Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #17 (after trial comments)

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The Evidentiary Hearing is scheduled for Thursday @ 9-30 am MST.



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  1. I had an idea, maybe a drastic one, but can a witness testify under an alias name? Is this allowed under the current conditions? How about not televising it?

    • Also, I suppose they could put a brown paper bag over their head like the unknown comic but still their lives would be threatened, no doubt about it. 🙁 Short of being in the witness protection program what else could they do? Arizona court system seems to believe there is not a problem but then again their heads are stuck in the desert sand!!! We all know there is a BIG problem and they are lurking all around. 🙄

    • I think that was among the suggestions made by the AZCOA – aliases, concealing them from public view (I dunno, maybe like where you see people on tv being interviewed and they’re backlit so you can’t see their faces, so maybe they could be filmed and questioned remotely?).

      One of the judges, in the hearing we saw, expressed concern that the threat to these witnesses might be ongoing, that just shielding them from public scrutiny during the trial would do nothing to protect them when all the video and records were released after the trial. It was part of their conclusion, when they decided on the media’s special action, that protecting their identities by *other* methods would serve the DT’s purposes better than closing the court.

      • Yes, and SO much damage has been done already. Like I said before, I think Jodi would rather not feel responsible for any further damage…or even a death, either from someone carrying out a threat or from JM causing a heart attack or stroke, etc

    • It’s so frustrating to have witnesses that are afraid to testify in open court. It’s a sad day for humanity when the justice system doesn’t seem to do their best to protect their civilians.

      Especially after the last fiasco in the first trial with witness intimidation, I was guessing that the Judge would have learned better than to take this issue lightly. I guess not… *sigh*

      The State will do it’s best not to allow witness protection. These witnesses might be the key to Jodi’s freedom and Martinez can’t allow that to happen. 🙄

  2. TA’s computer and the porn found on it……This is what is going to turn this case. Under no imaginable circumstances can this evidence be ignored. It is exculpatory evidence that was hidden from the defense in the criminal trial – whether purposefully or not it doesn’t matter. I don’t know how JSS will justify not ordering a mistrial in this sentencing phase and vacating the criminal trial conviction and ordering a new trial. It is bedrock law – you can NOT withhold exculpatory evidence from the defense. If you do it is an automatic mistrial. If JSS doesn’t do what she should a higher court will. There is case law on this all the way up to the SCOTUS. Let’s all be positive about Thursday’s hearing 🙂 All for one (For our Jodi) and one for all !! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • BB, it’s not only the evidence that was found that proves:
      1. Jodi wasn’t lying about travis’s addiction to childporn
      2. travis’s pedophilia tendencies

      Most important is:
      1. TAMPERING & DESTRUCTION of evidence
      2. State’s witnesses lying under oath
      3. Prosecutorial misconduct

      If all this evidence was brought up the first time around, I really feel that Jodi’s verdict would have been a totally different one. Jodi might have been acquitted.

      As for JSS? I wouldn’t trust her if my life depended on it. It’s quite clear that she doesn’t have the sense of FAIR JUSTICE. She screwed up first time around, she should have learned from her mistakes but as we see, she is repeating the same mistakes again.

      Denying JURY SEQUESTRATION and CHANGE OF VENUE were only 2 of the many fuck ups she did.

      I rest my case.

      • Things *would* have been different had the Defense been informed of the findings on TA’s computer. The first jury would have then had the chance to realize that Martinez’ desperate attempts to portray Jodi as a pathological liar were merely a way for him to secure a guilty verdict. So, maybe some of the first jurors would have voted for the lesser charges, not M1.
        Proof of child porn ——> Jodi’s side of the story has solid foundation ——-> she is NOT a liar, so she could have been seen in a more favorable light. Not to mention the damage Martinez’ case would have suffered if the jurors were aware of the shady things he and Flores were involved in.

        ” As for JSS? I wouldn’t trust her if my life depended on it.”
        Jodi’s life does depend on that senile chick however and that’s the chilling truth 🙁

        • I can’t even start to imagine how in the hell the prosecutors will ever get by with the lies and coverups. This whole case with Jodi should be thrown out and let her go home.
          How many people have spent time in prison that were innocent, but had admitted to it.
          I’ve never believed Jodi shot or cut him.
          This is all lies from the beginning and not on Jodi’s part.
          For some reason she did think it would be easier for her to take the blame and not put anyone in danger and I’m pretty damn sure we know who these higher powers are.
          If Jodi has to spend anymore time locked up it is an injustice and another innocent person
          locked up.
          If Jodi had done this, WHY the lies and coverups from the prosecutors?
          This is the most unfair trial I have ever witnessed and everyone is due to have a fair trial, I THOUGHT.
          This is just too unbelievable in every way that I try to imagine it.
          Flores says her story isn’t believable, SO HIS and juan’s and the roommates. NOW that IS unbelievable.
          I can picture someone coming in there like Jodi said, I can’t even start to believe the very blatant lies that they’ve put on.
          Their LIES are so unbelievable, but think again about how Jodi’s first story.
          Not unbelievable at all.

