Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #29 reviewed (con’t)

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The trial circus returns to town tomorrow (Tuesday) @ 9-30 am PST.

If you missed Pickles’ ruling on the Motion to Dismiss, click here to read it.

In the meantime…

MLK Day 2015

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  1. Good morning, All. Happy MLK, Jr. Day.

    No trial today, correct? When do they start up again – I can’t recall, but thinking Wednesday?

        • Yes, CC, the Arithmetic Monster Martinez will continue trying to “set up ” witnesses to make ((just one)) arithmetic mistake, and then scream at them & convince the jury (as he did the first stupid jury) that the defense witnesses do not even know the correct time of what they are talking about. …But, how can anybody ((instantly)) know if time stamps of anything on computers or cell phones are a true indication of the time at the sender, or at the receiver, or if daylight savings times is in effect at that time of year, or time generated from the location of the internet provider, or GMT, and then be expected to calculate it instantly to ” Sir, is that Mesa time”? …If the exact time is important to the testimony, that is one thing, but prosecutor is just trying to trick defenses witnesses with 4th grade arithmetic that may not be important to the specific testimony. ..(IMO)..

  2. Calling all witnesses that know the truth about TA and that includes you Mormons – To know what is right and to have the opportunity to do right and to not do it is sin…….Ask your God for forgiveness and pray that God will forgive you and have mercy on your soul – the same mercy you have steadfastly denied Jodi Arias – a woman who was abused, used, and attacked by TA and who defended herself from him….”But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father in Heaven forgive your trespasses.” Mark 11:26

    • I agree BB, these people who know the truth about this whole tragedy need to buck up and stand up for the truth! I would rather deal with these devious people here on Earth than to be cast into the darkest of torment for eternity with everyone of them. They really should STOP and THINK! There is no planet KOLOB for them, that is one of their convenient lies to keep this farce of a religion continuing. God does not ask anyone to do all of the things that this Mormon religion has dumped on their people. God asks us to confess him as our Heavenly Father and Lord of All and he will never forsake us. My God is a God of Love and he is there for anyone who believes in him. Pretty darn simple. No magic underwear, no veil to hide behind, no secret passwords or handshakes, so why be afraid of these misguided people? God will protect his children, always has always will. God is protecting Jodi Arias. It is time for the Frog Martinez to pay for his criminal behaviors and anyone that has helped him in his devious criminal cover up. The Detective, his ME, his Tot Doc and all of his other lying witnesses better think twice about continuing their lies to protect him. . .their day is coming. Martinez will throw anyone under the bus to protect himself! That is a proven fact! We will never stop until they set Jodi FREE!

      • Agreed ! I just think that the Mormons that know the truth about TA (as well as any others) since they are “religious” supposedly, they better start thinking about how they will answer to God for their actions (and that includes lack of actions bc there are sins of commission as well as sins of omission – God is not mocked !!!) “As I live says the Lord, every knee shall bow to Me, and every tongue shall confess to God.” Romans 14:11…….

        • You know, what bothers me the most is this:
          let’s just for one second assume that none of his friends knew anything about TA’s dark side: the porn addiction, the pedophilia, the physical/emotional/psychological/verbal abuse. Nothing. OK.
          So up until 2013 they mourn their friend’s loss and cuss at Jodi Arias. OK.
          Now it’s 2013, the trial is under way, and all this gush of SICKENING evidence comes into play. They are confronted with it, it is thrust upon them, they read it, listen to it, it’s there RIGHT BEFORE THEIR EYES AND EARS.

          HOW on Earth are they able to sweep it under the rug? How are they able to keep maintaining this Saint profile for him? How are they able to try and underplay and make excuses for all his sick and disturbed behaviors?

          I hope I’m making sense….. I mean, if one of my friends was taken away from me in such a violent way I know I’d be devastated. Especially when I would THINK I knew the truth behind his killing. BUT BUT but:if I was forced to see the other side of the coin, if there was no runnng away from the truth of his real nature and character I surely would be disgusted by the deception and I would HAVE TO reconsider everything, even my feelings towards the defendant.

          • They must be called as witness and treated like ‘hostile’ witnesses to boot!
            There is more to the facts that they know and are afraid to testify to.

