Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #19 (12/8)

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While we wait for the prosecutorial misconduct, corruption, coerced perjury & evidence tampering issues to be addressed – we plough on with the start of yet another trial week for the AZ State Circus.

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Kick-off is scheduled for 9-30 am MST.

Continuation of the Evidentiary Hearing in scheduled for this coming Wednesday, 12/10.

Click here to keep up with everything today via Michael Kiefer’s live Twitter feed.



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  1. Good morning all! Was hoping there was a new thread today, the other one was getting long (and my computer is slow! Ha ha). I will be checking here as usual to see what today brings us. (((Team Jodi))) (((Jodi)))

  2. Hey All!! Read this this morning and wanted to share!!! ♥

    “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” ~Lao Tzu

    Each step you take toward a bigger goal might not seem like much. It may seem like you’re not really doing much at all. This will be especially true of any outside observers. Others might think you’re not getting anywhere, that you’re not getting anything done. That’s why you have to have a lot of confidence in where you’re going. You need to be clear about where you want to end up so that you have the conviction that the small steps you are taking will eventually get you to where you want to be, and you can squash any naysayers.

    • R.Love just as we have been saying One step at a time. I REALLY feel as if Jodi will get her Perry Mason moment…. Brian has the frog jumping around like he’s ready for the frying pan…NO one is going to save him.

      Brian also has become Jodi’s hero!!!!

    • R. Love:
      So very true on so many levels! What you have said here today will stay with ME a long, long time. Life lesson #1!

    • Thank you for such an inspiring post, R! ♥
      Yes, ONE STEP AT A TIME and no matter how long it takes we will be on the end of the road, waiting for Jodi with open arms.

    • Vicky,
      Thank you for this link. Einstein was a wise man. 🙂

      p.s.After reading the main article I scrolled down to see what else the page had to offer.. (ADHD) I noticed an article about farting….couldn’t resist 😉 ….It was surprisingly interesting AND educational PLUS it made me laugh. That bit of laughter (even the thought of farts makes me giggle :/ …I know JUVENILE…sorry) but that bit of laughter helped alleviate the anxiety I feel that is associated with this trial…so double thanks for help in getting my mind in a better place to start this day, this WEEK out on a positive note. Maybe it’s a sign of good things to come XXOO

      • This will be very interesting how this plays out. Did you notice the the DT. F or what ever he is now was saving his own back side. LOL. So now what is the frog going to do?? He really isn’t going to blame it on the DT. He’s going to try but even JSS will see how ridiculous that is.

          • Oh thank you I couldn’t remember what his title was. I think the janitor
            Is quite fitting.

            Ok has anyone found out why he was demoted or stepped down? I still think he’s going to save his own backside in this one.

                • I have a feeling he has one foot out the door – again just speculation – but he wouldn’t be a good witness for the cases he still has pending if he was fired in disgrace right away.

              • Journee, I think your right about just keeping him around for the retrial. Me thinking him going to help put the frog in the frying pan. It might not be what he says but more what he doesn’t say on the stand.

                DIDN’T DO IT..

                • I’m replying to Cindy’s comment about a “good Mormon husband keep his family in line…” There is no such thing as a “good” Morman husband Cindy!

                  Mormonism is a cult. The boys are raised to be gods and they “rule and reign” over women and their codependent soft soggy cornflake codependent wives accept that role because they want someone to abuse them.

                  Mormon males aren’t men. Sorry! They are doughboys.

  3. Good morning all 🙂 Hoping the day is very productive for Jodi. I will be out for some of it so will have to catch up when I get back ……….

  4. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3h 3 hours ago
    9:30amMST is a Status Conference for #jodiarias. We will see what it’s all about and I will fill you in on the trial schedule. Hang tight.

