A post-allocution reminder from May 21st

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With the AZ State Circus returning to town this coming Monday (8/26), here’s a replay of Jodi’s  full post-allocution pre-sentencing interview with ABC 15 from May 21st:

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We are here for the long haul.

We are proud to stand behind and support Jodi Arias.

Always have done.

Always will do.

Nothing will ever change that.



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Team Jodi

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  1. Second! Yaaaaa-hoooo! Maybe next time I will make first place! (Crossing my fingers!)

    Do I win something for being second place???

    • Besides all jokes, rewatching this video, one thing keeps crossing my mind:

      How can anyone wish death for this woman? Jodi is so kindhearted, sweet, well spoken.
      All through this video she is thinking about others. Not a drop of ego. Jodi keeps on telling people to document domestic violence. She is trying to protect strangers from one day being in her shoes.

      And if every hater is still complaining that Jodi Arias never said “I am sorry”, I hope they could one day realize that those three words have been said. Maybe not using those specific words but they have been said. It is a shame that hatred blinds people and they do not see the substance in words. They just justify their hatred by saying: She never said those three words… On the contrary, she has.

      (((((((((Jodi)))))))) ♥

      • You are so right Pandora! She has apologized but they haven’t heard because they are too busy running their mouths with hatred!

      • Its what I keep asking myself too, Pandora.. My conclusion, the only one I can think of, is that the nicer a person is, the more people hate them.. it has to be jealousy at its finest.

    • I think it was posted on yesterday’s thread. Thanks for posting it here too.

      It’s a good thing her lawyers want to know in advance if the new jurors have Twitter accounts although I think this is just damage control right now. By the time those new jurors are picked, they will have been exposed to HLN and other media coverage, movies, books and gossip about this case for over 8 months so monitoring their Twitter accounts during the sentencing retrial only minimizes the chances of more exposure and bias imho, nothing more. This should have happened during the first phase of the trial. Now it’s sort of too late.

  2. Forgive me for getting back to the Case in Chief.
    I am just left with too many unanswered questions. In the long run, which I believe we are in, getting the answers to unanswered questions could help.
    It seems very strange that the Mesa, Arizona police didn’t investigate TA’s murder more completely. When you carefully read the Flores’ Report along with the time line that Debbie developed a while ago, and if you dissect each part of that report, one will logically question the logic the police used in coming up with Jodi Arias as the sole suspect in the case.
    The questions raised by a non-professional ‘detectives’ are specific.
    Why was the wash left in the washing machine? Was the load in the dryer left there, not removed because someone was in a hurry? Or, did the same sloppy person who left the floor cleaner out also leave the wet clothes in the washer. Did the wash smell badly after 5 days? Was the machine lid open? Was the drop of blood analyzed and specifically typed to anyone?
    TA was a neat freak. He wouldn’t have left the floor cleaner out. He wouldn’t have taken his ring off and left it in the kitchen on a counter. He would have left them in a safer place if he took them off, wouldn’t he? Wouldn’t he have left them in his own bedroom?
    Sad to say, Zach’s story has to be suspect in this case. His story changed too many times about when he did things. He was too specific about how many pillowcases there were, and too specific about the color. He says the bed was ‘tossed’. That is an odd word to use. ‘Tossed’ brings to ones mind the picture of disarray. Since the bedding was found in the dryer, it would be more descriptive and accurate to say the bed was ‘stripped’. However, if the laundry had been done on Sunday, there would probably be no smell yet on Monday.
    It seems like a logical thing to do to check on a roommate if they didn’t appear where and when they usually appeared. So it would not be odd that Zach knew at least by Sunday, that Travis was dead.
    It does seem strange that the linens in the dryer weren’t checked for blood. It does seem strange that the clothes in the washer weren’t checked for blood. Can blood be completely washed out by one washing? Who really did the wash?
    It may be the washed and dried items were checked, and the results were never reported because it would confuse the scenario that was already set; it was all Jodi Arias. And, remarkably she did everything in just 2 minutes, plus the hour or two or three it would take to do the wash (two loads) and clean floors and the banister.
    The problem with all of this is that the timeline just doesn’t fit.
    Why, IMHO, because of the time on the gas receipts.
    Detectives, armchair or for real, THINK.
    They think about all aspects of a case. They question. They probe. They weigh evidence. They look for inconsistency in everyone who was even slightly involved in a case.

    • For me, the big “HUH?” started the first day of testimony, with the two roommates that lived with a corpse for five days and didn’t smell anything.

      That’s a lie.

      So why are they lying about it?

      • Hi girls,

        Not to mention at these amount of time in such a hot State as Arizone, as the body decompose
        flys star to came to put their eggs into to the body so they will be fed by the corpse.

        Nobody from his roommates said nothing about that neither to the police. Yes indeed, very, very strange I would say too.

          • I believe Pajama Girl went over that fact but it would go with her theory of someone besides Jodi doing the murder. And the murder taking a long time . . .something ritualistic. I think, she is supposed to have another Forensics report out soon for everyone to see and compare with the original.

            • Well, let’s say someone doesnt believe Miss Pajama’s version of the facts. Let’s stick to the police’s official version. That TA was killed by Jodi and he was left there for 5 days. I dont think the issue of flies and larvae was ever explained at trial or the Flores report mentioning anything about it, although there’s a detailed description of the body and crime scene. It doesnt necessarily mean there’s something shady behind this, just out of curiosity: is it possible for a body to decompose without larvae on it? Does it have to do with the fact that he was indoors?

              • Not sure, but right now at my house the little fruit flies seem to come from nowhere over night. ugh! It was hot and summer time then,too. Just wish we could help figure it all out for Jodi. I’m sure someone else will have a scientific answer for us soon.

                • I was informed that for the body to not have any flies and larvae on it at all would have to be in a air tight container and preferably in refrigeration. Another thought was maybe he hadn’t been dead that long. There is not a good answer for the roommates not smelling something.
                  I would hate to think Jodi was taking the Fall for the someone else. How will we ever know what happened. The detectives seemed to really screw up things for sure. (or maybe someone else messed with the crime scene before calling the police) I really don’t believe that Jodi would have put the camera in the washer with her knowledge of photography if she was guilty of premeditated murder she would have disposed of it in remote place for sure. She is not dumb. Nothing adds up.

                • Last night I spend some time myself reading various Forensic Entomology articles. All of them agree that even when a body decomposes indoors and the flies dont have good access to it, a complete lack of them would mean refrigeration.
                  Ugh, I’m so confused…

      • That’s always been a complete mystery – 5 days in June in Mesa, AZ. Maybe it was only 2 days of decomp which would put his death on Saturday, the day Zach thought he did laundry, until Flores told him he couldn’t have done laundry on Saturday because the camera was in the washing machine.

