Jodi’s pre-sentencing interview Part 6/10 – May 22nd, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Here’s part 6 of 10 from Jodi’s pre sentencing interview with 12 news anchor Mark Curtis (AZ Central) – from May 22nd, 2013:

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    • Angela, only a truly innocent person can pull that off, she knows that she did nothing wrong, and so do I. ((((((((((JODI)))))))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂

      Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

      • Very true Ray!!!!! Jodi has been amazing through out everything that has been dumped on her.
        Congrats on first Angela! Everyone have a great week. (((((((FREE JODI)))))))

  1. First, this is a great interview, and I believe, that Jodi is innocent. Next, Jodi’s Birthday is July 9th, and with this being the 7th, I give to Jodi, Birthday Greetings, and my Wish, and Hope, for Her, is, Her Freedom! So, Have the Best Birthday, that You can, Jodi, and know, that You Matter, to all of us. –

  2. My heart rejoices at 1 thing: that Jodi is coming out a much much stronger woman than ever before.

    Travis made sure he’d break her spirit, that he’d make her a shadow of her former self- it’s what abusers do.
    It sure feels good to listen, see and witness her starting to love herself, starting to heal her wounds.

    Oh, fellow supporters: TOMORROW IS JODI’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I hope you have written or will write to her. I sent my B-DAY postcard at least a couple of weeks ago so as for it to reach her on time 😉

  3. The subject came up on the previous page regarding the gas cans and I would like to bring it forward as I still have a number of question that I think are very important because that whole issue was meant to show that Jodi was lying about at least one thing on the stand (even better if they catch her lying about something she had no reason to lie about) so that the jury was free to dismiss everything else she said in her sworn testimony. But here’s my questions:

    What happened to the gas cans?

    Do the police have them?

    If so, why didn’t we see them in court? (Could it be there were only two -and no blue kerosene can?)

    And if the police did locate them, did the defense team know about them?

    And if the defense did know, why didn’t they offer them into evidence?

    • Justus, the one question that the jury had for Jodi about the gas cans:

      Question 138. Today, March 5, 2013 you stated before lunch that you think you filled the car up first. If you did have the 3rd gas can as we saw in several hypothetical situations after lunch, do you see it possible to put 8.301 gallons of gas in the car, exhibit 237.011 and then 9.58 and 2.74 gals, for a total of 12.368 gals in the remaining 3 gas cans, exhibits 237.011m 237.012 & 237.013?

      This shows this jury’s complete bias against Jodi in that they would rather take JM’s position that she only put 8.301 gals in the car and so therefore she had to have three cans. They make me so angry I could spit.

      Now I must get busy and stain my fence.

      • Stain the fence for me too, Carol, because it pisses me off as well. How about 9.58 gallons in the two five gallon cans, 8.301 plus a top off of 2.74 gallons for a total of 11.041 gallons into the tank? Simple. And the question is the same as asking her if she possibly could have had three cans when she’s been saying all along she only had two. Was that meant to be a trick question or just plain stupidity? But it does just go to show that the way these people (including the jury) believe the justice system should work is you first decide on the verdict and then reverse engineer from that conclusion to arrive at the answer you want (which would actually be OK if the verdict they first decided on was one of innocence.)

  4. Justus, thanks for moving this discussion here from the previous page.

    To respond to one of Carol’s comments: I too have wondered how many juror questions that might have opened up deliberations more in Jodi’s favor were quashed.

    In speaking with folks who know very little about the case and who therefore haven’t decided guilt or innocence, (but are leaning toward guilt) they first remark, “Didn’t she just go crazy on him, stabbing him in way overkill?” And soon: “He broke up with her, right?”

    But the moment they hear that the ME changed his opinion about the gunshot in the middle of the trial and that she had moved a thousand miles away from TA months before the killing, they become more curious…those are two very crucial facts that the news and commentators never reflected upon!
    Once that is digested, they are willing to listen to the report that many of the stab wounds were slashes. They open their minds to understanding that TA’s death occurred thirteen hours after her arrival and they begin to wonder about the implications of that particular time of day with respect to neighbors and room mates. They can see that the gas cans could be part of a road safety plan.

    The gas can theory of premeditation was a total illusion. Surely the two red cans are in custody and the state is trying to make a mountain out of the Walmart cash receipt for the blue kerosene can purchase.

