Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #15 (afternoon session)

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  1. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Fonseca- I can’t say he’s a pedophile. I don’t have enough info
    Juan- Why does this email cause you pause?

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Fonseca- because it says stop emailing a 9 year old Juan- Because Jodi told you he was masturbating to a pic of a young boy?

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Fonseca- No it was the whole picture #jodiarias Now we are looking at the Julie email

  2. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom
    DrF is reviewing an email in full from J. Haslem to TA, JM asking her questions about it

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Juan says you looked at this and considered it. Do you know her?
    Fonseca- No I don’t

    Carolyn Sung @CarolynSungCNN
    Dr. F “I never said Mr. Alexander is actively seeking children.”

  3. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Fonseca- I suppose so #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Juan- If this email about the 9 year had to do with Travis’s work it would have nothing to do with interest in children correct?

  4. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Juan is reading an email between Julie and Travis
    Julie- I have to take Cory to an MRI
    Travis- find me a wife while you’re at it

  5. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Julie says “Sara is way cute, but a little young”
    Juan says Julie brings Sara up not Travis

  6. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Fonseca- My comment was in reference to Travis saying “no such thing”
    Juan- but you don’t know how old Sara is!

  7. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Juan is making a point that these two- Julie and Travis were joking in the IM, & lot’s of smiley faces after they make comments

  8. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Juan is going over Bobby Juarez. Do you know after they broke up Jodi continued to call him and he’d hang up on her?

  9. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom
    JM telling DrF things about #JodiArias and asking her if she knew about them – pointing out DrF doesn’t know everything about her

  10. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Juan- Do you know Jodi use to ditch school and her dad grounded her? She then moved in with Bobby J. Do you know this..

  11. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Nurmi wants an approach…shocker…not #jodiarias #3tvarias

    Carolyn Sung @CarolynSungCNN
    Martinez asking Dr. F about her knowledge on #JodiArias upbringing. sidebar

  12. This off-at-a-tangent ranting about Jodi at 16 years old is good “filler” for the media, but it serves no real purpose.

    I’m more interested in getting to the bottom of Kermit’s corruption, misconduct, coerced perjury & evidence tampering.

    Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

  13. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Jury is really into this today. They are paying close attention and some are taking notes now

  14. why would the nine year old’s father not differentiate between a spam ppl email and a pedo? If it was spam why phrase it the way the father did? Why, if frog is so sure, is the father not on the stand debunking the defense?

    • That is EXACTLY what I commented when this first came out.
      First of all, if your 9 year-old has an e-mail account (why would he/she btw? at this young age? anyways…..) , you KNOW spams are expected to appear, right? So, you just click on them, select them and delete them, POOF gone!

      Why would a father get pissed if he thought it was just promotion of products/services? I’m sure his daughter’s e-mail account was flooded by other spams as well. Did he contact each company that ever sent her an e-mail? Wow, then I guess I should contact the zillion of them I receive every day. Nope, I;m not buying it. It HAD to be more than that. And I wholeheartedly sagree with what johnm says: if Martinez wanted, we’d have that father on the stand. Who knows, maybe we will….

      I say, there’s something rotten in Denmark…

      • Can someone please tell me why a 9 year-old girl has a email account in the first place? But obviously her parents are being proactive in keeping a eye on what she was doing. So I agree with you on this one. This is not just a case of spam.

        • These days, you always need an email address to sign-up for (or join) anything online, so a 9 year old with an email address is not that unusual. Gotta be careful though, as there are a lot of TA’s out there ready to pounce at the slightest opportunity.

          The thing is, if the actual email comes to light, then it’ll stop any further conjecture. Was it Legal Shield related?… was it sent in error?… was TA trying to seduce the child into going out on a hot date? The email will either be in a folder on TA’s PC or the girls’ PC, or even in the father’s reply to TA — either way it’d be good to have sight of it so we know one way or the other.

          Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

  15. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Juan had Fonseca read that Jodi was hung up on by Bobby numerous times

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Juan- So after she broke up with Travis she moved back to Az next to him!