        • Why would the defense team not have picked up on all of these points? There are too many unanswered questions from all of us. . .good grief we need a modern day Sherlock Holmes. Travis’s Mormon friends (?) still bother me. . .maybe they were soo disappointed to realize he would not ever live up to their expectations that they had some part in all of this and Jodi was there victim too. They have proven they don’t care about anyone but their inner circle. Such a hate filled group of religious (ha) people. Travis I believe didn’t know who he was dealing with. I thought of everything but Jodi being guilty. . . I think she loved Travis and would have done anything to make him happy. Jodi doesn’t appear to be able to hurt a fly. Maybe she was drugged or something. Would account for her not remembering anything after the camera attack. She needs help but I’m afraid no one will ever be strong enough to take on the matter that might lie beneath all of this.

      • I still can’t get past the dead body in the shower for 5 days. Unfortunately I have too much experience with dead bodies. That is where I know the prosecution is lying big time.

        But instead, today HLN, another hour of JVM yelling that she has the truth. Marketing her book and working hand in hand with Martinez . JVM was playing tapes of Jodi saying sexually provoking statements to TA. Now we have tapes of him doing the same and worse to Jodi . So you know JVM is working for the prosecution to prime their lynch mob media.

        So, the average person would rather listen to sex tapes to decide life or death than truly look at a crime scene with a 5 day old dead body. Of course you are going to get the real answers from the crime scene and the dead body.

        Then why is the whole crime scene not investigated properly? I don’t care what information and truth it would bring.

          • Maria,
            Thank you my sister in this great family. The only reason I watch is to know what they are saying and trying to get away with. One day Jodi’s true story will be told. Part of that story will be the stupidity of the media and how they created such hatred.

            • From your mouth to God’s ears. ..
              Meanwhile, since you choose to watch that vile network (and I totally understand and respect your reasons), make sure to protect your energy , your aura from letting their low, negative energies trespass you. You can do it simply through the help of a prayer or just by asking it from the Universe/God/Angels (whatever you believe in )

              • You are correct. Today I went to Church. I prayed for all of us. Especially since we are going into more bull____ thrown by the prosecution side. Plus, in won’t listen to this channel on a regular basis. When the trial was going on I stopped using them as the way to view the trial.
                I also won’t watch any of there fake juries on anyone.
                I think it is important to get a jest of this JVM book and listen to her boring mouth. We learn where those resources are from, etc.
                Oh, and that Dave Hall is coming apart. Well it was him or Chris. Someone will have to correct me. When JVM asked him about Jodi reading books he said ‘The only book she should be reading is The Dummies Book To The Execution Chamber.’
                Very sick in the head and coming apart.

    • Carol and Journee,
      I’m right there where you are. These and so many other questions are constantly screaming in my head. Yet, as months go by and the dust is settling I am terrified because I see no one willing to keep digging in order to answer these questions.( I’ve been back and forth regarding the intruders’ story but I have to believe what Jodi says, meaning self defense. Besides, none of us was there to claim they know 100% what went on unless something major happens like new evidence etc. )
      What most of us can’t get over is that Jodi has somehow been conveniently convicted of premeditated murder, everyone seems happy to have closed the case when there are so many things that just don’t add up. Everyone also seems reluctant to go against the current for fear of hurting their own reputation. Poor Jodi is left helpless.
      Will anyone EVER volunteer to look into those questions disturbingly left answered ? At least we can only hope for an appeal where the case will be placed under scrutiny.

      • “Conveniently’ is the word that jumps out at me there, Maria.

        I keep wondering whether the police work was sloppy or directed.

        And I keep thinking about Flores, the COMPLETE change in his personality between who he was and how he presented himself in 2008 and the man we saw on the witness stand.

  3. Carol, A different way of looking at all of this is on the http://www.pajamagirl@wordpress site. She has put so much time and effort into her research. She is very dedicated to helping Jodi. It is very interesting to say the least. You brought up some really good points that have bothered me too which I suppose would lead us to believe there was someone else involved somehow. Maybe Travis wasn’t dead when Jodi left and another person came in and finished him off. He apparently had a lot of husbands and boyfriends upset. The roommates have always bothered me because you should smell a dead body in 5 days time even with the door closed. The air circulating through the heat and air. His friends were so quick to tell the stories of Jodi stalking and etc. Lies.

    • You know what doesnt make much sense with this ‘finishing off’ theory? The timing. In order for somepne to ‘come in’ , they would have to have perfect timing. Doesnt sound doable.
      But yeah, I agree. HOW can they have not smelled a dead body?!?!

      • I have wondered if the throat wound might have been done some time after Travis was dead. The ME notes a lack of hemorrhage in the tissue there, but attributes it to decomp.

        It just seems like there would have been more blood/seepage on him from that wound when he was found. Looked like there was none at all.

        Now, WHY someone would have done that, I have not a clue.

        Like I said, my questions start with the lie from the roommates. Find out why they’re lying and the rest of the questions might go away.

        • Isn’t it strange that Horn quickly jumps to one and only conclusion (decomp) regarding the lack of hemorrhage there while he remains adamant when it comes to the gunshot wound? He is a scientist he should have explored all possibilities. You dont have to be an ME to know that lack of hemorrage means that a wound may have been inflicted posthumously.

          • Right?

            And Travis there in the shower still has blood coming from his nose and mouth from the bullet through the frontal sinus, but NO blood coming from the gaping wound in his neck? It should have been all over the front of him – yes, even after the washing he was presumably put there for.

      • Maybe they were there at the same time and Jodi didn’t know it. . . and never saw them. How would she ( they) have done 2 loads of clothes in just a few minutes? Were the clothes sour smelling? They should have been after 5 days. And why wouldn’t the roommate have noticed anything. . .weird indeed.

      • If there were discrepancies in the original stories of the roommates, then it might come to ones mind that screams and a gunshot might have been heard but not told to the police. Remember, they had a number (3 or 5) days to concoct a story. Many think Jodi did it all. I have my doubts. I tend to believe her first story: two people came in and told Jodi to leave, they would take care of T.
        Jodi admits readily to the gunshot. I cannot find anywhere that she admits to the stabbing in the abdomen or slitting the throat.
        In her interview (thanks to the admins for putting it up!) she says she never wanted any harm to come to T.
        Even if she was scared to death I cannot see her capable of such violence to someone she loved. Sorry!
        It is quite possible that a roommate and his girlfriend heard the commotion and responded. At that point, T only had slices to his back and a gunshot wound to his face. Helping him at that point might have seemed possible to them.

        • Too many unanswered questions. Why would her defense team not research everything more? The autopsy would be a good place to have started. Why did they not get their own autopsy performed? I know they were frustrated with her for the different stories but maybe she really doesn’t know what happened.

          She could have called HLN and they would have helped her concoct a great story wouldn’t they? ha

          This is no laughing matter though and I am disgusted for sure!!!! I just cringe at the thought of what will happen to our Jodi Monday. I will continue my prayers for her and her family.

