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    • please pardon my ignorance, but i thought this was a recent event until i read it happened in 2008, and she is being held in prison without a trial. how is that possible? can someone explain it, it sounds illegal. again, thanks for your time. i hope they let her go.

          • I think she’s safer where she is for now. I think we will find there is way more to this story then being told thus far. I think the defense is gonna shock the world !!!!!!I’m just sayin…..read the report…..somethin fishy……

            • I certainly hope so. I’m so sick of everyone tearing everything she says up ..dr Drews jurors look like they are auditioning for a spot on his show..how can she get a fair trial killing a Mormon with so many in area. I cannot stand to look at his sister making faces..if it was Jodi s family they would not be around ..


              • TRUE BGK,
                Why did jaun ask her why she didn’t get a red car because red cars get ticketed
                AND she’s GOING to put a license plate upside down?????
                Just like the rest of this tial, all BS!

                Whoever did it had something to do with Travis’s killing.

              • Agreed
                If she had meant to kill him, she would have done it by shooting him in the head, and without having sex with him.
                The fact that she stabbed him first proves self-defense, since she did not intend to kill him, but he lounged at her and she had to defend herself.
                This premeditation was pure bullshit, completely untrue!

                • I agree Alex!!!
                  If Jodi had gone to Travis’ house with the premeditation to kill him, why didn’t she just shoot him???
                  Why even use a knife and leave a horrible mess that would for sure incriminate her??
                  Why would she stay overnight at his house when Travis’ roommates were in and out and neighbors knew Jodi???
                  Jodi could have been really quick killing Travis if it was premeditated, she has a genius I.Q~!!!
                  Jodi truly loved Travis, you can hear it on the sex tape, she conformed to him and all as she wanted was for him to love her in return.
                  Jodi has NOT had a fair trial and it doesn’t help with shows like Dr. Drew and that sickening Nancy Grace turning her life into a three ring circus!!!!

            • I agree there’s more to this story, there’s no way she was the evil one in this relationship. I’ve been in prison with some real bad asses and let me tell you they make Jodi look like little red ridinghood

          • For whoever doesn’t know if you are charged with murder, you cannot be bailed. You are remanded!! Ex. imagine if anyone who was ever “charged” with murder could be out on bail/ how many more people would be dead. capiche?

        • DUE PROCESS of Law, which is the right to be heard in a timely manner. And her right to a speedy trial which are our Rights and Jodis` right as well.

      • Defendants often waive the right to a speedy trial in order to prepare a stronger defense. You will find this most often in murder cases and especially death penalty cases. You will find this true in some of the more famous cases such as O.J. Simpson, Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman.

        In the Jodi Arias case it is somewhat confusing as to when the right to a speedy trial was “waived”. The many changes in counsel (at one point Jodi briefly represents herself ,8/5/2011-8/15/2011) and many motions for continuance and then finally a motion to dismiss the Intent to Seek Death Penalty was dismissed because, to assure she had effective representation by counsel, Defendant Arias had to agree to the continuance of the trial to October 17, 2012.” The Court denied this motion as the need for competent and prepared counsel trumps her right to a speedy trial.” *
        * quote from minutes from 3/12/2012 hearing
        I hope this answers your question.

        • They needed 5 yrs ,to buy perjury !! Bribery,and find a racist dumb jury!! To increase the media attacks,that took time.
          They needed 5 yrs to outsmart a 27 yr old girl!!! They only had circumstantial evidence,no motive. I wonder how long they worked on Jodis* intruders.. Looking for anyone? Hmmm , remember that was her defense for 2 yrs.
          They had to set her up…to protect their CHIRCH ! (MY PERSONAL OPINION ONLY – )
          Jodi looks so happy!! In these,pics ! —-

      • What this really is , is a total travesty of justice for Jodi. These DA’s live for trials like this so it’s a notch under their belt when they decide to run for a higher office. It’s the same way the military works. I know I was in for 12 years. I refused to kiss anyone’s butt to get ahead. I earned my Staff Sergent’s Chevrons on my own with no help from anyone. But these district attorney’s are there to build their own resume’s at the cost of innocent people’s rights. they don;t care what is or is not the truth. They care about what they can prove in a court of law. Pres. Calvin Coleridge once said ” I have little use for lawyers or judges. They only muddy up the waters of truth and justice.” God Bless Jodi and her supporters.
        Justice for Jodi! Set her free!!!

        • I feel really sorry for Jodi. She is a human being, but as a human being, we all do things that are wrong. I guess in our society, when we do stuff that hurts other people, we must pay for what we’ve done. I just pray for her soul. I do not believe in the death penalty because I don’t believe that we have the right to kill someone who hasn’t had the opportunity to get right with God. All I really want to know is why she took it to the extreme she did. Has anyone an answer for me on that?

          • Jodi got caught up with the wrong guy & religion !!!!!!!! Jesus wants a relationship with u not a religion.God has a wonder plan for her life.She said she read the book of Mormons. Now she can read the holy Bible and find out for herself that its a free Gift.John:316 For god so loved the world he gave his only son that who so ever believes in him shall Perish but have eternal life.On that note I’ll leave with this Im praying for you Jodi…….<3 R.I.P Travis Alexander July 28 1977-June 4 2008 Also ther'es something just not right about this whole case???

            • I hope to God that her attorneys can explain the 19.95 on her statement otherwise she is really i deep dodoo. I totalty believe she was emotionally and mentally abused by Travis. I’m just saying. I’ve was there for 20 years and coming at me from two different directions and not one soul on this earth except me and the duo abusers knew anything about it. I totally empathize not sympathize with all and everything she is going through. I didn’t kill but could have. GOD BLESS HER SOUL. GOD BLESS TRAVIS’S SOUL TOO.

            • i agree mary jane jesus wants a relationship with us not an obiedient robot. He wants us to come to him as we are not get perfect first! that’s why he died for us because we could not offer the sacrifice required to forgive our sins. Only God himself could do that and he did. Jesus Christ is God with us, Emanuel. the great jehovah, the alpha and omega etc. mormans have it all wrong! they are depending on their own works for their salvation and are sadly confused and will be surprised one day when they find out the truth! I know i am so forever grateful to the lord Jesus Christ for my salvation! Jodi get with the real one and only true God now he and only he can help you. Mormanism will only leave you with unanswered questions!! it’s so simple trust Christ and the work he did on the cross for us and you are saved! read romans. the apostle paul is the apostle for us today to follow he is the apostle to the gentiles!

        • jodi is innocent and is on trial for murder not for lying or telling the truth ,, she was body slammed and was tackled to bring her down , she had her finger on the trigger and the gun went off when he tackled and body her slammed to the floor and didn’t know if travis was living or dead ,, she is not a medical doctor to justified to see if travis is living or not ,

          • I’m betting the DA wishes they had accepted her pleas deal of 2nd degree murder, which would’ve had in her jail for 20 more years, now I bet she goes free. Jodi is as smart as she is beautiful and making Juan look petty. No way this beautiful smart woman murdered Travis the sexual pervert. I don’t understand why she didn’t dump him like she did other men, but he had her brainwashed. Jodi will go free, as she should.

            • I pray you are right! My thoughts exactly. So happy to know so many people are on Jodi’s side. Keep praying for the jury to see Jodi as we do.

            • It is very SAD to see Jodi go through this. It is OBVIOUS that Travis was a pervert and used Jodi. I just wish that Jodi had not given herself to him in the way that she did. Josi must have had a very low self esteem to have given herself to him the way she did and Travis took advantage of her low self esteem. Jodi, dont EVER give yourself to ANYONE like that again. You are far better than that Jodi. I feel very sad for you. I HOPE this trial turns out good for you. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

      • She most likely could not afford bail or was refused the option to post bail. She did have a right to a speedy trial but her defense team most likely waived that right in order to provide her with a better defense. The defense may have had other reasons (strategies) for waiving time as well.

      • Welcome to the USA. You’re guilty until proven innocent — ESPECIALLY if the media lobby (led by HLN, a propaganda arm of the prison lobby) gets around to it. Judges disobey the constitution, which requires the judge to set a reasonable bail a “presumed-innocent” defendant get make.

        Jodi has been sitting in a tiny cage 24 hours a day for 4 years. If that was me, I’d become delusional and I’d probably tell a tale or two — whatever it took to keep me out of that cage and whatever I thought I needed to say to keep me out of that cage.

        It’s not like she’s sitting at home, comfortable, preparing an adequate defense. The system here in the USA is screwed … that’s why we’re the Incarceration Nation.

    • Jodi,


      Dave Green here you worked at Dennys in Yreka, Ca. I wish you the best. I would have liked to have seen you in person like when Joan and I seen you at Apple bees in medford

    • She was victimized. She killed him because he drove her to it. I know that she is innocent. She should at least get the 2nd degree murder. Why is this prosecutor out for blood. Because she is a woman? Why is it so important for him to nail her for something that Travis Alexander deserved?

    • Why is her court appearance so different than these pictures? What image is she trying to project on the jurors? What is with the librarian glasses? The dark hair…why doesn’t she make herself look like these pictures in court? It’s all a game. How do you kill someone in self defense then call his phone and leave a message a few hours later…with a voice calm and soothing? I would be a wreck if I killed someone.

      • Most people who are in a situation like this don’t run to the nearest police station…they are in shock ..Also ashamed. Trying to pretend it didn’t happen..And being so mentally abused which has been said worse than.physical….Just. give a her chance she’s fighting for life….She’s not a serial killer..I doubt she will get a fair trial there…

      • Seriously I don’t think they let you DYE your hair or have make up artists there for her on trial………….those other tv shows did her make up before the show but she still had jail house clothes on in them. An if your in MORMON country seriously I would dress down who knows what the JUDGE is an what the JURORS are in religion it will make a difference. Have to walk a mile in her shoes before you can say what you would do. Everyone has a different tolerance to abuse and pain some people have a very short fuse some do not even have a fuse I think.

      • ”Why is her court appearance so different than these pictures” well first of all anyone who is a bottle blonde (not a natural blonde) will explain to you it is much easier to go back to brown, especially After nearly five years behind bars. It beggars belief people are still banging on about Jodi’s appearance and transformation. How in the hell is she able to get the designer glasses or contact lenses while incarcerated? I doubt there is a salon at the also she has ages it is apparent lost a lot of weight. It is a fact, Your eye sight is affected whilst locked up as you are confined to a cell. Am guessing a top hair salon and opticians are not open for business inside the ‘Estrella Jail’ in Phoenix, Arizona. mmm maybe it is something I could look into and set up a business.

    • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What everyone should be asking themselves, what CNN should be broadcasting about this case, and every case, is simply….What Would Jesus Do..? i do no know…i know in no way do i want my soul complicit in a murder, or in the judgement of a murderer. incarceration for life..? Death penalty..? i feel awful for everyone involved. its a sick, sad world often times. In need of a lot more positivity and HEALING
      (god expresses itself/herself in infinite ways)

    • Jodi is beautiful but her looks are not helping. Show some remorse Jodi I dont want her to die. That is GODS JOB !!!!

    • I love you Jodi and I think you have the balls to stand up for yourself unlike many of us women out here in the world! Don’t ever let a man put his hands on you! I wish I could of given back come of my pain inside but I’m too poor for a defense team lol and hate jail! I’ll always support you and have watched this case the whole time. One day I’ll be lucky and get hope address to write you 🙂

  1. Murderers come in all shapes,sizes. Never judge a book by its cover. Sure she’s gorgeous, but that doesn’t make her guilty or innocent. If she is found guilty, it’s a shame this beautiful woman had such a twisted mind. If innocent, she’ll make someone happy and have a full life ahead of her. I have my opinion of her guilt or innocence. The crime was so brutal, lots of different stories told. It’s going to get interesting.
    Justice will prevail

  2. Casey Anthony, Amanda Knox and now Jody Arias have been dubbed as fem fatales in the media based of course, on their looks. As a women, I take offense to that term and more importantly as a citizen, who wants to ensure everyone is given a fair trial free from media bias.

    Fem fatale is described as: A femme fatale (pron.: /ˌfɛm fəˈtæl/ or /ˌfɛm fəˈtɑːl/; French: [fam fatal]) is a mysterious and seductive woman[1] whose charms ensnare her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations. She is an archetype of literature and art. Her ability to entrance and hypnotise her victim with a spell was in the earliest stories seen as being literally supernatural; hence, the femme fatale today is still often described as having a power akin to an enchantress, seductress, vampire, witch, or demon. {source wikipedia}

    This connotation is demeaning, sexist, not to mention archaic. It connotes the idea that women accused of crimes somehow bewitch their victims so the accused MUST be guilty. Would we hear this term used with a women accused who was unattractive? I doubt it. It’s what causes many to associate cases like this with modern day witch hunts. Studies show that women jurors tend to be harder than women they perceive as unattractive or men accused of the same crime so being a beautiful woman DOES impact ability to get a fair trial.

    I would never support someone based on their looks but my meter ticks in cases like this because IMO, people typically tend to think the worst of accused pretty women.

    Travis Alexander’s friends have said Jody Arias was a “seductress” who caused him to sin and “stole” his virginity and his supporters actually promote this notion. While I understand the family and friends supporting their deceased friend, I do not understand how they could hold Jody responsible for Travis and Jody’s decisions made as consenting adults.

