Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #27 (Review & video)

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A decision is expected “any time” following yesterday’s Motion to Dismiss hearing.

Click here (or click the pic below) to watch brief video highlights:

jodi arias - motion to dismiss 1-9-2014

From Michael Kiefer, AZ Central:

“Jodi Arias sentencing trial: Could it all be over Monday?”

On Friday, her defense attorney, Kirk Nurmi, made a last-ditch effort to have the prosecution’s intent to seek the death penalty thrown out, his motion alleging prosecutorial misconduct and inability to get witnesses to testify on Arias’ behalf because of a court ruling forbidding testimony in a closed courtroom.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sherry Stephens said that she would rule by Monday.

Her first trial took place in 2013, but the jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict as to whether she should be sentenced to life or death.

A second jury was seated in September, and Nurmi and his co-counsel, Jennifer Willmott, have been trying to present “mitigation” witnesses who might convince the jury to spare Arias’ life. If death is taken off the table because of the pending motion, Arias must be sentenced to life in prison and there would be no need to continue the current proceedings.

Nurmi’s argument rests largely on how police and prosecutors handled a computer belonging to Alexander that was taken into evidence at the crime scene. And he claimed that they knowingly misrepresented the content of the computer hard drive and failed to turn over copies they had made of it.

While the computer was in custody of Mesa police, it was turned on and off twice without taking proper precautions for handling evidence, which resulted in files being accidentally altered or deleted from the hard drive.

During Arias’ 2013 guilt-or-innocence trial, and during the present sentencing retrial, Mesa police officers testified under oath that the computer was free of pornography and computer viruses. Prosecutor Juan Martinez used that testimony to refute Arias’ assertions that Alexander was sexually attracted to young boys and he branded her a liar for saying the porn and viruses were there.

Mesa police have since admitted that the computer did have significant amounts of pornography and viruses despite the earlier testimony by the trial’s case agent and a police forensic expert.

“Under what law would the state be allowed to go forward and seek the death penalty based on false testimony?” Nurmi asked.

Just last month, Nurmi learned that Mesa police had made a mirror image of the computer’s hard drive in 2008, before some of the alterations took place, but had never provided it to the defense. The prosecution is legally and ethically obligated to turn over evidence, especially if it may cast a more favorable light on the defendant.

“The state has confessed to illegal behavior,” Nurmi said. “The only option is to dismiss death against Ms. Arias.”

Martinez claimed that there was no harm done to Arias’ case. And he said that there was no way to prove who had actually viewed the pornography on what he described as a “communal computer.”

But Nurmi’s computer experts said repeatedly in recent hearings that the pornography would be hard to miss, and that the computer had an unusual number of “cleaning programs” that had likely been installed by Alexander to mask or erase the porn-viewing history.

Eventually the withheld evidence will derail any death sentence on appeal if Stephens does not dismiss it, Nurmi said.

“She will never be executed,” he said.

In November, Stephens granted Arias’ defense motion to allow witnesses to testify out of sight of the press and public. The Arizona Republic, 12 News and other media outlets sued for access and won in the Arizona Court of Appeals. Earlier this week, the Arizona Supreme Court refused to postpone that ruling while it was being appealed.

On Thursday, Stephens ordered the release of transcripts of the two closed-trial days with a witness who turned out to be Arias herself. Those transcripts are expected to be made public next week.

But Nurmi said in Friday’s hearing that 14 of Arias’ mitigation witnesses will refuse to testify if they have to do so in public.

Martinez countered that the witnesses could be subpoenaed and forced to testify, or that they could have been interviewed on video or prepared affidavits.

Nurmi claimed that Arias has been denied her right to a fair trial.

“It’s game over,” he said. “She cannot present a good defense.”

Stephens took the matter under advisement.

If she rules against Arias, trial will resume Monday.

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  1. Good morning!

    I do have a question. If JSS decides to take the death penalty off the table, Jodi will be sentenced to life or life with chance of parole after 25 years. My question is, if JSS does remove the death penalty and since removing the death penalty is the “alternative” to dismissing the verdict altogether, will the DT then continue on to appeals to have the verdict overturrned? I don’t see JSS throwing out the verdict, though I do believe justice demands it. This entire trial was not only a travesty to Jodi, but to the entire justice system as a whole.