  16. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Juan- So you think it was infidelity that broke up Matt and Jodi? Do you know Matt tried to break up with her? They fought a lot

  17. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Juan- Jodi cried and refused to accept the break up. Matt moved to Crater Lake. Jodi showed up and confronted Bianca

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Fonseca needs to review doc’s again

  18. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Juan has her refreshing her recollection on the Matt/Jodi break up

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ
    Fonseca says this will take her time to review…:yawn..stretch:

      • No, the timestamp here is Pacific Standard Time which Arizona is in sync with only during the summer months (when the Pacific coast is on daily savings time). Arizona is Mountain Standard Time and it doesn’t practice daylight savings time because all year long they have big sky with long days of sunlight.

        • Oh my Gosh, and I though I had the AZ time zone figured out with reference to my state LA, which just fell back an hour few weeks ago.

  19. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 4m4 minutes ago
    Fonseca kick it into gear we’ve got an interview with Chris Hughes coming up! #jodiarias

  20. Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 1m 1 minute ago
    Done for the day with witness still reviewing evidence given to her by Juan. #jodiarias

  21. Carolyn Sung @CarolynSungCNN
    Judge SS calls evening recess as Dr. F continues to review documents pertaining to trial. Back tom am at 11:45am et

  22. MC Superior Court @courtpio
    State v Jodi Arias: Trial has wrapped up for the day and will resume tomorrow morning at 9:45am.

    • Thought Nurmi had to be at ACOA tomorrow – guess not. Lindstrom did say this morning that ACOA isn’t asking for oral arguments.

    • If no indictment, prayer won’t cut it. Only cops and soldiers will. IMO, Ferguson riots, past and future, are another fine example (like Jodi’s trial) of media destroying the rule of law in America — in this case, assisted by the federal government.

  23. You know the frog set the DR. Up today. He didn’t give her anything and then questions about what he should have.
    I don’t think she was more biased towards Jodi. She did her job end of story.

  24. Let me try again Journee. Let’s say you have a 9 year old daughter, that you’ve allowed to have an email, (whoa is me) You’re writing rejections to everyone that spams her? If this person knew ta and wanted to give a polite heads up, seems like this would be too much for frog to let go.Why not have this guy on the stand? I’d almost say the same for the defense, even though Jodi doesn’t supposedly have to prove her innocence. It’s like a real piece of evidence in the circumstantial ocean that’s passing us by

    • It always seemed to me that the media had Jodi guilty before proven innocent…therefore, she certainly DID have to prove her innocence….more than the prosecution had to prove her guilt.

      • If the father got up on the stand and said ta was emailing my 9 year old with questionable intent in his estimation, what then? Big ol hole in ta’s existence from a 3rd party.

    • Kinda like not calling the room-mates, I know.

      But JM couldn’t rebut this testimony until it had been given, couldn’t very well make her step down while he put the girl’s father on the stand. Maybe he’ll call the dad, maybe he won’t.

      Likewise, KN can’t shore up her testimony until she’s done giving it, so maybe HE’LL call the father, or maybe he won’t.

      My only point was that daddies don’t like to see spam ending up in their kids’ email, and if the daddy actually KNOWS the spammer, he might say something to the spammer about it – you don’t agree?

      • Yes, Thanks Journee! I know, no matter how apparent it all seems, we’re dealing with frog and pickles, frog and pickles, frog and pickles.

        • Well, I liked it better but there is really not much to watch anymore. I suppose Journee has a good idea. . .as always. We will all concentrate on Jodi’s FREEDOM!!!!!! 😀

            • Yes Cindy J, …Has everyone noticed that in most all the news coverage (tonight) in Ferguson, Mo., the lower ranking field reporters are referring to “the area where Michael Brown (((lost his life))) instead of referring to that area where Michael Brown (((was killed))). …I did see Anderson Cooper use the words where (Michael Brown was killed). …Anderson has “clout, influence, authority”. …He calls it the way he sees it.
              …Some of the media was calling Jodi Arias a murder & overkill even 6 years ago but then they said: “Oh, alleged murderer”, with a snicker making believe they were fair to Jodi.

              • Anderson Cooper is one of the reasons I watch CNN. But they (CNN) over played this as they always do. But who is responsible for that. We are!!! Just like we want the media in our courtrooms.
                I’m not saying we shouldn’t have full disclosure. History thought us that.

                That’s all I’m going to say.

              • I think if the news media would disappear the problems in Ferguson would also.
                As we all know the haters of this world enjoy the limelight. Boy, do they!

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