Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #21 (afternoon session)

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Leave your thoughts & comments below on the afternoon session of Trial Day #21.

Click here (or click the image below) to read THE DEFENDANT’S SUPPLEMENTAL MOTION TO DISMISS ALL CHARGES WITH PREJUDICE, filed by Kirk Nurmi on 12-14-2014 – (8 page PDF document).



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  1. Repost from last page – hope that is okay!!
    In all life I have never heard of having closing arguments and then having either side starting to bring up more questions and concerns — unless it was a Perry Mason moment!
    Juan’s fears and anxieties is more for his welfare than anything else. He can just wait until Neumeister is testifying in front of the jury to bring up his concerns. He can scream ‘object’ to Neumeister’s testimony then. Or, is it that he is afraid the jury already knows about the hearing…?

  2. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 40s 40 seconds ago

    Back in the #jodiArias courtroom, what will the expert lead us to believe next…or not

  3. Katie Conner @KatieJConner · 1m 1 minute ago

    We’re back and Dr. Geffner answering more questions about MMPI-2 testing for #JodiArias. #TravisAlexander #abc15

  4. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 18s 19 seconds ago

    Jodi had elevated partner or relationship distress. She has adjustment stress and PTSD. #jodiarias #3tvarias

  5. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 21s 22 seconds ago

    Geffner had to rule out if Jodi had an addiction problem or addictive behavior b/c it was a little above the main line on chart #jodiarias

  6. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 21s 21 seconds ago

    Dr. Robert Geffner on stand in #JodiArias trial. He’s talking about extremely low ego strength.

  7. Katie Conner @KatieJConner · 15s 15 seconds ago

    Geffner This is not a test to diagnose psychological disorder, rather it gives you hypothesis to look for #JodiArias #TravisAlexander #abc15

  8. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 5s 6 seconds ago

    Jodi had a very low result for ego strength, meaning her self esteem was low..extremely low #jodiarias #3tvarias

  9. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 52s 53 seconds ago

    Dominance was very low also…she’s a people pleaser #jodiarias #3tvarias

  10. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 22s 23 seconds ago

    Over controlled hostility means you bottle it up and you may explode. #jodiarias was below average for this but not too much #3tvarias

  11. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 3m 3 minutes ago

    Again, players and witnesses in the courtroom should not giggle in a murder trial, at any time, for any reason #JodiArias #justsaying

  12. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 1m 1 minute ago

    #JodiArias trial psychologist explaining she is much more submissive and tries to please others, not angry or hostile person.

  13. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 1m 1 minute ago
    #JodiArias psychologist on stand says she is introverted, could have bizarre thinking and thoughts. Could be weird dreams or flashbacks.

    Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 27s 28 seconds ago
    #JodiArias psychologist says she is not generally an angry or hostile person according to a few scales they’ve looked at.

  14. Katie Conner @KatieJConner · 2m 2 minutes ago

    Geffner: #JodiArias showed characteristics of introversion on the MMPI-2 test #TravisAlexander #abc15

  15. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 4s 5 seconds ago

    #JodiArias has subjective depression that affects her body, feels apathetic, not much energy, brooding

  16. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 34s 35 seconds ago

    Looking at add’l sub-scales w/ psychologist in #JodiArias trial. Says she is severely depressed, but others might or might not notice.

  17. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 33s 33 seconds ago

    Geffner: she feels alienated from other people and herself, major family and authority problems #JodiArias

  18. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 35s 35 seconds ago

    paranoia subscales- she really feels like people are out to get her score of 100 #JodiArias

  19. Reposted from morning page:

    There was a very long list of credentials given to the court by Dr. Geffner in the first trial. He has two diplomates. Less than one per cent of psychologists have two or more diplomates. “Diplomate” is the highest level in the mental health field; his are:

    1) Family Psychology: Board Certified in Family Psychology
    2) Neuro-Psychology: Clinical Neural Psychology

    Less than five per cent of those who are licensed and practicing psychologists have a diplomate in one area or another area of specialization.

