Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #25 (1/5)

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With Kermit’s corruption, misconduct, coerced perjury & evidence tampering activities still “under advisement”… welcome to the first trial day of 2015!


Kick-off is scheduled for 9.30 am MST. Click here for the current time in Arizona. Click here to follow Michael Kiefer’s tweetingz.

If you missed the DEFENDANT’S SUPPLEMENTAL MOTION TO DISMISS ALL CHARGES WITH PREJUDICE, filed by Kirk Nurmi on 12/31/2014 – (8 page PDF doc) — click here (or click the image below) to read it.

DEFENDANTS SUPPLEMENTAL MOTION TO DISMISS ALL CHARGES WITH PREJUDICE December 14th 2014 Jodi Arias Is Innocent -com. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Never question it.

Never doubt it.

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  1. Good morning and happy Monday, peeps!

    With Jodi back in court today, we can only speculate what else the State has done to prevent Jodi a fair trial. Got a hunch that we’ll be seeing more evidence tampering by the prosecution, more perjury and absolutely more clown acts by Kermit.

    In the meantime, take a look at the newest additions at the Jodi Arias Art Gallery: 3 new exclusive photographic reprints now available (25MPH, NAPTIME, CACTUS IN THE SNOW).


    Admin Rasna – TEAM JODI

  2. Good morning! Happy Monday! Let’s all keep Jodi in our thoughts and prayers today as she goes back to court. Things are looking a little bit better for Jodi and the defense team, but the fight isn’t over yet. I am sure that with everything that has come to light in the past few of weeks Jodi will be home with her family by the end of this year.
    We will not quit
    We will not fail
    We will be victorious
    (((((JODI))))) ♥ ♥

    Ray in H-burg Va.

  3. Praying for Jodi’s FREEDOM! ♥ We will not Quit, We will not fail and We will be Victorious! #Winning !!
    ♥ The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.
    Vince Lombardi

  4. Good morning!!! Well a tad bit of a chill in the air this morning but a warm 68 to end the day. Just happy our girl will be able to get out of that cell.

    Praying for the DT, Jodi and her family.

        • Actually Justus, your site is what sealed the deal for me. I thought there was something “off” when I watched the Dateline on the case, so I found this site. I then got a link to your wikispace page and spent the night reading it. The facts on that site proved to me that Jodi was innocent without a shadow of a doubt.

            • Well, I had an open mind. That’s my nature. 🙂 I mean, I think Ted Bundy did horrific things, but would I have condemned him to death? No.

              Most of the haters are black and white thinkers with few critical thinking skills. So, once the media spoonfed them the “Jodi is evil” message they then turned off their brain. I recently saw pictures of a lady with a hater page who attended a candle-lit vigil for TA, for example. This is despite the recent revelations regarding TA’s child porn habit and even *all* the violent texts and emails we saw during the first trial. How could she think of him as a saint after reading those? It boggles my mind. It’s also a wee bit scary, as it means the haters think emotional abuse is acceptable. That doesn’t bode well for any of their relationships either.

    • Magnificent artistic presentation to the world of St. Jodi of Arias, a living Saint, in our time.
      …And, who will live on, in her exoneration and freedom, for the next hundred years or so, until God himself calls her to join St Joan of Arc, with her 8,000+ loyal Spiritual French soldiers, who stand guard at the Gates of Heaven, assisting St Peter, and escorting vindictive Mormons and others hypocrites, elsewhere.

  5. Another chilly morning in AZ. No doubt kermit has some ugly tricks up his sleeve, but he is no match for Dr. G in the intelligence department. Frog legs for lunch….

    (((Jodi & Dr. G & Nurmi & Jen & Maria)))

  6. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 5m5 minutes ago
    David Bodney is here about the secret testimony transcript #jodiarias

     Who’s in these photos?

    JackieH ‏@Hawaiianstyle4 · 4m4 minutes ago
    @TrialDiariesJ Bueno!

  7. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 27m 27 minutes ago
    Nurmi is here! We are the early birds today #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 7m 7 minutes ago
    Willmott made it #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 4m 4 minutes ago
    David Bodney is here about the secret testimony transcript #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2m 2 minutes ago
    Juan is here in a dark grey suit and burgundy tie…he just handed a motion to Bob (the guy that sits next to him) #JuanTieReport

  8. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 2m 2 minutes ago
    Back in courtroom 5C after a Jodi-free month. Judge Sherry Stephens is trying to get through her morning calendar.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 30s 31 seconds ago
    Arizona Republic media attorney David Bodney is here, which suggests they will be discussing the release of #JodiArias secret testimony.

  9. Praying that the Frog will fall flat on his face, that Stephens will make an even bigger fool of herself, that Mickael Kiefer will be there and that the odds will be in favor of our girl!!!

  10. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 2m 2 minutes ago
    State v. #JodiArias is back in session this morning starting w/hearing to release transcript of her testimony the day JS locked us out

    Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 3m 3 minutes ago
    All the players and the families are here in the courtroom, no jury yet and #JodiArias has not been brought in

  11. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 1m 1 minute ago

    First words from Judge Sherry Stephens: “Counsel please approach.” Meet the new year, same as the old year. #JodiArias

  12. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 29s 29 seconds ago

    I don’t see Geffner here…just saying #jodiarias #3tvarias

  13. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 47s 47 seconds ago

    Donavon, Arias mom and 4 other supporters are here #jodiarias #3tvarias

  14. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 20s 20 seconds ago

    Sam, Steven, Hillary and some other friends are here for Travis #jodiarias #3tvarias

    • PROTESTING HERE! They have plastered the Alexanders family pictures all over twitter calling them America’s Family!!?????? NO WAY!!!! Not all of American is that Stupid!!!!!

  15. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 26s 27 seconds ago

    Ten minutes later, Juan Martinez, Jennifer Willmott and Kirk Nurmi are still at the bench, muted by Judge Stephens’ white noise machine.

  16. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 31s 32 seconds ago

    Juan and Flores walked up to clerk and asked for evidence. Flores is looking at it now #jodiarias #3tvarias

  17. Michael Kiefer retweeted
    MC Superior Court @courtpio · 57s 58 seconds ago

    There will be no trial today in State v #jodiarias


  18. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 1m 1 minute ago

    The Court does an AMAZING job keeping the public informed of what it is doing in #JodiArias…sarcasm

  19. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 50s 51 seconds ago

    We may still have oral argument. The defense, prosecution and media attorneys are all still here. #JodiArias

  20. I don’t understand why they are whining that there is no testimony today when they have their darn media lawyer in court. JSS has so many mini side trials going on – what do they expect to happen??

    Brain freeze in AZ.

  21. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 50s 51 seconds ago

    This is so awesome! The parties just went into chambers…sarcasm #jodiArias

    • Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 2m 2 minutes ago
      And now? Into chambers. #JodiArias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2m 2 minutes ago
      All lawyers have gone into chambers #jodiarias #3tvarias

      Monica Lindstrom retweeted
      Janice Helgeson @keshabailee · 7m 7 minutes ago
      @monicalindstrom So if court is cancelled for today & this is the only day for trial, when will they b back? Valentines day???

  22. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 1m 1 minute ago

    Judge Stephens says she sent jurors in light of matters discussed at the bench. They reconvene at 4 pm to decide if they continue tomorrow

  23. I know if I were on that jury I’d be bitting nails by now. They have job’s , a life that they can never plan because they never know when they are going to be in court. This is becoming Jury abuse.