    Travis led a double life though, so how much do his friends really know him?

    • I just read your post here CJ…yeah I know, a whole month later, right?

      very well-written and your thoughts are nicely articulated here!

      Two big thumbs up!

    • Dear CJ,
      I’d like to comment on your posting with some incite. i actually believe the opposite may be true in this case. I believe that Jodi fell victim to the Charms of Travis who was as I understand it a public speaker. People like this captivate and hold peoples attention and sometimes almost hypnotize some of those people. I truly believe he took total advantage of Jodi, and used her as a play thing or some toy, and broke her heart. We’ve seen many men who are able to do this in history. Hitler, Stalin, Some ministers, politicians and others. Without knowing how they really met i can only say that he may have been on some dating site looking for someone. She may have been longing for someone to love and settle down with. She may be totally innocent in this I do not know. I can’t make any judgement because I’m not privy to the real trial. But I have seen her photos and I’ve seen his. Trust me as a former US Marine I’ve seen evil and heartless people. You can tell by looking in their eyes.
      There is a photo of Travis looking in to the camera and he has cold dead heartless eyes.
      ( People here who seem to have known Travis have also he was a womanizer and a was no virgin.)
      Whereas Jodi has soft gentle warm loving eyes. Putting all of her looks out of the photo look just in to the eyes of someone and you can see them for who they really are. We were trained to recognize this in the Marine Corps. We were taught to look those we interviewed directly in the eyes to see if they were honorable or not. Please believe me it really is an honest way to separate the evil from good.
      I like your posting here and I hope and pray she gets out soon!
      Mike in Virginia

      • Mike in Virginia. I have thought that same exact thing about the way Travis’ eyes look in some of the pics. He looks cocky, heartless, arrogant, and mean. In my opinion.

      • Cassandra, you are so right but I don’t believe she committed this horrific crime.
        I believe the Mormon church sent two goons to kill Travis because of the shame and humiliation he brought on the cult. they let Jodi live because if they had killed her the police would have been looking for them. I believe Jodi is not telling the true because she is afraid her family will be killed.
        Jodi hang in there. The true will come out. There are a lot of people who are rooting for you and love you.

        • Cassandra, wow, I have wondered if she was protecting someone. Yes, probably her own family. I believe ppl will bump someone off who doesn’t hold to the rules of whatever the cause. wouldn’t be surprised if you hit the nail on the head! GOOD CALL!

          • Wow I’ve been following this for sow time now and I knew something didn’t seem right with the whole story..if you wanna see who’s possible suspects check the 911 call his friends made..notice e tone, the demeanour and who they fingered first. To me I think it’s messed up that someone is going down for knowing something and not actually doing something..I’ve watched a YouTube vid about this Le baron daughter who went through this blood atonement situation.

    • …LOVE THIS POST!!! MY sister and I , have always had ‘issues” with other women. [ jealousy]
      WE call it ” PRETTY PREJUDICE” !!
      Glad to have had our feelings, validated by above comment.
      Being beautiful DOES affect her trial, and she was already “DONE” with the women, just for being pretty.
      Jodi was also a waitress, working for tips, JUST like all OF US ,Jodi … GOT READY for work!!
      It is true, “DON”T HATE ME < BECAUSE I'M BEAUTIFUL>>Madeline, C.T.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!
    No red blooded jury will ever convict this beautiful woman.
    Like Casey – she is just too pretty for prison.

  4. She is pretty. I almost rented a room from Travis in, I think, 2006 sometime when I contemplated going to school in Mesa. To this day,. I don’t know why I changed my mind. Mormons worshipped Travis, and still do. They worship “success”. Travis’ family have blogged that Jody “stole his virginity”. Oh MY GOD!!! I’m sure Travis was slappin’ back as soon as he came home from his mission to Denver! I’ve had Mormon roommates like Travis, when I was a Mormon—Mr. Righteous on Sunday, and getting his knob slopped on Saturday night. Single Mormon men who are attractive, charismatic, and financially successful, lead semi-secret lives just as Travis did, getting more Mormon poontang than GOD has seen! I was a Mormon for 15 years, and the hypocrisy in Mormon culture is just really appalling. One reason why I left. To Jodi, Travis was the man of her dreams, her Eternal Companion. To Travis, Jodi was a sperm bank, nothing less, and nothing more.

    • Darrick-
      Yep, you said it all! 😀 I’m from Utah (obviously full of Mormons) but I am not Mormon myself. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been blamed for engaging in consensual intimate acts (typically by the dude’s family member such as parents) because I am the ‘bad girl’ Non-Mormon. My guy FRIENDS Mormon mothers would tell them not to hang out with me because I am “Immoral”. They didn’t even KNOW me!! Not only that, their sons were capable of making their own choices. Of course there was never any beef about the “Mormon” girls & guys that would hook up. It was just so easy to blame me because I’m not Mormon. (and of course they were hooking up!) The hypocrisy IS truly appalling and people are fearful to speak out about it. My guy friends & some boyfriends have been truly F*cked up by “The Church”. Some of the most screwed up people I know and it’s not entirely their fault because the beliefs and shame are indoctrinated from such an early age and the fear of rejecting the faith is absolutely frightening to them. They have zero sense of self. It’s so nice to hear someone speak out about this crap! thank you

      • Yes, there is something very strange about some of the people who are mormon. My sister converted to morman when she got married. And when I got married my wife and I went to my parents home in the sf bay area, on vacation. My sister and her husband were also visiting from Idaho falls. After I introduced my wife to them he started asking all kinds of personal questions…were you married previously, are you chatholic, where do you work,… one question after the other. I finally said what is this the spanish inquisition?

        There just is something about how they seem to all want to stick together. It seems very hypocritical to me. Like other people are not quite good enough for their little club.

    • Well said Travis telling “Jodi he’s going to tie her to a tree and slam her in the???” Morman sounds more like catholic religion. I want to throw up this hypocritical BS,!,,,,,,,Good luck Jodi wish you would of been forthright 🙁

    • Most prosecutors or more than most of them, practically all of them, could absolutely give a rat’s ass about anything especially justice. They only care about winning at whatever costs. If they had to put their own mother on trial to win a case and get a notch on their belt they would. They would railroad Jesus if they could get a win. Do you have any idea how many people have been knowingly railroaded by Prosecutors in this country. And there is never ever any recourse. and they will never take responsiblity for it, on the rare occassions, they get caught. Example, Memphis Three case. This countries system of justice has been ruined by these fame eating prosecutors who want to be rich and famous and on television, or write a best selling book at the expense of the victims, without regard for JUSTICE in most cases. Does that answer your question as to why Prosecutor is out for blood. TRAVIS used Jodi like a dishrag, like a prostitute and used her in every emotional and mental way you can use a person and then stick it to her by then having the gall to tell her to her face, that the other girl MIMI was the one he tells her God chose for him to be his wife, Please, put a bullet in my head. Come on can you be more cruel to an already emotionally used and abused women. P.S. has anyone read about that whole Mormon Blood punishment doctrine. OMG you should check it out. eerie. Slicing a throat from ear to ear, stabbing in the back and bullet in the head. Too scary. GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL JODI. ARIAS. IF YOU READ THIS SITE. I’VE BEEN WHERE YOU ARE TO THE LETTER, EXCEPT TO THE END PART. I KNOW YOU, I FEEL YOU AND I HAVE EXPFERIENCED WHAT YOU MUST FEEL IN YOUR SOUL AND WHAT YOU MUST HAVE BEEN FEELING FOR A LONG TIME. MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND MAY GOD BLESS TRAVIS’S SOUL AS WELL.

    • Derrick
      This motivations in this case are more complicated than what comes out on HLN network. I am sure Jody felt used by Travis and that Travis was not an angel. I have compassion for everyone involved.

    • Derrick Did you know his * friends * at all, or belong to a similar ward ,in the stake there? Just curious about what you think of them. They all seem to say the same thing over and over…. Why wouldn’t they accept Jodi? Or did they? And did a turn head when the poop hit the fan ?
      You wrote this post so long ago, I don’t know if I will get a response.
      Madeline, CT

  5. Somebody wrote: “Travis Alexander’s friends have said Jody Arias was a “seductress” who caused him to sin and “stole” his virginity and his supporters actually promote this notion. While I understand the family and friends supporting their deceased friend, I do not understand how they could hold Jody responsible for Travis and Jody’s decisions made as consenting adults.

    I was a Mormon for 15 years, all that time a single Mormon. I had Mormon roommates and friends just like Travis, all “Mr. Righteous” on Sunday morning, but slappin’ back or getting their knobs slopped on Saturday night. Mormon culture is very, very, VERY hypocritical!!! Travis was financially successful and charismatic, which convinces faithful Mormon that God was “blessing” him, so he had to be “worthy” (righteous). These revelations that Travis was engaged in SEX have to be explained away, as if Jodi “raped” him. No other explanation can be acceptable.

    • This is just like many publicly religious types regardless of religious preference (or other “conservative” subculture). It’s NEVER surprising when the “double life” is uncovered. The more suppressive and self-righteous the cultural or religious affiliation, the more likely there is hidden freakiness it seems.

      • Especially when they got all their closest friends and associates convinced they are a rising star and DEVOUT.

        What the hell does religious and devout actually mean anymore. It’s like “all natural” on a cereal box. What a joke.

        All you have to do is watch these people for a few hours during their daily lives to check off one after the other each of the rules of their church they’re breaking…

        Don’t forget to video record the back-peddling denial that it takes for them to rationalize each departure from their scripture too: that’s where the real entertainment value lies.

        Oh yeah, “I’m a devout catholic. Will you come with me while I go to the store to pick up some birth control, cause I met a guy last night”

      • Jason….I completely agree with your comment. The more “devout” the more you better keep an eye on them and your hand on your wallet.

    • “Travis was financially successful and charismatic, which convinces faithful Mormon that God was “blessing” him, so he had to be “worthy” (righteous).”

      The irony to this was that he had to borrow money from Jodi. Ha ha ha. So, if God’s blessing is on those who have money, then who should we say was “blessed”? Ha ha ha. I guess the person who gave Travis the money – Jodi.

      If we say that it is more blessed to give, than to receive, then who was the “giver”, and who was the “taker”? That shows who is blessed – the one who gives.

  6. This bloke was probably you’re typical psychotic male Mormon who treats women like they are a piece of equipment! Mormons can be nearly as bad as Islamic extremists when it comes to their “women”. Second class humans who can be beaten if they deem it necessary. He supposedly said he felt like a sex toy? What BS! What red blooded American male wouldn’t want to be treated like a sex toy by a smokin’ hot babe? Give me a break! This dude smells of a rat. Any person, especially a woman, who is psycho enough to kill like this for no legitimate reason other than self defense, would have a full history of psycho behavior which she does NOT! Personally, I would be most happy to be treated like a sex object by her, for the rest of my life, no less!

      • I wish that the tire slashing could be confirmed. She was living in yreka which according to the testimony was hundreds of miles away. Was she working during those days?
        I can give a perfect example of just cause someone says something doesn’t make it true.
        I used to go to a gym. They had a juice bar/bar within the gym and the barman showed an interest in me. It was an upscale gym where membership ran at 2k per year back in 1987. There were some high rollers attending. The barman didn’t like being rebuffed and he said some horrible things about me to different wealthy attendees. Most were smart enough to realise his agenda.
        I got friendly with one guy. He met an employee of mine and started dating her. She worked the days I didn’t. I went to the gym. I said to the friend in a loud enough voice “I’ll see you for shopping on x day”. The barman made a point of also making a daytime arrangement with this same guy. They returned to the gym which had a city location. When they arrived the barman was given a message that was supposedly from me. It was a jealous rant and was supposedly dropped off that day. The friend challenged me about why I would do such a thing. I told him I was working and he should ask his girlfriend (my employee). Quite a few people found out about this calculating behaviour on his part and told him off both publicly and privately.
        So back to Jodi. She was living in Yreka at the time. Can we confirm anyway whether it was possible for her to get to Mesa and do these acts. The tires were slashed on two different occasions.

        • That’s a good point, it was a long way to travel.

          What makes it believable to me is that there is a statement (I’ll have to look for it again) about how Travis and his girlfriend reported this to the police, they called it in, and waited over 2 hours for someone to show up. After that time they gave up waiting and left. I imagine there’s a call log, a record of the call at police headquarters.

          If the tire slashings had happened once, it seems random and unrelated to he and his girlfriend. When it happens to his car, and then to hers–the following night I think–then there seems to be a high probability it wasn’t random.

          It, of course, does not prove it was Jodi. But It does make it seem to lean in the direction of personal vs. random.

      • Your talking second hand information, probably by the mormons themselves. No proof she ever slashed any tires. I believe she states that Travis wanted her to come out to visit him… Get the facts straight ok…

        It’s stuff like that that Dr. Drew aka Dr. Smut… use to make her appear more guilty. No proof whatsoever…innuendo is not guilt.

