Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #20 (after trial comments)

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Leave your thoughts & comments below after the Evidentiary Hearing on Trial Day #20… and all the corruption, misconduct, coerced perjury & evidence tampering that went with it.

Definitely not a good day for the deluded TA PEDO-HUGGERS :mrgreen:

Tweet highlights as follows:

t1 jodi arias prosecutorial misconduct juan martinez et al

t2 jodi arias prosecutorial misconduct juan martinez et al

t3 jodi arias prosecutorial misconduct juan martinez et al

t4 jodi arias prosecutorial misconduct juan martinez et al

t5 jodi arias prosecutorial misconduct juan martinez et al

t6 jodi arias prosecutorial misconduct juan martinez et al

t7 jodi arias prosecutorial misconduct juan martinez et al

t8 jodi arias prosecutorial misconduct juan martinez et al

t9 jodi arias prosecutorial misconduct juan martinez et al

t10 jodi arias prosecutorial misconduct juan martinez et al

Pickles has taken the issue under advisement.

Bottom line: You can only go so far with a perjury-riddled conviction.  There are fucking rules. This is not Vietnam.

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Regular trial is scheduled to resume again this coming Monday 12/15 @ 9-30 am MST.



Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Leave your thoughts & comments below…

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  1. JSS has a reputation of her own to uphold so she better get with it and do what she needs to do to remedy this misconduct……….otherwise when it all comes back on appeal she will look incompetent.

  2. reposting from previous page:

    Lindstrom was taking some heat for her observations about Kirk’s impassioned close, so she followed up with something about expecting that JM would have everyone sweating with his energy or some such nonsense.

    But I was sitting here remembering all the other times when the prosecutorial misconduct issue was raised, knew he’d just stand there with his hands in his pockets and talk quietly like always – demeanor saying “I don’t know what he’s making such a big deal about, I didn’t do anything wrong.”

  3. I don t understand why they are even seeking the death penalty and wasting tax payer money.As the
    saying goes “something is rotten in State of Az.”Martinez is throwing everyone under the bus.
    He does not care whose reputation he ruins.

    If the state goes for the death penalty, every I should be dotted and every T crossed, that is not
    the case in this situation.

    I found this hearing the most interesting part of the retrial. Although, JSS should throw out the DP, I
    doubt she will do it,too many people in AZ. have a vested interest in this trial.

      • This is what I find so vile about Martinez. He was so quick to throw former defense attorney under the bus saying she was responsible for the destruction of the evidence on Travis’ computer. It was so unprofessional. He called Nurmi’s motion “tripping over the truth” I just have a hard tme with Martinez lining up with the truth. He then accuses the computer expert by asking him if he intentionally or accidently damaged the computer? While Martinez intentionally threw the camera on the floor. I know that control freak and liars accuse others of the very things that they themselves are guilty of so I would believe that it was Martinez himself who pulled the plug on the computer during the evidense inspection causing the damage.

        • I don’t think the damage was caused then –

          The copy Dworkin looked at wasn’t made until 6 months AFTER the evidence viewing.

          • Jour, I don’t follow. LD’s “copy” was made later in ’09 but the deletions and overwriting took place on June 19, 2009, correct? BN said that the deletions took place on that date.

            The “copy” that EF said he (already) had, the reason he gave for not being too worried about what happened in the June 19, 2009 viewing of evidence – wouldn’t what was given BN (fiinally) to work with a clone of THAT?

            • By damage I meant the damage NOW being blamed on BN – the laptop’s hard drive is now broken, according to yesterday’s expert for the state.

              I understood Mandy to be suggesting that it was the hard shut-down on Jun 19 that broke the hard drive, and was pointing out that copies WERE made of that drive after the hard shut-down.

              • Oh, darn, at one point I went back to try to figure out what specific damage you were referring to and to see if you’d made another comment before I posted my second one – but it wasn’t there, and now it is!

                Don’t know what to make of these allegations about damage (to hardware? software?) and laptop being broken. I don’t even know if BN ever had the actual computer – or if he only worked on the clone. How much damage would be caused by pulling the plug is another question.

                • Well there’s another post that ended up in R Love’s barn – not knowing what it said that caused it to get sidetracked I tried for a very brief replacement.

                  I’ll make another run at more information.

                  My reply to Mandy’s post was because she seemed to be suggesting that the hard shut down is what damaged the laptop’s drive, and I was pointing out that copies were made after that hard shut down – that BN in fact was able to note that hard shut down – because the drive was still functional.

                  Martinez made the allegation about the damaged hard drive in the same document where he complained the DT had sent the wrong copy (the Dell named Tony) being sent to him. He actually made an accusation when BN was on the stand – did you break it accidentally or on purpose? – but I wasn’t clear at that point that he was talking about the laptop’s hard drive… for some reason I thought he was talking about that other external hard drive, the one they said had nothing on it.

                  It wasn’t until tot tech’s testimony yesterday that I realized they were talking about TA’s laptop now being broken, and that’s what JM is trying to blame on BN.

                • whichtrial? I now have two replies to you that have taken a detour to R. Love’s barn. The first one was before my reply above, and another just now in attempt to say more in response to your post @ 1:36.

                  We’ll just have to wait til someone cleans out that barn.

            • Just to clarify how I’m attempting to piece the history of the investigation together: The Motion to Dismiss reads, “Whoever had the computer that day for this period of time, deleted the browser history and registry for the computer.” [June 19, 2009]

              Granted, there is still much confusion about who was able to obtain what, and when. I made a leap and am guessing that what the defense has been fighting for all along was that first copy – the one EF was referring to when he said he already had one on June 19, 2009, during the evidence viewing.

              I also made the leap that the defense had something during the trial, probably what LD had. If BN finally obtained the clone of the FIRST clone, then in saying that he had made “three clones” himself of what he was given by MPD, he’d made three clones of that same copy EF was referring to – before BN would leave any “fingerprints” on it himself (although he must have copies of his own work, too).

              So on Nov. 21, 2014, during the hearing, what JM was asking for would have been a clone of what EF had been referring to, the same original clone that BN finally obtained that allowed for a complete understanding of what had been on the computer June 4, 2008. If he also could see the same material that LD had worked with, he’d have known when the deletions took place, because it would have helped him to know what to look for.

              If this is what occurred, (I’m side-stepping the “incinerator” allegations because, as JW says, they are irrelevant to the chain of custody of the evidence – and – BN’s having to remove viruses to reverse engineer is not a step in that chain) then that explains why JW, Nurmi and BN all said during the hearing that the state already has what they asked for. So as I understand this, BN had to get all of the copies, images, clones to see what had happened.

                • I have a question did or didn’t Brian make a copy/clone of the physical hard drive or was he using what the PD gave him a clone? Because I have to tell you this is not making any sense to me. I know I’m pretty dumb when it comes to computer stuff
                  But I have had a clone done on a hard drive and transferred onto a new hard drive. So I do understand that part. What I don’t understand is if the PD could have deleted stuff from the clone and passed that off as what was on the hard drive.
                  So if this was the case how was Brian able to find all of this??

                • My understanding is that Bryan went to Mesa PD and made his own image directly from the laptop.

                  I could be totally wrong – it’s SO damn hard to infer whole sentences from a conglomeration of tweets. But because he said on the stand that Dworkin must have been given an inferior image or clone, to have missed the porn – I gather that to mean that BN KNEW he had something different than what LD looked at.

                • Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer • 4m4 minutes ago
                  Neumeister says the first guy was not given a raw file to get deep enough into the drive. Or he used clone that Mesa PD did.
                  William Pitts ‏@william_pitts • 3m3 minutes ago
                  Neumeister says Dworkin only could have missed it if he wasn’t given a complete copy of the drive.
                  Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial • 3m3 minutes ago
                  “U didn’t go back & look at the clone drive from 6/11/08? Did you?” Juan asks B if he compared HIS clone w/1 provided by Mesa PD. #jodiarias
                  Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer • 4m4 minutes ago
                  Neumeister: “It was an incompetent clone.”
                  Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer • 4m4 minutes ago
                  Martinez wants to know why Neumeister didn’t look at 2008 clone. “There was no need.” “I’m not asking you that.” “Yes or no.”

                • Journee, thank you. That’s what I was thinking. So why in the name of GOD is the frog now trying to say Brain brook the lap top?? So he really is running around like chicken little. Someone really messed up at the PD letting him make a true copy of the hard drive…….lol. So all that technical talk came down to someone deleting stuff off the clone and passing it off as a true copy. No wounder the frog wanted Brian’s copy…He wanted to manipulate it. I wounder who has been playing with TA laptop ….get rid of the evidence ..break the darn thing ..What a bunch of B.S.

                • Jour, I was suggesting that BN pieced the history together with several different clones and images, not that he was able to see the deletions on an ’08 clone. But when you write, “My understanding is that Bryan went to Mesa PD and made his own image directly from the laptop”, it makes much more sense (as another guess), because he was able to get deeper into the drive – going directly to the well. It would also account for his saying to JM that he doesn’t understand computers (if that’s why BN told JM there was no need to look at the ’08 clone) and for the implication that BN didn’t actually know what LD looked at. He’s apparently only concluded that LD had an incompetent clone based on his own findings.

                  And I would think that if the defense ever had anything during the guilt phase in the way of an image or clone, BN’s also looked at that by now.

                  [Canada Carol, thanks for posting the tweet summaries – it really helps.]

  4. Repost from previous page: Well, I’m both astonished and delighted by today’s events. If I understand them, Martinez offered nothing to rebut Neumeister’s testimony — nothing! The state expert testifying to “incineration” did no damage on that at all. I was afraid there might actually be something to that charge. Now we just need Neumeister to come back to nail down the point about original vs. copies so everyone, even JSS, can understand. And I continue to think JSS should appoint her own computer expert — and sure hope she does, since the state’s attack on the defense evidence seems like pathetic nonsense. But, like Journee, I’ve come to expect the worst in this courtroom.

    • lol reposting my reply to you:

      Oh, the hearing on the defense motion is over, alan – BN didn’t come back. Nurmi and JM did oral arguments and Stephens has taken the matter under advisement.

      I don’t know whether BN in slated to testify in the sentencing trial or not – not entirely sure whether his new evidence will fit under the mitigation umbrella…. but here’s hoping that the sentencing trial comes to an abrupt end here very shortly. Hoping Stephens at least takes the DP off the table so the sentencing trial becomes unnecessary – she can send the jurors home by the date she first promised.

      • If she was really doing her job she would dismiss all charges with prejudice just as the defense requested in their motion….this case is damaged beyond any repair due to state misconduct and EVERYTHING THEY HAVE DONE IN THIS CASE IS NOW SUSPECT …….Free Jodi 🙂 🙂

        • was it Kraftt, today. who suggested that this might be a straight shot for post conviction relief? If so, Stephens might just leave it to them to dismiss.

          All the evidence is either hopelessly tainted or never collected to begin with – I don’t see how they could try her again.

