Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #14 Reviewed

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Day 14… and the Evidentiary Hearing turned out to be way more eventful than we expected. The computer forensics expert – Bryan Neumeister – soundly & squarely sank Kermit on his lily pad with his analysis & reporting on TA’s laptop hard drive, and all the incompetence & evidence tampering surrounding it. The latter having been systematically detailed in the Motion to Dismiss filed earlier by the Defense.

Bryan Neumeister 11-21
Bryan Neumeister, 11-21

It could only be classed as a monumental meltdown of the prosecution’s case, followed closely by an equally spectacular Kermit & Pickles meltdown to finish off the day.  Priceless :mrgreen:

Here’s the latest from 12 News – (click the pic to open the video player in a new window):

AZC 11-21

Check out these tweets for the highlights from yesterday:

t101 jodi arias evidentiary hearing - 11-21

t102 jodi arias evidentiary hearing - 11-21

Tween Definition from Wikipedia:   A tween is a person who is between the ages of 10 to 12 years old. The term is often described in popular media as referring to a pre-adolescent (usually female) who is at the “in-between” stage in their development when they are considered “too old for toys, too young for boys.”

t103 jodi arias evidentiary hearing - 11-21

t104 jodi arias evidentiary hearing - 11-21

t105 jodi arias evidentiary hearing - 11-21

t106 jodi arias evidentiary hearing - 11-21

t107 jodi arias evidentiary hearing - 11-21

t108 jodi arias evidentiary hearing - 11-21

t109 jodi arias evidentiary hearing - 11-21

t110 jodi arias evidentiary hearing - 11-21

t112-p1 jodi arias evidentiary hearing - 11-21

t112-p2 jodi arias evidentiary hearing - 11-21

t113 jodi arias evidentiary hearing - 11-21

t114 jodi arias evidentiary hearing - 11-21

And here’s a tweet from Jeff Gold that speaks volumes:

x2-jeff gold-pedophile tweet - jodi arias evidentiary hearing - 11-21

Judging by that unfortunate after-trial tweet, if Jeff Gold (or anyone else) can’t even differentiate between teen porn & child porn, then he’s probably got a fair amount of both on his PC… but nowhere near as much as TA had.

Also take into account that today’s hearing wasn’t specific to TA watching porn, but rather all the porn that was found on his PC after the prosecution flatly denied its existence and based a lot of their initial trial BS around it.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

So, we’re back again on Monday with the jurors, for what looks like being the only trial day of the week, due to the holidays.

A continuation of today’s Evidentiary Hearing is scheduled for Thursday December 4th.

Finally, today was the first time (during the trial) that we heard there were two different memory cards found for the camera (in the washing machine) – but there was only ever one memory card produced as evidence. The plot thickens.

Ok peeps. Have an awesome weekend!



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  1. The Travis people seem to not understand, it isn’t about Travis watching porn, porn was found when the prosecution said there was none, which makes his evidence, umm bullshyt?

    • Hi there Chrys, welcome and congrats for first comment!

      I think it’s about both:
      1. travis was obsessed with porn and child porn. A 30 yrs old man watching child porn is a disturbed, sick individual. Someone that has major issues. Someone that definitely isn’t stable and normal. Someone that lashed out his anger on Jodi when she caught him. That was his dark, secret and Jodi walked in on him. He hated Jodi because she reminded him of his sick obsession and tried to help him by making him seek help. He didn’t want to seek help because that would only make his child porn obsession a real thing… He was in denial.

      2. Tampering with evidence, destroying evidence, hiding evidence is a HUGE factor of misconduct. Jodi’s whole trial would have been different IF the first jury knew about travis and his sick obsession. BUT martinez maliciously painted Jodi out to be a liar, a whore. He painted travis out to be a saint… The verdict of premed M1 would have never stood and Jodi would have already been freed or finishing her sentence by now.

      • Yes Pandora, you nailed it. Travis hated Jodi because she knew too much about his dark secret. Don’t they say “you are only as sick as your secrets”?

        Also hope the expert explains that the reason Jodi could tell off that guy when she was younger but not stand up to Travis is because she was emotionally invested in Travis but not in that other guy. Also, once Jodi was “hooked” by Travis and drawn into his addiction, It made it impossible for her to detach in a healthy was because he was so sick and she didn’t have the skills.

        Even now look how many people don’t know what abuse looks like. It is really sad that it takes an expert to dissect it and present it. These people must be so used to living with abuse, in dysfunction and denial. That is what is so awful. People don’t even know what abuse looks like.

        Pin the tail on the donkey (I mean ass): Travis’ blood lusty sister is the one to thank for this opportunity. If she hadn’t been so vengeful, Jodi would have been sentenced to life without parole. We need to all send “thank you’s ” to her for keeping this in court until the truth could come out.

        • Unfortunately, in most cases ‘abuse’ is not visible! The scars in the soul and mind are the ones that never seem to heal! An abused person is not only the one that the physical abuse is visible. If an abuser beats down his victim verbally day in-day out THAT is twice more violent because the victim loses all self esteem and it makes it almost impossible to leave that relationship.

          If someone tells you they are being abused don’t only look for signs of abuse on the body, first look into their eyes: that’s the window to their soul and you’ll be able to see the emotional abuse there.


          ” If she hadn’t been so vengeful, Jodi would have been sentenced to life without parole”:

          I disagree with your opinion that Jodi would or should have been sentenced to LWOP. Jodi fought in self defense to save her life: do you think that a person fighting to stay alive should be punished that harsh? I think not. Jodi should have been acquitted.

  2. So now Juan has accused Bryan Neumeister of breaking the computer. What a pathetic little man. “Did you do it intentionally or accidentally?” What a douche. I think he should spend his weekend typing up his resignation and while he’s at it, maybe he should update his resume too. Cuz I think he’s gonna be looking for a new job in the not too distant future. I hear McDonald’s is hiring, Juan, you little asshole! I can hear him saying, “Do you want fries with that, yes or no?!!” Or maybe he could get into computer repair. He could ask, “Ma’am, is your computer having memory problems?!”

    After yesterday it appears to me that the prosecution’s case is lying on the bottom of the toilet just waiting to be flushed. I’m not sure how Juan can wriggle off this hook. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of bullshit he comes up with next. He’s used every excuse short of alien invaders from a distant galaxy came and hijacked TA’s computer and deleted files. He’s a disgrace and an embarrassment to the justice system.

    • I’m laughing…. You’re sooooo right. He will blame anyone but himself. The Mesa PD better lawyer up bc they’re going to be the fall guy in this. He will blame some PD tech that didn’t follow procedure… blah blah blah…but it doesn’t change the facts and those are that this evidence was hidden, destroyed, and not turned over to the defense either purposefully or by incompetence but it doesn’t matter bc either way Jodi was denied a fair trial as a result. Her constitutional rights were violated and she is either due a new trial or the criminal conviction should be set aside and the case dismissed with prejudice as a remedy for this travesty of justice.

    • Jeff! Too funny but ohhh, so true!

      I have lost count of how many people he has blamed up to now!

      I must agree with R. Love, McDonald’s would lose a lot of customers.

      One thing is true: the more he tries to squirm his way out of this the more deeper in his bullshit he drowns! It’s like quicksand: the more you struggle, the faster you go down.. I propose to him to STFU.

    • Jeff, yes Juan is pathetic. That line did you do it “accidently or intentionally” is like saying “when did you stop beating your wife”. It is basic manipulation. I am beginning to see a pattern about how Martinez acts and how Travis did. I would love it if someone could pull out their controlling, manipulating statements and place them side by side.

      I would also love it if the expert would answer his memory question with No, my memory is fine. I remember all of the times you were out of line and abusive just like I remember those of Travis.