    He has testified in “near one-hundred capital cases”.

    The credentials and background listed above are what Dr. Geffner testified to in the guilt phase of this trial last year.

  20. ia Vang @Gia_Vang · 2m 2 minutes ago

    She feels no control over who she is where she is going, feels alienated from herself and others. – #jodiarias psychologist

  21. I hope that during the time since these tests were administered that Jodi’s self-esteem has grown, knowing that she is not alone, there there are people who love her and believe her, and that she deserves better treatment than Travis, Juan and the rest of those egotistical jerks have handed out. As for not trusting people, she has good reason not to. But, again, I hope she’s seen that not everybody is out to get her, just the crazed assholes of the world.

  22. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 4m 4 minutes ago
    When asked if results are bc of conviction, psychologist in #jodiarias trial says isn’t bc of particular sit, more of personality issue.

    Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 4m 4 minutes ago
    We just know there’s a bunch of red flags we need to explore. – #jodiarias psychologist

    Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 2m 2 minutes ago
    #JodiArias psychologist on stand says #MMPI scale diagnoses personality in general, but not a measure of trauma per se.

  23. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 5m 5 minutes ago

    Several jurors have pens and paper out, at least one is writing right now #JodiArias @Angels_Dwell

    • I sure didn’t like Monica’s article yesterday on entitled: “Legally Speaking: The Jodi Arias evidentiary hearing is over and very little should change”. In it she says “To be clear, this hearing and motion was not about Arias’ guilt or innocence. She admitted, and the evidence clearly showed, that she brutally killed Alexander.”

      I don’t know what so-called “clear evidence” she’s talking about.

      • Neither does she. She’d have to study ALL of the evidence herself at length, figure out how to undigest the slop she heard from HLN, read a good number of posts here going back to last year and articles by Barwood…she’s probably too busy to do any of that.

        By the way, any forensic behavioral profiler would not think Jodi even capable of firing a final “F you” shot into a deceased person.

        Geffner has just testified to Jodi’s lack of hostility and unassertive personality. These traits are inconsistent with a vindictive final farewell, as we knew last year.

        Jodi was still very friendly with ex-boyfriends Matt and Darryl when TA died, (having just visited BOTH of the ex-boyfriends). She wanted to stay friends with TA also, as her writings suggest.

      • I didn’ t like it either. She conveniently forgot to mention that Jodi said she killed in self- defense.
        I take a lot of what she says with a grain of salt;
        her agenda is motivated by her affiliation with HLN.
        She is less catty, mean, trite and juvenile than others, but some of that is definitely present in a large percentage of her tweets.
        She is dismissive and uses the reporting enterprise as little more than a way to make some tame jokes at Jodi’s expense, while making a few legitimate legal comments here and there.
        Although a lawyer, Lindstrom gravely understates the seriousness and validity of the charges of prosecutorial misconduct and evidence tampering.
        She is more than irresponsible toward her moral obligation as a representative of the legal profession (and the public), when she whitewashes the situation.
        She distorts the situation by belittling its gravity. She pretends the situation is nothing more than some people not playing by the rules, and that greatly mischaracterizes what happened.
        They purposely broke the law __ committed felonious crimes__ so they would be able to give the state every advantage to murder the accused.
        It’s a real shame so many “reporters” have no allegiance to honoring sanctity, and protecting and safeguarding freedom.

  24. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 3m 3 minutes ago

    The MMPI does not diagnose personality disorders but it diagnoses personality in general #JodiArias

  25. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 2m 2 minutes ago

    White noise in #JodiArias as the pros and #jodiarias attys talk to judge about evidence her attys want to submit.

  26. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 4m 4 minutes ago

    Some people write when listening to someone to learn, to remember, to keep from falling asleep or bc they don’t believe someone #JodiArias

  27. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 6m 6 minutes ago
    Maybe Geffner is a nervous person, or doesn’t understand the seriousness of this case but he should not be giggling, 3x now #JodiArias

    Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 3m 3 minutes ago
    I am thinking its part of Geffner’s language pattern to giggle because he did it again. #JodiArias

    • Maybe someone made a lighthearted comment…to ease the tension ? Maybe a giggle at that moment wasn’t as inappropriate as ML wants everyone to believe?

