Jodi’s pre-sentencing interview – Part 7/10 – May 22nd, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Here’s part 7 of 10 from Jodi’s pre sentencing interview with 12 news anchor Mark Curtis (AZ Central) – from May 22nd, 2013:

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    • Do note the illegally punitive aspect of the two million dollar ransom, penalty for not being so extorted; no right to aid in her own defense, by using her computer, evn though the spaz, is using it against her…Another denial of due process, including, the “defense,” statement that they were too busy to read the comments…. whereas, if she paid the extorted ransom, she would not have been under kidnap warrant, for five years…. Now, consider that, in addition to, the spaz’s three stooges, conspiracy, the fact that, for his next act, he has doublecrossed this coconspirators, to backpedal, what he has been concealing, while the braindead judge sits on her indolent ass, and, enjoys the shoe… and, nobody bothers to indict the three stooges for, their lockstep, con job…. Have they, been sworn in to explain how they have a half a brain between all three of them, and, how they are now credible, after, concealment of exculpatory evidence, known to exonerate Jodi, from this lizards at law, con…for, five years, aiding and abetting the spaz, and, now, also en masse, claim that a reversal of format, does not now void the bogus conviction, and, prove either then or now, that they cannot be legit, either each or both ways…. In the meantime Wonderland, Arizona, continues the obstruction of justice as if we don’t need no stinking facts… Is it any wonder why our prisons are full of innocent people; doublecrossed by their own lizard at law….??? Who’s putting all of these parasites, under a lie detector test to prove their conspiracy to conceal what they now, rescind, while the braindead judge, aids and abets….??? Edgrrr…

    • The, argument for reasonable doubt, has already been done, by the spastic prostitutor who has done his 180 reverse flip, swan dive, into obscurity…. disproving now what he tried to prove for five years embezzlement of concealed, exculpatory evidence; now, ordered to reveal; as you can bet the reptile, never confessed on his own, especially, after hypnpnauseating a jury, into a conviction, he now admits is in need of an about faced reversal of format; negating, what he now confesses to… ergo… No plea is necessary, as the spaz has confessed that he can no longer use what he’s rejected, by his 180 degree confession,,,, Edgrrr…Jodi… Sit…. don’t get into another pissing contest with this skunk. Let him crash and burn with his cheap carnival act… Edgrrr…and, move for a dismissale, with prejudice, as he has done a 180 rebuttal of the noncASE, HE EMBEZZLED BY CONCEALING EVIDENCE TO ACQUIT, INTO, a stage show, strobe performance hypnotic carnival act… Let,s see him spaz out after you warn the jury, and, bring in rebuttal hypnotists to prove that with hypnosis, convictions need no evidence; only Arias Bias…. Grrr…

  1. Congrats to Vicky! #1 🙂 Everyone have a great week and remember we are TEAM JODI and the truth will be victorious in our quest for freedom for JODI! FREE JODI ARIAS ARIZONA!

  2. Not a 911 call, but Gus Searcy has spoken out about the abuse that he saw going on between Jodi and Travis. In his interview with pinsky, after he recounts Jodi’s reactions to Travis’s call while she was with him in his trailer in Los Vegas, he was asked about Jodi’s finger, had he ever seen it? He said that he had noticed it but did not bring it up to her. JM went on and on about Jodi lying about that finger and if he had allowed Gus to testify to what he knew instead of shutting him down like everyone else, it might have helped this jury.

    • Carol, I’m sure that a lot of people know that travis was mentally and physically abusive towards Jodi. What I don’t understand is why they don’t have the gutts to stand up and talk.

      To speak the truth is not ‘talking ill about the dead’…. travis abused Jodi. End of story. Because he died doesn’t change what he did when he was alive.

      For some people to come out and speak would be the right thing to do. Everyone has crusified Jodi because they found an easy target to use to hide travis’s bad character. And all those people that know stuff but are afraid of speaking have a part in the injustice that Jodi is being put through.

      • But what good would it do for them to come forward if JM’s just going to shut down their testimony? Searcy took the stand to tell the jury how Jodi ducked when Travis yelled at her on the phone. JM whined to the judge and Gus didn’t get to say what he’d been called there to say.

        • We all know what a bully JM is. Even if Gus didn’t get a chance to say what he wanted to because JM was cutting him off constantly, we all ‘got’ what he was trying to say. So, if others would have come out of their hiding places and stood up to that bully then things might have been different.

          That’s why I so respect Gus: cause he honors the trousers he wears! (It’s a greek saying: men should honor their trousers, meaning that they shouldn’t be wusses).

          • I’d like to show JM what being a bully is all about, I think I could be much better at it than he is. 🙂

            Ray in H-burg Va.

            • Yes, Ray I would say you might surprise the ole toad! 🙂 Probably a good thing he is not in the backwoods of TN or VA! No autograph signing around here.

            • (((((Ray)))) ♥ LOL!!!

              It would only take a “Mr. Martinez, can I have a word with you?”… he’d piss and shit his pants on the spot!!!

              • “Can I have a word with you,” may come from his year long affair, as reported, that “nobody knew about.” Maybe, he can worry, that he’s sleeping with a Jodi, defender…. Why else would anybody sleep with a toad….??? Edgrrr…

          • If Gus had been allowed to testify to what he knew about their relationship and had he been asked that question in court, he could have testified that he saw it before June. Jodi testified that she was not aware of anyone having seen it, but that was because Gus had never brought it up. JM would rather not ask the question, and then wildly speculate for days and days, calling the witness a liar. This was not a search for the truth.

            • – “This was not a search for the truth”. Agreed, and obvious to us but not to the jury.

              It certainly appears that those individuals were not sufficiently circumspect about the state’s wobbly case, for, as Journee has said, they were not looking for “innocent answers”. Why?

              Even without the (possible) intrusion of media into their thinking, it seems,
              at least from my perspective, that they would have experienced the prosecutor as dictatorial, especially as they were in close physical proximity to him, and were duty-bound to endure the poorly controlled, flagrantly emotional trial in its entirety. To the degree that the jury was intimidated by the prosecutor’s aggressive behavior, their objectivity was clouded; their autonomy was infringed and so too were Jodi’s rights to a fair trial.

              Seven on the jury found Jodi guilty of Premeditated AND Felony Murder. I don’t see how, given the facts of this case, judicious deliberation could produce both verdicts. Of course, the prosecutor’s supposititious argumentation paved the way for the jurors’ acceptance of the prejudiced notion that, “However she did it, she’s guilty”.

              As most of us here have observed, the state should have had ONE explanation for how Jodi perpetrated this alleged crime and stuck to it if they had an interest in presenting a good faith case based on a search for the truth, and motivated by a dedication to justice.

              • Whichtrial, it was too easy on the jury! They were watching HLN and social media-ing during recess… Jodi was bound to be found guilty of anything they charged her with. I am absolutely sure that most of the juror’s didn’t even pay attention to the trial. All they had in their minds was the word ‘GUILTY’ that had been tattooed there after all the hidious shit HLN was saying. After all, nancy grace was saying it, so it must’ve been true… pffffff! GMAFB.

              • Trials are not searches for the truth, but are lieyer antics at construing the facts, so as to scam the system… Unless, Perry Maon, is on the job…. Edgrrr…

              • For those, hiding the truth, there’s no better time than now, to get to it…. … Did not the A-clan, and, suckups, boast, thet only they, and, the police had the facts, that, we didn’t…. ??? That’s not a question, actually…. Edgrrr…

            • This is why we have defense counsel; to cross examine the twisted formats…. Ineffective legal representation, is grouinds for reversal; along with the confession of forensics concealment… of the reasonable doubts that would have prevented an honest D.A., from, being simpleminded enough to not have exceeded his authority. ” Mandamus does not lie, for the D.A. to prosecute every crime.” Fraud does not enable a prosecutor to prosecute every crime…. This toadie of organized crime at law, has recanted the lies of the first con, to embark upon a second soap opera, in reverse format, with no superintendancy, by superior authority, and this judge, with ignorance aforethought, is aiding and abetting the shift in charges, without vacating the verdict, based upon the now refuted, and concealed, proofs of reasonable doubt… so as to have a new trial in reverse, without any risk to the States,’ conviction based upon now admitted rescision, and, a 180 aboutface, reversal of cherges, while ignoring the fact that abandonment of format, measn a voidable verdict; leaving it up to competent and effective, process, to protect citizens from, fraudulent prosecutions….to void, that which is voidable….two million dollar, State defense bribes, notwithstanding…. Edgrrr…

            • What’s keeping what should have been said, from being posted, so we can all see, just how crooked the, at law, system is in Wonderland; in particular, the jury posed questions that were culled by these lizards at law…and, the notes that the guy was taking, that, got him canned, for profusely taking notes, and, having an attitude, not getting with the bprogram… and, why didn’t the judge, declare a mistrial, because of, canning the guy, after, joining the jurors prejudice, to, jury tamper…??? Edgrrr…

          • The puppet marionette Martinez, has his strategic soap opera, hissy fits, as if, they weren’t more nonsense out of his bag of tricks. Why. when,, . such strategic schizo- lieyerspeak, is proving reasonable doubt all along…. the claim that, Jodi, dropped the camera, yet, deny, she was taking pictures,with it, while, if so, the killing, she had no part of, was going on…. Such schizospeak, lieyer tricks, comprise their own reasonable doubts…. ??? …Edgrrr…

        • Tampering with a witness, is illegal. Taking the oath to tell the truth, the whole truth, so help you braindead judge,,,, good, now sit down, shut up, and answer the questions, yes or no, is that not, a perjury of the oath to tell the whole truth; being, twisted, by the lieyers, controlling the truths…??? Edgrrr….

        • Journee… What good ??? Post the truth all you want; it’ll never become a lie…. and, eventually, will prove that lies, are not the truth… Don’t keep on posting the truth, and the lies, win…. Your choice… Edgrrr…

      • Exactly!!

        And they can minimize the abuse all they want, but the fact will always remain that Travis abused her both emotionally/verbally and physically! Period. They can judge Jodi all they want, they do NOT know (for human nature is unpredictable) what they would do in a similar situation. Judging from their cyber interactions, i bet they’d snap wayyyy sooner that Jodi 😉

        Now, don’t get me wrong: Travis did not deserve to die BECAUSE of the abuse. However, his prior attacks were what ”sealed the deal”. There’s always a certain amount of shit a person can take; when they have been beaten,had bones broken and were choked to unconsciousness at least once, they are bound to fight back sooner or later. Well, in Jodi’s case 6/4 was the drop that spilled the glass.

        • I believe their Mormon background is why they were to afraid to speak up for Jodi and rightfully so. The religion that they are all apart of is a very hate filled and vengeful group of people. People who refuse to stand up and do the right thing because they are too afraid of the Higher ups in the church. They all know what would follow if anyone dared to speak against Saint Travis. I’m afraid they will all be surprised when their own Judgment day comes. Sad very sad.

          • It is absolutely sad to know that people prefer not to speak up just because they are afraid of their religions’ wrath…. SMH

            • The wrath from their religion is a very real and scary one. . .if Travis was alive today, I bet he would testify to that one! I have never seen a more self-righteous group than the people he called his friends.

              • Bringing meaning to anonymous letters, with logical, reasonable, doubts….How many at the thousand person wake, were there to celebrate, Travis’s ascension to club perversion, with all those panting, virgin angels…??? Edgrrr…

          • Most of them besides being Mormon also worked for prepaid and were servants of sort to the Hughes clan through Travis or others heavily influenced by their power.

            Flores has the Hughes en-route to Cancun when they got the news in his report, and yet I have seen interviews with HLN where they are in Cancun. I wonder which one is right.

              • I’m sure Detc Flores never checked with reservations or ticket stubs or anything else to verify their alibi. . .nope run with the easiest target. . . Jodi. SMH

                • R., are you kidding me? Why would flores waste his time in investigating? He’d miss out on donut break (and looking at him, it seems he does enjoy his donuts) PLUS he had to run to corrine to give her the news so she could tweet her ass off! Nope! No time for actually doing what he is paid for…

                • The defective detective was too busy conspiring with the ME, and, the Spaz, and, to set, Jodi, up, by concealing the gunshot, absence of particulates, in the combined blood handprint, which proves that Jodi, did not, fire a gun; therefore, she could not have overpowered, the martial arts, kick boxer, fighting for his life… And, these three stooges, perjured the process, by keeping that, minor detail, from the two governors, who issued an extradition, not, based upon, proof, I have been posting, for five years, now, recently confessed to by the Spaz, doublecross, of the other two stooges; whom, all three swore that the gunshot was fiirst, [ to gain an advantage ],and now, is, finally revealed to have been a deliberate concealment of exculpatory, evidence to clear, Jodi; then, twisted, by concealment… so, where’s the dismissal, of the void verdict; and, what’s up with the Spaz, continuing his perjuries; now, to claim the opposite; as if he has any credibility…??? Where are all the DOJ arrests, for such, racketeering…??? Where’s the Free, Jodi, and, arrest them all… Pretend that there is such a thing, as, ” the rule of law…” and pretend that the FBI, has enough credibility, to arrest these panderers to the LSD church; with all those voters…. Edgrrr…

                • OK now Edgrrr, Please remember to keep things simple for R. What questions have we not asked practically every day on JAII that needs to be addressed? I’m not sure what it is you think we need to post but if you will tell me I will scream it from the tops of the good ole Smoky Mountains!! What void verdict are you talking about. I get it should have been innocent not guilty but void? I get that you do not think Jodi is guilty and I believe she is innocent also! Reasonable Doubts have been addressed over and over again and Justus has done a wonderful job of showing all that we know about. But what else needs to be addressed that we would be able to do? Simple Edgar Please keep it simple. I’m getting dizzy trying to keep up with you. ♥

              • They don’t know where they were and they’ve gone thru text messages? Hmmm
                TA tells a couple of stories about him as a boss and IMO he comes off as a demanding hard nose, not the type who would go off on a trip after his man blows a very important business call.

                Since the Hughes and Halls were the main investigators in this case, you would think Flores would have that part right.

                • Okay 4 U, R…. 1. The spaz, just announced, that he is abandoning the gunshot, first soap opera; my words, his action.; which, 2….I have been proving, for five years, that he has been concealing. 3. His conspiracy with the other two stooges, to hide exculpatory evidence, facilitated the bogus arrest; claiming that she shot him, first, to gain the advantage… 4… Now, without belaboring everybodys,’ brainwaves, let’s get past the bogus trial, and, prostitutorial tapdance, and, past the bogus verdict; based upon fraud…making it, voidable; to be motioned to void, by competent defense… 5… the Spaz, has announced, his prima facie confession, by admitting that the gunshot was last; contradicting, the means, whereby these three stooges, conspired to get the interstate kidnapping in the first place… 6…. Bail / ransom, was set at two million dollars, because of the charges, and, the bail, was a means, to validate the charges; making each, the means to validate the other; all, fictitious…7… Now, the reversal of format, to confess that the gunshot was last, proves, the entire fraud, because, forensics always knew, there were no gunpowder particulates, in the combined blood handprint… and, that, Jodi, therefore, did not, gain any advantage, by shooting, Travis… 8… The arrest therefore was a fraud, and the three stooges, signed on to the con, and, based upon it, got an extradition; 9… bogus facts, bogus, trial, bogus conviction, and therefore, a voidable verdict,… 10…. Now, admitted, that the gunshot was last 11… Proving what they knew all along, making the entire soap opera, void…. 12… Now, what part of, reversing the evidence, does not, reek of fraud, perjury, incompetency, and, concealment of proof, that Jodi, gained no advantage, because, she never fired a gun??? 13….Notice, that, no rocket scientists, brain surgeons, or, shrinks, have bothered to weigh in to invalidate, this farcical, comedy of errors…. 14… Indicating a free pass, for the lizards at law, concealing, reasonable doubtf, From, , victims of the lizards at law, mob… Edgrrr….

                • But Edgar, the case the state presented AT TRIAL was that the gunshot was last.

                  That’s where you’re losing us, I think, because we’re under the impression that you’re saying he’s changing his story NOW, BACK to gunshot first (as was asserted for the first couple of years before trial).

                • Thank you so much Edgar! ♥ From what you are saying the Frog has changed his story now? and gone back to the gunshot first? I was not aware of that. When? You have made it clearer to me if that is so. I will make sure that your thoughts about everything are passed along. I appreciate your thoughts and concerns for Jodi. . .just like all of us here we want what is best for Jodi and will do everything we possibly can to help her in her defense of this wrongful conviction. Apparently, dealing with the Arizona wonderland of law things do not always go like the law does in other parts of our country. . .it is time someone starts checking up on these Lizards of Law. Sorry to be so slow catching up with your thoughts. Keep up your support for Jodi!

                • Since E.L. here says that he was posting about the lack of gunshot-related particulate matter in the print over five years ago, he would view the “reversal of format” as relatively recent. (This change of gunshot from first to last was presented by the state “a few days before jury selection”, according to Kiefer.) E.L. has stated that the main reason the jury believed Jodi’s guilt is on account of JM’s “hypnonauseating stage act”, since she could not have overpowered him with a knife, and that the indictment, bail amount and trial(s), are all based upon an extradition that in his opinion amounts to an interstate kidnapping, since it was predicated upon what the “three stooges” had wrong in the first place. (Bear in mind that E.L. has repeatedly asserted that Jodi “did none of it”.)

                  I don’t agree with E.L. on his “take” on things in total, but believe I’ve consistently understood his perspective on the case, at least as he’s articulated it here.

                • “7… Now, the reversal of format, to confess that the gunshot was last, proves, the entire fraud, because, forensics always knew, there were no gunpowder particulates, in the combined blood handprint… and, that, Jodi, therefore, did not, gain any advantage, by shooting,”

                  Edgar – there was no ‘combined blood handprint’. The handprint was not in blood, according to state’s witness Lisa Perry. It did contain a combination of Jodi’s DNA and Travis’, and it was revealed with the use of LCV so it was in some sort of biological substance (guessing probably sweat) but because it was not in BLOOD, it can’t be proven that it was even made that day – and therefore proves nothing about the day of Travis’ death. It’s a meaningless print that Martinez made a big deal of – part of the smoke and mirrors.

                • Thanks whichtrial. . .all of this just let’s us all know there are WAY TO MANY unanswered questions to say for sure that Jodi killed Travis. I do not believe her capable of it but none of us know what happened that day or the five days that no one bothered to even look for Travis. None of us have witnessed Travis’s anger like Jodi did. Some people that knew him had seen his anger but they lied. Who can say what anyone would do in the same circumstance that Jodi was in? MissPajamaGirl is another one who has said from the beginning that Jodi did not kill Travis. She brings up very great points IMO. It all appears to be a big staged scene to me. With the Botched up crime scene, crime photos, autopsy and so many people obviously lying. . .WHY? Why the lies? We know why Jodi lied, who wouldn’t have, faced with all of this mess. She fought for her life and then she was scared to death of what had happened. Jodi lied because she had no one to turn to help her. And maybe Jodi lied because she has no idea what happened that day (which I lean towards). BUT WHY HAS EVERYONE ELSE LIED WHO KNEW TRAVIS ALEXANDER? What is their excuse? He was No SAINT, there is proof to that! And neither are his so called friends. IMHO.

                • Great find Marja! Thanks. I was raised in the Christian beliefs and we were taught to be honest in all we do or say. Hmmm I never knew to what extremes the Mormon faith took to being dishonest until this trial. My eyes have sure been opened towards the LDS church. I am disgusted by this cult religion. When their own founder of the religion could not hold up to their standards it became popular to cover up for his downfalls?. SMH No wonder they are so full of hate. . .a very sad group of misguided people.

            • The Hughes had MANY various accounts of their days surrounding Travis’s death. Who’s to know which one was the accurate one. I’ve have always believed them to be up to their rear ends in this whole thing. LOL I haven’t forgotten the old PPL Clan either.

              • Their rear ends, might have been the motive, as to why, Travis, tried to convince that he was on the outs with, Jodi… His demeanor, indicates he was entrancing men and women, alike; wherever they could be used… as brainwashing is not, gender specific… Edgrrr…

              • How many twists and turns, were there to be reckoned with, that, when, altered, make arguments, lame….??? Why have answers, if the trolls get to backpedal the stated facts; seesawing the soap opera…??? Edgrrr…. Five years, of hanging in with, disprovals of the soap opera, apparently, only fit the episodes, at the time… and, of course, seem as simpleminded as the Spaz.s continual, hypnonauseations….Grrr….

              • Maybe, I lapsed in the progression of perjuries at law, as slithered by these conspirators, so…. The arrest was based upon representations, regarding, “she shot him first” , to get an advantage; nailing the emphasis, that she couldn’t have gained the edge, without shooting him first; making the entire soap opera, teeter upon, that fact. Now, skip to the repudiation of what was alleged, to, the 180 degree, shift, wherein, the claim, was set aside, with, proof that the spaz, was concealing from day one, the fact he knew, the gunshot was last, not, first, and, he proved his fraud, by, trying a noncase, based upon, a contradicted, interstate kidnapping at law; rescinded, so, the schizo spaz, could try the truth, he had been concealing; after he embezzled years out of Jodis’ life, knowing all along that his representations were a fraud, and, after exposure, required that he backpedal, his con of the first soap opera; of which, his bogus extradition, as confessed, has also, rescinded, its,’ legality, as proven by the recantation of the lies that validated the warrant… making the bogus trial, no less than a trial, with these lizards at law, the actual defendants; whipped, by a girl… and, do note that the braindead judge, had nothing to say about the flipped out, reversal of charges, as had been the sworn to process, then, in need of repudiation, without a bleat from the sheeple… as if the schizo spaz, is right, no matter what lies he floats…. The trial, is irrelevant; the verdict is dead on arrival, because, the charges, were predicated, upon fraud; as admitted by the need to backpedal the lies of the three stooges… How is it that with 90 years of combined slitherings at law, these conspirators, …were stupid enough to think they could get away with the con of the first soap opera, then, blatantly, shift gears into reverse, to try, the non case, in reverse, after just admitting the need to, scam, a retreat, under the nose of the indolent, braindead judge; and, the socalled defense allorneys, at, law…??? Do you get it that, the cessation of the con of the first soap opera, was, an abandonment of the reason that got them an extradition, and, proves, fraud, by the abandonment of direction, and, repudiation, which amounts to getting an extradition, based upon known fraud, as all that has then been revealed, was known, from the beginning, and, conspiratorially concealed by the three stooges, conspiracy; otherwise, why, did the defective detective, lie, that the gunshot was first, when no gunpowder particulates were found in the combined blood handprint…??? And, why did the medical examiner, conceal, his end, with, hiding the fact that the dried blood the ejected shell, landed upon, was long since dried, four or five days after the killing, as if, to condense two crimes into, one, conspiring to claim, premeditation…when, without their combined con, there was only proof of innocense, not, guilt…yet, even after recanting the lies of the first con, the spaz then, went into carnival act, hypnonauseation mode, to, comatoast everyone in the courtroom, like a snake olil huckster, peddling his elixer….. A hundred years ago, the likes of these lizards at law, would have been lynched. Today, how far we’ve come; we just give the “defense,” two million bucke, interupting the trial, to take a dive…. Edgrrr…??? Free Jodi, and, imprison these lizards at law….