  24. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 45s 45 seconds ago

    Nurmi appealed to the Supreme Court regarding the Court of Appeals order and a stay was filed #jodiarias so no release of transcript yet

  25. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 1m 1 minute ago

    Oral argument reset for January, 8 at 8:30 on the release of the transcript #JodiARias

  26. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 34s 34 seconds ago
    The parties are conducting some kind of interview here at the court #JodiArias

    Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 1m 1 minute ago
    Surprise…court is in recess #jodiArias

  27. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 2m 2 minutes ago
    Regarding the oral argument on releasing #Arias transcripts, defense filed appeal with AZ Supreme Court and wants stay. Hearing to be reset.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 1m 1 minute ago
    Stephens says that if Nurmi is ready before 4 pm, they can have an earlier hearing. Think we will be informed? #JodiArias #transparency

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 27s 28 seconds ago
    Apparently, there are witness interviews to be done today by one side or the other, which may have been topic of sidebars, etc. #JodiArias

    • Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 56s 56 seconds ago

      As well as the pending appeal, and request for stay, of course. #JodiArias

  28. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2m 2 minutes ago

    8th at 8:30am Bodney can come back for argument on transcripts #jodiarias #3tvarias It’s over

  29. Ok I really want to know if we can send the state of Arizona back to Mexico. I can not understand what a f~up joke this has become. This trial will be written in law books …. 🙄

  30. R. Love it’s ok to be silly. Sometimes that’s how we deal with our stress. It sure is better then crying over something we have no control over. We keep our prayers going and our support. Other then that…’s in God’s hands…

    • Thanks, you can tell when I’m frustrated! 🙄 I look for something to make me laugh so I won’t kick something or someone that doesn’t deserve it! Good thing, I do not live in AZ! You all might have to start up a new blog site for me. . .something like “Free R, who is at it Again” !!!!! 😉
      My Prayers are Always Endless for Jodi and her FREEDOM!!!!!! (((((((JODI))))))

  31. I have a couple of thoughts to throw out here. I was just rereading the Flores report and came to the part where Lisa West was talking about the email she was sent about being a shameful whore if she allowed TA to be there. Now, knowing that TA has a multitude of blockers on his comp would put one in mind that he must know a bit about computers. If that is in fact the case, why did he not do a dns lookup for that email that Lisa received? I realize that emails come from a certain server but wouldn’t the server know the area the email was sent from? If he really thought it was Jodi that sent the email, would he not want to try to prove it?
    Another thought concerning that email. The wording of it. Is it possible that it was written by someone who had gone through it and been excommunicated because of it? Could it have been Deanna Reed who wrote and sent that email as a warning to Lisa on what would happen if she slept with TA?
    Another thing. Both roommates stated they had seen TA the morning of the fifth of June but the last picture is June fourth. Ryan Byrnes stated that JA was in Vegas at 11 am on the fifth. Who changed the date of the last day the roommates saw TA and why were they never on the stand?

    • We know that TA went to see his bishop, according to Taylor Searle just around the time that these emails were received by Lisa. Your point about checking where it came from is an excellent point, and TA had several friends who seemingly were very adept with computers. I have always believed it was a warning to Lisa from someone who cared about her.

      • Yes – Lisa had an ex – crap I’ve forgotten his name now, Steve something I think. What I’ve read suggests he might have been a little to the wrong side of stable, maybe kind of stalker-ish (but I hate to jump on a rumor like THAT) – anyway the note seemed more fixated on Lisa than Travis, so I think it was someone being possessive of her.

        Bell. Steve Bell. That was his name.

          • Jodi wrote in her journal many times that she was happy for Travis that he thought he might have found “the One” with Mimi.
            She wasn’t seething with jealousy.

            She also wrote she felt bad for Lisa because she didn’t know that Travis was dating Lisa, and had she known, she wouldn’t have been continuing to sleep with him.

        • Yes that would be him Journee but if you reread the email. it was like a slap in the face made me think it might have been Deanna.

            • I’m not sure Maria, Slitting tires is more a guy thing, in TN anyway. Tires are hard to cut and I do not believe Jodi ever did that! I knew an old man once who cut 19 of our tires. Truck tires,large tractor tires and also a large backhoe tire!! And if that wasn’t enough, then he shot and killed our English Pointer on our property. Talk about living next to the Devil we have. We could never catch him and believe me when I say my husband tried. God protected my husband by never letting him catch that old mean disgusting man. We figured he had used a machete (sp?) type of knife, one of those big ones that cut brush. Needless to say, our house went up for sale and we moved as soon as we possibly could. Anyhow, it would take a big knife and a lot of strength to slice through tires, that is why I think it is a guy thing. Of course, someone’s brother could have done the dirty job of slitting Travis’s tires also. Jodi would not and could not of done it. Period.

              PS You wonder why would the man do such a thing, we built our barn on the back of our property (which was near his house) after asking him if it would bother him. . .he said it wouldn’t. . .apparently he had second thoughts, he just didn’t let us know until the barn was completely built. SMH Me and those barns!

              • That is incredible, R.Love, that some man (allegedly) cut 19 of your tires & killed your English Pointer. …And, lucky that you-all moved away. …It does sound like it would be a man’s thing to do rather than a woman. …Because, I theorize that a man (tire cutter) would do that to taunt the car owner (victim) to accuse him so that he (the tire cutter) could raise the tension of hatred by denying it, and using the accusation as reason to justify more tension. …It does sound like a guy-thing to ((sometimes)) cut tires, to elevate tension. …A woman would not want to elevate tension by being accused. (IMO).
                ….But, has anyone considered that Travis actually may have cut his own tires in order to control some sort of ((support sympathy))?? …And, perhaps did it again to ((emphasize that it was someone who hated him)) and not a random act?? ….Did he have home owners insurance to cover such a claim for new tires??? …I feel sure with his legal company, he would not have spent his own money to replace those tires. ..(IMHO).

                • Great in theory but were Lisa’s tires not damaged also? Didn’t Jodi give him money to help with new tires??
                  I do agree that it would be a man that did this. Another one of those things that Travis throw out there…..and everyone believed. I’m trying to recall if a police report was ever taken?

                  I just pray that somehow Bryan can find anything from the phone’s that will prove that Travis was the one who bullied Jodi into coming to Masa.

                  Travis in his own words proved that Jodi wasn’t jealous about his trip with Mini. If anyone was jealous it was Travis. Besidesthe fact that Jodi knew way too much.

                • Thanks WLopez, you know I never thought about it the way you put things. You might have hit the nail on the head with my old neighbor!!! After we moved we found out he had shot the man who lived on the other side of his property so we considered ourselves very lucky to get away from him. My husband was a new Christian and I had always heard the Devil will do anything in his power to get his people back into his clutches. We were very lucky and thankful to get out of that bad situation. If it had been earlier in my husband’s life that man would have been mince meat and I would have been baking cakes with saws in them to take to jail. LOL
                  Jodi did not cut those tires. Travis told his sister Samantha that he did not want to make a police report. Travis knew Jodi didn’t do it. She did offer him money to help out with new tires. He very well might have cut his own tires to either collect insurance monies or make everyone feel sorry for “poor sweet Travis”. I wouldn’t have put it past him, he lied about everything else in his life, why not that. He definitely like to be in the limelight, have everyone paying attention to him. . . gagging here . . . . eeuuuuuhhhhh

                • Plus Jodi did know too much about Travis and he needed to have people question her character to benefit only himself. He wanted and needed his friends to not trust Jodi. Travis was truly a disgusting worthless piece of “work”. He did everything in his power to destroy Jodi while all the time using her for his own sick desires.
                  Maybe he is sharing a very special wing in hell-o with my ex-neighbor (who passed a couple of years back). . .it would serve them both right.

                • I agree with R.Love. Jodi did not slash those tires. First of all, it’s out of the question for us her supporters – she is NOT astalker and the mere idea is ridiculous at best. It was Travis himself who did it, for all the reasons mentioned above that R.Love described or some other guy who really hated him. And I’m sure there were a lot of those…. 😉

                • So glad, R.Love, to read your 6:30am comment on this thread, about your very evil ex-neighbor (alleged tire cutter & other things) having “passed” a couple of years back, and probably sharing a special wing in hell with equally evil souls.
                  …But, perhaps there is a Gatekeeper at the Gates of Hell also, & some souls are so wicked, vindictive, hypocrites, that even the Devil himself, refuses those souls entry into hell, and sometimes says: Go to Mormon Hell ! ! …It is a hell of a lot worst then just plain old Hell.
                  …And, of course Jodi did not cut TA’s tires. …She would know that he “probably did NOT have” full coverage auto insurance & would probably have to pay for new tires himself. …And, Jodi would know that TA would then have need to borrow more money FROM HER, or ask her for more money/payment for his old car that he sold to her, (tricked her into buying).
                  …But, TA would know that he may be covered with home owners insurance, especially if the slashing occurred on his property. …I wonder if TA was reimbursed for his tires?? …Just my opinion.