      • I hope so. I hope the DT does not abandon her if the DP is taken off the table. Even if they have to do the appeals pro bono….

            • An attorney who does it pro bono, surely, in my opinion would be able to get a book deal afterward, and their time and investment would also be compensated for in that way.
              And I don’ t consider that crass at all; I consider it an additional incentive, and a feasible way to ultimately be compensated, and deservedly so.

          • A reversal is such a clear slam dunk, at this point, that a law student could probably write the appeal and succeed. But it’s also such a clear slam dunk, on a high profile case, I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t a few appellate attorneys already talking to the family about pro bono or reduced fee work. Purely speculation on my part, though.

            • 90% of the time you are right. I’m thinking that the minute JSS makes her ruling they will file for the appeal.

              The one thing that just grabs at my gut is the fact that JM might walk away from this.

            • BTW ♥ if you all do not stop with the sports comments such as “Slam Dunk” and “Punt” I’m going back to watching football with my husband. . . . . . .aaaa. . . nope forget that, I’ll hang around here!!!! 😀

              • yah – you’d probably better do that

                your husband would laugh himself silly to hear you say ‘slam dunk’ about a football game


                • 🙄 Ok now, who let your evil twin out???? You didn’t even send a warning!
                  And , then if that’s not bad enough you team up on me! Between Baseball,
                  Football, Basketball I could OD on all of the sporting events if I chose too.
                  Smack smack. . .anyone for some boxing?? And why do you get a green evil faced twin and mine doesn’t 🙂 😆

                • perhaps mine is more evil than yours – and she’s still on the loose because of that endorphin rush I mentioned, can’t seem to rein her naughty self in!

                  just like roll but with mrgreen between the colons

    • D, the appeals process is explained in detail in the FAQ’s at the appellate-fund site, Just click on FAQ’s.

      It’s far from clear that the appellate fund has enough money yet to hire a private appeals lawyer. I think we should all get ready for an intense round of renewed fundraising as soon as the penalty retrial is over, when presumably a current fund total will be released.

  2. I have had thoughts swimming through my simple little mind all night. I’m anxious just like everyone else.

    I’m still confused as to what yesterdays hearing truly was about. She already heard argument before the holidays and said she would take it under oh darn it that word just flew into R. Loves barn…she would think about it. Isn’t that what she was doing all this time???

    Now this is just something that has been bugging me. Is the a list of witnesses for either side that has made public??

    • I don’t remember a list being made public, Cindy.

      Just like, I have been pretty stressed myself. Monday seems so far away! First time in my life I think that I want the weekend to be over.

  3. Hypothetical:
    I said this yesterday and I’m not sure but just the way JSS said she would have a answer no latter then Monday, made me think her answer co old come at anytime over the weekend. Now I believe she has already made her decision.
    I would not be surprised if she did this today. Catch everybody off guard. No media circus.

    OK I do have a question. I know Jodi would have to be in the courtroom but would the siblings??

  4. Yes, yes, yes, they will most definitely proceed on to the appellate process to overturn this egregious fraudulent verdict that was based on LIES !!!!

  5. Yo Cindy – I HOPE I just sent an email your way. The address RASNA sent me wouldn’t work so I took a SWING FOR THE BLEACHERS (that one’s for R. Love! :mrgreen: ) and a guess at what might be wrong with it. It sent that time – just hope it went to you!

  6. I took a quick glance at ‘The State vs Jodi Arias’ FB site. Several observations: (1) they believe JSS is biased in favor of Jodi (not sure what trial they’ve been following), (2) they are all – and I mean ALL – women (most likely watchers of soap operas where there is an evil vixen at every turn ready to kill the man she loves if she can’t have him – contrary to real life), and (3) they are all idiots who have little to no concept of how the justice system is supposed to work, believing it’s only working if they agree with the outcome, no matter how that outcome is achieved. Rampant ignorance!