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 4m 4 minutes ago
    The trial schedule will be discussed at 9:30am MST for #JodiArias today. I confirmed it

  5. Had a quick chat yesterday with Jodi. She sends her love to all of you and thanks you for all your support and help.

    P.S. She asked me to give her JAII family a (((((Group Hug))))) !!!! So here goes: (((((JAII family)))) ♥

    ((((Jodi ♥ ♥ ♥ ))))

  6. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2m 2 minutes ago

    Everyone is here except Jodi. We are waiting….#jodiarias #3tvarias

  7. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 41s 42 seconds ago

    1 witness has refused to fill out an affidavit and another won’t testify. Judge says they can be accommodated #jodiarias #3tvarias

  8. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 51s 51 seconds ago
    Nurmi says the secret witness #jodiarias will not testify until COA submits another ruling. Judge says trial won’t stop for this #3tvarias

  9. William Pitts retweeted
    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 3m 3 minutes ago

    Judge says we are not going to stop the trial while we wait on the supreme court ruling. #JodiArias

  10. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1m 1 minute ago

    Defense witness was not ready to testify today so that’s why the delay #jodiarias #3tvarias

  11. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 8s 9 seconds ago

    So Nurmi is waiting on the opinion from COA and then will take this to higher court #jodiarias All to keep Jodi’s testimony secret

  12. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 29s 29 seconds ago

    At issue today in #JodiArias status conference is whether 3 witnesses can testify behind closed doors. Defense awaits appeals court opinion

  13. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 54s 54 seconds ago

    The lawyers, as usual, are discussing matters at the bench with the white noise machine on. #JodiArias

  14. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 3m 3 minutes ago

    So far, the court of appeals has issued an order saying the witness on the stand could not testify in closed court. The opinion not yet out.

  15. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 2m 2 minutes ago

    The question is how narrowly the opinion is written. Does it apply only to that witness or to all? Only then can defense go to Supreme Court

  16. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 4s 5 seconds ago

    A rare chuckle at the bench among the judge and the lawyers. A reporter quips it’s because someone said they’ll be in trial for months

    • SJ! It’s exactly what we were talking about this morning over coffee! This is the never ending trial! LOL!

      ((((SJ)))) ♥ Σ’αγαπώ !!!

      Shame on you Arizona.

      Really important questions:

      1. How many jurors will accept ringing in the new year with this circus trial hanging over their heads? Is it 3 more that we can spare? I’m seeing MISTRIAL flashing all over the place.

      2. How many jurors will avoid hearing or having conversations during the holidays when families & friends get together? Impossible, IMO!

  17. Carolyn Sung @CarolynSungCNN · 9m 9 minutes ago

    No Jury present today for status conference. #jodiarias present in stripes. TA and JA’s family present as well as counsel for both sides.

  18. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 57s 57 seconds ago
    Computer hearing moved back to Thursday. There will be no testimony for the #JodiArias jury this week. They reconvene a week from today.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 47s 47 seconds ago
    And we are back in sidebar.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 2m 2 minutes ago
    That’s all folks.

  19. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2m 2 minutes ago

    We will not b able to continue evidentary hearing till Thurs at 9:30am. No jury this week. Will b back in trial Mon at 9:30am MST #jodiarias

  20. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 4m 4 minutes ago
    1 witness has refused to fill out an affidavit and another won’t testify. Judge says they can be accommodated #jodiarias #3tvarias

    This is a good tweet – accommodated – yes!! 🙂

  21. While all of us are getting ready for the Holidays please do not forget Jodi. . .donate to the appellate fund (no gift is too small), if anyone deserves a great Christmas present it would be our JODI!!!! Sent my postcard today in hopes it would make it by Christmas (don’t forget HOW SLOW Arizona is!) and got my gift made :D!! LOVE TO JODI AND HER FAMILY ♥♥♥
    And as I said to Jodi on my postcard. . .BAH HUMBUG TO THE FROG!!!!

    • No, we will NOT forget of our Jodi this Christmas R.Love. 🙂 ♥ ♥ ♥

      Send her postcards, donate, surround her with love….. She definitely deserves it.

      • I’ve donated, but it seems like we can’t even send her letters, let alone presents. 🙁 How long does it take for her to get the postcards once they have arrived in the US? Does she write back to folks who’ve sent them?

  22. Several of the reporters on Twitter sound disgusted and fed-up with more delays. I wonder how the jurors are feeling and if more will take the Juror #3 route and ask to be excused from trial due to time constraints?

    • I’m going to say YES!! How long can a person live on what they are being paid for jury duty? Perhaps some are working on their days not in court. I truly do feel sorry for them.

      • I’m guessing most of them with full-time jobs and careers are definitely working anytime they can when court isn’t in session.

    • Time restraints are not legit excuses. Just because a juror thinks things are going on too long will NOT get them dismissed from a jury panel during a trial. There had to be more to the dismissal of the latest juror than “this is taking too long”….something private, or perhaps preferential treatment? I think the reason they announced it was due to time constraints was to sate the media.