                • I’m not sure if we ever heard how he paid for his new tires. . .I know Jodi offered him money for them and he probably took it. I’m guessing his homeowner’s insurance had a big deductible so they wouldn’t have been covered that way. I do think you might be right saying he probably did it himself to orchestrate his web of evil lies to make Jodi look bad to his friends. He needed his friends to believe him when it came down to Jodi; it was a whole scam he was creating and they were too slow to see it. It was catching up with him though and you know, maybe it did. He had many people with “justified probable cause” ( I think I just made that up) to do him in. . .but never Jodi, she was getting over him. I think the photos he took were a way for him to hang on to her. . .a power control thing. He didn’t want her anymore but he didn’t want her to find anyone else who would truly love her. He was a selfish good for nothing IMHO.

              • Watch how many women appear for tire slashing on Judge Mathis or Judge Joe Brown – or watch Adele Givens’ comedy routine about how a woman’s vandalizing a man’s car and slashing his tires equals true love – and you’ll see why I think tire slashing is more of a woman’s act of revenge than it is a man’s! 🙂

                Seriously, though – regardless of whether men or women slash tires, there is no PROOF that Jodi Arias slashed anyone’s tires. It seems that Travis Alexander had played enough people – men and women – that there would be no shortage of suspects.

                Alan Dershowitz used a phrase yesterday that I think applies to the way the prosecution kept bringing up the slashed tires without that pesky thing called “proof:” “It’s the legal equivalent of scribbling something on a toilet stall and then running away.”

                No proof – but keep repeating it often enough and loudly enough and maybe they’ll believe it.

                • That is an outstanding connection, Paige, in your 1:08pm comment in this thread, (and I paraphrase): Alan Dershowitz used a phrase yesterday …about “proof:” … “its the legal equivalent of someone scribbling on a toilet stall and then running away.” ….Obviously, he was referring to accusations against himself, & separately, other accusations against Prince Albert of England, which are (without credibility), but picked up by the media as if they were worthy of credibility.
                  …And, I agree that this trash kind of proof as being the same kind of (TRASH) proof that the media, police, & family of TA used against Jodi. …And, the stupid jurors in the ‘guilt’ trial used it as belief that it was credible, believing she lied about everything. …But now, isn’t it the court that permitted the state to lie??
                  …Perhaps Dershowitz is the perfect person to develop & define what is TRASH PROOF. …And where trash proof belongs: …in the toilet. …(IMHO).
                  …And, I just went to Google: (Alan Dershowitz scribbling) …and there are many news links about Alan on this subject.
                  …Mr Alan Dershowitz, you should now come out and say that Jodi Arias is just as innocent as you are. …And that she was convicted with TRASH PROOF.

                • Correction to my above 1/6/15, 4:17pm comment: First paragraph, I meant to say Prince Andrew of England (not Prince Albert). …I believe Prince Andrew & Alan Dershowitz & also Jodi Arias are all three, just as innocent, because there is no credible proof except TRASH PROOF, in the media.
                  …Mr Alan Dershowitz, please say something positive about the innocence of Jodi Ann Arias. …

                • You both have brought up very good points! Trash Proof! ♥
                  PS You made me remember when we were very young we would call stores and ask if the had Prince Albert in a can. . . .you know. . . then Well, Let him out! Sorry there I go again.

  32. The haters are threatening BN that he will never work again. Hah, as if AZ is the only place in the world. I’m sure he wouldn’t want to have anything to do with that corrupt bunch anyway.

    • They did the same with EVERY professional who testified on behalf of the defense. If they keep it up it’s just another reason Jodi is not getting a fair trial…let the nut bags continue and maybe some day they will realize it was because of THEIR OWN BEHAVIOR that the media has been banned from the courtroom, AND HOPEFULLY one of the many reasons for Jodi being set free (this is my vision and I am happy with it)
      They are all a bunch of idiots if they don’t understand that much of the mayhem they complain about was actually brought on by their own self-righteous foolishness.

    • I hope the defense team can cite those threats in their arguments regarding witness- tampering, interference with mitigation witnesses, and putting on a mitigation defense, etc..
      If the media is so concerned with transparency, they should write about how the public makes threats against anyone who tries to help Arias.
      As Canada Carol’s post above shows, there is indisputable evidence that this is happening.
      The media should take this seriously and not trivialize it, or sarcastically dismiss it as ‘defense tactics’.
      The internet increasingly makes transparency more and more precarious, because people are being made into targets, and those targets become more and more vulnerable.
      Obviously, this will make it harder and harder for all defendants to protect and help themselves.
      The media WILL sooner or later, but WILL, learn the details of the case. That transparency will manifest in time; it is a surety.
      What is not a surety is whether the Arias trial will be hopelessly compromised and contaminated by the media’s insistent push to rush a delicate process which must be protected from outside interference.
      The media, and specifically, the lynch mob’s voracious appetite for vengeance, ARE an injurious interference.
      Like the scientific paradigm about how the observer inescapably affects and alters the observed simply by the process of observing, this is what is happening because of the media and their observation of the trial process.
      ( And much of their observation is more their personal opinion and bias, than it is objective reporting.)

      An enormous percentage of today’s media is not at all interested in doing the job of true journalism.
      • Why are there so few probing articles and reports on the allegations of prosecutorial misconduct, evidence tampering, and withholding of evidence?
      The segment of media that makes light of those allegations, do so because they are an ersatz variety of media__ ‘crime- entertainment’ and gossip fest media.

  33. Those people are amazing! “If you don’t agree with us we will destroy you because we are so compassionate and have so much love in our hearts for Travis and his family!” Mean hypocritical self-righteous idiots!

  34. R. Love, The thread below your “Bird of Paradise” song link was full so I am writing my thank you here…THANK YOU! I have never heard that before…now I think I know it by heart…it’s been stuck in my head since I heard it (and this is a good thing 😉 it’s helping me get through this laundry…absolutely LOVE it

  35. I thought it was a stupid thing for him to say too!

    InconvenientTruthsTV ‏@InconvenientTr1  · 3h3 hours ago
    @william_pitts Absolutely ridiculous when a defense attorney DOESN’T do EVERYTHING possible for client facing death penalty.

    William Pitts ‏@william_pitts · 3h3 hours ago
    Absolutely ridiculous to delay this trial further when Nurmi knows he has no prayer of winning the media motion. Not on us now. #JodiArias

  36. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 18m 18 minutes ago
    #Jodiarias witness interviews being conducted behind locked doors. Will they be unlocked when Judge Stephens convenes with attorneys?

  37. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 11m 11 minutes ago
    The #JodiArias lawyers have been in closed court all afternoon as Juan Martinez interviews the computer expert he calls “Pseudonym.”

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 10m 10 minutes ago
    Martinez filed motions to interview forensic expert Bryan Neumeister’s two assts. When he learned one will testify, he filed to preclude.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 10m 10 minutes ago
    Oh, by the way, there is no trial tomorrow in #JodiArias.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 9m 9 minutes ago
    And doesn’t the name “Pseudonym” sound like an arch-villain in a Batman comic book? #JodiArias

    • HAH!

      Michael KieferVerified account ‏@michaelbkiefer

      The #JodiArias lawyers have been in closed court all afternoon as Juan Martinez interviews the computer expert he calls “Pseudonym.”