          • Also somewhere I read that the cutting of the throat was really a cut that just barely cut the skin but that the prosecution used a picture in court of the throat cut after the autopsy (which would have made it more gruesome). I will try to find where I read it.

  4. oops The air circulating through the heat and air unit would have filled the house up with the odor, one would think. We had a skunk spray outside and the odor was horrible for days!!!!

    • Yes clearly the smell of decomposition would have filled the home after a couple to three days? But there is no basis for the roommates to “lie” about it, right? Why would they? No reason to believe the roommates had anything to do with this. Probably the throat was slit on the bedroom rug where the big blood spot was, and the footsteps next to the spot. That is probably where Travis bled out – what else would have caused that big spot? I think there is really no basis for a third party theory, as much as I would like there to be one.


      • Remember when Flores was interrogating Jodi, when his response to the intruder story was something like “You’re lying to me. What you’re saying is impossible. It doesn’t make sense.”

        What the roommates say about not smelling a corpse in the house for five days is impossible, it doesn’t make sense. It’s a lie. If it’s not a lie, then the corpse was not there for them to smell until shortly before he was found.

        Enrique’s bedroom shared a wall with Travis’, he was that close to the body most of the time he was home. According to what he told Flores, he spent most of his time at home in his room. And, how weird is it that, with all the ruckus going on the night Travis was found – the guys yelling when they found the body RIGHT IN THE NEXT ROOM, the girls in the hallway crying on the phone to 911 – Enrique did not even open his door until Zack knocked and told him what had happened and that the 911 operator wanted them to get out of the house.

        I’m not accusing the roommates of anything more than knowing more than they are saying. Because, if the STATE’s case is to be believed and Travis was in that shower stall for five days, the roommates HAVE to be lying about not smelling anything.

        So I want to know why.

        • I wonder just how badly it really smelled in there? Chokingly horrible, or mildly bad? I wonder what that initial group (the 911 call group: Mimi and others) said about it when they entered? Did they choke, or just notice a smell, or what? If it was not horrible, young boys might just ignore it.


          • ‘Young boys’ do have noses, you know…

            Flores writes: ” There was a strong odor associated with a decomposing body ALL OVER THE HOME. This odor was evident AS SOON AS WE ENTERED the front door”
            Some people say ‘well if the door was closed maybe that’s why the roomates werent able to smell anything’ but c’mon we all know that it’s not like a wooden bedroom door is an air tight container or something. Please…

          • I want to know why too. I believe with all my heart that if Jodi’s story is true she was indeed fighting for her life and she should not be sitting in a jail cell for 5 years. But for some reason I have a little cloud of doubt that I just wonder does she really know what happened to Travis.

            I feel she is more innocent than anyone knows. I believe in her.

            I hope that she will really think about her defense from here on out because I’m not sure her attorneys really know what to do next. It all is so complicated.

            • Jodi has said ‘If Travis were here, he would tell you the truth. He is the one that knows I wouldn’t hurt him.’
              A weird statement, but it may hold more truth than lies. Who knows what theory that statement could involve.

              • Yes I don’t like to think this, because I genuinely like Jodi, however I believe in my heart she knows what happened that night. I never believed the “fog” theory, no chance. She is covering something up, but what? We know Travis abused you, Jodi, and we love you and feel for you for that. But what happened that night? It does not add up.

                • I can believe that someone who goes through that kind of horrific event would have little or no memory of it.

                  But I can also believe that Jodi can’t describe the whole event because she didn’t witness the whole event.

                  And I can believe she’d keep quiet about what she DOES know if she believes that telling the truth might endanger others.

                • Maureen, why dont you believe the PTSD fog? Have you read anything related to it? There are literally tons of articles out there, talking about PTSD and long term or short term memory loss. It’s a scientific fact!

                  People talk about ”THE fog” (often putting it in quotations like you did) as if Jodi herself or Dr Samuels invented the term during this trial to get away with well…whatever the haters think Jodi tried to get away with by admitting she doesnt remember. Which is a disgrace because it’s as if they are discarding sciences like Psychology and Psychiatry, pretty much all sciences dealing with the brain.

                • Oh Maureen!

                  Please don’t doubt Jodi… memory loss from acute stress is completely real.

                  Really… it is science. Just like DNA evidence.

                  I’m kind-of lucky, in that I have had memory loss myself about 19 months ago, and then during the trial, someone touched my back wheel on a ride, came down hard and had severe memory loss for an hour.

                  A severe blow to the head, or a very acute stress ( like someone with blood spurting out of a head wound saying he is going to kill you attacking you ) can and will cause memory loss.

                • I totally get the scientific fact of acute memory loss and PTSD. And I love Jodi. But knowing Jodi’s phenomenal memory, I just can’t buy the extended fog that supposedly lasted so long (from the fkyb, through the picture deletions and washing machine, in the car, to the Utah border). It was just too convenient and allowed her to sidestep all the questions about the event. So many unanswered questions..

                • Maureen,

                  What is now spoken of as the fog or amnesia in PTSD is very real. Jodi may not ever get her total memory back about that night. There may be many days that won’t make sense to her. She really pushes herself to know as much as possible. This is in every aspect of her life. She appears to do the same thing here. This will never be easy for her. She will confuse the order of things and can very easily be lead. She wants to be smart and in control. She is smart. But this situation was so overwhelming to her conscious self that parts are all over the place.
                  I feel bad because the psychiatric community needs awareness of this. It is really abuse by the prosecution. If Psychiatrists, Psychologists, etc code for this PTSD diagnosis. Which mean they are allowed to get paid for treating the diagnosis the diagnosis needs respect. Yes, just like a cancer diagnosis, an arthritis diagnosis. The symptoms identified and taken seriously. Interventions done by the proper professionals. This is parallel to hating a cancer patient, not believing there diagnosis, and starting a viral hate campaign. There are serious ramifications to what has been done. This just hasn’t settled on the proper ears in the proper way.

  5. PAN!!!!! You didn’t get first spot!!!! Wow! I’m shocked!


    (((((((((((((♥sis♥))))))))))))))))))…I know today was hard…I am sending extra love to you my sis…and big bear hugs. I love you whole bunches.

    • (((((((((Janeen))))))))

      Yup, I almost had the first spot.. almost! Well, next time I might be luckier! LMAO!

      Yes, I am also sending my (((((((((hugs))))))))) and love ♥ to Maria.

      Love ya girls!

    • I love you both for being so considerate. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your friendship. Yes, today was hard day.

      (((((((((((( my girls ♥ )))))))))))))

    • I was first I swear. I logged on at about 0430 local time, I had to start early today. I don’t know what happened? Oh well 😀

      (((((CYBER FAMILY♥)))))

      Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

  6. Do we know if anyone has ever verified the stories that Travis told about his childhood?

    Just wondering because there’s an old re-run of “Without a Trace” on about a motivational speaker who stages his own kidnapping. But the backstory reveals that he had fabricated the rags-to-riches part of his motivational shpiel. The episode is from 2004. Just wondering if Travis might’ve gotten some ideas from that.