            • Easily explained; when they got the report, is key…. Travel modes, and, itinerary, can be verified. What the gestapo, is concealing, should be the criteria, now….. Edgrrr…

          • What they claim to believe, is simply in the category of “If you can’t dazzle them, with dialogue; baffle them with, bullshit,” because, profit for the prophets, is the only criteria…. Edgrrr….

          • Afraid to speak, is why the socalled news media should be flooded with, what is being concealed, by those who are fearful, so they can facillitate necessary changes, and, get over the Stepford Wives, act… Cut the perverts off, and, watch how quick the mewling begins; reward your perverts, and, get more of the same…. Jodi is fronting for all the Stepford Wives, who’ve been lobotomized by brainwash. The least they can do, is to back her, for, backing them…. Religion is as religion deserves; Zieg Heil, to Nazis, of any kind… Some of our relatives, won that war, despite SSHitler II in the whitehouse…. Edgrrr…

            • No to reinstating the gunshot first, con, of the first perjury, by the three stooges; who, in order to extort an interstate kidnapping, hid the fact that forensics, was complicit in hiding the fact the dried blood, proved the disconnect between crimes, and, Jodis’ innocense,. for, two years, till the spaz, doublecrossed the other two stooges, by recanting his perjury, without, confessing as to the other two stooges, backup… Why, didn’t the judge, interrogate the other two stooges, whom the spaz left, with their perjuries, remaining unrecanted…??? Edgrrr…

        • Maria, THEIR reasoning for everything is why didn’t Jodi just walk away from travis’s life, for good.

          What people lack to understand is that when Jodi was with travis she had no self-esteem. He could treat her like shit 9/10 times BUT that 1 time he was sweet to her was enough for her to keep coming back.

          Let’s not forget that travis alexander was a salesperson and a motivational speaker… he could sweettalk himself in and out of any situation he wanted! I’m sure he had his ways with words with Jodi. And unfortunately, Jodi didn’t need much: just a few nice words from him and she was like putty in his hands….

          • Travis had learned his mind-control through his Mormon faith. It is taught to them before they go on their missionary ventures.

            • Where did the spastic prostitutor, learn his, hypnonauseating, mind control…??? Should that, not be revealed; as to what sane person, jumps all over with such a strobe show, spastic performance, as if, getting the sheeple to watch the flickering light show, and when you wake up from your coma, your, compliance will have already been done… Have any of his previous soap opera, “cases,’ ” jurors realized the con…??? Professional hypnotists, can explain, that, his spasmodic, obsession, is just a stage act… Edgrrr…

            • Where are those high class religionists, who are concealing, who, ratted, Travis, out to the Bishop, as that would name those who were not getting what, Jodi, was getting ??? Obviously, Jodi, didn’t need to complain…. and, had no such motive as would name her as a suspect; but for the three stooges, conspiring to conceal the gunshot last, from, day one; intimating, that, she shot him first, to overcome his obvious advantage…. which, she did not have, from the outset…. now admitted, after five years, of prostitutorial fraud, as confessed to, by, a reversal of evidence, that was always, here; concealed…. Edgrrr…

            • And, when the LSD cult propaganda, causes a disaster, the parasites, are nowhere to be found, to even try to rationalize their doctrines, [ laws ], and, covenants [ agreements ]; leaving their brainwashees, to flounder by themselves; thusly, culling those from the flock….. Baaaa…. Edgrrr…….

          • Poor Jodi was not only suffering battered woman’s syndrome at the time, but also so messed up from that church and living in that surreal world that ppl teach people to live in using The Secret.

            • Yes and these were all people who Jodi looked up to and believed in. She fell for them hook, line and sinker! Jodi was abused by Travis, his friends, his church and his fellow workers, the Media and now the Arizona justice system!

            • Don’t forget five years, of 42 cents a day, cuisine, including, green balogna sandwiches, as well, as the five yea, soap opera, twisting her brain; and, of course, there’s the Alice in Wonderland, Arizona, lizards at law, charade, of a trial…. Edgrrr…

            • WAS SCREWED UP, AND, STILL IS AS EVIDENCED BY LETTING THE HYPNONAUSEATING CABAL, DEFRAUD HER OF HER RIGHT TO DUE PROCESS… DO NOTE HOW THE BRAINDEAD JUDGE, NEEDS NO EXPLANATION AS TO WHY, JODI, HAS SUCH SELF SERVING REPRESENTATION…AND, WANTS THEM, GONE; LEAVING HER WITH NO REPRESENTATION AT ALL… And there’s not one competent lieyer, in this country, or, Justice watchdogs who smells the Spastic Hypnonauseators, shucking and jiving. twitching side show, strobe performance, for what it is; a hypnonauseating, carnival act, meant to comatoast everybody watching the spastic, sideshow…tapdance…. Where are the professional hypnotists, to debunk the freak…??? Where are the body language experts, and, police interrogators, to debunk the freak show ? Where are the shrinks, who should have chimed in by now ? Is everybody afraid of the 3M quasireligious cults, criminal backgrounds, and, afraid to question the kill squads…??? And, one of these cult misfits is playing his, “well, if you insist,” act, to slither into the whitehouse, so he can bless us all with, laws and agreements that we haven’t yet gotten brainwashed enough, fior….??? Edgrrr… And, do note that the govern – mental, bean counters are nort missing the fact that out of billions of Sheeple, worldwide, there are just we few, who’ll speak up, on the side of the law… Edgrrr…Where’s Mark Furmann,the police sergeant, who pleaded to a, perjury, felony, rather tyhan confess that he cou;ldn’t count to ten…??? Is anything, real, in this God damned country anymore….??? Edgrrr…

              • Edgar,

                I have also been asking where the body language experts are??? I asked this months and months ago!!! Dr. Drew has had some on his show! Why on earth can’t they CLEARLY decipher the BODY LANGUAGE of so MANY??? Do they NOT follow the Jodi Arias trial? OF COURSE they DO!!! Where is ANYBODY else besides us few, as you said, Edgar???????????????????? What in the WORLD is going on – as if we didn’t know!!! WHY won’t SOMEBODY DO something about ALL this FRAUD and INJUSTICE by now???

                JODI ANN ARIAS IS INNOCENT!!!

                FREE JODI ANN ARIAS NOW, AZ!!!

                • Because this is a nation of sheeple, who’ll send their sons and daughters half way around the world, to die, in some bogus, contrived commercial, conflict, while these sheeple, won’t even stand up to a brain dead judge, or, code nazi. Do we deserve better…???… Edgrrr…

                • What’s goibg on is a govern mental candyassed, parasitic Re-

                  15 million Mormons…. pandering to all those voters….. Edgrrr…


                • Because, the likes, of Sheeple is, to bleat no more, as they, get led to our demise….Baaaa…. Edgrrr…

          • JMO but it seems that Jodi admired TA first and fell in love with him much later. And once she started to fall out of love with him, she still nurtured internally the original picture she had formed of TA, an image that elevated him as having almost unearthly powers to persuade, cajole, argue with a native skill, produce, and seduce. Since those impressions of him as a dynamic, effective leader never left her even when he abusively overstated himself to her, insulted her dignity and physically harmed her, she remained compliant and tragically vulnerable to TA to the end.

            Jodi stated earlier in this interview that she was “heavily influenced” and “vulnerable”. It took her a long time – perhaps even the duration of the trial – to be able to more clearly distinguish among her constellation of feelings for him.

            Even during the proceedings, Jodi didn’t characterize TA as being out of control, (for example, with respect to his banging his head against the linen closet, she didn’t say he was acting like a madman, rather that he had that look in his eye when turning to her) though a lack of self-control would be exactly what she described when detailing specifics of his physical abuse. Instead, she saw herself as “pissing him off”, even in the final fight, testifying that she continually endeavored not to do that.

            A less vulnerable person would have viewed the interactions differently once they began to swing out of balance; would have placed more responsibility for decorous behavior on their partner, seeing destructive behavior as just that. But the relationship was unbalanced from the outset. She would always be the “student” in one way or another: Though Jodi was a photographer, he would proclaim that “a five-year old” could do better than she. Significantly, that was one area in which Jodi’s knowledge assuredly outstripped his.

                • Agreed…. and, in addition to dispelling what’s twisted to be, facts, how did Jodi, overpower, Travis, without shooting him, first, and, how, did she get the superhuman strength, to nearly decapitate him… ??? Now, that the combined blood handprint, has beem morphed into, non existence… These lizards at law, must be working overtime, to, ignore all the reasonable doubts; none of which, made it to the trial. Why’s that…. if not because of the known LSD “church,” connection, and, heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice, eternal soul saving contract, sworn to by those claiming to be so devout; to, blow off the realities of this life, in return for, virgins, in some imaginary, afterlife… ??? And, why the emphasis upon, virgins, if not, to add, spice to the bribe to get pious idiots, to submit to the terror, of the bloodthirsty, ritual, they were submitting to… and, the thousand person wake, for their coronation, onto planet playboy, and all those 200 year old virgins; a scary, thought, and, surely, deserving… Read “The God Makers, for the exact format, ritual kills, of Anderson, for doing his atepdaughter, and, Alexander, for, doing whatever he could guru…. Edgrrr…??? Was, the dog, even, safe….???

            • Remember ALV’s testimony about power? Abusive relationships are always based on power allocation. Travis was leading, Jodi was following- that’s how their relationship started and continued. Which sounds so absurd to me because Travis was so much ”inferior” to Jodi in all fields! SHE was the talented one, she was the intelligent one, she had the potential. Travis was just a money-hungry, power-hungry, broken individual who seeked attention and approval to heal his childhood insecurities and wounds, thus building a very carefully thought-out facade. In other words, she was too good for him yet she became his slave. He was the Master to whose wishes she had to succumb.

              • I truly hope you all are writing to Jodi with exactly this kind of message. She needs to hear it. Over and over again.

                She needs people who will support her by shaking her awake to her reality if she continues to believe her life is worth less than Travis’.

                • JustPassingBy, sad thing is that there should have been people and ‘true friends’ around Jodi back then ‘shaking her awake’ and making her realize that she was waaaay better than travis.

              • Yeah, and travis looked fat (watch Jodi’s video on youtube), he was overweight, his pot belly was beginning to show, in a few years he would have gotten fatter than Nurmi. Why Jodi would go for this pudgy dude with such a short fuse I have no idea.

                • Because relationships, are tainted with, one upmanship, between others…. and prove some people will go to any extremes to beat someome else to it….like a cattle auction…. Moo…. Edgrrr…

              • Maria, And, that was, his act, to prey upon those who could be taken in; all out of the controllers,’ bag of tricks; just like the hypnonauseater; the Spaz….Edgrrr…

            • You’re right. It’s all about mind control and making the victim think that everything is their fault… It’s about stripping one’s self-esteem and making them feel useless. It’s kinda like the Stockholm syndrome of the heart and soul:

              “Stockholm syndrome can be seen as a form of traumatic bonding, which does not necessarily require a hostage scenario, but which describes “strong emotional ties that develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other.”[4] One commonly used hypothesis to explain the effect of Stockholm syndrome is based on Freudian theory. It suggests that the bonding is the individual’s response to trauma in becoming a victim. Identifying with the aggressor is one way that the ego defends itself. When a victim believes the same values as the aggressor, they cease to be a threat.

              Battered-person syndrome is an example of activating the capture-bonding psychological mechanism, as are military basic training and fraternity bonding by hazing.”

            • Nah, the guy looked like a chipmunk, pudgy, and, pasty; Jodi, was nio doubt, up to the challenge to make him crawl, to, oneup everybody else, brainwashed by Travis… with her own power trip; and, crawl, he did; right on up to his eternal soul saving heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice ritual…Of which, if you have any doubt, do note that those wounds alone, were the medical examiners,’ listed cause of death; devoid of the premeditated claims by the Spaz, who added the stabfest, soap opera, to, claim that she also did the other crimes, to make sure it looked like she did the crimes that actually killed him.., as if there is any similarity in forensics proofs that the same person did both crimes… Thisc was a community get together, just as was the thousand person wake; as if, the symbolism was lost, that, Travis, the devout, ascended to planet playboy and all those, virgin angels… Anyone wonder from where, they embezzled , that idea…???. And, the ear to ear “near,” decapitation…??? SISI or ISIS, by any other names…Chamelions, are still, lizards, in the reptilian illiterati…. Is is… didn’t, Clinton create, that…. ??? Hard to tell where the bullshit ends and the jackasses begin…. Edgrrr….

          • He also was her executive director and that business tie with him kept them communicating. He had so many levels of control over her it would have taken her a while to get completely free.

                • I’m not sure what an upLine is, but she testified that she gave him “signups” so he could make his bonus money. A lot of their messages after she moved have to do with ppl. I could be wrong but I thought there was testimony that he was her executive director..

                • Think of ‘upline’ as sort of like a family tree. Each new associate is tied, through the person who signed them up, to the person who signed THAT person up (family tree example: grandparent) to the person who signed THAT person up (great grandparent), etc. That’s how these multi-level marketing schemes work. Each ‘family’ has its own team name. Travis was on Hughes’ team, team “Renew”. Jodi, IIRC, was signed up by that young woman in California, the woman she traveled with to Vegas for that first convention…. and I *think* that was a different team.

                • It was Ryan Burn’s cross where I got that idea from. Paraphrasing he testified that they had a conversation where Jodi mentioned that she still spoke with TA a couple of times a week, which surprised him at first until he learned that he was her executive director. She put through membership applications for him and they worked together with him being her mentor. (Day 4 around 47:30) He was the one who said she gave him signups for his bonus as well.

                  She did go to the first convention with a woman she found online.

                • It is true that Jodi helped Travis and I am guessing that he mentored her in return.

                  She did so in an effort to help him achieve his bonuses, etc. (Ryan testified about the bonuses and how substantial they were for him also at the executive director level.)

                  Gus explained on the stand that he himself very often spent time mentoring people who were not in his own downline. I don’t know if Gus was in Jodi’s upline or not, but she definitely was not in Travis’s group. She had originally cold-contacted the company because the person who had given her the DVD was no longer a representative when she decided to pursue the opportunity. The woman who signed her up was simply assigned to Jodi by the company. This occurred when she was in Palm Desert, before she met TA by chance at a convention.

                  Jodi is a generous person to have shared her business with TA in that manner; Gus’s open-hearted philosophy was apparently contagious.

                • Then what is Ryan Burns talking about in his cross when he says that Jodi told him Travis was her executive director? It was Nurmi’s question.

                • Carol, I will review Ryan’s testimony about the business relationship JA had with TA. If he said [that], it would contradict what Jodi said on the stand regarding her hierarchy. (Also, in my recollection, Gus explained that Jodi was not in TA’s group.)

                  But since what you refer to is more than forty-five minutes in, it’ll take me awhile. I will definitely check on this, Carol. I know you are very familiar with the testimony.

                • I think Ryan was fuzzy on some details after five years, which is understandable. After all, he also said she worked at Margaritaville.

                  I think whichtrial? is right. Jodi was tossing stuff Travis’ way to help him – because he WAS in some deep shit with his mortgage.

                • Ok, I found what you are referring to, Carol between 0:51 and 0:53 minutes of Ryan’s cross on Day 4. He does say that TA was her Executive Director and he says it explained to him why TA and JA still talked a few times a week (it had originally surprised him to hear of their continued contact.) My guess is that she mentioned helping TA out, and five years later, Ryan remembered it in a way that made sense to him. He says that Jodi would send business TA’s way in order to, “help him qualify as Executive Director if he was close”…

                • And she wouldn’t have had to send anything his way if he was in her upline – he’d automatically get a piece of any business she generated.

            • Gus Searcy testified during cross that prepaid is like the NFL with different teams and that Jodi was on Chris Hughes team. Chris and Travis were on the same team. Gus testified that there are 1500 executive directors vs. 400,00 plus associates and different levels of executive directors. You have to keep earning the bonus monthly, it’s not something you earn and keep, so every month Travis had to fill a quota. That’s what Jodi helped him with.

              • Gus testified that Jodi was in CH’s “organization”. It would be large, consisting of at least a few teams and further downlines, etc. So although CH and TA were on the same team, hers was probably headed up by someone in one of the CH downlines. (Gus also said that he himself was not in the same “organization” as Jodi.)

                • Hughes’ team is called the “Renew Team” and both Jodi and Travis were on his team. If you do the math (1500 executives vs 400,000 plus associates), there are a lot of associates to each director, and then there are the levels of directors all the way to diamond earners, so Travis reported to Chrism etc,

                • Not sure what we’re disagreeing about, Carol. Are you saying that Jodi was in Travis’s downline? Jodi was not signed up by Travis but easily could have been signed up by someone in a separate CH downline which did not include TA.

                  The longer and harder that someone works with a network marketing company – the way CH has – the bigger their organization is. They could have many downlines, many teams under them, which in turn have produced yet more teams.

                  TA did mentor JA, the way Gus mentored those from whose work he would not receive any commission. There is more detail about who was on what team in other testimony. If I come across it, I’ll let you know, because I do recall Jodi herself at some point testifying about not being on the same team as TA.

                  Companies structured in this manner are comprised of hierarchies that eventually become very large. Visualize a big old tree with many branches. A hierarchy is akin to an organization, e.g. it’s a very large “main” branch on the tree that gives rise to more branches, but a team is not the equivalent – teams being much smaller units, i.e. “groups”, or limbs. Over time, the most productive people who have been around the longest will produce the main branches that emanate directly from the tree’s trunk.

                  I think CH might have been one or two people “above” TA in the business. He might even have been the one to sign up TA; in either of those two cases, they naturally would have been on the same team.

                  Btw, I believe Gus wouldn’t have been as likely to have gotten it wrong as Ryan, since Gus really knew Jodi. That’s why I accept that Jodi was probably in the CH organization, as he said. Ryan had a quick five minutes with her at one of the conventions, lost her phone number, and was encouraged to call her later by a third party.

                  Ryan and JA then had a lot of phone calls over a month and a half and sent text messages back and forth, but they were not speaking about TA at all until he realized she was still in touch with him. He was surprised, (knew they’d broken up some months previous) so she explained that she’d help TA out sometimes. So, I believe Ryan came to his own conclusion much later (with the passage of time and with the memory-loss inducing shock of the killing) based on scant information. Indeed, Jodi said she veered away from detail about her closeness with TA during that month and a half of communication, not wanting it to interfere with a possible romance with Ryan.

                  On the other hand, Gus’s relationship with Jodi was, as we know, based entirely on the business. He knew that he and JA were not in the same organization, but he regularly helped others regardless of their position within the various hierarchies.

                  The significance of this topic, obviously, is that Jodi helped TA when it would have been to her immediate and likely future benefit to simply sign the person up, receive the commission, and grow her own business. (If they had been on the same team and TA was her direct upline, he would have at least gotten a commission based upon her business anyway, as Journee indicated.)

                  Since, however, those Executive Director bonuses are substantial and Jodi cared so much about TA, she knew that the immediate financial benefit to him would be far greater than it would have been to herself at her very “junior” level. When he was “close”, therefore, to making that (monthly) required amount – was at the tipping point – she knew any help she could provide would make all the difference to him – to the tune of thousands of dollars.

                • Trial day 14, segment 3, when Jodi describes her first meeting with Travis. She said that he was also on team Renew, as she was, but ‘sort of laterally’ – which *I* take to mean equivalent to ‘cousin’ on my family tree analogy. IOW, he wasn’t in her direct upline, as she described it.

                • Cousin sounds about right, as in they had a common ancestor. I think in parlance one would say, “Jodi wasn’t direct to TA”.

                • Journee, I reviewed Day 14 and this is my take on this point.

                  Jodi signed up online as an “independent associate” and was assigned to Michelle by her zip code. She really wasn’t active in the co. until she went to that convention and met Travis, but then she moved to Mesa and a different zip code. Ryan was concise when it came to the testimony that was backed by his written correspondence with Jodi so by then according to Jodi, he was her exec. dir. I cannot imagine Travis passing up the opportunity to have her work for him and make money off her. He had her cleaning his house, making his bed and buying his old clunker of a car. His ranting to her sometimes began with work-related things, like emptying her voicemail so he could get hold of her and the message “you couldn’t get off your lazy butt to read it” was him still controlling her through work. It was another way that he was losing control over her as she was trying to move on in her life without him.

                • Carol, You make good observations about TA’s fears of losing control of her. I would add to the list that I believe – and it’s just an educated guess – that Jodi was also his cheerleader, something she wouldn’t have mentioned on the stand, the same way she didn’t want to talk about (and wasn’t comfortable with her mother mentioning in Mitigation) all of the assistance she provided other inmates.

                  Re: What Jodi testified to on Day 14 Part 3: What had originally stayed in my memory was Jodi’s first statement that Michelle had been on Team Freedom. (That stuck for me because, as you point out, Michelle lived in a different state from TA – it made sense, and I’d missed Jodi’s correction.)

