ new boyfriend is here. Imagine Spicolli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High with a spiky haircut.

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 50m 50 minutes ago
    #JodiArias has just entered the courtroom. Light colored sweater and glasses.

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 1h 1 hour ago
    Other court business in Courtroom 5C still finishing up. #JodiArias sentencing trial has not started.

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 1h 1 hour ago
    #JodiArias not in the courtroom yet. Her hair and makeup team might not have arrived.

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 1h 1 hour ago
    If Judge Stephens thought she could control the tone of the coverage by banning TV from the #JodiArias

    • • 32m 32 minutes ago
      #JodiArias court in recess until 1:30 AZ time.

      Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 45m 45 minutes ago
      I’ll be on @HLNNowTV at the bottom of the hour talking #JodiArias. It’ll be a cacophony of fun.

      Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 1h 1 hour ago
      Yreka, CA cop on stand now. He investigated the burglary claim at #JodiArias’ grandparents house. The one when the gun went missing.

      Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 2h 2 hours ago
      The gas can purchase is vital to the prosecution’s case. It’s part of the circumstantial evidence pointing to #JodiArias premeditation.

      Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 2h 2 hours ago
      Fanny noise gal has left the courtroom. Now Nurmi is cross-examining the Walmart employee. #JodiArias

      Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 2h 2 hours ago
      And we now have a “d*ck waving” contest. Nurmi slams down a thick file to make a point. Martinez slams same file to mock him. #JodiArias

      Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 2h 2 hours ago
      #JodiArias attorney Kirk Nurmi cross examine the Walmart employee. She just finished testifying that the gas cans weren’t returned.

      Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 2h 2 hours ago
      She’s testifying about the Walmart receipt for the purchase of the two gas cans. #JodiArias

      Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 2h 2 hours ago A Walmart employee now in the stand. Martinez questioning her. #JodiArias

      Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 2h 2 hours ago
      Aaaaannnndddd, we’re back. #JodiArias

      • Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 18m 18 minutes ago
        #JodiArias is gone. Martinez split. Nurmi and Willmott packing up. Today ends with a thud.

        Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 21m 21 minutes ago
        Lawyers, judge, and #JodiArias have emerged from chambers.

        Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 28m 28 minutes ago
        Lawyers are meeting in judges chambers. They’ve left. Those of us in court are standing around like we just got dumped at prom. #JodiArias

        Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 32m 32 minutes ago
        Today on @HLNNowTV we talked about humor in my reporting on #JodiArias. To be clear, there’s nothing funny about the case, only the process.

        Dave Erickson @ericksonvision • 33m 33 minutes ago
        #JodiArias court resumes. Jury dismissed for the day.

  13. Recess.

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 3m 3 minutes ago
    Nurmi states these last set of pictures are of Travis looking right at #jodiarias with his eyes open #3TVArias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 4m 4 minutes ago
    Nurmi is showing time stamps of each photo and we are at the one where Travis is sitting in shower #jodiarias #3TVArias

    Jen’s TrialDiaries @TrialDiariesJ • 4m 4 minutes ago
    Nurmi says #Jodiarias didn’t take any opportunities while his eyes were closed to attack Travis as alleged #3TVArias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 9m 9 minutes ago
    Nurmi pointing out Travis’s eyes are closed in the pictures #jodiarias #3TVArias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 11m 11 minutes ago
    Travis with his head down and shower running on him is up. Nurmi is trying to show he was vulnerable at many points #jodiarias #3TVArias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 13m 13 minutes ago
    Pic of Travis w/ his mouth open letting shower hit him in face is being displayed. Nurmi is going over times on pic’s #jodiarias #3TVArias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 15m 15 minutes ago
    #jodiarias is looking at this photo #3TVArias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 16m 16 minutes ago
    A pic of Travis standing in shower with his back toward photographer is on display #jodiarias #3TVArias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 18m 18 minutes ago
    During a hearing Detective Flores testimony about gunshot first wasn’t argued by State #jodiarias #3TVArias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 21m 21 minutes ago
    Lot’s of jurors are taking notes today #jodiarias #3TVArias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 23m 23 minutes ago
    Detective Flores stated the slit to the throat came last in this transcript #jodiarias #3TVArias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 24m 24 minutes ago
    Juan asked Detective Flores if the gunshot rendered Travis unconscious per Dr. Horn, Flores said no #jodiarias #3TVArias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 26m 26 minutes ago
    Which injuries came first to Travis Alexander?…Detective Flores told Juan Martinez the gunshot came first..#jodiarias #3TVArias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 29m 29 minutes ago
    Detective Flores is going through a transcript with Nurmi about his testimony regarding Dr. Horn #jodiarias #3TVArias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 34m 34 minutes ago
    More about alleged BoyfriendBobby on Express at the lunch hour #jodiarias
    AZ Family @azfamily • 39m 39 minutes ago

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 36m 36 minutes ago
    Detective Flores has a new job as a few months ago #jodiarias #3TVArias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 37m 37 minutes ago
    Detective Flores is back on stand for cross examination #jodiarias #3TVArias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 42m 42 minutes ago
    #JodiArias is in a tan sweater, hair down, glasses and I swear she has put on some of the same clothes she wore during 1st trial #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 52m 52 minutes ago
    #jodiarias alleged boyfriend Bobby is here. He was here yesterday also. Interesting! #3TVArias
    Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom • 12h 12 hours ago
    The 17 #JodiArias jurors are an interesting group! This is who they are: … @KTAR923

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 1h 1 hour ago
    Juan has arrived in a black suit, copper colored tie with black stripes #jodiarias #JuanTieReport

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 1h 1 hour ago
    Jen Willmott and Kirk Nurmi are here #JodiArias #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 3h 3 hours ago
    Good Morning! #JodiArias begins at 9:30am MST

    • Recess until 1:30pm MST #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 27m 27 minutes ago
      Juror question- Were any fingerprints obtained from gun cabinet. We tried and couldn’t get anything #JodiArias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 29m 29 minutes ago
      Juan is up. Officer states the grandparents called police and said that handgun was missing no other guns taken #jodiarias #3tvarias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries retweeted
      Tom Tingle @TomTingle2 • 1h 1 hour ago
      #JodiArias sentencing retrial defense attorney Kirk Nurmi seems to be objecting constantly today #feistylawyers

      Jen’s Trial Diaries retweeted
      Tom Tingle @TomTingle2 • 1h 1 hour ago
      Day 3 in the #JodiArias sentencing retrial. Juan Martinez and Kirk Nurmi both seem feisty today. #JodiAriasTrial

      Jen’s Trial Diaries retweeted
      Tom Tingle @TomTingle2 • 1h 1 hour ago
      #JodiArias sentencing retrial underway on day 3. Arias seems to be paying more attention today. #JodiAriasTrial

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 34m 34 minutes ago
      Nurmi says “So burglars will stay long enough to collect all those quarters?” Officer states YES #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 35m 35 minutes ago
      Officer said he took photos based on what #jodiarias and grandparents said was out of place #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 37m 37 minutes ago
      Nurmi is up for cross #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 38m 38 minutes ago
      Officer found it odd many valuables weren’t taken just the gun and couple other items #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 40m 40 minutes ago
      The drawers were barely opened from the photographs…not exactly ransacked #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 42m 42 minutes ago
      #jodiarias told the officer her $30 was missing. She was looking for her laptop ane she found it in the hamper #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 43m 43 minutes ago
      As Officer identifies #jodiarias in court she smiles at him #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 44m 44 minutes ago
      Stereo, DVD player, $30 was missing. A TV wasn’t taken #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 46m 46 minutes ago
      Point of entry had damage but that was about it. Drawers and closets were open. #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 48m 48 minutes ago
      Other guns such as rifles weren’t taken from the grandparents home #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 50m 50 minutes ago
      Money on top of the dresser (quarters) wasn’t taken in the burglary #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 53m 53 minutes ago
      A 25 caliber handgun was missing from the grandparents house #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 56m 56 minutes ago
      Next state witness is Kevin Freedman he’s a Yreka patrol officer that was assigned to #Jodiarias grandparents burglary #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 59m 59 minutes ago
      Juror ?- Was the same audit done at new location? Yes #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 59m 59 minutes ago
      Juror ? With a change of buildings was there a new asset manager assigned..No same girl. #jodiarias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 1h 1 hour ago
      Nurmi asks witness if a new computer system was put in at some point & Amanda couldn’t recall where the old system went #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 1h 1 hour ago
      Juan is going through each register with Amanda #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 1h 1 hour ago
      Every register was searched for the gas can return and it can’t be found #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 1h 1 hour ago
      Slamming the paperwork on podium would have been a better word choice #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 1h 1 hour ago
      Juan then grabs same paperwork and drops in on podium with a big thud lol #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 1h 1 hour ago
      Juan is up and he asks Amanda if she went through all register and she states yes #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 1h 1 hour ago
      Nurmi throws paperwork down on podium with a big thud that woke everyone up. It was like a mic drop a
      and he walked off #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 1h 1 hour ago
      Nurmi asks again 4 Amanda to confirm which Walmart the new or old building this receipt came from…she can’t be sure. #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 1h 1 hour ago
      Amanda doesn’t know which building this receipt came from because Walmart moved down the street #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 1h 1 hour ago
      Nurmi is up. He claims no address on the Walmart receipt from #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 1h 1 hour ago
      Amanda didn’t find any return of a gas can from #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 1h 1 hour ago
      Amanda checked to see if #jodiarias ever returned the gas can she said she did during the first trial #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 2h 2 hours ago
      We have the next State witness Amanda Web who works for Walmart and she checked for that returned gas can from #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 2h 2 hours ago
      Maria De La Rosa and Jen Willmott have talked to #JodiArias all throughout break #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 2h 2 hours ago
      Tanisha, Travis’s sister, is very emotional and heads back to victim room #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 2h 2 hours ago
      Nurmi is done and we have a 5 minute break #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 2h 2 hours ago
      Nurmi asks Flores again if gunshot came first according to his testimony at a hearing…Flores states he did say that #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 2h 2 hours ago
      Nurmi states these last set of pictures are of Travis looking right at #jodiarias with his eyes open #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 2h 2 hours ago
      Nurmi is showing time stamps of each photo and we are at the one where Travis is sitting in shower #jodiarias #3TVArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 2h 2 hours ago
      Nurmi says #Jodiarias didn’t take any opportunities while his eyes were closed to attack Travis as alleged #3TVArias

      • Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 10m 10 minutes ago
        Court is over for the day #jodiarias #3TVArias

        Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 12m 12 minutes ago
        The lawyers, judge, #jodiarias and Alexander family are out of chambers #3TVArias

        Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 16m 16 minutes ago
        The Judge did instruct the jurors to NOT talk to anyone about the case #JodiArias #3TVArias

        Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 20m 20 minutes ago
        Juror 17 has been asked to remain in the back and the lawyers and Judge are going into chambers #jodiarias #3TVArias

        Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 24m 24 minutes ago
        The jury is being sent home #JodiArias #3TVArias

  14. And now we are going to review the infamous Wal*Mart receipt… JM asking about whether the equally infamous “gas can” was ever returned.

    According to Wal*Mart, it wasn’t….

  15. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · now 28 seconds ago
    Redirect. Nurmi slammed the file down on the podium, so now Martinez slams it down twice.
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    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 2m 2 minutes ago
    That was quick. She looked at receipts. Now Nurmi is cross-examining, making an issue that Amanda Webb doesn’t know where the store was.
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    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 7m 7 minutes ago
    Martinez calls the Walmart investigator Amanda Webb to the stand. We will be hearing about gas cans.

  16. Now KN gets his turn to cross-examine.

    KN-pressing that since the store relocated, she couldn’t tell exactly from which LOCATION the receipt came from. At the time of the sale, she was a sales associate at another store.

    KN pressing that the young girl has no way of knowing whether the data that transferred from one store to the other was complete. She finally agrees, KN slams the folder she put together on the lectern and says nothing further.

    • Nancy Grace ‏@NancyGraceHLN · 3m3 minutes ago
      Nurmi points out Walmart moved locations & points out that every digital file may not have transferred during move. Webb agrees #JodiArias

      • Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 4m4 minutes ago
        Nurmi asks witness if a new computer system was put in at some point & Amanda couldn’t recall where the old system went #jodiarias #3TVArias

        • Carol,

          It’s great the way you put the tweets together from different people. It illustrates & compares how they slant each item.

  17. JM now on redirect… Asking the Wall*Mart Asset Manager to walk through the process she followed to research.

    Unsure of the impact of KN slamming the file down on the jury… He seemed really REALLY angry….

    • Does anyone remember when Martinez questioned this witness in the guilt trial that she QUALIFIED her testimony by saying “UNLESS THERE WAS HUMAN ERROR” ?? …I remember and commented, through ‘disqus dot com’ that she was INFERRING that it was NOT IMPOSSIBLE that a gas can was returned and that there might not be a register record. …I remember that was a very smart thing for her to do in order to protect herself from this prosecutor.

      • Slight correction of quote: When asked about anything refunded. …Amanda said: “I would say no, BUT THERE IS HUMAN ERROR, but I would say no”. ….AZ Central … YouTube … at point 6:30 of 10:53min video.

          • Thanks R.Love, that is a happiest picture of Tumbleweed at (about) age6, she was lost for over a month & came back. …I found her outside, walked in & put the cat on the bed next to my late wife. …Snapped pic just a minute before I gave her favorite can cat food right on towel in bed. …Later visit to vet & bath. …She lived to age 15. …I have (unlimited things) I can put on that website, about my many blog site comments on the innocence of Jodi, multiple sections, through push buttons, (later). …In time I can rework everything I posted on the several sites I am on. …And, eliminate a lot of duplications, edit context, etc. …

  18. Now JM is walking us through register by register asking if there are any returns… For those that had returns, we’re seeing what they were … Register 58 – 1 return, T-shirt and a tie….

  19. Monica Lindstrom ‏@monicalindstrom · 5m5 minutes ago
    juror: with the change of buildings was there a new asset protection manager at the new location? was same audit done at new? #jodiArias

  20. One juror question: with the change in location, was the same asset manager at both locations? Answer: yes

    State’s next witness: Kevin Friedman (Yreka police dept)

  21. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial · 6m6 minutes ago
    Nurmi says “you don’t know that all the info was transferred correctly since you didn’t work at that store” she agrees. #JodiArias

  22. KF talking about the robbery of the handgun and steps taken to investigate the crime. Making point that other items weren’t taken that a thief would have probably taken.

    Showing a picture of stacks of quarters that were on top of the dresser the gun went missing from..

    Now looking inside the cabinet, other guns, ammunition was inside.

    • I think that I have heard that guns are one of the main items sought in a burglary, and that in many cases guns are the ONLY item sought in a burglary. If that is true, then the detective surely knew there was nothing unusual about the fact that other valuables weren’ t taken.
      Obviously the burglar would want to get in and out fast.
      Rifles are conspicuous and probably not as sought after as handguns.
      I remember reading once that burglars know where a person would most likely hide a gun.

  23. JM finished with KF stating the robbery didn’t “look right”…

    KN up on cross… KF is no longer a police officer (he owns his own business)…

    KN suggested that KF had no prior knowledge of the condition of the home…

    KN now suggesting that the “valuables” left behind weren’t all that valuable…

  24. This all has to be confusing for any jurors unfamiliar with the particulars of the original case.

    I mean, Walmart employee was rebuttal witness the first time around, AFTER Jodi testified that she’d returned the gas can. So if Jodi doesn’t take the stand this time and say she returned the gas can, what sense are the jurors supposed to make of Amanda Webb’s testimony?

    • Another thing the jurors might be wondering about is why she was keeping the receipts for the road trip. One juror question asked if there were any other receipts kept for the home. They don’t know that Jodi stated that she was keeping the receipts for itemizing expenses for the business part of her trip.

    • Yeah, even if Nurmi had asked Amanda Webb what KERO on the receipt meant and she said “kerosene,” I don’t know if the jury would realize the significance of her answer.

    • Hopefully, the jurors interpreted that answer as meaning the police didn’t search for fingerprints – NOT that they looked and didn’t find any unidentified fingerprints. What people say and what people mean and what people think they mean can be confusing – if you know what I mean.

  25. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 6m 6 minutes ago
    I don’t RT @abeau10: @monicalindstrom @HLNTV @ericksonvision ALSO, do you think she will get the DP this time around??

  26. Allyson Blair ‏@AllysonCBS5 · 7m7 minutes ago
    #JodiArias just walked into the courtroom- gave a big smile to the deputy who opened door for her. Now whispering w atty. #cbs5az

  27. Something that amuses me about the ridiculous “boyfriend” story: while Jodi is in jail, what could it possibly even mean to say anyone is her boyfriend? That she won’t write or phone anyone else? Of course not. That no one else can visit her at Estrella? Of course not. Think about it. “Boyfriend” is just a word to titillate Enquirer readers or HLN viewers with salacious but impossible fantasies.

    The Enquirer editor seems to know nothing. He isn’t aware that Jodi has hundreds of supporters, maybe half of them male, that she writes or even phones many of them, and that those who are nearby visit or attend trial when they can.

    • Great point, they are just trying to make her look bad. Jodi has thousands of supporters!!! How does anyone have a boyfriend going through a tragedy like this??? These media people are absolute NUTS!

      Another thing bothering me, they are discussing how she shows no remorse and she should be crying in front of the jury! Are they kidding? Everyone can see how FAKE the Alexander’s tears have been, I dare to say Tanisha probably has had an acting coach provided to her and her sister! It has been 6 years and after everything that Jodi has been drug through, why cry now? Jodi has known nothing but ABUSE for the last 10 years of her life. It has been happening everyday of her life since she knew Travis, why cry now? Tanisha was not close to Travis when he died and when she did bother to contact him she was wanting money. . .His own words!

      I would rather see someone who addresses their guilt and delivers a honest filled apology from their heart as Jodi has many times rather than one that tries to make amends to everyone concerned with a bunch of FAKE crying from anyone on camera!!! Travis was a JERK!! It caught up with him.

      • Dave Erickson acknowledged on HLN that he had made a mistake with his description of “the boyfriend”. Good for him and good for her is what I say, and it’s nobody else’s business.