    • The family history and legal charges verifies his childhood account. When reading his blog, there is no way someone could make that up. It’s the life of a child with meth addict parents.

        • I read it over. I believe all he went through as a child is true. I do wish we had more explicit detail i.e. examples with what he saw siblings go through and how Travis felt at these moments. He said he didn’t want to get into gritty. I thought the book he was writing was taking this ‘huge jump from neglected, beaten, starved child to spirituality will save you. Survival is about positive thinking.’ Although, I think Travis thought all this motivational stuff was his savior, I actually think 85% of it worked against him. All that frilly motivational, spiritual stuff can put a bandaide on the problems. It is very good to do but after intense therapy for his childhood. But 1st u have to do a lot of therapeutic work on all the parental issues,etc. It is not save to just go around with all the typical, motivational words I saw him writing. Great motivational statements that have been said over and over. But we just got to read 2 posts about his life story. So I don’t really know all that is written.

          • You’re absolutely right. What Travis went through as a child was horrible,horrible experiences which were utterly traumatic. Unless a person undergoes extended therapy, I dont believe it’s possible to overcome nd let go of their past. These pseudo-religions like Mormonism and positive thinking superficial books (like the Secret) only put a band-aid on psychological traumas (borrowing your beautiful simile)

            • We can see that on Travis’s most external level he was aware of his childhood that was corrupted by substance abusing parents. There was this one person. This Great Grandfather that waved a magic wand twice a year telling Travis he was special. This is what Travis held on to for sanity. It also gave him a sense that he was someone that could do stand up qualities in the world.
              Travis’s Grandmother, which I didn’t read he said he lived with her, introduced him to the Mormon church. I just got that Travis was with his mother until 10, then ran away. I didn’t get if/when he started living with the Grandmother.
              I find Travis’s story sad. From what I read, he sounded like he was trying to write another motivational book. Through this motivating of others he could keep reinforcing that ‘special’ feeling his Great Grandfather bestowed on Travis.
              This ‘Special’ feeling was Travis’s drug.

              But that is only half of Travis. There still existed the beaten, neglected, non mothered child. This part was Travis’s foundation to the world. This was the core of his childhood. This made him from the beginning.

              One word came to mind: pathological.

  7. Completely off-topic, but today a trial opened in a case I have studied carefully, and have done quite a bit of work in advance, to be ready. I’m 100% sure that David Camm is innocent, I’m running a twitter feed at ( follow various links if you want to find oiut more ).

    I won’t mention it here again, just thought you may be interested.

    When I got a bit over-emotionally involved in Jodi’s case, I used David Camm’s case to regain perspective.
    And a cold case that is now with the DA and police in another state.

  8. There’s a reason why the expression ”Blind Hatred” exists in so many languages. Whoever is driven by hatred is indeed incapable of seeing things the way they are even if they are right in front of their noses. There’s a reason why people who condemn Jodi Arias are called ‘haters’, because even if there was evidence of his abuse and a tape showing the actual murder, corroborating Jodi’s story they would still be unable to see what we see.

    I’ve told this before: we are driven by love. I see nothing dangerous/ hypocritical/ psychopathic/ disgusting in this woman’s face. I see a woman who suffered enough and whose only crime was to defend herself. I see a bright, loving, kind-hearted, remorseful person. I wanna reach out and hug her,and I know many of my supporters want it too.
    We are not denying she screwed up,yes she did. She fu**ed up royally but we still support her because as my good friend Pandora always says ”Self defense is not a crime” .
    Coz it’s not; it’s the Law of Survival, it’s a primordial instinct. If you’re being attacked you’re gonna fight back.

    ”I don’t like wars. They have uncertain outcomes” says Cate Blanchett in ”Elizabeth” .
    I’d add, fights too. Sometimes only one lives to tell the tale. We are sorry Travis had to die in such a tragic way and so young. We cant however help feeling happy that Jodi came out unscathed.

    Jodi, girl we are HERE for you!! We LOVE you. We are PROUD to stand by you.


  9. Hello again all my dear friends.
    Stopping in quickly just to say hello.

    I hope everyone is well.
    We are very close to wrapping up on the house flipping I am helping my family with.
    I’m ready for it to be done…

    I’ll be back soon.

  10. Sorry, I ‘ve been away on holiday just about all summer. I’ve tried to keep up with y’all, but have to admit that I have missed a lot, and missed you, too.
    What the frick is with JVM …. has just released a book about Jodi and says there’s new info, and all kinds of crap. I turned the channel … had been looking for info on Baby Elaina … but no … there to my surprise was JVM …. and others yakkin’ about her book. Crap!

    • Quoted from Travis’ blog, 5 May 2008: “I remember my mother emptying a revolver on the car my father was driving and my father subsequently taking an axe to my mother’s belongings and destroying them. I remember being on the other side of the front door when my father kicked it down. The police were called that time along with many others, but I knew what had to be said and knew they would leave us to more of the same.”

      • Didn’t Jodi help Travis edit his blog? I seem to remember her being upset at him using her for this and giving her no credit or acknowledgement. Of course, it was twisted around in court to her being ‘jealous’ yet it was really just another instance where Travis was using Jodi.

      • I suppose this is where Travis learned his abusive patterns. . his parents. If you don’t get your way immediate rage. Yes his past was sad but no excuse for abusing others. Its hard to read how he has become a saint in so many eyes. Jodi, did not have a perfect past either but has shown great strength and keeps plowing on through the nightmare . . .even to be called the most hated woman in the world. . ugh! Jodi you are not the most hated woman in the world and we all are right behind, beside you all the way.
        Our prayers will keep you safe. Love to Jodi always.

        • Yes, R. That’s the exact reason I quote him about this, to show (in his own words) that he grew up in the type of environment that not only taught him how one deals with anger but also that domestic violence has no consequences. And when we look at the fact that four of his seven siblings are convicted felons (some for violent crimes such as domestic violence and battery) it only adds to the probability that it was Travis who started the violence, (or at the very least should create reasonable doubt that Jodi started it.) I don’t understand why people can’t see this. Or maybe I do…they simply want Jodi to prove that she didn’t start it. Idiots!!

          • Justus,

            I see it clearly. Of course many of us see it clearly. I posted up in response to Maria and me speaking about this subject. These waters ran deep on Travis’s side.
            It is so horrifying that the defenses expert witnesses in psychiatry weren’t able to get real dynamics across to the jury. Martinez would never let that happen. That is why he wants JVM’s book out now. It opaque ‘s the water for Travis.