  3. The first thing Martinez should do tomorrow is apologise to Jodi…for wrongly depicting her in the first trial & in 2nd trial as a “Liar”. The second thing is should do is face the jury & own up to the most corrupt Prosecutor in the US…the third thing he should do is accept that this case & trial has been totally biased against the defendant & so should be ended forthwith…with the release of the defendant. That’s what he should do…but he’s not man enough to tell the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth. So the farce will continue with him continuing to lie & Jodi being a victim of same.

    Now the Defence could do something so utterly amazing and call Martinez to the stand & cross examine him on all the lies he told, all the evidence he hid & ask him why he called Jodi Arias a liar? when he knew full well that was an untruth. Ask his what is the reason he called for the death penalty in this case? when it was a domestic case, ask him why he asked Flores & Horn & other to tell lies on the stand? & ask him is he in cahoots with the Judge to get a death penalty in this case? Then we’d have something of a more even case

    Me thinks, that…would be a very good “Justice” type of day, when Martinez would be shown to all the world as the scheming, lying, little bully type of Prosecutor, that he is.

    PS. Your Honor, I demand from you the acquittal of Miss Jodi Arias on Tuesday the 20/01/2014. (No ifs, no buts, no maybes.) True Justice demands it!

    • The DT did try to call the lying Toad to the witness stand but the Judge refused, didn’t she?
      Did I dream that????? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

        • Thanks, I thought I was becoming delusional. So far the Judge has taken very good care of the clever little prosecutor. Will it continue? Time will tell. Tic Toc Frog!

      • Well they should try & get him on the stand again & shout it at her…just like Martinez shouts when he’s going “Manic” which is mostly all the time. And if she refuses Nurmi should throw his pen at her & I mean Martinez got away with same…& then Nurmi should (whisper) to Jen Wilicott (shh) Stephens is as corrupt as him (Martinez). Judge will say in her usual drawl “Sorry, what was that you whispered”? Martinez, on having heard, will shout back, “He said, “He thinks you’re as crooked as me”.

        To which Nurmi, will say, “See Judge, he admitting he’s “Crooked”1

      • I see one of his T.A.sister’s has a criminal record list as long as my arm; & can I say these sister during the trial these sister’s were rolling their eyes about while state witnesses were answering questions,like no-ones business. is this allowed in US court cases?

      • Yep…But ahhhh, wouldn’t it be the epitome of what bliss must feel like? Let’s all daydream for a few minutes………………………………………….

    • My first question to martinez would be:

      4973 X 5289 = ?

      Do you have a memory problem mr. martinez? Yes OR No? Ju-uudge! The witness is being non-responsive!

  4. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Hello everyone. Happy Martin Luther King Day. My admiration and respect for this man is beyond words. Let’s all remember that he dedicated his whole life for human civil rights. Civil rights that Jodi has been denied: a fair trial.

    How fair is it to be on trial facing a potential Death Penalty because Jodi did the one thing that all beings do when survivor instincts kick in: fight for her life.

    ((((Free Jodi)))) ♥

  5. Dr. Geffner is back on the stand tomorrow but Jennifer is not yet done with her direct. Here, according to the tweets of 12/18, is where we left off:

    Carolyn Sung @CarolynSungCNN
    TA accuses #jodiarias of deleting his email to Lisa and slashing his tires in google chat message.

    Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong
    Willmott points out in past journal entry that #JodiArias lent TA money for tires and her stun gun while he did a stake out.

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Jodi writes in her journal Travis was just being classic rude and she never slashed his tires.

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Geffner says this Gchat was unhealthy and major insults attacking Jodi for a long period of time.

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Travis was being very degrading.

    Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong
    Willmott says #JodiArias starts to defend herself. She tells TA: “I may be a liar…I may be evil…But I am not violent.”

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Geffner says then convo turns to Travis, you don’t love me, you don’t care about me and this is a pattern from awhile back.

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Jodi says to Travis “I just wish you weren’t hurting right now.”

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Geffner says Jodi was called every name in the book and she was concerned with Travis. It’s a strong example of Power and Control dynamics

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Willmott- When Travis said “I’m nothing more than a dido with a heartbeat” was Jodi using Travis for sex?