      JSS finally gets one point in my book. In response to JM’s request to preclude Pseudonym yesterday, JSS, seeing that both JM and Pseudo were present today, must have told JM to interview him all afternoon today. So much for JM’s excuse that he couldn’t interview him… 🙂

        • JM has to finish reading the 7000 pp of the report he was given by Defense last Friday, re the work that the BN team did on the hard drive. I’m sure JM did nothing else alllll weekend until he gave up and asked for a preclusion.

          • I’m sure he didn’t understand a bit of it. I’m sure he had a law clerk read most of it and then explain it to him. Why can’t he just admit he doesn’t know anything about computers. I wonder who wrote the questions for him to ask the BN’s assistant??

            • Can’t you just see JM wading through 7000 pp of porn in computerese? No pictures! He must have been caught off guard this afternoon precisely because he didn’t know what questions to ask.

              100 points for Jodi!!!!!!!

                • My guess is he had time to get his experts in there to do the questioning. JM’s novice computer skills have already caused him to bungle big time when his own witness admitted there was porn on the initial hard drive he examined.

                  Of course I should talk! You know at least twice as much as I do about computers!

      • Just a couple of questions from BN’s interview January 2, 2015. How often do you hear a witness say that about police department files?

        Q: So then you went the first time. Then you went a second time. Why did you go a second time?
        A: The second time was to do a different type of clone. I wanted – the first time I did, I just captured what was on there, because I thought – it was said there was no porn. I didn’t – most of the time when I deal with the police department file, what they say is on there is on there. In this case, it was completely opposite of what they said was on there. So I wanted to get a complete clone so I could look for deleted files.
        Q: Right
        A: And, then, (Pseudonym) went through that clone, and he found out there was about 70,000 zeroed out files. So –

  38. Nym, Hummmmm after working with “work” programmes for 29 years my son still tells me to go take a computer class. I ask him why, I have him. Trying to feed his ego…lol. Hey he could work for the Masa PD and be a expert witness.. He has built quite a few computers… 🙄

    • How interesting you would say that. I toyed with making a new year’s resolution to take some computer classes. But then I’ve never made a NYR, so I didn’t.

      My son got his degree in computer sci, but then he got married and moved. A recent email from an old friend who used to run a hospital said his 7 yr old grandson came to stay and explained all the computer things his grandfather couldn’t figure out.

      Let’s get your son and mine out to the Mesa PD to straighten this whole thing out once and for all!

      • LOL…I’m too old to be taking Those kind of classes. Lol. I really think that Bryan is doing a really good job….
        Darn kid getting married and moving… Mine dropped out of pre~law and now is working for his brother as a PA= plummers assistant. (His joke) darn kid had a 3.9. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. I always thought he should go into computer science…

        I think we are better off having them stay put. Hummmmm we don’t want them getting arrested in Masa….

        • Oh you know how sad is that, but true…lol. I don’t care if the frog knows anything about computers or not…he was such an ass to Bryan on the stand. He should have shut his mouth and let Bryan explain.

        • Yup. I’ll vote for the 7 year old. Nobody else has been able to straighten JM out. He could probably clue JM in on all the mysteries of what BN said so JM could see just what a pickle he’s really in ! 😆

  39. A 7,000 PAGE REPORT !! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I can only imagine what it contains and how this is going to further prove that the state withheld/destroyed/deleted exculpatory evidence.
    GO DT !!

  40. Good morning Team Jodi!!!
    I’m sitting here chuckling over my coffee with visions of JM still reading. I wonder what page he is on. 🙄

    The poor law clerk that has to be helping him. Q= “What does that mean” A=”JM that means your going to spend sometime at Joe’s hotel…”

    Now seriously how is he going to spin this??

    • Good morning ! He will spin it the same way he did when he accused Jodi’s own defense team of deleting exculpatory evidence. He will nit pick on irrelevant things and deflect and blame others for what the state did. KN better warn “Pseudonym” and the other guy to stick to the facts and not let JM twist the truth !

      • Good morning BB. I have a gut feeling that Bryan had a very long talk with him. I just pray that the media doesn’t get a hold of his name. There are REASON why his name was not made public.

        What a circus this has truly become. How can JM seriously weasel his way out of this?

        • In the end, he can’t weasel his way out of it. The facts are the facts are the facts. The question is what is JSS going to do about it? It is all up to her to either do the right thing according to the law or to delay, deny, and pass the buck to the appellate courts…….

          • I’m not happy about that out come. She truly is in a damned if you do and dampened if you don’t. So go by how the laws are written JAA. Then retire and move as far away from Arizona is you can’t go.

          • From your mouth…..
            I too can’t think how he can possibly weasel his way out. This is scientific data we’re talking about, computer data FFS!!! HOW can he twist anything around? But then again, we must remember he is one hell of a liar, that little frog! He has the ability to manipulate perceptions and to pull tricks that no sane mind would ever think! I really want him cornered, I do. I just am afraid of his evil skills and of course I do not trust JSS!

      • LOL he doesn’t need that class R. LOVE, he’s got someone else doing the reading. Paralegal or law clerk and most likely a computer expert. His only question will be “am I looking at wearing magic pink underwear? Yes or No…

        • It might be, ” Dang, I AM having trouble with my memory, I couldn’t have done that! Not me, I AM Almighty Juan, Ruler of the Broom Closet!”
          And hopefully soon he will be actually using the brooms that are in that closet to clean the court room floors with. Lalalallalalalala 😉

    • Thanks Cindy. ♥ I chalk it up to a life learning experience (I left the part out where he also cut our barb wire fence in a dozen place to let our horses out). One can just not make up this sort of stuff!!!!! This is one of the main reasons I LOVE my JAII family, we are all learning something new everyday. Thanks to WLopez I think I can understand what was up with that nut job. If we all can learn from each others worst life experiences we will be nothing but stronger to fight for those who need us desperately!!! This can be a CRAZY world! Unfortunately, for Jodi her life experiences are far worse than anything I have ever endured. ((((JODI)))) Jodi Arias needs every single one of us pulling together and fighting for her. . .she deserves it. . .I have never ever heard or watched someone be mistreated by a group of bloodthirsty people in my whole life like what she has been thrown into! It is a Modern Day Witch Trial at its WORST!!!! For you Hate filled people remember, What goes around will certainly come around so you best watch what you wish for! Jodi Arias Is Innocent! Period!!!

      • Oh R. Love I have learned so much from every person on this site. Yes we all have are own stories but no one has ever put their above what Jodi is going through. How can you hate someone you don’t know? I hate Travis behavior but I never was happy he is dead. I don’t like the way the sibling are acting but I’m sorry you lost your brother but if you think for one minute that putting Jodi to death will free you from your pain it won’t.

        I do hope that God will bless them with the truth of what really happened that day. In the end they will have to chose what they want to about who Travis truly was.

        • I wish Travis was alive today to face all of the destruction he has caused. Although if that was to happen, Jodi might not be alive today. Everything that happened to him was brought on by himself, IMO. I know he had his problems but there are no excuses for his behavior towards Jodi. Many people grow up in abusive households but don’t turn into what he made of himself. I will not make excuses for Travis Alexander. I thank God that Jodi was able to protect herself from him, I just wish she hadn’t ever given him the time of day. Ever.

          • R. I was in no way making excuses for him. I knew a guy like Travis….in every way. I also wish that Travis had not died and we would know what really happened that day. The more that comes out about what was on that computer the more I truly believe that Jodi is innocent…I mean not even self defense.

            • Oh I know you weren’t, I was giving my thoughts on the matter of Travis. I still am bewildered by the fact that all of these people (even those ridiculous media people) who have held him up to such a God like image are still singing his praises. . .70,000 porn sites some being pedophile oriented. . .oh boys will be boys. . .oh it was just a guy thing. . . Uh NO. . .he was sick and needed help. Are they that disturbed themselves to see how sick and struggling he was to keep up his golden appearances? Apparently, Jodi was the only one who really knew that he needed that help and actually tried to help him with his “problems”. And now they can read his own words and see how abusive he was to Jodi but also others and they are still promoting his name. SMH uggghhhhhhh Travis was struggling with his inner deep rooted evil twin. We joke about our evil twins but his was not a joke, he was living two different lives for real. 🙁

              • Yahoo …. you found it. I agree with you. This boys will be boys B.S. is the reason children are being sold every day and raped. This just brings up so much anger. I’m beginning to wounder if he just looked……so help me if it comes that he had sex with a child or should I say raped one………..