                  So, according to Gus’s testimony, you are correct that JA was in the CH organization, but she would have started out going to her trainings and meetings at a different office in a different state. I find it difficult to believe that that particular office would also be known as Team Renew, but I don’t know how this company is structured. So, this comment is based on general knowledge gathered over many years about the structure of these types of multi-level companies.

                  But notice that Jodi, after correcting herself by stating that Michelle was on Team Renew, also adds that she’s not really sure how it works. She uses the word “laterally”. That indicates that Michelle’s team was in the CH organization, or “hierarchy”, which is likely itself called “Team Renew”, and if we accept that as fact, it’s also possible that Jodi could have been correct the first time – when she mentioned “Team Freedom” with respect to Michelle. This could be because when, five years later, Jodi thought about that convention (where she met TA – completely by chance) – the appellation “Team Renew” stayed in her head with respect to everyone she associated with there. The big conventions address the various hierarchies, and the “downlines” fall into place from there, like clans and families. So attendees would have identified themselves with their organizations in such a setting, not focusing as much on their individual team names. (Again, not exactly sure how the team names carry over in this company and if individual offices in various cities are required to have different names.)

                  Even more confusing is that TA probably started in Riverside and was probably brought into Team Renew there. But since he had become a leader, he was invited to speak all over the country. So he could have been speaking regularly in Phoenix without being part of anyone’s downline there. And his own downline would have still been in the CH organization. So it is possible that neither Jodi nor TA was direct to anyone in Phoenix.

                  By the time of the trial, whatever happened in CA, where she would have attended her first meetings seemed to be far from Jodi’s mind. She would likely more clearly remember going to Phoenix meetings for ongoing training if she’d attended any weekly meetings of that type. Given that she and TA both had moved since starting in the company, I’m sure it was confusing for her, especially if that was the only network marketing company she had ever been exposed to.

                  With respect to the geography: I’m not sure if she could have requested that she be “moved” to another office and be “under” someone else or not. As far as I’ve heard, each of these network marketing companies handles that sort of thing a bit differently. It would probably be more difficult to switch to another group if one had built the beginnings of a team already – one could even be required to leave recruits at the original office when making the switch at some companies. Since I don’t believe Jodi had built any sort of group herself, I suppose she could have requested a switch, but I don’t recall any testimony about that. Naturally, It would seem that the more advanced a person is, the more difficult it would be to make a switch, if not impossible, (but why would a successful person – TA could be an example – want to when webcasts and phone conferencing are utilized these days?)

                  Additionally, it is possible in these network marketing companies to be on the same team in the same office, and not be “direct” to someone who is building a group there (and is therefore in a high position). Therefore the leaders in that office could be loosely referred to as “so and so’s Executive Director”, even if that E.D. is not direct to that person, i.e. “not in that chain”. But that would be using the terminology very loosely.

                  It is my understanding that in most companies structured with these “levels”, that the person (or couple) heading up the particular office is/are the only one(s) receiving a commission from everyone’s work in that office. Below them, there are those that have their own “downlines”, but not every “leader” in the office would be “over” everyone else in a lesser position. There are various chains, in other words, in each office. The person (or couple) who forms a big enough chain -which could be done various ways in various companies – (by volume or by recruiting others who form chains linked to that person) can eventually break off and form their own office. But they only take their chain with them when they strike out on their own, and they would still comprise part of the original organization. (Some companies require that they even have to leave a section of the chain with the original office, but that is another story.)

                  I don’t take what Ryan said at face value since there was no testimony about Jodi requesting a change to a new upline within the CH organization. Based on what she said, it would have been easy for him to come to the conclusion that TA was “her” E.D. And if the word “lateral” is accurate, then TA was simply not in her upline. I guess that is what we are disagreeing about.

                  Having said that, isn’t it interesting how fluid the hearsay rules were in this trial? JM cut off anything that someone wanted to testify was told directly to them, but when Ryan was on the stand he was allowed to quote Jodi right and left. I don’t get it – if someone hears words directly from another person, why is testimony about that so selectively allowed? It’s like being permitted to testify about the sunrise but not the sunset.

                • FWIW, Carol and whichtrial? –

                  Chris and Sky Hughes were still living in California when Travis died, and Travis living in Mesa was still tied to Hughes’ team. CH’s brothers are also with PPL/LS, and I gather are also part of Team Renew – now out of Utah where Chris and Sky are the Regional VPs for the state of Utah. But Team Renew still has associates all over the place.

                  Poor Jodi should have taken a clue when the first two people she attempted to contact for more info about PPL told her they weren’t in the business anymore.

                  Yes, in 2008, phone conferences were part of how PPL did business. Travis was supposed to host one on Jun 4, remember?

                  Regarding hearsay – all of that confuses me too, especially when – for example – ALV was not allowed to read directly from Travis’ texts and emails, or use the words ‘he said’. But I think part of it has to do with whether or not the person being quoted is available to speak for themselves – to affirm whether they said something and what they might have meant when they said it. In the case of Ryan talking about Jodi, Jodi was there to affirm or deny. Of course, when Ryan was on the stand, maybe JM knew or maybe he didn’t know that Jodi would testify. If he didn’t, getting Ryan to say things about her that she might want to deny would be a way to goad her into taking the stand.

                • Leslie Udy was allowed to talk about what she overheard TA say on a phone call at his house, isn’t that right?

                  Hearsay rules were…shall we say, “flexible”? I’m sure they are very technical because sometimes Jodi was allowed to quote TA, but most often, not.

                • Journee, Whichtrial,
                  I googled Team Freedom Prepaid for fun and found a clip from the “Sept 2006 Team Freedom Los Vegas Convention” and refers to a crowd of 15000 people. The team received an award at this convention where Jodi met Travis and could be why in part Michelle insisted Jodi go.

                  Also someone refers to Team Freedom at a March 2009 convention as “a rowdy group of young folks from California.” I noticed too that Jodi first said Team Freedom in a fond, fun kind of way.

                • Just another Ponzi scheme, to brainwash with delusions of avarice, while starving their children…. Gluttons…. Edgrrr…

          • Seems likehypnonauseators are creeping out vfrom under their troll bridges, to impose their vascillated, programs, upon the weak…. Edgrrr…. Manchurian candidates, all….

          • Pandora… Your reasoning, is proof, within a reasonable doubt that she wouldn’t have done any of it, and, if so, then what could have been more diabolical, than, to, get out with the pictures while he was in the shower; pass the pictures around, at church, and, cut off his supply, of groupies….without any risk to herself… As you can see, reasonable doubts, gallup, in this here oater…. Edgrrr…

        • Travis chose sacred ritual blood atonement, by heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice, which, you might note, is the medical examiners, judgement cause of death decision. All the other trimmings, were perpetrated four or five days after, the eternal soul saving ritual delusion of those who claim to own the afterlife; with, Travis choosing piety over perversion, in order to ascend to wherever the cult sends him…. His, in mortal fear, is clearly depicted, in the, ” what he signed up for,” terror; clearly, in his eyes…. Edgrrr…

      • How many facts have been volunteered, to the D.A.s office, vindicating, Jodi, that these lizards at law, are concealing, lest they lose one of their twofaces, by rocking the boat…. How about, more than a dozen, gunshot, home invasion robberies, in, Mesa, while Jodi was locked up, and, couldn’t have done them, either…??? How many ballistics are being concealed, to publish those facts, and, calibers…??? Edgrrr…

        • That is a great question Edgar! How may home invasions at gun point have happened since innocent Jodi has been in their jail? Why the cover up there? The suicides have always bothered me to. . .why have so many committed suicide during this time that knew Jodi? Were they suicides, were they investigated. . .probably not.

            • Since when, are the AT LAW, mob, concerned with reasoning, law, and, due process, except to keep it, due….??? Edgrrr…..

          • R Love…. And, why the news blackout, about the Manson clone, with a swastika,, tattooed, on his forehead, who opted to get into a scuffle with the California cop, who found him loaded, with explosives, and, sniper rifle; admittedly, to be “on a mission to kill someone, and commit suicide??” Who’s got the horsepower to order that, quasireligious, “on a mission;” LSD speak….and what has happened to the guy, for crashing his “mission ???” Is this what “on a mission, means; kill squads…??? Read, ” Tthe God Makers,” and other books, about the Mormon mafia, Dannites, killers, and their organized crimes, before they got run out of wherever, they organized…. Edgrrr…

            • Hi Edgar! I’m not up of the Manson stuff, I remember it well. l was too young and distracted at the time to check it all out. Chasing my own Moon shadows! LOL So, you are thinking that he was a Blood Atonement Leader??? Not sure I follow you. Really, If I find anything else out about this ridiculous farce of a religion I might pull all of my hair out. How people can be mislead like the Mormons is beyond anything I can fathom! It is all bizarre. They would have lost me when they whipped out their magic underwear!!! I’m sad that Jodi didn’t have friends who would have brought her back into reality! She was thrown in to a pit of vipers and lost all control of her life! I pray for her freedom every minute of every day! Who would ever believe we would be having Witch Trials in 2014!!

              • R…. Not, Manson; an opportunist, not a leader; The Manson clone, arrested in northern Californis, sent “on a mission, to kill someone and commit suicide.” which choice of words confession to the police, necessitated the news blackout, because the choice of words, denoted an LSD cult, relationship…. “on a mission,…” And, a Manson clone, as typified by the prison ink, swastika tattooed forehead, like, Manson….Why, the news blackout, and the news blackout, about all the Mesa, home invasions with guns and gunshots, and of course, no mention of .25 caliber bullets, or not, being involved in the shootings, none of which, Jodi, did, either… What exactly did the socalled “defense,” do for the midtrial, announced two million dollar bribe, they tried to keep the jury, and, Jodi, from hearing about, “because it might affect the lieyer / client, relationship..???..” Ya think…??? Edgrrr…

    • I have a lot of respect for most prosecutors, but I have ZERO for Juan Martinez. I didn’t see Martinez as much as a prosecutor, though, as I did a performer. He got a vicarious thrill from being on-camera and took the occasion to display his behavior which many thought was brilliant, but I viewed as unprofessional to say the least. He’s got a track record for prosecutorial misconduct and this dates the Jodi Arias trial. It’s just a shame that Jodi lacked an attorney like Jose Baez who would have mopped the floor with Kermit and sent him back to The Rainbow Connection.

      • Raja: you. me and the whole world saw what ‘prosecutorial misconduct’ , ‘prosecutorial bullying’, ‘prosecutorial badgering the witnesses’ is… in the flesh! If you research those words, I’m sure Websters dictionary will have a picture of juan righ next to the definition…

        And ya, ok, the ‘rock-star’ fans will say that we’re full of shit and over exaggerating. Lemme ask them this:

        Are people like Michael Kiefer, Superior Court Judge Kenneth Fields, Mel McDonalds, Arthur Aidala, Tom Kenniff, Jose Baez…. the list is long… are all these people full of shit too???

        Mel McDonald noted Martinez’s style “makes for great television, nice theatrics, but for effective litigation, it simply isn’t the way to do it.”

        juan martinez and noel levy are both in the same catagory: unethical and corrupted. They should both be disbarred, IMO. (I wonder what would happen if they were up against each other in a trial? It would be like Smackdown vs Raw Battle! LMAO!!)

        • The Martinez Marionette, clown act, is, for hypnonauseating the Sheeple, into lockstep, like the other two stooges, he badgered into, concealing the gunshot last, by claiming, gunshot first, to imply, that Jodi, blasted away to overcome Travis’s obvious martial arts, kickboxer and, weight advantage; in which con, the prostitutor, scammed an interstate, quasilegal kidnapping….then, to recant his lies, after two years of fraudulent process, and, in light of numerous postings, to admit that he needed to repudiate his conspiracy, by shifting format; leaving the other two stooges to take the rap. Do note the the “defense,” and, the braindead judge, let him, comatoast, everybody in the socalled, courtroom…. and, again, obstruct justice…. Why is there no judicial oversight, there in, Wonderland, Arizona, and, whose bright idea is it that peripheral speculations, are veering Jodi’s defense, off point; everywhere, but, upon the fraudulence of this soap opera…??? Edgrrr…

      • This soap opera, is over. Did you not notice that the spastic prostitutor, recanted the lie he used to scam an interstate extradition, and, has he notified either governors office that he’s rescinded the basis of the charges, by admitting to his need to recant his bogus charges, with an about face… thus, terminating the charges, until, he can come up with a more culpable lie, and, a new arrest, a new trial, and, no evidence proving reasonable doubt, as that which he now confesses was bogus, as, consequently is a new trial…. and, no possibility of a conviction, as he’s tried this non case, in reverse, and, now switches gears, as if he can be as spastic as necessary, to burn his targeted victim, with impunity of being prosecuted……. Edgrrr…

        • I guess I missed a paragraph; he already had recanted his lies, that, had, enabled him to extradite, by the tiime of the first bogus trial, after, claiming she shot him first,; his, lies at law, to facilitate an interstate kidnapping at law; only to repudiate his lies of vthe first con, despite the complicities of the other two stooges; and their concealment of proof, that without shooting him, first, there’s no way a mouse can derail a freight train…. the claim, to get the arrest; and, then, recanted, as if the Spaz, ever had any credibility, anyway…. Edgrrr…

  3. Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely week-end.

    I too believe in forgiveness, in mercy and in second chances.

    Revenge, an eye for an eye and getting back at someone does one thing to people: it makes them stop living. They obssess so much that they become bitter, resentful, spiteful…. all inner beauty is gone.

    Most religions preach about forgiveness. It is beyond me how so many people that dare to state that they are religious, don’t follow their religions’ codes of beliefs. I call that hypocricy… which leads to mocking their religions. I wonder if they go to confession? What do they say in confession? Do they choose only what is ‘acceptable’ – in their opinion – to say or are they truthful and talk about their hatred? And when they leave confession, do they continue to hate?

    We are all with sin but you know what I believe is the worst sin of all? To judge others but not judge ourselves first…..

    And when people call Jodi a liar, I’d like them to judge themselves first. Don’t you lie? No? LIARS!!! You lie to get out of a speeding or parking tickets, you lie to get off work earlier, you lie not to go into work at all, you lie about your ages, you lie about the money you spend on stuff, you lie about why you were late at an appointment, lies… lies…. lies…. everyday lies and yet you stand there pointing your fingers at Jodi calling her a liar!

    You hypocrits lie about small things that you shouldn’t lie about. Jodi was scared and terrified about what she did. She lied because the truth was too painful to handle. What’s your reasons for lying everyday to everyone…

      • LOL I would like to believe there are a lot of places he would never be allowed to work. Jodi lied because she was justifiably scared and the truth was incredibly painful!! Under those circumstances
        I believe everyone would have lied at the beginning. It is very easy to judge others though and not ourselves. Pandora is right I wonder what the Haters reasons for telling their lies are. Wouldn’t it but FUN if Martinez’s nose would grow every time he told one of his big ones!!!

        • Carol, LOL, don’t you think JM is skilled and smart enough to find a way to work around that constraint? Under his influence, a jury found Jodi guilty with no conclusive evidence of premeditation. He got a judge to allow the switcheroo to gunshot last when it was extremely prejudicial to the case. He’d figure out a way to carry on no matter what country he was in, but maybe outside AZ he wouldn’t win so many cases, because his willingness to look like an ass from time to time wouldn’t be so tolerated. In other words, “…you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

          • Remember when Jodi mentioned during her cross that she hadn’t slept the night before and the reaction that she got from JM, which was allowed. The same thing happened when OP was on the stand and when the prosecutor made some similar remark, the judge stopped him and explained to the defendant what a disadvantage that puts him in and made certain that he felt okay. I’m pretty sure In Canada we have a choice of judge or jury, and after watching these two trials, I would pick to stand before a judge.

            • Just think…. If Jodi hadn’t opened her mouth, the spaz, would have had, only his own carnival, hypnosis side show, to badger; to show the jury what, con, he’s used, to have never lost a case… and, to fill the prisons by hypnonauseating the juries…. All his cases and non cases, should be reviewed… and, ditto the jurors who were stagestruck by his, spastic, side show… Edgrrr…. And, just think, if, Jodi, refuses to be hypnonauseated again, and refuses to testify against herself again… ???

          • Recanting the perjuries of the three stooges; the defective detective, the medical examiner, and, instigator of the frauds of the first soap opera, ithe third stooge prostitutor, all three agreed to conceal exculpatory evidence of reasonable doubt. No gunpowder particulates in the combined blood, analyses, was concealed for four years, as these obstructors of justice, connived, onward, until, my incessant revealments, proved Jodi, could not have overpowered Travis, the martial arts, kickboxer, wrestler, fighting for his life, without, shooting him, first. And, the four or five day old dried blood, disproves, premeditation, because, these were more than one crime; disjointed, disconnected, and, had different motives, and, different, perpetrators, as evidenced by no wet blood smear on the ejected brass shell, which was not, fired first, unless you want to believe, like the spastic prostitor, prancing around his cstage in a tutu, pirouetting, at law, also had bullet shells also wearing tutus, so the brass could hover for four or five days, until the blood puddles, became, blood islands… Also, had the bullet been first, blood would have drenched the shell… All, concealed by the spastic gyrator… Now, due to orders from on high, or, just those govern – mentals, who are high, all three of these three stooges, recanted the lies that wheedled an interstate extradition from two governors, after the court ordering her transfer, with that tacit denial of the time to fight the fraudulent jurisdiction… and, scammed a reverse format lie ofv the second con, by all three stooges, recanting, or, being put under oath to reveal, what lizard at law, put them up to concealment of the evidence, they now, admit, five years, after this at law kidnapping and, two million dollar ransom demand… and, this brain dead judge, let’t the three stooges, slither out of a charge of kidnapping, under color of law, and, this brain dead judge, condones the criminality, of the Spaz, to, reverse course, and still call what crimes he creates, due process… as if, the Spaz, is creating justice no matter what lies he floats, as if he can be right, both ways… when, in point of fact, a reversal, of format, proves thaT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, REASONABLE DOUBT, IS PROVEN BY THE NEED TO RECANT THE LIES OF THE FIRST CON, TO EMBARK UPON ANOTHER SOAP OPERA Edgrrr…

            • … and… the braindead judge does not, interrogate singularly, the three stooges, to reveal that the Spaz, put them up to, not just one perjury, but by reversal; two, perjuries, and, the brain dead judge has nothing to say about it…??? And, I’m the only one out of billions of people who gets it that, one or another, prostitutorial, antic at law, is clearly, a perjury… that, In addition, there’s the concealment of more than a dozen, gunshot home invasions, have occurred in, Mesa, and, not one report of the caliber of the gun’ or proof that the same gun, did the Alexander killing; or not… since, Jodi, was locked up, and, couldn’t have done them, either…. Edgrrr….

          • All If only, a competent defense, kept the hypnonauseations going long enough for the comatoasted jurors to realize thery’re bein defrauded…. Edgrrr…

          • The initial, charge, then, repudiated lie, was, that, Jodi, shot Travis, first, implying that to be necessary, to be able, to do the rest, unobstructed… lie, one, sold to two governors. Lie two, when lie one was disproven; you’re welcome; he recanted by spinning his soap opera, to 180 degrees, contradiction, and, the two million dollar bribed defense, said, nothing, about, the actual gunshot last, claim; proving the fraudulence, of vthe arrest charges, which proves, that, Joso, got no advantage, because, Jodi, never shot, Travis, to begin with; nor. had any reason to sit there for four or five days, watching the blood, dry, while contemplating how to set herself up, by a stabfest, after, she, allegedly performed, a surgical kill… When, she could have just, driven away…. Edgrrr…

          • Not at all prejudicial to the noncase….. The original scam, was claiming that the gunshot was first, and, the reasoning was and is, that, by shooting Travis, first, Jodi would have leveled Travis’s obvious advantage…. By the proof, I have been posting for five years, and, by others as well, Jodi did not shoot Travis, at all, and, therefore could not have overpowered him… So, the Spaz, and the other toadies of organized crime at law, stuck their feet in their mouths, to, negate the con, by which they scammed an extradition arrest…to reverse the format, by now, confessing that they had it all wrong, which they did, and, essentially crashed their whole soap opera; because, since, Jodi, never shot, Travis, she therefore, never gained an advantage, and, could not have overpowered, him…. Were the two governors, apprised of the minor detail, that, exculpatory evidence by the three stooges, known to them from the ouitset of their lies at law, to the governors, was being withheld from the defense, and from the two governors, as to the con of a premeditated twenty minutes of mayhem..when, the fact known to the three stooges, was, that, it took days, at temperature, for the blood puddles, to become blood islands, as evidenced; also known and concealed, that, there was no evidence of a blood smear, on the pistol, ejected brass, which would have been so, if the shell, landed first, before blood poured… How is it that the three stooges, got away with, a change in format, without a bleat from the other Sheeple; to admit that the gunshot, was last, trashing their delusionjs, of premeditation; as she could have driven away, while Travis was in the shower, and, could have tasken the, X-Rated pictures with her, to trash his pious, devoutness, charade, without an iota of risk to herself….and, cut off his supply of “good little Mormon girls;” as if, the studster, didn’t leave a trail, in his wake…. of, incensed parents, and, disgruntled usees, of, “King Alexander.” All, proof, therefore that the gunshot first, con, was a con,that when exposed, disproved the entire soap opera…and, exonerated, Jodi, from the lies of the first con; which the braindead judge, was complicit, in concealing the significance, of, as well… Now, Jodi has been fed a pack of lies, that, the gunshot first, is the only defense Hangman, Arizona, will accept, when despite their at law, menace to society, the gunshot, last, proves her innocense, four or five days after the precision ritual kill.. as if, it makes sense that she was able to do the precision kill, then was stupid enough to sit there for four or five days, watching blood dry, wherein, anybody could have walked in….. And, what possible soap opera, explains why the pecking away with a knife, proven to have been, after death, because they didn’t bleed; and, ditto, the a contradiction of the lie thyat the haphazard stabfest, was not, an attempt to make it look like a hysterical woman did it…. as if, a hysterical man, didn’t.??? I guess, I missed a semester, of this soap,opera, regarding how many years the Spaz, three stooges, brigade, sat on the concealed proof that, Jodi, did none of it; two years, innocent, and then, a tacit confession of a 180 degree repudiation of the lies at law, as proffered, by the three stooges, lockstep, conspiracy…. Now, whatwith being so PTSDed by the absurdity of it all, Jodi, is claiming, that she shot him first, , reinstating the con, that held her, illegally, for two years,,,, Why, if not, by the programming, by all these Alice in Wonderland, inside out, upside down excuses for, officers of the court…. In short, she did none of it and, should sit out this reverse format soap opera, and, stop feeding the pariahs,’ hypnonauseations, at law…. Edgrrr…

        • A lie is not a lie, if, you’re so spaced, by circumstance tha,t your “lie,” is no more than how you think, somrthing should be, or, have been…and, you don’t know, that what you think you believe, or, believe you think is actually, other than…. what, someone else thinks or believes; as their lie, or, perceived truth… Words, are all there has been, in this soap opera; devoid, of facts… Edgrrr…

          • Also, why you now believe her fourth, recollection, is the truth, while rverything, she, said before is a socalled lie, is simply because, she’s now saying what you want to hear. It’s always nice that facts, are what counts; not, how much PTSD, a spastic prostitutor, can leverage, his own lies at law, with… Edgrrr…

          • And…. the words, came from following the advice of lieyers, who didn’t want anyone to know that they’d been bribed by the State; two million dollars, and counting; just a little something to tide them over, while they might be percieved to have a lizard at law, and client, conflict of interest, issue… picked up on, by the jury…. just might; shaving points; and, missing a few baskets… Edgrrr…

      • Nor would sweet Sherry be able to work there! Did you see how honorable the judge was in the Pistorius trial? She respected everyone in that courtroom and DEMANDED the same respect from them!

