Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #24 (12/18)

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Justice Denied - Why The Jurors Got It Wrong & How The Facts Decimate The State's Case Against Jodi Arias

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Click here (or click the image below) to read THE DEFENDANT’S SUPPLEMENTAL MOTION TO DISMISS ALL CHARGES WITH PREJUDICE, filed by Kirk Nurmi on 12-14-2014 – (8 page PDF document).

DEFENDANTS SUPPLEMENTAL MOTION TO DISMISS ALL CHARGES WITH PREJUDICE December 14th 2014 Jodi Arias Is Innocent -com. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Kick-off is scheduled for 9-00 am MST. Click here for the current time in Arizona.



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  1. Bystander congratulations. How are you feeling today??

    I just posted on the other page in regards to whether or not jodi receiving antidepressants. If so does she have to pay for them and rather they are dispense as written.

    • Cindy – thanks and I’m feeling better. Been able to fight this thing off without any antibiotics. So, I’m good!

      As to meds in jail for Jodie, I would think this is paid for by the State and it would be as written by the jail docs. At the State’s expense, not Jodie’s.

  2. I’ve been watching the Alyce LaViolette talk this morning. I am nearly an hour into it, and I must say it’s very good. Thank you for the link, CanadaCarol.

  3. Good morning Team Jodi! I am ready to take on the day! I was sad reading about the old Jodi yesterday before she was brainwashed. Despite the negative, she always looked for positive, even today. She’s a fighter and we are behind her!

  4. Does anyone know what the courtroom schedule will be over the Xmas and New Year’s holidays? I apologize if I may have missed it if it’s already been posted.

    Curious to see if JSS may hold court on some days she previously had slated as “off” days since they are running behind schedule.


      • I was surprised at Nurmi’s response and I don’t know what happened, but he was supposed to see Neumeister today until he needed 3 hours and then it was scheduled for Jan 2 or 3rd.

        Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ • 4m4 minutes ago
        Nurmi is saying the two witnesses that work with Neumeister are not available for tomorrow and he can’t confirm that they will be right now
        Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ • 4m4 minutes ago
        Juan wants the interview, judge says call them Nurmi #jodiarias #3tvarias
        Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial • 5m5 minutes ago
        Nurmi is adamant that is doesn’t matter what Juan “wants” re: interviewing additional ppl on Neumeister’s team. Might not happen. #jodiarias

  5. So I was re-reading a bunch from yesterday. This tweet really caught my attention. I don’t sit here and pretend to understand when all these entries were written but in this case the entry could be about “other women” or possible “pedo findings”.

    The next tweet seemed to be about breaking up. So timing is everything. What are your thoughts about this tweet?


    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ • 2m2 minutes ago
    “I need to focus on the end result. Hard knowing what I know but I just need to think about the love in my heart” #jodiarias #3tvarias

  6. I don’t know about anyone else but I have this incredible sadness and I understand what Jodi meant when she said she felt like her brain was scrambling.

    Jodi you are so loved I hope you feel that….

    • Me too, It’s really hard hearing what Jodi went through. I saw a picture (I think taken from last Christmas maybe) of the Arias family’s Christmas photo and they are holding a picture of Jodi init . It really touched me and literally brought tears to my eyes. I hope she knows how many of us love and support her.

      Team Jodi <3333

      • That family photo is actually a bit older. But I’m sure Jodi’s absence is not getting any easier, no matter how many years have passed. They still miss their baby girl and I cannot imagine how hard it must for the Arias family to wish each other Merry Christmas, when Jodi is all alone in a cell.

        If haters are to read this post of mine, I’m sure they will say ”What about the Alexander family?”
        It is PRECISELY for this reason that JA supporters have always stressed that this is a double tragedy.
        We may NOT like TA but we have never wished him dead. In fact, had Jodi been able to keep away from him she would be a free woman today, able to fulfill her potential and enjoy her life away from a tyrrant!

  7. Wondering how the Hughes feel this morning? Knowing all of their stories concerning Jodi have been BIG FAT LIES, I wonder what their followers are thinking about them now. They make me sick to my stomach. With the knowledge they knew about Travis and then out righted lied every time they opened their mouths! Creating untruths about Jodi at every turn!!!!!! How DARE THEM!!!
    They are HORRIBLE PEOPLE!!!! SCUM!

    • R. LOVE…I’m sure they will be screaming their lies even louder. I wounder what lie they will come up with now…Hummmmm. Put you running shoes on Mr. and Mrs. Hughes because Lady Justice is coming after you. You can run but the day will come when she will find you…..

          • We had an horrible crime the Christian/Newsom trial where 2 young people were kidnapped and tortured and abused for several days by a group of people in my city. It was truly awful and should have been labeled a HATE crime but I don’t believe it ever made the national news. The DAs worked extremely hard to find out the truth, so I was impressed with them. Unfortunately, the judge was on drugs and the trials all had to be retried. It was awful for the families of the victim BUT they were truly victims, there was no question. Years of suffering for all during that time. The victims family never had drama going on in the courtroom and never have profited from anything to do with their children’s lives being taken. The Alexander family should take some lessons from them. One of the defendants was up for parole again this month and was turned down. I’m sure TN has some DAs that would be less than desirable but I have never heard of any that compare to this slimyFROG!
            I believe in this country, there will always be those who are there to do their jobs with honesty and integrity and then we will have those with absolutely no scruples and will do anything to profit from the less fortunate. Those in the position of being officers of the law but abusing it to all new levels!!! This is a BIG problem with our country today and it needs to be addressed and then straightened out. IMO

            • Also, aren’t DAs and prison governers elected by vote in the USA? In my opinion, that is part of the problem as they almost sell themselves tog et re-elected rather than focusing on their jobs. JMO.