  28. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 1m 1 minute ago
    Judge Stephens just dismissed the jury for the day, but she asked one juror to stay behind. Stephens says something else has come up.

  29. MaryEllen Resendez @maryellenabc15 · now 3 seconds ago
    Are we about to dismiss another #JodiArias juror??? Stand by
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    MaryEllen Resendez @maryellenabc15 · now 14 seconds ago
    #JodiArias #deathpenalty case resumes — sort of — jurors are being excused for the day. Juror 17 asked to stay back

  30. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · now 1 minute ago
    The lawyers, Alexander’s sisters, and Arias just left for chambers.
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    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 30s 31 seconds ago
    Let’s see if she clears the courtroom.

    • Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 5 m 5 minutes ago
      Arias’ family just left after exchanging hugs and handshakes with Maria De La Rosa, the mitigation expert.

  31. William Pitts ‏@william_pitts · 9m9 minutes ago
    judge says they can’t proceed because of a matter “outside of their control” #JodiArias

    MaryEllen Resendez ‏@maryellenabc15 · 10m10 minutes ago
    Are we about to dismiss another #JodiArias juror??? Stand by

    • Should they have sequestered the jury. . . do you THINK!!!! In TN we had a major trial the jury came from a city 4 hours away, the jury was put up in a downtown hotel, meals were supervised, entertainment was supervised , no news was allowed to be viewed concerning the trial and it lasted maybe 10 weeks. They didn’t have any problems. I suppose in Arizona they only want to spend their tax money on the “Officers of Law” and who cares about a jury. Don’t forget Maricopa County Taxpayers You Are Paying For This Circus, and it is NOT JODI’s FAULT!!! Do Not Blame Jodi!!! THANKS GO TO YOUR PROSECUTOR AND HIS MINIONS. Everyone of you who are in this to see an innocent woman condemned to death will pay for it . . .every DANG dime of it!!! And, WELL YOU SHOULD HAVE TO!

    • Oh me too Maria! Wouldn’t he be good at that. He could wear that little orange apron like the employees of Home Depot with a measuring tape in his pocket, a two way radio and everything. . .it would be a step up for him!!!!

      • NAG got one clip of DH “crying” for his old friend that they keep playing ad nauseam. He and NAG were talking about accountability, something he doesn’t know a lot about. “We did for the children… it was going to fall on them”.


  32. George made a comment this am about Nurmi possibly holding onto info for the closing. It makes sense that he would in relation to what Journee & rb were discussing above – that the jury may not understand the significance of all the stuff presented to them right b/c they don’t have the background info.

    • Yah, but right now it’s Martinez calling witnesses that don’t make sense. What good does it do for him to put a rebuttal witness up there about the gas cans when there’s no TESTIMONY heard by THESE jurors about a returned gas can?

  33. I STILL can’t believe that Nurmi failed to bring up Jodi’s hair color on KF’s police report, and didn’t get KF to say WHAT KIND of bullets the stolen gun was loaded with.

    • Kiefer’s tweet on what KN allegedly said re: the shot in the bathroom was echoed by no others’ tweets. Did MK mishear, misconstrue or mistype? Anyone?

          • William Pitts ‏@william_pitts • 5h5 hours ago
            Nurmi’s done. Martinez wants to redirect but Judge calls a recess for 10 mins.

            William Pitts ‏@william_pitts • 5h5 hours ago
            apparently that is where Nurmi’s going. #JodiArias didn’t attack #TravisAlexander when vulnerable in the shower, eyes closed, back turned

            Monica Lindstrom ‏@monicalindstrom • 5h5 hours ago
            #TravisAlexander obviously trusted #JodiArias during these pictures that #nurmi is showing since his

            Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision • 5h5 hours ago
            The point Nurmi is essentially making is that if #JodiArias had PLANNED to kill Alexander she had plenty of opportunities to do so.

            William Pitts ‏@william_pitts • 5h5 hours ago
            not sure where Nurmi’s going with this. TA had his eyes closed and #JodiArias could have stabbed him whenever but didn’t?

            Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision • 5h5 hours ago
            Nurmi asking Flores to confirm the time stamps on the shower pics. #JodiArias

            Monica Lindstrom ‏@monicalindstrom • 5h5 hours ago
            #Nurmi showing plenty of time to kill him if planned it bc eyes closed and back to #JodiArias @azmatthews

          • These were the main tweets that I found during that testimony.

            Perhaps Nurmi was just pointing out how easy it would have been for her to do it then, since his eyes were closed, etc.

      • I have not checked other tweets yet. I don’ t know if Kiefer misheard, misconstrued, or mistyped,
        __ but, analysing his tweets from the point of view that he did not, ( and since I know many readers, especially Arias detractors, are wrongly interpreting Nurmi’s reason for making those statements,
        I have to emphasize first: I am sure that in NO way is Nurmi changing the defense’s original trial position regarding the gun going off.
        My take on it is:
        Nurmi still contends that Arias NEVER shot Travis while he was seated in the shower.
        I think Nurmi is setting the stage for his strategy to refute and disprove the prosecution’s accusations against Arias.
        I think he is trying to get across two points by first laying the foundation for what he is ultimately trying to prove.
        • The first point, if there are two points, I think might have something to do with something having to do with the time stamps.
        • The second point, which seems to demand more attention, is that, ( in my opinion), Nurmi, using a much subtler tactic than Martinez’s violent, grotesque spectacle where he ‘stabbed’ Horn with his pen,… Nurmi is paralleling and subverting Martinez’s strategy with the ultimate aim of proving him wrong.
        Every one knows a pen is not a knife.
        Every one knows a finger pointed like a gun is not lethal.
        Martinez tried to pretend that Jodi could have stabbed Travis while he was seated in the shower.
        He used suprise and shock value to make the most impact.
        Nurmi immitates Martinez’s methodology, but Nurmi eschews such dramatics, and in a pretty sedate matter of fact way, __ shows that hypotheticaly Arias and Travis in those positions
        C-O-U-LD *** maybe*** create a particular path of a gun/ bullet trajectory, BUT, it simply is NOT what happened. In time, Nurmi will explain what ACTUALLY did happen.
        Nurmi did this as a rebuttal to Martinez’s sly histrionics. Nurmi’s composure by contrast, would have had the subliminal effect of showing the jurors that Nurmi is simply dealing with legitimate, provable facts, and NOT sleazy, sensationalistic tactics to manipulate through shock value and emotion.
        I believe that Nurmi has anticipated how Martinez will try to exploit shock value later when Martinez pulls a similar stunt in his intent to accuse Arias of shooting Travis in the shower.
        So Nurmi is countering that now by first presenting a ‘dry’ ….perhaps….but, ‘not likely’, ‘not really’…version of what he knows later Martinez will try to claim is true
        But Nurmi knows Arias did NOT shoot Travis in the shower, so he is trying to ‘take the wind out of the sails’ of the sort of arguments and strategies Martinez will use later.
        By creating a less potent version of the arguement, Nurmi is able to create an emotionaly charged experience which will quickly lose its impact once it is digested and considered in the contained framework Nurmi devised in order to depotentiate the arguement.
        So, by the time Martinez gets to his arguement, its impact will have been lost, and it will be less compelling.
        Nurmi showed the jury that Arias had plenty opportunities to kill Travis when he was vulnerable in the shower and she did not.
        And likwise, by implication, obviously she did not kill Travis while he was in the shower, even if someone could make a scenario and facts fit into the strait- jacket of a prosecutor’s prized theory.
        Nurmi is the serious- minded lawyer endeavoring to prove the truth,
        while Martinez is the manipulative show-man.
        Jodi Arias did NOT shoot Travis when he was in the shower.
        She did not attack Travis with a knife while he was in the shower.
        Jodi Arias acted in self- defense.

        • There was no blood found on the walls of the shower; not even enough to indicate to investigators that luminol needed to be used there. So in NOT using luminol inside the shower, they had obviously surmised that the fight had taken place OUTSIDE of it.

          The revisionism in this case is so thoroughly nauseating.

    • I sure hope that Nurmi can get that jury to understand that Jodi changed her hair color in AZ. They have solid evidence that everyone ignores.

      I’m glad Nurmi brought up the Walmart move.

      • I do not know why but the hair color seems to be a BIG issue, so I hope it is straightened out for them! I know people who change their hair color all the time! 🙄

        • It’s an issue because there is an abundance of IDIOTS out there who STILL think Jodi changed her hair color JUST to go unrecognized when she showed up in TA’s neighborhood.

          • The hair color issue really is crazy. T
            -photo of Jodi with friend (brother?) May 25, 2008 (brown hair)
            -police report @ JA’s gp’s house, May 28, 2008 (BRU or BRN on report for hair color)
            -nude photos, June 4, 2008 brown or black hair color (Does Martinez think Jodi arrived at TA’s with blonde hair and dyed her hair brown/black for the nude photos?)
            Besides she arrived in Mesa @ 4AM (if I read a chart right, the sun doesn’t come up until about 5am in June in Arizona)
            And, does anyone think the people living in TA’s house wouldn’t recognize her just b/c she changed her hair color?
            I’ve never understood this issue either.