                I know Jodi saw both of his personalities and yes she tried to help him….more then his friends ever did.

                Oh my mind is going to that dark place again….

              • R.Love : There are many women out there that have said TA was a friend of theirs. All of these women stated they did not want to marry him, including Lisa West and Mimi Hall. There was another young lady I believe her name was Lynda and TA had bought an engagement ring for her. She turned him down. Even Jodi herself stated she did not know that she would marry him,but then she knew so much more than the others did. He gave off some type of an air that women picked up on instinctively and backed away.

                • Yep! Your so right! Wonder why they profess all the “wonderful guy lies” about him even though they had those feelings? With me, my first gut feeling about a person is usually right.

                • Two of them, Linda and Lisa, were not happy with what he did for a living. Lisa did not feel he could keep her in the custom that she wanted, and I am not sure why Linda Ballard was not happy with ppl, but she mentioned his work as a factor in an interview.

                • In a nutshell, what I said was I do not understand the people who still are singing Travis’s praises, even after hearing about 70,000 porn sites (some being pedophile oriented) and they are saying. . .well boys will be boys. . .oh that’s just a guy thing. . .that Travis was a wonderful man. . .on and on they go until I just for the life of me can’t figure them out. Are they truly as sick as he was that they do not see his behavior was disturbing. AND, I do not care if he had PORN on HIS COMPUTER (although that was one of his big issues among many) at all BUT I DO CARE THAT THE LYING PROSECUTOR AND his DETECTIVE TRIED TO WITHHOLD EVIDENCE THAT WOULD HAVE PROVED JODI WAS NOT A LIAR BUT TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT TRAVIS ALEXANDER. I care that they obviously tampered with the evidence, the autopsy and crime scene. That is what I care about. They just do not get it! Jodi is innocent ♥

  41. I watched the movie “Prosecuting Casey Anthony” on Lifetime (Yeah, I know, Lifetime?) last night. The prosecutor claimed Casey was a lying slut. I wonder if all attractive young women are automatically presented that way. Sort of a Prosecution 101- if she’s young and cute and may have committed a crime, she’s obviously a slut and a liar.That should put her behind the 8-ball right away. Juries always buy that stuff. In fact, I’ve noticed that prosecutors seem to start with demonization of the defendant first and presentation of the evidence second. Maybe, it’s “first impressions” thing for the jury.

  42. Someone please riddle me this…..

    With all the delays and “secret testimonies” do you honestly believe that the jurors are not talking amongst themselves and their friends and their families and their co-workers?

    I mean c’mon. If I were a juror for this type of trial, I could not handle the “suspense” and “secrecy”. I am sure most people could figure out where they have been and that they are a juror for this trial.

    They have to “know” what is going on by info from their peeps or the news etc. Can this be found out, or would a juror have to come forward to state that they have “learned” of what is going on when they are not present. Is it within their juror obligations to let the judge know what they “know”?

    • Oh BC I don’t think any of us believe that they haven’t heard, read or saw something pertaining to this case.

      Each time the jury is seated in the courtroom the judge asks them if they have hear or read bla, bla….by a show of hands. Yes it is their responsibility to report it to the court. Who knows for sure…

    • Unless, they live under a boulder in Gremlin Valley they have to be hearing something about this trial. Will they be truthful and honest? That remains to be seen. 🙁

    • In such high-profile cases, when jurors aren’t sequestered I find it extremely impossible that they haven’t or won’t hear anything. Same with first trial. No one will ever convince me that the first jurors were not exposed to media coverage. No way. Not humanly possible. Forst of all, it doesn’t necessarily have to do with ”them taking their dury seriously” as I’ve read somehwwere. It’s human nature, human curiosity. These people have family, friends, neighbors, co-workers.
      JUST remember Tara Kelley, who admited she thought it was OK to use social media as long as you don’t talk about the trial. WHICH means she DID surf the Net during those 5 months. Now put two and two together… Simple as that.
      If a judge doesn’t want a tainted Jury, sequestration is the ONLY solution.

    • On Jen’s Trials page she has posted something from MC Superior Court saying that the trial will resume Thursday at 10:00am. So perhaps we will hear more on Thursday….

  43. On 1/5 James made a statement the I wanted to hear more about I think BB also did.

    Now I don’t recall a James but we all know my memory.

    The statement : I KNOW FOR A FACT JODI IS INNOCENT….

    • It looks to me like JSS is seriously considering DT’s motion to dismiss this trial as she has called for Lonny Dworkin’s court testimony from last year.

    • That is a very interesting request, Debbie, for the Lonnie Dworkin testimony of 2/04/2013. …I guess JSS wants the complete official court testimony. …But, I just Googled: (lonnie dworkin) and there are plenty links to that 2/04/2013 testimony of Lonnie Dworkin. …We can read, ahead of time, on Google, & try to figure out what JSS may be able to resolve when she gets the official document. …Interesting.

      • The porn didn’t seem to be a priority of the point of Dworkin’s testimony, but he was asked about it. He initially said yes, he believed he’d seen some porn on TA’s computer. Then JM challenged him, saying that Lonnie had told him in interview that there was no porn, so LD capitulated and said “well, if that’s what I said then, it must be true)

        IOW JM managed to manipulate him because it had been so long since he’d done the examination on TA’s hard drive in the porn issue was not something he’d thought he needed to review before testifying.

        • ((((Journee)))) I have missed you.

          So now what?? As I said in lower post I always remember him saying yes he found porn.

          Ok when the frog is interviewing a witness for the defense, are the DT there also??

          • Yes, attorneys for both sides are present for witness interrogatories – as well as a court reporter, so there should be transcripts there also. If JSS does her due diligence, after reading Dworkin’s testimony, she’ll be asking for the interrogatory transcript as well.

            Sorry I haven’t been around much. Gotten kinda caught up in a project here on the home front.

            • Oh for heaven’s sake you don’t have to apologize for taking care of things in your own life. If I hadn’t been forced to stay home today due to weather I would be out doing errands.

              So now I’m wondering if Lonnie told JM there was porn or not way back when. The DT would have heard him. So why did he say yes on the stand?? So what if he told the frog he didn’t find any woman’sbreast on the clone ….. his testimony under oath was he found porn. Ok I know it matters I just want to live in Dallas land.

              You have any idea what JSS might be looking for?

              • Honestly, Cindy? I really think that Jodi’s team, throughout the first trial, believed at the very least that there was an insurmountable case against Jodi, and that even they were not sure of how much they could trust what their client had to say. They focused their entire case – and their limited resources, because the court had to approve every last expenditure made on Jodi’s behalf – on the DV defense. They didn’t press LD on the porn issue for the same reason they didn’t have their own crime scene analyst or their own ME: they didn’t have confidence that the testimony of any of those people would support the case they were trying to build. And a good lawyer makes sure s/he KNOWS what their witness’ reply will be to every last question posed on direct. If DT had no clear memory, themselves, of what LD said about porn in interrogatory, they wouldn’t have had time to verify before going to re-direct. Making Dworkin take back his concession to JM, after the jury had already seen him ‘change his tune’ once, would have just further weakened him as a witness. The challenge might have worked, if they’d had the transcript right there to put on the monitor – but I’m guessing they didn’t.

              • It’s like that little clip we saw of BN’s interview testimony:

                BN said that, in his experience, what LE had to say about evidence was usually true.

                DT had no expectation that the STATE would SOLICIT FALSE TESTIMONY. That’s why KN went on and on with the Flores issue. He was quite literally dumbstruck, couldn’t believe it was happening. Took a very long time for him to realize that Flores’ lies were not an aberration but actually the status quo in the state’s case.