          • Aly,
            In the beginning of the 48 hours show, Det. Stevie Flowers says it had to have been several people and lets not forget he said clearly on the show, gunshot first. (I cannot remember the exact wording and I refuse to watch that drivel again). I remember the first time I watched that program, without knowing anything else about the case, I thought she could not have done that by herself. Something didn’t seem right about the case to me and this was back in 2011 when I watched it. I couldn’t see Jodi dragging him down an hall and stuffing him into a shower. He outweighed her by at least 100 lbs. Jodi is tall but thin, Travis was plump.
            Again, yes the scene was bloody, but not bloody enough. No blood on the ceiling, nothing dripping down the walls in that hallway, smears but thats it. I want a blood spatter analyst to reconstruct that scene and tell us what the evidence really shows.

      • Totally, agree with you Pandora. If all the evidence had been able to be presented in the criminal trial it would have produced a different outcome no doubt. The jury would have been able to make a well informed decision. That is why the discovery of this porn on TA’s computer and the destruction and withholding of that evidence from the defense is so important. It is going to force the court to order a remedy in this case. And I don’t believe that JSS will do what is lawful and correct here so I believe that it will take a higher court to step in and vacate the criminal trial conviction and order a new trial. Like I have said before if the prosecution and family hadn’t been so bent on revenge this retrial would never have happened and most likely the discovery of the porn on TA’s computer and the tampering of that evidence would never have come to light. Good things come to those that wait and Jodi has waited long enough. In fact, It wouldn’t surprise me that after Jodi having served nearly 7 years in jail already, the higher court may also contemplate exonerating her and freeing her with time served.

    • My sentiments exactly!!! I think that due to the withholding of evidence from the first trial, this one should be thrown out! It is totally against the fairness of a trial for one side to hide evidence from the
      other side!!! How can you have a fair trial, if not all of the evidence is not produced????

    • Sounds like Dr. Fonseco wouldn’t answer JM’s questions with a “Yes” or “No” and he couldn’t do anything about it. I would love to have seen his face. And, I will next year sometime.

      • I wouldn’t say no either to a few clips of smoke coming out of the frog’s ears, LMAOOO! It would certainly cheer me up 😀

  3. The fact that TA’s family accompanies the prosecutor to the judge’s chambers during the trial__ while the jury is there__ is that customary in any trial?
    I would think that would be considered inappropriate.

    • I don’t think there’s ever been a time when everybody got up and went to chambers while the jury was sitting in the box. Pretty sure Stephens sends them to the jury room first – OR, like today, they’re already in the jury room when she decides they need an in chambers meeting.

    • By law and statute the victim’s family has the right to be present at all hearings or meetings involving the case so there is nothing wrong with them being in there. However, JSS I believe always sends the jury out before moving into her chambers…

  4. Ok I have a question for the morning. It may seem silly to most but: Does the judge have a pc at the bench that she can receive mgs. I noticed that she called a 10 minute recess had everyone in her chambers and then excused juror number 3. The same thing happened when she called court off because of a emergency.

    • I believe she does have a PC at her desk there as I recall seeing one there before during the criminal trial. Something happened to cause juror #3 to be excused. We haven’t found out yet but sooner or later I think we will. I assumed that this is why the Alexander’s were so upset yesterday after the in chambers meeting but it could be they were upset about something else ?? If anyone finds out please let us know 🙂

      • I read on the other side’s page that Tanisha was mad because there was no more testimony for the week and they are from out of town. Don’t know if that is just someone’s guess or not.

    • She has two different monitors at the bench – presumably one of them is in the loop with the rest of the monitors in court, where evidence is shown, so maybe the other is a PC

  5. When not if JSS puts a stop to all of this nonsensical BS. Will she still have to rule on the motion against the frog??

    I also would really like to know what went on in the chamber yesterday that had the Alexander’s family so upset. Hummmmm Could it be they were discussing taking the death penalty off the table?? This has truly become a know win situation for them. So

      • True but there are many others after the DP too. Maybe they could use the proceeds from all of their fund raising efforts and pay the Arizona taxpayers back. Though it has appeared that the taxpayers have been a very willing part of all of this . . .maybe they should pay for it. Until they learn to stand up and say enough already, and follow the laws of our country . . .let them all pay for their misdeeds!! All I know is it all need to STOP and they need to SET JODI FREE!!!

        • I cringe when I see how much money Az. is spending to kill Jodi Arias.This never should have
          been a DP case. I am glad I am not a taxpayer in Az This money would better be spent on
          youth programs, prevention of domestic violence, food for the hungry etc.I guess I am just
          a dreamer.