      I can just see how Travis jiggled the hook here and there to keep her attention while he pommelled her with abuse. Can you imagine how the 3 hole wonder comment must have felt to her? (At least you are good for 1 thing, but you are absolutely worthless to me for anything else but this 1 thing. You are a terrific sex object. You are a 3 holed wonder.) Doesn’t that make anyone else want to puke?

      Travis so got what he deserved!!!

      • TA’s words would mane any person puke! He was disturbed, period. And thank God ”Scripta manent” ! He left behind his vile text messages and a sickening recording to show the world the kind of person he was.
        As for Martinez, every single word of his is recorded on tape and taken down by the court reporter.

  3. I always wondered about the memory card in the camera/washer.
    One witness said it was found loose in the washer, the other said it was in the camera. I remember Jodi saying there were two cards. When Flores was questioning her she said there were two cards.

    The plot thickens.
    Rumors are flying around the interwebs that Brian shook Jodi’s hand as the day ended. The nutters are flooding the phone lines, or threatening to, to report this inappropriate behavior. The story has grown over the day to he leaned down and kissed her cheek.
    Im always amazed at how quickly a lie can travel through these TA sites and it keeps getting bigger and more outrageous with each re-telling. I do read them just to see what crazy theories they are coming up with.
    I will continue to pray for Jodi. I just stocked up on postcards. I hope I will only need one or two and that Jodi is freed and on her way home to her loving family soon.

    • You are braver than I am. Reading comments from the haters makes me want to cry. I actually met a TA supporter on YouTube the other day – she even had a pic of TA as her avatar. When I disagreed with her she was actually polite. I was startled, as many of them are so aggressive. Almost puked looking at his paedo mug though!

    • Trixels, the camera memory cards is a whole mess. If I remember correctly, a memory card that the prosecution entered as evidence was NOT the camera’s card! It didn’t even ‘fit’ the model of the camera!

      As for the handshake deal? That is all bs! By the time the day is over, rumors will be that Jodi went out to dinner with Bryan after the court day was done! LMFAO!!! It’s a well known fact that besides Jodi’s atty’s nobody else is allowed to get close to Jodi, moreover have any kind of physical contact with her!

  4. I envisioned Neumeister as a hot, young guy. Looking at that picture I was a little disappointed, lol. It would have been like the icing on the cake. Oh well, he’s still awesome.

  5. According to the Flores report, a search warrant was obtained for TA’s home on June 10,2008 at 9:53 am. According to the computer forensics expert, the computer was taken out of sleep mode at 9:27 am on June 10,2008. This means that the computer came out of sleep mode a half an hour before the search warrant was obtained for the house. No one should have been in the house at that time. The forensics expert said it pinged an airplane at 9:27 am so that is how they know what time it was turned on. Is it possible that the ping from the airplane is what brought it out of sleep mode? If that is not possible, then who the hell was in the house before the search warrant was obtained? Everyone had been ordered to leave the premises and no one would be allowed back in because it was a crime scene. Even the police would not be allowed in the house until the warrant was obtained. I can understand it being turned off at 10:13 am because that is when it would have been confiscated as possible evidence and removed from the house. It was likely turned off by someone who did not know that windows would dump the cache and change files when it was shut down. This part would not have been prosecutorial misconduct, it would have been a case of ineptitude from the PD.

    • Debbie, a computer can be remotely woken up. What I’m saying is someone else could have woken up the computer from another location if they knew the the password. It would be like the Tec people that take control of your computer when they are troubleshooting. You have to know what you are doing.

      I’m going to just throw this hypothetical out. Didn’t cash admit that he did access TA computer?? Did he say when?? I’m going down this road…Chris learns about TA death on the night of 6/9.

      • I was thinking the same thing, Cindy – wondering if CASH were on a Southwest Airways plane on the way to Cancun at that time. But then remembered that Travis and Maria were supposed to be on a plane to Cancun that day, and wondered if somehow the airlines was trying to contact Travis because he didn’t show (security issues) – seems like that would have come through a mail server or something, though, not a direct ping from the airlines.

        I would change your last phrase, though – Chris learns that TA’s body is found on the night of 6/9
        (because he already knew that Travis was dead.

        • For the love of me, I still haven’t figured out when the CASHes flew to Cancun! Their story has changed so many times that I’m sure they don’t even remember what is the ‘correct date’ that they should be insisting on… 🙄

      • Cindy I think a remote access would show up as it would have a different dns look up and IP address and the forensics expert would have seen it. A ping is different. It is like a cellphone ping to a tower. It happens automatically if one has a gps tracker. And yes you can download a gps tracking device to your computer in order to find out where someone is by their cellphone.

    • You are probably right about the PD ineptitude but once the computer was seized by the PD and the prosecutor’s office got involved then procedures should have kicked in and a “write blocker” should have been installed to protect the evidence on the computer. In a case like this I would imagine that the prosecutor’s office is called immediately and they are involved from the get go. This apparently according to the testimony yesterday was never done and thousands of files were modified and gone through. There is no excuse for this. This mishandling of the evidence either by purposeful intent or by incompetence is a game changer for Jodi bc it denied her the fair trial she is due by law. This case is now fatally flawed and will have to be rectified with a new criminal trial for Jodi or a dismissal……And I believe that you never turn on or turn off a computer without a “write blocker”

      • The question is: If the evidence is now forever lost and we don’t even know what was there and what about email and phone evidence and no finger prints from the computer, how can Jodi ever get a fair trial going forward? If the main detective is shown to have committed perjury or elicted perjury, how can anything he procurred be used as evidence in a trial against Jodi going forward?

        • I don’t understand –

          why are people suddenly saying ‘no fingerprints from the computer’?

          When did we ever hear evidence that the computer wasn’t checked for fingerprints?

          • I have no recollection of fingerprints on the computer ever being mentioned. The PO said there was no Virus or Porn. Did they ever even mention fingerprints? If they did, were the fingerprints identified? No one from the PO was looking anywhere for anything factual.

            • I know there were various tweets yesterday that had Bryan saying something about ‘thousands of fingerprints on TA’s computer that didn’t belong to Travis’ – and maybe some folks have taken that to mean they didn’t collect fingerprints from the laptop?

              See, when I read that, I took it to be part of Bryan’s metaphor about proper protocol for computer forensics. His criticism that the computer was turned on and off twice, while in police custody, without a write-blocker installed, effectively seriously contaminated the evidence. He used the metaphor “it’s like spitting on DNA”. I think the ‘thousands of fingerprints” was just another metaphor, in that literally thousands of bits of information on that computer were changed by the acts of turning it on and off twice. Those actions weren’t taken by Travis, so it was ‘someone else’s fingerprints’ on the laptop.

        • Not all is lost. This expert that testified yesterday has found evidence of tons of porn and teen porn on TA’s computer that was not put there by some virus but by actually individual searches. So this alone is enough for Jodi to receive another trial on the criminal charges. It shows that the defense was not given all evidence that was exculpatory for Jodi whether by incompetence or purposefully it does not matter. This evidence goes directly to the veracity of Jodi’s testimony about TA having tendencies towards young boys/girls, etc. Since this important evidence was absent during the first trial, JM called her a liar and got away with it. This greatly influenced the jurors no doubt. So this is not trivial evidence that has now been found on TA’s computer but is central to a defense for Jodi. It can not be ignored. And if Flores is found to have committed perjury then this case will be over. It will be overturned and the DA’s office will no longer have enough facts to convict Jodi again bc everything Flores did will not be considered due to his perjury – everything at that point that he was involved with will be suspect and spoiled. All of this is good for Jodi 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Debbie, Until I read your post indicating that if the computer was accessed remotely it would show as a different dns or IP address, my suspicions lay with the comments of the Hughes that they had gone through all his messages and deduced that it must have been them. Flores testified (Day 2, Pt. 1 @ 2:40) that he never left the scene from the night before. If things were done by the book, I suppose the investigators were all supposed to wait outside until the search warrant arrived, but they didn’t do anything else by the book. I find it hard to believe that Flores spent the night outside rather than in the house, maybe sitting in TA’s office for a while checking out the computer?