    • Justus, honey, I gotta speak up –

      re no 2? Yeah -no. I’ve already admitted here to having been a soap fan for many years – All My Children in particular, but sometimes that meant watching the whole afternoon line-up on ABC. All those years, never saw a vixen – or any woman, really – kill the guy they couldn’t have. The evil ones often plotted nefarious acts against their rivals, but they almost always GOT the guy.

      • Sorry, Journee. I didn’t mean to insult all soap opera watchers. (I’ve been known to watch one or two myself.) The evil vixens may not kill but don’t you think there are an inordinate number of such women n these “stories”, capable of such behavior, compared to the real world? I just think a steady diet of such things can warp one’s perception of reality. Again, I apologize. I would not put anyone here in the same category as those people. Contrary to what I see here, those folks can’t think for themselves and are easily influenced by corrupt prosecutors and biased media, as long as both give them what they want.

        • Yes, vixens abound, as well as the villains we love to hate (But IMO David Canary will always be the king of them all) – can’t move a drama forward without them!

          Just not sure how much these people might have been warped by fiction. More inclined to remind myself that people are just hooked on drama, and will create it when their own lives lack it. That and the fact that there’s simply no cure for stupid.

      • Yes, the traditional soap operas that were on for years never stooped to the kind of smutty level that crime- entertainment shows are stooping to now.
        The traditional soaps respected their audience, and the soaps actually did have quite a bit of quality to them.
        I just would eventually give up when they would never allow anyone to remain happy for long, and when they resorted to always having someone come back from the dead, or some other far-fetched plot.

        • I used to watch Mexican and Argentinean soap operas. In fact, that’s how I became fascinated with Spanish and decided to take lessons. Evil vixens abound in Latin American soap operas, all kinds of crazy bitches LMAOO!

  7. I’m a bit alarmed at the level of optimism about Jodi’s appeals that I’m seeing in many posts here. In my opinion, complacency at this point is dangerous, so I’d just like to remind everyone of the following points:

    1 If you read, or reread, the answer to FAQ 2 on the fund website, you’ll see that without a death sentence, Arizona pays for only two perfunctory appeals, one of which will be heard by JSS herself.

    2 Since JSS is going to rule on the dismissal motion by Monday morning, probably she’ll deny it. If she were going to abort the retrial because of the porn-file scandal, surely she’d have hired a court-appointed computer expert to cover herself.

    3 Even if Jodi’s conviction is ultimately overturned by some court, state or federal, it may take many years and many hundreds of attorney hours to do it. Debra Milke spent 23 years on death row for a conviction based only on a confession alleged by a dishonest police detective. Even now, Bill Montgomery is still trying to retry Milke, even though the Ninth Circuit threw out her conviction (for a Brady violation) and the case was dismissed with prejudice by an Arizona appeals court. So Maricopa County is not going to give up its most prominent recent conviction — Jodi’s — without a long, fierce struggle

    4 As another FAQ answer says, the retainer that appeals lawyers quoted to Jodi is $250,000. Even if someone takes the case at a reduced rate — as I too think is likely — it will surely require a lot more money than I have yet heard of Jodi having.

    If Jodi’s conviction is vacated, it won’t be by God, or karma, or, I believe, by anybody working pro bono. All of that is wishful thinking. What Jodi needs is a pile of MONEY and it is still up to us, her supporters, to provide it. I’ve been warning for most of a year that when retrial is over, she may get stuck in prison forever for lack of funds for any effective appeals. Do not think that for some reason this can’t happen! It can. So, this is no time for complacency. Please, everyone, keep thinking about fundraising, since crunch time may be upon us sooner than we think.

    • I don’t see anyone who is being complacent, alan, or anyone who has stopped giving or trying to raise money for her appeals. I see a bunch of people who’ve been fighting and giving and hoping for so long and feeling like our efforts, alone, just weren’t ever going to be enough.

      And now, suddenly, we’re seeing a big, bright and UNDENIABLE ray of hope. We’re happy about it.

      • Yes, we are HAPPY but cautious! We have been in a desperate situation for so long it is good to, at the least, see a shimmer of light at the end of this long tunnel. We are here for the long haul and will not let her down.

    • Besides which –

      Yanno, vindication just feels pretty damn good. We’ve been saying for two years that the state was LYING. And now they’ve gone ahead and proved us right! Proved it to the world, damn it!