                • Now that was a big poops! Hit the wrong key.
                  Anyway Journee I do agree with you. I think the DT was hitting road blocks. They didn’t have the budget for all the experts so they got the very best for domestic violence. Then you add in the fact that KN and JW had never done a DP case. I don’t know how much they believed Jodi or not but I’m sure JM was rubbing his hands together with a judge and DT that never tried a DP case.

                  So by the grace of God they mistrialed the sentencing phase.

  44. Started watching his testimony got up to the phone and then the camera and it stopped. I tried Google but I didn’t find his whole testimony. I was taken aback by the fact that he was talking about Jodi’s hard drive.

    • Yup. Wrapped up in a blanket, sweats on, heat at 73 and I’m still cold..

      Anyway..just watched YouTube’s Lonnie’s testimony. I knew he said he found porn on Travis computer. I remembered that day because after he said that I jumped up and down. I also remember how JM changed the subject. I have know idea what JSS is looking for.

  45. What JSS needs to do is to face the undeniable facts that there was a ton of porn including child porn on TA’s computer and that this exculpatory evidence was hidden from the defense – not only hidden but IMHO purposefully deleted and destroyed. That’s it that’s all that is required for her to make a determination of a Brady violation and vacate the trial verdict and dismiss with prejudice. However, there is no telling what JSS is looking to do. She may be looking for a way to not vacate and dismiss. But if she ignores the facts that a clear Brady Violation has occurred then she will be overturned, no doubt…..

    • The who issue for me is it takes so long for appellate courts to even hear a case.
      So she might take the DP off the table big deal…that’s what’s going to happen anyway.

      I so want to be positive by this delay but…….

  46. The fact that there was porn on TA’s computer and the state decided to lie about it and then let it slip during the trial (apparently LD admitted such and then was badgered by JM to retract that ) and then quickly retracted that admission does NOT RELIEVE THE STATE OF THEIR DUTY TO DISCLOSE ALL EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE TO THE DEFENSE….In other words, JSS can not rely on that admission by LD during the trial (which was quickly retracted) as an excuse to say to the DT that they were “informed” or “aware” that porn existed and that they should have followed up and should have done their due diligence. The hard drive had been tampered with and the copy that was given to the DT was not a true copy of what was on TA’s computer. The facts are the facts are the facts…THE STATE DESTROYED AND DELETED AND FAILED TO DISCLOSE THE EXISTENCE OF EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE, PERIOD !! JM consistently called Jodi a liar and anyone who believed Jodi like the two expert defense witnesses were discredited for believing Jodi……The existence of the porn was critical to the defense to be able to give Jodi a full and fair defense as it went to the heart of her credibility on the stand. And yes, the question JSS must ask is would there have been a reasonable probability that there could have been a different outcome had the exculpatory evidence been presented at trial. The answer to that is a resounding YES ! VACATE THE VERDICT AND DISMISS THIS CASE, JSS !!!

      • If JSS does what is right according to the law and vacates the verdict and dismisses the case then Jodi most likely would be released from jail. That doesn’t mean however that the state is done with her. They would more than likely refile the case and try her once again. That is unless JSS does what is really required in an egregious case like this and that is to dismiss with prejudice which means that the state would be barred from re-trying the case against Jodi and she is FREE FOREVER !!!!

    • BB I fear that is exactly what JSS is going to do. She is going to tell DT that they already knew there was porn on the hd and did nothing about it back during the original trial so it is now a moot point. Then unfortunately she will dismiss their allegations and continue on with the sentencing phase. And who put the bug in her ear?? Probably none other than JM himself.

      • That may work temporarily if JSS fails to do her duty as an officer of the court, but when the appellate review is undertaken this will be reversed. The fact that LD admitted there was porn (then quickly retracted that statement under the badgering of JM) does NOT relieve the duty of the state to DISCLOSE ALL EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE TO THE DEFENSE, PERIOD ! The state’s position was consistent on this matter and that is that there was no porn, period! However, this has now been shown to be a lie. The Brady violation of not disclosing exculpatory evidence does NOT HAVE TO BE INTENTIONAL. The facts are the facts are the facts and there is no way around them. The state may win the battle but Jodi WILL WIN THE WAR !!!!

      • I would think, and hope, the fact that LD retracted his statement due to MARTTINEZ HIMSELF stating that LD had told him that there was NO porn, would be sufficient to prevent JSS from pretending that the matter was presented as otherwise.

  47. Well no matter which side of the fence you sit for or against it must be acknowledged at least when it comes to the computer discrepancies JSS is trying to get to the bottom of it. That is why I believe that things have come to a snail’s pace from a slow pace. This computer science thing is most interesting, it is concrete but still requires interpretation. It is too bad that this stuff couldn’t have been dealt with in the first trial. Martinez was able to bully his way through that one but not so easy on this one. Very frightening to think of what can happen in trials. I really wonder how many innocent people have been executed because of unscrupulous prosecutors, witnesses, etc. Very frightening if you think about it.

    • Exactly, the computer evidence is concrete. JSS needs to woman up and do what is now required of her to do – vacate the verdict and dismiss with prejudice…

      • Ya BB like that is going to happen. But we can hope. So now we need to know who ordered that transcript DT or JSS.

        Yes the DT knew there was porn on the computer…Their client told them.

  48. On the minute entry it states that “the court” is needing the transcript. I read this as the judge – JSS. She is the court. The DT was told that there was porno on the computer by Jodi. But they had no evidence of that. Once LD testified to such (but quickly retracted) JSS can not now use that admission (however fleeting it was) to now say that DT was notified that evidence did exist and somehow relieve the state of their unqualified duty to disclose all exculpatory evidence. The state’s duty to do such is never relieved……the law commands that JSS vacate this verdict and dismiss the case.

  49. I watched a bit of Lonnie Dworkin’s (LD) testimony last night. Here are a few things I noted:
    He received Jodi’s helio phone on June 30, 2010 and secured it in his own security locker. He could only use “screen captures.” Camera did not have internal memory storage. Camera was “dead,” power dead. It had a memory card (4 gigabytes). Memory card was a compact flash card 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches. He “forensically”copied the memory card using a write block.
    Jennifer Willmott (JM) asked: “What were you asked to do to this camera?”
    LD: “I was asked to locate images from both allocated and unallocated spaces (i.e., deleted images).
    JW: Did you understand the camera was seized from the Mesa police?”
    Martinez: “OBJECTION” Short conference between judge & lawyers.
    JW: ” OK, Mr. Dworkin, is it your understanding that the camera came from the Mesa Police Dept?”
    LD: “Yes.”
    The tape “freezes” after “yes” from 26:50 to 27:03 so you don’t hear LD’s complete answer (same thing happened on another version on Youtube tape although the freezing starts seconds earlier on youtube tape).

    Discussion goes to how LD received camera. The camera was inside a camera bag inside an “evidence bag” (evidence bag was simply the camera bag wrapped in brown paper with ID “stickers???”) on the outside, i.e., Property of the Mesa Police Department. There were signatures and dates as to when & who opened the paper wrapping (evidence bag).
    LD: “I see there are are numerous markings around the bag. I don’t recognize the signatures but…??? (difficult to hear what he’s saying here).
    JW asks when camera was “impounded” (secured into the evidence locker).
    LD: “July 21, 2008”
    Discussion of 4 photos (I think the numbers are 413, 414, 415 & 417). One photo is of Jodi with a black dog. Later on the tape Martinez says this photo is “predjudical” to the prosecution and wants it omitted but JSS allows the 4 photos.(another photo was of Jodi and a girl with red hair).
    Discussion goes to markings on the photos.
    LD:”This information appears to be file system information. The difference is file system….the camera itself…when it takes a photograph it embeds information into the photograph itself about the camera and the camera setting so that you can look at the digital file and ???” (couldn’t hear clearly) and make & model of the camera, date & time the picture was taken & digitized & saved, possibly information about camera settings, shutter speed, aputure and some have GPS , global positioning and may include the location where the picture was taken.”
    LD: “File system data is a little bit different it has to do with managing the photograph on the actual memory card or hard drive. It captures the date & time the photo was saved or moved or was copied, it’s current location.”
    I stopped about 33:00. I used two versions of trial videos. The one here at JAII (#13) and a Youtube version by “eonblue 3” where LD’s voice seemed clearer.