    • Where the cops inside before they got the search warrant? Wouldn’t that be an illegal search and cause all evidence found to be non-admissible? Including the camera. And then all of Jodi’s admissions because of the evidence that is not admissible?? It’s only 30 minutes, but they didn’t “have” the warrant yet.

      • yes and there is a photo of the house a white car in the driveway and lights in side the house and people in the house dark out side but not time stamp on the photo drat none of the crime photos taken had time stamp on them more drats

  6. Cindy, I’m with you on “hypothetical”! Here’s what I posted on previous page!

    November 22, 2014 at 5:10 am

    I wonder who would have been looking at Southwest Airline flights out of Mesa, perhaps to Cancun??? This was AFTER TA was deceased also, so it was someone else looking perhaps for a flight to Cancun to the PPL conference after they brought TA’s body back and went through TA’s computer to check for items to copy or delete??? Also, MPG said TA’s body was taken to another location for five days to perform Blood Atonement on TA and then his body was brought back to his house and placed in the shower with the symbolic cup & sacred underwear placed in washer for blood atonement ritual! The time frame of when the computer was accessed would correlate to when TA’s body was brought back to his house, which would be June 10th!!!


    • House should have been sealed by then, Maja, with the police waiting outside for a warrant… Travis’ body was found the night before, on the ninth.

      • Journee,

        Oh, my bad then, sorry! Hey, Journee, then they brought his body back on the 9th, which would have been five days & maybe someone was already on the plane accessing TA’s comp from plane? Do you know when that PPL conference was to begin? I wanted to ask you that!

        • I know that the second wave of the Cancun group was heading to Cancun on the 10th – I *think* the first group went on the 5th.

          • To your first question, we know that Hughes were supposed to be in Cancun the same time as Travis, because Mimi was supposed to be the babysitter for their kids. ONE of the stories they have told about their activities during the five days when no one could reach Travis is they went to Cancun a couple of days ahead of time. BUT, they also said they WERE ON THEIR WAY to Cancun when they “learned of Travis’ death.” So who knows? They haven’t given a straight story yet, and it would seem MPD never tried to pin their story down either.

            To your second question. we do not KNOW that they DID access Travis’ computer, we only know they accessed his emails but they could have done that from the internet.

              • So if they accessed his e-mail account through a different computer, wouldn’t that still be illegal? Like tampering evidence? Shouldn’t they be held accountable for it?

                • Should be. But that’s not a new outrage – we’ve known for over a year now that CASH went into TA’s emails and the Mesa PD did nothing about it when they found out.

            • Why didn’t the MPD pin down their story of travel to Cancun? ( and Chris Hughes is calling Jodi a liar? Me thinks he protesteth too much.)
              What gave them the right to access Travis’ emails after learning of his death? or was it after?

              Something with Chris Hughes just doesn’t pass the smell test, IMHO.

      • MPD, yes – that would be Mesa Police Department. But Maja referenced MPG – Miss Pajama Girl, who posits that Travis was taken from his home on the 4th, tortured and killed elsewhere and then returned to his home.

      • Cindy,

        Did you ever hear of Miss Pajama Girl? If not, she has a blog at and it is VERY interesting! She is a forensic analyst and she describes what happened to TA, which I agree with and I have since day one, even before I saw her blog! She also has two more professional forensic analysts who are willing to testify, probono, at Jodi’s appeal!!! 🙂

        • Yes, Cindy it is a really good blog to read!! There are so many ways to look at this horrible situation but what I do know JODIA ARIAS is INNOCENT!!! (((((JODI)))))

            • Well, if you read from MPG you will see he might not have even been shot. I just have so many questions about ALL OF IT!!! Someone set Jodi up IMO. 🙁

              • R. Love,

                I was just thinking this morning that TA could have voluntarily taken his “Blood Atonement” because in the following research from:


                it says that; “Referring to the possibility of any believer in the congregation committing a serious sin, Young continued:

                “…suppose that he is overtaken in a gross fault, that he has committed a sin that he knows will deprive him of that exaltation which he desires, and that he cannot attain to it without the shedding of his blood, and also knows that by having his blood shed he will atone for that sin, and be saved and exalted with the Gods, is there a man or woman in this house but what would say, ‘shed my blood that I may be saved and exalted with the Gods’ ?”

                So, some where I read that TA was doing a “protection endowment” (whatever that is) when Jodi arrived and maybe he called her to stop by to see him so HE could set her up as the “scapegoat” for his blood atonement killing, which he knew was going to take place since he volunteered for it??? This, of course, is hypothetical but could have very well taken place & been true! Also, maybe others, like roommates, Mimi Hall, Hughes, Dave Hall also knew what took place since they are all Mormons???

                • I honestly don’t buy into conspiracy. I try to look at the evidence. But Damn this.whole case is built on conspiracy theories.

                  I’m going back down that dark road. Perhaps uncle Travis did something to one of H. boy’s. I know I sure and hell would want to kill someone over that. Perhaps they didn’t know that Jodi was even there but perhaps they did.

                • Flores, the Mormon, might have sought to cover his own butt in this whole matter by saying in his police report – which wasn’t finalized until after Jodi’s arrest, that his first thought upon seeing TA’s body in the shower, his injuries, was that this might be a suicide.

                  Mind you, he walked through that horrific scene before he saw the body, and his mind – based on HIS EXPERIENCE – went FIRST to SUICIDE.

                • I go by evidence too, like “slit throat” from ear to ear (fact), cup in shower (fact), sacred underwear & bedclothes in washer *(fact), Mormon Blood Atonement killing rituals! Hmmmmm??? The evidence is what brings me to my conclusion!

                • Maja, the only part that doesn’t quite fit for me is the chest wound – anyone with INTENT to stab someone in the HEART would stab to the left of the breastbone, not the right.

                • Marja, I am torn between what I believe but you have many good points and if Travis was the devout Mormon that everyone claimed I could see him doing the ritual. Of course others would have had to participate in the ritual so that might be how everything got so mixed up at the crime scene. And, I would put nothing past Travis. . .he might have very well intended on Jodi getting the blame for all of this. He has proven to be a devious, two faced and sick individual to me. If he could not have Jodi then he would see that no one would. He knew he wasn’t going to marry her but he did not want her to have a life without him controlling it. I just know Jodi is innocent! SMH

              • For me it’s not that I have to believe that Jodi didn’t do that it. I didn’t hear about any of this until the 1st. day of the trial. So I had no preconceived notions either way. After a week or two something just same right. None of the evidence leading to Jodi makes any sense. I’m not even sure that self defense was the way to go. I think that in the early days that the DT didn’t believe Jodi’s story about the two intruders. I think it’s plausible. IMO it sure makes more since then Jodi doing everything she is accused of. Even if she was fighting for her life she would never walk away with just a few cut marks. Travis was fighting for his life also I think they both would have been dead.

                • I agree with you, Cindy, because it’s not that I have to believe Jodi didn’t do it either! I am fine with she did it in self defense if that is what actually took place but it’s just that I, personally, don’t believe that’s what took place!