  7. It appears that Jodi and Travis had a relationship that was based on male/female social stereotypes–e.g., Travis was attracted to Jodi’s physical attractiveness and feminine personality; Jodi saw Travis as financially successful and socially dominant. This stark difference of reality between them led to manipulation and dishonesty, and ultimately controlled rage. The purpose of Jodi’s conversion to Mormonism was based on different needs. Jodi thought by becoming a Mormon she had elevated herself to wife material; Travis looked at Jodi’s conversion as a shield to protect him from religious condemnation. Since he couldn’t resist sexually engaging with her, he could at least socially purify the vessel by having Jodi become Mormon herself. It is interesting to read Travis’s Blogs–the ones he wrote a couple of weeks before his death. His ruminations on a perfect wife leave no doubt that a woman would have to be chaste. The other quizzical comments in his Blogs center around concealed violence. Why would someone ponder the likelihood of running into a murderer or being thought of as a possible murderer when meditating on possible dating scenarios? His willingness to place himself in the role of a suspected “axe murderer” suggests that he had entertained interpersonal aspects of violence before he was murdered. Perhaps, Travis and Jody had previously role played sexual violence; and, the day that he was murdered, sexual violence left the realm of play when the reality of deceit overcame reason.

    • interesting take on the blog. I have never entertained the thought that someone I dated might be an axe murderer and I never thought of myself in that role.

    • Travis did write the axe murderer bit. But, Travis also entirely trusted Jodi with his personal secrets. He let her take photos of stuff that he would never want shown to anyone. Actually, Travis afforded Jodi a degree of trust that is almost unimaginable – probably beyond what he even afforded his own family. At any given moment, Jodi could have blown Travis’ cover, so far beyond belief, that it might have even eventually wrecked his career. But, she didn’t. So, for Travis to write the axe murderer bit, and then totally trust Jodi, is unbelievably hypocritical – unless he was not thinking of Jodi, when he wrote it.

  8. she is truly a lovely wonderful girl and as a devout mormon who is a first timer (virgin) I would love to take someone like Jodi home to meet my parents, it is sad how all the fake friends of this travis dude , who are all bought and paid for by the evil media networks , keep saying how he is a perfect angel , well let me tell you any guy who cheats with dozens of other girls is just a total sleaze, how could anyone to that to hurt poor Jodi is beyond me. She deserves to be treated like a Queen, those big brown eyes !! Who could resist her ? with that gorgeous smile and curvy hot body !! I have no doubt the authorities will find those intruders who broke in that dudes house and carved him up, then she will be released from all this foolishness that she had anything to do with his demise.

    ohio state univ

  9. Excellent post Trula. I am going to raise some other possibilities. Do anyone catch Nathan Mendez testify the other day that Jodi was WITH A MAN at the Budget car rental? Now. Google mormon blood atonement. Read about how and why sins were atoned for by throat slashing. Read about the bizarre gestures Mormons still make during endowment. Creepy stuff. Who was the man she was with? Why the obvious paper trail? Where did the cash deposits come from?

    • Hi, Kay–I didn’t catch that part of Nathan Mendez’s testimony, but your response clearly highlights important aspects, as well as evidence in this case that are routinely skimmed over by the prosecution. Thank you for the insights.

    • Also, on the Exmormon forums, there is talk about how the photos from the night of the incident show that she was wearing a Mormon “CTR” ring – which literally stands for “Choose The Right”. It is probably the Mormon’s equivalent of a “WWJD” bracelet.

  10. It is astonishing and transcends what I would consider someone’s civil rights to publish full genital pictures of them in a court of law. And then to top it off allow media consumption of those pictures. The only reason I can see for the defense to allow the prosecution to use these photos to malign Jodi Arias, would be if they are hoping that the graphic and demeaning pictures support their contention that Travis abused and exploited Arias before he was murdered by her. Otherwise, this broadcasting of her with her legs fully spread in the nude is another gross attempt by the prosecution to prejudice the jury and public against Arias–e.g., here she is folks. A murderous slut with no morals who murders for perverse fun!

    • What is the process for allowing those pictures to the media? Does any one know?

      Does a news agency just walk up to the prosecution during a break, do they approach the defense?

      Is it the judges decision?

      If the prosecution is in control of the pictures, and was not supposed to release them, where is the judge’s ruling?

    • That is very true! I feel so sad for her on this part. Even if she is found not guilty. We’re teaching our kids that bullying is wrong. That’s exactly what they are doing! I feel n it does look like it is done to shame her. I hope that when she is, if she is found not guilty, she sues the sh*** out of ALLLL of them, even the judge!!!!

  11. I hope the defense plans to call a forensic psychologist to the witness stand to testify how someone could easily commit a violent murder and then experience a traumatic amount of guilt and remorse. So much so that they would make statements claiming total denial in one breath, while simultaneously offering themselves up for severe punishment had they committed the crime. Jodi Arias demonstrates classic post traumatic stress syndrome, and the defense would be amiss should they not built a defense around her diminished capacity. At this point of the trial it doesn’t like the defense is cross examining the prosecution witnesses with an aim in illustrating that Jodi was not present in her decision making abilities before and after she killed Travis. Unfortunately, the prosecution, in my opinion, has successfully corned the defense into fighting the murder charges according to the prosecution’s game plan, which is as follows: The defense will agree that Arias was cognizant of her actions when she killed Travis. She was also fully aware of her actions after murdering Travis. For the defense it is going to be an uphill battle to convince the jury that Travis orchestrated his own murder based on his disrespect and abuse of Jodi. If the defense fought from the perspective that Jodi lost control of her reality because of a complex series of events (some of those events could relate years prior), the jury would be able to built a rapport of compassion for Jodi. As it stands now, the prosecution seems overtly confident that the defense has already lost the case. They are painting a picture of Arias that frames her motivation to kill Travis in terms of her being a deceitful and hateful person, and they know the defense will keep blocking the prosecution’s character assassination of Arias instead of moving the jurors attention to Arias’s state of mind before, during, and after the killing.

    • yes, I can imagine being post traumatic after killing someone. One would imagine that it wasn’t real. Maybe go into denial because it isn’t how one see oneself.
      The 16 minute call might have been to hear his voice, hoping he would answer so that one could hear his voice and know it was a dream after all.
      Even the scribe in the diary strikes me of denial more than trying to plant false evidence.

  12. I am one of those people who see that there are two sides to every story. I really don’t want to bash the victim. But I find it hard to believe that Travis was innocent in all of this. Yes maybe Jodi was obsessed with him. But to do what she did had to be complete rage. What did she have bottled up inside of her to have so much rage? How badly did Travis treat her and for how long? Why did she have the gun and where did she get the knife? Why was it so handy? I have lots of questions before I assume this was premeditated? What happened in that bathroom to put her in such a rage?

    • Being strung along by TA’s motivational testimonies-gave herself to Mormonism; participated in his multi level marketing schemes to keep him “successful” only to continually be reminded she was not enough.

      Spent all week reading on mormons and pyramid schemes – lots of good reading on the net. Judging by the cult-like following TA had, it is plausible that he had some control over a lot of people.

      • I want the links , boo boo! <<<<<<<< ADMIN S <<<<<<<<< Can I have the password to VENT ??
        PLEASE SEND IT TO ……………… TY ,
        TEAM JODI (((((((( fight ,believe, pray, VENT, protect , support ,another DAY!!! # loyalty))))))
        Madeline , =)

    • on websleuths someone married the image of his head to the image of his body sitting in the shower stall.
      Also it has come to my attention that the two photos were taken subsequent and about 1 minute apart. The image of his face came first and then the image of his body. I had thought it was the other way around.
      How did he end up on the floor of the stall?
      If the image of Travis face is the time he was first stabbed as per prosecution story then the whole attack was more like 4 minutes than less than 2.
      If the prosecution is correct then the stab would happened to be very well connected to be able to pierce the chest between the ribs.

    • I agree! She is soooo beautiful and lovely. She could not have done this. And if she did, then Travis definitely must of deserved it. I think she will walk. She could never be guilty of anything other than being gorgeous!

      • You just cannot beat Latina Beauty! She’s 100% innocent and even if she did do it she certainly does NOT DESERVE THE DEATH PENALTY!!!!!

        • Tony, I’m with you all the way. She never could have killed Travis. All of the evidence was planted, and she is telling the truth about the abuse. I dont know why she is a target, other than maybe somebody is jealous of her beauty and wants her punished?? Maybe punished for “leading” Travis astray?

          • Jodi must be aware that many of her fellow Latinos are with her all the way as well!

            I will do everything in my power to see this woman walk free!!!!!!

          • Lol, It’s kind of funny seeing how many guys have commented on this page (with her photos) “oohing and aaahing”. I’m not saying it’s bad or anything. Jodi is very pretty. It’s just an observation.

  13. Does anyone know if Jodi is related to Carlos Arias, also a photographer and from Phoenix, Arizona? If so, how are they related & do you have any pics?


    • she is very beautiful..she looks totally truthful as she tells her stories…of which only one is true…i think there is a spiritual aspect to all of this…if she was into wicca at all..dont know if it is true, but you can open yourself up to things you are not aware of.

      and not to preach, but it is a fact that sex outside of marriage can be very dangerous. sex is more than sex…there is a spiritual connection to it…it is so powerful.. common thought is that sex is sex. it doesnt mean anything, it doesnt harm anyone.. well it is meaningful, and apart from commitment it can be very harmful.
      just food for thought if anyone is interested in exploring this angle.

      • Brett, God love you. I so commend you on figuring out for yourself, the holy and spiritual aspect of the blessed role with which God’s gift of sexuality is meant to bless us.

        Hope comes from the few, like you, who thoughtfully, of your own volition, accept and articulate the responsibility that such a gift embodies.

        At 75 years, it is reward enough for me, that God provides a glimpse of his loving plan lived out by the few who have the vision to claim it. God bless.

  14. Someone/some group has forced her / threatened her to change statements. This way, they could damage her credibility. The Mormons just could not bear the humiliation they get after evidences reveal that one of their ‘most ideal guy’ appears not ‘ideal’ at all. How can he go to church and speak and stand as a motivational speaker when in fact he is doing such things that exactly contradict their teachings?!? Not everything that we see/presented is exactly what it is. There could something deeper behind it.

  15. IDK, it appeared to me, as Jodie was photographing Travis in the shower, someone did come in the bathroom and attack. yet, why would jodie protect this person? and unless she was in on it or very close to this attacker, why would they let her live? And if they were close to her, why would they implicate her and let her take the fall? the only thing i could imagine happening, travis had the gun in the shower with him, jodie went in the bathroom fully dressed to take photos of travis, she had a knife in her pockiet which she always carried., travis pointed the gun at her and said something to cause her to be in fear for her life and she stabs him and he drops the gun, she grabs the gun and runs out of the bathroom, travis staggers out of the shower and tries to get to the bedroom to get to a phone, jodie is hysterical keeps stabbing thinking he is after her. for any of this to have happened, they both would have gone from zero to 100 in a matter of minutes.and just after having sex.or was it. . i would like to know the time between the last sex photo and the shower photo. what went on between that time. did she leave the house and come back when he was in the shower? She did admit to doing it, but where is the gun and the knife and who did the gun belong to? was she on drugs at the time? it’s reported and receipts from different places confirm she was up for 26 hrs. by the time she got to Travis house. what was her frame of mind on that trip, anxiety, fear, yet she neede to see him about something. someone on this board said Travis girlfriend after Jodie, had a very jealous ex boyfriend. and he could have been responsible for the tire slashing. i hope the defense brings this up. i just thought of why she dragged him back into the shower, she needed to clean up and she was afraid to go in the bathroom without having her eyes on him, imagining he would come in there and get her, that’s why she shot him after he was dead, she didn’t believe he was dead..i hope the defense can put it all together and i hope jodie can muster some insight into her own behavior and help the defense.


  17. Hello everyone– I think Arias’ Defense team is right on target by calling Jodi’s previous boyfriend as a witnesses for the defense. And not unexpectedly, her boyfriend is able to paint a dramatic personality shift in Jodi when she met and became involved with Travis. The two large gas cans that she borrowed from her boyfriend before driving to Arizona and Utah does not seem strange to me at all like the prosecution is trying to suggest. I live in Arizona and have nearly run out of gas between service stations while driving through Arizona to nearby States. Taking 10 extra gallons of gas for the trip wouldn’t be usual or devious as the prosecution would lead people to believe.

    • I think that there may be some real holes in the grandparent’s home burglary insinuations. First, from every testimony that has come in, it would be out of character for Jodi to rob her own grandparents. Second, the gun that was taken is pitifully weak. And, if a person intended to assault someone with a .25 caliber, there is a really strong chance that the person would survive, and retaliate. Apparently, a .25 caliber gun is not as weak as a BB gun, but it may be one of the weakest guns on the market. Third, when the home was burglarized, we are not told what other types of guns were left behind. If they were large guns, such as rifles, it could be that the burglar did not want to be spotted outside, toting large guns, because it would be highly noticeable. Fourth, in the photos showing the crime scene, the quarters are scattered all over the place, and are almost falling off the edges of the cabinet top. If a burglar was in a hurry, he might not be so interested in trying to pick up a large scatter of coins, many of which were laying flat on the cabinet top. Fifth, it appears that there was some attempt to remove the television, as it had been moved. There were even distinct fingerprints left on the television. But, the police were not able to get good copies of the prints. The television is fairly large, and cumbersome. The idea of not trying to carry out a large television, is similar to the idea of not trying to carry out rifles, or other large guns.