          Too many careers are at stake with this case

        • I totally agree. If the Arizona taxpayers are not trying to put a stop to the waste of money….then why should anyone else and least of all Jodi!!!! This has been such a farce of a trial!!! I cannot remember another one that has been so circus like in my life.


      • Yup! It makes me uncomfortable knowing that she is going to rule over the tampering/ destruction of evidence. She has sooo openly shown her feelings about Jodi and the Defense Team and how much she has sided with the prosecutor. She hasn’t even tried to seem impartial.

        I hope that she will have to answer to her bosses about how she handled the case. She should be disciplined and disbarred. She can open a snack canteen with martinez. He’ll be at customer service:
        “Do you want mustard on your hotdog? YES or NO?”
        “Did I ask you if you want ketchup?”

        • Yet again the other side sees the judge as being on the defense side. It is all back to our perception. The cost of the trial when averaged over the population of Arizona works out to be around 50 cents so the trial is not that large a burden. Most trials like this tend to take time. The judge is taking her time and crossing the t s and doting the i s. The wheels of justice turn slow, but remember the tale of the tortoise ad the hare – slow and steady wins the race and the defense is chipping away the prosecution slowly but steadily eroding their house of stone. Or should I say a house of cards. Perhaps this will all be over by – summer of 2015? Terrible but it keeps Jodi out of Perryville and that can only be good, yes?

          • LOL I don’t know think the state of Arizona would let it go on that long…but it sure is not going to end before Christmas..well unless the jury starts dropping like flies or perhaps the judge puts a stop to all of this.

            I wounder how many of the jury members have plans to go out of state for the holidays??

    • Cindy, I think it had to do with the latest dismissal of one of the jurors. Wasn’t it right after that that the “novel writer” juror was dismissed? I could be wrong…

  6. So I think that someone on this jury is really on top of things and not being fooled by JM. There were two questions that point to this and I don’t know if they were written by the same juror but it could be. The questions were:

    Juror Question: “Would viewing porn of the type alleged change the sexual dynamic of the relationship?”
    Answer : “Yes, if the allegations were to stand it would change. It’s like finding your husband cross-dressing.”

    (These are from William Pitts twitter blog)

    Juror question: “What was the trigger for Alexander’s anger and rant?”

    Answer: Dr. F didn’t know and she didn’t think Jodi knew either

    Well, there it is. Someone on the jury is putting two and two together about the porn issue. My take on this is that this juror believes that TA was possibly looking at child porn and that Jodi knew it and that this might be the cause of TA’s anger and rage towards Jodi in general and specifically could be the cause of his anger towards her in this rant that went on for 5-6 hours. She was the woman who knew too much about Travis. And this is dangerous especially when what he was doing was not only perverted and immoral, but it was illegal as well.

    And I find it highly unusual that during a 5-6 hour angry rant that went back and forth between TA and Jodi that not one time is the subject of that rant mentioned. Usually when you are angry at someone you let them know specifically why you are angry. TA never says why. Why? Jodi may have not known but she very well may have known or had a good idea of why but she never mentions it either. Why? Why didn’t she ask if she didn’t know why he was angry. Why are you yelling at me Travis? Why are you ranting on Travis? She never asks. I believe that she knew why he was angry. He had already torn pages or had Jodi tear pages out of her diary with instructions no doubt to ever write anything negative about him down on paper. He probably also instructed her that she was never to mention anything negative about him in her communications with him through email, g-chat, etc. He didn’t want any evidence out there about his perversion with children, his pornography, etc. So even when he was ranting on and on for hours and hours, it never gets mentioned.

    Jodi was so loyal to TA to a fault.

    This jury is getting it at least some of them. TA’s computer issue will be a defining moment in this trial and will change the course of this case in Jodi’s favor and ultimately her freedom.

    Just writing my thoughts…..

    • Okay…with all of this evidence finally surfacing……why is time being wasted on a sentencing, when it should be that Jodi killed in self defence. People who kill in self defence, normally, do not get put away for life. With JM and his antics and now this and witnesses not wanting to testify…..this trial should be thrown out for time served.

    • The rant was actually 2 and half hours, sorry to be a stickler but the evidence is there so it sort of loses the impact when that is taken into account. Still that is a long time to be so angry. And all those nasty insults, I could not even begin to come up with their like when I get pissed off. So there was a problem with the way the anger was managed by Travis, it must have been so disheartening to be on the receiving end of that tirade, poor Jodi.

      • Someone help me out on this but as far as I remember from yesterday’s testimony it was shown that the entire rant lasted 5-6 hours total both in g-chat and another form (texts?) anyway it was shown right off that JM was trying to make it sound like Dr. F was really exaggerating but she was not. I guess it depends on what you are including. But to be fair if the rant continued on some other form of communication without interruption, then the entire timing of that rant should be included. Dr. F has no reason to exaggerate she is a professional. And you are right I’m sure that Jodi was totally devastated to be on the receiving end of TA’s rage……………….