      I’ll even admit that I’m rather enjoying watching team idiot worry for a change.

      • I couldn’t agree more about the ray of hope, shimmer of light, and vindication. Obviously, I’m thrilled about it all too. The most amazing thing is that, as Jodi’s tweeter pointed out, if the porn-file issue saves Jodi, then she will have essentially rescued herself. From solitary confinement, she blew her own case wide open by going pro se and sending Neumeister to examine TA’s computer.

        I’m merely pointing out that neither our emotions nor the justice of Jodi’s cause, however obvious, will overturn her conviction. This is Maricopa County! If we were Debra Milke supporters and had just discovered that Saldate had been cited by three courts for perjury, we’d be ecstatic too. Someone might call that a slam-dunk reversal. Yet Milke is still fighting them after 23 years. She can do that because her death sentence aroused the interest of a nonprofit willing to fund tenacious lawyering. Without a death sentence, Jodi will have nothing like that, only her appellate fund. So, unless I misunderstand the situation, without a big pile of money soon there won’t be a “long haul.” It could all be over soon and Jodi in prison for the rest of her life without hope. I’m sorry to keep being the messenger — shoot me if you like — but I think it’s important that everyone stay on high alert that crunch time is coming soon.

        • Is it your understanding that, if those two perfunctory appeals fail, there can be no others? Not even if funds can be scraped together later?

          Because Jodi’s surely in it for the long haul, we’re in it with her and we’ll keep pushing money into the pile until the pile gets big enough.

          An aside – you know what I take as a very promising sign? One that’s especially promising because of the LACK of comment about it from the tweeters or Team Travis? That Martinez has a courtroom babysitter – and that he’s being forced to sit in a chair, throughout this whole proceeding, that is normally reserved for his PD stooge. Martinez is on the ropes. How can that not be good news?

          • Yes, that is exactly my understanding, based on the answer to FAQ2 (posted below). I do not know how long after the end of retrial Jodi has to hire a private lawyer, and neither does she (I asked her). Perhaps it can be delayed till the end of the two state-funded appeals, and I don’t know how long they would take. But there is certainly a “time window” after which no further appeal is possible, unless perhaps (I’m guessing here; maybe BB could clear this up) on the basis of new evidence. So I’m merely reminding people of what the fund-site itself says.

            By the way, I hope my use of the “shoot-the-messenger” metaphor didn’t make anyone think I was passing a message from Jodi. Not at all: they’re my words and thoughts, not hers. She’s sometimes used me in the past for fundraising messages, but not this time.

            Here’s the FAQ2 pasted from the fund site. If you think I’m being melodramatic, in the original there are italics on “for the rest of her life.”


            A2: If Jodi is given a sentence of death, then, yes, Arizona taxpayers will be required to pay for Jodi’s entire defense (all over again), even if it takes decades – which most death-penalty cases do. The problem with this scenario is that Jodi will not receive the best representation possible. Rather, she will be appointed yet another public defender, and we’ve already seen the disastrous results of that. Even if a public defender can manage to get the conviction overturned, that public defender will also be Jodi’s trial attorney.

            If Jodi is sentenced to life, taxpayers will fund very little. She will be appointed a public defender for her direct appeal, and if her conviction is upheld (nearly all convictions are upheld on direct appeal), then post-conviction relief (PCR) proceedings begin. Few appellants are granted a hearing at the PCR stage, and of those few, fewer still ever manage to get their convictions overturned. If the public defender can manage to get Jodi a hearing during PCR, she will be back in the same courtroom with the same trial judge and the same prosecutor. Only the public defender will be new (and thus at a disadvantage). The Honorable Sherry Stephens will be the one deciding whether to uphold Jodi’s conviction. Arizona taxpayers will not pay for anything beyond PCR proceedings. If her conviction is upheld, Jodi and her public defender will part ways and Jodi will go back to prison … for the rest of her life.

