Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #12 Reviewed

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Day 12 continued with the direct testimony of Dr Lucia Fonseca – prior to it being brought to a halt (just after the lunch break) due to an unspecified “emergency situation”.

Kirk Nurmi & Dr Lucia Fonseca - Jodi Arias retrial 11-17
Kirk Nurmi & Dr Lucia Fonseca – Jodi Arias retrial, 11-17
jodi arias 11-17
Jodi Arias & Jennifer Willmott, 11-17

Here’s a random selection of tweets from the morning session, starting with Kermit backtracking on his earlier “NO PORN” statement:

jodi arias retrial - martinez back tracking 11-17 t5

Here’s a selection of tweets from Dr Fonseca’s testimony:

jodi arias - dr fonseca testimony 11-17 t6

jodi arias - dr fonseca testimony 11-17 t1

jodi arias - dr fonseca testimony 11-17 t2

jodi arias - dr fonseca testimony 11-17 t3

jodi arias - dr fonseca testimony 11-17 t4

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Following on from the last tweet — here’s a comment we received a few days ago from SuziN:

“I have spent probably hundreds of hours studying this case, the relationship of Jodi and Travis, and the trial. Understand this : I am a 47 year old DEVOUT Mormon woman, born into the church, temple endowed, 27 year eternal (temple) marriage, seven children, even have a “high” calling – Relief Society president (LOL…for any who are in the church, these are some pretty huge “card carying” Mormon “credentials”). — Then I decided to just spend some introspective time, and through much pondering, meditation and even some prayer, to put this into perspective for me, I figured it out. TRAVIS ALEXANDER WAS A TERRIBLE PERSON! He was an absolute FRAUD, as far as “real” Mormons go. Sorry, he was. I am a faithful member of the church, Travis Alexander was as far away as one can get from being a faithful member of the church! What in the HELL does anyone see in this young man?? That he is a murder victim?? OK, that is horribly sad and awful, yes. What else?? HUH?? NOTHING GOOD!! He lived the life of a FRAUD, every second, every minute, every hour, every day. PERIOD.”

Click here to read the comment in full.

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Trial resumes again this Thursday (11/20) @ 9.30 am MST. I believe there’s also a hearing scheduled for Friday regarding the Motion to Dismiss & TA’s child porn hard drive stash.



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    Never question it.

    Never doubt it.

    Team Jodi #WINNING

    • Good morning SJ. I wonder how many more “fantasy” the frog has regarding the computer. It seems he had a very busy weekend. Well I guess he’s going to keep throwing out this B.S. with hopes that something sticks. The problem with a fantasy land is reality creeps in eventually.

      • Hi Cindy,

        I think we have to expect anything in this never-ending judicial farce. Kermit already changed his tune 3 times over TA’s hard drive… from “no porn”, to the defense “deleting it”, now he’s saying there was porn on there but it can’t be accessed because of a virus. The trial could be thrown out within a week from now, just as easily as it could run until next March.

        Team Jodi #WINNING

        • The defense deleting it is the funniest bit. They would have to be absolutely moronic to delete something that would help their case. No wonder Ms. Schaffer was “livid”.

            • Yes. Juan and his crazy ways. I’ve been reading over at the caseyanthonyisinnocent website and am finding it shocking in terms of how things were done in that case. It seems that lawyers are not allowed to scream and yell elsewhere. Heck even laughing behind their hands can put them at risk. Yet I get the feeling that when JM acts out the judge just thinks, “Oh that’s just Juan and his different ways”.

    • I never believed Jodi killed Travis. Even to this day I believe
      the first statement she made about his murder is the true
      statement of what occurred…
      Jodi said that people entered the house dressed as Ninjas
      and murdered Travis.
      She barely escaped with her life.
      Then I believe shock, fear, and realization of far reaching powers sunk in for her.
      She knew what she was up against !
      Now, many of you will find her statement unbelievable I know.
      But I started to research the Mormon faith after reading Travis’s
      MySpace page and seeing his posts and what they revealed about himself,
      his sexual preferences, his church, and the warnings he received by the Mormon Church to
      stop what they concluded were his deviate sexual practices. He had been warned….more than once.
      The Mormon Church and it’s community did not want this perceived satin of Alexander associated with them of their faith.
      I started some research into the Mormon Faith and it’s practices and teachings along with early
      established Mormon “Blood Atonement” which was implemented and carried out by it’s inner circle
      when a member(s) disgraced the Mormon Church and Community through what was viewed as
      unforgivable sin by Mormon hierarchy.

      “In 1958, Gustive O Larson, Professor of Church History at the Church’s Brigham Young University,
      acknowledged that Blood Atonement was actually practiced.

      I then read about Rasmos Anderson and the adultery he committed with his stepdaughter and his punishment being given of “Blood Atonement”.
      His wife was instructed to prepare a clean suit for him to be buried in. He was taken out to a grave
      dug by the “Bishop’s Council who then carried out his sentence. They cut his throat from ear to ear and held him over the grave to bleed out. When finished they then removed his clothes and buried him in the clean suit. They then took his bloody clothes and gave them to his wife to wash! (washed items were found in Alexander’s washer)
      This is all steeped in ritual….even to this day.

      But what really became of interest to me was a detailed event that was reported in the year of 1858
      and carried out against a Henry Jones…a Blood Atonement. “this evening persons disguised as Indians
      entered Henry Jones house and dragged him out of bed with a whore and castrated him by a square & close amputation” (On the Mormon Frontier; The Diary of Hosea Stout, Vol .2 page 653)
      So when the murder was discovered the blame would be put on America Indians

      Hosea Stout…”Disguised as Indians”
      Jodi Arias…”Dressed as Ninjas”

      • Very thought provoking. I know why the DT didn’t bring that up (giving a jury two possible options actually weakens a case); however I wish someone had mentioned it during the original trial.