            • Plus there was either a text message or google chat with Ryan when she tells him she’s not a blonde anymore.

              And besides, what good is her great disguise if she shows up at a PPL function in Utah with brown hair?

              • AND everyone with half a brain would know it would be much easier and cheaper to by a blonde wig . . . a little stretching it over your head and your blonde. . .then poof again and your a brunette! What on EARTH is wrong with them??? If one was going for a disguise they would go for the fastest method! DUMB A**e*!

              • Sheesh, the hair deal is just like the gas cans. People were going to know stuff when the law started calling.

                Darryl knew she had two cans. The brown hair was already known to Jodi’s friends and family in two states – add Utah and it’s three. And then there’s the guy who drove her to the car rental place in his car because she left her own at her sister’s place! No big secret there! And if Jodi’s misplacing of the phone charger on the road trip is considered in the context of other phone mishaps, it makes perfect sense.

                There are three phones in this story. The first one was lost or stolen and had to be replaced with the one that Gus gave her, the Helio phone. That phone went missing and turned up later in her grandfather’s truck when Aunt Sue found it after Jodi had been jailed for almost two years. That second phone has the taped phone sex conversation on it along with the text messages. The third phone is the one she took on the trip, the one she used to take the brown-haired selfie. So considering all of that, temporarily losing the charger for the third phone would be almost expected!

                • I think Martinez capitalizes upon the fact that we all probably have watched too much T.V., and seen so many movies, that we are primed to readily accept whatever is similar to the cliche`
                  images and stereotypes that B movies have. Their elementary symbolism has become part of our understanding. The basic associations are already there.
                  Tons of movies feature villains who dye their hair or don wigs. Many also feature people using gas cans to commit arson, murder, or to cover up something by getting rid of the evidence.

                • Wondering if TA had three phones himself, (except all at the same time) because he had a land line and a cell phone that was sitting on a desk in his office after he was missing. But apparently Zack sent a message to TA about the mailbox via text to that cell phone? Or was it sent it to a second cell phone?

            • That’s because it’s not a real issue. It’s just an observation the car rental guy made, obviously based on the driver’s license photo. It had been over a month since she’d rented the car when the police showed up and asked him to look at some mug shots.

    • Same here. I was hoping that some would drop in to comment!

      You guys know that my fave was SIRLIPS!!!! He had a way of mesmerizing me with his awesome posts!

      SIRLIIIIIPS!!!! Marco??????

      • Wes too.
        And everyone, of course.
        I bet a lot of people feel drained and disheartened, and helpless, because they know that it is an enormously oppressive situation that Jodi is in__ not only having to try to save her life, but having to do it through a process that has been corrupted by Martinez’ unscrupulous behavior.

  34. Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 3h3 hours ago

    #JodiArias court ended early with no explanation given. As @jeffgoldesq points out, it’s often a sign a mistrial motion has been made.

  35. Journee, the questionable MK tweet is the one you posted at 10:40A. I tried to comment on it upthread just now but it was lost. So, I’ll just say for now that it makes no sense that KN would contradict Jodi’s earlier testimony that the gunshot took place outside the shower (after TA chased her through the closet). KN’d be testifying himself if he did that. I think that MK got off track when Nurmi was methodically going through the shower photographs, showing TA with his back to her, eyes closed, etc., while IN the shower, KN’s point being that Jodi didn’t shoot him when he was vulnerable. No one else tweeted this particular testimony from the courtroom the way that MK did.

    • Makes sense – Kiefer thought he heard something he didn’t hear like I thought I read something that wasn’t there (MaryEllen, the tweet I thought alluded to the same observation, but doesn’t seem to be there)- we both kinda drew conclusions that weren’t there.

      • Kiefer was probably bored with the shower photos and maybe forgot Jodi’s testimony of last year when she said that TA bent over like a linebacker before he lunged at her when the gun went off. As to the downward trajectory, the lunge would explain it. Of course JA and TA would have been at the same level when she crouched beside him as he sat in the shower for that last photo before the fumble, so, yeah, I think MK must have misconstrued Nurmi’s illustrative language.

          • Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 8h 8 hours ago
            During first trial, Arias claimed she shot Alexander as he charged her. Now Nurmi suggests she shot him while he was sitting in shower.
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            Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 8h 8 hours ago
            Nurmi shows photo of Alexander sitting, points finger like gun and says bullet trajectory is consistent with the angle of where Arias was.

            • This tweet about the trajectory you did include this morning.

              So, the idea is that she COULD have shot him in the shower from a downward angle by pulling herself to an upright, standing position above him but she did not.

              MK must have left out some conditional language in his tweet.

              It appears that KN is being more graphic for the jurors this time by showing them physically how the scene played out, so they will not be left to the vague “Psycho” imaginings that JM imparted to the first jurors.

              • And I guess it could be useful to make the point that she couldn’t have made that shot LAST, with Travis sitting in the shower facing the opposite direction.

                But maybe it’s like you said, KN just pointed with his index finger, illustrating what the trajectory of the bullet actually WAS, and MK drew a connection that wasn’t there. Everyone has commented that Nurmi is hard to hear.

                • Well the frog certainly doesn’t have that problem! That voice…….! Even in print it’s awful!!! Can you imagine his “sweet nothings” directed at Scoopy????

                • I think Amy is correct in what she wrote upthread about Nurmi setting the stage, taking some of the shock out of what JM will try to show. Shock seems to be JM’s modus operandi. He follows it with confusion. While everyone is trying to figure out what the hell happened. he clobbers everyone with his version of events, his “science” du jour

                  And of course it is difficult to get KN’s syntax with these tweets…but it does look like he has a handle on things.

                • Yes, I think the confusing tweets must have been the result of misunderstanding/ misinterpretation, mishearing, etc..
                  The use of Twitter to convey crucial information can cause a lot of problems.
                  The person tweeting has to split his attention between what is happening and what the tweeter wants to convey, so it is very easy to miss a beat and get off track.
                  Miscommunication is far likelier to happen through the use of Twitter because there is such a quick processing of information which then must be almost immediately translated into a very compressed representation which might appear very cryptic to the reader, who then has to interpret it according to his own understanding.
                  Twitter is a poor medium for transmitting news and information that requires precise, but comprehensive__ so likely extensive__ elucidation.
                  Twitter is too ambiguous and incomplete.
                  It is useful, but not reliable in any definitive way.
                  …..I hope Nurmi starts speaking consistently loud enough. ( He should know better.) He shouldn’ t jeopardize the process by creating misunderstanding simply because he is not loud enough.

                • Meanwhile, JM’s constantly dancing around like a 4 year old that needs to pee, and doesn’t need the mic because he just yells a lot.

  36. A tweet I saw today:

    wolf 32065 ‏@bmunoz857 4h4 hours ago

    The Mormons
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    wolf 32065 ‏@bmunoz857 3h3 hours ago

    @bmunoz857 They are the real killers

  37. Has a reputable blood spatter analyst ever looked at the blood evidence? From what I understand a lot can be figured out if such a person interprets it correctly. I sure would like to hear what such a person would say about this.

    • So would I, but it will have to happen at the next trial. Unless somehow the verdict is overturned with prejudice and Jodi can go free.

      We won’t be seeing blood spatter experts, or crime scene analysts, or an ME that knows what he’s talking about, during this retrial — this jury is bound by their swearing in to accept that Jodi has been convicted of murder with the aggravating factor of cruelty. The only evidence the Defense Team will be presenting will be mitigation – evidence that Jodi doesn’t deserve to die for the crime she’s been convicted of.

      • Right Journee. I find it odd that no one introduced any testimony about what the blood evidence shows. I am almost positive Frogger didnt do so because it does not fit with his ever changing theory. What a 3 ring circus. I If i were qualified to do so I would be all over the evidence wanting to know what really happened in that bathroom. I believe Jodi no ifs ands or buts, but, I would love to hear Henry Lee or Brent Turvey give their take on it.

    • Technically, no. But more than likely, yes. I highly doubt the state would want to try this again. If it’s a mistrial, in all likelihood, they will offer Jodi some kind of deal or turn it over to Judge Stephens for sentencing. What these idiots in the media aren’t telling you is just how fed up the people here are of this trial. They want it done and over with because of the enormous cost. I find this ironic because these are the same folks who said they wanted the death penalty, no matter the price. Now what most everyone here is saying is,”Give her some kind of deal.”

        • Aly – that is exactly what happens if the jury votes life rather than DP. Judge Stephens *theoretically* has the prerogative to sentence natural life, or life with the possibility of parole after 25 years. But the latter is unlikely because AZ law currently prohibits the parole of capital offenders.

          As long as the capital conviction stands, the only sentencing options are life or death.

          And Jodi isn’t going to take any deal that requires her to forfeit her appellate rights – because overturning the conviction through appeals is her only hope of ever leaving prison alive.

  38. That is so interesting Jeff. I see on some of the facebook sites Jodi is being blamed for the high cost of these trials. It is so crazy because she would have taken a deal at one time and it is the prosecution who is adamant that this trial take place. Who knows what will happen but there sure has been issues already with jurors. This is a terrible example of how “justice” works imho. It is a fine example of how “justice” doesn’t work. I think it is a crazy idea to try a penalty phase at all. It just drags on and costs too much and forces a mini trial all over again! It puts the families through more hell and could end up any number of ways.