              • sorry, I went away from my computer until I returned to see your question just now. A post conviction relief motion is filed with the trial court and a direct appeal is filed with a higher appellate court. In a direct appeal the defendant challenges legal rulings or errors made by the court or prosecution that led to the conviction, sentence, and entire process based on the record created at the trial court level. A PCR may raise new issues such as the defense atty didn’t represent the defendant adequately, recently discovered new evidence, etc. But this is generally done after a direct appeal is done (usually when the direct appeal is denied) and then you normally only have a certain amount of time to file the PCR after the direct appeal is finished.

            • sorry Cindy, that didn’t answer your question did it?

              Post conviction relief is one of the two avenues of appeal that will be launched after sentencing, but when you asked the question I remembered – *I think* – that PCR goes straight back to the same judge and the same courtroom, so she wouldn’t be passing the buck to someone else as I expect her to.

        • JSS is not stupid. I think that JSS is paying very close attention to the Debra Milke case Court of Appeals decision that came down yesterday.

          The Court really made minced meat out of the State’s Attorney Mitchell. The Court showed how thorough and knowledgeable they were of the case, the record and the law. They showed how Mitchell was wrapped up in his own circular logic which is just illogic. And they pointed out that he even admitted to prosecutorial misconduct. His response was that they would try to do better.

          The Court also commented about the severity of the Giglio Brady violations and the prosecutorial misconduct. And the Court laid the blame where it belonged the misconduct to the prosecution and the misinterpretation of the law to the other lower courts.

          Certainly, JSS does not want to find herself reversed for the same reasons. However, sometimes when Judges just aren’t sure they take the risk and punt and leave it up to a higher court to decide. Every tub sits on it’s own bottom though. Hopefully, she will be paying very close attention. Because she is going to have to explain why Jodi’s case the State’s Brady violation is different from that in Milke’s and she is going to have to provide a strong basis to support it. In Milke’s case the Brady was the entire evidence, In Jodi’s it’s a substantial part of the evidence so at least she will have to give a new trial. But see Rivera for Brady for dismissal as remedy.

        • Still not fair as far as I am concerned, given that the first trial was not fair AND there is a Double jeopardy rule…she won’t have to stand trial for the same crime twice AND the first one was based on PROSECUTION LIES… That jury was basing their decision 🙄 on false information,

          • I believe the Double Jeopardy rule only applies if a person goes to trial and is found innocent, they cannot be charged for the same exact crime again.

            • Josh,
              I just read (and tried to understand) Wikipedia Double Jeopardy Clause. There are some variables. I am not sure where this case would fall. Maybe someone who might understand it better and could see under what circumstances, if any, would apply to this case if there is a mistrial.

          • No, definitely NOT fair – especially since this was NEVER a DP case. Why is the world hating Jodi Arias, asking for her blood but keep quiet when it comes to baby killers for example????

            I’d suggest you all go read the ”Arizona Double Standards” tab of this site ^^^^^^^^^

            or if you’re on Facebook to go like this page:


            You will find crimes whose perpetrators were given plea deals, received lesser charges, and were certainly never faced with the DP.


            Is it all about the show in AZ? I kind of let’s-make-a-big-deal-out-of-what-sells mentality? So, since Jodi’s case involved Religion, Sex, Money,good-looking People, Lies and Secrets it was the perfect opportunity for careers to revive, authority figures to present themselves as saviours and the media to cash in on a tragedy. KA CHING!

            2 years later and I still find it hypocritical and disgusting.

            • the prosecution elected to use the DP in this case. aThey say the murder was
              cruel. All murders are cruel to some extent. It is purely subjective and the only
              aggravating circumstance . There is no objectivity.

              TA was a young single male who liked kinky sex. The fact that there was porn on the
              computer should be no surprise.JM was also looking for porn on TA s computer, that
              is no surprise either.

  5. According to the appellate-fund FAQ’s, a PCR hearing is back in JSS’s courtroom. See FAQ’s at On the other point: I can’t believe that Neumeister can’t come back and reply to the ludicrous “incinerator” criticism. Didn’t Nurmi say today that the defense hasn’t had time to evaluate the new evidence?

  6. Oh you guys are great! I’ve followed you the whole way. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But way way way wait!! How did JM know to argue about the infamous “incinerator’ at the evidenciary last Thursday when his expert today, Mr. Smith, said the incinerator was found on clone #4???? The judge didn’t even order #4 until the end of last Thurday’s hearing after JM had his hissy fit and demanded Neumeister’s “Working Copy”.

    Perhaps I’m wrong and I’m sure you can straighten me out….

    Clone #1 = Dworkin’s (per Smith’s testimony)

    Clone #2 = the “Ooops” clone from Neumeister’s assistant (a working copy which already had many of the viruses scrubbed)

    Hissy fit about that. Order to send to real one

    Clone #3 = real one from Neumeister and looks just like the original hard drive one he received from defense

    Hissy fit about that. “Waaa…I want Neumeister’s working copy!” Judge so orders at the end of last Thursday’s hearing.

    Clone #4 -= Clone of Neumeister’s working copy as ordered – which no one had seen before outside of Neumeister’s group

    So how did JM argue and argue last Thursday about the incinerator found on Neumeister’s copy?
    Neumeister kept asking, “What incinerator?” JM finally gave it a name like Incinerator 1.2

    Okay, enlighten me. 🙂

  7. Oh you guys are great! I’ve followed you the whole way. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But way way way wait!! How did JM know to argue about the infamous “incinerator’ at the evidenciary last Thursday when his expert today, Mr. Smith, said the incinerator was found on clone #4???? The judge didn’t even order #4 until the end of last Thurday’s hearing after JM had his hissy fit and demanded Neumeister’s “Working Copy”.

    Perhaps I’m wrong and I’m sure you can straighten me out….

    Clone #1 = Dworkin’s (per Smith’s testimony)

    Clone #2 = the “Ooops” clone from Neumeister’s assistant (a working copy which already had many of the viruses scrubbed)

    Hissy fit about that. Order to send to real one

    Clone #3 = real one from Neumeister and looks just like the original hard drive one he received from Mesa

    Hissy fit about that. “Waaa…I want Neumeister’s working copy!” Judge so orders at the end of last Thursday’s hearing.

    Clone #4 -= Clone of Neumeister’s working copy as ordered – which no one had seen before outside of Neumeister’s group

    So how did JM argue and argue last Thursday about the incinerator found on Neumeister’s copy?
    Neumeister kept asking, “What incinerator?” JM finally gave it a name like Incinerator 1.2

    Okay, enlighten me. 🙂

    • Nym, I’ve been studying the tweets and I found out that there was a 5th one. Incinerator was found on clone #4, a working copy of the defence, and in reference to some 8,000 pieces of deleted data. It doesn’t address the 70,000 missing from TA’s computer.

      Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial • 4m4 minutes ago
      A 5th HD was given to Smith. He is in the process of examining it now. It was an image created on Dec 2009. #JodiArias
      Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer • 4m4 minutes ago
      And we arrive at the image that Martinez demanded last week. Smith has “no idea” of the original that Bryan Neumeister examined.

  8. Sorry, (See why I don’t post?)

    I was just trying to edit the last word of Clone #3.

    Mr. Smith said #2,3,and 4 were all different sizes. This would make sense because #1 and #3 were exactly like the prosecution sent = snapshots of the original hard drive at Mesa PD. And #2 and 4 were working copies at different stages of searching the hard drive.

    If Clone #4 is indeed the Neumeister working copy sent after last Thursday, somebody else seems to have put an incinerator in the recycle bin on the copy Mr. Smith was talking about after it was sent by Neumeister.

    • So kermit accused BN of using an incinerator, of lying and destroying evidence. And he deleted a government level security-type scrubbing program or folder to the recyclebin?, from where it could be easily recovered? A guy with 30+ years exp just leaves easily recoverable incriminating evidence in the recycle bin?.And they didn’t prove beyond a doubt that the folder was put in the recycle bin after TA’s life was over? Why not slam dunk BN? Because it’s NOT TRUE. One tiny little fact and they can’t submit it to prove BN was a liar and evidence destroyer?
      They (kermit and tottech/techtot), they’re the liars and evidence destroyers!
      ONE piece!, kermit has NEVER put up ONE piece of evidence, it’s just like justdatruth. They say it’s so, so it is so, NO!

      • johnm, I’ve been thinking. Techtot testified and believes that incinerator didn’t exist before XP. You explained in your post that there is an earlier version, the technical details of which are above me that TA could have put on in 2008. Wouldn’t that explain why Kermit’s expert keeps asking for copies, because he keeps seeing something that he believes shouldn’t/couldn’t be there unless BN had put them there?

          • From reading, there were/are three documented “incinerator” programs named “incinerator” They ALL did/do the same thing. They scrub data so it cannot be retrieved. If TA had System Mechanic on his computer he had the 1st documented incinerator named scrubber produced sometime after 1998 and is still produced today. System Mechanic’s scrubber has a main program/library file called incinerator.dll.. Another program called incinerator was produced in 2008 but the exact date is not available and another version 2.3 was produced in 2012,
            For kermit to say that evidence of a “incinerator” program was used, then that evidence has a date associated with it, either a creation date or a modify date. And for kermit to say that an incinerator program was used and it postdates TA is a statement that needs some proof associated with it. They stated BN did all this, and I say once again, show me the file date or eventlog date associated with your allegations. They didn’t show it, they DON’T have anything to show. They just said it’s there, and sayin it doesn’t make it SO!!!

            • Maybe I misunderstood the tweets –

              I was under the impression that these ‘incinerator’ folders (which were empty, I think?) were in the “live” files found on BN’s clones – IOW part of the investigative work he was doing. He did testify that he had to reverse engineer the drives by removing the viruses, so there would have been files to dump, right? The live files were BN’s, not part of the original drive, right? Did I get all that wrong?

              • What was the point of explaining that the incinerator program wasn’t available until the OS after WinXP (Windows Vista) was produced? I felt like they were saying that TA couldn’t use it cause it wasn’t available in 2008. I don’t get why facts were not put on the table, just words in the air!

                • This is where I get my focus Journee-

                  Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 26s 27 seconds ago
                  Smith says the incinerator document he found was in the recycle bin, which he says was not introduced to Windows until after XP.

                  Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 24s 25 seconds ago
                  Expert: Incinerator folder he found was in “ bin file” was not introduced into Windows operating system until after XP #JodiArias

                  Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 41s 41 seconds ago
                  The incinerator folder was in the recycle.bin file. That file wasn’t introduced until after XP. #jodiarias #3tvarias

                  Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 10s 10 seconds ago
                  Perry- It just couldn’t have been present on original hard drive it didn’t exist #jodiarias #3tvarias

              • Honestly, this empty folder, while empty, had/has a date, what was that date? WHY oh why didn’t a computer screenshot show up of a dated empty incinerator folder to prove tottech’s comment? It wasn’t there, or it would have been shoved down our throats.

                • Deja vu in re: Corporate Tesoro lady who didn’t show the court what supported her own testimony when she said that one of Jodi’s charges at the station was for gas.