            • Incredible story, R.Love. … …All that internet users have to do is Google: christian/newsom …..and Google sends many links to this incredible double torture murders. …I never heard of it on TV or in newspapers in 2007, here in Louisiana. …And, I just read on Google links that parts of the news media did not want to give it too much attention because it was blacks, torture killing white people, and this was ((not politically correct)) to show a bad light on blacks. …
              …Well, perhaps the mainstream news media in the Jodi Arias case also wants to be ((politically correct by refusing to report that she is totally innocent)) or at least: totally justified in her self defense against TA. …By overlooking that there is one (or several) Brady violations to snooker the juries to get her the maximum penalty. ..(IMHO).
              …Why, because the main stream news media is sucking up to those who do not want to see a ((small fragile girl winning in hand to hand combat against a muscular body builder)) in a struggle to the death of one of them. …Especially if the girl is of partial Latino extraction.
              …My God, this is just as politically ((incorrect)) as if it was a timid black man winning a hand to hand self defense battle against a white muscular male hoodlum trying to kill the black man. …And, if the white hoodlum died.
              …As I have said, & also the Bible, sometimes the little David kills the giant Goliath in hand to hand combat. …Well, Goliath had a shield & a giant sword but David cut off the head of Goliath with the giant’s own sword. …The Bible don’t have to be politically correct.

    • ”how they feel this morning?” Better ask how they feel every single day of their lives, knowing what an abusive pedophile their best buddy was. If I ever met them, I’d be tempted to ask them ”So, knowing what you now know, if Travis was still alive, would you let him BABYSIT your children again????”


  8. Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 7m 7 minutes ago
    Juan just walked by a charging laptop here near me.. he said “don’t touch the laptop it’s in sleep mode” lol!! #JodiArias

    WHAT THE FUCK???!!!! He thinks this is a joke? Is he serious? He is making a mockery of everything!

  9. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2m 2 minutes ago

    Everyone is here but Jodi. Just waiting on Judge Stephens morning calendar to wrap up #jodiarias #3tvarias

  10. Carolyn Sung @CarolynSungCNN · 31s 32 seconds ago

    Good Morning. Judge SS is still looking over other cases. No sign of #jodiarias or her mom, but counsel, witness and TA family here.

  11. Okay…. lets hope DT can keep Geffner on the stand all day. One sure way would be to ask a lot of questions JM can’t resist objecting to.

  12. Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 1m 1 minute ago
    #JodiArias mom just waltzed in and took her seat. All by her lonesome today it seems.

    ^^^^ You wish bitch! In a few minutes you’ll be eating your words!

  13. William Pitts @william_pitts · 7s 8 seconds ago

    #JodiArias finally here.

    I guess they’re gonna blame the delay on Jodi… uhhhm ya, she couldn’t find a free parking space! GMAFB!

  14. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 44s 45 seconds ago

    Court in session. Jury seated and Dr. Geffner back on stand to continue direct. #JodiArias

  15. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1m 1 minute ago

    #jodiarias is in a baggy grey sweater, hair down, papers in hand #3tvarias

  16. William Pitts @william_pitts · 2m 2 minutes ago

    Wilmott puts off the journals and goes to the judge that criticzed Geffner. #JodiArias

  17. Carolyn Sung @CarolynSungCNN · 1m 1 minute ago

    Willmott is back to questioning Geffner about the previous cases he has testified in. #jodiarias

  18. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1m 1 minute ago
    Wmt wants to ask Geffner about some of his other cases…. W- Have you learned recently your name has come up in an appeal? #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 36s 36 seconds ago
    Geff- Yes it was a case 2 years ago. Pros was asking me questions about cases decades ago. I don’t know about appeals I don’t get that info

  19. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 36s 37 seconds ago

    Willmott- Have you looked up these cases? Geffner- No but an attorney did for me and asked me what happened #jodiarias #3tvarias

  20. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 10s 11 seconds ago

    Willmott- Did anyone say anything negative about your expertise? Geffner- No #jodiarias #3tvarias

  21. William Pitts @william_pitts · 3m 3 minutes ago
    Geffner has come up in other case proceedings for some reason. Geffner doesn’t sound dure why. #JodiArias

    William Pitts @william_pitts · 2m 2 minutes ago
    It’s an appellate ruling. #JodiArias

    William Pitts @william_pitts · 1m 1 minute ago
    Geffner says appellate court judge found no problems with his testimony. #JodiArias

  22. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 2m 2 minutes ago

    Willmott pauses on journals and asks Geffner to again discuss his credentials & about being called a “hired gun” by a Tenn. judge #JodiArias

  23. William Pitts @william_pitts · 57s 58 seconds ago
    Geffner’s explaining his affidavit in one case was flawed because he didn’t have time and wasn’t given accurate info. Curt ruled it out.

    William Pitts @william_pitts · 49s 50 seconds ago
    *Court ruled it out.