      • I think this is just another way of trying to make out that we really can’t take him seriously. In other words, it doesn’t matter how much experience you have or how many degrees, if you giggle on the stand we can discount you.

        • Exactly!!!!

          Apparently Dr Geffner’s credential made everyone realize HE IS someone whose point of view they should have taken into consideration, instead of praising ”Dr” DeMarte, so now instead of BITING THEIR TONGUES they have to find something to portray him as a non-credible witness.

          Just when you thought YELLOW journalism had hit rock bottom.

          • Well…that phrase fits their “journalism” like a glove…Thanks Maria, I have learned my something new for today…Love you 😉

            • Yes, Maria you are right! The clowns that were tweeting today should be ashamed of themselves. Yellow Journalism at its finest. I suppose if this whole trial had not be conducted like a three ring circus they might not be so quick to act like the smart-aleck jesters they were today! They apparently have forgotten what their job is. They are not there for laughs but to report the trial as it is going on. We do not want to hear their degrading abusive comments about professionals (with many years experience) who are actually doing their job. If they are not able to report the actual facts of the trial they should be banned from the court room. They continue to spin the fictional lies that the Frog created and haven’t even realized what is happening. The prosecutor and his defective detective are crooked law breaking criminals. IMO Maybe after this trial is over “these want to be reporters” all can get a job in a traveling circus. . .all they need are the big red noses!!!

        • His little chuckles are self-deprecating. Probably does this in his personal life as well. A sign of good character – he is not so taken with his own professional status that he cannot loosen up and share life’s ironies via that sort of observational shorthand. Not a bad way to be with clients and associates who might be stressed to the max because it is at once disarming and comforting to be in the presence of a very accomplished person who is easy-going.

      • It amazes me how some people can find a positive character trait and turn it into a negative one AND keep harping on it so it seems relevant…feeding their followers…trying to keep their interest for sensationalism piqued…hmm

    • Such vile hypocrisy and unjust accusation of Geffner by Lindstrom!
      I am truly disgusted: No, Monica Lindstrom__ it is YOU who does not understand the seriousness of the situation.
      I guarantee that Geffner has a far profounder understanding of, and insight into the situation, and a far profounder understanding of human behavior and psychology than Lindstrom ever will.
      I see that I gave her too much of the benefit of the doubt up until now.
      Now I only consider her to be a fool.

  28. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 3m 3 minutes ago

    Objective test given to #JodiArias in 2009. Shorter test, designed to look at or try to diagnose personality disorders. -psychologist

    • I’m completely confused. Is Geffner talking about tests he administered recently, or DeMarte’s MMPI? If he was going to testify about an MMPI, why didn’t he give one himself? And if it’s DeMarte’s from 2011, how could anything on it be a reaction to Jodi’s conviction?

      • Alan, here is a list of the tests that he reviewed and the ones he conducted last year:

        2011 – Dr. DeMarte – MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory)
        2009 – psychologist – Objective test – shorter test – to diagnose personality disorders
        2010 & 2011 – Trauma test – TSI – to diagnose PTSD

        Oct 9, 2013 – TSI-2 – Trauma test – wanted current symptoms – didn’t ask her to go back to 2008 – wanted general feel
        Dec. 2013 – administered suicide probability scale, conflict tactics scale and M-FAST

  29. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 55s 56 seconds ago

    MCMI test #JodiArias scores normal range for antisocial dependent avoidance, doesn’t reach close to clinical range.

  30. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 1m 1 minute ago

    Expert: This test is not showing any personality disorders and need to look at anxiety instead #JodiArias

  31. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 38s 38 seconds ago

    Psychologist on #JodiArias stand says what you need to focus more on is anxiety or PTSD according to MCMI test.