                  I didn’t have any preconceived notions either way either because I, too, didn’t hear about any of this until the first day of the trial! I just started researching, on my own, about different things I’d hear during the trial because I thought I did not agree with statements from the media! That is why I did my own research and at first I wondered if something was wrong with me since I did not go along with media until I came across JAII and then I thought, ah haw, it’s NOT just me!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

              • Journee,

                That’s interesting! I forgot about that one but doesn’t Edgar mention the “heart plunge” in all his posts? I’ll have to research on that one! Good point!!! Thanks! 🙂

                • Yes, plunge to the heart is specified for the ritual. Travis’ chest wound was just as fatal but slower, because the wound was to the right of the para-midline, perforating the superior vena cava. I think it would probably take a surgeon to aim for that – the heart is much larger and would have been an easier target, don’t you think?

                • Yeah, Journee, you’re probably right since the heart is much larger so an easier target! I can’t figure this one out yet but when I research on it , I can’t find a description on specifically the heart plunge – just the others! SMH!!!

                • Try searching for the endowment ritual – the sealing to the temple. These same three injuries – throat, heart, bowels – are part of the oath. The initiates vow to do these things to themselves rather than betray their their church, or some such nonsense.

                • Not to be a wet blanket, but, as I’ve said before, I don’t see how any “blood atonement” scenario is remotely consistent with Jodi’s trial testimony — which I believe was true to the best of her recollection.

                • None of this would go along with what Jodi has testified to. But Flores, I think, put so many ideas into her head of what happened. I believe she really had no memory after she dropped the camera. . .things went blank until she was in her car miles away. There is reasonable doubt everywhere in this case and for Jodi to be fighting for her life once again is a tragedy. Was it a blood atonement ritual, was it a abusive attack from Travis and simply self defense, was it a furious husband, boyfriend or brother of some other girl who he had hurt come to do him in. . .I mean really we could go on and on with ideas of what happened to Travis Alexander. REASONABLE DOUBT everywhere. And if the Frog had not tampered with the evidence someone might have actually been able to prove what happened but unfortunately the Frog was on a different road than the one to Justice, he has been on a road to self promote himself and cash in on it. Gosh, I believe he might just get his wish. No one will ever forget the Prosecutor and Detective who totally botched this whole tragedy up!!!! Jodi is INNOCENT!

              • Yes, Ms pajama girl says TA might not have been shot at all. The entry wound was faked. Edgar Longenecker has been insisting all along that Jodi never shot a gun, proven by no gun powder evidence!

                • In the handprint, you mean?

                  That doesn’t mean anything, though. The handprint could have been left at any time. Despite what Flores said to Jodi and what JM said to the jury, the forensics lab witness, Lisa Perry, said the hand print was NOT in blood, There was a mixture of Jodi’s DNA and Travis’ (more of Jodi’s) but there was NO blood – and therefore nothing whatsoever to connect it to the day of Travis’ death.

        • I just read Ms PJ girls page. I had read it before but not since last year.
          A couple things stick out for me:
          Her comments about the blood spatter. Yes it seems the scene was bloody but she says not bloody enough. I agree. Most of the blood was on the floor. Nothing on the walls except a little bit near the mirror.
          Also the large bulge on TA’s neck, that was never explained.
          Which leads me to something else I have wondered about over and over, how did Jodi get out of that house without leaving more blood evidence on her way out? There was, IIRC, a spot on the washer or dryer and maybe one small spot in the downstairs bathroom. That’s it?
          Keep in mind, when she left the house by 6pm it was still daylight.
          Were the neighbors EVER interviewed at all?
          Was anyone outside watering their lawn, kids on bikes, anyone outside when she supposedly left his house, in broad daylight? Did she burn rubber down the street or drive off quietly?
          I am conflicted back and forth if she did it, or was framed.
          The lack of wounds on her body speaks volumes, and also what Ms PJ girl said, Travis had very few defensive wounds other than a few on his hands.
          Also the lack of bugs issue.
          So many questions that have not been answered.
          The whole roommate smell thing is a big one too.
          I reconstructed the floor plan to T’s house with the ground floor on one sheet of paper and an overlay on top, using tracing paper, of the 2nd floor. I did this with crime scene photos, exterior photos and various pictures of the house I found online. The body would have been directly over the garage area. very close to the laundry room. Yes, the house was big, but it was a 2 story house, not a one story and the roommates rooms were NOT THAT FAR away from his room! In fact one of them, Enrique, shared a wall with Travis’ room. When you ascend the stairs to the 2nd floor, you pass directly by the hall in T’s room, not far from the shower area.
          IIRC the garage was an entry way into the house via the laundry room, with a key code panel.
          IIRC this is how the friends entered the house the night he was found. Was that a normal point of entry into the house for the roommates?
          I have so many other questions but this is what’s on my mind right now.

          • The lack of smell and roommates not finding him has always bothered me. I’ve been close to many dead animals and in 2-3 days, they stink a 100 yards away. That body was likely removed and brought back or killed elsewhere. With those wounds and him bleeding out, there would have been a lot more blood in the house.

            • Mandy,
              Once there was a death smell in my kitchen and I could not figure out what it was. Well after searching high and low, I found it. It was one single, solitary potato that had fell out of the bag and was rotting. It took me DAYS to get rid of the stank. These idiot roommates were either dirty people that were not bothered by a stench or there’s a sinister reason why they ignored the smell.

  7. Great job by Neumeister yesterday! The only thing I wish he would’ve asked JM was – ” Mr. Martinez…do you have a problem with your memory? ”

    I for one predict that this whole penalty retrial debacle will be halted by an emergency relief from the higher courts. Jodi was convicted on BAD EVIDENCE from a BOTCHED, SHODDY INVESTIGATION! JM has been proven to be lying about the porn on TA’s computer, yet he had the nerve to label Jodi as a liar based on Melendez not finding any on the PC. Destruction of evidence constitutes gross misconduct, and Jodi should have a whole new trial and be allowed to present a true, complete defense.

    • Herbie, I totally agree. But we all know that AZ and especially Maricopa County dances to the beat of a different drummer.

      Thing is that this is major because of the publicity of this trial, so it’ll be really hard almost impossible for the higher courts to turn a blind eye!

      And let’s not forget that martinez has been caught in previous cases engaging in prosecutorial misconduct and the Supreme Court had their eye on him already! IMO, he is going to get suspended or (hoping) disbarred! That would be his Karma for ruining so many people and their families lives!

      • The question is, When are they going to step in and do something? Are they going to wait until the verdict is read? This trial needs to stop now!! I know it’s delusional for me to think that way.

        • Things will proceed forward unless and until a higher court steps in and agrees with KN’s motions to dismiss. However, I believe that JSS and the Maricopa County DA (not JM but his boss) see the handwriting on the wall on this case now. It has been fatally flawed due to mishandling of vital evidence – TA’s computer (and probably a lot of other evidence) They are probably meeting as we speak to try to figure a way out of this without a complete nuclear meltdown of their case. They are probably considering taking the DP off the table to try to entice Jodi and her attorneys to make a “deal” in return for no appeals. This will NEVER happen now. It is almost a guarantee that this case will be overturned on appeal and Jodi will receive a new trial or an outright exoneration due to violating Jodi’s constitutional rights. All exculpatory evidence must be turned over to the defense and if it is not (whether by incompetence or by misconduct of the prosecutor’s office) there must be a remedy. The higher court will have no choice but to overturn the verdict and must allow Jodi to receive a fair trial will all evidence presented to a jury. Or they may feel it is so egregious that they exonerate Jodi and set her free as a remedy. It’s all good for Jodi 🙂

    • I agree with throwing out the conviction but I think it should be with prejudice because the evidence is now destroyed and who knows what else with it. Also, they took after Jodi straight away and never did a real investigation. Then with Flores’ wife making her hate video and portraying her husband as the “hero”, how is the jury pool not tainted?

      • I hope so too!!! It is always a please-pass-the-popcorn moment when the frog goes on one of his infamous childish tantrums. Hell yeah I wanna watch it!

    • Me too. I’m hoping for some nice shots of the Alexander family, especially smug little “I’m privy to things you don’t know” Samantha.