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Geffner- Jodi was a sex object and she really just wanted to cuddle. She likes the sex and goes along with it

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Jodi says in journal she’s excited about going to Utah and meeting Ryan

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Journal- “Travis didn’t seem to thrilled about my road trip. As far as I know he knows nothing of Ryan”

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Geffner says Jodi has written so much about how happy she is for Travis but now she’s talking about herself being happy

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Geffner- Travis isn’t giving her positive feedback and he’s suppose to be her friend

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Geffner says it shouldn’t matter whether he knew or not she was dating someone. This shows power and control

    Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong
    Geffner continues to describe #JodiArias “internal turmoil.” TA got mad when he found out that she was seeing someone else.

    Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong
    “I thought we agreed we weren’t going 2 discuss this stuff?” #JodiArias asked TA according 2 journal. He “pulls the lonely card,” she writes

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Journal- “At least Travis has found the one. That’s more than I can say. We still care for each other.

    Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong
    “His fiery temper” doesn’t mix well with her “tendency to cry at a drop of a hat,” #JodiArias writes in journal

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Jodi says Travis’s firey temper doesn’t mix with her crying at spilled milk but she loves him

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    TA wanted me to come see him instead of going to Utah but I’m sticking with my plans. I gently declined and I can tell that he is bothered

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Geff says JA knows TA is persuasive & she wanted to go to Az. All it took was Travis to say you need to visit me. This is control & abusive

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Ok folks it’s over for the day. Be back with more Jodi on Jan 5th….9:30am MST

  6. Debbie,

    Similar things were going through my mind about the clothes from that washer. They said it had been through a cycle. But when colored things are washed with whites in bleach, the white clothes definitely pick up shades of color or blotching–in fact they are basically ruined. The dark colors will bleed. So why weren’t the whites affected?

    Supposedly the towel was blood soaked as well. White spots on the towel result from what would appear to be caused by bleach. But yet the orange coloration of the towel nor the blood results in any color bleeding on the whites. Plus other dark clothes and socks show no affect either by the bleach and only two dark socks do. That is very strange.

    Then the T-shirt too according to Nurmi was a tie-dye, which is DESIGNED to have that mish-mosh of colors look …

    And a third thing occurred to me that is also pretty damn coincidental.

    Why do both roommates just happen to not need to do any laundry during the entire FIVE days that Travis is laying in the shower? Most people do their laundry on the weekend and it just so happens Zack does his on Wednesday but NEITHER of them need a single thing washed before Travis is discovered? Their girlfriends are both in and out of their as well. But nobody needs anything washed for almost a week?

    And all this time that camera is right there supposedly to be seen as soon as you open the cover of the washing machine.

    • The roommates need to be brought into court and put under oath and made to testify to every thing they did during this time minute by minute……….Their stories are all over the place and they know more than what they are saying….why didn’t they testify??? They are undoubtedly Mormon……..Again the Mormon connection in this case is strong…..

      • Did Martinez not actually say in court that the crime scene had been altered by the room mates? They need to be put on the stand, IMO. There is something wrong with all of the roomamtes and also the ones involved in the rather strange discovery of Travis Alexander’s body.

        • Exactly ! Your best eye witnesses or ear witnesses or timeline witnesses are right there living with TA as well as those who arrived on the scene and “discovered” TA and yet none of them are ever brought to court to testify – it is beyond strange it is downright evidence of a coverup IMHO……..

        • He said the scene had been contaminated, yes – but that’s true in every single case. The first on the scene always alter it in some way – fingerprints, hair, etc. I’ve always thought it likely the shell casing could have been kicked when the guys found Travis.

            • Yes, Journee & maria, about the spent shell casing, I have ALWAYS believed that is how the casing found itself on top of the blood patch. …Obviously whoever left (forgot to clean up) all their boot prints (left one boot print), may have tried to clean up their presence with towel(s) later found in the washer.
              …In an attempt, while sloshing the towel(s) around the floor, the shell casing may have been slung back & forth hitting the wall & bouncing here & there. …Being slung around again with towel(s) & water ((with water wetting the PREVIOUSLY DRY blood patch)) so that now when the casing hits the blood patch it NO LONGER BOUNCES off the water-wetted blood batch & rests on top, in place.
              …Of course the water dries an tricks even the most experienced evidence collector to assume that the casing had to have fallen onto the blood patch (within minutes), after the blood being deposited, & the shell casing stuck to the WET blood. …But surely that is NOT proof to connect these two events in time but may really be days in separation of time.
              …Probably not even considered as important in early years until the prosecution decided to try to FLIP THE CASE & prove the SHOT came LAST (after the blood patch evidence was deposited).
              …And, I believe the shell casing that stuck (adhered) to the blood patch, was used to persuade the medical examiner to change his opinion from the accidental shot first, to the shot being purposely delivered last.
              …Need to give immunity to the roommates to get them to tell/confess what they know about who really discovered TA’s body & who tried to clean up evidence & when.
              …When unlimited amounts of evidence is collected & controlled by only the police, (withheld from defense, Brady violation), most any case can have its logic FLIPPED by the investigators. ….(IMHO)….