      • The Spaz, calling anybody a liar, is simply a subliminal confession about himself… How is it that the braindead judge, did not, have him arrested, for his rescision of format, 180, about face, reversal of charges, after, his concealment of exculpatory evidence, has been proven, without, a penalty for, embezzling five years out of a girls life…??? And by what obstruction of justice does the judge not, terminate, the abandoned format, to let the Spaz, embark upon another expedition, to, embezzle some more years, or, get her murdered by the state, to terminate any action against himself; now, admitted, by, rescision of his lies, and, a continuation, in reverse, of a trial, that never was……. Edgrrr…

  4. Thoughts for the day:
    Ready or not, someday it will all come to an end. There will be no more sunrises, no minutes, hours or days. All the things you collected whether treasures or baubles, will pass to someone else. Your wealth, fame and temporal power will shrivel to irrelevance. It will not matter what you owned or what you were owed. Your grudges, resentments, frustrations, and jealousies will finally disappear. So, too, your hopes, ambitions, plans and to-do lists will expire. The wins and losses that once seemed so important will fade away. It won’t matter where you came from, or on what side of the track you lived at in the end. It won’t matter whether you were beautiful or brilliant. Even your gender and skin color will be irrelevant. So what will matter? How will the value of your days be measured
    What will matter is not what you bought, but what you built; not what you got, but what you gave. What will matter is not your success but you significance. What will matter is not what you learned, but what you taught. What will matter is every act of integrity, compassion, or sacrifice that enriched, empowered or encouraged others to emulate your example. What will matter is not your competence, but your character. What will matter is not how many people knew you, but how many people will feel a lasting loss, when you’re gone. What will matter is not your memories but the memories that we live in those who loved you. What will matter is how long you will be remembered by whom and for what. Living a life that matters doesn’t happen by accident. It’s not a matter of circumstance but of choice.

    Not sure of the author of this piece but it is so true and wouldn’t the world be better today if everyone followed these thoughts?

    • Veeeery powerful words, R! ♥

      But of course my *my* evil twin is telling me to remind you that haters reading here will take the last 4 lines and make them their Travis anthem. UGH, PUKE!

      • I suppose that is what I wanted, for them to realize their hate filled lives aren’t worth much value when it gets right down to the bottom line. Especially, if they do not make a change. Of course, they can turn it upside down and backwards which is usually what happens. LOL I really didn’t think it pertained to either Jodi or Travis but to the rest of this crazy world; and maybe just maybe; what everyone may do with the rest of their lives. What can we do to make a difference for some one like Jodi for instance? Pray, comfort and support her, back her up when she needs it, let her know that we will be there for her no matter what may come her way. People should live each day like it might be their last. We will never regret the things we do to better some one else’s life. IMO
        . ((((Maria & her Evil twin)))) 🙂

    • Almost, with a few, nonbelievers, in the mix, to think some things are important enough for progression, into the future, with scrutiny of the past…. Edgrrr…

    • Yes, if there were open season on lieyers, and other reptilian illiterati, lizards at law….Edhrrr… Lie detector tests for all… Edgrrr…

  5. I don’t know when this whole business started about how we shouldn’t speak ill of the dead. I always thought that we should honestly and accurately analyze one’s life: the good and the bad, strengths and weaknesses, etc. Even many people who support Travis Alexander acknowledge that his behavior was often immoral and hypocritical to what he was trying to present to the public.

    Travis and his family garnered sympathy from many people because of those graphic post-mortem photographs of him, the fact that he was only 30 when he died and the overwhelmingly sympathetic, pro-Travis Alexander media that took it upon itself to prop him up as a distinguished gentleman who was brutally murdered by this evil vixen, Jodi Arias.

    Distinguished gentlemen don’t treat women the way Travis treated Jodi. Now, there are some who will say “but Jodi enjoyed it as much as Travis did.” I personally don’t care what people do behind closed doors. It’s their business. And I feel the same way about Travis and Jodi except for the fact that it was largely, if not always, Travis that was initiating these graphically sexual fantasies. Jodi went along with most of them, probably because she did enjoy some of the attention and affection that she was getting, but I think she was so in love with Travis that she would have literally done anything to please him. He knew that, too, which is why I think he enjoyed exerting some of his power over her.

    We talk about an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. There is justice and then there is revenge. Many of the Travis Alexander supporters claim to want justice, but what they really are out for is revenge. For instance, let’s just say that Jodi Arias is sentenced to life in prison without parole. Now, we wouldn’t agree with that decision and we’d fight it, but even Jodi Arias supporters would concede that this sentence would seem sufficient to those who wanted justice. However, you and I both know that any punishment short of the death penalty won’t be justice for the pro-Travis supporters.

    The ones that are on the Internet, by and large are what I like to call drive-by trial watchers. They basically have the attention span of a gnat and they probably think that “Mens rea” is an intestinal virus.

    Religion certainly has played a part in this trial and it makes me all the more grateful to be a Catholic. Many Catholics around the world are overwhelmingly pro-life and anti-death penalty. I look at the number of priests and nuns around the world and here in the United States who counsel men and women on death row. There’s Sister Helen Prejean who was portrayed by Susan Sarandon in the movie “Dead Man Walking” and has dedicated much of her life to ministering many inmates on death row and has witnessed several executions.

    Killing Jodi Arias will not bring Travis Alexander back, but his supporters say that it will bring the family justice. How so? Well, because Travis died and, therefore, Jodi has to die so we can call it even now. That makes sense, doesn’t it? So let’s suppose that a man convicted for leaving his child in a hot car to die was told that his punishment was that he had to sit in a hot car for hours to die. Or, to use another high profile case, let’s just suppose that Susan Smith was punished by having someone strap her into a car and push her into a lake where she would die. Would that bring justice to the victims’ families? Possibly, if you consider inhumane killings to be your idea of justice. The fact of the matter is that the United States is a nation of laws designed to protect the innocent and the guilty. We are not a barbaric nation that cuts off the hand of someone who shoplifts. And it should be pointed out that in many of the countries in the Middle East that they do believe in a philosophy of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. There are still some states in the US that have the death penalty although more and more are outlawing it, but even the ones that do have it ensure that the punishment is humane.

  6. She was on the cusp of a new life, with the business of photography. But that was ruined, it is a sad tale. One should learn to live life to its fullest for every day is precious and disaster could be just around the corner. I hope she finds some solace in her art and other expressions of her talent. Hope does spring eternal.

    • It is sad, isn’t it… It’s a shame that this wonderfully talented woman is fighting for her life BECAUSE she fought for her life…. Hopefully, one day (not far off) Jodi will be able to continue doing what she loves most: painting and photography.

      • Egomania, is the Spaz’s religion; just like, Travis…. Obama, and, the rest of the “privileged, class…” Edgrrr… Getting into a pissing contest with skunks at law, is as futile, as a bogus conviction…. The system is rigged. Focus, now, should be upon who ordered the spaz, to crash his perjured process conviction, when his bogus conviction was in the bag; and, who they all are conspiring to protect; if not, the LSD cult, who’s obviously, above mans,’ laws…. murdering with uimpunity. How many gunshot, home invasion robberies, in Mesa, while, Jodi was locked up, and couldn’t have done them, either…??? How many were .25 caliber, bullets, and, how many bullets, had markings from the same gun, that allegedly killed, the dead body; long since, dead…??? The spaz,s carnival side show, has made a circus, of the law, and the rest of these parasites, are all in lockstep, with organized crime at law…. You think, that after five years, these lizards at law, do not know exactly, who did it, and, why ??? How about the Charles Manson, swastika forehead tattoo, arrested in Y-RICO, carrying explosives, night vision, sniper rifle, and a trunk full, who confessed, that he was “on a mission to kill someone, and commit suicide…???” Another quasireligious, confession; “on a mission.” And, no news flash, as to what else he confessed to; more, concealment of proof, that there’s a coverup. How many careers will be trashed, by full disclosure, and, how many millions of dollars, in civil rights damages, for this travesty…. explaining this Arias Bias, maniacal, obsession, to get this Alice in Wonderland, dead and buried, to concead the actual killers; just following orders… Why the Manson clone, news blackout, if not to conceal, the cult clue…”I’m on a mission…????” What about, Steven Alexanders,’ irrational tirade, and death threat to me, and, no arrest….??? Again, another coverup… What about the A-clan, getting chewed out, in the judges chambers, for jury tampering, with the juror who got canned, two weeks after the hearsay, then deemed worthy of investigation and, proven, two weeks, while the collaborating juror, remained on the jury; again, a coverup… Then, canning the juror, withouit declaring a mistrial; another coverup… Not, recusing herself for telling the complainants, to keep quiet about it; anotherr coverup…. Who do you thing has exposed it all, and, now, out of reverence to his sworn duty, the spastic prostitutor, has trashed his conviction , conned, non case, by, reversing the perjuries, he used to scam an interstate extradition, and two million dollars, ransom; by conspiring with the defective detective and the medical examiner, to hide forensics proof that with no gunpowder particulates in the combined blood alleged handprint, that , coverup proves, Jodi did not fire a gun… Dozens of these minor details, concealed by these conspirators, and, the braindead judge, does nothing; no doubt because those who did it, have a 14 million member vote bloc, with which to reward all these lizards at law…. AND HELL TO PAY, IF THEY DON’T…. Edgrrr…

        • You are too funny Edgar, I have to laugh to keep from crying. . .you are speaking the truth . . .but will they hear you. . .I pray so! ♥

          • R Love…. My cynicism, earned the most incoherrent of death threats, by Steven; Travis’s brother, and, no arrest by the thought police; because, as he said, i DIDN’T THINK i WAS FUNNY ENOUGH…??? What has been the big hurry, trying to expedite, an innocent person, to prison, when these gluttons at law, have already overflowed our, corporate prisons with innocent people…??? We can see the importance of the two million dollar, ” defense.” bribe, as, Jodi has made a mockery of these parasites at law… A girl, against a nation full of reptilian illiterati, lizards at law, too pussywhipped to stand up for the principles, we,ve fought for; squandered, by these anal erotic, “Your Honors;” surely a fact, not, in evidence, here, in this free [for all, melee at law ], socalled, world…. where the “rule of law,” is, a replacement for the whip…..and where there are no titles of nobility; your honors yourasses….. Edgrrr…

      • Jodi, will be fighting for her life, when she takes heed, to stop, playing their game. Govern – mentals, need your permission to screw you, and has, diaperloads of lizards at law, to see to it… and, brain dead judges, just in case…. Sit; don’t roll over; don’t beg, and, do watch the Spaz, implode….. Edgrrr…. And, bring in professional hypnotists, to define his whirling dervish, Charlie Chaplin, strobe show, and exactly how and why, the spaz, has never lost a case, or, noncase…. Edgrrr….

    • And, her best defense is to, let the Spaz, badger, everybody, but her, by, refusing to submit to his hypnonauseating, carnival act, side show…. sit, and, be still; and let him speak, and badger his own, hot air… and, remove all doubt… Edgrrr…

        • Thnnnxxx R Love… and, I forgot to mention, the fifth amendment was made for this Alice in Wonderland, noncase…. SIT, JODI… do not get into another pissing contest with this hypnonauseating skunk…. SIT, and, don’t testify, because the Spastic prostitutor, has conceaed the evidence to clear you, and, for some reason, been ordered to confess, yet, allowed to continue in reverse… whatwith a braindead judge letting him, and the other two stooges, to again perjure the process; 180 degrees from the lies of the first con, which extorted, five years from your life; now tacitly admitted to require an about face, as if, no matter which lies, the Spaz, floats; come hell or high water, who needs evidence, when you can just perform a side show, shucking and jiving, carnival act, to comatoast the judge and jury….??? SIT…. Jodi…. this soap opera, has always been yours to lose; why, do you want to….??? You did not shoot Travis, as proven by the forensics evidence, concealed by the three stooges, whom, by overwhelming evidence, had to recant…. There is no secondary arrest, for this con of the second part, as these lizards at law, without jurisdiction, sleaze off in to lalaland, with another pack of lies…. and, have been ordered to recant; decimating the noncase of the first con; now, overlooked by the braindead judge, to sleaze, off in the opposite direction, as if, the Spaz, is still right, and, it’s the evidence that’s wrong; which, if so, why then has he wimped to admit, it and sleazed off in the opposite direction…??? Why no intervention by the Attorney General, or, the governors, who were defrauded, by the now, rescinded format; which they relied on to facilitate, the interstate kidnapping at law, warrant, and, two million dollar ransom demand; to validate by the ransom, the guilt needed to justify the ransom; as if, the charges, and the ransom, support each other…??? Edgrrr… SIT, Jodi….. do not pander to these parasites; they all want you dead, to launder their conspiracies…. They all belong in prison, for pandering to all those LSD voters…. concealing this blood oath, blood atonement, self sacrifice, of Travis, to save his eternal soul. Read “The God Makers,” and compare Bringem Brighamist Youngs,’ admonitions; “We would not kill a man, except out of love to save his eternal soul,” and, “Is there a man among us who would not kill his brother, to save his eternal soul…???” These are unsettling times, wherein, the inmates run the asylum, dressed in robes…. Edgrrr… SIT, Jodi; don’t play. Your ace in the hole, of being innocent, has no horsepower, in this system run by thieves…Neither does a cult without ., integrity, deserve, your self sacrifice. Setup an audit, of all the cases the Spaz, never lost, for revue, and, exoneration of his victims…. Bring in pro hypnotists, and, expose the gyrating carnival act…. Win or lose; your choice; would I lie to you….??? Not likely…. Edgrrr…

          • You bring up some very powerful ideas: Setup an audit of the Frog’s cases. . .LOL that would certainly start him hopping around even more. . .fried frog legs LOL perfect idea in the real world but there again they are in Wonderland in AZ. . .a whole different set of laws for the robed ones. I would love to see their Wonderland fall down around their ears. Who would want to be part of such a hate filled untrustworthy religion? Oh wait, I already know.

        • Out of a billion Sheeple, there are only a pittance of us, that see the truth…. A sad, reality, and, no wonder, that it is what it is…. Edgrrr…. Has anyone else told Jodi, to sit this one out, and, demand a vacated verdict, in light of the confession, of the spaz, doublecrossing his coconspirators, to reverse format, without a new arrest; now that,he’s confessed, by recanted need to do the 180; dropping the lies of the first con, now into the scams of the second con; without cleaning up the pile from his conspiratorial perjuries of the first and now repudiated con…. and then there’s the minor detail, that, nobody has interrogated the first conspiracy, perpetrators, as to who put them up to the three stooges, act, in the first place, and, who ordered them to backpedal, their conspiracy of concealment as to the con of the first soap opera…. as they repudiate theirv perjuries of con number one, now, into con number two; ehere they stand, about the repudiated charges, they alreadt swore to….. Great investigative hocus pocus, police work…. How many cops by now are concealing, whodoneit…. ??? Edgrrr….

    • This will come back and bite him in his froggy, ass!! The day WILL come. Keep the faith, people 😉

      • He should be arrested, for confessing to a need to reverse format, proving, reasonable doubt, as he continues, after confessing to bogus charges, resulting in a conviction; and, now, confessing, with a reverse, continuation; without a bleat from the brain dead judge, or, the socalled defense…A rescision is a voidable, conviction, so, where’s the effective legal representation, to do so…. bribed two million bucks, and, counting…. Edgrrr…

        • And, why, in the middle of this obstruction of justice, would it be announced, and, tried to conceal, lest it might affect lieyer / client credibilities, that, the defense is getting a two million diollar bribe, which they didn’t want the jury or Jodi, aware of, and as if, it was not meant and accepted, as an under thev table, bribe; also, overlooked by the brain dead juudge…. ??? In addition, the bribe in the middle, is a tacit indication that, by the time these lizards at law, get done donning their gay apparel, Who says, crime does not pay. , there will not, be another two million for their sleazy asses…. Edgrrr…. And do note that with a country full of trolls at law, niot one, has had enough of the LSD cult, controlling the law. Next thing you know, one of their racketeers, will think he’s fit enough to be president….. Grrr…

      • Who, the toady of organized crime at law, is sleeping with, just might save his eternal soul, by the same ritual….. Edgrrr…

  7. Something that I have been thinking about for a long time is one of the pictures that published of Jodi the day of Travis’ death. She was on the bed in the nude and she looked like an abused woman. What does that look like? Her eyes looked terribly disconnected from the rest of her. She looked exhausted and not the exhausted look one can have from sex. The kind of exhaustion was more of the kind of being repeatedly put down, mentally battered, stripped of self, used up emotionally. I don’t know if any of you would comment on that photo. She is on the bed and I believe she had pigtails. I know she hadn’t had much sleep but it wasn’t even that kind of look. It was a hopeless kind of look to me.

    • It’s hard for me to look at those photos. At court, they were was Kermit’s way of dehumanizing Jodi and making her look like a slut. He forgets however that Travis the Virgin was lying right next to her (thus the nude pic of him).
      There is nothing there in her eyes, telling us that she is enjoying this; quite the contrary. I agree with you, her look is blank, no feelings , no sensuality (the purpose of the photoshoot was *that* I imagine, take sensual photos for Travis’ pleasure). The intruders story supporters claim that Jodi looks as if she was forced to have her pic taken, actually. I will have to agree with them on that one. No intruders imo, of course but she definitely looks completely uncomfortable with having someone taking such distasteful pics of hers. Now, compare her pic to Travis’ pic, the one with him on the bed giving the Peace sign. Who looks like enjoying this??? Who looks like the one coming up with the photoshoot idea??? Who came up with the photoshoot in the woods idea? With the tying to a tree idea?

      Sadly, she was consenting to everything that would please Travis and God knows he was addicted to pornography and to masturbation!It was the ONLY way to make him notice her. She had no self-esteem and she was treasuring the few minutes of attention she was getting while having sex with him. Oh Jodi….
      Travis was a sex-addict and proud of it- if anyne has any doubts I’d advise them to go listen to the sex tape once more.

      • You got that right about nothing in her eyes. Apart from not smiling that photo does have a certain look about it, it reminds me of some classical paintings done by some brilliant artists, painters like I think Manet, yes, his painting “Olympia”. Go to images and look at that painting, it does have a certain mystique and whether he wanted that look or not it could be regarded as a powerful statement on sexuality. Take the photo out of its content and look at it with an artists eye (as Jodi is) and it becomes quite powerful. perhaps she unknowingly posed in that way, with her knowledge of art she would probably know that painting well. There are many ways of “seeing” truth.

      • who’s got the prepaid legal group picture, showing the “We just got away with murder, en masse, smirk ??? See to t, that R Love gets to see it…. Thnnnxxxx, Edgrrr…

      • Proof of intruders; the mans’ bootprint in wet blood, puts him at the scene… and… the girl in the sock, puts her in the scene… That leaves,another person to take the pictures; obviously, not Jodi; a photographer; as the blurry pictures, , would have been clear, pictures; unless of course the gestapo, organized crime at law, operatives, blurred the last pictures, because they were conducive to disproving Jodi had any part in it…. Also, the picture of Travis, proved he wasn;t the photographer, either; that, this puts more than, or at least, four people at the scene… Edgrrr… …

        • One or all, at the kill scene were complicit, because, after wallowing in wet blood, nobody called the police… Edgrrr….

    • Women will do almost anything to please the men they are in love with…. we’ve all done things we didn’t actually wanna do just to keep our men happy….

  8. I completely agree with you that she looks “mentally battered” in this picture. Also, her voice when she agrees with TA that the pigtails are hot, sounds totally flat, not the enthusiastic tone of the other party.

  9. That picture has always been very telling to me.. The eyes are the window of the soul and she looked like her soul was completely battered. Emotional abuse is so debilitating. Some psychologists say it is more damaging that getting physically abused. I can’t really see the difference because physical abuse by its nature also involves emotional abuse.