                  And during the guilt phase, that was exactly the kind of thing that should have made an objective juror go, “hmmmm…”

                  The sleight of hand ad nauseam about those gas cans – I mean, objectively, why all the fuss about something that was testified to by Darryl as being routine desert protocol for Jodi IF the state had ANY proof that she was the instigator of the fatal fight? The endless grilling of Jodi about the ORDER – for Pete’s sake – in which she filled the cans and/or the tank FIVE YEARS LATER screamed, “Distraction Right Here – Come and Buy It Now!”

                  I would guess that JSS is beyond tired of JM’s tactics by now. Accusing BN of breaking the computer and using “incinerator” to destroy evidence helpful to the defendant must be really frosting her cake.

            • Does anyone in their right mind think kermit would have passed up an opportunity to PROVE that BN lied and destroyed evidence? He said he had proof where was it?

              • johnm, the last tweet where Perry says “It just couldn’t have been present” was the testimony I was thinking of. Could it be possible for this guy not to know what you know about an earlier version and and that’s when he saw it on BN’s #3 clone, he’s asking for #4? That’s the only way any of this makes any sense/

                • I thought tottech was talking about an incinerator program. I thought tottech was saying that it couldn’t have been used by TA Now I guess tottech was referring to a empty folder that was in a system folder called $recycle.bin. And that the proper name $recycle.bin wasn’t used by Windows until after XP. I guess they were saying that BN manufactured some kind of false evidence, and I thought he was saying TA couldn’t have possible done it.
                  If that’s the case then I was way off. All I can say is, they could have said anything they wanted cause they didn’t show any proof of anything and who is gonna question it now?

                • I agree with you johnm.

                  My only question was could it be possible for this guy to really not know what he is talking about when it comes to incinerator, that he really believes it only came out with Vista and wasn’t available before that. He was still saying he needed another copy during his testimony.

                • Sorry johnm, I understand now that I was off track and my question didn’t make any sense. Incinerator 2.3 was found on clone #4, one of the defence’s working copy.

              • I agree with Johnm on this point.

                It was more garbage without FACTS and PROOF thrown “out there” in the hopes JSS would just absorb it as truth. I think JM is so good as spinning his tales, he can easily manipulate these so-called “experts” into actually believing the unbelievable themselves.

                • My uneducated guess it JSS isn’t buying in the frogs claims that Brian would do anything unethical at this stage of his life. He has a stellar reputation.

                  I still find it odd the the frog used the tot. Is he so sure of himself???

                  I hope that she doesn’t drag this out for to long. I personally feel that until she decides on the motion she should set the retrial aside. She is going to be given a whole lot of FLAC from the taxpayers if she sits on this for a few more weeks and then rules to take the DP off the table. Can’t say I blame them.

      • Thanks everybody for this interesting discussion – especially johnm. (I couldn’t figure out where to post a reply to all.)

        I have another question: During the first evidentiary questioning Neumeister made a comment about how ‘There was even a scrubbing file that shouldn’t have been there.’ and I think he said ‘because it’s an Apple product.’ It sounded like he was implying the Defense added a newer scrubbing file to clean the porn off TA’s computer.

        Could we be talking about this same incinerator file that nobody thinks ought to be there? Could this be the Defense’s way of blaming Neumeister for putting it on there to cover their own nefarious attempts to rid the drive of Porn? That would explain why Neumeister was so incensed about being accused of an incinerator file. Maybe it really is a new incinerator since the time of TA’s death?

        • Pickles is in a pickle. When she let the frog run roughshot she violated Jodi’s rights.Now she’s helped create a teflon frog and she’s gotta live with that forever!
          I’m praying for you Jodi! each and every day!

          • Hear, hear!

            As Blackstone said:
            “All presumptive evidence of felony should be admitted cautiously; for the law holds it better that ten guilty persons escape, than that one innocent party suffer.”

            Jodi has been so mercilessly attacked from so many nasty fronts, and has suffered so. It is simply time for her great vindication shouted from the courts, the internet, and the media! This has been the true definition of a “MOCK TRIAL”!

            My prayers are with her. She has been innocent from the start. No opinion can change that.

            • A “Mock Trial” would have had more viability than this one. This has been a “sham trial” IMO, a farce and worse – a sadistic exercise. JSS knew there was smoke, and did nothing to put out the fire when she could have. She allowed the MOST despicable behavior by the prosecutor to go on for months in her own courtroom – the badgering of defense witnesses and unwarranted harassment and smearing of expert witnesses – without the slightest consequence. She allowed grisly and lurid photographs projected on gigantic screens to linger for far longer than ever would have been needed for the jurors’ understanding.

              I hope one day she has to explain why the Indictment reads, after the Premeditated Murder charge, that the Felony Murder charge was brought ‘IN THE ALTERNATIVE”, while the Final Jury Instructions say that the jury members could have each voted for one or both of them, when clearly the state expected that if the jurors did vote for both, they would have had to interpret the Felony Murder charge as being subsumed by the charge of Premeditation.

              The prosecutor wanted to create an image in the jurors’ minds of an assault (this would have supported the Felony Murder charge) similar to what shocked so many film-goers who saw the Hitchcock movie, “Psycho”, when he switched the gunshot to the end. Up until that point, the defense had had the advantage – it is evident in at least one of Nurmi’s court documents that he believed this to be the case. The gunshot being last based on a shell casing found on a pool of blood should never have been allowed to trump the other copious blood evidence and the written autopsy report. The evidence at the scene – and lack of blood in the shower – show instead that TA was the aggressor, the one who stepped out of the shower BEFORE he was wounded. Further, the autopsy report shows that he could have continued to attack Jodi after the gun went off – that the shot was not incapacitating. The undisputed evidence of only one shot having been fired supports Jodi’s assertions that she never meant to fire the gun at all and didn’t even know whether it was loaded. It is about time that JSS took into consideration the inescapable evidence that Jodi’s testimony does match the crime scene aftermath and that the state’s movie script does not.

              Can the fence-sitters now set aside the fabrications of a scared young woman (even the hard-hearted should be able now to see their way to letting them go) – dissemblings created to buy time during her interrogations [that she wasn’t there or that TA never attacked her] – all an attempt to avoid exposing activities that TA wanted hidden? Indeed, she was afraid that what we have seen in this trial WOULD actually occur – that TA’s private behavior would be made public and that her testimony would not be believed, that she and her defense witnesses would be attacked mercilessly. Was she not justified in those fears?

              During the guilt phase, JSS presided over an inhumane witch trial, but she could end the unfairness now, as Nurmi and Willmott have requested in their Motion to Dismiss.

              • That was a excellent post. But I have really come to believe that this is a big cover up. I agree with Journee on this one. I don’t have any idea who is directing this but it has to be someone who has power. I normally don’t buy into the conspiracy theory but nothing has added up. I have even question myself a few times along the way. The interviews, the Facebook stuff. I was really angry about what everyone was saying about Kirt during and afte the trial. I understand people were upset when he said You don’t have to like Jodi, he didn’t 6 out of 7 days. But I got what he was saying. Now with all that crap behind us I think we all can now see what the DT was up against. Corruption…

                I’m not sure why JSS decided to hear this motion and not any of the others. Perhaps she new that she couldn’t let this one slide. Who knows.

                So no matter how this ends we all now know that Jodi had one he’ll of a DT.

                The day will come when every bit of truth will come out about what Really happened that day. .. Jodi did not kill Travis.

                • Ah, now Cindy —

                  I only said I WONDER whether the police acted at the prosecutor’s direction, or whether they were all (prosecutor and police) acting at someone else’s direction.

                  And I only wonder because of the odd behavior of JM, EF, and KH – all of whom have TO ME seemed at times to be afraid. The only one who pulled off arrogance with his lies was Melendez.

                  It might have been a simple directive to hide Travis’ seamier side, that might have been all anyone was interested in. Or it could have been something much bigger, an attempt to set Jodi up as a scapegoat. I don’t know.

                  I’ve just had a distinct impression all along that several of these players are afraid, worried. And it’s just one more weird thing piled on top of all the other weirdnesses about this case.

                  Maybe that behavior I sensed was sort of a combo of my ‘most innocent’ theory and what you said awhile ago: they were asked to conceal certain truths and they effed up in doing so, have been scrambling ever since to cover their tracks — JM doing so by flapping around like a lunatic sometimes (pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, look at ME I’m a nutcase right in front of you!)

                • That is well said. It is really important to give recognition where it is deserved and Jodi’s defense team is tops. In hind sight, one can see a thing missed here or there but that’s hindsight. No one had any idea how deep this corruption was going and I don’t think we do yet.

                  You’ve heard all the bad lawyer jokes. There wouldn’t be those jokes if there weren’t a bunch of scumbag lawyers out there. 98% of them fall into that category IMHO. KN and JW and staff fall into the other 2%. Great job!.

              • I have great admiration for your words whichtrial?! I also admire and respect everyone at JAII’s different feelings. We all want one thing, Jodi to be FREE now! I’m grateful my feelings are the same as everyone here, and we have unwavering SJ, to thank for keeping us unfettered!

                • johnm, thank you for your kind words. I always look forward to reading your comments, and btw special thanks for sharing your computer knowledge here.

                  And SJ, sending gratitude your way for everything you do and for always keeping us informed!

            • What I recall Neumeister saying was that some 70,000 files were scrubbed from TA’s laptop by a program that was not ON TA’s laptop. Since Neumeister was testifying FOR the DEFENSE in their motion against the prosecutor, the implication was that the STATE (or the Mesa PD) had used some external program to try to ‘clean up’ TA’s laptop – BEFORE turning it over to the defense for examination. IOW, alleging that the STATE tampered with evidence.

              I never heard Neumeister accuse the defense team of anything, but he sat right there on the stand and accused Martinez of prosecutorial misconduct several times the first day – the second day he came right out and called him a liar. So I don’t understand where you’re getting that the defense would be trying to undercut him in any way. He’s their hero.

              The prosecutor doesn’t like him very much, though.

            • Cindy, my gut feeling is that there was a concerted effort to bury evidence –

              but I’ve felt this from the beginning.

              There is not a doubt in my mind that Juan Martinez is as corrupt as the day is long. However, in this instance, what I am wondering is whether this burying of evidence was done at the direction of the prosecutor, OR whether the officers at Mesa PD *as*well*as* the prosecutor were and are taking direction from someone else, some other authority.

              • Journee this is one time I hope your wrong. I hope they just f~ed up tried to hide it. But I truly understand where you are coming from. I really feel Jodi is the scape goat in all of this. There is know way she did this. Nothing has ever added up. I have a few scenarios ….but I’m going to keep them to myself for now.

                So how deep this goes is anyone’s guess. Just so they don’t get to JSS….

                • Hey, the prosecutor’s office is culpable, no matter who’s pulling the strings. So he should go down anyway. Period.

                  I just can’t figure out whether he is as computer stupid as he seems to be – you’d think simple osmosis and doing his job would have him at least APPEARING to have a better understanding than he does. So maybe it’s a ruse, or maybe he’s just used to presuming that jurors are stupid, that he can just double talk them into seeing things his way.