    Jodi is too logical to have told herself, “I am going to get rid of this blue can before I go home because it makes me look like I went to TA’s place, but the other two won’t be suspicious”. Or even, “I will return this blue can to Walmart and not even use it because if I am ever questioned, it might look odd for me to have used three gas cans, especially since I paid cash for this last one.” In any “consciousness of guilt gas can scenario”, Jodi nullified a nefarious reason for returning the blue can because she did keep the cash sales receipt without retaining any return paperwork. She obviously returned the can for another, more ordinary reason. If that were not the case, and she had used it, the can would have been located by investigators alongside the other two cans, and it would be in the evidence room right now, still smelling of gasoline.

    By waving around receipts and crunching numbers, the prosecutor tried to characterize Jodi as cunning. But he never produced even two cans in court.

    If the defense attorneys serve up a “dirty little secret” intro again during the next penalty phase, they are simply incompetent, unable to learn from their mistakes, IMO. They handed a MOTIVE to the jury straight off in the guilt phase. It was a blunder to characterize their defendant as a sexually voracious vixen, making it too easy for the jury to visualize a Garden of Eden of the Mesa variety, wherein Travis was undone by an over-curious Jodi.

    Moreover, Jodi’s fears about being misunderstood – because the relationship historically had not been exposed to the usual social scrutiny and TA had broadcast his supposed virginity – were exactly why she lied in the first place. She says in this interview ^ that she was “vulnerable”. That is more to the point, more accurate, isn’t it? She knew that when people learned the extent of their sexual relationship and saw that TA had treated her callously, many would want to crucify her, believing that at her core she had calculated revenge, had waited like a fierce predator to get the drop on him.

    Jodi maintains that she was “heavily influenced”. In that, she includes her decision to return to Mesa when she felt vulnerable on the road, after she had driven six hours, knew that twelve hours of desolate road lay ahead and that she was without cell communication. At least one of the reasons she would have been so tired was that she had been on the phone with TA nearly all night before she set out from Yreka. She had to take an afternoon nap in the Monterey area before resuming her trip. On June 3rd, Jodi tragically yielded to TA’s invitation, believing it the safer move.

    But she knows now that she was not seeing that spending time with TA at that point would also be a dangerous choice.

    • I am glad that you mention that the receipt for the kero can is for a cash sale as there are those out there who are saying she couldn’t have returned it and received cash back because it was a credit card transaction.

      I have read online that it is against the law in some states to use the wrong coloured can for gas and it is red for gas and blue for kerosene. If she had kept it would she have been able to use it?

      • Exhibit 237.008 –

        Jodi paid cash for the kerosene can and four other items at a Walmart store in Salinas.

        • Yes, exhibit 237008 was entered as one of the exhibits from Jodi’s shoebox entered as 237001 to 237022. I counted as Nurmi goes through the pile and I get to the 21st receipt when the camera moves off and he has not reached the bottom of the pile yet. JM asked former Detective Mendes if there were more receipts in the box and he answered “yes”. Justus, perhaps they are the receipts for the gas in Buckeye and Desert Centre that weren’t entered by JM.

          The cost of that can was $12.96 and JW refers to the kero as a “type of gas can”. Checking Walmart site, no item comes up as “kero”, only the full word kerosene. They have one kerosene can online with no price listed, and they have two red gas cans, one 6 gals for $57.35 and another 5.3 gals for $233.25. Although they are 2014 prices, gas cans seem to cost more than kerosene, another reason to believe that it wasn’t a gas can but kerosene. Two Sceptor kero cans that do have prices online range from $30 to $35.00. Jodi paid $12.96 for her can.

            • That she stopped in Desert Center for gas and in Buckeye (these locations are definitely NOT on the route to Utah) demonstrates that she stopped nearly everywhere she could in the desert on the way to Mesa, in an abundance of caution. Again, this is consistent with traveling with gas cans as back-up safety fuel. Adding gas to her supply at nearly every opportunity on the way to Mesa is INconsistent with premeditation and consciousness of guilt.

              JM was cherry picking evidence again by not including those two receipts. Nurmi questioned Jodi about Desert Center and Buckeye on Redirect, but apparently the jury thought JM had cornered the market on the truth, and chose to discount that. They also paid no attention to the math that Jodi and Nurmi did on Redirect, with respect to the Pasadena receipts, showing the court how “nonsensical” it was to assume that there were three fuel cans.

    • I’m sorry to say I see ineffectiveness of counsel here in that the defense did not insist that the police (Flores) produce was found in Jodi’s car, the two gas cans, so that the jury was not just relying on Juan’s receipt bullshit.

      • I wonder, if the police do have those two gas cans, can someone (maybe a media person who believes in Jodi) examine them & write down the part# or stock# and the brand or manufacturer, like Sears Craftsman displays on its plastic cans? …The red can that I have is for 5 1/4 gal (20 liters) & it has the part/stock # and Sears Craftsman name still right on can after 20 years. …That kind of identification NEVER wears away like paper labels do.