    • The telling picture is the fearful one in the eyes, of Travis; knowing what was coming; in his agreed to blood oath, blood atonement, heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice…. having nothing to do with Jodi, unless she, deliberately, participated in his ascension to planet playboy, with all those virgin angels; not something a jealous brainwashee, would do…. Edgrrr… And, if she deliberately participated in the sacred ritual, to, redeem, Travis,s eternal soul, then that explains dragging him into the shower to bleed out and be washed. Clarification of the concealed ritual, is explained in the Anderson, Alexander, exacting suicides; Anderson for doing his stepdaughter, and, Alexander, for doing all those,”good little Mormon girls;” as if, he never left a trail, of “geteveners,” and a ton of irate, parents, as well…. Read “The God Makers,” and, others, for the Dannites, Mormon Mafia, preferred method of killing; heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice…. Do you not see the A-clans mania to get Jodi convicted, considering, Brighamist Bringem Young admonitions; “Is there a man among us who would not kill his brother, to save his eternal soul;” and, “We would not kill a man but out of love, to save his eternal soul…” Edgrrr… Just more reasonable doubt…..

  10. That picture has always been very telling to me.. The eyes are the window of the soul and she looked like her soul was completely battered. Emotional abuse is so debilitating. Some psychologists say it is more damaging than getting physically abused. I can’t really see the difference because physical abuse by its nature also involves emotional abuse. I am sending this again as I had a typo that might not reflect the real meaning in the last note.

    • I agree with you all. Jodi does not have a look of enjoyment on her face at all but Travis does. Has anyone ever thought the reason Travis had such a strong hold on Jodi were all of the photos they had taken together. I’m positive that is ONE big reason that Jodi kept coming back when he called. . . I’m positive he always used them to his advantage. Something like: “You come by and see me or I will show your photographs to everyone I know” type of thing. Then when she would go by he would always want more pictures to keep a hold on her. Sad. This is the type of person Travis was. IMO

      • And, the reverse is also, true, as per the trouble with the Bishop, who’s hiding behind, “privilege.” He coul;d tell us, who, ratted, Travis, out, to the Bishop. Jodi, was the last person to have a motive; and, led, Travis around by his leash, whenever, and, wherever…. Edgrrr…

      • And, conversely, if, she turned that idea, in on him; that she could trash his pious con, at the church, by passing around his pictures, would that not, be cause for his mayhem, against her, and, why, she hid the camera, in the bedding; to be retrieved, on the way out the door; but for the intruders, running her off, before she could get the camera…??? Is this not, another reasonable doubt…??? Edgrrr…

  11. I agree Marie – the expression in his eyes is one that portrays his ego but that is not what I see in her eyes. Two very different levels of emotional involvement – she is not enjoying that in any way shape or form. You can clearly see her low self esteem in that picture. A picture is worth a thousand words and the eyes tell a great deal.

  12. Jodi joined PPL because she wanted to be financially independent, she wanted to move up in the world, leave the service industry and make better money and devote time to more altruistic endeavours. Remember Ryan said they had common interests such as the book “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand. That book is almost “the Bible” on being a capitalist, so together with the wishful thinking of “The Secret” she was seduced by dreams of being a better person. She was headed towards great things. The word “if” has huge consequences, if she had taken another route we will all be somewhere else doing something else. Alas we know this story but hopefully the ending will be better and hopefully soon.

  13. To Mr Brad JDT:
    I am not going to comment on anything else other than what struke a nerve with me.

    NEVER doubt my loyalty in Jodi and NEVER doubt that I wholeheartedly believe it was self-defense.

    HOWEVER, the Greek language does NOT have TWO separate words like the English language has ”killing” and ”murder”.
    In Greek, there is only ONE word : φόνος (copy/paste, go to Google translate and check it out yourself). We also have ”δολοφονία” but it is closer to ”assassination”.

    SO: when I posted my comment, I guess my mother language prevailed and I typed ”she had just commited a murder” because in my Greek brain it automatically translates to killing someone, regardless of the circumstances because again in my native language there is no difference.

    Jodi killed Travis in self defense. End of story. That’s what we her supporters believe. Get over it. Catching us in a lie ain’t gonna happen. 😉

    • Maria, is that Thanatos? just checking up to see if my Greek mythology is up to standard. I loved Greek mythology since I was very young and know more about them than Christianity. Thanatos and his brother sleep is one of my favourite paintings by I forget who,

      • ”thanatos” means death, angela.
        And you’re right Greek mythology is exciting and utterly interesting!

      • How did the chain of evidence, hide, and do the blurrying of the pictures, while all others were perfect…??? And, who was at the crime scene, taking the pictures which prove by their distances to have been done by a fourth person; whatwith the killers bootprint, and the girl with the sock, by their proximity, could not have taken their own picture; proving of course that there were at least four people at the kill scene….Travis, the girl in the sock, the guy in the bigfoot boot, and the person taking pictures… ??? And, what’s up with the other suicides, relevance to this soap opera ? What else is the Spaz, concealing, besides the forensics proof of no gunpowder particulates, in the combined blood handprint; proving that, without shooting him first, Jodi could not have overpowered Travis, to begin with…. ??? And, with the size of the bootprint in the wet blood, proving attendance at the crime scene, as compared to the size of the girl socked foot picture, I’d say, Jodi, had no part in it; and as indicated, “two masked ninjas,” did it; and had the strength to do it; whereas Jodi, did not…. Ask yourselves what fears Jodi has, in letting these lizards at law, convict her, of a crime, the evidence proves she couldn’t have done ??? And, if she did, then why did the prostitutor, trash his already convicted lies, by, recanting the gunshot last, not first., lies, and, why hasn’t the braindead judge dismissed the bogus verdict, based upon, concealed evidence, now admitted to, and, allowed the Spaz, to go off on another safari…..??? Edgrrr

    • Hey Maria!

      So what I’m reading is that Brad is picking on your posts, word by word? *sigh*

      It’s so easy to point fingers and to try and twist things around. Brad should know better than that! He knows that you are greek and that greek sayings or greek words don’t always have the best of translation or meaning.

      I personally am very proud of the way you handle your english, girlfriend! I know many native english speakers that can’t do as good as you. But my true question is: How would anyone that makes fun of or tries to twist words around do if he/she were to speak a second language? Can any of those people speak greek? I’d like to hear their greek… would they want others to make fun of them or to try and ‘correct’ or ‘misinterpret’ every word they type…. So whoever doesn’t speak perfectly a second language could STFU!!!

      Brad: Non mi aspettavo che da voi…..

      • I spent a month in Greece many years ago and I learnt how to say “how much” you had to know how much the food bill would be, but I probably wouldn’t remember it correctly now. I loved retsina but overdosed on the Ouzo and don’t even like the smell of it anymore, Beautiful country.

        • Angela, ‘How much’ is ‘Poso kani’ (πόσο κάνει) or ‘Poso kostizi’ (πόσο κοστίζει) in Greek. Overdosed on ouzo you say? Hmmmm you must have had the worst hangover EVER!!!! I love ouzo but the secret to drinking ouzo is you must have finger food to accompany it. Never drink ouzo on an empty stomach… that is a rule! 😉

    • I wholeheartedly believe that, Travis was snuffed by a quasireligious zealot, who has taken the admonitions of Bringem Young, Brighamist, to a necessary conclusion, as agreed to by Travis, demanding that he be taken off, life support, for, his entrapment between piety and perversion… Proof of his self sacrifice, can be noted in “the god makers” book, regarding Anderson, praying at the side of his grave, while his heart was plunged, and his throat sliced fron ear to ear… bled out, body washed, and, clothes laundered… proven by the thouisand person wake, to celebrate Travis,s martyrdom…. His last picture, shows in his eyes, the heart plunge and ear to ear throat slice, he knew his sacred oath, signed him up for… no wonder the fear, in those eyes…. Let all the psychics, and, shrinks, contradict that opinion…. Edgrrr… Will, the LSD / LDs corporation, admit, that they still revere the teachings of Bringem Young; enough, to name their college after him…and, be proud enough of their secrets, to admit them…???.

      • I agree, Edgar, the fear in Travis’s eyes in his last picture in the shower was because he knew what was coming and that being what you stated – the heart plunge and ear to ear throat slice because he knew he continued to break his sacred oath!!! And all the haters saying the fear in his eyes was because he feared Jodi, PLEEZ!, give me a break!! How ridiculous can they get??? He didn’t fear a small, 120 lb. female at ever!!!

        • Marja Liisa….Good of you to say so…. yet, not one Stepford Wife, is, dropping a dime, on the heresies of the cult that breeds its’ own infidels… and uses freedom of religion, as a guillotine, to terrorize its’ owned, Sheeple….[ while emulating the State evil, of also, committing murder; ]. and, calling it a sacred ritual, “out of love to save Travis’s eternal soul.;” and, as per the admonitions of Brighamist, Bringem Young,”asking,”, by his socalled question; “Is there a man among us who would not kill his brorher, to save his eternal soul?” Was that really a question, or, a convoluted, direction ? … And, “we would not kill a man, except, out of love, to save his eternal soul.” It always helped to decide whom to bless with such love, if, he had a hot wife and daughters, who’d reached the ripe old age of, response ability; that would be ten; and if he sniveled while the beadyeyed preying mantis, lookalike, was “marrying,” his wife and children, while he was doing Gods work, loving the eternal souls, being murdered, by cultists, bringing in theewes, killing the men, and, ripping off their properties…. because of their blasphemous mantra; “We believe that, Joseph Smith; etcetera;” Baal worship…. Travis submitted to his ascension to his own planet, and all those two hundred year old virgins… good luck with that…. Edgrrr… Will, one Stepford wife, step forward, to liberate Jodi, from the socalled church, forcing the State to commit murder for them…??? And, will the men, grow some nads, and, inform the for profit prophets, that they’ve had enough quasireligious brainwashing…and, will stand up to protect their wives and children ??? …Then, consider the coverup crime of a final crime gunshot, and, pecking away, stabfest, that neither and none of which, bled, because, Travis had long since ascended, out of here…. and, deceased hearts, and, quasireligiously bled out bodies, couldn’t bleed. Then there’s the sacrilege of, corrupting the sacred rite,of 200 years tradition, corruption, by desecration of the sacred rite scene, by, stabbing and a shooting, to launder any charge of cult sacrifice… Do note that the “church,” and state, have ganged up, on a girl; despite her sacrifices pandering to Travis’s depravities, so he could ascend to the afterlife, owned by the cult; and, contaminate all those virgin angels, as a reward, for what got him snuffed for, here on planet evil; as if, his perversions here, permitted perversions there; and,, Belief Systems, are not, really, B.S. Free Jodi, and, imprison these reptillion illiterati lizards at law…. Quasireligious taxdodgers, systemic suckups or, not…. Arizona AZholes, really ought to clean up their act…. and, rescind the interstate kidnapping and two million dollar ransom demand, because their spastic carnival act hypnonauseating side show, prostitutor, after embezzling a conviction, now for the second, act, reverses format, as if, in fact, he repudiates his extorted conviction by the fraud he now admits; by reversing the lies the three stooges, told to get the two governors, duped into compliance….Has the cult kissing D.A., contacted the two governors, to confess, that the extraditional kidnapping at law, was a now admitted hoax, so they can decide if, they want to also, rescind, the repudiated, recantation, and, to get to whomever, forced the three stooges, instigator; the Spaz; into their perjuries of the first con; now onto the 180 degree shift into reverse gear, confession., and to interrogate the other two stooges, as to the spaz who obviously, browbeat them into subservience, in the perjuries of the first, now repudiated soap opera… and, by what twilight zone episode, now, gets the three stooges, to lie again, in the scam, of the second con; as if, they haven’t just admitted their conspiracy, of both cons; knowing that the braindead ..judge, superintending the admitted perjuries, is, without a bleat; as if, no matter what the Spaz, says; it’s the gospel truth, regardless, a contradiction by messup Mesa…. Edgrrr… Sit, Jodi, and do not get hypnonauseated by the prostitutorial carnival act, again, and, bring in real hypnotists, to debunk the shucking and jiving prostitutors,’ carnival, strobe act… dancing with the stars, audition; pirouetting, all over his stage…. As for “my people are no part of this world,” it would be a better place if you heretics of your own stated religion, head up to all those 200 year old virgin angels..and leave this world to real people…. Free Jodi, on your way out…. Edgrrr……

          • Edgar Longnecker,

            Yes, it is all so terrible and nauseating!!! It is sad though to think that so many are SO deceived into believing the horrible lies that they believe and I know you know who the father of lies is, which is the devil!!! He loves all these people being deceived!!! He wants as many as he can get to be with him in the end! The end WILL come also and sooner than people think! All one has to do is take a look at everything that is going on in the world today! There IS still time for people to turn around from their wicked ways now but for how long we don’t know and also no one knows when their own life could end! NOW is the acceptable time before it is too late!! Like you said, Edgar, on their way out, FREE Jodi!!!

          • Wonderful idea Edgar, May all of them be beamed up to their perfect little galaxy with their 200 year old virgins (eeeuuu) and set Jodi FREE!

            • And…. let’s see all the deeds, the LSD cult claims to own, and their deed proving they own the afterlife…. SSSSSSSS….. What an asylum, these idolators have made of the socalled free world; the opiate of the Sheeple. Edgrrr……

    • It was “only,” self defense, when pandering to the lieyers,’ programming, of a scared girl; grasping at straws. The truth of the non matter is that as she once said, while standing up for her rights; “I had no part in it.” Sacrificing ones,’ own “used up life,” as per the label, is by doctrine law and covenant agreement, the only Mormon way, to save ones,’ eternal soul, as delineated, in blood oath, bloot atonement. ; wherein, then, saving your own eternal soul, requires that you ritualize yourself, when your perversions, imbalance your pieties…. Suicide by Bishop, or any other zealot, including himself, is therefore, not, murder, to be laid upon another person, unless of course in the LSD corporation, the women, are all Stepford Wives, who stay home and play house with each other, while their perverts, support them…. A real religion, does not hide behind secret rituals, in their caste system, to order their drones, to buy salvation, as if, it’s theirs to sell… Forcing the state to murder, a girl, for facilitating, Travis’s ascension to planet playboy, and all those 200 year old virgins, surely, speaks volumns, about the pieties of the rest of the perverts…. Free Jodi, and, indict the quasireligious, for profit, prophets, for this suicidal con; soap opera… Read their books, and, never repudiated, Dannite, kill squad, “freedom,” by threat, perversion, and, enforcement; written by those who were there….Are they any less, heretical, pretending to be a God fearing religion..while concealing, The ritual kill, and, blasphemous, subsequenst, set up, stabfest, to hide their “Sacred ritual,” by such sleaze; whatwith, no respect even for their own twisted doctrines and, covenants….??? Wise up, Edgrrr…

    • Jodis,’ actual words, were, “I had no part in it.” and, I believe that to be the truth, and, so does the State of Arizona, who has this noncase stuck in their craw, and, can’t get loose; checkmated by their own criminality… Ask yourselves, who ordered the Spaz, to recant his, gunshot first, [ to gain the edge ], concealment of forensics proof, that, Jodi, never fired a gun, and, therefore, Jodi, never gained the advantage, necessary to do the rest, and, Jodi, has been slandered, a psycho, but, never, stupid, enough to do such a precision, surgical kill, then sit there for four or five days, watching the blood dry, so she could do, what; kill him, again…??? And, why has there been no defense motion for a vacated verdict, based upon, the Spaz’s confession, of a need to reverse course, and, admit, what he’s concealed for five years, of which perjury of process, netted the complicity of two governors, for an interstate kidnapping, under color of law…and, a punitive, ransom demand…??? And, why hasn’t the braindead judge, been akso ordered, to vacate the bogus, “trial in reverse,” verdict, now that, as if, the prostitutos, became human, long enough, to, cancel his,’ criminal complicities..without being so ordered to do so.??? Have any of these lizards at law, admitted that there have been over a dozen gun related home invasions, in Mesa, since, Jodi, was locked up, and, couldn’t have done them, either… and, how many of those were .25 calibre bullets, and, how many were from the same gun, with, ballistics match, which proves, Jodi, wasn’t the shooter, and, if they were disintegrating bullets, is it likely that anybody bothered to see if the socalled grandfathers,’ stolen gun, had hollow point bullets, considering the claim of a stolen gun, and, likely, old ammo that wasn’t, hollowpoint…??? And, you think the Gestapo, doesn’t know who actually did it, by now…??? … Then, who ordered the Spaz, to doublecross the other two stooges, who aided and abetted, his conspiracy to conceal the proof, I have been posting for five years, that, the gunshot, was during the last, coverup crime, as there was a laundering of the quasireligious, surgical kill, ritual crime scene, and, why has there been no interrogation of the three stooges, regarding the proofs that I exposed eons ago, regarding the “testimony,” of the blood and the brass, that theses lizards at law, have been concealing, for five years; now, finally, recanted, without a bleat from these sheeple at law, about, extorting five years of Jodi’s life; knowing that she is innocent.???.. A firing squad, would be appropriate for these scofflaw, parasites, and, prison sentenses, for the D.A., who ordered, first, the scam of concealment, and now the scam of a reverse format, next episode, soap op[ if, no matter which way, these crooks, spin this twilight zone, by hook and crook, she is their target; for, standing on Constitutional principles… It’s about time, youse guys did and, do, the same… Free Jodi; the Spaz, just admitted the concealed exculpatory evidence, into the bogus process; al;ready taking the teeter, out of the Spaz’s totter…. Noncase, closed… Do note, all the rebuttals, I haven’t gotten in five years, of posting these proofs, as I have, for all of five years, while these lizards at law have bribed the defense co conspirators, two million dollars, and counting… One penny from each of 14 million cult members, reward, would have had these, lizards at law, crawling out of the woodwork, long ago… Then there are the thought police, who monitor for all the at law gestapos, whom have been sitting on their indolent asses, for five years, readind dozens of reasonable doubts, and, done nothing… so much for their solemn oath… Edgrrr… .

  14. All of you who write to Jodi, please include all the wisdom you write here. It won’t do her any good to keep it all on this board and in groups. She should be “bombarded” with messages that tell her to stop believing she must be “accountable” for either something she did not do at all, OR something she did in self-defense.

    To me, this should be the biggest priority of all. She canNOT deliver anymore speeches where she is so unconvinced of her own innocence.

    • Thank you for your insight into Jodi. We will do our best to POUND it into her!!! Jodi is a wonderful person who was taken advantage of by many people, and sadly Travis was the biggest offender! Jodi deserves to be a free woman and with much prayer and hard work hopefully one day she will obtain her freedom again. We appreciate any advice into anything that will help our JODI!

      • Jodi, has come delusion that the Mormon corporation, owns the hereafter, and, has “Confessed,” to shooting, Travis, first, to gain the advantage, when, The Spaz, has just, admitterd it was a lie, that he embezzled five years of her life, with, only, to recant, and admit that the gunshot was days after the surgical, kill, as proven by dead bodies don’t bleed; and, ditto, neither do stabbings of a body already long dead… And, removing a front license plate, and, turning the back one, upside down, isn’t conducive to evasion, nor, is doing a surgical kill, and then sitting there for five days, figuring out how to set herself up, for the precision kill, then, by, a haphazard stabfest,as if, that, were done by the same person, is as simple minded as the spastic, prostitutor… So, why, if not brainwashed by the LSD cult, does Jodi, think she’s going to follow Travis, into the hereafter…??? And, why does she let the Spaz, lead her into a death penalty….??? Fat chance that the LSD corporation has shrinks, to, unbrainwash their zealots… gambling their lives away, with delusions of the jackpot, the cult, has no deed to… on planet playboy, where, Travis gets all those virgin angels; as if, a jealous, person would help him, trade her in on all those virgins….Edgrrr…

        • And, lest I forget, to mention, the Stepford Wives get to play pimp ;/ madam, to all those 200 year old virgin angels…??? You think, Travis would let, Jodi, watch, and do you think she’d want to…??? And, why the emphasis upon virgins, as if that’s not a putdown for all those obedient Stepford Wives….??? Could these heretics of all things, religious, get any more gullible, tan to buy in to such bullshit…. B.S…. Belief System…??? Edgrrr…. What happened to “Come, let us reason, together…???”

      • I once asked her if she knew that she didn’t do any of it..?. PTSD, and, being brainwashed, to be molded into a sex slave, was her plight… Edgrrr…

        • Jodi, has been, motivationally gurued, by the quasireligious corporation, as evidenced by what they admit, they believe; that has turned their women into Stepford wives, and future pimps for all those virgin angels…. Read the books, and note the secret ritual sacrifices, they’ve gotten away with…. and the absurdities, of their, brainwashing soap operas, and claims to own the afterlife, and, deeds to the universe…. Then add, Travis’s load of barnyard residue, and, of course, the spastic, prostitutor, and, it’s a wonder that she remembers, her own name… …. Edgrrr…

      • Do not beg… do not sit… do not speak, bark, or, whine… do not roll over…. do not think you are testifying, while being hypnonauseated…. In other words, invoke the fifth amendment, against self incrimination… Let the lizard at law, implode; having only his smoke and mirrors to badger; to make a fool of himself, without Jodi, loading his guns for him…. Edgrrr….

        • I agree Edgrrr! I hope that the Toad does self explode! 😀 Maybe one more dose of his extra curricular toady activities and he will. . . . .poof be gone.