        • AND WHY aren’t these put to death?
          Because they are high up in the religion??
          That shouldn’t be a reason.
          You know, lynn, I agree about it not being brought up in the first trial.
          Because someone thinks that they have the right in the name of “religion” to muder someone is just absolutely “insane”
          Jodi is just too smart to make up such a story. It had to be true.

      • Maggie,
        you’re so right. I don’t believe that Jodi made that story up. Why didn’t they follow
        up on that instead of making fun of everything she said?
        Plus I believe she wasn’t threatened in many other ways and fear for her family.
        MAYBE, the ones dressed up like Ninjas were the roommates.
        Some religions are good and some aren’t religions at all.
        More like an organization.
        Maybe some Mormons aren’t at all like the old strict type, but seems like the one they went
        to were like you said and read.
        I know there are different denominations, claim to be the same, but aren’t.
        Jodi did not cut his troat and try to clean it up with a cup.
        The cup meant something else?
        Does it say anything about that?
        WHY, if they’re Christians would they allow one of their’s to be accused of something that they did?
        That is NOT OK!!!
        They need to stay on the first story.
        THANKS for the post.
        Very intetesting.

          • Never have thought that myself Cindy,
            NO WAY and when asked by the jerk she said I don’t remember,
            or was it ‘I guess”
            Then he started yelling at her again, so he can get the jury to believe it, but I believe she was always protecting her family.

        • Aly

          Everything about the crime scene is symbolic, including the
          stab wounds to Alexander’s body.

          I’m not sure what connection the cup and it’s placement at
          the crime scene say symbolically , but I will try and research it for a clue.

          Something else to keep in mind is the influence a particular religious
          organization has in the state of Arizona…it is far reaching and has been for decades.

          • Thanks maggie,
            I did read where their blood is poured on the ground,
            Maybe with the cup?
            You know they were taught that if they did this to save their loved one and that is the only way that they can be forgivrn is just NUTS!!!!
            I’m sorry, but people need to think and believe for themselves or they could be in danger!!

      • maggie may,

        I, too, have always believed what Jodi told Det. Flores about the intruders! I have watched the Jodi Arias Unedited Police Interrogation Video 15, (see below) over and over again! Jodi is so genuine in her description to Det. Flores of what happened when these two intruders came in and she would genuinely weep, at times, while she was describing what happened!!!

        What makes me SO angry is the way Det. Flores responded to Jodi during the interrogation AND after!!! ESPECIALLY knowing now what we have learned about his and Martinez’s tampering with evidence on Travis Alexander’s computer!!!

        I have also done much research on the Mormon church and LDS and, YES, “Blood Atonement” is mentioned in many of the articles I have read, (see below for one of the articles that I read). (Police Interrogation Video 15)” (Blood Atonement)

        • Maja Liisa

          Thank You for those links.
          The information is enlightening.

          Keep in mind that a powerful organization
          is at work here and in their minds there is a great deal
          at stake that would paint them in a different light
          should Travis Alexander’s true personality and his
          preference for sex with under age children be exposed.

          From all the information I came upon it appears Travis was
          leading a double life and in direct conflict with Mormon teachings
          and rules. His “activity” was discovered and he was “counseled”
          and “warned” to stop. He obviously had no intention of stopping!
          As time went on he became an embarrassment to his Church and Community.

          To truly understand what has gone on here we must go back to the
          beginning and take a look at a man who wanted a life in the united states
          which included the ability to have multiple wives. This man founded the
          Mormon Faith. He did not find tolerance by our Government and it’s citizens, by rather
          a rebuke at his preferred lifestyle. He became an outcast of mainstream society
          and formed his own community with it’s own laws and hierarchy. In the end
          this became a cloistered group who was headed by a man who had a great
          deal of contempt for the United States and it’s laws.
          If one studies this man and his teachings it becomes clear he had a skewed
          view of morality, religion, and punishment. You might conclude it was an extreme view.

          A lesson to be learned in all of this ….
          Know your enemy.

          Jodi had no idea she was walking into a hornets nest !

        • Thanks Maja and maggie,
          I just watched the video maja. I’m so damn frustrated and mad.
          This is so unjust.
          He told Jodi, he had done a lot of investigations. OH BULLSHIT, if he’s done them as bad as this on, GOD help them. Tells her there’s evidence??? OH REALLY??? What a lying jerk. Her hair and fingerprints. REALLY she stayed there a lot I’m sure there was.
          About the gun, since both Jodi and Travis both talked about suicide.
          BUT, I really believe she has never shot a gun.
          I believe everything about the two that came in AND why doesn’t Flores think that it makes sense.
          Many people are murdered by someone in disquise. What was so strange that he didn’t believe that?
          This is one of the sadest things I’ve seen. I cannot believe people aren’t enraged by this.
          They want o believe the tabloid shows and news instead of paying close attention.
          Jodi never in a million years knew what could come.
          Travis did, since he was brought up at an early age and even “taught” Jodi about the mormon faith.
          I’m sure she thought it was all good until this. How would she know the dark side of it?

          Was it her parents or his that she wanted to see?
          She should have been given that right, to CALL them
          IF his, they all knew what happened. They know Jodi didn’t do it.
          Bless her heart!!!
          I’m sick of people getting by with murder in the name of God or religion.
          It just doesn’t make sense.