      • She’ll be rolling her eyes like it’s going out of style! I hope she dedicates one of those ‘eye-rolling’ moments to me. It’s only fair! I made her famous: “Rolling eyes the samantha way” !

        And lets not forget about the crocodile tears.

      • Yes Samantha, there was a virus on your brother’s computer. But that’s not all. And Thank You Samantha for insisting on this retrial of the penalty phase. If it weren’t for your vengence and blood lust, this information may never have come out and your brother would have gotten away with murder.

        Also, by prosecurtors not finding the porn and the c porn or brushing it to the side, they missed opportunities to investigate real criminals. Are there any missing children in the Mesa area where Travis lived?

        Does Chris Hughes have any complaints against him for improper behavior towards women or children?

        This Hughes stuff is just not sitting well in my Spirit. I think it needs further investigation.

        • I have always found it ODD that his family is not interested in finding out the real truth. They have profited greatly from his death. They have found very lucrative ways to keep milking their brother even from the grave. They were not the loving caring family as they have been presented by the media. Would you not think they would want to know who really killed him. Could that be why Tanisha is afraid to take a shower. . .she knows the real murders are still not locked up? Wonder how they like the Hughes couple cashing in on their brother . . .are they all in competition on who can profit the most off of his death? Sorry, these things bother me.

          • I agree R. Love
            It bothers me all of the time. I have found them all to be very strange people.
            I know I would want to find out the truth. I guess they really don’t care.
            They’re getting all of this publicity and eating it up. Talk about blood money.
            There way too many people that knew the truth, Jodi could have been in prison for life or
            on death row. CAN YOU BELIEVE???
            Absolutely disgusting outrageous and IMO, all that knew and kept quiet should be in prison at least for as long as Jodi has been locked up times 2.

            If they don’t get this right a lot of people are going to have hell to pay and I hope all of those on HLN should be fired. IMO, they knew the truth.
            Tanisha may fear that the murderers are out there, plus I hope she lives in fear for the rest of her life. That’s what they all deserve.

            • The Alexanders are in total denial. I’d suggest they spend those millions of dollars from donations not on boats, Disneyland trips and Mexican maids but on hiring a good SHRINK.

  8. I couldn’t help myself, I had to go peek at what the haters were saying. First they spent a lot of time discussing Jodi’s striped wardrobe, using it as a way to further ridicule her. Then they moved into minimizing this porn issue as best they could. I also saw a debate on whether Judge Stephens has the “hots” for Jodi since she seems so biased in her favor. (WTF? What trial have they been watching?) I haven’t been back but I suspect they are now similarly accusing Neumeister of being in love with Jodi because he shook her hand.

    • Oh I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of that one. I’m sure the frog will try to use that one. Oh wait Hummmmm perhaps not due to the fact that he isn’t performing in front of the jury.

      • So, lemme count:
        1) Dr Samuels had the hots for Jodi
        2) ALV had the hots for Jodi
        3) Judge Stephens has the hots for Jodi (every time she is remotely fair to the defense team
        4) Neumeister has the hots for Jodi
        5) I’ve seen memes where they claim MDLR even has the hots for Jodi

        am I missing someone????

        So, if this woman is such a powerful witch, able to mezmerize the hell out of everyone near her, how come she hasn’t bewitched her way out of jail? Why is the frog unaffected by her unearthly charms?

        • I think it’s assumed that we all have the hots for Jodi too.

          But see Marja’s post way down below about cheaters – perhaps the same applies here.

        • Maria
          M. Kieffer is also in love with Jodi. There’s a discussion going on right now on the kooks site about where their hands were during the interview he did with her last year.
          I cant help but LMAO at how sad all of these individuals are. Their whole life is riding on Jodi getting the DP. If we are lucky, maybe they will all drink some of the Jonestown flavor (kool) aid after Jodi is set free so as to join up with TA .

        • I guess Jodi is so awesomely alluring that JM had to check with Flores to see if he had sex with her, just to get it on the record that EF was still on his team – oh the enchantment!

    • Justifying any sort of child, tween or teen porn is plain sick! I really feel bad for their children! People that don’t think underage porn is not a ‘big thing’ are unethical and have no morals! They are as bad as the pedophile himself!

      As I have previously said: CHILDREN ARE OFF LIMITS mf’s!

  9. Well now that my mind has gone to the dark side..haha I have to go. Everyone have a great night/day.

    Jodi I pray that you are given strength to hang in there. You will be vindicated soon.

  10. If Travis had child porn on his computer, the prosecution is in HUGE trouble. Because this wouldn’t be heresay or someone making up unsubstantiated claims about one’s activity on a computer. All of that information can be documented and that stuff wouldn’t have gotten onto Travis’s computer by osmosis.

    I only wish that Travis Alexander was still alive so that he would have to face the criminal justice system and the courts for his actions. From what I hear, most prisoners don’t take too kindly to guys who are pedophiles. Had he lived, Travis probably would have wished he was dead rather than go to prison and face their wrath.

    • It’s a start, I suppose, and we’ve gotta start somewhere. But I’d hardly call 10 days in jail and 500 hours of community service a “meaningful punishment” for robbing a man of 25 years of his life.

      • I agree with you Journee. Did you read the part about 25% of all arizona cases are wrongful convictions? I am wondering just how many of that 25% belong to Martinez as prosecuting attorney.

      • I say that if a prosecutor is dirty and puts an innocent person in prison, when it is found out, then the dirty prosecutor gets the sentance of the person that was innocent that they wrongfully convicted. ie 25 years for a 25 year sentance. Death for a death sentance. There is nothing more damaging to people and to our society that corrupt people in positions of power.

        So Martinez and Flores should get a minimum of life without parole or the death penalty because that is what they were seeking for Jodi and put her and HER INNOCENT FAMILY through all of that.

        And Samantha, she’s going to hell unless she repents of Mormonism and her evil and accepts the real Jesus as her Lord and Savior. But if she gets into an auto accident on her way to court and dies, she will go to where her brother Travis is HELL!

    • martinez, the travibans, the pedo-huggers are going to absolutely try and put the blame on the defense team, on Jodi, on the expert witnesses, on global warming but I guess it would be more plausible if they went ahead and blamed it on the boogie!

      All those to hurry and say that Mr. Bryan Neumeister’s testimony was bogus should probably take a moment before pounding their keyboards trying to justify the unjustifiable.

      When all you ‘know-it-alls’ show us your certificates, credentials and professional experience of 30+ yrs in computer forensics, then you can state your opinion. Until then: I suggest you shut your pieholes!

      • JFYI:

        Norbert Bryan Neumeister – Short CV
        2 USA Forensic Labs: Scottsdale & New River, Arizona
        Certified Audio & Video Forensic Expert
        COURT CERTIFIED: Military, Federal, State, Civil & Aviation
        United States District Courts: Technical Expert Contractor
        United States Department of Justice: Technical Expert Contractor
        United States Grand Jury System: Technical Expert Contractor
        Audio Engineering Society
        American College of Forensic Examiners
        American College of Forensic Examiners International
        American Board of Recorded Evidence Standards
        Professional Beta Testers for leading Forensic Software & Hardware Scientists / Manufacturers
        Restoration of Damaged Audio & Video-
        Restoration of Damaged Hard Drives and Lost Data-