  24. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 46s 46 seconds ago
    Willmott- were you asked to write an affidavit? Geffner- Yes but I was only given a week to write it #jodiarias #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 14s 14 seconds ago
    Will- So the court said they couldn’t use your affidavit correct? Geff- Yes I told them I had limitations and could only use some records

  25. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 43s 43 seconds ago
    Willmott- So onto another case. Was the Pros asking you questions and defense was objecting to what you were talking about? #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 14s 14 seconds ago
    W – Your name came up in an opinion so did it have anything to do with your expertise? Geffner- No #jodiarias #3tvarias

  26. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 3m 3 minutes ago
    Geffner’s name recently came up in an appeal abt his opinions. Geffner says appellate court judge had no issue w his testimony #JodiArias

    Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 15s 16 seconds ago
    One of Geffner’s affidavit was flawed bc he was limited bc he didn’t have enough time & accurate info. Says court ruled it out #JodiArias

  27. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 9s 9 seconds ago
    Willmott- We have another case in Hawaii. Geffner- Yes #jodiarias #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 36s 37 seconds ago
    Willmott- Was your testimony limited? Geffner- Yes #jodiarias #3tvarias

  28. William Pitts @william_pitts · 55s 55 seconds ago
    Wilmmott’s going over other cases that Martinnez will bring up later to let Geffner explain what happened in those cases. #JodiArias

    ^^^ Good for Jen because the frog will demand YES or NO replies… 🙄

  29. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1m 1 minute ago
    Willmott- So nothing about your expertise was noted on correct? Geffner- Correct #jodiarias #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 45s 46 seconds ago
    Geffner’s clinic was sued by a parent who’s child was sexually abused and they were working with the child #jodiarias #3tvarias

  30. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 52s 53 seconds ago

    Geffner’s clinic said this child wasn’t abused. The parents sued because the kids weren’t returned to the parents #jodiarias #3tvarias

  31. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 13s 14 seconds ago

    They were also suing clinic over their techniques used with the child #jodiarias #3tvarias

  32. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 1m 1 minute ago
    Geffner says he was sued bc he was a director of a clinic that was being sued in another case. Issues with flawed (cont) #JodiArias

    Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 2m 2 minutes ago
    (cont) evaluation of child in a sexual abuse case. Geffner says clinic was accused of harassing child w vocabulary. #JodiArias

  33. William Pitts @william_pitts · 2m 2 minutes ago
    Geffner’s clinic examined a disabled child who teachers thought was being sexually abused. #JodiArias

    William Pitts @william_pitts · 1m 1 minute ago
    Geffner found the girl didn’t understand what she was actually saying. #JodiArias

    William Pitts @william_pitts · 56s 56 seconds ago
    Girl’s parents sued bc she wasn’t returned. Other agencies settled, Geffner didn’t. #JodiArias

    William Pitts @william_pitts · 12s 12 seconds ago
    Geffner ended up settling with no admission of wrongdoing. Ethics board found nothing wrong with his techniques. #JodiArias

  34. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1m 1 minute ago

    Willmott is on damage control with Geffner…you know Juan has all this info in his accordion file! #jodiarias #3tvarias

  35. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 27s 27 seconds ago

    Geffner says he settled bc the amnt of money and bc he recently moved to CA. The case was later evaluated and determined no flaw #JodiArias

  36. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 11s 11 seconds ago

    There was a sexual harassment case also but it didn’t involve Geffner #jodiarias #3tvarias

  37. Steve Krafft @SKrafftFox10 · 1m 1 minute ago

    Dr. Geffner says in cases in which prosecutors attacked him his credibility as an expert in psychology was always established.#jodiarias

  38. Steve Krafft @SKrafftFox10 · 13s 13 seconds ago

    Now we are back to paging through #jodiarias’ voluminous journals detailing her relationship with Travis Alexander.

  39. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 9s 10 seconds ago

    11/07- Jodi in journal says Travis brought her a treat and she gave him a treat. #jodiarias #3tvarias

  40. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 2m 2 minutes ago

    Willmott satisfied with Geffner’s explanation returns to journals #JodiArias

  41. Steve Krafft @SKrafftFox10 · 1m 1 minute ago

    #jodiarias describes TA visiting her while her roommates were asleep, says:”He brought me a treat. I gave him a treat. It was a fair trade.”

  42. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 24s 25 seconds ago

    This was after an argument. Geffner says she didn’t get into to much neg stuff in her journals #jodiarias #3tvarias

  43. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 21s 21 seconds ago

    Geffner explains to jury that this only a portion of all the journals #JodiArias kept. Most likely more than 1,000 pages in total, he says.

  44. William Pitts @william_pitts · 57s 57 seconds ago
    Wilmott’s reading from the journal…lots of stuff about arguing with #TravisAlexander and reading the bible. #JodiArias

    Steve Krafft @SKrafftFox10 · 1m 1 minute ago
    #jodiarias journal statements fluctuate wildly between optimistic views of Travis and then bleak accounts of a relationship going nowhere.

    Steve Krafft @SKrafftFox10 · 27s 28 seconds ago
    #jodiarias says in journal: “writing things down helps me process complicated, emotionally wrenching situations.”