      • I went back and checked on the testimony from yesterday. It was a g-chat, text messages, and an email that totaled 6 hours of rant on the part of TA. So it was much longer than the 2 hours that JM tried to make it. JM is very good at leaving out facts and presenting only partial truths – in other words, lying. If he was being honest he would agree that the entire rant spanned a 6 hour time period and over several different forms of communication. But of course, he is not honest. The point is that TA was raging at Jodi for many, many hours. JM trying to make Dr. F look like she is unprofessional by exaggerating is the “slime highway” route that JM always takes bc this is all he has. He doesn’t have the facts on his side but he doesn’t seem to care…he has lost his way as a prosecutor

        • I don’t understand how ANYONE could honestly think he is awesome. He’s making a total jackass out of himself. I wounder what his boss truly thinks of his performance. Humm I wounder if he will be in court to babysit tomorrow?

        • One thing I have noticed with the people calling JM’s bs a slime highway and calling him slimey, I have not seen one instance of those comments being asked to be stricken from the records.

          • JM’s tactics were adroitly deconstructed by Dr. F. It was long overdue and richly deserved after all of HIS testifying. If the jurors were listening, they will think twice before buying his BS wholesale from now on. And all of this about Greenwich time…WTF? This murderous officer of the court continually endeavors to short-circuit the mental processes of everyone in his path with the apparent goal of impairing their ability to prioritize facts. Can he be straightforward and fair about anything?

      • The rant was a series of messages that went on for actually six hours, sixteen pages single-spaced or twelve pages depending on the font. Dr. F testified 5 hours, kermit tried to correct her as it being 2, and Nurmi corrected the record on redirect that it was 6 hours, whether it be AZ time or Greenwich time.

  7. Now, now – she should be fair. He has two moves in his playbook. The other one is “Do you have a problem with your memory?” He is truly a versatile attorney.

    • He has quite a few moves in his playbook with INTIMIDATING WITNESSES at No.1

      I’ve never seen such ridiculousness in a trial. It’s shameful.

    • Oh Paige. We should be fair too. 😉 I think he has more than 2 actually, let’s give the short guy some credit.

      1) Mischaracterizing witness’ testimony
      2) The infamous “Do you have a problem with your memory?” routine
      3) The ” Coz you have feelings for the defendant, right?” routine
      4) The ”Yes or no?” routine
      5) The ”Judge, he/she is non-responsive” routine

      Any more suggestions? ahahahahaha!

  8. BB your post is very thoughtful and I hope you are right. The computer thing remains to be seen but we shall soon know. The trial is doomed to failure in my opinion. Losing jurors right and left, questions about competence and/or intent re computer investigation. The prosecutor seems to be putting in time now. He is just continually making statements that don’t lead anywhere. These are the things I glean from twitters. He has lost his mojo for this case cause I think the jig is up.

  9. This person is part of the shared group I follow – not someone I would choose. All her tweets are not nice, but these I found disturbing.

    Kathy Monkman ‏@katiecoolady • 4m4 minutes ago
    still astounded at these $experts willing to display their blatant $exism in this trial throwing their reputations under the bus #jodiarias
    Kathy Monkman retweeted
    Zoey Watson ‏@ZoeyWatson2014 • 5m5 minutes ago
    #JodiArias has YET ANOTHER person commit career suicide for her. You just can’t make this stuff up!
    Kathy Monkman ‏@katiecoolady • 4m4 minutes ago
    @SKrafftFox10 and for the 117th time she speculates to champion a MURDERER. $hame on this $expert. Hope she’s not interested in a career
    Kathy Monkman ‏@katiecoolady • 4m4 minutes ago
    Dr. LC Miccio-Fonseca, I will remember your name. With Alyce La Violette. You will never be forgotten re: how you treat #victims. #jodiarias
    Kathy Monkman ‏@katiecoolady • 4m4 minutes ago
    Dr. Fonseca, I am a Victim Advocate and I will never forget your name. You and Alyce Laviolette are poster children. #goodluck #jodiarias
    Kathy Monkman ‏@katiecoolady • 3m3 minutes ago
    Dr. Fonseca, you and Alyce Laviolette names will forever be associated with #jodiarias Not in a good way. Why abandon your clientele? $$$?
    Kathy Monkman ‏@katiecoolady • 4m4 minutes ago
    I’ll say it again Dr. Fonseca, your name will be remembered by victims of crime and I will make sure it’s remembered. #infamy in retirement

    • Threats and nastiness! SSDD!

      Dr. Fonseca and Alyce LaViolette have my complete respect. They faced serious abuse at the hands of Martinez plus whatever they face from the “Hate” crowd….all to give one abused woman a chance at a fair defense.

      • I completely agree Jaz.
        ALV, Samuels and now Fonseca have done a great job testifying to what they believe happened, all 3 of them gave their expert opinions about this case only to be abused, ridiculed and have a hate crusade against them by the lynch mob. Only time will tell and I’m sure those haters will soon regret it; especially when they realize (as Journee said ^^) that what they are doing is AGAINST the law and they may as well get IN TROUBLE.