      • Yes, Carol, I agree. It seems suspicious when there is a flaw on the tape at a key part of testimony. There was a missing part on another tape on this site last week but I can’t even remember what the topic was right now. I was going to report it to ADMIN but then I put it down to a blip. Since everyone can access the trial tapes, I wonder if it’s possible to alter the videos on JAII? Hopefully, the court has a pristine video copy of the trial. I notice some of the trial videos on Youtube are altered although the claim seems to be that it’s just “approach, please”conferences with JSS, coffee & lunch breaks that have been removed for convenience.

    • Thank you CC53 thank you for this. Besides I was happy someone else had the same issue’s I did.

      Why do you think JM didn’t want the pic. of Jodi brought into evidence?? Did they show that she had brown hair and perhaps was just a normal girl. Oh was it because she was dressed????

      • Cindy,
        I think b/c it shows Jodi as a happy normal young woman who likes dogs. Martinez wants to demonize her & “slut shame” her so the jury will see her as immoral, a liar and violent (she kicked a dog when she was young – Martinez was probably hoping he could get the dog kicking info to the jury but I don’t think it was allowed but I could be wrong. It should be noted that Flores didn’t consider kicking a dog would make her a violent person when she mentioned it during her interrogation although this may have just have been a ploy on his part to be nonjudgmental and establish rapport with her).
        Yes, Willmott (later in the video) shows photos of Jodi with brown hair with blonde highlights on the front and some where her hair is just brown. She definitely illustrates Jodi had brown hair weeks before June 4, 2008.

    • cc53,
      Your explanation makes so much sense to me. Yesterday I spent about 4 hours with that day 13 video, and I thought it all had to do with (now missing) memory sticks, and the particular strange copy of Compaq that Dworkin received from Mesa – rather than the obvious retraction of saying that he found porn on the computer.

      Here’s my theory for what it’s worth: When the Defense came up with the allegations of cover up by the Prosecution, it was such a leap to think how much evidence had to be manipulated to pull that off that it was considered by the courts to be preposterous. That would be the biggest injustice in all of courtdom; it simply couldn’t be true.

      Then with the evidentiary hearings, it was getting scary, but still too awful to believe. Now the pieces are starting to really come together and the judge is looking at this in a more judge-like way, and really doing some homework on it, albeit still looking for ways that it could not possibly be true that the Prosecution did that.

      People here were actually saying ‘What happened to JenDiaries? She’s not herself.” The TA supporters changed their tune some – just in case this fiasco could really be true. Otherwise they would have egg all over their faces and various other body parts.

      Right after Dworkin testimony on the vid was BN’s. His CV is so-o-o impressive. That guy is in demand around the world! I had forgotten all that. It was so nice to see it all on video instead of assorted tweets, but at the same time I realized how the tweet version lets me get a life whereas the vids I was salivating – sometimes rabidly – over every moment the trial was on.

      After BN’s testimony came the beginning of Jodi’s testimony. It is so touching. I’m sure that’s where I got my conviction that she was innocent and never lost it. I highly recommend a re-watch of that one – all on the first vid from day 13 here. Keep your Kleenex handy….

      • Dec 4th hearing

        William Pitts ‏@william_pitts • 4m4 minutes ago
        Neumeister asks if he heard Martinez say correctly that Dworkin’s copy was created in 2008. Wilmott says yes. #JodiArias

        William Pitts ‏@william_pitts • 5m5 minutes ago
        Neumeister asks why all the files on it say they were created in 2009? Wilmott: good question. #JodiArias

          • Dreaming, no. . . We are traveling through another dimension. . . . ………..we just need to hang on. . . I think I see light at the end of the tunnel……….♥

            • R. I think you might be right. Look at everything JODI has been through and she is still hanging in there. WE ARE WINNING!!!!

              R. Baton down the latches, throw another log on the fire…’s going to get ugly….

              • Yes, it will be ugly but we just need to hang on and know the truth is with Jodi and this farce will not go on forever! Jodi will be Free!!! ♥
                BTW I told you to keep your weather up there!!!!!! 🙁 It’s going to get COLD TOO!!!!!!!

        • Good point, CC! I also remember a tweet where BN says something like, ‘It all depends on what kind of hard drive copy Dworkin received from Mesa PD.’

          In the #13 video Dworkin was certainly not happy with how difficult it was to work with the copy he was given. He said, “Only forensic copies were provided to me by Mesa PD.”

          Another interesting note is during Jodi’s testimony at one point they are waiting for the jury and Jodi leans her head on her left hand and her fourth finger is bent up in the air. As a piano player, I tried to emulate that pose and I had to physically manipulate my 4th finger to get it in that position.
          Just sayin’…………………… 🙂

          • AND! I almost forgot. Dworken had to pull back an evidence sticker from the camera to see when it was impounded as evidence. The date was JULY 21, 2008!!! Where was that camera for the almost 2 months before that??? I believe that’s the camera that had all the “end” pictures on it.

            That really is creepy.

              • R,
                Dworkin described “numerous markings” on the evidence bag (I think the markings were the names & times various people accessed the evidence bag) and he said he didn’t recognize any of the names – which makes me wonder if any of them were local people if he didn’t know them or even computer people. And, if so, why were people going into the evidence bag if they weren’t computer techs?

          • From Nov 21st Hearing

            BN: I think whoever imaged the drive and gave it to Lonnie, did an improper image. I believe what Dworkin got was not a raw file. If Encase was used, they didn’t do a raw data recovery. There’s a good chance they didn’t get any of the deleted stuff. JM: You’re guessing? You don’t know? BN: There’s only one way Dworkin could have missed it–if he wasn’t given a raw image of the drive. It’s impossible to miss it. There’s so much data, Juan. It’s packed with porn

            The misconduct in this case will take up 7000 pages.

            • YES, CC!
              That was the word I couldn’t remember! Dworkin said he received the Encase file from Mesa.
              Thank you. I didn’t want to go back through the whole video again to fin that word. Even though there was so much testimony about Encase, I never really understood what the difference was.

    • Found a clearer copy and here are two parts you were missing. (D Lohr )

      20:02 – LD actually picked the camera up in the courtroom. Was it your understanding that it was seized from Mesa Police? Objection, here say. JW: Not for an expert. (Sidebar) JW hands him evidence and asks him if this up he picked up, and he answers “yes, this is the shopping bag”. (JW spoke over him a bit) JW: Sorry, I interrupted you, what is it? LD: This is the shopping bag I picked up and inside is the camera case and inside the camera case is a Canon (DSLR ?). JW: How do you know that it was something that was seized by Mesa Police Dept? LD: Well, there are markings on the bag, um it’s printed here in the upper right hand corner of the bag it is formerly printed it says Mesa Police Dept. Property and Evidence Tag etc.

      21:37 I know from my experience having worked with Mesa Police Dept. before and received evidence, it’s a common practice that when they open an evidence bag, whether it’s actually a shopping bag, or maybe something a little smaller, the person opening it and responsible for it, will typically sign their name on it, and put the date when they accessed that evidence item. Um I’ve participated with them in that process many times. And so, I see that there are numerous markings around the bag. I don’t recognize the signatures, but I’m sure we might be able to figure out who had access. JW: Does it have information as to when it was originally received? LD: It has a date of impounding, which is actually different than seizing date, I believe. Impounding date is when it’s secured into their evidence locker. JW: What’s that date? LD: Date of impound is July 21st, 2008.

  50. In all honesty, I believe that the dynamics of any relationship would change drastically if one or the other parties was caught masturbating to pictures of children by their mate. I believe all trust would be lost on both sides. The person caught would never be able to trust that their mate would not rat them out at some point and the person doing the catching would never be able to trust their mate around any children. Both sides would then always have their guards up and that is no way to live. It would turn them against each other even if they loved the person unconditionally. It could easily turn to domestic violence even if there had never been any before. It could lead to paranoia for the person being caught, leading them to have to control the other person or stalk them if they tried to leave. What a mess it would be for both sides.