      • I don’t believe ANY juror in the USA gets paid “fairly well” They do get paid, after the “free/civic duty period”, but it is by no means a survivable wage.

        • Just going by the tweeters during jury selection that is better than usual and I didn’t mean to compare it to a salary. When I was on jury duty, I was paid a minimal amount, but my employer paid me my salary and they were reimbursed the amount I received from the court.

          • Most employers have policies governing the amount of time they will pay an employee while serving on Jury duty. I’ve seen typically a week or so as the max. The company I work for now requires one to use their PTO bank for jury duty!! Now imagine someone having jury duty for months on end and having to use their PTO banks just to make their regular salaries. They’ll never make it on regular salary for a trial running as long as this one. They will run out of time, and that’s over the allowable amount they receive for an entire YEAR.

            If I were on a jury going this long, I’d be thinking up just about anything to get off simply because I would suffer an economic loss. If you have family to support, family would come first for most people rather than civic duty – at least after a period of time.

            I can definitely see people trying to get off at this point.

            • I agree Bystander. I was lucky at the one time I got called. I was a single mother of a 3 year old and it would have been a hardship for me to pay extra for a sitter after preschool for him. Plush I don’t recall the company I worked for paying me anything.

              Yes it was my civic duty but I also had to feed my boys and pay bills.

              Not that was 24 years ago.

              • Wow. The more I read about American “social” policies the more ticked off I get. I mean, since we don’t have the DP, trials tend to be shorter than in the US. Yet a jury member here must continued to be paid their regular *full* salary by their employer, no matter how long the trial goes on.

      • In North Carolina, jurors would receive $40/day if they serve more than 5 days on a jury. And there is no law that says your employer MUST pay you for your leave while away on jury duty. It’s only illegal for them to fire you due to you being away at jury duty.

        No one can survive months at that rate. It’s robbery.

              • Ok, I’m jumpin in here as an Arizona taxpayer who just got my overdue tax notices. I own several properties in several counties in AZ and I am Pissed about my taxes and how AZ spends them and I do NOT blame Jodi. I blame the fuckin little lizard, toad, frog whatever the hell you want to call him and the red faced shor little fraud Montgomery and Governor Brewer. How many of you know that Gov Jan Brewer’s son is a convicted rapist? yeah! He broke into a woman’s home and raped her. And this is our great old Governor. Then she got a multi million dollar settlement for the mortgage ripoff that was supposed to go back to homeowners but none of it did. She gave it all to the private prison system and the prosecutors and Joe Arpaio (don’t hold me on all of that but I think I’ve got it right). So the prosecutors won’t tell us how much they have spent on their side of this. I bet it is 3X what the defense has spent – easily! I just wonder how much abuse the rest of the taxpayers are willing to take before they put their feet down. This never should have ever have been a death penalty case — ever!!!

              • I wonder what the total $ received by each juror was for the first trial and if they were paid for full days even if they showed up and then were directly dismissed or served 1/2 days.. That seemed to happen frequently. That was a VERY long trial. Talk about the possibility of putting someone into bankruptcy…krikey!

                • I wonder if they get to deduct travel expenses…$100.00 a day and gas being the cost per gallon that it is? at least 1/2 of the money gone on traveling unless they live close enough to walk…

    • Oh Dorothy I know how hard this is to get out of jury duty. Been there done that. I was just starting my personal thoughts.

      Hopefully this one day a week or none isn’t creating too much of a hardship on the jury.

      • Cindy,
        This time of year must certainly be the worst time for a lengthy trial. Heck! even a few days would be inconvenient to most people. Has anyone mentioned the ages/professions of the jurors? And HARDSHIP! Our entire country is in hardship these days…. 🙁 I found serving on a jury for a week too much…

        Why the trial wasn’t held off until after the holidays is beyond me…maybe “right to speedy trial” was an issue?

        • The only professions that I found is there is a 30 year old female with a BS in psychology, a young kindergarten teacher and a 30 year old trauma nurse, also both female. There was a male ex-cop that used to work in the prison system, but I don’t know if he made the final cut.

          I am wondering if they can attend work during these dark days of trial? Someone like the trauma nurse could be scheduled in easily enough.