      • What’s more, if Juan knew there were only two cans found in her car and he still intentionally made the third can allegation, it just shows even further what a lying piece of shit he is who cares nothing about truth..

        • JM only cares about winning. It is hard enough to fight the resources of the state when they follow the rules and play fair.

          Front plate issue:
          Michael Galieti the patrol officer in Utah testified that it is the law in Utah to have both plates, front and back. Jodi just got a verbal warning for the back plate so the front plate was on when she was stopped in West Jordan. He testified that Jodi seemed surprised and that this was the only time in his career that he stopped someone for that infraction. (Day 8, first witness)

          • If he didn’t say the front plate was there, I don’t think we can assume it was. Galleti was testifying five years after the fact about an incident that’s ‘not on paper’ – no citation – so he testified to what was memorable about the incident, the upside down plate.

          • There was a radio report and he had been a patrol officer for 14 years at that point. I guess I fail to understand why that is seen as something negative for Jodi. I just don’t get this whole mess I guess.

            • I don’t see it as positive or negative – my comment was only to say that we shouldn’t infer from things not said: we still don’t have any concrete info as to whether the front plate was ever put back on the car. (So JDT’s suggestion that she had to have removed the plates herself – in order to be in possession of the screws to put the plate back on the front – has no foundation.)

              • I totally agree Journee when you wrote above: “(So JDT’s suggestion that she had to have removed the plates herself – in order to be in possession of the screws to put the plate back on the front – has no foundation)”. .
                ….I say: JDT seems to be insinuating that Jodi is untruthful because she “had to have had” the 2 screws “with her” & because Ryan didn’t say anything about having to go to the hardware store for new screws, (in his answer to question #18 earlier). . … Well, this is an attempt by JDT (just like JM) to predict exactly what Jodi HAS TO DO, in an exact sequence, in order to be truthful. … … I say: she could have simply installed the front plate without the “saved 2 front screws” …& without having to go buy some. … She could have simply removed one screw from the back plate (at a time after the policeman stopped her) & just mounted the (unknowingly incorrect plate on front), & still be absolutely & completely TRUTHFUL in her answers in court. …. …..
                …JDT, in his answer to question #18, did not in any way, prove that Jodi was untruthful in any way. …IMHO

                • …On my above comment: She could have just mounted the front plate with just one screw from the rear plate, that is, “if she did” mount the front plate. …Who knows? …Remember she was still in a FUGUE state of remembering at that time. …The point is that she is truthful & JDT’s attempt to make her untruthful is busted !

              • I guess we can add Ryan to the list of people who could have been questioned about the presence of a front plate on the Ford Focus and weren’t. My understanding is that he was in the car that pulled up in front of Jodi’s car when the patrolman stopped her.

                The more one thinks about that missing front plate, the more the whole plate business could appear to have been innocent mischief.

                Especially if the front plate was still on the floor of the car in Utah, and even later when she returned the car. Consciousness of guilt would have a hard time keeping company with that, because…

                …the plates were tampered, according to Jodi, in Pasadena at the Starbuck’s. She likely didn’t reattach the front plate after leaving Mesa, indeed, we know for a FACT that she didn’t turn the rear plate back around (she likely never noticed it); suggesting that the plates weren’t associated in her mind with a murder plan before the fact, just as the two gas cans that she continued to use were not.

                The prosecutor wanted the jury to believe that she removed both plates and put the rear plate back upside down, in haste, not noticing the blunder. But he never accounted for the front plate one way or another. She would have reattached the front plate as soon as she could have in such a scenario. JM didn’t want to touch it.

                • It has always seemed illogical to me to travel around knowingly with either a missing front plate or a reversed plate if you do not want to attract attention from state patrol. That is exactly the kinds of things they stop you for. I think she may well have travelled into AZ with the front plate on the front floor board knowing she didn’t need it in AZ. If she was travelling to Utah she should/would know that she needs her front plate on and she could very easily have put it on at Travis’s house during the time she spent there, like when she took her things out to the car. She could have done that and not seen her back plate. JDT argues with himself about this because he also says that she wouldn’t park in the drive. He reminds me of JM the way they both make up things to suit their wild theories.

          • I happened to stumble upon testimony from Jodi about the front plate. JM’s (Day 25 1 of 3 @ 5:22) Jodi responds to his question about the plate still being on the floor board, that yes, she had driven from Pasadena to Mesa that way. JM just wanted one of his yes/no answers and he changed the topic to the study. I hadn’t remembered that specific testimony.

  5. Well where I am it is late afternoon 9 July, it is was a beautiful day so lets hope her day is just as glorious tomorrow.

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