  11. I went to the Huffington post link above and what struck me most were the 55 photos at the bottom of the article, mostly of Jodi and Travis cuddling at various places. He didn’t look stalked to me. Shame on any juror who bought this hogwash. They would have unquestioningly bought anything that Martinez had said. If he’d argued that the dead decomposing body of TA had been flung smack dab in the hallway and that his roommates stepped over it thinking it was a pile of smelly dirty clothes, they were all in. This case should have been un-winnable for the State but due to these dimwitted tweeting jurors, the lack of honor and integrity exhibited by the prosecutor, the blatant lies by told by the State’s experts and the interference of the ignorant media, the deck was stacked from the get go. And I think the only fair resolution would be a re-trial which, at this point, would be damn near impossible due to biased publicity. Free Jodi!

    • You know, Gwen, the Jodi-haters over there STAY PO’d about that photo gallery (it ends up on the bottom of every article about Jodi). At least twice a week someone writes a post imploring HP to remove the gallery, or please leave it off the next article. (like anyone who makes those decisions is actually reading their posts.)

      Most ludicrous of all is their insistence that, in that first photo of Jodi and Travis in the water at the falls, that Jodi has her hands around Travis’ throat. I’ve pointed out, repeatedly (most recently this week), that Jodi is turning Travis’ face to the camera – her thumb at his chin, her index finger along his jaw. But no, they always argue, they see it ‘differently’.

  12. Well here it is…Friday! THANK GOD. This week has been BRUTAL.

    Hello everyone! ((((((((((Pan)))))))))))) ((((((((((((((((((sis)))))))))))))))))))

    I feel very left out Pan. You did NOT introduce me to Alexis, so I will do it myself. (LOLLLLLLLLLLLL)

    Hi Alexis. It’s very nice to meet you. I am who I am, as you will get to see. I may from time to time use words unbecoming a lady, however such is life.

    After Monday’s hearing, once the penalty phase begins anew, this place will be hopping. I hope you are a ‘no-holds barred’ admin like MB (I love you MB!!!)

    So, Alexis let’s get to know each other. I have 8 cats…do you like them? I love Jodi Arias. I stand up for injustices. I am disgustingly loyal. And sometimes I’m even funny… 🙂

    Pan…any new buttons?!?!?!?! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL I love you girl!!!

  13. hi everyone!

    Sorry I have been too busy to be around lately. i’m just getting caught up with reading posts and saw that Journee is back. Woo hoo!!!!!

    I love everyone’s posts and the comment about chameleon on the other page really bothered me though.

    Calling someone a chameleon is derogatory. It implies that a person purposely and willfully chooses to behave in a manner in order to DECEIVE and trick other people. Well, we are all chameleons to a certain extent. Not because we are all devious, but because we want to fit in and be liked. Some people are devious and the derogatory implication of chameleon would be appropriate. But it does NOT fit Jodi.

    here is a paper called “The Chameleon Effect: The Perception-Behavior Link and Social Interaction”

    • I think chameleon fits TA more than it fits Jodi. I do believe he behaved differently depending on who was around. Obviously Jodi saw another side that others were not privy to. I think he had a different persona for work, for church and for relationships with women. As for relationships with women, he probably had different personas there also, the good Christian boy for some, the bad, naughty sexually charged one for others.

      • EXACTLY! He was “The Changeling”! I think he really did abuse Jodi. Why else would she have sooooo much anger pent up in her IF she did kill TA the way the PROS said. That is why I stand with her. I truly believe he used her sexually and did slap her and kick her and hit her. His childhood almost wrote the blue print for him to be abusive towards women. As Maureen pointed out in a previous post, unless he got professional help from the trauma he witness and suffered from as a child then odds are he did not know how to control his own anger. I really do feel sorry for him. He hardly had a chance with that horrible upbringing. I do feel terrible for his family as well. However I feel so bad for Jodi and her family too. I can see both sides of the spectrum. I am no idiot! (For any trolls that may be reading this) I really do believe TA humiliated Jodi by throwing her away like trash when she did everything for him and to please him. I think the whole thing is a mess. I really hated the way the entire planet turned it into a witch hunt and failed to have ANY understanding that Jodi is not evil, Travis was not evil. They are and were HUMAN. Love ya, Jesse

    • HI BeeCee!

      I’ve bookmarked the article – skimmed some of it, looks very interesting! but LONG!

      I’ve seen dogs copy each other and wondered if it was deliberate/conscious or just an instinctive part of how they learned.

    • Hi Beecee,

      I’ve read many but not all of your posts in the past. Is it your opinion that the legal shield people killed Travis? If so, is there any proof? Or do you think that it was a blood atonement killing by the church? I’m very curious about this because based on what I’ve read, the practice hasn’t occurred since way, wayyyy back in the day and there is no evidence of actual blood atonement killings this century. Is that true or am I wrong? I’m interested in what in your theory is. I haven’t read all your posts but found many interesting.

      • I don’t really have a true opinion or theory on any specific person killing Travis. Without having access to things that were not brought up in court it would be hard to accurately speculate even though I know a lot of us have bitched or ranted in the past.

        I don’t see any of his close friends actually doing it.

        I believe Travis had more enemies than people realize due to his womanizing ways.

        There was an interesting post a while back, I can’t remember what it was titled. I will have to look for it but it was allegedly by someone in the church who it seemed had more information. You might be interested in reading that. Although, who knows.

        • oh, one clue though is in the interrogation.

          When Jodi says the male said “you must be that *** from California.”

          So, he had never met her in person but had heard about her.

      • From the understanding that I have, which admittedly is minimal, of the Mormon church there is definitely an undertone of religious killing. I think all that Mormon brain washing made Travis feel horrible about being human and sexual and in turn made Jodi feel even dirtier. Perhaps TA’s cheating on Jodi made Jodi feel worthless thru the distorted lens of the church. The Mormons see things in black and white, no grey area. people are just not like that. I think that church had a lot to do with how everything played out. Just sayin, Love ya, jesse

  14. Jodi wants no more books! Personally, I would send her a basket full of sweet smelling fragrances and chocolate covered goodies if they would allow it. She deserves to be treated well. Of course I would also include a metal file. lol

    • I’m glad there are so many of us sending her good thoughts and good books 🙂

      LOLOL!! a file.

      Maybe we should invent a teleporter that looks like a book instead?

      • At least we are all keeping a sense of humor. A Magic Wand might be the way to go. She is soo strong! I’m proud of her.

    • Too bad she can’t have an e-reader of some sort – then she’d have room for as many books as she wanted.
      Wonder if that might be among the list of ‘appliances’ available at Perryville.

    • She is currently reading ”100 years of Solitude” . Oh boy, do I admire her! I tried to read that book when I was a teenager and gave up, LOL! Maybe I’ll give it another try now that I’m older.