  32. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 15s 15 seconds ago

    Now talking about another test … TSI… Looking at whether this person has PTSD. #jodiarias

  33. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 45s 46 seconds ago

    #jodiarias given TSI in 2010 and 2011. Psychologist on stand talking about reviewing the first one.

  34. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 6s 6 seconds ago

    jury looking at TSI test results and listening, some writing notes, not much #JodiArias

  35. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 9s 9 seconds ago

    For this test the validity shows #jodiarias was answering in an honest way #3tvarias

  36. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 21s 22 seconds ago

    Dissociation is more of an unconscious process – #JodiArias scored an 89

  37. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 32s 32 seconds ago

    Major coping mechanism is dissociation and #JodiArias scored high on this

  38. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 45s 46 seconds ago

    Dissociation: blanking, blocking out don’t want to deal w/ unpleasant situations #jodiarias ranks high according to psychologist.

  39. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 53s 54 seconds ago

    Geffner- Jodi has significant trauma symptoms that are more than incarceration related..her PTSD was elevated #jodiarias #3tvarias

  40. either all of these folks are falling asleep or they’re just refusing to tweet anything the Traviban will jump in to snark about

    • Most of them are anti- Jodi. Why would they bother tweeting stuff such as : SHE WASN’T AGGRESSIVE or SHE IS EMOTIONALLY TRAUMATIZED. That would only make Jodi human in their eyes and they’d prefer to squirt acid in their eyes than to see the truth about Jodi: that she isn’t the evil witch they have made her out to be!

      Wait til the frog gets up: they’ll be tweeting till their fingers fall off!

  41. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 36s 37 seconds ago
    All these tests show #jodiarias was depressed with anxiety #3tvarias

    Carolyn Sung @CarolynSungCNN · 4m 4 minutes ago
    Dr. G and Willmott continue to go though tests #jodiarias took. These tests were administered by a diff doctor. JA was 31 at time of result.

  42. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 40s 40 seconds ago

    #jodiarias psychologist on same test given by two diff people 18 mo apart yields almost identical scores in anxiety, depression for arias.

  43. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 1m 1 minute ago

    dissociation: separating thoughts from feelings/detached/doesn’t allow feelings to hit her bc would be overwhelming #duh #jodiArias

  44. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 5m 5 minutes ago
    Psychologist says #jodiarias now realizing her dysfunctional sexual behavior in a TSI test given 18 mo after the initial one.

    Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 3m 3 minutes ago
    Psychologist says trauma is still a major factor, says its complex situation as person retrospectively look back. #JodiArias

    Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 3m 3 minutes ago
    #jodiarias psychologist: Pattern of person severely traumatized w/ anxiety, depression issues & major coping mechanism is dissociation.

  45. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 5m 5 minutes ago
    2010 Jodi didn’t think her sexual behaviors were dysfunctional but when she retook test in 2011 it was very elevated #jodiarias #3tvarias

  46. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 26s 27 seconds ago

    I think the jury was given instructions on how to be stoic and even keeled during this trial #jodiArias

  47. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · now

    The tests trying to separate if these conditions were before or after the murder #JodiArias, good thing there are validity scales

    • read blog and tweets from Monica Lindstrom. She thinks the motions to take DP off the table will
      be denied. If she believes that prosecution was negligent when they handled the computers then
      why did Flores lie about turning it on. Why did it take the former defense atty. to tell the court that they
      all looked at it together.

      Flores is getting away with too much. Sealed testimony just happened get into his wife s hands and she
      sent sealed information over the internet.
      Martinez is just as bad. A woman s life hangs in the balance and they don t care.

      • BB’s earlier comment is right: for Brady-violation purposes, withholding evidence doesn’t have to be intentional. Moreover, Monica doesn’t seem to understand Neumeister’s testimony about someone “rummaging” through the files and deleting them by hand. So I’d ignore her blog post.