    • That’s right, Judy, it does put the families through more hell. But the irony there is it’s a family, Travis’ family, that are the ones so adamant that this farce continue. Their thirst for revenge is what is fueling the prosecution. They have let his family have way too much say-so in the decision to continue with this retrial. But in the end their bloodlust solves nothing, because no matter what the sentence Travis will still be dead and their lives will still be miserable. It may be a harsh thing to say to a family who has lost a loved one, but it’s time to move on.

      • I completely agree with everything you wrote except for one thing: I don’t think it’s the Alexander family’s blood lust ALONE that’s fueling the prosecution as you said. Martinez is one twisted, self-absorbed, fame-hungry, power-hungry, blood-thirsty LYING SOB who will win at all costs. He is a disgrace to the profession and if the AZ people won’t wake up soon,their state will go down in his history as a terror state.

        • You’re exactly right maria. That is my opinion and if the Travis family would rather not see this they shouldn’t go. It’s all IMO just for sensation and one of the idiots said it could go on until Christmas.
          The idiots would LOVE that.
          Maybe like Beth talking to one of the jurors was doing just that. She wouldn’t care if this went on for ever. They are ALL a disgrace!!!!!

        • I believe the Alexanders are past their sorrow stage of grief. They have moved on into acting grief stricken so now they are able to actually cash in on their brothers death left and right. They will ride this Self serving Sympathy train forever. Of course, the Cashes will help provide assistance at every chance because they are engineering the train. Making money off of others misfortunes is what they do best! They are professionals. They have proven they will never miss an opportunity to cash in $$ Anybody need a best friend. . .I hear there is an opening!

  39. I wonder if yesterday’s bru-ha-ha that ended the day was HLN’s advance promo that “Juror 17” would be on Dr. Drew last night. HLN meant Tara Kelly but maybe the court thought it was the new Juror 17 and that’s why she had to stay after class.

    • I think it was just some tweeters that got it wrong. There definitely was some kind of issue. The juror had a question about something for the judge before they went into chambers.

    Courtroom SCT-5C
    State’s Attorney: Juan Martinez Defendant’s Attorney: Kirk Nurmi & Jennifer Willmott Defendant: Present
    Court Reporter, Mike Babicky, is present.
    A record of the proceeding is also made by audio and/or videotape.
    9:53 a.m. Trial to Jury continues from 10/22/14.
    The Jury is not present.
    Court and counsel discuss matters.
    9:56 a.m. The Jury is now present.

    CR2008-031021-001 DT 10/23/2014
    Docket Code 012 Form R012 Page 2
    Esteban Flores, having previously been sworn, testifies further.
    10:35 a.m. The Jury leaves the courtroom and Court remains in session.
    Court and counsel discuss matters.
    10:38 a.m. Court stands at recess.
    10:50 a.m. Court reconvenes with respective counsel and the Defendant present.
    Court Reporter, Mike Babicky, is present.
    A record of the proceeding is also made by audio and/or videotape.
    The Jury is present.
    Amanda Webb is sworn and testifies.
    LET THE RECORD REFLECT the Court has received a question from the Jury. Same is discussed by Court and counsel and is asked of the witness.
    Filed: Juror Question (1)
    The witness steps down but is subject to recall.
    Kevin Friedman is sworn and testifies.
    State’s Exhibit 670 is marked for identification.
    LET THE RECORD REFLECT the witness identifies the Defendant.
    LET THE RECORD REFLECT the Court has received a question from the Jury. Same is discussed by Court and counsel and is asked of the witness.
    Filed: Juror Question (1)
    The witness steps down but is subject to recall.
    11:55 a.m. Court stands at recess.

    CR2008-031021-001 DT 10/23/2014
    Docket Code 012 Form R012 Page 3
    1:33 p.m. Court reconvenes with respective counsel and the Defendant present.
    Court Reporter, Mike Babicky, is present.
    A record of the proceeding is also made by audio and/or videotape.
    The Jury is not present.
    Court and counsel discuss matters.
    1:35 p.m. The Jury is now present.
    Court and counsel discuss matters.
    1:37 p.m. The Jury leaves the courtroom and Court stands at recess.
    1:41 p.m. Court reconvenes in chambers with respective counsel and the Defendant present.
    Court Reporter, Mike Babicky, is present.
    The Jury is not present.
    Juror 17 is present and questioned by the Court.
    Juror 17 leaves.
    Court and counsel discuss matters.
    1:46 p.m. Court stands at recess until 10/27/14 at 9:30 a.m. in this division.
    This case is eFiling eligible: Attorneys are encouraged to review Supreme Court Administrative Order 2011-140 to determine their mandatory participation in eFiling through AZTurboCourt.

  41. Judge Sally Duncan’s statement says “While conscious, the victim would have felt pain & mental anguish associated with these multiple wounds.” Isn’t this an assumption on her part? If the bullet was first and gave Travis a concussion (?), he might not have been aware of anything that was going on. As mentioned before, hockey players, football players & boxers get concussions but continue playing or fighting and later admit to not remembering anything after getting their “bell rung,” as they used to say.

    • It might have helped if the DT had an expert testify that a concussion was a possibilty and Travis might not been aware or fully aware of what was happening to him as he was being killed. But he may still have been attacking Jodi in this state.

    • I suspect we all tend to think that a stab wound would feel like a 1000x magnification of being stuck with a needle, maybe even feel like what we *call* “stabbing pain”. But people who’ve been stabbed – or shot, for that matter – usually describe it as feeling more like a blow, like they’ve been punched or struck with something.

      At any rate, its doubtful the honorable judge would have any point of reference by which to say what Travis would have been feeling.

      • I personally know someone that was stabbed 3 times (back to back) at a soccer game and he didn’t feel any pain! He just felt a hot sensation at the stab wounds!

    • You know what? I’ve been reading for almost 2 years now all the wonderful comments by posters, like yours- the suggestions, the logical conclusions, the arguments leading to reasonable doubt…..
      And I can’t help wondering why the defense team has NOT touched upon several of those issues to point out some of the inconsistencies,blatant lies and absurd hypotheses with no foundation coming from the prosecution. They have let us down many times, failing to harp on things that both the first jurors and these one should have heard.

    • Actually Travis’s “mental anguish” as the frog calls it, was not that much of anguish – when you’re in a fight, your pain threshold raises because your body dumps a lot of adrenaline into the blood stream (and adrenalin is a natural painkiller), so I doubt Travis felt much pain at all. Plus your perception of time changes too so those two minutes did not seem as long for him and Martinez’s experiment where he made everyone sit silent for 2 minutes was inaccurate at best and highly perjudicial – the attorneys should have objected.

      • *Sorry, silly me, I meant “endorphins”, not “adrenaline” – endorphines are released when you’re exercising or fighting or in a very stressful situation, and dull pain.

  42. Symptoms of a milder concussion can include:

    Acting somewhat confused, feeling unable to concentrate, or not thinking clearly
    Loss of consciousness for a fairly short period of time
    Memory loss (amnesia) of events before the injury or right after

    Note: I removed other symptoms that were N/A to Travis.

    • He has a point there about life sentences… is a convenient way of disposing with people because otherwise it would mean that resources would need to be available to help people.

      • Yes, Judy, I think there are still lots of Catholics in the world and hopefully the Pope speaking out will spur them to speak out more against the DP and life sentences. I like the phrase ‘hidden death penalty.’ The only successful resolution for Jodi is for her to get out of jail/prison.

        My fantasy is that Martinez will move out of the picture in the next few years. And, Jodi will get a manslaugher conviction at her next trial and will be set free with time served. I looked up the MS penalty in AZ. The Arizona Manslaughter penalty for a first conviction of this class-2 felony subjects a defendant to between seven (7) and twenty-one (21) years in prison, with a presumptive sentence of ten and a half (10.5) years.

        By the time her next trial is over, Jodi could be close to the 10.5 years.

    • Thank you for posting this. I too think that punishing people by sentencing them to life is wrong in most, and maybe even all cases. ( Obviously some people are probably always going to be a danger to society, and therefore must be separated from it, but even in those cases, no one should be condemned until the rest of his life.
      I have only the most minimal knowledge of this pope, and who he is, and what he thinks and believes, but I have been becoming more and more interested in, intrigued by, and impressed by him.
      I skimmed over some essays he had written, and it seems he had a lot of insight and depth.
      I’ m hoping that not only is he trying to ‘ modernize’ religion and bring it up to date with the culture,
      __ I’m hoping that he address the notions of ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’ and the way in which they foster pathological attitudes, concepts, and modes of living.
      I think that the heaven/ hell paradigm has crippled the human psyche, and has caused human beings to be alienated from and condemning of their own nature.
      ……I think the current pope is thinking along these lines. ( I hope he is.)
      ……… Especially in regard to this trial, I have wished that one or more universally recognized and respected spiritual figure-heads could speak out against hatred and vengeance in a way that would make a real impact.
      Almost no such figureheads even exist.
      They are not more valid than any other human being, and they are as ordinary as everyone else, but people pay more heed to what they perceive as ‘special’.