  45. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1m 1 minute ago
    Jodi is talking about Travis saying harsh words to her and how she has to let go. #jodiarias #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 18s 19 seconds ago
    Jodi is haunted by these words but she promised Travis she wouldn’t write it down. #jodiarias #3tvarias

  46. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 2m 2 minutes ago

    #JodiArias wrote about getting involved with a philosophy called “Law of Attraction” which says to only write/discuss positive things.

  47. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 26s 27 seconds ago

    Willmott- this is power and control from Travis to tell Jodi not to write things in her journal right? #jodiarias #3tvarias

    • Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1m 1 minute ago

      Geffner- Yes it is. This was taken to the extreme #jodiarias #3tvarias

  48. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 36s 36 seconds ago

    #TravisAlexander made #JodiaArias rip out negative pg in journal. He told her, “Don’t talk about it. Don’t write about it,” says Willmott

    • Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 22s 23 seconds ago

      Willmott asks Geffner if this is controlling, Geffner – yes. He says it’s important to process feelings and not shut them down #JodiArias

  49. Carolyn Sung @CarolynSungCNN · 56s 56 seconds ago
    #jodiarias writes in Journal: TA thinks I would say yes in a second, if he popped the questions. She writes that is not true.

  50. Steve Krafft @SKrafftFox10 · 11s 12 seconds ago

    #jodiarias: says something like “a major courting (w/Travis) would have to occur before I could get married and sealed in the Gospel.”

  51. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 54s 55 seconds ago
    Jodi- Travis says if he popped the question I’d say yes in a heartbeat. #jodiarias #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 11s 12 seconds ago
    #jodiarias- He is very wrong. He would need to really court me, our marriage will need to be strong in the Gospel #3tvarias

  52. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 54s 55 seconds ago

    Geffner moves on to 11/6/07 journal entry where #JodiArias discusses about not being able to accept #TravisAlexander as husband.

  53. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 24s 24 seconds ago

    Geffner points out to jury #TravisAlexander teased #JodiArias abt the topic of marriage. He had control of bringing it back into the picture

  54. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3m 3 minutes ago
    11/6/07- “I just don’t see why this affects me so greatly….” #jodiarias #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2m 2 minutes ago
    Willmott- Is this easy for someone in this kind of depressed state? #jodiarias #3tvarias

    • Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3m 3 minutes ago

      Geffner- No. She can’t pull herself away even though she knows it’s not healthy #jodiarias #3tvarias

  55. William Pitts @william_pitts · 3m 3 minutes ago
    #JodiArias write she “omitted much” because there was nothing positive to write.

    William Pitts @william_pitts · 4m 4 minutes ago
    I’m sure Martinez will ask how Geffner based a diagnosis on an admittedly incomplete account from journals… #jodiarias

  56. William Pitts @william_pitts · 2m 2 minutes ago
    “I am a powerful creator. I must wield my power carefully.” – #jodiarias

    William Pitts @william_pitts · 2m 2 minutes ago
    Sounds like a self help book.

  57. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 53s 53 seconds ago

    #JodiArias writes that she had no one to talk about. Writes that #TravisAlexander was “tired of being the shoulder to be cried on.”

  58. Steve Krafft @SKrafftFox10 · 7m 7 minutes ago
    #jodiarias says “I’ve got to get out of here,’ but expert says she just couldn’t pull herself away.

    Steve Krafft @SKrafftFox10 · 6m 6 minutes ago
    Dr. Geffner: it’s like #jodiarias’ heart is arguing with her brain.

    Steve Krafft @SKrafftFox10 · 5m 5 minutes ago
    The defense appears to be willing to read the entire Book of Jodi in this sentencing retrial. #jodiarias

    Steve Krafft @SKrafftFox10 · 4m 4 minutes ago
    While her innermost thoughts in her journal are being read to the jury, #jodiarias stares off into the middle distance towards the judge.

    Steve Krafft @SKrafftFox10 · 3m 3 minutes ago
    Dr. Geffner: #jodiarias finds herself isolated; can’t see Travis, her own family is dysfunctional, no friends around.

  59. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3m 3 minutes ago
    11/19/07- “I’ve cried all day and TA is worried about his grandmother. I feel overwhelmingly sad but I can’t express this to him. #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3m 3 minutes ago
    I shouldn’t be more sad than him. I have no one to talk too. #jodiarias #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3m 3 minutes ago
    I can’t talk to my mom, sister, friends, Travis, or Bishop. Travis is tired of being my shoulder to lean on #jodiarias #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2m 2 minutes ago
    I wish I could turn back the clock. #jodiarias #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2m 2 minutes ago
    #jodiarias- I am a powerful creator, I must wield my power carefully, and always be vigilant and careful with what I am creating #3tvarias

  60. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2m 2 minutes ago
    Next day Jodi is happy and says a cloud lifted. Geffner says this is dissociation and how people that are traumatized act. #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1m 1 minute ago
    Geffner says medical issues such as headaches can increase with this stress #jodiarias #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 23s 23 seconds ago
    Jodi isn’t happy with how Travis’s present is turning out and she’s really excited Travis got her something. #jodiarias #3tvarias

  61. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 7s 7 seconds ago

    12/4/07- Jodi is still hanging out with Travis. They hung out at the mall and Jodi dropped TA off at his grandmothers.#jodiarias #3tvarias

    • Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 47s 48 seconds ago

      When the grandmother fell asleep Jodi went over to her house and cuddled with TA #jodiarias #3tvarias

      • What he was doing to her was absolutely disgusting and vile. As if he was ashamed of her? Hiding her from his grandma? Letting her in the house when grandma was asleep? Omg….. I cannot believe how Jodi put up wit this and so many other things of course… He truly was manipulative and she truly was in love and depressed. He destroyed her, he tore her apart….