    • No can do; help for Jodi, is not, within the interests of the crooked state… I have corresponded with her for nearly five years, and, ten years before this soap opera, and, for months have heard zero; and, no more phonecalls, as well…. I told her, I would not, testify against myself, as this non case was made for the fifth amendment, refusal to be hypnonauseated by the Spastic prostitutors,’ carnival act… let him badger his own hot air… That was my last word to her, before learning thjat she never got my message… Just like, Travis; submitting to his blood oath, blood atonement, eternal soul saving suicide, it seems, that, Jodi, is buying the idolatrous, worship of the beady eyed pervert, Joseph Smiths,’ soap opera, to followw Travis, to wherever, he ends up; while suffering from brainwash, PTSD…. Five years, of 42 cents a day malnutrition, has not helped.. nor have, lieyers who take million dollar bribes, or brain dead judges, who let a prostitutor, recant his perjuries, to not, dismiss the charges, and, wait for the next, bogus pack of lives, to extort another five years, then, recant, those lies, again, right under the nose of a brain dead judge, who can’t see that an about face format, is proof of reasomable doubts just proven, being a bar to further, obstruction of justice… Edgttt… .Edgrrr…

    • Forensics proves, she never shot, Travis, so, why is she insisting that she did; even now that the Spaz, has confessed to a reversal of format, as the blood and the brass, prove, otherwise… What is in the institutional food, besides green balogna aandwiches….??? Edgrrr… Cruel and unusual punishment, doesn’t matter in Arizona…. even before a conviction…

        • R Love…Hard to figure out how to return to this pissing contest. Thnx for labling what I do as, insight; validating all that is required; Reasonable doubt, as evidenced by the mere fact that there are issues, that’s all reasonable doubt has to be, and, do… in a real court of law, with a real judge;; not, one who doesn’ t vacate a judgement, even after overwhelming evidence , that she had no right convening court for two weeks, excusing collaboration between the A-clan, and a juror, as hearsay, and, ordering the complainant who was told, to keep quiet about it; then, when I exposed that; [ indicating that the thought police monitor these sites , to aid and abet the lizards at law, system;] after two weeks knowing of the defective juror, the braindead judge, finally, reams the A-clan, in chambers, and, cans the juror; who returned As a disgruntled spectator, only, to be evicted, for no lawful reason… So, the braindead judge continues her sleaze; even after being told by a juror, that there was a juror, who had the wrong attitude, who was taking lots of notes. Not what any kangaroo kourt would find conducive to their prime directive, at law antics, so, the braindead judge, cans him as well, for taking notes; despite Arizonas,’ con, letting the jury, extend the long arm of the law, to become, prosecutors; with, the judge and lieyers, culling the questions; no doubt to see to it that, reasonable doubt doesn’t sneak in… Jury tampering is a crime, despite what lieyers do, by Voir Dire, interrogations, yet, the judge and juror, discussing, the note takers attitude, is, what; a Sunday School lesson…??? Edgrrr,,,, with GLIB-erty and Just-ice for all….

          • Sounds like you had a front row seat! It is a SAD day in America when we all stand by and see the injustices that went on in that courtroom and WE are unable to HELP JODI! IMO the Judge was a disgrace in her own courtroom. Being lead around by a devious frog. Disgrace.
            Glib-erty and Just-ice for all. . . Love it!

            • I agree with everything you have said Edgar. There is no way Jodi would have been able to do all she has been accused of. The facts prove it. It has been a lie from the very beginning. A very sloppy cover up. I pray that someone who knows the truth will find the strength to stand up and be heard. Surely there is one amongst the multitudes of brainwashed people who knows the TRUTH. There is time for them to make a difference in Jodi’s life and their own. There is no planet waiting on them in the hereafter so they better wake up and get right with God. There is only one God and they will never be able to become one themselves, no matter what they have been told. Hard to believe so many have fallen for their lies. The people who Travis thought were his friends are scary people. Where were all of his friends and family for the 5 days that he was missing? They weren’t putting much effort into their so called friendship during those questionable 5 days.
              IMO this trial should have been moved to another state far away from Arizona. It should have been ripped from their greedy, brainwashed, blood thirsty hands. You know if they had accepted the plea from Jodi we would have never heard about our dear sweet innocent Jodi.
              Arizona has created this unjustified tragedy, they are the ones with the blood on their hands.

              • A toad, actually…. Edgrrr…. Amd, as to those who have information; who would they tell; the criminals at law…who have perjured this con into a fantasy of the spastic prostitutor, and, the other two stooges, he programmed to aid and abet the con of the first soap opera; which he’s now backpedaled; meaning that the other two stooges are now hung out to dry, as the Spaz, has recanted their perjuries, he induced them to perjure in the first place…??? Has the brain dead judge, demanded an investigation, as to how, the three stooges, all had separately arrived at, epiphanies of two differing, and opposite soap operas, without the badgering by the Spaz, of both sworn to, cons…??? As if, no matter which con the spastic prostitutor floats; there in Wonderland, Arizona, Alice is going to be found guilty, no matter what facts the three stooges, have to, lie about; no matter what the braindead judge, has to conceal, and, no matter, how many legitimate questions, get culled from the prosecutorial antics, of the jury; empowered to be an extension of the prostitutor, and, no matter how many bogus, trials, and, double jeopardies, Wonderland, Arizona, slithers, while pandering to the secret rituals, the LSD cult, continues to conceal… Note that not one LSD Stepford wife, is coming forward to help Jodi, fight her fight… while they wait to play housemothers for all those virgin angels, on planet playboy……. Are these Sheeple, really that stupid….??? Edgrrr…

              • The LSD cult is hiding behind their corporate quasireligious for profit prophets, privilege, concealing the disgruntlers, snivelling, that, Jodi was leading Travis, around by his leash, and, they, weren’t… so, who, had a motive the have, or the have not…??? Edgrrr…

              • I’ll tell you where they were…. posing for their group , “We just got away with murder,” looking, en masse, stupid looking grins…. Edgrrr…. Is a picture, worth a thousand words, and if so, multiply, that times the rest of to socalled friends of Travis; each and all, with the same stupid looking grin; after, or before, Travis was killed…. nobody has offered to explain… See the picture and, decide for yourselves… Edgrrr…

                • I would Edgar but where is the picture?? I can only imagine who they are but I haven’t seen a picture of the smiling masses. They all were smiling at the camera every time it headed at them unless they were in the courtroom with eyes rolling. The Friend, Family and Jurors. . . so who may I ask?

                • R Love…. I don’t know why it is no longer published, if not to launder the sadistic attitude, and, or, complicities, of the prepaid legal soap opera. We all know how dedicated they were to King Alexander, their artificial motivational speaker, guru; whatwith, admitting that they knew, Jodi was there, for another, pious, guilt developing, carnal relapse, so he could, repent until he got horny again; stirring the cauldron, of the wicked witch of the west; taking such advantage, of the poor little boy… yet, for five days, these dedicated, cohorts, said nothing, did nothing, suspected nothing, yet, admitted that they knew poor wittle, “Devoutness,” needed to be protected, from being seduced; as he subnormally, did the seducing…Who buys the absurdity, of Arizona, prostituting this soap opera… as if, it isn’t blatant enough that the crook D.A., is feathering his own political nest, pandering to all those, LSD voters…. These Azholes should be run out of this country; tarred and feathered…. Edgrrr… Sorry, R Love, keep this inquiry going, until someone produces the picture, which, if after the killing, adds more suspects, to the list…. Keep in mind, that not only did Jodi, have no part in it, but, there’s the minor detail, of the fact that by now, the backpeddling prostitutor, knows who is actually guilty, and that’s why, the prosrtitutor, confessed to a change in format; admitting that the verdict, was scammed, under false pretenses; otherwise, why, unwind his entire soap opera; if not knowing that Jodi, will hand him, another suicidal, victory… unless she sits this one out, so the spaz, can crash and burn, without, badgering anybody but, his own smoke, and mirrors, hypnonauseation, of comatoasting the jury; just as he nodoubt has always done; in every non case, he’s never lost…. Bring hypnotists into this soap opera and prove why the spastic, shucking and jiving, lunging \and parrying, dancing with the stars, audition, is right out of the spastic, bag of tricks…. Edgrrr….

                • Understood. I, too, am praying that Jodi will sit this one out and not give the frog another chance to heap blame on her innocent back. The frog feels “OH SO SMART” but he is as transparent as saran wrap! I consider him even worse than the culprits that are actually guilty. I believe I have seen the photos that you have described and yes I agree. . .fake smiling for their pictures. . .where were they all for 5 days?? Performing their little so called rituals.
                  Very disgusting group. . .they will be discovered. Sooner the better. . .hopefully they will be the ones shuffling in with the chains jiggling.

              • I think the suicides, were feeble attempts to follow the guru, into the next life…. even after death, still, motivating the sheeple….

      • Edgar,

        I agree with you! In Jodi’s Police Interrogation #15 she told Det. Flores that one of the intruders shot Travis and one of them knocked her out for a bit and when she came to she went to Travis to try and help him because he was moaning and she said to cmon to Travis and he told her to go get help that he couldn’t move and then she said they got her away from Travis! They could have even knocked her out again and drove her in her own car to the damn while the other one followed because that is all Jodi remembers after trying to help Travis!!! In Jodi’s testimony she said she couldn’t remember anything after the shot until she was at the damn!

        • I still can’t get over the fact the frog is able to carry on a year long affair under his lillypad and not be fired for just that!!! Spoon feeding his little “Scoopy” pet with all of the details he wants to be leaked. He is the VERY one who has delighted in his escapades in the courtroom and outside the courtroom,.. He has used and abused this trial to benefit himself. . .self promotion at every turn and court house step. HE even stated he would love to be on the news everyday. I say give him what he asks for. . . He should be locked up for his cover ups and lies and the keys thrown away! Throw him in a cell with ole Flores, they can pat each other on the back from here to eternity. The frog is a Danger to everyone who comes in contact with him. Where is Justice in all of this? NOT IN ARIZONA!
          WAKE UP ARIZONA !!!

          • The toadie of organized crime at law, has never lost a case, by, supplanting, evidence, concealed, with, hypnonauseation; a disingenuous, excuse for a sworn, lizard at law….sworn to, protect the innocent…Every case he has tried, should be reviewed, as well as their jury members, as to what eon they awoke from their induced comas…. Edgrrr…

          • Give her [ or him ] credit for sleeping with a toad, in investigative efforts; there may be hope, yet…. Maybe enough to lay some Brighamist, on him; heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice…. etcetera…. Does the toad, dare to sleep….??? Justice may be on the way……Halloween, is coming…… Edgrrr….

            • LOL 😀 Edgrrr. Trick or Treat Mr. Frog! Anyone for some toad stew?
              stirring my cauldron gleefully
              “Come here my little pretty”……..wickedly snickering……WaaaHaHa
              And then he may enjoy Snow White’s Poisoned Apple for his just dessert…..

              • Right U B, R Love….. Justice may get done, yet….. in, whatever form…. Maybe, even, the thought police, nailing the three stooges, for the contradiction of, their about face, repudiation of the gunshot, first, and, forensics, concealment of, the excuse they, ignored, to scam an extradiction, then, to perjure that perjury of process, to admid what they had concealed, that the gunshot was last, disproving the con that mighty mouse beat up, no, godzilla…. What a soap opera; tried, inside out, and upside down, with lies, compounding lies…. These lizards at law, need to be sicced upon each other…. Who’s contacted the governors’ offices, regarding the perjury of process, and, reversal of format; ie., testifying by asking loaded questions, and, concealing evidence…and, of course, confessing that the lies they used to get the kidnap legalized, was a perjury of process; abandoned, after, scamming the kidnapping, at law…. .Show us the letter of apology from the crook D.A., to both governors, so we can see how much they honor their oath of office….as you say, deciding she’s guilty, by the lies at law, of the hypnonauseating, prostitutor…. Edgrrr… Fraudulent process, lacks jurisdiction, to try anyone for anything…. period….

          • Can’t get any simpler than that! I pray that the new jury will be flooded with thousands of unanswered questions just like all of us. It is all Very Clear. . .there is reasonable doubt at every turn.

            • The questions, as before, will be culled by the braindead judge, and, the lieyers; and, likely, there’ll be no record of what reasonable doubt questions, such monitoring will, deliberatel, conceal; proving the kind of due process, you can expect from these lizards at law…. Edgrrr…

            • There should be no penalty trial. because, the Spaz has reversed format, confessing, a reversal, of the lies, which unwinds the entire soap opera… What’s the judge, waiting for; as the two million dollars bribed, socalled defense, refuses to void the voidable, simply with a motion to dismiss, pending evidence, not rescinded, which proves these lizards at law, shouldn’t have persecuted… in the first place, and, for sure, shouldn’t have badgered the other stooges into lockstep perjury of process; which now, a reversal of format, proves, more evidence of obstruction of justice…and, leaves the other stooges, to take the rap…. If I tell the truth enough times; will the truth become a lie…??? Edgrrr… Free Jodi, and, imprison all these obstructors of justice….

            • The con of letting the jury play prosecutor, is, monitored in secret, for, the admissability, as decided by these reptilians, of, what questions are actually asked and in case the Spaz, missed a trick…answered….with no record, to appeal the Arias Bias invitation, to aid and abet the State, while illegally, playing the role, of judge and prosecutor… Edgrrr…….

          • So why has Jodi claimed to have shot, Travis, but for stress related, grasping at straws, after five years, of being held for two million dollars ransom, and, 42 cents per day, cruel and unusual punishment, cuisine.. when the about face confession by the prostitutor has just recanted his lies, and, proved otherwise, that the gunshot was last, not, first; of which, his three stooges, conspiracy, concealed the proof of, and now, backpedals, while the brain dead judge, refuses to volunteer, a vacated verdict, with prejudice, due to conspiratorial concealment of forensics proof, that, she had no part in it.??? And, the socalled, and two million dollar bribed defense, has, made no move to have the soap opera, dismissed, for the cause of the three stooges, concealment, of, exculpatory proof of innocense…. Edgrrr…

            • And that, do note that there’s been no interrogation of the three stooges, as to which lizard at law, badgered, the other two, to conceal the fact that in the combined blood handprint, there were no gunpowder particulates, found, despite tweezering apart blood molecules, to claim, his and her, separate and distinct, blood samples; as if, anything theses reptilian illiterati, have to say, can be believed.; proving, that neither Jodi, or, Travis, fired a gun..???…!!! So, who ordered, that proof, of her innocense, to be concealed, and what the significance meant; that, since Olive Oyl, didn’t shoot, Bluto, first, she therefore could not have overpowered, the martial arts kickboxer, fighting for his life; without, Popeyes, help… which, brings us to the photograph, of bigfoot, treadmark, in the wet blood, proving that a man, capable of overpowering, Travis, was the killer, or, an accomplice, before, during, or, after the fact, as proven by a comparison, of the size difference, between the girls,’ foot, in a sock, and, the guys,’ foot size, and proof of his complicity, is simply, because, he never called the police, while, or, after, standing in wet blood… So, in addition as to proof that, Jodi, never fired a gun, these three stooges, lied, en masse, to claim that she did, and were able, to float their collusion, to, two governors, for an interstate kidnapping, under color of law. Now that, the Spaz, has been exposed, by the blood and the brass; because, dead men do tell, tales, as the ejected brass, was four or five dasys, past the precision, Dannites, preferred method; see, :
              ‘The God Makers,” reading, for, heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, blood drain, body washed, and clothes / sheets, laundered, as per their ritual suicides; Anderson and, Alexander, then, she allegedly, whatwith, being so premeditated, sat there, when anybody could have walked in, for four or five days, contemplating how to set herself up, by, the haphazard, ” hysterical,” stabfest, and, gunshot, while also being so diabolical, she, to evade detection, waiting for the police to arrive for the gunshot, she removes the front license plate, and, turns the rear one, upside down… when, whatwith, such premeditation, she could have just driven away, instead of tampering with a quasireligious eternal soul saving ritual, by the sacrilege, of, a gunshot, and, spastic, stabfest, of a dead body; as evidenced, by such mutilations, that did not bleed. because, Travis, had long gone… as proven by the fact that, the ejected brass, landed upon dried blood, islands; no longer, puddles, and the brass, had no bloot smear on it, or, had not been covered with blood; as to not being first… So, now, the prostitutor, doublecrosses, the other two stooges, by recanting, his, verdict extorting, perjuries of process, and, concealment of exculpatory evidence, but for the crook D.A. sucking up to the Quasireligious, for profit, prophe, t cults,’ voting power, and, there isn’t a bleat, out of the other two sheeple, whose contribution to the cons-piracy, of the first obstruction, of justice, now, has not been interrogated by the brain dead judge, or, any other lizards at law, as to, “what’s up, with the hypnonauseating Spaz, recanting the three stooges act, to rescind the lies, and, now, is leaving them to take the rap, for hes badgered into, complicity, as if, they could now, again, conspire to epiphany, en masse, a new soap opera, since this charade, no longer, fit the facts; leaving them, hung out to dry, for the first act, con; now, unneeded to explain, their role, in the perjuries of the first con, and, now that a bogus conviction was so, embezzled, with their complicity, they are expendable, for the con of episode two, of the about face 180, of the next pack of lies; without a hint of confession, that the lies of the first con, embezzled, and, extorted, five years of, Jodis,’ life.. and, five years of all of us, protesting, with exposure of the perjuries, that the spastic, prostitutor, now, confesses to, by doublecrossing, defective detective and nedical examiner, who concealed the fact there were no gunpowder particulates, proving that the mose, never, overpowered godzilla, and, concealed, the significance, of the no bleeding stabfest, and gunshot, obvious and simpleminded attempt to cover up the precision surgical kill, with the contradictory, soap opera, that the precision kill, and, the squeeky, idiotic, “coverup,” were done by one and the same… Then, there’s proof, of at least four people at the murder scene, as proven, by the photographic evidence, and the likelihood, that the spaz and company, blurred, some of the pictures; but, simplemindedly, not the two foot, pictures, which by the angles, coud not have been done by themselves; proving Travis, bigfoot, little foot, and, the photographer, were there at the scene, with, Travis; but, no proof that Jodi, was still, there; and the blurred pictures may have proved she, was, not…. whatwith, whatever else the prostitutor, and, co-conspirators have concealed, for, five years, while the two million dollar bribed “defense,” works their magic, to influence a girl into believing she hasn’t a prayer, without the tales, she’s still, spinning, with this dose of PTSD, the Azholes, have inflicted upon her…proof of course, is the fact that she’s claiming she shot him first, even now that the spaz, has recanted that lie, and, therefore, the indication, as I see it, is, that she thinks she’s protecting the killers, as bper the brainwashings by both cults; prepaid legal, and, the LSD, shroom worshippers….neither of which, has enough class to name the killers…. And, why, is that; because, with suicide, to save ones, eternal soul, there was no murder, to begin with; as noted by Anderson and Alexander, ritual suicides…. Read the books, for, clarity, before the Azholes, burn,Joan of Ark, , at the Stake…. Ever wonder why the cult, uses that word, “Stake ???” And, while you’re wondering, consider, how all the tabloids, are sucking up to organized crime at law, as well as, not printing a word, even though, now recanted, by the spastic prostitutor, or, that not one repudiation was exposed to the jury…or, that neither governor, has been asked to unwind the whole extradition, soap opera, now that, the conspiracy of the three stooges, has been usurped as the spaz, recants, and, nobody, is bothering to interrogate, anyone, for the excuse to have perjured, themselves, then, or now, as if these reptiles are legit, either way, where, an illegal and, non case; usurping the process, on the way; now, backpedaled….cancels each other, as to, reasonable doubt, if not, as an actionable offense to be tried in a Federal Civil Rights, cass… Those of you sucking up to Big Brother; let’s see you top, this, and, five years of my posts, which, caused the reversal of format, doublecross, of the other two stooges…and, not one of which made it to the socalled trial… Watch the tabloids, conceal what those two stooges can do to expose the Spaz, who just, doublecrossed them….with, a 180 reversal of course, to leave them, high and dry, for aiding ans abetting the freak, in the first place… Didn’t you two morons, know, there is no honor, among thieves…and do ask yourselves, who ordered the Spaz, to backpedal, his lies, and, admit such a confession, especially since, with a real judge, this would vacate a verdict.??? And, what heat, , does this put on the brain dead judge, letting the Spaz, slide; while clearly putting his balls, in and on, her, court…??? Do bring in the real hypnotists, to expose this prostitutorial tap dancing , by the strobe act, spaz, then, arrest the freak, and, open every non case, he’s used his bag of tricks, on; while this judge, is still comatoasted by the last, hypnonauseation….at law…. Edgrrr….