        These are THREATS. T-H-R-E-A-T-S! Get it haters? You will sooner or later.

    • It was expected that those disturbing haters would start their threats. I hope Dr. F does something about it. I hope the defense team uses this to prove their point about why witnesses are afraid to testify in open court.

      Carol, please come to vent, I wanna discuss sth with you! ♥

    • Good article, thanks. What may happen IMHO is that Jodi will testify openly as I believe that she was not the focus of the closed courtroom request. She is setting the stage for the true secret witnesses to come that are afraid to testify in public. I believe that KN will now subpoena those witnesses probably knowing that they will refuse to comply with those subpoenas. Then he will return with another motion to the court with a stronger merit case that indeed Jodi can not get a fair trial due to these witnesses refusing to testify even under order of subpoena. He will ask again for a mistrial or in the alternative for the DP to be taken off the table. Jodi is not and never was the secret witness – can not happen – she has already testified openly – but she is key in setting up the secret witnesses to follow. KN can probably taylor her testimony in public so as to protect those secret witnesses. The question will be whether those witnesses will comply with the subpoena or not….Jodi really should continue on and testify publicly in order for her case to have strong merit, otherwise she will be cutting her chances of getting the mistrial or the DP removed. Even though they have TA’s computer with evidence of tons of child porn on it (which is a huge game changer, no doubt) , it is always stronger to have an actually witness that can testify that TA was involved in child porn.

    • I read this this morning and it did put me in a very good mood. I find it rather interesting that they think JSS is being partial to Jodi and the DT. They don’t seem to have any more respect for her then we do.

    • Yikes…I mistakenly started to read the comments to that article….ugh “yet another ploy by the defense team” and other very horrible comments. Glad I stopped myself before the tears started.

      • I did skim through some of their comments, too after having read the article (btw, thank you Journee for the lin).
        It is NEVER worth it Dorothy; don’t waste your time reading theri crap, especially if it upsets you.

        • Maria, I had a lapse in judgement…I thought perhaps the haters had lost interest in the case nd moved on…I was wrong…Ugh

  10. Yesterday was a very telling day in court. It was so obvious that juan martinez didn’t have anything to work with so his re-cross examine (which is not usually done) was about:

    – The difference between 5 or 6 hours of message ranting from travis. Because if it was 5 and not 6 THAT would make a big difference.. NOT.
    -about greenich time or AZ time
    -timestamps on messages
    -tries to prove that child boy porn and child girl porn is a difference (say what?!!! – That was the stupidest thing martinez tried to pull yesterday:

    meganrcassidy @meganrcassidy · 1m 1 minute ago
    Martinez: #jodiarias alleged that she caught TA viewing child porn of a young boy, not girl, right? Fonseca: Right

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 21s 22 seconds ago
    Juan- Didn’t TA say Jodi sounded like a girl not a boy? Fonseca- huh #jodiarias #3tvarias

    Among these important issues that needed cross examining ( 🙄 ) martinez objects to everything possible, bullies, badgers Dr. F , tries being sarcastic, manipulative, misrepresenting everything Dr.F says.

    juan martinez has absolutely NOTHING to work with! His bullying tactics didn’t work on this witness.

  11. It has been refreshing to have Dr. Fonseca on the stand.

    She proved that travis was not the saint that the State painted him to be. She analyzed the dynamics of Jodi’s and travis’s relationship and proved that Jodi was not the evil bitch the State made her out to be. She proved that travis was a very angry, troubled man that took his anger out on Jodi with different ways: by belittling her, by not acknowledging her, by hiding her, by using her, by dismissing her whenever he choe fit, by abusing her emotionally and physically.

    She also proved that travis had a double personality manipulating and duping his friends into thinking that he was a great guy, making a mockery of his religion, using women for his sexual needs and showing that he was disrespectful to them (a misogynist).

    I applaud Dr. F for standing up to martinez’s bullying. I’m guessing that martinez thought that Dr. F was easy pray. Little did he know that the Dr. wasn’t there to get ‘verbally slapped around’ by him. She was very professional not giving in to his tactics of intimidation. On the contrary, she called him out on his sneaky ways and didn’t stumble when he tried to trip her up. She didn’t fall into any of his traps. I’d say she gave him an ass whooping he’ll always remember!

    What martinez fails to comprehend is that the witnesses are NOT the ones on trial! He should be respectful of them. Grilling them doesn’t always work.

    ((((Dr. F’s bitch slappingz!))) ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Imagine the difference in the testimony of ALV, Dr. S. & Dr. G. if they and the general public, had the knowledge of what TA’s real online history was. Perhaps the haters might not have been able to gain the support they did in their attack on Ms. ALV and Drs. S. & G. Maybe even a difference with kermit’s own experts Totdoc and Hayes? So much would have been different.