    • Jodi was the WOMAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH. And it was very dangerous and ended in the death of TA. He had every reason to keep Jodi close at hand (and every reason to be enraged at her and want to kill her) bc he was deathly afraid of her revealing the truth of his pedophilia to the world. His life, reputation, and livelihood was dependent on a false image of the good, virginal Mormon……….

      • I agree with you BB. What I find a difficult time believing is that media and so many people cannot understand these dynamics. I think it is easy just ask yourself what you would do if you caught your mate masturbating to pictures of children. What would change in your relationship?

        • I think the main reason people don’ t understand the dynamics is because they don’ t want to understand them.
          They are invested in their agenda to see Jodi how they want to see her. People who thrive on the energy of hate and blame, do not want to give up that momentum, and maybe a lot of them are not conscious of how that momentum and drive have obscured their ability to perceive.
          Martinez won his case by inciting that momentum in the courtroom. Most any jury in any court- room would take it as a matter-of-course that probably a high percentage of defendants would lie initially. They would know it is human nature to do so in such instances, and they likely would admit to themselves, that they might also lie if they ever found themselves in a dire position. They would not unduly and disproportionately be prejudiced against the defendant because of lies.
          But Martinez hypnotized the jury into a trance with his very simplistic method of rageful, indignant repetition.
          I think of how common it is for a person to be far more influenced, and taken over by, the music of a song, than the lyrics of the song. The lyrics might never completely be deciphered or registered by the consciousness of the listener. Even the expression, “swayed by the music,” translates as ‘persuaded by the music’.
          Martinez’s trickery is/was so crudely simplistic, but often pandering to the lowest common denominator is what works.
          Entertainment media depicts prosecutors in a ‘worshipful’ way. In most any other profession or segment of society, such narcissistic, bullying, self- aggrandizing, exploitation of power over the vulnerable, would be looked at askance, but ‘the lowest common denominator’ venerates power.
          The ‘lowest common denominator’ enjoys vicariously living through that power, so much so, that they will accept, rationalize, and encourage corruption and unlawful tactics by the prosecutor and police, because they feel the ends justify the means.
          The crime- entertainment faction of news- reporting/ journalism, might smugly dismiss the defense’s allegations against the prosecutor as ‘games’, but the allegations are not games, ploys, or tactics. The allegations are real, substantial, and ARE a matter of life or death.
          But the irresponsible crime- entertainment faction of the media, do very much view it as a game, because that is how they reap the most rewards.
          ‘Glorified gossip columnists’ posing as real reporters/ journalists might gloat and delude themselves into correlating ‘numbers’ [ of readers] with credibility and prestige, but the reality is opposite.
          On any given day, fewer people read, and are capable of reading, Shakespeare, than people who read something equivalent to the quality and substance of “The National Enquirer”.

          • You are 100% right when you describe Martinez’ strategy. What he did wasn’t brilliant or ingenious. It was simplistic. He had no hard evidence. He had no case of premeditation.
            Yet, he had charged her with M1 and he needed to raise to the occasion, so to speak. He resorted to something simple: blowing the defendant’s every deed out of proportion, tranfosrming her into a mythical creature. The pathological Liar, the evil Seductress, the monsterous Femme Fatale. By the time she was on that stand and by the time her defense experts were on that stand ALL her credibility was basically non-existent. So, when she talked of catching TA doing *that* (puke), she wasn’t believed and I guess the jurors never ever got to the point of having to think of the dynamics changing in that relationship. It’s like wanting to go from A to Z but believing there’s not road after C…. You’ll never experience the rest of it 😉

      • Well to be honest he had painted a picture of Jodi to all of his friends. He didn’t have to worry about them. No one would believe her just like none of them believe it now.

        That is a stumbling block for me. She was the only woman he had some control over. He didn’t want her to be with anyone else. He had been rejected by Mimi . He’s the one who was jealous.

        • That is another thing Cindy Jewell. Mimi just wanted to be friends yet TA insisted on her going to Cancun with him. Her brother, Dave Hall was in Vegas when Jodi got there. Remember him? He was the gun lover.

          • LOL! We could never forget Dave Hall the notorious boulder roller! He was one of the first in the blood thirsty mob to point his finger at Jodi to the media. I do not think he missed a chance to be on the sick HLN network until fate turned on him and he became the object of ridicule. 😀 At the time, I always have thought he was deeper into this than anyone knows. I suppose you heard the Hughes and him aren’t friends anymore. Not that I know them personally but a while back it was noted that they weren’t friends on FaceBook. . .Travis and his supposed friends were devious characters IMO. I do believe there a two sides to every character on the State’s side. 🙄

          • Oh I might have this wrong but wasn’t Mimi going to take care of the cashes kids? Or was that before she and TA were to go.

            Well now isn’t this interesting….the Alexanders broke up with the Cashes and the Cashes broke up with Dave haha

  51. Seems to be several mentions of Dave & Mimi Hall being siblings online but no proof or anything official. I think if Mimi was Dave Hall’s sister and Travis mistreated Mimi, he would be a dead man. But, I had the sense their relationship was platonic and Mimi felt Travis wasn’t marriage material (I think b/c he refused to grow up and act like a mature Mormon man, or something).

    • Also, I read some place that Mimi was more spiritual than Travis and took her “religion” seriously. No hanky-panky with Mimi.

      • On the stand, Mimi was asked extensively on the rules of the church by Nurmi. She sounds like a very sweet, serious woman who is deeply spiritual. When she testified in 2013 she was 31, because she testified she was now going to the family group meetings.

        • Mimi had known TA for a year approx. before his death after she moved into the ward. She had 3 dates with him, Barnes & Noble and hot chocolate, painting pottery and rock climbing. She did not know that TA had ever been in trouble with the church.

          • ” Barnes & Noble and hot chocolate, painting pottery and rock climbing”
            For real???? Oh, Travis Travis…………. Oh, the HYPOCRICY!!!! Playing Mr Right Guy with the virginal Mormon girls when deep down you were the Devil incarnated.

            BTW, Mimi Hall would never give TA the time of day, at least for too long -let alone agree to marry him. She’s a smart girl. Seems poised, serious, well-mannered, bright and yes – very spiritual. I’m amazed she even agreed to go on 3 dates with him.
            I’ve always liked her, well as much as I can like a prosecution witness/friend of TA. LOL!

        • Canada Carol, I’m sure she is a nice young lady. Smart not to get involved with Travis other then friends. I thought her behaviour was a bit odd at TA before the police were called. But how do any of us know how we would act given the circumstances.

    • Brand new Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey, Jan, 2015. ………..And, a new day for Arizona.
      …Also, President Obama is coming to town (actually in town right now), and scheduled to meet with the new Governor and also speak at Central High School in Phoenix.

      …Yes, Judge Sherry Stephens, now is your time to shine, and your ((best)) chance to be recognized worldwide ((as fair)), along with the fairness of Arizona ((although rather late but at long last)):
      …………….VACATE the Jodi Ann Arias verdict and dismiss with prejudice.

      • Judge Sherry Stephens can be (with one vote) more powerful than the Vice-President of the United States. …The VPOTUS is also the President of the Senate & can break a tie vote. …But, Judge Sherry Stephens can overthrow a majority vote of 12 jurors, vacate the Jodi Ann Arias verdict and dismiss the entire guilt case WITH PREJUDICE, where Miss Arias can walk out the front door, never tried again.
        …That is what the VPOTUS does, …..That is what powerful and fair judges should do more often.
        …I am optimistic one day at a time. …Arizona can be fair, if it has powerful and fair judges.

  52. I will have to wait for any exciting news until I return from my appointments tomorrow….Thinking good thoughts 🙂 🙂 🙂

  53. “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6 ((((((JODI)))))

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