            The alternative is much better: Immediately after Jodi is sentenced, whether to life or death, the Legal Defense Fund is used to retain the most competent, skilled attorney available to begin working on her appeals right away, from her direct appeal all the way to the federal level, if need be. Unfortunately, this scenario cannot be realized until there is enough in the fund to retain an attorney. Nor is it in Jodi’s best interest to retain one later down the line, because that attorney will not be adequately familiarized with the case and relevant history, such as incidents of prosecutorial misconduct. Also, there is a limited window of time that Jodi has to appeal in, and if that window closes, she will have lost the opportunity, and any further attempts to appeal will be deemed by the court to be not timely.

            So, the question “Don’t the Arizona taxpayers have to pay for Jodi’s appeals?” can best be answered with a question: “Don’t you want Jodi to have the best legal representation possible, or do you want to leave it to chance and let the system pick another public defender for her?”

            • OK I do understand what you are saying to us. You are right but please, please understand what we are trying to say to you. We are not trying to shot the messenger here I know for myself I was trying to just relax a bit this morning. Smell the roses. None of us knows how JSS is going to rule but for a few hours we were casting in what could be. Never once have we lost track of why we are here.

            • Jodi’s conviction and trial are unusual because a lot of the appeal will be
              based imo to the circus atmosphere of this trial, intimidation of witnesses, and
              prosecutor s misconduct in relation to the porn situation and the “change of heart” of
              Dr. Horn. Therefore, a good appellate lawyer could be found to take this case
              pro bono. There are several issues that imo could go up the the Supreme Ct. of the U.S.

    • Alan,

      I’m sure no one here has forgotten about Jodi’s appellate fund and the large amount of money Jodi will need when it’s time for her to hire an attorney. I know I think about it every single day and I do my best to save what I can, even though (as you all know here) Greece has been hit hard by the financial crisis and depending on the result of the upcoming elections, our conutry may even go bankrupt!

      Cheering about what seems to be going the DT’s way for a change doesn’t make us forget of our duty: for it IS our duty as Jodi supporters to collect as much money as possible. Having a bit fun, enjoying some good sense of humor and going a bit off topic doesn’t mean we no longer care about fundraising.

      No one here is complacent. We’ve just been bottling up our pain anger and frustration for 2 years. When suddenly what we’ve suspected, hell what we’ve KNOWN for so long, is finally being proven I think we’re entitled to be more light-hearted.

      • Maria, of course everyone ought to be happy and lighthearted about recent developments. No argument there! But I worry about so many people saying here that a reversal of Jodi’s conviction is a foregone conclusion. It’s nothing of the sort. Saying such things on the main page — which hundreds of people read, many more than actually post — could hurt Jodi’s fundraising, if potential donors think there’s no longer any need to give. There’s still a screaming need, and it only becomes more urgent as the clock ticks down on Jodi’s time window for appeals (see FAQ2 above).

        • Alan although, we have been silly today never doubt we will continue to give and work hard to fight for Jodi Arias everyday! Jodi is #1 to all of us and we will not let her down. We will pull together and see that Justice happens for Jodi. Believe it! I take no offense to your words because I know you truly have Jodi’s best interests at heart, as we all do!
          ♥FREE JODI AZ!!!!!!!!! ♥

  8. Hi everyone. I don’t know what to believe about JSS ruling…

    We’ve seen that she has turned a blind eye on many occasions in favor of the Prosecution.

    She has let martinez get away with all his sneaky tricks, his constant witness badgering, his many successful attempts in turning the courtroom into a three ring circus, attempt to destroy of evidence IN the courtroom (camera)…. the list is damn long.

    JSS has sworn to obey and follow the law. She has sworn to provide justice.

    Whether people like it or not, it’s a fact that the prosecution has been caught in obstruction of justice.

    Jodi Arias’s constitutional rights to a fair trial have been denied by dirty cops, corrupted prosecutor, dirty medical examiner, lying State forensics ‘specialists’ (using the word ‘specialists’ very loosely), dirty and corrupted state witnesses, media frenzy, huge social media hate campaigns, biased first jury….

    I really do hope that this time around JSS makes her decision based on Justice and Law. Simple fact is that Jodi never got a fair trial. Jodi shouldn’t have been on trial for premed M1 in the first place… that alone shows how corrupted Arizona is! Self defense is not a crime, it’s one’s right to life.