      • I agree BB and if it is not someone from that particular church, ward, or whatever they call it, someone should come forward and set the record straight. Jodi was a member of their religion also. Do they condone abusing church members? Why would they accept one of the priest holders baptizing a new member and then taking them home and having sex with them. Now they know the truth about Travis (from his own words) but not one of them has reached out to offer Jodi love or support??? They would rather continuing the horrible lies that he created about Jodi. They prefer to keep their members fueling the hatred and lies? If they allow a member of their church family to be abused to the extent that Jodi has been slandered and abused and not one has offered her any help, then no one is safe from the same happening to them? Kolob help them. Travis Alexander was not the saint that the media and his so called friends and family have professed him to be. . .Travis’s own words and actions have proved it. Apparently, it is A-OK for Mormons to abuse, lie, cheat, look at pornographic trash (be it adult or child porn) because they still sing his praises. I’m sick to my stomach with all of this “boys will boys mentality”. Travis was an abusive sick and disturbed individual. The lies need to stop. They need to stop this Hate train against Jodi Arias NOW! Where is the love, compassion and support they should be providing to their church member. Jodi was not the abusive one.

      • OMG, YES!!!!!!!!

        If there’s one thing where I wholeheartedly believe the DT dropped the ball is the fact they did not call the roomates on the stand. They are boudn to know so much more than what they are saying. Remember Zach on Nancy Disgrace??? He was talking as if he was simultaneously SHITTING his pants. He was careful of his every word, as if trying not to let something slip.

        I’m not saying they have something to do with the killing itself but I do believe they may have discovered the body earlier and made a pact to keep it a secret till someone ELSE would come looking for TA; doesn’t make much sense but maybe they panicked and thought THEY would be accused of the crime. So chose to play the I”m-so-shocked-No-I-didn’t-know-anything role instead 😉

  7. That day of the 4th alone, it was like Grand Central Station at that house.

    11:00 Zack claims he left to take back his rental car maybe about this time

    3:00 He returns.

    4:00 He leaves again to go to his girlfriend’s house.

    6:00 Enrique is due home from work, possibly even a little earlier because he is taking the bus.

    9:00 Zack returns.

    And Jodi is supposed to be in a room that they are passing back and forth every few hours committing this premeditated murder. Maybe in a Columbo episode. It would be like threading a needle to not be seen by people she knows are going to be in the house.

    And I think that oddity I just thought of with nobody needing to do washing for five and half days–just coincidentally the 5 days Travis is decomposing in the shower with FOUR people in that house and including a full weekend when most people do their washing– is TOO UNLIKELY.

    We were all thinking about them not smelling anything for five days. But now we have two people plus their girlfriends not needing to do any laundry at all for almost a week. And Zack can’t even remember which day he CLAIMS to have done his laundry. Which is also strange because either day would be in the middle of the week.

    Cue the Twilight Zone theme.

    • Jade, the more we go over all of this I seriously wonder why it was not brought forth in the guilt trial? What the hell is going on in this trial??? How much of this now can come forth in this part of the trial.

    • These were my own initial observations based on the 2008 Flores Report:
      Repost >>>

      **The week before last, Flores (asked by Nurmi) stated he had no specific knowledge of the shell casing found on the bathroom floor. In his 2008 report, he states the casing was a Winchester .25 caliber.

      **His report also mentioned a very long hair fiber found near the shower baseboard. Strange that he noticed a long hair but never noticed the boot print. Neither have been tied to anyone specific as far as I recall.

      **He also mentioned a latent fingerprint “in blood” on the bathroom hallway wall (?)

      **In his 6/18 interview, Enrique Cortez, he stated he’d seen TA on a conference phone call on the evening of June 4th between 6pm-6.30pm.