    • Gia is putting out substantive tweets. With so much information coming from Geffner, how should the others even have time for so much editorializing?

  48. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 2m 2 minutes ago

    TSI-2 administered to #JodiArias October 9, 2013. This is 5 years from when Arias was arrested & 2 years from when a test was administered.

  49. I poked in on Wild’s twitter page…honestly! someone has GONE OFF THE DEEP END!!! OMG! That one aught to see a psychiatrist or go on meds or SOMETHING…

    • OMG! Both, handlers of that twitter account are really disturbed. They don’t even try to keep appearances. So immature and fucked up. To go and get tweets from them earlier means I was really desperate. Never again!

      • Sometimes the tweets are…okay…but TODAY!!! “Really disturbed” is putting it mildly. And Monica mentions Geffner’s giggling…wonder if she is aware of the hideous behavior that is occurring right beside her by…shame on them.

  50. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1m 1 minute ago
    Geffner wanted to retest Jodi on her symptoms and so he gave her a general timeline to test by.#jodiarias #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2m 2 minutes ago
    Geffner didn’t ask her to go back to 2008 at time of murder he just wanted a general feel #jodiarias #3tvarias

  51. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 1m 1 minute ago

    Back in session, discussing TSI-2 test administered in 2013 to #jodiarias. Highest elevation suicidal thoughts.

  52. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 38s 38 seconds ago

    Jodi has high levels of suicidal ideation, intrusive experiences & dissociation. Other symptoms have dropped in levels #jodiarias #3tvarias

  53. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 59s 60 seconds ago

    Dissociation still relatively high level on this TSI-2 test a year ago for #jodiarias, not in middle of trial and years after arrests.

  54. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 29s 30 seconds ago

    #jodiarias summary on TSI-2 test. Almost at clinical level, traumatic symptoms, shows up as highest summary score.

    • Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1m 1 minute ago

      This is a TSI-2 test. #jodiarias trauma has not disappeared. Her PTSD is still there and a high score according to Geffner

  55. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 27s 28 seconds ago
    Pros: What are patterns in all tests over these years? #jodiarias psychologist says depression, anxiety, dissociation.

    meganrcassidy @meganrcassidy · 2m 2 minutes ago
    Psychologist: Depression is a major issue with #jodiarias, probably longstanding. Also anxiety and dissociation.

    Steve Krafft @SKrafftFox10 · 2m 2 minutes ago
    #jodiarias suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression says Dr.Geffner

  56. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 2m 2 minutes ago
    #jodiarias has long standing history of PTSD, depression. (Cont)

    Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 2m 2 minutes ago
    (Cont) Have not ruled out suicidal thoughts, personality disorders, substance abuse & what is causing trauma. #jodiarias

  57. meganrcassidy @meganrcassidy · 2m 2 minutes ago
    Psychologist: Can’t rule out personality disorders with #jodiarias.

    meganrcassidy @meganrcassidy · 2m 2 minutes ago
    Dr. Geffner describing what personality disorder is. Read my tweets or take a google break. #jodiarias

  58. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 4m 4 minutes ago
    Geffner says we don’t know the cause of the trauma, only that it exists #JodiArias

    Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 2m 2 minutes ago
    Geffner: Personality disorder-Its pervasive and is a pattern throughout your life, it doesn’t just all of a sudden appear #JodiArias

  59. meganrcassidy @meganrcassidy · 13s 14 seconds ago

    Dr. Geffner, on personality disorders: Something that’s long term, pervasive. Could describe paranoia, narcissism, etc. #jodiarias

  60. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 49s 49 seconds ago

    Geffner: Personality disorders not readily changeable, there are a whole variety and they are mental illness #JodiArias

  61. meganrcassidy @meganrcassidy · 9s 10 seconds ago

    Dr. Geffner: Personality disorders are not easily changeable. Could be genetic, stem from childhood. Out of person’s control. #jodiarias

  62. Well, with the half-ass tweets today, I’m not following the significance of Geffner’s testimony. Haven’t we already heard all this?