    ((((Jodi)))) ♥ ♥ ♥

  9. Day 51 Rebuttal – Michael Melendez

    Just this rebuttal testimony alone should give Jodi a ticket home. It was very striking the number of lies he tells. (He seems to close his eyes a lot when he lies).

    Read/listen to this is a Freudian slip made in the last set of questions by Malware.

    JM – Sir, one of the things that you indicated to defence counsel was that based on your examination there was – the last activity was at 16:54 hours, correct?

    MM – Yes.

    JM – And that’s 4:54 PM on June 4th, correct?

    MM – Correct.

    JM – Sir, um do you know how that activity got on there?

    MM – I don’t recall the exact activity but it was the last time someone used …

    JM – or somebody attempted to get on this computer, correct?

    MM – Correct.

    JM – So it could be that one of the police officers or somebody else (2:54:22) could have touched it, right?

    KN – Objection, out of scope.

    MM – At 4:54 pm on the …

    JSS – Wait, hold on. Overruled.

    MM – I’m sorry. At 4:54 pm – at that time – I’m not sure if they were there or not – I don’t know.

    JM: Well, somebody was there to access it on June 4th at 4:54 PM, correct?

    MM: Correct.

    JM: And you don’t know how that happened?

    MM – No.

    JM – So it could have been Mr. Alexander, correct? (Yes) It could have been Ms. Arias – you just don’t know who it was that accessed it?

    MM – Correct.

    JM – We do know that the police showed up some time later, right?

    MM – Yes.

    JM – Do you know what exactly is being accessed on June 4th of 2008 at 4:54 PM?

    MM – I don’t recall but it’s being ..

    JM – Accessed is that correct?

    MM – Yes.

    JM – I don’t have any other questions.

    • Great find, Carol
      Martinez is really confused here when he suggests it could have been a police officer that touched Travis’ computer on June 4, 2008 @ 4:54pm. Travis, as far as we know, was still alive at that time. Unfortunately, Nurmi objects, Melendez (apparently realizing Martinez has made a boo-boo) start to repeat the date, and JSS overrules giving Martinez time to recover and realize his mistake.
      But, he still seems confused when he says to Melendez: “We do know that the police showed up some time later, right?” Yeah, right, if by “some time later” you mean MORE THAN 5 DAYS LATER.

      • Wouldn’t it have been something if he had blown it on his last questions – all his deceitful plotting and all that perjury he cooked up with his witnesses blow up in his frog face, which was rather red at that moment.

  10. I was just watching Deanna on the stand. I was so impressed with how KN question her. Never yelled or berated her.
    I would like to know who knows that TA was abusive towards her.

    • It took Jodi YEARS of being OUT of that relationship to recognize that she’d been in an abusive relationship.

      I think it’s likely that Deanna was abused, but also may be true that if she was she hasn’t admitted to herself yet, let alone told someone else. So if there’s someone who KNOWS Travis abused her, it would almost have to be someone who saw it, I think.

      • This is most likely what happened. It’s very sad but hopefully someday she will come to realize that she was abused by TA and then she can start to heal.
        Another one of TA’s victim’s.

    • If you read and listen to the commentators, they make Nurmi out to be the bad guy asking her so many explicit questions about sex, but in reality, it was the prosecutor’s objections that made him ask more embarrassing questions than the ones that he asked as he was trying to take it easy on her.

      • OK I do understand what you are saying to us. You are right but please, please understand what we are trying to say to you. We are not trying to shot the messenger here I know for myself I was trying to just relax a bit this morning. Smell the roses. None of us knows how JSS is going to rule but for a few hours we were casting in what could be. Never once have we lost track of why we are here.

      • I agree CanadaCarol. Martinez is the root of this whole mess. His campaign to self promote himself has created the biggest mess ever. If anyone is embarrassed about anything that has happened in this trial, they should give thanks to the Almighty Martinez, the creator of this Massive Web of Deceit! 🙄 Wonder how his book deal is going? SMH

    • I have a question about Porn-Dogg and the laptop’s software being registered in Deanna’s name. If he had been caught with illegal child porn, which is really serious, at least in Canada, would Deanna have been in trouble?