        Legal & Technical:
        33 Years Professional Experience
        Professional Audio & Video Enhancement
        Federal & State Government Agencies
        Law Enforcement Agencies
        US Military – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines & Coast Guard
        Department of Defense (classified & non-classified)
        Beta Tester for Various Forensic Systems Manufacturers
        Published: “High Tech High Stakes” – (topic Audio and Video Analysis)
        United States District Court system: Forensic Consultant
        United States Grand Jury system: Forensic Consultant
        Federal, State, Aviation and Civil Law cases – Court Certified Technical Expert
        State of the Art Studio. Over 55 Computers & Processors
        State of the Art HD Video and Audio Gear.
        Gear and Software Upgraded Continuously
        3D Sonograph, Spectrograph, HD Video & 192kHz – 64 bit Audio
        Current contractor for the FBI – special technical assignments
        Current: D.O.E. Military Forensic High Speed Video Expert
        Current: US Department of Justice Audio/Video expert
        Have worked in 23 Countries as a Technical Expert

        Over 200+ Forensic Legal Cases in the past 36 months:
        Non-Military court cases include:
        RICO, Murder, Murder for Hire, Fraud, Robbery, Armed Robbery, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Arson, Kidnapping, Bank Robbery, DUI, DWI, Civil Cases

        Largest Federal Cases:
        US Government vs. Charles Keating – Retained as Video Expert
        US Grand Jury: The Hope Steffy case – Video Expert
        US Government vs. Charles Keating III – Retained as Video expert
        US Federal Government vs. State of AZ. – King Case as Video expert
        Currently: Department of Justice , US Military C.I.D. Forensic, Jodi Arias trial : Audio & Photo Forensic Expert — Current Case load includes 22 active Homicides …

        JUST SAYIN…

    • Hey there Vicky! I do sleep! LOL! I have a very old dog that is paralyzed and needs my attention 24/7 for everything (food, peeing, pooping, changing the bandages on his sores, etc.) so I sleep weird hours and usually take long naps. BUT I am not complaining: He’s been with me for 19 yrs, can’t turn away on him now that he needs me.

      People tell me to ‘put him to sleep’ but as I have stated I am against the Death Penalty and as long as he is not suffering from some illness I will take care of him until it’s his time to go. WTF? We don’t put to sleep old people because they are old, why do it to our pets?

      ((((My dog: Bobber)))) ♥

      • Oh Pandora, how I wish people would feel the same was you do about their fur children. I know that in my family all animals are part of our extended family. I have been designated the fur children sitter. LOL.

      • God Bless you ((Pandora & your dog Bobber)), & your loving care for him.
        …One day, no rush, all of us who support the total innocence of Jodi, & Jodi herself, & her entire family, will be welcome through the Gates of Heaven, including all of our precious pets.
        …And, including all of Jodi’s precious pet dogs & cats in her early life & in her future life in her freedom. …Her exoneration is long overdue. …

      • Pandora, sounds like he is a small dog if he’s 19, so maybe you carry him around with you. Very touching. ((((Pandora and Bobber))))

  11. Monica’s evil twin or the real Monica?

    Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · Nov 21
    No jury today so #JodiArias gets to wear her favorite stripes, soon it will be bright orange

    • Whoever Monica is, she is just stupid. Compare her credentials to those of expert Bryan Neumeister. I bet Monica didn’t finish high school.

      Wonder what Flores” skanky wife thinks of her wannabe “hero” now?

      • Mandy,

        Unfortunately, she is a former attorney who should know better.
        Monica Linstrom: Legal analyst/TV personality/KTAR radio host, former prosecutor/defense atty, wife, mommy 2 boys, sister to teen brother, iced soy chai and barre lover

    • Jodi could wear a sack and look gorgeous! But as we said: some women can’t get past her beauty and try and humiliate her with low blows.

  12. Mike Watkiss ‏@mikewatkiss3tv • 3m3 minutes ago
    Def Computer Expert says lots of “Girl”-lots of “Teens”-lots of “Slut” hits on TA’s computers #JodiArias #3TVArias

    Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial • 3m3 minutes ago
    B refers to the word “girls” as a search term heavily prevalent on TA’s comp.

    • Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ • 3m3 minutes ago
      Expert says some files too vile to pull up. Lot’s of teen porn, slut was in there a lot #jodiarias #3tvarias
      #TravisAlexander #abc15 #JuanMartinez

      Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial • 4m4 minutes ago
      B won’t disclose the names of the websites bc he says “they’re so vile.” He’s provided copies of the URLs to the judge. #jodiarias

      This doesn’t sound like your regular “legal” type porn to me.

  13. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 7h 7 hours ago
    I did not see Bryan Neumeister shake Jodi Arias’ hand. If he did, so what? She hired him. People have strange ideas of what the rules are.

  14. MaryEllen Resendez ‏@maryellenabc15 · 3m3 minutes ago
    #JodiArias over retrial:She is ready 4 this part to be over & she is ready 2move forward to the appeal process – Dorian Bond, PI #abc15

  15. This is Jodi’s private eye (Dorian Bond) doing these interviews, isn’t it? He was on HLN a while back. Not sure why he’s granting interviews at this time.

    MaryEllen Resendez @maryellenabc15
    · 5m 5 minutes ago
    #JodiArias PI: Appeal may incl. Atty Kirk Nurmi “She tried 2fire him. She felt that her grounds were valid & she felt the Judge ignored her”

    MaryEllen Resendez @maryellenabc15
    · 9m 9 minutes ago
    #JodiArias PI D.Bond:When its time 2go She’s ‘CU later like she’s going bk 2 gardening or something & she’s going bk 2 Sheriff Joe’s Dungeon

    MaryEllen Resendez @maryellenabc15
    · 12m 12 minutes ago
    #JodiArias Private Investigator Dorian Bond:Usually when I c her she’s happy 2c me &wants 2 talk.” #abc15 @ 5p & 10p

    MaryEllen Resendez @maryellenabc15
    · 20m 20 minutes ago
    Why is #JodiArias feeling upbeat abt her appeal? #abc15 talks w/her private investigator Dorian Bond. Story 2post

  16. Hah –

    I was just reading Schofield’s twitter page. One of her followers insists that Nurmi sounds just like Kevin Costner. Beats the hell out of sounding like a muppet!

  17. Fucking Sheriff Joe Arpaio – bastard

    Suzanne Vixen ‏@vixenworlds 8h8 hours ago

    Just learned that Jodi Arias is on one-week restriction for giving food to another inmate who was hungry and had no food.

    • What a son of a bitch. You know, he’s an elected official. I don’t know what the f#@k is wrong with the voters here in Maricopa County. They keep putting this f#*khead in office because he’s a novelty. They think he’s funny. I’ve had people tell me they vote for this guy because they think it’s cool to have a sheriff like him. They say it gets this state noticed by the rest of the country. Yep, sure does! We are a laughing stock – a big joke to the rest of the country. That’s getting noticed alright! I am of the opinion that Arizona’s voters are among the stupidest people in the world. You wonder why our courts and justice system are so fucked up? Why this state is dead last in the U.S. in funding for education, why 1 in 3 homeless people in this state are children under the age of 18, why we have the death penalty, why our jails are WAY overcrowded, why our housing market is among the worst in the country, why our state parks and monuments are falling apart, why employee wages here are near the bottom of all the 50 states? I could go on but I’m getting tired. I don’t wonder why, I know why things are the way they are here. This is all a direct reflection of who these dimwits are putting in office. This is a beautiful state but the people who run it aren’t worth a shit! That includes you, Joe, you no good asshole!

      • Jeff, he can’t live forever. Unfortunately Arizona has the most retired population. But the generation of spare the rod spoil the child mentality is giving way to the new generation of retirees such as myself who believe in “you don’t fight violence with violence. I do believe that if you do the crime you should do the time. There has to be some form of punishment. But teaching people like animals it’s not the way to rehabilitate.

      • I agree, I can not stand him either.
        No, Cindy unfortunately, mean people live forever.
        He thinks he’s funny. I think he’s a joke.

    • She also got in trouble because she gave this same inmate shampoo and soap to clean up.

      It’s beyond me why a human being would be punished for helping out another human being that has no money at all to purchase the basics.