  43. Great fight or flight link, CanadaCarol, on above, 10/24/14, 7:36am. …I would like to explain the 27 or 29 knife wounds, in the instantaneous (2 minute) personal battle with Travis (most very slight that would require only Band-Aids if only 20 of the minor superficial wounds were done. …Only 3 or 4 or 5 were serious, buy they were necessary to stop Travis from (((holding on to her clothing))) & let her go. …Yes, it was brought out in court & the jury ignored that fact. …That Travis was holding on to her clothing & probably pulling her around (imo) perhaps or to the mirror, that is why she was doing minor stabs to his back, to make him let go & her to run away.
    …Please Google: contagious shooting cases …..& get to contagious shooting – Wikipedia … … & get to Amadou Diallo – Wikipedia ….. …To simplify this subject, in my opinion, imo: It is the psychological phenomenon of military or police doing multiple shootings … ((or I could expand that into STABBINGS if it is in battle, 150 years ago in this country)) when there were mostly ((only ONE SHOT weapons & then knifes & swords)). …
    …Amadou Diallo, innocent unarmed young man, gunned down because ‘he thought’ the 4 plain clothed policemen in a now-defunct Street Crimes Unit, were THUGS & he tried to get into his home, but held up his square wallet, thinking the THUGS wanted to rob him. …Shot at 41 times, hit 19 times because one officer yelled (( “Gun” )) to alert his colleagues. …These ((policemen were so afraid that they ((could not stop)) inflicting fatal wounds on an innocent unarmed person)).
    …Remember, in this country, our laws were written on the basis of weapons were only one shot & hand loaded each time. …((((Our laws were written that knives would be used in hand to hand combat)))). …
    …In this country, should the Supreme Court demand that Jodi Ann Arias be required to be more brave (in her perception of her self defense against a body builder than 4 trained policemen)? …And should Jodi be required by some stupid Arizona interpretation of the law, that a terrified girl, is only required one wound to an attacker & then stop & cry for help & try to run away? …Diallo’s family filed a $61 Million lawsuit, settled for $3 Million in 2004. ….Destination Supreme Court for the Arias case & multiple $$Million lawsuits$$ against the city & State of Arizona. … In my humble opinion. ,,,Jodi Ann Arias is absolutely & totally innocent,,,,,,.

    • Please Google: Innocence Essay Report – Herr Speight Ventures Home Page …. Observe the 3 paragraphs colored in red. … It says: “If someone were to grab my clothes in an attempt to control my actions during a knife fight, I would cut his hand(s) to make him let go. The following description of wounds on Alexander’s hands specifically reveal Alexander was holding onto Arias’ clothes, and that she cut his hands to make him let go”. … …That is on that website & much more. …
      ….Please read the entire (or part) of the Essay on the above website link. ….I say, of course Travis was holding onto her clothes & of course she superficially stabbed him in back to let her go & then she swiped at both of his hands to make him let go, & then when he turned around, still holding onto her clothes (((the knife wounds had to escalate))). …How stupid can a jury be to not understand that this was self defense. …But the jury was misdirected against this possibility of an explanation of a scenario of self defense. imo.

        • Great Points WLopez4JAA . . .Very Good Article for anyone to read. . hope this will help anyone find it:

          • Yes, links are tricky for me to type. Some way got to get that Innocence Essay Report in there & put in the www prefix. & had to get my magnifier glasses to see if it is exactly spelled right. And, unless I type in the www dot it won’t go into a link. …. Hopoe it works, it is good Essay of info on the grabing of her clothes. …I remember that ALV said he grabbed on Jodi’s sweater & Martinez ridiculed her. I think Jodi did tell her that Travis grabbed onto her clothing but ALV misremembered & said sweater & JM misdirected that testimony by burying in the ridicule of ALV. …He did that a lot.

            • Link worked. …Don’t have to read the whole thing, mostly the paragraphs in red, especially the second red paragraph, halfway down.

                • Well yes R.Love, I just said don’t have tor read the whole thing for those who are just browsing. I meant to suggest reading the red paragraphs first, to see how they fit in to what Speights is tying together. I got to admit I did not read the whole thing but am doing that now. …..Martinez totally snookered the jury by destroying important testimonies of defense witnesses by ridiculing them & making the jury think they were stupid. …Everyone, Google: (Penn and Teller cigarette) & click on the 3:23 min video & see just how Martinez misdirected the jury & hid evidence from them or changed the meaning of the evidence. And he threw meaningless coincidental evidence at them to figure out just to misdirect the jury & the media.

      • “This bitch should fry like bacon in the electric chair” LMAOOOO!

        Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if that were true, though? Just daydream with me for a second….

    • GRACE: Well, long story short — Beth Karas, you tried a lot of cases. To all the trial lawyers on the panel tonight, when you slam things around in the courtroom, you can get thrown out. You can get held in contempt. That will mess up your case, for you to be held in contempt and have second string, the B team, trying your case.

      So how did they get away with it, Beth Karas? How is it you can have a display temper like that in front of the jury and get away with it?

      Sometimes she cracks me up she is so clueless. You would think she would be talking about the prosecutor, but no it’s Nurmi and the infamous file slamming incident.

      😀 🙄

      • I can’t believe they have the nerve to refer to that incident after all of Martinez’ misconduct and THEATRICS!
        Jodi’s defense team has been nothing but respectful of the rules and they’ve proven taht they know what decorum is all about. One slight ”mishap” and all Hell breaks loose.

        I hope Nancy Grace has a miserable life and is haunted by remorse and guilt when she’s old in her deathbed!

    • OMG!!!! The hypocrisy! NAG was upset w/ Nurmi slamming the file? REALLY??? Did she ever mention martinez tampering with the evidence when he threw the camera down????? It’s funny how some idiots pick what to upset them and what not!


      • Pandora, I unfortunately heard that particular broadcast by NG. As others have said here, HLN is carrying on exactly as they did last year with free-flowing misrepresentations about testimony and courtroom conduct in Jodi’s case.

        NG did not mention the camera drop by Martinez that went without consequence from “Our Fair Lady” the judge last year. (I believe he was mildly admonished by JSS for doing that.) NG, at least in the portion I heard of her “report” on the file thumping incident, didn’t even mention that JM followed suit! JM, according to tweeters, felt it appropriate to respond to this “inappropriate” behavior by slamming the file not once but twice! Nurmi was not admonished for doing what he did as far as I know, but the mock stabbing demonstration by JM to Horn with the writing implement met with disapproval from the judge last week. I don’t believe that NG mentioned that at all.

        It sounded more to me that Nurmi put the file down with a resounding thud, for emphasis, to signal that he was “done” with the issue. He had shown reasonable doubt, so he made a bit of noise with the file. NG, however, characterized this moment on HLN by saying that Nurmi had slammed the file down because “he didn’t get the answers he wanted”. Au contraire, Nancy Grace: He established reasonable doubt, because the Walmart witness was unable to give conclusive evidence about Jodi returning the can, owing to the location move of the store, and all of the system shifts that went along with that move.

        • Yes, back then with the camera incident all Juanita got was a slap on the wrist by Pickles!

          Oh, don’t get me started about the ‘pen stabbing’!!! he is so desperate to get the jury on his side that he’d do anything. He has nothing else to work with! Everything he has presented up to now is reeking REASONABLE DOUBT! I just hope the jury – THIS TIME AROUND – don’t get caught in his manipulative methods!

          NAG: She’s gonna age into an even more evil, bitter, ugly, lonely bitch!

          • JM did not seem intent on proving anything whatsoever beyond a reasonable doubt as it related to the circumstantial evidence in the first trial. He was apparently focused on the circumstantial “evidence” as a distraction from the crime scene evidence, which he could never consistently explain in court.

            What he was focused on instead was a supposed motive. Jodi’s dissembling and confabulations in her interviews with EF could only ever have been presented as character issues by the prosecution at trial. A motive and “character issues” are not enough to convict and some of the jurors are likely to develop some prepossessing questions in regard to those elements in this retrial.

            The undeniable fact of this redo is that after having used Jodi’s denials to buttress the presumption of guilt in reverse-engineering the first conviction, the state is simply not in a position to do that again. Going forward, the case must be examined the other way around as the jury is now called upon to ask, “but guilty to what extent?” It should be the defense’s case this time around, since the state has already made theirs. The presumption this time is entirely different; therefore additional questions will be pondered by the jurors as they examine the narrative from the beginning to end, instead of the reverse, as seems to have happened in the first trial.

  44. I don’t watch HLN any more. I only check this webpage. However, I turned it on for a couple of minutes today, and they really horrified me. HLN is trying to create a blood-thirsty lynch mob again. Some individuals have a tendency to forget everything very fast, so I guess some people might have forgotten about Jodi. HLN is trying to recreate this lynch mob from people that lack the ability of critical thinking and analyzing. Such people take for granted everything that is on TV. I so wanted to shut them up! Unfortunately, this is not possible.

    • Kate, they are trying to make ‘numbers’ and money! They know that this is their last chance for them to make $$$$ off of ‘Moneytrain Jodi’. So of course they’ll be vile, stir shit up and make the lynch mob craving for Jodi’s blood.