  11. ♥ Psalm 9: 9,10 “The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.” ♥

  12. Any other judge I would be more optimistic, but this judge is absolutely incompetent. I don’t see her throwing this case out at all.

    • There’s a clip of the hearing with BK commenting. It is a very short clip of the hearing,and then they interview BK so it’s not worth posting. She is too biased to bother with, but she agrees with you. She did have to admit that it was a good argument and that a judge could rule in favor of Nurmi’s motion, but not this judge for some reason.

  13. That judge is so wretchedly and shamefully out of her depth on this case that she was unable to recognize that ALV’s paper’s title (for her speaking engagement) referencing Snow White was intended only as a rhetorical question. She wasted time and taxpayer’s money for how many minutes ? allowing an abusive line of questioning that had no relevance whatsoever to the matter at hand; that was merely a sadistic exercise with its only ostensible purpose being the ridicule and degradation of the defense’s KEY EXPERT. Nothing screamed “Witch Hunt!” so loudly in this trial as that bit of fraternity-style hazing, but she would not put a stop to it and restore dignity to her courtroom despite repeated objections by the defense. Now that those specific issues of abuse addressed by ALV should well be revisited in light of timely revelations about the laptop computer, does JSS even GRASP that TA had a clear and pressing motive to intimidate Jodi?

    • As we wake to another day with a “dare to hope” that this time JSS will get it right, follow the law we are without that pit in our stomach. We have been here before.

      We will NOT give up no matter what JSS ruling is!!!

      I have spent some time just looking at pictures of Jodi this morning. She is such a lovely young woman. I see no evil in her.
      I see a young woman being beaten down by a modern day witch hunt. I know Jodi has not given up nor will we!!

  14. We’ve all heard the expression “there’s a rat in the woodpile someplace.” Well apparently this whole Arizona M.C.O.A woodpile is full of rats. It’s proven beyond a question of a doubt that Martinez, Horn and Flores are. They’re as corrupt as Armando Saldate. But there’s another rat that’s been going under the radar and his name is Melendez…….

    Click the following link to read this post in full:

    • I know they are just picking and choosing what they think will be better news for them.

      I’m concerned if JSS does not take the DP off what will the DT do next. I do not believe that Jodi will allow them to subpoena the witnesses. If they video or have their identity hidden JM will just turn it around or demand their name as he did the other day….. I pray that some of them brave enough to come forward.

      • When they left off Friday, John Smith was coming back on Wed. and there was to be a new witness on Mon. Dr. G. is not available until the 20th. I don’t know if the witness scheduled for Mon is still ready to go ahead now that the haters got their way and they are all targets for the cyber bullies. If Jodi has no other witnesses now, are they going to wait for Dr. G. to come back or call it a day?

        I now believe that Jodi’s “secret” testimony had to do more with the pornography issue, since the deception has been uncovered and she can actually use the evidence that should have been hers in the guilt trial. This is just a guess, but it would make sense that Jodi was trying to protect her witnesses and that is why she needed her testimony to be protected.

        Where are the jerks who mocked Jodi when she said she wanted to protect TA’s reputation now? They are slinking away like a bunch of snakes.

    • Good morning to you also. Yes I get up early and reread post and see if there is any late breaking news. I’m watching the World March in Paris. This is wonderful.

      I think we need this in Masa.

  15. A while ago I think it was Journee made a statement that the higher courts were keeping a eye on JM. What more do they need to see before they disbar this man?? I have never witness such corruption in a court of law that was just dismissed. How can his babysitter/ boss sit in that courtroom and not realize what the repercussions are going to be in the future??

    I truly believe in the freedom of the press if it is reported without bias. We have not seen this in this case as we have seen day after day.

    • Apparently Malware has been charged with prosecutorial misconduct in 7 of the 8 death verdicts he has assisted with since 1988 and has been found guilty 3 times. This one, however, is a DOOZEY.

    • There is a piece written by Michael Kiefer about JM that can be read on this site. It’s the third installment in a series of four articles he wrote for the AZ Republic. Go to the top of this page and scroll down until you see the jumble of words/subjects on the right, headed “TAGS”. Just click on Kiefer’s name on the fourth line from the bottom of that list to bring up the piece.