  15. This is a recent book review from Jodi’s page:

    Man’s Search for Meaning
    by Viktor E. Frankl
    “This is a true story of a holocaust survivor who suffered unbelievable conditions. It’s a quick, but deeply impactful read. It was the first book I read after arriving at Estrella (rated one of the worst jails in the country), and reading it made me feel very grateful to be where I am” Jodi A. Arias

    Just an example showing Jodi’s ability at positive thinking. Always looking on the bright side!

  16. Filing Date Description Docket Date
    8/22/2013 MOT – Motion – Party (001) 8/23/2013

  17. The man at the end stated that Jodi robbed society of the contributions TA would make. (what about the potential in him for violence against other women? She robbed the world of that too). IF it had been the other way around and she had lost the fight TA would have robbed the world of Jodi’s contributions. He also said “you have devastated TA’s family, when Jodi was defending her life, TA’s family would have been the last thing on her mind. Of course she didn’t purposely set out to devastate TA’s family. I doubt anyone who’s trying to defend their life thinks about much other than survival. Do they think if TA had had the advantage when he was trying to throttle Jodi, that her family would have crossed HIS mind???

    Survival was utmost in her mind, duh.

  18. Every day I think about and pray for Jodi. I’m no angel, I’m no zealot, or religious freak. I do know as Jim Morrison said , “you can’t petition the Lord with prayer” I don’t petition the Lord with prayer. But as I think daily about these circumstances Jodi has experienced, I can’t help but wonder, what would I be thinking about without Jodi? I’ve never been as concerned about an individual except for a family member or love before. As the TA fearmongerers and hatemongerers continue to denigrate good society, there are at least, us few here at Jodi Arias Is Innocent, that are blessed to care about Jodi

  19. She was so very sweet here, As usual but, reflective. Articulate and resigned to her fate, whatever it may be. I truly believe she has remorse for what happened but I also believe she was battered and emotionally and verbally abused. I believe self defense, just for the simple extra human strength she had to have had. I also don’t believe it was premeditated to kill him. Perhaps to get photos or videos of him but in no way to kill him. I know he attacked her. She fought back and he lost. They both did. He was such a piece of shit. Oh I don’t see freedom for her sadly, sadly but I pray she gets to contribute with a long life and helping others, wherever that may be, She does not deserve death, Prayers for all.

    • I don’t believe she planned to see him to get photos of him.

      I think he guilted her into to coming to see him. People often try devious methods like guilt in order to get something they want.

      I have been on the end of that kind of treatment….hmmm..even recently as a matter of fact. Thankfully I have grown and can recognize when something isn’t right with someone’s actions, when they are just trying to get something.

      • Same here…
        One thing Narcissists really know how to do is guilt you. They have a way of making you see their point when actually it is a distorted version of things, their own distorted version of reality.

  20. Oh and JMO, but no such thing as over kill. Or as Martinez says she killed him 3 times. She killed him 1 time in self defense. Now after he was dead she must have been in shock or panic or anger or fear and just kept stabbing. who knows it doesn’t matter, she didn’t overkill that makes ZERO sense. Also, she didn’t torture him. it was a fight to the death and thankfully Jodi won.

    • There’s no such thing as killing someone 3 times. The stab wound to the chest was fatal, the end.
      The rest of it was Martinez’ sentimental mumbo jumbo to gain the jurors’ sympathy.
      Way to go Kermit (pat on the shoulder) You won this case through smoke and mirrors, red flags, circumstantial evidence and emotions of sympathy towards the victim and his family. Hmm, why do I have a feeling that this is NOT how any legal system is supposed to work??

      • Maria, a legal system is NOT supposed to work Martinez’s way. Not in this case. The word this time that jumps in my mind: corrupt!

  21. I’m not sure how you would sum up this tradegy. Ms. Arias slowly started to die when she met TA. He tore the most important thing away from her, her personal character. It appears that no matter what Ms. Arias did, TA found away to tear her down. Remember this, an abuser accomplishes what TA did a little bit at a time.
    Ms. Arias would have woken up one day, she would have looked in the mirror and asked herself, what has happened to me? Where have I disappeared to? I feel for Ms. Arias, you could tell that even during the trial she was still justifying TA’s behaviour.
    If Ms. Arias is claiming self defence, then we must believe her, if she is covering up for others, or is afraid to speak. I’m sure we can dig deep and understand why.
    She is a caring loving soul. I will always go back to her saying” if Travis was here, he would tell you I didn’t do this “, I’m not sure why she said that I can only speculate. However, Ms. Arias always shared the important factors in this case, I’m sure as supporters of Ms. Arias we all can read between the lines. I believe in her, and will continue to! Stay strong Ms. Arias, you are loved dearly!! Xoxo

    • Good point about Jodi always sharing the important factors.

      I think she said that before she realized she had no hope, that she was being hammered and forced into a confession. Before she realized that no matter what she said, flores wasn’t going to believe her. He already had a story in his head placed there by Travis’ friends…and that was ALL he was going to believe.

      Even Dr. Samuel’s and her lawyers didn’t believe her.

      It also must have been very shocking to hear the jury come back with that faulty verdict when one knows in their heart that they did not plan to murder someone they loved.

  22. I am still puzzled by the roommates. How is it that they didn’t smell anything for 5 days. It is as if the new something went down but they wanted no part of it. The dog wasn’t acting strange? Come on!

    • I agree Jay.

      I could believe an innocent explanation like “Well, yes, I did smell something and it got worse everyday, and I was kind of afraid of what I thought it might be, what it might mean, so I just locked myself in my room and sprayed air freshener and lit candles and tried to ignore it.”

      But that’s not even close to what either of them said. They both denied smelling anything at all until the day he was found, and blamed that smell on the dog.

      And, sorry, that’s not possible. They would probably have been able to smell decomp by Thursday, definitely by Friday. By Saturday it would have been bad enough to induce vomiting.

      So either they’re lying – which would beg the question ‘what would they have to lie about?’ – or the body was not there until the day it was found.

      • And it’s common knowledge that dog poop doesn NOT even remotely smell like decomposition, duh!

        Gonna give you a cynical and saddening example at the same time; here in Greece old people mostly have this disgusting habit of throwing into the non-recycling garbage bins any small animals (like cats or dogs) found hit by cars, waiting for the Cleaning Dpt services to come and empty the bins. If they throw the poor animal even a few hours before the employees come, the smell is so overwhelmingly bad that you cant even approach the bin. Imagine what a human corpse must smell like when decomposing.. (sorry for being graphic)

        • Yes Maria! Your illustration is right on point. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that a dead body in a warm climate decomposing for 5 days is going to be very noticeable. I believe there are others that know what happened they are just willing to let Jodi take the blame for it all. I desperately want to see Jodi vindicated and set free. Praying for a fair retrial.

        • I want to amend that last sentence:

          Either the roommates are lying, or Travis had not been dead in that shower for five days… maybe two or three, but definitely not five.