                  It’s not the only time he’s behaved this way, though. Several times during the first trial – most memorably the Snow White debacle, but other times as well – he seemed so frantic, desperate even, that he lost focus and confused himself. Again, maybe that’s just part of his style, his way of confusing the jury. But even back then, my sense of it was that he was afraid, as was Flores and Horn and even the judge. I said so, here, a few times – people thought I was nuts thinking that JM seemed afraid to me, lol. But there it is.

          • Oh Journee, I’m so glad you caught that! That’s twice now I’ve said defense when I meant prosecution. Of course it doesn’t make sense the way I wrote it.

            That should read “Is this the prosecution’s way of blaming Neumeister” for something the prosecution is guilty of doing.

            My heartfelt apologies. I am so convinced TA was attacking Jodi when all this happened, I would never support any other theory.

            I believe Juan Martinez has committed such crimes during this trial he should immediately be put in Jodi’s cell as Jodi Arias walks free. AMEN!

        • Nym, here are the tweets from Nov 21st. Apple discussed in AM re iTunes and scrubber in PM when talking about teen porn.

          William Pitts ‏@william_pitts • Nov 21 AM
          expert says itunes was installed, which requires a user ok. says hes never seen an apple product install itself. neither have i. #JodiArias

          William Pitts ‏@william_pitts • Nov 21st PM
          70k files were scrubbed out by a program that was not installed on #TravisAlexander ‘s laptop. #JodiArias
          Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ • 4m4 minutes ago
          Expert can’t tell when this was done or who did it #jodiarias #3tvarias
          Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer • 4m4 minutes ago
          Willmott asks if Spybot will keep the computer from accessing porn (as Martinez said). Neumeister says it is “an after-the-fact cleanup.”
          William Pitts ‏@william_pitts • 3m3 minutes ago
          Expert: 6125 hits on the files using the word “teen” on #TravisAlexander ‘s laptop #JodiArias

            • Thanks, CandaCarol. I am so anti-PROSECUTION I’m livid about what they are doing, that’s the last word I would want to make a mistake on! From now on I will especially be careful with those two words.

          • Yeah! That’s it! The William Pitts “70K files were scrubbed out by a program that was not installed on TA’s laptop, and “an after-the-fact cleanup”.

            That’s why I’m wondering if this whole incinerator business isn’t the PROSECUTION’s way of blaming DEFENSE for the after-the-fact cleanup that was performed by the PROSECUTION. Neumeister didn’t name the file. It was JM who came up with the “incinerator” file and then floundered all over the place when Neu pressed him on it. Sounds like the same file to me.

            • We need out tech experts to figure this out, but here are more tweets on this scrubbing.

              Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer • 3m3 minutes ago
              Neumeister found 90 pages of “stuff” that was in the registry of Alexander’s computer, not just in the history. #JodiArias
              William Pitts ‏@william_pitts • 5m5 minutes ago
              Expert says files have metadata attached. No metadata left describing these files. #JodiArias
              Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ • 6m6 minutes ago
              70,000 files were scrubbed and it wasn’t a program installed on the computer #jodiarias #3tvarias
              William Pitts ‏@william_pitts • 6m6 minutes ago
              computer forensics guys tell me scrubber programs (permanent delete) leave traces behind when you use them. #JodiArias
              Mdee ‏@EmsterD70 • 3m3 minutes ago
              Kathy Brown
              1 min • 70.000 files are just gone. .evaporated said expert #JodiArias
              Carolyn Sung ‏@CarolynSungCNN • 6m6 minutes ago
              No way to tell when it happened, no metadata on the files. #JodiArias
              Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer • 4m4 minutes ago
              Computer expert Neumeister says that 70,000 files were scrubbed, zeroed out by a program that is not on Alexander’s computer. #JodiArias

              • You’re good! It would take me 6 hours to put together what you just whipped out with those tweets.

                I just heard a panel on TV discussing the Arias Evidentiary hearing and why it’s so important. (It was pretty apparent most of them weren’t following the actual trial.) The hopeful thing is that they all agreed that the onus was on the judge to make sure Jodi had a fair trial because that is what matters above all.

                Interesting that in closing Nurmi mentioned something like ‘Even if you think the DEFENSE did it, Jodi Arias didn’t get a fair trial. I originally thought that was a dumb thing to say, but I see why it’s so important. Either way, Jodi wins this one no matter who’s the culprit because it robbed her of a fair trial! The only thing that stands in her way now is Pickle’s decision on how important it is to Jodi’s case that TA was a sex fiend. That should be pretty apparent to all!

                Off to get the Christmas shopping done…

                • Nym, I have to disagree with you. The only thing JSS has to think about now is if or how the prosecutor and friends hid and corrupted evidence in this trial. The only reason IMO that the porn even matters is because the state said there wasn’t any on Travis’s computer when in fact there was so they perjured themselves on the stand. The prosecution deltas whole case and Jodi being a liar. She wasn’t lying. This is just one example of the misconduct.

                  I hope that Brian will continue with his investigation of the child porn . Now that is a crime and might be a reason to why he was killed.

                • From the first witness Mimi, who held hands and drank hot chocolate with the saintly Travis, to his closing statement, the prosecutor portrayed the T-Dogg as this perfect guy and Jodi as a liar because she would dare suggest otherwise. The day she caught him looking at that child’s pic was when their relationship changed to physical abuse in addition to the psychological abuse she had already been dealing with. Both the fact that it was there and the fact that the prosecution hid this Brady evidence are both at issue.

                  Nurmi was absolutely right, if it was the defence then she was wronged as well.

                  Happy shopping!

  9. To me, what JSS does with the prosecution-misconduct motion will offer the first really clear view of her character. In the past, I’ve avoided unbridled criticism of her for two reasons. One is that in the guilt phase, she let Alyce testify to a whole lot of stuff that had already been excluded as hearsay. If she had followed the law in this respect, I thought Jodi would have had no real defense at all. The other reason is that a lot of people — some of whom I couldn’t ignore — denounced her as pro-defense, not pro-prosecution.

    But now she has a stark decision to make. The evidence before her clearly shows massive concealment of exculpatory evidence by the state. Will she have the backbone to endorse the obvious, and severely sanction the state? Or will she punt, or even actively obfuscate the record? We’ll have to stay tuned.

    • IMHO, I think she will punt and let the higher courts decide. The penalty phase will roll on and play out, Jodie will be sentenced and it will take years for a higher court to overturn the verdict based on misconduct and everything thing else we have seen go wrong in this trial.

      I hope I’m wrong on this, but my gut tells me she will not stop anything at this juncture. She’ll leave it to someone else to do, after the fact.

      • Bystander, unfortunately I tend to agree with you. 🙁 They will continue on with this retrial for how long is anyone’s guess. They will end up with a hung jury again and another few millions down the drain.

        How many times can they do this??? We know the Alexander’s will not be happy until Jodi is put to death. Can the frog say enough is enough and go with Life or does he have to go with the families wishes??

  10. I have just be reading up on Debra Milke’s case – thrown out today. There is more than suspicion that something is very wrong with the justice system in Arizona. There was a conspiracy of lies in her case. Yes the detective didn’t record her “confession” but it was well known that there had been other dirty cases in which he was involved. Still the prosecutor continued on and his boss sanctioned the process. We have seen many things happen in the Arias case that wreak of suspicion. I go over them all the time – especially the two stories that emerged about the bullet and whether it hit the brain or not. The dura mater. The whole display of nothing by the prosecution today re the computer issues. The prosecution is the keeper of the evidence and is therefore responsible to ensure that it is kept appropriately. We all know that they did a poor job of that at the least of accusations. The detective shared info with his wife and she goes on you tube making cheap fun while the death penalty is being pursued by the prosecution ( of which her husband is a part). There are so many things wrong with this picture. We all wish Jodi and Travis never met or became entangled in a sick relationship, but it is what it is. The case was charged inappropriately in the first place and it has steadily gone down hill since. Just had to express myself this evening.

  11. Here’s my one last thought for tonight. Suppose JSS is smart enough (as I’d guess) to realize, with or without the help of a court-appointed expert, that the state is clearly guilty of both hiding and trying to destroy exculpatory evidence. If she has any integrity, she could just rule that the state did that, grant the motion to eliminate the DP, terminate the retrial, and dismiss the jury. Then she could sentence Jodi herself — punting the issue of the validity of the conviction itself to a higher court. That way she doesn’t have to condemn her own trial. If a higher court threw out the conviction based on JSS’s finding of state evidence tampering, it wouldn’t reflect badly on her in any way. Suppose you’re JSS: why exactly won’t you do this?

    • If a higher court throws out the conviction it will reflect badly on JSS – it would show that her judgment on this case was not right that she should have taken steps herself to correct the situation before the conviction….IMHO It is never good when a lower court judge who is the judge of record has their case overturned………

      • In other words, when the higher court overturns or vacates the criminal conviction it will be based on the totality of misconduct of which there is a long list of offenses…….chief among which of course would be the computer tampering….but there was so much other misconduct throughout this trial that JSS did have control over and she did nothing. She didn’t do her job and when this is overturned or vacated it will reflect badly on her…..just my thoughts on this

        • Are judges elected or appointed in Az?Unfortunately, Jodie is not a popular figure in Az.
          I don t believe the pro. should have tried for the DP, but that is beside the point.
          JSS has a long career ahead of her and I don t believe she is courageous enough to
          “do the right thing”. just my opinion.

      • Exactly, so given this open door, JSS would be smart to take it. Rather that “letting” the control be in the hands of the Appeals Court and overtuning the case on one of it’s many errors, she can keep “control of her courtroom” and has every reason to shut this thing down right now. She can dismiss without prejudice and then let the State refile and get it on. Prosecution could appeal but I doubt it would fly as Jodi could ask for “with” prejudice. Then the deal making will become serious. Likely, Invol. Manslaughter time served.

  12. The only reason I could see was that doing so, recognizing the situation, *might* actually flag the case for reversal based on Brady – make it even more likely to happen than if she pretends she sees nothing wrong with any of this.

    • Hi there Journee, I just now posted my answer to your question earlier about the PCR. I went away from the computer for a few ….. hope it helps 🙂

  13. Hello, been reading this site for a while now and I decided to chime in with my own experience with porn , viruses and the site youporn . Ok , as a young single male I admit I have watched porn on my laptop and home computer and have gotten viruses probably over 10 times. Lucky for me I have a friend that’s a computer expert so he was always able to get the viruses off. The only time I would get viruses that would direct me to porn sites was when I would VIEW PORN ON ONE OF THE PORN SITES. yes I have had viruses from opening e mails that were infected but those viruses would just mess up my computer to where I would get like 10 yahoo pages on one screen or something of that sort but NEVER would it direct me to a porn site. TRAVIS GOT THE VIRUSES FROM WATCHING PORN ON HIS COMPUTER. Now let’s talk about youporn . I’ve been accessing that site for over 5 years and have never gotten a virus from that site. Youporn is a site where anyone can watch clips anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 or more minutes for free. You can chose the category of porn you like and just click away and enjoy. Now martinez can argue all he wants and lie all he wants the bottom line is travis was watching porn and in no way , shape or form those sites were accessed from a virus. I have even went to the extent of asking my computer expert friend about what I knew already just to confirm it.