          • Trauma nurse AND this type of trial…she must be …this confuses me….a nurse, attempting to save lives yet okay with being on a jury to decide for or against death penalty? conflicting?…hmm

            • The ex-cop that used to work in the prison confuses me. I would find this to be a conflict of interest, but that’s just my way of thinking.

              • By all means, conflict of interest, but then…it could go either way. The ex-prison cop may see what a truly evil person is like and what one who isn’t evil is like. ???

            • AND a kindergarten teacher? She sees CHILDREN at their most precious age? How could she be remotely considering possibly being a decision maker where the death penalty is an option…OMG! I HATE the death penalty, there are too many mistakes. It’s like each of those jurors is handed a free ticket to decide to murder someone, How could they live with themselves knowing that if they decide to put Jodi to death, they are, in essence, murderers themselves?

              I often wondered if I could be impartial on a death penalty case. I think I just answered my own question.

                • I agree with both of you. Also, 30 year olds aren’t always that mature. Some are. Some aren’t. They make a decision for the death penalty now and regret it after they get out and read about the stuff that wasn’t presented or they grow up and get some real life experience and it will screw them up forever.

              • I can’t even wrap my head around the notion of DP, we don’t have it here. I was raised to always believe it is a barbaric ritual belonging in the past and that our society has advanced in such a way that the DP should be seen as an obsolete or extinct way of revenge NOT Justice.

  23. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ • 6m 6 minutes ago
    Nurmi needs a haircut…who thought that would ever happen? #jodiarias #3tvarias

    It’s taking so long Nurmi needs a haircut. 😆

  24. If I’m remembering correctly, I believe the Supreme Court order said merely that Jodi couldn’t testify in private. (I think that’s why so many people concluded that Jodi was the secret witness. I never believed that; for one, I don’t think JSS would accommodate Jodi alone in that way.) At any rate, I was struck by that phrasing because it didn’t preclude anyone else from testifying behind closed doors.

    • I’m with you on this. I have never believed that Jodi was the secret witness but merely testifying ahead of them to set up their testimony – to give it some context. This is why the CofA would not allow Jodi to testify in secret, however, I read up-line that JSS said she would “accomodate” the others in today’s short session? It is the other 3 witnesses that are still balking at testifying openly and who can blame them !! I agree with Pandora’s comments below on this totally ! 🙂

    • I think the “secret witness” being Jodi was media hype/assumption. This made no sense to me except that perhaps Jodi may feel the jury will be swayed by the leering eyes and smirking going on in the gallery. I the TA clan should have been barred from being in that courtroom after such hideous behavior. They should have had to view it from behind a mirrored wall or from a room that had live access video stream. I am certain that their antics caused the jury to decide on a guilty verdict AND caused them to want to wash their hands of not making a “life imprisonment” decision. They may have been close to that (life) decision but since they were media sensations and the TA clan was familiar with their faces they may have feared some sort of violent retaliation, so they just washed their hands of that part.

  25. I find it emotional blackmail when witnesses can’t testify behind closed doors. It is their constitutional right to chose to testify under secrecy when there is good reason. And in this case THERE IS GOOD REASON: who would want to testify openly when they have seen what happened to the previous people that testified ‘pro Jodi’: They got harassed, bullied, threatened. Their families were also victims of brutal bullying and threats.

    Denying secrecy to the witnesses is denying a fair trial to Jodi… hey! but this is Arizona: they think they are above Justice and God. And when was Jodi allowed to a fair trial? Never.

    • Even as merely a supporter, if I were ever to go back to Phoenix I would be fearful of even just attending, especially after my last experience when the haters got wind that I had been there. (Even our friend who attends regularly took a beating in my name.) Being that fearful, I can only imagine how frightened I’d be if I had to get on the witness stand and expose myself to the hateful lynch mobs who wish harm on anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

      • Power in numbers, but cowards standing alone. Remember that – they flock together like flies on sh*t so as to appear powerful. Standing alone, individually they are each merely cowards.

        I’d much rather be alone supporting Jodie for what is a quest for truth and justice rather than being a coward among many cowards in a group representing hate and injustice.

      • I hope there will come a day when Law students will be taught how to avoid turning a trial into a circus and what it means to strip a defendant of his/her rights, having Jodi’s trial as an example. At least, let her trial serve as a way to improve our society and to better protect defendants’ rights to a fair trial.