              • Now, the combined blood handprint, has evaporated, into combined DNA, which “admittedly could have been done anytime.”.. to, conceal, the no gunpowder particulates proof that, Jodi never fired a gyun… Let’s see how the Spaz will erase the ejected shell, landing upon, dried blood; leaving no smear or dents; after, noting the bootprint, in the when made, wet, blood…. proving a large foot, no doubt with a yeti, at the other end; powerful enough to nesarly decapitate, Travis; which Jodi, couldn’t do… How will the Spaz, lie around that…. proof of others at the community gathering, to ascend the miscreant, to planet playboy, and all those virgin angels… No, wondering what religion, they stole that idea, from… Edgrrr…

                • What was the DNA test for, if not, as reported, the combined blood samples, tweezered apart recanted, to hide the fact that there were no gunpowder particulates in the combined blood handprint…??? As, if, to launder that fact, forensics, went around, testing bare walls, for DNA samples, from, no handprints, containing distinct samples, on, blank walls.??? Get a grip; one lie after another, there in Wonderland, Arizona…. Give that cabal, back to Mexico…. Edgrrr…

        • So, PTSD has generated for her, an unnecessary need, to make sense of it all; which, even with, 90 years, combined, police and, prostitutorial, expertise, had to conspire to conceal the evidence to clear Jodi, of any of it. in order to float their incompetencies, as fact… If this is not so, what liabilities against the State, are being laundered, by, these reasonable doubt, inconsistencies; now, even after embezzlement of the bogus trial, and, fraudulent, conviction, the three stooges, conspiracy has been ordered, by whom, to reverse the allegations that embezzled an interstate kidnap, warrant, to begin with…??? The three stooges, twisted the evidence to fit their Arias Bias; a tactuic, reserved for, braindead judges… Edgrrr…

        • PTSD works wonders for parasytic govern – mentals, to take advantage of, with their, twisting of formats… and, convoluted “reasoning.” especially, in that twilight zone, where the criminals, are the govern – mentals…. …. Edgrrr…

    • Just passing; you’ve condensed it all, but, to, include, Shutting up, and letting the Spaz, implode, withouit handing him another suicide by prostitutor… this non case is hers to lose; she can be a movie star, after she walks out of there; save it, till then…. Edgrrr…

      • Rescision of format, is a repudiation, of, the bogus charges, now, twisted, 180 degrees, to claim the opposite; as if, the Spaz, could, possibly be credible, either way, as one soap opera, contradicts, the opposite soap opera; making, one or both, a perjury of process; as in, obstruction, of justice, in one perversion of process, or, the other, which proves, reasonable doubt, and, is what’s on trial… How can the Spaz, be right, both or, either time [s], when contradicting, his lies of the first con, wherein these three stooges, perjured the process, to get an interstate kidnap warrant, now, reversing that, con, to embark upon another con, trying to either get away with more concealment of reasonable doubt; now, confessed to; or, to float whatever con, works long enough, to scam, another, comatoasted jury, compliance; while the brain dead judge, sits on her indolent ass, and lets the spastic prostitutor, get away with continuing this farce, after just confessing that, the gunshot was last; not, first, when, his entire soap opera, teetered, on, the lies of a gunshot first; so as to give, a mouse, the advantage, of, being able to do the rest, of the five day, prostitutorial fantasy; claimed to have happened, premeditatively, in twenty minutes; while, the three stooges, were conspiring to conceal, the fact that in the meticulously tweezered apart, his and her, blood samples, there were no gunpowder particulates , proving that, Jodi, did not, fire a gun; . so, how did she, get such an advantage, to do any of it; now, agreed to, by the Spaz, who’s confessed a need, to, contradict the concealments, he scammed, to get a bogus convistion, by hook and crook; so as to try another soap opera; there, in Wonderland, Arizona, where, hypnonauseations, by a spastiic carnival act, dupes the court, into lockstep with the three stooges, obstruction of justice, as the braindead judge, zones off, in lalaland, to pass on, whatever lies, the Spaz, is floating, for the moment… No wonder, why the brain dead judge, shut out, reality, tevee; lest the comatoasted, sheeple wise up, and, tar and feather them all…. Free Jodi, and, lock them all up…. Edgrrr…

        • I guess, I missed a paragraph; the State only kidnapped, Jodi, and held her for ransom, for two years, before the lizards at law, recanted, the format; gunshot first; lies, as they concealed the fact that there were no gunpowder particulates, in the blood, or, bloodless, handprint… If, this was such a moot point, then, why did these lizards at law, reveal, a 180 shift in their soap opera; proving, reasonable, doubt; to negate their own credibility; as if they haad any to begin with; .. negating their own lies, that scammed an interstate kidnapping at law…?? Why bother, confessing, and, for sure, why not notify the giovernors of their, conspiratorial, oversight, and the fact, that, I agree with Jodis,’ statement, that, “I had no part in it…” as do you all, or, there’d be no reasonable doubts to consider…. This is about, lizards at law, vs, the rule of law, and, Jodi has whipped them all, for five years, and, proven how crooked, Arizona, really is; with not one person, seeking the truth, to protect the innocent, as per, their sworn duty…. If, thousands of all our words do not add up to one reasonable doubt, and one exposure of criminal misconduct, then what’s the purpose, of courthouses, and, police, who conceal, exculpatory evidence..and, the purpose of this site… How many reasonable doubts, can we line up; that, is the issue; then to prove that, concealment kept them from the trial… .??? Edgrrr…

      • I say, press one for English…and do note that the hypnonauseating spastic prostitutor, has tried this non case in reverse, and, for his next hat trick; pulling his lizard out of…. he has 180ed the lies that netted him the bogus conviction; to now admit that the gubnshot was last, not first, begging the question, of how did Olive Oyl, beat up on Bluto, withouit, shooting him, first…??? Never happened, but, the guy in the boot that stepped in wet blood, at the scene, was the man…. Reasonable doubts gallop, yet, not one was presented to the jury. Amazing how much leverage a quasireligious sect has, getting their blood atonements laundered bu the reptilian illiterati; whatwith, all thos voters…. Edgrrr….

  15. And, if a lie can become the truth, when told over and over , what does that do to the truth, being told, over and over…??? And if a lie can be told over and over, why can’t the truth be told, over and over…??? And, why is telling the truth, limitted as a mere opinion, when, this spastic prostitutor, has blown his noncase, with a confessed rebuttal, requiring a need to reverse format;; confessing to the three stooges whose conspiracy to conceal, embezzled five years out of a girls life… ??? Edgrrr…

  16. Edgar, Please don’t take any offense but honestly I have a hard time trying to follow your thoughts. I believe we share the same beliefs about this case but I’m struggling with what you believe should happen next (except for Jodi being set free because she is innocent). Yes, I agree Jodi should not get on the stand again, once was enough, if not too much but what is it you are implying? Sorry for being so slow. 🙁

    • R Love…. Glad you asked; and do note your agreement that she should sit this one out….. And, she should, stop making excuses, for the illegitimacy, of, Wonderland, Arizona… This charade. has been tried and, has checkmated itself, by the proofs, I have been submitting for five years, while Arizona has denied her the right of access to all the reasonable doubts, posted; in her Federal right to aid in her own defense, because, ransom / bail is not to be punitive, under actual law, and, punitive, it is, that by not paying the ransom, Jodi, was therefore not only, not, released on her own recognizance, or, by a ransom that was not punitive, she was denied the Constitutional Right to access the internet to avail herself of what I have been posting for five years, that proves her innocense; that, the gunshot was last, and, she did not shoot, Travis, and, therefore gained no edge with which to take five days, to set herrself up for a crime, she never did… What should happen, is a verdict vacated, by the reversal of format, confession, and, the arrest of the three stooges, for conspiracy, for which the repudiated reversal, now admits, which proves that a five year embezzlement of Jodis’ life, by conspiratorial fraud, and, the reversal of format, now admits, there is nothing to try, in an actual court of law; if, one can be foiund, in Arizona, or, anywhere where the law actually means anything…… The Spaz, cannot, commit fraud for five years, then, reverse his crime, to experiment on another equally simpleminded, fraud; already, a refuted; . witch hunt… Sooner or later, at five years per, con, any victim, of organized crime at law, will surely run out of years… What should happen is that the judge should be arrested, along with the D.A., and, the three stooges, for, pandering to all those LSD voters…. and, embezzling due process, from a girl, to do so… What should happen is why now, after I have posted for five years, now, the lizards at law, finally come to my senses, as obviously, they have none of their own, and, who, ordered, them to repudiate their criminality, to, reverse, format; as if, no big deal, we’ll just try this noncase, until we get her done… Do note the multitude ofv Stepford Wives, not being bothered to come to her rescue, and, do n otice that 14 million LSD devouters, not one penny from each of them, has been donated to one LSD liozard at law, to, defend her… How many, know who did all the crimes, the Spaz, has opted to call, one premeditated crime; all, done by a girl, in, twenty minutes; that, for five years, I have been refuting, with not, one of which has reached the tabloids, or, the court; yet, now, has finally been repudiated, with a pass from the braindead judge; to, continue any which way…. Arizona, has defaulted in any right to go off on another safari, and, has enough jackals,and, hyenas, in their own deserts…One, need only go into any courthouse, to visit the zoo…. A dismissal, with, prejudice, will balance the scales, and ready this Travis Travesty, for a Civil Rights lawsuit, for the, attempted, embezzlement, of Jodis,’ life, now proven fraudulent, by a need to abandon all the lies, and now to conjure up, another, soap opera.. with a new batch of lies, and, for, making no effort to arrest the mover and shaker, for pack of lies; scene, one; now, onto pack of lies, scene two… Has Jodi been told to Sit; Don’t beg; don’t Roll Over; don’t Speak… For the second time, the afterlifer, is called, death… ….??? And, do let the Spaz, implode, when all he has to badger, is, the smoke, he blows, and mirrors, he sees the moviestar, in…. Hypnotists, will unwrap his delusions, pronto….Edgrrr…

      • Edgar,

        YES, there definitely needs to be some arrests made in AZ and while they lock them up they can UNLOCK Jodi’s cell and set her FREE because she is INNOCENT and it is LONG, LONG overdue and they can also write her a large check for everything they STOLE from her!!! Then things will be RIGHT!!!

        FREE JODI ARIAS, AZ!!! NOW!!!

        • Maja Liisa…. if only, a few of these reptilian illiterati, lizards at law, were tarred and feathered, and, run out of Dodge, Chrysler, DeSoto, etcetera… with citizen militia oversight, keeping these criminals at law, under 24 / 7 surveillance… Why hasn’t the Department of, GLIB -erty, and, Just – Ice for all, descended upon these lizards at law, with, their lizards at law… if not, because it is a rigged system, and, these parasites are all right in their place; it just hasn’t been dug, yet… It might be notable that, the LSD for profit, prophets, of the taxdodger, quasireligious corporation have infested the government, with their operatives… Do read their prime directive, in books written, exposing them… “The God Makers,”… “Under the Banner of Heaven,” are a good start, to explain Travis’s eternal soul saving, ritual suicide; parallel, with, Anderson, doing his stepdaughter, with, perversions, better left to the pathetics, on high…. and, Bringem Brighamist Young’s admonitions and quasiquestions… “We would not kill a man, except out of love, to save his eternal soul;” and , if he had a hot wife, or, daughters, he’d get more love, quicker, and, “Is there a man among us who would not kill his brother, to save his eternal soul ?” Especially, if he had a brother who was green with envy…. By what due process, is it written, that the braindead judge, can be a co conspirator, of the spastic carnival act, prostitutors,’ soap opera, to let him get away with, admitting his five years of perjury of process, now, to reverse format, to do a 180 about face, U-turn, ; as if, the stop, between forward and reverse, constitutes, no abandonment of ther first con soap opera, then, on to the soap opera of the next con; as if, that is not a prima facie, confession of the fraud, the three stooges, lied about, to dupe two governors, into lockstep, with the three stooges; now, all, doublecrossed by the spastic prostitutor, who now, has rescinded, and, repudiated, his soap opera of the first con, and, left the other stooges, high and dry; yet, not a bleat from the, at law, sheeple, who, fail by conspiracy to see that a tacit confession has been staged, to further this soap opera…. by, reverse perjury, of the next con, and, abandonment of the perjury of the first con… Do note, that he was ordered to reverse process, for, his perjurial attempts to tapdance around, the lies of the first con, while, the comatoasted judge and jury, yawns…as , it’s not likely that the prostitutor, got normal, and, confessed, that his perjuries, stole five years out of a girls,’ life, whilev he concealed the forensics proof, that, she did not fire a gun, and therefore, could not have overpowered a martial arts kickboxer, fighting against a mouse, for his life. and, the socalled defense, submits no motions for a dismissal, based upon abandonment of previous process, despite the embezzlement of a bogus trial, concealed exculpatory evidence, and a voidable verdict…there, in, Wonderland, Arizona; the twilight zone State….??? As if, after pulling off a manufactured attempt to commit capital murder, by the State; so as to seal, any reason to exonerate one, already murdered by the State, there’d ever be any recourse against the Spaz… therefore, embarking upon another safari, at law, Edgrrr… Terrorism under color of law, and, they’re all in on it; pandering to the LSD cult, with all those voters… Edgrrr… And, one of their cultists, wants to further the dissolution of America, after pledging all he has [ whatever that means ]. to his “church,” while he hides 300 million dollars, in foreign banks…. and, the cult, lets him skate…??? What’s a sacred oath when a better one comes along…??? Grrr…

          • Because this is a fascist country, with, govern – mentals, in bed with corporations, who bribe them for govern – mental, credentials, making democracy, no more or less than, a slave extorted, pawn of Alphabet Gangsters; FBI, BATFE ces,” CHP, IRS, Bof E, CFR, ad nauseam…. eating out the Sheeples,’ substance…. Edgrrr…

      • And, why shouldn’t she have been released, on her own recognizance, if not because of the criminality of the three stooges, concealment of forensics proof, that they conspired to conceal, for two years, while feeding her 42 cents a day, cruel and unusual punishment, ” cuisine”…??? And, for sure, when the three stooges, backpedaled their criminality, as if they never, gestapo lockstepped their conspiracy to dupe two governors, into complicity, based upon, their, concealed conspiracy; despite possessing forensics, evidence that Jodi never, fired a gun, therefore, Jodi, did not gain an advantage, to do the rest of Then, to add insult to injury, the spastic, prostitutor, rats out the other two stooges, to reverse format, despite the allegedly, unbiased separated analyses, of the other two, ratees… as in, also, not, premeditated, and, not one crime, but, several; all combined to claim, that this mouse, did it all in twenty minutes…. of course, the three stooges, overlooked the four or five days, drying time, of the blood, as evidenced, by the brass, being ejected, not, in the claimed twenty minutes, but, many days, after, when the “set Jodi, up,” soap opera, was scammed… so… by some abberation of the Spaz, he doublecrosses, the other two stooges, to 180, his soap opera conspiracy, leaving his coconspirators, to take the rap, for the perjury of the record, that, nailed for these toadies at law, their ill gotten interstate, kidnapping under color of law; which these crooks sat on, for two years, thinking they were going to get away with, obstruction of justice… But, not to worry; the lizards at law, have lots of tricks, so, the braindead judge, lets the lizard at law, skate, with his repudiated con, for which, two years of Jodis,’ life, they embezzled, with no recourse to these criminals at law; covered for, by the strategic bribery by the State, of two million dollars and counting, to induce the socalled “defense,” to overlook, the aboutface abandoned charges, that the mouse, derailed the freight train, …. Absurdity, has no borders…. governors were either not notified as to the abandonment of the con by which they were defrauded, or, they’re in on the con, as well; anything to pander to that fourteen million member, “religion…” Read it all, back and forth , with, sentences, that make the only sense, of the tenacity of these psychophants of organized crime at law, who will comatoast, any jury, by hypnonauseation, until, the Spaz, sideshow, carnival act, makes them, accomplices, to new charges, with, abandonmment of the pertured con, now, as if, a new crime, does not require, a new arrest, based upon the lies at law, of the moment; considering that the lies of the first con, have now been recanted, and, repudiated; as in, dismissed; but for the braindead judge and the bribed defense, saving the day for the at law, system, by, overlooking the fact that repudiation of the charges, so as to perjure another opposite pack of lies, proves that a dismissal had taken place; and, hidden fy “officers,” of the court…. par for the court, in Wonderland, Arizona…. So, Why hasn’t the Federal Department of justice, weighed in on the two stooges, hung out to dry, by the doublecrossing prostitutor; surely, they too, are not part of organized crime at law… as if…. not… Gasppp…. Edgrrr…

  17. …. a tactic, reserved for brain dead judges, as if, there are any other kind; ie., What do you call, an incompetent lawyer;but, yourv honor….??? Edgrrr…

  18. Why haven’t the thought police, arrested, the Spaz, and, the other at law, stooges, to unwind this entire soap opera, ??? Edgrrr…

    • And, why haven’t the other two stooges, ratted out the prostitutor for getting them to sign onto the concealment of exculpatory evidence, for which an interstate kidnapping warrant was, scammed; making for duping two governors…??? And, why haven’t both govrnors,’ offices been notified, that the spastic prostitutor, has rescinded, and, recanted, his fraudulent format, now, to embark upon another safari into his bag of carnival tricks…??? And, why now, doublecrossed by the Spaz, haven’t the other two stooges, arrested the prostitutor, for now, by reversing format, to, get their own asses out of the sling, whatwith, the confessing prostitutor, now, admitting essentially, to the con of the first soap opera; now, doublecrossing them, by revealing their complicity ??? Is there anybody in Wonderland, Arizona, that has not been comatoasted by the Spaz…??/? Let’s get to reviewing all the noncases, he has never lost….. Edgrrr…

    • Have the governors,’ offices, been notified of the change of format, repudiation, of the concealment of reasonable doubt, which, now, is admittedly, in need of reversing; duping, the entire chain of evidence, and, command; with impunity, as the Spaz, continues his contradictions, as if, no matter which lies, he floats, she’s his targeted victim; despite the evidence his 180 degree, flip;… flops…; his dual soap operas…; one; either one, contradicting the other…actually precluded the right of the D.A., to prosecute the non case, for which the conspiracy, to conceal exculpatory evidence to clear, Jodi, became, bogus “evidence,” to , feign guilt, punctuated, by badgering, yelling, theatrical, crashing the camera to the floor, and, putting on his spastic hypnonauseating, fandance,; pirouetting like a ballerina, in a tutu…. all, out of the Spaz’s bag of tricks… Who needs evidence when a toad is hopping all over the stage, and the comatoasted jury is watching the toad toady of organized crime at law, don his tutu, and, hop, skip, and, jump, all over the place… ??? And, who ordered the Spaz, to repudiate his concealed evidence to clear, Jodi, by now admitting the gunshot last, fact, proving, no premeditation, no crime, and, no way she could have overpowered an over two hundred pound, wrestler, bodybuilder, weight lifter, martial arts, kickboxer, fighting for his life, withoiut, shooting him, first; as claimed, while concealing that minor detaial, to scam, an interstate, kidnapping, under color of law…??? Have either governors, been notified of the need to go off on another, equally illegal tangent, since the fraud; now, to repeat the scam, admitting, no big deal, that the freak, can, embezzle, five years out of a girls,’ life, with, impunity; since the entire quasilegal system, scammed conviction, didn’t produce enough sadism, to suit Sir Spazalot; prostitutor extrordinaire, who convicts, without evidence, by tutuing all over his stage..Why haven’t the governors been notified that the entire soap opera, was a balancing act, by the three stooges, concealment of exculpatory, evidence, which cleared her…and, now, five years of fraud, later, is admitted into evidence, even after a bogus conviction, as the Spaz, embarks upon a contradictory soap opera, with the same zeal, and fraud, in reverse of the previous five year, con. Why haven’t the three stooges been arrested, now that the Spaz, has doublecrossed them, by confessing for them…??? And, why haven’t the other two stooges, ratted out the Spaz stooge, who put them up to it; to cover their own, criminality…??? Five years, now, dismissed as no big deal, as the brain dead judge, lets the Spaz, get away wih his lizard at law, kidnapping, and, two million dollar, ransom demand… Five years and counting, and, get this, a two million dollars State bribe, for bogus defense, in the middle of the proceedings, at law; for what purpose; and, whose bright idea to tally up the representation embezzlements, mid process, as if, that, has no odor, of fraud or, impropriety…??? More grounds for, a mistrial… Let’s sink, Arizona, for the disgrace, it is…. and, hang the prostitutor… and, let’s try this non case, outside the courthouse, since for sure, there’s only lawlessness, inside the courthouse… as if, the brain dead judges, get a commission for everybody they send to prison…. as if…. they don’t… Edgrrr….

      • Edgrrr, the Governor proclaimed Jodi guilty before the jury did, so what good would it do to contact her? You must simplify your post for me to understand your thoughts. Sorry.

        • A proclamation of such prejudice, based upon the concealed evidence, she knew nothing of; as is now, admitted. What say her, now, that the Spaz has repudiated his lies…??? Has anybody bothered to ask her, now…??? Edgrrr…or, to ask our twinky goober, if he wants to recant his endorsement of the perjuries by the three stooges; now, admitted… Don’t fret; you understand, more than you know; hang in there… Edgrrr…

  19. And… there’s the minor detail of the fact that the killers are still, out there; protected by the reptilian system; as, evidenced, by the quasireligious, thousand person wake, celebration, to ascend King Alexander, off, to all those 200 year old, virgin angels, as if, such a martyr, actually knew 1,000 people, who condoned how he used all those “good little Mormon girls,” but, forgave all, as Travis, bought redemption of his eternal soul, by submitting to the sacred ritual, heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, ascension to planet playboy, with all those virgin angels… Has one of the thousand, heretics of their own, sect, been interviewed, as to the absurdity, of a thousand person wake, having not, been inspired, by some pseudo, voodoo, quasireligious, soap opera…??? Has one Mormon, actually questioned, the bright idea of, forcing the twilight zone, State to try, to kill a girl; whose, sacrifice, according to contradictory doctrine [law], and, covenant [agreement], has , has been, the pawn, necessary, to make, Travis’s , soul saving, ritual suicide, a religious, epiphany…??? Do note the nonexistant, hew, and cry, of all the Mormon Stepford Wives, letting Jodi, take the rap, for, their, cowardice; as they stay home and play house, with each other, while their perverts, scam their monopoly into, their support… For those who think that a thousand person wake, was not a quasireligious rite, do read “The God Makers,” and, note the admonitions of, Brighamist, Bringem Youngs,’ ” Is there a man among us, who would not kill his brother, to save his eternal soul…???” Then, note the Dannites, preferred method of ritual killing; you guessed it; heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, blood drain, body wash, clothes laundered; and do notice the exactness, of Anderson and, Alexander, suicides, to save their eternal souls; Anderson, for doing his stepdaughter, and, the motivational speaker, guru, Alexander, doing, whatever he could get to perverse… Believe any of these writings, do not, prove, at least, “reasonable doubt,” what, planet, are you from….??? Has one reasonable doubt, ever been put into this soap opera, with, its,’ two million dollar and counting, bribed, defense….??? … Are all you Sheeple, really that stupid…??? And, lest you overlook, the Alexander parallel to Anderson; heart plunge; ear to ear throat slice; described by the medical examiner as the cause of death; making all the stab wounds, and, gunshot, last, moot points, of, abusing a corpse, already dead; as in, why the “wounds” , never bled..of course, disproving, the claim, of premeditated, cruelty to a person already dead…… Heart plunge; ear to ear throat slice, [cause of death] ; blood drain, body washed, bedding laundered… naked, with no clothes to be laundered… Anybody, deprogrammed, yet…??? Those are powerful shrooms, that can make you see golden plates, and, an, I, moron, angel… Let’s all get a grip, shall we…??? Edgrrr… free Jodi, and lock up all the thousand brainwashees….. and, let’s not, overlook, the payoff to the district attorney; all those 14 million member, voters,’ bloc…. What’ s the mere life of an innocent girl, in the greater, scheme of govern – mental, necessities….??? Religion, almost, becomes, Fascism; doesn’t it, whatwith, the twilight zone, becoming, reality….. ??? Almost makes you wonder where the barnyard residue ends, and the jackasses, begin…. Edgrrr…

    • Hey Edgar, I’ve been wanting to ask you who is it that you feel needs to be hypnotized? You bring up powerful points but as I told you before I get lost trying to translate to where I can understand what you mean. Sorry I’ve tried hard to figure it all out but if you could just say it simply for me, then we all would understand where you are coming from.