    • I should add . The times I did get viruses that would direct me to porn sites was when I would try to download a movie or clip and sometimes a special media player needed to view porn on some of the porn sites.

  14. What JSS needs to do is throw the entire case out. It is totally unfixable. She won’t do it because she is incompetent and is afraid for her own personal safety. By the way, are the TA supporters as vocal this time around as they were in the original trial?

    • And the entire case may very well be thrown out but it will most likely be done in an appellate court on appeal….JSS is between a rock and a hard place right now grappling with what she should do (she should mistrial and dismiss all charges as defense has requested due to prosecutorial misconduct)…..she should have controlled this case from the beginning but….the DP is DONE, OVER, FINISHED and this is the compromise she may settle on and then someday she hears that the case was overturned with a new trial ordered or a vacated conviction and Jodi is released free…..

  15. Hi,
    I’ve been away from all of the tweets Pandora.
    Thanks so much. You are a blessing. : )
    We’ve had family company for an early Christmas and will be out of town most of the week.
    But, I realize all of the corruption in Jodi’s case. It’s insane.
    The only ones that should be in prison is the judge, prosecutor, dp and everyone that knew what really happened to Travis and didn’t speak up for Jodi.

    So, I know it’s early, but Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a great New Year.
    All that I want for Christmas is for the ones that I mentioned to get what they deserve
    and Jodi to be out and free and home with her family for Christmas!
    That would be a beautiful way to end 2014 and start for 2015. : )
    Thanks to all of you and Pandora I hope your doggie get’s better. : )
    I’ll be back in every chance I get.
    BTW, all of you responsiblefor this great site, THANK YOU!!!!

  16. Three (3) new drawings available at ‘Art By Jodi Arias’ site:

    ‘CARPE DIEM’ – Original graphite drawing on acid-free paper

    ‘SELF PORTRAIT – Rough Sketch #1’ – Original graphite drawing on paper

    ‘VIOLINIST’ – Original graphite drawing on on acid-free paper

  17. I would like to play the hypothetical games this morning. They case is thrown out. I’m going to say Jodi would be free for about a minute before she was really rested in charged with the murder of Travis. (So here she goes again a new trial)New lawyers? Different judge? Different prosprosecutor ?

    I would hope they wouldn’t seek the death penalty again. So wouldn’t it be wiser for the state to accept a deal rather then go through the whole ordeal again and spend more tax payers money???

    • Good Morning everyone ! 🙂 🙂

      At this point I don’t believe Jodi should ever make a deal with the prosecutor, period. She killed TA in self defense and she could be acquitted if she had been given a fair trial with all the facts and truth on the table. The state however will re-file charges on her no doubt in my mind and I believe they would seek the death penalty again. They obviously don’t care how much money they are wasting after all it’s not their money it’s the taxpayers money so so what….the gov’t is really good at spending others money…

        • I just know that the double jeopardy rule is that you can not be tried for the same crime twice. So, if Jodi were set free she could not be put on trial for the murder again.

          • The creeps might find SOMETHING bogus to arrest her again though 🙄 I often wonder WHY they are so unrelentingly hateful toward her.

          • Dorothy, I know this but let’s say that JSS should over turn the verdict due to the frogs misconduct. She can order a new trial. (Like any of this is going to happen…) can’t she? Ok let’s walk down that happy road…you and I and everyone else that supports Jodi knows they will find something to charge her with…..

            • Hi Cindy,
              I just tried to read the Wikipedia article regarding Double Jeopardy Clause. Maybe you would have better luck understanding it than I. It is interesting at least.

                • The easiest way to learn about it is to watch the youtube video of the oral arguments in the Milke case at the Court of Appeals. It’s really good. About 30 mins long. The States attorney get a butt bruising by the 3 judge panel. So at least you’d know what Jodi is facing. He is quite to dumb ass IMHO. I don’t think he has much of a career ahead of him.

  18. I’m thinking she wouldn’t even make it to the waiting vehicle to wisk her away to freedom before she was handed the warrant for murder and handcuffed on the spot. Right back in Arprio’s (sp??) jail she’d go! The SOB’s out there are just that crazy. Asshat’s………..

    And, I’m betting they would be so vain and stupid as to have the exact same people on the case. Maybe, and that’s a BIG maybe, JSS wouldn’t be presiding, but I guarantee JM and company will be on it. As to Jodie’s DT, that is a harder one to peg.

  19. Debra Milke’s dismissal with prejudice yesterday is important to notice. I’ve been following the Debra Milke case since she was accused. I worked at Metro Center at the time this occurred and I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember the fast arrest and seeing the TV coverage. I remember seeing that big fat cop being interviewed and asked how did he get the arrests so quickly and his answer “just good ole fashioned police work”. I KNEW he lied to me at that instant. It took a long time for the truth to come out. But my instincts were right.

    You might be interested in the video of the oral arguments at the Court of Appeals in Debra’s case. Attorney Mike Mitchell for the State was a confused blithering idiot that was destroyed by the logic of the 3 Judge panal. He even admitted to prosecutorial misconduct.

    Then you have Montgomery who obviously isn’t paying attention along with most of the other yappers out there who wouldn’t have a clue what Giglio or Brady is, spouting off that he is going to appeal Milke’s case to the AZ Supreme Court. Go ahead Monty and get another good spanking for being a retard. Obviously a politician doesn’t have to know the law.

    From the Milke case: Rivera The remedy for failure (by the State) to PRESERVE Brady material is dismissal; not retrial. The male Judge asked a great question of Mitchell ” What if there is a 2nd Brady violation?” In other words, what penalty is there to stop the prosecution from just repetitively violating the Constitutional Rights of an accused defendant and keeping them in a never ending cycle of trials (most of those the Judge’s own words)

    Martinez admitted in his motion that on the State’s original copy that there were viruses. That was Brady Material. He neither disclosed it; nor preserved it. In fact, he may have destroyed it. But just failure to preserve it is enough and failure to disclose it is enough. Tootles Martinez. You are about to go the way of Saldate and Levy.

    • You are so correct. 🙂 🙂 I have believed that this case was so egregious that an appellate court would consider the remedy of overturning the criminal trial conviction and releasing Jodi. I hope it happens soon and she doesn’t have to wait 23 years like Milke….. 🙂

    • Nice post, Mandy. I agree that yesterday’s decision is important to note.

      How JM has survived this long is amazing. I can’t begin to wrap my mind around how anyone could live with themselves knowing that they altered, manufactured, destroyed, etc. the facts of a case just to say they “got em”. I’ll never understand that mentality.

      • They have to be souless and devoid of a conscience as no one with a moral compass and good conscience could ever do what JM and others have done in this case…

        • I agree, BB, I won’t be happy until Jodi is free and Martinez disbarred and Jailed, not just for this case but for all the other innocent people he’s murdered.

        • I’ve often thought that. OR sometimes they just get offtrack early and believe that they have it right and keep building upon something that wasn’t true in the first place. ie: Why didn’t Det Flores interview Dustin Thompson. He had a solid tip about him. He interviewed the ex wife. But he stopped. He just failed to go far enough perhaps. Maybe Dustin was a part of it or maybe Dustin knows something. Its just too odd that his ex wife gave the tip, had a restraining order, was very close to Travis and ends up dead.

    • Thank you Mandy. Yesterday I tried to find news on the Milke trial and there was very little available in regards to yesterday ‘s announcement. I just wanted a quick overview so I could see if anything that was discovered/uncovered would be useful to this case. You helped me pull the pieces together, somewhat, although I admit I am quite unfamiliar with that case. The mere thought that Milke was imprisoned for 22 years before they got to the bottom of it is a travesty. Do you know if there are plans for a lawsuit against the state? I honestly hope for Jodi it doesn’t take 22 years to get to the bottom of this farce.

    • Mandy your post is very interesting. To have followed the Milke case all these years is really something. I recently read the contents of an interview her sister gave to the defense lawyer who later on took on Milke’s case. Even she was manipulated by that corrupt cop. I really feel that in the Arias case there is some corruption and have felt that since the detective F. and the medical examiner contradicted one another on the stand and since the medical examiner said that the reason his medical report had an inaccurate statement was because of a “typo”. It just didn’t pass the smell test to me. Now it is even worse with the issues around the computer and its contents. It all doesn’t pass the smell test. It needs to be exposed.

      • And the other thing that doesn’t pass the smell test is that the medical examiner that ruled Ashley Reed (Thompson)’s death a suicide although the gunshot angle was ackward from the back to front and ruled Phx Sgt Sean Drenth’s death a suicide, then ends up himself dead of an “apparent” suicide. That’s an aweful lot of suicides that have something in common: TA.

  20. Death penalty should be taken off the table. This completely changed the trial. I don’t know how Travis has any supporters, they are condoning pedophilia! Justice 4 Jodi!

  21. I have a question, hope someone can answer: At the close of yesterday’s hearing JSS stated that she will “take motions under advisement”…does she mean she will be considering the motions presented on her own or perhaps will she consult with others on this? Is she required to make a decision without consulting other judges, etc.? (Did that make any sense? )

    • Oh! Cindy, I was going to comment on one of Journee’s posts re: (something like— there seems to be some underlying force which seems to be driving the prosecution (Juan included…seems afraid) —let me go back and look for it) I couldn’t reply because there was no reply…it was at the bottom of a run of comments… BRB… LOL It was the one written at 4:16 pm that contains “using Jodi as a scapegoat” WHICH is in a string of conversation between you and Journee…right ABOVE the one you just directed me to read. I wanted to say: I believe there HAS to be SO MUCH more than meets the eye here. Since DAY one, I believe there has been a massive cover up and I believe that Jodi has been the fall guy here. What leads ME to this is the way TA’s body was found…the throat, the shower,…I STILL BELIEVE and will CONTINUE to believe that Jodi had no part in THAT…unless she was FORCED to participate…I agree with Journee…. SOMEONE VERY POWERFUL and INFLUENTIAL must be behind this…there is TOO much that is not making sense, too many loose ends. It also seems that most of the “friends” are just pawns in this game…how convenient is it that everyone who wasn’t willing to play ended up “committing suicide”?… hmmm

  22. Journee, I am sorry if I miss represented what you said.
    I’m feeling a bit emotional over all of this. It’s not in my nature to see things thatare wwrong and not try to fix them. I’m sure we all feel the same way. My heart crystal for the young life that is wasting away in a cell. I want to hug Sandy and Bill. I can’t even begin to understand what they are going through. Not being able to help their daughter. It’s just so very sad to me.

    I know that the verdict will be over at some point. I just do not want Jodi to spend another year in a cell.

    So I pray that JSS is also praying for the wisdom that she needs to make the right ruling.

    • Don’t apologize! I am not upset with you, I just wanted to clarify. You and I are on the same page, I think, in that we don’t know WHAT the hell to think besides WE HAVE NOT HEARD THE WHOLE TRUTH YET!

      Somebody tell me a story that makes all the pieces fit – that’s all I’m sayin’, lol.

      I think it is pertinent, though, that the cover up began long before Jodi changed her story.