      **The Camera: Flores talks about the memory card found in the camera. Heather Conner (during her trial testimony) stated the camera & memory card had been found separately in the washing machine. Melendez testified to the card being IN the camera when he received it for “investigation” (not withstanding there were 2 different memory cards, even though only 1 was ever produced as evidence during the trial).


      When asked when he did the washing that week, Zach Billings even gave 3 different days, and still wasn’t sure on the specifics… even though he knew the exact days & times of all his other activities in & around the house that week, including knowing the color of TA’s underwear. Go figure.

      Last but not least:
      Gus Searcy: Remember Gus pleading the 5th during his testimony? It turned out he was trying to protect PPL member Charmaine Juban, after Chris Hughes threatened her with all manner of unpleasant repercussions if she testified regarding what she knew about TA. Mormon-Pedo cover-up.

      The whole “trial” has been a fucking joke from Day 1 – and still is.

      Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

      • Zach is dissembling to cover up…And someone needs to get hold of Charmaine Juban and find out what she knows about this case that might be relevant….subpoena her, the roommates, and the new owners of the house and the Alexanders if need be…..Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead !!!!!

        • According to Gus, Charmaine left the country with no plans to return, she was that afraid of CASH. We’d never have learned her name at all if she hadn’t gotten out of the country.

          • The CASH’s they seem to be central in everything in this case – email tampering, covering up for TA and the church, intimidating potential witnesses….they need to be examined a lot more closely…..yet they mysteriously escaped during the trial with being questioned very little……again Mormon mob coverup………..IMHO

            • OK here we go….My gut tell me Uncle Travis did something to either one or both of the cashes boys. I really want them to prove what day they landed in Cancun. What day did they get into TA’s e-mail. Such a great friend that will stay in Cancun after learning his “best friend” is dead.

              • pretty sure the CASH kids were the ones Jodi was so concerned about, anyway – when she talked about Travis reneging on their deal about her keeping his secret as long as he stopped spending nights at the home of these friends who had kids.

      • OMG SJ you have that right. Now where the hell does the DT go with this? So they are picking their battles that they know they can win.

        I never know that was why Gus was pleading the 5th.

    • Also – not in Flores report but was mentioned by Beth Karas early in the trial that Brint Hiatt was actually (supposedly) the last person (besides Jodi, of course 🙄 ) to see Travis alive. He was at TA’s around noon that day to give Travis a check – he was loaning him money.

      (you hear Jodi talk about that loan on one of the phone interviews with Flores)

      • Yup having to beg money from people and go on a trip and buy a $500.00 camera. Oh hell Jodi didn’t kill Travis she would have cut his penis off. It was jealous rage. She knew Mimi just wanted to be friends.

        So Travis who really killed you and what did you do to that child???

        • He was interviewed by the police, BB – but an influential member of a powerful Mormon community so his name was kept out of the trial.

          • This is so not surprising…….but it should alarm anyone who claims to want justice that potential witnesses can be kept under wraps bc of who they are and what church they belong to……..

      • Brint Hiatt and his brother had also been Travis’s roommates.

        Travis, a guy who made six figures but yet constantly needing to borrow money and have roommates to pay the mortgage.

        Most people making six figures don’t have that problem.

        • Brint Hiatt is an older gentleman. Travis called him his Mesa dad. He’s a plastic surgeon in the Phoenix area. He did one televised interview that I know of, smallish grey haired man. Can’t say whether it was one of the documentaries or HLN, but I did see him.

          HIatt was interviewed by one of the other detectives that same night that everyone went to the police station in the wee hours, so the information about his Jun 4 visit would be in one of the supplemental reports Flores mentions in his own report.

          • …or of they are a narcissstic a**hole who spends thousands on specially made costumes, cufflinks, expensive pairs of shoes, $500 cameras etc etc. 🙄

      • From the Flores Report.
        I believe a witness’ first account. After someone recounts something and is made to feel they didn’t answer correctly they revise their statement.

        According to Detective Pepper, Travis body appeared to have been there for 1 – 2 days; 2237 hours (which I presume means when he saw the body which would make it about 9:37pm).
        That would make 2 days at Saturday evening at the latest. I do not remember if Pepper testified at trial.

        Zachery did the wash on Wednesday, but no one asked him what time of day.
        (Odd, they didn’t try to pin that down, but instead coaxed him to change day and time.)
        Zachery said he saw Travis on Thursday about 11:30 am.
        He said furniture had been moved around on either Wednesday or Thursday.
        Zachery said the front door was never locked.