          My daughter at one time went with a mormon, he gave her the book to read. She didn’t like it, THANK Goodness. She could be walking in Jodi’s shoes.
          Flores is a total asshole.
          I hope him, the judge, jw and the rest of the haters feel like sleeping. Good for them!!!
          Every night when I go to bed, I will be crying for the treatment Jodi is given and I said last year I was going to send her postcards and didn’t. I feel so bad!! It’s been kind of a busy crazy year for me, but damn, I have enough time to send her a postcard.
          Jodi, I love you. My heart is with you and I believe with all of my heart, the truth will come out
          and you can go home.

          • Aly,

            I know, every time I watch that video, I cry for and with Jodi!!! It just breaks my heart!!! I also just want to YELL & SCREAM at Flores for the awful way he treats Jodi in ithe interrogation!! He thought he was so ALL THAT when he was interrogating her and NOW he is getting HIS KARMA for what he did!!!

      • As I recall Jodi never said they were dressed like Ninjas. . .Probably got started by HLN or NAG but she did state that they two people were dressed all in black. I have also leaned toward that story. Will we ever know the truth? So many have lied and covered up this Horrible Mess! I believe that Jodi is an innocent woman. Period!! When the Officers of the Law are destroying evidence left and right what will innocent people do to protect themselves from it happening to them or their loved ones. These people in Arizona who have blindly followed this story and not bothered to read the facts and study them will be very sorry. . .they are slowly being led to a slaughter of souls! Travis Alexander was a very sick individual!
        I’m with you Maja there is more to this story and the PIO Flores should be shamed where ever he goes. Let him feel the pain of it ALL! Also, The Frog should be locked away before he hurts anyone else, he is a disgrace!

        • Absolutely, R.Love, many times I wanted to point out the same thing: that I DO NOT THINK Jodi ever said the intruders were dressed like (((Ninjas))). …I could be wrong.
          …I don’t think she ever spoke the word (((Ninjas))) or at least not emphasized it, at any time to anyone since June 4, 2008. …Unless the police used that word & she repeated what they said?
          …I think that someone early on, in the media, got a simple & boring explanation of a description of the intruders & decided to TURN the boring description into a ((HYPERBOLE)).
          …Definition of HYPERBOLE: A hyperbole is an extreme exaggeration used to make a point. ..It is like the opposite of “understatement.” …. A HYPERBOLE would NOT be used in nonfiction works, like medical journals or research papers
          …And, I would add that “NINJAS” should not be used in a police description UNLESS it is on video that Jodi actually spoke the word: “NINJAS.”
          …The NAGs of the media, hate lover networks, went crazy with the word NINJAS & I think Jodi never did say that word. ..Jodi told the truth about the description of the intruders, IMO.
          …Also, Jodi used a friendly “hyperbole” in her humorous, nontechnical, explanation to Ryan Burns when she said paraphrasing: that she worked at “margarita-ville” & had a bazillion margaritas to make. …(She may have thought she cut her hand making a margarita, no proof she lied). ….And, police said there is no such place there named Margaritaville.
          …So they accused her of telling a lie, but she did not, she used a hyperbole in friendly talk.

          • As a person that hates HLN and pay little attention to what they say, since I hadn’t seen the whole interrogation, I thought she said Ninjas. Shame on my ass for listening to HLN.
            I guess the other networks took all of the tabloid news instead of INVESTIGATING for themselves, like they’re supposed to, that’s what the public is going to think
            All that I saw in the media was Jodi standing on her head and the medias spins and lies.
            I feel like a damn fool.
            Although when I listened to Jodi and thought that I had, you’re right Ninjas wasn’t mentioned.
            The media DIDN’T tell the truth again.
            If people don’t have the time and all that they hear are spins sound bites then they believe that and there’s no changing it.
            I wish that they would have asked her did she ever say Ninjas. I’m sure jm would have been all over that.
            That’s one more HUGH thing in this and other cases, they are TRIED by the media before it even goes to trial.
            I couldn’t stand nag anyway and every time that was shown I yelled back at her (nag. lol)
            You’re just jealous because you couldn’t stand on your’s even with your helmet off.
            The media has really fd up our country on many things. That really pisses me off and WHAT can we do????

        • R Love

          I believe “Dressed Like Ninja’s” was relayed by the police as her statement.
          Either way … I believe intruders in disguise entered the house to carry out
          a “Blood Atonement” on Travis and on Jodi.

          They want to finish what they started and intend to see it to completion.

          I’d like everyone on here that posts to keep this in mind…
          Many of law enforcement (all ranks) are Morman. Just as many of the Politicians in the state of Arizona are. Just as Judges are.Think about the ramifications to that for Jodi and the trial and
          the interrogation, tampering of evidence, any rulings, any motions, and appeals.

          I would like to add this as I think many here will find it interesting and relative.
          Early on during this trial I posted my research findings on the NG forum.
          I received a great deal of criticism and backlash.
          Within a day of the first post (literally a day) I started getting numerous calls
          from many different numbers from Arizona to include Mesa.
          My phone number is unlisted!
          The calls would start around 7 am and continue until around 4 am in the morning
          day in and day out non-stop.
          I didn’t answer of course but my caller ID proved interesting.
          One number was recurring and it was traced back to a Mormon Bishop
          in Arizona . Imagine that!
          Those calls continued for several months.
          I expect them to start again now that I have posted here.