  62. William Pitts @william_pitts · 7m 7 minutes ago
    “I feel like a freaking wizard right now! And I owe it all to my loving Father in Heaven.” – #jodiarias

    William Pitts @william_pitts · 5m 5 minutes ago
    #JodiArias writes she has a massive headache. Geffner says that’s because she’s internalizing her problems.

  63. Steve Krafft @SKrafftFox10 · 2m 2 minutes ago

    Now we’re looking at a wheel o’ emotions diagram produced by Dr. Geffner to explain #jodiarias’ mood swings.

    • ALV mentioned, in that video I watched yesterday, that she DOES NOT use that wheel of emotions diagram any more…she said something about it being the typical way the general public views domestic violence and there is SO much more to it than that.

  64. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 56s 56 seconds ago

    During this time period TA is telling people bad things about Jodi Juan objects to relevance and they approach #jodiarias #3tvarias

  65. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1m 1 minute ago
    12/4/07- “I don’t know where it comes from, I must be sick. I just want to die. I’m so overwhelmed. #jodiarias #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 32s 32 seconds ago
    #jodiarias I’m striving for bigger things but I must fix my thinking” #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 46s 47 seconds ago
    This was hours after cuddling with Travis #jodiarias #3tvarias

  66. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 24s 24 seconds ago

    Now Jodi is making a present for the Grandmother but Travis hasn’t even introduced them to each other #jodiarias #3tvarias

  67. Steve Krafft @SKrafftFox10 · 59s 59 seconds ago

    “Cuddling is more what I want, sex is more of what he wants,” #jodiarias writes of her relationship with Travis Alexander.

  68. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 2m 2 minutes ago

    Willmott asks Geffner about #TravisAlexander open relationship w another woman, during the time of his sexual relationship w #JodiArias

  69. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 39s 40 seconds ago

    Geffner says that is this once again “mixed messages” to #JodiArias. She continues to write in journal about being lonely and confused

  70. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 43s 44 seconds ago

    Geff says she wasn’t allowed to meet the GM Jodi is writing she feels really low and Matt is telling her to get medicated #jodiarias

    • Steve Krafft @SKrafftFox10 · 2m 2 minutes ago

      Friend Matt told Jodi he thought she should be medicated, but she wanted natural cure for her feelings of loneliness and despair. #jodiarias

    • Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 1m 1 minute ago

      Geffner revisits #JodiArias using marijuana in past to cope w abuse as a child/teenager.

      • Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 34s 34 seconds ago

        Geffner says Jodi self medicated when she was younger by smoking pot #jodiarias #3tvarias

  71. Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 1m 1 minute ago

    #JodiArias is hwhispering to Jennifer as Maria stands near by. Lot’s o smiling going on.

  72. travis was a piece of work wasn’t he? He was a fucker with no respect to women and humans in general. He thought that he was master of the world (thus T-Dogg) and he can treat and abuse other people w/o consequences.. guess again travis… all actions have consequences, you mother fucking piece of shit!

  73. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 1m 1 minute ago

    #JodiArias cont to write about suicide in Dec. entry. Says she has been depressed 4 years and that “it is independent from just one person.”

  74. Carolyn Sung @CarolynSungCNN · 1m 1 minute ago

    Back from break, back to #jodiarias journal entries: Jodi writes she doesn’t want presents for christmas, she just wants to be happy.

  75. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 7s 8 seconds ago

    Willmott asks if #JodiArias can “handle” the “push and pull relationship” w #TravisAlexander. Geffner says she handles it, but not well

    • hyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 2m 2 minutes ago

      McCartney gave #JodiArias advice 2 get help and meds. Geffner says, “I couldn’t have said it better myself. That is what I would have done.”

  76. OK, guys I need your opinion too.

    Yesterday (or the day before, can’t remember) when people started noticing that yellowish color on Jodi’s cheeks I thought it could just be the photos’ dicoloration or bad lighting. But it’s there today too.

    What is that? What can it be? Anyone? Should we get worried??? 🙁

  77. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3m 3 minutes ago
    #jodiarias says she’s dealing with severe depression and she wants to end her life. #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3m 3 minutes ago
    It’s independent of one person. Jodi doesn’t want presents for Christmas just wants to be happy. #jodiarias #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3m 3 minutes ago
    “I can not see any light at the end of the tunnel” #jodiarias #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1m 1 minute ago
    Geffner- Jodi was traumatized and now she’s in an up and down relationship. #jodiarias #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 34s 35 seconds ago
    It happens daily and even within hours and this takes its toll. #jodiarias #3tvarias

  78. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 27s 27 seconds ago

    Dec 8th, next day- #jodiarias says she needs to focus on being more Christ like. TA is such a drag. His tires were slashed twice last week

  79. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 41s 42 seconds ago

    Jodi says she’s going to help Travis financially any way she can #jodiarias #3tvarias

  80. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 47s 48 seconds ago

    Dec 9th- TA was on a stake out trying 2 catch who slashed his tires. #Jodiarias offered to loan him her stun gun. She had a stun gun?!!!