      Also, if Arias wanted to use a gun to shoot Travis, then why not knock on the door, wait till he opens the door, fire at Travis, and then flee? And, why not carry a real lethal fire arm, like a .357 magnum? Who, in their right mind, is going to confront Travis with a Micky Mouse handgun that is weaker than a .22, and that might not even incapacitate a person?

    • Trula! I just saw your comment and that is what I have been trying to tell some people who stalk this website about the gas cans but they just don’t get it.

      Ben i know burglars don’t like long guns and I think in one of the photos it was the long guns left behind. BUT I don’t know for sure.

  18. I just wanted to say that Jodi looked soooo beautiful yesterday on the stand! She projected an aura of strength, class, and dignity too.:-) Latinas are such amazing women!!!

  19. I have been through a lot of similar things in my younger life and I don’t believe Jodi is guilty of murder. I think Travis was just one hurt or rejection too many and she snapped. I wish she had gone the Crime of Passion route. I feel for her! I believe what she says on the stand and I like her. She lied out of fear. Anyone would. Plus she was sooo young. I wish this never happened but it looks like they’re trying to make Travis a Saint…and he couldn’t have been! They need to remove his halo! I think he took the brunt of many years of Jodi’s pain and rage…he was just the final straw that broke her psyche. We are praying for her and her family. Also I HATE the way they’re trying to use Casey Anthony’s case to get people to turn on Jodi and convict her because they missed their chances with Casey Anthony! It’s wrong! They should get a mistrial on that alone! This has turned into a nomination for Travis’ sainthood and a witch hunt! She should get maybe 5 yrs counting time served and some house arrest or probation. She didn’t snap on her own! Something set it off! I also have ptsd and abused woman syndrome. It doesn’t have to be physical abuse! I would rather be hit than verbally and emotionally abused! I like Jodi and know that the Jesus she loves will help her.

      • What Jodi testifies to in court rings true to me. I have also experienced abuse and understand the dynamics involved. You don’t report it to the police and you don’t want to talk about it, etc. You blame yourself. She is a typical example of a woman with low self-esteem. I hope that there is one person on the jury who understands this. I also get very annoyed with the TV commentators who all just assume she is lying! They should shut up!

  20. So this is kinda random but it is related to the picture of JA and TA at the bottom of a waterfall, her in blue swimsuit top, in TAs lap. I’ve seen that pic numerous times on the net. But when re-watching the recently updated airing of 48 Hours from my DVD, something JUMPED out at me maybe b/c the photo was enhanced/higher quality in this format.

    Her left shoulder is bright red in a way that appears that it has recently been squeezed or otherwise injured. I initially re-watched over the weekend and chalked it up to reaction/irritation to environmental source or maybe 48 Hours distorted the colors of original photo. But then I re-watched again just now. And there is a succession of JA/TA photos, specifically at the 58 minute mark on my dvr where the waterfall pic is immediately followed by a pic with his arm around her and his left hand firmly on her left shoulder. It just made me think that TA probably often put the chattel grip on her and could look/act loving while staying perfectly positioned to control her with some force.

    I know this is very remote but it’s now all I see when seeing this photo on my HDTV (I can’t see the same detail on the net photos). Like so many others have shared, I too was involved with some level of abuse (lots of emotional, only occasional physical) in a relationship from the time I was 19 til 22. He liked to put his arm around me with his hand on the back of my neck. He would occasionally squeeze if he was irritated by something I did or by someone else. I mainly felt like he did it to direct/steer me and claim his ownership of me. Of course at the time, I thought he did it because he just loved me so much.

    Hope that someone else can see the hd recording of 48 Hours on a high quality tv. Again, I’ve sought out multiple sources for the pic on the net and either because of the source or my equipment, I only see the cherry-red mark whe watching 48 Hours in hd.

  21. I think perhaps Jodi got involved with a text book control freak who had a major personality disorder. I feel bad for her. I know whats it’s like to mixed up with the wrong guy, usally doesn’t end well. My prayers are with Jodi. I hope she gets a fair trial and that the jury can empathize with what she is saying. The media is portraying her as a cold blooded killer; I just don’t see that watching her and following this tragic story. I hope Jodi is given the chance to start over. What ever happened the day Travis was killed most likely wasn’t planned. I can understand how a person can push someone to their breaking point (everyone has a breaking point) and it appears that is what may have happened.

  22. Dear Jodi,
    I have been watching your case closely, at first I deemed U guilty, but after watching I learned this is clearly DOMESTIC ABUSE ! I’m am so afraid people do not see that. The outcome of your case could will affect how abused woman are treated. When this happened in 08 I truly beleived you lied because u were scared to death. To me the taped conversation between you and Travis clearly shows how he Mentally abused you. I am Glad you do have supporters. I wish someone would of helped you before it came to this. You are in my prayers and I’m sorry

  23. They accuse Jodie of being a stalker, however, who hires someone they think is stalking them to clean their house, who borrows money from their stalker and who asks their stalker to edit their book. The coverage of this trial is very one sided.

  24. Travis was financially stable, he borrowed large sums of money from Jodi. He got mortgages against his house for much more than it was worth and after his death it went into foreclosure and sold for close to half of what he owed. Where was his money going? He had several room mates to help pay the bills.

  25. Abused woman are so vulnerable, jodi was clearly in abusive situation. I am disgusted how they are painting Travis as a good lil MORMAN, BULLYING ISNT TOLLERATED IN SCHOOLS woman should not be bullied either!!! Thers a lot of this going on behind closed doors abusers always have a spotless reputation cuz the last woman is too petrified to say anything. Jodi did us a FAVOR ! I SAY FREE JODI ARIAS and let’s start lockking up the real crimals ABUSERS before it comes to this!!! Abused woman are ignored In the judicial system they are told to walk away but how can u when ur abuser is coiled around u like a snake!!!! I’ve never borrowed money from a stalker nor have I ever heard of it being NORMAL for a man to compare his girlfriend to a 12 year old orgasaming. HE IS A PIG!! FREE JODI ARIAS!

  26. after watching the trial and evidence there can be no other conclusion other than Jodi is innocent ,i understand that the Nancy Graces of the world need to get therir 2cent worth in in order to collect a hefty paycheck and make themselves look good (not that i ever thought Nancy ever stood a chance of that)GET OVER IT NANCY and find someone elses life to destroy!
    Best of luck to you jodi and keep calm!

  27. How the hell are these people glossing over the FACT TRAVIS SPoke about a 12 year old in a sexual context! JODI ISNT LYING!! I HATE U TRAVIs! His 2 ugly sisters looking like the witches of morman circle !!! This girl was abused its as simple as that! I love u jodi!! Thank u for being brave enough to go thru this . I pray for strength!!

  28. Can I please ask what the physical size (height and weight) was of both the victim and the accused. Just curious because this was a crime of such a violent, physical nature. Thank you.

  29. I think Travis was 5’9″ and 200lbs and Jodi was 5’6″ and 118lbs. Travis had been working out and was eager for Jodi to take pictures of him, hence the posing.

  30. Based on the evidence that has come out so far, and feeling the pain that Jodi expresses she experienced in this relationship, I hope she does not have to spend one more day in jail and that she is found not guilty, even if it is by reason of insanity. I do believe the anger built to such a point that she finally snapped. She may have brought the weapons because she was planning to confront him this time and wanted to have something to defend herself if he reacted physically. By putting myself in her place I can understand why she played along with all the debasement and why she was so nice to him. She said she was a “giver.” I believe she wanted him to love her and that entailed doing and saying whatever he wanted. But the nicer she was to him the meaner he became to her. Being too nice will often bring that out of certain people.
    This guy was a fraud. According to one of his friends he came from a place of extreme low esteem. As he rose in the ranks of his career and church and gained power he wielded that power over Jodi–because he could. She was in awe of him or at least the person he pretended to be. She wanted desperately for him to love her and thought by worshiping him he would come to love her. She craved validation from him. But the power, having gone to his head, was too tempting to use on her. He was dismissive, disrespectful, he humiliated her, he took her money even though it was purported he had much more than she did, and in the end he robbed her of everything–her self-esteem, her financial stability, and her credibility.
    I believe she finally had enough and made the trip to see him, in the back of her mind, with the idea that she might confront him on all this. I don’t think it was actually planned; I think she brought the gun as protection just in case. I believe she entered into a sex session as she was so terribly addicted to him but, once again, he humiliated her. But this time she wasn’t going to take it. Because she was so addicted to him, instead of just walking away like she could have, the rage just overtook her. He may have come at her in a threatening manner and she may have tried to defend herself. I don’t blame her one bit for snapping after all she had been through. Although I have enough self-control to not murder someone, I know people who have done awful things to me but I have healthy self-esteem and know to just remove myself from the situation. I would not have stayed around as long as she did. I think Travis Alexander got exactly what was coming to him. He created bad karma and this is what happened.
    I am glad to see there are so many people who can see this for what it is. I have lost faith in Dr. Drew and many of the media moguls and their biased opinions. It really demonstrates to me that a lot of people who are supposed to be experts in their fields are really not that bright. If they can’t figure out what was really happening here–that she was a willing participant because she wanted to please, thinking it would make him love her–then I think these people need to go back to school and not be counseling people. Shame on them. I want to see some truly bright people give their opinions. We have enough biased and opinionated Dr Drews in the world making money off the unsuspecting public.
    As for Nancy Grace –she is on a witch hunt. That is obvious. No matter what comes out, she is on Travis’s side. She is so myopic. Jane Valez is a bit more of a critical thinker than most. I think she is beginning to understand the dynamics of all this.
    I will be crossing my fingers that someone on that jury can see what was really going on. Jodi should go free. She is talented, she is artistic, she is sensitive and she has a lot to offer to the world. She just may have saved some innocent children from this sex deviant. I so hope she doesn’t have to pay for it with her life. As Michael Savage once said, “truth has become pornography, and pornography has become truth.” If this trial isn’t a perfect example of this, I don’t know what is.

  31. Awesome post Cassandra, thanks for posting, you just told it exactly like it is. I just wonder if we would be looking at the same lynch mob mentality had they labeled the crime exactly what it is, a crime of passion just like the prosecution claims. I will say it again, in the state of Arizona this is manslaughter/second degree, crime of passion with a weapon for first time offender carries 7/10/21 years.

  32. Nancy Grace is a bully and every time I see her ugly face on TV I feel like punching in her in the face for being biased against that young woman. Jodi looks innocent and I believe she’s a victim of that Mormon monster that’s why she couldn’t take it anymore and did what she had to do. I hope the jury is fair to her.

  33. I just wish more people who knew her would come forward to be interviewed on some of these shows. I think it would help immensely. But since she was a relative “nobody” compared to TA, who had the power and bucks, he is getting all the support. It is quite obvious his friends are lying through their teeth when they are interviewed. Even his family looks rather disgusting sitting in the courtroom. I bet they would all say whatever it took with no consideration to the truth if they could. Disappointingly, Dr. Drew, Nancy Grace and Judge Janeen just lap it up. They don’t care about the truth; they just want to prosecute someone.(By the way, I’d like to punch NG in the face also but I am a very non-violent person).

    This all goes to show you that you had better not cross the line in any way in this country because no matter how good of a person you are they will persecute you unmercifully. Only the rich and famous get a break.

  34. This case proves it is possible for a man to drive a woman crazy. Look at the difference in the two pictures of Jodi on this site. She looks like a normal girl in the picture in the middle at the top of the page, the picture where she is wearing the white coat. There is a big difference between that girl and the Jodi in the picture of the jailhouse interview. Travis did that to her.

  35. Travis Alexander sounds like a depraved degenerate. Just listen to their phone conversations. He was doped up on something (he sounded like Anna Nicole the way he was rambling on incoherently). With his status in the Mormon church he knew better than to have has pedo pictures on his computer. Can’t believe how they are assuming he wasn’t a pedophile just because they didn’t find the pictures on it. It is so obvious he was into little boys it is unbelievable they do not see that! I believe Jodi did a favor by taking this creep off the streets.

    But sadly, this is turning into one huge witch hunt. Reminds me of a modern-day Hester Prynne in the Scarlet Letter. If they would listen closely to TA on the tapes, anyone with half a brain could tell he’s a deviant. It seems clear as day to me exactly what happened. They are piecing things together incorrectly. Also, with more men on the jury than women, I think there will be less empathy for Jodi and more for Travis. Such a tragedy. I hope and pray she is acquitted but I don’t think that’s going to happen. She’s already been tried in the court of public opinion.

    Does anyone notice how they only invite people on the shows who side with the hosts? Do they really think no one notices?

    • I think it’s disgusting that everyone is assuming she is lying and are against her. What is wrong with people? Have they no life experience? I also agree with you about Travis sounding drugged up on the phone. I don’t like to speak ill of the dead, but he sounds like a real pervert. His sisters look a little off, also. Hope there’s one sane person on that jury!

      • …he was the product of two meth addicts…not saying that that is his fault…but he was clearly a messed up individual…poor jodi 🙁

    • You are right. TA could have gotten child porn from magazines and cut out the pictures he was looking at. He would not have look at it on his computer knowing that they could have been discovered by someone else. He was a total degenerate and I am glad that the defense showed that on cross examination.
      As for Nancy GraceLESS she is so ugly it is frightening. Secretly she is so jealous of Jodi’s beauty and
      youth she can’t even call her Jodi, it is always Arias with her.