  26. Personally, after seeing how JM treats the defense witnesses, I would not want to victimize myself in ANY case, let alone THIS one, in which HE was the prosecuting attorney. I even get anxiety just imagining having to be victim of that! and for ALV, etc…once bitten, twice shy?

    • I thought Dr. F and BN did a superb job of handling JM this time around. I think he’s definitely met his match with them.

        • Strong and BRAVE! Especially Fonseca who stood her ground even though ALV’s terrifying experience with the mob was widely known.

          • And even JSS’s reaction to that was horrible. “We don’t need to know about your personal problems”, she said openly in court to ALV when ALV was saying she’d have to re-arrange a medical appointment. Yet her “personal problems” were directly caused by JSS’s letting Kermit hound ALV like that, as it opened the door for the haters. Dreadful stuff. 🙁

            • Death threats from the mob, crap from the family for a smile or some such act of kindness and being slimed by the frog who with his twisted questions got ALV confused in her answer as to whether she had testified or had assessed a man and was ready to testify in court, and threatening her with that at the end of her testimony. The poor woman barely made it through his badgering. ♥♥ ALV

  27. I really do think that this is going to mistrial as more of the juror’s plead financial stress due to the length of the re-trial or others things crop up like family emergencies, etc…..if not, then the porno hearing and the misconduct of the prosecution/state on TA’s computer evidence will cause a mistrial to be declared or in the alternative having the DP taken off the table for this re-trial. However, IMHO this case on an appeal will be overturned and the verdict set aside and new trial ordered or Jodi will be released with time served depending on how egregious the misconduct/perjury/withholding of exculpatory evidence, etc. was in the opinion of the appeals court….

    • I was thinking about the option of mistrial vs.death penalty removed thing. Why either or? Why not just MISTRIAL or have the case THROWN OUT ALTOGETHER? They (mistrial OR death penalty removed) don’t seem even related…am I missing something? What is the strategy? I don’t get it.

      • It is really not an either or. It was only meant as an alternative if JSS was to reject the mistrial request. KN wanted to give JSS an alternative to doing nothing. All attorneys do this – it is quite normal to give alternatives to judges.

    • If the DP is indeed taken off the table, does that mean Jodie will be eligible for parole after some amount of time served? Or is it LWOP??


        • Then it will fall back to JSS if the death penalty is taken off the table. As far as the mistrial goes I would think it would depend on the reason it was a mistrial. If it was due to anything pertaining to the jury I would think the state would throw it in JSS hands to set the punishment.

          But it’s because the misconduct Jodi would get a new trial. I would think…

          • Well, for what it’s worth, IMHO Jodi shouldn’t have to go through ANY more of anything. Everything she has had to endure thus far is far more punishment than she deserved.

            • I do agree for the most part but I would like to see her cleared of all charges. I honestly think that the DP will be taken off the table and she will get life. It will then be up to the appellate courts.

              But who knows how this all will turn out. But miracles do happen…

        • Possible Punishment for First Degree Murder

          With regard to First-Degree Murder, there are only three possible penalties: the minimum sentence is life imprisonment with no possibility of parole until twenty-five (25) years of “day-for-day” prison time has been served; “natural life”, which involves life in prison without the possibility of parole; and the maximum is “Capital Punishment” (i.e., the Death Penalty). The most important role of an attorney in a First-Degree Murder case is to attempt to get the prosecutor to take the Death Penalty off of the table. The Death Penalty is the most severe punishment known to man, and takes an extreme toll on the defendant and their family. Skilled negotiators are important to convince the prosecution that Death Penalty is not warranted in this case, nor is it a possible result in this case, to ensure that the judge and jury do not even have the option of imposing the death penalty.

  28. Journee, I think your right about just keeping him around for the retrial. Me thinking him going to help put the frog in the frying pan. It might not be what he says but more what he doesn’t say on the stand.

    DIDN’T DO IT..

    • There are probably several cases besides Jodi’s that he’s connected to and may be needed to testify.

      And it was kinda hard to tell, just going on tweets, but when he was on the stand for the state a few weeks back, it kinda sounded like he was choosing his words differently (especially when KN went after him again about the whole gunshot first/last thing) – like he wasn’t so willing to fall on his sword for JM anymore. I dunno, tho, it was tweets so it’s hard to say.