  12. JM is always saying “Jodi is a liar” Has he asked her if she is lying about killing Travis? If she is ALWAYS a liar, like JM says, perhaps she IS lying about killing TA…or does JM only want to choose which are lies and which aren’t at his discretion to bolster his case.

  13. I see folks have moved on to the vent page 🙁 …
    Well, for the rest of my day and hopefully while I am asleep I am going to work on sending positive energy to Jodi and the defense team. I believe, believe, believe……………there will be a good outcome tomorrow.
    With that,
    Ta for now
    Love you guys

  14. Latter Day Saints (LDS) Preparedness Check List:
    #9. My family has a Home Invasion Plan and we have drilled it: Yes, No

    Seriously, do people really prepare for a potential home invasion or just the Mormons?

    • Hummmmm that’s a interesting thought. I sure don’t have a action plan. I guess I would grab the first thing in site and fight like Hell or hide under my bed..
      I know we have fire drills, tornado drills but home invasion drills….perhaps if I were more paranoid or lived in a area that this is common placed I might think differently.

  15. I wonder if the juror who was excused after juror questions the other day is the same juror who asked the written question which contained the word “proclivity”… This word is not generally in average vocabulary BUT I have noted it being written in USA today articles. At first I thought to myself…,”hmm a juror with a decent vocabulary”…then I thought to myself, “who uses that word? Seriously…It’s not a common word” Maybe she has been watching/reading the news? Just a thought

    • I don’t mean to sound stupid, but what does that word, “proclivity” mean?? I have never heard that word before. and I am an educated person LOL. can you tell me what it means. Thanks

        • The word “proclivities” might well have been spoken by Dr. F herself in the courtroom so that could be how the juror question came to be so worded, along with many tweets. It can be used in a broad sense to describe anything that comes naturally to a person, but for a long time it was the euphemistic choice in conversation when referring to unusual sexual tastes, fetishes, even to sexual orientation, before people became more comfortable speaking about such things. “Tendency”, “compulsion”, “deviance”, “preference” and “orientation” were more commonly used as qualifiers when greater specificity with respect to these topics became the social norm in conversation, diminishing the need for “polite” generalities. An older person might therefore use the word “proclivity” unselfconsciously.

    • Voracious readers tend to have bigger vocabularies, and also tend to use words when they write (as in writing down the jury question) that they might not use in speech.

      Jodi would be an exception to that latter observation, though — I remember something about her that made a big, early impression on me that she actually used the word “treacherous” in a spoken sentence. Seriously, who uses words like treacherous?

      Jen said the bumped juror was one that took constant notes, almost never even looked up because she was so intent on her writing. Jen was sure the woman was writing a book.

      • Everyone thought I was a voracious writer when I was on a jury AND an avid note-taker in school…BUT…I have ADHD and need to divert my visual focus (by doodling) in order for my audio attention to kick in. So these’s that…she MAY have only been doodling…who knows. The point I was making was actually relating to the phrase “sexual proclivity” which most likely was obtained from a recent discussion. IMO it just isn’t common talk…but I DID see that exact phrase written in a recent USA Today article about Jodi Arias…. coincidence? maybe, likelihood, hmm.

        • Dorothy, I have been wondering about something that I would like you to comment on. I have a son who is ADHD and a male friend. Both highly intelligent. Do you think that Jodi could have ADHD? I’m looking at her earlier life. I also watched her ability to hyper focus on driving while in court.

          Please don’t anyone jump on me for this one…

          • Hi Cindy,
            I don’t know if Jodi has ADHD. It tends to run in families though, so if another family member has it, she may well have it. Many people who have ADHD are creative and Jodi is quite a talented artist. As a matter of fact, I often wondered if she is drawing, rather than “taking notes” as others have commented about her note-taking. I know she is paying attention though. So, she could be like myself and needs to divert her visual in order to absorb the audio. One thing I did notice, along with probably anyone who has ever heard her speak; she is extremely articulate and very intelligent.
            As far as her earlier life goes…impulsive behavior is a common character trait of people with ADHD. I do recall ALV mentioning Jodi exhibiting impulsive behavior during her youth. Females generally do not exhibit the H (hyperactive) part as noticeably as young males, females minds tend to wander, daydream so to speak, so the diagnosis is often delayed or they live without a diagnosis altogether.
            You might be on the mark with your observations 🙂

            • And BTW Cindy,
              Having ADHD hopefully is not considered a BAD thing by ALL people. I try to focus (lol) on the positive aspects of having it. I am able to “think out of the box”, I am artistic and creative…when I am interested in something I, BY ALL MEANS, will absorb it to the fullest.(many thanks to the inventors of record/rewind :/ ) When I am in the midst of a droll conversation I have the ability to “tune out” 😉 I hope other people who have it realize that it is not a curse, but rather, a blessing 🙂

            • Well as I said my son is ADHD so……he is 27. Just some behaviour I have noticed. I also was wondering about TA but I’m not going into all of that because it just does not matter anymore.