    • William Pitts @william_pitts · 43s 43 seconds ago

      Apparently #JodiArias had a stun gun she offered to give to #TravisAlexander to catch whoever slashed his tires.

    • William Pitts @william_pitts · 2m 2 minutes ago

      back to the timeline. timeline shows the stun gun comment Dec 7, 2007 #JodiArias

  81. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 20s 21 seconds ago

    #jodiarias keeps saying she’s not suppose to write negative things in her journal. She mentions TA made deposits in their joint account.

  82. Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 1m 1 minute ago
    Jennifer just removed the journal from the overhead machine. Do you think she is done with it? #JodiArias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 19s 20 seconds ago
    Jennifer points out one last suicidal comment that #JodiArias wrote in her journal.

  83. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 44s 45 seconds ago
    “Back down low again and I began to cry. I gave my notice to Amy (roommate). I’ve got to get myself right. Depression is a serious thing.”

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 43s 44 seconds ago
    “Somedays I wish it was just simple to kill myself” #jodiarias #3tvarias

    • Steve Krafft @SKrafftFox10 · 2m 2 minutes ago

      “Some days you wake up and wish it were just as simple as just kill youself,” #jodiarias writes in 2007 journal.

  84. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 44s 45 seconds ago

    “Her cycles of depression is getting closer and closer. And hope, lesser and lesser,” says Geffner about #JodiArias towards end of 2007

  85. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 42s 42 seconds ago

    Things are going “down hill” and it keeps getting steeper and steeper, Geffner says. #JodiArias

  86. Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 2m 2 minutes ago

    Now Jennifer wants to dive into some text messages between TA and #JodiArias. Crafty.

  87. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1m 1 minute ago
    Geffner reviewed text messages between #jodiarias and TA. He relied on them to form his opinion #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 20s 20 seconds ago
    Juan wants to approach #jodiarias #3tvarias

  88. Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 10s 10 seconds ago

    Ex 440 is admitted. A plethora of textual messages. Hella sticky notes on it. This could take a hwhile folks. #JodiArias

  89. Carolyn Sung @CarolynSungCNN · 4s 5 seconds ago

    Willmott puts up text messages between #jodiarias and TA now. They text each other “I Love You” on New Years.

  90. William Pitts @william_pitts · 32s 32 seconds ago

    The timeline has #JodiArias accusation of walking in on #TravisAlexander looking at child porn

  91. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 22s 22 seconds ago

    Back to journals, #JodiArias writes that #TravisAlexander brings up marriage again and she says it’a tempting.

  92. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 14s 14 seconds ago

    Willmott reads from journals where #JodiArias wrote “he is desperate to get married” & “there are countless of reasons why he’s not married”

  93. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 40s 41 seconds ago
    1/9/08- Jodi went to Travis’s and picked up the car. She says he asked her to marry him. #jodiarias #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 22s 23 seconds ago
    She says he’s crazy but it’s tempting when he puts his hands on her. #jodiarias #3tvarias

  94. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 44s 45 seconds ago

    Much effort is required by me to fall out of love but I’ve done it before. #jodiarias #3tvarias

  95. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 27s 28 seconds ago

    There are countless reasons why he isn’t married. Travis is to prideful and I just keep praising him. #jodiarias #3tvarias

  96. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2m 2 minutes ago
    1/10- Jodi is a lot happier and feels she has pulled through #jodiarias #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 56s 57 seconds ago
    Geffner says she has broken free in her mind and this is a positive thing #JodiArias #3tvarias

  97. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 16s 16 seconds ago

    Geffner tells jury that journal entires in Jan. 2008 show that #JodiArias is happier and doing better

  98. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 51s 52 seconds ago

    Jodi is saying she deposited around $700 dollars in Travis’s account and another friend wanted $75. #jodiarias #3tvarias

  99. William Pitts @william_pitts · 12s 13 seconds ago

    Now talking about #JodiArias giving #TravisAlexander money. What does this have to do with mitigation?

  100. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 27s 28 seconds ago

    Juan objects to Jen saying this was a loan from Jodi. He said we don’t know if she was loaning him this or paying or him back #jodiarias

  101. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 27s 28 seconds ago

    Willmott shows jury three checks that #JodiArias deposited into #TravisAlexander bank over a span of time. Total about $1,000

  102. Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 1m 1 minute ago

    A check is put up on the screen, from #JodiArias to TA for $699.00 then one from Jan 11th for $100.00. Another for $220.00

  103. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 27s 28 seconds ago
    Willmott is showing checks from Jodi to Travis and she notes that Jodi said in her journals she loaned it to him. #jodiarias #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 12s 13 seconds ago
    Geffner says emails from Travis requesting money confirm this #jodiarias #3tvarias

  104. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 37s 38 seconds ago
    #jodiarias is saying Travis was an awful boyfriend but the second is good. But sex wouldn’t make a marriage last. #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 21s 22 seconds ago
    She says she loves him more as a friend. #jodiarias #3tvarias

  105. William Pitts @william_pitts · 2m 2 minutes ago

    Geffner now testifying #JodiArias told him she walked in on #TravisAlexander masturbating to a boy in underwear.