          About twenty years ago, there was a nice old lady that lived ‘next door’ to us – next door in quotes because technically we both lived on corner lots with a street that dead-ended between us because there was a deep creek behind us. So her house was about five times as far from us as the house on the other side of us. We didn’t see much of each other in the winter months, but she and I were both into gardening and saw each other every sunny day during the warmer months. I last saw her on a mild, sunny Tuessday afternoon in May – helped her plant some zinnias. Wednesday and Thursday it rained. Friday morning when I opened my kitchen window, which faced her house, my first thought was that someone had dumped some very foul garbage – like a restaurant dumpster but even worse somehow – under my window. When my husband came into the kitchen a few minutes later, he abruptly dropped the shoes he was carrying and just ran out the back door. First he ran to the creek and looked around, then he came up through the side gate and stood with his back to me, looking at Helen’s house. Then he turned around and looked at me through the window and told me to call the police, that Helen was dead. So – just over 60 hours since the last time I’d seen her, with my window open but all of the windows in her house closed, I could smell her body from my kitchen.

          There is no way, just no way that both of these statements can be true:

          Travis lay dead in his shower for five days before he was found.

          The two young men who lived in his house smelled nothing.

    • That has always bugged me too jay! Also, I have a suspicion that the friends did a clean up job after they found TA’s body. Perhaps they were smart enough to delete photos, remove computers or any other evidence that would show that Travis was anything less than a Saint. Perhaps they were trying to protect him and more importantly(TO THEM) their church. Of course that is all speculation but I have really wondered a lot about it! Love ya, Jesse

      • Yep, Jesse! It is just too strange that while all the evidence really shows that this was a DV case, those who uphold TA as a holy individual will do anything it takes to make him look innocent. Jodi defended herself and gets thrown in jail for stopping TA from his continual abuse. You have great insight. I love reading your input. Take care!

  23. I agree with you (Journee). Just recently a friend of mines step father passed away in his home, his body was found they figure 3-4 days after he died. The interesting fact, it was his neighbours that smelt a horrible odour coming from his home. No not a roommate that was living in the same house coming and going for 9 days, it was a neighbour. The smell was so horrible they called 911. Do I believe Travis laid in that shower for days, no, if so, there would have been no way the roomies could have tolerated the smell of death. The smell of death stays with you!!! My question is why what reason did the roomies have to lie? What do they know, that we don’t ? Doesn’t matter how huge the home was, the smell of death does not escape you. If Travis was soooo popular, how does one not be noticed for 9 days! I thought CH and him were best friends , ummmm didn’t TA miss an important conference call!!! What does Gus Searcy know that we don’t. Why does no one want to talk? Why was detective Flores report so flawed. How did the state and why did they have to turn every creditable witness for Ms.Arias into a liar. What is the state hiding. Fact is known the state did not have a case. All facts were based on lies! We can go on and on, why cause this case does not sit right with many!

    • Karrie,
      We know it is wrong. It is Martinez and the judge that have developed another outrageous stupid story and acted like it is real. This trial was not about the truth. It was about making up the most outrageous story away from the truth and finding out how many idiots would follow.
      I truly feel like I was dropped in Alice in Wonderland.

    • “what reason did the roomies have to lie?”

      Exactly, Karrie!

      EITHER they had a reason to lie, or they were telling the truth and Travis was not ‘dead in that shower’ for five days.

      • That’s the million dollar question. If someone tells me they can’t smell a dead body that is practically on top of them then there’s something fishy in Denmark and a real investigator would have tried to get to the bottom of it before handing the case to a whore of a prosecutor in a death penalty trial. This whole trial smells and I am thousands of miles away!!

  24. I correct myself, Ms.Arias was last known to be with TA on June 4th, he was found June 9th!!!! 5/6 days dead in his home!!!

  25. Yes I just think there are so many unanswered questions. I can’t imagine a reason the roommates would lie here – no motivation on their part to murder Travis. So I would surmise that the smell was not enough to knock them out, I also would definitely ask, what did Marie Hall and the 911 call group say when they entered that home – chokingly awful smell? Or what? Not sure I remember that testimony… I think the “overkilling” comments mean the absolute brutality and anger associated with this killing (slit throat, gunshot, stabs), and what that indicates about the killer… I always wish that Jodi would have just run out that bedroom door instead of down the hall to the right into his closet.

    • The only thing we’ve heard about Travis’ relationship with the roomies is that there wasn’t one. They weren’t friends, they didn’t hang out together, didn’t eat together. Enrique had only lived there for a couple of weeks. Zack had been there since January – probably replaced the roommate who was so angry at Travis that he moved out in the middle of the night in January (so I guess there was a relationship of sorts THERE, just not a positive one).

      I don’t think Mimi used the word ‘chokingly’ – but she did say they smelled a really foul odor as soon as they entered the house, that the smell was everywhere.

      • Interesting thanks. Weird that those roommates did not report the smell – I would hope Flores would have probed thar with them. Probably TA picked up the roommates to offset costs, so that might be why they weren’t “friends”. Would love to know what really happened that night of June 4th, 2008!

    • Hi honey! I also get stuck on the fact that if Jodi had premeditated the murder then why didn’t she just capp him in the head when she first saw him and then bolt????? How could she make love with someone she wanted to kill?? Do you realize how angry and disgusted and furious you have to be to kill in the manner that TA was killed? It just makes NO SENSE! Something went down before TA died. The whole premeditation does not make sense to me. Mabey I am crazy, but I could not have sex with someone I wanted to murder! Mabey when I grow up I will be able to!……… Kidding! Love ya ,Jesse

      • Hi Jesse, I agree something went down that night, so many unanswered questions! I think she brought the grandfather’s gun for protection (this always bothered me about the case – she had to have brought that gun, come on, too much coincidence with the staged burglary at Yreka). Then, you raise a good point, as did Nurmi in closing argument: why didn’t she just shoot him immediately? Something went down – was she wanting to be with him for awhile, he started being an asshole to her and rubbing Mimi and Cancun in her face and pissing her off, who knows…?

        • Grandpa’s gun was stolen with a full magazine of jacketed hollow point bullets.

          The bullet in Travis’ head was not a hollow point.