  63. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 17s 17 seconds ago

    Classification of test: indicate in the severe category. – #jodiarias psychologist

  64. meganrcassidy @meganrcassidy · 10s 10 seconds ago

    Moving onto depression inventory. Psychologist: The classifications are no, mild, moderate or severe. #jodiarias is considered severe.

  65. meganrcassidy @meganrcassidy · 25s 25 seconds ago

    Psychologist: In Dec. 2013, administered suicide probability scale, conflict tactics scale and M-FAST to #jodiarias

  66. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 40s 41 seconds ago

    December 2013, administered more tests… And then again earlier this year. – psychologist in #JodiArias

  67. meganrcassidy @meganrcassidy · 32s 32 seconds ago

    Psychologist: Administered test to #jodiarias that, essentially, gauges whether someone plays the victim card.

  68. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 40s 41 seconds ago

    Psychologist in #jodiarias trial says they have 12 binders, double-sided from prior court case, testimony, experts they’ve reviewed.

  69. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 56s 57 seconds ago

    #jodiarias psychologist discussing personality assessment administered October 9, 2013.

  70. BTW, ((((((SJ)))))) I am actually laughing so hard tears are rolling out of my eyes with your photo at the top of this thread!

    I adore you!!!!

    (((((SJ))))) ♥

  71. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 58s 58 seconds ago

    Again with another test, anxiety and depression rank high for #jodiarias. This test 5 years after incarceration.

  72. meganrcassidy @meganrcassidy · 1m 1 minute ago
    Dr. Geffner: #jodiarias’s anxiety is “extremely elevated”

    meganrcassidy @meganrcassidy · 2m 2 minutes ago
    Dr. Geffner: In general this person (#jodiarias) has thought about suicide.

    meganrcassidy @meganrcassidy · 8s 9 seconds ago
    Dr. Geffner: #jodiarias ranks low on aggressiveness, says yet another test.

  73. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 37s 38 seconds ago
    A feeling of no support and stress rank high in this test being discussed in #jodiarias trial.

  74. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 1m 1 minute ago

    Scale shows way below average in dominance, aggressiveness according to #jodiarias psychologist on stand.

  75. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 29s 30 seconds ago

    #jodiarias didn’t test high for feeling good about herself #3tvarias

  76. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 2m 2 minutes ago

    Psychologist reiterates again, he wouldn’t base anything on one test, you need to look at all of them. #jodiarias

  77. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3s 4 seconds ago

    #jodiarias tested below average for aggressive behaviors, hostility, physical aggressiveness, verbal aggressiveness #3tvarias

  78. Gia Vang @Gia_Vang · 16s 17 seconds ago

    Assertiveness on the low scale and she’s not able to stand up for herself according to psychologist in #jodiarias trial.

    • Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 53s 54 seconds ago

      #jodiarias assertiveness is below average. Jodi stays in background and is a submissive person. #3tvarias

  79. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 25s 25 seconds ago

    #jodiarias is a pleaser. This is all just based on tests. Not talking interviews yet #geffner #3tvarias

    ( 🙄 sometimes I wonder what Scoopy’s IQ is)

  80. I hope Dr. DeMarte demonstrates as much ignorance and arrogance as she did in the first trial. (I suspect she won’t be able to behave otherwise as it’s clearly in her nature.) Maybe these jurors will see through her.

  81. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1m 1 minute ago

    #jodiarias got a suicide specific test and it showed she doesn’t feel like that now. It was at time of murder and after arrest #3tvarias

  82. meganrcassidy @meganrcassidy · 17s 17 seconds ago

    Psychologist in stand: #jodiarias’ “malingering” score–signs she’s trying to fake sickness–very low.

    • Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2m 2 minutes ago
      Back to malingering test. The test taker doesn’t know what this test is checking for. #jodiarias #3tvarias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 8s 9 seconds ago
      Score of 6 is you are faking. Jodi scored a 1 #jodiarias #3tvarias

  83. Even after all this analysis, the haters will come out tomorrow discrediting a man with so many credentials, then they will say that Jodi is a master manipulator and she ‘cheated’ all these tests, and then they’ll finally finish up by saying that Dr. Geffner is in love with Jodi (as they always do) because they can’t stand the fact that Jodi is not the monster they try to make her out to be!

    I hope this time around, the jury gets it right.

    I wonder what tactics and antics the frog will use when examining Dr. Geffner.

  84. I just went to De Martes site…it states –
    years in practice:8
    graduated 2009
    hmm…practicing before ya got yer degree? Good thing she didn’t go into accounting. Her math skills are …um …no math skills…( even I can figure out there is SOMETHING wrong here and I still count on my fingers) or perhaps she is a liar OR she was practicing without a license. Illegal

      • She’s counting course work while working toward her doctorate and toward getting her license. I’m not aware that you can practice without a license. If she said “years of experience” that might be something else (although, if I remember correctly, I think what she considered experience – particularly in the area of domestic violence – hardly amounted to much of anything). But she says “Years in practice”. So her license would need to be 8 years old. But she only graduated 5 years ago.

        • You know, sometimes you look at people’s faces, hear their voices, watch them interact and you try to piece together the story of their lives.

          Tot Doc’s an easy read: she was probably raised by parents who encouraged and reinforced this sense of entitlement and selfishness in her; she was brought up to believe she was special, that her conceit was something not to work on but to intensify,because she was so very superior to her peers. I can even picture Tot Doc’s momma, recording the trial and going around saying ”You know what? MY daughter was an expert witness on the Jodi Arias trial” and then inviting her friends over for tea and playing the dvd, LOL!! There are indeed parents who don’t seem to know the difference between building your child’s self-esteem in a healthy way and overdoing it, thus creating dysfunctional egotistical adults in the future.

          De Marte will always be a sell-out to me. She did what Martinez asked her to do just to pursue what she is so clearly pursuing: fame and money. She wants admiration, she needs it to survive – typical of all selfish over-the-top conceited arrogant people.
          She went on that stand, disregarding Dr Samuels, Dr Geffner, ALV… She THOUGHT she could outdo their decades of experience? She thought she knew better? She thought people should weigh HER opinion/evaluation more? Did it ever occur to her how disrepsectful she sounded to colleages like Geffner from whom she should BEG to learn?
          So, as rdiculous as she may have sounded, I know see she still insists on having been in practice for 8 years. SMH!

          Maybe she should seriously consider taking onne of those tests she administers. Something’s telling me sho would score high in NPD , LOL!

          • Maria, I have learned in my long life a few things. My perception of Totdoc is quite different. People go in to psychology like moat other career choice..something or someone made a impact on their life. I’m not contradicting tour statement but perhaps her childhood was not quite as Rosie as we might think. That has to be one defining moment in her life that lead her done this road.

            He behavior on the stand was less then honorable to her profession. she showed no professional courtesy towards Dr. S. PEOPLE like her lack self esteem and that is why JM was able to manipulate her into saying what he wanted her to say… What’s the saying physician heal thyself

            • Sorry for the typos…. I didn’t finish what I was saying due to a phone call.

              I am not saying I am right but just giving another perspective. I do not like her attitude nor do I like her lack of professional courtesy. This will come to bite her in the backside in time.

              • I believe that a need to appear important and low self-esteem are the flip side of the same coin. Just look at Travis’ behavior. People who feel good about themselves don’t have to constantly let people know how grand they are. That’s a pathology that is an outgrown of low self-esteem. Bullies are also an outgrowth of that and Dr. DeMarte is just one more bully in the bigger story because being seen as important is more important to her than either her personal or professional ethics. (I also believe she could have been treated like a princess growing up. Constantly having to live up to that image can certainly take its toll on self-esteem.)