              I know Jodi is listening to every word that being said…Thanks again it’s been on my mind for a year now.

              • Cindy,
                If your son was diagnosed when he was a youngster and he was treated for it, he may have escaped the VERY negative aspects associated with the syndrome: drug abuse, alcoholism, propensity to gamble excessively. Early detection and treatment is shown to curb the impulsivity seen in adults who have not been treated. If YOU are the one who noticed his issues and sought to address them you should be proud of yourself. 🙂

                • Thank you. He was 3 1/2 at the time. I was a single mom at the time. I won’t go into the whole story but his father never would keep him on his meds when he went for visitation. My poor baby had every side effect. But thank God they have come so far with different meds. I’m very lucky he doesn’t drink or do drugs. His out let is his gaming or should I say racing simulator.

                  He was in pre law in school but his brother talked him out of that so now he’s going to be a plumber in his brothers company. LOL. WE’LL see.

            • ADHD I would definitely see in Travis, not Jodi. I have Adhd, married Adhd, raised 2 male adhd kids. It was horrible. They are easily bored, and thrive on drama. The husband was just like the Cockroach and made an endless game of verbal one-upsmanship. Leaving his targets, as Jodi said “A shadow of themself.” Deliberately mess up plans or make something go wrong, then come along and play the hero to make it OK again. Infidelity arose out of the need to continually seek novelty, also pressuring for kinky sex. Definitely Travis. And soooo apparent in the Cockroach.

              I think the Cockroach uses the courtroom to create his own sexual thrills and to throw people off balance by shock them with his constant sex talk and images. That jerk is actually giving himself a public orgasm in the courtroom. I am serious when I say that he is committing sexual harrassment on a captured audience, and should be locked up, same as any “flasher.” I’m feeling angry and my heart is racing just reminding myself of what I went through 🙁

              • Cheryl, I’m sorry you had to go through that. You experience the ugly side of.ADHD. It’s not always like this. I also was just throwing it out there. I have mentioned TA having ADHD a few times in the past 2 years. It was just a thought process.

              • Cheryl, I have always suspected that TA continually involved JA in games of verbal one-upmanship that exhausted her. It seems, from all of her testimony and journals that she eventually came to find the pattern just that – a game she didn’t want to play. That was very likely the conclusion she had come to when she moved back to Yreka. Knowing that she would never share the type of communication she really wanted with him beyond a basic “close” friendship, she’d given up pursuing a deep, loving relationship when she hooked up the trailer to the Uhaul truck and drove away. TA was furious when she left Mesa, and one of the roommates even mentioned that bit of drama to EF – it’s in his report.

                It didn’t take long for Jodi to see the similarities between JM and TA. She let the court know about this when she said JM was “grilling her” as TA had done, causing her mental processes to be negatively affected.

        • Dorothy, you got me intrigued with that unusual comment. I do believe that it must have been a term used in court because it seems at least these three use the exact terminology.

          “For the past two days, a psychologist who specializes in “unusual sexual proclivities” has been testifying”- Kiefer

          “psychologist Micia Fonseca, and she was there to explain why Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias were drawn together, and their unconventional sexual proclivities” Trial Diaries

          Steve Krafft PHOENIX 10 (KSAZ) – Dr. L.C. Miccio-Fonseca, a defense expert in unconventional sexual proclivities spent the morning tracing the downward spiral of Jodi and Travis’s toxic relationship before she killed him in June of 2008.

          • Wow 🙂 Carol!
            I guess that phrase has been a part of this trial. Good job with research. I would hire you as a detective. Perhaps if YOU had been lead detective on this case Jodi would be a free woman and never had been brought to trial in the first place. Your curiosity and investigative skills are admirable and commendable.

    • Monica Lindstrom’s note about dismissed juror #3 at time of jury selection:

      One female, who appears to be in her 40s, said she has no opinion about Arias, can form her own opinion in regards to what mental health professionals would say, dates an attorney and that integrity is a big issue with her.

  16. I happen to be here in Mesa, AZ. I would like to go to the court house and watch the hearings. Does anyone know if they let the public in, and if it is too crowded? I am not sure how many supporters she has sitting on her side, but I would like to be there and show some support for her. I am not from here and not sure where the court house is in Mesa, any help would be appreciated.