          • If there is anyone to blame for this mess, it does start with the church and most of their
            members. I don’t care what kind of denomination it is. If it’s mind controlling, it is wrong.
            Everyone knows the story and tragic ending to the Jim Jones story. He started out small and grew. The people thought he was Father. He took off from another branch of his own and made everyone think he was for real. Then they were sucked in. A church that I used to go to, I just read a few years back, one of the members started his own and made up his own rules. He was in prison for abusing a man because they thought he needed to have the devil beaten out of him.
            That was a person that made up his own rules because he didn’t get it from that church.
            I think if you belong to an organization, you feel something is wrong, BUT many people don’t get that.
            Too many man made rules and not enough enfaces on what’s really good and help people.
            They instill fear.
            So should these take the blame? IMO they should and it shouldn’t be so secretive.
            This is all my own opinion.
            Shouldn’t be afraid to even discuss it.
            They’re leaving a lot of their religion out and hammering Jodi and Travis sex life.
            In this case, the two are the same.
            You can’t possibly stop what is natural and wait until you’re told it’s ok.

  2. I was thinking more like April 2015. I’m thinking that they are going to start losing members of the jury, one by one. We can sit back and watch the $$$$ just keep adding up day by day.

    How can he NOW say there was porn on the hard drive?? So he’s admitting that his witness lied on the stand. Hummmmm. He would have been better off just shutting his mouth.

    • I’d like to see the good people of Arizona finally get enough of this BS. Why is the State spending so much $ on this circus? When will they say stop the madness and just let Jodi go home and realize that this has been a witch hunt from the very beginning.

      (((((TEAM JODI))))) ♥ ♥

      Ray in H-burg Va.

      • It’s so true Ray! They are so brainwashed that they prefer to see Jodi die than to ‘see’ the truth! That all this was made into ‘the trial of the century’ just so Juan Martinez can get credentials for his future political target.

        But now it has backfired: Money has been pissed off, Martinez has been outed for the corrupted prosecutor he is and the only thing that remains is that INDEED this is the trial of the century: THE CRAZIEST CIRCUS/ WITCH TRIAL in American history!

    • Cindy, pissing off thousands of dollars that are NOT coming out of his pocket is the least of his problems! He is in such deep shit that there is no coming out of this scot-free. His shit smells from miles away!

      • That it does…I wounder what that smell was.
        Oh Pandora I could give a rat’s ASS about the taxes payers of this state. What flips me out is they blame Jodi. Are they honestly that ignorant to believe that? WOW if she had that much power she would be out shopping at the mall.

  3. Good morning Team Jodi!!!!!
    Nothing we can do but wait till Thursday for this saga to resume. Kermit is starting to sound really desperate, he should have come up with one lie and stick to it (LOL) instead of giving 3 different false alternatives of what happened with the infamous computer. 🙄

    On a different note now:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very special person, a woman who I personally think very highly of, a supporter whose knowledge,insight and POV we all respect. I am honored to have met her and I wish her all the best.
    We love you, Journee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Χαρούμενα γενέθλια! ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂 🙂

  4. THANK YOU THANK YOU everyone for the kind birthday wishes!

    Y’all are all so dear to me! You make me smile every day!

    Someone left a plate of cookies on my doorstep this morning – I shall eat one for each of you today!

    There was the oddest little handwritten card with the cookies. I can’t make heads or tails of it. It says:

    Hippo birdie two ewe,
    hippo birdie two ewe.
    Hippo birdie deer journey!
    Hippo birdie two ewe!

    Any ideas?

    • Well phooey! I went to the barn first thing this morning to look for Typo elf
      (plus missing posts)! He is missing and there was a very large pile of posts
      out there. I certainly would have thought Typo Elf would show up for your
      big day! What is this world coming to??
      ♥(((((Journee needs her Bday TYPO ELF))))))♥

  5. Happy Birthday my dear friend Journee!
    I hope you have the most unique, special and fantastic day today and every day!

    (((((Journee)))) ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. The exposure and the dimension of travis’s ‘secret’ live is absolutely nauseating. How can a grown person look at children sexually? That is so against human nature!

    I understand he was a ‘sick’ person but he had a choice to seek help. He knew it was wrong. If he didn’t understand the immorality of that he wouldn’t try and hide it in the lengths he did.

    I understand why his friends, family and followers might try and justify all the evidence that proves his pedophilia but that is plain wrong! All you people that rush to find a ‘moral’ explanation so that travis’s ‘saint’ icon remains just that, think of one thing: How about if he ‘touched’ or approached your little boy or girl/ grandson or granddaughter/ nephew or niece, with inappropriate and sexual intention, what would you do then? Those children would be scarred for life…. and for what? For the disgusting sexual urges he had?

    • Pandora, we can vent, scream and even beg for them to open the minds to the reality but they are not capable of doing so. They have the mentality of just turn your head and it goes away. That is what every person in TA life did…Except for Jodi. EVEN ch and sh knew he had issues and “told” him to get help. Great friends…a real friend would have dragged him to get help.

      Jodi you will be blessed in this life!!!!!

    • You said it, gf!!! He KNEW KNEW KNEW KNEW it was wrong. And he knew he had to seek help. Yet, instead of going to an expert , he kept asking for sex from Jodi to make him ”feel normal”. Total avoidance of responsibility. He would dress to the nines and keep 1,000 pairs of shoes in his compulsively neat and organized closet just to cover up for the fact that he was a broken sick person.

    • So true Pandora I to had this happen and I had issues with my mom and in my selection of men I chose to marry when this happens to a child it stay with them into adult age I never repeated the act on another human child but I was scared for life for it my mom never found out till the one that molested me was on his death bed and told her what he did to me she never knew because I never told her her it was your brother

  7. Cindy asked a question on the previous page that I’d like to discuss here.
    She said:

    Cindy Jewell says:
    November 18, 2014 at 3:45 am
    I can not see a Bishop of the Mormon Church being a witness. Isn’t he like a priest in the Catholic Church?