                • I found Demarte, to be argumentative. As if she has a personal dislike for Jodi ? Perhaps, jealousy, but it was obvious and her “chilling” testimony seemed to make Jodi her target.
                  I find her testimony to be biased,
                  I always find it strange that her home was broken into,before trial…..
                  I wonder what personal information about Jodi was lost?

                  As, a personal ,she should have been there for her observations, and she took it to another level.

                  IMO – She will appear just like the last time… if not nastier!


          • You both bring up very thought provoking points about Little Miss Tot Doc. Whatever brought her this far in her career choice, I hope she stops to realize how harmful her performance on the stand actually was. She proved to the world how inadequate her experience is. She should hang her head in shame. . . hopefully she will learn her lesson this time and not be coerced into spewing someone’s lies when a person’s life is involved.
            Never trust a slimy Frog Tot Doc.

          • Maria, Your assessment or reading of totdoc is perfection. I absolutely agree with every bit of it…she saw a way to get her foot in the door, to further her career and keep the ego trip in high gear. I wonder if she ever thought twice about what she said on the stand and if there will ever be a day she regrets having done what she did. She was a sell out. She was SO far off base with her “professional” assessment. I wonder…she probably thinks she knows better than all the others who had SO MUCH more experience. I certainly would hate to have her as my psychologist/psychiatrist …she will probably RUIN people rather than help them.

  85. Finally caught with all the tweets. 🙂 🙂 Looks to me like Dr. Geffner is exquisitely qualified – far beyond Dr. Demarte who was still in diapers when Geffner was accumulating his expertise and establishing his reputation as an expert that both Prosecution and Defense would utilize. What he said today confirms again that Jodi was not agressive/angry personality and was quite submissive – which is what got her into trouble by allowing TA to control her. It also showed beyond any doubt that she is not malingering – not faking or lying. But we can be sure that JM will get up and focus on irrelevant information to try to distract from the truth and try to confuse the jury. I hope this jury isn’t as gullible as the last one. The Motion filed yesterday is great and this is why JM is jumping up and down and wanting more from the defense and BN. It is delaying the inevitable and whether JSS delivers the inevitable or the appeals court does do not doubt it THIS CASE WILL BE OVERTURNED. YOU CAN NOT HIDE/DESTROY/LOSE OR OTHERWISE SUPPRESS EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE, PERIOD !!!!! The Brady violation allows for NO EXCUSES !!!! And please remember IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE INTENTIONAL (although I personally believe it was) JSS better start thinking about her own career instead of covering for JM. Because it is so cut and dried DO NOT BE SHOCKED IF JSS DISMISSES THIS CASE !! There I have said it….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  86. It’s beyond me how this trial is being allowed to continue. Last trial JSS said “don’t make up your minds before hearing ALL the evidence”. Well, they never got to hear ALL the evidence did they? It’s absurd! They want death based on LIES. It’s time for JSS to step up and do the right thing, dismiss all charges or at least take the death penalty off the table.

    • Hey Lacey! Welcome 🙂

      I have no faith in JSS. I dont trust her. She has never ever done the right thing.
      And I have to admit, I am really curious to see what the first jurors think of their verdict now that they know evidence has been tampered with, now that the preosecutor’s true colors are showing. Now that they have had time to taker some distance and read a bit more.
      Well, now that I’m thinking about it I have no faith in them either. Judging by Tara Kelly’s tweets oh boy…..they still love their pedophile Travis! How disgusting. I just hope some of the rest of them are now having seconds thoughts.

  87. Good Morning Team Jodi! Was hoping to maybe be 1st on a new post but I guess today isn’t my lucky day! Will check back periodically to see what’s going on in crazy Arizona!

  88. Gold, you need to get your hearing checked or else you are just another big fat liar. You are neither a good journalist nor a good attorney if you believe what you are dishing out. Why don’t you just go home and try to practice law?

    • APATHY – Apathy can also occur in depression and depressive disorders. For example, people who are depressed and have major depressive disorder or dysthymic disorder often feel numb to events occurring around them, and do not derive pleasure from experiences that they once found enjoyable.

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