  16. Fingers and toes crossed that it will go very well tomorrow! I am not usually very vocal on here, but I have been a big supporter for a while. There are so many holes in the prosecution theory that I don’t even know where to begin. How about how she had pictures of herself taken at the crime scene, prior to this “premeditated crime?” She was effectively leaving her presence all over the scene! That is the worst, most useless premeditated murderer I’ve ever heard of.

    Anyway, enough of this rant. I hope for our sake, and especially for hers that tomorrow brings a lot of good fortune.

      • The amazing thing is if you talk to a dozen different people who believe she’s guilty (beyond a reasonable doubt, no less) you will get a dozen different theories about how the whole premeditation and killing scenario went down. Even the prosecution couldn’t figure it out based on the evidence and had to come up with two different theories (both of which contain gigantic gaping holes). So if there is no sound theory that at least most people can agree on, and the only story that makes any sense is Jodi’s, how in the world can that not be reasonable doubt?

        • I don’t tend to talk to those who believe in the prosecution theory much. I left a comment on one of their youtube videos once, and they were surprisingly rude to me. I guess that’s what you’d expect… a lack of logical behaviour from those who believe in such contradictory things.

      • Yes, thanks. I used to go on that site and and I found it interesting, specifically the analysis of the blood evidence going up the hallway. It implies that there was a chase that went on and that Travis wasn’t the poor, submissive victim that they love to claim he was.

        I stopped going on there recently because I noticed that there are autopsy pictures on there. I realise that a lot of people on here are avid crime researchers who aren’t phased by them, but I am. They are horrifically ugly pictures, especially a select few. I’m not one of those supporters who makes light of of the brutality of what she did. I’m more interested in *why* she did it.

        • I want someone to tell me how she did it? If the evidence support the prosecution theory
          and how are we to believe that Jodi did it? She only testify to shooting him. We know that that did not kill him. So we are back to
          Who wanted Travis dead?

          • Are you asking for the general consensus on how she did it? Okay, well… A temperamental man attacked her and she got into such a fit of panic that she gained extra strength from adrenaline and defended herself. This, coupled with the help of weapons, including a knife and a weak caliber gun. I truly believe that the throat slashing was the final resort in an attempt to stop him in his tracks, and I believe it happened when he was on top of her and placing his hands around her neck. I could be wrong though.

  17. Let us all hope for the best outcome tomorrow for Jodi. In the meantime, I thought I’d share one of Jodi’s beautiful writings from her blog in April 2008-

    .”Religion and Dogma

    Look up the definition of religion in the dictionary and you’ll discover several definitions under the one word. Here is one in particular: “something one believes in and follows; a point or matter of ethics or conscience.” When the concept of religion comes to mind I’m sure most people think in terms of an organized, specific, and fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a group of people or sects. But it occurred to me that with the above definition in mind everyone has a religion. Ask an atheist what his/her religion is and he/she will tell you, “I’m an atheist.” All religion really is, is a system of beliefs. But whether a person defines their beliefs by a known system such as Christianity, Paganism, Buddhism or Islam, or uses more abstract and vague terms to describe their own unique set of beliefs, or whether one flatly denies the existence of a higher power (this, I may never understand, although I am humbled by humanity’s endless diversity), how one views the nature of reality is really one’s religion.

    There is certainly a substantial amount of unfavorable attention that has been had concerning the subject: Jihads and holy wars, hypocrisy, superstition, fear, fanaticism, ignorance, blind acceptance, self-righteousness, rigidity, inquisitions, dogmatism, cruelty, prejudice, persecution, animal sacrifice, human sacrifice, book-burning, witch hunts, conformity, morbid guilt, insanity, even genocide just to list some that fall under the broad spectrum of atrocities committed and conditions endured for the sake of religion.

    How is it, I wonder, that an atheist might have a more highly developed sense of Christian morality, for example, than say, a Catholic who routinely attends mass or a Protestant who is faithfully attends church? The problem is not religion, the problem is people. People tend to be dogmatic. An atheist can be just as dogmatic about unbelief as a believer can about belief. Therefore, it is not religion or beliefs that we need to shake off, it is dogmatism.”

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