        Monday when the ‘friends’ arrived the door was locked. How odd.

        No one was in the house Friday until evening.

      • Continued from above:

        Enrique said the door was locked when he arrived home on Thursday.
        (Then the door was not locked on Wednesday.)
        Things in the living room where the floor washer stood was in disarray on Thursday.
        His girlfriend Kim noticed Travis ring and watch on the kitchen counter.
        There was a doggie gate in front of the stairs leading to Travis’ bedroom.
        Enrique saw Travis on the phone Wednesday night.

    • Let’s not forget TA’s dog that was running around the house for those same five days. Only one thing was said about the dog at all and that was someone’s girlfriend was feeding him. I am sorry but dogs have a very very keen sense of smell and that dog was not whining and clawing at TA’s door or the wall where the shower was on the other side? I have a very hard time believing that. Even more so that no one noticed it if he was.

      • Agree. Unless the dog was taken away from the house, there’s no way he did not act like crazy with his master decomposing in the bedroom. No.Way.

        • Maria he wasn’t taken away from the house because when Mimi Hall got there and looked in she saw the doggie gate was up and she found it quite unusual.

          • Yes, I know Napoleon was there. That’s why I said “Unless…..” like a hypothetical.
            I guess I should have said “In the unlikely event of….” 😉

  8. I also would like to know what it was the the new owner of the house found in the addict in gave to the Alexanders. Needless to say this is after Det. ….head had someone search.

  9. If there was still something in the attic that was retrieved by the new owners and they turned it over to the Alexanders then there is NO WAY that the attic was searched thoroughly, period. The defense is entitled to know what was found and if I was the DT I would subpoena the new owners and require them to at the very least attend a sworn interview if not a sworn deposition to discover what it was that was found, that is if they won’t voluntarily come to an interview or deposition….

    • Woah…I don’t think I ever knew that the new owner found something and turned it over to TA’s family.
      What could it be?

      • Well I’m guessing something TA wanted hidden, you know, like tons of photos of little boys and girls in inappropriate poses, etc… know that kind of stuff a pedo pervert would love to have for future use (ugh !!) ………

      • Yes, maria, I read somewhere on this site that the new owner found something (in attic, I think) and turned it over to TA’s family. …And, I believe that I made a reply/comment addressing (that comment) that the attic under blown-in insulation, or roll-in insulation, (between 2 x 6 in ceiling joists would be an excellent place to hide things that the tenant (TA) would never want found by anyone (except himself). …Only he would be able to find things in an attic ((easily)) if only he knew exactly where in the insulation he put (something to be hidden). …((But I do not know when it was)) that I answered that comment with my comment). …I also seem to remember that Jodi said once that she was helping Travis by handing things up to him to be stored, so surely he knew his attic well. …

  10. As well the Alexanders themselves by taking items from the house that were present there during the time that TA lived there have possibly involved themselves in this case (and they, unlike a husband-wife relationship, do not have the privilege of not testifying) …..that is unless they voluntarily disclose what those items were with some kind of proof (like bringing those items forward for inspection, etc.) and confirmation from the new owners that handed it over to them and those items are of no relevance as determined by the court and the DT ….the prosecution should have no say in what is relevant anymore after all the Brady violations and their destruction of evidence …………

      • New evidence if determined to be relevant will be part of any post conviction relief petition but does not substitute for a direct appeal (to the US Supreme Court)….New evidence as we have seen is being brought into this sentencing phase currently and will become part of the record for appeals. KN is doing a good job of making a record of the new computer evidence and Brady violations and prosecutorial misconduct….JSS has made it clear that she will do nothing for the DT and will not grant any motions to dismiss or withdraw the DP…If any new info comes to light currently there is no doubt that KN will make a record of it for any future appeals regardless of JSS’s refusal to grant the DT’s motions ……..

  11. This frustrates and angers me so dang much. I have much faith in the DT, however I’m also let down by them. Please don’t hate me. I support them fully yet believe many things were not given the focus needed. Just praying for Jodi and her family

    • We hate no one here. . . and welcome anyone who supports the quest for Jodi’s Freedom! The only ones unwelcome are the Haters who have made it their purpose to destroy an innocent young woman’s life. Jodi will be Free again, never doubt it but it will be in God’s time not mans.