      • Hi Amy, I was going to reply to your comment on yesterday’s page re: Pups. Welcome to Club Boston! I think another female Boston would be fine. They seem to know they are all related when they get together…they read each other’s signals, make the same play sounds, etc. My Belly is 10 and may get anxious if I got another one now but she plays with a one year old female Boston, named Marla Hooch and they are exactly the same…although Belly DOES have to teach her manners now and then. The burrowing under the covers is SO BOSTON…I will never get another breed. Big dog in a little dog body…fun and energetic
        And lol at “Bologna Butt”

        • The reason I say a Boston girl would be best for Jessie as a companion is that they would tucker each other out…same energy level…a low key dog might get annoyed by a Boston wanting to play EVERY waking moment 😉

  106. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 40s 40 seconds ago

    1/21/08 Now we are at where Jodi says she catches TA masturbating to a picture young boy in his underwear #jodiarias #3tvarias

  107. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 49s 50 seconds ago

    Geffner speaks now about #JodiArias reporting of walking in on #TravisAlexander masturbating to a photo of young boy in underwear

  108. Steve Krafft @SKrafftFox10 · 1m 1 minute ago

    Now Dr. Geffner talks about Jodi’s statement she saw Travis masturbating to photo of underage boy on his computer. #jodiarias

  109. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 47s 48 seconds ago

    Jodi has sympathy for Travis because she thinks he was abused sexually as a young boy #jodiarias #3tvarias

  110. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 55s 55 seconds ago

    Geffner says according to #JodiArias, #TravisAlexander cried and admitted to being attracted to children

  111. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 33s 33 seconds ago

    1/22/08 #jodiarias says Travis asks for money and says he has an attraction to young girls so he sleeps with grown women to stop his urges

  112. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 2m 2 minutes ago
    Conversation becomes an argument that leads to abuse. #JodiArias says he “body slammed” her & kicked her. Her finger is broken as a result

    Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 1m 1 minute ago
    #TravisAlexander apologize and helps her finger. No medical attention sought, no reports of abuse to anyone, Geffner says #JodiArias

    Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 23s 24 seconds ago
    #JodiArias returns to journal and writes, “nothing to report.”

  113. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1m 1 minute ago
    Willmott- Just because Jodi says nothing noteworthy happened do you see a pattern of this..not writing negative things? #jodiarias #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 46s 47 seconds ago
    Juan wants to approach #jodiarias #3tvarias

  114. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 16s 17 seconds ago

    Willmott gets Geffner to say pattern of diff in journal and events bc trying to stay positive. Several objections from Martinez #JodiArias

  115. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 38s 38 seconds ago

    Geffner says nothing is in journals about the abuse but this is a pattern of not writing about the abuse #jodiarias #3tvarias

  116. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 22s 23 seconds ago

    He talked to Jodi about this last July. He said it had to do with Law of Attraction #jodiarias #3tvarias

  117. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2m 2 minutes ago

    Jodi eludes to the negative things. She says “there are things just not right with that boy.” Juan wants to approach #jodiarias #3tvarias

  118. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 19s 20 seconds ago

    Gef- #jodiarias doesn’t always write the direct things in her journal. “There are things about him that will never sit right with me.”

  119. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 1m 1 minute ago

    Willmott continues to point out instances where #JodiArias wrote about positive points over negative points in journal.

  120. martinez’s babysitter is there sitting in first chair. That must be killing the frog! Not being able to sit in forst chair! LOL! Loving it!

  121. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 25s 25 seconds ago

    “I spent a year of my life cultivating a relationship w/ TA & I will never get over why men cheat. Matt, Travis but not Daryl.” #jodiarias

  122. Carolyn Sung @CarolynSungCNN · 20s 20 seconds ago

    Geffner says #jodiarias was gradually making a break from TA, especially at the intellectual level, as she found about his infidelities.

  123. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2m 2 minutes ago

    Jodi loans Travis money again and they are still seeing each other. #jodiarias #3tvarias

  124. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 4s 5 seconds ago

    #JodiArias writes in journal that she was “squeezed dry” by #TravisAlexander because she had drained her bank account for him

  125. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 18s 18 seconds ago

    1/29/08- Travis needed money again for his mortgage. I gave him $200 #jodiarias #3tvarias

    • They start tweeting about tapioca pudding, Christmas sweaters, Jen’s beautiful nails and any other silliness they can use to avoid the testimony they don’t like to hear. Very, very childish.

  126. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 21s 21 seconds ago

    2/1/08- Travis is squeezing me dry financially and I can’t go spend time with my friends. #jodiarias #3tvarias

  127. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 36s 37 seconds ago

    #JodiArias writes that she continues to give TA money for his mortgage. She writes that she is concerned for him bc he is stressed

  128. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1m 1 minute ago
    He said he wanted to get a gun and shoot himself and I know how that feels. I just spoke sweetly to him. #jodiarias #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 6s 6 seconds ago
    Geffner says TA is manipulating her. He’s yelling and telling her to balance her checkbook and she wouldn’t be overdrawing it. #jodiarias

  129. William Pitts @william_pitts · 33s 33 seconds ago

    We’re still into #JodiArias writing about #TravisAlexander and fighting, threatening, etc.

  130. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 13s 14 seconds ago

    Geffner says this is a point where #JodiArias breaks her rule of writing only positive. But she focuses on TA’s need and health, he says.