    • I actually attended a day of the criminal trial. My suggestion to you is to arrive EARLY and be up in the front of the line. I arrived before the courthouse doors were even unlocked (6:30am but you will need to be prepared to stand there in front for a while before they come and unlock the doors) then you go up to the correct floor – can’t remember which that is but you will be directed or can ask and then there is a couple of rows of seats outside the courtroom where the trial is that you start “lining up” in – actually you sit in order so when the bailiff comes out and lets a certain number of people in you go in order. Don’t let anyone bully you or cut in front of you and usually the others will help with this to keep things orderly. Good Luck!! I wish I was there again to see this and support Jodi. BTW you will sit on the right side of the courtroom – the RIGHT side ! Go Jodi :)The family sits on the left. Jodi usually turns around and looks at the audience behind her so you might be able to get in a smile to her 🙂

    • I THINK the courthouse is in the downtown Phoenix area – Maricopa County Courthouse would be the building you’re looking for. I think Jodi’s trial is in courtroom 5C.

    • The trial is in Phoenix at the downtown courthouse. You will need to arrive early and stand in line out front until they open the doors. Then you proceed up to the courtroom – you will be directed or you can ask where to go to get to the correct courtroom. Once there there are a couple of rows of seats outside the courtroom where you will once again “line up” in those seats – you will sit in order of your arrival. Then once the bailiff comes to let people in you will go in the order of your seats. Sit on the right side behind Jodi. The left side is for the family. Good Luck ! I wish I was able to attend again. Send a smile to Jodi for all of us here !! 🙂 🙂

  17. If I cant make it to the court house, can someone explain to me how to watch on the computer, I noticed that other commenters were saying that they cant wait to watch on the computer, so sorry to ask for so much help, but I am a supporter, I too was in a abusive marriage for many years, with 2 little children and I know and understand what Jodi has been though, so thank you for any help that is given

    • There is no live feed of this go-round, Sigrid, like there was last time. Those of us who are glued to our computers during this trials sessions are watching the “tweets” of various correspondents sitting in the courtroom. They get copied here as comments, under whatever the current day’s heading is, so feel free to read along with us – just remember to refresh your page often.

      Yes, there are a limited number of gallery seats open to the public at the courthouse. This past week – with the holidays I guess, even those seats haven’t been filled, but I gather they have been most other days. I don’t know what kind of crowd you’d contend with or what they’re doing to decide who gets to go in.

      • Thank you Journee, for all your help, I am sad to say I am afraid to go to the court house. I want to support her but I am afraid of the haters and what they might say to me, I wish I had someone to go with me I would feel more comfortable, so for now I think I will stay on this page and read what is happening, I am sure there are a lot of gockers in there just for the sensational reason, not truly for supporting her. thank you all for your help and I will paying attention to this site.

  18. What has to happen to set this girl free? It makes my heart ache to thing of Jodi spending the rest of her life in prison, let alone the death penalty.. I feel so bad for her parents. I have a daughter, this could have happened to any of us with children in bad relationships. I pray they have the strength to get through this!

    • A higher court will most likely have to order a remedy like vacate the criminal trial conviction and order a new trial. This probably is the most likely remedy, although we would all love for the court to exonerate her and set her free with time served. But there will be a remedy ordered – don’t doubt it. The hiding/destruction or withholding of exonerating evidence from the defense will demand it. There is indisputable hard case law on this – you can NOT hide or destroy exonerating evidence from the defendant/defense. Jodi will be free some day to enjoy her life 🙂

  19. Let’s see, what has to happen to set our Jodi free? Starting with a Miracle from God which I know will happen in his own timing, I suppose the Judge will have to do her “actual” job and not be biased to the prosecutor in anyway any more. She should remember the oath she took when she took her position in a Court of Law.
    Also, the taxpayers should become outraged at the fact they have been misled and their tax dollars are being wasted on a unjustified trial. . . self defense is not a crime in the USA! Apparently, Arizona is unaware of that fact. The Officers of the Court of Law in Maricopa County should be made accountable for their lies and deception. Preferably put in prison for their deception and misconduct. Along with the Detective and Medical Examiner who helped with their obvious cover-ups.
    The Alexander family will have to finally accept the true facts that their brother was a very sick, angry and abusive person who was at the end of his rope. They should also realize that Travis and Travis alone, is responsible for his own death. His actions brought on his death not Jodi. Jodi Arias was the only friend Travis Alexander had. . .ever.
    The “So called” friends will have to stop spinning their lies in order to profit off of Travis Alexander and destroy Jodi. Travis was unable to make them money while he was alive so they are depending on his death to make a profit. Vultures feeding off of the dead body of their “friend”. Scum.
    The Media should make sure that they report their deceptive coverage of this whole trial. They should actually set the record straight and tell the real truth about Travis Alexander who was NO SAINT. Then they should admit how they knowingly misled the public with lies (for their own self promotion) about Jodi Arias in which it made it totally impossible for her to ever have a fair trial any where in this World. I would suggest Nancy Grace could start that ball rolling since she was the main one to start this fiasco in the media!!!
    Jodi Arias should be freed with time served and Arizona should clean up their judicial problems quickly.

    Hmmm. . . . have I left anything out? Someone else might need to help with this list. . .My prayers are with Jodi and her family everyday. Arizona should be ASHAMED!!!! FREE JODI ARIAS ARIZONA!!!!

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