    Sort of, I guess, though descriptions I have read make the duties seem more secular, somehow – to me, anyway. It’s usually a person who has other employment/career, his work as bishop is something he does in service of the church. He is assigned to oversee the, er, spiritual welfare, I guess, of a certain number of people within his LDS community. In this capacity he meets with them on a scheduled basis, asks them questions about their life, their adherence to the tenets of the church, makes recommendations to help them with issues they may be struggling with, and, yes, he can revoke their temple recommend until they’ve overcome their issues.

    In this capacity, he is a confessor – wearing a clerical cloak, even – and therefore someone who cannot be compelled to testify about ‘sins’ confessed *by*the*sinner* (although I think the law draws the line if the sin confessed represents imminent harm to someone else). It seems very unlikely, to me, given the shroud of secrecy that seems to surround the Mormon church, that the church would be inclined to relax their expectations of confidentiality just because someone is dead, or because that person’s transgressions were reported to the bishop by someone else.

    All we really know, and have discussed here, is that someone highly placed within the LDS church, someone who served for a time as bishop in the Riverside CA LDS community (where Travis lived before he moved to Mesa) has turned up on the witness list. I do think it’s likely that this person is one who wants to testify out of the public eye. But that’s just a guess.

  8. Juan, Juan, Juan…. ts ts ts….

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    Changing your story 3 times already? Hmmmm… how would YOU – MR MARTINEZ – call a person that changed their story 3 times? A LIAR? Isn’t that what you called Jodi?

    If the shoe fits wear it MR. MARTINEZ!!!

    Jodi lied because she was ashamed and terrified with what happened. She didn’t want to face reality. She couldn’t believe that she had done that to the person she loved.

    What’s your reason for constantly LYING about the destruction of evidence? Scared to be disbarred? Scared that the trial will be thrown out? Scared that the correct verdict will be given to Jodi: acquitted! Or plain scared that it will effect your anticipations with getting involved with politics? Who will trust and believe a LIAR? Isn’t that your m.o. for getting Jodi the death penalty? You are pathetic Martinez! PLAIN PATHETIC!

    And one more thing MARTINEZ:
    “It’s not the Suit that makes a man, it’s the Man the makes the Suit”


  9. SJ, thank you for posting SuziN’s comment.

    SuziN, I respect you for being so honest and not trying to cover-up the FRAUD that travis was. Most mormon’s try and justify travis’s behavior. Not you! I applaud that! You have the guts to speak the truth. People say “Do not speak ill of the dead”. I don’t believe in that saying. What a person is in life doesn’t get erased once he is dead. He was living as a pedophile and died a pedophile. Nothing changed! He did not try and fight his sicko lifestyle… He hid it. ‘Struggling’? I think NOT! Avoiding or not even alarmed at his sick needs, most probably!

    Finding out that he had been banned from the LDS temple makes things more clear that he was indeed a BAD mormon and used his religion as a cover to play the ‘sweet guy’ card so he can get a fuck or two… I wonder where the high members that decided it was best to ban him from temple are? Why won’t they come out and speak the truth?

    • I also am thankful to read SuziN’s comment. I know many faithful Mormons and Travis far from fit the bill. It’s good to know they aren’t all blind, deaf, and dumb.

      As far as why the people that withdrew his temple recommend are not speaking out….I have never met a Mormon that would speak poorly “in public” about one of their brothers or sisters, even one in bad standing. They don’t even like to speak of transgressions amongst themselves.

    • Not only was he reprimanded once (during the time he dated Deanna) but apparently twice? I’ really looking forward to knowing the details of what happened in 2008.

      And how much he loved his religion can easily be seen by his reluctance to follow the Bishop’s admonishments the first time. He got in trouble for having sex with Deanna and what did he do? He went even WILDER!!!! Good exemplary Mormon. NOT.

      You know what? If there’s one thing I can’t stand that is hypocrites:people who say one thing when they actually mean something else, people who judge without wanting to see their own flaws, people who follow a religion simply to make a mockery out of it because they cannot abide by its rules/beliefs/practices.

  10. Jodi Arias Supporter retweeted
    Heather ‏@Heather54213451 12m12 minutes ago

    DOING THE HAPPY DANCE!!! HOORAYYYYYYYYYYYYY 🙂 Juan, Flores, Horn are ALL under investigation! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!


  11. Was Travis “missed” in church the Sunday before he was found? I remember the roommates saying something about going to church but cannot recall if Travis was missed that day? I take it he was no longer going after losing his recommend?
    People say he wasn’t abusive to other women, well I say he was. He was abusive to all of the women in his life, but with Jodi there was the extra added physical abuse. She was his whipping post in more ways than one.
    If I were a Travesite I would be slowly backing away from being a supporter and go quietly into the night as more and more of his garbage is seeping out.
    What a travesty. I always knew there was much more to this story.
    This whole mess makes me sick.

    • I posted a comment a long while back where I mentioned the Sunday church service before the death of Travis:
      Not only was that particular service not attended by Travis, but, significantly_ I think_ it also was not attended by the roommate who customarily attending the same service at the same time Travis customarily did.
      By some unusual coincidence, the roomate did not attend that particular TIME service that day ( I think he attended at a different time that SAME day.
      He said that he had car trouble, and that prevented him from attending their usual time.
      I found this noteworthy, because, by not attending the customary- time service, the roommate conveniently escaped having to answer any questions about Travis, like where Travis was, or what Travis was doing.
      Maybe it was a coincidence; maybe it was something else.

    • I will never understand how the roommates were not as interrogated MORE than Jodi.
      Everyone came out REALLY early and fast pointing the finger at and hating Jodi.
      This is not a trial of justice.
      If they never went by hearsay, why shouldn’t the same apply stronger, I mean really strong about perjury.
      So many lies and they’re all accepted. I’m just baffled at what they are doing to cover up for a lot of people.