  131. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 26s 27 seconds ago

    Geffner says TA is pulling her back in when she’s breaking free and her depression is setting back in #jodiarias #3tvarias

  132. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 15s 15 seconds ago

    The progress #JodiArias made has been reversed as she is “sucked back in,” Geffner says. He says the emotions overtook intellect

  133. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 40s 41 seconds ago

    Geffner says all this happened within a week. The getting hurt, loaning him money and so on. It’s a viticious cycle #jodiarias #3tvarias

  134. William Pitts @william_pitts · 1m 1 minute ago

    Geffner talking about a cycle of fighting, money, getting back together, happy, sad, repeat. #JodiArias

  135. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 12s 13 seconds ago

    2/3/08 text message TA is apologizing to Jodi for calling her a “F’in loser” #jodiarias #3tvarias

  136. William Pitts @william_pitts · 28s 29 seconds ago

    On the timeline: Feb 1, TA tells #JodiArias he wants to get a gun and kill himself. Arias is crying per journal entry.

  137. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 1m 1 minute ago

    Geffner says TA also asked other women for money and asked for same thing. Martinez objects relevance – sidebar #JodiArias

  138. William Pitts @william_pitts · 41s 42 seconds ago

    Time for the noon recess. Short lunch break today, only an hour. Back here at 1pm today. #JodiArias

  139. William Pitts @william_pitts · 39s 40 seconds ago

    apparnetly we’re not done…Wilmott is continuing questioning with the jury gone #JodiArias

  140. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 54s 55 seconds ago
    Wil asks Geff why it’s important for him to understand what’s going on in these texts? Geff says it shows context and the Power and Control

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 12s 13 seconds ago
    Willmot to Geffner- Are you making an assessment on Travis? Geffner says NO #jodiarias #3tvarias

      • Jodie was certainly used by this man. She gave him her body and her money on demand.
        It is not difficult to figure out the dynamics of this relationship.

        I think she was getting deeper and deeper into depression and then snapped.

        Don t need a 3 million dollar trial to figure it out. There is mitigation and I hope the jury does
        the right thing.

  141. William Pitts @william_pitts · 1m 1 minute ago

    Wilmott asking if Geffner is diagnosing #TravisAlexander. He says no, certainly not intending to.#JodiArias

  142. Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 1m 1 minute ago

    Geffner is still on the stand. Jennifer continues to discuss the cheating in the relationship between #JodiArias and TA.

  143. William Pitts @william_pitts · 1m 1 minute ago
    Martinez now questioning Geffner. You’re saying #TravisAlexander can be manipulative without meeting him?

    William Pitts @william_pitts · 58s 59 seconds ago
    Geffner: No.

    William Pitts @william_pitts · 1m 1 minute ago
    Martinez asking for lots of yes or no. Wilmott objects and is overruled. #JodiArias

  144. William Pitts @william_pitts · 1m 1 minute ago
    Martinez: You used manipulative in describing TA, correct? Geffner: Yes #JodiArias

    William Pitts @william_pitts · 58s 59 seconds ago
    Martinez: So you’re labeling #TravisAlexander ‘s conduct when you say it’s manipulative? Geffner silent for a good 15 seconds. #jodiarias

    William Pitts @william_pitts · 45s 46 seconds ago
    Geffner says “I guess that’s how that could be interpreted.”

    William Pitts @william_pitts · 4s 5 seconds ago
    This is discovery by the way, about text messages and testimony…jury’s not in here. #JodiArias

  145. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 3m 3 minutes ago
    Jury in recess. Geffner still on stand as Martinez and Willmott continues to ask questions about TA and manipulation #JodiArias

    Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 2m 2 minutes ago
    Martinez questioning Geffner on how he can call TA manipulative without meeting him. Asking for yes or no responses #JodiArias

    Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 1m 1 minute ago
    Willmott objecting, saying this is not a cross-examination, but laying down foundation. Judge Stephens overrules. #JodiArias

  146. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 48s 48 seconds ago

    Willmott says but you questioned Jodi about their relationship and Geffner says yes #jodiarias #3tvarias

  147. William Pitts @william_pitts · 1m 1 minute ago
    Geffner says he uses those texts, etc to determine the nature of the relationship. “There’s no such diagnosis as manipulation”. #JodiArias

    William Pitts @william_pitts · 3m 3 minutes ago
    Guess that’s all we get to hear on that one. Geffner can step down and lawyers tothe bench. #JodiArias

    William Pitts @william_pitts · 1m 1 minute ago
    Whatever the decision was we’re not gonna hear it I guess. Judge is back in chambers. We’re at lunch. See you at 1! #JodiArias

  148. Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 2m 2 minutes ago
    Concern from legal counsel that Geffner is diagnosing TA as manipulative. Geffner says manipulation can’t be diagnosed (cont) #JodiArias

    Yihyun Jeong @yihyun_jeong · 1m 1 minute ago
    (cont) but that he has observed manipulation via interviews with #JodiArias and records/documents of emails, journal and texts

    • Besides pushing his weight around, I think it was only that Kermit says Geffner was assessing or diagnosing TA by saying he was manipulative, and Geffner did not do an assessment on TA. Any lay person can see T-Dogg was a master manipulator.

      I’ve never heard of so many voir dires!! 🙄

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