          • We ran out of reply buttons in a conversation we were having above, so Cindy moved it down here. She had wondered why Flores got demoted, I said his wife’s twitter account might have had something to do with it, Cindy said he should have lost his badge and I said they probably had to keep him around to testify on his cases.

            I think you’re caught up now, lol.

            • THANK YOU!!! Journee!!! Also, What was with Flores’ wife’s twitter account? Sorry I ask SO many questions…I thought I was up to speed with everything regarding this case so far…guess it is too easy for me to get lost.

              • Don’t say that Dorothy. I watched the trial every day and there is a lot that way back in my brain someplace. That’s why we go to the person who has instant recall. Journee…

              • Well I was looking for Sandra Webber’s page about it – she’s the one who sent the screen shots to Mesa PD – but I can’t seem to find it.

                The former detective from the Mesa PD was carrying information from sealed proceedings home to his wife, who proceeded to pass said info along via twitter.

                • Darn I can’t see any of the tweets.

                  Anyway I sure hope that woman has a job cause her husband will most likely be doing rent a cop jobs when this is all said and done.

                • DT had the best ones, anyway – they were included in a motion to dismiss

                  those were hard to read too, though

                  can you not enlarge/zoom in? On my mac I can double tap to zoom, do it a lot just because it’s easier on my eyes.

                • Hi Journee,
                  You did lose me (not easy to achieve)…PIO? Also I have been trying to make heads or tails out of the tweet link re Flores’ wife…My attention issue doesn’t allow me to follow tweets …I look at all the @s and #s and…pfft …now my brain (the little bit that works properly) is exhausted. I will attempt again tomorrow….my, I have SO MUCH to learn. You’d NEVER know that I watched the ENTIRE trial, at the expense of my own health…I needed PT because sitting in the same position with head phones on for that length of time did a number on my shoulder.

                • PIO is Flores’ new job title: Public Information Officer for Mesa PD.

                  No worries that you couldn’t read the tweets in that article, it was mostly silly hater garble. The good ones, the important ones, the ones that shared sealed information – those were sent to the defense team and there were copies of them in the motion Nurmi filed in October (I think) And now the defective detective is no longer a detective at all.

                  He’s got one foot on a banana peel and the other one out the door and really doesn’t seem to care anymore about covering anyone’s ass but his own when he takes the stand. He may very well be in possession of the match that could torch Martinez’ career.

  29. Does anyone think that HAS has poor time management? Now wouldn’t it be more productive to use Thursday as a court day for hearing of the lying sack of ….. But nno she is not going to do that that would make common sense. WOW I came up with that and I don’t have a law degree.

    No wounder the state of Arizona has a backlog of trials.

        • Yes it is the 1st one for her. Oh she isn’t up for re-election until 2016. I read that there is such a back log of capital cases that they were pulling judges from lower courts.

      • Imagine your very first DP case and you get stuck with lying Juan, lying Flores, lying Horne, lying Hughes, lying Melendez – have I forgot anyone – messing it up so royally for you? My heart goes out to her, even though she did let the frog get away with some terrible antics, which the defence have a growing list of in their motions for the higher courts.

  30. Speaking of serendipity —

    I’ve just started reading Stephen King’s “Mr. Mercedes”, and the mass-murderer who’s trying to taunt the retired detective into communicating with him has directed the detective to some forum and says he’s set up a username for the detective: kermitfrog19

    Then, the very next page, the detective is pondering whether any of his family might be in danger and thinks of his ex-wife: Corinne.

    • SERIOUSLY? WOW…keep reading tell us how it ends.

      I just could never get into his stuff but…..

      I’m more the warm and fuzzy type of reader. But I do like to mix it up once and a awhile. Perfect word serendipity!!

      • has me wondering if Mr. King has been a lurking reader at JAII

        I like to mix it up, too, Cindy – go for lots of breezy and funny stuff along with the occasional walk on the dark side. But the man’s got some serious writing chops, so whenever I’m ready for darker fare, he’s the one I choose.

        • I hear you Journee. Everyone in my family reads his books. You would think they just might be able to think outside of the box’s a bit more. But God love them they still believe what they hear on the news.

          Well it’s a long reading night for me. No TV. After placing 5 calls to my cable company and getting disconnected 3 times it turns out to be what I thought it was…bad remote. Not a big deal nothing worthwhile on TV these days. So I can either read or decorate the Christmas tree sitting in the middle of the living room… LOL. Just not motivated for Christmas this year.