  36. I just think it is tragic that this beautiful young radiant woman was abused to the point of defending herself in such a way. Things like this are becoming more and more common, and although we don’t always hear about them; men are taking more liberties and treating women as if they were disposable and numb to their abuse. There is only so much a person can take regardless of who they are and when that threshold has been reached the outcome is almost with a guaranteed certainty unpredictable.

    It is unfair that she has to relive some of these experiences for the sake of defending herself when it should have been pretty obvious from the beginning that this person obviously pushed her too far. There may be those that argue or ask why she remained with him if she was being abused, but there are documented cases worldwide where victims choose to remain close to their abusers for a wide variety of reasons. I cannot speak for anyone and my opinion is only that, but I sincerely hope she gets a fair trial; and most certainly hope she gets a chance to live a normal life after all of this. Best of wishes to her and I hope she has the strength to walk tall and prove her innocence. I would like to shake her hand someday. GO TEAM JODI!

  37. No one should ever be forced
    to feel pains of abuse.

    No one should ever feel the need
    to hide from the hurt …

    Behind The MASK

    Stumbling.. wandering through the darkness .. alone,
    grasping for something.. anything,
    reaching out, longing for someone.
    Bitter cold.. all encompassing.
    A soul afraid.. crying out in the night.

    True beauty,
    scarred.. hidden by the sufferings of the past,
    a heart soiled, a spirit fractured.
    The emptiness,
    the need to be…

    a mask.

    Here i am.. look at me,
    hold me.. love me.. want me.
    A brief respite,
    a moments relief from the pain,
    suddenly, the mask shatters.. the peace no more.

    Continuing.. so tired,
    one shatters.. another replaces,
    the never ending facade.
    True Joy.. Happiness.. Peace,
    always at a distance, forever out of reach…

    When hiding …
    Behind The MASK.

    Jodi i pray for you,
    for justice
    for freedom
    for your final mask to be shattered
    so that you may finally come to know and feel
    the Peace, Joy & Happiness you truly deserve!

  38. This might be a dumb question to ask,but i will ask any way
    Why is Nancy Grace isn’t still practicing law?..Since she like to come to conclusion or condemn some one without the fact..or perhaps this is the reason she isn’t doing it any more.She is very aggressive in a way that make me wonder how many people she must have sent to Jail because of her ego and personal reason.When Micheal Jackson died before any thing came out as to what happen etc..Nancy Grace was on her show passing judgment on the Doctor.
    I can’t believe for a person who use to practice law can be so irresponsible and careless when making comment pertaining to a case.First and foremost every one know the first step is not guilty until proven guilty.
    Why the hell she and all the other stooges from In session to all those flight by night reality show like Dr Drew seem to think it is right to trash some one just for the sake of rating.
    Nancy Grace is bias, self serving and evil she probably sent a lot of innocent people to jail when she was practicing law.May be it is a blessing in disguise why she isn’t, because there would be a question mark always on all of her conviction.
    I do not like to use the word hate very often,but i can’t help saying that i hate Nancy Grace attitude and how she seem to pick and choose side without looking at the fact.
    She said which red blooded man doesn’t think about sex often,so TA remark about Jodi sound like a twelve year old having an orgasm doesn’t mean any thing.Nancy Grace,JVM,Vinnie Politan and Ryan Smith need to shut the hell up and stop hating on Jodi..I do not have no heart for any of those talk show hosts they are media whores.and truth is not what they seek,it is all about rating and it doesn’t matter if what they are saying is true or not.

    • You are absolutely correct about Nancy Grace! Everyone is always guilty! Do you remember the case of the missing child in Florida? She interviewed and berated the mother so badly that she committed suicide shortly after, and the child was never found! Nancy was sued for that one, but I never found out the results. They were probably paid off out of court.

      I also recall a court trial several years ago on Court TV where Nancy was the prosecutor — first time I had ever seen her. I thought then what a miserable bitch she was — prosecuting this guy for killing his wife and sending him to jail for life, when there was very little evidence. I never forgot that trial — then she shows up on TV — no longer practicing law. I wonder why?

  39. Nancy Grace twice charged with prosecutorial misconduct. had two cases overturned as a result. The following is from Wiki and the 11th District Ct. Of Appeals.

    Career as prosecutor

    Grace worked for nearly a decade in the Atlanta-Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney’s office as Special Prosecutor. Her work focused on felony cases involving serial murder, serial rape, serial child molestation, and arson.[7]
    Grace left the prosecutors’ office after the District Attorney she had been working under decided not to run for reelection.[8]
    [edit]Prosecutorial misconduct
    The Supreme Court of Georgia has twice commented on Grace’s conduct as a prosecutor. First, in a 1994 heroin drug trafficking case, Bell v. State, the Court declared a mistrial, saying that Grace had “exceeded the wide latitude of closing argument” by drawing comparisons to unrelated murder and rape cases.[9]
    In 1997, the court was more severe, overturning the murder-arson conviction of businessman W. W. Carr in the death of his wife. While the court said its reversal was not due to these transgressions, since the case had turned primarily on circumstantial evidence, it nevertheless concluded “the conduct of the prosecuting attorney in this case demonstrated her disregard of the notions of due process and fairness, and was inexcusable.”[10] Carr was freed in 2004 when the Georgia Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Fulton County had waited too long to retry him, thereby unfairly prejudicing his right to a fair trial.[11]
    Despite upholding the conviction she sought, a panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals wrote in a 2005 opinion that Grace “played fast and loose” with her ethical duties and failed to “fulfill her responsibilities” as a prosecutor in the 1990 triple murder trial of Herbert Connell Stephens.[12] The court agreed that it was “difficult to conclude that Grace did not knowingly use … [apparently false] testimony” from a detective that there were no other suspects, despite the existence of outstanding arrest warrants for other men.[12]

  40. Hi Jodi,

    Take heart in the fact that there are so many women out there who can completely identify with you. We have known plenty of Dr jekyll, Mr Hyde men. I can tell you are being truthful how everything happened. I gave an interview on the Phoenix news two days ago and told the world that. I admonished the media moguls in my interview. They are nothing but a lynch mob and like to keep the drama up for their ratings. Pay no attention to them because critical thinkers see right through their BS.

    I completely understand why you did not discuss certain aspects of your relationship with others, reference negative things in texts or write about them in your journal. Any intelligent person knows not to ever write down something you do not want to be read by someone else eventually. You don’t want to tell people negative things about your relationships as all they will do is say “then leave them.” If you are really into someone sometimes you don’t come to realize how depraved they are until you have fallen deeply in love with them. It’s not that easy to leave them. Believe me, I know. In your case I feel you were truly addicted to Travis but over time grew more and more resentful because of the way he dismissed you.

    You are so much more intelligent than that Pitbull of a prosecutor. People use their brawn when they don’t have much for brains. Stay cool and collected and know that he is no match for you and don’t let him twist the truth around. Stay with the truth at all times and they will not be able to trip you up. If you beat this rap I would love to see you go to law school and advocate for abused women.

    I just wish there were more men than women on the jury as most men are going to side with men. But I bet at least some of the women understand what you went through and why you had to do what you did. IMO you have probably saved innocent children from this monster. He DID NOT HAVE TO TALK TO YOU THE WAY HE DID. He could have been decent to you and none of this would have happened. You have done women everywhere a huge favor standing up to this bully. It’s unfortunate the gun had to discharge but unfortunately accidents happen. Just know we are in a time of extreme empowerment of women and you are a fantastic example of that!

    I listen to all the commentary at night and many people who can be objective are absolutely in awe of how you are handling yourself under pressure, how composed you are and how you are standing up to the prosecutor. If you stick with the truth meticulously, I am confident you will win your freedom back. Whatever you do, don’t lose your credibility. And remember, all it takes is for one juror to have the smallest doubt and I am certain you have achieved that already.

    Also, just want you to know you are a beautiful person, a kind person, a giving person, a very talented person, and have so much to offer the world. We have enough innocent people behind bars right now. You are not a threat to anyone and this incident would never happen again in a hundred years. They have already admitted you have beaten the death penalty and the worst would be murder II. I am praying for manslaughter or negligent homicide at the worst but strongly feel you deserve to be acquitted. I don’t think you should spend one more day in prison and will be praying you walk out of their completely free.

    You have thousands of people behind you and we all support you and speak on your behalf. Stay true to what happened and Juan will not be able to get an upper hand on you.

    Good luck on Monday kiddo!…..

  41. They said travis was dieting with the grey bodybug armband thing that was on his arm. He went from almost 260 pounds to 209 trying to lose weight for his Cancun trip. Dieting alone makes people grumpy and he might of had some other kinds of dietary supplements also which can cause anger issues also. I’m betting that stuff added to his anger in that time also.

  42. She is clock stopping gorgeous and I wish her luck, however I don’t think that those taped phone calls of a sexual nature are going to help her case.

    • They will because it proves what a sick bastard T.A. was—“the way you moan sounds like a 12 year old having her first orgasm. it’s so hot”..

      What a creepy little perv!

  43. I have no idea what jodi being good looking has to do with anything about her innocence or guilt. Thats idiotic. Jodi is a pretty young lady, I do not know what i think, but since the rest of the press is grilling her up on a spit, I thought I would come here and ask those on “Team Jodi” why they believe she is innocent and I promise I am open minded and want to know what you think i should know that the biased press is not pointing out. One thing I can say is that Travis is not the nicest guy, I would never have suggested a lot of the things that guy did to her. And while he did not deserve to die, he was clearly, playing with Jodi’s emotions and I have no idea why she was so hung up on him. If she is innocent i hope she gets off. And I am not a fan of the death penalty in any case. I just cannot help be thing what a waste, but I do not know here personality. I hope she is not this person that has no empathy or that is said to not really care about anyone but herself. I dunno, I think that their relationship was sick and it was also not uncommon. Many people have sick relationships that get them addicted to one another. I know some women that like that demeaning roll play and rough sex, but the part I think he did that was despicable was to lead her on and to not be kind in cutting it off if that is what he meant to do. But he did not deserved to be murdered either, I doubt she will get innocent but I do think she will avoid the death penalty and I think thats a good thing. And if I need to understand something that would be make her innocent, I would love to hear it and I meant that. The press has not really allowed a much talk about how she should be let off under some theory so if folks on team Jodi would like to tell me, I am ready to listen and be persuaded. I am not here to troll. I promise.

    • Hey openminded!

      It’s really coincidental that I saw your comment, because at first I was part of the “she’s so obviously guilty” club. Then I actually got educated on the case/incident.

      The facts that changed it around for me was—

      -Travis’ angry text messages

      –The whole “12 year old. it’s hot” comment totally freaked me out and realize what kind of person she was dealing with (a freaking sicko!…I actually believe any claim that he was a pedophile…or at least was seriously messed up sexually…NO adult should EVER bring up a 12 year old in a sexual conversation. sick,sick, SICK)

      –The messages Jodi sent to Ryan (way before T.A’s death) describing Travis treatment of her (she was heart-broken…)

      —The testimony of T.A’s former girlfriends and jodi’s acquaintances and co-workers.

      There is just a million other incidents that prove to me T.A. was mentally messed up and Jodi was just a victim of his grossness. (She fell for him…poor girl…)


  44. I find that she is giving much too much detail, and for that reason believe there is truth to the story. This girl is telling much truth combined with lies from being scared. This person has the benefit of doubt. They may prosecute but this is not a death penalty case.

  45. Everyone that is hooting & hollering for the death penalty needs to know that the death penalty is something in which God does not approve of! Furthermore, and I know this from deep within my heart, once a person is put to death, God will no longer hold that person responsible for the crime that he/she committed. Instead, the crime/murder committed by said person, will instead be placed upon the heads of all those who took part in having that person put to death and they will have to answer to God for it as if they committed the crime/murder themselves! And that includes the judge, jury, prosecutor and everyone who had a hand in putting the death penalty into law. So if Jodi Arias is put to death, then Juan Martinez and everyone involved in her death will be held responsible by God for the death of Travis Alexander, instead of Jodi!

    Does anyone who claims to believe in God, believe that God and Jesus would rather have someone in Heaven who chooses death rather than forgiveness? I think not!! And anyone who believes or feels that the death penalty is just, will have to answer to God or Jesus for why they believe or feel that way.

  46. I started watching this case after a two days into direct examination so I may not know all the facts, but I’ve believed that Jodi isn’t what the prosecution and media is playing her up to be. Travis looks very arrogant in the shower picture. Looking in his eyes in that picture actually makes me feel frightened. He did not deserve to die just because he was arrogant but if he attacked her and pushed her the way she says and I believe her, then I’m glad she defended herself. If she hadn’t it may have been Travis on trial for her death instead. I hope Jodi doesn’t get the death penalty. I dont think she will walk but I pray she gets a lesser charge and can one day be free again and find a man who treats her right. I’m praying for Jodi

  47. I would like to right to bet if possible do any one know how I could make that happen go e me an address or something please I really would like to right to hear and tell her that believe that she was aboused and would like to be her pin pal

  48. Let’s pray that a bEautiful girl like Jodi don’t die to many beautiful girls die now days and tlingit it’s not right

  49. I wish I could take that beautiful, precious girl in these photos and turn back the clock so that she never, ever met Travis Alexander. He targeted her, used and abused her, all the while pretending to be something he was not. He treated her like trash but continued to use her love for him to reel her in and to use her body as his own personal sex toy to rid himself of his sexual urges. And then finally in those last few seconds, I believe he abused her once too often and it sent Jodi over the edge.