      Religion and sex are always like oil and water.

    • we would have to go back to MIMI statement to Flores in the flores report she said something about he chruch cant remember if she said he was there on Sunday or not someone mentioned he was in church and was hoping to see Lisa there that all I know Journee is the one with the photographic mind me I have short term memory loss I remember things that I think are important and forget the rest

  12. Regarding SuziN’s comment: I agree that Travis Alexander existed in a precarious state of equilibrium, due to the warring forces inside him which finally lost their balance when their volatile power superceded his daily battle to control and suppress rage, and unconscious mounting violence.
    His volatility erupted into an unrestrainable murderous rage. His psyche could no longer keep the dam from breaking. He snapped over a trivial incident because he could no longer contain the long suppressed instincts and unconscious repressed rage.
    Alexander’s snapping resulted in HIS insane attempt to kill Jodi Arias. It was not the first time that he exhibited murderous impulses; Jodi said that he had choked her before.
    She had a sound precedent upon which to base her instinctual knowledge that he would certainly kill her. She did what she needed to preserve her life, when, after saying in his own words, ” I am going to kill you bitch!” __ he did his best to do just that.
    So Arias responded in the only way she could in order to protect her life from a man far stronger than her. It is not that she snapped; it is that she had no choice but to respond instinctually and frantically in a frenzied ‘altered’ state that necessitated an EXTREME response. The traumatic, overwhelming nature of the incident caused her natural, life- preservative instincts to take over.
    She had no control because nature needed to take control.
    What people call “snapping”, and a deliberate intent to defend oneself are not mutually exclusive__ they are part and parcel of the same natural life- preservative force that SUPERCEDES rational thought.
    Nature is not excessive; it is what it is. Nature necessitated an extreme response in order to preserve life.
    When life- preservative forces ‘override’ the person it is exactly BECAUSE a measured, restrained, thought-out, considered response would be insufficient to protect one’s life.
    So I agree that Travis Alexander lived a Jeckyl and Hyde existence.
    As long as he was claiming to be a representative of a religion in which he was emblematic of spiritual authority, he had absolutely no right to live in such an hypocritical manner.
    • Having said all of that, I have to say that I find SuziN’s comments to show a real incongruity of their own. I apologize if I am wrong and you are entirely sincere in your professed support of Arias.
    I read your post a few times so I could be sure I wasn’ t imagining it. ( Again, if you truly are Arias’s supporter, I apologize__ but I am saying what I see.)
    What I see is that you have created a benign, friendly structure in which you very specifically embed several UNTRUE, derogatory, defamatory and unjust insults about Arias.
    And I sense an ironic, subtly facetious tone, constellated around your assessing one’s attitude towards Travis’ death and value as an human being.
    Correct me if I am wrong _ your false contention that Travis was a ‘murder’ victim, is starkly in contrast to what Arias supporters know: Travis’s death resulted from Arias acting in self- defence.
    The tone of your post has the effect of seemingly trying to posit a trivial attitude, by Arias supporters, as regards their stance towards a tragic situation.
    I will counter them by saying: she was NOT a stalker, she was Not behaving badly in the relationship. She did Not invade his privacy. She did the sort of ‘ checking’ that millions of other young people in relationships do.
    How can I not be suspicious when you embed, “boiler bunny thing” into your post? That entire stereotype and characterization is as far away from the truth about her as you can get. She was in no way the personification of the “Fatal Attraction” character.
    You try to insinuate that Arias was preoccupied with and motivated by, dynamics of rejection, comparison to other women ( for whatever reason, you write that Travis thought other girls so much better and more worthy than her), and you say, a need to be adored.
    Arias wanted to be loved; she wasn’ t motivated by a need to be adored.
    So again, I apologize if I am wrong to be suspicious__ but I feel it is my duty to note these unjust statements, and clarify them as regards the truth.

      • Wow! I think you have A Masters Degree or A higher degree then A Masters. Your insight on Travis shows A very good analyses of A man who betrayed his religious beliefs and turned to evil knowing, how evil he was.He made the choice knowing everything he did would be condemned. Hell.

    • I actually liked Suzi’s comment very much. Just 2 things I agree with you and not with her: the ”bunny boiler” comment and yes, how she writes that Jodi ”snapped” . Jodi has nothing in common with the Glenn Close character and no, she didn’t snap: she defended herself. Other than that, every single word that Suzi wrote, especially her insight on on Travis and his behavior is 100% spot on, imho.

      • So glad Amy brought up those facts in her post! Good job Amy but I also agree with Maria! Travis Alexander was a ticking time bomb and he is the one who snapped not Jodi. Jodi was only defending herself. How I wish she had never ever met him!! WOW, truly like dancing with the Devil himself! When one dances with the Devil too often He will soon own you! Very dangerous game.

    • Excellent points. We can see how negative female stereotypes are used against Jodi. There is no proof that Jodi was a stalker, or any of that other nonsense that Travis’ ‘friends’ say. These stereotypes are too conveniently handy to throw at whomever we scapegoat. Its all part of the witch hunt. They are dangerous and may help cost Jodi her life. We must call them out whenever we see them.

    • Amy, I agree: “Nature is not excessive; it is what it is.” Jodi was protecting herself in a frenzied situation. You address very articulately a crucial aspect of Jodi’s defense. As Journee has said, “Life tends to fight for itself”.

      I also noted the intermittently odd tone of SuziN’s comment. I have no idea what “boiler bunny” means, btw, and found the comment gratuitous and rather disrespectful, because it was not something that TA actually said to Jodi, (as far as I know) so why the add-on?