      • R. Love… Thank you so much. I’m beyond disgusted, beyond hurt, overwhelmed by those who refuse to acknowledge the effects of abuse. Jodi is such an inspiration, such grace and such bravery.

        I do not post much often at all, I read and read every day. Jodi will be free, the truth of what she survived will be known. I have full faith.

        Gods time is perfect. Always. Dear amazing sweet Jodi has such strength.

        • I have wished many times that the extremely self-absorbed and self promoting media and the people that have been misled about Jodi’s character would wake up. They have been totally used by the blood thirsty, hate filled mobs and have become a major factor in the injustices that have transpired during this trial. What will they have to say for themselves when the whole truth has been made known? Will they still lie and connive or will they be able to stand back and see what a mess they created and apologize to Jodi? I wonder. What will they think when they find out how they have been scammed? All of this could very well happen to someone in their family. What would they think then? What if it was their loved one that had been abused and viciously attacked? Would they be seeing everything differently then?
          Jodi is exactly as you describe her to be and nothing like these awful people have tried to make of her. Jodi has been an inspiration to us all. Even though she has been drug through Hell and back she still puts everyone else’s well being first. Jodi has shown great devotion, love, thoughtfulness, compassion for everyone. She has a great God given strength to endure what they have put her through. I share your disgust of this tragedy and the guilty people involved in this major deception need to be brought to justice.
          ♥ I will continue to support Jodi and her dear family with my prayers and any other means possible. Hopefully, everyone will be praying for God’s Divine intervention.

  12. Here is a question for BB, Jade and Journee. Does anyone know how long TA’s house was taped up as a crime scene and were the roomies allowed back in after the tape was taken down?I figure you can pretty much bet that as soon as that tape came down and people were allowed back in, TA’s family would have been in there cleaning stuff out that belonged to him.

    • Don’t know how long. The tape coming down assumes that the police and detectives and crime scene forensics had finished thoroughly going through the house however we know that not to be true as evidenced by the stuff in the attic that was apparently found by the new owners and turned over NOT to the police (and all parties to the case having notification of such) as it should have been but to the Alexanders…………

      • I think we might take the ‘stuff in the attic’ with a grain of salt – since it came from some loony lady who said she knew that Travis was an angel watching over her son now.

      • It seems to me BB that the Alexanders went to the new owners and asked if there was anything in the attic after Jodi testified that Travis put stuff up there.

        • It matters not how or what prompted the discovery of the stuff in the attic and this may be that the Alexanders approached the new owners. Nonetheless anything found in the attic should have been immediately reported to the police detectives and all parties to this case should have been informed of the find……..

      • I remember a discussion about the new owner and how she felt blessed to own Travis Alexander’s home. She described she had the feeling Travis was watching over her young son. At the time we all went bananas!!! I remember her saying she had found some of Travis’ personal items in the attic and turning them over to his siblings but I don’t know which one. I just remember it because I thought OMG if I thought Travis was watching over my young son I would hang garlis and a crucifix around his neck at night. She also said that they had totally remodeled (wonder why??). I have always believed there is MAJOR evidence missing in this case. Everyone covering each others sorry butts.

  13. I’m stuck on who viewed Siamese Twins in the Evidence Room at 11:00 PM on the 19th of June 2009 on TA’s laptop when there is supposed to be no one there? Was it a private viewing or was there a small audience I wonder …. 🙄

  14. I see one of his T.A.sister’s has a criminal record list as long as my arm; & can I say these sister during the trial these sister’s were rolling their eyes about while state witnesses were answering questions,like no-ones business. is this allowed in US court cases?

  15. Why is it that the Prosecutor puts the MOST mandatory sentence across (in this case, the death penalty) rather than the Judge setting the sentence? So it seems Prosecutors have more power than the Judge has in a court room, take the case of a Lee Woolard in Florida, who seen his daughter in a fracas with her boyfriend outside, he got his legally held firearm gave out a warning shot, nobody was hurt except there was a hole in the home wall. He was arrested (first time ever in his life) & charged not with firing a warning shot, but also with aggravated assault & child endangerment. That’s the charge the prosecutor in Florida went with, even though Wollard had only fired a warning shot.The two added charges meant he would get the maximum sentence which is twenty years. Where-as in other cases in Florida people have shot strangers dead who approached their house/s & they get their cases dismissed. Is there something I am missing here?

    PS. He is still in Prison.