      • Exactly! Brainwashed blood-thirsty robots obsessed in front of their TV sets make profit. Objectivity is an unknown word to them.

  45. Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 23h 23 hours ago

    Being at the #JodiArias trial has been so mentally exhausting I’m now going face down into an 18″ New York style pizza. Wake me in 3 days.

    • I miss Justus♥ too, but remember Justus was going to be busy probably for about 4 more days. . . Justus will not miss a beat though! 😀

        • Thanks so MUCH Journee! My evil twin heard about your new sky light idea for the closet and mine wants (is demanding) one too!! If you ask me they might be getting to BIG for their own “britches”! SMH 🙄 Still have to Love ’em!

            • Maybe Nurse Marja will be through here soon and sedate both of them so we can get some much needed sleep! The nerve of these clever little moochers!

    • I truly want to apologize to everyone for slipping away without mentioning it. I promise I will never do that again. Honestly I didn’t realize it would necessarily be noticed and I am deeply warmed by the fact that you missed me. Thank you and know that I love all of you kind and compassionate people. In the future I will announce any expected absences.

  46. Happy Saturday Team Jodi!!!

    There are 5 things in life you can not recover: A stone…after it’s thrown. A word…after it is said. An occasion…after it’s missed. The time…after it’s gone. A person…after they die. Life is short. Break the rules. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably. And never regret anything that made you smile, Enjoy Life

    (((((JODI ANN ARIAS))))) ♥



  47. Here’s a new post on fundraising, put up in several Facebook groups by Robert Knox:

    Like everyone else, I’m excited that retrial has finally begun and we can read tweet-by-tweet reports on it. But let’s remember: this also means that we are in the last few months of fundraising for Jodi to hire a private appellate attorney. Very soon, it will be too late. So I have a proposal to make, and then I’ll explain my thinking.

    My proposal: Please, all supporters, unless you are living in or at the edge of poverty, make your best effort to give Jodi a Christmas present of $250 in her appellate fund. All relevant information is at the fund website:

    Since Jodi’s legal team decided that no definite fund totals should be released until after retrial, we can’t know what’s been raised so far. Nor can we know how much will actually turn out to be needed for a good private appellate attorney. But it’s possible that a lot less than the $250K Jodi was quoted will suffice. If so, then, based on the little I’ve heard, my best guess is that another $50,000 may well make the difference between a private lawyer and none. And, as explained in the appellate-fund website FAQ’s, if Jodi avoids a death penalty, that is probably the difference between vigorous sustained appeals (with a private lawyer) and only two perfunctory ones (with state funding), after which there is no chance at all that she can ever get the verdict thrown out.

    Many people have made excellent efforts to raise money from outside Jodi’s current supporter circle. That’s all great. In the end, though, we may have to provide the rest out of our own pockets. How many people are willing and able to contribute? Possibly no more than 200 altogether on JAII and in all the FB groups. In that case, to come up with another $50,000, on average we need to give $250.

    This is not a lot for us to be asked to do. Most Americans lay out a lot more than $250 in special holiday spending. Please, can we all cut back on holiday expenses this year to get Jodi the private lawyer she so desperately needs? 2015 is too late. In a few months, it will be now or never. And if Jodi then doesn’t have the funds, we, her supporters, will have let her down badly. We can’t let this happen! Let’s all find a way to open our wallets before it’s too late for Jodi to escape a lifetime behind bars, with no hope of freedom.

    • alan,
      There was an article published recently about fundraising for Jodi that stated how much Jodi needed to raise and how much she had raised so far (both were in the title of the article) The report on the amount raised so far came from “insiders” or something so I have no idea of it’s accuracy. I won’t give any more info but I could post it on VENT if you want or just forget about.

    • Supporters SHOULD remember of our Jodi this Christmas. No matter how small the amount we can afford to give, we can all help contribute to her Appellate Fund.

    • Generally, whatever everyone can donate will be highly appreciated by Jodi. The ideal would be for all of us to have an extra 250$ but even a less amount is so needed!

      Thank you Alan for reminding us about the appellate fund!

    • Great idea!
      I’m donating $250 as a gift for Christmas!
      If everybody follows suit, Jodi will definitely have a fighting chance to overthrow this wrongful conviction!

    • The whole country should move away from the DP. In the case of Jodie Arias, this should never have
      been charged as a DP case. The reasoning is completely subjective. Any murder is cruel. If Jodie had
      walked, shot him in the head and he lingered for a couple days, would that be just as cruel?

      The family pushed for this retrial even though it is costing the Az. taxpayers more then 2 million dollars.
      It will not bring travis back.

  48. Jodi’s Hair Color Change

    Jodi testified that she dyed her hair twice to return to her natural color. The first time was after the convention where she briefly met Ryan Burns for a quick conversation. Ryan testified that he first met Jodi at the PPL Convention in Oklahoma during a breakout session. He also testified that he believed that was in APRIL. Approximately four weeks later, Zion Lovinger, SKY HUGHES’ BROTHER, during a pool game at DAVE HALL’S MOTHER’S HOUSE, playing matchmaker, gave Ryan Jodi’s phone number and he called her that same day. I googled that convention and found the following link, which gives the date of the convention and it is in March, not April. This is entirely in keeping with Jodi’s testimony that she first changed her color while still in AZ, the week between this convention and the next Super Saturday that she testified she went to with her new hair color – “dirty brown – medium brown”.

    The pictures entered into evidence of Jodi with the big black dog, Jodi with her sister, and Jodi with her friend Heather are all taken in Yreka prior to May 15th.

    • Great job, Carol. You might have to change your initials to HP (think public TV, Belgian, 1920s 1930s, “little grey cells”) LOL

      I don’t want to beat this hair color issue to death BUT I still don’t understand what Martinez was trying to do. He shows 2-3 photos of Jodi (selfies) taken June 3, 2008 (according to Robert Brown, Mesa PD & the time stamps on the photos) showing Jodi with brunette hair. But, he mixes in 2 other photos of Jodi when she had blonde hair (one with a black dog and the other with her sister). Martinez NEVER ASKS when these photos were taken. But during his questioning, Robert Brown says all the photos were taken on the same helio phone so all photos must have had time stamps on them. But, Martinez only asks when the June, 3, 2008 selfies were taken.
      Nurmi questions Robert Brown but never really touches on the issue of when the photos showing Jodi with blonde hair were taken. He does get Brown to say some phones also mark which part of the country the photos were taken but he doesn’t say if that phone has that function and Nurmi doesn’t ask.

      So was Martinez simply putting these photos out there and hoping the jurors would come to the conclusion that Jodi changed her hair color for devious purposes – to disguise herself? Was that the point of this whole hair color thing? Or, have I missed the point?

      If you want to see the exchange, it’s Trial Video #52, April 24 (the hair color bit starts at about 9:45).

      • The defence introduced the three photos taken in early May (with sister, friend Heather and parents’ dog exhibits 413 – 415). Jodi’s description of the color of her hair in these pics were 415 – Heather – “various shades of brown, medium to dark – light to dark maybe”, 413 – with sister – “various shades of brown”, and 414 – with Jewel the dog, “from dark blond or light brown to dark brown”.

        This testimony was given Day 18, part 2 beginning at 26:00. Kermit may call it blond with the dog, but if you compare it with the pic of her as platinum blond you can see that it is darker. That is when Jodi was still in the process of getting back to her natural dark brown, which she had come closer to in the June 3rd and 4th pics.

        What the prosecutor wants us to believe, is that Jodi decided to strip her hair back to platinum blond just to rent the car, and then somewhere between Redding and Mesa dye her hair back to dark brown in time for the selfies, and to take nude pics with TA. As you stated above, the people in Utah were going to see her with brown hair. In fact, she told Ryan in text messages to expect her that way.

        It truly is totally illogical, would be terribly damaging to her hair and would serve no purpose. I believe that Jodi had a driver’s licence that had her old hair color on it and that is what the rental car remembered. Or he didn’t really remember, but matched up the licence to the info on the rental form.

  49. This retrial is a waste of time and taxpayer dollars. I’m sorry, but it is absolutely ridiculous and this whole thing could have been avoided if the prosecution agreed for Jodi to receive life in prison and then they could move on and so could the defense. Juan Martinez could move on to his next case or, more likely, his next book and the Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott could move on to the next stage in getting Jodi out of prison.

    It is obvious to me and many others that the prosecution isn’t interested in justice. The very same people who cheered, raised their fists in the air and jumped for joy when Jodi was convicted and spoke about how great our criminal justice system is were the very same people who just a few months later said how much our criminal justice system sucks because the jurors could not unanimously decide to give Jodi Arias the death penalty.

    I’ve been selected twice for jury duty, never making it past the selection stage to serve on a jury during a criminal trial. While I was watching this trial, I tried to put myself into the position of the jurors although quite frankly it would be impossible for me or anyone else to do that when we haven’t been in the courtroom. Most of us on here learned information from this trial based on what we watched on TV, listened to on the radio or read about in newspapers or on online websites. And, unfortunately, most of the media coverage, particularly on TV with HLN, was heavily skewered against Jodi and the defense and for Travis and the prosecution.