      • Journee if you find the pieces that fit let me know. Yes we are on the same page, all the pages!!! You know the page that started before the story changed. I always thought it was very odd that someone just had to get into TA’s e-mail. Now I wish Brian could somehow find that….LOL.
        I honestly think Travis death had to do with his liking children….way too much. No one knew Jodi was going to be there but she was.
        Then we have the detective aka PIO changing his first instinct that one person couldn’t have done this……..ok that’s all I’m going to say except no way in hellcould Jodi have done this all alone…. no way, no how not in this life time.

        • I’m with you all!!! I have never believed Jodi capable of killing Travis. . .and if she did it was to save her own life from a vicious attack from him. There have been Too many unanswered questions, Too many obvious cover-ups, Too many liars lying for me to ever believe anything that Jodi has been accused off. I will continue to pray for Jodi’s FREEDOM and the sooner the better. PLEASE JUDGE DO THE RIGHT THING AND SET JODI FREE! JODI IS INNOCENT!

          • R. LOVE I’M WITH YOU!!

            I have to stop going down that dark road and put my prayers for the judge to make the only right choice. All my thoughts are going to be positive……..until we hear her decision.

            Free Jodi now!!!!!

            • Well God is in control and he will let it all come to light when he is ready for it to. I’ve never been good with my patience!! LOL I just know there are many people up on their pedestals who will come tumbling down and I will be very thankful to see that. I hope we all live long enough to actual see TRUE JUSTICE for our JODI ARIAS!!! They cannot all hide behind their veil of secrecy forever or deep in the basement of their temples. One of them will cave in before it is all over. . .wonder who it will be.?…….Is it the Jet $etter crowd, is it the Holy-than-thou crowd. . .maybe both. . .time will tell.

  23. This case has smellled from day one. I have said it before and I will say it yet again. The room mates were going in and out of the house for five days and no one noticed the smell of decomp? The dog was not acting strangely with its’ master dead in the next room? Where was JA’s rental auto parked that neither room mate noticed it on the 4th? The truth be known, they never even tried to find anyone else because some of TA’s friends pointed their fingers at JA straight off, even though they had no idea she was even in town on that day. That is another thing, his friends were aware that she had moved back to Yreka or at least CA. Let’s get serious here for just a moment. IF you are a dog owner, you do not leave your dog alone in a house for days or even with room mates if you do not first tell them you are leaving. For them to even say they assumed he was gone on a trip is just BS when he left no one in charge of the dog.

    • Debbie, I’m with you on that one. Napoleon had a doggie door so chances are he didn’t have an accident my house. That just made me think about something else, the poor thing didn’t eat or have water unless Travis had a self feeder for him and the downstairs bathroom door was open….and the toilet seat was left up. A dog does not leave his master’s side if they are I’ll or they know something is wrong. The roommates had to see him sitting out side his door.
      It’s the little things that just don’t add up and a whole lot of very big things.

      Jodi would never lock the door..she new Travis never did. Did they take prints off the lock?

      How in the name of God could someone clip somebody’s throat ear to ear with a steak knife? Oh right she brought a knife with her. She stole TA’s gun, she took the knife but she put the camera and cards in the washer…..the list goes on and on and on. It’s mind boggling!!!!

      To this day no one has addressed the boot print.

      Perhaps I have watched to much TV but every inch of that house should have been dusted for prints.

      I know it is protocol to get a search warrant but this mind boggling to me who did they serve it to??? Ok perhaps that was a bit lame..

      I do have a question and my memory does not serve me. When did Jodi dye herhair back to Brown? I want to question when those picture’s were really taken and who put the date stamp on them? Isn’t that tampering with evidence?

      Ok unless there is a new trial none of this matters. Maybe someday we will know what really happened on that June day.

      • Cindy J, ….I believe that the investigator(s) does not want to know, or if known, does not want to reveal who belongs to that bloody boot print. ..Because that person (whether a man or woman) who left that bloody boot print (not Jodi), would then be able to tell HOW that spent shell casing got to be placed on top of that (not so large) blood patch on floor.
        …If we believe Jodi, that the shot accidentaly came first (and I certainly do), then the spent shell casing could have landed anywhere. ..The blood patch on floor that got there, would have to have been a short time after the accidental gunshot.
        …I believe that someone walked through the scene maybe days after 6/4/08, found that shell casing, probably picked it up & looked at it, & not wanting to leave their print (or DNA) on the shell casing, washed it off & placed it (wet) carefully on top of that blood patch where it would be easily found. …When the water dried off of the shell casing, the shell casing would have “adhered” to the blood patch, falsely indicating that the shot came last, after the blood patch was deposited (but in that same time period, of blood drying), 6/4/08.
        …But NOT that anyone actually thought this out (it would be ridiculous to assume that), but just ((coincidentally moved evidence)) & the investigator(s) used it to claim the shot was LAST, & accusing Jodi to be telling a lies (about the whole thing), and allowed the prosecutor to snooker the jury. …(IMHO).

      • And another suspicious sign about TA’s friends pointing the finger at Jodi is the fact that TA’s friends KNEW TA always kept his doors unlocked.
        TA lived in a nice house; one that burglars might find appealing.
        Also, why weren’ t the friends far more suspicious of and inquisitive about the roommates? The roommates actually lived there, AND they were somewhat like strangers to TA in comparison to TA’s friends.
        And roommates have their own friends, associates, and involvements that could be linked to all kinds of unknown scenarios.
        Someone could have had a vendetta against a roomate, etc..
        These are just some hypotheticals, yet TA’s friends, I would think__ given the nature of the crime scene__ I would think TA’s friends should have been far more likely to presume someone other than Jodi was responsible.
        And I think TA’s friends should more easily have drawn the conclusion that a man was to blame, for the simple fact that men are stronger and are far more likely to take part in an home invasion than women are.

        • Amy, the one thing that has always amaze me is we all have come from different walks of life and different life experiences and not one of us is buying into the story that the prosecutor is trying to feed the world. I’m sure we can all come up with a different scenario on what happened due to our own perception of the evidence. But the one thing that most of us agree on is Jodi didn’t due this.

          I would be ok with the self defense story if someone could explain how the crime scene depicts it. To me it doesn’t……

          • To me, the FINAL crime scene doesn’t depict self defense…NOR that Jodi could have done it. I STILL believe the reason she doesn’t “remember” anything beyond him chasing her, then reaching for the gun in the closet…the shot…I wonder if the two ninjas asked “are there any guns in the house?” and Jodi was told to retrieve it, forced to fire the gun at TA, then…who knows what happened…I bet she DOES have PTSD from that event, that she was there, surprise, surprise, by accident, when the two people who were sent to kill TA arrived. They HAD to make her participate so they could get away and have her believe SHE was just as culpable as they were…PERHAPS she was even sedated at a certain point and driven out to the desert in her rental car, placed in the driver’s seat and TRULY doesn’t remember most of it because she wasn’t conscious… WHATEVER…SHE DID NOT KILL HIM, SHE DID NOT DRAG HIM, BY HERSELF, INTO THE SHOWER, SHE DID NOT SLIT HIS THROAT. That’s it for me. MY rendition…and I’m stickin’ to it…

            • Dorothy,

              I also believe Jodi WAS driven to the desert in her rental car & placed in the drivers seat!!! Remember Jodi told Det. Flores that she was knocked out for a while by one of the intruders and when she came to she heard Travis moaning & she went to him & said c’mon & he told her he couldn’t cuz he couldn’t feel his legs & there was blood all over & then the intruder made her get away from him! Maybe the intruders knocked Jodi out again?

          • I believe it was only and completely a situation where Jodi acted in self- defense when Travis attacked her, fully intending to kill her.
            Even though I don’ t believe in any other scenario, and even though some scenarios seem outlandish, the truth is that “truth is often stranger than fiction”__ so who knows what the future might reveal?
            The fact that there are so many suicides connected to the case IS strange.
            I have always been struck by the fact that when Jodi claimed the two intruders story, she said that one of the intruders was a woman. I find it HIGHLY unusual that anyone would claim that one of the intruders was a woman.
            Still, I am convinced it was entirely a case of self- defense.

            • Amy, someone here, last week I think, had a link to a news article about two women dressed as ninjas who had broken into the home of a witness in a rape trial. The man accused of rape was Mormon. The witness was to testify against this man. The two ninja women were subdued by a man who heard them. They were arrested. Weapons were found on them…so Jodi’s ninja story may not be as outlandish as many people think.

          • Just to play devil’s advocate for a moment. Has anyone considered Jodi was acting in self defense but it wasn’t against TA but the intruders as Dorothy has suggested to save her life. Is it a plausible idea for Jodi to have been getting a gun from the closet and shooting TA because the intruders would kill her otherwise? I know that is a scenario I hadn’t really thought about before and I find myself sitting here pondering it. Did they drug her in an attempt to make her not remember anything and drive her into the desert?

            • Hi Farmer Lonnie, this scenario would make everything Jodi said about self defense, running/trying to get away, etc. true… AND about shooting TA and not wanting to… AND about not being able to remember many things. It also would make the ninja story true!!…I believe Jodi hasn’t lied about anything. If it sounds like she had at any point it was probably because she couldn’t make heads or tails of it herself.
              AND Marja Liisa! I didn’t know Jodi told Det.F that the ninjas had knocked her out! I never saw the entire interrogation and if I did it was so long ago I only recall some of it. I guess I might not be too far off base thinking her memory lapse may have been caused by being unconscious.

              • I’m thinking I may have to scrap a large portion of my theory as to what happened. I’ve thought about Jodi accidently shooting TA while trying to shoot an intruder and also that she never shot anybody, the intruders shot TA. But Dorothy’s idea is changing everything for me. I’m now wondering about a few other things. Jodi had other clothes there. Did someone else put on her pants with the stripe down the leg and that’s who’s foot we see in the photo by TA in the shower? I think Dorothy’s theory can answer a lot of questions that have been unexplained. JMO.

                • farmer Lonnie, I’m not sure who it was in was two weeks ago that someone brought up the fact that that picture could have been two pictures put together. The strip on the pants could be let’s say a cops….. Just another hypothetical. But it was interesting.

      • I am pretty certain the Flores report said the roommates actually said that they actually AGREED to take care of Travis’s dog when he was away.
        So that makes it even more suspicious: The police report said that the roommates claimed they weren’ t home a lot.
        Being that TA would have known the roommates weren’ t home a lot, TA would have had even more reason, and would have been far likelier to have discussed his itinerary regarding his trip. He would have wanted to make sure the roommates knew exactly when he was leaving, and when he was coming back; that would have been the only way he could have made sure the roommates who said they weren’ t home a lot, could be counted on to at least be home regularly enough to regularly attend to the dog’s needs.

            • Napoleon’s little dog fence – very short and easy enough for humans to step over since he was a bitty little pug and pugs aren’t particularly good jumpers- had been set up to barricade Nappie’s access to the stairs. Both roommates commented on this as one of the things that was weird that week, because the dog usually had run of the house. Neither of them said anything about moving it – probably wouldn’t have if they were supposed to be looking after the dog and the dog’s owner had apparently decided the dog should stay downstairs while he was gone. He may have been acting like he wanted to go upstairs, but that would have not been seen as weird since the dog usually got to go up there whenever he wanted.