            • Now that is really good… I did it for that long last year when I moved. But I’m not sure I could do that again….but then again I could watch my 3 programs on my computer.

              • I hope you were talking to Journee. I’m not that strong of a person believe me. I went crazy without the noise. But I did get my little home in order and read until my eyes were crossed. I have a obsessive personality disorder when it comes to reading. I can sit and read a book all day and night until I finish it. No willpower to be able to put it down. I’m like that in my life also. I don’t like to start something new until l finish what I’m doing. I think it has to do with having to multi tasking for too many years. Or it could just be a personality disorder…LOL.

              • I was Cindy!! LOL Just giving Journee a hard time. 😀 My tv is on but mainly for the noise. . .I know it’s strange but I can’t stand silence. ♥

                • Either can I unless I’m reading. I even have to fall asleep with my wave sound on. Oh I tried the rain put had to go to the restroom. The white noise made me think of the trial and it wasn’t peaceful thoughts.

                • Your so funny!!! Maybe I need a noise machine too! You would think they could play Jeopardy music or something better than white noise for all of those side bar meetings! We need to put the Media out of Business! Start a GIANT PROTEST! At least we would be peaceful about it!!! 🙂

  31. Dorothy,

    Re: your comments (above) about the ER nurse being a DP juror on the sentencing trial, one of the jurors that voted for the DP for Jodi was also a nurse. Here she is explaining why she wanted to kill Jodi (along with 2 other wanna-be Jodi killers). I’ve known a lot of nurses in my life and they are pretty much like the general public in attitude. Most are wonderful kind people, a few are pretty hard-hearted.

    • Coldcase53, I never saw that clip before. How anyone could say that Jodi hasn’t displayed remorse over the death of Travis wasn’t paying attention. I also think that they had Jodi on some form of drugs. That isn’t uncommon.
      I think we all saw that in the trial.

      • Cindy,
        There is a video during the trial where you can see Jodi’s tears dripping onto her shirt. Of course, when the haters see her crying or displaying any remorse, they simply say she is feeling sorry for herself. They distort everything and I mean EVERYTHING she does.

        Hi R, how you doin’? (and no, I didn’t forget the “are”)

        • Jodi showing no remorse is one of THE most ridiculous, outrageous things I’ve heard regarding that trial (oh yeah, and the classic one ”I see Evil in her eyes, she is possessed” )

          There were numerous, I mean n-u-m-e-r-o-u-s times she bawled her eyes out! That girl wept while listening to other people’s testimony and she wept while being on the stand herself. Enpugh with the horseshit!

          Yeah, I think I’ll pass on re-watching the video.
          Those jurors were MORONS, probably low IQ , bloated Egos and a sense of godliness!

    • I remember seeing this clip, it made me sick. Wonder what they would say today knowing all of the facts of the trial were not true and tampered with by the defective detective and the Frog. Disgusting.

      • The one and only thing I think was bad in the trial was Jodi being on the stand for so long. I understood why she went into so much detail. That is who she is. She is detail oriented.

        • Of course one must take into consideration JM’s ponderous questioning style, you know, the brow-beating, those compound questions, the “going in circles” he is so famous for, his demands that Jodi speculate about things that she said she couldn’t remember – his endless interjections about gas cans (thought I’d mention them in case anyone out there on the slime highway still thought they were relevant – seem even more ridiculous now, do they NOT?) and how much time did the trademark, “are you having problems with your memory?” approach to cross-examination soak up? He should pre-record that like a silly DJ and just push a button.

      • R,

        You would think the haters would desert a sinking ship but it’s hard to tell if they are or not. I never paid much attention to who they were although I have tossed a grenade into their nests occasionally. But, I avoided getting into a discussion with them b/c, after a few attempts in the beginning, I could see it was a waste of time.

        • Oh I never did during the first trial. I didn’t care and what people were saying and how they were attacked. It was crazy. Now I just drop in once in a while just to see what they are thinking. I do have to laugh they have know respect for JSS. Lol. Other then that just a lot of trash talking.