    Many people have questioned why so many of us have been so vocal about this trial when we’ve been silent on previous ones. My question to them would be why are they so passionate and rabid about getting justice for Travis Alexander when there are so many others who are far more deserving? Some of us on here have dedicated so much of our lives to seeking justice for others. We just choose to do so in a less visible way, but for whatever reason, this trial struck a chord with so many people, particularly women, who are survivors of domestic abuse.

    What really frustrates me about this particular trial is the snarky tone that comes from television networks like HLN, newspapers like the Arizona Republic and various websites. Some moron cartoonist from The Arizona Republic actually compared Jodi Arias to ISIS. Seriously? There are plenty of examples that I could give of many men and women who have done a lot worse than Jodi Arias and never received the kind of treatment she has had to endure.

    The media has helped to foster and generate this hatred towards Jodi Arias just as they have done to foster and generate hatred towards the police in St. Louis. What I find amusing to me is that the same media that compares Jodi Arias to ISIS is the same media that won’t even use the word “terrorist” to describe ISIS. Instead, they use words like “militant”, “rebel” or even “solider”.

    If there’s any silver lining to this retrial, it’s that more people are beginning to witness Juan Martinez’s increasingly bizarre behavior in the courtroom. I have a nickname for Juan and, no, it’s not in reference to his height. It’s “Red Light”. Because Juan seems to always know when that red light is on and he never met a camera he didn’t like.

    This retrial and the trial that preceded it have exposed just how fucked up journalism is in America today.

    • I agree with you that Arizona could have saved a lot of money by just skipping this because we all know an appeal is coming anyway. What concerns me is that Arizona is so concerned with the death penalty for Jodi and not for some of the other high profile murders that have happened there. How about the guy that shot a U.S.Senator at an outdoor event and there were other victims also? I don’t live in Arizona, so did they have throngs of people at the courthouse for him also screaming for the DP? IMO, that one is a DP case and Jodi’s is not. I believe he didn’t get the DP because he has mental issues and then we have Jodi and I remember something about PTSD and bipolar, but that didn’t spare Jodi from being a DP case. I don’t think that is fair.

    • And HLN, HuffPO and other outlets, seeking to sensationalize
      coverage of this case, bring on various “experts” ( who may be very qualified in their respective fields) who make broad diagnoses and utter condemnations of Jodi based upon the HLN/Tabloid narrative; that Travis Alexander was a victim of a Fatal Attraction type stalker and that he was “seduced” by Jodi the hypersexual slut/witch.

      These experts have not watched the actual trial to anything but the extent of watching a few sound bites and clips, nor have they evaluated Jodi or the exhibits presented in court, yet they are reinforcing the media storyline and thereby giving it the illusion of credibility, as if ” all the experts agree” that Jodi is obviously guilty and a psychopath. It’s a form of self-fulfilling delusion.

  50. This 5G gas purchase in Sparks, NV seems to indicate (but doesn’t prove) Jodi was still using gas cans 2 days after Travis was killed and after she had already visited Ryan Burns. Obviously, she wasn’t trying to hide anything then. Seems to back up her testimony that she used gas cans in case she ran out of fuel.

    7-11- Sparks, NV, – 6/6, 10:34 AM, 5 gallons, MasterCard 2015
    Valero, Redding CA, 6/7 12:28 PM, Mastercard, gas $40

    • cc53, yes, that route she took from UT back to Yreka, CA is extremely desolate road. She did not go directly to Redding because she had to get to work first.

      • I have been on the route she took many times. Go north on US 395 to Susanville and then routes 44 and 89 near Lassen National Park though Hat Creek north through McCloud to Interstate 5 to Yreka. Gasoline costs an arm and a leg in remote northern CA. No mystery at all why she got gas cans.

  51. A few crazy things Martinez wants us to believe: (Note: I haven’t fact-checked each item)
    1.Jodi drove miles out of her way to hide the fact that she rented a car even though Budget Car Rental was at an airport and security cameras were possibily recording and storing video footage.
    2. Dyed her hair to pick up the car even though she was required to show driver’s licence and paid with debit card.
    3. Switched from a red car to a white car b/c it would be less recognizable when car manufacturers sometimes promote the safety of white as the easiest color to spot on the road.
    4. Stole her grandfather’s gun which alerted police and resulted on police putting her name on a robbery report, linking her to a stolen gun
    5. Turned her car licence plate upside down (or removed it) so the number would more difficult or impossible to read which was almost sure to alert police – and it did when she was stopped near Ryan Burns place.
    6. Shot Travis after he was dead in spite of the fact that, if it was gf’s gun, it was the only thing that linked her to his TA’s death (indicating possible premediatation) – if it was ever found since police were able to track down the particulars (serial number, etc.) on the gf’s gun.

    P.S. I wasn’t going to post this info (after I got halfway through it) since I know most of the regulars here know all this stuff but since I can’t lift & paste it somewere else where I can find it in a year or two, I decided to post it for my benefit if no one else’s.

    • I think this video could be effective. Stunning photos of Jodi with a great smile in almost all of them plus her family members holding on to her in some pics. Great song. Simple, straight forward message. I like it. I hope lots of members of the the public see it. BTW, Jason has been getting the facts of the case out on Twitter a lot. Just the facts.

      Maybe, now that is “crunch time” for Jodi, everyone is going to focus just on her.

  52. Great points. As well as being easy to see, Jodi’s testimony for color of car was that she was always told that red cars get stopped for speeding more often. I believe that stats prove this is true and also that drivers of red cars do tend to speed. Never thought of #6 in that way before..

      • Because I never entertained the idea that the shot was last, I didn’t even think about tying the weapon unnecessarily. Having worked with a group of pathologists transcribing autopsy reports, I know the ME’s testimony and his explanation of the “typo” is a very feeble attempt to explain the change of testimony and theory of the lead detective, perjuring himself in the process. I still wonder how they all can sleep at night.

        • They think they are the good guys, doing whatever they have to do – every day – to put the bad guys behind bars. They’ve had lots and lots of practice, long before they ever heard of Jodi Arias, finessing and manipulating the truth in order to do what THEY BELIEVE is the “greater good”. Their perception is that they will always be outnumbered. No how many bad guys they put away, the crimes just keep on coming. Telling a little white lie here and there, pushing the envelope, walking the razor’s edge between questionable practices and outright misconduct – it’s become part of the job. And every ‘little’ transgression they got away with along the way made room for a bigger one next time.

          That said, I really do believe, have believed all along, that Flores really had trouble playing his role this time. It’s in the flatness of his affect – so different from the Flores we saw in the tapes, heard on the phone with Jodi, saw glimpses of in 48 hours. Now, I can’t say whether his demeanor is attributable to real guilt over the way the case is being handled in court, or if he’s just pissed because JM threw him under the bus. But it’s been clear to me all along that he didn’t want to be in that courtroom.

          • I can see the lead detective learning to twist the truth for the prosecutor, but the medical examiner is different. He not only is committing perjury in a court of law and breaking that vow, but he is also breaking his Hippocratic oath. I know without a doubt, that the pathologists that I worked with, would never compromise their integrity or their credibility in such a manner.

            • Eh – IMO Horn’s just a slacker, someone who does just enough to keep his job, goes along to get along, etc. You know the type.

      • Point being. . .people tend to speed in red cars which means the police “profile” and tend to pull more red cars over. . . more red cars in wrecks. . . I have always heard this. . .Jodi did not make it up.

  53. 1. People helped Jodi with the car rental, and even more friends saw it in No. CA as she toured around.
    2. JM is claiming she dyed her hair at some point in Salinas. Darryl never said that her hair changed color after she arrived in the Monterey area but before she left for So. Ca. He said it was brown. JM never accounts for why rental car guy didn’t say that she rented the car blonde and returned it with brown hair. All the rental car guy said on the stand was that he remembered that she had blond hair.
    3. Red cars are even less noticeable in the darkness of night.
    4. As many have pointed out, she could have quietly taken the gun and then eventually thrown it out so no one would have been able to pinpoint the date that it disappeared from Grandpa’s house.
    5. The fact that she was stopped in UT because of the upside down plate proves how ridiculous a ruse the whole plate tampering business would have been if she’d actually done it herself.
    6. If she’d intended to kill TA at rush hour at a time when people are returning from work, why would she then, after he is dead from knifing, call attention to the murder by firing off a gun in a suburban neighborhood?

    • 6. And, if she had premeditated the killing, why would she have left behind that single shell casing since, if it had actually landed in the middle of the room, would have been very obvious? It’s not as if there had been five or six shots fired and she missed just one of the casings, as has been known to happen when perpetrators with a consciousness of guilt attempt to clean up crime scenes.

      • All excellent points, whichtrail?. Especially about the shell casing comment. I think anyone who has ever watched CSI or crime shows would know to take the casing. Elizabeth Northcutt, the forensics firearms examiner, said she could tell it was a .25 caliber by the weight of the bullet but she also said some bullets change their weight if they lose bits of lead through fragmentation or something. Also, they could match the striations on the bullet to the gun if they ever found it – if the bullet wasn’t damaged too much (and the gun wasn’t damaged). Lots of “ifs.”

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