  50. A few thoughts. I have found Jody to be a beautiful, captivating, photogenic/telegenic woman/child with a sweet, thoughtful voice to match. Jodi looks like the quintisessential “girl next door” image that young men fantasize about.I would also venture to say that this high school dropout probably has a very high iq.following her string of relationships, i almost feel that Jody settled on some guys who were below her. I don’t quite see the fascination to the point of addiction with Travis and am curious to know more publicly about her prior involvement with Brewer, a much older man. Not much was offered publicly with Brewer’s testimony to fully satisfy my appetite. This was, if not Jodi’s longest relationship, close to it. She also seems to have had a string of dead end jobs, some very briefly. Who was financing her on these roadtrips other than the Travis ones?What a waste of beautiful, luscious womanhood and potential for a solid career. Jodi had a much wider pool of men to choose from if only she had prepared herself.

  51. The journalists on TV have noted how “different” Jodi looks and dresses in her various pictures, where she is happy, smiling, and wearing bright clothes, compared to how serious and solemn she is in court, and wearing dark, conservative clothing. But I’d like to see some pictures of the attorneys, themselves, when they are out of court, enjoying themselves at parties, on weekends, and at the golf courses and country clubs, with their casual clothes, big smiles, cocktails, and laughs. Then, I’d like to see how those attorneys would look after they had been held in jail for a long period of time, gone through the agony of the so-called “justice” system, charged with first degree murder, and screamed at by abusive lawyers, while they are on the witness stand, and add to that, a life of endless physical and emotional abuse. I think that those attorneys would not be happy and smiling, and they would not be wearing the bright, colorful clothes that they wore when they were free to be themselves.

    • As with most blogs these days, they are bias to the author’s viewpoint. It’s absolutely sick how all these people want to see Jodi get the death penalty. They act so afraid that something will leak out in Jodi’s favor and when it does occasionally, everyone is quick to “quash” it. There is no fairness in this country any longer and no real justice. Jodi does not belong in prison but they will make sure she ends up there just like millions of others who should not be rotting their lives away in prison. So sad. And scary. One day it could be you or I.

  52. Dear Jodie, you have such a beautiful warm smile. You were far too good for that weasel Travis who treated you so bad, who used and abused you.. You loved him and would do anything to please him yet he used you for sex then discarded you then used you again that fateful day June 4 2008. I believe he did attack you and you defended yourself and as you were terrified of him you rightly made sure he couldn’t harm you. Travis deserved what he got and I have no sympathy for him. You stay strong Jodie and know you have many supporters like me who love you and are cheering you on. You behaved with great dignity,meekness and poise in the face of that poisonous dwarf of a prosecutor and his bullying of you..Just know that our loving thoughts and prayers are going out to and for you forever and always.

  53. Definitely not a Jodi hater by any means and I truly wish the best for her. Being totally intrigued with this case I have spent the last couple of weeks researching all the details. This site is one of the best for getting caught up with all the details of the case and Jodi Arias.

    Now, my question regarding Jodi’s pictures…..Did anybody notice the ring Jodi was wearing in Photo #11 in the “Jodi Arias Pics” section. Could this be Gus Searcy’s “$100K Ring”? I have gone back and viewed a few of Gus’s videos (Gus rocks!) and from a distance it sure looks like it !

  54. I am a Mormon. I am a man. I have been following this trial pretty close the last few weeks. I don’t know Jodi and I don’t know Travis. But I do know the Mormon faith and doctrine. It makes me sick to my stomach to listen to how Travis objectified, degraded, and treated Jodi. I’ve seen some comments from others saying that behavior like Travis’ is acceptable and admired by Mormons. That couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything like that was ever taught as acceptable, I would be the first to leave the church.

    Carefully trying not to speak ill of the defenseless, it appears to me that Travis had a double-life. He seemed like he was a people pleaser. He would put on a different personality mask depending on his situation. For someone who is a motivational speaker, I can see how that could come easily. I’m sure there are many more men (and women) out there who are like Travis. They could be Mormon, Catholic, atheist, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, whatever. A double-life, however, is not synonymous with Mormonism. I am a Mormon and I do not live a double-life.

    I can understand why some of the people commenting on this site choose to bash the Mormon faith. Travis was Mormon. But I do not believe the comments against Mormons in general are warranted. We are all entitled to our own opinions, but I think we can all refrain from making harsh generalizations about groups of people based off of one person’s actions.

    I didn’t mean to detract from the purpose of this site. I think it is excellent. It counters the hurricane of bias media coverage. I, personally, believe that the media has already placed a guilty verdict on Jodi. It is so frustrating how the media’s philosophy is ‘guilty until proven innocent’ when in this country it is supposed to be the opposite. In the end, if she is innocent of 1st degree murder (which I believe she is), the media will lash out and call for the juror’s heads.

    • Travis went Mormon because geographically he was surrounded by them, and his $ relied on calling other Mormons and letting them know he was a Mormon too. Then he had to sell them a “scam’ and on top of it “inflated” his success. He drove an old BMW that broke down weekly. (it had to be a beemer thouh!) Then he bummed $ from his waitress GF. If I were in sales, and lived where he did, I would fake that I was Mormon and still drink every night and smoke. (just not around Mormon potential customers!)

    • Totally couldn’t agree with you more! There needs to be policies put into place so the media can no longer produce shows like HLN that capitalize on our justice system, the courts, and for God’ sake the individuals involved.

  55. I’ve never posted here before; I just wanted to say I’ve watched as much of the trial as I can and I believe Jodi. With all my heart I am on her side. I wish I was on the jury. I do not condone murder by any means, but when it is justified and it’s someone who has never been in trouble with the law before, there is always extenuating circumstances. Jodi has been in a jail cell since 2008 – which is a crime in and of itself. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I am absolutely a member of Team Jodi.

  56. I hate to say, but I can see this happening; she will be convicted because most people (the jury) lack the sophistication to see the complexities of the circumstances. But from what I’ve seen, she’s GREAT under examination. She’s smart, and has nerves of steel. And yes, she does have a very seductive look. I’ll do whatever she wants. Did I just say that? See…She could be quite a powerful woman if she gets free of this. It’s really a shame she met of with Alexander. His personality type and hers made for a destructive, even if passionate, combination.

    • I agree with Rick. I have been afraid of this all along. They are trying to make everything black or white even though this case oozes of shades of gray (no pun intended). It is way too complex for the average person who has trouble thinking critically. I can understand how this could have happened and am sure it was not planned ahead that Jodi wanted to go to AZ for the express purpose of killing TA. This is just how it evolved. She probably took the extra gas cans for the same reason I do–in case you get stuck out in the middle of nowhere! All I can say is it’s a good thing the jury is sequestered or she wouldn’t have a chance in this prejudicial climate.

  57. Whether it’s mental or physical abuse, it’s all bad. I feel for Jodi because I’ve been there with the abuse and know how horrible it is. I am fortunate to have gotten out of a bad relationship by some miracle. It’s so unfortunate that Jodi didn’t get out of her relationship earlier. I’m glad the jury can’t hear the one-sided accusations from the commentators on HLN. It’s quite disgusting. I’m surprised at Dr. Drew. So critical! He must need the ratings. There’s no Fair and Balanced on that station! I’ll only watch portions of the trial on there and that’s it for HLN for me. Wishing Jodi the best…

  58. Jodi Arias is indeed beautiful. She seems like such a fantastic person from everything I’ve read. I’ve been following the case and I’m certain the jury will see reason.

    She is innocent and definetly doesn’t deserve the death sentence. It is horrible that we can’t have a fair justice system in this modern age.

    Best of wishes to Jodi. <3

  59. I posted a few positive posts a month ago or so for Jodi, however, I think she would have been MUCH better off with her defense claiming insanity.
    It appears she may be “toasted” as I watch JM grill her. (also after hearing the jury questions.)

    Even is she is lucky enough to avoid the death penalty, I CANNOT see how she can possibly NOT spend life in prison.

    Why not spend your life in a nice hospital like Hinkley? He gets weekends to go places, visit people etc.

    I also think she was crazy to have done this. The main reason is that after shooting him she should/could have run outside. This is a long long shot as I see it. After all, she is only around 30 yrs. old, and she could get death and die by injection before she is 50! (deat row average is around 20 yrs. I think.) I would have pleaded insanity.

    • I think the insanity is JM, the Snow White avenue is so irrelevant and it’s become disturbing to watch the prosecution turn this trial into a freak show. He’s dropped his basket, he can no longer control his anger, and he appears to be grasping at straws. He appears to be really rattled and has lost his ability to be an effective individual where “justice” is concerned. GO JODI< GO GO GO…JM is really blowing it; what a dissappointment to all the Snow Whites in this world LOL a real HACK. His15 minutes of fame have come and GONE he needs to think about another career, maybe a job at Disney Land as one of the seven dwarfs?????

  60. I have watched this coverage since day 1.
    I am Team Jodi all the way.
    I have had many years of being used, abused and not all that amused. I have been stalked. Jumped on from behind bushes, attacked from an EX that hid in a garbage dumpster next to my parked car.

    A person can only take so much and when they FINALLY realize they are dealing with a Phallic narcissist person (The individual is elitist, a “social climber”, admiration seeking, self-promoting, bragging and empowered by social success) only out for his self)
    Sometimes it is too late.
    The woman has fallen so deeply in love, nothing else matters.

    I believe Jodi when she says she does not remember. What is too painful to remember we tend to forget.
    Perhaps she confessed because the evidence against her overwhelmed her. Perhaps, someone else or others set her up.

    Why didn’t her roommates smell the stench? Where was Napoleon, his dog?
    The camera in the washing machine…if she got rid of the gun, the rope~ why not the camera ? At least the memory card ?
    The Knife? In the dishwasher?

    Travis was a JACK Mormon all the way. I lived in Salt Lake City and I am very aware of the goings on in there neat and tidy little world.
    They want their cake and they want to eat it too.
    They want to keep you on a limb, available for there needs and wants, and then go on without a care.
    What’s more, some people are simply that way; they won’t let go of the branch, till they have a firm grip on the next.
    Just like a dang monkey 🙂
    I know what it feels like to be trampled down, to be used.

    Perhaps she did snap, blacked out.
    She tried to protect him even in death.
    She wasn’t out too hurt him.
    She tried to help him.

    Love was her addiction and she his dirty little secret.

    Now she must look out for herself.
    I keep her in my thoughts
    I pray that she finds freedom, peace and happiness.

    I am sorry that “That The Law of Attraction” brought Travis and Jodi so much bittersweet heartache.
    Be strong Jodi

    R.I.P Travis

  61. Last week I dropped by Yreka,CA just to see the place where Jodi lived….I believe that Jodi is a girl that was truly in love with Travis and I believe that the killing happened suddenly and that she blacked out when it happened.I have girlfriends who act similarly,short of killing me, but that was just something that they do when when it came to a tipping point,unfortunately for Jodi she killed him.I hope the jury will believe her in spite of the the media spin that is going on.I hope and pray that she will be charged fairly.

  62. This trial is painful on so many levels. Jodi has confessed to the crime. I see no reason why the grilling continues for the prosecution. I feel for all familes involved here and pray for the best outcome. But I do know that only God gives life – only God can take life away.

  63. Wishing Jodi the best. Thank you for this site. It’s refreshing to hear both sides for a chance. Main stream media should be ashamed how they have presented this case.Stay strong Jodi and peace be with you.

  64. Although she admits killing Travis, I cannot stop my heart and soul from feeling so very sorry for her. I truly believe that she is suffering from some form of PTSD or heavily medicated. Instead of picking her every word apart they need to get her off the stand and proceed. The Dr.Drew nonsense is just ludacris.HE is making an ass out of himself with those idiot wanna-be jurors. WHO in their right ,sane mind would WANT to be a juror in such horrific circumstances? Dr.Drew…get a grip. I liked him before this. Now I believe him to be a bumbling, hang-on fame mongrel like the rest of them with their on camera diagnosis.GET A GRIP!!!!!..Jodi needs help not more exploitation and badgering. God help her. I pray that she does not get the death penalty. I believe that she was truly insane at the time of the killing.He sounds like the type of man who would drive any woman to murder with his twisted,perverted,manipulative ways. She may in fact be a murderer but she is truly also a victim.

    • I know RIGHT. DR. DREW another one who has allowed his own insecurities and need to BE SOMEBODY to get in the way of being a professional in the mental health field. Or is he a professional, is he a doctor, wait I’m confused…I thought his position was to advocate for his clients, be non judmental, and be able to put personal feelings aside. How can he possibly work with addicts and be an effective advocate?? I have lost any respect I might have had for this man who is making a mockery of the mental health profession. If he is certified as a professional in substance abuse that really is a problem and the state needs to reconsider his role. He can no longer work with clients, he has broken every oath and crossed so many ethical guidelines at this point I would like to see him fade away.

      • I totally agree with Dani and have said the same thing about mr pinsky many times. He’s made a laughing stock of his profession–whatever it may be.