      • R Love…. A good point; your analysis; “who needs to be hypnotized.” ???.. Who doesn’t need to be hypnonauseated, by the shucking and jiving, dancing with the stars, carnival act, side show, strobe dance, of the spastic prostitutor… who can be exposed, for his jumping bean, act, in lieu of evidence…by, professional hypnotists; to show, why the Spaz, wins, all his noncases, with, convoluted flip flopping, “evidence;” here today, and, gone tomorrow; just like his current repudiation, of the lies he told, and the proofs of evidence, the three stooges, told, to, embezzle an interstate, kidnapping at law, extraditio…. ; That, socalled evidence, I have been proving for five years; exactly, what the Spaz, has now, doublecrossed the other two stooges, to confess to; for which, since that con, didn’t get Jodi, murdered, at law, by the criminals on the socalled, right side of the law; the format, now requires the confessed to, 180 degree, aboutface ; proving the hoax of the first con, which, should be vacated… if the judge weren’t brain dead, the verdict, extorted, by carnival act, comatoasting the jury, and the judge, and, Jodi, as well as having badgered the other two stooges, to conceal the proof, of obstruction of justice, perjury of process, fraud… now, needs to stay afloat, by the exact opposite, of what these lizards at law, swore, to, in order to kidnap an innocent girl, and, punitively hold her for ransom; shut off by the internet, where, reasonable doubts, gallop…. Hypnotists, can reveal the spaz act, as, hypnotic, contempt of court, and, perjury of process, now admitted, to be in need of, “gunshot last, reversal of format; as proven and concealed by the three stooges, who had forensics proof, they conspired to conceal, for five years, while floating their perjury of process… Where’s the arrest for the three stooges, whose need to reverse the evidence, they prosecuted, and, scammed a void verdict, over, to reveal which of the three stooges, badgered the other two, into, gestapo lockstep; trying to embezzle execution of a girl, known to be innocent; as proven by actual evidence… which the spastic prostitutor, is, without a bleat from the sheeple, slithering around; now that I have disproven his soap opera, for five years… as if, facts are irrelevant, when hypnonauteating, tapdances, and, lies, are ALL IT TAKES TO CONVICT IINNOCENT PEOPLE THERE, IN wONDERLAND, ARIZONA…. By what, simplemindedness, does the prostitutor, confess, after, embezzling a verdict, by concealment of exculpatory, evidence, , to needing to reverse format, to compound his own criminality, seeking a death penalty, to launder, the confession, the need to reverse, format, actually means; perjury to gain a void verdict; translated; how in Hell, Arizona, can the sonofabitch, be credible, no matter what safari, he goes on, to get, Arizonas,’ obstruction of justice, hyenas..??? . Condensed: contradictory lies, constitute, fraud, and a void, and, voidable verdict… and, if stupid enough to refile, with a just proven innocense, [by the need to backpedal], .requires a new arrest, new charges, and the bogus intraduction, of the opposite, evidence; already confessed to require reversal; while the braindead judge, and, bribed defense, overlook the confession, as to reversed format, by contradictory, “evidence.” as Arizona, due process, not requiring, discernible I.Q.s to float; making all of these lizards at law, in cahoots, so far, whipped severely, by a girl.. for five years… This secondary, double jeopardy trial, to twice be put in jeopardy, is just another smokescreen, to conceal the legalities, negating the whole Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter, soap opera, and, is just another conspiratorial hoax, conspired to by all these “officers of the court…” Edgrrr…

      • No need to decipher what’s written in no uncertain terms… Maybe the Spaz, will, get his own planet playboy, with all those 200 year old virgins, when one of “them,” follows the recommendation of, Bringem Young, brighamists,’ admonitions to kiss the toad before loving him enough to give him the ritual ascension, out of here… Edgrrr…

    • As I see things, Jodi has been caught up in a turmoil of deceit. Was it the friends (did he really have any friends? no), the absent minded roommates, the money grubbing Hughes and their misguided helpers, the PPL, the media seeking Dave Hall, the poor excuse for a Detective sent in to clean up the mess of a crime scene (or destroy the crime scene), the Mormons purifying one of their backsliders with their blood atonement ritual, a furious and angry husband or boyfriend of one of Travis conquests, or a father of a daughter who’s reputation has been ruined by Travis. . .at the bottom of the list of suspects, for me, is Jodi. Jodi could not and did not kill Travis Alexander IMHO. No way and No how. Will we ever know who is behind all of this. . .maybe not. Thanks to the media and their hate stirring blood thirsty commentators it probably will be an impossible task.
      So we are, left with a group of devious people who call themselves officers of the Law in Arizona who are keeping this fiasco running. The distracted taxpayers have lost their ability to see the truth in this ridiculous trial and they are responsible for the bottom $$$$$ line. It is much more popular to find a beautiful, innocent, loving and kind woman and blame her for all that is wrong in Arizona. Arizona’s modern day witch trial is a disgrace to our country. Apparently, the ones in prison in AZ aren’t the only criminals. Who will it take to come in and save an innocent girl’s life and bring justice down around the ears of the guilty in Maricopa County? Unfortunately, Jodi is a pawn in someone’s bigger scheme for their climb to success$$$. She has been easy prey for all of the evil in AZ and it started with Travis. I’m thankful that she was able to protect her life from him.
      I pray everyday that the truth will come out and the one or ones who can help Jodi will be brought to their knees to repent and save themselves and Jodi. I also pray that this so called Mormon religion has the veil dropped on them and the United States realizes what a scam they have been running for years. How many souls are they responsible for losing? Sad.
      It is past time to put it all to a stop and free Jodi Arias. Wake up Arizona taxpayers!

      • YES, YES, YES, R. Love!





        • Who has deciphered the claimed suicides at the periphery of this soap opera, and, who, but the crook D.A., gets, the bright idea, to make law, by deciding what is evidence and what, isn’t…??? His directive is to see to it that he can commit crimes, and, that, he gets no exposure, while playing, with, his exculpatory evidence cards, up his sleeve….. What is being concealed by those, suicides; and, why were they, suicides, while, Travis’s suicide is considered, murder; if not, because of the grandstanding, spastic, prostitutor..who can hypnonauseate a jury, to believe the truth is, whatever lie he wants to float; contradictory, or, not…..??? And, why was there no prosecution of Steven Alexander, for his barely coherrent death threat, to me, with his “reasoning,” that I didn’t think, I was funny, enough; whatever, that means…??? Why the news blackout, about the Manson clone, with the prison tattoo swastika, on his forehead, arrested in California; loaded with explosives, sniper rifle, ; a trunk ful, confessing that he “was on a mission,” [ LSD term ], to kill someone and, commit suicide;” as if, there was no relevance to this soap opera…??? Why the news blackout about, a dozen gunshot, home invasions, wherein no reference to this charade, was drawn…??? Why no reference to how many of those Mesa, gunshots, came from the same gun, Jodi, has been proven by concealed forensics, to, not have fired…??? And, who ordered the Spaz, to confess to the three stooges conspiracy, by rescinding, what he had claimed was fact, yet, lets the braindead judge, get away with, continuing this farce, even after such prima facie, proof, confessed to, that, he’d embezzled, five years of Jodi’s life, and, now, reverses the format, as if, that does not, constitute grounds for a dismissal, and, proof positive for the invalidity, of any further of hiis delusions of grandeur; as any further soap opera from the Spaz, has already been trumped by reversing course, after five years, proving the opposite; by hook and crook; one lie or another, carries with it, admitted, reasnable doubt, by, .the existance of the opposite, as any subsequent claim, will be, since he’s calready embarked upon the opposite soap opera, after trumping his own big mouth, in reverse format; now, requiring, reversal…. Are the governors, reversing the extradition, due to the three stooges, fraud…??? …. Wrong, no matter how he tapdances around the non evidence… .??? Edgrrr…

      • Some good has befallen, us, by, the LSD “church.” One of their, infidels, who pledged all he is, whatever that means, to the “church,” while hiding $300,000,000 in foreign hideaways, has announced, he will not be continuing the quest to continue this traitorship, government, by running for, president…but, of course, being above the law, he just might change his mind; joy to the world…. NOT… One Obama, America hater, quasireligionist is enough for one lifetime… That, should set the LDS prime directive, back to the stone age. Read the history, of the LSD ‘church,” for details, as to their actual intent; influence, control, then, destroy, to avenge their founding pervert…. Who knows; the rest of them; the Stepford Wives, might just get real, long enough to spit out the killers, who performed the quasireligious, eternal soul saving ritual suicide, and, confess that, a church killing is no more a murder, than pulling the plug; life support…for ahy other, goner; and, by what abberation does the separation between, Church and State, clash, to call a sacred ritual self sacrifice, murder…??? By what reasoning, is the State, in charge of the Church…and, the Church not, in charge of the State…??? Fourteen million member, voters, and their suck up politicians, tell us, who’s large and in charge…. Burning, a girl, simply shows, what contempt they each have for women…. doesn’t it…??? All, getting their asses, whipped by a girl; five years, and counting; while concealing all the gunshot, home invasion robberies, including, a gunshot, to the head; relevance, to this soap opera, which Jodi, didn’t do, either… Fourteen, million LSD members, and, not one who will, reveal, the “Sacred Eternal, Soul Saving. Ritual” … Read “The God Makers,” for, how sacred the ritual, really is, to, imagine what religions, they stole that ritual, beheading from…. Did I mention that, forensics, proves, there were at least four people at the ritual killing, as proven, and, concealed…. by the three stooges…??? Polygraph the bastards, and, get the truth out of these lizards at law…. Edgrrr

      • R Love…. It could not have been said, more precisely…. We won’t have a Mormon president, until these leeches, clean up their act… Who in hell would name a boy, Mitt; short for, mitten…??? Chalk up another, goal, for Jodi; standing tall, among, mewling psychophants, of organized crime at law.., sucking up, to the, for profit, prophets, pretending that their taxdodgings, are a church….hiding their criminal conspiracies, behind, religious privilege…. Of all, with a motive; as you noted, who would be the most logical people to put an end to his conniving ways, but, a groupie cast, of disgruntlers; or, those who care about them; not, Jodi, who paid the price, by his perversions…to control him. And, what coiuld have been more diabolical, than to drive away, with the pictures, while he was in the shower, to be spread around at the “church.. without, an iota of risk to herself.; to cut off his supply, of “good little, Mormon girls???” How many reasonable doubts do these, dullards, require….??? Edgrrr… I have said for five years, exactly as to your thoughts, also, to prove; reasonable doubt, gallops in this D Western, Oater… What we need now, is the showdown at the AZ Corral…. and, a few hangings…. Edgrrr…

  20. Are the thought police, getting any of this, or, are there too many LSD sleeper cells, already slithering in government, ready to exercise their prime directive; to destroy America, to avenge their beady eyed preying mantis, founder…??? What are you; men or,mice; squeek up…. Edgrrr…

  21. Do note, how easy it is to send the Arias Bias trolls, back under their troll bridges, when rattled out of the denials of prostitutorial illiterati hypnonauseations at law… that, reason, has left the building…following, Elvis…Where’d all these trolls at law, slither off to…??? Why haven’t all the socalled, prominent lizards at law, weighed in, to clean up the AZoles, carnival act, side show, ??? Ditto; one honest cop, LSD brainwashee, reptile at law, Stepford Wife… or, presiding judge ??? What use is a presiding judge, or, socalled, higher authority, for, if not, to keep their parasites at law, on a very short leash…??? Where’re those “special,” prima donnas, of organized crime at law, govern – mentals, who lied through their sworn oaths…??? Where’s the SISI, in the whitehouse, with all that Constitutional law, training; to lie through his teeth….??? Is there anything the illiteratis at law, have not, infiltrated, to vilify…??? How many dozens of websiter blogs have I shut down, in five years, with dozens of reasonable doubts, and, not one third grade Nobel laureate is left, to disprove, even one of dozens of reasonable doubts, that have been concealed from the bogus trial; now confessed to have been predicated upon “evidence,” now in need of reversal of format; as confessed, by the troll in chief, movie star, prostitutor…??? Not one, lawschool, parasite manufacturer, has, made one, even, simpleminded contradiction, of even one of, five years of my proofs; that, mice, do not derail, freight trains,..and little girls, do not, overpower, martial arts kickboxers, fighting for their lives; without, shooting them, first; forensically, concealed to hide that fact from the jury, that, no gunpowder particulates in the combined blood handprint, proves, Jodi, did not, fire a gun, and, therefore, third graders, Jodi, did not, overpower, .Travis; and, socalled good friends of Travis, do not contact him for five days, while they are all packed for a Cancun vacation, with a current squeeze, while, poor wittle Travis, is being forced into another carnal episode, stirring the wicked witch of the wests,’ cauldron, and, don’t bother to contact him…??? I’ll sell you morons the London Bridge…. so you all can get to your shrooms….. Edgrrr… And, in addition to no gunpowder particulates, the ejected brass, being last; not first; landed upon dried blood, as evidenced, by the fact that if, the gunshot had been first, thjere would have been no blood, under the shell, and, a deluge of blood, on top of the shell… Also, nobody in forensics, did an acid, analysis of the brass, to bring out the fingerprint, of who loaded the gun; and, you could ask, why an old gun, had hollow point, modern ammo, in it; and, where, is the box of bullets, the bullet came from; to establish, the similarity to the socalled, stolen gun ; and, if she was so diabolical, and, premeditated, why would she set herself up as suspect for the gun robbery; knowing, that she didn’t need it, with all that mighty mouse, herculean, strength, and, no need to shoot him, first; as now, five years, after the bogus arrest, embezzlement, of all her rights, the spastic prostitutor, now, caught with his knickers in a knot, admits, that she never shot him, first; reversing format, to now, simplemindedly, claiming that 20 minutes of mayhem, dried the blood, immediately; so that the laundering of the kill scene, was proven; from a precision kill, to a slap dash, stabfest; as if that soap opera, was proof, that a hysterical girl, did both crimes, many days, apart; alleged, in, twenty minutes; while such precision, required, that she sit there for four or five days; to do, what; wait to be discovered, or, to, mutilate a dead guy, with, proof, by “wounds,” that did not, bleed… ??? Then there are the perfect pictures, and, the blurred ones; who, blurred those, when Jodi, took perfect pictures.if not the conniving, three stooges..??? Edgrrr..Why are there no argumentative proofs, against, reasonable doubt, if not because, the presense of pros and cons, provides, reasonable doubt; unless you are a lying, conniving prostitutor, who has a license to, redefine the English language; to “prove,” that no matter what lies he tells, he’s credible… pro or con…. as long as he can keep the jury, entranced by the presense of his hypnonauseating, tapdance, carnival act, strobe show…. Grrr….

  22. The fact that townfolks with pitchforks, are not lining up, to run these govern – mentals, out of town, doesn’t change the fact that, they should; as it is only the threats of probable, community action, that will wimp out, these lizards at law…and, without that, a tacit encouragement to get even more criminal, is what you have earned, and, will get… Your indolence, breeds, inbreds to govern you… Enjoy…. Edgrrr…

  23. Has anybody, but, I, told Jodi, to sit this one out, to watch the hypnonauseator, implode, while, blowing his own smoke…??? The fifth amendment was made for this farce. She doesn’t need to hand the clown, another perjury obtained, conviction… Let him be the ass he is, by badgering the judge and jury…. Edgrrr…

    • Yes I have Edgar, several times. I have also advised her to protect no one anymore! Tell the truth, leave the lies to the evil doers from here on out! Watch them squirm, those little worms of evil. I hope she will be still and quiet during this whole phase but I don’t know everything that she and her DT know. I will continue to pray for God’s guidance for them all. . .because it is clear only GOD can help her at this stage. . .and he will in his own time. Juan Martinez, if left to his own, will do himself in. I will wait, watch and pray!

      • Good, that, corroboration, has finally arrived, to SIT, don’t BEG, don’t ROLL OVER, don’t SPEAK.. let the Spaz, implode….. Who knows, but what he’s sleeping with, is scheming behind his back…. ???. Edgrrr….

        • Tell her to check in; apparently, my cards are, getting censored, or, she’s sabotaging her own defense, by claiming that she shot him first, when, clearly, her defense relies upon the fraud of concealing the proof of dried blood, proves that the gunshot was last…. This soap opera, is hers to lose…. and, it hardly, matters that she needs to disprove, the Spaz’s schizophrenia….. Edgrrr…

          • I’m sure every ones cards are being censored, no doubt. So, don’t feel like the Lone Ranger. At least Jodi is aware we are all here to fight for her no matter what amount of trash they may throw her way. Jodi Arias is not the most hated woman in America by far, in fact, I believe she has earned Great Love & Respect from all of those who have been through abusive relationships and even those who haven’t. There is no telling how many lives she has saved by standing up and protecting herself. There is no room in any one’s life for an abuser. They should walk away while they are able. No one on this Earth is worth the pain and anguish that Jodi has been subjected to. Jodi has been used, abused but she is truly an innocent woman, any way I look at this. ((((JODI)))) ♥

            • PS Someone might say “What about Travis he lost his life.” SAD but True. He was the abuser and attacker in this whole relationship so my sympathy remains with Jodi. The Haters, The “Friends” and also Travis’s family have made it extremely difficult for me to have sympathy for any of them, any more. Oh, believe me, I did feel sorry for them to begin with but as I learned more and more about the lies and cover ups that have been done in this whole tragedy I find it impossible to have sorrow for them. I will pray that God will change their cold hearts but other than that they are on their own (along with the $$$ they all have made off of Travis’s unfortunate death).

            • Tampering with the mail, is, a federal offense, and, wherein used to prevent a person from aiding in their own right to a defense, is, an obstruction of justice, denial of the right to due process…. Another, conspiracy to add to the diaperload, of malfeasance and misfeasance, under color of law, there in Wonderland, Arizona. . Almost makes us believe that the purpose of “the law,” is to exploit us all… by hook and crook…. Where’s the FBI oversight, to whip these fascists into shape…??? Right, and the next thing you know, they’ll put a bridge in the desert, to protect the lizards at law…. Let’s add up the censored mails, you have reason to believe are being withheld and, unanswered, and, find out why… I thought Joe had more class than to aid and abet, organized crime at law…. What better endorsement for “the law,” than to, imprison, all these bribery givers and bribery takers, for their racketeering, ??? Edgrrr… Procedural crimes at law, are the only thing that will save Jodi, from these lizards at law; who, pander to voters, instead of following their sworn duty… This noncase was already won, the minute the three stooges, conspired to conceal the gunshot last; claiming, instead, that in order to level the mouse against godzilla, disparity, they ganged up on her, to conceal, the dried blood proof, that, these were multiple crimes, and a laundered crime scene, to conceal a quasireligious, sacred blood oath, blood atonement eternal soul saving, ritual, and, not a murder, at all; no differently than to pull the plug on any other goner… Read “The God Makers,” and, other books, for clarity on the subject, and compare the Anderson and Alexander exact format; Anderson, for doing his stepdaughter, and, der weinermeister, doing whoever would lay down for him…. Was Napoleon the dog, even safe ??? And, why wasn’t Napoleon the dog, faced by a lineup, so his reaction to the killer could be noted ??? As noted, this was not a search for the truth, but was a convoluted, mania, to, protect political careers, with all those 14 million member, cult, voters…. For sure, there’ll be more, of this travesty, if one of them, gets into the whitehouse…. You would think that, Joe, would be on the side of the people, but for the deterrent for repeat offenders; translated: hardened offenders who will leave no witnesses, undead…. Will anyone in the at law cabal, be held to answer when someone claims that the hopelessness, by organized crime at law, caused them to kill, to avoid green balogna torture, and raw ankles…from the medievai chains… Edgrrr…

            • No…. Jodi, is not hearing us, as proven by hanging on to the gunshot claim, as if the truth won’t help her, and, with all these criminals at law, it’s easy to see where her PTSD is coming from… She gained no advantasge, because, she did not shoot him; soap opera, over, she couldn’t have done the rest so, why be bothered to feed the Spaz, another victory, unless, she’s still demented by doctrine, as to believe, she’ll join Travis in some cult, fairytale, up on cloud nine … How long before these panderers to the lSD cult, wise up, and, confess, their not so secret, ritual killings…??? See Bringem Young, brigamist’s, “Is there a man among us, who would not kill his brother, to save his eternal soul?” Also, the perversions are peripheral issues, that, the Spaz has referred to as “frisky sex,” , and of no importance… Let’s interview the woman he’s brainwashed, if she agrees with him; lest he wake up on cloud nine with his soul saving ritual; heart plunge and, ear to ear, throat slice.; there’s always, hope…. Edgrrr…..

      • The private investigator, contacted nobody I know of, so how exactly, has anybody, investigated, anything…??? This has been a soap opera, since day one; controlled by trolls, who influenced the gestapo, to target, Jodi. I wonder how many of them had to lay down for the gestapo, to get that done…???… What has the investigation of the suicides, disclosed ??? Was this a dope deal, gone south, and, what, self respecting dope dealer, would set a girl up, like this; I can expect that from organized crime at law… and, all the asskissing psychophants, sucking on, and, off, the system…. Edgrrr…

  24. And, whatwith, the separation clause of Church and State, is it not unspoken law, that the right of the State, or, the Religion, to commit murder, is, that, it is , separate but equal, that it is the religious right to do the same thing; without interference from one another…??? Is this not the attitude of, BURROck, the mascot of the jackass party, interference, with the Fort Hood, massacre…??? Do note how the reptilian illiterati, lizards at law, strategically, setup their soap operas, to make our laws, whatever fits their preconcieved, delusions… Edgrrr….

  25. Hours of typing, and, the thought police, erase, it; so much for justice for Jodi, and, reasonable doubt… Edgrrr…

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