        • Another thing they have always missed. . . this ALL HAPPENED 6+ YEARS AGO. Do they really think Jodi would be crying non stop for an abusing low life like Travis Alexander??? Well, she actually has and did! Many times!!! Jodi loved him despite all of the deep dark secrets she knew about him and his alter T-Dogg life! The Haters are in a category of their very own making!!! I’m still trying to come up with a good name for that category. . . .Hmmmmmm The Haters have to talk about something so they work overtime to come up with their feeble stories. Jodi has suffered and she has shown remorse for her part in whatever happened to Travis. The tears are all dried up by now. I suppose they believe the Alexanders are really crying (they’ve been sniffing onions I’m sure). . .they are acting . . .poorly but acting. OF course, they could be crying for real when they realize their money train is coming to a screeching halt!!!

          • R. Love I don’t think that money train has stopped yet. But I don’t think that Chris is going to be giving them any from his book. I think those ties have been cut. He’s out for himself now.

            • It will stop, and I believe they are realizing it. . .next will come begging and then they will start pandering to the misinformed T-Dogg followers until they all turn on each other. Might be amusing to watch!
              I have noticed how silent the media has become, haven’t you. Must be embarrassing for them to find out the public will see how they were spreading untruths just like the Hughes and Alexanders have been. They might ought to hire new employees in their research departments. Somehow they missed the truth!!

    • Thank you Coldcase53,
      I guess it is because many of my family members are in the medical profession that I had difficulty believing that someone who cares about saving lives would want to make a conscious decision to put someone to death. Perhaps it is more likely that not all medical professionals have chosen to be in that profession because they care about people. Perhaps many have chosen it for the money or job security.

      AND STUPID ME! I started to read the comments after I watched the video…Kudos to commenter who stuck to her opinion regarding the death penalty. Little did she know what a barrage of hate she was headed for with her opinion.

      • Perhaps it has to do with being a ER nurse. I worked with one who was Satan’s daughter I swear. She was so bad they blacked balled her. ER nurses are hard to come by in large metropolitan areas. They also burn out fast.

        But it’s a whole different environment in Arizona…

  32. Journee I’m down here again now reply button. I’m on my phone and I made it as big as I could. I will check it out in the am on the computer.

    Humm now I wounder what a PIO really does in Mesa??

    • I like to think that the Public Information Officer for Mesa PD is someone who shall henceforward only be trusted with information the public is allowed to know about. Because he obviously can’t be trusted with anything more sensitive.

      That’s what I LIKE to think.

      But rumor has it he’s already wandered into at least one ‘chambers’ meeting during this trial.

      • Hummmmm I just Google it and it doesn’t sound like much of a job for what itpays. But then I ddon’t know what he was making.

        We can only hope I guess. Seems kind of strange that they would put him in a job like that. But it’s Arizona….

          • LOL oh ya. I do watch Blue Blood….oh your right Danny always hates being at his desk. LOL.

            When I think about PIO I think of the cops that are in the schools or go to school assemblies. LOL.

              • Serves them BOTH right! BWAHAHAHAHHA!
                I bet his daughter will not be so proud now 😉

                No more YouTube videos? Boo-hoo……..:(

            • Maybe he could answer the phone and direct calls: ” Mesa Police Department, how may I direct your call?” kind of thing. . . whoops, nope probably too much responsibility!

              • I’ve got a question. Why didn’t Det Flores ever interview that guy Thompson? or something like that. The one that his wife or ex-wife was friends with Travis and thought her husband/ex-husband may have had something to do with it. Or was he interviewed and I just missed it? This seems really strange that there was not a real thorough investigation ie Thompson, the Hugheses, the roommates, the computer and the emails. It seems like they went down path and were blinded.

  33. Thank you to Journee who helped me connect the dots today and to Vicky whose link about Einstein lead me to one thing after another AND ultimately brought me to an article I would NEVER have happened upon otherwise. That article may be my saving grace when it comes to a natural treatment for my ADHD…hallelujah!

    ONE MORE!!! and probably the one I should thank the most is JODI ARIAS for bringing me here in the first place…I do wish it had been for a different reason :'( under different circumstances but Jodi is a valuable part of my life…So THANKS JODI, my love to you

  34. Abandon ship!

    Miss Informed ‏@ivyreising Dec 4
    ~signing off.God bless Juan Martinez and great State of Arizona #jodiarias #JodiArias #TheTrialDiaries #Justice4Travis #JourneytotheGurney
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