      Of course, many people put some weight to that hearsay testimony which came into the trial quite early about the doggie-door, and take seriously the various comments EF made to Jodi in interrogations about “hanging around”. But the people who believe these allegations to be true forget who the source was – TA himself.

      Checking his cellphone was something Jodi did not want to to do. She hesitated, she testified, but she knew something was off in the way he was (not) relating to her, being that they were “boyfriend and girlfriend” at the time. But she did admit to that and to sharing email passwords with TA. (After awhile, they stopped doing that.) The things she did admit to were proclaimed to be “stalking” behaviors, because he had a pattern of using that word to explain the presence of ex-girlfriends in his life when he was starting up with someone new.

      But perhaps SuziN had not focused on what Jodi testified to versus what was actually hearsay because she was appalled by other aspects of the relationship. It seems that many people who have written in support of Jodi on this site (in one or two visits) have had the same confusion about the alleged “stalking” profile. It was and is a gross exaggeration, and ridiculous when you consider that TA would actively stay in touch with Jodi after she broke up with him and moved to Monterey (further away from him than Palm Desert), and kept up the same contact with her when she moved even further away after leaving Mesa. But it’s understandable that people are confused even as they support Jodi because most would just have ended the relationship instead of enduring the “trust issues”, then a non-relationship, and the rest. You see Lisa A. writing TA with criticism and backing away, but Jodi was ensnared mainly because she had no previous reference to the LDS culture and so was unable to put things into a reasonable perspective.

  13. Happy Birthday, Journee. You are one of the primo contributors to JAII – and have a memory like a computer (one that has NOT been tampered with). I was going to bake you a pumpkin pie (LOL) but decided on:

    If You Were Born Today, November 18
    You are passionate and loving, and very dedicated to those you love. Your sense of drama is large, and you are extremely perceptive. Love and companionship are especially important to you. Your motivation on the job is often fuelled by your sense of fulfillment in your personal life. If you are feeling loved and wanted, your productivity is at its peak, and vice versa. You easily absorb the emotions of others and the atmosphere of your environment. Famous people born today: Margaret Atwood (I deleted the others who were minor celebs and not “Journee-worthy”)

        • No – I believed him!

          Turns out he told the truth!

          Mickey made his first appearance in the movie Steamboat Willie on November 18, 1928.

          • Oh, Happy Birthday Journee, today Nov 18th.
            …And, as you said same day of the month as Mickey Mouse’s.
            …And, I am not going to put the link but if anyone wants they can Google: It’s Mickey Mouse’s Birthday, So Watch The Cartoon That Started It All ,,,,7:23min …And, it is (in sound). …It was released just one year after “The Jazz Singer” also one of the first (in sound) movies.

    • That’s not Stephens, that’s Judge Kreamer, and it’s not about the retrial. This is Jodi joining a group of other death-row (and potentially death row) inmates in fighting the death penalty as cruel and unusual punishment.

        • I dunno, where have you been? lol

          We were talking about it a week or so, trying to figure out Jan and Feb dates on the docket for Jodi, then someone found this motion, which has corresponding dates on the docket.

            • Sorry, it was common schtick in my family

              Where have I been? I dunno, where have you been?
              What do I know? I dunno, what do you know?
              What was I thinking? I dunno, what were you thinking?

              You get the idea. My family was on my mind a lot yesterday.

              • Oh honey, I thought it was funny. Kinda right up there with what.was I thinking.

                I do not believe that you have a mean bone in your body…
                I’m sure you were thinking about your family and past birthdays.

      • Thank you Journee you have a photographic memory I was hoping this had to do with now my bad I should of know better JSS does not grant motions to the defense they like to take a crap on them

  14. The Gettysburg Address: “Four score and seven years ago, …” …and etc. …
    …On this day (151 years ago) November 19, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln, gave his Gettysburg Address Speech. …Although rather short, only a few minutes, it followed a much longer speech by another politician.
    …When I was in the 4th grade the entire class had to memorize the whole thing. …I did, & had to recite it in front of the class. …Years later I often wondered if Lincoln actually memorized it or just read it off of that envelope. …If he tried to memorize it, then surely he left out the most important part.
    ,,,,,,The last words: “—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”
    ……I think he should have added: ” And protection of ourselves (((FROM)))THE MAJORITY OPINIONS & PERSUASIONS OF OUR OWN PEOPLE, who would separate us”.
    …Because, surely he should have realized how the biased newspaper PRESS, & later more efficient communications media would control the minds of the masses of people, to HATE, overcharge & imprison our innocent for justifiable self protection of their rights.
    …Because “The War Between The States” will never be won unless we respect all the rights of our imprisoned, least we will all be imprisoned by ourselves from ourselves.
    …It took 101 more years for the Civil Rights Act of 1964, to try to give everyone equality against overcharged prosecutions & persecutions.

    …..WHEN will our country give Ms Jodi Ann Arias her Civil Rights? …Against the controlling news media and from the Criminal Justice System & State & municipal courts with unlimited $$Millions to spend, overcharging our most innocent?

    …All states must ABOLISH the death penalty & give Ms Arias as much right to a fair trial as it would give to any State or U S Congress person if he/she were arrested for successful self defense.

    …Remember the Duel to the Death fought by two politicians Aaron Burr & Alexander Hamilton???
    …Jodi Arias is innocent, she fought for her life & should be immediately released for time served.