  26. in a comment posted on august 10, 2013 i raised the possibility of someone writing a book, or making a video, supportive of jodi’s innocence

    there, a few moments ago, i added some further thoughts to that idea, and repost them here below:


    authors, or co-authors, i think would benefit from a permanent, dedicated forum, or page, where their questions, issues, or ideas could be discussed, or dealt, with exclusively

    ie in one, fixed place, instead of spreading their questions, and issues across the numerous pages rhat is the regular format of this website, where they are chronological sequence

    i envisage it should be open for anyone to view, and contribute, and form a collective resource to help all authors including those considering, or participating in, being involved with the creation of a book etc supportive of jodi’s case

    it wouldn’t be a dogmatic work; clearly she’s done thngs, which in hindsight were muddled, or wrongheaded

    it is the human condition; we can all identify with it


    there are many matters, which may be daunting to any such potential authors. one of which obviously is the technical legal aspects of jodi’s case, beyond, and in addition to, the details, or minutiae of the

    we here could help with that

    a lot of it is already here, buried among the numerous pages of comments, and articles that are in this website’s record
    google’s search engine can help locate such somewhat

    importantly, “we” here collectively are our own resource who can identify relevant material for an author’s inquiry


      • justus

        some points

        an author writing a non-fiction book about jodi, would justifiably expect to receive ALL book sale royalties, as payment for their labors

        authorship of such a book which attracted public appeal and sales would require high level talent and competence

        copyright, and royalty issues etc would need to be fully resolved at the outset

        a discussion with a publisher would let us know if such a book, maybe an e-book, might attract a readership, and sales

        i believe there is an audience, for the topic, but does that of itself rise to the level of generating book sales ?

        it’s reasonable to assume that there is an audience of people who can identify with jodi, especially women
        but would that translate into people interested enough to read a book ?
        maybe a short e-book ?
        100 pages ?

        publishers should know

        these are some matters to consider

        the silence and inaction from team jodi admin may indicate that they missed your request, they’re uninterested, or not sure how to deal with this matter
        it would be helpful if their position was clarified

        my initial thought is that it would be preferable to engage in such projects at this website

        i know nothing of the relevant business and legal aspects of publishing

        maybe someone can research these topics and advise us of their findings

  27. Maria Rigadopoulou,
    I love your posts! I forget, did you ultimately find a conduit for mail between you and Jodi? If not, ask Alexis or some other admin to give you my email address.

    • Chris,

      I’m sorry but admin will no longer exchange emails for posters. Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by.

  28. geebee2, When you have time, if you could please scan JVM’s POS book and tell me the following:

    1. Does she talk about Travis’ childhood, particularly about the domestic violence he witnessed (and absorbed as normal behavior) ? I am supposing that if she does talk about it, it is only in the context of “look at how wonderful this poor underprivileged man was that this murdering bitch slaughtered”.

    2. Does she mention the criminal records of four of Travis’ siblings who were exposed to a similar environment? Or is that something she’s leaves out so as to not upset the poor besieged Alexander family?

    I think we should write our own book entitled: “Exposed: The Secret Life of Jane Velez-Mitchell” and show how she has distorted justice for personal gain.

    • I don’t think so, hard to be sure about a negative.

      I haven’t seen anything on Travis’ background. A little bit on Flores (perhaps 20 words).

      The book is just a gushing version of everything you hopefully ignored on HLN.

      It’s so crazy.

  29. Jodi’s latest tweet:

    Jodi Arias ‏@JodiAnnArias 6h “The media will grab a specious story and run with it; soon it’s accepted as fact..It’s a form of willful ignorance.” – Bill Goodykoontz

  30. Good morning all, this is Jodi’s day in court I pray that everything will go her way today! 🙂

    (((((((((((((((CYBER FAMILY♥)))))))))))))))))))))

    Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

  31. My latest thoughts on the Walmart return:

    In the Walmart computer database, “tills” are “objects”. That is they have a database record associated with them.

    A possible query is “Show me all the tills for store #2458”.

    In the reorganisation, some tills moved to the new location at N. Main, and some tills didn’t ( probably – we know at least that the Tyre and Lube tills probably didn’t move ).

    Now, how all this is recorded in the Walmart database we don’t precisely know, but the tills that didn’t relocate ( possibly with a unique identifier embedded in them when the till was manufactured ) would continue to exist as entities in the Walmart database, but associated with store #5751.

    So, it’s quite plausible that Amanda Webb missed some tills that didn’t relocate to N. Main.

    • That’s interesting and I sure wonder why Jennifer and Nurmi had no mention of this in the case? If the store that Jodi returned the gas cans to was changed or renamed or cash registers were removed, etc, Jodi’s lawyers should have jumped on this big time? Is it common to bring several gas cans on a trip, in that part of the country (desert etc?). I have never ever heard of that, but I am from the east coast! Also I wish Jodi had stopped for gas, to eat, to make a cell phone call, something to create a traceable trail in Mesa and AZ, that would have helped to show she was not hiding something and not making a “covert” mission to AZ. The fact that she had zero traceable activity in AZ and then suddenly resumed cell phone in Utah just bolstered the prosecution case.

      • All this gas cans and guns and premeditation stuff is really getting me once again. I don’t care if she FILLED the rental car to the brim with guns, ammo and gas cans full of gas. That doesn’t mean she premeditated this circumstance. I want 1 person to explain to me how you drive a car over 1000 miles to a house with roommates, that are new roommates, and plan to not be seen by said new roommates or neighbors? You cannot plan that .I want 1 person to tell me how turning your license plate doesn’t attract MORE attention, she actually got stopped by the cops, why would someone that planned this action want to be subjected to possibly being stopped by and having to talk to the police after? I also want to know who thinks that even if this was some plan, that Jodi wouldn’t have been scrutinized to the MAX in the final analysis? She would NEVER EVER have been able to plan and commit this circumstance successfully. Come now, little Jodi was gonna chance TOO much, throughout the entire ordeal, with the probability of herself being beaten to death, to stab that macho fuck exactly in the right place? WE ALL know these likelihoods are ridiculous, and more. Jodi didn’t make some grand plan, she is\was and always will be too INTELLIGENT to know there was a chance for failure. That chance of failure would have driven her to shoot TA in his sleep and escape in the dark. The trial is/was an overblown fiasco, intent on leveraging power on a poor girl with a public defender. You put real attorneys that have clout in there, you’re gonna get a different result. No offense to Jodi’s lawyers, they were fine, the problem is when you have high profile national circumstances, a public defender ain’t gonna do. I’ll be one of Jodi’s beams of light, I’ll be gone way before her, and I’ll pull from the other side. AZ you really messed yourselves up again. Give the multi-millionaire sweat lodge killer 2 years and try to impose a guilt sentence on a self defense case, you need to look deeper in the mirror on this one.

  32. Good morning supporters, Thoughts and Prayers go out to Jodi today, hopefully things will go well, is there any way to follow procedings today online?

  33. My thoughts and prayers are with Jodi today. I will never give up hope that she finds the justice she so well deserves. This is just one step of many on the journey to vindication and freedom. Stay strong, Jodi, we are here to support and pray for you.

  34. Thank you so much for posting this. I really appreciate it, as I’ve never seen it before.

    Jodi is such a beautiful person. I cannot wait till she is free. She is so dignified and such a lady.

  35. Also, pfff to that guy talking about society being denied TA’s life. Oh no! The world is lost without a wife beating, abusive, sexually dysfunctional and insincere padeophile!

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