    • Amy, I have wondered about the condition of the body when it was found.
      Not enough attention has been paid to the TIME of Travis Alexander’s death.
      When Detective Flores first checked the body he estimated the time TA had been death to be 2-3 DAYS.
      The reason the roommates were not repulsed by the odor earlier than Monday was because Travis wasn’t dead for 5 days.
      The defendant’s expert should have done an autopsy review in order to determine time of death. This was absolutely critical to Jodi Arias’ defense.
      If you look at the body it looks like Travis, there is no repulsive reaction to looking at the body.
      One could NOT look at a BODY that has been DEAD 5 DAYS and not be REPULSED.

      • Carol,

        MPG says they took the body to another location to perform a blood atonement ritual (maybe at the temple?) and then brought it back and placed it in the shower with the cup which is part of the ritual, along with putting the sacred underwear in the washer, which was also done!

        • Carol,

          Oh, they also do a throat cut from ear to ear and a heart plunge in a blood atonement ritual killing which was also done to Travis! Jodi would never have been able to do ANY of those things to Travis because she loved him too much!!!

          • No one has the guts to even bring up the Atonement ritual! No one even hints at it. I agree, if it looks like atonement, walks like atonement, speaks like atonement; it’s atonement.
            But if Jodi didn’t kill Travis someone did! At this moment I do not care who it was, or why it was done. I just know by the evidence, by the detective’s original notes on time of death, that it wasn’t Jodi.
            Much as we deplore what Flores did with the computer, changing the sequence of gun and knife, he had experience from viewing many dead bodies in his career. At that point this was just another homicide to him and he noted the truth.

            • Flores did hint at it, I think, in his police report.

              When he said his first thought about Travis’ injuries was ‘suicide’.

            • Oh Carol, we have had the guts but it has always fell on deaf ears. It is another whole way at looking at this tragedy. And if Travis had gone and confessed his sins to the church then it seems very likely that they decided he was in need of some serious attention. After all they have all portrayed him to be a Saint so how embarrassing for them to find out different. So yes, we have talked about it and many of us believe that it could have possibly happened. It has been easier to just go along with what has happened in the trial and not stray from it.

    • Debbie, The first reply should have been to you, but it was a long string. I, too, have observed the STINK of this trial.
      Looking at the stages of decomposition in Wikipedia, I do not believe Travis had been dead for 5 days when his body was found.
      If the body was not in the correct stage of decomposition for being there since Wednesday evening (5 days)
      But, instead if the time set at Friday evening (3 days – and the smell would be just beginning)
      Or, at the outside Thursday evening (4 days – and the smell would be unbearable)
      If this is the true, then Travis was not dead when Jodi left.
      Her version of what happened, given after she was arrested trying to explain what had happened with paper and pencil, was the truth.
      Travis’ body proves it. He was not dead when she left early Wednesday evening.

      • I wish people would stop peddling the intruder story, for what you are claiming is that JA committed perjury on the stand. She didn’t. This is a self-defense case and always was.

        • To my recollection she NEVER admitted she stabbed him in the abdomen, slit his throat, put him in the shower, washed his laundry…
          If the crime scene doesn’t fit the prosecution’s story then it is dead wrong…

          • Exactly right, Carol. She didn’t really admit to shooting him either, just said the gun went off and she didn’t know if it had hit him.

        • This is why this site is so wonderful. We can all express our own perceptions with out ridicule. You are allowed to believe what you want as every other person here.. I agree to disagree and respect everyone’s opinion….

        • tonysam, you could be absolutely right and many of us could be wrong but I suppose the problem with that (for me) is there are so many unanswered questions we all have. It might be a very clear and simple self-defense case but the prosecutor has certainly made a big mess out of it, if that is all it is. If it is so simple why all the cover up for one sick and disturbed young man! Why sacrifice Jodi’s life for such an abuser!?! Self-defense is not a crime and after everything we are finding out Travis was into, Jodi probably deserves a medal (IMO). But as always I respect your beliefs. 😀

        • It just does not matter how people come to the conclusion that Jodi is innocent. The support is going to increase post evidentiary hearing. Many will come to Jodi’s support merely because they hold the state to the ultimate burden and this prosecutor failed in every regard.

          • Amy I with R.Love statement…you could be 100% right. I’m very ok with it. I just have unanswered questions and I also know that I may never get the answers. I’m ok with that as long as Jodi is able to walk free.

            • Absolutely, no body here feels the need to be the almighty discoverer of the truth. . .we just believe that Jodi Arias is and always has been INNNOCENT! I love reading everyone’s thoughts and I hope the more people that come on board, the more ideas we will all have. As long as Jodi receives her very deserved FREEDOM I will be satisfied and extremely HAPPY FOR HER AND HER FAMILY ♥♥♥ !!!!

        • Tonysam,
          I don’t believe we are “peddling” the intruder story at all. Jodi’s memory was impaired at SOME point during that day. I believed her when she told the ninja story when I first heard it. I believe she WAS , and STILL is, a victim of TA’s abuse…I do believe she NEVER lied…not about the attack, not about retrieving the gun, not about the gun shot and not about the loss of memory. I wrote my scenario above then a few posters below that address that scenario. I am trying, in my own way, to piece together ALL of it. I believe as well, that Nurmi convinced her to go the entire route as domestic violence self defense because that was/is his specialty. If you don’t believe my scenario, that is acceptable to me.

  24. I have come to the conclusion that money bribery HAS to be involved in Jodi’s trial for the prosecution’s web of deceit to have been woven SO tight!!! That is the ONLY incentive that there can be for such a tangled MESS!!! The money has to come from a WEALTHY person/s/organization to pay for such a tangled mess to be woven and the reason for the pay off would be logical, being that the person/s/organization’s livelihood is at steak should they be revealed and should it be uncovered what they have done!!! I can think of a WEALTHY organization in Mesa!!! Hmmmmmmmm!!!

    Human beings do ALL kinds of CRAZY things for money!!! In most spousal murders it seems to almost ALWAYS boil down to either not wanting to part with one’s money or wanting the other’s money!!! Most people LOVE money and will do just about ANYTHING sometimes to get money!!! Money in and of itself is fine but it is the LOVE of it that gets one in TROUBLE!!!

    “For the LOVE of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” 1 Timothy 6:10 NIV

    • $$$$$$ KaChing Marja$$$$$$ It is always about that bottom line!
      I agree with you and also W.Lopez!! Someone had Something Big
      TO HIDE 🙄 !! I pray we find out just who is behind all of the
      deception. I have my ideas but then again you all know them 😀

        • 😀 I just typed the longest post ever and it disappeared!! That is a definite sign my thoughts should probably not be repeated! But know I do believe that Jodi is innocent. I have always believed her intruder story…it made sense to me. If she had been fighting with Travis in a vicious attack and two people dressed in black appeared to confront him about another fix he had gotten himself in, I can believe they all fought, Jodi got the chance to flee and she took it. Why would she stay and help Travis who had been beating up on her to begin with. I believe the BFF $$ are involved all the way up to their crooked pointing fingers! I believe these “intruders” had discovered something Travis had done, be it business or family business and decided to confront him about it. They never expected Jodi to be there. They then would have threatened her with anything they could come up with and let her go so they could set her up to take the fall for them. She would believe anything they told her knowing how powerful they were. That is sort of what makes sense to me. I believe Travis was alive when Jodi left and whoever came in, took their own sweet time finishing him off. The autopsy pictures support that for me. They made sure that the scene pointed to Jodi as best they could, and they did a pretty good job because they sure fooled the defective detective. There were no bugs on his body, no one smelled anything, his neck was broken (which was somehow left out of the ME autopsy, I’m going by MPG’s) and I believe Jodi never shot him. There was no gun residue on him. I have always thought he wasn’t shot at all. Jodi would have never left the camera in the washer. Also, I wonder about the bloody boot print and a circular trail of blood that lead its way out of the bathroom that was never discussed. Sorry Cindy, I could go and on but I’m afraid it will disappear again. . .so I will keep it short. 😀 I truly believe with all my heart Jodi is Innocent but there are many others that aren’t.

            • I wish my detailed one hadn’t disappeared but its probably a good thing! Way to many unanswered questions. Plus I left out all of the convenient suicides that happened. This tragedy has taken many dark and strange turns, hasn’t it? Somewhere there are people who know the truth. I’ve thought that might be why Tanisha has a hard time taking a shower wondering who is behind all of the deep dark secrets. She could not be afraid of Jodi Arias because there is no way she would ever hurt anyone plus they all know she is locked up. Generally, we could do what Marja said and just follow the trail of money and I’m certain the guilty will be there veiled in their guilt! They might be able to hide their evil in this world but never in the hereafter. It will be a much bigger problem for them there!!! There is still time for them to make their wrongs right. . .but do they have the guts? I fear not, they have proved to be cowards so far IMO!

              • Sorry R.Love, that your ‘longest post ever’ disappeared, as you said up-thread. …Bet it was very interesting. …Yes, I bet the two jury(s) don’t know about those convenient suicides or mysterious deaths (conveniently labeled suicides) that happened close to or tangentially connected to the Jodi Arias case.

                …Sort of like the JFK investigation & suicides of witnesses just before they were scheduled to tell what they knew. …You know who I am talking about: David Ferry, Dorothy Kilgallen, many others, and also Jack Ruby, who died just as he was going to open up to the Congressmen that were going to visit & re-visit with him in prison, as I remember. …But, I refreshed my memory & checked Google recently & read that Ruby’s death sentence was ((overturned by the Texas COA)), and he was scheduled to be granted a new trial. (I did not realize the specifics before, but it is on Google). …Everything is on Google. …I even use it as a spell-check.

                …Of course Jack Ruby would NOT have been found “NOT GUILTY” in his new trial but what ((surely)) would have come out, would have been the REAL TRUTH (IMHO). …That others (including organizations) were involved, and that perhaps Lee Harvey Oswald may have been an agent (on our side) & had to be made into a patsy. ……..So, Jack Ruby ((conveniently)) died of cancer in a Dallas hospital, Jan 3,1967, just about 3yrs and 12 days after Nov 22, 1963, according to Google. …

                …I believe that Jodi Arias cannot remember everything that happened 6/4/08, is because: not only that she was terrified & in a Fugue state of memory (fog, as the police call it to reduce her believability). …But, she may have been suffering from sleep deprivation, with that day & night, & days later seeming like a ((nightmare)).
                …And, human beings usually do not remember details of their nightmares. …And, perhaps there ((((really were masked intruders that day)))). …((She never did call them Ninjas, that was the police & media’s words to make her story seem ridiculous)).

                …If Jack Ruby was scheduled to have a new trial (and we know what he did & it was premeditated), what is Arizona afraid of, that Jodi Arias might remember without a biased prosecutor & judge & media?? …(((Jodi Ann Arias is innocent))).