      I personally say MORE POWER TO YOU JODI!!! Jodi remain just the way you are! Don’t let mean and evil people change your kind heart!

      And before all the clowns start bashing Jodi, keep this in mind: I hope everyone of you that dares to say that Jodi acted badly gets into a troubled situation where you don’t have enough money to eat or wash yourself and everyone turns their backs on you! How would you feel being DIRTY and HUNGRY?

    • I’m not buying this.

      Why would the inmate have no food? Doesn’t every inmate get fed? I know the food is gross, but doesn’t everyone get the same food?

      • Good morning Journee I have to agree with you on this one. The only thing that came to mind was the other prisoner was being being punished for some reason….But then I thought how the hell could Jodi have given another inmate food???

        • Isn’t their punishment that they only get a piece of bread if they are “bad”?? I seem to recall seeing that as one of Sheriff Joe’s punishments.

        • Wonder if Jodi is allowed to mingle or have one meal a day with the others during that one hour out of the cell. Also, food sensitivities, AKA allergies, are very common and very often not actually diagnosed, while a food is simply avoided because of past experience. It’s possible that one of the inmates had to forgo some of the fixin’s that day and needed a substitution.

    • MY ASS!
      What’s she restricted from????
      Being a good unselfish sweet person get’s you restricted?
      I can not stand that man!!!!!

  18. Dear SJ,
    Thank you SO much for the recap of yesterday’s hearing and also for the news videos that are available to us here. It has helped me feel like I am finally out of the “not hearing any news” capsule I have been living in for so long. I believe this hearing is monumental. Justice will prevail for Jodi…I just feel it. She has already paid enough for something she should not have been convicted of in the first place. The fact that TA certainly DID have serious secret issues of which Jodi had knowledge gives him absolute motive to attack Jodi…it may even be possible that HE planned on permanently silencing the primary witness to his deviance.

    • SJ,
      I want to thank you too.
      This is the only place I could find. I quit watching HLN and the rest.
      All just mean people already convicting Jodi and no one to defend Jodi.
      Just made my blood pressure go up.
      It’s been so refreshing to find your website for Jodi.
      THANK YOU : )

      • Hi Dorothy & Aly!

        Thanks for your comments. My advice to everyone would be to steer well clear of any hater or pedo-hugger sites or comments… bypass them… do not waste your valuable time reading any of them either. Don’t let yourself descend to their very low level… because it serves no useful purpose.

        WE ARE TEAM JODI – AND (you know the rest…)

        Team Jodi #WINNING

        • SJ,
          Good advice.
          I stopped watching HLN for that reason and I
          know anywhere on the internet would be just more hateful
          if possible than HLN.
          Looks like people enjoy being mean.
          My daughter saw a bumper sticker that said
          “Mean People Suck!!
          I agree, plus they’re contagious.

        • I will admit I read what they say a lot, mostly for entertainment or when I need a good laugh.
          But you’re right, it serves NO purpose, especially now that the ship is sinking. The rats are refusing to jump ship, they are hanging on to the very last shred of virginal St. Travis they have left.

            • I know people like that because of shows like HLN, feel it’s ok to act just like them and it’s brutal. I do feel sick too, honestly. They want you to think and act like them.
              Have you ever heard anyone call in with an intelligent comment and NG went off of her rocker. She yells at her crew, put the picture up, then down, then back up.
              Damn, I was watching it a long time ago and a man that was a quest told her “this show is a joke and before she yelled pull his plug, he was already gone. LMAO!!!!!!!
              Once she even stuck her tongue out and put her fingers in her ears like 2 year olds used to do. How she’s still on I’ll never know.
              AND realy is Dr. Drew’s name Dr. Pinhead?
              Well, he was born with right name. They need to take DR. OFF. He’s sick along with all of the rest. : )

              • I stopped watching HLN back in Feb of 2013. As much as the screwballs try to rile me up, whether on twitter or facebook, I always respond kindly and let them know they are being blocked in the sweetest way possible 🙂

    • What dark side site did you visit, Cindy?

      I’ve been poking around, looking for hater commentary at publications that reported on Friday’s developments in court, but I ONLY FOUND KIEFER’s article (zippo, nothin, nada from any or all of the publications so invested in the crucifixion of Jodi Arias) and the only commentary was from a couple of Jodi supporters.

      • I 109 justice for Travis just read a few things. That’s as far as I’m going. No one said they should investigate Jodi sister because they think she’s probably in on it too.

        Oh I to the MPD girl site…WOW is all I can say.

    • I know, Cindy. I took a look at “State vs Jodi Arias” on FB. There isn’t even one intelligent remark among the 40 or 50 posts I read. It’s just one long list of mean one-line snarky remarks about Jodi, each trying to be more clever (and more hateful) than the last. I don’t even think ignorance can describe that mentality. These are sick sick people.

  19. Vladimir Gagic ‏@vlga · 1h1 hour ago  Phoenix, AZ
    If true #JodiArias prosecution destroyed evidence, they shouldn’t just lose the case; they should lose their freedom for a stretch in DOC.

    Note: Vladimir Gagic is criminal defense lawyer.

    • This tweet from the hearing:

      Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 20s 20 seconds ago

      Sounds like at least three phones were missing cards. A video camera was smashed, but Neumeister was able to extract videos.

      …is interesting. Jodi’s phone from the road trip would have been confiscated by that time, but not the one that was still in Grandpa’s truck.

      • you say:

        ” Jodi’s phone from the road trip would have been confiscated by that time ”

        by *what* time? Am I missing some date referenced when Neumeister received these items? The only date I am finding any reference to is “the day before the trial started” as the day when BN finally received the laptop. And I gather from other cumulative data that he meant the day before the retrial started.

        • .I was thinking the very same thing Journee.

          I want to pick your amazing memory. Travis wanted jodi to come to me that before going to Utah. Was that a phone conversation or a text conversation? Also that slug Burns character, isn’t he SH”s cousin?

          • To your first question – I don’t recall that we ever saw any text or chat of Travis saying he wanted her to come to Mesa. If there’d been written proof of it, we would have seen it. So I’m gonna say it was in one or more phone conversations, unless I missed something big.

            To your second question, if I remember correctly it was Sky’s brother, Zion, who encouraged Ryan to call Jodi.

            • I think I remember now. The conversation they had about TA coming to visit her after his Cancun trip and her trip to Utah. I don’t know if itwas Just JJodi’s words or there was proof of this conversation. Oh free it was most likely in one of the phone cards that was missing.

              Now I remember…I knew SH had something to do with it.


        • I thought that the state has alleged that they never actually “had” Jodi’s “Grandpa’s truck” cellphone. So if BN is getting electronic items one day before the trial started, isn’t he seeing what was shown to MS and GP on that June 19, ’09 visit to Evidence when they viewed electronic items that were, according to MS, brought in “in waves”?

          • Yes, I know JM’s been trying to ‘testify’ to that this time around – totally improper if you ask me, and the first I’d heard that they never got to examine that phone.

            Neumeister DID have that phone at one point, though, because he’s the one brought in at an evidentiary hearing to introduce the recorded phone call.

            It’s so hard to know what’s going on in that courtroom when we don’t get to watch it. I suppose it’s probably true that the electronics BN finally received were the ones viewed on Jun 19, ’08. Obviously incomplete, though, if the phones were missing their data cards. I mean, where’d we get all those thousands of text messages if the phones had no data cards?

            • phones have internal data storage too,that is/can/was used before data card storage especially in ’08 fewer phones used removable micro sd storage

              • Probably true – but assuming Neumeister knew what he was talking about, these phones were lacking whatever it was that he needed to get any useful information from them.

              • That was a Helio phone, given to Jodi by Gus, (which later had the recordings), and it would have been given to her in ’08. I think it was brand new then.