  65. Jodi you know the truth always keep it in mind if your story is true stay strong. Live by the truth right or wrong we all make mistakes which the soul becomes hostage to, but the truth sets the physical being free even if locked up. Maybe if the truth were told from day 1 the perception of the population would be different. With that said it doesnt help that the hln/court tv reporters are opinionated, makes for good tv though. Back to the truth, in life there are few coincidences like the stolen gun. Without the guns presence to confirm it were his ( not that she brought it) leaves one thought why remove and dispose of it? If I were a juror this one piece is the most pivotal either way. In my mind she only brings and tosses the gun if premeditated. If the gun was his then I would set her free. God knows the truth and either way his true justice will prevail.

  66. The only way I can watch this (due to all the ads and delays & the stoppage of live streaming) is to watch Grace. I am retired & have watched every second of this.

    Have any of you noticed that Grace calls Richard Samuels “Dick?” She is the only one in the trial (I also viewed his website) who calls him Dick instead of Richard. I KNOW it is “her way” and is obscene and tacky crap.

    I despise her so much than I ever have prior to this case. Her attire of the leather “outerware” as her “top” on TV is absurd. (year round – whether it is 90 degrees or not.)

    She is the most hateful person I have ever seen on TV. (besides Martinez.) She is also soooooo full of hatred about OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony, et. al, like THEY HAVE something to do with Jodi Arias at this point in time.

    I can only look back and wish I had not dropped out law school. If I were Samuels, I would have had Martinez repeat every single question. EVERY ONE, until he calmed down. If questioned, I would have replied (as Samuels – “Your honor, I cannot understand someone who is screaming at the top of his lungs like a petulent child who wants a toy in a store. He is beyond comprehension and in my professional opinion, he needs some counseling and likely medication before my testimony can continue. Thanks your honor.” I would have “squeezed it in” as Samuels as fast as possible b4 Martinez objected and interruped. I bet 10:1 the jury box would have been full of grins.

  67. Does anyone else besides myself, have the impression that some of the jurors are watching the on-air coverage of the trial to some degree? even though they’re not supposed to.

    It’s just eerie how some of their questions resonated with me on how the HLN network hosts voice their opinions, especially in their tone and sarcastic manner.

    • Of course they watch; a trial like this circus should always be sequestered. The media ends up trying the case. Things have gotten so out of control at this point if there is not a mistrial I will really loose a lot of faith in our justice system. I hope to God all the hoopla hasn’t caused the jury to loose it’s perspective here. I’m praying that Jodi will be able to receive a sentance that will allow her the freedom to start again someday. I really believe Travis set the stage for this whole unfortunate mess when he used and abused her…

  68. I’ll tell you what makes me sick, people like nancy grace talking all her b-llsh-t, they don’t have any facts, all they do is try and boost their ratings by putting this girl down in any way they can. Its too bad that this happened, but try and have some
    c ompassion for the whole sorry situation you horrid human being nancy grace

    • I can’t stand Nancy Grace, a real idiot, her voice, her drama, her looks. Don’t ya love when she has all the experts on asks them a question and then talks right over them, she can’t even let them get a word in. I take comfort in knowing that what you put out you get back…UMMMM, someday Nancy Grace might spew about the wrong person and end up like Travis. Shes way too judgmental and shows no empathy. I hated her so much when she refered to Casy Anthony as “Tot Mom” she immediately minimized that little girl. It was so offensive, what a foolish women…

  69. It is so obvious that the relationship got out of control. I wish that jodi would have left the abuse a long time ago. She had no choice because she had to defend herself against that monster. Jodi my thoughts and prayers are with you

  70. Nancy Grace should be taken off the air. What a idiot she is. Yesterday, going on about Jodi sitting in the court room giving the finger to someone. She clearly had a couple of fingers resting under her pretty chin. I do that myself.
    After what Travis did to her and made her do, she should have done it long ago. Her poor life is ruined by this monster now, what more could they want from her?? Spend on trial a million and a half dollars for what? To prove that battered and abused woman are not allowed to defend themselves?? When you get out Jodi, come to Canada where woman have the right to a decent life. I wouldnt have shot him once, I would have emptied the gun!!!!

    • HOW about this stand in for drew tonight —-( i wish another channel covered this of course) making FUN OF HER HAIR! graded her an “F” on her hair…………it is GREASY”…………she gets 3 showers a week and cannot help it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is PATHETIC BEYOND WORDS.

      • Right…. Geez HLN and the prosecution, all HACKS;like wathching a bad episode of Saturday Night live. I have seen bettter cross examination techniques watching Law & Order… God I hope theres a hold out on this jury. The way the media and the procecution have played all this out has been so unprofessional, scary, and distorted. This is a F_____ up country when we put someone on trial and make a mockery of the justice system like this. I can’t stand to watch this crap any longer, If the jury has any sense of integrity they must find Jodi not guilty by reason of HLN”s and the prosecutions INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. WONDERING why Jodi EVER went in for the Flores interviews. Not smart I would have said “when you have a warrant come and arrest me.” simple.

    It is crushing her now, since we all know the jury is absolutely watching them on tv. i learned as a kid (from not being the best kid in the neighborhood – just a vandal a few times) ‘LESS is better.” never say a word. ask for an attny immediately. i cannot imagine why she spent hours and hours with flores……………..crazy

  72. This situation is just awful, Jodi is being tried by the media, and by media whores like Nancy Grace, who will do anything for ratings and the almighty dollar. I am praying daily that she will prevail in her legal proceedings.
    Also, she is a very beautiful, intelligent and artistically talented young woman. Travis did not deserve a person as special and extraordinary as this. I’m sure Jodi was acting in self defense of that abusive cult member.

  73. Juan tried sooooooo hard but just could not break down Alyce. He seems to win a lot of the time, but not in this one. He got toasted.

  74. I have to say, I am sick of tired of the media telling us what we are supposed to believe by filling the publics heads with the “opinions” of supposed “experts”. Just tell me what took place and how it occurred. I and others like me are not so stupid that we cannot draw a reasonable conclusion based on watching the courtroom proceedings and formulating or own conclusions based on the evidence provided. And as we all know this type of behavior from the media is not new to just the Jodi Arias case.

    Technically I am on the fence on the whole self defense thing, its either self defense or temporary insanity which I believe can extend into premeditation. Anyway I want to see her walk. We have had “Jaun” the superstar (brought about by the media) and death threats on the defenses expert witness (brought on by the media) to the point one has to ask have we entered into witness tampering. Notice HLN did not say “Jodi stalked Travis”?” it simply said Jodi stalked Travis… I want this case to be an example of how a bias media can completely decimate a court case to the point where they are just going to have to declare a mistrial and she walks free and clear, good bad or otherwise.

    Just press on Jodi… They have plenty of rope to hang themselves with and I believe they are doing a fine job.


  76. I just found this site and I wanted to say what others have already said. The media should stay out of this! Even if she had been found innocent, the public would have a field day with her. Jodi, hold your head up and appeal the case. Maybe next time they”ll get it right.

  77. This whole deal with Travis being made to look like an altar boy and Jodi made to look like a crazed, possessive, psycho is almost beyond what the rational mind can handle. Do not people see Travis for what he was ? He was an abuser and a narcissist. He was in love with himself and these types can not possibly love another. I will probably get flamed here but I also think Jodi bears SOME responsibility for the death of Mr Alexander, but surely not the Murder 1 she is currently facing. Possibly Manslaughter would fit if they could see beneath the facade of Travis and look at the evidence objectively. He (TA) played with the emotions of a person who had had their emotions toyed with for years, she had finally thought she had found someone to trust and to love only to be thrown on the curb. This would upset (greatly) you or me to the point of rage. T/A is phony and his lies and deceit finally caught up with him. Jodi, I pray you can find some peace in this vortex of madness you are in. VK

  78. God bless you, Jodi. I certainly don’t pretend to know the facts. No matter what your role is in this horrible tragedy, (and I strongly sense you are innocent in some way as something just doesn’t quite seem right from the prosecutorial perspective), abuse can bring about many disastrous outcomes. Nonetheless, Jodi, God loves you deeply, as He does all of us. Don’t give up, sweetie. I believe you will rise triumphant in the end…I truly do! Keep the faith. My thoughts and prayers are with you! Blessings!

  79. Jodi I don’t know if you can see this or know ifnitspassed onto you but I only knew about your case recently but caught myself up to speed in a very timely fashion to see that you are doing a seriously brave thing by going through with what your going through..the real Lord Jesus Christ will forgive you no matter what. Everything else is up for speculation. I hope you are well lady and keep fighting. It is a shame someone so angelic looking as you in them pictures can be “crucified” in this way

  80. Martinez is the one that belongs on trial. He actually had the nerve to present part of his case like some Disney show. Next he’ll want to put Minnie mouse on trial for beating Micky mouse to death with a block of swiss cheese. Jodi is guilty of one thing, having a deep desire for loving this fool who got what he deserve for his abusive dumb self. “FREE JODI.”

    • Unfortunately Jodi can’t tell the truth (now). Why? Because the truth would show there would’ve been no reason for a trial. The biggest hurdle the jury could not overcome for her was believing it being a “coincidence” that the same type (25 caliber) gun stolen the week before from her grandparents home as was used to shoot Alexander.

      The other premediated evidence (gas cans, car rental, hair color, cell phone turned off) could be explained away with some plausibility. But to believe it to be just terrible luck of having the same type gun stolen where she lived as was used to kill Alexander a week later combined with the other circumstantial evidence was just too great to overcome.

      To save her life I would use what her mother and father had to say about her mental problems. I would show the jury the interrogation tapes of her singing and standing on her head after being charged with 1st degree murder.

      I would use the borderline personality disorder diagnosis along with the other strange behavior showing she clearly has mental health issues and we should not as a country execute people who are mentally ill. Being a borderline Jodi would’ve never considered the consequences of her actions on June 4th 2008.

      I am against the death penalty in all cases. We are one of the few remaining civilized countries that still kills in the name of revenge.

      Travis was no saint and Jodi is no devil. This is a sad tale of a toxic relationship that ended in a death. It’s evident Jodi had no close friends or family she could confide in dealing with her problems relating to this relationship.

      Everyone has had thoughts of hurting someone who has betrayed / hurt them in some way. An ex girlfriend / boyfriend, boss etc.. But for most people this rage stays in the world of fantasy and thankfully is never realized.

      Unfortunately Jodi acted on her rage. Alexander treated her badly. She didn’t have the emotional strength to deal with it rationally. She made a terrible choice on June 4th 2008. Jodi was like a rattle snake that was being tormented and when that rattle snake finally had enough, when it struck back it was deadly.

  81. Jodi is most certainly not guilty of 1st degree murder and it is clearly self-defense. I have been through circuit court myself and know exactly how the state can make everything seem so much different. Its their job and they dont care even if they know they are wrong. I just hope she gets a fair appeal and that trial should be done different with the jury and media allowed in that one. INNOCENT!!! Go Jodi!!

  82. JODI no matter what happens we the SURVIVORS believe in you Travis or his family don’t deserve a SORRY you did nothing wrong but protect yourself and other women that would have came in contact with the BASTERD

    Blessings all around to you and your family

    only god knows what he did to you and he is paying for that all men should learn from this DON’T ABUSE THE PERSON YOU LOVE

    God bless

  83. My thoughts and prayers are with you Jodi.I know its very hard but try to stay strong and rest in Gods comforting hands.Your life is worth living and you are special in Gods eye & many of us supporters eyes too..We all have our faults none of us are perfect & God forgive & loves us. I think its terrible the way the media has portrayed & slandered you & they need a lesson on forgiveness themselves before judging & slandering another.I often say to people who judge like they have what if the shoe were on the other foot & one of them were going thru what you have.Close your ears to it Jodi & know not everyone is like them.Infact after reading all the support you have on this site Im so happy & relieved that there are more folks in this world who care & have kindness in their hearts. I will continue in my prayers for you & hoping yo are okay.Dont give up. Theres a bible verse I really like and lean on in times of trouble and when things seem difficult.It says Faith is the substance of things hoped for but not yet seen. You have showed tremendous courage Jodi let that courage give you faith to keep going and trusting & to help others as you desire tooYour a beautiful talented young lady and your life is so worth saving.God loves you.Stay well and God be with you.In love Kat