                • In My Humble Opinion:
                  ……Judge Sherry Stephens could come out of this case as a true heroin and a great judge in Arizona history, but she would have to “throw the entire prosecution under the bus”, and many others, and release Jodi Ann Arias for time served.

                • Yes WLopez what is Arizona afraid of? It is hard for a jury to make wise decisions on a verdict when they were fed nothing but lies and the real truth is never presented to them. IMO plus SMH

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    • Oh, and if you notice in the above video, CH says “THEY” went through ALL Travis’s emails!!! They shouldn’t have been going through ANYTHING of Travis’s!!! EVERYTHING involved in the crime scene in Travis’s house should have been HANDS OFF to anyone other than the Mesa PD!!!

  26. Well took sometime off and gave my brain a little break Went to see my mom who has been ill.

    None of this makes any sense to most of us but it’s the story that has been feed to us. The only thing that I believe is Travis mentally and physically abused Jodi. He groomed her from the beginning. He needed eye candy on his arm so no one would find out about his attraction to children. I personally find it odd that if he was looking for a wife why didn’t he go back to Deanna. They loved each other as we were told. Lisa was young and even in her young mind knew something was just not right with him. I’m not sure about Minnie she seemed cold to me. I may be wrong but she is the only one who didn’t show any emotions on the stand

        • I hope your Mom feels better also!!! ♥ You must enjoy every moment with your Mom while you still have her. It’s never the same when they are gone. 🙁

          • R. Love we do believe me. She is 83 and had a stroke in 2009. She has done really well until this past year. The last 6 months have been very difficult with her health. unfortunately a week and a half ago she had the flu that has turned into pneumonia. She lives independently but doesn’t drive anymore. When she’s well she she is Hell on wheels…LOL. Go,go,…..LOL Now all her daughter’s live in town so she gets out quite abit. You are right and we do thank God everyday we still have her.

            • There is a strain of pneumonia going around here in TN that is really bad. It put a friend of ours in the hospital for a week. So if she is not showing signs of getting better do not hesitate on getting her to the Dr. I was blessed with a wonderful Mother and it sounds like you have been too. ♥

              • Oh she has been to the doctor and chest x rays. So much for the shot , Yes there is a nasty virus going on here in Michigan too . My brother in law has it also. So far no one else has got it. It is so much harder on the older people due to other underlying health issues.

                Yes she is wonderful most of the time. LOL. But after raising seven kids I think she entitled to be a bit crabby…LOL

    • Cindy, all that was here was a photograph of Mimi (Marie) with audio of her testimony – that could be the reason you didn’t see “any emotions” from [“Minnie”] on the stand.

      • I remember watching her on the stand – she did choke up a few times in the recollecting of it. Even though she never saw the body, I could see that she was very frightened that night.

          • IIRC, she was the first witness, so the trial was still under the radar I think.

            I had picked up a blurb about it on HuffPo. I was painting my mother’s empty apartment at the time, so I carried my little portable tv over there. I ran cable across the vestibule from my apartment to hers, and had the trial on while I painted, just to have some noise so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed by the emptiness. (it had taken me a year after Mom’s death to buck up and start getting her apartment ready to rent) Was the first trial I’d watched since Casey’s. Don’t expect I’ll watch another, either.

            • OMGoodness, I can remember when you were painting that apartment. WOW how time flies in one way but stands still in another!!!! ♥

              • I was painting for a long time. Then I put down new floors and that took a long time. Finally rented the place in April to my cousin…. I was really dragging my heels waiting for the right renter, now it’s all family here again.

                Let me know, R Love, when you’re caught up on your reading! 😉

  27. I came across this news flash while going through my FB page!

    Bee Gee Barry Gibb: I’m writing music about the Jodi Arias trial – Telegraph
    Barry Gibb, the surviving member of the Bee Gees, is writing new music based on the controversial murder trial of Jodi Arias in America.

    I wonder when it will come out???

    ♥ ♥ ♥ (((((JODI ANN ARIAS))))) ♥ ♥ ♥

  28. The Jodi Arias Trial

    “The Most Corrupt Trial of the Century”

    Based on the tragic murder of a Mormon elder and an innocent, Mormon convert woman. falsely accused of the murder!

    This trial is ongoing. The real truth yet to be unraveled!

      • I’d like to but I just don’t know if I could – lol! I thought that would be a good title and start to one for anyone who wants to go from there! Maybe you, Journee? 🙂

            • Oh, believe me, the temptation is there.

              And I could easily write a parallel story – but where’s the point in ‘changing names to protect the innocent’ when the innocent is already facing a possible death sentence and the guilty might sue me (or worse)?

              Like I said – I wanna story that makes all the pieces fit, I won’t HAVE the whole story until that happens. I could make one up, like JM did, like JVM did, like Lifetime did, but that serves no purpose and I’d just look like someone else trying to capitalize on TA’s death.

              Besides, JODI herself is quite capable of writing the story. She just can’t sell it until her conviction is overturned and she is free.

  29. Good morning Team Jodi, my friends.

    After yesterday’s conversation I am left as many of us with more questions then answers. I don’t like not having answers but for now this what has to be. Oh there are those who will call us delusional nits but anyone who has really taken the time to look at the evidence knows it just does not add up. But they listen to their cable news shows or their made for TV movies and we all know that they don’t lie….(very sarcastic remark). They still don’t get what the prosecution misconduct motion was all about. Daaaaaa try reading the motion.

    We all wonder why certain things were not addressed at the trial by the defense attorneys. Perhaps someday we will know.

    There is one question answered. Why wasn’t it address that $$$$ had accessed Travis’s email

  30. Sorry hit the wrong key…. The question I wanted answered is why was it so crucial for the $$$ to get into the email account?? Was it his personal email or business email account??? What was the date that they did this?? Why were they brought up on charges of tampering with evidence?

  31. May I respectfully suggest that the group should welcome everyone who supports Jodi regardless of how they came to the proverbial table of truth. The attorneys will decide the ultimate legal strategy. The group will continue to lift Jodi up in prayer and with positive thoughts. There has been a huge seismic change in this trial post the evidentiary hearing. Jodi is gaining more support. PLEASE do not begin to attack one another merely because you all do not agree on *why* Jodi is innocent. Encourage all thought and be respectful. Group hug Team Jodi.

    • Cheryl H. I don’t believe anyone was attacking anyone. Believe if I thought that I would not posting any longer. I would still be supporting Jodi but alone.
      No two people are going to have the same thought process.. I feel we are all respectful adults here. We don’t have to agree on anything except to have Jodi freed!!!

  32. Well with only this week before a two break of the retrial. What do we think JSS will do? Will she rule on the motion before the break or wait?

    Will the DT have witnesses????? Perhaps a few, didn’t they say they had 14???

    Hypothetical legal question: If JSS doesn’t rule until after the jury comes back with a verdict could she overturned it?: Is there a time limit that she has to rule on it? I have a feeling that she won’t rule this week…hope I’m wrong….

    • I will be surprised if she doesn’t put it off until next year 🙁 ! I pray I’m wrong but by everything else that has happened a quick and fast decision seems impossible. FREE JODI AZ!

      • That’s what I think also. But there is always hope…I’m looking for a Christmas miracle for Jodi…the whole ball of waxs.. Freedom…by Christmas.
        I’m not delusional..But miracles do happen…:-) 🙂 🙂 :-)!!

        • YES Cindy…miracles DO happen and I feel your beautiful energy seeping through me 🙂 you have made my day…I was feeling so anxious. Perhaps anxiety is what has caused all of the …creative thinking that has gone on here in the last few days 🙂
          LOVE YOU XOXO ♡

          • CC I think you are right we are extremely anxious. But we do have to stay positive for Jodi and her family.

            I’m happy that I could make someone’s day. I know when I get really down I can find words of comfort here.
            It is a wonderful group of people isn’t it?

            I love all of you for the compassionate people you are.

  33. Judge rules August 4th that Jodi could act pro per, and she requests her investigator be allowed access to the hard drive …. and poof on the 26th 70,000 files disappear! 🙄

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ • 4m4 minutes ago
    W- Pros accused you of incinerating things did you do that Bryan- No. Aug 26th, 2014 we found 70,000 files had been zero’d out #jodiarias

    • There are no “coincidences” in this case…………the files were purposefully deleted. Who had control of the computer files/hard drive? I would say Watergate, but there is no water in AZ….

        • Thanks cindy 🙂 Plus you have to look at motive and opportunity. ONLY THE PROSECUTION HAD MOTIVE TO DELTE THE FILES and they were the only ones in possession of the hard drive at that point…..So who are you going to believe? This will not be lost on an appellate court when they are reviewing this case and then overturn it……….

            • If JSS would do her job the case would be a mistrial and the charges dismissed per KN motion, but I wouldn’t hold my breath…..It is because we have judges like JSS who either can’t or won’t uphold the law that we have these cases go on for decades to the detriment of defendant’s like Jodi…….

      • Delusional goofs like Gold believe that the defence didn’t prove that any maleficent acts were carried out by the prosecution. JSS has to see the truth of this and everything else so wrong.

        • The Brady violation of withholding exculpatory evidence does not have to be intentional on the part of the state – the evidence was suppressed, period. And as a result, prejudice ensued to the detriment of Jodi. The evidence was material to the case, and there is a reasonable probability that there would have been a different outcome had the evidence been disclosed properly and the jury could have considered that evidence. However, having said all that IMHO I believe that the evidence was purposefully hidden and not disclosed to the defense and as BN testified to the porn was the “aircraft carrier” in the room and could not have been missed.

          • And the reason there would have probably been a different outcome is that the defense could have impeached the testimony of many of the state witnesses regarding this porn and its existence, and would have been able to counter the state’s reliance and accusation that Jodi was a “liar.” There is a difference as to lying about what just happened in a killing to police and being labeled as a pathological or a compulsive liar which is what JM was trying to label her as. This exculpatory evidence would have also proved that TA did indeed have a thing for porn/child porn and that this factored into Jodi being in a very dangerous position in relation to TA bc TA would never have wanted this info to get out in his Mormon community on which he so depended for his livelihood and reputation. The subject of the big argument/rant that TA went on for hours about was never identified or clarified in their conversations back and forth. I believe it could have been about this issue and TA wasn’t liking it at all. It is a case of the woman who knew too much. It is a dangerous place to be. I could go on but you get the drift ………..

        • I truly wonder if Gold believes everything he says. I suspect that he likes to keep his audience hooked and interested. I suspect he is a kind of ‘agitator’.

          • He stopped thinking and talking like a defense attorney a long time. Agitator would be one word to describe him, but I have a few other choice words that I could use to describe him and his buddy Cathy.

  34. Sorry if this is already posted as I haven’t had time to catch up. ID channel has The Joe Show coming at 5pm east coast time about Joe Arprio. It’s 2 hrs.

  35. Turned on the “Joe Show” on ID and someone just said re Arpaio, he is the “Most notorious director of racial profiling in America”….another,”Targeting Latinos”…isn’t Jodi of Latino heritage?
    He is, IMO, an idiot (worse but won’t be that vulgar)….UUUUGGGGHHHH

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