    • Yes, the press and media are our worst enemy.
      We don’t stand a chance against them.
      BS on trying to find the facts. They don’t care about facts just sensationalism. Make it up, lie
      and anything they want people to watch and believe, EVEN they know it isn’t true, but don’t really care.
      One thing that I believe will work to help us is to let every sponsor know we are done with them.
      It takes a lot, but it does work.
      Jodi and others had their rights taken away from them, the minute the media got on their HATE case.
      IF it works for them, spilling their hate, then surely it will work for us by dropping their sponsors.
      Thanks for the insight WL.
      We as citizens NEED to take them. Jodi probably never dreamed there was so much hate, not just towards her, but many.
      Anything that they can do to bring her self esteem down, they will keep on trying.
      I love her art, I know that can release her from some of this anxiety, BU I so agree, she needs to be out of that place.
      They’re going to find her inncent, because she NEEDS a fair trial.
      They really didn’t do any real investigation on who was the one that did this,
      The media and state wanted to beat her down.
      What a dam shame.
      Plus, I am going to do what I suggested.
      There can be plenty of citizens that feel the samr way.
      Tell the sponsors that we’re dome with hate coming over our airwaves and we can and will stop
      the product.
      Hate destroys!!!!!

      • Thanks Aly, you know in the 1950’s when I was young & TV was new, all the programs had just one sponsor: a particular car company, a particular food group, a particular electronics organization. …But now, I don’t even know if the sponsors know what programs their commercials seem to support. …I do think that forensic files on that hate lovers news, does a lot to show many overturned convictions, & people exonerated & released. …But the NAG type of shows are totally biased, IMO.

        • I agree!
          The forensic files are great.
          You do see where some were overturned because of simple BS and
          things in trials were found later.
          HOPEFULLY Jodi’s will be one that forensic files will be showing in the future
          just how badly this whole charade was.
          They can take shows off or cancel them.
          I believe they will if enough stop sponcering the shows like jv, dd. ng, vp, mb, jj.
          Just to name a very few.
          They’ve done it before. : )
          They can be replaced

          • Oh yes Aly, HOPEFULLY Jodi’s ((EXONERATION STORY)) will be on that Forensic Files program & other programs on other networks forever. …And, that many prejudicial media persons, as well as those in the investigation & prosecution of the Arias case, & many dirty Mormons, will forever be looking for help in their own predictments.

  15. Haha – Anyone else see this tweet from Erickson?

    Along with the screenshot of coldcase53’s graded list of tweeters the other day, he says:

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · Nov 17
    “The person who writes for fools is always sure of a large audience.” – Arthur Schopenhauer. #ColdCase53

    I think he just admitted he’s pandering to the idiots.

      • coldcase had him grouped with the snarkers,… and he quoted Shopenhauer about the value of writing for fools.

        Sounds to me like he knows he’s pandering to fools.

        • I think Dave likes to think of himself as a good guy. But, if he keeps attacking Jodi, some people are going to attack him. He may have been under the impression that everyone hates Jodi and would appreciate his cheap shots at her. WRONG!
          I think though that he’s more concened about someone on Twitter who also attacks him. Dave seems to be a pretty sensitive, thin-skinned guy. Twitter is no place for sissies. He needs to grow a pair – even a tiny little puny pair.

  16. I feel like there aren’t as many haters lately, but I don’t go on Facebook or Twitter that much. What’s the story over there? I feel like the tides are turning and some of the haters are backing away now because they aren’t sure what to think.

      • they don’t have a mind of their own?
        SO true Cindy.
        I believe most people think it actually hurts their brain to think.
        You can ask any of these people why they believe what they say and the answer is
        I DON’T KNOW or I heard it somewhere.

    • Vicky,
      Many haters seemed to be more outraged than ever at everything & everyone..
      1. The trial is taking too long – blamed on JSS or on Jodi for controlling the judge.
      2. According to haters, Jodi also planted the porn on Travis’ computer.
      3.Jeff Hughes, one of Travis’s work colleagues, claims it was automatic PPL emails that resulted in the email from Damien Ashdown about his 9 year old daughter. Dave Hall ( yes, trustworthy Dave LOL) backs up Jeff and say thousands of work-related emails were sent automatically and the 9 year old girl may have gotten some by mistake.. Next, they’ll be saying it was one of Travis’ brothers that did it. I think one person claimed it was Jodi that was responsible for sending emails to the 9 year old..
      4. Tha main complaint I see it that Jodi has this power over everyone & is calling all the shots – power over JSS, Dr. Fonseca, Nurmi. Not much talk about Willmott & MDLR. Also, the judge may be in love with Jodi.
      5. There doesn’t seem to be much discussuion anymore. Just raging at the “injustice” and lots and lots of name-calling. They realize the case against Jodi is slipping away and they DO NOT LIKE IT.

      • Coldcase, that’s what I have picked up on….the case is slipping away and they do not like it. I don’t know what goes on at FB, but thanks to SJ this is a safe haven.

        • The YouTube comments upset me so much. I had resolved to never look at them, but I started looking recently. They make me want to cry and wonder how people can have such hatred towards a stranger.

  17. Hello friends! It’s been a while for me, but I stop by to try and stay up to date on everything with Jodi. Looks like things are changing for the better……

    • SO SO SO SO nice to see you back Bystander! It certainly has been a while 🙂 but it feels great to know old posters still support Jodi ♥ ♥ Do try and drop by more often.

      • Hey you! I don’t have as much free time this trial, but I’m trying to keep up with all the developments. Love checking in as everyone has great posts. Hope you have been doing well.

  18. Just saw this quote online and felt it was appropriate since we were discussing haters. “A lion doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.”

  19. I think we all should keep the light of Jodi’s smile and goodness in our hearts. We know what is true. Let the haters hate. They live such a shallow life. They depend on others to tell them how to think…

    Jodi is teaching us all what is good in life!!!!

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