  84. Im new on this site & am so glad I found it.I am so sick of the persecution mob mentality of the media especially the HLN people & totally agree with the supporters on this site that HLN is a disgrace to our justice system & affcted the right to a fair trial for Jodi. I am so glad I found a place & people who support my opinion.I agree how can anyone get a fair trial free from prejudice with these HLN commentators giving their judgemental biased one sided opinions day & night. Id like to think the jury did not watch the HLN lynch mob but without being sequestered like the Anthony Jurors were I cant believe some of those serving on Jodys jury refrained fully from being exposed to the HLN media channels own trial & slander which for sure would affect & sway the jury.Without being sequestered it seems like an impossible possibility to avoid the jury being exposed to the media. I feel sad she got found guilty of premeditation & the more I learned about this case the more I feel & agree with many on this site that something just does not add up or make sense.Infact when I first saw Jodi on tv during the trial & heard what the prosecutors was claiming I said the same thing to my mom that many here are saying.How could a small girl of her weight & size manage to carry or even drag a man of Travis size into the shower? It just doesnt make sense I told my mom & I didnt even know much about the case in totality as I just started folowing it in May.But Ive learned more now & so agree that it was not premeditated & possibly not even just Jodi as that still gets me how she could of possibly moved his body in the shower? Whatever happened I agree and support Jodi is not a cold blooded killer & that she was abused by this man. What I dont understand is how HLN & so many can praise him as such a Mr Nice guy? No he did not deserve to be killed & Jodi admitted this & in my opinion she displays empathy &is sorry for what happened. But for HLNs Grace & Pollitan, Drew ect to say there were no signs of abuse by Travis totally blows me away. Like I said I just started watching the trial in May & even in all I missed I can see there was abuse.All I needed to hear was when one day the phone conversation was played where he said he was going to tie her to a tree and ( I cant even say the rest but you guys know what he said) It was gross.Thats all I had to hear to see right thru him & know he was not that great kind pure innocent guy everyone in the media is making him out to be.Didnt HLN Hear that tape? If Jody had been the one who wound up with the stab wounds & dead then for sure HLN would be using that tape conversation & accusing Travis of being a perverted sicko mark my words they would.But because Travis was the one who ended up dead HLN simply chooses to ignore this phone convetsation about tieing jody to a tree along with the other messages that showed he was not the saint they are claiming and that he had serious issues.Its sad he is dead & how he died.Its all tragic & Jody is not glad or happy about what happened either yet the media plays as if they are now
    God & can judge that she has no remorse or sorrow. Yet in her final testimony summation to the jury I heard her apologize and express regret more than once but imnediately after her 19 minute summation
    to the jury HLN puts in bold letters across the tv screen” Jody Does nor say shes sorry”! I was so upset I
    called the station until I got thru & told them to correct their information and that Jodi did say she was sorry. )Later on a show called after dark they switched it to” Did Jodi say she was sorry”And then they tore apart why her apology or any regrets she exprssed werent genuine. It disgusts me.You cant win with then.If she says sorry then they say she wasnt genine and she didnt say it right. If she doesnt say sorry then they say shes not genuine and call her a sociopath.Its so frustrating I had to stop watching HLN for any info on Jodi.Im sad to say I used to like Nancy & Jane too. But as I live in Fl & was close to the Anthony case & went to the same church , when I saw what they did to Casey my respect for Grace & Jane
    went out the door & when I sat through Caseys trial as a supporter &on her side friend for several weeks
    & saw how they publically convicted & slandered her both before the trial ended & even after justice
    prevailed & she was found not guilty no longer did I like Nancy or any of HLN.The jury spoke &
    and The prosecutor did not proove she killed her daughter & the jury being sequestered untainted by public opinion & the media lynch mob in that case got it right. ButHLN especially Nancy continued to slander Casey & then the jury to saying the Devil is Dancing Tonight when Casey was found not guilty.It go me so frustrated & I couldnt understand how such craziness & frenzy could be allowed even after the girl had her day in court & was found not guilty.I lived in Clearwater Fl at the time & thats is were the Anthony jury was selected from.It was so bad for them after the verdict due to the threats that one lady moved to another state & others isolated themselves.Only a select of the jury spoke because most feared for their safety. It was terrible.I remember being at the courthouse in the court room the day Casey was found not guilty &the crowds were so angry I thought they might commit violence or worse. I was screamed at & threatened because I carried a banner outside with other anthony suppoters saying The Jury got it right. The media was all for the crazy enraged crowds wanting to crucify Anthony & the jury themselves but for the Anthony supporters none of HLN media would come talk to us. It was a first hand experience of how terrible the public opinion is & how it doesnt matter if the jury finds someone not guilty if the media & public doesnt agree then justice doesnt matter they will not only crucify the person found not guilty but the jury too. I really believe all of this media frenzy, & even the fear over the way the Anthony verdict & jury was treated by the media & public & all this combined with another out for blood prosecutor had an influence on the jury in Jodis case & sadly as a result Jodi got over convicted in my opinion & my prayers are that a great appeal attorney gets involved & that eventually the premeditation charge is over turned.But first we all need to pray for her new sentencing trial & that justice will prevail for Jodis life to be saved.This should never have been a death penalty case & that prosecutor is in my opinion out for blood & victory at all costs.Jodi isnt a serial killer or a cold blooded murderer either. Shes not a sociopath either.Shes a sweet young lady with compassion and heart who has gone thru emotional trauma & abusive relationships & never got the help she needed & she needs our love & support & not condemnation.Im so thankful I found a site & people who are giving Jodi that support & love she needs. Thanks for this site.I am praying for you Jodi.Dont give up. God is bigger than all of this and he loves you.

  85. It’s in the works to lower her bail to a point that she can post and be out soon. I hope, for her sake, it goes thru.

    If bail bondsman needs more to get her out, I will contribute A LOT.

    I am with her 1000%.

  86. I am with her and on her side 1000%.

    I will do whatever I can to help her and try to get her out of jail. She is getting bad stuff and she does not deserve what they are throwing at her.

    Just hang in there Jodi. Hope to see you out soon

  87. Hope the truth comes out.

    I was in a abusive relationship once and no one believed me because I was the guy.

    Keep up the fight.

    I pray for you.

    Thank you for setting up this site.

  88. Just saw the movie. I believe in her innocence. I would much like to get to know her. Very beautiful woman and does not deserve this horrible treatment. My email is listed and I can be contacted there.

  89. I think that it is crazy that people think she could have done this by herself. I think he was killed by someone or maybe more than one other person. I think she may know the person/s and what happened but is trying to block the memory. I think she tried to save him. I see pain in her eyes still. She would have taken the camera… Along with the gun etc. As an avid photographer she would have known it would have been importantant to destroy it. I think she is living in fear of the killers at large. I think she is highly intelligent and brave. Beautiful, too. I know what it is like to be obsessed with someone that is not good for you and you both know it, but physically cant stop. We both dated other people yet, still couldn’t stop the sex. Doesn’t mean she was jealous or killed him. I think she is super confident. She is not the type to kill even if she was pushed. There is MUCH more to this than we are seeing. Lots of secrets.

  90. All the comments on Jodi’s involvement in this web site seem to be spot on.

    Only comment I would make is that perhaps the judicial system should be given a second look at and decided not by every day citizens from the population but by a professional panel of judges who have legal backgrounds and a better understanding of the law.

    Perhaps all of the people who are in prisons now (who are innocent) would not have been convicted in the first place for lack of DNA evidence and actual evidence which led to their incarcerations.

    Bob Geluz

  91. The one thing that I learned through watching the trials is that how people covet others (for their good looks, perhaps?) and how those jealous people will turn on them the first chance they got and try to stone them to death. It’s a shame, but it’s human nature.

    Hang in there, Jodi! You got a bad deal. We all do in life. Stay tough. As the saying goes: Tough times don’t last but tough people do. The next time you see Juan Martinez, please tell him that I want him to eat his own shit

  92. Hello..,just to show some support to Jodi..from France. Thanks if you can let her know. as strange as it sounds. It’s good to see that you people are doing this homepage and everything. so she’s not alone. I wish i could email Jodi. that’d be better than nothing for her..maybe i’m wrong.

  93. It is Insane how many comments are on here and it’s insane that I only found out about this today.! Anyways, there are so many stories and our society loves to make one person look more guilty than the other. Even though (from what I’ve seen) the evidence points to Jodi. I do believe people change. God is truly amazing and does wonders. The enemy tears us apart with lies, deceit and unfairness. Anyway, God died for our sins and although to us killing someone is far much worse than telling a white lie, to God it is the same. Whatever happens to Jodi, it’s meant to happen, I just hope she truly finds Christ for who he is and doesn’t take him lightly. I would love to find out one day that she lived in the grace of God and went to heaven. God Bless.

    • Welcome Deezz. We would love for you to read and study just the articles on this site and then tell us if you still feel the same about Jodi’s innocence. Jodi is guilty of only fighting for her life from Travis Alexander. Jodi was and still is an abused woman. First from Travis and now from the AZ justice system. The Media world has broadcast untruthful facts about this case and the world really doesn’t know the real truth. Please take some time and study up. We love Jodi and will fight for her Freedom!

  94. There are some truly beautiful photos above of you Jodi. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot photos in the near and of You out about enjoying Yourself as You should be Gorgeous.

  95. Hi Jodi, I think you are a very delicious woman and I hope you and I get together once you get out. Its obvious that all Jodi haters have never been in a life or death situation. Jodi fought for her life and she won. That’s she is still alive. This case would of been over in a heart beat if it would of been the other way around. Please don’t give up Jodi, I know you’ll be free sooner that later. You will be victorious. Keep fighting. You remind me of me. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  96. Two things come to mind when seeing these pictures; I can’t believe she’s been put to trial as though she was some kind of mass-murdering tyrant. Somehow I was sure the powers that be would’ve figured out that what’s been happening here has been very, very wrong. The other thing that comes to mind; with all that I’ve read about her, from between all the B.S. floating around in the media, I KNOW she’s a good person~but her smile really drives that home. Wow. I’m not religious, but I know and angel when I see one.

  97. Dear Jodi and your support team. I have been watching the YouTube video clips of the original trial, and have been a keen follower and supporter for jodi. I have seen the 48 hour interviews as well as some spin offs, I am no expert but, feel so bad for Jodi. There has been a lot of negativity out about Jodi and her trial. I believe in Jodi and her argument at trial. Travis I am sure was a wonderful person and to have such. Attractive woman feel the way Jodi did about him, changing her religion, driving the distances she regularly did to see him. Yet to end in the way that it did. Such a shame. I can only wish Jodi’s sentencing retrial goes in her favour. I dream that Jodi get a period of detention then a chance for parole. I really believe this as this was not an act of pre meditation, but of passion due to being used and abused by the man she truly loved. Please keep her spirits up and sleep an night knowing that there are people all over the world supporting Jodi and wishing her well.

    • Hi John:

      From all of the evidence that I have seen or heard……Travis was not a wonderful person. I am not saying that he deserved to die, but if someone was attacking me, I would do anything and everything to protect myself.

      Travis was a user, abuser, self centred, a liar, and I could go on!

  98. The sad part about these situations there are no winners, Jodi, if you get this message Rivers run deep and for every rhyme there’s a reason,,,I wish nothing but the best for you..

  99. Hi all:

    I have been following the case via Michael Kiefer’s comments and what I don’t understand is that with all of the evidence that was suppressed during the first trial, how can they rule on a sentencing phase, when in actuality, the whole trial should be thrown out!

    Having been in a court case (albeit not the type Jodi is in), you cannot supress, hide nor destroy evidence that would prevent the defendant from getting a fair trial and obviously this has happened to Jodi!

    If the jurors did not hear all of the evidence, then they could not have a fair judgment or verdict!

    Everyone in the States should be outraged and get a hold of anyone who is anyone to make sure
    that the first trial gets thrown out and a fair and unbiased trial be conducted! Barring that, throw out for time served and mental cruelty!

    Even though I live in Canada, the law is the law, innocent before guilty, fair is fair, etc. etc.

  100. Hi Jodi, looking at your pictures, you are a very attractive woman who has had a bummer of a love life. Be strong the process is almost over. I hope you get understanding jurors who see the true you. I fully support you in your endeavours and hope you get to see all of your supporters when you are free from gaol. I don’t agree with the DP and believe the original finding of guilt was incorrect. Be strong I have nothing but love for you. John Australia

  101. Jodi is such a sexy, gorgeous woman! Wish I could find a way to contact her more directly… does she have opportunity to actually read these comments?

    I’m sure I’d be about #11,000 in line and probably have no chance with such a woman, but I’d sure love an opportunity to ask her out!


  103. Dear Jodi, I am all the way over here in Germany and I heard about your case on the news. You have my full support. I understand you and your pain and feel so much compassion for you. Know that you are loved, Jodi. Just know that there are a lot of people out there who do care.

    • I am offering my time, talent and prayers to Jodi & her family members. I have seen first hand what news, media, press, (bad press), false press, ignorant people speaking out who do not know FACTS, etc can do to a person’s life. I have also been falsely arrested, forced to stand trial alone with NO LEGAL REPRESENTATION & Framed in a Presidential assassination Plot as of April 17, 2013 after 22 other FALSE arrest following an accidental discovery of human bones, tissue, body parts and a man’s severed head in an old refrigerator of a hospital that hired me to maintain tile floors when I owned a very successful commercial and residential cleaning service in northeast, Mississippi. That accidental discovery led me down a 15 year path of false arrest, gang stalkers, haters, basher’s on and offline, personal and financial losses, etc. I became a local activist and whistle blower which brought MORE hate into my circle of life, especially from law enforcement and government agencies. Click on the link I provided. It will take you to the GQ website which my story made the cover and a 10 page Feature article. Author Wells Tower did a great job. I tell you all of this to impression UPON you that I am very aware of our BROKEN LEGAL/JUSTICE SYSTEM in this country. Can you please email me the mailing address to Jodi Arias so that I may mail her a letter of support? Thank you in advance.
      Kevin Curtis

  104. Welcome Kevin Curtis!, If you want to click the link, near the top right, on the second row, “Write to Jodi” it will give you the address and guidelines. We’re glad you can help. I don’t see your link, to GQ,but maybe I can just search online. Thanks, and welcome again!

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