                • O.K. I have a Helio phone from ’08 and it does have an sd card slot. I never had an sd card back then, so while an sd card was not necessary to save texts, there could have been a missing sd card that could be important.

                • But the Helio was the one with the recorded phone call, the one that was lost until 2010…. so not on the table Jun 19 of 2009, and probably not in the collection of phones BN was referring to as missing their cards.

            • Yep, twitter is a big hurdle to overcome for those of us outside the court room. (By the way I see johnm at 1:13pm had responded to my comment at 1:19pm before I even posted it.)

              IMHO, case should be dismissed immediately because of the prosecutor’s obvious incentive to apparently “testify” now as he swims upstream. (Not that he hasn’t been accused of same by defense before.) Even his conversation with MS could be seen as an attempt to prove that he was there when the computer was turned on; consider his questions of her about specific words that were spoken – now he has it on record that she has quoted HIS speech in that room on that day…fill in the blanks. (She did say that the computers were still on when they left.)

              Okay, here is another item I’ve wondered about. BN refers to a smashed “video camera” from which he was able to pull up some images. Seems he very well might not be referring to the infamous bedroom/bathroom “still” camera (with some video function), rather another camera whose principal function is video. As an electronics Expert, he would not refer to TA’s still camera that way, and his language about recovery does not match at all what has been repeatedly stated in court with respect to recovering “deleted” images from that still camera. Seems to be another video camera altogether, because TA’s camera was never actually “smashed” – it was fumbled in the bathroom, and dropped about two feet to the floor when JM open-handed it in court. It had damage to the shutter button before his stunt.

      • whichtrial?,
        It seems like so much of the State’s “evidence” has been altered, missing, destroyed, tampered with or of poor quality (e.g., crime scene pics look like they were taken with a $10 disposable camera). Plus, the investigation was !@#$%^& and the State’s witnesses changed their testimony or just lied. And, Martinez used speculation, innuendo, fairy tales and lies. Add biased media, a judge on her first DP trial & a defense lawyer who wanted to leave the case (several times). It’s just ONE BIG MESS.

        • Wouldn’t what BN looked at “one day before trial” have been what wouldn’t have been available to him before? When Jodi’s aunt found Jodi’s cellphone, the one that had the voice recordings on it, (in 2010) the card would still have been in it, and it was originally sent over to defense, as far as I know. So my question is – to be more specific – why would BN be looking at three phones at that point that were all missing cards?

          • Still not following you here, whichtrial –

            I’m sure the DT did not ASK for three phones that had no cards, that’s just the condition they were in when BN received them. I believe that he was, in his testimony, trying to make the point that all of the evidence finally surrendered to the DT for examination was damaged and/or incomplete.

        • Now why do you suppose the DT wanted to leave the case??? Have you seen a difference this time ??? I’m sorry but I get tired of all the bashing of KN. I have said it before and I know the a defense attorney is to serve their client. Impo and please remember I support Jodi with all my heart, she really needed to listen to her DT. I honestly think there was a conversation that took place that they were going to do their damndest to save her life.
          I do understand why Jodi didn’t trust anyone!!!

          On the humor side of all of this the frog most likely was investing in His glory when jodi was going to represent herself……..Thought it was a slam dunk… Well does froggy want to cry now??
          This is how it looks when you have a team that is working together….

          • Cindy, also interesting to note that on June 19, 2009, Jodi had already made a request for new counsel. Would EF and JM have known that MS and GP were on the way out when they provided those displays of evidence and turned on that laptop?

              • Cindy, I have no actual intel, but I sense that Jodi is okay with the defense team now and that, for reasons that remain obscure (to us), she was not fully in the loop as they were initially preparing for this retrial. When you consider, for example, all these electronic items that are (or should have been) in evidence in this case, coupled with the fact that Jodi has a good memory, it must have been frustrating indeed for her to try to convey information to her team about what those items held. The DT, in turn, had to have felt overwhelmed by her as a witness considering all of that potential data/imagery, especially since she would waive the fifth and be cross-examined on the stand.

  20. Occupy HLN ‏@occupyhln 1d1 day ago

    .@Momma_to_6 @JMartinezUpdate The only “miracle” in the #JodiArias case is how Juan was able to procede w/ all this misconduct & tampering

  21. Journee, I haven’t read all the comments here today, but did you see 48 Hours from last night? I am watching it online right now. It’s about a woman who says she was battered and she killed her husband. I just started watching it online.

    • Yes, I did watch it… still not sure how I feel about it. I didn’t get a good vibe off of her, but of course I wouldn’t convict her just based on that. We didn’t really get to see the evidence, so I don’t have enough info to form an opinion. Interesting that the judge first saw fit to encourage that manslaughter be an option for the jurors – like maybe he saw it as less than M1 – but then the sentencing was up to him and he swung the other way. I guess maybe he thought manslaughter should be added to insure a conviction of SOME kind.

      • I thought the announcer mentioned the nurse/suspect was on “blood thinners'” which would have affected her bruising immensely but they didn’t seem to follow up on that angle at all.

      • Me too Journee, I just couldn’t get a handle on it at all plus I just saw the last half of it. Also. thought I had missed the evidence. It was an interesting case though. Another sad one!

  22. Nov 21
    Chris Hughes will be joining Jen from @TrialDiariesJ for The Trial Hour on Mon. at 8p EST. Join in at http://TrialTalkLive.Com – #JodiArias

    BTW, It’s Jen’s birthday today. I’ve never watched/listened to her show but this one might be interesting. First of all, I heard Travis’s brother didn’t want Chris to do a book on Travis (or, at least not at this time). Second, how will Chris address all the porn on Travis’s computer especially the 11,600+++ hits for “Tween” sites. Third, will he try to distance himself from his “best friend,” T-Dogg (or T-Dog, T-Dawg). Four, will he sweat?

    Chris will be welcomed as a wonderful human being & friend and Jen will lob softball questions so he can trash Jodi.
    If Chris didn’t love the spotlight so much, he would be wise to pass on this show but I imagine he feels pretty safe in Jen’s company.

    • I’m sorry but I would not watch what CHRIS HUGHES has to say if you paid me ALL THE MONEY IN WORLD!!! I don’t want to see his face or hear his LIES ANYMORE!!! I’ve had ENOUGH of CHRIS/SKY HUGHES, FLORES, MARTINEZ, HORN AND ALL the HATERS!!! OH and also DAVE HALL!!!!

      They ALL make me want to PUKE!!!


      Jodi Arias needs to be FREED NOW, AZ!!!

      (((((SJ & ADMIN)))))

      (((((TEAM JODI)))))

  23. Interesting!!!

    I did not know that! ‏@DidNotKnowThatt 6m6 minutes ago

    Psychology fact: Cheaters tends to think everyone cheats. Liars tends to think that everyone lies. Keep this in mind.

  24. You’ve got to read this one!!! Very interesting!!! It talks about Chris Hughes and how PPL
    was instituted by the LDS church & under investigation by the Fed Gov for fraud & they dropped the charges after TA’s death!!!

    Pamela Valemont ‏@poet47 5m5 minutes ago


  25. About the Cancun trip?
    I had seen when this first started Dave Hall on JVM.
    He was talking about the ones that were are weren’t in Cancun.
    If I recall some of them heard something about Travis’s death and went on to Cancun anyway.
    I thought that was VERY strange and I can’t find that interview any where.
    Is he untouchable now?

  26. Hello All… Firstly, I must apologise for my upcoming question as I haven’t been able to chase updates, and details aren’t broadcast on news here in Aus. Would one of you be so kind as to explain the situation with the ‘anonymous witness’? It’s disappointing ‘judge’ Sherry hasn’t learned anything from her previous debacle…

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