    • Prof. Stephen B. Bright – Yale Law School – Prosecutorial Discretion

      “The central player in the criminal justice system is the prosecutor.” Prosecutors decide what cases are brought, what charges are filed against the accused, what plea bargains are offered, what sentences are imposed – very often, or at least have a tremendous amount of power in deciding that.
      The two most important decisions in any capital case is often made by just one person and that’s the prosecutor, called United States Attorneys in the Federal System called States Attorneys or District Attorneys usually in the State System. “

      At approx. 6:00 mins he speaks directly to capital cases. His mother named him well.

  16. Was Jodi ever told about her right to stay silent & be allowed an Attorney at the beginning of all this case shenanigans?

    This piece is as regards the law of the Constitution and this is a version explaining it fully written by the Annenberg Classroom, a group who specialise in civil & liberty matters & on the constitution of America.

    Right against Self-Incrimination: This provision of the Fifth Amendment is probably the best-known of all constitutional rights, as it appears frequently on television and in movies—whether in dramatic courtroom scenes (“I take the Fifth!”) or before the police question someone in their custody (“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you do say can be used against you in a court of law.”). The right protects a person from being forced to reveal to the police, prosecutor, judge, or jury any information that might subject him or her to criminal prosecution. Even if a person is guilty of a crime, the Fifth Amendment demands that the prosecutors come up with other evidence to prove their case. If police violate the Fifth Amendment by forcing a suspect to confess, a court may suppress the confession, that is, prohibit it from being used as evidence at trial.

  17. And how coincidental…just at the time he’s moving boxes into the attic…and when he thinks she’s left.


    The most gripping moment came when she recounted how she went over to his house after work on January 21, 2008 and helped him move some boxes up to the attic.

    He then gave her a porcelain angel figurine, calling her ‘his angel’.

    Later after leaving the house, she realized she forgot the figurine and she turned her car around to go back to get it.

    When she went back into the house, she did not see or hear Alexander until she walked into his bedroom and found him pleasuring himself on the bed.

    ‘I got really embarrassed, even though we’d been intimate more times than I can count,’ she told the courtroom.

    He then allegedly tried to collect the pieces of paper that were surrounding him on the bed before she could see what they were, but one fell at her feet and she saw that it was a picture of a young boy in his underwear.

    She did not recognize the boy, and only said that he looked to be about five or six years old.

    ‘I was frozen there for a minute- well, maybe not a whole minute- I didn’t know how to react,’ she said, going on to say that she ran out of the house and into her car.

    Once she arrived home, she rushed to the bathroom and threw up.

    But she also claimed that they had sexual relations that night because she thought that it would ‘help’ him.

    • Disturbingly disgusting! Yep, that’s Travis Alexander. For those who are quick to say “it’s not nice to speak ill of the dead”, I beg to differ. After one has read the things that he said and did and most of it in his own words and actions, there is no way to sugar coat it. But that is just my opinion.

      • It’s disturbing as hell, R.Love!
        Not nice to speak ill of the dead?? REALLY????
        They’ve practically taken Jodi’s life and they sure never speak kind of her.
        Jodi wasn’t the bad one in this at all.
        Just because TA is dead, that makes him nice?
        OK, they have the death pentalty.After they put them to death, do they
        start speaking kindly and lovingly about them???
        People are just downright crazy!!!

  18. Team Jodi,

    Did anyone ever hear of TA being involved with this woman, (Linda Ballard Boss)? I came across this video while I was searching on YouTube? Here is the video: This is the first that I ever heard of this woman!

    FREE JODI ANN ARIAS, NOW!, AZ!!!! Isn’t it about time that this deceptive COVER UP ENDS already??? How long do you think you can get away with this? Your time is running out so why not come clean with the truth on your own or you can drag it out and be shamed for the whole world to see! It’s your choice!

    • Didn’t check the video, cuz I’m headed for bed -so sorry if I’m being repetitive or stating the obvious…..

      Wasn’t she the one he got involved with when Deanna was on her mission?

      Gave her a ring, as I recall?

    • Yes I heard about it during the trial. Do you remember JM accusing Jodi of stealing a ring? He supposedly bought this woman a ring but he did not give it to her because she turned him down when he asked her to marry him. He went back to Deanna shortly after this.

    • Hey Marja, can you put a warning on next time you link to a Nancy Disgrace video? I wasn’t prepared with a barf bag. Lol

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